Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, May 6, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated May 6, 1876 Page 3
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the demoobatio advocate, PUBI.MRBI) SATURDAY BY WILLIAM . VANDKUFOKU. OrrtOK, NO. I. CARROLL NALL. •mtMS.-9*2 per year In lutvauoo. filngUr roplin |lt Ji ' \ ( , MulKU'rlptloii limiiiiliiuc(| until nil nrrriirn un- imM, iinltw* m th* option of the pnblUthoni. aDVKHTWINU KATKH. —Oliowiunm(S linen)will I l„. l iihtUh! :i Urn*** nr Item for 91, aßdjftuuuU for nu ll itCmo'iuent Insertion. <>llo square S Mot, 08 J*\\ iiiiw ♦>: li nu.. 9*. Ilutlu*oanto, not uxocieUing 1 Uni* 9* iht year. When lUv number of iiMurU**tu u nut star Rod mlvwrtUntuouU will Iwwuitiiiued until ~rlhl and chaffed •wordlngly. Yearly advertlnor* ..ust ronflnu aoVoranemanu to their own bulneM>. liule nmt Klcnt* Work double price. Himliii** I/O- 1 * .1* )u L-entn per line. Marriage* and Iktath* inserted obltuariea ami perwoual o .nun u ideation* A | per One. _--- —■; —-^b- I Oougrenional Proceedings. FRIDAY. —In the Senate, in the im peachment case, an order was adopted to lhe effect that that body would proceed iin*t to hear and determine the question whether W. W. Belknap is amenable to dial by impeachment tor acts done uh Secretary of War notwithstanding his res ignation of Haid office. It was also order ed that the hearing proceed on the 4th of May, the opening and cloning arguments ti be given to defendant. Mr. Lord, of the House managers, moved for rcciaiuu ! of* the order, and Mr. Hoar supported the motion. Mr. Carpenter spoke in support of the Senate’s order. Without further action the Senate adjourned uutill Mon- | day. In the House a bill was introduced j to promote the settlement of the mining ( I and agricultural districts 011 the frontier. The communication from the Sergeunt-at- 1 I Arms, representing that the recusant wit ness Kilbourn had been hold by the Court | was referred to the Judiciary Committee. : The legislative, Executive and Judicial Appropriation bill was taken up, and u | point of order was made against the 1 amendment transferring the Indian Bur reuu from the interior to the War Depart ment, and interesting discussion took place : which was concluded by the speaker sus- : Gaining the point and ruling out the nmeudmeut as not germane to the bill.— 1 This section was then struck out of the bill, and it was passed. The Speaker's ruling renders it necessary fora new mens- j ure to he introduced if the transfer of the , control of the Indians to the War Do- 1 partuient is meant to be consummated. I SATURDAY. —The Senate was not in session. In the House Mr. Houghton, of | Illinois, from the Committee 011 Military Aliuirs, replied a resolution discharging ; that committee from further inquiry into the charges uguiust Horace Houghton, its dork. The resolution was adopted. The j report of the Election Committee in (he ease of Lemoyno rs. Farwell, of the Third District of Illinois, was discussed, but not noted upon. Mr. Hanning from the Com mittee on Military Affairs, reported a bill fur the erection of fortifications on Halves ton Island, and it was referred to the Com mittee of the Whole. Monday.—ln the Senate Mr. Hamlin's resolution to amend the rules relating to impeachment trials so that the delibera tions of the Senate 011 questions submitted 0 it be in public, debated and laid over. Phe Senate an a court of impeachment in he ease of W. W. Belknap overruled the notion of Mr. McDonald to reconsider the rote allowing the defendant to close the irgument on the questiou of jurisdiction if the Senate to try the case. Mr. Bout rell introduced a bill authorizing the Sec clary of the Treasury at his discretion to t'ucw the issue of fractional currency, uud m Ring the amount outstanding at one me to $50,000,000. In the House, a umbe* of bills and resolutions wore in roduced, including joint resolution fur lie issue td 1 silver coin iu exchange for reoiibacks and bill to utilise (he product f gold and silver mining iu the United talcs by uulln/nzing the issue of deposit irtiticates. The rules were suspended resolution adopted without division di feting the several committees of the louse charged with investigations to con uct them with open doors, except when 1 the opinion of such committees the üblic interest requires secret sessions. A ‘ lotion to suspend the rules and pass a ill to repeal so much of the resumption , ut as authorizes the redemption uud can illation of notes uud the sale of United i tales bonds was rejected for want of a wo thirds vote. A communication was >ad from ilallct Kilbouru, the recusant j itness, offering to appear and testify iu fgard to Hie real estate pool. Tuesday.—ln the Senate, Mr. Ham it's motion providing that all dedibera- ‘ one of the Senate iu the impeachment j ■ial be in public was debuted without jtiofc; the Japanese indemnity bill was so further considered. The Chair laid | sfore the Senate a communication from 1 ic President enclosing an invitation to | le two Houses of Congress to be pro mt at the opening ceremonies of the 1 lutennial exposition. In the House, a ■ isolation directing the House committees j 1 the real estate pool to accept H allot ilbouru's offer to appear and testify was id on the table. A resolution was adopt i I instructing the committees on the ju iciary to inquire iulo certain transac ts between the Union Pacific and Lit e Rook and Fort Smith Railroad com mies. A resolution was unanimously lopted expunging from the record so uoh of the resolution of censure against Jlll Young Brown, of Ky., adopted bv j it Jast Congress, as charged him with j •f vc.meat ion. Mr. Payne, from the j mmijttec on banking and currency, re-1 tried/* bill authorizing the Secretary of ■ le Treasury to issne silver coin now in ie trcaAMiy to an amount not exceeding ! 10,000,(180 in exchange for an equal | Hoi)r:t v yf\jigul-tender notes. Wednesday.—lu the Senate Mr. Mor n made u personal explanation in regard the drawing of $250,000 while Hover- j r uf Indiana from the appropriation * adc in 1801 for the arming of loyal citi ns of the revolted States. The bill in la lion to the Chinese indemnity fund is further considered without final action. 1 the House a bill was introduced to | ilize the gold and silver deposits of the I idled States. The contested election ' eof Le Moyne vs. Farwell, from the J ird Illinois district, was decided by the sting of Le Moyne, Democrat, the cou- j <*tant. The poatoflice appropriation bill as further considered, and the remainder the session was devoted to debate. Thursday.