Newspaper of Evening Star, January 26, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 26, 1855 Page 4
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EVENW6f STAR. AM I THE* BKM1MBKBKD STILL Aad am I thaw remembered Mill. Beoaembere?J 100 by thee, Or. am T quite forgot by one. ,* Whom I no mora mat amf ?? Ob1 my not so. for ihj> would add ?> Fresh anguish to my lot; I dare not hope to ke recalled. Yet would uot b? turgot. Had they who parted ua but knewa What heart* like nur* could feci, *n?ey would have spared as both a pang Beyond Uleif power to heol. I know uot if thy heart retain.9 v ^!24 Its wonted warmth or not, Though I'm forhid to thick of thee, I woald not be tvrfot. And aheuld we meet hi after yeara. Thou'It find that I am changed, My eyes grown dim.ny cheeks grown pale, Rut not my lore estranged From meoi'ry'a page the ha ad of death Alone thy name can Mot; Forget, forsake me if thou wilt. Thou'It never be forgot. fiy The local editor of the Buflalo Republic has made himself one of the immortals by the publication of a dis covery which he has recently mad'*, of great importance to mothers. It is an infallible means of keeping babies, from two to ten months old, perfectly quiet for hours. The modus opermruJi is as fol lows :t 44 As soon as the squaller awakes, set the child up, propped by pillows, if it cannot sit alone, and smear its fingers with thick molasses. Then put half a dozen feathers into its hands, and the young one will sit and pick the feathers from one hand to the other, until it drops asleep. As soon as it awakes, more mo lasses and more feathers, and in place of nerve astounding yells, there will be silence and enjoyment unspeakable !" The streams of emigration to western and middle Texas, says the Waco Era, still continues to flow, wag ons and stock pass through our town daily, and from the information obtained from the east, they are still thronging every crossing of the Mississippi. There can De no better evidence of the superior advantages of our State over others, in both commercial and agricultural facili ties, than the character of the emigration now filling up this portion of it. The great mas of them are men of means, with strong force, to whom one year's labor will suffice to make better farms, and more pleasant homes than they have left. Our own county has luckily re ceived her full share of this flood of wealth and worth. Thb Easts** Shoe Business.?This important branch of the business of Mas sachusetts is slowly reviving, and signs of animation are visible in various quar ters. The stock of manufactured shoes on band is said to be unusually small, and the reception of orders of any great extent would immediately set at work a large nnmber of hands. We hear that one firm in Beverly last week received orders from the South for eleven thou sand dollars worth of shoes, and doubt less similar orders have been received by other hands.?Boston Traveler. Whbi's Barnum??We saw yestei day an instance of a curious freak of na ture in a young cat, about half grown, having no appearance of hair on any of its skin, an opoaum's tail, ana the hind r ters similar to those of a rabbit The on the upper part of the body and the head is of a mouse color, and that ou the belly and legs of a pale red. The cat which bore it had four other complete kittens at the same time. ?AW/ Html,I. Circassia.?The Circassian women are not only beautiful, but in some things wise. They denote their position in society by peculiarities of dress. If a fair one should chance to attract the ad miring glances of a gallant knight, he can always tell by the color of her trow sers whether the wearer be maid, wife, o. widow ; virgin white being worn by the young girls, red by those who assume the duties of matron, and the blue by by the hapless dame who mourns the death of her lord. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. tfame. Leave For Dmyi. City Manchester. .Philadelphia..Liverpool. Jan. jg Glasgow..,., ...New Yt>rk. .Glasgow...Jan. 20 North .Star New lork..A?pmwall.. Jan. 2U Baltic New York..Liverpool Ian. *4 C*hawfca New York..Havana Jan. 25 Hermann.... New York..Bremen;....Jan. 27 Canada Boston Liverpool... Jan. 31 Canada Liverpool. ...Bo-ton Jan. 6 Pacitic Liverpool...New York. . Jan. 13 Union Havre..New York Jan. 17 Atlanuc Liverpool. ...New York. .Jan. 27 Ot^The California *te?m*rs leave New York on the 5th and 20th of each mouth. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS National lie tot-a. d wiimu. T W Pctvce, Mass rf \ Magreatti, Ya J II Stewart, N Y ri T Stewart,. o J II Purn. II, do j > Uickiuauq, Pa J L Jack*>n, Ga T IV Benedict, \Y W A Hamster, NY C W Benedict, do J 40 J W Lvnn, Va J Walton, do j u Harwood, do J* K Roger*, do D VVhitlock, NY JKaot, Ala j Waring. Md W Lew. II. Md S M Hart, do Mrs 1 M Montgomery, Pa J H Paddock, Vt l? O Wright a lady. NY J II Caph.m Md W Met ormick fc daugh G B VVil-on. do <? . J H Waring, do M Lyu'.do PHayn?.d0 fc M V\ rifht. do Hrow?s' llet.l T. r. a ?. amowa. J Plta?aiiu, Va (J s<tothower, Md S .N I'sarson, J Wa??u, do W S Magnum. Va H T Hiilhert, Tenn Mn S D Locke, do UKU Jones. la J R llvot, NY U Brown, NY Mrs Hyot, do MP Plai tde, Md II Gardia^r. Md O M rtpillinan, Va 8 Ron, Pa Mia* Day, do J T Woodson. Va M J Crad. do H K Paa n?, do S Tocknus, do " 11 Il0*C0 -J. H. a A. IlXIWOOt, M L Darcy, La H Morrison, NY G Laney, Fla K Morrill, do J Buffum, Pa N Mann, do J J?-nes, Md h McDuflke, Ala J w meat, rfo A Jenkins, Pa m! s Vc""> * lady, do Mr Fo??*i a daughter, C F.herman, do Lbocta* Nation j Hart do Er N2 o c ni nu, f vV Jl ""n LBraWfd, Pa * ? wrSTii? V." sras.'Ac* w United ?<?<?? 11 otel?*. ^ Uo B Morae. Me ^ J H ^ott, Md ? Smith. Va n W B. a, do ? J C Coneli a lady, do J B Haw. Pa K A Mathews, i>C C L Bong, Va J C Thornton, ?J Tracy a lady, NY Htnilon llonao, Alexandria, Va. *. J*gWTOJ?, FROPKIgTOft. C F Kerkwey. Va Mr, Boone a 2 daughters. W A Mot ormick, ladv,2 NY children a n-rv't, do Va>t Boon, do T R Mo?ire a la'v. do W S Rankin. Kt A "''^rr DC E A F eeman. VW T M Uolnrr, Pa N M Green, do NPFrrdC. J R Smith,-1II J O Bo wen. Va S F Asliby, Va J K Skinker, do a A Ki-I r, d(> J W M. Ilhaney, do ' ' ? om. loiii i INVIGORATING CORDIAL ] A PHENOMENON IN MEDICINE. TTlALTH RJS8TOR1D AJID UTX ll uraOTHlNKD, by DR. MORSra INViaomTDW* KLTXI* 0* OORWAL.?At flr* ^_P5SKi tw ?tuibvt?i to pt*>\ mows ELIXIR OR CORDIAL wiwi*?* public often fcoiW, *"**? **?1^?2* Ud sublimetroth* imkw?< fcr tf?dfr'yvrcr?*-' Ru. facta, undeniable facts etteeted bywittwiew oi S3?5g:SS&?Si >rTTb?RuziBnatdtai,ta ?U ?tile arising from a misuse or abuse of lb? various organa which make up the wonderful >MblB? culled j jibb. It raatoree to /all vigor every Wk*t? fume tf*n connected with that mysterious compound agency of natter and mind, neoeeeary to the r+prt-1 duction oj human lift. To persons of feeble musou lar frame, or deficient in vital power, It la recom mended as the only means of communloatinf that , energy which is neoessary to the proper enjoyment | of all the natural