Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, May 6, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated May 6, 1876 Page 4
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SWtrt poctrs, LVEHIH6. A sweet calm ev® it l; an<l in the went. The dull gray west, that late ouch glory had, A atMtary star retire® to re*t, Sad lit the sense that lonelluom Is mul. Dogs, baying, answer dog*, cows, lowing, cow#. Aud one lone corncrake call*, and one tow. qoall: t 'otuplrf tig thus to break the buah, and rouse Sweet, soft lipped Kcho slumbering In the rale. Awhile, and other stale steal fhrth abashed, Timid as fkwiu that peer out one by one From some thick wood. The eastern sky U daahod. j Far up with IhlnhM radiance; and anoj The moon, clearing the craggy mountain height, Pencils the vales with shade, the hills with light. piscellaueous. Sue end Decline of Ohivolfy. The classic ancients knew nothing of chivalry. They did not understand the point of honor, and assassinated instead of fighting dnels. They were equally igno rant of gallantry toward the fair sex, and condescended to kiss their ladiea only for the mean purpose of discovering whether they had been surreptitiously tippling Cbampaigoe or anisette. In their wars they relied altogether on their infantry, and from their sculptures and paintings it is evident they nourished a very absurb breed of horaes. Even the divine Honier vaunts the prowess of his princes and he mes in blackguard pugilistic encounters, and the great Olympic Games were as vnlgar and brutal os the modern exhibitions of Jim Mace and Tom Hycr. The chariot race was inferior in interest to the trotting matches ut our agricultural fain, and there is nothing in history, ancient or modem, to equal in beastliness the public shows of the Roman Colosseum. On the other hand, the Gothic tournament was the most splendid, romantic, and exciting of all the public games and festirals that hare ever been established in any age or eountry; and it was from Asia, that nursery of all that is sublime in imagination, exalted in sentiment, magnificent is display, and thoroughbred in horseflesh, that the chev olereeque idea was introduced into Europe, and took root among the rains of the an cient civilisation; for while a man may be brave, patriotic, and even virtuous on foot, it is impossible for him to be gallant, ro mantic, proud, magnanimous, and, in short, chivalrie, without the inspiration of a noble horse. La Croix says: “Le mot, chevalrie, exprime un ensemble de meeurs, d'idees, et de contonmes, portionlier au moyen age europeeu, ot dont I’analogne ne se ret ton ve pas dans lass aAuales hustaines.' It pise in Europe with tbs Gothic cathe dral. closely intertwined With that sublime religion which united in its service all the courage, capacity, and genius of a romant ic and wonderfbl age. Love, faith, and honor were the white angels, lawless pride, lust, and vengeance the fiends, blazoned un its banners. Orninn and the Xibelnn gm Lied sing of chivalry io its inaty, untrammeled, and heroic youth. When Froissart wrote, the tendency of events had already marked its decline, as the fierce and haughty independence of the feudal noble was quelled by the cen tralizing power of kings, and the purity of knighthood sullied by the corrupting in fluence of courts. Yet, even at that pe riod. the romantic idea prevailed that it was essential to a gentleman's character to pay his debts, that men faced fatigues, privations, and death itaelf rather than fail in their plighted faith. Then comes the discovery of gunpowder, and foreshadowing the fact, Ariosto sings how the bravo Roiatid captures a shooting iron from a felonious governor, and throws the abominable invention into the sea With indignant exclamation: ‘ Go, base and unworthy weapon, that no true knight may over use—forged by Beelzebub—whereby cowardice, weakness, and rascality may triumph over strength, courage, and jus tice I” But the brave Roland was mis taken. Gunpowder only cracked the shell and demanded a change of weapons : in deed, it elevated the role of knighthood by discarding mere brutal strength from the catalogue of chivalrie virtue#, and exalting the power of courage and justice. It was retlly the discovery of printing | that killed chivalry, soul and body. Then the power that comes of knowledge passed over to the unarmed people. The unlet tered prince coaid no longer delegate the writing and reading of his letters to a hired varlqt, ®al the doughty Douglas dared no longer boost, 'Thank Heaven that no son of mine Ssvo.6aWShisverpvnoeaa.BaA* • It became a question of learning to road, instead of learning to ride. Life is ndt long enough for both. Warriors wore superseded by philosophers, tournaments by scholastic disputations; study bowed the stalwart frame, the pen cramped the iron hand, Latin and Greek quelled the pa* sinuate energy, while subtleties and dog mas addled the simple brain of knight hood, incidentally engendering more