Newspaper of Evening Star, October 20, 1854, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 20, 1854 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY AFTERNOON TToctobor 20 tJJr*Tkt large cir aunt ion of fhe St\k inikeSrt he nn>s' desirable c Lvet lisin g v\t in the I>isirict. It ii/is mare rp :;Icr> the cities of Washington, <, via Alexandria, than clt the othe-- Wash ftiZton hf/.'ie< combined. &T Persons wanting he Evening ?Stor in -Baltimore can procure it early eve'V after r.TMfT.T,,",r's S4?[?C it'ia iron Buildings, ? iFIxkl? {.t TI: L K0/?5Int* PitF*-? The Union conoeives that the resolution of the Northern Whig party, or its being mixed with the Abolition party, is an ovent i f mosf. threatening consequence* to the ftuure of the confederacy, and holds the National Ivtelli g*?c?r responsible fc,- much of it bocause while professing to be Op-osed to it ,a3 the . organ allege*)' that >-furnal lose3 no 0J:(j0Itu, xuty to palliate arj jai.if atd thng age t e eoaij- .oui danger io the her menetfey 0{ the Union. 1'he Um?h also pub l*3 -j a latter Iroui Mr. Char es fcumner, in relation to viio recent Jerry rescue oelebraiion wherein that U? ?S. ben itor proclnime that tho first duty of Northern man is to trample under i?t the Fugitive Slave law whenever th? tt-portumty offers. The organ makes this f/ablioation by way of showing the weakness ?of the Intrlfi~r7tcer'r argument that Mr Sum ner is no abolitionist. The Union al-o con tain? an artic'.c from the Nashville Union upon Know Nothingiam in Tennessee, from whi^k we take the following statistics : ? Turn to the census tablea and see the num ber of foreigners, of all ages and sexes, who T*. iirr a if ? ioQT>'essee in 1850 dotal of loregn hirtb..,, - ^ Total number ,,f white 'inhabitant ' ?ow \D -Uwled blttU* 756 wiu '11 [h* 0 a nia? common sense who . ca" l*J13 proportion of foreigners 'dan gerous and overshadowing >' M iil anybodv say that it i* really necessary fo- 756,836 na tive-born inhabnaa s to crganiie Kec et clab< SJKrr-i wh a: d io? eared Dutch, as the Kn-iw-Ni.tnii gs uii tDeS\,-aea ers, of whom probably k3s ;h?u two thou Juj are vaterf From subverting the govenun-nt of lenneroee' as ever demagogery more elo?j*lv exposed than by these figo es ' U g t,ut ,? ff) readable men, ii tae uwUiut?.JJs of iho Stain of Tennessee are in danger from this proportion of lore.goer* to jos'.fy the injtifu "'"Cnd hy f' ,emn *aft>8 t" foreigners ro , ffiCP ? Woif 1 * Va:houc religion muvt bo -esi*ted ' ?Pet? argumenr, tSurt, and ar^eals, and we have nothing to say. J;m look a* the census returns again : Total number of Proce.?tajit?c-bT!Tehes in Tennessee 2 OH Total Catboiic churches ' " T'u'o tkwxaud ujid e(rv /> to ih. Ji' "Yet, secret sworn clubs are. in thu opiui.?n even of some Protesrant clergymen, nece=fary to prevent three liom overpowering tue tiro thousand aiul tUven '* The*e ihree Carlnilio chur ;bes have church aooominodationa tor 1 oUU ; wf.,io the P,(,test ant chur:hcs accommodate 02j 2J5 wli^rh i about the proportion of Cathofica to Prcteii anta in Terutes te. So, b25.295 Protesttn^ are to be calfcd upc a to organize secret ac8t). -? Pr06crib? fnm effice the 1,3001 CathoJij* if they tlo cot cea.^e ? to wor ship God according to the dicta os ?f rhcir owu ??-?nscieoces . cpn argument be neeeds.try to expose auSQ an absurdity Tbe Intelligencer presents the iollowing summary of the appropriations of tho la^tges eion: i4The lift of appropriations published to day is worthy the attention of persona curious in such matters. It will be seen tb*t the ?g gregate of defiuite appropriations, inclu iin - - ;x>rk;ips Hsiaucn as five millions. TUere were created a num er of new offices, to ?ome of which a per dieau compensation ia aiJie 1 The salaries of ihe A?siataiit Pos'tnasters <jenerol were raised from .-2,500 to $3,000 per annum' The following 13 a summary cf the apnronria tions for definite objects : Civil, diplomatic, and laiscella , neous $15,941,?52 44 ? Army, 1unifications, Military r A?"*?* 4c 1 I1,373,56S SO ' Indian aepartment navaf. revo lutionary, and other pensions 3 ?JS4 10 Naval service 12,510 803 4? rotf: Ufiice Department 11 2U3 ?09 K3 Tre-t; with Mexico 10,01)0 OUo 00 Total **>5,107,825 62 bwi:n)LKRS?fhe papers of Virginia are handing around a fictitious firm in New York city, styling t ieinselves ?Tlar?ourt, Bradley A Co., who have recoiitly beezi engaged in swindling publishers of newspapers by order ing the insertion 01 their advertisement and then refusing to pay for them. Among other?, they swindled the proprietors of every Daily printed in this city. It took ui but a snort via.& to ascertain that a penitentiary bivd named L. II. Phillips i? tho chief of the gang. This man earned extensive notoriety among the newspaper proprietors some yeais ago bv similar extensive swindling operations. V IR&I9IA Democratic Cosvkntion.?The >tate Central Committee of the Democratic Part} at Richmond have fixed upon Htaunton as the place and tho 20th of Nobfiuber as the time for holding their Convention. Nomina tions are to be made fir a Governor, Lieuten ant Governor, and an Attorney General ; and ?the Enquirer states that the nominees will be u backed by the moral for?eof tue Detnocr itic paxty of the ijtate, solemoly reprte<Aited at Staunton." The ti.quirer is in fav<lr of Mr. Wise for the ofiiots ot <#oveiuor, and the Ex amit-er is for Mr Le^ke. COSGHEMSVEN l-MJCTEtl IV OHIO ?'U.c fol lowing are the names of the memb' j.