Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, April 29, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated April 29, 1876 Page 4
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IJdifml Affairs. GEAST'S OmoiAL HEOORD. Tho fallowing Preoidenlial Kei-unl ol Grant is furnished by the N. Y. UtrnU ami in based upon documentary evidence , accessible to all and of unquestionable verity. In reading it, it should be borne in mind, that there is not a singb one of the forty-four allegations against him that has not been endorsed, in one form or i another, by the Republican party, conse quently, if Grant is criminally eulpable, 1 the Republican party is equally so. i 1. One of Us very first sets at Presi dent showed a singular contempt fur law i and regard for his own will or desire alone, i He nominated Mr. A. T. Stewart to be i Secretory of the Treasury. Mr. Stewart, undoubtedly a capable man,'could net dis engage himself from bis. vast commercial interests, and a law which had stood for almost three-quarters of a century on our statute books, and whew wisdom was un questioned, forbade his taking the office under the circumstances. What happen ed? General Grant coolly asked Congress to repeal the act. It refused, is wss its duty, and the President sulked. 2. Next Grant drove General Cox out of the Cabinet because he refused to ap point corrupt sad inefficient friends of the President to office in the Indian Bureau and elsewhere, in violation of civil service rales and honest government. 3. He drove Joseph Wilson, the honest land Commissioner, into retirement be cause ho decided a Missouri land claim of the Dent family adversely to their interest. 4. He appointed a poker-playing Con gressman aa Minister to England, and kept him there until he was threatened with arrest, a public disgrace and scandal, in spite of his notorious connection with the Emma mine fraud. 3. He attempted, against the will of Congress and the country, to annex St. Domingo, and sent out bis own private agent, General Baboook, to negotiate a treaty in violation of the constitution; and be was so contemptuous toward the laws that he actually scut to the Senate a se cret agreement made and signed with Baei by this unauthorised private agent, under pretence that it was a treaty; and only withdrew it when the Senate privately in formed him that the constitution required treaties to be made and signed by agents publicly nominated and confirmed by the Senate. 6. To consummate the annexation, in which be had involved himself with s number of men notoriously engaged in a land speculation, he kept vessels of war 00 the coast of ihe Island at a great ex pense to support the usurper Baes, and levied war on the Haytian Republic, in violation of the constitution, which re serves the power of declaring and making war to Congress. 7. He caused the expulsion of Charles Summer from the chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a post which he bad held for many years and in which his services to the country were of pecnlier importance, because he would not support the St. Domingo scheme. S. He afterward tried to bribe Sumner to acquiescence in the St. Domingo plot by the offer of the mission to* England. This was when he saw that against Sum ner’s opposition the St. Domingo treaty must fail. 9. He appointed bis brother-in-law, Cramer, to a high diplomatic position, el though this person had already shown himself notoriously unfit while holding an obscure consulship. 10. He appointed another brother-in law, Casey, to be Collector of New 01-- leans, and there maintains him, in spite ofhia proved incapacity and corruption and bis open violations of law. 11. When publie opinion, outraged be yond endurance at Casey’s misconduct, demanded his removal, he apparently sub mitted by requiring and ostensibly accept ing Casey’s resignation, "to take effect on the appointment of bis successor,'' but he baa never appointed a successor, and thus Casey remains Collector in spite of the public demand for his removal. 