Newspaper of Evening Star, October 11, 1854, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 11, 1854 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBi*KU? EVERY AfTKRNOON, (BXOirr 5GXDAT,) ? At the Star Hmtftings, corner Pennsylvania avtnut and Eleventh street, By LLACH * H O P R , Will be VCrted to sitt&enbur* in 16? cin<n ttf VVaah in^uin, Ge<irga?wii, Alexandria, Baltimore and del pit la, ? SIX AXD A QDAEXIE CENTS, paya ble wedfcljr to the Agent*. To mail mtocnber* th? <mb?criptjoa price is THREE DOLLAJRS AND FIFTY CENTS i year In advance, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR lo* THREE MONTHS. {H7?Siwoli conn om THE WEEKLY STAJL - Tbti uctikni rwii; i !?( * fret:** Tarieiv of lmereeUBf readiag i be iHtnd In any otber?ia pubitahed on Saturday. r 1 tintfe oopy, pat ? ? HMMI .41 K __ - . ; ? .-Taownaa. COpl66e i?attM?ta ? ? ? aa a ? ???*??a*??xiiw t ? ? a S ft dO. ....?????? ???a?aa?a? ??? ????????? ? Twenty do.? U uQ VOL. IV. WASHINGTON, I). ?., WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1854. ?I 1r. 1 M * ' ' Q&- Cua, wtaiuiu m iim W* Sin?ie copie* (ia wrapper.) can be u ill* counter, u?oi? diatp|y alter the mc at tiM i paper. Price?rati 1 cam. NO. 555. j I'utTiiiiTiM wbo *ct u a|Niu wilt be allowed a cmmuiaiuan of t* etny per cmiu A &KXEIJT FOR "EACH DISEASE." 4 i the request of i**ny of my patients, I haw oonsented to pat up a claw of my moot nv jr*51rlPthw" *T" of r MKD1 5/,r L tt? 0fJ? "J^d to * PMtkmlM disease, so* n<^ U*" ^..ayq^nwi of the noelrumTani peaaWM ?* ?* **7i P?mulgnte to the world that ray ?n* compouu-f will care *11 diaeafee, and So UQ the worj. ol the great Tuiiaa physicist gpld laniani) medians toAicA iAey icnow IuUa. l^io <x>d*a whick l\cv know feu.? iUU* H*? . _ J. 8. BOB* Sf. Phiia. ?r fk?2i ^ VJ^ fI00mpl,UQU ??'? i Jv"ea *> Tanishea in a few days whmi thie article is use.' w dirated. Prioe 26c. a Drw??L??J!B'8 pAI!r CtJa*R *1" oan Stiff Nec?t TrW 1aJh; fcc?- 8id?> Back or Limbs r ? . ?, 'Jholcra Morbua. 4a. It cures plains. Oramps Or Pains In ?? 9?om Mh w Pri* 12J4 25, and SO eta .?*? J-S. Rosa's Aktract o/ Booho is one of'th sajsrfir swa1" <u"m" of"? t* nto'fif'lr H0,f'8 AMD I?TKtua\mr? Co* n in^t?,"rt-lhfeM6'?ilX,,rT*u? Affactjoni, p;?r. rJ^T'Ji!^ ?-Uru? Numbness, ?ieu Mld ?iTin' PO*? ^ tfc' fro rcir%cuiou" ?? '??? ?*?*. ferD,Ln?R^'?.1)r8P'mo ???o?n>. ? sore care Coap^inta, and indi^uioi;. iV' B?,w ?0L??" for falling of the TV^ Y1*** Debility. *nd Relaxa?rr;. I p??a ur s-n-u^ kr the debilitated *i r "J?*1** *nd iQ no instanoa have th*y 5u*-L (? ta,'JlCKlly carin? tUoee distressing ?oJ. points females are so often subject. -\-ioa 6u oen-.a Dr. J g. fcodi's A.Tri- ?ixjon? ?a tUmioa? Pai s _ ar?,*?' warranted to eura In ererj m?l ^ <V,SM* incident to man, but they are a grar;d ??*dy for a atUoua state ot the eyet/m and^^ .rf* WKen with Dr- ^'8 Tooi.' Mis. ? Ae most stubborn oaswi of Biiiou-; reTer or f e^pr and ague. Prtoe 12% and 28c. Row's BAE9?p?ni* CoKPouiro, for at' t for purifjiBgr the Bloo-i, it is su penor to all odiera. Price bOe. and $1. Rr?n^ Bu3aT?? f*re irom all the oad e^rte of Opium or Laudanum, euch a* Head ache, Oe natation, cr Sick Stomach. Pricn 25c. All who^e Oonatituaona *re impaired fcy tiaeaae cr we*k by nature ahofli read Dr. J 8. Rcl'a^ J. Affr* '* ? oontajia a iwcriptioa cftbeDxS !^ v,5 V'V ;ha*t'' an'3 t1" caodeof treahn?nt.) It caa be had without charge of Joh??w '"w*?' at3tt * Ci ' ^iaar. ? A N*i*n,I>. B. Oiark, Lm f nT' William r. Hr^ot, sfdweU * L- ? M??"? Warijington; J. L. Kidry . |H? by all dealers la Vh - ^7? L/F?K complaint, B I I jaundice, * OaRONIO OR NERVOUS DJ^BLUTlf DISKA3SS OF TLL83 KIDNEYS, AKT?' ALL DISSASfiS ARISING rilOM" A DISORD^UED LlV^ii ^ Oil STOMAQH. ' J>h P"l"? folio* Of BIOO-. w*rV dl^'_ Acidity oj sae St?mwh, JfaoAj^ ^ a Jcoi, ?uil?a5d?rwe'a^t i? the 8on?A,Sonr Br^tlon-, btnk^^^ ^ad^^fr-'>fc'?r 3t'rj>^ Swittunuis of th j 3ur..efi sad i'^caici&act.iinir, F att+rir / ?t th? If ?r!; Choking or deaeatrjr ?-Vn cr ~y??'on- Ik. =. i f 311 7oj? and Dai! fjia *j ?b* b^-'. .leasy 3f -;.~n> frii-wiW' <>, ta~? S3, Pais :a ti? Jida. ?j -i. C*"a-> ft*Min&um cf Hsat, ?3rnia* th; ri^ao, vioa*t..ut iaa.^in^gof eril* and IwpfwaionofSpiyitB, cia si iij?T3iut <77i sd n ZXR. ROOPLAND'8 - Cslobrat#d Q-orman Eittere, PiiiSPAUaii) ?y dr C M. 4 AOKSUm, *o. l?t? Arth ?trc?t, PbORd<i?ph\n - t?lr pew ?Ter the abo?rs di#ea?M'jfl nctes?*'^! vej-iaOad,,br ?ayother --ropsration ia the UMW otat? . Mth?rM?MattoBt, is naay caa^ e/rsr ski - fu^ p . vjimase ha 1 f^iio. ?5 bittera sre wort'rsr the attrotion of fnraHda. r->?- "flnr fr?%t rirta^ i i the pefltifl^atl'm of fifc> ewMoftc? Mtw ud lMwr giaudi, eterciaing th^ moat powera ia wsaknrf. tad affaotfnse oi tb'JiJwiiTeorraas, thay are, withai, nafe, aertais, and pleasant S2AD A?TI> 33 OOfFIKOiSD. n. x? x P^Mi^au, BCarffh, 1,18S8 ? ?? *? (^a: D^?r SlT--yor the paat tr years I hare bc-a ?-wiy afflicted with Utjt Oom p.alnt, Dy?pep*i<v, bilious uiarrhos*, a,nd Pile?, fn' Rruij in a gr>-?t i-graa cousUitly, tWe paius And in oonrsaienoes attoulAut ap> a suoa tiisaaaea, wit he at! ensr^y. bsia^ aoaro-:y ?ibic to attead te any baii ' f?|V *r ~ 'v ^rs:tt #f "ay aad used many : ki-^J ef mftLciae, with no apparent cbjuge, until i ! eofaaraced with your "Boojtiruf? Oerraaa Wr? - I tt-y hare Mtinly <.arel me. I b?Te gaia,d L ' wetiavofar /brty ysvndi sims I eommeoced thsir tw-i, a *4 t w now *otwty rr? ^roa pain and ach of aa? ki?M aa-1 f*?l li&e a aew ia?u. i uaa^a.tar tagiy coc jxh uaua your Bitters tc ail inralidi. Soar*, canpectxuiiy, iOULN a. (X?AY, w ? , . . 13 Lagr^cgs Plic. u ' **? A--?.?ia, pab. rt the liguo, ?Ve?u;u. Mo^ Juiy 1j lgal, ^ aunataw wm low and wea* as not to i>e able to ctand it the e*? longer caanoa-ho.iT at %Ciin< I tried oaa oot'ifl of you* (J?rm?a Letters, vruiih aut .ely ourod me. I haTe a+ad two bt>Ou?s. I fc.nt ;i*o Oottlee 160 siii? from h^re to a triead who hai bee a H~t f0r a ion? ~pe; he haa aiso b-wn onrt^l by Lham. I beL?-y. them to oe?tn>-nor to any medictae new tn u^e." ?as?.