-t 1 i' Con gress elect in Ohio. They a/e all V, nig.- or fusionista, the iatttr term includiiig Fre? N/itors, Know-Nothings, anti-Nebraska Deno orats, lemperance men, uud all oiher oppo r.enu ot tho N^iioBai Adminittratioa. In tbo prtseni Congress there are 12 Democ at? limothy C. Day, J. Scott Harrison. Lewis D. Campbell, M. il Nirbois, Kichurd Mott. J<rims R. Emrie, Aaron Harfan, Benjamin Stanton. Cooper K Watson, Oscar F. Moore, 0. V. Cul ver, Samuel Galfo^aj, John Sherman, Phile mon Bliss. VTm 11. Sapp, Edward Ball, Chas. J. Albright, Berjimin F. tei'er, Edward ade, J R Uidiiiiigs. J. A. Bingham IvDiAifA LEOhLAti'Kt.?Fifteen democratic and ten fusion Senators hold over from last year. Eight democratic and ten fusion Sena tors are Ascertained to be elected, making a total thus far of democratic and 20 fusion senators. ?ev?n members remain to be heard from. To the II juoJ 3D fusionists, one national whig and demoarau arc ascertained to be vlscted and 44 remain 'o be heard from. " PtstsfLt Af ia Si, returns from %lf the Monties but Eik, J^fTerPOti McK.eaa ncd P?t:cr. give Pollock a majority of 33 030 over Bigier for Governor. The majority for Black is over thrftytbenaand. r*r?d for far as heard from, is over 140,000 WASHIilGiOij lii Wi 00 Blowing.' ? Aanngthe amusing incident? marking current political history, tnay jastly be classed the effort? of Kossuth and his co labor ng ref ogees in Eng'and, to aako a vory great public man ou> of Mr Geo. Sanders, ex < onsnl to London, whose chief j Tactical j achievement*. as far as the public have the j means of knowing, are the cxootlent dinners he is crcuited with giving, from time to time, to those parties who seem so bent on puffing him into political notoriety. With all due respect to Mr. Anders, no;hing can be more rkfionloui than their efforts to make him, as clever as he is in the Southern senso of the term, a aan of importance in American public affairs Kos suth is the rcgu ur London correspondent of ue :,ew York V? iy Tvmei, and raroly writes 1 'lli#l Jourii^i without cmbraoingin hisletter . ^ino puff of Mr. Sanders, which r?ads lidicu |?ua. to those who know thML ^eniieman s polit ical antecedents miw position at home. The rettof the Kossuth gaoc are evidently simi larly engjged through the Columns of the En g.ish papcjs. It looks as though they must be encouraged in the work by Mr. S himself from Ins late letter to the authorities of the Stffea Republic, volunteering to them hie ad v.ce with reference to their duty to the neat f refugees within their limits, who, for man years p^t, have kept them in hot water bv r fevering effort* to embroil Swit?r .and with neighboring Governments. That memorable letter was written ia a tone which created in the minds of those (in ISurope) wh(, did not know better, the momentary iuipre* "?? ">? M'- ?? acting for ? e Uavernmont of the United Sta'es, in thu? vol ontfeenng hi, .drcoo to :ha 8wi?Govoma.on. As a mutter ot course, that advice was, thai tho hali-crjzy views of Kossuth & Co. should be carried out. Indeed, the letter reads a* j though Kussouth, or Louie Blano, or some other f the demented and bedeviled band bad guided j tae hand of Mr. Sanders in tracing its sen tcucej. Acid such as that made it ihe imper ative duty oi tho ieuaieuf the United States |> reject the noininatit r? of Air. Sanders, un less willing to have the United States embroiled ia the uiaicultics ot oth.-rr Powers, by the un authorised aid imprudent int rferenca ox an otiietr oi our Government in matters wholly foreign o the legitimate duties he was son; abroad to discharge. In truth, his cour o as c nsul at London was in fair keeping with the course of the Democratic Review during the short time it i.ooii him io smash that concern up by h;s violent assaults upon ali :ho time n^nortd lathers uf tne Democratic party. It be remembered, by-the-by, that the lato ihoiuao i>evm Rielly was the r*al author of the erratic papers, by publishing and thu.? lathering which Mr. Sanders so scon de stroyed the Rev:*iv. Except the letter to the Swiss Government and tho equally mataju rvpos letter to the New York II raid, over hi, own name, wherein he dictated the proper course of tho Government of the United states wi ll reffcronco to the future labors of Kossuth & Co, ihe appearanco of which J\>rcr.d the t-o Senate to uecree kis suporscuiure from the Londun consulship* Mr. danders is wholly. ULsnown to lame as a (.oliticiil writer. Wo are iriduced to make ihis piain state ment of lacte by the appearance of the follow ing paragraphs, in a recent le;ter to tho New iork Ti/.i- j,lrom Kossuth's impudent pen Mr. Sanders thinks ci going home on the 1st cr November. lie is preparing to take a very active part in tho struggles of ihe day, ar.U it L not unlikely that those who con trive;! to deprive him of bis post In London w.ll have reasons to repent the success of >.neir contrivance \\ i.hout entering into the <ine of policy to ue embraced by^our late Consul, I uavc great pleasure and thetieii au ihority for stating the loiiowing : ?'