Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, June 21, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated June 21, 1873 Page 5
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JSf nl. COCK-CBOVV. Corxs-DoonutDo ! WW in; ii the mom. That yoo sound tout clarion-born T Not a streak of tight in the east, Nor the faintest rav Of dappled gray ' yet to be seen, —not the leant. Three o'clock !—that ia all; And still you sound your call To all within the house to wake, And into their hearts their bunion* lake. Before ever the day is born! There ia not a sign of the dawn; The stars are burning out, ’tis true. Bat no eves see the any yet coming through; The world is fast asleep m the dart; Not so much as the sound of the watch dog ) And still this Cocka-doodlc-do! [bark Cock-H-dood!e- do ! The first rich ray of red Has fallen across the shed: And, from his perch, once more the call Of the warder that keeps watch for os all. Shrill, and clear, and high is the note From out that regal throat, Pulsing its echoes everywhere Through the frosty morning air, Down the valley clear to the mill, And away to the top of the nearest hill. The cattle get up from their long night's bed And the boards of the floor creak overheat!; The horse looks out from his darkened stall, Like a lord from the door of his castle-hall: Over the roof curb up the smoke That tells of the stir of thrifty folk; The hens on their perches crowd along. Aroused by their lord’s resounding song. And now the sun’s clear, golden ray Falls through the bark-chinks on the bay : Into the pails full many a stream Of milk, that is rich with clotted cream, Kiddles the foam in a zigzag line, As sweet as the breath of the yarded kine. Cock-a-doodle-do I There he is, on the garden gale. Crest erect, aud spirit elate : The rain*has been falling all the day Aud no eye can thread its wav To any rift or lift in the clouds That pack the concave in such crowds But chanticleer, he sees the sign, Where wisest men can read no line ; A prophet, with an instinct high. Ue keeps the secret of the sky,— A favorite child of Nature he, That knows the heart of her mystery. And at that Cock-a-doodle-do, And cheery flap of pinions, 100. The household to the windows go, In answer to the call they know The sky grows brighter, and the blue Comes forth at Cock-a-doodle-do! Cock-a-doodle-do / The rival he has overthrown Goes reeling to his roost alone : And he, the royal conqueror, With bloody ruff about his throat. Sends forth hb strong, defiant note To Chanticleers near and remote, On every farmer's broad barn-floor. No shouts from tho walls of proud old Trov Were ever given with half the joy That fills the heart of this brave bird. As he makes the news of hb victory heard. You’d think he was some baron hold. From whom the rest their tenures hold. Proclaiming, on the garden wall, His feudal watch and ward for all. Cock-a-doodle-do ! No house is Home, without that hum To sound the hours, from dawu to dawn. Before the eye rise curling smokes, That comes from fires of country folks,— A stack of roofs, —a low, wide door, — The thump of flails on a big bani-floor.— A tented field of corn hard by, About whose stacks great pumpkins lie.— Hen’s nests snug hidden in the hay, And children hunting half the day,— A garden filled with fruits and flowers, Where birds make musical the hours, — Good cheer, warm welcomes, and bright fires. That fill the wishing heart’s desires. Oh, Chanticleer ! —brave Chanticleer! Thy voice rings through all History; Outstartcd from the mystery Of Indian jungles, dark ana drear, Thy path has Tain through Greece and Rome To the door of every farmer's home; They stamped thee on their ancient coins. And offered tbeo in sacrifice Unto their heathen deities, That sprung from mythologic loins: And “Plato's thou wert, we know, Above two thousand years ago; And Peter felt hb shiunefU lie Reproved by thy shrill, chiding cry, And went out, weeping bitterly. Thy note sends every ghost to bed, Afraid to show its guilty head When the shadows of the night have sped. They set thee on the tallest spires. Above the fog of earth’s desires, A sort of lookout in the sky. Interpreter of wet and dry,* And cheering souls to victor} . Thy Cork -a-doodlc do, it rings Through winters, autumns, summer.', springs: At every hearth, in every heart, The tenderest feelings take a start; Thou mayst not be the bird of Jove,— Thou art a bird that all men love: There b no fowl that walks, the peer Of strutting, crowing Chanticleer! Weed, and How to get Hid of Them. Whatever plant# intent the farmer* ground# and are worthless a# objects of cultivation are embraced under the general name of Weeds, tn other words, all plants, however nsefdl they may be as distinct objects of attention, when scattered through a crop of other useful plants, to their In jury, may be considered dead and treated as such, aud carefnily eradicated. A sin gle weed allowed to mature may become five hundred the following season and ten thousand the year after. Weeds are propagated by a poor system of tillage, and the use of unformented manure#. The mode of eradicating weeds must depend on their duration and nature, whether their roots are perennial or die off after the plant has borne seed. Annual weeds are most easily gotten rid of. Hoed crops will destroy most of them. The seeds of annual weed# are brought to the field# in nufermeuted stable manure, whore the cattle feed on hay or straw, swallow the seeds, which pas# through them undi go#ted Seeds of annual weed# will lie dormant for a long while, when buried deep, and vegetate a# soon a# the plow brings them up again. W e pass on now tothe perennial weeds ; and the roost troublesome to n# are the different thiatle#, and the running briar — both of which inereaae and multiply to an alarming extent. There seems to be three varieties of the Thistle—the small plant that liear* a fruit about the siae of a rasp