Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, May 13, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated May 13, 1876 Page 4
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THE CEHTEHNIAL HYMH. *v John m. wnrnn. mr fathers <i<*l * Dora out whoso hand The ctmturie* fall like gnUiui of wnd. v A ml trout Thee tor the opening one. satxa. Thou who hart here In conoonj furled The war ting* oi a gathered wot Id, Beneath our western skies fulfill The Orient's mission of good will. And. freighted with Love’s golden fleet*. Bend beck the Argonauts of peace. For art and labor met In truce. For beauty made the bride of use. Wo thank Thee, while withal we crave The austere virtues strong to save. The honor proof to place or gold. The manhood never bought or sold! 01 make Thou us. through centurkw long In peace secure, and Justice strong; * Around our gift of freedom draw The safeguards of Thy righteous law, And. cart in some diviner mold. Let the now cycle shame the old, Historical May 1776-1876. The three specially notable days in May, 1776, were the 6th, 10th and the 15th. On the 6th, in England letters patent were issued to Lord Howe and General Howe, as Commissioners to grsnt pardon to rebels who would recant and sue for pardon. On the same day the Burgesses of Virginia met and determined that as the King and Parliament had subverted the ancient constitution, they werefno long er a legs! body. The Assembly wss dis solved undar the old regime, tod the Con vention met under the new. On the same day, the 6th of May, as it was understood that Commissioners were to be delegated on the part of Great Britan, Congress de cided to adopt no mcaaureslbr their recep tion, until the authority of Congress should be recognised by a previous application. And, as if perfectly assured that the pur pose of the Commission was not reconcili ation, but subjugation, by fomenting di visions. the Congress voted to raise ten millions of dollars for the war expenses of the current year. Thus were force on the one side and resistance on the other determined upon with a coincidence which could not hare been more exact if London and Philadelphia had been united by tel egraph. As early as July, 1775, John Adams bad proposed in Congress the assumption by the Colonies of the powers of Government, the holding of the King’s officers as hos tages, the opening of the ports of the Col onies to all nations, and the -formation of a general Government. This proposition had in terms been delayed, though in effect its most important features were forced upon Congress by the progress of events. The hope of a reconciliation with Great Britain bad been gradually relinquished ; the declared friends of independence leav ing the hesitating to be convinced by the test of experience rather than by argu ment. On the 10th of May, 1775, after two days debate the proposition of John Adams was adapted in the form of a res olution, recommending to the Assemblies and Conventions of the Colon iee in all cases where it bad not already been done, to establish governments adequate to their exigencies. The force of this resolution will be observed hn its assumption, that where the Colonies bad not establiabed government* no governments existed. It was a virtual denial of allegience to Great Britan. After the passage of the resolution a committee composed of John Adams, Ed ward Rutledge, and Richard Henry Lee, were appointed to draw up a preamble. This preamble, adopted on the 15th of May, declared that “it was absolutely ir reconcilable with reason and good' con science for the people of these colonies now to take oaths and affirmations neces aary for the support of any government under the crown of Great Britan ; and that it was necessary that every exercise of authority under the crown should he totally suppressed, and all the powers of government exerted under the authority of the people of the colonies, for the pres ervation of their peace and their defence against their enemies.*’ On the same 15th day of May, in Vir ginia, the Convention which bad organised on the 6th passed unanimously a series of resolutions instructing the Virginia dele gates in Congress to propose to that body •‘to declare the United Colonies free and independent States.’’ On the passage of these resolutions the British flag, which had hitherto floated on the State Honae of Virginia, was hauled down. On the 27th the famous Virginia “Bill of Rights’’ was reported, and on the 12th of June fol lowing passed. It has been remarked that while similar declarations by other colonies were (Vamed in reference to their relations with Great Britain the Virginia declara tion “waa the voice of reaaon going forth to create new institutions—to speak a new political world into being.” North Carolina had already declared in convention for the independence of the colonies; the Chief Justice of South Car olina at the opening of the May Courts, had charged the Grand Jury in Charleston “that George the Third had abdicated the Government,” and that the colonies owed him no obedience. The General Assent bly of Rhode Island, on the 4th of May, passed, with only six dissentient votes in both Houses, an act discharging Che in habitants of that colony from their allegi ance to the crown of Great Britan. At the annual election in Massachusetts the voters were requested to instruct their, representatives on the subject of indepen dence, and tho vote was unanimous in its favor. On the 2-lth sf May, a ‘mass meeting” • the wale House yard, Phila delphia, presided over by Daniel Roberdceu. The topics of discussion were: the imtruc ttSM of die late Assembly to the delegates ut Congress to oppose any proposition that might lead to a separation from the mother *<* 'he preamble and resolution of Congress with which sneb instructions “ lrect conflict The mooting de clared against the instructions, and made provision for a constituent Convention to rattlesnake. The patient must take a ' (j- <,f '* d bathe the Zr°^° Ure - v al " oc “ r 8• home arrieaflront 19*0 to 1876 Selling off Winter Stock ; at WlfMd MhII TO MAKE READY FOB SPRING TRADE ! I THHK undersigned would most respectfully i inform his friends and customers that ho intends selling off his Winter Stock of Goods at cost from Phis date. It consists of BEAVER CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, WORSTEDS, SUITINGS KERSEYS, See., See., also Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, such as GLOVES, UNDERWEAR, &c. He announces without fear of contradiction that he keepe the finest and heat selection of i FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC GOODS outside of the City, which he will make up in the latest aud most fashionable styles, and as cheap as any house in the county for the same quality and workmanship. Also Goods made up bought elsewhere. All Goods and work guaranteed as represented or the munev re- 1 funded. A foil tine of ■ Gentlemen’s Furnishing Goods kept constantly on hand. Thankful for j past patronage, he asks a continuance of the ! same. Still a few Hats on hand yet which ! we will sell at yonr own price, JOHN T. ADDERS, jan 29-tf GORDON’S i Food for Horses and Cattle. i r The Cheat Economical Food for Stock. J (Wi ~ J cents fur each Horne per Fcetl. "DEDUCES the quantity of grain requirel A a both for Cattle and Horses one fourth. . Being a perfectly nutritions, health giving preparation from the seeds of grasses and herbs in combination with tonic and invigor ating root barks, we claim it to be the one 1 thing needful to make a perfect feed. Horses 1 are improved in Flesh, HWand Endurance. . The principle of the action of the Food, is that th/ccl Digestion produces hire Blood. . and npon this depends health and often life they. Cattle intended for the knife fatten . more rapidly and the flesh is more solid. . Cows increase their Mill yield, at lease one . fourth, in both richness, and quality, the final result being mac* more Butter. Send to " GERALD GORDON A CO. for descriptive 1 1 pamphlet of foil particulars, 1 SAtJcsaoons 48 W. Favette Street, I oct 2-1 c Baltimore, Md. I A. H. HUBER, ; NO. 2, CARROLL HALL, I DEALER IN ; Drugs, Chemicals, I PATENT MEDICINES, ' PEMFifMMMr, i - Especial Attention Paid to Physicians’ Orders and Prescriptions. r apr 26-tf I * ; BOARDING & DAY SCHOOL 1 FOR ; Girls and Young Children. 1 I tj WESTMINSTER, MD., j 1 30 ■>!• from Baltimore, on Western Md, Railroad. Number of Boarding Pupil* limited j to twelve. ; TERMS $11.% PER SESSION, j , For Circular* address • MISS TILGHMAN, Westminster. Md. - Hon. Charles B. Roberta, i s Charles T. Heifanider, Eoq. aug 7-tf ; WESTEBN MARYLAND COLLEGE i FOR (• STUDENTS OP BOTH SEXES, [ lu Separate Departments, i Each haring a Full Corps of Instructors. 