?Europe has proved the touchstone of American Democracy among oar diplomats an.t politicians, and it is unju-t to George San ders io associate him, ts n, still done, w;f^ Jung* Douglas, at least since the latter visaed Ljnuon, where he cuuld not find Kossuth and St. Petersburg where the"Czar f0und 'hirn. >anders has be. n as faithful to Democracy in Europe m at Lome, while the Jud?o, who was 'u a 8rettt moaoure tupjK.rted hy Samlers on account ol biz then apparently warm devotion ?o the liberal ?suse ut Europe, proved, on trial, only Lortman the First in hie flexible admiration (-fthe rt-ussian Emperor, ro soon as he hau frit toe bl m^ishmeois ot a royal nod zanders, ih? tlioruugn American liepublica^i caunot be the supporter of tne pro-Russian Douglas.' " laore is fun in this paragraph?rich fun, indeed. hy K. announce^ ?? by authority' the intentions of Mr. Sunders, as though they aro of as much importance to the i'utore cf the world. &e an ukase ot Nicholas, or a decree of Louio Ixapoieou. proolaiming the end of the Eastern war, would be ' Judge Douglas must be in a bad way, poor fellow, to be thus un ceremoniously deserted by Mr Sanders. Now, in sober earnest, it strikes ub thai if Mr 3. had thus publicly washed his hands of the Judge about three monthB before tho meeting of the la?t Dsltimore National Democratic Convention, carrying off wi h him all the fiahy and nnkey Democrats notorious for seek ing special favors at the hands of Congress, the Jutlgc woul l have been the nominee of the party" f>r tho last presidential riice. It is weil k iowu to those behind the curtain, that tho evident determination of thar class of politicians, most of them fresh from the Taylor ranks, to use him, if possible, to carry through their schemes on the Treas ury, defeated hie prospects The econo mists of the party turned their backs on him in the Convention, only because these par ies insisted upon standing in the front rank of his supporters The Judge and his reliable and valuable frien-Js knew well what oau-?id the defeat of .his nomination, and did their boat to disconnect him from tho iinputa tatiou ot each oniociatioua- They publicly and privately disclaimed all sympathy with those disinterested gontleoion, but to no pur* po?e; the time for such action on their party having pasted before they discovered that he wic likely to be hell responsible for tluir vagiries of all sorts in pubiifraff lira Judge Douglas is indeed to be congratulated if he manages to rid himself of future imputations of responsibility for what they may do in con nection with American parties. Laborin the Executive Departments.?Yes terday. in explaining the highly satisfactory condition of the business of the Pension Bu reau. wc took occasion briefly to remark that the business of nearly a'l the Jlffi.-ront gov ernment offices ia this city was up to the cur rent, demands upon them ^Ve havo now to say. in addition to that fact, that in the past year the business requiring to le done by them has increaeod in each from twenty to thirty per centum uj>ou the business they hai to -nty :!je year hefure 'J his jj tho result of the immense? spring-fo; ward whrch nil the groat interests agricultural, mechanical, com mercial, manufacturing, mining, Ac., have taken within the past year, aided, of o?Vip{ by the nsual heavy increase of our popula uon. Not a single additional bushel of wheat, or bal? of eotton goods, or box of friction matches, is exported, and not a single ad ditional ?ail-boat of ten tons is built anywhere in the United S'ates. without imperceptibly in creasing the amount of labor to he performed in the government departments at Washington. Congress has. of late, been exceedingly unwill ing to allow an increase of clcrical forcein any burouu; which has, in turn, compelled those responsible for their management to study closely how thsir method? of transacting busi ness. fcah bo improved, until mlittofB have come to go on like clock-w.-rk here. There nfeVer before was a time when a!l the em ployes of the Government in Washington were k ept so steadily employed, and when it was so utterly impossible for any to shirk work Kegistera aro kept in every offioe of the amount of bU8ine*s of work dune by each- {,? ir^ em ployes, and when one is found to lag be hind in the discharge of the duties for which ho receives pay from the Government, be he whom he may, he is promptly notified thai his dereliction has come under the cogniran^e of hi?# chief, and that its f*?at',fcion will surely cause him th* toss of hi* office. xhja xratmng is noto invariably followed by his removal in case \i proves insufficient to spur him up to the pruper discharge of his duties. An Interesting ?et of Tables.?We under stand that tho Secretary of the Treasury is causing to be prepared a comparative state ment of the working of the tariff of 1846, of tho operation of tho rates under the bill as prepared and reported by the Committeo of Ways and Means, and under tho provisions (chnngos of the existing law) which ka reeom ! mended in lieu of tho. e reported ae above mentioned. The importations ot each article for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1853, and, again, the average annual importations for the siz years ending on that aato, are taken as the basis of the?e interesting calculations. This is doing tho work thoroughly, and will afford Congress, at the next session, an oppor tunity to act upon the proposition to alter the rates of duties ?ith better light before their e;?es than over before. The