12. He removed a collector of internal revenue at Chicago became this officer refused to join Orville Grant, the Presi dent'* brother, in n whiskey fraud. 13. Later, in violation of law, be gave to Ibis same brother Orville the monopoly of trading with certain tribea of Indians, and caused the exclusion of other traders, certified to be respectable men. This is the first time in our history when s Pres ident’s brother has become en Indian tra der, or has received s monopoly, contrary to an express law, from his brother. 14. He gave the federal appointments in the city of New York to n ward politi cian, aid to be connected with the Tara 'oany Ring, bat wbowoahia own intimate friend. 15. He eppointed and long kept in the important office of Attorney General of the United States a man openly charged with frauds, known to be ignorant of law, unfit by character and acquirements for the plane, but notoriously > subservient tool of his own. 16. He tried to promote thie incapable Attorney General to tho Chief JnttieMbip of the Supreme Court, a public scandal which was prevented only with the utmost difficulty. 17. He took away the enatody of gov enratent funds from the solid home of the Barings, who bad held it sines the founda tion of the government, and intrusted the public moneys to Clews k Hsbicht, ss s reward for notorious partisan services snd m spite of warning* that this house was not trustworthy or of good standing. The in* baa since heeoaie bankrupt, but the ]Uic does not yet know how much the Traanry lest by it* failure. He gave to one of bis former mfli tory aide, Lect, a monopoly of certain Cus tom Borne warehousing, and maintained 2LSS£sr 33ri5 were compelled to suffer - 19. He has accepted eerily *}ft, and repeatedly rewarded the given, with pahUe places for themselves or for their friends. 3d. Ho permitted snd defended the moiety frauds, by which the revenues of the country were farmed out to low politi cians, with the known design of securing the political fortunes of .some of hisfavor 21. He ¥U sod is the intin.jte of Al- I exuuder Shepherd, u man openly and gca I erally accused of corruption in Washing-, ; ton, and 22. When Congress, compelled by a I rigid investigation, destroyed the District government which Shepherd controlled, in order to put him out of place and power, the President had the indecency to renom inate him at once as the head of the new government —a nomination so scandalous j that the Senate immediately and unani- 1 mously rejected it. 23. In spite of this he still retains Shep- j herd in favor os one of his meat intimate associates 24. He shocked the public sense of pro priety by inviting to the White House, on a public occasion, Harrington, the confed erate of Shepherd, a person then undergo ing trial for felony, and never acquitted of the charge. 25. He consorts constantly with men of doubtful character, and still has among j his intimates both Shepherd and Herring ton. 26. In their defence he even went so j far as in an annual Message to understate by several millions the debt of the District; of Columbia; a gross, attempt to deceive | tho public which was immediately exposed 1 in Congress. 27. Be was a party to an intrigue whereby his own salary was doubled, aud caused it to he privately understood iu Congress that the bill raising Congres sional salaries would not receive his sig nature unless bis own salary was doubled. 28. He was fur months engaged in an attempt, at last successful, to wake one of his intimates, Rufus Ingalls, Quartermas ter of the Army, and held vacant the Rus sian mission as a temptation to General Meigs, who stood in the way of this scheme. 