quar rels than sit the gunpowder, percussion, and nitro-giycerioe since discovered have ever been able to settle. It was the dis covery of printing, then, that overturned chivalry, and is undermining many other ancient systems that people don't suspect. Whatever of knightly spirit remained to the nineteenth century, high-cockod bon iss&swarsr deed past." , -Tbs knhfhts tre -hut. And thefr noon .words ere raw - Their mete am with thv „ tnua. And well may we join wHh Burke and t'olertdg* and all the other orators and poets to lamenting the downfall of an in stitution which, although originating in aspired st least to efuture- , CUMUOtcra la lit ■■■ ■ ; hiving Superstitions. . With the descendants of the Irish, the j I belief in witc6eft, wizxurds, witchcraft, I | signs and amen*, would be beyond crcdi-1 j hilily were It told. We generally expect 1 i the higher the culture and intolligenee, j the greater the freedom from all forms of superstition, and the Americans and | English consider themselves far in the | advance over the Germans ; yet a lady, standing in the very front rank of station, I fashion, and general culture, not long ago, expressed M me her fall frith in the, imp-' her of thirteen at table being significant of some evil. I know also of another ludy turning pale with fright, when, as she was sitting down to her table of twelve, a friend happened in inoUlentally und made the thirteenth, she thinking it would bring ' seiuc calamity her household. The i different# la the two peopbe, as 1 have ’ observed, is that where the German refers his spells and incantations to the power of 1 God, the Irish refers his to the power of - the devil. I could give many ludicrous illustra > lions. I will only give a few. In a ftm i ily of my acquaintance, of usual intclli . gence and standing, and who have nut au i element of German in the household, when , churning butter and it won't come, they ■ heat the iron spit of the red . hot and plunge it through the cream, in , the full faith that they are spearing the , witches that kept the butter from coming. , When a child, at a country school in au t English settlement, in going from it. if a 5 poor helpless old msn of the neighborhood, > who was called a wisaard, would appear on the road in sight, we children would f scatter as nimblygas a flock of partridges, • hiding in fence corners aud behind trees t or bushes until be had passed out of sight; , or should he happen in a house, we would r hide under a bed. Bo entirely had our I childhood been corrupted by superstition. | Cows, when shedding their hair, are apt , to lick themselves. The hair, passing into I the stomach by a rotary motion, forms . into a little ball, which ia ejected. These ] are called “witch-balls,'' and are believed . to be shot by witches, eit her to injure the , eow, or the owner, through the cow; and , any subsequent misfortune happening in . the family is believed to be tbs consequence , of the power of the witch. i I was well acquainted with a lady of , culture, daughter of a Presbyterian cler , gyman. herself an earnest professor of I religion, who, if she happened to meet a j cow, while walking on au errand, or to ■ visit n friend, would tern from her pur . pose and go back, and especially if it s bawled, on account of the ill-lick it might i bring by its presence. If a little salt was . spilled at table, she would think the ill-luck I done nsray if she could throw a little pinch ) of it over her left shoulder. Bo it was an I omen of good luck, if the first sight of a . new moon eonld be accidentally seen over , her right shoulder. Her whole life was controlled hy omens of good or bad luck, f The only time I ever knew or heard of i a potato carried in the pocket as a core f for rheumatism, it was by a Presbyterian . gentleman brought up in a Sooteh-Irish f settlement; but I have seen published in a . paper as a remedy, to wash the part affec ted in the water in which potatoes had I I been boiled. r Germans are given to belief in the vir , tue of “blowing,” for burns, bruises, and - i stopping of blood. I once witnessed a case. An infant child, of a German fam , Uy near us, pulled a large dish of boiliag i fat over itself- The mother iu attempting . to remore the clothing, brought the skin i with it. In their consternation they sent , for me. The sight was truly sickening, I to see the raw, quivering flesh of the little r sufferer, from the chin down over the r! whole breast, and extending to one ear. i \ When a man was brought to “blow” it, it' . I was ia in agony of suffering; during the .: operation the child became perfectly calm, | i and soon fell into a sleep. I insisted that . something more should be done. The r parents acquiesced, but 1 saw evidently i only in deference to ne. I dressed it wHh 5 simple eerate, and went twice afterward to wash and dress the wound. In the course ; of n week it had healed over, leaving , hardly a scar. The case staggered my | Scotch-Irish