task, however, turns out to be an herculcan labor. J he Columbas Bank Defalcation.?It is un derstood ar the Treasury Department that the Government's suit against the City Bank of Columbus, Ohio, is now undergoing a final trial at Columbus, Ohio, before the United States District Court. The claim is for '$U/O,0OG deposited with that bank, under one of Mr. Secretary Corwin's transfer drafts,' which are held by the present authorities of the Treasury Department to have been illegal. A Resignation from the Marine Corps.?We learn on the Avenue, that Brevet Major Archibald II. Gillespie, of the Marine corps, has resigned, llis resignation is said to have growu out of his difficulty with the ward-room (mesa) officers of the Independence, which re cently got into the New York newspapers, over the signature of the latter. A Yistake. ?The United States have not directed a prosecution undorthe Sub-Treasury !aw to be commenced against Mr. Jacob Al ricks late Collector of the Customs at Wil mington, Dol., as alleged by many persons in Washington. Tho balanco claimed as due from him is but some $1,600. The suit to he entered against him is a civil suit. He entered office in 1841 Ine Current Operations of the Treasury Dopartment.?On yesterday, the 19th of Oct., thare wsro of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For tho redemption of stock $5,241 .30 For the payment of Treasury debts 2 890 81 Kur the UuKbcms 2,368 00 ffor the War Department 9,909 40 For re-paying for the War Depart ment 2,759 40 For the Navy Department 18.500 00 For ihe interior Unpartment 13,100 00 PBKSO^AL. .... Maj Gen. Pillow, of Tenn., and Robt. Tyler, Lsq , of Philadelphia, aro at Willards' Hotel. .... Hon. T. S. Iiooook, of Virginia, is at Browns' Hotel. .... A Cincinnati paper says that a sparring match has been arranged between Tom Hyer of N. York, and MeGowan. of St. Louis. The stake is $i!000. The parties arc to meet mid way between St. Louis and New York." ....The Baltimore Patriot says: 4,Mr. Archibald W. Folk has purchased from Mr. Juhn Cox the establishment of tho Harford Gazette, at Bel-Air, Md , and wiil hereafter publish that paper. There arc a great many clever folks in the editorial fraternity, and presuming that Mr. Archibald \V. is one of them, we wish him abundant success." .... Rossini is now very unwell in Florence. A writer from Italy says that the most pro found melancholy has spread over his mind and even if his life is preserved he oan never recover his wonted intellectual vigor. .... Lieut. Bcckwith has found a now route to Carson valley, whioh besides being better than tho northern one as regards supplies of wood, water, ?fco., shorleus the distance to Cali tornia about one hundred and fifty miles. .... Chief Justice Kinney and J. Holman, Esqs., District Attorney, arrived in Utah on the 21st inst. The crops of the region bad been about an average. A splendid marble quarry had been discovered about ten miles from the Mormon City. .... Proceeding* are anticipated before the U. S. Court, now sitting in Boston, against Wendell Phillips, Theodore Parker, and others, who are suspected of complicity in the at tempted rescue, some time ago, of the fugitive slave Burn*, and in the manslaughter, on that occasion, of Batchelder, a Marshal's man. .... An American citizen, named Phillips, was recenlly arrested at Basle, Switzerland, on the supposition that he was Mazziui. Mr. Phillips was treated very harshly, and con fined in jail for several days. Ue aBks 2j,000 francs as damages, and an apology from the Swiss Central Government. This has been re fu?ed. and Mr. Phillips oomes home to get the Federal Government to interfere in his behalf .... Ida Pfeiffer was one night last week,pub licly presented to the Bostonians, by their Mayor, at Faneuil Hall. A native of Vienna, she is about fifty-five years of age, wi*h a dark complexion and a tine black eye. In thirteen years, entirely alone, she has traversed nearly the whole of Asia, has crossed the deserts of Africa, has been in Hindostan, has been in the islands ot the Pacific, and in Peru, and in Iceland, and lastly in California. .... Kev. Cnarlei Breck, Reotor ?f Trinity Church, Wilmington, Delaware, certifies that he has examined the baptismal record of stud church, aud there found that Daniel Ullman wa.-? born at Wilmingfoa, April 28th, 181Q. A bishop certifies that Rev. Mr Breok is Rectpr o?4he aforeealcl "Trinlty" Church, and the seal of Notary Wiggins verifies the oitisenship and veraoitv of Thomas McDowell, who testi fies that he ha* known the said Daniel ITUman sinco infancy, and that he wu born m afore said. .... The "Softs" of the Third District of| New York (city) hare nominated Chas. Miner for Congress. BALTIVOBS COEBESPOHDEWCE. The Scramble for Office. Baltimore, Oct. 19, 1664. i The success of the new parti m the Mouumenial. city has started a multitude ot' office-seekws Hl*r' the loaves and fishes. The office ot' City Collector, bring the twst fn the of {fie Mayor, has many ail mirera, atd ftosta would be willing to share it* toils. Among the most prominent arc Major McPhaii, Democrat, who was an applicant for office of Mar shal fur New York under Precideut Pi*rre. It seems thai Cii&nge of residence makes uy alteration in the aspirations of tlie Major, for. (i. E. Sangston, a re tiied merchant, once a candidate (or the