Newspaper of Evening Star, October 9, 1854, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 9, 1854 Page 1
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TITE EVENING STAR IS PCBLtsnED EVERY AFTERNOON, (HCUPT 5CXDAT,) At tit 5f,7- Hrri/diTtpi, eorn*r Ptimtylvama dV9trtt? and Eleventh itrtst, Bf WAM.4|!li A- HUFK, Tii ?uMorii? rs ir. Uieriiiea of Wa^r^Bctoa, G*-orf<> town, Aleianriria. IMuanre and Philadelphia, at 13 pr awum, ?SIX CENTS?werkly tr th<* Ag. ct". To mal sub-?cribers th? pno- ??= THREE DOLLAR.-? AND FIFTY CENTS I yrar in aUra^x, TWO DOLLARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONfc DOLLAR f< r THKEE DION I lls. COP1S9 oHi ( ?57. VOL. IV. WASHINGTON, D. MONDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1S54. NO. 553. ? ? ? f t THE WEEKLY STAB. THa neeHett PanQy asd New* 1 m* a create/ variety of Interesting y> found In any other?U paMMml an Sinfle copy, per TO CWII. rife copies.???????**?? ?in*ft M Ten do ? m Twenty do tt ?? Or?- Cask invariably in ???aK?. QTf- Stiift< ,v<?'.:!?? (ib wrappers) caa be procured a ruubtttf, im<ii?diauiy after tfce km <M ifet ii.t;ier. Prii e-TUil cs*ts. i iKTXtiTtM who act a* agent* wifl be i c inui<<aion of twenty p<?r ceot. A rox "EACH DISEASE" \T r-a n?:of l t WJ patienM, i bav? ??u?eoi-d ?0 pa* u'' * C'*M ?' m7 3iW't n,ci ** oJ MEOl rryix each 'ae fiito i to * pirtieular aie-aee. ??<i _ ; *, he 3iuof<xi3r?n of the nostra?* an.5 ?, promuigHtoto the aorld that Mr**u ?cr- ?!? end who. ilc the words oi "i1* C-*ft Ii&::~u physician 8pt.: i?o?Hni> '-p*i wj*'cir.TX wMch th'.y krvrw little, in'* L-ff ca'Vi ti/y -vjsow (<?-" J. 8. KOii^M. !>., Phlle J*' Chriera, Pt*~nUry, Ifow't 'J^nplain.'t, rffc.. fcr. J. g. RISK'S CARMINATIVE BAL?AH. fhie ailTtur- is one of ths most important medi cine*, aai should be fc?pt in all families us a "spe cifij * for Choi?*ra ina iiow?i Oomplaio cs it has nuv er fai'.-?d. Dysentery vanishes In a few days whet thi* artssle i* us?i as dire ted. Price 86c. Dr. J. 8. list's Pais JJtrm will cure Stiff Nei-R, 8or- Threat, P?in- in ita* face, Side, Back or Limb* Irem a C -W, Oii?>tio, t mler* Morbus, Ac It cures Sprains, Chilblains, Ornmpi or Pains in the Stom ??b ot boweii. Pri<-e %>, an J 50 cfs Dr. J. P. H^c's Extract cr Bcchd is one of thr beet rem-ius ever used for diseases of the Kidnej? Bladler, Mo. Price Wc. Vk. 1.9. .to?? i NasvuCi a!?d I.rra?iun!?a C >r. niAt. fir Tls^rt Di??e, ?.Ii *?erv?ns Affections, P'tM o<?n?e, Heart ttora, Re.?ti?f *a?s9, Numbness, Neu ral ^.a, raiding the spirits, a-nd givini; power to tbs whole system, it ??? almost miraea'oue i? its ?3*ci 6v -eats a bott ?. Da. J. 8. Rossi Dispsrrio Coxpotito, a suie ! for Dyspepei*, Liver Complaints, and ind ? whea taken in conjunction with his Alterative jt Family PilL-t. Price of both 75? Lui. .7. ill Kern Oold*n Puis tor PKiliog of the W.imb, rsa?'? W-%kn?>4? nihility, ?n t Beisk'adoo They nave ? p??ni1i>?r affimtv for th*- debiiitatwv. nuKlosoftha t^maie, an<l in no instanc hwo tlifj Jkit.*: in rxlicatly curinir those distressing ?>ni plaints females ?r? so often subject. ?*r!c? ail ceris Dr. J S *<oit ? \jrn-3njous or Racaoas Pan..? Th*s* (.i'l!1 are act warranted to aure In every aia! ?ly or dl^ase ;T?.r4rtit t?- man, bat they are a ami: for a ^"oas stste ot th- sy?t>"n and con m >n Wb^n ased wHh Dr. Koss's T'Hiic Mix tnr-, wid rar- th- m'*t stubborn cn^ns of Bilk-o> F?v?r or |KT?r stid Ab'a?. Price 12% and 26c. Dr J.S tcjz'.'; SA^3APA?.iiiA Cosiporya. ->r a: Pk!n Dia-.-kcj hhI^i porifying the Blood, !t Is *-u psri^r to all ntl.i rs~ Pii:i &Cc. anJ $i. Dr. J. P. r.ica'5 Sux:f. - onus, ?r#e t>om ?.!' th' bad eCVit- b* r Uiiu-iuun, suck as LLm.1 ache, Cuu=> _ .U^u. cr . ?/< Stoau'h. Pnc- 3os. ?U whos? OonatPatiou* ar? leered by di ?ase o7 weak by a^.ta-3, sb:-uld read lt. v 4. P-o- ^'d " l^di ca! Ad vis ?r, (vbish wntains e rtsweription cr'th? ilia mim cl oar ?-?I'.nuatn and ta? te 3ie o; ) t. a*n be ha 1 witn?ut charge or Z. sf. uilaan, Carles dtatt & *7. R Ci.Tia^ John W. Nai. a, Pnttwaon A falTTi, 0. ti- Cleri, H H ilcP'sTi^a, Willi ai T. P7 tn:., Ki iwj'l i I wa?, J. it. Moorv-j W?j.aiu?tOE; J L. Kldweil tJaor^etDWT1 a" J cj ail d?*l?ri la Ale acMa^ Vk finta. 47? LiVKR CO MP LA INT, x> -sr spmp bia, GBAONiO OR NKRV'OL^WlLITi DLSEA iSS OF TO 2 KXDNAYS, AND ALL DISEASES ARISING FROM A l>iaQFOgr;?i> LlViSH OS STOM.A0B. fr? h a? Ojbs spstioa, 1 n tsti1. Piles, 7-jllmae <?/ Blue u. Uw Ils-i, Aci l.ty J?J i>,e 8U).Ti*5h, H^artbam, Wrgjatf?; ?r weight 5 tt - ftovv-tf: si- ^ra ?iftituj, f'rMitf cr in: (?t Li: i .,?/ Uiariii; of li H- i, iul . ">rrath1ng, ?:at^ri;i 6*. ihs lis art > 0 cr fl-.. .r. i fc? -ensjtlr.ri wts^'u ? Ij "'tun" r-i D t ci Wsbibafori--iissiza^ J?7*: *a?l I'aiii ??iia b the t-ai, ixiu j?-;ar/ de '<>Ua^aew o thf aiia iad iivess ??*!"? ?a tic LJ'i~^T Liabi, r.uaOM of burr:ns '? ibe f Constant i of erli area bep^ss?ioo of Spirit*, CAH 3? inwtiia.1 onuD ft DR. HOO FLAN D'S Celebrated G-?rmcia Bicvere, PaKPAltAD BY BR. C. VL JACKSON, Ho. lit) Arab it.raet, Phtladelphls, tieir po?"ar 'er'h' abivs ii3?ast? ;s aotc-st-ailed ITilstiM, b; saj < ttn i?? &n in OnMad statr a- tie' :a.-c5 :.t:; t, la n: -7 <afiC2 ^itcr akil fal phy.-iicianr Thn? b;;:erj are -smrih? *ft"? attoatlon ofhiTah<ia. Po??ap !n^ gr=v*i rlrtu** : i :bc lecilCcfctt^i o? dia eaees of the Lreraul l<wr ^P-ad?-, a.terjisir.g Lir riost s?ar?hla3 ?cir^.-.c; X wr?i:w anl ii?';tiBaso the iii^9-'t5v? r>;aij^f t r \ rit'j .1, s? X c^r? aid aiei?i'T? \?i& ?r cKMViraTO. PrrtA^tLysu, M*rr,\ 1, 135B. J)e.O ?? Jaix^a. D--.r iic?J-r th* pvit tw? . 0, ? . WOMtf, "7 ?