Newspaper of Evening Star, October 12, 1854, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 12, 1854 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (MXOMPT SUNDAY,) At Uu Star Building*, corner Pennsylvania avenue and Eleventh street, By WALLACH 4k HOPE, WUi be served to aubacribera in the cities of Waab initon, Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and Phila> delphia, at SIX AND A QUAET1R CENTS, paya ble weekly to the Agent*. To mail subscribe? the mitMcripuon price i* THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a yew in advance, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR for THREE HONTHS. (Jj^Simole copies ??* can?. i ? VOL. IV. WASHINGTON, D. ?., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1854. NO. 556. THE WEEKLY STAK. This oaoeWeat Family and ?? >ng a greatw variety of Nriareauag reading t&ui la found in any Hw li pvbtMud ?? tawnhifr, TOMS. Single copy, pc annam M to etr%?. COpiMi aatil . ???. .. mmuMWHiMiiM I 06 Ten do ? 00 Twenty do...?.. 15 uc DT" Ca?B, tnUUILT IB ilTUCt. fth Single copies (in wrappers) can be pmaninl h the counter, immediately after the issue uL th? paper. Price?maa* caters. JT Postma?ts*? who net as agent* Will Uc &lk*?-*d a cvnmiB?ion of twenty per Cent. [No. 522.] GENERAL IXOTICK FOE RR8TORIN1 LANDS TO MAK&KT ON CRR. TAIN PROPOSED RAILROADS. WHEREAS certain muds situated in the Styfee* hereinafter-mentioned w?re withdrawn from Ml or entry (except for pre-wnption claim?) by 'or ders of the President of the United States, issued on the repress n tattoos and at the urgent coljcitatime of members of both houses of Congreaa. in anticfrn tion of grants being made to aid in the construct aD of p*opo?*r namou*, and Congress not havtne made granta therefor, the President has d redtci that a'l the lauds heretofore thus withdrawn until further orders wfaish were subject to entry at tbe date of withdrawal, (except those sinew entered! by ?r*-ampUon,) shall be restored to market preci-wiy on the same Urms and conditions aa though the same had not be-n withdrawn from sale Notic* is therefore hereby given that, dfc and af ter Monday, the nimfi day of Octab<r next, all ?h. Ian 1s which were tubjeot to privati entry prnrioui to withdrawal (except tnoee since pre-empt- <t) situated in the following etfltes, Territory, and lan distorts an?l particularly described in the notice? of with drawal enumerated below, will attain be sabjeca tr private entry and location; and that tboee tolri. ships advertised for aale previous to with : :awal tn* reservation of which has also been rescirded ?ill b e reprnclaimed ior sale hereafter, to wit: Lands described in public notice of withdrawal No 494, August 19th, 1853, for the railroad from Brandon. Miss to Montgomery, Alabama: In the districts of land Fubject to soJe at Jack son, Mississippi Do mt Augusta, Mississippi Do at Demopolis, Alabama > Do at Cab aba, Alabtrna *0. January 5, 1S54, for the railroad from Grin's Landing, on the Mississippi ri^er, Arka? ius, ?ia Camden, and near Fu'ton, to the Texan bound ary line, and its branches at Cavadsa: In the districts of lands subject to Bale at Helena, Arkansas Do Champagnole, Arkansas Do Litti* Rock, do Do Washington do No 498, January 24,1R54, fbr the railroad to con nect the Chattanooga Tennessee) with the Centra! railroad cf Mississippi at the Mobile And Ohio r4sd branch from a point near Blyton to Beard's BlafT, at the southern bend of the Tennessee river, Ala bama: In the districts of lands subjeet to sale at Demop olis, Alabama Do Cahaba, Alabama Do Tuscaloosa, do i Do Hunt?ville, do Do Lebanon, do No. 500, February 28,1854, for the railroad frem Mobile to Gfrnrd. Alabama, from Selma to OuntA's Landing, on ihe Tennessee river. Alabama, and Ihe continuation ol the road Savannah, Qeor??, via Mobile, Alabama, to Nrw Orleans, Louisiana, and tbe branch thereof from Albany, Georgia, tia Rufkia, to Montgomery Alabama: In the districts of lands sukyect to sale at St. Ste phens, Alabama. Do Sparta, do Do Cahaba, do Do Montgomery, do Do Tuscaloosa, do Do Huntsvitle, do Do Lebanon, do Do Augusta, Mississippi Co Greensburg, Louisiana Do New Orleans, do No. 504, March 28, 1854, for the North Missoorl railroad: In the districts of land subject to Bale at St. Louis, Mis?ouri To Palmyra, Missouri Do Milan, do De Payette, do No. 506, March 30,1854, for railroads from P&v gacola, Florida, to Mont^omeiy, Alabama, and from the last mentioned plav via Wctumpka, Elytcfn Decatur, and Athens. t < the Tenne?*ee lioe. In the districts of lands subject to sale at Cahaba. Alabama Do TupcUoos*, Alabama Do Huntsville, do f Do Montgomery, do ' Do Tallahassee. Florida No. 507, May 16; 1S51, foe the ?Hkland and Otta wa, and otaer proposed railroads, and not released by Notice No. 518, June 21. 1864: Ia the districts of lands subidfeto rale at Ionia, Michigan Do G^nnessee, Mir^an Do Detroit, do Do Duncan, do Do Sauit St. Marie, do Do Menasha, Wisconsin No. 516, June 8, 1854, for the Iron Mountain and Mississippi River railroad: In the districts cf land subject to sale at St. Louis. Missouri Do Jackson, Missouri No. 519, July 15,1854, far the railroad from T)r> buque, Iowa, via St. Paul. Minnesota, to Left Hand River, at Fond du Lac Lar.a Buperior. Wisconsin, /except the lauds iu Wisconsin heretofore restore! oy notice No. 5 '0:) In the districts of lands subject to sal at Dubuque Iowa Do Still Water, Min. Ter. Do hrownsvilie, do Do Win^ra, do Do Red Wing, do Do Micne&poiis, do That the lands withdrawn in the districts of land subject to sain at Monroe and Natchitoches, Loui siana, by notice No. 4Di*cember 17, 1853, for thft railroad from Shrevssport to Vicksburg, in tbe said State, and of which the reservation was exttn led by notioe No. 618. wi;l b* subj-ct to ?ntry a??ia on th? 7th of Deoember, 1854, the time fixed in said notice; and that the respective registers and receivers of the several land oftces above named will c*rry this no tice int? effort without awaiting further instructiot.