incredulity a good deal. The custom of sitting with the hat on . during a burial service is of purely Oer , man usage in our part of the country, and , ia universal with them. I once asked a scholar, learned in ancient customs, what was the origin of it. He said it was of great antiquity, and was done as a sign of . humiliation and mourning, answering to • the idea of “sack-oloth and ashes/' For 1 Biblical authority for it refer to 2 Bam. > 15:3®; Jer 14.3; Esther 6:12. i -C *i - - - , (jy i A Defense of Large Feet. A Philadelphia lady writes to the New York Graphic :—l protest against all this talk about small foet as if they were s sign of beauty. In the first place, this is not , true. No lady who is of average height and weighs 160 ought to wear a smaller [ shoe than No. 38. A smaller fool than . that—at any rate a shorter foot—becomes ■ a personal blemish. If the foot be well t formed, not fleshy, with tolerably high instep, a moderately large foot is best, both for beauty and strength and durability. A short foot, with very high instep, is a deformity, and looks tee much like s club foot. People with such feet are apt to be olnmsy sod to fall readily over any oh -1 atractioo, or from say misstep. 1 Ibish 800,. —They have been relehra ■ o*l for ages at simply immense basins of > till within a few yean. Tire material held io solution, is believed to be the pro ■ dnet of trees, or vegetable products, of \ 1 vastly remote epoch ia the world's history, * Bogwood is simply (ranks of ancient trees that have been saturating in bogs for un * defined periods, till they are eburgad with j various elements that not only give them via very hard texture, but an exeeediagly -1 Waok color snseeptibie of n beautiful poi -jisK Candle, equal to wax, oranmenr. for Ino -ii, hobs for wheels, and various .males | for the toilet, ire formed from these an | Ciaarm/^Jwsro •td.Vthhnr*' hit 9 j reasonable to jgjfc (hit Destiny ever ---we." *—. ft..: TO FARMERS! “pc X C ELSIO R,”, Ml PFRt/VMS' ViMjp- Jwrm* umr rr SBl JktP J.TU Com pond of MW pound* of So. I Peruvian 1 Guano , and liOU pounds of Hones dissolved i tn Sulphuric ana, anti htiask. i IpORXIKO the most concentrated, nniver ’ sal and durable fertilizer ever offered to the limner—combining all the stimulating t qualities of Peruvian Guano, and the ever du rable fertilizing properties of Bones. In fine dry powder, prepared expressly for drilling. ’ After eighteen years’ experience by the . Farmers of Maryland and Virginia In the use of 44 Excki-hior,” It is their unanimous opin ion that an application of lUO pound* of “Kx- I cm-sum” is equal to from *2OO to 800 pound* i of any other fertiliser or guano; and therefore folly 100 per cent, cheaper. Uniformity of quality guaranteed by the , manufacturers. ■flu Farmer* should see that every Bag is branded as above, with the Analysis and our | name in red letter-. All others are counter feits. PRICE SSO PER TON. J. J. TURNER & CO.. r 42 Pratt St., Baltimore. For sale by K. S. STOUFFKK. mar 11 8m Westminster, Md. TAKE NOTICE! HA VING purchased from my partner his interest in the foundry and machine shops near depot Western Maryland Railroad, in Westminster, I would respectfully solicit the patronage of my friends and the public generally. 1 shall do the very best 1 can to render entire satisfaction to my customers. I am prepared to do all kinds of Repairing at Short Notice And low rates. 1 still manufacture the Celebrated Wagoner WHEAT AND GDANO DRILL! which has been greatly improved, and which is really the best Wheat and Guano Drill in the market; also manufacture Tliresiling: Machines, Horse Powers, Corn Hliellers, Fodder, Hay und Straw Cutters, Plows and Sub-Soilers. The Feed Cotter T manufacture is a superior thing in its line. Farmers, call and see it. Yours respectfully. jan9-ly E. WAGONER. Miller & Lindsay’s POPULAR DRYGOODS AXI NOTION STORE 111 WESTMINSTER, Md. WE offering extraordinary inducements, and persons in want of FA Li* AND WINTER DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS will do well to give us a call before making ! their purchase*. Our stock is large and com- , plete, embracing all the Latest SoctlHcs of the Reason in Ladies’ Dress GMs,Men’s & Boy s’Wear Ac., Ac. Satisfaction guaranteed. We earnestly solictit your patronage. SOLE AGENTS. \ In this county for the sale of E. Bntteric A i Co’s celebrated Patterns of Garments for Lu- j I die*. Misses and Children. fejjr An exatni- . . nation is solicited. M. AL. ■ ; oct 80-lf STONER & ECKENRODE, I Carriap & Wapn iakeis, I ax BLACKSMITHS IN GENERAL, STONERS VI U.E, Near Weetmimter. Carroll County, Md. Manufacture all the rarioua .Ivies of Car riage* from THE FINEST PHAETON to the plain ROAD CARRIAGE. WAGONS OF EVERY KIND RIIII.T TO ORDER AT SHORT NOTICE. mr Repairing Promptly Aitemled lu. All work ucaa.KTEED, and pricea un aa any nairr-cij.Ha eatabliahmeiit in the Stale. GEORGE W. STONER, Sa. JOHN E. ECKENRODE. jan 8-ly TO ERR IS HUMAN. BUT failing