* new- I l->*t d^ai ? f ay a?3L, aac' used Q:.av k^als ai bj?1>- -i5, witli uo avoareut ?:fc:iU[?r1 antii. oouiasUv&i it ' 1 you*-t 11 x>.i * ''ia ia they 1MT.1 en* -*? 7 curel ar.?. i i^va ^ias-i lr weijit over ;"or!y nnnii - . ? I < Tinenowl thai: a^e, aai * ?fln n> v w - r -a !r :a pain mi afl.< ofaay !;:ni, aud f.-a'. ;tie ? new i uaha>dtat lagly resotur.ea) 703 - Ui'.iers to ail invai! L* M.r,fc.v*.^iilr, ??;?iN K. Os.'HV, :i J. Pl?< "W. K. Atl*uae, pu-j. of ti? WrU.'a Mo., July 17. lbil, tt.': - a >ai ia#t aura tier to rr~ low aai weai: a.' v t ? .!e to Ptini at tb? longer than ta-t b??ur at a tim; I tn^sd -,ne botti of yc xr U :riaau j'ii.t ira, ??bich acur-;v :ar?i me. 1 have a^ei t?o aotties. I sen*, two boiUei 160 mile from here to a i-i.t J wh-> na l n rick for a long time; hehaaa'- b?ta .:urrtd ny v:*ib. I bellev tiaex iu y* W/r t to aay medicine mw in oa?." 1C. ?. l'.:r?lai, Sii-letta, Ohi?s Feb J2,1*51. ttki. ??k'oar B;Oers are h:jrh'y rri*? d OT ta?n? ?rb> havr a-^1 thein r.n ^ c-- .s Ooir,pi<4Bt, or long it^r.iia^, -'.j-f ru^t'^i jiW of i* *r?l phyiicmnt. v ur?^ by tbs *s? Of* iiOttUr. * y. tC?asalin?lr. Jesrel.'ar, Wo-i.iter, 0, Dw 94, 1851, said : *'I embrao mis epporrnnity of i? formmj yon of the rr-at hene-it I nave deriv-td ie i. the a*s ct Dr. grid's Ot fmo liitvua. I Uav n*l them for Chiiis ncd lever, aad Dittr>rder*-i 8t :a? in. and fouc l rj "ef ir? e^er/ ea?-?. Phej i? the best r-medy for Diaorderei M.>ma>.hti thin a ir e*J-t?aos." D. K. S/tti) 3f.?i , Kdil~r cf the Qmrur Norwich, Oona , savl: "1 have be?m usiaj your Gsr nan Bitter - to~ eom* "4?-% to* &ysp?psin, and havt laoni to aaa r?U.-i ;rom ta^.nx, tn?t 1 have u *4* up my mlud to eive th?ta a /Lrtt^Mt m 4or le-n'-it." tlolilaai, Ktiapi A Co., Jaaeerilta, Wis. Sept. IS51, said: "Sour biturs are Uenerveil ly pcpi'ar hare, kjid asaoa^ ail the prepared me-di on our ib iva.-, uor^e bare we sold which have girea the ^auai* Uoo of HioflanJ'e Oermaa Bitters.' jiae Mi, iBV^, fcb?y sa>i: " ?v\ reoomia^ud tuec_> *r au ievalaab'.e sprin? and summer mediciaa.? W. M Orr, W ,>eter. O., October 3d, 1352, I "?o? aril me my opinion of the Germao Birt-ra. i have used them S>r Dy<?p->v<ta snd la ligation, ai>u take pleasure in <<taUa^ iL-.t 1 think tbey are -ae rvj best remedy sx^^at lor tha abjye ooitplA:at>^ IS;y are decui^Uy the 'tiaorwe of aii tm propn gUrry axedictn'i of the day w ??*>lr Orr ie a dlrtiazoiahe>i lawyer of Wcos?r. Theee Bitters a. e mriuEL? viiarasLa They nmtv yr*$trmu thr. *?i-??, but int*gor*te U. for aula in Waeain?;tna by Z. D. QILMAff. gin 9eor*?*owa b* J. L KfDWKT.L. In Alexandna ?;y J. B. PI E2PONT I* Richmond ?t P*JRC?M.L. LADD k CO In Baltimore CAN BY 4 H AT^H In ic DaVlf* * MILIAR ~I? do HiSTlI MAMOK In 4o ?i AOPtl^HSON * M\R8HALL. In XorWIr by M. A. IAMTIM A 3')K. Abd bv ?eete? j?*i'e dvaiem n <n*t! io? ere-y VVt ?^e. **+ #. . 1 - WAErtfLN'S 1MPROVKU h'l riK AN'U e ?TKP.I?Vt(i? (JO M POSITION ROOFING. ? tak- P -?oi? in calling thr st'entioD rf yj "artlee oontei?>pl*Hc? to tL: hijrh ly popu'ar roofing tn .trr!\l. wj-irh h^- f e^n in ?-x tep?iv? iise tbr- 'l'hoft li e citi.-* of ?h:' r . ?t?te* an ? Prlt'^h i*r?n-<v^ vr ?f ?farda t f !0 Jet r , dan a-j which tuar i hi- breu te '.*1 bj ere"" vari ety of cir<-ur-jta?.*'- -ui ? 'iqi?efi'all) otfwrwdod pe^ Me. in a '>n *r a-^v tb?r rooiirj^ B?ak>r>a in u *. the 1 ?i'ia'-.le Qaahtie' 01 i-W- ai4(, darabtlicv and r-^ur?ty haui'I the action of fhe el aoenU W* are ruad to cr/t!tract 6>r v>of;n< in th- eit^ aSmi eoaptrv Ofil.v L- irw from 1' to 12 < m end ?? to 5 r ia O. M WAKBffN .* CT?, lirUa at, 'J>i diet abuve AaeliuD tv?>oi au^ is#?Jin* ? I CAPTAIN CANOT, VUTHOR OF TUB GREAT BOOK JU5T BE ISl published, 8PKAK9 of HAMPTON'S TINCTURE. . j GREAT OCPK OF RHBUMATI3M CONTRACTED UNLER TROPICA I, CLIMATKS. Halttwok*, Md , June 4,1864 ifr. XorXbridyt, oftht f\nmtnin IloUl Light steet, BdUimore? i>-ar Sir : Being on the point of laaving fh? city. I avail mvsalf of a ??w ulla mrm?nts to thank you kindlv for the medictne you tmt ma, ?nd *hi"h lias restored dip to the up* of my limbs. I b*g you to Mud ujr- flour bottle more, txvcarry ou ciy voyage, f-lr.ce I had the iortnae ta use Dr. flamp'on'H Ve^e tabls Tincture my confidence is .*o i-crong that, in gratitude o the proprietors of eai I mwdi ine. 1 be^ -ou to pres-nt my resp?t? to them, ani indure ?Vn to make it more publicly Known as a sure Kh~umatic cure. Having called on loo on the lfih of April last, and pe?n tn?- prostrated on my bed in all my li be, yon can appreciate nesvly ?h w-ll 119 myself th* prompt relief i received I?n~a Fr. Hampton's Tincture, and I am positive hail ir nit b"..*D tor your strong and forcible reoommenda tio'!* I should ftill bare b*-en ?n bed. It i" really a pity this sp^c-fic should not be ap proved b* medical men, a:id like mIi patent d. u^r. it ?hoo!d puffer the imputation the pu nc gener* ly ^ive to snco rr-parati.>n8 I mv elf, who was al *ays opposed to a patented specifi;, took this medi cine with reluctance, and without confidence in it, -.'id it wa* only tftrongh your disinherited, friendly -ccommendations, and my criti sal rftHntion that ia I.icod m? to try this r"?Uy beneficial Vegetable Tsneture. Yea war inform Messrs. Mortimer A Mewbtay hat rhs-v >rw at liberty to main u*? of my ninw Iu h. piip; ?rtof the good effects of l)r. Hampton's Ve^et?bl? Tincture, al it h?s cured me in flvt, weeks of a chronic Jnjlammatory Rheumatism, coutra'te^ under tropical dimabts, atidot seven years' periodioil filtration. I hitve on y n>*e'! threw bottle*, and tind thsi ev?n the dtformeil parts of my hnnds are faet etorn-og o their farm-* n itura' at pe-?rau'e I h -?