29. He supported Kellogg aa Goveruur of Louisiana without authority from Con gress, confessing that he did not know who was the rightful Governor, and on his own will alone; and he has used the army for many months to hold Louisiana down for this favorite. 30. He did not scruple last year to grossly misrepresent to Congress and tho country tho condition of Louisiana aud other Southern Statea, in order that he might thereby support his corrupt personal followers there. 31. While a Congressional committee was in New (Means investigating the con dition of Louisiana he violently took mat ten in his own bauds and in their presence dispersed the legitimate Assembly of the State by means of the army. 32. Ho ordered his Secretary of War to send the approval of the whole Cabinet to Sheridan lor tho dispersion of the Leg islature and bis banditti despatch, though I it is known that he did not take the trouble to consult any member of the Cabinet in ■ the matter, and that several members did strongly disapprove of these measures. -33. He refused to see or heir the com i mittees which Congress had sent to New ; Orleans, and sent a message to Congress founded on assertions which the report of i that committee of Congress showed to be false and groundless. 34. Thus he first insulted his Cabinet and then Congress in order to carry out his personal aims, and sought, by artful misrepresentations and false ataten-ents, made when the truth was at his call and unofficially known to him, to Justify a I dangerous usurpation of power by the mil itary and the prostration of civil rule. 35 He endeavored to intimidate a C’on- J gressional committee into making a report i on the condition of Arkansas, to subserve | his own views; summoned them before I him, told them what they ought to report, ; aud did nut even take the trouble to ask them what facts they had found iu their ' investigation. Fortunately, they were too i independent to submit to his dictation. 36. One member of that committee, , who made a minority report in accordance with his wishes, he rewarded with the post ; of the District Attorney at Chicago, an | office from which he was lately dismissed I fur incapacity. j 37 He used the powerful influenceof the I I administration to cause the passage of the Habeas Corpus and Force bill, a measure flagrantly unconstitutional, and, as subsc -1 quent event* have shown, without the ex , cose of necessity or expediency. 38. He inanited the pnblie sense of honor and decency by retaining Mr. D*. lauo in office long after the grossest scan , dais hod been proved against him and bis subordinates in the management of Indian affairs; and when at lost compelled by a ( •!>* dread of lining an important election to dismiss him be gave him a strung tes timonial of character aad expressed his r regret at parting with him. 39. In the prosecution of the whiskey thieves he gave his countenance not to the honest officials doing their duty, but to the political gamblers and personal adher ents whose crimes were threatened with 5 discovery. 40. When an honest but overzealous prosecuting officer uttered words in the ’ heat of argument at which the President chose to take offence, instead of pardoning his words on the Score of his honest zeal * for the public interest be ordered his dis missal. 41. He kept near him in the most inti e mate official relations two men, Babcock Jj and Lnckey, when both were under grav, suspicion of complicity in revenue frauds I 42. He restored Babcock to his phut | after s trial which did not in the generai opinion clear his character of the gravest suspicious of infidelity to public trusts, anil when the President in his own examina tion was compelled to admit that import j oat papers had been concealed from him by his .secretary. . 