— lu the Senate a proposi in to adjourn from Tuesday of next week Friday, in order to attend the centen al opening, was debated, without action, m Senate, as u court of impeachment in case of W. W. Belknap, heard urgu enis from Mr. Blair against and Maiia r isird in support of the jurisdiction of * Senate to try the case. In the House, inueurreut resolution was passed accept nation to attend the opcaiujt tonnwics ol'ilio centeiminl, aui! provifl 'f lie- m iitfjoatntaciil from Tuesday to "ly A resolution was adopted j toutingttafapjinittee ou ways and means eonsider Si. onoe some measure for the j Ih'foftUo oonnuy from the tJircatened arcity of fraction*! currency. A nios j r 0 was read from ill* President deolin to furnish the Hons, irjtb information | to his various absences from Washing- ; in. file fir. t Williamsport, Pa., on Kri ■y niyht, deetroyed nearly 1 - acres of anufaetured white pins lumber, eompris 'S between nine sod fen millions of teet he loss j. estimated at 8125,000. It *• Jhe work on an incendiary. Toe iavijal loifforeri .rollerijic 4 Maynard, bo lost *40.000, an Tsnsteud 4 %, •i.i,000. Vscislsnco was sent from Conk. a *en, Sunbury and Watsoutown, but the to was not uontrollcd until It bad spent * b*w; At midnl/ibt the glare of tile ?nes is visible at Milton, 25 miles “tent. L ... .o.—iJj 1 U, JJiL WASHINGTON LETTER. <te*li(nU'UoS of tim itj.jf.niji’ advonue Wamlll.XutoM, ]),( ~ Muy ad, IHTrt. fhe National Executive Commiltef of the Liberal llepuhlican party han hdeu Hummou cd iy Kthnn Allen, iu chainnaii, to convene j in New York City, on the 7th inat., seven dayz before the conference of disnatinliod Republi can* invited by Unrl Schuz, Win. Cullen Hry i nut and otheu. Mr Allen n object i* to an eertam from the rcpresentativcH of the organ , ization that nouiiunted Horace Greeley for I President, at Cincinnati, in 187*2, whether j they intend to call u national convention thin year, or not; and, n* Curl Schurz ia also a member of the Liberal Republican organi/.a --i tion, it is probable that some understanding 1 will he Hud between the Executive Commit tee of that party mid the diKßatiNfied Republi cans who are sick of (irantism and intend to holt the nomination of their party, should It prove to be unacceptable. It mny be set down for a fact that the gentlemen invited to the conference on the 15th will not be satisfied with any of the men now prominently before the country as candidates for the Cincinnati nomination. They have become convinced that the whole machinery of the party is rot ten, and that the Capitol needs cleaning out ! as well as the White House and the Depart ments, and they do not propose to submit to the dictation of iu irresponsible convention | in selecting their candidate for President, i The Liberals will probably call u National Convention to assemble in Philadelphia on •Inly 4, after both the old parties shall have , placed their candidates before the country; and it is thought that they will endorse the one whose character gives the best promise I of reform in Administration, of the total oh | (iteration of war issues and sectional bate, of the repeal of unconstitutional legislation, and of the restoration of equality among the States, on principles that would involve their j support of the Democratic candidate; but j they ore in no humor to go with thick and thin supporters of any party. Should neither ’candidate suit them, they will nominate n third ticket; for which they think they will ! get the earnest support of all the brains and integrity of the Republican parly. The inde ' pendent voter represents un unknown quantity ; which may prove formidable, if organized. ! At present, it is the desire of the shrewd man I ' agers of both parties to catch him ; and they 1 j ure all convinced that, to do this, there must , he earnest evidence given of real reform. i U. 8. Senator Francis Kernan, of New York, i has followed the example of Horatio Sey- i | mour in giving expression to his views. Both agree that the paramount issue of the coming i struggle will be reform; and while Mr. Sey- | mour says that “the Republican party has lost the confidence of the country, and the , Democratic party has not gained it,*’ Mr. ! Kernan says that “the man to ho selected ns j a candidate must he a platform in himself. TJjeiHJOple don't care about resolutions. The resolutions of nil parties are good enough, j For example, Governor Tilden is a platform, I in the matter of reform, better than a bun -1 dred sets of resolutions.” 'fhe Senator i thought Tilden would he found very strong I with the people, and especially with that I groat mass of unbiased persons who cure lit -1 lie for parly lines, and only want good gov ! eminent. Mr. Kernan added that no thought ' ; Bristow had Very great strength among uis- ' affected Republican element; and, in this ( remark the Senator hit off the real attitude I of the Secretary of the Treasury as a candi- ! date. Bristow's strength lies Exclusively 1 among that class ot Republicans who have more objections to the personnel of Grant’s ■ administration than to its principles, who want ft new deni of officers, and imagine that Bristow bus advertised himself sufficiently in j his war with the Whiskey Bing to win the Presidency, and that as ho appears to antag- ! onize Grant's wishes in that matter to acer- j tain extent, he must, perforce, be Grant’s , enemy, and the enemy of his friends uud ap pointees. 1 apprehend that all who think thus would find themselves egregriouslv mis- j taken were their preferences selected. For the honor of the Senate and the people of the t United States, it is desirable that the pend- ' ing impeachment trial should nut go off in quibbles. An answer to the broad inquiry of guilt or innocence is what the country and the world demand of the Senate. Pronounce Belknap guilty or innocent, after a fair hear ing, and the people may approve the verdict. But, as the case stands, his denial of the jur isdiction of the Senate, though, of course, it does not prove him technically guilty, does prove with sufficient conclnsiveness to the world at large, whatever the Senate may think of it, that ho knows his guilt to he so palpable, ami the evidence of it so abundant ami incontrovertible, that he is afraid to stand a trial, even by a body of men a major ity of whom are his political friends and as sociates. Belknap has already confessed his guilt to a House Committee, and begged them to “let up” on him. He has also real j firmed his confession of guilt by attempting, with the connivance of his friend, Grunt, to avoid impeachment by resignation. All that i the people now want is that the Senate shall ! pronounce him techniralh/ guilty, or not guilty , of the crinii he has, himself, confessed to have committed—that of taking a bribe, while Secretary of War. j The question of the punishment or escape 1 of Belknap, is of small account; but tfn* ae i cisiqn of the Senate on the principal involved jin his case is of the highest importance. For i if the Senate shall decide that that they can i not legally try him, they will affirm, virtually, I that any public officer may commit a high j crime, boldly acknowledge his guilt, and I then escape all punishment by promptly ten dering his resignation to a drunken, blunder j ing, or corrupt but friendly President only I too willling to accept it, to shield a friend 1 and protege from impeachment. The public I money spent by Grant, through his tool, 1 Davenport, to carry New York City in 1872, is proven to have been at least $:14,000 out of : a fund appropriated for other purposes, uud j even the easy conscience of an Ackerman and I a Williams shrank from giving legal sanction j to such a palpable outrage of law, without ! the President's express order. Even Whit ! ley, the detective, (mid therefore necessarily a deceiver and liar, if not a thief,) who hud charge of the fund for discovering frauds, and was willing to go to any lengths to serve his master, would not give this money to Daven port without the express orders, in writing, of the Attorney General; and they fell back on Grant for orders. Foreign Affairs. I An explosion occured on board a ferry ! boat near Bingen, on the Rhine, on Sun day, and twenty persons were killed. A telegram from Bagdad says that the disease { prevailing there is not the plague but an I epidemic fever curable by quinine. The Prince of Wales and suit arrived at Lis bon. The Emperor of Russia will shortly issue a proclamation affirming that the | peace of Europe must not be placed in i doubt by the Eusteru question. The Eng i lish boating clubs arc in favor of partiei | paling in the Centennial regatta provided | Cambridge and Dublin Universities also send representatives. A great deal of dis content prevails among the mountain {tribes ou the Puiijanb frontier, India, and 1 unless strong measures arc taken against them much trouble is apprehsnded. The English grain market has not yet recover* ed from the inactivity of the Easter holi days. The Herzegovina refugees in Aus tria desire to return to their homes. It is proposed to erect a colossal statue of Bis marck at Kissongen, Bavaria. The de bate on the religious questiou in the Span ish Congress is very bitter and is likely to continue for some time. Cuban advices report that on the morn ing of the 25th ult., a train from I/as Cruces was attacked by 200 insurgents, at Cifuentes station. Ten soldiers and an 1 officer on the train unfde a heroic defense, j but were compelled to yield. The engi | neer and conductor and many of the pas -1 seugers were wounded, and the car* were I burned by the insurgents. Although the ! affair took place between two strongly J garrisoned stations, a short distance apart, !no assistance was given. Several estates ' in the jurisdiction of Colon have lately | been burned over by (he insurgents. i The Hanover, Pa. Herald says :—One , day lust week, a stranger called on Mr. Edward Hebert, of Union township, Adams county, and offered for sale an attachment fur the cutter bar of reaping machines. He offered to ship one to Mr. Robert by express, )f the latter would pay the ox presaage; if the apparatus did not work satisfactorily, uu pay would bo de manded. Mr. Hebert guru aw order with this rigtllag his natoc to a blank form. This was afterwards filled out as a promissory note foy S3OO, and preaeuiod at oar banks and ut tha bank at UittlestowM {“* discount. The scamp was unaueossifnlfu iff* attempt* to soli the note, however, our bankers being equal to any j such emergencies. Hews of tlie Week. A woman in Connecticut died recently from the effects of execitivo laughter. Mrs. Mcßae, one hundred years of age, 1 was burned todeatb at Toronto on Friday, while sitting ut the fireside. * Chief Justice Gilpin was taken sick in court ut Dover, Del., on Saturday, and died one hour afterwards of heart disease. Mr. John W. Garrett has given $15,- r 000 to the Peabody Art Gallery, Balti more, to be expended in statuary, Ac. i On n farm ut the Gap, Lancaster coun ty, there are chestnut fence rails, well pre ' served, whioh wore made in 1760—116 ’ years ago. , Two men wore killed and a boy was t fatally injured at Cambridge, Ohio, on Sat -1 urday, by the fulling of a hoqsc on which | they were at work. * It un wed at Quebec all day Sunday, i iSnow fell ut Auburn, N. V., for several 1 hours, the thermometer being ut the freoz t ing point. | The torpedo bout Alabama will leave ' | Washington for Philadelphia in a few days. 1 i She will be exhibited as u curiosity of na j J val warfare. i : The New York, New Haven and Hart -1 j ford Railroad Company on Monday reduc ' ed the salaries and wugt; u of their employ ! es ten per cent. About oue hundred colored men left I Washington ou Tuesday for the Ccntenni ’ al iu Philadelphia, where they havesecur ed employment. The value of postage stamps, stumped | envelopes and postal curds issued during April, was $3,450,890. The number of ! postal cards issued was 18.226,500. The Fifth Maryland Regiment, the crack j corps of (he country, will participate in the grand military display in Philadelphia, I ! on the Fourth of July, and return on the | 1 sth. Orisin Boyd, his wife, and two children, while crossing the East branch of the I Delaware river, near Hancock, N. Y., on Monday, were drowned by the cuimizing ’ ot their wagon. ! The Pennsylvania House of Represen ;, tutives on Monday expelled E. J. Petroff, a member from Phcludolphia, for corrupt I practices in connection with the passage I of the “Boom bill.” Mr. Lynott, a member of the Pounsyl- | vania House of Representatives, from Lu- 1 zerno county, has been expelled by that body for receiving a bribe in connection with the vote on the Boom bill. The skeleton of a man, supposed to have been murdered a year ago, was found on the mountain near Frackville, Schuylkill ; county, on Sunday. The skull was frnc- | tured and the nose broken. Juines O Brieu, of Boston, steward on U. S. Revenue steamer Hamilton, jumped j overboard and was drowned off Cape Hon- | ry, lust Thursday night. Every effort was : made to save him, but without, avail. 