Newspaper of Evening Star, January 26, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 26, 1855 Page 3
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evening star. local intelligence. Tm Pmilharkohic Corcbbt ?The concert ni*ht for P?<* <* ??' city, by the(Philharmonic Society, under the direoiion <ol Mr. J. L Clubb, ita condaotor, wiih Prof Farteeh, the pianist of the Philharmonic, was fully and fashionably attended The weather was ?npropitious,?scow having oo aim en cod railing in the afternoon, and increasing in violence aa the evening advanced, rendering padestnanism anything bat pleasant. Not withstanding thia, however. the audience was one of the best in point of numbers, beauty, and fashion, that we ever remember to have seen within the venerable walls of Carusi's S^oon. The opening piece, the cantata of ? Morning, waa finely given, especially the nass aolo, " Twas slumbaring, eowrapt in night," sang by Mr B. F. Clark; tha tenor solo, ?? He speaks to the light," by Mr. Thos. L'oyd, was given with spirit, and with fine effect; while the beau:ifal soprano aolo, by Anne Meloher?"Aurora riaea gloriour fj," waa m?et charmingly and sweetly sung. Thisyoang lady has a voiccofsarpassibg sweet naae. and o! much power and purity of toni in the upper register. The ohoruses throughout this cantata ware exceedingly fine. The fine composition " Kuth and Naomi," was the next in order, sang by Mrs franklin. Of thi* we ean oaly say that it was ? ung as this lady onl v oan sing it?ohastely, artistically, and with the proper expression. The fine anthem by Roeaini, "Iirael's sons, with one accord," was sung with much spirit, particularly the baas aolo? by Mr. Robt Ball, jr., whose fine ?jiee told with excellent effect. The second part opened with the beautiful composition by Jaell?14 Woodland Whispers," performed on the piano by Prof Focrtsch, which dseervedly received a hearty round of Applause Mrs Franklin then gave her cele brated echo soag by Bishop, the obligato fl ite acoompaniment by Mr. Achutter, rendered with the finest p -Mible effect In this song Mrs. F. never appeared to better advantage? it wa< equal to the performances of her palm iest days, aa the hearty enoore testified. Han del's -Angels, ever bright and fair," exquis itlj eung by Miss Read, was also encored This young lady is a stranger among us, has a fine contralto voice of much power and com pass, and will make a superior vocalist. The celebrated terie'to from Belisario. " Life has no power," sung by Miss Anne Meleber, Mr. H V. Noyes. (tenor ) This part was relieved by the introduction of vprightlv choruses, reflecting much credit on the conductor for the manner in which they were performed. The cantata by Romberg?" The power of song," and the Tramp Chorus," by Bishop, formed the third part. The bass solo by Mr. Potter, and h i ba;s in the beauiful quartet, 44 He Hermes' magic wand inherits, ' with Miss Myric, (sonrano,) Miss bate Anderson, (contralto,) ana a gentleman on the tom-r whoae name we did not learn, was much ad mired. We never saw an audience better plea*e 1, nor applause so rapturously best">wei. The prediction we made a day or two since, that it would be one of the best concerts ever given in oar city, was fully realised by the trium phant success of la?t night. The with is uni versal that it may be repeated. The ladies of the Union Benevolent society desire us to return thanks to the Philharmonic Society, to Mr Carusi for the gratuitous u*e of the Saloon, to Mr. John F Ellis for the loan of a splendid seven octave piano, and to Mr. Polkinhorn, for gratuitous printing of tickets. The amount realized is probably ;ibout $250. Attempted I.iscbasce Swindle ?A few daya since, a man calling himself A. C. Brew ster, applied to P Wei b. General Agent, of this city, to take the sgency of " The Merchants' Fire Insurance Company ef Boston," stating at the time, tbst he was the auhorised travel ing agent of the company. Mr Webb, thiuk ing at first that Brewster was bona tide what he represented himself, acceded to the propo sal, whereupon La was furnished with blank policies, and a card bearing the names of the directors and officers. Mr Webb, then, ss a praden: business man. asked bim for Boston references and his authority for appointing agents Brewster promised to satisfy him upon theee points and left, since which time he haa neither been seen nor heard of. Mr. Webb immediately wrote to Boston, and re ceived in reply, from a creditable source, that no such company, with the stated officers was in existence in thai city. Further~examiua tion into the matier ahowed ihat Brewster got his policies printed in this city, and that sefli eient time hsd not elapsed between the print ing and delivery to Mr Webb to send them to Boston, to be signed and returned. Other cir cumstaacee tend to comfirm a belief of the man's dishonesty. One is, that the signatures were both in tne same handwriting, and the policies bear the names of two different com panies. He also applied to Mr. J. C Lewis to accept an agency, which was agreed to. but aa in Mr Webb's case, he has not since been seen by Mrs Lewis. As this man will not probably confine his operation to this city akne, we deem it but just to give a personal description, that he may be shecked wherever he may make similar attempts He is about 5 feet 11 inches high, inclined to be spare very straight, light oom plexion, and dark hair and eyes, quiet de meanor, very intelligent, and appeared to be well acquainted with the insurance business ?a was dteased in dark clothes, and wore a short cloak ; in short, a person well calculated to deceive It may be well to add, that he offered a part inaarance on Brown s hotel, but the proprie tors received intelligence from Boston, which, had Brewster called a second time would have compelled bim to show his hand." He advise our Southern snd Western friends to keep a sharp look out. Mens New Cocj xtkkpeits .??We extract from Bicknell s Reporter, the following list of new oountcrfeits: Farmers' Bank, Orwell, Vt., 5's, letter a. Vignette, reaper reclining On right end a female, and on left medallion head Orwell spelled with one " L " Engraving coarse Bank of Commerce. New London, Ct, 5 a \ ignette, female and shield?over the latter the words Agriculture and Commerce Fe male wo right and sailor on lolt end Hae a very dirty black appearance. Farmers and Mechanics' Bank, Philadel rhr . 