43. In his sworn testimony in defence of General Babcock ho had the insolence ’ to My that he revoked the order of Mr. Bristow changing the supervisors at bis own will, without consulting the Secretary, 1 ‘ and as though be was dictator. -1 gardless of public decency, unmoved by ■ the foct that State after State has been 1 loot by the party which elected him, be cause of bis misconduct, he only a few 1 days ego flung a now defiance at the peo -1 pie by accepting, the moment it was ten tcrod, and ‘ with regret,” the resignation * of Mr. whoso crime had been F already made K'wwu to jjim. I sj| ■ 'v- /.u';,. [ Robert T. Lincoln, son of fibe late Py ■ ident Lincoln, has been appointed tuner . visor .of the city of Chicago, TO FARMERS! “EXCELSIOR,” JPI' * ComiHuetl of SM pouml* if No. t Penman Guano, and Iff** pounds of Bones dissolved in Sulphuric arid, and lUash. FIRMING Uu* most concentrated, univer sal and durable fertiliser ever offered to the farmer—combining all tbe stimulating qualities of Peruvian Guano, and the ever du i rable fertilising properties of Bones. In fine , i dry powder, prepared expressly for drilling, j After eighteen years' experience by the Farmer* of Maryland and Virginia in the use j of** Excblnior. it is their unanimous opin- I ion that an application of 100 pounds of 44 EX ; ckuuor’’ is equal to from 200 to 300 pounds j of any other fertiliser or guano, and therefore | fully 100 per cent, cheaper. | I niformity of quality guaranteed by the I J manufacturers. Farmers should see that every Bag i s j branded as above, with the .Analysis and our j name in red letter". All others are counter feit*. * PRICE SSO PER TON. J. J. TURNER A CO., 42 Pratt St.. Baltimore. For sale by E. S. STOUFFEB. mar 11 3ui Westminster, Md. 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(Ilvert Kuaioii....! H IA 4(in non |& I’nlun Depot H ‘.i 4 OAi W) tft I M 1 iVuna Avenue. .. 4 luf rittk Vlu 1 M P ulton station aJ~ 4K> lo y u jau Arlington *45 4 •> 317 rtkesville it 57 u’> 6 m w;ft 3 Owing* Mill A ! 9(W 4*6 rt .Vi 9 st! 240 Relstenrtown. 924 509 7<ifi 1005 355 i Utcn Morris ! J7 513 7<R line* 25* Pinkslntnt tf M sis 7in i|s sO4 WeNtmiumrrw. I 10 na &o 7Ao lo .Nd a7 New Windsor 10 til in *r. 11 12 400 ! Uuwood I waw ti 31 S3*' 1119 4l* | I'nion Bridge' 1045 fi ;W .r ** rll 3% 15 Frederick Jnnc n 10 56 640 Frederick •$ 7 35 , H.tckyHidgv llio I KBunlttobarg *rU 40 |, r 7‘in kerhtnlrOown...| 11 37 70* Hablllasvllle .1146 7 2ft Itluv Ridge 111 7*l I Wsyneebnia. I tiolj :tn ; Kmithshurg j U l*i 757 HasvrKtoMm 1 12 45 S2O ; WllliailLwpcrl jsr 105j w h4O I'AESKXGCR TRAINS HI XMS EAST. liaily.exc’iHSuud’y. Sundays. ( * TATU,!W ’ A. M.! A. at.! P. M. A.M.II’.M. WilUaniNporl. 1 tUo' 3JO ; llucMitwn 7) i 240 . i Smnhstturg-72Sj 5 01 i Waynoslmio... \ 7JI :t 31 I Blue Ridge 717 337 i shllla.*\Tlle... I 7 .Vi 3 :u. , Moi’hauieatown... j S|3 .3 .V. . j KinmitULurg sot 84> I Kooky Ridge 537 407 1 Frederick 750 slO Frederick June’n.' 840 420 ! Itiluii liritige ~ 000 H.'il 4 t/1 715 34S j I.inwiMNl. 607 SSO 437 , 733 353 New Wind Mir 617 Wtrj 441 7 31! 4•* ; Westminster 650 ysst :itt son 430 ■ FinksOurg 736 953 5 ! S3J 456 I lien Mnrria 733 10 00 546 8 431 504 HeUlontuwii 736 10 03 549 846 507 Owing* Mills 7 .’St 101 Sfi 031 y 011 533 rtkeovllle 804 10 371 6 13 1 915 5 15. Arlington • 8 |‘. 10 37? 6 38 1 9 38) 5 4*l | PNilton Station *3B 10 Ail 6 Jlh. ygsj ft 5s Penna. Avenue... 1 Hi’. 10 Aft t; *i. 910 6uo I nlon Depot I SOU 10Ml 6 Aft 9A5l 605 : Calvert tuition jar s 3ft atlUss|ar6 'tojar *fto]er* 10 EMMITTSBURG RAIL ROAD. Trains south will leave Knimittahuiv at 8.00. a. tn., and 3.40, p. m.. and arrive at Itocky Uidge at 8,30. a. I m., and nt 4 p. m. Trains north will leave Hneky | Bulge at 11.30. a. in., ami 7.00. p. in., ami arrive at ; KmiuitL-lnirg n*. 11. 