berry: the one that prows four feet high and bears a purple (lower, and theoiielhut. simply throws out large leaves, that grow and lay just os the (op of the ground, and seems to lsr no flower or seed—sometimes palled --('aiiada Thistle." The one that bean the fruit is called a". Sodom Apple ' Tile re are various receipts for getting rid at the rale of twenty bushels to the acre burning over tho fleM. and frequent mow mg. I think I Ih-plant should be allowed to .itt.dii Hourly its full growth When it has drawn largely mi the vitality of ita boiled to thro, • every particle under the surftee. W but the plow don't cover, cover with a hop If the patch issmall, spade eau Is- used (O put off the prawn ofthc emit V- as the tope show lliem 1 - -h.... again, go through the plowing m ■ “pe-ftiig |H-oepss. and ewjtinue till tbp mid > die uf autumn when you Bill In- pretty , wire to have your land Aw. : I It is most difficult to gel rid of it,,- thjstte when the ground hits hpcu worked hi hoed prop. tn pastures they are less „ I hurtful, liuuniicg briars arc as difficult to get rid of as the thistle family. Care , loee cultivation brings them, but careful cultivation will rid you of them. Of the various ways of clearing them from out fields, I may mention —burning over tho field in the early spring: putting in hoed crops for a while, following with wheat or grass; getting a good set of grass; manuring heavily with lime and frequent mowings. I would plow the ground early in the spring, (supposing I had a field infested with briars,) and very carefully prepare for corn crop, or any other hoed crop; keep the crop well worked during the sea son; hoeing and cultivating as often as the briars show themselves. Following this crop in the fall with wheat —the wheat being drilled in with a good sharp drill; the drill being very useful in tearing up what briars grow after the last corn work ing. Follow with wheat again ; preparing the ground vent nicely with good sharp implements. Drill the wheat and sow heavily with timothy, and in the following spring with clover, and I will warrant that you have no more running briars in that I field, until you allow them to come again •j by careless cultivation. The whole opera c; turn having been accomplished without any extra cost. If your ground be poor, it is necessary to manure while you are going through these operations. Sheep raising on filthy firms 1 believe to be a good thing to do, as the sheep will eat most of the weeds the cattle won’t touch; but before going into sheep we mast eradicate the dogs, which heretofore has been a harder thing to do than to get rid of the weeds. One principle affects the vitality of d> weeds, which should never be lost sight of > in attempting their destruction. It is a well known law of vegetation that the growth of the sap is affected by the leave# of the plant, and it is tho growing sap that enables it to maintain its existence. By preventing the development of the leaves and consequently the growth of the sap, tho life of the plant will be sacrificed, i The principle, therefore, on which to work | in destroying all sorts of weeds, is to de- I prive them of their leaves as soon as they I appear. —Belnir .Hgu if- Intelligencer. Deer Creek Club. | Tho Deer Creek Farmers Club of Har | ford county, Md., metal Mr. Parker Lee s, [ May 31st. The first business in order was the examination of the farm. The timo thy field, some 30 acres, was knee-high J with timothy, and perfectly uniform ali | over the field. We then took a look at 1 the beef cattle, some 43 in number, 10 or i 13 being fat enough now for the butcher, i and they will weigh probably 1,200 pounds | each. They were grazing on a meadow of i some 40 acres, the most of which was a j sod of 30 years standing, liaviug been | mowed for thirteen years liefure it was turned out for pasture. It is now covered | with natural grass a foot high. All the : grass lias been produced and kept up by 1 the application of stable manure, which is j hauled nut and spread at all times during 1 the year, as fast as made; which, by the way, is what all our farmer# ought to do. j but the usual practice in Harford. I be -1 lieve. is to haul the manure out in the fall, i leaving it in the barn yard all summer to j bleach in the sun and rain, thereby loosing ' its most valuable parts. The barn is about j 00x40 feet, and filled underneath with . stabling for thirty-five head of cattle and I ten horses. Wo noticed some very fine I cows. Mr. Lee seemed to have a place j for everything, and everything was in its place. All the implements, machinery, wagons, etc., were carefully housed. The question for the evening was the ' * Eradication of W eeds." The application of salt was recommended, after plowing the ground. Also to keep their tops cut off. This is a good plan to kill docks. Mr. 9 James Lee would mow docks, and cut off under ground with a post digger. As to sorrel, Mr. Lee don't think lime will kill it. Any other fertilizer that will make the grass grow will kill it; that is, the , grass will kill it. Mr. Munnikhuysen don't think lime will kill it; knows that it grows luxurianly around a lime kiln Mr. Parker thought that 50 bushels of lime to the acre would kill it. To destroy running briars Mr. Parker Lee would sow clover and mow frequently. Mr. \eilson would plow up, put in corn, then wheat; then wheat again and grass. Practiced that process and got rid of them The question of a dog law came up and was talked over. Mr. Webster had tried for ten years to get a good law. Another member would tax every dog |5 and apply the money to the public roads. People would not care to pay $5 for most dogs, consequently a great many would be killed and sheep raisers could go ahead with ini-, 1 ! punity. The Club respectfully suggests to the fanners of Harford the great necessity of their nsing their best endeavors to get their fields clear of all nettles and thistles, I because they are increasing to a great ex - tent in all neighborhoods, and the efforts ! of a few fanners are rendered useless by | the majority paying no attention to these : i pests, allowing them to grow on their funns i aud east their seeds to the four winds. i. The Secretary then adds this quaint note : After all, we had our usual "frrtl * ('ey time," the table being presided over by Mrs. Parker Lee and Mrs. A roller. We ■* did our tluty. I, . .. . t Fertilizing Properties in Bones. 