5 a spurious Vignette, Pennsylvania Ccat if Arms, which is wholly unlike the genuine Buckingham Bank, Portsmouth. N H. 20's altered fr^m l's. Vignette, State Capitol. Mechanics' Bank, Williamsburg, N. Y. 5 s and 10 a altered f.em l's. Vignette, sailor steering % Teasel. Bank of Bath, Bath, N. Y. 5's, 10's and J<>'s altered from I s Vignette, interior of a biscksmith (hop Mechanics and Traders' Bank, Jersey City, 10V spurious. Vignette, female figure, one aim resting on a sheaf of wheat?female figure rn esch end not ceuctorsigned by Register. Weliston, Hanson A Co F? mers and Meciunios' Bank, Easton 5's fpurious. Vignette. Arms of the State of Penn sylvania. On left end medallion; on right end female figure Merchants Bank. Burlington, Vt 5's spu ri? us. Vignette, two femalea. Miserably ex ecuted. ?? Lost Cmtito?A chitd about six year* of sge was taken to the drug store of S C Espy, on the Island, in a \try miserable oendition, thinly clad, and nearly froten. Ihe little fellow bas an impediment in his speech, and says his name is Keen an or McKeenau. The parents or guardians of the child will find him at Mr Kipy'a hou/e in the Seventh Ward. Poli< c Maoistbatim ?It is said that Ed gar Bates, Ksq , is to be the Fifth District Po lice Magistrate in the place of Joseph W. Beck, deceased Mr Bates has aoted at the cuard bouse, in the earlier part of Captain Bireh'a term. Ho does not reside in the Fifth District, bnt will probably ebange his resi dence to fiU the cflhe. Ft ll Seaso.n.?Business is remarkably dull in cur eity at prcceni. There ia but liule work going on- money so*roe?provisions high, and a poor prospect ahead. Last sear, at this seasoa, arrangements were making for work all over the city, and workmen were in de mand, now workmen are walking about doing i citing but esking for work. bfShta?iSIi^r Bacmlors.-a brighter, fUMr. iMmir party wu certainly MT?r bounded bj the fo*r walls of any 6*11 WMWngton. We ere eredibly in formed that do ball ever before fives at the . WM 90 nun?erou?Iy Attended. In point of beauty and gallantry, we are sure it wu never excelled in that or any other more fashionable meridian. There were delega tion of the fair hi from oar neighboring cities and oeontiea; but, beautiful and oaptivating as they were, the atari that gem eur own sky were neither obaoured nor dimmed If tome of the Merry Bachelors did not feel a flutter ing in the region of the heart, and then and there resolve to abandon their iaolated posi tion, we are free to admit that they are made of sterner suff than moet of men, and are be yond all hope of redemption from the lonely and cheerlefs dominion of baohelordom The sweetest cotillon music, imparted bv a branch of Williams's celebrated hand, lenflts enchantment to <he scene. All^under the ex eel lent raanagem nt of tha Bachelors, had an opportunity of gliding through the maze. of the danoe, and mest of the company abared its P'J""" Sh0,rt,J midnight the part/ ?%t down to an elegant supper, and were wait Baohelora themselves Mch of whaaa was designated by wearing oc hi-* brtait a m f?? A*" bn,ton At the el'ie of [?,.1 ' " d??? roomed, and kepi un rn rnln **" "" d?*? of We understand that immediately before ??n. UdiMi'bhe M?rwr7 B*?he,or> Panted Co tfe ladies a huge oake made of corn meal and rye prepared and baked by themselves, and which was partaken of by the gentlor sex with evi dent gusto, and amid great merriment By Una, their firat annual ball, the Merry Baoh* encomiums from k p?rti0ipated in its onjoyments. May they be merry and happy forever! A Moments-The Rous?et Sisters wMl sp. pear to-morrow night at the National The. atre in "Giselle" and "Robert Mae aire " They have been drawing full houses in Balij. more. *-d'"vr,#r the diwti0D * the celebrated OssianE f>odge, will give their first concert in this c y 0a Monday evening next, at Carusi's Salt. i. 1 ^ ?wTh*r A?Phion Q?a.iet Band give one of mJrv,T? fnt?rtaiuments this evening, at a* gentlemen who com pose this band have worth aa well as talent, and we trust that a full house will gieet them Maoallister, "the Wiiard," and Heller, "the Seer, will, on the first of next week, give their entertainments before the peop* of Washington. Although they will humbug tie people, their sleight-of-hand tricks are no humbug. They are the beet men in their line The First Shad or thb Sbasom ?One of madfhi??PP??rance in our beautiful Potomac, and was captured by our HV WM ? noble fellow, weighing some five or six pounds, and was fold ?'i * v Was Ber?cd UP yesterday in fine style at the restaurant of that prince of cate rers Fran* Selden, corner of Peeasylvania avenue and Sixth street, where all the delica cies of the season can be had at all times. V Extbrsivb Sale ok Books ahd Statiorbrt The large sale of books advertised in our col umns to-day will take place this evening at aT?nu?. onder thadireotion and conducted by Mr J W Rhodes, late of New lork, and from this gentleman s locomo-1 tive stjle of selling books we anticipate a ! fw ,nt<1,,gent audience. We under-1 stand the sales will bj continued till all of this magnificent assortment is disposed of See 1 advertisement in another column ' To-Jt,g?t ?The President hold* wk.ti r 8?ason to-night at the n bite House. - at^Tc.H. Rbtcrss. There were no arrivals morning ?,g ' "d 00 trlaJa thij OE'JF.3ETOWH COEKESPORDEITCI. Okorgbtowi*. Jan 26, 1855. Owing to the inclemency of the weather, but little out-door business of any kind is being done this morning?consequently, things gen erally look rather gloomy. Mr. Solomon Stover, whose stable and con euis was dastrojed by fire, some few weeks since, has ascertained that the author of the w, T" * fu *n bis employ ?Some time after the burning of the stable, he flr? th# dw*H?ng of Mr. Stover, which led to his detection Lnlesj the weather should be very unfavor able, Forrest Hall ig likely to be crowded this evening to hear the lecture of the Rev. Mr Brook. He are pleased to learn that no at tack (as some have supposed would be) will rlrh11! upon the 'he ^-?,kC Ch".