* from this office. Oiven under my hand, at the General Land Of flee, at the city of Washington, this 5th day 02 September, Anno Domini, 1854. .by order of the President: .JOHN WILSON, sep 7?2aw(iw Commissioner. LuUaj Uo*iv xoi-joaatuK.*., itewtaasa, i September 14th. 1854. J PROPOSALS will be received at this n?5j? until and on the 16th of November next, tor tar con struction, equipment and t#ehrery ofar Iron steam er for the Lake Survey 8*rm, to bs de.ivered at Detreit, or at any port of Lake Erie, by the 30th of nextJuns. Said steamer not to De man tban 133 feet long, 30 feet brealth of baan, exclusive of fix tares for padiie wheels and wheel homes; of not less than 200 tons burden, and derth of hold about 8J4 feet The deck and cabin of said boat to be trunk flash Ion, -nJ to be divided as follows: forward of the mvhinery. caoin and mess room f*r Ui nana a; mi ef the machinery, cabin and mas* room for ofllora also to have cooking room, atewaras ruoui, p??ury, water closets, and austomary cabin and kitchen fur nitnre for not leas than twenty hands nd six officer?. Th? upper deok, or ca^in roof, to be sufficiently firm for customary use. Pil"t or wheel houses to be on ihe upper deck, and to be supplied with customary conveniences for steericg. The ooat to be sshooner rijsgod, and to be supplied with requisite spars, tails and ri^HnA To be prop erly paiuted; to have two adeqJBl ancbers, with adequate chain cables and all ftistemary fixtures of hawser holes, chain cable boxes, windlass, levers, *e., Ac. Each proposer to en^m^rate details and dimen sion of parte, and to furnish a drawing and model of tbe boat. The boat to be snpptted with two good yawl boats not lees than 20 f?et long each, an each boat to have two good oars, with rudder and tiller. No advances to he made on the contract, and the War Department to have authority, for reasons, to declare the contract void, and to advertise anew. The War Department reserves to itself the right to ?ecept a ay af the proposals or to reject fee-whole and to advertise anew. The boat t ? be able at common steam pressure to main rain a speed of ten miles the hour, and to be supplied with suitable coal bunkers, oapable of stowing not les* than 100 tons cf coal Materials to be of the best quality, put together in a workmanlike manner, and all customary pre cautions and hxtures for strength, and against fire tc be observed. The boat to have not less than 20 adequate water bucUBk Thu steam engina ot" best quality, to be of the low pressure kind, with the beet receat improvements When the boat is reported reaiy, by the con rae tor, one inspector will be appointed bv the War De partment, one, an oflWr of ihe Navy, to be cho.-eu Dy th- contractor. These two to relect a third, and to employ not exoe^ding two proles ional steam boat m?n. also to employ the requisite firemen laborers. Ac , in order to make inspection atid trial Tbe boat after inspection to be eipoard to a t'ia> trip, of not lesj than 100 miles, ia moderate weath er, on which trial trip, aaid boat shall maintain an average speed of not less than ten mil.a the hour for ten consecutive hours. The c rtiheate of sa.a iurpM-tore, in ra'erence to condition, erreu^th o. materials and machinery, workmanship, flui?n, and psrformance ot the boa', to be reoeivrd as evidanr* that Uie contractor has filifillel his (xtntract; also as evidence ef expenses .of in*^*ction and trial, one hall ot' said expenses to be paid by th? Uoiied Mtatee, and one half by th* contractor. J. J. AbMKT, Ool. Oorpt it?p. Riif'rs. gap 10w-i2uUki^awtMovl ^ CAPTAIN OANOT, Author of the great book jupt be ins PUBLISHED, SPEAKS of HAMPTON'S TINCTURE. GREAT CURE 0* RHEUMATISM CC*?*TRAGTED UNDER TROPICAL CLIMATES. Baltimobs, Md., June 4,1864. Xt. Stackbridgc, aftU JrUaUain HoUl Light UresL, Baltimore? , ?? Pe&r Sir: Being on the point of leaving th? city, avail myself of a few idle moments to thank yon kindly for the medicine you sunt ma, and which ha* restored me to the uw of my limbs. I beg you to send me four bottles mora, to carry on my voyage, .-ii'Ce I had the fortune to use Dr. Hampton's Vege table Tincture my confidence is so strong that, in ratirude 10 the proprietors of said medicine, I bej von to my respect* to tbein, and induce them to make it more publicly known as a sure Rheuu-asic cure. Having called on me on the 19th of April last, and fetn me prostrated on my bed, ui?l-*8 in all ay li ubs, you oan appreciate nearly as wall as tnysrtf the prompt relief I receded from l>r. 'lampton's Tincture, and 1 am positive had it not been lor your strong and forcible recommenda tions 1 should still ha^e been in bed. It is really a pity this specific should not be ap proved by medical men, aod like all patent drug* it should suffer the imputation tha public generally nve to suon preparations. I mvtelf, who was al ways opposed to a patented specific, took this medi cine with reluctance, and without confidence in it, and it was only through your disinterested, friendly recommendations, and my criti ul situation that iu daeed ms to try this really beneficial Vegetable Tincture. w -You may inform Mestrs. Mortimer A Mowbray that they are at liberty te make use of my name in thwsuppertof the good effects of Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, a" it has cured me in five weeks of a chronic Inflammatory Rheumatism, contracted under tropical climates, and of term year?periodical duration. I hare on'y use"! threw boitles, and find that even the deformed jxirU of my hands are fast letuming o their torn** natural appearance I hive been under tDe treatment of several phy sicians in London and Paris, without any apparent ben- fit; also, while in New Yfrk, Having tried the Thompsonian aDd Homnepatbic remedies, after hav ing been tormented with galvanic ba teries, ol-J and aromatic baths, aud hundreds of internal and externa] medicines, all to no effect, I am, so far cured by this Hampton's V.'pre'able Tincture only. Therefore, my > ear sir, accept of the assurance of my gratitude, and believe me your well wisher. Thomas Caho*. REV. VERNON EaKRIDGE, U. S. N. Portsmouth, Va , Aug. 18,1861. Mr. J. K. Boush?"ear sir: While I am, in gene ral, 0pD0e*d to patent medicines, candor compels me to state that I have great confidence in the virtues of. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture. For several months past I have used it in my f?mily ; and in dyspepsia, loss of apatite, dixziness, and general de bility, with entire success. So far as my experience exten ts, therefore, I take pleasure in recommend lug it to the afflicted as a safe and efficient remedy. I am, respectfully, yours, Vxkiton Eskridgi, Chaplain, United States Nary. HOME TESTIMONY. CURS Of LIVER COMPLAINT 0# TEN YEARS Washiwqtow, May 17,1853 Meesrs Mortimer A Mowhray : Gentlemen?Hav ing been afflicted with Liver Complaint of ten vearK standing, I hereby, for the b neflt of the afflicted, take great pleasur" in announcing that aft*-r using a few bottles of your Tincture, I found it had ac crnplisbed a perfect cure 1 bave used different n*diclues from time to time, b-'t have never been tble to aesorct for any apparent good, and it is a blessing to stricken humanity lhat thatmediiine is found which pos^esse? the wundrrius powar of pro irnjr.ghiiman life. The many cures it has wrought le r ^nfflclent guarantee of the bcneficial resultf * ? h may be experienced frr*m U.j us?. Yours rf i;.?ctfaily, J- Cbetaiu Hay. Oal1 ? id get pamphlets gratis, and s?e cur?s ol | GougTl, Bronc-'atis, Bheumat m, Neuralgia, Dysp*y> ! tia, ytrvGiisnessand Gen iral Wniknets. As a female medicine c? for delicate children we believe it un equal*^. I 4^-Sold by MORTIMER A MOWBBAY, 140 Balti more street, Baltimore, and 304 "roadway, New York; CHAB. STOTF A CO., WfVIER, J. B. MOORK. D B 'JLARKJS, CLARKE A BOWLING, W. KLLI ?.iTT, and H McPHERSON, Washington; also, by R 8. F. CI8BEL, Georgetown; and C. C. BKRRY, Alexandria, and by Druggists everywhere, aug 31?tr TAKE NOTICE. H0U8EKEKPERS and other* are reminded that the following list of articles are of the very beet description, and oan be purchased from the sub scriber on as low terras as any other bouse in the city. A large assortment and supply always on hand: Cils of all kind* Queeaswar* Paints Brushes Camphine Clocks Varnish Lamps Turpentine Chandeliers Window Glasi Girandoles China Vases Earthen wars Brittanj i a Ware Glass Ac., Ac., Ac. Goods sent to any part of the city free ol charge. Country dealers will do well to call. C 8. WHITTLESEY, 7th strxet, opp. Seldeu A Withers' rank, mar IT?tf REMITTANCES TO IRELAND. OCR8ON8 desiring to send money to Ireland, can i_ obtain checks tor ?l or more, on the B?lfa*t :*nyina Company, payable in all the priacipsJ tewns. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS, Bank?rt>, opposite the Treasury BuiMias. Hb rt- ^tf TO MAKE YOUR HAIR CURL. WONDER OF THE WORLD rpHE Great Wonder of the World has at length 1 been discovered. You cannot make one hair white or black, but Mr BYRON H. UGBBhis at length procured the truth ct the great secret, after mush ?>udy, toil, ana expense, bow to make the Lair Ciirl ?ud wave in the ra^st grac-ful manner for life. The proprietor has travelled through vane up parts of Europe, for upwards of nine years in search of the o-lebrated chemist and physiologist, M Jaquea, and lias at length found him in Italy, and purchased of him the receipt for th? sum of $3,000. All persons having the mofct uncouth and coarse looking hair can nava ?t traunf irmed inU the most beautiful and curliug appearance that could be de sired. The compo-itiou of which the article.!* coin posed will not co-t more than 50 cents, and but ode application is needed to the hair 10 cause It to wave in the most uniform and perfect manner f. r life, and thus improve the looks and appearance one hundred p?r cent We now effer this wonderful JisoovRry to the world for the mm of $1 00. Direct all letters to BYUON H. ROBB, /arming ton, Trumbull co., Ohio, and the receipt will be im- ( mediately forwarded to the person. All letters must be post paid to secure attention. ] sep 1?3m 6AS FIXTURES. IiIU subscribers take pleasure in announcing to the public that their stock of GAS FIXTURES, comprising some of the best and latest patterns, has Uen received, and that they are now prepared to sell at the lowest rates. Persons in want ef Gas Fixtures will please call and examine -they will no doubt find it to their interest. Dwellings and public buildings fitted with gM-t** bing at the usual rate# J W. THOMPSON A BROTHER, dee 14?tf Pa. av., bet. 10th and 11th, s. side. WASHINGTON IRON WORKS, Maine avenue, between 1% and 6th sit. MANUFACTURER of Bteam Engines, Boilers, j Water Tanks, Shafting, Pulleys, Hangers ami klill Wf.rk generally. Will furnish Saw Mills, all kinds of Castings, Wrought and Cast Iron Pipes, and everything in the Iron line generally. ? , Two small ENQLSMS on band and for sale. For information address G. E. NOYES, Washington Iron Works, Washington. D 0. ]y 14?tf TO INVENTORS. THB office of "The Inventors' Protection National Union" is on 7th street, opposite the East Por tico of the Patent Office, and is now ready to attend to the business of its members, namely: ia making examination* and soliciting patents, Ac. Inventors are invited to call and get a copy of the Constitution and By laws, and where any iniorma ticii will be given respecting the Union. All letters on business must be directed to this of- * (ice, where attention will be given immediately. A model shop is in connection with the office, ?h .re models can be made to order at the shortest notice G. CLAYTON. a? 10?ly President I. P. N. U. SVNO.SYM8 OF THE NEW TB8TAMBNT, by R. C. French, B. !