Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, June 21, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated June 21, 1873 Page 3
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THE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE, PL'MI.IHHKI) KVHUV SATURDAY BY WM. H. AND CHARLES H, VANOEREORD, orris*, no. i. oaraou hall. TKUUH.-9Z in r year in advance. hln K lc foule* rain*., Mo m*h-U|.iion iliiM-oniinticU until All anvaw arc* iMKlfl. uiikiA Mt the option >r tin* i>, AUV KUTIHIMI ItAYm.—Ouu M|iMn< h linc) will be Inserted :Him* or Ivm for *l. and 2S cento lor each MiliMHinent IllMurtlon. One * t uaiv !l uon., •.. r M; d urn*., vk 12 mow., ts. RualnuM < ferd*. not exm*dliiK m llmw, fM per year. When the number of InHcrtioiiM in not marked advertisement* will be* continued until forbid and chanted uccunliuttly. Yearly udverUaen* miut eontlnv advertisement* to their own bUßhnwx Rule and Figure Work double price. Ihuim-wi Ut cuU 10NUk pwUiie. Marriage* and Death*lnaarted free. Übltuarlea and pemoiml communicathm* A cent* per line. Item* of Newt. The crop* in Texas arc greatly damaged by recent violent atorms of rain and hail. General Joseph K. Johnston and wife arc to spend the summer in Virginia. The late fair of the Free Masons in New York City netted 840,000 for the new Masonic Temple. David J. Cummins, Karp, of Smyrna Del., employs over 300 pickers in Ids strawberry fields. All the Modoc prisoners have been removed to Fort Klamath, California, under a strong guard. Georgia has 20 condemned criminals, all of whom arc to he hanged before the 4th of July next. Nine thousand immigrants arrived in New York last week, making a total of 148,150 since the Ist of January, Tlie maple sugar yield in Northern Now Kngland this year is estimated at only about one fourth of last year’s crop. Fall wheat throughout Canada is most seriously damaged. Much has been plow ed up And replaced with spring wheat. The Supreme Court at ludiaua|Milis has granted a fifth trial to Mrs. Clem, for the murder of Mr. and Mrs. Young. Governor Dix.ofNew York,and family have arrived at Saratoga and taken apart ments at the Grand Hotel for the seasuii. A huge scr|iciit, twelve feet in length with a girth of fifteen inches, was killed in the marshes, near I.ewcs, Delaware, last week, Buffalo Horn, an Indian chief serving out a term in the Texas |>etiiteutiary, ram med a spoon down his throat the other day, and died. It is reported that an effort will be made by tlie Indian Fence Commissioners to prevent the punishment of Captain Jack and his guilty associates. _ Cows are dying off in the vicinity of Klyria, O. from a mysterious disease. They arc taken suddenly sick, refusing to cat or drink, and in a few hours die in great agony. Tlie Pope is convalescent. Thanks giving services were held in Heine .Sunday evening to return thanks for the restora tion to health of “his Holiness." The Philadelphia /Vrss of Saturday reports the failure of Mr. C. M. S. Leslie, who has been extensively engaged in building operations in that city, with liabilities amounting to 8250,000. Thu heard of a dead man, who was clean ' shaved at the lime of Ids burial six years ' ago, in Sun Francisco, 4>ns found to he eighteen inches long, when his coffin was opened a few weeks ago. Counterfeit ten cent notes have Won put in circulation in New York. The I bogus note is said to be so like the genu-1 inc article that it reipiires tlie closest ex- 1 animation and inspection to tell one from the other. An illicit distillery was seixed in llnsik lyn on Saturday. Theaeiturc included 14 stills, 0 tubs and 25,000 gallons of mush. The Officers were pelted with stones by a inch, but serious trouble was prevented by the police. Mr, A. B. Meaehaui. one of the Pence { Uotniuissioiiers, who is Mill Buffering from the wound he received at die meeting un der the Hug of truce at the time General Canbv and J)r. Thoms* were idiot, is at the National Hotel, in Washington city. The caterpillar* have again np))eared in the country around Memphis, and are destroying the cotton. They are reported “ worse than ever before” in Northern M waianippi, owing to constant rains. The cotton is also said to lie Buffering damage from grans and weed*. A Frenchman named Lanet, and a! colored justice of the peace, named Alex ander Snaer, were murdered in their store near New Iberia. La., on Friday night, by three negroca, who then robbed and net tire to the place. A number of citisena went in pursuit of the murderer*. At the anniversary meeting of the Ijondon Koval Geographical Society, on the 2Gth uft.. Major-General Bawlinson, before bidding farewell to the member* a* their President, explained that tlie Victoria medal had been forwarded to Mr. Stanley, ' in America, for hi* discovery of Dr. Liv ingstone. Tlie Norwegian bark \*tr, from Havana fur Havre, has put into Hampton Hoad*, with yellow fever on board. One man died of the fever on the passage, and her captain and three men arc now ill of it, but recovering. Several ease* have been reported at .New York quarantine from I Havana. ‘‘One of the most troublesome of the I counterfeiting and forging fraternity” was ! arrested by Special Treasury Agent Bailey, | at Springfield, 111., on Sunday night. His ! name is Merrille, alias Moore, alios Morris, lit*nk drafts on the First National Bank •V Memphis and other banks were found on Hint, Secretary Robeson states, in advance of <lie official report, that the testimony in the Polaris ease shows that Cuntain Hull died u natural death, and that the serration of the party on the ice floe from tlie Polaris was accidental. He desires, however, to hear the account of Uaptian Paddington and his party, so that both sides of the , .story may bo known. At New Orleans on Saturday, Judge , CulloDi rendered a decision in a civil rights case, under the State law relating , to common curriers, giving Josephine Decius, a colored woman. SIOOO damages ; against the owners of the steamer Governor ( Allen, who refused her a cabin passage , jiud such accommodation* as they gave to ; white ladies. The Now Kngland Slate Prison* are i generally self-supporting, and in the ease ] of Now