1 Fifteenth Semi-Annual Session, ’ begins SEPTEMBER Ist, 1875. I®* For Catalogue, containing bill infur- I motion, as to Course of Study, Terms, *c., r address J. T. WARD, D. D. PaasinExr, i July 10-tf Westminster, Md. J. WILSON, Main St. near Depot, WestmlitHter, i WHOLESALE A RETAIL DEALER IN Choice Whiskeys, Wines, BRANDIES, RUM, GIN and CORDIALS. ALSO THE REST BRANDS OF Cigars, Chewing ft Smoking Tobacco of ail kinds. fajr A call U solicited, jan 19-tf WATCHES AND JEWELRY, Opera and La-ontine Chains, SILVER PLATED WARE, Knires, Forks sad Spoons, Ac. Ac. SPECTACLES & EYE GLASSES In Gold, Silver and Steel Frames, l*get assortment in the Connty, for sale at low prices. WM. MOORE, Jeweler, *®P 2® Westminster, Md. NOTICE. rpHE exercises of New Windeor College u *College) will be resumed Sept. ISth with increased facilities. Terms, all expenses $240; live-day boarders $175: tuition alone from $25 to $42 per year; part* of year in same proportion. REV. L. B. W. BHRYOCK, regTl-tf President. C.P. STOUT, Practical Horticoltamt aid nurseryman, "TITILL Prone Orchards, Hedges and Lawn vT Trees, in any desired shape, and do Nassau T ™w!r t : SHKIVEB’S j Canned Fruits and Vegetables, ’ fob 12-Urn At K. K. OEBNAND’B. , ; - J. MORTIMER HURLEY. PROF. OF MUSIC, 18 giving instruction on Lie Piano, Org<m, Violin, Guitar , Clarinet, Flute , Comet aud Thorough Ha*s, at greatly ukduced RATES. $8 PER TERM, OR SBO PER SCHOLASTIC YEAR. PIANO TUNING $2.50. Also agent for Wm. Knave A Co’s. CELEBRATED PIANOS i K. P. Nkemum k Son's Unrival" * * J • - led O KUANS. Particular attention paid to , the selection of Instruments, i For particulars inquire at A. H. Huber's j Drug Store, or Wheeler’s Hotel. feb 22 DENTAL NOTICE. DK. GEO. S. FOUKK, Demist, offers li. services at his Office. Westminster—every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. Emmittsburg— Fourth Wednesday After noon till Thursday Afternoon. 1 Mechaniestowu—Fourth Thursday After noon aud Friday. Kooky Ridge—First Wednesday Afternoon L Double Pipe Creek—First Thursday. 11 Middle burg—First Friday. Unioniowti—Second Wednesday Afternoon, j Taney town—Second Thursday Afternoon , i and Friday. , | Union Bridge—Third Wednesday Afternoon , 1 and Thursday Forenoon. > i New Windsor—Third Thursday Afternoon ; j and Friday Forenoon. ’ feb 28 CHAS. BILLINGSLEA, D. D. S. ij DENTIST, ' j Office Second door West qf Farmers' and , j Mechanics' Hank, Westminster, Md. WHERE he may be found Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, of every week. Will continue to visit the following places: ; Union Bridge. —lst Wednesday and Friday, ( of ooch month. New Windsor. —2nd Wednesday and Fri day, of each month. Uniontomi. —3d Wednesday and Friday, of each month. Tanegtown. —The last Wednesday and Fri day, of each month. july 5-tf I ; r CHARLES B. ROBERTS, i ATTORNEY AT LAW AND SOLICITOR i IN CHANCERY. 1 Office directly opposite the Court | i House, Westminster, Md. feb 14-tf i I ISAAC E. PEARSON, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, HAS removed his office three doors east of Wheeler's Hotel, Main street. All j business entrusted to his cure will receive i prompt attention. July 4-tf DR. J. H. BILLINQSLEA | 18 still actively engaged in the practice ol j Medicine. , Office two doors east of the residence ! of John L. Keifsnider, Esq. aug UMf I DANIEL O. WRIGHT, A TTORXEY-A T LA W. ' Office 87 Lexington street, Baltimore, M'l. ROT 18, \m 'A. K. SVESTSR, J*S. A . BOSH. SYESTER & BOND HAVE associated themselves in the prac tice of Law in Carroll countv ami the | several Courts of this Stale. Mr. Syester will visit Westminster when J business requires it. Office corner Main and Court streets, i ap 15 MINTON WHITNEY. I. E. PEARSON, JR. . WHITNEY & PEARSON, Jr. HAVE entered into a partnership for the practice of law in Carroll county, and all the court, of the Slate. Mr. Whitney will coum from Baltimore to Westminster when ever it may be necessary for the trial of cases ; and his opinion and advice can be had at any lime by calling at the office, directly opposite Wheeler’s Hotel, Main St. Westminster, aug Uf M. B. SETTLE. ATTOHNEY-AT-LAW, UESTMISSTEK. MD. Office with Charles B. Roberts, directly | opposite Court House. augl4-75 JOSEPH M. PARKE, j ATTORNEY AT LAW AND SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY, WILL practice in tho various Courts of Carroll county. S®-Sncci*l attention given to Orphans' Court business. May be consulted, for the present, at the office of the Register of Wills, or at his residence on Const Street, Westminster, Md. jan ’i-tirn D. N. HENNING, ATTORNEY AT LAW, WESTMINSTER, MD., Will practice in nil Courts throughout the Sut -- Lilt 1.1-tf johx t. SMITH. wm. a. t)’x*i.ur. SMITH ft McKELLIP, ATTORNEYS ATLAW AND SO LICITORS IN