<? been under t- e treatment of teveml phy sicians In London and Pan?, without any apparent benefit; al?o, while iu New Ycrfc, liaviug tried *he Thompsonian and -lomoepathio rfiuedt^s a'ter hsv ini b-en torcaeDted with galrtuic ba teri<?8, <ylJ r.nJ aromatic 'oatbs aui hu.vir?ls of internal and external meiicintj, all to no effect, I am, * > lar. ?ured by thi*' fiaiapu-n's Vege able Tincture only. Ther??f->re, ray ear sir, accept < f the assurance ay gratitude, ani beiie*e tic your well wisher. Thgxas CJasot REV. Var.NON E.-KIilDQB, U. S. N. POBTSMOUTU, Va , Aug. 18,18S1. Mr. J. E Bons*1? e>-rsir: While I s.m, in ger.? 'ai, cpT>Of??l to pacnt medicines, candor compel? me to atate thst I have i^re^t coofideiic" in the virtue of il^mptoc's VegpiaH- Tinctur-. For several month* past I have used It in my family ; and in i.-ppepria, loss of a!>p*;ite, dizeinesa, and generi.1 d^ . with entire success. So tar as my ??xperi-n,.? I eittenln, therefore, I take pleasure in recommend iug it to th? afflictod as a saf? aud efficient r?meOy. i I ana, respectfully, yours Tjsai?0"? Ehxtudcs, ChapUin, Uuice<l States Nevj. HOME TES TIMOn J CCtUK OF LIVER COMPLAINT OF TEN YEAR? WA5HI50TC5, May 17. lSf>8 Morthner A Moworuy : Gantlemw?H ir ing bwsn aati.-Uri with LiTer Complaint. f t?-n airv ntuadirg, I hsrtv'y, lor tha b neiit of the aflli :t< d, ploaaur- in anuoun'-ing that .-?ftf r usin< ? b<.ttlc8 of your Tincture, I found it litd p.c comi<iialifri a jierfner cure 1 have u.?*l different aied'Cliitri fro'n 'Iuh t > t ??. b H have never be?a abl-: to account tor a-y api> ireut good, anu is a fcleesijsg to siric!>n liumsiiity sh? tliatmedl la*1 is 10iia-i which pog.-?-'Be:! the won.ier- cs paver of prt> lon^ing r.timan life. The many ?i resit has wr/ajr.t j, a FuSlctenl gnarantee oi' tile beneficial r-sultr *7bich lixsy be oxpeiienoed fr> lt> its Vou**, cat ^ectfuily. . J- UAt C^il a-Ju sr.t pamphletb gratis. n> e "DT*s ct (Xugh, BrrnMU*. Hluumat vn, Xruraiyw.. Dysprp rio, AtT"wufn?? mi Gen ir<il Weakness- At a feaa e medicine or lor delicate children we believe it un ^O-Soldby MOP.TIMRR A MoWBRAY, 140 Balti more sf.eot, Baltimore, and SOi "roadway, New Vcrtfc 'JliAo. fTOTi A CO , WtVXR, J. B. M00KK, O.B.CLARKR CLA\tKK A BOWLING, W. 1-UiLT yTT, and II MciPHERiiON, Wa?hingfen; also, by P. H. P. CI^HEli, Qeorgetrwn; and C C. BERRY, ,\l?xandria, and by Druggists everywhere, sug 81?tr TAKE NiOTICE. HODSEK BSPSKii and ofh-r? are romlnd?c< that the tbllowina lint of articles are of Ui* Tery nest description, and csn be purchased from the gub briber on as low terras m any other house in the . jty. A large assortment %n.l sspply al**iy6 od '.and: Oil* of all 4 Oneenswari ?ainta Brushes Oamphis' Clocks Varnish L."?mps Turpentine Chandeli?ra Window Glafli Oirandoiat Ohina V?-vh . I Eart' -*nw*r- 'JriUanaia Ware i Qlase Ac., Ac., A:? i 3o<>ls eer t to any y.^rt oi the city free o* charg*. I 'tountrr d^al-rs will do *ell to call. C &? WU1TTLKKKY, Jtfc street, ocp Beidt-u A Wither^' Bank mar ' 7 tf SKMITf AffCES TO IBELA^I). OSilSv'NS desiring to kd I money to Ireland, can I otilain checS. for ?i or more, on the Belfast aokin^ Company, payable in a'il the pr.ncipaj -?wtiB. Apply lo CIIDB8 BROTOSKS, Btnk?ri, oppofdtft th* Tr^ary Cu'liirg, +m < 'W - mn1' TO MAKE^OUR HAIR CURL. WOSUEK of run WOULD 'fUE Great IV- ni?r ?f the bn a* length be-n di.-^covere 1. You cannot innie one hair wiiit? or bl?ck. bu'. Mr BYU0.N H. HQBri has at | 1- n^th procured the truth cl the gr-wt se n-t, alter am;h * udy, toil. an . expanse, how to maae the j Viir c-r! and wave in the iu- st grac ful ui-.iiin-r for '--.fe Tne proprietor has travelle-i through varif up ! part* of E'.irop-, for upw \v is of uiue y?a-8 in ae ir h i ?: ta^ c?l>r.rated chemist and physioiogi. t, M. .que*, and has at It-ngth foui: I him id ltaiy. hud i p-ir-haied of him 'he rec-ipt for th? fun of J'i.lMj >. I All person* having the mo-<t uncouth andco*Js? | l.^oliins? hair can have if tranf >rm*l i'lto the ujf st I t?>uotil'ul and eurlif^ appearance th-?t <*uld be de I v. Tf-i. The cijpositioc of which th- article is com poped will not co>t more t'lan 60 cents, end but one application i? need'd to the hair *o cause it to wave !n tfie most uuifirm aad p?rfect manner for life, ai-1 thus itrprover the looks and appearance one hutdrwi p^r c*ut We now effer this wonderful dl-eovery to the world for the mm of f I 00. U-fct all letters to BY HON H UodH, rarininz ton. Irumbdll oo., Ohio, ind the receipt will be im medi'taly forwarded to the person. All letter" um.-t be p' at paid to secure attention. | Sep I? -Sol WAS F1XTUBK8. I rf tug jjubscrlbers take pleasure in announcing to X tile i>?hlic tha' tbeir stock of GAS FIXTUiiKS, -ooprisinvt ?om? of the bwt and latent patterns, ha? fc?ea rec? ived, and tha. they are c?w prepared tc sell at 'he lowest rates. Persons in want? f Gas Kiitaree ?vi.! T'lea* call and examine -ihey will no doubt And It to their interest. Dwellirg- and public boil lisga fitted with ga?-to btng at the usual ratea J. W. THOMPSON * WROTHKR dse 16?tf Pa. a v., bet. loth and llth. s. side. WASHINGTON IRON WORKS, '?laxfu avenue, between 4J4 and 6th sis. Manufacturer or steam Engines, fc.iiers, Wat?r Tank.-;, Shafting, Pulleys, Hangers and Will Werk generally. Will furnish Saw Mills, all kinds of Oastin^a, Wrou/ht and Ce*t Iron Pipes, and?verything in the Iron line generally. T*o Minat! ESGlS'K.ton bard and for pale. For information a ldre*s G. 1. NOYJtS, W? ?;on Iron Mornr, W'aahinztcn. T> ?i. >v 1A?tf TO INVENTORS. i'HF 'iflce of fiie Inventors' Pro .action National UiJon" is 'T. 7tb oppo site the East Por t'ro <jt the .'a vnt ('Si-e, and is now rea'ly to attend "he bo"inrt?s of if< reejnb<.