1 The Marine Disasters during April, to ; vessels belonging to, or bound to or from i , American ports, numbered 37. The value j of the vessels destroyed, inclusive of their I cargoes, being estimated at $510,060. At St. Hcnodiuc, Quebec, on Thursday, a seamstress named Labouillier killed Mrs. I Murphy, for whom she was working, and then tried to got away with all the valua bid she could carry, out she was arrested. | The Empress of Brazil is somewhat sur prised and astonished ut American assur mice and pertinacity. She receives fifty ’ cards a day from Mrs. Jones, Smith and Brown, and she wonders who these people are. The Naval Appropriation bill, appro prialcs about $12,700,000, against $17,- 000,006 last year. The reductions are , mostly in the items for the Bureaus of | Construction, Steam Engineering and Re- i pairs. Ralph L. Hollins uud B. Johnson were convicted ut Chambersburg, Pa., on Sat urday, of attempting to rob the National Bank of Chumborsburg, ou the 24th *of March. They wore sentenced to eight years imprisonment in the penitentiary. The Chinese quarter of the town of An tioch, in California, was deliberately burn ed on Sunday morning by the whites. The Chinese were warned to leave, but . those who remained until their houses were burned, fled unmolested. Fever is making sad havoc among the ‘ | Americans in Homo. During the last week niue dead bodies of our citizens were sent to Leghorn to await transportation to , the United States. The excavations now 1 being carried on at the Campus arc said to bo the cause of the sickness. The bonded warehouse of Harrison Johnstone, at Versailles, Kentucky, was | ; destroyed on Sunday by an incendiary fire. ( 1500 barrels of whisky, valred at $112,- . 000, were consumed. An explosion of gunpowder occurred just before the flumes broke out. | i A skiff containing four boys was capsiz , ed by u squall in the Delaware, about three miles from New Castle, on Hunday after * noon. The boy* oluug to the bottom of : | the boat, but were repeatedly washed off, and two of them named Myers, were drowned. The other two were saved by i throe gentlemen who put off from the f i shore. A Philadelphia newspaper sounds a sol emn warning to the residents and visitors j I there during the Centennial to beware of i I thieves. The city is full of them, not only . those that have flocked there from other cities, but also a great number who have r come-from Europe to practice their pro ; fessiou among the crowds and at hotels and | private houses. The American Competition in foreign . ! markets grows steadily, and it causes con | | siderablo anxiety to producers abroad, i i The report is made from Birmingham in . the London jouranls that Birmingham i merchants recently returned from the con i tinent of Europe give a very gloomy ac ; | count of trade prospects. They say the > | American tool and implement makers ap . i pear to be competing uccessfully with the . English manufacturers of those good* in . all the markets of northern Europe, and < that American hayforks in particular . have secured quito a monopoly of favor. The National Union Bank of Baltimore - some time ago paid a check drawn by a J depositor, who subsequently sued the bank to recover the money. The depositor - based his claim upon the obligation that * i the check was fraudulent, although he had , signed it, as he was induced lo affix his ! i signature without knowing it, the chock | being presented to him in such away that * ho thought he was signing a receipt for a telegram. The judge charged the jury ) that, if the facts were proved as above ) stated, the depositor was entitled to a f verdict, and they accordingly found in his -i favor and against the bank. This case was tried in t(ie Baltimore City Court, and the counsel for the bank entered a motion for a new trial. A Commisaion, appointed by the Cali c fornia Senate, to investigate the Chinese . question, is taking testimony at Sacramcn s to. A policeman testified that ho had t witnessed a sale of a Chinese woman for $l5O, and the woman, not liking the man y who bought her committed suicide soon * after. Chinese had informed him that t they attended the mission schools only to - learn English and “laughed at the idea of h becoming Christians." Ah Dan, a Chi a new interpreter, said that two Chineae iu ) terpreters had been killed in Sacramento i for procuring convictions in Court, “and t a reward wjjs outstanding for his life,” etc. 1 * Ohurlot T, /one*, Pbtrict Attorney for •< Sacrwi)to, toll) hqw tfa Chjqoie com y panics compromise felonies, abduct women b 4 do ntber lwfl things. Thu Wiliiaiuuttu woollen mill*, in Hulum, < Iregon, were burned Wednesday warning. Lom, 1150,000. A telegram from Omaha says that im mense qnantitica of grain have been con tracted for, to bo moved Ku>t during the present full in froighta caused by the con test between the fust freight lines. General Howard, of Whitehall, 0.C., was murdered on the Kith ult. by u parly oFiiegroes, who waylaid him as he was re turning from the post-tfice, eight miles distant from his residence. Robbery was the motive, but his murderers secured only 50 cents. The project of removing Cleopatra’s Needle to Kngland has been revived re cently in that country. The monument war presented to George IV. by the Ku cha of Egypt more than 50 years ago, but every attempt to transport it hna been abandoned. Dr. Pcndery, uf Omaha, just returned from a three months' trip to the Rlack Hills says it is dangerous for small parties to make the trip. He found the rdhd from Custer city to Fort Laramie strewn with wagons, whose owners hud fled, or huen killed or captured by the Indians. The house of Charles llaup, a farmer, near Duncunnon, Pa., was entered by bur glars on Friday night. They attempted to murder Ruup, who was found insensible on Saturday morning, with three largo wounds in his head, and inflicted slight in juries on Mrs. Uaup and a child. The civil authorities in the Mahoning mining region of Ohio having informed Governor Hayes of their inability to pro tect the properly of operators and the lives of those who desired to work, troops were ordered on Saturday to the mines, and j Adjutant General Wikoff left Columbus for Massillon to direct their movements, j The Philadelphia Ijedyer says there ! was a male child born a few days ago to a married couple in Gloucester city, the father being in his eightieth year and the mother in her seventieth year. They have been married twenty-two years mid this is their first child. This is a prolific year. Sunday night was the coldest known at | this season by the oldest inhabitant. At five o'clock Monday morning the ther- I ammeter at Milford Pa., indicated five dc -1 grees below the freezing point, and ice I formed half an inch in thickness. Snow | fell throughout northern New York on Sunday night, the depth at Watertown being two inches. A letter received