>., author of "The Study cf Worlds,** Ac. A Tenncsaestn Abroad, or Letters from Europe, AfrWa, at d Asia, by Randolph Ms^Garock, A. M , L. L. H . a cumber of the Naphvllle BaT. j TAYLOR A MAURY'S > aep KM? Bookstore, near 9th st. 1 Tin nnnnv NEW GOODS JUST RECEIVED. PW. BROWSING, Merchant Tailor, Pa , avenue, nnder the United States Ho-, t? I would respectfully infbrm hi* cn?tomers iinrt the public generally that h? has just re ceived new Vail and Winter goods in gr?st. variety, such as Cloths, Cassimeres, and v eatings 01 the latest importation, and ic prepared to have them made np at the shortest no*it?, in the most fkahion able manner a&d at low rates of prices. Having made arrangement* to go U.^the Ready ""sdaClothing business extensively this season, he re<''s confiden. that he can offrr to those wfehing to purchaa# a sto^fc of C'otbing, not inferior to any in this city, and not made up at the North, as is usu ally the esse with work aold here; but cut in his own establishment, and made by our own needy cit isens in this doll Sraaon at low rate* of prices, he is enabled there'or, to oompete with northern work in point of prices; and as to quality and style, he will leave for thos-^ who favor him with a call to iudge He can sell whole 6uits, Coat, Pants, and Vest, at the following low rates: Good suit for business purposes, ont of cloth or cas aianere, for the small sum of. $15 Dress and frock Coats, from.... $10 to $4; Overcoats of different styles 12 to 25 Black and fanny I'antaloons $3 50 to 10 Silk and Velvet Vesta 2 50 to 10 This etook of Clothing is of a superior quality, and has b-en made up since he received the lall and winter fashions. He keeps constantly on hand a large assortment of fancy articles?such as Glove*, Cravats, Collars. Umbrellas, Ac. Hole Agent for the sale of 8oott's Report of Faeh ions in this city. sep 15?tf "head quarters, Cbrner of Thirteenth and J? streets, near the Theatre. The proprietor of this 'public house, Mr. William Greason, has refitted, ren ovated, and prepared his, establishment lor the accommodation of vi titers iu *uch a manner that tie trusts will give fuul satisfac t'.on to all who extend to him their patronage. He ha1 mads arrangement* to have the veiy best or 0YSTKR8, ac., for the whr>le season, without reeard to expense. Families and Parties promptly poppli^d. ILis Bar and Larder is at all times so k*d with the be.?t in the liue. Making his acknowledgments lor past encouragement, he respectfully invites a con tinuance of the same, with every intention and ex ertion to please. ?Jr A tflw Boarders can be comfortable accommo lated. sep '22?6m ONDKRTAlUSRd. Ac. CABINET WAREROOM, &#? J WILLIAM PLANT & CO . UN DERTAKES?'?resid?Bca 418 Sev enth street, between G and H strret*. In erment" I procured in any ground or eemeterv. Offlos, Caps, dbroudi", Carriages, liearre, and every article fur interments of the best quality furnished at short notice, on the most r<atouable Wine, and at all hours of the n-.ght. Having the exclusive rignt of Crump s Patent Life Preserver, we guarantee to keep tne dead for any leDgth of time. cc 11?tf UNDERTAKING ft CABINET MAKING. f|^UK advertiser returns sincere thanks to his A friends aud the public iu general f r their pa*t patronage, ^ iul iol.irmi them th?t, witii in-1 creastd facilities, he is prepare*! t<> ait?nd to ail oraera in his line of business with promptness and dispatch. II? gives bis pert-onal at c-ntion to Undertaking,^ani rho.-e requiring hia Mrvices will him car<*fal and obliging. Jails attended to at nil bours, day and nignt. la Ihe' ablnet making line he trus s to be able to give satisfaction as heretofore. His establishment is on I'a avenue, Nos. 180 aul 188, between 17th ?ind ISth et? , First Ward, Washington. JOSliPH GAWLKR, oct 5?lm Cabinet Maker aT)d Undertaker, JA81NJST MAKER & UNDERTAKER. 1\uA undersigned would raepe tfully inform hi.* iriends, aoqnaintancea, and the ; nolle generally Jiat he still continues to execute all order* iu hi* dne of business in the best manner aud at the short est notice. ft&PAIHJRG neatly and promptly executed FURKRALS attended tc at the shortest notice, and in the best -aanner. bodies preserved in the most per feat man tfr, even in the warmest weather. va vakful tor past favors, be would respectfully solicit, and will endeavor to merit a ccntinuanoe ol the same, ANTHONY BUCHLY, Pa. are., s. side, between 9th and 10th st:;. itesideccs: Mr. Martin's, No. 396. D ctreot? t> led ?jo use ->?st oi 7 th street. mar 17?ly ~ UNDERTAKER. ~~ WOULD respectfully return my thanks to the citizens of Washington and its vicinity for their past p:\tronage, and f>ay that owing to the fcqaeut '.alio in tde Undertaking branch of my business, 1 save been induced to discontinue the manufacture )1 Furniture, and turn my attention fully to the UNlJ&KTAiiiNG. 1 have spared no pains to have everything ttiat is requisite to my bunine-aa, and 1 vm therefore lrdly prepared to meet any ocdvr alt"! * V?w moments nnttee. and I as*>\re these who as, me a call ths?c I will spare no pains t? carry out ciwir orders to their entire satssfeottcij. JAMKrt jr. UAHVJfY, No. 410, 7th st., between u and H. N. B.?Galls aitanaeU to at all hoars of the night mar 1?ly I BUSINESS CARDS. I II BOOS EINIJUfQ-, N all Its vari^tie^, neatly e3.oca?ed, ot the most reasonable terms, by THOMAS THIflJETT A CO, Pennsylvania avenue, sonti eide, 2d door an ?iftf fr.^nj ISth etre?f. COMMISSIONER~OF DEEDS FOR Usn KbtK, Texas, CaiUornla, N?wJtrsey, Louisiana, 1, Per>nsylvania, Alabama, Kectacuj, tv&ryland, Georgia, MioHgao, Kaine, Wisconsia. Ohio, and Aimneeota, Florida, Otlvsr States: ?lfi01i01C C. TROMAI, JLTIOJbtXJSf FOR CLAJMS, AUD HOTARY F0BLIO, cmc* orpomtM to xaa faaAsuar Bnasuis. gov 19?y WASHINGTON. P. 0. GAS LIGHT! GAS LIGHT! THOMAS LEWIS, PRACTICAL GAS FITTER, 10th street, between Penna avenue and K street,