appetites, as well as the higher mental at tribute it. Its beneficial effects are not con Bned to either sex or to any age. The fteble girl, , th? ailing wife, the Hrtlew, ernevated youth, the j rrrrworu man of bosiness, the victim of nervous de preeeion, the individual Buffering from general de bility, or from the weakness af a single ergan, will ?J' find immediate and permanent relief from the use of this incomparable renovator. To those who hare a predisposition to paralysis it will prove a complete and unfailing safeguard M*in*t that terri ble malady. There are many, perffaps. who have so triued with their constitutions, that they think theme-It*8 beyond the reach of medicine. I*t not ??en theee despair. The Elixir deals with dlaeamas It exists, wtthunt reference to causes, and will not enly remove the disorder itaelf. bnt REBUILD THIS BROKEN CONSTITUTION. The derangements of the system, leading to ner? | to us lieeasee, and the forms of nervous disease it self are so numerous that it would require a column to enumerate the maladies for which this preparw-1 ration is a specific. A few. however, may be enume rated, vis: neuralgia, tic dolereaux,h^a4ache,|ncip lent paralysis, hysteria, palpitation ntthe heart, api-1 n? affections, musculardebility,tremers, flatulence, a pr.c -lug semsstion in the flesh, numbness, torpid ity of th liver, mental depression, weakness of the will, lndi*n"?-'tion te move, faintnese after exercise, broken <>-ep an i terrifying dreams, inability to ra rotir in '~ne plsc* r r position, weakness of the pro. -reati'e organ h, -?exual icoompetercy, melancholy, monomania, fluor albus, ? nking at the stomach, fo ma'* irregularities, a chronic leniency to miscar riage, , mediation, *nd all complaints growing out oi a fr*?; indulgence of the pnMons. and all barrenness tha' does net proceed from organic chums beyond ;be reach of medicine. W he never the organs to be acted upon ara free from malformation or strictnral diseases It is averred [ that MORSE'S INVIGORATING RL1XBR will replace weakne?s with strength, incapacity With efficiency, irregularity with Uniterm and natural so lv?tv. and thin not enly i^foout hmard of reaction, *ut with a happy effect on tbe general or.nniaation. ?9?U>-ar in oiindthat all maladies, wherever they ter-in, Unuh with the dervous system, and that the .ara.izaUcn of the nerves or motion and -eneation 1? oby-deai death. Bear in mind also, that for every (jnd of nervous disease the Kllxer Cordial la the jaly tellable preparation known. * CALTIOM. Da. Mo ass's iBvieonarmo Cordial has been coun terfeited by some unprincipled persons. In future, all the genuine Cordial will have the proprietor's fao simile pasted over the cork of each bottle, and the fblloeinz words blown in the glass Dr., Moras's Imvlffor at la? Cordial, C II RING, Proprietor, M.Y. 49> Tbe Oordlal Is put up highly concentrated, Is pint bottles. , ? Prio-,?$3 per bottle; two for $&; six for $12. * 0. II. RING, Proprietor, 192 Broniway, New York. Sold by Druggiste throughout the United Eta tea, Canadee, and West Indies. AGENTtV Washington?Z. D Q1IVAP. Ualttnaore?8. 3. II \ N(IX Richmond?BENNETT A BHKEJf. mar 3ft?*>tt Orncx or A*mt Clothu* amp Bmnn?