to call before purchasing else where and examining the Stock of FURNITURE AND STOVES, JJBP at IRA E. CROUSE’S, is - B a disregard of your own inter- ■sfr’K BBKSest that is wholly inexcusable. Having had a long experience in Ue>Vß^| I business, he now flatter* himself that be can t always exhibit to those wishing to purchase ' any article in his line, a stock not excelled in 1 variety and quality by any other establishment in the county, and his prices are guaranteed not to exceed those of Baltimore city, or any other place in the State. MT* Don't mistake the place, one hundred yards east of the Railroad, on Main street, nearly opposite the new Catholic Church, Westminster. * may 21 BOOT sod SHOE FINDINGS. AND BOOT AUD SHOE MAKING. CjpHE auhzcrihcr wilhaa to inform tha wib -JL no generally that lie has returned from Philadelphia with a large sad well selected stock of Shoe Findings; also French and Do mestic Calf Skins and White and Hemlock Hole Leather, which he will sell by the side or pound, He will also continue to manufac ture Custom-Made Boots and Shoes of the best workmanship. Repairing done promptly and in a workmanlike manner. Thankful for past farors he respectfully so licits a continuance of the public patronage at his old stand, next door to Wells’ Drug Store, nearly opposite the Catholic Church. Jonß HUGH DOYLE- Thoroughbred Alderney Cattle cowiiTtiEiFfefis. *l6O HEIFER AMD BULL CALVES. SOOTH DOWN SHEW, BERKSHIRE PIGS. For sale at Clover Hill Stock Farm, Finks burg; Carrol) county, Md. fobfl-tf LEWIS H. COLE, j LIGHT! tWHT|! UGHT Hi j rr ERMAN STUDENT, Hou Potent, Un,p *' fob W-lm B. K. OKRMANO’S. ojyeyjggQiQ | A Kl ’ * lWr of flof law done at A.VrpdMMb]fr rates. Orders may bw left at j ’ Selling off Winter Stock AT I M\ Wad fa!! TO MAKK READY FOR SPKINO TRADE I ! THK undersigned would most respectfully 1 inform Ins friends and customers that he 1 intends selling off his Winter Stock of Goods j lal coat from this date. It consists of BEAVER CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, WORSTEDS, SUITINGS KERSEYS, &0., Ac., I also Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, mu-Ii us OLOVKB, UNI>KHWEAU, ! He announces without fear of contradiction that he keeps the lincst and Kent selection of, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC GOODS I outside of the City, which he will make up in 1 the latest and most fashionable Myles, and ns cheap ns nay house in the county for the same quality and worknmtishiii. Also Hoods made up bought elsewhere. All Hoods and work guaranteed us represented or the money re* 1 funded. A full line of Gentlemen’s Furnishing Goods kept constantly on hand. Thankful for post patronage, he asks n continuance of the ' same. Still n few lint, on hand yet which S we will sell tit vonr own price. JOHN T. ANDERS. jhii 2tMf GORDON’S Food for Horses and Cattle. Thr Great Ecvnninicnl Fund for Shirk, i 'nits ~* Rah fur nidi Hoik /ici Errd. : 1 Y KI) UC ES the quantity of rrfuin require! Alt both for Cattle and Horses one fourth. Hein* a perfectly nutrition!, health Hiving ttrenuration from the needs of grasses mid herbs in cotnbinnlioii with tonic anil invigor ating root barks, we claim it to lie the one thing needful to make a perfect feed. Horses are improved in Flesh, Iff ml mid Endurance. The principle of the action of thr Fmnl, is that Perfect Digestion produces Mice Hlaod, and upon this depends health mid olteii I,(ft iUtlf. Cattle intended for the knife fatten more rapidly and the flesh is more solid. tW increase their Milk yield, at lease one fourth, in both richness, and i/nalily, the linal result being much more Hotter.' Send to hKKAU) GORDON A CO. for tieacriptivc pamphlet of full particulars. Salesrooms 48 W. Fayette Street, oct -■1 c Baltimore, Mil. A. H. IIU HER, NO. 2, CARROLL HALL, DEALER IN Drugs, Chemicals, PATENT MEDICINES, PERFUMERY. Especial Attention Paid to Physicians* Orders and Prescriptions. | apr 25-tf BOARDING & DAY SCHOOL roic Girls and Young Children. WESTMINSTER, Mil., SO miles from Iloltiniore, on Western Md. Railroad, tdr Number of Boarding Pupils limited I to twelve. TKUIHS srm PKU SESSION. I For Circulars address MISS TILOUMAN, Westminster. Md. ! RKggKKSeßft,—Hon. Charles ii. Roberts, I Charles I. Ueifsnider, Esq. mig 7-tf i IESTEBN HiSYLAKII COLLEGE rtm STUDENTS OP HOTII SEXES, In Sp|ianitp D<‘|mrtiiifiitH, K "' h having a Foil Corps of Instructors. Ihe Fifteenth Semi-Annital Session, begins SEPTEMBER Ist, 1875, MS* l or Catalogue, containing full infor mation. ns to Course of Study. Terms, *c„ address •1. T. WARD, D. I>. President, July 10-tf Wntmin*ter, Mil. J. WILSOK, Mtiln St. Hour Depot, Westminster, WHOI.ESAI.K A RCTAtI, IIKAI.KR IX Choice Whiskeys, Wines, BRANDIES, RUM, GIN and CORDIALS. ALHO THK Dm BRANDS OF Cigars, Chewing 4 Smoking Tobacco of all kinds. -A call is solicited, jun 19-tf Opera and la-Ontine Chains, SILVER PLATED WARE, KsiTM, Forks and Spoons, to. ts. SPECTACLES & EYE GLASSES In