(Few doors aljove McOuire's Auction Store,) AV1NG served a regular apprenticeship of over ftve yeara at the <Ja? Fitting busiue^s in on* of the largest establishments in Phil-( adelphia, I would respectfully inform the citizens of Washington and Georgetown that I am prepared to fit up Dwellings, Churches, stores, Ac., in a neat and substantial manner, and warranted not to leak. T. Id. executes all kinds of iron PipeWork, for gas, Fteam, and water, at the shortest notice, and on accommodating terms. JNameroua references given if required, sep 18?lm* "GLENWOOD CEIiETERYT' WIllS beautiful burial plaoe (IP the dead having J just becn4dedicated with appropriate oerumonies fbr the purpose, is now open for the reoeption of the remains of deceased persons. The MAUSOLEUM has capacity for a hnsdred bodies; in which such Jriends c'f the dead as may oppiv can place the departed until they select sites for ihe graves. The plan of the incorporators is one of equality in regard to the lots, which will not be put ap publicly for sale, (although they usually bring a premium,) making tne early selection of lots tie most desir able. Untilimoffioe is established in th? city of Wash ington, V^ications wi'l be punctually attended to at the present office, in the east wing ol the build ing on entering the Cemetery. WM. 8. HUMPHREYS N. B.?Qlenwood Is situated a short distance dua north ?f the^Ca^^, ang J1 ?Sm FOE POOS AND LABORING MEN. SMALL BUILDING LOTS of 10 feet or more, in various parts ol tfce City, and Georgetown, at low prioes, and terms to suit. LLOYD A CO. BUILDING STONE For sale, deliverable at the Canal, or Wharves in Washington, Georgetown, or Alexandria. LLOYD A CO. For tale, a large and handsome CARRIAGE and OJLMJKJUSa. LLOYD* CO, 15th street, opp Treasury Department. Jr 28-iy SCHOOL BOOKS of every deecription at the ./lowest publishers' prices, at i ?pa_ v.*** OFFICIAL Tmasu*t Department, August 26,1864. Notice is hereby given to the holders of the fol lowing-described stocks of the United State*, that this department is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 20th day of November next, portions of thorn stocks, amounting in the aggregate to $3,840,000, in the manner and on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within the amount stated, preference will be given in the or der of time in which said stocks may be offered. The certificates, duly assigned to the United States, by the parties who are to-receive the s mount ther of, must be transmitted to this department ; upon the receipt whereof, a price will be pai , compounded of the following particulars : 1. The pnr value, or amount specified in each cer tificate. 2. A premium on the stock "f tbe loan authorised by the act of July, 1846, redeemable November 12, 1856, of 3 per cen 4 on the stock of the loan au thoiised by th? act of 1842, redeemable 31st Decem ber, 1862, of 11 per cent; on tba stork of tbe loan - authorised by the sets of 1847 and '843, and r<deem able, the former on the 31st December, 1857, and the latter on the 20th June, 1868, of 16 per cent; and on the stock ot the loan authoriasi by tbe act of 1850, and redeemable on the 31st December, 1864 (commonly called the Texan indemnity.) six per cent. 3- Interest on the par of each certificate from the 1st of July, 1854, to the date ef rtceipt and eetile ment at the Treasury, with tbe allowance (for the money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in addition. Payment for pa'-d stocks will be made in drafts of tbe Treasurer of the United States, on the at istant treasurer at Borton, New York, or Phil&delfflfra, as the parties may direct. But no certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice which shall not be actually received at tbe Treafury on or before the said 30th day of No? vember next. JAMES GUTHRIE. ang 28? dt20vov Seer-turv of Treasury. FIRE GILDING, GALVANIZING. AND ELECTRO SILVER-PLATING, Olf ALL X1WD8 OF *?TAI. FLABARRR would respectfully inf nc the pub a lie that he has opened a Shop at thu corner C and 10th streets, in tbe above business, and is now refcdy to receive orders in any branch, namely: FIRE GILDING on all kinds of ornauswnts for churches, chalin's, jewels, and regalia for Free Masons, Odd Fellows, and ether scoie:ies, milit'ry ornaments, Ac. Also, SILTBK AND BRASS WATCHES, Chains, Goblets, Lockets, Tea and Tabl?j Spoons, Dessert and Butter Knivefl. ELECTRO SILVRR-PLATING On Military Ornamefts, Fruit Baskets, Waiters, Candlesticks, and Casket*. Alfo Silver plating for Plumber*,Has Fitters, Ac All ornaments fbr military, Free Masons. Odd F>1 iowr., and other SecJetiea and Clubs mai# to order on the shortest noticti. FRANCIS LABARRE, Corner C and 10th ets west, near Fa. ave. se e?J'm nAUTffp SPANISH MIXTURE, ?*!?? 6r?at Pariltr of the liloodl Mot a Particle of Mercury in it. Rrmfor rerefnla, King eBrf!, Rhsu spat lam, Obattn a** On t*n ?<>n* Rruptions-Fimpiceor Pustules oc tbe Face, Blotches, Boils, CsrcnicSore I7CA, King Voriu or Tetter, 8ot?id liea-1, Enirrge a??ut and Pain at ihe Jionet and Jciwta, Stubborn Clot-re, Syphilitic Disorder?, Losibago, Spinal Com jlnl 'ts, and all Diseases arising from cn injudicious Vi cf Mproury, ImprudwxoeJnLife, or Impurity of the Blood. 'ponfs Telaablt Mad!dne, whhh hue becomerele I. brated for the number of extraordinary cure# iffected through Its agency, has induced tiio proun* torr., at tha urgent rs-quejt of their friend?, to (iter it Vo the public, which they do with the uinio-t con? leace in i'E virtue and wonJerful curative proper It*. The following certificates, selected trom s large cumber, are. however, stronger testimony than the mere word cf the proprietors; and are ail from gen tleman well known in their localities, and of the high ??: respectability, man? of them residing in the city ol Rich mend, V*. JP. B0YD5N, M xcf the Exchange Betel, Rich ipcM, known everywhere, ea; s hebuiseeu tbe Medi cir ? called Cartub's 8pa??i.-;t Mixstst, aiimini^tered iu over a hundred casee, In n*ar'iT all frhedir rves ioi *Uch itLs reooaunewded. w?th *be most ABtoxrish;pglT ...