*i' Pr**> Ohio, Peb 22, WL ??Si- i-a. Eit^ers are highly priied by thr.?? Fa hare U^l theai. U a ^ #Ku-r (fomplaint, T: long scan ling, tot\ \ aai r'iisUl the ;':{li 0* ^ WM -atiw:r :BrfcJ b7 a-i efo Jtwelle.*, V^o?cter, 0^ D^ *d, lSol,s&!d: UI embra-w this opportunity of iu torniog roc of the great ben-*: I hara doriT?d fro* the use ef Dr. Heoflaad'a Qermir, Bitters. I ~n*7r a*+l myn for Chilla and ^erer, acl Bfsordere . 3t >ciisht m i ^band r+lttf fn ^y-ry c-ise T.Vy ubrwn'I t'hini i? *>? *? *rfc*a? *?5-. IWt'iflr e/JA? Omritr Norw'*< Oo?n-. ?W * "i Hare been a-inr yonr Qer man B1n~i for wiwtioe, for byepspsia," and har. feua 1 so much ??!. frost thma, taat I have mad* dSr^mJu? r'?'ta n *nl T*U t&ltorial <* ? *J ^^)K.T,nan* ?o ? Janesvllle, Wl/, Sep.. I >-1, avd. Vo'irQer.aun Bittere are dnaerve'* ly popular h^re and ?aoa3 ?U tn. prepared m?r aaee on onr ah*!*^, none hare vr* sold whi.*h ha> rireu the satisfvrtion of Hot Sand's G^rmaa B'tter^ ? Jnne 1'i, 1432, thy aaii: ??vr- reootan-nd thefc ? ?a inraiuahle spring and TOran?"r medicine * W. M Orr, WWtsi, O^oUr id, 1352, aaU 44 You au me my opinion of the German Biters i hare uwl taeo fcr Dyspei^ia and Inlig^stioa. anu ta?e pleaaura in siatiug ;hat I think they are the werr bait raa?edy ax taut for the abcra complain rt? IVry we *< ieASy m Ue afconoe of mil the proort itory r+vUa .u e/the dep." P ^ "K ???>!r. Orr ia a d1rtingr4i?l?d lawyer of Wooeter. Theae Bittera a. e WT.'SKLT ymituij n?M Mtf fie ijiAm, but wnnjwrak i/. "" ^'or sale tn H -^.a^a fry Z. o. OILMAN: In Georgetown by J. L KT*W?i.f In A.exaadHa oy j. R. purport In Hksfrmond by fURCBLL, LADD k 00 In Baltimore by OAFfBY k HATCH \n DVYIR k MILLSB }a . sbth Hanoi: fE v w maophimon a Marshall. In %?Mk fry . M. A. BANP09 k 80S. ^Aol by reaperoabia 4sal?r? tn oiedi^iae eraty J-tf WABEEIJ'S IMPROVBf* FIKK ANU WaTKRrP&OOV COMPOSITION ROOFING. TV ***** ?a callfug the utfeution ol ?f f^ti?d oOD^mpUUni ouiidii^ u> thi- hiirh ly popular roofing material, which hae Wen in *i feneire um throughout ine <dti<* ot the Weett-ra 8Uim and Br1t:sh PriTlncee for upwards cf 10 v?*ar4 dur>ag which Ume it bren u-j>t?d by e?er3; rart ?ty of drcum*t*nc*?. and U untreriqdly cow ^led to P0*-""-* '?? ? ftxeafr degre- than acv other roofi/.if material in u*?, the i?luab^ qualiiiea of cheapo** v durability aad eecatitj agalmt the neti >u of the el am wu is. W? are ready to contract ftrr roofing in the eitv and country J Oit:? htoii rrorn 11 ta 12 ? m T ?" i a to6 pa. . g. >L WAKRath' A CO, l^th ft,? dflcj au. ?? .X^Guinre Ao< n >u iWum aug liK?iui* CAPTAIN CANOT, A UTHOR Of THE GREAT BOOK JU8T Bfi J\ INI PUBLISHED, SPRAILs of HAMPTON'S , TINCTUR*. . - QRKAT CURE OF RHEUMATISM CONTRACTED UNDER TROPICAL CLIMATES. Baltimok. Md., June 4,1854. Mr. Sockbridge, <J(he 7^'unHun JXoUl Ligb( street, Baltimore? Dear Sir: Bring on the point of leaving the city, I avail myself of a few lrtl- moments to thauk you kisdly fnr the medicine yon ssnt as, and ?-hirhha* restored me to the use of my limb*. I beg you to ?end me four bottles more, to;carry on my voyage. 8i?c* I had the fortune to nee Dr. Hampton's Ve^e telle Tincture my confidence Is *o strong thivt, in gratitude o the proprietors of sail mo limine, I be,? you to preemt my respects to tbem, and induce them to make it more publicly known as a sure Bheumaiic cure. Baring called on me on the 19th of April last. and seen me prostrated on my bed. ?sel?m in ail my li -?bs, you can appreciate nearly as well as mywif We prompt relief i reoetved from Dr. Hampton's Tincture, and I am positive had it uot been lor your strong and forcible recommenda tions I should ??till hare been in bed. it i? really a pity this spwcltic should not be ap rroved by medical men, aud like nil patent drutrs it should suffer the imputation the public generally giye to bucj pr^p rations. I mvielf, who was ul irnys opposed to a patented specific, took thia meni cs:* with reluctance, and without <ontidence in it, tT.fl it v-as only through your disinterested, friendly r? ooaonieadfitions, aud my critiinl filution tbat in dued m* to try this really beneficial Vegetable Tincture. ? w fou may inform Messrs. Mortimer A Mowbray that they *>r? at liberty te make u*e of my name in tl:$ -upjjert of the good effects of Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, as it has cured me in five weeks of a chronic Inflam,mat>rry Rheumatism, contracted under tropical climates, and of seven years' ptnodicil duration? I have on y u?e<l tbrne bottles, and find: that even the deforsied parts of my hands are last returning o their former natural atft*r-aure 1 have been under toe treatment < i several phy ?v|an* in London and Paris, without auy apparent Vaefit; also, while in New Ycrk, having tried the Tifcrnpsocian and Ilomoepathic remedies, a'ter bav irioeen tormeDted with galvanic ba teriea, 0"1J ani aromatic batbs, and hundreds of internal and external medicines, all to no effect, I ?m, so itr, rtired by this Hampton's Vege abl? Tincture only. Therefore, my -ear sir, accept of the assurance cf j my gratitude, and believe me your w*ll wisher. Thomas Ca*ot j RXY. VciRKON ilSSRIDOE. U. E. N. Portsmouth, Va , Aug. 18,18M. Mr. J. E Bousb? < ear sir: While I am, in gene ral, opooeed to patent medicines, candor compels me to state tbat I have fte^t confidence in tho virtues of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture. For seveml months rMt I have used it in my f.mily ; and in ( rtyspepiria, loss of appetite. diixinees, and general dt ! Ixiity, with entire success. Ho far as my rxperiene^ ' extends, therefore, I take pleasure in recommeod to the af9ic+ed as a safe and efficient remedy. 1 hts, respectfully, yours, VXKHON E8KRID0*, Chaplain, United States Navy. HOME TESTIMONY. CURE Of LIVilt OOMPLAINT Of TEN YEARS Vawhwotow, May IT, 1863 Messrs Mortimer A Mowbray: Gentlemen?Hav ing been effiieted with Liver Complaint of ten vear; b ^ladii:g, I heroby, for the b nelit of the afflicted, tax# gwnt plewrure in innonnrlog that ?ft?r usinc * f?