Hampshire there is n surplus fund , of* twenty thousand dollars towards new structures, enlargements and repairs. The Pitt*hurg prison is said to ho under a wise discipline, and yields a surplus annually , over all expenses. Industry, well directed, is a great boon to prisoners. The Kipley (Twin.) JVeWof the oth > instant says;—There I* u calf in this county fourteen month* old that has been giving milk fur two month*, although she ha* , •ever yet hud a calf and is still a suckling tticnelf. This is a rather remarkable cult | istory, hut it is nevertheless true. Hhc is | tthe y**>perty of Mr. Matt, Byrn*, and can ( Ibe sem* on the hi* place at any time. The Colored (hid Fellows of Baltimore , on Mouday celebrated the sixteenth anni- | wersary of the organization of their order j 3n Maryland. They had a grand parade, with hauliers, hands and drum coqts, and 4 wade a Hue display. A number of other , civic societies, including the Knights of Hi. Patrick, liod Men, Bakers' Association. , Modoc*, aud West Baltimore Bile A**'- ] elation, abo paraded aud went to a country , pmrdc. t A row boat, containing seven wen, was t run down by a steamer in the Ka*t BUr, t Now York, on Holiday night, and one of f them, named George Henney, 23 years of ( Jige, was drowned. t ) There were five eases of sunstroke in New York on Monday, one fatal. ' in!* * H there are 27 steamers in f hinewi water*, wailing to bring 23,000 •, Ghincse to (-ulifornia. fho British government i* about to 1 expend $125,000 in buying, or building, , a residence in Washington for her minis -1 ter. 1 \ iL> legislature of Texas, in view of the Mexican depredation* on the border, ha* j provided for employing a volunteer force ' * ,>r the purpose of protection. Private letters from Nashville, received in Washington, say that the cholera i* more prevalent and fatal in the cities and 1 villages of Tennessee than is admitted by , the paper* of that State. ' The total amount of “back pay” returned to the United States Treasury is $132,- , 1H7.34, and the number of Senator* and Representatives who declined to receive it is forty-six. We record excessive rains in Alabama, i with u prospect of a diminished crop in consequence. The ruins commenced on the 27th ot May, ujid have continued, with hut a short intermission of three days, to this date. Mr. Hinton llowun Helper, author of the ••Impending Crisis, ’’ who is now iu South America, is expected to return some time this fall, when, it is rumored, he will . publish a work calculated to make a senna tion in the political world. Frederick Pipokney, for forty years Deputy State Attorney in Baltimore, died in that city 011 Friday evening, aged 09. He was a son of the distinguished Mary land lawyer and statesman, Will lam Pinck ney. It is understood that the distinguished Dominican orator, Father Thomas Burke, O. P., will return to America next month, to continue flic series of lectures and sermons which drew so much attention in this country during his last visit. flic cholera shows no signs of abatement at Nashville. Thirty deaths from the! disease occurred on Wednesday. Great alarm prevails, and there is a considerable j exodus from the city. Two deaths, with i symptoms resembling the cholera, are re- | ported at Cincinnati. Fifty-five cases are to he tried at the I present term of the Criminal Court in ! Washington. Of those, five are for mur-1 der, and nine fur assault with intent to | kill. Judge McArthur, in addressing the 1 grand jury, said such crimes seemed to be epidemic throughout the country. The publishers of the Newark Kcho, a | weekly paper, convicted of indecent puhli-1 cations, were to-day fined SIOO. Sentence I was suspended in other eases against them. 1 and in the event of their conviction on a \ similar charge in the future, the punish- ' wont will be imprisonment in the Statu Prison. Mr. Joseph C. Butler, a prominent citi- 1 sseu of Cincinnati, and member of the Board of Trade, who started for White Sulphur Springs, on Saturday lust, to tender the ! . hospitalities of the city to the Maryland I Kditors. was attacked with appoplexey on ! hoard the steamer, and expired. Hissud- i den demise east a gloom over his fellow | members of the board, one of whom re- j 1 turned to Cincinnati with his remains. I The graves of Confederate soldiers in i ; lioudon Park Cemetery, at Baltimore, I j were, decorated Tuesday. Addresses were | delivered by James Franklin, of Aunap i olis. and ex-Senator Wigfall, of Texas. | ■ During the ceremonies the statue of a j j Confederate soldier, by Volck, was un- j veiled. The ex-rebel General* Stewart j and Trimble, and Commodore Hollins took 1 ; an active part in the proceedings. Mr*. Gross lui* found on the hank* of the Green Bivcr, in Kentucky, a pipe' which is made from stone and carved in ; shajic like un owl. The workmanship, j the jieculiar quality of the stone, and the ■ weather-worn appearance of the pipe, indi- j cute that more skillful workmen than | North American Indians did the carving, l and that a long time must have elapsed to j have made so inueh change in stone of of such compact grain and smooth surface, j There were fitteen deaths on Monday in 1 Memphis from cholera and cholera in-1 lap turn. In Nashville there have been I j thirty-two interments since Saturday of; (lentous who died of cholera; mostly nc- ! groes. The disease is very prevalent in ! both cities, hut where white persons have ; been attacked it has generally boon of a milder type than among the blacks. Spo radic eases are also reported in other! cities. The ease of Wm. J. Boyd, before the j U. 8. District Court, Baltimore, for' emheuliug the funds of the Cumberland Postofficc, was closed on Wednesday; the jury failing to agree, were discharged. 