^cb? or il? members He will Father M^01 ^ >'g??t, as did rather Maguire, and in no other ini fl?ur ?nd grain market continues rather rnacvive^ Small sales of flour since our last at *6 <o, showing a still further decline. What effect the news of yesterdaj will have upon it we eannot as yet say. SncTAfot. ALEXAJDEIA COKBESrOWCESC'K. Theatre-Soup House? Young Men ? Chris \??aL,"A*ait0nZ~Kinm*/* Expedxtion i'i !i Institution- Boon Ksritldr*ii, Albxamdria, Jan. 26, 1855 The theatre at Washington Hall has been filled to overflowing for the three past oven iags On Monday ?The Apostate1' and ? The Dead Shot,' on Tuesday -Luke the Laborer" and " The Irish Tutor,' on Wednesday " The Maid of Croissj" and "Perfection," were performed. The estimable manager, Mr Palmer, Mr. Porter, Mr. Lunt, Mr. Tyrrel and Mr. Stewart, with Mesdames Tyrrel and At wood, aad the Misses May wood taking the leading characters. Considering the great obstacles the company have to con tend with, they have done well, meriting the , K.? The Oeiette ,b. oit, *ppropri*uoo ."d p"?" n* i* "r* oow exhausted. We unite with its local reporter in the hope that this most excel.e:it chanty will not be allowed to abate a jot of itt usefulness. ihe Young Men's Christian Association never weary with well doing, have taken W McKe^S11^ aFP?ilUd M|WS. J. McKensie, K Wood b. Soott. tt. Jamieson. rk ? 1 and Drs. Ashby and 22T. t 10 'Mk ont aDd r?lieve the SS'SSo^r Ooa1? M^jor Burhood W. Frabel issues a card in the morning papers, under authority from . who y styled Governor of the Central American Company's dom?s sions, oflering to take charge of any 200 oTse sober and industrious men, who may wish to emigrate to the pos^essioas of the Company e.TSfcr*fl ^who wili Pay 135 for their passage and agree to serve in the Company s army for 12 months at per t0* g^nt .f ?45 acres of l.nd is offered. The expedition is announced to sail from this pott on or about the 2(.thof Feb ruary. The city oouneil, at a meeting on Tuesday evening, elected Dr. klipstien physician to e poor, and Dr. W. W. Wiiii*m.An h..i.w Y'? "5 ? ?ispvuvu pOYBlOiaQ tO the poor, and Dr. W. W. Williamson health officer. Ihe Alexandria Savings Institution, Bsnja min Barton, Esq , President. W. 0. Yeaton Cashier, haye declared a dividend of 6 per cent to stockholders and 4 per cent, to depos iters, on the 15th inst. The Boon children, three in number, tho?e petite perforuters who exhibited here some months ago are announced to appear at Lib erty Hall tomorrow evening. Aei. BALTIMORE COiiii^t POl*DE?C a Baltiwobb, January 24. 1855. I haye been a truant for some day* ard filled to keep up the chain of your LaK:iu><rL oorreepondence. There was not much how ever, to writ* about. Things in general htri ' boon rather quiet. I l??rn to-daj, bat with how muoh truth, 11 oanaot youch, that a well known gentleman, more especially diatinguiahed for hia connec tion with a literary journal devoted to the South, bat been smiled upon bj fortune in the ahape of a $25,000 prise, which he drew in J one of oar lotteries. Thie is a neat little sum to come unexpectedly upon one these Itard times. How true la the Baying, "we know not what a day may bring forth. I Trouble continues to disturb the Know I No'hing wigwam. The offlce-aeeking fever is more intense than it ever has been. There seems to be no remission It ia at pleuretio heat all the time. The City Hall and the Mayor'a office are literally besieged. Mr. Hinka is gradually making his seleetions of good and responrible men independent of all outside pressure. He turns a deaf ear to all wire pollings, and seeka only to diaeharge the high dutiea devolving upon him. John Wil mot, Mr. Kennard, Mr. Codet, and aeveral others of the original partisans, have not yet been provided for, and there are donbts if they will. It seems they presume upon their I importance, and undertake todietate?a thing his honor refused to swallow I had supposed there was come modest and disinterested pat riotism in this new political organization and I its members, if anything, are more voraoious after the spoils than either of the old faotions. It is a oomplete Kilkenny cat fight. The Counoilf, too, are in a state of dividible petu-1 lency, exhibiting splenetic effervesoenoes more turbnlent than the bubbling compounds of the I witohes cauldron in Maobeth. Mr. Peterkin, who has been appointed one I of the McDonough agents, is a gentleman well ] oaloulated for the position. He belongs to the old established firm ot Thos. Wilson k Co , shipping merchants If all other selections prove as acceptable as this, we may hope for goed municipal agents. \ The trial of the uew Minnie gun, in this I city, now for sale by Mr. Latrobe A Co., has proved highly successful. I learn that Mr. Samuel Qaikins, will be one amongst the most formidable candidates for the next Sheriffalty of Baltimore He is I admirably calculated for the olfiee. Any I quantity of nags will be entered upon this jraoe, but there are many slips ?? 'twixt the cup and the lip." Oar city is quite gay at present. Parties are all the rage Every night almost wit newee some assemblage of this kind. Extensive preparations are making for the I assemblies which are to come off in a few weeks here. The theatres, indeed all plaoes of public amusement, are well patronised. 