-rs, namely : in m&liing ?'aaination' an.l solicitia? j>ateiit.-:, Ac. are invit?l to -all aad get a copy of the ' arion ami By law, and where any inferraa k,ti ?il; be giye#r*c}S{'ecting the Union. AU ?vtt-'re on basniese mast l>? -Mrr?-t?d to this vt Ice, wfc?re atvnticn wiii be givea hn-nediiiteiy. A .node: ahop Is in <5cciii.*ctior. with the offl'v, xhere mo<iels c*n be mad? to order at the shortest Ktire T. 1. CLAYTON. K iO?ly Presider.? I P N P Si N0Nv M8 OF THtf >KW TESTA V^>T, by K. 0. b 'ench, B. D., a'lthor of The Ptr.dy <f World- ' *C. A tennis^??n Abroad, or Letters tV-ofln Fr>rr>p?, .v&wa, and Asia, br Rancclpb Ma iGaro-k A.5i . L ; i?., * m?n>-er ?4 tlie f**ph?i!l-- B^r TAYLOK A MAURY 8 'J0? bookstore, oe?r 9tta at. ;1 TAKE N0T7CE. NEW GOODS JUST RECEIVED. PW. BKO WNIMI, Merchant Tailor, Pa . avenue, utvtar the toitwrt 8t*r?e Ho-< t> 1 would r??pcctfr.I!y i'ifTin hfi customer rin-1 I he public groonUly that hp he? jast re ceived ne* 1 til and Winter goods iu gr-ati virioty. sai-.i rs tilths, Cavsimeres, and Vps'inira t>i tvie latest In-portetion, andprepared T/> h??v them msue up at the shortest no'j >et ia the mofi* fashion able manner aKd e.t low rates of priccs. lifting mvJe srrar.'gemt-nt-' to go Into th? R<wly-j eedsCluthla* b! siuess e_ttens!v*ly this s?flR"n, hj| "ee* confident thet b? can offer t"1 th^se ?wishing t - purciws? a stock or U ? thice, not interior U> any in vhi- cite, and not marie up at the >orih, as is usu ally the case with work sold here; but cut in htF c*n establishment, and made bv our own needy cit izens in this dull season at low rates of prices, he is enabled thore'or, to compete with northern work in po:nt of prioe>; and us to qua'?ty and style, he wsi. leave f ir thos ? who favor Lisa with a call to 'Uilge He can sell whole suits, Coat, Pui.ts, sod Ytst, at the following low rates: Good suit for business purposes, '"ut of cloth or c-s siwere. lor tha small sum Of. flf Dress and l'rock Cos s, from $10 to fA' Overcoats of different styles 12 to 2i tflack and fancy i'an'aloons jf3 f>0 to 10 ,ailk and Velvet Vests I 50 to 1a) This stock of Ckthlng is ot a sop?rior quality *ni hv b*en mad? up fiuct' he received the tall and winter fashions. lie keeps constantly on hand a larjre awormpn ?>1 fancy arti les?aU'th as Gloves, Cravats, Collars Umbrellas. Ac. Sole Ag*nt fir the sale of Scott's Report cf Fash ions in this dry. s?p 15?tf Khead quarter^ >rner of Thirl rent * anil K streets, ntar Vie Thtitlre ?/?^ j?\ Iho proprietor ??f this l?<.i j public house, kir. Wil>iattt i*ii(r Greason, has refitted. ren ^^1^ ovated, and prepared his, establishment tor th? accommodation OT vi.;>ers in soeii a manner that lie trusts will giro fu I (.ati^fnc tion to all who eitend to him their patronac;* Ua j !ia iM*di arrangements to h>te the very best o 0Y.STKR8, Ao., for the whole ses-son, without regard 0 expense. families ard Parties promptly enpplied. "!:p Har aud Lard<?r is at ull times at K?*d with the befit in the !iae. Vafelrg his acknowl' d.^menta tor part eiiCCursgement, he resp<c'fuuy inviws a c^u tinti no? of th* saiun, with every intention anu rx ert.on t-j pieataj. W A lew lioiird-rj can be comfortable acootnrao iated. B?P ^4?Pel UNION REFECTORY," Com?r of Pennsylvania, av. and Third st. The undersigned re spectfully annouores to his customars a:td tho ? ublic, that he has laid iu a frerh atomic'aiaitandspirituoun liquors of tb U?t *>/r 0115 ??tuoh may bo found fine EioaJ ing A ctifci AJee, ai'd Lagor Bwt ; superior Braa Jie", Vr'inae, flin, and other refreshment.''. Ei Ixrder !s supp led rrith the best of the n.~-r'-ei, s ??fwn, EorvKt rp at the shortest notfoj. ?.u<t hi; Oisars aro of tiu choicest brands. 'J'bfcukf.ti t,-i ?&.it faiCitS) iie aopee to r?cs:ve a cuntinna.-r4of '.h* B. bvliA?. iryTH!', UKI'^ BOWMNG ti.Vt.OOST, ? nod Hupencr'jro for th>- purf>?e?>. just i?i tV. re:tr of ilr. SuhniiE, 021 third street, otf-re rare av ducuaients to the 'overs of the ploiieurahln exercts of o"=rlii.;/. It has three alleys, lr' * ?-ith at e 'iuubed skill, the best in the citv, ?uJ eTer, att-^ :ion is ?ivt>n to accociinwlate geuliemeu whoen j.^g.j in the sport. au~ 10- Siu HEW FALL ASD WISTSE GOOJ>3 AND FAbHiOKS. UVA'iL A BH J., .viyrch'int Xa .jes, hav? yi?i rutcm;.-! f- ax >'kw i'v^k wi.?-r? ih y j? ii itj mudT p^ ohase. from ths be"t Ifa t Kooning fc. ???"?. st?_L *r> uosr p'ei'are.1 to SJll ?JI.tllb:t 0113 -jr lh? anu nefa^lL fwv I"**1 ? , jrt m** lito ul UCDl'' 13 IM 11 !?*?? all Oi arnica th jy ar-* to to. to orisr m tli( - Qst' lv^ant aci f*?Ui >n -ble styie eeji 11-^eoiiw UUy A.LL 4 BR^. UiSlJhKTiiMfc*> A-it OABINBT MILLER b USDEkTAKEK t li h ur.'deii?ic;ii'?i woti-d teepeetfuliy totorm tii> 1 fneU'i-S ai iiiinw.ucHS, aud the pabuc genarail; ..'.'a*, he still cor tir ues to -izecutv ?n order* ia a ice -f buricer.s ir, the best mar.aor aad ?t th?fchr'*ri ?1;. cctiot. ii.lLFAIM.1 PTO *ieatly*Dd proiaptiy esecat?"i /? " 23 is'U1? K tC A lj 3 attoudetl to a'. "9t^ffSOKBSOf the shortest uotrtoe, and :n the beri aacuer. Uo'Uts prutrv:^ in CJu mrst pcrfrct ? <r, evm in lh*. vrrnvtl x'athxr K-r paat favors, he would reeprvrtftiii * c'.fcit, and wili endeavor to merle u oonil^uecae 0 he same. A>'THONY BOOULY, i'?. are, s. side, betr- en 9th ana sti; t'..3Sldeu'_n: &ir. Martin's, bio. 3S>6, D street, t ir-/ b<nne east-ot lth street mar IT ? ly i ]S:?1 UNDERTXK.ER. W0U1.D rt.ry>e-:ftilly return n.y thants to the _ citiiens of iVaai.ington and its vicinity for then t'a5. patronage, aa j. say ih*; ;? ving to the hvqaent i%ils in the under taking br-.tuu of my basit.e?e, 1 da*-* bren initi'-tu lo tii&aoiiCsius tlie manual art '! 