1 Mr. Boyd, the accused, renewed his bonds, I a, id left the Courthouse with his friends, j It is rumored that on the jury retiring at i first the vote stood ten for acquittal and I two for conviction, and Unit on their final discharge they stood six to six. At Calais. \ t., on Sunday afternoon, a I jMirty of twenty persons went out on a i pond for a pleasure trip, using two boats. j j bridged together. One of the boats j speedily filled with water, and the party were upset into the pond. Five were j drowned, namely LifWtte Teobuut j and wife, aged about 50, and a daughter, I aged 5 ; the widow of Amos McKnight, aged 2H; and Miss Lydia Tohey, aged 15. hive more wore insensible when taken from the w ater, hut were resuscitated. At Thorndike, IH miles from Belfast, j Me., a farmer named Almond Gordon, his | wife and infant daughter were found at 1 daybreak on Monday murdered in bed. and his son. aged six years, was found fearfully wounded in a crib in the same room. A blood stained axe was discovered near the bodies. The house had alsoheeu set on fire. A younger brother of the murdered man U suspected of the crime, and under arrest. It is said the tragedy was caused by a dispute about some prop erty. At Hudson, N. H., on Saturday morn ing. Henry Jewett, aged 25, rejected suitor of Mis* Ella Wood, called at that young lady's house, and, drawing a revol ver, shot nor in the forehead, inflicting a wound that will probably prove fatal. The young lady’s father, Mr. Chas. Wood, im mediately grappled with the assassin, and a terrible struggle ensued, in which Jewett attempted to take the old man's life. Mr. Wood finally threw Jewett on the floor, when the latter put the pistol to his own ear and tired, mortally wounding himself. It appears that Jewett's wife is living, hut he separated from her soon after marriage several years ago. The wheat crop of the United States, lust year, yielded nearly two hundred' and fifty millions of bushels, a considerable increase over 1871, when the yield was not quite two hundred and thirty-one million*. Pennsylvania, years ago, was the groat wheat produciilg Htate of the Union, hut it* comparative yield ha* -jinee declined, mo that in 1872. producing 11,- 1i03,000 bushels, it was only the ninth Htate in the order of wheat growing, Pennsylvania’a yield being exceeded by Ohio, Michigan, Indiana. Illinois, Wis consin. Minnesota, lowa mid California, l*ist year's wheat crop in Pennsylvania was a short one. however, the yield lu 187) having been over nineteen millions at an amount exceeded by but on* Btnta—lllinois—which grew over twenty-five million* of bushels. Last year the heaviest wheat crop wot t)m| of Cali fornia, over twenty-five and a half million* of husbel*, Illinois coming second with twenty-four and three-quarter millions. Political Votes. Vice-President Willson is reported from J j Washington as in hud health. Fours are entertained of his complete prostration. A Washington special ays Kx-Presi ' i dent Johnson propose* to run for Governor ’ of Tennessee tub fall, and has hope* of his * election; promotion to the United Htate* .Senate to follow. a ‘ ! A Little Bock dcHpmch say* that Hon. * Joseph Brooks has begun suit iu the Cir cuit Court of Pulaski county, against Gov ernor Baxter, for the office of Governor of | Arkansas. i The Washington correspondent of the 1 New York World says that President r Grant and Col. Mosby have combined to influence the republican party of Virginia I to support Gen. Henry A. Wise for Gov ernor. I The New Orleans Christian Advocate t say*: —“In the late trouble* in Grant par ish, ■after all the statements pro and con, and after making due allowance for human \ passion and error, wo believe that the ne , groes and their miscreant leaders were re rnsihle for the whole. The whites mid better class of colored people were j acting in the interests of law and social j. order and for the peace and protection of ( the community." , The New York Nation, a newspaper I that generally knows what it is talking about, thus defines the Republican party: “It is held together as an organization solely by the possession of the Government J offices. This makes it a real husines con cern, with accounts to keep, earnings to make, dividends to distribute, and claims ' to adjust. It consequently does not need ! opinions, and, to do it justice, makes no | pretence of having any.” 1 The Administration are to make des perate efforts to save Ohio. The special point is to prevent Mr. Thurman going to the Senate. Ijogan and Oglesby, of Illi nois ; Morton, ot Indiana, and other Ad ! ministration guns will stump Ohio against i Thurman. Among the Democratic can ! didutes for Governor are Gen. Tom Kwing, 1 George H. Pendleton, Gen. George W. ! Morgan. Gen. Ham Cary, Gen. Durbin i Ward, Col, hen Harris, Col. I*5W Camp bell, Col. Frank McKinney, Hon. Fred j Hassaurek, John W. Sohn, Gen. Brinker hoff, Kush B. Hloanc and John Doshlor. 1 The Watertown, N. V., Ditpnlch says: j •* Through the Credit Muhilicr revelations, j the salary theft, the Louisiana outrages, , 'iJ the general corruption which doubly | diatiuguiahed the prcacut dominant yarty. the people have been made to sec anil ! painfully feel the need of a change of j Government. To this end all newspapers 1 that have spoken out and continue to speak out in reprobation of tlie plunderers and ) their schemes of plunder arc meeting with ! 11 success as large ns it is unprecedented.” ! Gov. Wai.krk, ok Virginia. —A j Richmond (Va.) correspondent says ; A rumor exciting considerable interest ! iu journalistic circles is to the effect that I Governor Walker expects to take editorial charge of a well-known Virginia newspaper j as soon as he is freed from the duties of | the gubernatorial office. There are those j who arc already advocating electing Gov. Walker to the United States Senate, in | place of Lewis, whose term expires next | )<“'■■ The Albany Argm says;—“ The far -1 mers' movement in tlie West is very for | midable. It is breaking the Republican party to splinters. In many counties in j lowa they have held conventions, resolving 1 to nominate candidates of their own for all county offices, and to hold a State Con j vention to nominate a candidate for Gov- I ernor. As an indication of the strength of the Fanners’ associations in lowa, it may he noted at that the (.range picnic at Mount •| Pleasant, lowa, Wednesday, there were ( 10,000 patrons in attendance from Henry I and tlie adjoining counties.” Hon. John J. Perry, who served the Radical [nr tv of Maine in Congress for two sessions, thinks that organization has