1 observe that the indefatigable Henry Tay lor, our distinguished book man and periodi cal agent, has taken an interest in the Balti more Weekly Dispatch, in company with Mr Cloud. If the energy and enterprise of Mr. Taylor be fully imustd into thin journal, it is destined to become the very best of its kind in the United States The Baltimore Patriot is already beginning to show evident improvement in its commer cial department, since the connexion of Mr. John Wills with that journal. It is now up to the times?even the minute?in this respect. Other portions of the paper will doubtless undergo marked improvement before long. Business is gradually improving, though net yet brisk. Money continues tight. I learn with pleasure that Messrs. Hall & Laney, who were burnt out this morning, were insured, and saved all their valuable book* and papers. Roderick. From Aspinwall?The Falcon and her Pas sengers By the arrival of the George Law, at New York, yesterday, from Aspinwall, we have the following intelligence: The Panama Railroad is expected to be formally opened on February 1st. The transit is now made very easily. Isthmus healthy, and weather beautiful. There is nothing from the Falcon, but the following : ' The steamer Falcon left this port, without passengers, this afternoon, (Jan. 14 ') for Ha vana and New York, to be.laid up for a time." Ihe George Law took the paisengers that were left at Aspinwall by the Falcon. The Falcon was detained at Aspinwall sev eral days, in concequenoe of some of her ma chinery having given away after etartiDg from Havana. A " Card" of thanks to her cfQcers is pub lished in the Courier, signed by the passen gers. FROM THE SOUTH PACIFIC Via Panama we have later advices from Valparaiso to Dec. 2iuh, and later dates from Lima. The Santiago railway is proceeding with ra pidity o\ the new line. The rail from Copi apo to Chararallo has reached el Pabellon. The last dividends of the Copiapo road were 14j per cent. The U. S ship St. Lawrence is at anchor in the hay. So-ne Americans have gone to Antuco, east of Conception, gold hunting. One is said to have returned Kith 30 ounces. PERU. Thb OALLiraeos Islands?From Peru, we learn that Castilla w?a gathering together bis strength at Cienaquilla, some twenty miles trom Lima?his forces and those of Eonenique were nearly equal?but the popular feeling is constantly increasing in favor of the former. The only item of intere*t from Ecuador is a contradiction that the United States had pur chasei the Gallipagoa Islands. The El Pro gress , of Fuayaquil, say#: '? 1 he Government of the United Stites pro pci "s through itsresideni Minister at the cap ital, he loan of three millions of dollars, at the rate of five per cent per annum, on the condition that a reduction of one dollar be made on the price of every ton of guano brought by citisens of the United States from Ecuador. The loan shall be paid, discounting a dollar on every ton of guano." LEVER BALANCED REAPER. To the Farmtrt and Mechmnca of the United States: I AM NOW PREPARED TO MANUFAC ture to order any number of my Imnrovrd LEVER BALANCED REAPER'S, for Stventy-Ftve Dollars each. The Reaper is atrong and durable, and will last aeveral yeara with a very few repaira. No one that has witnessed my labors the last season, will doubt my being a?le to cut an aere of oemmon grasa as well as it can be done with a scythe, in half an hour, and leave it spread ready to dry. It will cut the shortest as well as the tallest gr iin My raker, aitting on a spring seat, oan rake the grain much easier than it can be done by any other machine now in use. One of its advantages is, that when turning, it frequent ly beoomes neoessary, in case of lodged grass, to carry our swathes, and by the arrangement of the lever I can raise the knife above the mown grass and pass it around and set in again without stopping my team. Another is, that I can elevate or lower the knife to suit the work whilat cutting, ao that I need take but little straw, and it will carry a full shock on it before ^need to shove it off, it then oan be handled quioker and as olean and safe on acoount of the weather aa if it was in shock. Peraons wishing to purchase my Reaper, can have it transmitted to them by forwarding their order, through Hie Post Office, to Samuel S. Farley, Lockport, Niagara, N. Y. Mr. Ctrl* U. McCormick?Sir : After having spent some years and some money in trying to improve the Reaper, wbieh 1 saw that the country needed, and was willing to pay forji did not succeed until last fall. I bad then refitUd my patterns, and had made some arraugemeota to manufacture tkem, when I was visited by a man from lluraac s Falls, who atated that they had t*opn'enta for it, and said that one of which they bought ot Manny, and the other of Atkira He alao said that there waa another in New York. If that is ao, probably there are others, and that my better way was to asoertain if that ?ere so, I at once repaired to the Patent Office, at Washington, and examined tho medals .and claimi connected therewith, and toutid every i?nrt of my Reaper among the pateiits th%: had run on*-, except my claim. I'bii being the case, I purpose to returu home without making an application for a pateui, as the C? mmis?ioner i? not authorised to giva ma a ocitiftcate that the other parts of u.t machine is fouud in tbose patents that have expired; and, aa i learn the law is likely to be amended, 1 trust the Commiaaioner will h? | allowed to give such a guarantee that the public may rely on. As for your old Reaper, it has pawed off I wi b the thing* that have hen. the history of I which moat make you smile. I oould not help it myself, when I read Seward's apeeoh that j he made in the United States Court for the northern diltriot of New York, at Albany in October last, and publiahed in the Tribune. He aaaooiated you with Franklin, Fulton, and some other diatinguiahed men. He said that I you had oreated a great sensation in Europe, and that you had united the oommeree of the | western and middle States, and gave a fall description of your machine and your patent He told of the divider, how neatly you had it | fixed, and how superior it waa to the old wedge, aa he termed it, and how the real helped to divide the grain. He called it an artifioial man, together with your seat, how mechanically they operated. He alao aaid that you waa not the peraon who had got up the first machine. All ef these patented |