1. 1 The true value of bones, aside from J their importance in the arts, of handles,| . rings, paints, clarifying sugar etc., is fast 1 e beginning to be appreciated in this eottu „ try. People were horrified a few years since by the published account of the lons n of human bone* transported from the bat j tielield of Waterloo, to be ground and s spread over the worn-out lands of Eunqie. . From time immemorial it has been known that vegetation, and particularly trees, j thrive immensely in graveyards, j Now it is neither the gelatine nor glue e that holds the particles of hone together, j ~ I nor the lime of which they are composed. e which gives activity to vegetable growth „ alone, but the phosphorus inflammable j. material of which matches are mannfae e lured, known in its combination phos ,l phate of lime, that plants seize upon with w avidity as food. Nothing else within the range of agricultural experience so rapidly i ■ I developes the cellular structure, e j To be most useful, bones should be pul _ , verized, and that enables water to make a ; ; quicker solution of the phosphate, which „ j the minute rootlets immediately absorb I j and circulate through the stem, hmves and . | fruit. Save the bones, therefore. Let , j nothing go to waste. There are actual t. treasures concealed in a diy bone, if the r j right course lie pursued to exact them. | I In the skeleton of a horae, or ox, or , i even a dog or eat, there are about from - | one to four pounds of phosphorus. The" caress# of any of these animals, cut up and distributed among fruit trees, instead of being buried out of the way as a nuisance, j would bo to them a rich entertainment of delicious food. —OtimietJ farmer. Poixthv.—Tile pip is occasioned by ; the forming of a dry horny scale upon the tongue: the beak becomes yellow at the i | base; the plumage becomes ruffled; the j bird mopes and pines; the appetite gradu ally declines to extinrtioii—und at length j it dies, completely worn out by fever and sl(|patioii. (Jive the bird, three times a i day, for a week or two, two or three grains of black pepper in fresh butter, which will effect a cure. It is recommended to chick- i ( en raisers to raise some broom com seed I ' aud let the fowls have free access to it, 1 tl t* a hetiltby and fattening feed for them. 1 Treat reports with indifference, and others will .wnon learn to disregard' them ii I (Odd.s and (Ms. ; Learn op thr Lowi.y.—“Have you | ever entered a cottage, ever travelled In a i coach, ever talked with u peasant ia the • field, or loitered with a mechanic at the . j loom,’’ says Sir Kdward Bulwcr Lytton, 1 { “aud not found that each of those men i had a talent you had not, knew something i you knew not ?” The most useless creature that ever i yawned at a club, or counted the vermin on ’ ' hi* rags under the suns of Calabria, has no } | excuse for want of intellect. What men ' | want is not talent, it is purpose; in other t j words, not the power to achieve, but the | will to labor. lam no believer in genius, ’ j but I believe that labor, judiciously and | continuously applied, becomes genius. J j Ut*K of Charcoal. —The Cowitry f Gentleman says :—At this season of the r | year one desires to obtain some purifier, I and charcoal is of the greatest value for t i the purpose. All kinds of utensils can be , | purified from disagreeable odors by rinsing . ; them out with charcoal dust wot into a f • soft paste. Putrid water is immediately i | deprived of ita bad smell by its use. When r ! meat, flesh, etc., are liable to become I I spoiled from long keeping, charcoal dust || j will keep them sweet; aud if there is a I j slight taint to meat, it can lie taken out by putting three or four pieces of H as large as an egg into the water in which it is r j boiled. This will effectually purify that : which seems too far gone to use. f f j Safe Test for Coal Oil.—The most x 1 effective way to stop the sale of dangerous j oils and burning fluids w hich are so des q j tractive to life and property Is to educate t 1 the people. The test is so simple that it j is in the power of every one. The test is s | as follows : Pour a small quantity of oil ? ; upon a saucer or tin plate: apply u lighted ’ i match; if it ignites immediately or even : before the fire touches it, let the oil be re . | turned to the vender as unsafe. Good j \ safe oil will not flash, but burn slowly when the lighted match Is dropped into it, and the fire Is extinguished us soon as the match is removed. If the j*eoplc will sub -1 ject their oil to this test and use only that - which stands it, accidents will be rare. * Johns Hopkins, of Baltimore, who has - j given some $2,500,000 for benevolent ob | ! jects, is now seventy-eight years of age. a i . Quaker, plain in dress, looking aahe walks t; the streets more like a poor clerk on a r salary of seven hundred dollars than a , millionaire ; of medium height and size, * homely in feature, with the wrinkles and f puckers of long devotion to business ; strict i in all that relates to money, hut not inca i pablc of kindly actions—especially, it is * said, to young men just entering the I I troubled und precarious arena of mercan i | tile life. >' - —■ THE TAYLOR Manufacturing Company OF WESTMINSTER, MD. t ' E. TATLOR, A. D. SCHAEFFER, R. V, DOHONFY. [ 1 President. Sec. A Tt-eas. Snpt. t| { DIRECTORS: i David Fowble. H. Haines. Edward Lvnch, A. D. Schaeffer, J. E. Taylor. MANUFACTURERS