*r of your Tincture, I found it had ac cftaplished a perfect cn'e 1 have used d'fferent. med'cinee ffcora '!<ae to t-me, bit have never beet, able to aTcocct for a<iy apparent good, and It is & bleated to stricken humanity 'bat that medi' ine c found which pcs?esseethe vronderctis p^wer of pro Icngiiyri mac life Tbe many ceres it has wrcngr>t ; bi a sn?3ient guarantee of tue heaeficie.l resulto i which ms' be experl-nced from its use. Yours, I r *pectfal!v, \ J. OintTAiir Ha?. j Call ?nu get n*r:ph!ets gratis, si;d e-'f ?-ur^ oi| | Covqh. EronoetiJ, kheumat rr.L, Xeuralyia, Dyiprp- j I tux, ftzrvswwsu *nd G+n ervi Weakness. Asa ["aw'' : tn^dne or for delicate children we believe it un-! eouaieu. /S2rgo:dby1tfORTIMER A MOWBRAY, 140 Rulti irore stcMt, Baltimore, and 804 Rroadway. Nf-w : York;COA8. 8T0TI A CO., WlMKR, J. B. MOORif. ' I). 3L CLARKJ9 OL ARKH A BOWLING, W. fcLLT 0T'\ and II McPHERSON, Wasbingfen: also, by ft ! S. I. 0I8SSL, Georgetown; and C. 0. BERRY, Aiejandrii, and by Druggists everywhere. | aqg 81?tr TAKE NOTICE. HOUSEK HWPEKS and others are reminded that the fallowing list of articles are of the very best description, and can be pr.rttaaaed from the sub a-rlaer oa as low terms as any other bouse in the l airy. A larr;e .'Awrcnent and supply always on | : Oils of ail kmoi Queenswara Paints Brushes Camphine Clockc Varnish - Umps Turpentine Chandelier* Window Glaa? Girandole* China Vases Eartbenwar* ririttannla Ware 01 ess Ac.. Ac., A& Gorxis sent to any part of the city free of- charge. Country deaW-rs will do well to call. C 8 WHiTTTiKOBY, Tth street, opp. Selden A Witbm*' Bwik. mar 1T-- tf KXMIIIA17CE3 TO IEKLAND. PSR80NS desiring to send money to Irainrid, csn obtain checks for ?& or more, on the .Ballast >?nktng Ownpany, payable in all the prt neip?j - ,wUS. Apply to CHUBB 8B0THll>!*, Bankers, oppiwdte the Treasury BoiiUm. ??"? W. " tcTmake your hair cuul. WONDER OF THE WoRLD. TUE Great Wonuar of the WorlU li*n at length been diecoverei. You cannot make one hair white or, bat Mr BYRON H. Rfc'Ba his ut length procured the truth ot th" great wcret, after mu.b study, toil, an-1 expense, how to make the hair curl ?nd wave in the most grac-ful manner frr lit*. The proprietor ha-< travelled through vane u? parts of Europe, for upwards of nine years in sear-h f tfce celebrated chemist and physit?logj-t, M. .ItujiKS, and has at length fouud him in Italy, and pnrrh^sed of him the rec ipt for tli* mim of $8,000. Ad frrson* having the most uncouth audoouise looking hair oau have k transformed into the most beautiful and curling appearance that could be de sired. i'he composition of which th>- article is com posed will no: co t more than 60 cents, aO'i but one Hpp'.icati mlfl net-did to the hair ;o c^u*? it to wave ta c?e moci uniform and perfect maua?^ for lift, nut thus improve tlie lookii and sppearance one hULdred per ueut We now cff?* this vfmtferful diS'Xivery U> the world for the ma of $1 t'0. Direct all lotUrs to BYRON H ROB6, '.<arming-| ton, Trumbail oo., Ohio, and the recent will be im- 1 mediately forwarded to the person. All letters must be po*t paid to secure attention, sep I?am ________ OAS FIXTTO21. ? |' LtE eubgcribers take pleasure in announcing to 1 tts public that their stock of GA8 FIXTURES, comprising sonte of the b?et and latest patterns, has ben received, and that they are now prepare-l to sell at the iorreat ratea. Persons in want *>f Gas Fixtures will pleaie call and exam in* -they will no doubt find it to their interest. Dwellings and public bulldiagi fitted with gas-tu bing at the usual rates J. W. T3nMP80N A BROTHKR. dee 1ft?tf Pa. av., bet. 10th and 11 tb, s. side. WASHINGTON IRON WORKS, Maine a venue, between AH and 6th Ut. MANUFACTURER of Steam Engines, Boilers, Water Tanks, Shafting, Pulleys, Hangers and Mill Worn, generally. Will i'urnlsh Saw Mills, all kindt. of Oastintrs, Wrought and Cast Iron Pipes, and everything in tht lrm line generally. Two small KNalNtB on hand and for sale. For information address J). A. M0YK6, fBa^binstonTron W. rws Wiishiugton. D.0- jy 1A?tf TO INVENTORS. T^UJt afflce of '*Tlie inventors' Protection National L'ui(*" iron 7th street, opposite the East Por tico of *he Patent Office, and is now ready to attend to the business of its members, namely: ia making examination' and soliciting patents, Ao. Inwutors are invited to call and get a copy of the (^>4-*tiluuoo and By-laws, and where any informa ?m>ii will be given respecting the Union. All letters on business muat be directed to this of \ce, where attention will be given immediately. A model shop is in connection with the office, ?here models can be made to order at the shortest notice I. G. CLAYTON, ap iu ly Pwcidentl. P. N. U. S7NONYM8 OP THE NXW TESTAUtNT, by R. C. French, B. D.,'author of "The Stady tf| Worlds," Ac. a'Ivnoeeseean Abroad, or Letters from Europe, Africa, a'd Asia, by Randolph SacOarock, A.31, L. L B , a member efibe Nsshvilie Bar. TAYLOR A MAURY'S - i MM, 2W? __ Bookstofa, near xthsU ' r.UlS.H i . j. I -i. a.: TAKE NOTICE. NEW GOODS JUST RECEIVED. PW. ttft0W*I*0, MtMbant Tailor, Ps ? avenue, oilier the United States Ho t?l woo'd respecrtally iuformhie ?B!<toners an"* she public generally that be bf? just r?- (jJ ceived new 1\ll and Winter .gtedn in grataJCL T^ricty, such ?s cloths, Cassimerea, and voting* m the latest import*tirn, and 14 prepared to have th?in made up at the shortest noMee, in the most fashion able manner and at low rates of prioes. Saving made arrangement- to go into tb? Ready. *"ad?Clothi?g business ertens'veiy this season, h-> feels confiden? that he can offer to those wffchiiig to purch*ae a stoek of Clothing, not inferior to any in this city, and Hot made up at th* North, aA is usu ally the case with work sold here; but cut in his own establishment, and made by otir own needy cit hcens in this dull season at tow rafe-aof prioes, he is en*bled there:or, to compote with nor'hero work In point of prioes; and as to quaVty and style, he will leave for those who favor him with a oail to 'udge lie can sell whole suite, Coat, Pants, and Yest, a: the fotlowiug low rates: Wood sui' for bnsinew purposes, out of cloth or c*a amere. for t' u ? nail *um of. Press and froct. Coa'B, from $10 to $20 Overcoats of different styles 12 to 25 Black and f*ney Panialoons ? $3 60 to 10 Silk and %fcret Vests 2 50 to lo This stodfc- of Clothing Is of a snp?rior quallt? and has b?on madw up since he reoeived the tall and winter fashions. He keeps constantly on hand a large asgortmen* of fancy artWee?suon as Glove*, Cravats, Collars Umbrellas, Ac. Sole Agent for the sale of Scott's Report of Fash ions in this city. seplfc-tf HEAD QUARTERS, Corner of Thirteenth and K streets, near the Theatre. \ *. proprietor of this public hous.