CHANCERY, HAVING formed a Dealership in the prac tice I-aw. aril’ give prompt attention to all business entrusted to their care. Office on Main street a few doors east ol Court street. dec 5-ly JAMES FENNER LEE, COUNSELLOR AT LAW axd SOLICITOR IN CIIANCKRY OFFICE at his residence on the Deer Park Road. Postoffice address, Finksburg. Carroll county, Md. apr4-)y* CHAS. T. REIFSNIDER, ATTOBNEY-AT LAW AXD MO. LICITOB IN CHANCERY, WCSTMIMUTER, MD. WILL attend promptly to all business | entrusted to him. Special attention giving to collections and i procuring decrees for the sale of Real Estate. I Office adjmijgig his residence, ap 22 1y j R. B. NORMENT, A TTORNE Y A T LA IF, AND REGISTER IN BANKRUPTCY, OFFICE on Main street, two doors west ol! Court, Westminster, respectfully informs the citixens of Carroll and adjoining counties : that he will give prompt attention to all husi- ! ness intrusted to him, both before the Courts I of this State and the Departments of the I General Government at Washington, D C ! jan 4, 1878. MTJTTTAL ~ FIRE-INSURANCE CO. OF CARROLL COUNTY. OFFICE, WESTMINSTER. MU. J. W. BERING, President. RICHARD MANNING, Secretary and Treasurer. JOHN T. DIFFENBAUGH, General Agent. Westminster, Md. J. Oliver Wadlow, Agent, Freedom, Car-1 roll coanty, Md. >„ n-tf j MASBIOS HOUSE HOTEL, Northeast earner Fayette and SI. Paul Sts. j orrosrrs sauna's citt mn-ti, BALTIMORE. Isaac Alberaton, Proprietor. Mtr This is one of the most pleasant and central locations it* the city. **.. M 41.50 per day. | <on * 41 T “* At> |' , TO FARMERS. SMITH'S BAW BDSB PHOSPHATE facilities for manufacturine purjmses I VJ as previously announced, have been ! largely increased. We are felly prepared | now to offer to the public a I Valtmbk* and Reliable Fertiliser, i j adapted to all agricultural products and guar 1 ! an teed to compete in Quality, uniformity and I durability, with any Phosphate in the market. ’ j l l .*i , ..l >ul prepared for drilling, and can be applied in qunntitieshow i ever small per acre. Our terms are $42.50 Cash, or note for SO or 00 days with interest. W© also make h specialty in various kinds of Bone, such as Western Done, J. M. Bullock’s Bom* and Texas Bone and Meat. Wc keep constant lywi hand and for sale at the lowest cash prices, Oil of Vitriol, Ground Salt Cake, I i Ammonia, Potash, Nitrate of Soda, Charles ton Guamo. Piaster, Ac., all of which can be had either at our Factory in Now Windsor, Md., oral our Branch House, in Aberdeen, Md. Our Phosphate and Fertilizing supplies have been extensively used in the middle and southern States, where they have given gen eral satisfaction. We invite the Inquiry of the Fnniiers either by person or letter, which will be met with our usual promptness. ' Respectfully. mar !*-tf J. J. SMITH A SON. PATENTS OBTAINED ill the United States, Canada ami Europe; terms as low as those of r ■nr other house. Correspondence invited in the English and foreign languages, with Inventors, Attorneys at Law, mid other Solicitors, especially with those who have had I their cases rejected in the hands of other at torneys. Jn rejected cases our fees are rea sonable, and no charge is made unless we are , successful. f INVENTORS, if you want a Patent, send us a model or sketch, mid a full description of your invention. We will make an exatni , nation at the Patent office, and if we think it patentable, will send yon |iapra and advice, . and prosecute your case. Our fee will be in ordinary cases, $25. f AD\ ICE FREE. Oral or written, in all matters relating to Patents, Patent Law amt . Inventions. References: Hon. M. I). Leggett, Ex- Commissioner of Patents, Cleveland, Ohio O. H. Kelley, Esq., Sec'y National Grange, Louisville, Ky., and the Ministers of Foreign , Legations at Washington, D. C. stamp for our “ Guide for Ob taining Patents." a book of 50 pages. Address, LOUIS BAGGER A CO., t , Solicitors of Patents, Washington. D. C. I feb 12 TO THE PUBLIC! THE undersigned would most respectfully inform the public that they have pur chased the entire stock of J. J. Shorb and Son, on Main Street, Westminster, where they will continue the business os heretofore, and hare constantly on hand and make to order FURNITURE,^* ; of all kiuds, Newel Posts, Balusters, and I Hand Rail worked to order. Repairing, Upholstering, 40., &c., j | done at the shortest notice. Being practical | Cabinet Makers, and having bad several years’ j ' experience, are confident that we can execute I all orders entrusted to us at prices reduced to j l l ,e