OF Patent Hoisting Engines of all sizes, CIRCULAR SAW MILLS, J IMill Boiler Maker’s Punching Machines, r PATENT TIRE BENDERS, , CnuiKi-'H Pat. Force I*11111)1, | STOVES, CAST IRON DOOR SILLS, HKl* A It ATOIIS. From 2 to 12 Horse; Westminster Triple-Geared Horse Powers, 1 From I In 12 Horse, Mounted on 2 or 4 Wheels, or Down, SELF-SHARPENING GRIST MILLS, WHEEL HORSE RAKES. Tnylor'u Patent Unit TetMrr, PLOWS OF ALL SIZES, HOMINY MILLS, OcC. ‘ repairing of all kinds, 1 Including the Re|>airilig 'nr Relmildim; of | Railroad Locomotive Engines of any kind. ix j j Stationary, Portable and Agricultural En gine*, Eeapers, -Voteers, Jr, '1 We are paying the HIGHEST PRICES for White Gak, Hickory, Walnut and Ash 1 Tirntier. in the Img delivered at Mill, or on ‘, the Isit, as parties prefer. I Persona having any of the above will call j or communicate with ns by letter. I )Vo pay from Ito U cent# per jiound for old Coatings according to quality. 1 ap 19-ly : H. Utm, F, K. HUNKS. HAIXFiH & BRO., WHOI.RRAI.R AVI* RETAIL GROCERS! BEG leave to cal! attention to the large stock of Groceries, Liquors. Ac., which they keep constantly on hand, nl their store a few doors east of Railroad Depot. Our facilities are such as to enable ns to j offer great inducements in point of prices, u , I we purchase strictly for Cash and sell nt j short profits. j M e nave oil Imnd and are eoiisinntlv re ! reiving full supplies of CHOICE FAMILY FLOCK, FAMILY GROCERIES AND LIQCORS, ; QUKENSWARE, STONEWARE. GLASSWARE. WILLOW WARE, WOODEN WARE, HARDWARE. . FISH. BACON, LARD, SALT, TAR. We hill e also large quantity of Briggs A Brq s. choice Fresh Gardfensnd Flower Seeds, ; which are oot surpassed hy those of any other j Seedsmen in the country. Also Dealers in Country Produce general j ly. Very respectfully, may 24-lf HAINES A BRO. i H. I„ NORRIS. j, v, WNJIPI.KR, GREAT BARGAINS Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods!! H. L. NORRIS & CO. HA VINO just opened tho largest and best stock of SPRING & SUMMER GOODS 1 ever offered in thi* market, are prepared j to accommodate Ca*h buyers with ali Hawn | of Good*, and guarantee the price* to give | ' satisfaction when compared with nny others. ! P Ift H. L. NORRIS k CO. | WHITE DRESS GOODS. TIT’K have just opened, from I’hiladelphiii, j ** * large Assortment of White I)rest* i Good*, viz: Plain and Plaid Nainsook*. . Victoria Isuwii*. French MiikHii*. i Piqna*. Bwi**e.. Ac. uluo Kdging. Inserting*. 1 Ui).., 11. L. NORRIS .V TO. may il. To get himd.-ome printing of every deoerip- j timi, enlf nt the Airrorvrr Omit. LUMBER! LUMBER!! mmmmm a T HAVE just returned from the Lumber 0 i I Regions—and aid now receiving the lar e flest selection of LUMBER ever offered at I, 1 tnis place, at Reduce*! frtett, consisting of n | Y'ellow Pine. Spruce and Hemlock g j JOIST AND SCANTLING of ail lengths and awes, 4-4, 5-4, 6-4 and 8-4 T I White Pine Boards and Plank, Yellow and n i White Pine Flooring, Dress*d and I’ndressiHl 0 | Weatherboarding. White Pine Cypress and i Chestnut Shingles, Walnut and Ann Boards I and Plank, Plain and Headed Picketts, Shin ‘ r I gle and Plastering Laths, a prime lot of Chest e i uut Rails and PomU. Also all the different s j KINDS OF COAL, Thinking large sales with small profits bet j ter than small sales with large profits, I have I concluded to adopt the former as my guide, y I and hope i shall do enabled to carry it out by ‘ 1 persons in want of anything in my Tine giving j me a call before purchasing elsewhere. r l EDWARD LYNCH. >r Near Depot, Westminster, Md. kj feb 20-tf Oabinet and Furniture u ESTABLISHMENT. FTMIK undersigned, having^MMM^. -X. bought out J. .1. Leister' 11 interest in the well known •y tabliahment of Messrs. Shorb A Leister. Main ;e street, Westminster, West of the Railroad, j M will continue to keep on hand a full and com plele assortment of all kinds and styles of FURNITURE, and a full assortment of Cane j and Wood Seal Chairs, Hair and Husk Mat ! trasses, looking Grass Plates. Ac., which ! will be sold cheap for cash. Old Cane Seat LS Chairs re-seated and Furniture repaired. s . UNDERTAKING. c i Walnut and Metallic Coffins and Caskets it ! on hand. Funerals attended at all times, at | short notice, jj i Also on hand Newel Posts. Balusters and . Front Door Brackets. Hand Rails worked ** j to order, of all kinds of Lumber, and different n 1 styles Brackets worked to order. . All kinds of Architectural Drawings fur d nished at short notice and at low figures. y feb 24-tf ,f. J. SHORB A SON. e E. S. GERNAND, 7( UKAI.BR IS DRY GOODS, is I NOTIONS, „ QUEENSWARK, s HARDWARE, A ! „ HATS a BOOTS & SHOES, :t ; Ccdarwnre. l * [ Paints, *e ! * Oib, |. ! Window Glass, AVERILL CHEMICAL PAINT. | Drugs, first-class Groceries, Ac.. Ac. j Corner Main and Court Streets. may 18 Westminster. Md. ! THE STATE OF MARYLAND MUTUAL IFIRE INSURANCE COMPANY j OF BALTIMORE. No. 17 So ini Street, Baltimore. This Company insures, on the mutual plan, l Buildings and Personal Property against Loss ! or Damage by Fire, in oil parts of the State. ; TAc entire profit returned to the Miry holder*. B. Q. HARRIS, President. | Board op Directors: Francis Neale, of Neale. Harris A Co. i H. Caughy. of Noah Walker A Co. C. McCnlly. of Pomerait A McCully, Philip T. George, of George A Jenkins. J B. 0. Harris, late of Neale. Harris A Co. Hon. George Brent, Court of Appeals. George P. Jenkins, Charles county. George Combs. St. .Man’s countv. dec 23-ly TO ERR IS HUMAN. X>CT failing to call before purchasing else -U where and examining the Slock of FURNITURE AND STOVES, ' IRA E. CROUSE S, is - a disregard of root own inter , SHKSestthat is wholly inexcusable. Having had a long experience in then|P|H . business, he now flatters himself that he can always exhibit to those wishing to purehase any article in his line, a stock not excelled in d' variety and quality by any other establishment in the county, and his prices are guaranteed not