5?'urTiitur>!, sud turn u?y a'.ier,tk/b lu'ly to the UNDKRTAK1NQ. "i h'.ve spared uu pils to iiu?' ;?sety thing tna-is re^uifite to my bu?ia??.s, and i ?n :h-rciore fuuy prepared to iiieo-t .?'jy 01 iar aju;i 1 ir* momerte rr>*i-n?, 1 ?nd 7 asfur* t"ior,s ? jaii that 1 wui spare no paiiiB t? carry our -U.-ir or ierr to their entire *atMli cLon. JAMFS ? HARVKYj No 410, 7th St., ??!:*S'.n U aiid B 11.?Celia ?ueaa!^ to ?t ?ii nocri, cf U.9 nigh'. in?r 3?ly UNDERTAKING^ I W. PLANT A CO. h .viu - removed frumtbfir tj . old stand, on I) sirret hutwu.m tftn and I0t ^, to their pr-sali; place of liUuMy a, uu the > .iSt hide ?yt "th. between G ?ad 11 st*, res, -c-rally auaounve. that they are prepared at the snortest n ;t' !e, a C jX aU hours of the night, to attend to out* tna?ie in he lin* cf th?ir busiueH-. Bel'>4 prepared to fa jieii funerals in thu most <rompiet" and appropri ?t< iiianner, and U> d' TOte them?eivt:fl holety to the bus t'tess of Undertaking,; fhail be wanting oc their pert to givo entire K-iti>f?coon to thos. * ho t-uiploy rheiu. As soie owners ot Crump's Paititt Crrpse Prtifrrvrr, J. W. l l^nt k Co. re?p?ctfu ly in ' lie p'ilih : attention to the sup*riority of (.tump's Corpse Preserver ovr eveiy oih' r invention <. f tae .hid. a* it rnny be effectually us.,-4 for the dead bod\ euhout placing it iu a box of ice or the ice being in actual contact with the coipae. Crump's Corpse Teserver has never been kn ^wu to h3 :n th- hot tr->t weather, to give satis^ction, ??? can be p>*oKed oy uumurous certificates, hhrouas et different ftind^ made to order at the shortest notice, and on &be m<>st reaeonaole term.:. Ihi advertider'acharg'-3 arc below the usual rate? oi other Undertakers. A Hearse al ways in re?dines*. au? I'-i??v>tf BUSLNKiib OAitLUS. I BOOK BINDtKG, iti varieties, neatly executed, on the most reasonable terms, by lUOAUS TiUPUSTT 4 00^ Pennoylvania avenue, south side, 2d door Ap ? t?'i from 13th etreet, COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR N.?w vork, Texas, (J?rJar.->!ft, Hsw Jei^sy, LcMiiu?a.\i?. MiKS-tv. i, Peaaaylri,nk% Altbame, Kerilufaiy, Mirylsnd, Oeorgia, Mi^gan, iiune. Wiscouslj. Chi>o,tuj U nneeoto, llorlda, Other Ll?t??; 9&.UROK C, 1C1IU Ait, ATTORNSr FOR CLAIMS.. am HOTARY PUBLIC crnci 0P?0?rj to fas raiiacaY aot^wss. .<?? 19?y WASHINGTON. V. {1. GAS LIGHT! GAS LIGHT! TtK'MAS LKVViS, PRAC110AL (J Ali K ITT Kit, 10th strett, between l'enna aveo je and ti street, (Frto <1 k>t? abuvt. ftc<J(lire's Auction Slorr.) ); HAVING served a regular ?pprentic-.shiyof over five yearn at the Gas Pitting bu ii.e<< a in oneol the iar^e't estab'ii-hments ia I'hil-i*^^ adeij.hia, I lid ifcrpoctfutly in! in ' JR citizeT n of M'ashiugt n and G orgetowii -LJEM .hat lam prepared to lit no Dwell;ai<s, < hurciic* stortf, Ac., ia a neat sud manner, u d wsrr*rted not to le.k T. L. ex. > ales all Hind* of iron Pip* Work, for t(a?, <-teaa, Mud wuv*ir, at the shorteat notice, unJ on eccouimoaatiiig term> * Nujreroiis lefrrences g'.v: n if require!. BCD IS? let* Iv N u * it U AK ViKNl-i.?.-to?ker Oaaial, c|i>-h ) mtre m-ruvo. S..\rur Sc. tcb woti!, O u-t uie 1 to, U-"ia thi aJ, and co t n UNDtiiU^i,? r,KMf aaitr, Cellar#, U:un ,md Mud u t'Ototiij at blG fci'd, top ltt? WitUfds' Hotel. : a u OFFICIAL TaiAscti Brpaktme^t, August 2ft, 1354. Notic* it hereby giv.*n to the holder:' of * ae tol lowing-described stocks of the United States tb*t this department is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 20th (lay of November next rortions of thos? ffock?, amounting in the agjre?r?te to $.'1,810,000, in the mauner and on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: . Jn case of *ny contingent composition, w ithin the iuuouQt ttatsd, pra.erttnc* f.ill be given la lhe or d.T of time in which Bail stocks may he off-red. The certificates, duly a?8iirned to the United States, by the parties who are to receive the amount ther of, nnpt be transmitted to this department; upon the receipt whereof, a price v-ill ba pni , compounded ot' the following particular* : 1. ^te pur value, or amount speciflsl in each or Iflrate. 2 A premium on the stock if the loan authorised by the w;t of July, 1*46, red?cmill? November 12, L856, of S per cen 4 on the stock of the loan ?u thorized by th* art of 1842. r^de-mnble 3tst Dcoem rer. 1862, of 11 per cent; on the stock of fhe loan .inthmitvd by the acta of 1847 and 1R48,and r?dee;.i al.le, the former on the 31st December, 1867, aid the latter on the T0th June, 180S, of lt> per cent; and ou the ptuck of the loan a 'thorn-1 by the act of 1850, and redeemable on the 31st December, 1864 (common! called the Texan indemnity,) sis per cent 3 Interest on th* par of each certificate from th* 1st ot luly. 1854, to Ih-3 d -te ?f r oeipt aud ?et le nient at the Treasury, witn tae allowance ("or the money to leach the ow :>er) ><f one day's interest in ada.tion. 1 Pay men; for sa'd stocks will be msde in drufs ol the Tr^anur'r of the United Sta os, on the assistant :rea?ur- r at Lorton, Vew York, or F*bilade!p> ia, af j the pirtii s mny direct. But 110 certificate will be entitled to the benefit ot this notice which shall not be actnaily n-jelwl at the Tie&knry on or before the e&ii JWth day 01 J.o> Tfmber next. JAMES (3UTHRIK, a"K 28- d_29vov Secr-tsry of Tre* FIRS OIf.T>lNO. 6AT,T*>fTZTN0. AND ELECTRO SILVER-PLATING, OS All. KIXIM or M TAL 17 LABARRK would respectfully inf rtn the pub , lie thai he haa opened a Shop at th? corner C and lOib straits, in the abovy bosine'W, and is now reidy to receive orders in any branch, namely: FIRS (JTLWNO on all kinds of ornam?nts for churches, cbalico*, e *%is, and re-_;H'ia for F:ee Marons, C*2d fr?r->v-s, and inillt/'ry ornments, A". A".?, 8T:.T* AND R!U?8 WAT0tH>". Chaicj, Uol let. v Locr.tts, Tea and 'i.