*, \ Pa LADKLPH1A, D*? ti, 1864. j SKALKD PROPOSALS will revived at this I office until 10 o'clock, a bb , ot the 81st day of January nxit, f?r furnishing by contract the follow jug ar j y supolies and materials delivirable at the United Slat-a Cl?thiogand iviuipage Depot, Schuyl kill Arsenal, in quamities as requ?r*^l, vix: 6,000 yards ft-4 dark b.ue (;nd'go dyed) twilled ciota, weighing 21 cubsco per yard 5,000 yards 6-1 eky blue (Indigodyed) twilled cloth, weifhii>g 22 ounces per yard 10,000 army blankets wool, gray, (with the letters U. 8. in black, ibur inches long, in the center,) to be seven teet long ind flv? f?x*t wide; ea?h blanket to welph five pouds 4->,000yi?K flannel, cotton and wool 8??,000 " unbleacied d illtng f-.,0W) 44 cotton duck,if" tn, weighing 14% ot | rj,(ssj " " 28'2 " " 10 " tf.OUO ** " 60 " " 22'/4'? A000 " " fc0 " 44 K.000 " " 24 41 44 1'^/ 10,000 44 ** 33 " " 6,?Kl0 44 blue flannel for lining great ooats 4^00)J oi -n pairs hair stockings, 3 sii^s, weighing i 3 pounds per doten, of go >d sound wool, | doubled ?nd twisted ' arn. Thoae knit by hand preferred Brass scales, N.C. 8. serg. ccrp privs. Bronte ?? ?* ** Staples for coats (brass) Worsted sashes, crimson % and % inch worsted la-e,crimson,green, orange, red, sky blue, and yellow Pompons felt cap bodies Glazad leather, for vitors and cbain-^trape Morocco, for cap liniogs Oil ?ilk, for cap covers Plue serge, for coat linings Sewing silk nd twist Linen threads brums, complete artillery and infantry D am ocrd-t, head batter and snare, tnaret sets, slings and sticks, pairs Drums stick carriages fl'ee. B and C Bogles, with extra mouth-pieces, and trumpets Collin's axes, (felling; Axe and hatchet handles rpades Tin eant*eu?, to hold three pints Bunting, red, white, and blue Teat poles and pine, aets f>r hospital, wall andoom* mon teats Bolting rope, tent cord Garrison and recruiting halliards Wooden tent buttons and plips Bras* spars, pair* blank bo-ids and stationery W ?x, upper and sole leather. All ot which it is dvsirabie should be of domestic manufacture,an 1 mus: oonfor?, in all respects, to tbe standard pattern f>e<il?d in thia office, where th-y can be <-xamined. Sample patterns will be sent by mall, with any additional information upon the tnhject which may be d*?:rei by manufacturers wishing t? offer pro posals. Ten per cent, of the amcunt of each delivery wi'.l be retain d autii the contract sbWl be c.-mpletad, which is to be forfeited to the Uuited States In case of defalcation on tbe part of the contractor in ful filling the terms and stipulation* of the oontract. About one-fourth of these supplies will be required on or before the first of July next, and payments will b? made for them as soon as the next appropri ation by Coagreao of funds for this branch of the service U available; tba remainder will be paid for on delivery. Tha privilege is reaerred of increasing, by one third, the quantity of all the suppliaa abjva men tioned. Contract* will b< basal upon accepttd proposals, for the fulfillment of which two <r more a*curities will be tequired. B d* are eaired only from man ufacturers, or regular dealeit* in the article proposed to be fu: Diahed, and none will be respected or orn sidered from any one who is not known as a manu tacturer or regular dealer in the desired supplies: which fact, or the revenue, must be distinctly etited in the bids offsred, as well as the rataes and address of the persons intended to he proposed as securities, in case a contract Is obtained Letters containing propa?a!s should be endorsed: ? Pr.posals for Army Supplies." G, U CR08MAN, M^Jor and Quartermaster U. 8. A. dec 27?eo'31 Jan THE A.MBBICAN SPORTSMAN; containing hinu to sporu-iiu it, notea on sporting, and tne habits of th? ganit-birds and wild fowl ?f America; by Eliaha J. Lewis, M. U. With