-*, Mr. William X&jf&r Gr-*ason, has rjfltted. ren ovated, and prepared establishment lor the aexumaodation ot vi ners iu sach a manner that he trusts will give fart satire tion to all who exteqd to him their patrona&i. He ij(?' mad* arrangement* to h*ve tfta vey be ft oi 0YFThK8, Ac., for the whole ^usv'U, with'-ut regard to expense. Famines and Parties promptly supDiied H'S Har and Lardur is at all times sc<> k-d with th* lxjst in the line. MaMng bis acknov-l'dgment? tor past eiioouragement, he respecuuliy luwtes a o^n tmuince of the same, with every mtention and tx ertion to please. $9- A lew hoarders can be comfortable aooommo dated. ?>p ta~6ni UNDERTAKERS, *c. V J*LJ tus* J. /IIVEjCV. WO^JLD rw^ectfully return raj thanks to ths citt*?fts of <?cshinfiton and Its virfrit UNDERTAKING & CABINET MAKING. -"lltlE advertiser returns sincere thanks to his frieuas ana the public ia general f r ihoir past p*trunsgc,^ anl informs them th-t, with in-1 creawd facilities, he Is prepared' to att?nd to all orders in his line ot business with promptness and dispatch. He gives bis personal at tention to Und?rt?kkig, and thoe requiring his serv.ces will always tinu him car-ful ai.u obliging. Calls attended to at all Louis, day and ni^fct. In the cabinet making line he trus b to be nble to give satisfaction at* Leretofcre. Hie estabtifihn<ent I wo,n.?* avenue, Son. 18i and i88, between I7th iind 18th nti4 Piret W*rd, TVashhigtor' ?* , <HWLIR, oct ?>?irn Cabinet !Maa>r a?5d Uijdfrtiiker. U.V.51^?r MAlvil? A. U W DtiiTAiLttit. undersign.,I would inioriu hu Mends, wrin-'ntanoee.and th? publ'~ gonerall -5"? be ftlH oonanusa to ex<?cut .> all Order* in !w .ineof busai&3? In the beet manner und attrieahor^ <wt nottoe. tt H S^AlfllKG neatly and ptv.cupt'y er.odUved ?tiitS.A.JLiS ai^itdod io at =^3^HBVthe jhortcst notice, au<l ia the bout r~*mted era the. mm# perfect vuzn zr, en-n in the wrrw-i- uxciher. vo^nkfn' for pe.-t favors, he would iw^etfullv *0L<ut, *aa will rn iearor to merit a contlr jance ot .hssame. ANTHON 1' BUCULY, ? .. fcv:, ? s- ^'de, between Pth and ICth s!s Residence: Mi. Martin's, So. ???, I> atn*.^, t' fnl bottse ec45t o? Tth street. ma. 17?ly' UND&HT AKEJtt. tli , wrfnity fbr th?-!i past patrouanre, Rui -ay that owing to the freq?e*jt "^?'8 V* t adertaklag branch of my bnaine*. I uave *M*tn mdaoed to alocoDtiAuii th^ manuiactu"? t,n[n m* ?tt*nrion folly to th ?! 1 haV6 ?P?ed 1<jy pains to ha*e ^ ^ that is requisite to ay bujintw. and I urn therer-Te fully prepared to iWt any order rite: a lew acioenta notice, and I aiwuro tho'oe who mav ^ivsia^ a ca J that I will epsrn no pains te carrv ou* their orders to their enti? n^,fart!on! ^ JAjllBiSf. UABY1Y, * u ^ No 410' 7th ,Jt-> between Q ana H. . . J5.~<..?as acienaeu to ?t all hours of the night na: 4?iy a UNDERTAKING. W. PLA^JX A wO. hanng reuornd from their ? ol-l stand, on 1) street, between ?th and iotii. o their'present plaoe of basin?-?s, on the enst si?e '? L rinpwetfully anuouDvei Luat they ?.rB prerwred at thn niiortest n-Uce, ??,u *t all hour.-} d tile night, to a: tend to oalLi mwia in the Uue cd Ui?ir buf>iu*#s. iieiog prepared to fur ui5li tuner>;la in the m^st complete md appropr^ui manner, and to devote themselves solely to the bus liJesB ot Undartakiag. nothing hhail Le ' ,.d Jieir part to give entire fit Unction to tUose who ?oiploy ihem. as sole owners of (JrUmi^s Pt<t<>ni Coijjse Jhresmxr, 4. W. kUoi A Oo. re4{*etiully 'm vue public attention to the superiority ti Crutniru Corp* iTtrfenrer ov-r ever,' o:h^r fnrenT.i ,n of tae Hind, as it iuay be al?ec5ua31y usrtd lor the riead bodv #u?iout placing in a box of ice, or the ice being in actual contact with the corpse. Crump's Curpti .'res rvtt'- b*? -lavar oeeu kmwu to thil in the hot <.ett weaiiier, to give nuti^IaetioQ, ai can be proved oy numerottH <^rtifr?tee. ?hroudfi bf different funds made to s>i.. { at the shorteet notice, and en tne m.jut reaxoiiatde terms The ad vertiser's charges are below the usual rates fx other Undertaker*. A lletrne always in reuiineas. aug 2"?eotf KUSli>i?iSS oahdsT J BOOS BiarDDSIO, IN all its va^iititw, neatly executed, on the most reasonuble terms, by XUOaiAij TH1PLUTT * 00., Pen^sylvunia avonue, south aide, 2d door ap ? tftr ^T''Tn lath nun?t. COMMISSIONER of deeds for a? iora, Xexaa, Cal^uia, hew Jersey, Louisiana, Mkc><ui, PennsylTatii*, Alabama, Maryland, Georgia, Miofc^a-i. Wlsconsla. ObJo^eni M.cnea^ta, *orl<S,' CthorStnce; ?A.UAiiJB C. TBOHAil, JtTlOjiNJSJT roa CLAJJUS, 4Mb ROTARY PUBLIC, orrica oppositb to '/a* tbia&d'bt stniDifa. aov ia?y Washington, d. a