*Ue '-pet*: T?<vi?ect nnd Hettar EiiiTes. BlI.YISR-i'LATlNO ')? Military fteani?^t?t i'rait Baf&eta, Waiters, CftCdl.?ti.-'-i sWrCa. aI'l -Ttr jo*:. 4 lor Plnrjbers,ni'? ft *rr. rr. /ill' ft* aaijr^'T', Frt3 od l f^l i?rs, and ctfc? tetdttien *t;i Clubs m*a* ??% >rdor 0* tie bi.:>rbMt IK I'UA wI3 LulBi!UiK, Corbet C cr??. I-'u vest, n.*r I uve r?e 5?Pn _ ^ 0/STWfB r* TV M Atfr-. "'"V 9 '?*'?' ; F? '<L' i- Wi'At-1 !.hs Cri?v of *sx? ! Not ft Faisal? 01 *w.-^L?vr -:n it. &elsy*am.a Es?i? f<-vHeroftslf-"ir-pr y Stttsm, obetsn^aCata^scnsXTj^aont^iii j-lc? oj t'iistuiraon j ;nic 8ot? C,.fj,Rin? Womc* Tetter, 8r*!4 ? nl?rgc rM r~.f anC Ot tJ'B E 2.Ti:> JC 3-^ r'tolbcn) Uic*r% iij'pbUi'.w Ms i" i,l * -* . -i-1*-' '-Vm plstntt,wadallsfe?s?gfreni ftsjctfdoui V..-;ofM?xcof/. l*-prac .:?.**i*w i ^ -A iLs . , ?<* * ;3 vf'r.e' H Wa'Vire t mct, vSs ? tcv >^e ?'laifcft* oi cx'.ioivi. / 2^*/ i&Mbsl '? trough lt? ageney,lwindu I ta "?? v.n, **?V orient t ^'""t oft*::ir fr '?({', to ot f ? ;V.. pnb'i^vUobdt wii'i l.?e luiBMtiN ' it.t09 ia h* rirtnes a;;i v.-adciful curaL'v. pro;-*' :?jn. Tu? fjMn-rhiR ?.rti^?*4' *?, s?I?-*t^d rrcw ? i?rr< rcn>V.*r, ar?: Iw^iier, ttixtrxtr it riia-cy 'bar; ? ? t nutimrfoithepioptietiiK;tod ?r?aU tnia t-esc^n vreii kiiot.'ji ?o i-i ol a? b:^h. w rM<*e^t?UlU;>.f2SB ? ef t*:?jc.K? >~i, k? o'.r <-ity ol ' ?.? % Yv jP. l OYflllN, Elfei, If tfc3 ?vcfcj.::gs iUeh *>t?d.V2o?n 'Ati? ? :l c?e, sijs fa* s-ius-jn tfcc Jirdj 'ite called C?.'. iJnsn *. ?.?crs- ?wire- Ir.n'crlT u thr ?? fo? ,--hich ill? reooroae?*?*., v?I; ? i. e n. . a.r i?: recblte. Hr??Lj ? ii a. a; ?? . ti*crcineei Le-iifine lie b?? ev jf ivo. AiiVH ANt WV; R?C'i lA? feerr' j rrrtifyth*- Jcett-rs' . if b?;1 .4f?e and f?? ol > e irost viclei)t o*scrip..??? I brd vrrrr.5V\\ ?.: c?M, trek !?rce (joftisiicie: jf Ct'J'Cia? , t r<_ / ellere all th? Touict &.ivorti;.;-a lut :\ij v ihoin ;^tit'snentrelir' At !r I - l'-d h ''" ?^Tore, tw'O bcttl/i'M i el?., tnally o?jr-d <cc. ?i.ii I?rffctopylo ? y I hed r*ulr Ufcili* ji ^ H liU: bti -05?l tiff r"'(i #Llth' on''": ?-1 ??' * r>-itr>>?. r ne.* JOBM -U-fPs'i ? X ir?.. Hl_- is. i?,' f 2C V C. K. LUC'S, Jfaaj. r.ov In ti.?cJc? it USxa ,1 * ?<r ' fcr EhD y yrtr>:, u tefc'-e. h*a until w I c. noein &*tciib>aifc? ?cy of Curl-.'a fyin'ti Vistare, that he bs? vic -.?.-i:T uiwardo < i oS ohioiihehtsgivet y to the 'ifTiiah^i *Ir. Lutl1 -.- ^cfcsiutE >?Yet h t'?t- It to ^riiUtr rt ic. ori teair'T^T?-. Tt. * pranfeir.^ i'hyaiJM,, una fc-i mer !y c-i the City ?)?te), lu tLe cn> c; Ki'-'-iraond, aays ii kwwihi^asedlsa ntanber rf lnEt*nr?sthe e&ectt t rartei'stfpwnich Mi/.tme, wh^h xrcreic-" tr,,!y ?i * i rising Be sayain a fj?orC'?nsumptioi!,(leT-f uUv;. on th? Livr, the kma". tffe<*t8 v ere wonderful nti'e-o BA.VUKL M.DBlNESR.of thr fire- ol bricV t I Itonis, Bichmtjjd, waK cnre?l ofXiterConpiunt ov t years (standing: by th* ??? ct two ht-i.tlfteoi Cartel', flpfciisb Mixing GMIA'C CCBJSi Ct ffCF.OIULA The Cditois e 'he Hicfcmcrd Vqpublicc-n hiul a servant employee a 'hr'.r pre:* rwn, cared of Tiolent Bcrcfit'.a, cowtih'r.'.' xUh P.tcumaiifm, which entirely disabled film froi, work. T wc oottlee of Carter's Si aniuii Mixtvin !aaai k ppfrtl cure ^fhirn and the Editors, in a publ'.cnr ?Jff. rt} they "cfcerfUUt recommend it to ?l!w>? ?r* vaticted with swy ol the blood." ETILi. ANOTIiW- CCttt UP hCBOFCLA.?I hal t v;ry Valuable bov cur-;! of Sorofula by Cartel' FprnjRh ailrtnre / oonsHer It trniy a valoahl* meOkJre. JAM&B M. iAlConductor ou th( B F. A P. R. It- Co,, Iliehmosd. Ve. r.ALT vmtTM or tv.tvty yiars rtakvixu CUE. Mb. Mx. JOHN TIlOJ'JfcUN, residing ia the city Richmond, war- curad by three bottles of Corter'f Spanish Mixture, cf P?lt Uhenm, whiob he litd Lparlj twen'.y years, end vhith all the phyFaciact cfthe city could not cur*. Mr. Thornrsen i ? a well known m-rchaat In the dt? cf Rickiatnd. V?.; end hie cnr'i is inoet remarliAble. WM. A. 14ATTDKW8, ff ?i?hmond, Lad a i?r rant enred cf fyphi!^, in the worst !brm, b7 Car ter'a Bpe.nlah Mixture, Me says Le cheerfully re ccoimcnd? it, and oom-ia^rs it an 11.valuable ciedl cine. EDWIN BURTOK, ct mmistioner of the revenue Siya be baa seen the good efTects of C arter's Spanish Muturein a number of Syphilitic and says ii is a perfect cure for that horrible disease. VtM. tt. HARWGOD, ol Itichmond, curcd of old ?or?s and Ulcers, which diaablt d him frt m walking ?ook? few bot*le? of Carter'* Fpenish Mixture. ??t] wee enabl'd to walk without a srstch, io&rfaorl csj< permanently cared. ' jMuctpal Pepots at M. W.*RD, CL0BL* * 00, Nc Eii Mallen Lar.c, New York. 3. W. 1)1 OTT * SONS, i\o. 1S3 North Second street rffiadelrMs. PKN riin*r ii h.tHUe. No. l'ifi Malr. street, Rich o.iiid,Va. And for sale b? CflARLSf! FTCTT, ^sshfnjftcn V. C.; F?NRY VfeRL, Alexandria, and by Rrcggi^t everywhere. If I lee $1 v?r Vottle, or six bo<tJss frr nv 81-t lUKKJKY VICT0RI008. YOU wili find at the samt Oi.D fTAND, Penna/l r&aia avenue near 12th stifvt r'^ro.-ite thi (erfng Hotel. !/)OKFNO OLABSFB ir'th or wlthom Fr^mea, 1'ortraJt, Pwture and Miuituie frratuen o th? Utiist ?tyl?j; Brackets, Tablet, Room Moulding OernleM; 4e : ttr by 1e?rivg your crd^r ycu sat *ny o.?r' lane tu ay iuy N. H.?Old Frtinuf, *t tni .?>acrtet>. no dee on rewon?ble terms. Dont forget the place. hb?