numerous illus tration*. For ?ale at TAYLOR k MAURY'S jan 3 Bookstore, near 9t>i st. WM. M. MERRICK, Atterasy at Law, HO. 3 8 LOUISIANA AVXMl'X. Will praetfoe In the Supreme Court of the United States and the Courts of the DiMnct of "Columbia. dw 'irt ?aotf UEV SEPTIMI'S TIJHTIN'II WORK.?The fourth erimon ot The Doubting Cominuiurant Eacooraged, t> Rev. S. Tustui, D. D-, late Chaplain ot lite Utiitad BtnMe Senate. Furtlier supniiet received at TAYLOI It HAUBKf'S jan 5 IfeNlaBVe, neer 0#i st. JUST IMPORTED DIRECT FROM SHEFPIELD a lorje aaaurtinent of Joae^ih Rodgers k Son's ce'fbrated Table KNIVES and FORKS, RAZORS, SCISSORS, Pen and Pocket KNr\'ES, which I am pr pared tn ofler at wholesale or retail as low as any h o* In the United Statea. E. K. HJNDY, j?n 13 No. 198 Bridge at, Georgetown, FB0F08AL8 FOB OIL TQM, LIGHT HOUIJES. V XUAimtT Diparthhit, Office L'ght Rout* Beard, January 1ft, ISM SU.^AT.K.8Ell^D phopobaLa WW. until 1 o'clock pjn , on Thnn m *7 et P,lm" 18W. for supplying the Ught'^a*& ??tablishtnent with tli? following lota or St0 *** d "w*1 *l*ag?dde of the T*"mJ ?* New York dty, n^7 Bwif?id? <* *i???t?wn. Maaaachasetta, at the option of the oontractor, to be determined on at the rPe5, ao*ptta* the bid, fa tljht, weU made casks, for ahipp'ng, In prime order, on or before the following da tee respectively, and &lm at the re spective pointa named on the lakes, via: Lor No. 1. ?,000 (e'ght thousand) gallons beat winteratraiBed P"***1 oil, and 22,000 (twenty-two thousand) gallons beat spring strained or pressed aperm eiL to be delivered on the 1st day of March, 1855 Lot No. 2. ? 14,000 (fourteen thousand) gallons beet winter attained or pressed sperm oil, and 10,000 (sixteenthousand) gallons best spring strain ed or preMcd aperm oil, to be delivered on the lat day of May, 1866, as above Lot No. 3. 18,000 (eighteen thousand) gallons heat winter etrained or pressed pp-rm cil, and 12,000 (twelve thousand) galloafl beatap-iog strained or preoeed aperm oil, to be delivered aa aoove on the l?t day of June, 1856 FOR THE LAKES. Lot No 4 7,600 (seven thonrand live hutdred) gallons beat winter strained or pressed aparm oil, and 7,690 (aeven thousand five hundred) gallons beit spring strained or preaard aperm oil, to be delivered at Buffalo, New York, to the pr^ Br officer authorized to rao?ive it, on the th day ot April, 1855, or immediately af* ter the opsning of th? Kris canal 460 (four hundred and fifty) gailona bsst winter ?trained or pressed sperm oil, and 46<i (four butdred and fifty) galens best spring strained or preeeed sperm oil, to Le delivered to the collector and r uperintendsnt of lights at Plattsburg, New York, on the 16th day ?f April, 1855, or immediately ifter the opening of the Erie-anal. All of tne oil oomprbed in Lot No. 4 to be deliv area at the above mentioned places f^r the light* oa the ;ak*?. must bp In *mall ir^n bound tr?lTfl. in ?^ir' fr^ frcm leaka?e. containing from ? .Ik5 Jt gallona each, and fret* from ail expense to the United ktates; ali the ci's^s for LransportatiOB. damage, and leakage being at the charge* and rihk ot the oontractor or contractors, and all test* and inspection to be made prior to the transportation of the oil from the contractor's warehouse, or other place of deposit. The several lots of oil required to be delivered a, mgrde of the aupply vessels *hall be so delivered wnen the sa;d vesaels thai' be in read nee to re ceive the fame, and in case the supply vesaels should y ^ Tf00'1** th? 0,1 r& the days, herein specified forithe delivery, then the contracting party 11 10 d"liVer lt to an authorised agent of the light house establishment at the joint o' d < ?T?fcT' ??