Gold, Silver and Steel Frames, largest assortment in the County, for sale at low prices. WM. MOOHE, Jeweler, “J* 28 Westminster, Md. NOTICE. THE egercises of' New Windier Collage . Coll **8) will be resumed Sept. 13th with increased facilities, Terms, i all expenses—t'MO ; live dav boarders |l7O : tuition alone from $25 to $42 per year; parts of year in same proportion. REV. L. B. W. SHKYOCK, * H tf President 'ftp. STOUT, Practical Hortiaillmlsl aud Nurseryman, “IITILL Prune Owthardi, Hedge* and Lawn I ? ? Iraaa, in any desired shape, and do all stylet of GRAFTING. Trimming Grape Vines* specially, jan 22-10 t i HHKIVEB'S Canned Fruit* and Vegetable*, | fei,l*J~2m At E. K, (lERNAND’S; I C. W. WEBSTER YU” ILL HOST BILLS, delivery mes ! " and packages throughout the j at the Newspaper Offices CHANGE OP TIME. Western Maryland Railroad ■ i is e. ON and after SUNDAY, Nov. 21a, 1878, Passenger Trains on this mail will run | as follows: VAHMKXORR tkain m v\im. WERT. Dully,cxc'pt sumVy Sunday*^ j •'•aw*. | Awnw. AoMMH. j AoossM. A M IV M pTstaf A. M. P.M. Calvert station. 815 ion A sft yon' 14a ) Union Depot N2U 4Us rtW) 9 (hi ( iao Penn*. Avenue. .. 2ft 4in 6U> lO. 155 Fulton Station..... j 827 4 i:. 610 913 200 Arlington 845 438 628 928 217 j IMkesvllle 857 4 4,'* 640 *Bnj 228 j Owing* Mills. Ul* 4 -'<6 ftftUj 9 52i 240 Keistervumn 024 ftoy 7(*i 10 Oft 2 .V* ; Glen Morris 1 y 27 ft 12 7a* tow 258 I Klnksbuix- : !M :I8 7 W ioift :i 01 i 1 10 08 650 76U 10.50 US7 New Windsor...... 10 32 fi 13 Ml 5 l| 12 4no Uuwimml 10 :W r, 31 823 Illy 4118 I Union Bridge 1015 r, ;i ar 8 30 „U 25|4 15 i Frederick Junr'n lofttt <> 40 Frederick „ 7 25 , j Htn-ky Kidfre II in 6XI ! KinnuttsburK rll 40 ar 7 20 Meehan (ralown... j 1127 708 5u1*iUuvi11e.....,..,. II 4i> 7 2ft RIuuJUdMC 111 V. 7;jr; *..M k Waraeaboro j 12 01 74n , I Snnthsbuiv 1218 757 i Hagerstown 1245 fju 1 Wiltiains|ton |>r I oft r 840 I'ASSKMJKIC TRAINS 111 XXIXIi KAST. I*il> .cm plSuinly mi lit In w I STATIONS. jV~~m.| A~m. A M. A M. f. it A M. r. M. , iliiains|Mirt H4O 220 Hiqrerstown 7no 2in 1 sunili'binv 7 *JK 304 I 1 Wayiivalimo 741 321 ' r Blue Kidire 747 327 1 Sablllasvllle 755 8 :■*. Meehanlestowii... 8l; :t.vt ' KinniiilsiiurK 11 soi 340 , ItiN’ky Itidge . 827 407 Frederick I 7:<i 810 Frederick J ll ne ii 1 H4O 420 Union Bridge non 851 4 :2l 715 345 l.lnwood 007 j HSH 437 722 352 1 New Windsor 017 SMtt 444 731 408 I I Watmlnitor 0.50 o 2:1 5 n. 5 huh 420 i Kinksbunr 720 y.Mi 53U hB6 450 I t (Sion Morris 733 10On 540 h 43 .5 04 Kelatervtown 7: in t 540 h4O ft 07 Owing* Mill* TSO 10 If. j (tin HOI .5 22 ’ Hkesvillo Bin 10 27; 013 hls 5 Bft Arlinirton H 1.5 1037 > 2B .5 48! Fulton Station 823 10 43 ! 038 • 38| 5.58 . I Henna. Avenue..., 825 10 451 040, 0401 ono 1 Union Ue|Nt. 880 10 50 0 4-5 9 45! 005 1 Ulvert Station jar 835 *ilo\s|*ro ftO|ar llSOjarA 10 1 EMMITTSIinttI RAIL ROAD. Tmliis MUith will letire KnimlibiburK ut B.m. a. in.. and 3.40, p. in., and arrive nt Rocky Ridge at HJO. a. 1 : in., and at t.oo. p. m. Train* north will leave Kih-L) 1 j j Kidgc at 11.20, a. m.. and 7.00, |. in., and arrive nt Fmnilltsbuiv at 11.40, a. in., and 7.20. 11. in. .\ THROUGH CAR TO FREDERICK will Ik- nut on train leaving Calvert Station al 4.. I 1 1 p. in, ; Baltimore time la (riven for stations iu Baltimore, | but at all other points Hhl'adelidiia rtln.■ I" uae|, which is rive minutes (aster than lialtimore time. 1 .... J M. HOOD. Oenl Manacer. . B. 11. Griswold, (ien'l Ticket Agent. nov2 1 PATENTS OBTAINED In the United States, Canada j and Europe : terms ns low as thotjc of! any other reliable hour?. Correspondence i invited in the English and foreign languages, \ j with Inventors, Attorneys nt Law. and other t Solicitors, especially with those who have had their cases rejected in the hands of other at torneys. In rejected cases our fees are rea sonable, and no charge is made nnless we are 1 successful. INVENTORS, if you want a Patent, send | | UM a model or sketch, and a full description ! of your invention. We will make an exami* nation nt the Patent office, and if we think it patentable, will send you pa)>ers and advice, and prosecute your case. Our fee will be in I : ordinary cases, $25. ; ADVICE FREE. Oral or written, in all matters relating to Patents, Patent Law and I Inventions. References Hon. M. D. Leggett, Ex* ' Commissioner of Patents, Cleveland. Ohio: • O. H. Kelley, Esq., Sec'y National Grange, I Louisville, Ky., and the Ministers of Foreign ! Legations al Washington, D. C. stamp for our “ Guide for Ob taining Patents.” a book of 50 pages. Address, LOUIS BAGGER A CO., Solicitors of Patents, Washington, D. C. ! | feb 12 TO THE PUBLIC ! undersigned would moat respectfully 1 J- inform the public that they have pur i chased the entire slock of J. J. Shorb and j i Son, on Main Street, Westminster, where | they will continue the business as heretofore, I { and have constantly on hand and make to J order FURNITURE,®^ i ‘‘j all kinds, Newel Posts, Balusters, and | Hand Rail worked to order. Repairing, Upholstering, &c., 4c., done nt the shortest notice. Being practical ! 