to exceed those of Baltimore eilv, or any other place in the State. fcf Don t mistake the place, one hundred yards east of the Railroad, on Main street, S nearly opposite the new Cntholio Church, h \\ cut minster, n may 21 11 JOHN H. BOWERS T REPS constantly on hand and for sale, IV at his Store, ••CENTRAL HALL.” nearly opposite th new Catholic Church, a full assortment of BUILDERS' HARDWARE, , Hardware Generally, Gils and Paints, leather of all kinds, r Groceries, Provisions. n Willow and (Vdarwnre. X j All the above pood* will be sold at low rates and will be delivered free of charge si the , | Railroad Depot, or any other point thw town of Westminster. JOHN H. BOWERS, t nearly opposite the Catholic Church, mar 18 BOOT AND SHOE MAKING! THE undrraignrd is prepared to famish Indies’, Man's and Children's Doors AND SHOES at the shortest notice, of the best material and at reduced prices. All work guaranteed. JOHN BERNSTEIN, I Opposite the office of front A lleifsnider, Westminster, Md. mpt 14. 1 Littlestown Livery Stable Enlarge! | Hnnorer St., next door to Methodist Church, trith Increased Facilities. WK will be pleased to accommodate the pnbhc. Horses bought, sold and ex ! changed. Daily Passenger and Mail Line I from Westminster to Gettysburg. For Seals, Ac., apply at Central Hotel, Westminster, or Hams House, Gettysburg. JOHN SPALDING, . j nov 30-tf Agent. JNO. WILLIAMS, Jr’~ MAIN Street, opposite Court, Westmin ster, Md.. General Wholesale Agent for 1 the sale of , Whiskies, Brandies, Wines, Segars, * peuuhan ova so, i (iniund Bones, Koper I’llosplmles, [ xxn AM. STANDARD FERTILIZERS. | mar LVfim Look Here!

CIAHDH, firculara. Programme*. Shipping la*., Bill Heads, in fact everything re j uuired in the Printing line can he obtained nl ! ; the Akvin-atk Office. jon 4 | Bl ILDING and fahiaet Hardware, large 1 slock, at Invent city price*, at } W> I E. K. (.KKNAND’K, i rpKV the l TEAM, at * W. O. LIGGET'S I 11 HOFFMAN & MoENSTRY, NEW WINDSOR, H'AVE just returned from Philadelphia with the largest and best selected stork r of Goods ever offered in New Windsor, con . misting of a general assortment of the new X shades and styles of ' Dry Goods and Notions, Also HARDWARE, 4 QUEENSWAKE, BOOTS AND SHOES, j We Imv e made it u specially to select Fine Cloths and Fancy Cassimers, for Men's and Boys’ Wear, which cannot In* t surpassed in the county €'A HFKTS A aV/> MA TV!MIS, AT ALL PRICKS. K We shall sell only for CASIL our profits will be small and we will try Co give full satis ’ faction in even' respect. ? A. THOMI'SON, whose reputation as n Tailor places him at the head of his profession, still continues TAIL ORING over onr Store Room. A good fit has long since ceased to he a question of ) j doubt. Go to A. Thompson if you wnnt a fashionable suit. Just opposite to ns is MISS SUE CLAY’S MILLINERY STORE, where Hats and Bonnets of the latest styles , can always be obtained. We respectfully solicit the patronage of our 1 friends and the public generally. HOFFMAN A MrKINSTRY. ap 26-tt NOTICE. ’ To my Friends, Customer* anil the t Public Generally. A FTER mature reflection I have concluded .ajL that the only way to do business biic'-css s fully is upon a CASH basis; consequently I t will sell Goods ONLY i For Cash, from April Ist, 1873. J I buy for Cash and I know if 1 sell for Cask I will lose nothing, therefore, I can nnd will sell Goods considerably lower than those who sell on credit, (’ash buyers are invited to give me a call. Money Saved is Money Made. My Stock embraces CHOICE FRESH GROCERIES, PROVISIONS. Ap., consisting of COFFEE. SUGAR, TEA, SYRUPS. Ap.. BUTTER, EGGS, BACON. LARI), FISH, SALT, TAR, 4e. I also kppp n full supply of thp best brands of FLOUR AND PEED, besides a splendid line of Fruits, such as Raisins, Currants, Citron. Ac., nnd am in constant receipt of fine fresh OYSTERS, which 1 sell by the pint, quart and gallon. I have greatly increased mv stock of Queens } ware, Cedar Ware, Willow Ware, Ac. My facilities enable me to offer my stock at rates which lor cheapness cannot be surpassed. All articles warranted as represented. Come and see, and be convinced. N. B.—All orders not paid for when given, will be collected by the driver when the Goods an* delivered, ns my terms will be positively Cash. JOSEPH WOODS. ’ feb 1-tf West End, Westminster. PROVISION HOUSE, I MSA It ODD FELLOWS’ HALL. MAIN STREET. WESTMINSTER. nPHE undersigned, having just completed ' -X. his largo Prevision lionse.a^^m^^^ begs leave to inform his patrons and the public generally, that ho is prepared to furnish all kinds of FRESH MEATH. * in season, at any time in the day. Also keeps * constantly on hand Corned lice/, Huron, Lord. Chi ft Reef, Bologna Sausage ; in fact everything required to supply a first class table. He intends to make it a special part of his business to keep the best Meats the market will afford. He has in his establish ment a large Baltimore Patent Refrigerator, which keeps Meat perfectly fresh nnd pure for any length of time desired, so that choice Meats can be obtained at any time without risk of getting a soured article. After several years experience he finds that the only safe method to conduct business is upon a cash principle; he will therefore sell strictly and only for cash. With thanks for the kind patronage heretofore extended he respectfully solicit* a continuance of the same. Will open on Monday next, the 7th dav of April, 1878. ap 5-Bm* F. A. NORRIS. PRODUCE DEPOT, | AJ' 77/A’ RAILROAD, WESTMIN -1 STKR, MARYLAND J TITHE nndereigned, nl the oldstand f Gehr J 4 Orndorlf. is prepared to purchase FLOUR. win:a r. 1 RYK. oa rs. CORN mol COUNTRY PRODUCE of all descriptions. Also to receive and for ward PRODUCE AND GOODS jof all kinds. He also keeps constantly on i hand a large nnd fall stock of groceries, l | WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Floor, Bacon, Feed, Grain, Salt, Fish. 4o„ together with Spades, Shovels, Hoes, Hakes