* ,U bB *atitlwl to payment therefor, within fifteen days of such delivery. All , he oil contracted lor under the foregoing propo sals f> be subjected to usual tests of specific gravity, temperature at which it will remain limpid, by bur^ ning : nd such other means as may b? thouv-ht proper by tlit pt^r^on or persons to whom ?hat duty may be assigned hythe Light-House Hoard, before it will U- accepted The wiuter-strain>xl oil to remain limp id at a temperature of 32 degrees of Farenheit or tbe spring-strained oil at a temperature of 40 degrees of Farenheit or lower. Proposals will be rec iv?d and considered for each lot separately, or for the whole quantity required at the option of th* bidder, but no bid will be *nte tained for a less quanUty than i? comprised in on* of the several loti dea gnatwd Nos 1, 2,3, aod 4. The bids uiust state explicitly the lot or lot? p'Opised for by the number or Lumbers, the quantity of each k-nd of oil in the lot or lots, atd the prica per gal loaol each quality of oil. All bids must be sealed, ?nd endorsed "Proposal* r Oil lor Light-Ilousos," and then placed in anoth ',r. ^"relope, and directed to the Secretary of the Light House Hoard. Washington, D. C. A bond, with security to the satisti?<-tion of the de partment in a penalty M,nal to on.-fiah the amount of ?a?h contract made nnder the foregoing pr. p > sals, will lie required cfearbrontractor,oondition?d faithful perioral a riiy- of each contract to be executed within ten day<j alt?r th<' acceptance'of the The board, under the authority of the department, reserves the right to reject any bid, though it may be the lowest, from other considerations than its amount. Hy order of the Light-Honse Hoard: ^ THORNTON A. JENKIN8 jan 18?3tawtlstFeb Secretary. Unltod Statea Patent Offlco, l Ov WaaHiUQTO!*, Jan 1H, 1864. / N the petition of Jxsax Ukkd, of Marabfleld, Massaohusetts, praying for the extension ot a potent granted to him on the 16th of April, 1841 for improvement in "pumps," fci seven years from the expiration of said patent, which takes place "Apr"- hu?d"a ??' Itis ordered, that the said petition be h**rd at ?,?ce ?n Monday, the 2d day of April, n *?, at 12 o clock, m.; and all persons are notifi?tj I' i and ^ow caU8e'if ?Qy have, why said petition ought not to be granted. P?*uB?S8 ?ppo<^Ptbe extension are required to Ilia in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in wriUng at least twenty day* before the day o. hearing; all testimony filed by either party to b? mittodini accordance with the rules of this Offloa which will be furnished on application. iu.thfc wiU h* closed on thel2d March 1856; depohition* and other papers relied up on as testimony mu*t be filed in the office on cr fore the morning ot that day; the argument, u any within ten days therealter. (>rlered also, that this notice be published in the Union, Intelligencer and Evening Star. Wasldflctnw AmerV^'N.-T'r' Philadelphia, Pa., S?entiflc American, New York: and the Post, Hopt. n, Ma*s.. TT n' ?UCCt"fcSiT?> week, previous to tbe 2d of April next, the day of hearing. CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents. P. 8.?Editorsof the above papers will please cor>f and send their bills to toe Patent Office, with a p?r containing this notice. jan io__vvew United Btatea Patent Office, i Ou tha Washington, Jan. 10,1865. | ^ ?f ?