Legislature, and a prominent Waig leajjfcr, would al o have no onjecil'm to collect the city dues. Mr. Maddnx, ex po* us aster, is also named tor the position. Ex Mayor Jerome is niso on the tapis. but he would prefer waitinf for Governor. is the new party de pendent upon broken-down politician-? If so. where is the promised reform ? It- it Only a scramble >oi office to displace .I'ms* in i>ower ? We shall see. Thefs mo other rumors we may lumish hereafter. Ctvis. AIEXA5DBIA COBBESFONDEBCE. linilroad Meeting ? Wyman ? Election ? Humbug?liechahites?Editorial. Alexandria, Oot. 10, 1854 The Manassas Gap tta Iroad Company assembled at their office, in t.lis city,"yesterday. The earlier portion <>f the session was entirely devoted to lie derails of the road?roception of reports fio u uie. President, Treas'irer, Chief Engineer and Assistants Wyman, who has been delighting our people with his magical soirees for so ne nights past, closed bis engagement here on Tuesday evening, and deiiarteS tor Charlottesville. The following is the detailed vote at tile late elec tion for Clerk of the Circuit Court: Sinclair. Scattering. 1st district 1*6 'Jd do 60 3d do ....144 3 4ill do 53 1 5th do 19 Total 371 4 The Clipper claims this as a Know Nothing tri umph, whereupon the Sentinel says: "Mi. Sinclair was a s^f-annoum-ed Candidate, and the only candidate for nie office named,and -vas voted lor by all creeds and parties. It seems our mends, the. Know Nothings voted fur him ilso. and ^sucreedaV in electing hnn. and by a 'handsome ma jority.' The Catholice, tlltt Whies. the Oemo crats. did the saine, and were all, we presume, equally successful, and by majorities equally as brilliant. It was a glorious triumph tor them all? none the less so because nobody was hurt." The Rechaf-rtes of Primary Tent, No. l^>.of A!ct andri i, anticipate a v sit from Columbia District Tent, No. -4, on official business, 011 Friday evening. The S< ntinel of yesterday is out in a two column ami a half editorial 011 Know Nothiogism, treating the subject calmly and ably, and calling on Demo crats, and especially Virginians, to stand by then colors. Ami. Potomac Answered. ? . , Alexandria, Oct.'JO. In looking over the Clipper this morning, 1 notice the following malignant fling at your pnp t, in its Alexandria correspondence : " Can the ediror of the Star inform us why he har slipped a column from his paper? Wonder ij main sub cribtrs ill tins section liave slipped from his list ?" lieing on the spot, a^d knowing something of the Star and its ci re illation, I will ?tate that it danv gains in popularity, while its circulation never was larger in Alexandria than now. The pfnp|? of this r? eion want a newspaper, not a diect chained doi\ :i to p irty, or any one. idea. The Star is a riewspap> r just such as tne people need, and cannot be. s im planted. 1 1 a southern city, by a sheet ertit"d r,y an Altolitionist. a-; the Clipper is. If th? " < Irgan" in jures any body here, it will be the Clipper peopie. The Ametrsii pnrty of old Alexandria will not pat ronize the North, while a betier article t an be pur chased South. I presume, Messrs. Editors, you know your own business1 better than to a swer the nnperiineut in quirers of every anonymous scribbler; you must therefore exeuse cue or the liberty I tike in stating how matters stand in this section about newspapers. A. ? *? *?? ?? GEORGETOWN COBBESFONDEHCE. f Qioroetowbi, Ootober 20,1854. We rarely ever knew our city so perfectly quiet, or more barren ol news of a pub.ic character as it is at the present tune. There is nothing scarcely at) at, either in religious, political, or commercial circles worthy to be converted into a paragraph. The little excitement consequent upon the solemn fate of the Arctic, her crew and passengers, the political revo luti jiimii Baltimore, Penusylva ia, and elsewhere, and the determination upon the part of the Wash ingtoii City Councilt <as manifested in the repoit mate by Mr. Hill) not to render any assi?tance. us., corporation, towards the construction of the Metro puluaii Katiroad, has all died away, and our com mutiny has again settled down ui statu^is. and all hands, especially millers, merehants, anJ meciiait ics are jog/uig on at the usual, if?ot very rapid, sui* We kr.ow of" no improvement of a public cliarat - K;r, wbicii has been made tu our eity ror some tuu ?, that was more ac ually necessary, ban that iujt k ov friend Tilly ?i our eity Poi-t Office. Tills i' .n prove meat not ouly affords largely increased fac ill ties I ?r the distributiu of letters, Ike., but nfforr? s n giod shelter from 'he weather to persons w nib waiting >"r their letters and papers during the o( >cn nit; in" 'he mails. Soum lour bundled additl una) iiww letter boxes have been put up anil haudtO.' rfiely numbered, .viuch will, we doubt not, be a grt* .t coiivenjioici' to our merchants and other*. Tiic carpentering was done by Mr. Shoemaker, ar id ih painting and numbering by .Mr. James <*oddar> d. .Mr. W. ii. tiemiiief;, carpenter and arcbiu* -x, ha I th'i contract tor budding the new Methodist c hurch, near liryaiitnwn. 'Flic building u to be cons iruct. d of hr ck, 55 by 45 feet, with nasement and us llory. 