-lj JOHN WAtiWKR. o tlAn-9ri, ; ? Olit^B ?,UJUJs #i.l isv EVENING STAR. "THE FIBS! HAN 1 KILLED '* A young English sailor, on the verge of the Black Sea, gives an account of a skirmish in winch he was engaged with a party of Russians, one of whom he shot: '? We dispersed, a few hundred yards' uistance from the beach, to keep ih< coast clear while the boats'crews made I prizes of tue guns. The enemy had the advantage of the wood, aud also of know- i mg the country well. A troop of them i showed in advance, and we were ordered I to fire. I took steady aim, and fired on my man at about sixty yards. He fell | .ike a stone. At the same time a broad side from the went in among th< trees, and the enemy disappeared, we could scarce tell how. I felt as ihougi I must go up to him, to see whether he was d*ad or alive. lie laj- .piite still, aud 1 was more afraid of him lying so than w hen he stood facing mo a few min utes before. It is a strange feeling to come over you all at once that vou have killed a man. lie had uubuttoned bis jacket, and was pressing his hand over '.he iioiu of his chest, where the wound was. lie breathed hard, and the blo*l poured from the wound, and also from his mouth, every breath he took. Ili-1 [Ve was as white as death, and his evet looked so big and bright as he turned and i stared at me : I shad newt forget it. H? was a fine young fellow, not more thar ti\e and twenty. I went down on my knees beside him, and mv breast lelt as full as thoutrh my heart would burst lb had a real English face, and did not look nkc an enemy. Wha^ 1 felt I never can tell, but if my lite would have saved his, 1 believe I should have given it. 1 laid his head on my knee, and he grasped hold of my hand, aud tried to speak, but his voice was gone. I could not tell a word he said, and every time he tried to speak the blood poured out so 1 knew it would he over. I am not ashamed u .sav 'hat 1 was worse than he; for he never shed a t?nr, and 1 couldn't help it. ilia eyes v.-. re closing, when a gun whv ('red iiotu the , to order ut aboard. aud that around him. He pointed to the beach, where the boat was just push ing oil wiuh the guns which we h*u taken, and whera our mariners wen waiting to man the second boat, ami then he pomied to the wood, where th CUcItjy wsm concealed. Poor tV-tlow 1 h? iitiic thought how I had shot him down l was wondvriug bow t could leave him 'o die, and no one near hiui. when h had something iike a convulsion lur a moment, and then his l;ice roib'd .>ver and with a sigh he was gone. I u us, th* Almrg.ity has received his soul. I laid his head gently down on the grass a.,d , . hl1,n- , lt seemed so strange when 1 looked at him for the last time. I some how thought of everything ! had hoard about the 'lurks and Russians, and tu< rest ot them: but all that seem on so ,,u ojj, and the dead man so > ear /" injc Ahtlticku op his own* Fortune. The following is- from the speech deliv ered by Mr Macready, not iong since, before the Sherborne Literary lustitu Hon: The first time I visited Canterbury. 1 wished, of course, to see the Cathedra'l. A gentleman there b\ the name of ,\ib tin, the surveyor and architect of the building accompanied me. lie had re decoratid almost tne whole of the inte rn i, and had restored the dilapidated portion of the western front. Ho was the artificer of his own fortune, and had raised himself to this position from a state of almost actual destitution ; he formerly been the servant, of a frienu ot mine, and when he reached Canter bury he had not half a crown in his pocket He directed my attention to everything worthy of notice. It wa opposite the western front that he stoou uuh me, before what seemed the site of a small shed or stall, then unoccupied, and said ? Upon this spot a little barber shop used to stand. The la*t time Lord Kilter den came down here, he brought ms son with him, and it was my duty, oi course, to attend them over the Cathe II1' 1 .^en we ca,"e to this side of it ie led his son up to this very spot, and said to him, " Charles, you see this little shop: J have brought you here on pur ple to show it to you. In that shoo your grandfather used to shave for a ' pmiy" ,'ihaLis tlie Pro,,dpsf reflection of my life. W hile you live, never forget that, my dear Charles.'' And this man, the son of a poor barber, was the Lord Justice ot England. Far the very reason, therefore, that the chances of >uc i great success are rare, we should ditirm'?f?tV? pliU1u m imIjrovui^ thecon 0 ,lll0se whom accident may de press, or fortune may not befriend." A Ckau Story.?A ludicrous scene oc curred a short time since on one of our most frequented wharves, of which, per haps, you may not have heard. It seems some hirsute hunter had captured a huge grizzly bear up among the mountains somewhere.and, intent upon "realizing" something <mt of him, had duly e*"ed him, brought, him to the city, and placed hnu on exhibition in a room opening, foe will say. upon Pacific wharf. Over the door he posted in conspicuous, latters the legend ^ (as Peeuix would have it)o! Lai^e Bear, the largest ever caught? admission oU cents,' An unsophisti cated, raw-boned, long-legged, lank Piite county man, fresh from the mines, (ex cessively vvtdant^and matter of fact, and independent with all,) in shuffling down the street, read the sign and thought he'd liKe to look at the "critter so ho paid the admission lee, and, after satisfying his curiosity, went on his way, 'The day after, one of our German fellow citi zens opened the vei;y next rown to that where Br urn was on exhibition and posted over his door a sign on which was pmited in huge capital* Lager Bier.' Uui if lk? county friend aauauwU Iong-l#ggedly .i!.