1 Cabinet Makers, and having had several years’ i I experience, are confident that we can execute j ail orders entrusted to us at prices reduced to the lowest profit. Special inducements to ! young housekeepers. Also will keep constantly on hand and of the latest and most improved styles COFFINS ANI> CASKETS, 1 which will be furnished at the shortest notice and funcraU^erved. AH w p r k guaranteed to give satisfaction | and at the lowest prices. A call is respect* ! Fully solicited to examine our stock and prices I j before purchasing elsewhere. SAMUEL V. BANKERT. j WILLIAM H. FOWLER. mar 18*8m HEAVY DECLINE! IN DRY GOODS. H. L. NORRIS II AS just opened a larger stock of Fall and Winter Goods, than ever before, bought since the late great decline. He offers Great Bargains to Cash Buyers. Prices of all goods guaranteed as low if not lower than any house in town. H. L. NORRIS, No. 1, Carroll Hall, Westminster, Md. oct 0 SHAKER’S Geirae Flower and Veaetable Seeds, ALWAYS RELIABLE. * i w E. K. OERNAND’S, fsbl2-3m Wkstxixktek, Mu. BUT BRIGGS & BRO S. FLOWER AND Gan SEEDS! Tim BUST in THK WOULD! ALL SEEDS GUARANTEED! MKHI-H ANI'S and Dealers can lie sop- i plied and a liberal comntiaion nllowed. ! All Heeds not sold can be returned. Srnmtle i boxes and circulars furnished. i i .. „, „ H, HAINHB, General Agent,' 8b 20 •(' Westminster. Md. j WATCHES I WATCHES !! C, A. Sh~WOLP, IjHIBMKBLY of $67 W, Baltimore street, , Baltimore, Md., has located at New i I Windsor, where be ts prepared to repair all I i "j wl ehes, Clocks, JeVelry, i(pcota- I oles and al) other articles in his lino. Musi- ! cal Boses a specialty. j„ n . tf i j JOHN T. DIPPENBAUOH, I .( UCTIONSER , j TXTKSTMINSTKU, Md.. will (ive espeoial I T v attention to the sale of Personal Pro perl, and Heal Kstote. I feb*tetf' nenl * I> * “*’** Bt th “ °® c *- I CH AS. BILLINGBLEA. D. D. S. DENTIST, Ojfict Second door WVd of tbrvurs' and ' Mechanic* Hank , Hlufminuter, Md. '■ WHERE he may be found Muxdat, Tuesday, TiiuHSDAYand Saturday, of every week. Will continue to visit the following place*: : Union liriilge. —lst Wednesday and Friday, ► of each month. JVnc Windmr. —2nd Wednesday and Fri* ■ day. of each month. ; unionloH'n. —:ld WedneMlay and Friday, of i each month. • Taneytoten. —The la*t Wednesday and Fri* ■ day, of each month. julj 5-tf I .... : ! - DENTAL NOTICE. r _, DR. GEO. S. FOUKK, Deiitist, offers ii. services at his Office. ' WeHtminstei*—every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. Emmlttaburg—Fourth Wednesday After noon till ThutNday Afternoon. MeehanicHtown—Fourth Thursday After noon and Friday. Rocky Ridge—First Wednesday Afternoon Double Pipe Creek—First Thursday. Middleburg—First Friday. Uniontown—Second Wednesday Afternoon. Taneytown—Second Thursday Afternoon and Friday. Union Uridge—Third Wednesday Afternoon - and Thursday Forenoon. ! New Windsor—Third Thursday Afternoon and Friday Forenoon. feb 2ff J. MORTIMER HURLEY, I’KOF. OF MUSIC, IS giving instruction on the JSano, Organ , , Violin , Guitar, Clarinet , Flute, Cornet i I and Thorough Hass, nt orrati.t reduced I RATER. $8 I’KU TRIIM, OH $:j() PER BUBOI.AKTIU YEAH. ' PIANO TUNING $2.50. Also agent for Wji. Kkabk A Co n, K&lSrtßl CELEBRATED PIANOS an.IWPjFW/ K. P. Nkkdiian & Sox’* Unrival*■ * J f led ORGANS. Particular attention paid to ! the selection of Instruments. I For particulars inquire at A. H. Huber’s I Drug Store, or Wheeler’s Hotel. feb 22 CHARLES B. ROBERTS, ATTORNEY AT LAW AND SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY. fifcaT Office directly opposite the Court ' House, Westminster, Md. feb 14 tf ISAAC E. PEARSON, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, HAS removed bis office three doors east : of Wheeler’s Hotel, Main street. All i business entrusted to his care will receive j prompt attention. july 4*tf DR. J. H. BILLINGSLEA IS still actively engaged in the practice of ( Medicine. i kti?* Office two doors east of the residence j of John L. Reifsiiider, Esq. aug |9-tf DANIEL G. WRIGHT, A TTOIiXEY-A T LA W. j Office 87 Lexington street, Baltimore, I nor 18, 18M jA. K. HTBBTER. JAB. A. BOKD. SYESTER & BOND HAVE associated themselves in the prac tice of 1 .aw in Carroll county and the j several Courts of this State. I Mr. Syester will visit Westminster when business requires it. ■ Office corner Main and Court streets. u I “"-TOO WHITXgr, I. X. I'KARatIN, Jit. WHITNEY & PEARSON, Jr. HAVE enterctl into a parlncrahip for the practice of law in Carroll comity, and all the court, of the .Stale. Mr. Whitney will came from Baltimore to Westminster when ) over it may be necessary fur the trial of cases ; and his opinion ami advice can he had al any I time by calling at the office, directly opposite i i\ heeler s Hotel, Main St. Westminster. ; ang Ilf M. B. SETTLE, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, H-KSTUIXSTKK. VII. i