and Farmers' and Gardeners' Implements generally. Also GUANO AND FERTILIZERS of all descriptions; ami in fnct all articles in a first clan* store. With long experience and by strict attention ; to business 1 hope to receive n liberal share of the public patronage. , I mnyil-ly DENTON GEHB. TO CORN GROWERS. J. J. TURNER & CO.’S Ammiateil Bone Snper-Pliospiiate. ANALYSIS Ammonia i Soluble Phosphate of Lime 29.61 i • Bone PhoMphate of Lime 10.f7 j ( qmposed of the most concentrated material*, it in richer in Ammonia ami Soluble Pho*- I P any other Fertilizer told, except j our EXCELSIOR, and is mude with same j carp and supervision, uniform quality guaran- I “"J diy, in excellent order for I drilling. Packed in hags and hnrrels. PRICE SSO PER TO IST. J. J. TURNER 4 CO., 42 Pratt Street, Baltimore. xoa sai.k av Grimes 4 Slouffcr. Westminster, Md. Ziminerman 4 Shnltx. Sykesville, Md. W. H. 8, Dorsey, Ml. Airv, Md. Samuel E. Grove, Ridgerille, Md. MrComas 4 Bro., Hood's Mill, Md. E. A. Talbott, Ellicott eilv, Md. Biggs 4 Aibaugh, Rocky itidge. Md. ttm. H. Todd, Utica Mills, Md, Thos. F. Cover, Double I’ipc Creek. Md. mar 22-3 m NEW GOODS!! GREAT BARGAINS, THE CASH STORE OK J. YINGLING & BRO., Successor* to J. Vingling 4 Son, WHO have received from New York and Philadelphia, their usual large stock of Foreign & Domestic Dry Goods, NOTIONS, CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS. STRAW MATTINGS, BUGS, MATS. 4c., 4c., 4c. VS v keep constantlv on hand the largest and | best assortment of Giwds in the county, which I we buy and sell exclusively for cash, at the I very lowest rate*. J. YINGLING 4 BRO. * Welinln*fer. Md. may 8 ! J. MORTIMER HURLEY, PROF. OF MUSIC. I 1S giving instruction on (he ISano, Organ, r A I Min, (initar. Clarinet, Flute, Cornet j anti Thorough Hass, at uhk.vti.y RKOei't'M j HATE*. ; $8 PER TERM, OH S3O PER BCHOLARTIC YEAR. PIANO TUNING $2.60. I i Al*o agent for Wm. KnahkA Co’*. CELEBRATED rIANOS andPPlßn' K. P. Nkkoham 4 Sox’* Unrival '* • * •* * led ORGANS. Particular attention paid to the Kelection of Instrument*. For particular* inquire ot A. 11. Huber* |j Drug Store, or Wheeler’* Hotel. feb 22 DENTAL NOTICE. Dlt. GKO. S. FOUKE, Dentist, offer* his service* at hi* Office, j Weatminster—every Monday, Tuesday and * i Saturday. 1 I Euimituburg—Fourth Wednesday After | noon till Thursday Afternoon. MeehanicKtown—Fourth Thursday After noon and Friday. ' Rocky Ridge—First Wednesday Afternoon, j Double Pipe Creek—First Thursday, it I Middlehurg—First Friday. ,f Union town —Second Wednesday Afternoon. n [ Taney town—Second Thursday Afternoon i and Friday. Union Bridge— Third Wednesday Afternoon I nnd Thursday Forenoon. ■s | New Windsor—Third Thursday Afternoon and Friday Forenoon. tel. GROUT & REIFSNIDER, \ ATTORN KVS-AT LAW AMD SO LICITORS IX CUAXCMtr, WESTMINSTER, Ml. 1 '\VTE have formed a copartnership in the y ▼ practice of Law in the Courts of Cnr- I roll nnd Hownrd counties, and will promptly d j attend to nil business entrusted to our care. *• , Particular attention paid to Collection* and I procuring Decrees for the sale of Beal Estate. I Also, Application* Filed for Back Pay and > Bounty dm* heirs of deceased soldier*. • i Office adjoining the residence of Okas. T. j ( lUusNinEK. no JUMf II R. B. NORMENT, ” I ATT 0R X E J’- AT L A O'. OFFICE on Main street, two doors w**t of Court, Westminster, respectfully informs ' the citizens f Carroll and n<[joiriing counties that ho will give prompt attention t all buai ! ness intrusted to him, both before the Courts j of this State and the Departments of tin* [ ! General Government at Washington, D. C. ‘ j Practices in the Courts of Bankruptcy. ’ jan 1878. WM. M. MERRICK. J. J. BAP MO ARTS Ell. lS i Merrick & Baumgartner, ;•! .1 rroiiXEYs-A t-i.a ir AND so si LICITORS IN CHANCERY. y j T-T AVK associated to practice their nrofos ■s -i-JL sion in the several Courts in Carroll I. county. Their Office is at the residence of Mr. Baumgartner, in Westminster, Md. Mr. Merrick will be in Westminster during the Term of the Courts, and at such other times 6 as business may require; he may also be con v suited at hi* Office. No. 17 St. Paul street. Baltimore Maryland. nov 28-if ABNER NEAL, ,J(STICK OF TUK FLACK AXI) ATTORXKYATLAW. Office at the Court House. . , f I K will attend especially to obtaining De 11 I *-1 crocs for the settlement of estate* ol | 1 deceased persons. Ac. Deeds, Wills and all I j Instruments of Writing prepared. Charge. L moderate. dec 6-tf JOHN- K. SMITH. WM. A. M KEU.II*. '■ j SMITH & McKELLIP, . A TTORNEYS-A TLA If AND SO ' | LICITORS IN CHANCERY. HAVING formed a partnership in the prac- , tiee of Law, will give prompt attention ‘‘ to all business entrusted to their care. Office on Main street a few doors east of i Court street. dec 6-lv ; c 1 A. k. ITCSTCR. jas. A. C. ttllXP. ‘ SYESTER & BOND it T-T AVK associated themselves in the orac- ■ s AA. ticeoflstw in I'nrroli county amt the 1 II several Courts of this Stale. r Mr. Syester will visit Westminster when business requires it. Office corner Main and Court street*. ,f ap U WM. P. MACLUBV. f. 1,. unBUKTS. ! MAULSBY & ROBERTS, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW AND SO-' 1 LICITORS IN CHANCERY. Westminster, Md. Office directly opposite the Court House. r ISAAC E. PEARSON, SK. ISAAC K. PEARSON, JR j I. E. PEARSON & SON A TTORNE YS-A T LA IF. j WILL promptly and carefully attend to all 1 kind of business In any uf the Conns in thw State. Office opposite Westminster •. Hotel, Main street, Westminster, Md. dec 12-ly DANIEL G. WRIGHT,. 