lowest profit. Special inducements to '< young housekeepers. Also will keep constantly on hand and of 1 the latest and most improved styles COFFINS ANI> CASKETS, which will be furnished at the shortest notice and funerals served. All work guaranteed to give satisfaction and at the lowest prices. A call is respect fully solicited to examine our stock and prices before purchasing elsewhere. SAMUEL V. BANKERT. WILLIAM H. FOWLER. mar 18-8 m HEAVY DECLINE IN DRY GOODS. H. L. NORRIS JJAS just opened a larger stock of Fall and Winter Goods, j than ever before, bought since the late great decline. He offers - i Great Bargains to Cash Buyers. Prices of all goods guaranteed as low if nhl lower than an, house in town. „ „ H. L. NORRIS. No. 1, Carroll Hall, Westminster, Md. oct 9 SHAKER’S j 1 | GeßQine Flower aid Vegetable Seeds, ALWAYS RELIABLE. ( ST ' • E. K. GERNAND’S. feb 12-3 m Wtsrnixarra, Mu. BUT BRIGGS & BUG'S. FLOWER AND GARDEN SEEDS! THE BEST IN THE WORLD! ALL SEEDS GUARANTEED! MKItCUANI S and Dealers can be sup plied and a liberal comrainion allowed, j All Seeds not sold can be returned. Sample boxes and circulars furnished. ' f. M HAINES, General Agent, j 2fl* l f Westminster, Md. NOTICE. iHM'l 7 T ° CGOSE.OUT j Wall Paper ft Window Shades at the time designated, I still continue to ' sell at Greatly Reduced Prices, WII.L GOODS IN MY LINK.-i WILLIAM COOS, j mar 11-lf Westminster, Md. WAGON FOR SALE. THE running gear of a strong, new two- Horse Wagon will be sold low for the cash. It is built of the very best material, and by a good mechanic. Any one wishing a wagon will please call on the subscriber, one fourth of a mile north of Smelser‘s mill on the road leading from New Windsor to Union town turnpike, ap 29-tr jIAS.eW. LANTZ. | WATCHES I WATCHES 11 C. A. A WOLF, FORMERLY of 257 W. Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md., has located at New i Windsor, where he is prepared to repair all j kinds of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Specta cles, and all other articles in his line. Musi cal Boxes a specialty. jan 2s-tf JOHN T. DIPFENBAUGH, I AUCTIONEER. \\T E.STMINSTER, Md., will give especial I TT Attention to the sale of Personal Pro perty and Real Estate. Engagements may be made at this office, feb U-tf POR RENT Aiwa story Brick Dwelling, containing seven rooms, on Green street, West immcd**.,. Apply to TO THE PEOPLE • . ;! Westminster, iCARROLL COUNTY! ! ij jStrasburger d: Son’s U GRAND OPENING OP ' Sn ciotiu! WE most cordially invite the citizens of WettminMer ami the people of Carroll I county in general, to cnll and examine our ; large ami well assorted stock of ■j MEN S, I YOUTHS', BOYS’ mid CHILDREN S CLOTHING! Comprising every variety of STYLES AND PATTERNS, which wo ore now prepared to sell At Prices to Suit the Times, and less then they can be liought in any House in the city. Viz ; Children’s Suits from $3 to $5. Boys’ Suit* from $5 to SB. Youths' Suits frofc $6 to $lO. Men s Cosh! mere Suits from $lO to $lB. Men’s Black Dress Suits from sls to $25. All Goods guaranteed thoroughly sponged. • An early call is respectfully solicited. STRABBURG&R A SON, Square Dealing Clothing House, Corner Front and (Say Street, upril 15-ly Baltimore, Md. I TO CORN GROWERS 11 J. J. TURNER & CO’S. ftK Sif^-Plsgtete! ANALYSIS : Ammonia 8.30 Soluble Phosphate of Lime 23.01 Bone Phosphate of Lime 8.15 Potash 4.07 COMPOSED ot the most concentrated ma terials, it is richer in Ammonia and Sol uble Phosphates than any other Fertilizer sold, except our “Excelsior,” and is made with the same care aud supervision ; uniform quality guaranteed; in excellent order for drilling. PRICE $45 PER TON. J. .L TURNER A CO., 42 Pratt St., Baltimore. For sale by, E. 8. STOUFFER. mar 11-3 m Westminster, Md. ViMs Yegelalop!! AJ* HITEL o O S^X YEQETATOR * w * \ % BALTIMORE * *>• The Leadinu Fertilizer of The World. EASILY DRILLED ALWAYS UNIFORM. OBSERVE the BRAND. W. Whitelock & Co., No. 44 South Street, Baltimore, Md. ap 15-Om E. K. GERNAND WESTMINSTER, MD. ÜBALER IN DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, CARPETS, House Furnishing Goods QUEENSWARE, Building and Cabinet Hardware WINDOW GLASS, LAMPS, PAINTS, OILS. STATION BUY, DRUGS, . oroveuikh, <tr. Will be sold at lowest Cash prices, apr 18m To Corn Growers A Others. ROBERT TURNER & SON, AMMONIA TED " CLIMAX” POUDRETTE ! ANALYSIS; Turner’* •< Climax” Poudrette | ConUin.