gas LIGHT I O AS LIGHT! THOMAS JL.KW1S, PRaCIICAL GAS PITTilR, 10th street, between Penua avenue and ? street (JVto doors above MeOuirt's Auction Stor^) ' TJ AV1MG served a regular upprentieeshipor over JLX five years at the t*aa Fitting bu-iuwM A iu one of the largest estabusbmeuts in Phil adelphia, I would respeuU-ily inform the citisens of Washington aod Georgetown-X3M that lam prepared to fit up Dwellings, Churchw. Btoree, Ac., in a neat and substantial manner, aid warranted not to leak. T. Ij. executes all kinds of iron Pipe Work, for gas, steam, and water, at the shortest notice, and on accommodating terms. Numerous references given if required. ?epl8-lm? ? "ULENWOOD CEMETERY." nilllS beautiful burial place of the dead having J. just been dedicated with appropriate ceremonies for the purpose, is now open for the reception of the remains 01 deoeased persons. 1 The bus capacity for a bnndred wtlies, in which such friends c 1 the dead as may ?ppiy can plae? the doparUd until they select sites for the graves. The plan ?f the incorporator's is one of equality in regard to the lots, which will not be put Up publicly tor sale, (although they usually bring a premium,) makiu^ tue e^rjy selection 0/ lots Us uoit desir able. Until an office ts establislud in the city of Wash ing^ D, spplioitioiis wi'i be punctually ucf?ndeu to at the present offlr*, in the east wiogol the Wild lug tin entering *ti* tVmett^ry. M n *? wm. ft. ffuwpH?irs i>! ? -'J T'fWiwocd U Situated a short distance due north of tba Oepisoi. ?- > antll - Hn AUJrMmiSnErst>4et^, '*%&?? i-. OFFICIAL' Tbiasubt Dipabtmwt, August 26,1RM. ' Netice la hereby given to tbe holders of Use tb1 lowi?%-<ie?cr1b?d stocks of the United States that this department Is prepared to purchase, at say time between the date hereof and the' SOth day tit November next portions af t1ioe?i?todks, amounting in |ha Aggregate to $8,840,000, In the manner and on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of ?ny contingent competition, within the amount stated, preference will he gives ia the or der of time in which said stocks may be c ffered. The certificates, duly assigned to the United Stales, by the parties who are to receive the amount ther of, must be tranemitted te thin department ; upon the receipt whereof; a price will be pai , compounded of the following particulars: 1. The par value, or amount specified in eaeb cer tificate. ' 2 A premium on the stock ef the loan authorise by the act of July, 1848, redeemable November 1*2, 1856, of 3 per oen 4 on the stock of the loan au fhorised by the act of 1842, redeemable 31st Decem ber. 1862, of 11 per cent; on the stock cf the loan authorized by the acta of 1847 and '613, and wilwni able, the former on the 81st Decer.bsr, 1867, nod the latter on the 80r h June, 1863, of 16 per cent.; ani on the sto-'k ot th<5 loan a itberiael by the ac> of I860, and rede-mnble on the 81st December, 1MU (cominouif called the Texan indemnity,) six p*?r cent. 3. Interest oa the par of each certificate from thf 1st ot July, 1854, to th? dt*e ef receipt and set le inent nt tbe Treasury, wita t*ie allowance (for the money to reach the owner) of one day's interest In addition. J - Payment for sa d stocks will be miid" In drafts ot tbe Treasur?r of the United Sta'es, on the ss-istant treasurer at Boston, *?ew fork, or Philadelphia, a? the rti-_s may direct. - But no certificate will be entitled *o the benefit cl this notice which shall not be actually received at the Treanxry on or before the fail 20th day of No vember next. JAMES GUTHR1K, a"K 28? dt20**ov * f'ecr'tary of Tressury. FIRM OILDING. GALVANIZING. AND ELECTRO SILVER-PLATING, Olt ALL KISD3 OF MWaL FLABARRK would respectfully inf rrt the pv,H ? lie that he has opanal a *hop at tiw corner 0 and 10th streets, in the above business, ?nd is now ready to reaeive orders ia any branch, namely: FIRK GILDING I on all kinds of ornaments for churches, chalices, lewels, and r?g*Jia for Free Masons, Odd Fellows, and iet, military ornaments, Ac. Also, gg? and bra88 watches, Chains, GiMetn, Looaeta, Tea and Table t'pooa*, De-vert and Batter Knives. KLldOHR# 8TI.VRR-VLATING On Military Om.-unents, iruit Basket*, Waiters, Candlestick*!, and Caasete. Al?o Silver plnting ftv Plnmb*-r? G*? *e All ernatnamn for n^.i'aty, ""ree u?mbk, Od I f>l and fecietlea and maae to cider as t?i? ehcrtrai notice FJiANJ?o LA<, Oorncr C *r.d I Oth f. j> West, near P*. ave. si 8?8m OABTSR'3 SPM1SB MUTUHE. Six* ?ra?t oI t)>* blocd 1 Koi & Particle of Kercary in it. ?U- Itrjiujiiu I\jiv.BnT'nr t^erorula, fiinz e UvU; 3h?a tsaviam. Obstinate Cutaneous Mruptions. ?1nicies or Pustules on the face, Blotches, Bella, C% tonic 3r re )8yee,R'ng Worm or TstUr, Jjcald L>.eac, Sciarg?* fc^nt and Pain of thn jib1! Totete ^tiibberii metre, ^yphi'itic ineoraera Lar.bago,5p?ual Com ffeinta, ujd *11 LifiOJWCu v'sLar.ltom tn injudicious K* of K jrr,ury. Imprailta^; * ZUo. c? Im-yutlij of tbfiiSloei -n. "1I"J3 v&i^sbl? wiUch h. 3 eale braV^l <-;r the bumber of eriraordinary cur?i ?ASotad tfcrcrt^h 1U acenoy, hasindo.od tli? rT'. t%rl^ k>?e? at the ui^rit re^ aest of their Cckinda, o3er it to tlie pcbl'c, tfc?y do with the it- .?>; oonf ienee ia Ita virt v?? a??J vr.-mrirrfu! oneetiv. proper tics. The fbllowLig oertificat*r, aelt?ct?d iTom a ItkCft suiter."^evfr, stronger f'stimony int?; the met* roiiiof "he ^ro^rieitore; and ?re all from rer tiamen wel1 Jiroma in their ?n>i r r hiafc* cstre;<poct?b!l'ty,m*tiy ofthfw re?'41ngir the rity cf H^'.hmeni, Va. f. BOYD EN, BOf tho Bxchwga D?tei, Rich n-'^nd. knovTi evsryrhere, says h? Jta>- seen the Medi cine wiled CiBTxa'3 8FAK15!! Hizttsj, ?*.3iuwtered tnovei;a hundred cares, iure~&. l7 ail thaUi?eo/(? roi fe bich It Is rtcemme* ded, 'r' t&oei astr?;i?hirglj 7crd Teeults. Ilenays ,'t ic i.-:o r?! ertraordlDery vsecirine ae has ever ? A?3CB AND FjiTiill?OXBAT 0Uiys._i hWcbj y.rttty th?t for three y*>?T? I hf.a Agre and Fever c* the moat violent d* scrip tic a. i bad witrtiibyn c?aa?, took large qu<u*tit'trt of Quiiunr, i-itxeurj, a believe all the Teaks r,dvertii,ed, bet all vT.'tJ^.jut terru-ijont rei;ef. At laet I tried Corbr's d^xiare, two Lottiesoi" wi-Jch eBwtu*Jly car.u ll*-, acd I us happy to say I have htd aeither r. ??V9T' tiEce. I oon6idir it the beet 'Louie tr u;? ocrld and the unlymed!<iiue tbet er?r reached *><> -.w?. JOEN LQHSLlfc ??>? DiStj rcps Birtcicnd Va. 0. B LUCK, K.-q^ row in tbeoity of Ba bir.o^e aid for many years in t?;fr r*ostCf!cf. bat; pnch con P dfncr.intb?astonishing efficacy of Os<rter'e toenail Mixture, that be tat bought up warns of it Lottie* which he ba>: ^Hren aveyifo theafKicted. Mr. !.r:> n&ye he ha<> wav er known it to fs.U when tskr n avoj j Leg todirectluui Dr. MII?^B. apractialn^ Pi>y**ehtt*, anifTmei iy cf the City Ifotcl, in tbe city of Ricbmoud, aiya Jw bs? witnreaeo in a ntJajL-er of inntr-acee ine effect^ o> (^rtfv'Bbranlsh Mixture, which were ?