-od results, iiesaye it let the most extraordinary oieu: :iue he bad ever ??u. ArtCK AND FEVBB?flMAT yCiiH.? I hereby mittfy that for thro* yeacs X hzd Ague and Fere-, the moat violent description. I h?d ihyt ? can*, took large <j nantitks of Quinine, Me rev r v. at i I believe sll tbe Tonics advertised, b'xt ail ' permanent tklfef. At laK T trred C&rr*r'c ti Miyuore. two bottles of whieh effectually cured n,e. end I am hsp;y to say I Lave had neither Chi'lc n Fererb siac*. I oonfid'r it tbe b^et i'oric in t)ie Tcrld. and the. only me-l'.clne thai t\ reached a , esse. JOHN fCriGl'SI-. itteavax Daa, aaar Pirbmotd "?*. C. 35 LUCK. Esq., now in the oil;7 cf Kicamonl. ?1 d fcr msny year* in the i*os tOific?., L<*? such conC d^nfe in th< R?tonisbing efficacy Cirtcr'f. f'penii b Mixture, that be ha? bought ur.r-ards of f>:". bottles, which be has given aw uy to the afflicted. Mr. Luck p#y? be has never known it tc fan wbe^ taken aoeord ?ag to directions. Dr. MINQ&. apra^tiriug Physician, and ft?rmet ij of the City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, ss/p lie hbaw'tcessedin a number of instances tbo eH-'~t!< oj Carter's Spanish Mixture, which were most truly sur prising. U*sayfein ? caseofOonsumption,dependent on the Liver, tbe good effocts were wonderful indeed BA MU BL M. DRINKER, of t.h? firm of Drinker A Maris, Richmond, was cored of Liver Complaint ot b 5 earn etanaing, by the use of two bJtilet ot Cartel'* Spanish Mixtare. OTt?AT CURE OF SCROFULA.-*The Ed!tors #f the I-icl.Mond IlepuNican had a servant employed hi their prese room, cured of violent Scrofula, combined with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled him from work. T-ro bottles of Carter's Spanist: Mixture mad^ a perfect cure <?f him, and the Editors, in a public no tire, flay they "cheerfully recommend it to all who are iffiictedwith any disease ofthe blood." ETILL ANOTUER CURB OF SCROFULA.?I hai a very valuable hoy cured of Scroiula by Carter^ Fvaniria Mixture. I consider it truly a valuable medicine. JAMES M. TAYLOR, Conductor on the II. P. A P. R. R. Co,, Richmond, Va. SALT BILEUM OF TWENTY YEARS STANDING CURED. Mr. JOHN TH0MP80N, reeiding la tbe city ol Richmond, was cured by three bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, ei Salt Rheum, which he had ] nearly twenty years, and which all the physicians ofthe city could not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well known merchant in tbe city of Richmond, Ya., and bis onre is most remarkable. WM. A. MATTHEWS, ?f Richmond, had a Be* rant cured of Syphilis, in the worst fcrm, by Oar toi'g Spanish Mixture. He ?ay? h* cheerfully re commends it, and oonfider* it an Invaluable medi cine. EDWTN BURTON, oommisrioner of the revenue, says he has reea the good effects of barter's Spanish Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cams, and says it U a perfect cure for that horrible disease. WM. G. UARWOOD, of Richmond, cured of old Sorec and Ulcers, which disabled him from walking. Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and wse enabled to walk without a cratch, in a short time permanently cured. Principal Depots at M. WARD, CLOSE A OO., No fcd Maiden Lane, New York. T. W. DYOTT A 80NS, No. 131 North Second street, Philadelphia. LBNNETT A BEERS, No. 126 Main street, Rich oond, Ya. And for sale by CHARLES STOTT, Washington, C. C.; HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, and by Druggists *verywhere. Price $1 per bottle, or six bottlee for ft* *ep2'-T _ , . m - ^ T' TU&&XT VICTORIOUS. ~ YOU will find at th^ same OLD STAND, Pennsyl vania avenue neaT 12th street opposite the Irving Hotel, LOOKING GLASSES with or without Frames; Portrait, Picture and Miniture Frames of the latest styles; Brackets, Tables, Room Moulding, Corniase, Ac., Ae^ or by leaving your order yon can have any tbiBK done in my line. N.B.?OM frames, Ac., regilt at the shortest no tioe on reaeomiole terms, iiontjorjst the. place, feb 20?ly JOHN WAGN1B. ' EVENING STAR. THE CONTINENTAL BUTTONS ? STOBV OF TBS REVOLUTION. When the American army wax encamped at Valley Forge, a British officer, who was Quar tered upon the famiiy of agentleman in I'LU adelphia. had occasion to yiait the camp, with a message undo a flag ef trace The lady ot the house determined to areoui pany him, for the purpose of taking a suit ot regimentals to her hasband. who had been out for some time with the Continental army; and, as it-was necessary to eonoeal her design trom the officer, the matter was accomplished by artifice. Having taken the stuffing out of the cush ions of the gig. the regiment ils were inser ed in its place, and things went on smoothly, until the roughness of the road suggested t > the ger ? lie man that his seat was none of tho softest. In vain were two unoffending coat-tails con demned to eternal punishment and rudelv jerked from beneath their owner, who believed that they were the culprits, and in vain were his pockets searched, in hopes that the removal of a stray key or pen-knife would allcviutc his misery. Perceiving the trouble, and knowing the danger of discovery, the lady taxed her power. of conversation to the u most. in hopes of di verting his attention from so pressiug a sab ject; but the gig would bump on, and the Con tinental buttons obstinately insisted on aveng ing their country's wrongs upon the person ot the enemy, doubtless ''whispering in their sleeves," " Ser his posture is not right, And he is not settled quite; Look now at lus odd grimace?, Saw you e'er ^uch comic facesr" while he, poor fellow, inwardly carsed the primitiveness of Yankee cushions, and sighed for the luxurious quarters that he had left be hind him. Weary miles were traveled, the captain still suffering the penalty of his loyalty, wbensud denly the truth flashed across his mind, and memory recalled certain mysterious conversa tions he had overheard in the house about broadcloth and embroidery. The secret wag discovered but his troubles were not yet over, for he now found himself on the horns of a dilemma as uncomfortable as the Continental buttons, and ho rode on perplexed between hit duty to his King, and his obligations to the lady. loo