40. u. in., ami 7.30. p. m. A THROUGH CAR TO FRKDKRICK I will be run on train leaving (klvert Station at 4.00, Baltimore time In given fttr stations in Baltimore. I 1 but at all other point* rhiladelphia time Is used, which is live minute* foster than Italtlimtre time. • J- M, IHHiD. Uen'l .Manager. B. 11. (iKiswoLO. tieu'l Ticket Agent. nov39 PATENTS OBTAINED in the United States. Canada \ ami Europe : terms ns low ns those of i any other reliable house. Correspondence j 1 invited in the English and foreign languages, with Inventors, Attorneys at Law. and other Solicitors, especially with those who have had their cases rejected’in the hands of other at torney*. In rejected coses our fees are rea- | sonable, and no charge is made unless we are ; successful. IN \ ENTOHS, if you want a Latent, send us a model or sketch, ami a full description of your invention. We will make an exami- , nation at the Latent office, and if we think it patentable, will send you (tapers and advice, and prosecute your case. Our fee will be in ordinary cases, S2T. ADVICE FREE. Oral or written, in all matters relating to Patents, Latent Imw and Inventions. References: —Uou. M. D. Leggett, Ex- Commissioner of Patents. Cleveland, Ohio : O. H. Kelley, Esq., Sec’y National Grange. , Ixiuisvillc, Ey., and the Ministers of Foreign ■ legations at Washington, D. C. firt'-Send stamp for our “ Guide for Oh* I tabling Patents." a hook of oO page*. Address. LOUIS BAGGER k CO., Solicitors of Patents, Washington, D. C. feb 12 TO THE PUBLIC ! THE undersigned would most respectfully inform the public that they have pur chased the entire stock of J. J. Shorb and j J °. n Main Street, Westminster, where thev will continue the business as heretofore, and have constantly on hand and make to 1 order FURNITURE, WSI ‘I 1 Newid Rslusterv. and : Hand Rail worked to order. Repairing, Upholstering, 4c., 4c., done at the shortest notice. Being practical Cabinet Makers, and having bad several years’ experience, are confident tliat we can execute all orders entrusted to us at prices reduced to the lowest profit. Special inducements to young housekeepers, j Also will keep constantly on hand and of j the latest and most improved styles COFFINS AND CABKETB, 1 *Wch will be furnished at the shortest notice and funerals served. i All work guaranteed to giro satisfaction I and nt the lowest prices. A call is respect- j tally solicited to examine oor stock and prices before purchasing elsewhere. SAMUEL V, BANKEKT. WILLIAM H. FOWLER. roar 18-Stn [HEAVY DECLINE! IN DRY GOODS, i H. L. NORRIS | JTAS just opened n larg r .tuck of Fall and Winter Goods, bough, rincetk. ,ate great Great Bargains to Cash Buyers. j I>nce * of nil Kuods guaruatecd us low if not j lower than any house in town. I, Carroll Hall, WcstminsU^, 1 Md. j BHAKEH’B iGeniie Flower and Veeetalile M, ALWAYS RELIABLE. ,t jtftpt'rr.- . . * T E. K. GERNAND’S, feb 12-Jm Westmixstee, Mu. BUT BRIGGS BED'S. FLOWIR AOTBAMEH SSIDS! THE DENT IN THE WOULD! ALL SEEDS GUARANTEED! can be sup plied and u libarul commission ullowed All tieods not sold can be returned. Sample boxej and circulars furnished. P f 1 .r HAINES, General Agent, f -AL ___ Westminster, Md. WATCHES! WATCmsSM C. A. hTwolF, F^‘“' Y °u f , ;ii7 x W - W '* street, X Batumore, Md., has located at New Windsor, where he. is prepsred to repair ail ktnds of Watches. Clocks, Jewelrv, cles, and all other uniclea in Ida line. Muri el Boxes . specialty. JOHN T. DIFPENBAUGH, AUCTIONEER, WKBTMINKTER, Md„ will gi, e e.,cUi atlenrion to *, of jESwffST I i pony ami R<-ul Estate. i hbW cnte mj a “ J - JAMES FENNER LEE, 1 coutrsKLion at law AMI MIIIaICITOB IN OIIANCICBY OFFICE at hi* residence tin the Deer Park Road. Poatoftice addreaa, Finkbnrg. ’ j Carroll county, Mil. *|>f 4 ljr* CHAS. T. REIFSNIDER, i ATTOHNEV-AT I.A\\ AM) 80- LICITOK IN CHANCEKV, WKSTMIXSTL’R, UP. WILL Attend promptly to nil InuineM entrusted to him. Special attention giving to collection* and [ procuring decree* for the sale of Heal Kitate. Office adjoining hi* residence, ap 22 ly R. B. NORMENT, ! A TTORNEY-A TLA W, AM) REGISTER IE BANKRUPTCY, OFFICE on Main street, two doors west of