*_?? W-u'y si r I'frlfiiag. lleBaysioacofleofCcBiu?nptkii?,d'<(>eoH.e>?t on tbe TAvtr, the good sTects were wonderifnl i"ce?d SAIAUPTi M. DM2. ?SH, of the firm of Crinker A 1 Morris, Richmond, n cured of liver Complaint ot X yearfc standing, b> the at>ccf two bottles of Car ?* '. f-pv nieh liixt^re. GB*AT CI'B* 0^ COEOfULA.~The Sdlforc pf iba Richrsond Repui licar, bed a tcrvant tiuf ioyed U< i their prr^roojn,cured of violent Bcrofula. oombl?i ? nitli Rheunuilieni,which entirely disabled b a nroa. work. Tro battles ef Oartc'c Ppanfsli Mixtnre mad* a peifeet cure ef him, and the Bdltore. in a piiblloBf. tlce, eay they " cheerfully recommend it to *11 van au tfflioted with any dlisease of tin, blcod.w CT1LL ANOTII1R CURROF KSOItrUk.?Itv? a very valuable boy cured of Serofala by (tart**'* I Spanish Mixture. I consider it truly a TrJu.itis I medicine. JAMK8 M. TAYLOR, Conductor 03 thf B. F. <*_ P. K. li. Co*, aichmond, Ta. BAJ/i BHJCUM Of i'W*NTY Y1AB* Q1AVCW* CURBD. Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, residing la tbe city c! Richmond, was cured by three botUee ot Carter's Spanish Miiture, ?f Salt Hheum, which he had neerlj twenty yesra, and which ?!1 the ph^riclsns of the city oould not cure. itr. 'ITipmpson it? a weU known merchant In the city of Bicamoxd, Va, and hla cure is most remarkable. WM. A. MATTHEWS, ef Richmond, bad a ser f ant cured of Syphilid, Id the worst form, toy Car ter's Spanish Mixture. Ne says ha cheerfully re coomecda it, and eentiders it an !nv^uable raedi cine. KDWIN BURTON, commiMonei 0/ the revenn*^ Bays Ike has aeen the good effects of t arter> Spankb 1 Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, and aaya it b a perfect cure for that horrible disease. WM. G. EARWOOD. of Richmond, oured of olo Horea and Ulcers, which disabled Wm from walking Took a faw bottles of Carter'* gpaniah Mixture, and j wae enabled to wf?k without ? crutch, ia a short I time permanently cured. ! Principal Depots at ill WARD, GLOSB A 00^ Me 83 Maiden Laae, New Vork. T. W.DYOTT ASONp, No. 182Worth feeond street, Philadelphia. 1 BBNNKTT A B1JCRS, No. Ill Main street, Rich, icond, Ya. And for sale by CHARLJBS STOTT, Vraeb'ngton, L. 0.; H?NRY PKKL, Alexandria, and by lueggiats ?verywhwe. ? Pike $1 par bottle, or els bpitiaa foe |i ,, ?en 2'-v , a XOKJDST VICXOBIOUS! YOU Will find *t the game OLD STAND, Pennstl , vania avenue near 12th stroet opposite tbe Irving Uotai, LOOKING QLMiHKH w;Lh or without Frames; Portrait, Hcture rnXMlniture FrsLi^R ot th? lawst utyieai brackets, Tables, Room -Moulding, Ornish, Ac, A?4 41 by leaving juai oeder ysu.oau . fc*ve ary t^ing done In my line. B^-Oid Fra?pe, Jte^regilt ar-the Aw-fsot n? i tioe on teiawMhie tffiMk Shut forget the ekkor. fob 20?ly JOHNWAGNKU, EVENING STAR. From tlte Ohio Crrtumblan, October 7. The Baby *? how?How it Originated, an? what were iu Beeult*. ? '?Show" w? shall still persirt in calling i', although we found that the manager? had ig nored this word as derogatory to the innitu iion, and substituted the more dignified ti !e of ?' conTention.'' Why not? When every body, even the hens have a convention, should not Young America aspire to the sauie e e*a tion7 It w?s a great affair, though made u; of small m tenuis. Novel exhilarating, and simulating by force of example; oarryimr with it the admirable precept, "lio thou and do likewise," and we iniiy a* well finish tne quotation, "the young man went away-exoeed ingeorrowful." The show originated in this wise: Mes-r?. Cassiley, Paist, and one or two others of the managers of the county fair started the idea one evening, half in jest, and each subscribed a hundred dollars Tne paper w&- seut around, and numerous others, thinking it a first rate joke, added their names ; when aj-retty go*d sum bad been footed up. the prize* were or dered from New York, and the subscriber? tn jest paid up in earnest. The rnos* sanguine did not calculate on the invasion of such i c;Tps of Infantry in arms as the day brough forth, and consequently the preparation- lor their reception were not so extensive as they would have been The tent wherein the babie? were groomed " and "trotted out" was scarcely thirty fret in diametur?the " big' tent expected f.-otn Jbtii falo not arriving until just " a day aftor tiio fair.'* fe'o, when the committee had finished their inspection, the bahies and their mother' Were ushered into Floral Hali, to the accom panying strains of an excollsnt brass baud. whi?h scared the babies some, but at the ?aioc time drowned their crying. The dowers, vegetables, Ac., bad been re moved. and habies put in tboir places For three hours the rush of ten thousand persji.s to "look upon thoBe fair coun'e'i.mcep"'crea ted the most consummate jam-up that we ev? r endured. It was a great orowd, but it wa* .1 most good-humored and delightful on,e; for ;f one baby is a 'sunHeam in the house.'' wh;r think you of the combined influence of some two hundred rays ? It was shrewdly hinte 1 that no small share of attraction was due <u the magnetic forces of the mothers, most 1 t whom we?e young and many of them ver? beautiful One hundred and twenty-seven babies were enrolled a? competitors, while there were many more who cid r>nt enter the lists. A friend coun"?ed one hundred and seventy-one and then gave it up. There was every decree ot complexion,'^except Mrs. Molts pets.) eye . hair and dress: with an infini o variety < 1 development in j lvenile propensities Some tucked their iluuibs, tome sucked candy. ar?d otners tomelhlng else; whiie u?t a lew belli^ ?rents manifested an eumest de-ire to "Wi-ci one another. But the most prevalent demon stration was an almost universal proclivity to ?wallow themselves? eginning with their if..