'i he timber for the bridge at the Little F ?ntfFlra* arrived, and the work will be commenced immedi ately and pushed iorward to completion with as iiiuch dispatch as possible. L.;ist night was decidedly the coldest of tlu : season, eonsideraoje ice formed in many places. Th? offerings of beef cattle at Drovers' I(e*t t<>r Uie week b ve amouuted to i,40l) head ?;W0 of which were taken bv Di.-trict butcbera al js.-i.25 a .$3.50 011 the boot', equal to $4-50 a ;$7 nett; the bal ance, 1,020 hi ad, were driven on to B altunore. ! Sheep $2 a $4 per head; hogs ?1 a ?5 per 1 uitidred. Flour market firm, with very limited sup piy?ltH? nominally at $8 fo standard brands, and I ;igher to very prime. White wheat at si.65 a ,?L. 75, and $1 an>t $1.70 for red. which is very scarce 1 ind in de mand. We hear of no arrival* or pales of corn. Outs trout vesasls 4? a 50 cents, struck measun Spi xtator. LAiifi FBOM MEXICO . Tho New Orleana papers of the 14th have Vera Uru? datee to the 10th insta: it, contain ing the following i ems of Mexica* . news : A decrc" has been published, nrobibiting the ailuit^ion of La Cronica, of Piew York, I and ordering all copies that may be found tw be burnt. In the city, the celebration of the anniver sary of the "independence of Mej :ieo was con tinued front the 11th to the 28th 0 f September On the night of the 27th, the etr? ats were ilia minuted at a cost which is estima ted at a hun dred thousand dollars. An ord er had been previously issued that any one w ho neglected to illuminate their residences w ould be fined in 6US{1 varying frcm to fplOO. On the morning of tne 28th, the usual religious cere mouiea were performed at tho Cathedral for those who had perished in the patriotic strug gle; and at the conclusion, tiae city distrib uted $1,000 among their relati ves. The authorities of Tabasco have established a lottery, the profits of which are to be applied to building a chutoh in San Ju^an Baptist*. Xhe city uuthorities are to M ke a certain por tion of tickets at each drawing, and if anv prizes be drawn, the eity to itpply the proceeds to oharitable purposes. On the 25th, Santa Anna moved hiB resi dence to Taoubaya, where it is supposed he wiil reside about a month. Various other reports are in circulation. One ??ays that it was intended to proclaim Santa Auna Emperor at the ball; another that it *hb the plan of Ygeuala tbat was to bo pro claimed. There is a report that on* of the Regiment <? has alteady pruolaimed him Emperor, bat 1 were prevented from cacjyiog out the^r pla '? ) by the double operation of a shower 01 raia and the refusal of the other regiments to join them The price of oom has fallen at Vera Crut On the 29th, 1-19 of the followers of the Conde de Raousset, arrived at Mexico and were immediately pat in prison. What mat be their fate it not mentioned. Amongst them is said to be, an intended assassin of Loui* Napoleoa, Several encounters are reported between tho Government troops and the disaf fected, in which the Utter are said to have, in all cages, got the worst of it. Thb Ellsworth Octraqe.?The Bangor Mercury states that the Rev. John Bapst, who was on Saturday night tarred and feathered, and ridden on a rail, is Ellsworth, was on a visit to that place when the outrage was com mitted. He was formerly pastor there, and was engaged in a controversy about the school question. He has been pastor of a Catholic church in Bangor for the past few months, and, the Mercury sa s, 44 has done mach good among the Catholic population, and has brought about many useful reforms, winning commendation on all hands." Bostos, Oct. 20.?The Rev. Mr. Bapst, of Bangor, hae died from the outrages inflicted upon him at Ellsworth. Loss or Four Hundred Lives ?Among the melancholy disasters of recent date, at length it seems to be too true that the British transport ship Lady Nugent, which was char tered early last Spring, by the local govern ment at Madras, to convey reinforcements to the British forces at Rangoon, the seat of the Burmese war, and which sailed from Madras on the 10th of last May, with 350 soldiers, ac companied by twenty women and children, a rumbcr of officers, and thirty-seven of the crew, have perished with all on board. Within a fortnight after her departure, a frightful hurricane swept over the Bay of Bengal, in whioh she must have foundered, as nothing has since been heard of her, though search has been made. V "5* Attention, Journeymen Ba LkJs fcere. You are hereby requested to attend a meeting of the Baker* on HATUBDAY nest at 7V? o'clock, in Uarm.nv Hall, cn D, between llith ?lu and 13*h stretta. Punctual atiendanoe Is requested of all, as there rill b>? an ele 'tsnn ot offlcpra. By ord^r of th* Secretary : oct IP?2t* CIIAfi. LKI1MAV fWraad ?ub?crlptlon tta.ll. l'h* JoC National Greys renp??rt!uilv inform the eiti w of Wn>-bit?**->n that thev are making ar aug ments to give a Grand Subscription Bail on Moudaj Bvea:ni< Ne-v. lath, 18f>4. *or particulars see future advm-tieem^nt. K. G. STUKELL, Secretary of the Kiecutive i^ccumttee. oot 7?tf A<dlcal.t>apartmentefGcarg?* ?Jot town Col lege ?The lectures will com menc? on Ncvemb &r 6;h, aed continue until the middle of March. Terms for the fo U course, including Matriculation i'.