pieces that he speaks se much of. I would no carry on my machine for two dollars per day, if they done no more mischief than the carry ing ot them. Now, Mr. MeCormick, I would ask you a| few questions, and hare you answer them in the Tribune. As you are well acquainted with the different Reapers now in use, and the ] sale of them, you know about how many mil lions the farmers hare paid for them that hare been seld en recommendations, such as Sew ard gives of yours, and have been obliged to pay for them, when in fact we were injured more by them than the machine whs worth ' I do not know myself, but I should say at least nine out of ten; at any rate, I would give a certificate to that effeot, aa 1 ean speak from praotioal experience. And I would ask you another oue tion, Mr McC., if you do not I think that tne Reaper would not long since hsve been made to operate well if it had not have been fcr the Patent office, the idea that it was patented, and that no one had a right | to touch it. prevented its beiig made to ope rate well before this I wish further to inquire of you, Mr McC , whether $40 will not pav the cost for the making of them, and if any oommon ma ohinist oould not build them with the aid of the patterns and one as a sample; and if ao. would it not pay a machinist in every oounty to build one, ao aa to allow the farmer in hia | diatrict to test it; and when they are satisfied that it works well, would he not make a hand some profit by selling them at $50 a piece by | the large number that he would dispose of7 Moreover, this would be mojp satisfactory to | the farmer than all the recommendations tha* might be piled up. Would it not be a safe investment on the part of a machinist in every oounty to purchase a set of patterns at $30 and the machine at $75, ana, having satisfied the farmer aa to their utility, to set to work and build a num ber of them at the aforesaid price ? All those purchasing of me I will warrant I and defend in their rights to manufacture them, as it is all found in the expired patented ma chines with the exception of my improvements I will m~ke no charge for the right of making | them this year, and in the following season my charges will not exceed from $2 to $3 on each machine sold SAMUEL S. FARLEY, jan 2C?It* Lewiaton, Nisgara. N Y. Lf All papers favorable to the agricultural interest will benefit the farmer by giving the I above one insertion. Wants. WAS TS MKOROES.?Thss;beerlh?rsar? all tines in the market buying SLAYK.% pay lag the high- it cash prices. Persons having Slave* | for sale will pleas* call at 242 PRATT 9TRBBT, Hal timore, Md., (Platter's old stand.) Slaves taken on board at eentt per day. febS? lj B.M.ft W. L.CAMPBKLL. Boarding. 1)OARDINO> ? MRS. MAI.I. having taken I> on* of tli.?*e delightfully situated Hmuet, Phil lip's Row. Marble front, Massachusetts avenue, be tween fith and 7th streets, ha* large room* either furinMi< d or iiiifnmi?hed. for families. Also. can accommodate a few negli- gentlemen with p'easaiit | room'*. '1' trie and transient hoarders accotnmoda t ed. Terms moderate. jan 35 3t* BOAEvt)!(l(i. ? A lady having taken tin: hand some Dwelling, No. 3 Union Row,on F street,! between 6th and 7ih, can ofTVr line la ce rooms fur I families, either furnished or un!iirtii.-li> d. Al-io. hits ( roorn? forgi ntlemcn much larger (hail arc generally appropriated to single person* Table boarder* and permanent or transient per sons will be acc??mino.!ated on the most reasonable 1 terms. jan 22? Iw* For Bale and tent. FOR Ri.NT A medium siz?d dwelling House, | on .Maryland avenue, between 6tli and 7ih ?ts. For particulars enquire of T. UALLIGAN. at T Bastiauelli & Co., under Browne' Hotel. jan 23?eo3t F??K SALE?A nuge ULAsS CASE, suitable for exhibiting large articles at the Fair. Six lights 3*1 by IK inches. Enquire at >IAGUIUE'8 fiat Store, 448 Pa. av< nue. Where can Ik had all kinds of Nats and Caps ol of the latest ;?yle at unprecedented low prices, jan 25 3l* I7UK SALE.?LOTS Nos. 5,6 and T, ri Square J No. 924, with ilie improvement*, which art two two storv frame houses both, under rent. The Lots are well enclosed and are in the square ilirect ly north of the residence of the late Captain Win. Easby. and pnrt on Eighth street east, and but a few yards from the Avenue,along which the omnihusses | pass regularly. Address T. N. ADAMS, through the Post Office. jan 25- 3i* ipoR REVT?A Room, 60 by 22 feet, in second story .'suitable for a book bindery or pruitxig of fice. I'ustfMiinn given immediately. Apply to FRANCIS LAMB, Looking Clan* and Pieture Frame Factory, 337 Pa. avenue. jan 24?3t f|H?R RENT?Posses ion given immediately. a| 1 three atory brick House and Store. No. 161 Bridge street, near thr >;arket House, containing 10 I rooms and kitchen, a perfectly dry cellar, capable ? f j holding 20 cords of wood. This is a first rate stand' for business, perticularly as the Falls Bridg- is now iu passable order. To a good tenant the rent will lie ] rcaso.iab e. Apply to T. Ok DOWNOOHCB. Also, a very convenient Dwelling, containing five | rooms, kitchen and cellar, lately finished, situated on Lingan street, near Hick's Cottage, one of the | most healthy and pleasent situations in Georeetown. Apply as above. T. ? I. I). jan 24?2w* T\ErHRABLE BUSINESS STAND FOR RENT I I 9 in Georgetown.?The desirable Store Room No. 1.10, situate on Bridge street, fotmerly occupied by .Myers k. Bro., and at present by Messrs. Coddard Si Co., is for rent. As a dry goods stand it m un surpassed, having sky lights in the rear, good shelv ing, counters, drawers, gas fixtures, &c. Posses sion given on the first day of March next. For terms, | Sic., apply to E S. Wright, or the subscriber, jan 20?6t JAMES FULLALOVE. Ij*.OR SALE OR RENT?The Lease. <;.