-, in the flr9t instance, and guiiig suddenly to feet "by way of anchovy " The majority of these minors were very well behaved babies totally un.ike that il ? bred juvenilty. described by Sh '.k-j eare ; ? "muling anil pukinjr in its mother's lay." al though candor c-mpela us to i<dzmt tbs' a few demonstrated their possession oi tti? ?iu? qualities attributed to their thak^pcari ;n p ?otypo Vfe have seen inlantschools and heard tbe:r I bin voices rise in concert as they repeated their little lessons, on what, we think, was called the PesHalozsian system, but never be fore did we reali>e an infant Babe!. Laugh ing, crying, crowing, and tooting, all ia tuu blast at the same njoixiea', mixed in with the ch?ttcr of the "anxious mother?," each im pressed with the m??ne delusion that bef own baby was " in,:; aod not ?? out; J the oare*?ints words and endearing phrases enunciated in th* lingnc franca which philological babicj are supposed to understand, joined to the deeper voices of the crowds of masculine ad mirers altogether made up a uoeno of lively confusion not often encountered Lve-ybouv called fo everybody else to "move along and nobody s'irred a peg. till, the ou side pressure gering strong, the whole crowd would tne&k ahe >d like a wave for a few feet, and ooiueto another standstill. Ilowe\er the pur suit of knowledge under diificulties is sur? to bo rcwaided. and we enjoyed the b-ibies' faces the more for the tr< uble thr?y *ost us Several let ers bad boen received, from Mrs Crittenden, Mrs. Swissholm. Horace lirreley. and others Mrs. Mat h^d. of eour.-e, some Lhmg to say again?t the eTclus:oo "f negro oabies?perhaps tor that reason she would &"t t.e present. Tno letter troin lanny iein. which wo give, was read Eeveial limes to tkv great delight of the successive audiences. "Mr. Isaac Paist?Sir : In thinking you f. r the ccmplimeut yon pay me by constituting me one of the committee 10 awaxd the pre miums at the convention, I would al*o ?x prea; my deep regret that my present engage ments will not'admitef my leaving New York. Nothing would delight me more than to vi?i? your beautiful city, which I have so long wished to see. and the added temptation you hold out, in the shape of babies, is almost ir resistible. Uod blesa their little sweetnesses ' Bu; how oould I choose ' 1, who love every thing iti the shape of a child, who believe that they ore all that i? left to us of Eden, who never come into their presence without a feeling su?h as a devout Catholic luiut havt when he crosses himself before the image of the Virgin M*ry?-bow could I choose ' - "I hould turn friuu black eyes to blue,from blue to gray, from gray bo hmel. I should t? leu captive by a dimple, fiscina'ed by a Ring let, eochante<i by a rn-y check or a snowy shoulder. My dear sir. 1 should be as bewil dered as a bee in a twenty acre lot of full blown roses. Please accept my best wishes for the success of your novel, beautiful and ad mirable enterprise. May the anatheuia of no disappointed mother kaunt the sleeping or the waking hoars of the Awarding Committee May tied bless you. and prosper your enter prise. Yours, very truly, "Fajisy Fekn " It was announced by Mr Cnssdlev that rext year every provision would be made, and the prizes paid iu gold. The following memorandum of the awards was handed us by one of the committee. It will be observed that one of the names differs from that as published in o'her paper : First priie?A splendid service of silver plate, including a large salver?to the daugh ter of William Aronimn?,-of Vienna, Clark county, aged ten months. Second priie?A service of silver plate?^o the sou of Wm Mc Dowel I, of Fulton, Hamil ton county. Ohio, aged IS month*. Third prize?A service <f silver?to the daughter of Mr A Uanuon of Philadelphia Jhe-?e were the regular prizes for the fines: children A tonrth gramity n grcup in Pa rian marbVc of Christ trtesshrg little children, wus given to the lime daughter of Mr. liearj Howe, of Ciiwhnati. as the prettiest child ?t the lair, a sentiment in whioh everybody con curred. -' ? - Dress of the French Empress. Uhe French Kmpres^ is thought extravagant in her dress A correspondent of the London News thus writes from P.ins : v ?? The young Kuiprcss, whether justly jX not, i^ gcnetallv considered to have for thi/rage of noveHr. an-ttt id iertam ha. Sbe sarroatds herself with the riefceef **<* malt f?a>tae6io sflUrramenU o^ every mini ?.?Thai a young and very, naudaoum m?mo?, placed in a position whi?h enables her to grat I ily every fancv, should attach a food deal *1 importance to her outward ornament, that aha ! e: euld Mt off her beauty with the most ele | g.nt drcs-es and the in?t etherial lares, an4 i me cosiliest jewet? is ail very natural, and | accordingly, in half the street* of Parie. great | g'lded letters let into the windows of the jaoat important shoje. inform the pacaers that * lier | imperial Majesty. the impress Eugenie.' hou ; o a tbe fortunate establishment with her eus t m ; here for silks, there for laces. hare again ' 1'or cashmeres, for flowen, for boots, tor jsw elry. and so on ? Hut, besides her love for pretty things w herewith to euhan *e the eh arms of ber own beautiful person, she has the most oostly and exquisite equipnge^, the most wonderful Ara bian horse* and pones, (one favorite little turn out -be drives herself) the mo*t miraculous f.iruiture, and a aeries of boudoirs all fttied up like so manv tftiry places. *One of tfcem is called "The Charm of Even ing " fitted up with hangings of amber sntin, o'. er which are suspended draperies of \h? fiueet lace, (which of couise has oost an eaor unms su a of itself;) another is hung with crimson damask, with gilded cornices and every bewitching trifle that could be brought together; a third, called "L>ays Delight," (U thmJuur dn Jour) is hung with the richest no?il)Ie blue silk, being pannellings of solid si.ver. which arterial, partly chased partly burnished, and carved with tbe moat oonsum m ?e art, replacei the u;nal wood-work *a evarv part, ot tbe room, wainscot, cornice, ui tmlepiece, window frames and doors being all of this metal; but though ths aoarta>ent Is as rich us tbe boudoir ut some oriental tale, it it Bi?ly heavy, and exceedingly unbecoming to the complexion.'' I ? . i f*i- A (fr'miijtin- London News, 2 ? An Ameiiean'a Interview with Her Majetty. Mr. Nathan Thompson, Jun , formerly en ! ^ineer of the Collins steamers, recently came j to England to exhibit a safety seat lie j eu leav->red to j *ne'rat? fnto L'ujkingham Palace to exhibit it to her Majes'y but was ! referred to Captain bemoan. of tbe royal i yacht. 