much of a gentleman to betray her, and yet too loyal an officer, willingly to carry "aid and comfort to the rebel'' he hesitated long as to the course he should pursue; but his gal Un.ry at length got the better of him. and bravely Emitting to the stern infliction, he concluded not to verify his {suspicions by oc cular demonstration A significant smile and gesture alone in formed his companion that the art-.fice was discovered, and the rebel garments were suf fered to reach their destination unmolested. Posterity may settle the question as to whether the energy or ingenuity of the vonng wife deserves the more praise, and whether the officer should have superceded that of the gentleman; but one thing is certain, the rebH gjntlemau receivod a uniform which he sadly needed; and the memory of the iady is rnoro fondly chorished by her descendants, when ever they think of the " Continental Buttons." {Bizarre. The New Statue for the Capitol. Crawford, the American sculptor, is busied in executing the order of Congress for a mon ument to be placed at theenstern extremity of the Capitol extension. The material is stat uary marble. Tho design is announced ag follows: The central figure of the pediment repre sent-s America standing on a rock, against which tho waves of the ocean are beating, the is attend'd by the ea^ie of the couutry ? while the sun, rising at her feet indicates the light which accompanies the march of liberty. In one hand she holds the rewardsrf civil and military merit?laurel and oak leaves?her left hand is extended towards the pioneer, for whom she asks the protection of theAlinightv. 'Ihe pioneer is tho athletic figure of a back woodsman, clearing the fores*. Ihe Indian race and its extinction is explained b^ tho kd joining group of the Indian chief anu family. Ihe sou of the chief i* ruturning from tho chase, with a collet tion of gaL.2 slung on a peat over L s shoulder In the same of the Indian chief, i?Ir. Crawford h'ts endeavored to describe the despair and profound grief re *!> frjin the conviction of tiie whi c tnnu's triumph. ihe wife and infant of the chici Complete this g;oupui figures, while the grave being emblematic of'he e-.tinctiou of the In dian race, fills np this portion. lho opposite La f of the peuiment is devoted to the effects of liberty and civil ization. The first figure on the right of America represents its soldier. lie is clothed in the costume t f the revolution, as being suggestive of the Cuuntry s struggle feu independence; his hand upon his sword indicates the readiness of the army to protect America from insult. By th<i sc-'.dier iB placed a merchant sitting on tba emblems of trade; his right hand reats upoa the globe, by which the extent of American commerce is symbolized The anchor at his feet connects this fi ure with those of two boys advat cing to uevote themselves to the sen ice of their country. The anchor is a-xsily understood to be ?hc emblem of hope; Dehind them sits the teacher instructing a youth The mechanic completes the group He re?ts upon the cog-wheel, without wiiich a machinery is useless. In his hanus are the emhlyms of trade; and at his feot are sheaves of corn ex pressive of fertility, activity, and abundance, in contradistinction to the grave at the corres ponding corner. Count Boulbon'a Dtfeat. Tho San Diego Herald gives the following account of the last battle of Count Iiaouseet deBoulbon, of whose execution we have pre viously been informed: '?After organizing his force, he made a de monstration against the government, where apon the bonorians turned out tu force, aided by one company of Germans under ?. aptain Seafeldtj and one of Irish and other foreigners, with two heavy cannon and one howitzer. The Germans and Irioh e.uck closely to the Scno riana A desperate confiiai took piace inlfe streets of Guaymas, between the opposflg forces. Ihe battery was served with terrible effect by the Germans and Iriah, and numbers of the French fell at every [discharge. Still, headed by Boulbon, they charged furiously up to the vory mouth of the cannon, but were again rep Ised with great loss. lioulbon's force amounted to nearly 4G0 men, all of whom are represented to have fought with desperate oourage. But the Germans and Irish, with their oaanon, ooald not be dislodged, while the Mexicans, taking heart, assailed the French on all sides In the midst of the conflict, Boulton chal lenged the Colonel of the Sonorian forces to single combat. It was accepted, and as they were approaching each;-other Uuulbon was struck in the neck with in ewopette ball, and fell severely wounded froin-his honte. The Sonoriane, Germans and Irish, set np a shout of triumph, and the Frcnch imuudi diately ceased firing, and surrendered Boul bon was taken, and was to be executed by the SoDorians, even in his wounded oondition. im mediately. Many of his companions would probably share hia fata, and the Mexicans were wild with exulutt?t>n.. From WO to 120 Frenchmen are said to haye been killed in the conflict. Curioua Advertisements. The following advertisement* ba?e lately appeared in the London Times DA MAY. I 1 DA; May. Why doe* not Ida write, tben 7 C1IIARLIE, BOY! Charlie! Charlie! Oh; J save us all a broken heart, end RETURN. All?all?all is forgiten. CHARLIE, loved Charlie' If yon would gee your poor mother alive. RETURN at once. Every wish shall be realised, tad all, all, all is forgiven and forgotten. Ok, have pity and save us Dearest. dearest ciiarlik bot.?Have mercy on us. and KETl!> N Return wnile we are yet alive. All is forgiven, and all your wishes shall be realised Your broken bc?t! ted Mother. \\J ?I hive no other : you were'he first V V ? 