*?! Will and Fixtures of a Restaurant newly and band aomirty fitted up, in Alexandria Va. Apply at this j office or Gazette office, Alexandria, Va. jan 24?eo3l* FOR RENT?A large three-story brick House, | with basement and atuc and three story ba-k building. with stable and pump in a large yard, con taining nineteen room*, on C sireet, between 3d ami I streets; adjoining the residence of Dr. J. F. May. Pos-i.^-non given on the 1st of February Inquire of) I. P. Pkppm, at Adains Si Oo's Express Office, or of 1 I. W. FIicks. City Post Office, Executors for the [ tieire. jan 24?eo6t "J'.O LET?The large and commodious three-story. 1 Brick Dwelling, No. 383 B street, between 20 ind 3d streets. For t'jrins enquire of E. S. SMITH, Agent of Adams' Express Co., Pa. avenue, between 2d and 3d streets, jan 6?eulm For rent?for one year or a term of y ars, the well situated, commodious, well-, Inished, and convenient dwelling House, over the Music Store of Hilbu" & Hitz. at the corner of Pa. | ivenue and 11th street. It contains seventeen 'ooms without the basement, in which tho kitchen s situated. This is a rare chanee for a private fajii ly wishing a large house on Pa. avenue.orfor a per Kin desiring the hest location in Washington for a arge and well kept lioardlng hou*e. Possession fiven immediately. Apply at this office. jan 12?if HOMES FOR ALL. ? Beautifully and healthily lo atml Building Lots, 24 feet front by 130 fe? t let p, on graded streets, can, until spring, be b"uzlit I it the exceeding low price of .'#75, payable (3 per | uonlh Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., ^ above Odd Ft Hows' Hall. JiinO?Um JOHN FOX, 8ccre|ary. ^TORE FOR RENT?THE ELIGIBLY IffU | ? a ted Store on Pa. avenue, between Tent'? and ^^venth streets, lately occupied l.f u<. Hfi.nirs & nrrz. Posi f>. ion given immediately. Huquire ai our Mu4ic l)e|sn, corner Pa. av. and Uth stieet. jan 3 -If Great * attractive pale or cshce AND VALUABLE BOOKS AT AUCTION. Commencing on FRIDAY EVENING, January 25th, 1855, at 47* Pa. avenue, at 7 o clock ?*ach evriiat. Stock all new and perfect, direct fro? New York Trade Sato, comprising the choice* and hew ae lac ted assortment, Foreign aad Doiwk, evar of f?red in the market, consisting of School. Clascal, Law, Medical, and Miscellaneous Books, in every department of literature. Bibles, Prajer Books, Blank Book*, Ac , a grew vamy Annual* aad Holiday Presents for 1855 Agricultural Works, some 50 different authors, all n?w and popular works in print. American and En , giish Gold and Steel Pens of extra qaallty Dianas. Pocket Memorandums, Porlmouoates Ac The above stock will be open for emininatioe, and offered at auction ever) evening until he entua stock shall be dispuaed of. The sales of this extensive and magnificent work will be conducted by Mr. J. W. Rhode*, late of N. York, aad offers unusual facilities Inr ohtarmig Books at a price to suit the nine*. jan 26?Iw* By J- C. ?aOUl&E, Aacilonttr. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF DESIRABLE BUILD ING LOT ON TIIF. ISLAND ? On MONDAY afternoon, February 5th, at 4 o'clock, on the pre mi ses. by virtue of a deed of trust from Geo. Th<?i aa-| and wife, dated January lftih. 1854. and recorded iff Liber J A. H , No. 71, folwa 3J2, 33J. kc., one of the land records for Washington coamy. tb? *ub scriber will sell Lot No. 2. in Square No 3*1, front ing 25 laet on south F street, between V<h and Oih streets west, running back 125 leet to a wide alley. Terms cash. JOSEPH C. ISAAC. Trustee. J AS. C. MeGUIRE, jan 2 ? eoAds Auctioned r. By J. C. McOClREt Anctlouasr. Furniture and household ep*e<.ts at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY ui"itnng the 31st instant, ai 10 o'clock, at the store ot H. Li tier Sr, on P.i. .ivenue, n*ar vOih street, opposite Went ark t, I shall sell all his stock in trade and House hold Furniture, comprising? Mahogany Sofa. Lounge*. Rockers Marble top Tables, mahogany Bureau* Cane and wood seat Chairs, Looking GlanMie Bedsteads, mahoranv Cribs, Easy Chair* Washstands, Toilet S<-tx. Clocks Feather Bed-. Bolsters and Pillowa 12 superior husk Mattresses Cottage Chxtnlter Set Gilt frame M ntel Gla?* Carpets, Oilcloths, Matting* Crockery and Glassware Cooki ig and otlier Stoves Kitchen Utensils. Ac. Also, an vicellent one horse Wagon. Terms: fi2.i and under cash; over Uiat turn a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily en dorsed, bearing interest. J AS. C. McGUIRE. jan 24?d Auctioneer. COOKING. THE REST AND LARGEST DINNERS COOK JL ED FOR 99*?I hive in my ?nr|?l<?y the e?t French cooks in the country, any on- or whom will be sent to private Itouso* :it a eharg< i>f only jjr-. - Marketing and every luxury for the most fashi mable dinners supplied at a few hours' notice and at 'lie lowest prices. Just received, 25 keg* Milaga Grapes r. g \i'Tir.R, jan 1??eo2w 959 Penn \lT.<ma nraw DAVIS'S POEMS just receive.' and for sale t y ALEX. ADAMSON, Seventh st.. opposite the Post Office. He is agent for ail the Cheap Public .lions, Maga lines and Newspapers; Harp* r's, Putnam's, Gra ham's Magnifies and Lady's liook at $*2 50 a ye. r. London Illustrated News, Bell's Life,Time-, Punch received by every steamer. 