Office with diaries B, Huberts, directly opposite Court House. itugU-76 JOSEPH M. PARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW AND SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY, WILL practice in the various Courts of Carroll county. *9*Special attention given to Orphans’ Court business. May he consulted, for the present, nt the office of the Register of W ills, or at his residence on Court Street, Westminster, Md. jan J-lim D. N. HENNING, ATTORNEY AT LAW, WESTMINSTER, MD., i Will practice in all Courts throughout the j StJ,,c - r.ov is-ir j * X- MIT. WM. a. H ggt.ur. SMITH & McKELLIP, | A TTORNEYS-A T-LA IF AND Stk UCITORS IN CHANCERY, HAV IN 0 formed a partnership in the prc tie.e of Law, will give prompt attention ) to all business entrusted to their care. Office on Main street a few doors cast of Court street. dec 6- ly JAMES FENNER LEE, COUNSELLOR AT LAW AM) | NOI.It'ITOII IN* CIIANOKHY 1 OFFICE at his residence on the Deer Park Road. I ostofficc address, Hakshurg. Carroll county, Md. H j )r q.jy** CHAS. T. REIFSNIDER, 11 ATTOKNEY-AT J.AW ANI> tM). LICITOIt IN CHANCEKY. WESTMINSTER, MD. WILL attend promptly tn all htisinrsi ! entrusted to him. i S|>ecinUttenlion giving to collections and procuring decrees for the sale of Reel Estnte. ; Office adjoining his residence, np Md, * t R. B. NORMENT, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, \ AND REGISTER IN BANKRUPTCY, ‘ OFFICE on Main alreet, two doors west of ! Court, Westminster,respectfully informs : the citizens of Carroll and adjoining counties that he will give prompt attention to all bum now intrusted to him, lx>tb before the Courts . i ™ th,g , Sj ato Departments of the I General Government at Washmirton. D O 1 jan 4, 1878. 8 MTJ r UUAIj 1 FIRE INSURANCE CO. OF CARROLL COUNTY. OFFICE, WESTMINSTER, MD. I J, W. HE HI NO, President. RICHARD MANNING, I Secretary and Treasurer. JOHN T, DIFPENBAUOH, General Agent, Westminster, Md. J J, Oliver Wgdlow, Agent, Freedom, Csr- ■ roll county, Md, J Bn jj. t f j J MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, 1 j Northeast earner Fayette ami Si, l\ ml SU. OITOKITJi UAHgfJl'g t,T UOTgl., ) BALTIMORE. | Isaac Alborston, Proprietor. MET 1 his is one of the most pleasant and t j central locations in the city. i T ““v - SI.OO per day. i may 7-Iy | The advocate office 11 larger assortment of Type, suitable for 1 -I I Printing Partera, than any other Office j, I Western Maryland. -i ... iliu'iiif■ r 1 **** CHRISTOPHER’S Alta Safety Oil. WARRANTED 150° FIRE TEST. moil tkk on, iistkctoii or bai.tmorr. Office of J. Annuox Smith, I ♦JI S. Gay St., Ball., July 14, 1 87 ft. Messrs. Christopher Co : —Gentlemen : With much pleasure I lake thin opportunity of ftiitiug that in u long experience in the inspection of niumHiating Oils, in my official cn|>acity an Inspector, I am enabled to pro nounce your “Alta Safely*' brand of Oil, the very best I have ever tested or used. To nu merous inspections made fur myself and friends I have- invariably found the “Alla Safety" to stand a higher Fire test than that you claimed for it (namely 160%) and have also found it in uniform purity and general good qualities, superior to any other oil I have seen, and as such, recommended it to my friends and the public generally, as the most rtliaffU oil for family use now tn the market. As Heffners, I congratulate you upon your signal success in manufacturing an oil posses sing the very best qualities, Safety, rarity, and the production of a most brilliant light. In using the“AltaSafety*’ Oil in my household 1 have found it to give a light fur rending or writing superior to gas and believe with ordi nary care, that an accident with this oil is impossible. Wishing you continued success with the Alfa Safety, which you so justly merit, 1 am Very respectfully. J. ADDISON SMITH. Inspector <'rude and Heffned Petroleum, •1 South Gay St., Baltimore. POR BAUE BT E. K. GERNAND, .opt lily WESTMINSTER, MI). JNO.T. WAMPLER, CASH DEALER IN Choice Family Groceries! WEST END, WESTMINSTER, MD. HAVING taken the old stand formerly occupied by Jos. Woods, will keep constantly on hand a superior stock of FAMILY GROCERIES, consisting of SUGARS, COFFEES, TEAS, SPICES, SYRUPS, &c., &c„ also the best brands of FAMILY FLOUR, bacon, laud, fish, salt. QUEEN SWA It I-;, G LASS W A ItK, Stoxcwaiik, Wiuaiwwahe, Wool, ex VTA he. Order* promptly filled mol all Good, delivered. By strict and prompt attention to business, I hope to receive the patronage of my friends and the public generally. •ixo. T. WAMPLKK. march 0-ly H. HAINES, WHOI.RBAIJE AXII BETAII. GROCER! ! BUGS leave to call attention to the large (.took of Groceries, Liquor*, which he keen, constantly on ham), nt hi* store a few door* east of Railroad Depot. My facilities are such a* to enable me to offer great inducement* in point of prices, as I purchase strietly for Gash ami sell at short profits. I have on hand and tun constantly re ceiving full supplies of