1 j ATTORNEY AT-LA IF. j ~ Office 7 Lexington street, Baltimore, 1 ! nov 18, 18611 j DR. W. K. FRINGER *I I I removed his Office to the house op- v I 1 posite the residence of Dr. J. W. Hering s Main Street, Westminster. up , r ,.tf. ’ I DR. J. H. BILLINGSLEA rs still actively engaged in the practice of Medicine. i 1 ' Dffice two diH>rs east of the residence lof John L. Keifimider, Esq. aug 11-tf j JOHN T. DIPPENBAUGH • auctioneer. TITKSTMINBTEH, Md„ will give especial j * attention t the sale of Personal I’m ' petty nnd Beal Kstnte. ; Engagements may he made ut this office i • feh U-lf MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO. OF CARItOLL COUNTY. t ■ | OFFICE, WESTMINSTER, Ml>. r J. W. HERINO, President. RICHARD MANNING, Secretary ami Treasurer. JOHN T. DIFFKNBAUOH, General Agent. Westminster, Md. oliv '>' Wmdlow, Agent, Freedom, Cor- : roll county, Md. j all , j. t f ! WILLIAM MOORE WESTMINSTER, MD., DKAI.KIi in Watches. .. imffi Clocks nnd Jewelry, keeps constantly on haml mol for sale at lowest prices, 1 Gold nnd Silver American and Swiss , Watches. Solid Silver Ware, Silver Platen Ware for Wedding Pres ents, Rogers' Albnta Forks, Spoons, Ac., lea Pitchers, Casters, Cake Dishes, 4c., Ac. N. B.—Agent far Sjicncer's Iliantund Spec- I tacles, best glass now in use. 1 ' may 11 Well Stocked. 1 nPHE largest, liest and most fnshi.mahle I vpe. smtahle for the most delicate Coni ■ ! or the iargiNt Poster, can be found at the An r | <'xtk Office. j, ITI 4 ■ OAKDEN SEED, I I TII K Hollork 4 Robinson’t Garden Seed, i fr*sh and new, of nil kinds, just received ! I h K ~, . D. W. HOUCK, j feh 22-ot Honeksville, Md. 1 GLOVES, GLOVES. i! Ol'lt Assortment of Dog Skjn Gloves for I loodien and Gentlemen was bought di- ! rectly from the nianufactnrers in our tarn I “>'• "• *> he sold os low as the lowest. I I may H. H. 1,. NOHKIS 4 00. A. H. HUBER, Nn. 4. tJAHHOLL IIAI-I-. DF.AI.KIt IN Foreign and Domestic Drugs. PA TEXT MKDWIXBS, PERFUMERY, Oc O \ KEKPS constantly on hand n complete j stock of the purest . DRUGS AND CHEMICALS, I beside* the most popular PATENT MEDICINES IN THE MARKET. Parlies will tin.l, on examination. n varied I assortment of i! FANCY ARTICLES I AND , PERFUMERY. DaT Especial attention |mil to Physicians’ Orders and Proscriptions. '’YtiS npril 2*2-1y TAXES FOR IS7B, VRB heavy enough without paying high prices for everything you buy. Apjire . dating this fact the undersigned is determined to prove that the ‘‘Cash System" will justify j "Quirk Sales" nml “Small I\njils." Ladies', Misses* and Children's Shoes. I Men's and Boy's Boots, Shoes and Hats. Reduced *lO per cent to suit hard times. China, (Bass. Qucensware and Housekeeping floods of every kind, the largest and best slock in the city of Westminster. Woodenware. Willowware. Tinware. Stone ware. Fine Japanned Ware, Knives,Forks, Spoon*. Clocks, liooking Glasses, fj Table Oil Cloths, Unen ami t Paper Window Similes ; ! and Fixtures, Ac. j Choice Syrups, Teas. Roasted and Green ' Coffees, Sugars, Spices, Extracts, Es ! senoea, Soaps, and everything in the Grocery Line. ! Fine Silver Plated Ware, such as Castors, Cake Baskets. Card Receiver*. Butter Pishes, Napkin Kings, Butter Knives, Forks. Spoons, Ac., guaranteed Triple Plated and at Baltimore prices. Especial attention is called to mv Sohe Dejmrtnicnt, as I intend to sell everything in this line :\t prices that will defy competition. No trouble to show goods and give prices l whether you wish to purchase or not. An L examination of my stock is solicited. 1 mar 27-tf * W. (). LIGOET. l FRANK k. KERR. SAM LEI. K. U ERR. F. K.HERR & BRO., MAxrrArrniEßs ok CtmclH 1 *, C'arrhigrs, IliiKt'lc*, Jug. KW Wagons, cVr. ALSO HOItSK SHOKItS ' Anil liliU'lisuiitliN in (iciit-rul, I Special attention Riven to Repairing All ; onion promptly tille.l ami work of evert kiml warranted. I *• F actory opposite Montour House, Main street. Westminster, Md. i sc 14- ly Westminster Hotel, i 10RNER Main and Court V ' Streets. Westminster, Car roll county, Md. The under j known Hotel, and the same having been ; thoroughly repaired with many improvements j and refitted generally, takes this method of informing the eitiaeiis of Carroll and adjoin j ing counties and the traveling public, that no effort on his part shall lie wanting to make them that favor him with a call as comfortable as possible. The table shall be as good as this market affords. The bar stocked with pure and unadulterated Liquors: waiters at tentive and indite, and charges moderate. A call is respectfully solicited. Good and reliable Ostlers a specially, mar Ifi-tf F. I. WHEELER. j HUGH DOYLE HAS just received from Baltimore the best and finest selected Stock of Ladies’, j Gentlemen’s, Misses’ ami Children's BOOTS AND SHOES ever offered in tin. market. Alnoalurmtup- P ly of Overshoe*. All of the above Stock will he sold at reasonable prices for cosh, and satisfaction guaranteed. All work warranted or repaired free of charge. Also a lot of Boots and Shoes of my own manufacture, of the best material, at RE DUCED PRICES. Remember the place, Main street, near the Catholic Church. MKXS'WA 1 IE. SPRING STYLES FOR 1873. "ITTE have lust received from London, . * England, by our own importation, a line of newest pattern* of Cloths, Oassimers and Vestings, consisting of .18 different styles, to which we call the attention of buyer* of Fine Good*, a* we will sell them much lower than retailer* m the City. ®r29 H. L. NORRIS* CO. Thoroughbred Alderney Cattle COWS, HEIFERS. heifer and bell calves, SOUTH DOWN SHEEP, BERKSHIRE PIGS. lor sale at Clover Hill Stock Farm, Finks onrjt, Carroll county, Md. feb 8-tr LEWIS H. COLE. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, 1 .Vo rtheeut miner Fai/elle mi il SI. I'nul Stt.. opfostTK Baajttti’a city iioti:i.. BALTIMORE. Isaac Alberstou, Proprietor. gtt“ I his is one of the most pleasant and i central location* in the city. ; T *"'v VI per day. may , ly NOTICE. cpijE undersigned hereby gives notice that O IK' has been appointed General Agent of the tnrroll County Fire Insurance Company. All persona desiring to insure property (either nl or personal) in thi* Company, will please address the Agent at Westminster, Md. All communications will receive prompt attention. JOHN. T. DIFFENBACOH, Agent. MONTOUR HOUSE fTMIE undersigned, lately from Hanover, A lennsylyamn, respectfully informs the public that he has opened the “Montour House m this city, and respectfully solicits i a share of patronage. .... , J. U. DONNELL. Westminster, dec. 9, 1871-ly EUREKA SALVE. A certain cure for Cat*. Bruise*, Sore*, Burn* and Skin Abrasions of all kinds: especially recommended to mothers with sore or lumpy breasts. Thi* salve has been sue eeasfitlly need for over tidy rears. For sale at Haller s Drug Store. mar lo ly TO get nice Printing go m the Ahvim atk Office. WESTERN MD. COLLEGE run “ STCOKNTH OK BOTH nkxr* in distinct departments. I heorporiUal ijr Act nj General AmmU, March, ISIiS. THIS Inatitutioii is eligibly located healthful and flourisl king City of nA j minster, in Carroll county, mi the li,„. „#!? I Western Mary land Rail'road, al between the ettiaa of Baltimore and H ■’ town. n *gri j It is under the special iiatroinu. „r ,i Maryland Annual Conference of the dist Protestant Church, but is ntrictle f I front any sectarianism, either in its I study or rules of discipline. 01 Male and female students recite in WB ._, i classes, hut sll have the advantage of in',,^ ! turn from every Professor having . 1 the studies pursued. *** • The Vice-Principal, (Kcv. I) r< Vj-k.,1 , the Preceptress, (Mis* Hioire, i anil j other members of the Faculty, r,. M ,| eio^ I College building, nnd hate constant ov.r.i.t, 1 of the Hoarding Student*, i The Cocast: or Btcuv is thorough, „„d.,. 1 full and competent rorjw of Instructors * The Tenth Semi Annual Sesaion. will on MONDAY, FtBHiAKv ad, and rnd?' THURSDAY, Ji nk 19th, 1878. 0 * RXPKXHKN OK SESSION ; Board. Lodging, Washing, Fuel and Light SDOOn Tuition in Preparatory Department 50 Tuition in Collegiate Department... ■.mZ Matriculation fee (payable on enter- I ing the Collegiate Department) 5^ j Instruction in Music (with use of Instruments) , I Instruction in Drawing and Painting (water colors) I No extra charge* for any study iti the ular Course. r.VYMKKTS : One hull at the beginning of the -Sesdnn the other, Auril 14th, 187 H. Books ami stationery purchased of the Col f lege must be paid for on delivery. For Catalogue and Circular containing full information, address J. T. WARD, Principal, j dec2l-tf West minster. Md. | K. O. lilt IRKS. B. S. STOI'PPKR, GRIMES & BTOUFFER, (.Successors to E. O. Grimes,) AT THE PRINCIPAL DEPOT, Wkstuixsteh. Mu., paying the highest prices in |bt 1 j flour. Wheal, Corn, Oats, l{y r and , 1 Grain of all kiniU. I I Also, keep constantly on hand n large supnli j of Liquors, Groceries, Flour, . 1 Feed, Bacon, ... , _ , „ Salt, > ( rub. banner * I teusils, Ac., Ac., nil of which they are selling wholesale and j retail at very low figures. They hove oa hand ! a large stock of the following' Guanos, and , I are selling at manufacturers price*; j Pacific, Whitelock’s, Moro Phillip's, I Baugh * Raw-Bone. ’ j Hour ol Hone. Coes B#dley's, Berger A Ruiz, Turner’s Excelsior. ... , Sen Fowl. Moolstons Md. Powder of Bone, Ac., Ac. * .... Also, j Oil \ itriol, Salt Cake, Ammonia and pure f t Bone for making Fertilizer*. The public generally will do well to give them a call before pun-haring, a* they intend ’ to sell low. N. B.—Agent* for the best Blasting Pow der in the market, and the great /ingari Bit tor*. npril 27-ly. 1873. 1873, CJ 1{ AN 1) HUSH j KOK f\ MILLER’S! : Wholesale and Retail Dealer WESTMINSTER. MIL 11 _ lam now .*ecuring my large stock of Spring and Summer DRESS GOODS, j black and colored silks, CLOTHS AND CASSIMKRS, t WHITE GOODS, NOTIONS, Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac, My Domestic Department i* always com plete and of the best brands the market af . lords. I call |>urticulnr attention of buyer* i ' n>m distance to whom, 1 am confident, my j stock and prices can't fail to give satisfaction. I Please Remember our Motto is W QITCK SALES AND SMALL PROFITS.*’ , may 10* ly K. I<\ REESE, FLOUR AND FEED STORE, WESTMINSTER. MIL, IS in daily receipt of Hour and Feed from his Mill on Pipe Creek, E. Macklev. Mil ler. Avondale Mills. , Mackley's Celebrated Family Flour always k on hand, by the barrel, in sacks, or by flic pound. Corn Meal, white and yellow. Also heed of all kinds, Corn Chop, Corn and Cob C rushed, (’orn and Oats, Ship Stuff, Bran*. Ac., Ac. TERMS CASH. * order* not paid for when given, will Ihj collected by the driver when the good* are delivered. i:, V. BEBBE. 1 FARMERS I TRY SMITH’S 1 Raw Bone Phosphate. CtOMPOSKD entirely of well known Ferti* 1 , li*er*. 1* warranted to compare favora bly m it* effect* upon Cro|>s generally, with the best Phospbatea in use, and yet i* ’sold at the very low price of Forty Dollar*. Cash, per Ton. Any and all person* doubting our ability to produce a first-class Phosphate, at this price, are cordially invited to visit our Factory ami not only examine the material used, but •!* witueaa the process of manufacture. . FOWBLK A MATTHEWS, Near IL R. Station, Westminster. Rp BHI Queensware, Glassware, Mirrors, Mattings, Oil Cloths, FANCY KHAMHEII HETTS, I (Dr., ,(<•., ,iv. ( In large stoek ami low rales, at E. K. GKRNAND'S, t urner Main anil Court Street*, Westminster. ( may 10- 2m f COAL TAH KOK HALE. r A PPLV to J , . JOHN L. REIFSNIDER, Pre*ident Westminster Gaa Light Co. mar l-tf Everything New. WK recently purchased a new assortment of Job Type for use during the pres* cut season. j tt n 4 A HO AND A German .Student Lamp*. r Glass and Marble Stand do., Porcelain, * u, *d l*ajM*r Shades, improved Bu*ners and best Chimneys, at >n2s ' W. O. LKiGF.T’S. NOTICE^ AlaL persons who have 0101111* against Mary Caple, will please notify the un : dersigned of them and call at the’ office of • Jas. A, C. Bond, Attorney at Law. eliah brothers, JAS. A. C. BOND. r nw 20-tf Trustees of Mary (aptw s ; your Orders for Printing for the ' L7 Snrinir Tmlp tn tfio 4nriM-avr f Hllct

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