'I h?! New Y?rk Herald Times and Tribune received every night and d< liv-1 ered to subscribers. He keeps constantly on hand a large assortment of R.a ik Hooks, Tens, Ink, Pa p<-r, Envelopes, Pij.ving Cards, Visiting Cards, Cbil-1 dren's Tor Booh*, Primers, Knapp k R:gli*m>tr?s Copy Books wholesale and retail, kc. jan 2? lm BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH. Healthy gums, and a sweet breath. All who arc desirous of obtaining these bene fits, s ould use ZER MAN'S <EWKRRATEH TOOTH-WASH. TMs delicious Mictt combine* so many meritorious qualities, that it ba? now be come a standard ftivorite with the rittiOM of New York, Philadelplii i and Ha timore. Dentists pre scribe it in their practice most nuccetsdully, and from every source the uio?t flutcnug laudations are awarded it. Inflamed and bleeding cum- are immediately l en efitted by its use; it* action upon them i? mild, morning and rffec trifle. It cleaner* the tee tli *<? th--roughly, that they are made to rival pewl in whitene-s. an<) diffuses ihrough the mouth auch a deltghilul ireshncss, that the breath i* rendered ex quisitely sweet. It disinfe t* all those impurities which tend to produce decay and a* a ?*ou?e<juence, when these are remove I, the teeth must always re main ->ound. It is used and rectmmended by all the ?mitten* y^n!tsts in New Ymk, Philadelphia, llaltwi nr**, and other cities where it lias n introduced. All should give it a trial. Prepared only by FRANCIS ZERMAI', Ihuqt t and Chemist, Ninth and Catharine street*. Phila delphia, atd *old by all Druggists i v- nwfcer-*, at 25 cents per bottle. W. II. GILLM\N, jan i7?3in A*entf?r W..shineton Cfgy (CONGRESSIONAL DIRECTORY. J The Geogri<|M?al and Commercial Gnxeue?\ monthly publication devoted to physical,com mereial, and political (reograplty, edited by an a?sociation of practical and Scieirtitc gen tlemen. SubrcripUoti $2 pel annum, single number 25 '.euts. Disturuell's Kuilway Guide for Jannar) - |?r cc 29 cents, wrth map. jan 13 FRANCE PA VL< 'R. UNION ACADEMY. Corner of PoHrUmtM nr,d Arte For* atvn'". \FKW m re pupils c*u bs iceived to make up tbs limit. I uttniner. Atp'ieaii<io must b? m^de ?r>on Th ? ''sc pline, insiru -tion, snl rre*m of 'Uustrsti.n ar* f' oh ?s to iosursiatirfa tor* pr> gres in those t u^ils ?h ? ate paoct<isl, tecul^r and ob?<Ji nt. Circulars at ths Bookstores dc 3}?3m Z. HICHARD8, PHrciprl HEW AND IRTERfcSTIHG IfOHCEIVA. JUST received, a iot of Gunpowder, ImicniL' Young Hyson. Pouchong aud Oolonc T'is, m halt and quarter chests, of lat import..timis. Abo, a lot of prime Rio and J va Coffers, which we will sell l?y the bag lower than they can be pur chased in W Jslnngton. Cash buyers will find it to Uieir advantage to give us a call. IIALL A HENMNG. Wholesale and Retail Dealeis, No- 5iO Seventh St.. J door* below jan 23?eo3t Odd Fellows' Hall. i W in WORTH GtWHlS SELLING *T #/6U.UUU PRIME t'? ?ST?The sub cnber having on hand a much larger amount of goods than is u^ual at this *eason, will offer his entire stock at pome cost for cash only, without the reser vation of a single article, cotnin *nci -r on the 20tli instant, and co:!iinuine until the JOth February. The stock will bi found very complete, having been , urch is? d mostly f r cash at the late perenip torvsales in Piiiladelpfna and New York, and oflVrs rare inducement'' to cash buyer-. R. W CARTER, Betw 7tti and S h ??., opp. Centre Market, jan dO?eo2w PARTIES, SOIBEES, 4c. Having made arrangementsVAy |BkBHIBwhich insure a constant snp-jB^ 1 JJ ? f* ffp!y of all new and fa*htonab'e^^^? ? ? It ? European and American dance Mil ?ie, the undersigned is prepared toam nd p r*?ma!ly >n abore occasions. Orders left at Hilbtt* k Hit?.' Music Dep ?t, or m\ re-idence, on 14th street, one door nlwne F'. w!i le promptly attended to. J E. SCIIEEL, jan 13?2w Pisfewtr of M? si<^. T. H. PHILLIPS' COACH FACT0HY, 477 Klgbtv> st, K'lj' in'.ns? Rsin-yV Lirerr .>? ib>s OWING to kbe incr^s;<1 tr?ds *Li:L *. generous publi has b^towed u on ui*,! hart be*.n ??? in peilel toereetancar and l?r?.r building fr-r the e rrjfing on of mr bu^ioesa. H re 1 s^sll I - ^ ibltsl to x?cu'fl all orders entrusted t- iu ?1 MC-'t r lAcilitiea aad di^pa'^r and I would respect solicit a continu*new air^h- pub'i '* vat'?>nsg> Carri. g s unl W. gens, of th> uicst mod ra sry e, bull: ot !l>? bnot m?ter.aU, snd warranted to . ivr mtisiacticn. * repairs ot every l^serption punctu .lly attenied tt>. Porsal*, ehasp, a second-hand Clarence Carriage, nearly ni?* <ae2f'? u H. SEMKKN, JEWELER, No. 330 Pa. avenue, hwtwt'n 9tk and IOTA Offers for sale a magnificent assortment ot' DIAMOND JEWELRY, tat JolJ Brace'ets, Breastpins, Earnuir*, Seal Rings kVtdding Rings, Fob and Vesl Chains, Seals. Lock Ms, Pencils, Thimbles, TriukeU, etc All ar'icles arc warranted as represented and ?old inusually low. j n 12 GLEN WOOD CEMETERY. 'RUE Rules and Recitation-, and the ac ef in?*r '! X p ration of the Glenwood QHHMt) l< iv. been Mtltlisbeil in a neat pamphlet form. Any one wwii ng a copy ean receive it at the ofli< e ot" ttic tVme gry or a: the Cruuter of the Sur orti-;e. j jan ti ? lm JBCOKD UAA& PIANOS FOR HAI.E J OU REN r|-Wii kavc iu store four I'ian< t?ro if Chickcriug and two of Andre ?tt-ius. which we titer loiv fiir ri-Ii, or pood note* or will rent ?n lUnijfnlc I .tins. New flu ic e?pe,-i,?j pi moirow mmnine JOUN- F. ELLIS, )>? 4 300 Pa. avewK TELEGRAPHIC. Kipraaf; tor ?a Mllj Inaiag liar. Weather ia Fhi'- Inlphia. ft* ranitiLreii, Jaa ^.-Tki mow ?ob< ?nanoad falling k?n at tai, o ?M laat mgbt, bat tha weather having moderated it ic now rai*ac At KaatoB the enow (all Ira inehee deep laat eight on a level It la atUl stowing, and drifting to much aa probably to eauae a de tection te tha traina from tha waa* ward Weather Is Baltiaor IUltuiobe, Jaa Jfl?The snow waa falling fa era all night, and tha marry jingle of eleigh balls and hilarioaa abouU and Uughtar of ridera give a Ufa to tha aoana. It la now hold iog up. with a proepeet of elearlng off Baltimore Markat. Baltibobb, Jan. H ? Floor?Nothing if doing in this article. H idera are fi m at yaa terdaja prices Howard rtraat ia held at (8.M, and City Milla at $8 37* Wheat? araall aalee at $1 90a$2 for red, and $1 7 a 12 A8 for white. Corn ia reported at SSa86 for whita, and 84*88 for yellow. Tha alaamat'a nawa haa depreeeeo the baatnaas la braadatuffif generally, bat tha aold weather haa checked