from Charleston, S. C., states that Judge Rond, iu the IT. S. Cir cuit Court had sentenced a number of | illicit distillers who were caught in the ! mountains during the winter. Their sen- I tences ranged from two to four years im | prisonment in the Albany penitentiary, with the usual fines. In passing sentence the Judge stated that these offenders de frnuded the Government daily out of taxes amounting to sll7O. CARPETS, STRAW MATTINGS, Oil. CLOTHS, INGRAINS, 8-PLYB, YARN, BRUSSELS, Rag, Venetian, List, do. Rugs, MATS, &C. AT LOWEST CASH PRICES, AT E. HZ. OEEJSTA.ISriD’S, Corner Main and Court Sts., Westminster. upr 22-8 m P. M. QUINN, DEALER IN Foreign Wines, Brandies, Gin, | SCOTCH 4 IRISH WHISKIES, 4c. j (ktrner llif/h i- Hi Urn Sts., Balto, | old-established House being exclu- I -L lively in the Liquor Business for many years, I would respectfully call the attention of Hotel and Store Keepers to niv fine as sortment of PURL RYE jumr WHISKIES of the finestyjKrl grades, selected with yrit. care. Likewise a variety ofp FANCY AND DOMESTIC LIQUORS, which I am prepared to sell at the lowest prices. ap 22 ly BARK WANTED I WE will pay Kiaht Dollars per ton of 2000 lbs. for Chestnut Oak, and Seven Dollars per ton for Spanuh Oak Bark, deliv ered in sound, dry condition in our sheds at Union Mills, Carroll county, Md. We advise persons intending to peel bark to take it off as early as possible, dry care fully, and haul os soon as well dried. Bark taken off before the leaves have half grown is heavier, and more valuable. We do not buy Red Oak or Black Oak hark. No bark will be received that is not well dried. A. K. SHRIVEK & RONS, up 29-8 t Union Mills, Md. NOTICE. Wii.uiwiui.t, Pa., April i!Sd. I would rcsiiectfully say to gentlemen who purchased Nursery Slock of me while Agent of Hakestraw i Pyle, that upon noti fying me I shall replace all stock that I agreed to, where the same has been treated in pro|ier manner. I would also say that my connection with the above firm was broken bjr myself thnt I might enter into engagements with other parties. GEO. C. MARSHALL, Agent for Franklin, Davis 4 Co, np 2!)-2t Ricnuoxn Nrwnmiits. Something New in Westminster 11 A. F. CLARK HAS OPENED A Bonnet & Hat Bleachery. IADIES’ and Gents’ Straw Hats Bleached -J or Colored and Altered to Fashionable Shapes. Ladies’ and Gentlemen's Straw Hats made to order. A. F. CLARK, Westminster Hat and Bonnet Bleachery. Office,—Orndorff Block. ap 15-ly* NOTICE. THE Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the Bachman Valley Rail Road Com pany for the election of Directors and the transaction of other business, will ho held at the office of the Company, in Columbia. loin caster county, Pa., at 10 o’clock a. m., on Tuesday, May 'Hh, IS7O. CHAS. N. SIMMS, j up 22-81 Secretary. | WAKEFIELDJfURSERIES I THE largest and best assortment of sVtfL Choice Flowers, Bulbs, Ever-jjj£ sreens, Shrubbery, Ornamental Trees, c., in Western Maryland. Also Vegetable Plants, guaranteed true to name. Will sell twelve small Roses for sl, and other plants in proportion, feb 20 Bm* JOS. A. WAESCHE. ST. LAWRENCE.^ THIS well-known stallion will begin the season on the 17th of Auril, at the own eV's stable, Westminster, ana will he at John Hiteshue's stable. Reisterstown, on alternate weeks. For further particulars apply to apr 16 H. HAINES, Owner. HORSE BILLS! ON EITHER Card Board or Colored Paper PRINTED AT THE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE OFFICE FOR RENT A two story Brick Dwelling, containing seven rooms, on Green street, West minster, near the Railroad. Possession given immediately. Apply to C. A WALT. VALUABLE Store Stand and LAND AT PUBLIC SALE. THE undersigned, Assignee of Nicholas L. F. Harden, bankrupt, by virtue of au order of the District Court of the United States, for the District of Maryland, passed on the 22d day of March. A. D., will sell at Public Sale to the highest bidder at Carroll county, Maryland, on i Wednesday, :\fh day of May, A. D. 1870 , 1 nt 1 o’clock, P, M., precisely, a parcel of land consisting of FOVJtumd A QUAHTBR ACHES , 1 more or less. The improvements thereon are a LOG AND FRAME . . DWELLING HOUSE, with Store Room attached, house, smoke house,corn honse. stable, carriage house, blacksmith shop and 1 other necessary outbuildings: all the buildings are in good repair. There is a well of excel | lent water with a pump at the house, there is also an excellent orchard on the premises. This property has been used for public but -1 iness for a number of years, and is located in 1 a vicinity where a country store can be con i ducted with profit, and an opportunity is of . fered to any one desiring to engage in a public business. This property is in Lewisville, on the Nicodenius road, about 10 miles south , east from Westminster. Also, at the same time and place, a parcel j of land, consisting of 43 ACRES, MORE OR LESS, directly opposite the first parcel referred to, is laid off in fields of convenient size ; soil is in a good- state of cultivation. The properly will be sold separate or entire to suit pur chaser. Terms of Sale : One-third cash, one third • in nine months, and the other one-third in i fifteen months from the day of sale, the , credit payments to be secured by the notes i of the purchaser or purchasers with approved security, bearing interest from day of sale. s J. OLIVER WADLOW, Assignee. , Ciias. T. lU:iphniiii:k, Solicitor for Assignee. i Fifsl (lass Goods (Inlj! rojfSIHTINO OF ; GROCERIES, Boots, Shoes, Hats, QUEENSWARE. CHINA, GLASSWARE, Tinware, Stoneware,! WOODEN WARE, HOUSE FURNISHING) i AND ; SILVER PLATED GOODS, Table and Pocket Cutlery, " j , CLOCKS, MIHROHS. j TRUNKS, VALISES,] STATIONERY, j And a largo Variety of other (iootfn | 1 needed ly everybody, CHEAP for CASH.J B. G, BLANCHARD, Wist End, Westminster, Md. apr 20 Examiners’ Notice. THE undersigned, Examiners, unpointed by virtue of a commission issued to them by the County Commissioners of Carroll * county, to determine whether the public con venience requires the opening of a public ' road as petitioned for by Francis louuotte, ' Abraham and others, Commencing ‘ at the east edge of the Baltimore and Reis terstown Turnpike road, at a point imme diately opposite the intersection of the Me chanicaville and Finksburg Turnpike road with the said Baltimore and Reisterstown r Turnpike road, and running thence through the lands of Abraham Leister, Thomas De -1 moss, Francis Lamotte, thence across the Western Maryland Railroad, and thence through the land of Francis Lamotte, and thence through the land of Daniel V'onder- Mnith, and thence to the Emory Chapel road f near the residence of Mr. Small, i All persons whom it may concern are here - by notified that we will meet on the premises t on Friday, the id day of June t IS7G t at U o’clock, a. m.. to execute the trust reposed c in us by the aforesaid commission. DANIEL STULL, c LOUIS GREEN, * _ JABEZ A. BUSH, P 16-61 Examiners. 