Court, Westminster, respectfully informs the citizens of Carroll and adjoining counties that he will give prompt attention to all busi ness intrusted to him, both before the Courts of this State and the Departments of the General Government at Washington, D. C. jan 4, 1878. M. B. SETTLE, ATTO RNEY-AT-LAW, WE&TMISBTK*. Ml). Office with Charles 11. Roberts, directly opposite Court House. augl4-75 JOSEPH M. PARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW AND SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY, WILL practice in the various Courts of Carroll county. i&*Special attention given to Orphans' Court business. May be consulted, for the present, at the office of tho j Register of Wills, or at his residence on Court | Street, Westminster, Md. jan 8-tira D. N. HENNING, ATTORNEY AT LAW, WESTMINSTER, MU.. Will practice in all Courts throughout tho State. i.ov 13-tf JOHN K. SMITH. WM. A. M' SMITH & MoKELLIP, ATTORNEYSATLA W AND SO* LI Cl TORS IN CHANCERY, HAVING formed a i>artnership in the prac tice of law, will give prompt attention i to all business entrusted to their care, j Office on Main street a few doors east of | Court street. dec 5-ly DANIEL G. WRIGHT, -4 TTORNEY-A TLA W. •Wr Office 87 taxington street. Baltimore, Md. nov IH, 1889 A. k. KYKSTRK. JAM. A. C. VOXD. SYESTER & BOND HAVE associated themselves in the prac tice of Law in Carroll county anil the several Courts of this Stale. Mr. Syestor will visit Westminster when business requires it. Office corner Main and Court streets, up 15 MII.TOX WHITXCT. I. E . P KAMOV, JR. WHITNEY & PEARSON, Jr. HAVE entered into a partnership for the practice of law in Carroll county, and i all the courts of the Slate. Mr. Whitney will °onie from Baltimore to Westminster when ever it may be necessary for the trial of case* ; and his opinion and advice can he had at anv ; V.S? e V the office, directly opposite M heeler's Hotel, Main St. Westminster, aug Itf CHARLES B. ROBERTS, I ATTORNEY AT LAW AND SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY. dr Office directly opposite the Court Ilonw, Wctmlnstcr, Md. fcl, j.-tf ISAAC E. PEARSON, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, HAS removed hi. office three door, east of Wheeler'. Hotel, Main atrect. All buxine. entreated to hi. cart) will receive prompt attention. j„|y DR. J. H. BILLINGSLEA X 8 Modl*irV.- eljr cng ®*‘' <1 in lh<> practice ol V®.? ■ t "“ ?" or " of tho rcidcnce of John L. Keifimider, Eaq. ting llt tf Dental notice. DU. GEO. S. FOUKE, Dentin, offer. ... .ervire. at hi. Office. Mon,l, 'f’ funtl.y and t Urom |, ubnrg-- F ourth 0 urth Wednredny After i nil 1 h.imday Afternoon. ’ Mccbamcxlown—Fourth After noon and hnday. •Rocky Itidge-Finn Wednesday Afternoon V£ wk ~ 1 '“ ni1 Thitnday. ! Mtddleburg—hirst Friday. Umontown Second WeJnctalay Afte moon. andFnCv W ” _ ‘ W " d Thur,Ki, ‘ ) ' Af,< ' n '" u " .ni J Afternoon a„dFri^l' ) °^ , Thu A fe“ J. MORTIMER HURLEY, PROP. OP MVHIC, Is giving instruction on the A',mo, Organ Otntar, Clarinet, flute Cornet Tjj° r,mgh jiau ' “ W run TM, OK S3O ecu iniaounio tw PIANO TUNING SB.BO. Also agent for H. KxaRK A Co'h i I CELEBRATED PIANOS andlf^j 1 & niinTL? * Bn *’" C-.rival. 3lil JI | kd ORGANS. Particular attention paid to 1 , the .election of lu.trun.ent.. 1 ° for particular, inquire at A, H. Huher'. Drug Store, or Wheeler’. Hotel. fb 28 CHAS. BILLINOSLEA, D. D. S. dentist. Office Second rf,r Wat a f Farmer,’ ,md Mechanic. Hank, WutminUer, Md. 'IVTHERE he may be found Muku.y Will continue to the following .dace. • \ each*^ionlh^ Ud Wednexday and Fri- | eachmoutk" Wednesday and Friday, of MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO. OF CARROLL COUNTY. (truce, we^TM INSTEIi Ml) j. w. HEUINO, PreaideuL RICHARD MANNING, Secretary and Treaaurer. JOHN T. DIFFENBAUGH, General Agem,,, Md _ Zl J*n U-tf MASBIOH HOISK HOTEL, Ntrtheael corner faille aml Nr iw j m wmiT* aalto*', c-irr um, 1 I***/, a iv.. BALTIMORE. Proprietor. Z l%“°* P l *-* d Term V* may 7-Iy * —.f 1.60 per day. IKS haa a WnUng Poater,. thnn a.,, J" .