* in one Ton 40 lb.. Armnoni., Cwitom. in one Ton 501 b.. Pbo.phoric Acid Contains in one Ton 40 lbs. Potash, Compowd o( Night Soil. The •nd online constituent* ere rcudilr noluble in the Mil. The Ammonia, combined with Solphanc Acid, is particularly active. Price S2O per ton. Also, AMMONIATED BONF BUSR PHOSPHATE. AND GROUND BUMS, warranted pure. ROBERT TURNER t SON, 4* South Frederick Street, j np 16 2m Baltimore, lid. E. LYNCH, Agent, We.tmin.ter. I WOOD sttT S&ISR® p 18 8-m CHRISTOPHER’S Alta Safety Oil. WARRANTED 150° FIRE TEST. FROM THE Oil, INSPECTOR OP BAI.TMONK. Office of J, Annisox Smith, ) ill 8. Gay fit > Balt., July 14, 1876. j w^L** n ' Wridopher Co i —Gentlemen ; 'Villi much pleasure I take thin opportunity of staling that in a long experience in the inspection of Illuminating Oils, in my official capacity as In.sited or, lam enabled to pro* nounce your “Alta Safety” brand of Oil, the very best I have ever tested or used. In nu -1 merous inspection* made for myself and friends I have invariably found the “Alta Safety” to stand a higher Fire test than that you churned for it (namely 150°,) and have also found it in uniform purity and general good qualities, wptrfcr to any other oil I haye seen, and as such, recommended it to my friends and the public generally, as the most reliable, oil for family use now in the market. As Ueiintrs, I congratulate you ujion your signal success in nianufactnring an oil posses sing the very best qualities, Safety, Purity, and the production of a most brilliant light. In using I he“Alta Safety” Oil in my household I have found it to give a light for'reading or writing superior to gas and lieliove with ordi nary care, that an accident with this oil is 1 impossible. Wishing you continued success with the Alta Safety, which you so justly merit, 1 am Verv respectfully, J. ADDISON SMITH, Inspector Crude and Refined Petroleum, 61 South Gay St., Baltimore. kok sai.e nv E. K. GERNAND, sept. 1 My WESTMINSTER, MI). JNO.T.'WAMPLER, GASH DEALER IN WEST END, WESTMINSTER, MD. HA\ ING taken the old stand formerly occupied by Jo*. Woods, will keep constantly on hand a superior stock of family groceries, consisting of SUGARS, COFFEES, TEAS, SPICES, SYRUPS, &c., &c„ also the best brands of FAMILY FLOUR, BACON, I.A It I), FISH, SALT, QUEKNBWAUIC, OLABBWABK, Stoxkwauk, W im.oww.ikk, Wooiiknwaku. tor Order, promptly filled and nil Goods delivered. By strict and prompt attention to business. I hop® to receive the patronage of my friend, and the public generally. JNO. T. WAMPLER. march G-ly M. MAIN ks, WHOLESALE AXtl RETAIL GROCER! ! "I) KGS leave to call attention to the large of Groceries, Liquors, Ac., which he Iteens constantly on hand, at his store a few doors cast of Railroad Depot. My facilities are such ns In enable mo to offer great inducements in noint of prices, us 1 purchase strictly for Cush am! sell at short profit*. I have on hand and um constantly re ceiving full supplies of choice family flour, FAMILY GROCERIES AND LIQUORS, QUEENSWARE, STONEWARE, GLASSWARE, WILLOWWARE, WOODENWARE, HARDWARE, FISH, BACON, LARD, SALT, TAR. Also Dealer in Country Produce general ly. \ ery respectfully, J U| J' I! ‘ tf H. HAINES. E. 8. STOUFFER, AT THE PRINCIPAL DEPOT, WESTMINSTER, MD., T S , at IJ limes paying the highest cash prices X for \\ heat, Corn, Rye, Oats, and nil Kinds of country produce. Constantly on hand a full line of CHOICE GROCERIES, the best brands of FLOUR, and Feed of all kinds. Also a choice supply of LIQUORS, some of winch I specially recommend for medicinal purposes. Guanos and Phosphates, of all the principal dealers, for sale at manu facturers prices. Blasting Powder constantly on hand. Purchasers may rely upon getting the best goods in my line that the market affords, at the lowest cash rates. E. S. STOUFFER, ~ovK , LUMBER! LUMBER!! I HAVE just returned from the Lumber Regions—and am now receiving the lar gest selection of LUMBER ever offered at this place, at ttrdured Prim, consisting ol Yellow Pme, Spruce and Hemlock JOIST AND SCANTLING ali lengthii and sines, 4-4, 5-4, (!