1 Transfers and Abatements. THE County Commissioners for Carroll county will meet at their office; in the Court House, at Westminster, on • Monday and Tuesday , the Ist and 2d of May, and on Monday , Tuesday, Wednes i (lay and Thursday, the Bth, 9th, 10th, and 1 11th oj May, and on Momlay, Tuesday \ Wednesday, the loth 10th and 17th I of May, to make Transfers and Abate t MINTS. 1 All persons interested arc requested to at * tend, as no abatements or transfers will ho made after that time to affect the levy of 187 G. Persons making application for transfers of property will be required to comply with ' sections 18 and ID of Article 81 of the Code . of Public General I^aws. By order of the Board. L. C. THU M 80. •p29-t Clerk. , NO, 1 m EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. 1 i Angelina Wilson, by her next friend Hiram Davis et, aU. vs. John T. Wilson, , administrator of Elizabeth Koons, deceased, et. als. ORDERED this 20th day of April, A. D. 1870; that the account of the auditor filed in this cause be finally ratified and con firmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof bo shown on or before the 16Ui day of May , next; provided a copy of this order be insert . ed for two successive weeks before the last 5 named day in some nswspaper published in [ Carroll county. FRANK T. SHAW, Clerk. , True copy.—Test: apr 29-2 t ’ Frank T. Shaw, Clerk. NO. 1608 EQUITY. In (he Circuit Court for Carroll County. I James A. C. Bond and Elias Brothers, Trustees, vs. Mary Caple. / \RDKRKD this 2fUh day of April, A. D. J V-/ 1876 j that the account of the auditor , filed in this cause be finally ratified and con- firmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof 1 bo shown on or before the 16th day of May i next; provided a copy of this order be insert ed tor two successive weeks before the last named day in some newspaper published in Carroll county. FRANK T. SHAW, Clerk. True copy.—Test: apr 29-2 t Frank T. Shaw, Clerk, i AT PRIVATE SALE. 1 B \ Blacksmith Shop and new Dwelling -LA House, with 8J acre* of lend, on the Baltimore end Libert, road, 2* miles from Baltimore, nt Porter’s cross rands, 2j miles 1 front Freedom. It is nn old stnnd nnd well known. The property will be sold law nnd : terms to mil. Apply to or nddress J. OLIVER WADLOW, f npOT tf Freedom, Md. WAGON FOB SALE. K running gear of a strong, new two “ A Horse Wagon will be sold low |r the cash, Uisbnilt of the very best material, and by a good mechanic. Any one wishing a wagon will please call on the subscriber, one t- fourth of a mile north of Smeleer’s mill on the n road leading from New Windsor to Union town turnpike, ap 29 tf JAB. W. LANTfc. ADMINe TRATOH’S SALE ' (IF A VAU'AHU: WOOD LOT aifl HOUSE aM LOT, Near Union Jiridge, Carmtl Co., Md. BV virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Carr oil county, tha undersigned. Administrator de bonis non cum tootamento annexe, will expose to sale by public auction, on the premises, on SA TURD Ar, the Olfr DA Y of MA Y, 187(5, at 12 o’clock, M., the following describ ed property. hirst: A WOOD LOT, lying in Carroll county, in Union Bridge district and adjoin ing the lands of Hiram Davis, Frank Rnglar ami others, and containing 8 Acres, 66 Perches of Land, more or less. This lot it eligibly situated, being only about half mile from Union Bridge, and is particularly valuable for the fine timber upon it, and betdijps, the soil it of the best quality: being the same land which Singleton Hughes} late of Carroll county, deceased, ob tained from Jacob M. Bollinger and wife, by deed dated IHth of June, 18(11, and recorded among the land records of Carroll county, in liber G. E. W,, No. 28, folio 200. Second lajl is situate in Carroll county,! and lying on the rood leading from Union I Bridge to Uniontown. and adjoining the lands j of Nathan Haines, Samuel Row and others, j and is about I*J miles from Union Bridge. I This lot contains 7 ACRES, 1 ROOD and 37 Perches of land, more or less. It is improved by a I . _ LOG DWELLING HOUSE | corn house, spring house and outbuildings. The soil PhrMjSgttg. is of the best description. This as the same land which Singleton Hughes, late of Carroll county, deceased, obtained by •deed dated July 4lb 1869, from Nathan Haines, of Wm. and wife, and recorded among the land records of Carroll county in liber G. E. W. No. 2(5, folio 106. Terms of Sale as described by the order *>f the Court, are .—One-third of the purchase money to be paid on the day of safe, or on the ratification by said court, and the residue in two equal payments, the one payable in one year, and thp other payable in two years from the dav of sale, the credit payments to be secured by the bonds or single bills of the purchaser or purchasers with sufficient secu rity, bearing interest from day of sale. SINGLETON R. HUGHES, Administrator D. B. N. C. T. A. J. A. C. Bond, Attorney. ap 16-ts NOTICE. F’JIHK Commissions of the following named .A. persons, appointed Justices of the Peace m unit for Carroll County and State of Mary 1 land, and Officers of Registration for the dif ferent Districts of Carroll county, were filed in this office on the 16th day of April, 1870, j and they are hereby notified that those who I’ fail to qualify within thirty days from the above date their places will be deemed vacant. JUSTICES OF THE PEACE, j District No. I—Wm. H. Crouse, George j A. Flickinger, Henry Galt. District No. 2—Thomas Tipton. Geo. W. Gilbert, John Jordan. District No. 3 —Jesse N, Legore, Samuel Messinger. District No. 4—Joseph E. Ward, Azariah William Stocksdale. , District No. 6 —J. Oliver Wadlow, James i Morgan, C. W. Hood, Jr., J. K. Kearney. ; District No. (>—Jacob Baltzer, Henry j Motter, Francis Warner. I District No. 7—George W. Matthews, Gus tavus W. Crapster, Wm. J. Mitten, J. Henry Hoppe, John D. Summers. District No. B—Jesse F. Malehorn, John W. Abbott. District No. 9—Joab Brown, Stephen Gor such, George W. Chase, John H. Selby. | District No. 10 —William H. Fogle, Samuel ; , Shunk. I r ..^'* tr ict No. 11 —William T. Smith, I*wis j * Die!man, Charles Denning. (District No. 12—Joshua Switzer. David T. Albaugh. OFFICERS OF REGISTRATION. 1 Ist District—William Fisher. sid “ John R. Haines. 3d “ Jonas Frock. 4th “ Daniel Ehaugh. ' 6th “ Samuel 8. Spalding. ♦sth “ George Shower. 7th “ McElroy. . Bth “ Francis L. liakee. 