1 wi'l explain all if you will write and s;?y v. here one letter will And you. l>o not be anxion? for me. If I have no letLer trom you I stall think you wish to hear no more from me Thavcnoothor way of writing to you: have 1 ? H?I HAVE baen very, very ill; was ? unable ti meet y?j or send the notice you wished; out of town when I got yonrlast. I leave Monday, but not bf the way I told you Le- me have a long lever by Monday's post, it will be sent after me to Paris, but not later, as 1 shall be unable to say anrwtiere till I get where beef is tough Do not wri e a^ain till you hear from or about me I will try and get down Sunday; if not. may all the brightest blessings ever attend you You know what 1 was eo anxious about; have 1 a chance of the second ? Le true, and we will meet. E IT^OTJND?In tit Mary Church. Oxford, the TOMB so anxiously sought for by a party two years ago. SCRAPS. t*^ A Paris correspondent of the New York Times says his washerwoman is a man, who 1 i vi s in the Rue Blanc, any one may see him up to his elbow* in soap suds, or ironing frills or bosoms. IJis wife is a good wood sawyer Young Ladies7 Schools are often places were females unlearn the good they have studied and practiced ar home; and learn ? those things ' whi^h add neither to their bead, heart nor hand. The bakers at Poictiers. in France, the lGiti of la?t month, refused to sell bread at the price? fixed by law, and closed their shops. Sixteen of them were thereupon arrested by the police, and committed to prison. ijT The Methodist Episcopal Conference have appointed a committee to inquire into the cau-o of the failure of the house of Kapor .% Co , of Cincinnati, the Rev Wui 11. Eyffe, a clergyman of thateity. having been charged with being a secret member of ihe firm lie denied tbe charge. Travelers who have arrived from Spain, report that most exiraordinary cures of the | cholera have been made by waie Malay sea ! men at Cadiz There have been more oures by tbe M.ilay method of treating ohulrra is ! is most peculiar They pinch up the skin tu \ round balls, and then rub the surrounding p*rt? where the skin is stretched to its etafoet teision. *^Thc lime business of Rockland, Me , j ha of late become greatly extended, employ ! in^ a Urge numb?r of vessels. On one day ? Irtfoly. vessels loaded with 25 900 barrels of ; lime, left toe nlace for New York alone, be sides a c nsiderable number of vessels for o *ier places. On the 3d instant, a pcheoner saiiedt'rom Rockland for 8t George. N B . with 1.2i2 casks of lime, the first ever shipped to the British provinces. UT* It ha.s been suggested that tbe reward of ilfirtO offered by rhe London Times JLo any one who Can suggest a plentiful supply of auy pr 'due: oueapeuough to supersede the material fr>in wtiieh paper is now made, might also be ? ilTered to chemists or manufacturers for a plan to reduce paper again to its primitive pnlp. and then to d\sehara:e from it the prin ter s ink The old monks, it is well known, dee royed manny valuable manuscripts, in former times, fur tbe sake of tbe parchments U/<-n vh:ch they w-*re written JOHN 11EKSE, rXOJfKlKTUrt. 0> TUR ""I DiSle numbing uutl ?.as-Filliiig ite|ot, ; oCL > <r-i ? cell tbe attrition &J the sfttMM of ewMngt n. ? nnd vicinity t-? ik? ??xeelient assort nt iT (J<>n Is in h;s ' xi>-, wit' h im Lh. ,-jri Is Jsi y r?roeivit gad<H*k'n ?.":i maf leTs, t>rop l.ijnts, Prnckrts, IViii^itn'K, .o i in t.i t. ?;ry wticie connected with tl.aj&ss fit ' it.: bu ia*-Sc nr ^ !? i t-J nl fci- vtubiirhmeDt, rjilwrtig a t tb<?<in*iit!?F ?f beauty, rtvle, du.a :iii ly ana 'ii-apti-ts. 't g ' umLiui; u?pa: tment eub'aces all articles 'n thst \.Uf, Wt a? tnarbl tcp Wash stands, Bath ? ut'S. e bower lUihr., ?i.<i nil the auponls^e y itr ib? }.?? >j^cu'ion ?-t thut trench o< bU-busi ue-s Work otufided u> him will iweive prompt at t-ntlon. aud its KZecutiou Us ? ".'Wt'"' ""** ' KuM l*r? ?n<l ctb?rs wlliuri'l it to tbeir ed vniiUg^ LrlMc g( iDd eisewh-iv. Uj call at th* kAULfa) DKPOT, Corner ot" 1'eiUin. nvenue mhJ 0 h it. (k>p li "f lm PIANOS FOR SALE aMJ KEMT. . New and second-hand PIANOS of fT ST fftsiy own and several other factories, hi ways u> Le bad at ray Pi?no Wareroom, cn llt'n KtreeU ln-twwu IVnasylv-mia avuuae aati II str "t. 4yr Old Pinnes taken in exchnng*. laning alt>u attt-nJed to. k C. KKIOU BACIL p g?A'f?w low pt IcM ?-??)nd b#n t Pianos n for ??# 'o? CAUTIOP. \\TE the und rragoed. rotilw*. have jointly re f y fwuvel that ft we detect aa* p-raoB or perK?s b^r.-after in buying, selling, filling, or collecting bet lies with tb* followingon, vis: Maaefc a Amy, Aruy ? Shiua, >tca?*u a Mc irann, John M' keon, unless autlior'ied liy us so to do will be urooecuted to tim utmost ex* nt of law. JullN MeRJtON. AKN?J| M1INN, Oforgetown. Wiuiiiccton. Pent vCtPl. _ 925 BEWAXD. W? will givr %?-, above rt-?*r 1 ta wny pwwn who will gi*e ui> su> b i??rn??ti?'n a* wjll 1-fcd k> tho d?M*r<ion end conviction of any person or pei?<'n<> wi*r buy, aidl, fill, or collect our bottles wi .hcat leing auuion.z?*d by us so to do. AUNT A SffPTS, pejl* 'If?eolm* ^t>HN McKKt>N DUTCH FLOWER ROOTS JL'ST JMI'OR TAD. 1AH1 Btkl^rsign'd would ioform his frifnd* and cu'tomeis th&t he has just received a fin? col i? c.ion ot Jf' ower ifceota, from Uarlan. tn Hofllsnd, consisting of? IVmbie and Hngle IIy*cinths In great variety . Do do Tulips do Jonquils, Narcissus, Saowdropa,Crocuses, Famur cnl??, Liilies, Ac. i -> Tb<3 rosta are remarkably fine tbf ^ se?fen,-Bavn?T been selected with the gr kie-t tb?y ar* tbe first or largest cuTlinir, b^ing far <liff?rcnj from those nolo at A4?ct 1 <?. wbieb are e*n?***lly *f ihe fourth or fifth culling, and aevsr hitftoef iaan tbe third culling, frices reafonable. JOHN PACI-, Seed ? tore coinar 7lb aad U streets J O-t 5? iWf)1* ' ! t JB. II HAI.L, M. j, >n HOMOEOPATHIC PHYSICIJCN, 1' Al'K ?f PbsladHphla, >"* .graduatein A lo;atny _j and Hrma-opitby, iiavim; ba4 rttwalv^et perienoa in the reus d-p-run*nts of tb?- P of<>? lion, offer, hi* services to toe citit^ns cf Wa-hingU>a ane vieinity. . . ' n _. Cffic- No. Tbir>^nth street between 0 aad H . treet* < IW * hours until 9 a. m, m ?> ?o < P o?.; and 7 to 6 ?? u. f j iufrnnc??: Win. A. Oaxdae^J^^^n ?? IWaim-^Wc Pa,and eraliy.

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