CHUICK FAMILY KI.OL’U, FAMILY OROCKUIKS AND LIQUORS, qukenswark, stonkwabe, glassware, „ WILLGWWARE, WOODEN WARE, HARDWARE, FISH, BACON, LARD, SALT, TAR. Alsu Denier in Country l*r„duce general ly. Very respectfully, j u| y ,a ‘ f H. HAINES. E. S. STOUFFER, AT THE principal depot, WESTMINSTER, Ml)., T S f*‘ “Jl 'ituits wing the highest eash prices Constantly on hand a full line of CHOICE GROCERIES Guanos and Phosphates foi turers dealers, for .ale at .name Blasting Powder constantly on hand. Purchaser* may rely n|,on getting (he beat the lwes”cash roles.' ‘ ht ' K. 8. BTODFFEH, nov 22, 1878 CT “° r ‘° orimM 4 s "m(fer. LUMBER! LUMBER!! jaapacs— I S- returned from the Lumber “* “Eotioii of LUM H E H** e ver'' offered^at Yellow'pfn^'SpnitTud^iocT^ ll * °' JOIST AND SCANTLING Wkn ll •"I 1 md, (i-d and (t-d W hlie Pine Hoards and Pl„k, Yellow nd Ss. iaSTTmTiSrf 1 SSS&feSfflS KItfDS Of COAL, concluded to adopt the r * rn ” t "’ * ve •■d U|* I .Imuie etuS tt peraon. i„ w , b “Jft " T-* me call before pnrelnZJ WZ kbward lynch feh 20-tf Ne “ I , Wl ‘mster, Md. Central Drug Store, urruani cawouo cNcaci, Mah. Htre**. Weatutlnatee, Mrt . WELLS BROTHERS Alao Trusses, fcl, £ * *"’ 4c - PURE WINES and LIQUORS Lou MEDICAL PURPOSES. —f—— ... Jtly ISI-tf Stationery & News Depot, JUST OCRS El), Near the P. o„ Westminster, ,A *** ■■ •helimam. STOVES! STOVES' PREPARE FORTEE WDIT| Til K subscrilmrs take pleaoure 1„ .. i K to tl, oilmens J Carroll ttiey have just received from the J"tl *r* the largest and bet assortment rfT* PARLOR, COOKING AXII TEN-PLATE BTOVSB, for Wood or ('oal, of the latest , I will be aold Wholesale or lUto "1 can I* bought in Hallitooro, .‘a *“ lk " satisfaction or the money will |, e j (’all and axamine before imrcU*}, ns we guarantee to soli below anvoiu7k * ■ air—wsataaffc Gas, Sim ml Water Pimg put Up Ut the shortest notice and at |U reasonable price.. Hoofing n d Spo,ri n T! up m any part of the cm. nty of tke Ut ml and in ft workman like manner * LIGHTNING RODS pul up in nuy part of the county. Harm.,! , aide agency for the Munson Copper liJK* j Hod wc guarantee aatiafartion. TheS? ; led Chicago Porcelain l.ined n CUCUMBER PUMP put in wella of uny depth and guamnlaru e work with caac, ami throw water will J! wood Pump ami loat aa long, always on k 3 I nd put in on the moat accominodaiinto™' Patent Window Fasteners alwaya on bui Thankful for paal farora wereopeetM,a n continuance of the name and an tuaZ non of our large Block and prices, whirl si competition. Employing none hut tl2 workmen and uaing the Wat material welZ by alrict attention to buainesa to " continuance of the public patronage 1 P. I AI.I.AGHAN k 80& Orndurff lluilding Main St. neanhebL W eatminater, Md. augSif NOTICE. (10 TO THE Old Reliable and Popular Stn or J. YINOLING A CO, FOR I DRYGOODS] NOTIONS, CARPETS, I OIL CLOTHS, MATTINGS I RUGS, MATS,. IV. JV. Where you will always hud the , | best assortment of Good* in their lineiatkl t county, and at the very lowest market prvtl Always receiving Hor M>TS OF NEW GOODS.?! 'Thankful for past favors we solicit a font l nance of the namr. | Rcs|K.*ctfilly Vours, •I. YINOLING ft CO., I decl lf West Knd, WostminOrr. I THE TAYLOR Manufacturing Compaojl OF WESTMINSTER, MI). i. K. TAYIiIK, A. I. NCHAKrPKR, F. U. 11*0,1 President. Sec, ft Treas. Supi. IMRMTOHS: I David Fowble, If. Haines, Edward foil A. 1). Schaeffer, J. E. Taylor. I j MANUFACTURERS OF j STATIONARY, PORTABLE I AND j AQRICDLTDRAL ENGINES, I OK ALL KIXIM. I Circular Saw Milli.l MILL MACHINERY, j J Westminster Triple-Geared Horse PorsH | From 1 to 12 Horse, Mounted on Wheels, or Down. j Repairing of all kinds, including pairing or Rebuilding of Railroad I Engines. June K' PRODUCE DEPOT, |i M THK HAU.HOA I), ll /.'.vrilffl STBR, MARY LAUD. j ' THE undersigned, at the old stand A UrndorfC is prepared to porriuur 1 FLOUR, * W/IKA T, Z CORN COUNTRY !of “D description*. Abio In receive word PRODUCE AND GOODB of alt kinds. He also keeps hand a large and Sill stock of s*| groceries, I S WHOLE SALK ASl> HTTAHUt Flour, Bacon, Feed, Grain, Salt. Rd. together with Spade*. Shovels. und Farmcra and Gardeners’ Irojde**<^^^Bsj generally. Also g GUANO AND FERTILIZERS ■ of all descriptions; and in fact all a first class store. With long experience aialhy strict to business I hope to receive Hl** l the public patronage. „ rfia • mayS-ly ‘ KENToS (!■• *; WRON'tt K, HKHIt, OAUl'ia. F. K.HERK & UAXt’rxi.Tvauts or COACHES, CARRIAGE B’■ 8 ’■ Buggies, JaggerWago® PHAETONR Ac. H Special attention given te orders promptly filled and wort" M kind warranted. _ u.^^H, m- Factory opposite The Wilson Main street, Westminster, lid. ife aug H ly H Desirable Twb Reuience lir SdH THE subscriber offers at l’nvulJ propertv on Main Hovel, “ ~ next door shove Odd Fellows a , House is a Frame B* AsMi. - ■ l, excellent condition., ami “<■ *• am "BtWSaJJa. Hooino, and “, KI ■' „,i lrs and fimtement. Fomcssm" g>"

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