-4 and 8-4 W h;te Pme Boards and Plank, Yellow and White P,ae Flooring. Dressed and Undressed W eatherhoarding, W hile Pine Cypress and Chestnut Shingles, Walnut and Ash Boards and F lank, Plain and Headed Picketts, Shin gla and Plnslenng 1 ail hs, a prime lot of Cheat nut Ratla and Poata. Also all the different KINDS OF COAL, Thinking large sales with small profits bet ter than small sales with large profits, I have concluded to adopt the former as my guide, and hope I shall be enabled to carry it out by persons in want of anything in my line giving me a call before purchasing elsewhere. EDWARD LYNCH, feb 20-tf Nt '" r ,)e1,0, ’ ' Ve,tlnin “ ler . Md, Central Drug Store, OPPOSITE CATHOLIC tUURCH, Main Street* WcHtiiiiimtcr* Mil, WELLS BROTHERS TAKALERH in Drugs, Medicines, Cbemi- Braces, PURE WINES and LIQUORS FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES. S r<m, P U T filled and rreocnptiona carefully and accurately com | jnly ia-tf Stationery & News Depot, JUST OPENED, Near the P. 0., Westminster. TAXIS X. SHIIXXAI. i STOVES! STOVES! ! niEPARE FOR TIE WINTER THK subscribers take pleasure in upnounc* inf to the citizens *f Carroll county, that they have just received from the manufactnr : ers the Urgent and bout assortment of [ PARLOR, COOKING AND ; TEN-PLATE STOVES, % for Wood or Coal, of the latest patterns, which x will he sold Wholesale or Hetail as low as they t can he liought in Baltimore, and guarantee B satisfaction or the money will he refunded, j (’all and examine before purchasing elsewhere ns we guarantee to sell below any other house. We still keep constantly on liana and make to order TINWAKK of every description, Milk Cans, Jke., made by the liest workmen. '* Gas, Steam and Water Fixtures ’ put up ut the shortest notice and at the most j reasonable prices. Booting and Smiuting put r up in any pari of the county of the best mater . ini and in a workman like manner. I LIGHTNING RODS f put up in any part of the county. Having the sole agency for the Munson Copper Lightning Hod we guarantee satisfaction. The *'clbrn ted Chicago Porcelain Lined CUCUMBER PUMP put in wells of any depth and guarantee it to work with ease, and throw water with any wood Pump and last as long, always on hand and put in on the most accommodating terras. Patent Window Fasteners always on hand. Thankful for past favors we respectfully ask a continuance of the same and an examine* ► tion of our large slock and prices, which defy competition. Kmploying none hut the best workmen and using the best material we hope by strict attention to business to receive n l continuance of the public patronage. 1 P. CALLAGHAN A SON, Orndorfl* Building Main St. near the Depot, I Westminster, Md. ug 28tf NOTICE. ’ > OO TO THE ■Old Reliable and Poplar Store , J. YINGLING & CO., 1 FOR , DRYGOODS NOTIONS, CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS, MATTINGS, HI VS, MATS. Ar. A'r. "here you will always find Ihr larged and , best assortment of Goods in their line in the county, and at the very lowest market price. Always receiving LOTS OF NEW GOODS. Thankful for past favors we solicit a contin- I nance of the same. Bespeelfully Yours, J. YINGLING A CO., dee-l-tf West Eifd, Westminster. THE TAYLOR Manufacturing Company i 1 OP WESTMINSTER, Ml). J. R. TAYI.OR, A. It. Sr)lAi:t't't:K. I*. 11. IRWIK, President. Sec, 4 Treat.. Snpl __ IIIRX’TOKH: Duvid Fowble, H. Ilainei, Htlwar.l Lynch, A. D. Schaeffer, J. E. Taylor. MANUFACTURERS OF STATIONARY, PORTABLE AND AQEICDLTDEAL ENGINES, OF ALL KINDS. Circular Saw Mills, MILL MACHINERY, Westminster Triple-Geared Horse Powers, From 1 to 12 Home, Mounted ou 2 or 4 Wheels, or Down. Hepoiring of all kind,, including the Re pairing or Rebuilding ol Railrond Ucoumtive Jane S ly. PRODUCE DEPOT, A 7 THE RAILROAD, WESTMIN STER, MARY LA Mb. rpilEundor.lgned, at the old stand ofOehr J- * Orndorff, is prepared to purchase FLOUR, WBEA T, RYE, .. OA TVS’, CORN timl COUNTRY PRODUCE of all descriptions. Also to receive and for ward PRODUCE AND GOODS of all kinds. He also keep, constantly on hand a large and full Block of ’ GROCERIES. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, Flour, Bacon, Feed, drain, Salt, Fish. Ac together with Spades, Shovels, Hoes, Rakes Astai “ d (: ‘ rti "" er '' Lnp,t ‘ t GUANO AND FERTILIZERS of a" description,; ,„d in fuel all articles in a first class store. of the public patronage, may 3-ly DENTON OF.HR. FRAKg K. HERR. SAXCCI. R. „rrr. MARLTAeTIIRKUS or COACHES. CARRIAGES, Buggies, Jagger Wagons PHAETONS. &c. Spccißl attention given to Repairimr All RUgB-ly Desirable Town teiaeiice for Sale. next door above Odd Fellow,’ Hall, IXHI *-v Hou “ • Frame Building I, undenigned at Meeh.niyJw'n "’ ,ht “*** JOSHUA HKRINO. TO FARMERS] j “EXCELSIOR; Mtm * ip# Ipg/awf fnxncAm^mncna^M^ JWMUNIITmn J.TU R V RRaO^^l^^' ■ ■ • o Cumpooeil of SOO /xmruh of Xo. I Ptntri Guano, and 1200pound* of Bona diuliTi a in Sulphuric acid , and I\da*h. Pf “ IjIOKM I NO the. most concentrated, Do i... Nil and durable fertilizer ever off.Jj, n the farmer—eomltining nil the ,ti, m £J> u ipialuics of Peruvian Omm, and theeterH * , rabln fertilizing properties o(Hones | n j ,t dry powder, prepared expressly for driili., . After eighteen year.' experieuee by 5* farmers of Maryland and \ irginia in tk, j of" Exi kijiioh," it ii their unanimau, > ion that an application of Km pounds of “V, j rguuoa" iaei|u/l to from 200 to 1(00 nouod 6 i of any other fertilizer or guano, and Ihimf™! K j fully 10(1 per cent, cheaper. ■ I Uniformity of rpialily guaranteed hr tin , manufacturers. Wu Karmen ihould aee that every Bs, : j branded an above, with the Analysis nd 0 name in red letter-'. All other* are counter J ' FltlCK SSO FEU TON. • ! I. J. WKNEB t CO 42 Pratt St., Ballinuw. k Kor sale by K. S. BTOUFFKH. ' mar 11 8m Westminster, Ed. S take notice: HAVING purchased from my imrlarr V, I interest in the foundry ami machis. shops near depot Western Maryland Kailrotd | in Westminster, I would respectfully **l the patronage of my friends and the publi, i generally. 1 shall do the very best I to render entire satisfaction to’ my castomm. j I am prepared to do all kinds of Repairing at Short Notice j And low rales. I still manufacture the Celebrated Wagoner WHEAT ADD GUANO DEI 1 which has been greatly improved, and which is really the best Wheal and Guano Drill h the market; also manufacture I Thrcatilng Machine*, Horse Fosters, Corn Sliellers, Fodder, Huy and Straw Cutters, Plow* and Sub-Soilera. The Feed Cotter I manufacture is a superior thing in its lit. Farmers, call and see it, I Yours respectfully, jnn-'-iy B. WAOOHML Miller A* Lindsay’s POPULAR DRYGOODS AND NOTION STORE!! WESTMINSTER, Md. WK offering extraordinary inducements, "<> l K : r V" w aut of KALI, AND wiPtfER DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS will do well to give us a call liefori* mikioi their purchases. Our stock is large aiidcm plelc, embracing all Ike Imleel Xurellia tl the season in Ladies’ Dress Goods,MeD’s & Boys’Wear Ac., Ac. Avvt" Satisfaction guaranteed. VVr earnestly solictil your patronage. SOLE AGENTS, In this county for the sale of K. Balletic A Co s celebrated Patterns of Garments for Is 1 dies, Misses and Children, gay- An rismi ; nation is solicited. )| i L oel 80-lf STONEE & ECKENRODE, Otiiiao&Wp JMik AND BLACKSMITHS IN GENERAL STONEUSVILLK, ! AW H ’enlmineler, Carroll Camt), Mi . Manufacture all the rarious styles of Car l nages from THE FINEST PHAETON Is the plain ROAD CARRIAGE. Tn’nSnSS 0F KVKKY KIND BUILT i To ORDER at SHORT NOTICE. ■jf Repairing Ikromptlg AlltiuU.l to. All work orsusNTKKri, and prices toe it any nasr-nass estabiishinent in the Stair. GEORGE W. STONER, St. JOHN E. ECKENRODK. jan 8-ly TO ERR IS HUMAN. T 3 I T failing to call before purchasing el* where and examining tne Stock of FURNITURE AND STOVES, ® tIK AE. CUOUSK’S, is a; < * l * r *gwd of your own inter* A&L cat that ia wholly inexcusable. WjSL Having had a long experience in bUßineaa, he now flatters himself that he alwaya exhibit to those wishing to purcha* any article in his line, a stock not excelled® ▼nriety and quality by any other establishment in t he county, and hia prices are guarani not to exceed those of Baltimore city, or * otherjdace in the sState. tOT Don t mistake the place, one bundnd yards cast of the liailroatl, on Main sire*, nearly opposite the new Catholic ChurA cstminster. | may 21 f BOOT and SHOE FINDINGS. AND BOOT AND SHOE MAKING. fpilE subscriber wishes to infirm the is*- iIL. l ' c ,S?nen% that he has retar ned In* 1 hiladelphia with n large and well select* slock of Shoe Findings; also French and I* meslic Calf Skins and White and Hamid* Sole leather, which he will sell by the s* or pound. He will also continue to maaufef Jure Cantom-Mado Boots and Shoes of th jest workmanship. Repairing dome prompt and in a Workmanlike maimer. 1 hankful for pnsi favors he respectfully * licit* a continuance of the public patrons* at his old stand, next door to Well*’ !*•< Store, nearly opposite the Catholic Church HUGH DOYIX Thoroughbred Alderney Cattle Ma m m COWS, HEIFERS. ALSO HEIFER AND DULL CALVES, SOUTH DOWN SHEW a BERKSHIRE PIQp, For sale at Clover Hill Stock Farm, Mar burg, Carroll county, Md. ft* 8-If LEWIS H. COLE. LIGHT I LIGHT It LIGHT!!! GIKRMAN STUDENT, House Pairs l ' • “St"* Non-Explosive laamps. Alt* naiety Oil, at _fcbl2lm E. K. QKRNAND’S. gardening, AN I) all other kinds of day labor dour ll reasonable rates. Orders may be left* 1 tue office of the Aovovate. "" 18 ,FBANK NOEL.

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