9th “ Abraham Albaugh. 10th “ John Shunk. 11th “ Jesse Lambert. UJth li ' John Hartsock. Hugo E. Fiddis. Notary Public, Westminster. I Tkst ; FRANK T. SHAW, Clerk of the Circuit Court for Carroll Co. i ap 22 ' LARGE SALE Household & Kitchen Furniture, etc. THE undersigned, Assignee of Granville Wilson, Bankrupt, by virtue of an order of the United States District Court, for the District of Maryland, will sell at Public Sale On Monday, the Bth Day of May, 1870, hi 1 o’clock, p. m., at the Wilson House, in Westminster, a large and varied assortment of hotel and household furniture, consisting of bar furniture and fixtures, chamber furni ture, dining-room furniture, kitchen furniture, bedsteads, bedding, Ac., bureaus, wardrobes, chairs, tables, curtains, a large lot or carpet ing. Brussels, ingrain and three-ply; straw matting and oil cloths, barrels, kegs, detni johns, bottles, lot of tomato catsup, and a variety of other articles ; also, 1 gray mare, several sets of double and single harnesa, 1 barouche, 1 hack, 2 jagger wagons, spring wagon, sleighs, lot of halters, Ac. Terms of Sale. —All sums under flO to be paid cash; on all sums of $lO and over a credit of four months will be given ; credit payments to be secured by note, with security to lie approved by the Assignee. All articles to be settled for before taken away. DAVID FOWBLE, Assignee. I). N. Hknniku, Solicitor. ap 22-ts CTOCK FEEDERS, LOOK TO YOUR INTEREST! I am now manufacturing a Feed Cutter for fodder, hay or straw, that is superior to any other cotter ever invented. It cuts faster and crushes the fodder, putting the stalk into such a condition that cattle will eat all up. The fodder after being cut passes through a crusher, thus making the hard corn stalk as soft os the blade; while all other cutters leave the stalk iu short hard pieces, and the chewing of such hard pieces by your stock produces sore mouths —which, instead of a benefit to your stock, is an injury. 1 claim this machine to lie superior to all others. To satisfy yourselves, feeders of stock and farmers generally, are respectful ly invited to coll and see this Cutter A Crasher, to be found at the foundry, near depot West ern Maryland Railroad. „ „ „ K. WAGONER, lan9tf Successor to Wagoner A Matthews. Farmers, Hare b_B Fine Opportiiiiy! CHESTER LION WILL begin the eetaon on the 10th of April nnd end on the let of July, com mencing nt the luhscriber'a .table, Liberty Street, Westminnter, on Monday, Wednesday nnd Saturday of eery other week, the bal ance of the time he will be taken around the country. Tuaua:—s6 to iiuure; $3 for the seaaon, to be paid at the end of the season ; $2 for the single service, cash. Any person parting with an insured mare will beheld responsible for the insurance. Care will be taken, but no responsibility for Occidents, Chester Lion it n beautiful bay, 17{ hands high, years old. and weighs 11100 pounds. JEREMIAH L. SHFEEY. •prism Owner. TO FARMERS.' Great Reduction In Price 11 TEXAS BONE, warranted superior to auy other $38,00 per ton. Texas Meat and Bone $83.00 per ton. Bowen 4 Mercer’s Phosphate, $40.00 per ton. BOWEN 4 MERCER, 72 Exchange Place, Baltimore, Md. april B>Bt ROAD NOTIOS. NOTICE i hereby given that application will be made to the County Commie ' aionera of Carroll county, at their Ant meet ing. thirty days from the date hereof, to alter ; and change n public road, la said connty, i leading from or near William Davilbiss’ tan i aery to the Plank road, where said road runs | through the fern, ■" ——-r TO THE PEOPLE* OK Westminster, I, A Nit CARROLL COUNTY!) | t Strasburger & Son’s | s GRAND OPENING OP i ' sn Mil ! I * |f WE most cordially invite the citizen* of j We*tmin*ter and the people of Carroll j | county in general, to call and examine our . I large and well assorted stock of MEN’S, I 1 YOUTHS’, BOVS’ and CHILDREN'S i 1 CLOTHING!! Comprising every variety of STYLES AND PATTERNS, ’ which we are now prepared to sell At Prices to Suit the Times, 1 and less then they can be Imnght in any i ! House in the city. Via r j Children’k Suits from $8 to $5. Boy*’ Suit* from $5 to SB. Youth*’ Soils from $6 to $lO. Men’* Cossimere Suits from $lO to $lB. Men'* Black Dress Suit* from sls to $25. J J All flood* guaranteed thoroughly sponged. | | An early call i* nwpectfuliy solicited. | STRASBURGER I SON, Square Dealing Clothing House, Corner Front and Gay Street, upril K*-h Baltimore. Md. TO CORN GROWERS! I J. J. TDRNEB & CO’S. Anmiatei Bone Snper-Pliosphate! ANALYSIS : Ammonia 8.80 Soluble Phosphate of Lime 23.91 Bona Phosphate of Lime 8.15 Potash 4.07 COMPOSED ot the most concentrated ma terials, it is richer in Ammonia and Sol uble Phosphates than any other Fertiliser sold, except our “Excelsior,' and is made with the same care and supervision; uniform quality guaranteed; in excellent order fot drilling. | PRICE $45 PER TON. J. J. TURNER A CO., 42 Pratt St.. Baltimore. For sale by, E. 8. BTOUFFER, mar 11-Bra Westminster, Md. 1 I Whitelock's Veplalor!! ,****^o***PEß*pl**, . ♦ nuMOvv-uaun *.* i *l* VEBETATOK ' * % BALTIMORE * 1 v : The Leaflimt Fertilizer of The Worlt: EASILY DRILLED ALWAYS UNIFORM. OBSERVE the BRAND. ; W. Whitelock & Co., 1 No. 44 Sooth Street, ( Baltimore, Md. ap 15-tim E. K. GERN AND WESTMINSTER, HR. DEALER IN < DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, i CARPETS, House Furnishing Goods S QUEENSWARE, j Building and Cabinet Hardware i WINDOW GLASS, LAMPS, i PAINTS, | OILS. ■ STATIONERY, DRUGS, OHOCEHIES, <tr. Will be sold at lowest Cash price*, apr l-8m To Corn Growers & Others. 1 ROBERT TURNER & SON, < AMMONIA TED ' "CLIMAX” PODDRETTE I ! ANALYSIS i Turner’s • Climax” Poudrette j Contains in on. Ton 40 lbs. Ammonia, | Contains in on. Ton 501 b. Phosphoric Acid, ' Contains in one Ton 40 lbs. Potash, > Composed o Night Soil. The Phosphate and Saline constituents ate readily soluble 1 m the soil. The Ammonia, combined with Salphnnc Acid, is particularly active. Price ISdperton. Also, AMMONIATEU BONE SUPER-PHOSPHATE, AND GROUND BONK, warranted pure. ROBERT TURNER t SON, 48 South Frederick Street, ap 16-2 m Baltimore, Md. E. I.Y NCH . Agent, WesUnintter. WOOD ap Ifi a-m Dwelling Houses &. Lots Ij* mu City or Wkktmikstk*. riIHE undersigned, Mortgagee, by virtue of X a }>owcr of *hl* contained in a mortgage from Granville Wilson and Ann Wilson, hi* wife, to him, bearing date April 10, 1875, and recorded among the Heal rotate Mortgage Record* of Carroll county, in Liber F. T. .S., No. 8, Folio 5)3, Ac., will sell at puldic *ale. to the highest bidder, at the Court House door, in the City of Westminster, on Sahtrdry, the Oth day of May, A. IK IMO, at 2 o’clock, p. m.. precisely. the following House* and Lots, to-wit: Ist. A Lot containing D,DOO HQI ARE FKET OF LAND, more or less, being the same which was con veyed to the said Granville Wilson by John C. Frizell and wife, by deed, dated December 12, 1872, and is recorded among the Land Records of Carroll county, iu Liber J. B. 8., No. 42, Folio 56, Ac., being Lot No. 1 of “Frizell'a Addition to Westminster.'’ This Lot i* on the comer of Green and Centre Streets, and is directly opposite the Central School House. 2d. A It of Land consisting of ONE-EIGHTH OF AN ACHE, more or less, being the one-half of Lot No. 72, on the plat of the City of Westminster, and is subject to a ground rent of fifty cents per annum. Bd. A Lot of Land consisting of ONE-EIGHTH OF AN ACRE, more or less, being the one-half of Lot No. 78, on the plat of the City of Westminster, and is subject to a ground rent of fifty cents per annum. These two lots adjoin each other, and the one is improved by a LOG DWELLING HOUSE, L/& IL-’Y. 21 stories high, and is now copied by Mrs. Hill, and bothgJjM&flß these lots were conveyed to the said Granville Wilson by William Adams and Wife, by deed dated December 22, 1878, and recorded among the Land Records of Carroll county, in liber J. B. B. Na 48, Folio 186, ftc.. and are situate on Green Street, near the Wash ington Road. 4lh. A Lot of Land consisting of ONK-EIGHTU OF AN ACRE, more or less. The improvements thereon - consist of a comfortable and MdSmT newly built Weatherboarded Mjltgß DWELLING HOUSE, 2$ stu ries high, pump, with excellent water at the door; garden, truit trees, 4c., and is the same which was conveyed to the said Granville Wilson by John E. Smith, I Trustee of Jacob Reese, by deed, dated April 10, 1875, and recorded among the Land Rec ords of Carroll county, in liber F. T. 8., No. ! 45, Folio 108, Jtc. This property is on Penn sylvania Avenue, and is nowin the occupancy of Hall Brown, and is subject to an annual ground rent of ten dollars and fifty cents. Terms of Sale. —One-third cash on the day of sale, or on the ratification thereof, one third in twelve months, and the other one i third in two years from the day of sale, the credit payments to be secured by notes of the purchaser or purchasers, with approved se curity, bearing interest from the day of sale. Ground rents and taxes paid up to the day i of sale. UPTON UOOP, Mortgagee. Chas. T. Reifsnider, Solicitor. ap 15-ts TO FARMERS. SMITH’S BAWBORE PHOSPHATE OUR facilities for manufacturing purpose* as previously announced, have been largely increased. We are folly prepared now to offer to the public a I Valuable and Reliable Fertilizer, adapted to all agricultural products and guar anteed to compete in quality, uniformity and durability, with any Phosphate in the market. It is put up in bags, expressly prepared for drilling, and can lie applied in quantities how ever small per acre. Our terms are $42.50 Cash, or note for 80 or 60 days with interest. We also make a specialty in various kind* of Bone, such as Western Bone, J. M. Bullock’s Bone and Texas Bone and Meat. We keep constantly on hand and for sale at the lowest cash prices, Oil of Vitriol, Ground Salt Cake, Ammonia, Potash, Nitrate of Soda, Charles ton Guano, Plaster. Ac., all of which can he had either at onr Factory in New Windsor. Md., or at our Branch House, in Aberdeen, Md. Our Phosphate and Fertilizing supplier have been extensively used in the middle ami southern States, where they have given gen eral satisfaction. We invite the inquiry of the Farmers either by person or letter, which will be met with our usual promptness. Respectfully, mar 18-tf ’ J. J. SMITH ft SON. NOTICE. WHEREAS application has been made to the Mayor and Common Council of Westminster, by the petition of certain citizens of said city, to lay out, open and con demn for the public use au alley in the said city of Westminster, beginning at the Man chester road east of Main street, and running WJ feet wide, through the lands of Elia* Yingling, Jerome Delland wife, andF. Male horn, 0. Crouse, Thomas Turtle and Elia* Yingling to a proposed alley, thence along said proposed alley to Webster street, as laid down in the plat of W’ebster’s addition to the city of Westminster. Notice is therefore hereby given that said Mayor and Common Council of Westminster have agreed to meet at the Sentinel Office in Westminster, on Tuesday, 9th day of May. 1870, at 7 o’clock, P. M., to take said matter into consideration, and to determine whether or not the public welfare or convenience re quires that said alley should be laid out and opened, and the ground rocesaary therefor m condemned for public use. as above stated. All persons interested who are opposed to said improvement are warned to file their objections in writing with the clerk of said council, on or before said day. By order of said Mayor and Common Council. WM. H. RTnPABO, Clerk. ap 22-3 t SHERIFF’S SALE. BY virtue of a writ of fieri facias, issued out of the Circuit Court for Carroll county, dated the 21st day of February, IKTII, at,tfac suit of Josiah S. Cover, against the goods and chattels, lands and tenements of Basil Shipley, and to me directed, I have seized and taken in execution all the right, title, claim, interest' and estate, at law and in equity of the said Basil Shipley in the follow ing property, via: NINETEEN AND A HALF ACRES OF WHEAT and TWO ACRES OF RYE, growing on the farm of George P. Albaueh, and adjoining lands of Isaac Kiler and others, on the Liberty road, in the ninth election diatrict of Carroll county, Marvlnnd I hereby give notice that on SATURDAY, the Of A DAY of MAY, nt I o'clock, P. M., on the firm of the said George P. Albangh, 1 will offer the above property, so seized and taken in execution, nt Public Sale, to the highest bidder for cash. JAMES. W. WHITE, “P 22-U Sheriff. Ratification Notice. In th Oaraaxa 1 Com or Cxnaou, Coi'ivty i April Term, 1870. Estate of Frederick Schultz, deceased. ON application it is ordered-this IBth day of 1876, that the sale of the real estate of Frederick Schults, late ot Carroll county, deceased, made by John Schultz, executor of the last will and testament of said deceased, and thu day reported to this Coart by the siudexecntor, be ratified and confirmed, noJctzoanae be shown to the contrary, on or before the 8d Monday, 16th day of May next! provided a copy of this order fie inserted for three successive weeks in some newspaper {>nntea and published in Carroll countv, be* ore tbe said 8d Monday, 13th day of May True copy,—Test: HENRY E. BELTZ. W B * Hv-gietor of With. Htti nUil4A9| O'ttlMpu • '■ ■ j ’ Vir

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