< i.iU'JC-J BJ 1 dowu the street soou afterward*- tod thunderstruck when he read the new sign. ?? Larger Bear !" said he; Larger Beer! why, dog darn that other feller's eye*? he said his'n was the largest bear ever kelched?1 ve been .swindled*." and aa wrathful as Achilles, he mad* om rush ti>r Brain's exhibition room, swept in ? ike an ungainly thunderbolt, regardleas of admission fees, and, without one word, pummelled our worthy friend the hunto almost to death, and utterly ?cleaned him out."?California Pioneer. Anecdote of Isaac Mii.htkr.?At Cam bridge, as well as at other colleges, the sizar students were, in consideration of certain pecuniary privileges, expected to perform various offices of a menialChar acter, such as riging the chapel bell, serving up the first dish to the college reliows in the dining hall, ete. These s?>i vices have now for some yean been dispensed with at all the colleges. In the south of l5aac Milner, however, (after wards Dean of Queen's College, Cam bridge) ho had, as a poor scholar tailing on to eminence by painful self-denial, to perform the oilier of a sizar. It ia recor ded of him. that in waiting at dinner sp un the heads of the college, the young - udent let fall a tureen full of soup, be ie no small disappointment, doubtless, f i he appetized guests. A smart rebuke was aduiinistfwrd to him for his careleMa II-. ss. "When I am in power I will abol ish this nuisance, gentlemen," was thera ply. A hearty laugh was the result, ee u likely did it seem that the raw, un couth. blundering Yorkshire lad should ever rise to be vice-chancellor of his uni v. i>ity. Yet, in a few years be did aU f:tin that eminence, as well as the honor of uicomparabiles attached to his degree. Lie had the satisfaction of fulfilling his boyish declaration, and relieved the aixer .students from the uncalled-for burdeft which he in his own youth had boroa. Hood's Advice ox Ub.vlth.?"Take precious care of your precious health; but ..,u, as the housewife says, to make it k; jj. Why, then, don't suioke-dar it, or p.-kle it in everlasting acids, like the<ier Don't bury it in a potato pi^like Irish. Djn't preserve it inspirits, the barb .nans Don't salt it down. !' .<? the Newfoundlanders. Don't pack ;i .a ice like Captain Back. Don't parboil ?r l:ke goose berries. Don't pot, and. don't bang it. A. rope in a bad ' cordon sant i.l il e." AtOTe *ll.?lon't<e?pc?d i*. Let ifi anxiety l *ve "thee on the kip " Con* - !?i j;ur health as your greatest and best iri -nd. and think as well of it, in spite of i*?> foibles, as you can. For instate*. iuver dream, though you may hare a ???'< ver hack," of galloping consumption, r indulge in the Meltoniau belief that ?? u are going the pace. Never fancy tu<y time y<?u cough yuu are going to j?"t. Hold up, as the shooter says, orer ? m roaghts^jround. Despondency, in ice ca*c\^Fthe overweight, that you uny kick i fie beam and the bucket both at >'!ice. lu snort, as with cases, never meet iruubie half way, but let him hare tii ? .vhole walk for his pains. 1 have *. .-ea known him to give up his visit in of the house. Besides, the beet k! < e against care is ha ! ha!?wherefore ?an to have one around you whenever y.-'i can. Let your ' lungs feow like eh mticleer,' andias like a game cock as j <?sible. It expands the ehest, enlarges the heart, quickens the circulation, and, like a trumpet, makes the "spirit danoe." : e 11, K ? < ?ne or the thousand bachelors who !. ve \isitcd Margate lately, expresses an un iivorable opinion of the free and easy st \ ie of people at the seaside. "I waa Mitiiig," he says, "on tlie point of a break ? at*-r of rough stones, when two ladies "a?nc up with children in their arms. One of them p^ceeded to undreg&a boy ot about two fears old or so, with the intention of Jipping him. Not being very successful, the lady came across the -?tone to me, and actually asked me to 'Hke her youngster and dip hitni1 She held him out by the arm to me as a fish monger would otfer you a salmon! What could I do? 1 took him asdireo tad, joused him over head and ears, the child screaming all the while, and the mother imploring me not to let him go. Most thankful was 1 to get nd of th# little responsibility, particularly as he was not at all a nice boy, and socae of the young ladies who had come down te see the fun might take me for his father. A polite ri quest lrom the other lady to uahe her little girl of three, I rejipect^ fully, but firmly declined to perform." A Good Stout.?A gentleman in a neighboring city, in pursuit of a goofe for dinner, was attracted by the sight of a plump, extra sized one. 1 ?? Is that a young one ?" said he to the rosy cheeked lass in attendance. " Yes, sir, indeed it is." ?? Ilowmnchdoyouwant for it?" asked the gentlemanl " A dollar, sir." " That istoomuch,Ithink,sayeetenty five cenU, and here's your money," " W\'I1, sir, its I would like to get yon as a steady customer, take it." The goose was carried home and roast' cd. but found to be so tough as to be un eStaWeu ' ' The following day, the gentleman acr coated tlte fair jkmlturer? ...? " Did you not tell me that goose was young, which I bought of you 7" " Yes, sir,! did. and it was.",. " No, it was not." . " Don't you call me a young woman? I am only nineteen." " YtS. 1 do." .. in; 9 .i?9 " WelL I have heard mother say, many a time, fhat il was nearly six week youn ger t ha urne." T'r* > _ 'Oh, dear J" ex?Uuned aa urohin whe was ^Uewu^g a grceu apple, ??I've swallowed an <?td fellow " "An, odd leilow !???? ^yee^ he ts giving toe cbt ?grip." ?ii ?k>kta

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