01} went tbe American to Osborne, ! and f und bis w?y on board the yacht and ex ( (?:aivie 1 his object to Oartain Den-nan. Short . 1 v after tbe roy*l party arrived, and the young ! princesses each seized upon one of Mr. Tbomp . son s seats, and ro ked themselves to and fro I with true childish simplicity Presently one ; of the ciew was ordered overboard to try the ! merits of this novel life-pre*erver. and the . experiment evidently was looked upon ay the i t dies and gentlemen who accompanied the ; Oueen and Prince with great interest Mr. } '' hompson, meanwhile." w.iS standing amid ships, much disappointed that he had not been j t-p-kon to. and tearing that, after all, he should i not s>-;;oiupli-di ibegreat object of his journey. At iaut moment, much to his delight, Capt. I !>Hiu..ui ipuc ad htm un the snouider. and I suii, -Mr. Thompson 1 have permi*uioa la ! i ;e*-en: yon 'o her Maje? y.:* ?'! fhall be v ry nappy. sir; ' and. amid tbe .^tnlles and ' title:;ug ol the party who surrounded the ? 0'ieen he approached, and w?* introduced by i ipt.iin Denman, saving. "X have the hoi&or t present the inventor of the life buoy to S v ?ur Msyesty." "How d'ye do, roa am," sai?! Mr. XiiOLupf'ju. The (jueen l?owod. and tbe ; Indies fuppre. ted their inertiaient as well *a ' Llicy oouid. "I have bruu^ht; ma'am/' said iflv. Thompson, "one of my .-eats a? a present j tor you and your husband, which I hope you'll acctrt * -At this, further attempts at repres ? .. .. . . r i u*.- ??' ? - -? o i of laughter were unavailing; but" the ' '? ;e*n. wiih g'eat good-nature, emfled, anil ? ?iniylescetidingly wuii, " Th<ink yea. Mr. 1 inompsjii, it is a very interesting and uawtal :n? ent'O.i " Afier replying to a few inquiries 1 fr< in Prinoe Albert, whose rank he was not i * -are of <uutii hefut-aequeiitly saw i he Queen j icaiir.g on his arm, Mr. Ihomp>on withdrew, .^Uwaviug bis hat in cxaberant spirits, em '? rled in one of the Fairy's boats, kindly ' j rn idad f ?i him by the captain. SCRAPS. i~I^ Tho P?rliamento if Tarin. of the 17th. ! rta es that Chev .lier Donelli has started toe i iud.i of having a Iniversal Kxhinitioa ?t ' lurin. irf 1p57, and tbat it meets with great i fav-ir thare. ? 1 *!df~ lhe returns of the Prussian Income { lav show that, in ? population of nearly ? 17 tKly.OOD, there are oiily three persons en I joying a greater income than UiK), while j in J.ogUnd there are tweot -two persons j wh?fe yearly incomes exceed ?,fl.fKtO A down Eust editor says that modes'y ! b:^a;y aiorn* a woman, and ruins a mar. ! Mrs. if C. liall says th it men sacrihce other*, I women sacrifice themselves We submit th.?! j AomeKi sometimes s icrifiee men " ry Of the Trij- isters of the English Wes i If vM i Conierenoe who died last year, the most ! (iis'inguisl^d wore Kichard Waddy, who had i "traveled" six:y-one years, and Kobert Xew j too,.i?. 1> , whi uIj-o had traveled fifty-fiv? I yc.f . Alijut ten others had traveled, on the average, nail a ceutuiy. A \Vitids<>r correspondent of the Loodea pnper3 wrices thar, for some times paat, work men have t>een employed in decorating and i^tting up the apartments at Wlndor CasMe, tiicu^iied teu >c .is ago by the Emperor rf all itie Russia*, for tho reception of -Napoleon ill, iimjwror of tbe French! who, it issaiJ, will iiTiive in England. attei>ded by the Empress Eugenia, on u visit to her Majesty, shortly be fjre jChriituias. v. x ( VW We rt^ret t^> learn that. Diogenes. ? rather furmi lablc rival of Punch, has bsoome banbiup , and an application for a certificate has beou made by the proprietors. Thcee sen tlcuiru Here doecriotu as kobert Kemp Pnilip and liicbard Perkins Appieford, of 60 Fleet htreet book^elleis. Their liabilities are not v,t?ry i*rge. fTf* In tbe Supreme ourt Br'ton. Mass., t-lie^tiry in tne ea^e ot Mary Cba* vs Job Chac*-. brought in a verdiot lor plaiutiff. damages $1 45t), for libel, the plaintiff al leging thuf tbe defendant, who is her fatber in law. had by certain der<?gatory statements injured her character. Mrs Chase obtained ? fn.-ui the o*<urts of Maine a dhuree frem the T vK}fcd oljiiHirnuoiiy, tm the i^rouad <>f ill trea? rs<i'nt by~ her husl-aucl. aud in this suit t^? Question is reserved lor the full court, whether tho divorce can be recogn'tcd In Ma&a> hn 9?!te; it not. then the auction by Mrs. Chase against dotendant cannot be sustained, aud the verdict will be pet aside JU&GENSEIT3 CHftOKOKEIERS. MV?. OALT A UR'J. hav? jiutr?cr|r?d ? xmatl ? Invoice o thoae e?-tebiat?<l Chroccmaterr, L-adv ty Ju'ts Jura*n-^a, (>penhf..e?. < ertainW tb?- b#at pocket tiiaekn-pers ever a?U? A l>0, kk lar;?- an a-stntn?n't of L?J e? ?nc( O .;ni)? mail's surerior'j Wd Watofa?> ?* rauw Ut foUi.d, at au t^re iu thL uouatr>'. attdl ai ?"qOnl'V l<'driateh. M. W. OAl/r I HKO. 2i(^n of lhr W<?ia?-u i'a. a*e., U?t ft ?3t ? Oth n>d loth -0>- _ K. II || A f .l^, f*. ??. . HOMCKtiPATIIfC PHrSTCIAN, I Al'K PnU?l^t^bta. ??? . j??*UUnt?io A'lep?vthf j ?ui lii iu<?opititj, i**?inn; bad *?t neire-ea pcrienc# in the v <rioui> d-oi-rt-in^nta of ?tnr p'? tea ?i* u, o*t?rs hi' rterrk*-* t?i tae citlaetis ef W-nshioKton anl vkiuity. i. ??Ile- No.-i29 Thlr'emth htr?*t. betaken O aud ii -treet* Oflh* hM?ts antil 9* iu;frtinSto4p. in : mi l 7 to a i> m. : -?* Kelerenoes : Wm. A. Oardoe'", M. P? l>san of th? U?ua<("pa^>t-;* OeHejf. !*? .ted the protW Vm***>? er-Hlv. . . ^ NKYV JKWKLRY. c JtidT Oi'k.N?U - A Ofcnt ll U>W ebd tliftliiiMk ? I ?Uy. telfcf L>itui*ba, Bulijr, ?a?r^4 r*:nri, Mre?c, ?tl p ?in BrrocheS E?n togi, " ieu, , ei vbah veel*r oiiwualijr *??. 7?r<? oct W??t M. W. OAW 4 MJU>. ^ j ^ ,i/. ?J# 1 941 .3- ? ^ ?i *?* 4- t *

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