performed its mission, and shown an ina bility to meet the new issues which arc pressing ujion the nation and demanding ’ 1 public attention. Therefore he will neither receive a nomination from that party nor i act with it in the future. The list of able, ' holiest intelligent men in the opposition who arc preparing to leave it, is daily be coming more formidable, and if the Dem ocrats will purify their own household and act in a prudent manner, they will obtain | |Kiwer iu a few years. The political situation in Virginia, says tlie Petersburg 7/o/cj, is more and more j encouraging to the Conservative party, j lien some months ago tlie preparations . for the campaign begun, our success was threatened both by disunion and by apa thy. For a time it appeared that acri monious disputes and side issues, and ■jiiestions of personal preference, would go far to divide us, while at the same instant an ominous apathy of the people was justly I complained of. All this has now passed | away. Tlie press has, with one accord, agreed to banish from the common Con -1 servative ground every irritating mid use less discussion, and to concentrate every j energy and resource of the party upon the ! struggle against the common enemy. The LinERAL Partv.—The Buffalo AJver/urr represents the Liberal Party will) nominated and voted for Mr. Greeley as so many beggars at the footstool of power, mid complains of a disposition iu some of the simon-pure Grant Republicans to wel come them hack. According to the Buf falo man, who seems to fancy himself as I one of the Keepers of the Seals that lead j to the sacred citadel — | ‘‘They deliberately followed strange gods. I and must suffer the consequences of tueir own I stupid malice ami perversity. As for the arch-conspirators in the Liberal revolt, there is no room as yet in the Republican heart for sympathy or forgiveness toward them. Never was a political schism more basely contrived ; never was there a party defection more utterly unjustifiable. Its moving spirits were actual cd solely by motives of a personal character. They allowed their jealousy, spite aud hatred to make them deaf to every |rty obligation, and utterly unscrupulous in currviiig out their design. They made the United States Senate the scene—anil tried to make it the instru ment—of their machinations. Free Trade Lessons prom the Cen ses.—The World has an elaborate double leaded article, showing that the official re turns of the ninth census is one of the tiiisit effective free trade documents ever published. One of the most significant facts it develops is that, of a total of 12,- 505,1123 persons engaged in Inborn of dif ferent kinds, only 1.554,560 are even claimed to come within the scope of the pseudo benefits of protective tariff legisla tion, The editor reasons that— If it could he proved conclusively that Ihe country at large would derive ullimttlo advan tages from special legislation that tended to erect these 1,fi64,5G0 persons into a privileged class at thu expense of all other classes in the community, that might still be no good reason for a protective tariff in a republic j but when it is known that the entire body of capitalists, the proprietary class, who are the only real Itenefieiaries of special tariff legislation, num ber only 42,877—when these facts are collec tively considered, Protection, as a means of fostering the interests of a republic, does seem to be the wickedest ahsurditv of a not very wise sgc. The New York Democracy.— Tkt A'etr Ok a rim. —The two wings of the New York Democracy are likely to reunite. The New York Trthvnr says that the Ajstllo Hall wing of the Democracy of that city, which seceded from the old Tammany organization on account of Ihe corrupt ring that controlled the latter, has made overture* lo Tammany, now that the lemlcra in the ring haye.bomr lopped off. fora reunion. Thla the Tribune attributes (o the objectionable new city charter, which it alleges has been legislate) upon that city by the euatom-house ring of the i Republican party. Business Local*. i a strmutv drop in uuort’Kß*. Six new Russell A Co m. Combined Heap er* ami Mowers with Droppers complete, will be sold for $l6O, on one year's time, without intermit. For particulars apply to Peter Kn yel & Son, New Windsor Depot. 3t 1 n Lmua I*oc Roques, buim lace Prints, i Black Silk*, also Percale*, Cambric*, Jnjm nee Poplins. Grenadines, and other line Dress Mood*, very low, for cash. Laurel D. Muslin, only 12) cts. per yard, at J, Tingling & Bro's. ’ Ladies', Misses’ and Children's Button Boots, in liasting, Kid and Pebble Morocco, at prices to suittko times. Call and see them before purchasing elsewhere. J. F. Brinker hoff. W. O. Ligget's slock of Ladies’,. Misses; ’ and Children's Shoes and Slippers, Men's and Bov's Boots, Shoes, (Sailers, Straw and Wool Hats, is very large and prices low. “Call and be convinced.' Men’s Hand-sewed and Pegged Gaiters, very cheap, at J. F. Brinkerhoffs. The cheapest lino of Brown and White Su gars, in town, at W. (). LiggctV. Men’s low-cut Shoes and (Jailers, at J. F. Brinkerhoffs. Men's India Gauze Shirts and Drawers, for summer wear, at J. F. Brinkerhoff’s. Linen faced Paper Collars, all styles, only 26 cts. per box, and other styles, as low us - 10 cts. per box, at J. F. Brinkerhoffs. Glass and Stone Fruit Jars, Jolly Glasses, and everything for the preserving season, at low prices, at W. 0. Liggct's. If you want a nice Straw Hal, cheap, do not fail to call at J. F. Brinkerhoff’s. WESTMINSTER MARKETS, Reported by Grimes A Stouffer. WHOLESALE PRICES. Friday, June 20, 1873. Flour—Kxtra SB.OO () 8.60 “ Super 7.(81 (h 7.00 44 Family 0.00 010 00 44 Rye i 4.00 (<•> 600 Wheal—Bed 1.60 <. 176 “ While 1.60 180 Oats 40 0 46 Corn 60 (n 66 Rye 76 Oo 86 Com Meal 1.26 Or 1.60 (Mover Seed 6.00 (a. 6.00 Timothy Seed 3.00 (. 8.50 Flux Seed 1.26 Or. 1.60 Lard 7 (o 8 Bacon (•• 10 Potatoes 76 Or, 01 Pork 6.00 (a 6.60 BALTIMORE MARKETS. Super $4.76 (Sv 6.76 Cnnunon to fair Extra 6.60 (a) 6.75 Good to Choice do 7.00 (■ 7.60 Family 8.00 ( 9.60 Patapsco Family 11.60 (a, 0.00 “ Extra 11.00 0 0.00 Chesapeake do 11.00 (•• 0.00 Corn Meal 8.60 0 8.60 Wheat—White 1.70 (n\ 1.80 14 Red 1.70 0 1.76 Com—White 68 (a 70 “ Yellow 62 (n, 68 Outs 47 Ot 48 Rye 00 ( 00 Beef Cattle—best quality... 