*b : Graiuattoo. Dtaaect ng ticket $10. FACULTY: Nobli Yoinro, M. D. Prof. of Institutes and Prac tice ot Medirine. Plodoaspo Hot ward. M. D, Prof, of Obftetrics and the Dir-ea-te* of v romra and children. Johhson Kllfff, M D. Prof, of Anatomy. J as K. Mobu ai?, M. D., Prof, of Medcal Jcrispru de ace and Hyy iene. J M fctrroe a M. Dn Prof, of Surgery. Blf. j. F Cr/ io. M. D., Prof, of Medical Chemistry aid Physioloi ^y. H. P. tiowi .an, M. D_, Prof.of Materia Medina and Therapeutics). Alkx. X. Y cvxa, M. D., Demonstrator of Anato my. As here?c Jbre the lectures will be delivered in tb? afternoon a nd evening, enabling the students to de vote tii- ur inin? to medical studies. FLODoAKDO HOWARD, Dean, ort 6?f ?TtNo*6 corner 10th and F sts. fIntel A Drion} .r^M Ktlonal Mtdical College. Wash iJo r toTQ^ ? rhe thirty third annual coure? >t !ec;ures will commence on the fourth Monday io Ociob?r, and continue until March. FACULTY. Thorn is Miller, M D , Proletsor of Anatomy and Phj sicl ogy. Wm. p Johnson, M. D., Processor cf Obstetrics and Dii teases cf Women and Children. Josh ua Riley, M. D, Professor of Materia Medica, Theruj ,eu ics, and Tfvglene J ok a Fred. May, M D., Professor of the Principle* and P ractioe of Snrg?ry. Gn ifton THler, M D , Professor of Pathology and Ptm Ice of Medicine. I* wis H Eteiner, M. D., Professer of Chemistry and Pharmacy. 9 iward A. Scott, M. P.. Prosector and Demonstra tor of Anatomy. ' The facilities for the prosecution of practical ,atorny are &mp;e Like mosts:mii?r institution*in Europe, the de*kt t> rom which the r^gxi ,'ar lectures are given andtb? ? / ardf lor clinical instructions are under the same *? >of. Th? completion of the extensive additions to the ' mildiags since th? last ses-ion for the ?cc9t?m><da ' ti.'n of the sictt, will greatlv extend the usefulness ot' the ir ediuu and surgical clinic. The entire expense for a full ccurse oflectures is...$90 Pracficai arm to my b> thb demenstrator 10 Matriculating 'ee, payab?e only once 5 Graduating expen e 23 Adinjsk'on to the medical anJ surgical clinic through th** whole course without charge Jfnr fnrilitr infnrm>Hnn a,li<ri.u I.ITWTR tl F 1 8TEINEK, M D., Beau of the Faralty, ofice Wash in^ton Infirmar}'. The lecture* will b? given In the afternoon and tveiuuy. to accommodate Ftnd?-n'6 who h&v* other en*ai>?-inent> during the earlier part of the day. - oot tf? eotiUOthNov. Att?ntlo", Marlon Klflti.- iou are hereby notified to attend a oeetirnr of th* "orps to be held Til'-fc (Friday) EVENING, at the armory. Th- mMabcin are respectfully solicited to b#> pmo? teal in attendant* u the election of <tfftrer? It expected to take pace. B> o ler: FRANCIS M. 83KKELL, Chair. I oof 20?It* HjfUN?>?A 8MAI/L SUM OP MONEY IN TH5 8tor* of tlia Fubscribeia, which the cweer c*r h-tvc by proving the same and payirg for wis ad vert i?emont. W. KGAX k. SON, No. 323 Fa aya.. between tUb anl 7th st?. oct 20 -at* ITEW GOODS FOB GEITTLEMEN PJ. STi^KK, Merchant Tr*ilor, is constantly re s ctivin< new ec>xt?s:ous to hialarire and , el-gmt pt.ick of Qfntlenieii'a Vail and Wif tor Oojus, all ot which b? is prepared to make up to order in h mo?t superior st> le at short ? notice Gentlemen in w?ot of supeiier Clothing may wy on being "-uit^l by calling at No. 4*6 Wastuafton Place, a?. oct 20?fit lir>: HAVN NOW AT OUR YARD ON NINTfl J f Street, between D and K? I cat^o Philadelphia B?d Anb Coal for Grates. Ac. 1 do do white Kgg Ooel for Badiatora 1 do Broken do Ach do for turn* ran 1 do Danpbin Bed Ash do for c&ak. Trie* $7 75 Daily expect**! one cargo Grey Ash Al?o about 60 toaR mlx^d coal, laying on an open lot, which will be aold at a veay low price. Term* cash. 2240 pound* to th* too. oct VP?<r3t* YOPNQ k M00KK. GREAT EXCITEMENT EVANS' NEW STYLE HATS! /1| The- /uirdsomfst Hats ever of A fered in this city for $4. We advise cvexy one to call and get a Hat if the* wi jh to save a dollar. oct 20?8t 238 pn. avenue. ^OmKVlVi jL*1>Y'8 HOOK KOR NoVtMBKR eon tains splendid Engravings and colored fashkn pliUia for sale at 8niLLINQTWS Pookstore. Lad!?s National Magasine for Kcvembtr M four's Home Magazine do B'obert Bru^e, the Hero Ririg The Cab'n Boy's Story Swell life at i-ea Ail the new Books received tor pale aa t oon as published at 8HLLUNGT0N*S Bookstore, oar. Pi av. and st, Odeon Building. act 20?tf NOTICE. rO&K n?THOn? that h?ve chhDgad their citiidenc* e nce t?ur ^anvussers cal'ed oi them, and a., who are not houarkeepers, that desire their cam* 4 ii ti e New Directory, can have tb-m inserted b . lenV Lg their names Ac at our office within on* weeji J.'TEN KYCK, Contractor tor numbering the city, oi .t 20?lw No. 84-2 D street. ~7 l Ut K A i.ADi ?\ BKAUUP IL I.IT I ? I>afU?rrectyt!a, apparently from a Tirg fox .nd on tbe ehtewaik, may be bad by oalMng a' Vr .BMHT^on'a Gal>ery. Alao, of yourself! re'a jve oi ? Med, brill >aat Da I v qnaiutanee on" it Umm flaa Med, f aarabotypee peculiar to bis proceae. \ ? V YANNARSOfc'B GALLKRY, eet 90?91 between and 0th su. A M US B M ?C \ 7 S FIRST BALL OF THE SEASON. rllK 4 (\) CuCB of Ai?iru4rl?, ?*?? pltiaure in In for fir# the rriti?#?<? of Ale?aC' rta that t^ey will ho'I tb*trfl-at ?nnual Hail Aicp.a Hall, enlUUIUDAV JfVftMNQ, the Mth n-tan Thin bring thrtr flrat PaHtb?ypr mSe thoaa who aay t?wr tb*m with tha*r conpuy that no effort bail M spared to r^?>r the hall ow of the mo?t !eaa<nt and agr??e?b * erer he'd ir t' N p)?or. Ptrief order ?iM b* ejrp?ct? <1 ?o<J ?nf r?M. fMiparlor Ootfllan >'.uctr wUl be prewct frr.o Hack* will *r>HTej the ladi?a t and from tha ba': Tick t< ft 60. Rafrfl?bir??nt? furnished Tor the la lies. CHKI'IU or AJUUNtiEMUrm ? Francis tkM, A Jttea hc Jonah ft H hif?, C Oh p ey, Arxctad H-'rdV, CO H A. I. ftallhiir". Ai x?