a decline. VewTork Markets New York, Jan 2^.?Cotton regains Am and onehengad Flour la unchanged with a moderate demand at previous rates Southern ia dall Wheat ia upward and irat Cora? am all transactions at nominal rates Pork ia upward and firm Beet ia unchanged, with a moderate demand at pretiout rataa Lard ia downward and dull?aalaa at $9.l2ta$10. Whisky?email aalea of Ohio at nominm prices, Ml loweat. Acqiital. Paii'ADBLrnia Jan. 2S ?Simpeon. the Kx County Treasurer haa been acquitted in tha osimiaai anit again*t him fbr embeaclement. Frightful Balloon A scent ion Kamtoji, Pa., Jan 25 ?Miss Louiaa Bradley, of Philadelphia, made a fine balloon aaoenoion this moroiog. The balloon want up straight for a great d>atan?a, and then went eaat a abort distance and baratad. forming a para efautta She aame down feat, and landed foar milea from here uniujurad. The excitement waa inteaa- umil word waa reeaived of bar ?afaty. H C^ol.n, SILVER, S i EEL B PLATED t*rBC JT TAOLW to ?mt every age and Riliue ~pece, K. K. Glaaara, Eye' Pmtectora. Eye <?f ell deecrtp ' lion*, Reading Gla** -. Goggle* ; Be., ? - I'-uabola, Perifocal, Concave, Convex, end Colored Gl.iwfj put in frame* ai the thnrteri notice. Pfr< tn? in want of {lAwn may be nure to get tbooc * Inch benefit ttoe eye at H. SKKKCXI, No. 330 Pa avenue, beta*. 9th and 10th ate. jan *) AWFUL SACRIFICE IN DRY GOODS. Fl'KTMEK reduction in nrin? at tlie store ul u i lat< drill of Maf'iider m. Calvert. laUO brocade Si k,co?t $1 lot 6?'V^ c?a 762 do fipnred do 4o cu id pieera rtianp ahlr Silk, coet l!7^c tor JOC 1 velvet Cloak out I|J1 for $l.'< I i nib'd c'??ta Cloak, coat JVti.JO tor $13 16 plain do vety Urn A few piccr- raw Sitk?, coet .*?5e i??r 3le. Al?o, r?ninii frap* hrew^ti, (vanouc colore.) wliicb will be aold exceedingly cheap. C'll w?hi aa?t ia*ke year * lection ? at No. 16 Mrrket Space, betwoen Eighth and .NuiUi eu. jan 'JO?I w OliSK KIO'.KX. -VVu Mule?i nonU<f etable of tlie toib criber Tast nij-ht, thr^ 19th inrtant, a Pom! >lare Hbr i? a rid ing animal, ?h untcb spirit, and a Iiim inov ^ or. Hit <>nly di-iinr?i'li*M<' mark* are a knot on tlie hark, ? au-?d hy the saddle, and otf huid i<k>1 white. fh? i?< . l?>ut leu y< ar? old. A nuiiabU' re ward will be pan' lor the u?i<>rinatM>n lliat will lead to h.-r r.T-vrry. Fit A NCIH N. Bit GNT. jan 20?*>i I*elaware avenu>'. Capitol Hi'l. SILVER PLATED WARE. lOMPLtfK I'ofi r Hetx, t'a-tor*, Cak*> and Fruit Hrt-k? u, Waiter. >w wlut? umul, Table, !>? ?* eert, and Tea SpotniK an<l Forkx. d?'uW'' aud :?i|>*?* plated on Alhata. 'lie b?>t ?ub?tnuie tor mIvct, w ar ranted ami nMil by II. F\ No 330 I'a. aveuu-, betw< ea Vth and Itltj its jan 19 I'HEQI'EKV'S Kegnlatioa* and t>rd? r- for ili<J | Aruiv complete to Ie54. 9 vol-. l.on-ton Code Napoleon. IM? mIU translated I vwl, l.on<1<Mt I8M Fairho'tV Pirnonaiy of Term^ of \'i 1 vol, I.on don, ItM Tltc Mic <hc"|<, it* lli-tnry. ~4ii?Miu< uoe, ai J ip itlx ation. I?v J. F zg 1 vul.S'KJciifii' iirs -? Itondon, l"M lluche* |>utie?<N io?lf< Advocate* I vol Tin- Si?'a-. Knciiw, lor j?racucal ince, l>y llan i and I vr-l. I.onrton iNjl Tlie Suhm Kttftee, ir? hi?iwy and in* diaaie^ '?/ Holx-rt F It Iturn. I vol, London. loJ4 Richard.-* Ho? ?w>n und i apital. 1 j^L< n.!"it# IH 4 FR wvff Vi LUR. jan -Hi i uuiu tJ Mi c SILVERWARE. AVKRY prettv aw luteal of Kiiver Coffee Set', Pi?ch< r?, Uotilft*. Cap -, Creeius, and all kird^ of SiDKHik and Forks, anil u variety of Fancy Silvei ware, milalih lor pre^riits. via: Soap ami < iy? r hadlea, Cruml> Scraper*. tiUi, pic end ? ake Km v ?, Cream and Kufir S|io?iis, etc., is off> red at low pit iro, and warranted sterling. 11. HEMKKN', No. 330 Pa .venue, bet 9tb ana loib ?.<? jaa 19 CUARLES WALTER S 8B(BIAL ACFNCV AND INTELLIGENCE OFFICE NO. 5 54 SEVENTH ST. orro?irr. run rk st?a k? i orfice bou<a iroiu 9 to 12 a. ?.. and from 8 to 5 p. ni. jan 17- lui^ NOTICE TO ALL WHOM IT MAT COKCERIT. I IIA VK tln< day r?'- eived ar>d opeue<l ^ gieai van ?ty ol CLOl KS. WATCHES, .ad JE* ELRV. Co d Clo<-k^ from *1 .VI to ^15, all warranu'd one year. AImi, c< d -'i:d mIvci Vt au-U>-a in (rrat va riety, mIvc; W'iiirho" from to lev? r Watcbee from to fl .W ae>l a errat aae ?nm? nt of Jewelry, ail oT wlncb v?nl be #old ilieai ??r than good* ol same quality o*n b< l?>uebt in tins in TIkhm; wisfunj to kh goad Clock* would do ??|| to buy from me, a# I put all my Clocks in rrder be foie k Mitia Uaeix. Call <n f ?=ee for jroaraelvee, at the ' lock B Watch Emporium of i. R'>BI\S??\. 340 oppexiite Biow .V Hotel, jan 10?lin (Intel) f PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT. Nl^ W *b<' proo.d hand PlANuS, ?f my e-nand eervral oth- r fa^'orw. are aJwayt t I* bad at tar Viae. Warworn, en wt rnf h at. between Pa. avenue eod ? a: <?!! Piano# taken I: ?x'-h?nf?. Turnn* aiac attended to. P. C. RBlCBBNPACm P 8 A few very low pr ced ha^d Piaace r>m f it f< x ?al<?. der ? ?*n? A R N Y , JVe. N4 Hru'f* i'rtet, (*eor*ete? ?<, IS i>re|Ar?d to lurni'li llaLte, IhKHcaa. So*r?n \V? nuiNoa, k'' . with ? v?*yitnng in the Confec lionar> line, in anv part of the bietncL at tht diort ?n notice, and i n ihe moet rtaaonable t< rnta. jan 19?If FOKEICN mcsic? CoilMMlllg of the c<NlipOMUOIl? ol' Siezt, Thalbarj, Prudent, G >ria, Mayer, Voaa. VVnllenh&upta \Vinkl?-r. Erugf-r, ^piuller, eicM etc jan 13 tf IIILBfTS k l?TZ PAPER MOISTEN'EH.? A N< w Inv mwa lor wi.-leiuii; th?- I* av< * of * C??pvin|T Past i^s Sf uii|to, Envelo)> >, ami a^M'* the huger* V^en conntinr Wa"k M ia. Al?' ? i?et?11 for virions ?ther potr?ose?. it will be,femi?d Mil ;ndiapen-ib'r aiu<*ie f?w ever# leak. It le pe-rf ct'y simple and muat :ome info {rur al u?e. TAVI.OR B MM'RV, |ag I" Ajen'f for H'n lii'i^nn. POCKET u.d U? fix le^v'. i.?r . ly iMN.k TAYLOR. an f-U D~ r??w*"jwviBw "pvTjAiiuVa., jux pub i4te<| nhd tiir .ale. SaKnplfii U ptr innum PRANI'K TATI^R. UOVVARD'S V. S. Si'PR F.MT CI RT hEJ imitu, vol 15, iu?t reetived by jand ? PRANCK TAYLOR.