6.00 (m 7.12 ** “ medium 6.50 0 6.76 “ ** ordinary 4.60 Ot 4.87 Sheep—fair to good 6 cts. 0 0 “ extra 6 cts. Ot 8 “ stock 2.26 0 8.60 i Hogs 6,76 (•> 7.26 | Huy and Straw—Hay 26080 T* lon , Straw 280 80> ton .'Hides —steer 13 (*• 13$ “p N* , “ cow 12) ( 18 “ ! Leather—city slaughtered... 88 042 “ “ country...., 86 (n\ 80 “ i “ Spanish Sole 87 (>• 88 “ “ rough skirting 34 (', 30 “ 44 Maryland A Penn... 37 (<< 80 “ Wool-nnwashed free of burrs 26 (•• 80 “ * 4 44 bury 20 026 “ “ tub-washed 40 Ot 46 ** 44 pulled HO ( 87 4 * Seeds—Clover 6 (o 6 “ Timothy $8 (•* $4 f* bu. ‘ 4 Max.... $2 0> $2 “ Feathers—common to prime 86 072 lb NO. 1881 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. | The Patapsco Building Association of the city of Westminster, Mortgagee, vs. Ann E. Smith and Levi Smith her husband. ORDERED this Oth day of June, A. D. 1873, that the sale made and reported in thfc above cause. The Patapsco Building Associa tion of the city of Westminster, by virtue of the power of sale contained in the Mortgage mentioned in the proceedings in this cause, be finally ratified ana confirmed, unless cause to the contrary be shown on or before the Oth day of July next : provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper published in Carroll county, Maryland, once u week for three successive weokt ’oefore the 8d of July

next. The report states the uinount of sab* to be $610.(8). JNO. B. BOYLE. Clerk. True copy,—Test : June 14-8 t Jno. B. Boyle. Clerk. NO. 1346 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. David Hoop and William T. Smith, Trustees of Francina Hoss vs. Jesse L. Durbin et als. ORDERED this 12th day of June, 1878, that the sale made and reported by Wil |iam T. Smith, Trustee, to sell the property in the above entitled cause mentioned he rat ified and confirmed, unless cause to the con trary thereof he shown on or before the 14th day of July next; provided a copy of this order be published in some newspaper printed in Carroll county, once in each of three suc cessive weeks before the said 14th day of July next. Ihe report states the amount of sales to he $8260.00. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy, —Test: june 14-8 t Jxo. B. Boyi.k, Clerk. ESTRAY NOTICE. State of Maryland, Carroll County , to wit: I hereby certify that John Wagner of said county and State, came before me, the subscriber, a Justice of the Peace of the said State, in and for the said county, this 7th day of June, in the year eighteen hundred null seventy-three, and made oath on the Holy Evangelv of Almighty God, that he found M three stray Sheep- tresspassing on his enclosure on the 8d day of June, 1878, one Buck and two Ewes, color white, marked on the side with the letter J. C., two of which have the tip of the right ear cut off. Witness my hand, PETER B. Ml RESELL, J. P. The owners of the above Sheep are request ed to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take them away. JOHN WAGNER. At Byers’ Old Tavern Stand on the Littles towu Turnpike. June 14*8t* NO. 1824 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. Elizabeth Kiler and others vs. Jas. A. Smith ORDERED this 12th day of June, 1878. that the audit tiled in this cause ho final ly ratified and continued, unless cause to the contrary he shown on or before the 80th in stant : provided a copy of this order be in serted in some newspaper published in Car roll county, for two successive weeks before the last named day, JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test: June !4-2t. Jxo. B. Boyi.k, Clerk. NO. 18(H) EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. David (Schwartz vs. Jacob K. Lippy. ORDERED this 18th day of June, A. D. 1878 ? that the account of the auditor filed in this cause he finally ratified and con firmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 10th day’ of July ; provided a copy of this order he inserted for two successive weeks before the last named day, in some newspaper published in Carroll county. JNO. H. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test: Jxo. B. Boyi.k, Clerk. Junl42t ( onmiiKNloneis’ Notice*. , THE County Commissioners of Carroll county, will meet at their Office, in West minster, on the First Monday or JULY, 1878, for the transaction of business. Bv order, JABKZ A. BUSH, jum; 14-4 t Clerk, FOB SALE ONji MiCOKMICK Reaper, aclf-rake, ihiw. A few IHUNCLA |l MdWKHH left. (sir early or sftdrcra K. F. KKRSK. jmt H’*k \\ BstmiiiKter* Md. IJWjjjJ nio Printing go to the Apvim'atc NOTICE To if Friends and Cnstomers! t A FTER some unpleasant experience in ! i V doing business on a Credit Basis, 1 have concluded that the only way to do business j successfully is upon a CASH BASIS. eonse- | quently I will sell Goods only • For Cash, from July Ist, 1873. £ This plan of doing business having been almost universally adopts! by business men, , lam compelled in justice to myself and cus tomers, to make the almvc announcement. I | buy for Cash, and 1 know if 1 sell for Cash 1 will lose nothing, therefore, 1 can and will sell Goods considerably lower than those who sell on credit, ('ash buyers are invited to • give me a call. Money Saved is Money Made. • My stock embraces choices fresh ! GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, 40., consisting of Coffee, Sugar, Tea, Syrups. Ac., . Eggs, Bacon, Lard, Fish, tar, Ac. I also keep a full simply of the best brands - of FLOUR AND FEED, besides a splendid line of Fruits, such as Raisins, Currants, Citron, Ac., and am in constant receipt of fine fresh OYSTERS, which I sell by the pint or r quart. I have greatly increased my stock of Qucensware, Cedar Ware, Willow Ware. Ac. My facilities enable me to offer my stock at v rates which for cheapness cannot le surpassed. H AH articles warranted as represented. Come and see, and be convinced. , All persons knowing themselves indebted t are requested to call and settle by note or otherwise. j E. L. JACOBS, East End, New Windsor, Md. B i June 14-Im CONSTABLE’S SALE. BY virtue of five writs of Fieri Facias issued by A. J. Honck, one of the