*mu? Oatob-r 19? d'?? SPALDING A ROGERS TWO CIRCUSES! i - jgK^ oo!** tm?m*o run* o? i.? ? r ? t?d Floating Folncc (irnu Eu th?u- PalatiM A^ua tm< theatre on tii?- Mia<*s*i| ; i an J IK r'TW*- ?nd th*4r ? SfcSHrn *VKTH A Mkh. c A> Cllll UP' JI^HKljjM^hS o f?Torat> y k?>?u ui th* North Kait, 'nto ()?? m?niUr Concern Wi'b Ui* I wo ? om>acir?, cr.n ? ^0 primnr r?*aprctir*ly the n-ort dw tiryuisbed n ani feouth -?^-TT'.Lll/..: ,'ii-H ?-m perforata!*, IN FRIANDLT STRIFE, j|[ Daily, lo the ?Hioe Ring. in prea ~jbm ~ eorr rf the ?ai??noa. with Two Sett of Perform en. TWO 8KTS OF CLOWNM r* FIVE CLOWNS IN THE RINcJ! J TWO nKTS or RT*fl HOtSE* ! Complete Dramatic (orpi! *~r_ . f*.inform*v rt rr\$ A f.rm-Hn,. PUTNAM fVERY NIGHT. K*D UNDALL, THIS B!'<i LKR ! 'W'l a. KKMDAl.t.'i BKAm BAND! "?|'i!t!r?/2| CROAT?S 8TK1NV JJAAD t J nl * Triumphal Prnc*-rj< n thruoirh ?^A.'h'' principal ftwrts, about t>-? ^^^^BffH">Vlock a m , at ovary p'*'? of Ki. ' ff fftiM'ion, of th* lano?. in th# ^fi,Jr?r>d Moral Oar of DRAWN BY 40 HORSES! IJriT^n by on<? mrtt: and fTi-ry. thin* ?1*, in and about the r*^. >^f^^'ithm?*nt, upon the ?n;?? ?*!???.>!^ta .rd mapn'fio^nt scair, with HILL j^,fc?^*S?ifAKK the (rraat N Or:-?ae Ohwo; I. >f\qrLTOir, the Won4-rful Van A^^^^*1ookey: M'lla AG\KP, the Cat*. ^"^^^^^^irated (YhoW Oyn:n?at; Walter ATTHK, the P?erl-*e k Ri. ? d^r; C J. Rikjim, dl'tink-uishel lis fc^ni* !! jwtrtan : Mwtcr <"na V EjfCT, t^e Yourf >xju?-?tri*n H?*r^ Mrs 0*j|->\i),tbe beautiful P^olc ltqu??tTi~nn?*: Mr* L-wi, thn in trp;id llrr^w*man; Lho lanjoui ^ r.otlit fcE^Tgmm; H .M m;ivtt, h?* retx-wned Voltijfun Moaa'^ur IF ?t5. the Mod?rt t-e'cuif*; ^ Prof. B\>rwi*, the Knpliah Wia ard; W. Kiifiaita, thf \'?-rs?ti^ j i! n ^ Kqu^atrian; H. I rRAJin, tL??kJ fa i Oycantat; Rwnf Whit?, tha *] j/g ac^ mrU?h?*d MaHv : W. ?' Pah. ?v the faroona Jehu; C B*'*s. J. w. ContfcR, Ac .will b- -?/ hibited at 2 and 1% p m., AFTERNOON A NIGHT f?V AT ALEXANDRIA /XT->8\? 0V ?.0N!?AT. Octoi^r l?th. yCjrii AT GEORGETOWN! OV TUKSDA Y. <*toN"- l'rh, ^ WASHINGTON CITY, t>ntr? MarkKffpaoa, WKDNhSDAY, THCBfDAY. FRIDAY AND BAT* UKOaY. October IRth, 19th. "iOth. and 21at. WM. HUGHES, LAXDSCAPK Gard?ner, Fionst fend Fe^i'mnn. at the oorn*r o 7th ami H air. ?t?, IsUrd. be.^ to reiain4 the public in general that Uiit- i- tha }??-: ODitJ of tli? y>ar 10 m-?ke now gardens una impr^v oid one*, p.autiLg s)l eorts ?f Tre?*, Shml- *?4 Epmi>; ii&ewise to take up and LcUh til -u h Plant* ihat will sot stand the winter. Having had upward* of twxntv year- prs^Tiee :n tbe var.ouh branch** of linr.leniiig jn tin- <-?.u; try tad tngiaau, tlat'ers liiin.-eU competent o execute hnv part of that brauch, by day or conir.v.;, io tu:t parties. N. B.?On band fine Lemon an! Orar>g? Tree*. in full bearing, t" !>?? sold cheap; and a fine collection of Ho*? h< d other Ptaots f?t eaU. - Boqafts made to ora*r on reasonable urm< oc 10-St* Hanckoft?vol cof banckoFi'3 himoby Ot the Lrited Stat 8 Old K?dstnne. by Jwepli Smith D T> The Ieebriat 's Hut. by Mn ?oo'hwot ;h Kanna* aud Nebraska, by K C Hale Iaaiwl rarrfcll?on, a Pwrs.-nai Ketroef ect, by Knel.ff Glen MeUrs on Cbddbrd Fevers Koiliker's Micro*o?pical Anntomy Drake on tbe principal diseases (seeret series^ TAYLOR A MaCKYS oet 19 B?kstore. n?-?r ^th rt. CHICK KKIPfG 4k SO>?S *l'PKRICB ?*1 A Bf?>8??The subscrib-r, in addition to his former stock, has ::WW cently Peoeired fiom Hoston eereu more Ruporb Pianos, forming the lar. g<-st and most eleeant a-sjrtoient in this city Mairniflc-nt l.oni? X1V, fent'al and Fqua're Fl ANOib, of 6, 01^, 6^. niid 7 octave-. ? th- 1*'***: Htyl-s, from the wor'd renowned factory r fbickr? injp ? Irons, and other appr^vea factories. Tb"' wi 1 be sod as low a* thev can be bi>ucbt in ?? . Union. Jk fterond hsnd Pianos taken in part paymeut. fr New Music received cwni week)y. " 4 sop 1<??3t WTCTrn DAVTH. Iffff \ SEwom> Hand pi\no& fuu sa., _ on- at One at $ 0 Oca at $76 Call esrly ana secure a bargain at the Mufi'' I" rot of H1LBU8 A I11TZ. oct 1??tf ^EOOND UAXn PIANO* TAKEN* IN FART I'aV ment for new ones at th? Music D>*pi>tof o;t_18-tf HILBUS A HITZ SHIKT8 MAPUTOORD*F.?QBSTLKMKN wish a good fitting Phirt, ma'e of th?- Ner ' ' terislfl ?nd in the be?,t style, can be suited b* lw ing their orders at ' GTKVFNS'i? oet IS-3t? Palemywn, Brfwu*-' SEM.IMJ NKW I UNOS AT MANUFa?'T' i> ?hole*al- prices 'or cash ?We hare e n haxi^* fww rery fup?Ttor inotrum,*nts, wh!ch we wdi ?r as sb?>v^ to ?lo?e out our present sto-'k previous removing E*ery inrtrumentwsrrarted Call*" judge 'ot y<nr?elTes at Hiibus A Hfta* Mu^ic i?*p; eet W? tf HOliU^ATHY ?Manual of b<* ?. ,-athic P*" tio- lor the n?e of Families ami Ti*afe I?4" *n al? by A. K. 8neall. A. M M D. Price $1 1?* ralua d<? tordom?s in r?'ereu?a i'oem* and Tran-lationn from GMthe, tkrhi'.tr. *c by Oaas. R. La" bf rt Th* Kail war Library, wo* detAilly cheap f di'l0?1 of )- ulwer's Novels, 'or travelers rsa 'Ing Bon tladge** Tourists' Oaide through the Unit*1 Btetaa, obtaining all the t*qui*it informaboc, ^ gath'r with a splendid May?M L'rm of tha Qnaansof Kngiat 4 befora frtP* qtuwt, by Mrs. Hall Sf* TAYLOR * MAUEFli ' " 18 * BoakMorc, near dti? * <**" IRANCK VV1>^ T

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