‘SP* f ? r Wctetn Maryland. *** °'* w Ufc ® vn CHRISTOPHER i Alta Safety Qn k WARRANTED 160“ njj a tKOK TMC Oftii-e ~f J. Awnaov u ■Venn. Cft ri danker &n. 1 ■ With much pleaaure I of Hlaling that in a long tnapeclton of Illuminatin'; a “imeUy aa In..HH-lor, I ..ounce your “AIU Safely” ,1 very beat I have ererlmted . mero..., aiad*. > friend.' I have .ariabiv r r Safely" to .laud a higher ‘ you claimed for it (namely {LIT 4 ? also found It 11, nni/ uni gimd qnalihea, enprrinr InaaroiljTjf , -een and u ,„ch. ijf ' friend, and tho public v,.* ,( reliable : oil for family um now T 4^ 9 A < Kidiners, I congratulate I" •!*"• nct*aa in m.nufcetqri£!L?Sj 1 ">g the very best qnalitie, WLfp , and the production of a n.J.CT’N lm t TTi ble -. I Wi " hi,, *yo eoSLh] with the Alla Safety, which 7™ * merit. I am * P* ji Very respectfully, J. ADDISON SMITH. 1 I"-peci..r Crude and 11cf,,,^ l Sooth OaySt tJJj UAI.K BT > i E. K. GERNAND 'i>i. my wrstminstb^ J -JNO.T WAMM t CASH DEALER n * t Ctioice Family I#*; WEST END, WESTMINSTtui S _ ,i Having take., ti..- ..u ...... a|j occupied by Jus. Wood., constantly on hand a >uperinr*kg| l H FAMILY OROCERjJ|j consisting of SUGARS, COFFEES, I SPICES, SYRUPS, also the beat brand, of I FAMILY FLOci BACON, LARD, FISH, SAM,N OIEENMWARK, l.ltM J SnixKWAaa, Wiu.owwaa, Weotoqfl W Order, promptly (illed anil delivered. ■ t By Htriit and prompt attention I hojH to receive the patronage of and the public generally. 9 .IN*(V T. WAimiH march ti-ly 9 H. HAINEsI WROUUALI AXD IR.I II ' GHOC'ERII 'i 1 )K(iS leave to call attention toirlH u Stock of Groceries, Liquors, be keep, constantly on hand, a f.-w run of Kailroa.l Depot. ■■ My facilities are such a. to ruhhas9 • offer great indueeiaent. in point ofawH ' I purehase strictly for I ash saTdiH : short profits. ■ I have on hand and am cubmmM ; reiving full supplies of I CHOICE FAMILY FI.OPI |! FAMILY GROCERIES I AND I QUEENSWAHE, I STONEWARE, • I GLASSWARE. j ■ wn.i.dwiaH WOODENWARE, I HARDWARE, I FISH, BACON, I I LARD, SALT Also Dealer in Country IVxlorfp*| ly. Very respectfully, ■ July 12-tf U. IIaDhH E. S. sSTOUF?™ AT THK principal depoH WESTMINSTER, MIL H IS at all lime.s paying the for Wheat. Corn, Kje, Oat*, I of country produce. Conatantly on hand a fullliaß^^H CHOICE GROCERI® the heist brand* of FLOFU. ami hind*. Also a choice aupplj of some of which I specially inedirinal purpose*. Guanos and Phosphal^H ol all the princijial dealers, for*al4 j facturer* prices. Blasting Powder constantly Purchasers may rely upon gettinf good* i n n ,y line that the market I the lowest cash rates. K. H. STOCffJ^K sSucceiwor to Grinie* nov 22, 1878. LUMBER! LUMBEsH I I HAVE just returned from d* Kegions—and am now ge*t selection of LUMBER this placu. at Rtduced /Vtrf*. Yellow Pine, Spruce and Hemlock 9|||| JOIST AND SCANTbff^H uf nil lengths Hud silrs, 4 . White Pine Board* and IMsnk, White Pine Flooring. Dressed Weatherhoarding. White Pine f Chestnut Shingles, Walnut am] and Plank, Plain and Headed ' 1 glu and Plastering Lath*, a prime * nut Rails and Post*. Also all tk* KINDS OF COiIM H Thinking large ln will. ter than smut) .ale. with large l' r , concluded to ailopl the former •> B I mid hope 1 .hall tw enabled to re'T’SH [M-r.ius in want of anything in a.,) lue h .-all before purehai..g ' EDWARD V Y inH Near Depot, Wert***^^H fab 20-tf H Central Drug Sto* omwivg t-iT*our .■biK*. Unlit Street, W.'HtmliitW'^H WELLS BROTHER Dealers in Drug*. Mediw'*^® cals, Perfumery, Fancy Also Trusses, Shoulder Braces, ■' PURE WINES and LIQ* FOB MEDICAL Physicians’ orders Prescriptions carefully and pounded. WSM Stationery &. News JUST OFUNK p ’ HH Near the P. 0., WestfflsH| t a woe Iff

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