Justices of J | the Peace of the State of Maryland, in and r> for Carroll county ; one at the suit of John I D M. Armacost, one at the suit of George W. 0 Armacost use of M. M. Armacost; one at the ! >t of Elijah Armacost use of M. M. Anna- I) cost; one at the suit of Jacob Armacost use i of M. M. Armacost; and one at the suit of r t M. M. Armacost, against the goods and chat ■t tels, lands and tenements of Henry Alban, I I) John Alban and John F. Shaffer, and to me j 0 directed, 1 have seized and taken into execu- I 0 tion all the right, title, interest and estate at I D jaw and in equity of the said Henry Alban, of, j K jo and to all that part of a tract of land situate l) in Carroll county, Maryland, called “Pleas- ! I ant Spring,” containing 1 44 7-8 Acres of Wood Land, . more or less, well timbered, being the same - land which was conveyed by the said Henry || Alban and wife to William Alban, by Deed .. dated May 20th, 1872, and recorded among ‘ the Land Records of Carroll county, in Liher J. B. B. No. 41, Folio 47, Ac. * ' The above land lies on the road leading from Gross’ mill to Rockbrook, one and a J half miles from Hampstead. . And I hereby give notice that on [) SA TlilDA F, the tSth day of JUL Y, 187 S, J on the premises, between the hours of 1 and ,v 2 o'clock, P. M., I will sell said property so seized and taken into execution to the highest . bidder for cash. MICHAEL BUCHMAN, | J june 14-4 t Constable. ] SIGHT IS PRICELESS, ! j : BIT THE : Diamond Perfected Spectacles WILL preserve it, and they can only lie found at the Jewelry Establishment of WM. MOOBE, Sole Agent for Carroll county, who has also | just opened the largest and most complete : assortment of LADES’ GOLD WATCHES, Opera Chains, Gents' Gold and Silver Anier iran Watches, Amethyst Finger Kings. . i Sleeve Buttons, Studs. SOLID 18 Kt. PLAIN KINOS, . i Gents' Seal Rings, Silver Plated Ware, chorus, .(r„ iv.. av. Watches, Clocks and Jewelry repaired and warranted. r WM. MOORE. Main Street, Westminster, Md. ,7 "’ Central Drug Store, , OPPOMITK CATHOLIC? I IH’RCH, j Mnln Street, We*tminster, Md., ; DR. E. D. WELLS & BRO., I PROPRIETORS. DR. WELLS, having had several years exjerience in the practice of Medicine, feels confident that he can meet the wants of the communitv for MEDI- CINE AND MEDICAL PREPA RATI ON S. The Prescription Department, be ing under the especial charge of Dr. Wells, wifi receive his careful attention. A full as i sort incut of Toilet Articles, Perfumery, Washes, Powders, Dyes, Tooth and Nail Brushes. Also a full supply of Pat ent Medicines. je 22-ly HOME SHUTTLE SEWING MACHINE!! price oisrr.-s' $07.00. THE Simplest, Cheapest Look Stitch Sew ing Machine in Market. Also The American Sewing Machine, reru simple, almost noiseless, runs eery light and took the premium in competition with a large variety of Machines at our last State Fair. The feed and all its parts are very easily regulated. Cord, Hemstich, Braid, Tuck, Ac., all so easily done. Price $60.00. F. H. BUELL, Agent, Office next door to “Montour House.*' ap 26-If AT THE FAIR GROUNDS, ! WESTMINSTER, MD. High-bred Young Trotting Stallion 4 JL Hermit is a dark brown without * any while, fifteen hands three inch* 1 high ; by Engineer, he by Revenue, ‘ out of Audrewettu by Andrew. Hermit's I dam whs a high-bred Mambrino mare from 1 Kentucky. He will nerve a limited number 4 of mares at $26 to insure. ffietiT Particular attention given to the Train- ' ing of Trotting Horses and Breaking of Colts. For further particulars address MARTIN QUINN. Fair Grounds, Westminster, Md. ap 26-3 m XOTK i ;. ~ J I HAVE this day adopted a new rule in my ( business. I will give strict personal at- " tention to all work in my line intrusted to my ii care, and will guarantee satisfaction in all my t work. I have a very full stock and assort- t ment of t WALL PAPER, 0 1 very lo* cash prices; also OIL f’LOTH f and LINEN WINDOW SHADES and FIX- j TITHES, all low for cash. WILLIAM. COON, a Weatininater, January 11, 1878-ly liiHolvent’N Notice, ■lUriah Hatfield va. His Creditors, ORDERED (his Kth day of May, 1878, that 1 •losiah Hatfield give notice to his credi- - tors, endorser* and sureties that the ad Mon- C day of Aupisl next is fixed fur the said *' -losiah Hatfield to ap;>ear in the Circuit(Tourt for Carroll county to answer such interrogate- ), ties as his creditors, endorsers nnd sureties h may propoae or allege against him ; and that „ a copy of this order be published in some i) newspaper printed in Carroll county, once a 0 swk for throe succcasive months prior to the .1 said 2d Monday of August next, as such a notice. Test; JNO. B. BOYLE, may 10-8 m Clerk. J FIRE INSURANCE. THE undersigned has been appointed Agent of tho Farmers' Mutual cm- In surance Company of Dog Hill, nnd can be found at the Farmers' k Mechanics' National gj t " k 'l " on otoh Monday and J He is also -eady to receive the (a* levlad to meet losses by fire. Prompt payment is requited. may BMf JOSEPH SHAFFER, 8 foJEND your Orders for Printing for the i k_ Spring Trade to the Ahvocstk Office. THE HARMAN HORSEiRAKE!! THE BEST IN USE! TB Y i ) !S r K. Diamond State Separator riitojH-Ht, Simple*, hlghr* tin ti tling mill must Prrfrrt tho in Separator Haiti ! THE WESTMINSTER 2,4,6, 8 or 10 Horse Powers, Down, or on 2 or 4 Wheels. WE HELL THE CHAMPION AND RUSSELL REAPERS AND MOWERS. ~~ WE TAKE ' Old Machines in Exchange. CALL AND EXAMINE. i Taylor Manufacturing Company, may 31-.3t Westminster, Ml. OHANCtX OF TIMK Western Maryland Railroad. ON and after Wednesday, May 2H, 187.3, the passenger trains on thl* rood will run as follows: EASTWARD. p Hugerntown at 7.86 A. M. and 1.46 Ijeave Mechauirntown at 4.30 A. M., 8.68 A. M., and 3.00 P. M. Leave Union Bridge at 6.14 A. M.. 9.40 A. M., and 8.46 P. M. Westminster at 6.06 A. M., 10,20 A M., and 4.29 P. If. WESTWARD. Leave Baltimore at 7.00 A. M. and 3.80 and 6.80 P. M. Leave Westminster at 9.06 A. M., 6.44 and 7.16 P. M. The train that leaves Baltimore at 8.80 P* M. stops at all Stations, hut does not go far ther West than Mechanicstown. The 6.30 P. M. train from Baltimore is the i Express, and stops at the following Stations: ; Relay, Keioterstown. Tank. Westminster, j New Windsor, Union Bridge, Frederick * Junction, Mechanicstown and all .Stations beyond. Stages connect at Glen Morris .Station for Hampstead and Manchester on arrival of 7.00 A. W. train from Baltimore. JOHN T. RIGNEY. may 31 General Superintendent. NO. 1864 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County as a Court of Equity. Andrew Snyder and John C. Dennor t. F. August Bauss and Catharine V. Bauss his wife. ORDERED this 31st day of May, A. D. 1878, that the gales made and reported by Andrew Snyder and John C. Denner, by virtue of the power of sale contained in the mortgage mentioned in the proceedings in this cause be ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before : the 80th day of June next; provided a copy I of this order be inserted in some newspaper ; published in Carroll county, once in each of 1 three successive weeks before the said 80th day of June next. The report states the uinount of sales to he ! $1200.00. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test: june 7-8 t Jko. B. Boyle, Clerk, j NO. 1886 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. John J. Baumgartner, Trustee, vs. Francis | H. Oreudorff and others. ORDERED this 8d day of June, A. D. 1878, that the sales made and reported ' in this cause by John J. Baumgartner, Trus- * tee, be ratified and confirmed, unless cause 1 to the contrary thereof be shown on or before I the 11th day of July next; provided a copy * of this order be inserted in some newspaper * printed in Carroll county, once in each of I three successive weeks before the 6th day of 1 July next. The bill of complaint states the amount of * sales to he $1650.00. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test: june 7-8 t Jxo. B. Boyi.k, Clerk. 1 Eftatr of Lydia Butler, deceased. J NOTICE is hereby given that the subscri- < her has obtained from the Orphans' < Court of Carroll county, letters of Adminis * I tration on the Personal Estate of LYDIA HLXI.KH. 1 lti- of Carroll county, de.-eaw.l- All pereani; ' having claim* again.t the dcecaaed arc hcrahy warned to exhibit the ame with the vonchera thereof legally authenticated lathe twlmeribera, on or before the Sd day of Jaxuait, next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all Inmost of said eirtate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment Given under my hand this 2d day of! Jnne, 1878. DKOBOK HIXI.KK, 1 jane 7-It- Administrator, i F. B. SAISTFOBT). ! DEALER IN Paint*, Oils, Vamuhea, Brushes, Hww and Coach Palotor’t Supplies, Has sum or vne Fiaxr Natiokai. B.vx, i At He Depot, WetlminHtr, Md. 1 may 81 ly ” - ,| HOWE MACHINE COMPANY Ar> now ulili* froßi thoir iiwraw*d fu*Ukii** Am- mnniifnrturi' to tfffpr ihrir ■ IMPBO7ED SEWING MACISSS, Ok tiik Mow Auvimuisoin Tirmh. | They ai* now manufacturing SIX HUNDRED DAILY. , j during Ihe pant six yearn they have manufac tured and *old 400,000 | whioh attests the great popularity itf tljir tine- j ■inalletl machine. Until the year IW i ELIAB HOWE, Jr. THE ORIGINAL INVENTOR OK SEWING MACHINES. I Did not compete with Coin panic* who wore paying him royalty fur the use of hin patents. At that time he commenced manufacturing and put the genius which invented the Sewing Machine, the experience learned from the failures of other manufacturers, and the ex ! jerienco of a long life as a practical mechanic j into the -j HOWE MACHINE. It ia a noticeable fart that the Howe Machine Company HAS FOUR HI\DRED THOUSAND of their Machines in use, although having ex isted but SIX YEARS, while the Companv which claims to have the most in use. has only about twice that number, though having ex isted for TWENTY YEARS. B. W. BUCKINGHAM, i MAIN STREET, NEAR DEPOT, WESTMINSTER, MD., Will sell on credit or lease on Monthly Pay ments, and offers such easy terms that every one can afford to hir'u a HOWE SEWING MACHINE. He will spare neither pains nor expense to 1 give his customers complete satisfaction. 9UF He sells at AVw York price* and doe* not charge Fifteen Dollars advance an some viral agent* are doing. JOHN W. HARDEN, AGENT AT LOUISVILLE , For Moolery, Freedom ft Franklin District**. may 8-lf TO FARMERS. i 1873. “EXCELSIOR," 1873. 1 J 4 ] JiBL MuM*: XTPKHER Composed of 800 pounds of Ko. 1 Peruvian } Guano , and 1300 pounds of Soluble Phot- f phaie of Lime, (bones dissolved in t sulphuric acid,) Potash and Soda, Forming the most concentrated, universal and J durable fertiliser ever offered to the farmer— combining all the stimulating qualities of Pe ruvian Guano, and the ever durable Fertilizing " properties of Bones. Excelsior is in fine dry powder, prepared expressly for drilling, and - can be applied in any quantity however small, per acre; and it is the opinion of many close calculating Farmers, after Fourteen years ex perience in testing it side by side with other \ popular fertilizers, that an application of 100 ’ pounds of Excelsior is equal to from 200 to 800 pounds of any other fertilizer or guano offered for sale, therefore in fully 100 to 200 i per cent, cheaper, B&..ljOok out for imitations and counter- i fcits. The popularity of Ercelsior has in- i duced unscrupulous parlies in this and other n cities to copy our trade mark, and resort to 1 other dishonorable means to sell their unrth- ft less compounds. h ar Farmers should see that every Bag is * branded as abort , unth the ANAL VS IS and F oust NAME in RED LETTERS. All C others are counterfeits. n PRICE S6O PER TON. • J. J. TURNER ft CO., * 42 Pratt Street, Baltimore. FOK HAU; T J Grime** ft Stoulfer. Westminster. Md. c /-.mmerm." ft Shull*, Bykesville, Md. r W. H. & Dorsey, Ml. Airy, Md. Samuel K. Grove, RidgwviUe, Md. n McUomas ft Hro., Hood's Mill, Mil. h K. A, Talbott, KlUeott eitr, Md. o f};**** Alhaugb. Rocky Ridge. Md. m Wm. H. Todd, Utica Mill., Md. * Thou, F. Cover. Double Pipe Creek Md mar 22-3 m GLOVES,JGH.OVES. J o^rsrs^^sat! rectly from the manufacturer* in our oira I f name, and will be re),Us lowasthe lowest j . Js’ -: ’ Tv -.'is/ i haJLAI.KD proposals mil be received at Uif j , f ,hp CommiMioaer* of Frederick I I 1 , 10th day of .Inly, iHiJt, by tbc l ommtssiuners of Feeder [oh aisl Carroll couulie., for the erection of a bridge acrom Munncaey at Wilson's Ford, either of iron or wood, IW* feet apn„ „f Hivcr, or IK) feel between each übuimem end pier, *) feel high above low watc* mark, and IB feel Wide 111 the elaar: of the hem quality of , ! while nine lumber in framing, free of knot*, i wind •hake*, eUbing or dotting, with a dou hie floor of white oak, well fastened; in either nidance the workmanship and material mutt lie of the very bett character, either the How 1 ruse or Barr plan can be used; abutment* each to feet high, U foet wide at top, 30 feet > at bane, 30 feet at top, 28 foet at ham: middle pier M feet at top, 13 feet at bane, 30 feet at top, 83 feet at banc: wing wall* ou Frederick county side GO feet long, 4 feet wide at base, battered to 2 feet at top; wing wall* on Car roll county Hide 30 feet long, 4 feet wide at base, battered to 2 feet at top, all to be well coped with mutable Wone. The entire (tone I nrk to be made of all large heavy atone well bound, and laid flush i n good quick lime mortar and pointed j the entire wing walla to lie two feet ai.\ inche* higher than the road bed! the road led to bellied and graded ou both Hidca so as to afford an easy rise to the bridge, and to be pavod with good site none endwise for 3G feet on both index, the abut meet* and pier are to be erected on a solid foundation. JOSEPHUS H. HOPPK, j I resident County Commissioners Carroll j eounty, Md. „ „ LEWIS CRAWFORD, i . 1 resident County Commissioners Freder- I 11’k county, Md. j June 7-4 t FARMERS EXAMINE OUR “CLIPPER” SPRING-TOOTH RAKE. I r P HK most Simple, yet effective RAKE in , “• Warranted to lie made of the best malenal and is sold at a low price. Horf Cower*, Threshiucj Machine*, Corn Shelter*, flow* and Agricultural Machinery in General, 1 at prices to suit the stringency of the money market. WAGONER ft MATTHEWS, Near Railroad Station, , june 7-3 m Westminster, Md. ; NO. 1884 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County, i 1“ the matter of the Petition of the Western Maryland Railroad Company. ORDERED this 2d day of June, 1878, on the application nod recommeadatiou of the Western Maryland Railroad Company, that John K. Longwell and GranvilleS. Haines, of Carroll county, James L. McLain and Alexander Riemaii. of the city of Balti more, and E. Stanly Rogers, of Harford county, will be appointed Trustees, and sub stituted instead and in lien of John Fisher, Jacob Reese, Nathan Haines, of Joseph, and John Roberts, who arc deceased and Stephen Haines, who has resigned, to discharge and complete the trusts created by the Deed of Mortgage in the proceedings in this cause mentioned, unless cause to the contrary thereof j be shown on or before the 7th day of July next; provided a copy of this order be pub lished once a week for three successive weeks, before the let day of July next, in two news papers printed in the city of Baltimore, and in two newspapers printed in Carroll cooatv. WM. N. HAYDEN, E. HAMMOND, Judges of the Circuit Court. JNO. B. BOYLE. Clerk. True eopv.—Test; june 7-81 Jso. B. Botle, Clerk. TRUSTEE’S SALE Or A VAI.CABI.It HOUSE AND LOT, In Manchester, Carroll Count,. Mil. BY virtue of n Decree of the Circuit Court for Carroll county, sitting as a Court of Equity, the undersigned Trustee, will offer at Public Sale, on the premises, on Thumicy, tkr 3d da, of July, A. />., M7J, at 1 o'clock, P. M., that valuable lot of land, situate in the town of Manchester, adjoining the property of Mr. Edwin Crumrine and of the Lutheran Church, containing FIFTY SQUARE PERCHES of Land, more or lew, and im proved with a 2-Story Weath ••rhoarded Dwelling House, aMSBFS- Coaeh Shop, Blacksmith and other necessary property is admirably adapted for carrying on the business of Carnage Making. Terms of Sale. —One-half cash on the day of sale, or upon the ratification thereof; the balance to be paid in six months from the day of sale with interest and to be secured to the satisfaction of the Trustee. CHARLES B. ROBERTS, june 7-U Trustee. TRUSTEE’S SALE or a Valuable House aM Lot of Laid, In Manchester. Carroll Count,, Md. BY virtue of a Decree of the Circuit Court for Carroll county sitting as a Court of %!7|. .S undersigned, Trustee, will offer at Public Sale, on the premises, on Thursday, the 3d da, of Jut,, A. D. 1373, at 12 o'clock, M., all that valuable Lot of Und, situate in York Street, in the town of iMunchester, containing 37 Square Perches of Land, S^BWck'■Bwteo:? * n - w new two story Brick Kitchen, a large new ('oachmakers BhonM|**jflfe hfc and Blnckhiuith Shop, and Outbuildings. All of the buildings are new and in excellent condition. This property is worth the attention of persons seeking town property, aud offers superior inducements to Carnagemakers, as all the necessary buildings for carrying on the business are erected on this property. Terms of Sale. —One-half cash on day of sale or upon the ratification thereof; the ba) •nee to be paid in six months from the dy of sale, with interest, and to be secured to the satisfaction of the Tmatee. CHARLES B. ROBERTS, june 7-t* Trustee. TRUSTEE’S SALE or Valuable Lots of Land, Nir Manchester, Carroll County, Md. T> V virtue of a Decree of the Circuit Court A-r for Carroll county, sitting as a Court of fl'*,‘*l° undersigned Trustee, will offer at Public Sale, on the premises, on Thominy, the 3rd day of July, A. I)., '373, at 2 o’clock, P. M„ the follotriag valuable lots of Und, lying one-half mile north east of Msneheeter; Lot No. 1, contains 5 Acres, 1 Rood and 3 Perches of Tmnri more or loss, and being the same Und con veyed to John H, Lammotte by Jacob Beagle mid wife, by Deed bearing date the 2d day of March, 1887. Let No. 2 contains SEX ACRES OF LAND, more or leas, and adjoins Lot No. 1. These Lot* are under good fencing and in excellent condition, and are said to exhibit a very (air prospect for Iron Ore. Terms of Sale. —One-half cash on the day of sale nr anon the ratification thereof t the balance to be paid in six month* from Ike day of sale, with interest, and to be aecnred to the satisfaction of the Trustee. june 7-t* Tnuaio.. . K rttZ’ iT .

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