*AW) of New Sha ron, Main-., praying for the extension of a pat ent granted to him on th? lGth of April. 1841 for an improvement in "Propellers," for seven y^ars from the expiration of said patent, which Ukes place ty-fl?ee: 7 Pri1' "^htfen bexndrad and 111 pHttift?S?red th\tfthe,BAl1 f*titi0Q ^ heird at the ?? Monday, the 26th day cf March , j ^ m,; ancl persons are notifle* to appear and show cause, if any they have whv aaid petition ought not to be granted. ' Perilous oppoeing the extension are required to flu in the Patent Office their objections, specially set flied t,y wther ^ Ha,d hean"K UHt be taken and trans mitted in accordance with the rules of the office which will be furnifhed on application. ' ifin, HtW,U?Tyinl1"' ?*al> wiu c,ow?i on tbe lit l on*7.0, f : dero^ilions and other papers re beiore the morning of that day; the arguments if any, within ten days therenter ' rn!nleri^aiu>'that ,his ?0ti' e 1,6 published in the Lnion, Intelligencer, aud Kvening Star. Waahin* i KTTng ?rgU?, Philadelphia, Pa^ tific American, New York; Pat. iot and State Gasette ^oncjrd, New Hampshire, once a week for throe to CHARLES MASON, P nf?i, Commiasioner of Patenta. ir. a.?-Editors of tbe above papers will nlease cane and i. nd their billa to the Patent Office, with a na perjy>ntainin( this notice jan 11?Th3w United Statea Patent Office, ) Ov ??. w"m*oro?, Jan 10,1856. f tar nf6. / ri'TNAM. Admlnlstra _ . H Putnam, deceased, of New Or p^t r.rv*yln? for extensionof a ^iSy e^May Patn&m' 0D ' m?ehin?? f, - for an improvement in from the # , ?? *c- to* years Place on the t th dl^of M?y fifty fl?e: hundred and Paten? Offl? o^MohnV&ld rZUtioa ^ hefcrd the next, at 12 o'clock m an/Vli 234 day of April appear and show^^ ,f petition ought not to bigtSU 7 ' 8a'd in tbePatenUyflin^tk1? e*'enf^on are required to file in writing at^eLt tw^Jr,,i?nH' "pwiHlly 8et forth SSfSsSSiSaer-iS a I'hil.Jriphit P?; eel? -a, ob^ Iiv jrjjjjj.?.*, a., April CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents. - 8'~T^ii?r^Mfthe *boT<* P*P*ra will pl?aae copy L,k /,t0 *** P^r,t Office, with a paper conUininrthisiioUee janH?Th^w^ KVScToV?NR?mR LANQDAQMS?PKOF. A_J SCHONbNBFRO will rommcn^e reviewing rU.aeein I*rTuai?es on Mond-iyfiotft Oetobey, J his re^lenra, 267 Pennsylvania avenue TRAVELERS1 DIRECTORY. 1 Latham's tsimm or omimmw will leave Alexandria at 4, TV, and 9M am, \\C and 3# p m. Will leave WasMnjtoa at 6,11. and 19 a in., 3* and 7 pm. Seats can be secured at the Office Fairfax at, and Newton*a Mansion House ; in Washington, at Hall's Seiar Store an 1 Kirk wood House. This Line runs regularly winter and summer for the accomaMdatioa of the Public. Pumiferi called tor and ukea to their residences if not too fcr. FAKE?For the first trip up and last trip down, 50 cents ; all other regular trips 96 cents. Trunks extra. LATHAM & COOK. jan 8?tf OROM WILL'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN NEVV Y0RK BALTIMORE fc BOSTON, "IXTILL dispntch a steamer daily from Baltimore ff and New York, and twice a w?wk from Boston to Baltimore and Baltimore to Boston.

This line affords unequalled facilities to the bnsi new men of the District of Uolumbla. The Agents tt either point will receive freight and give a through bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates ol freight and no commissions charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following igents: A. (J. HALL, 56 Exchange PL?ce, Baltimore. H. B. CROMWELL, x Corner Washington and Albany sts.. N. Y. J NO. W. SCHANK, jan H?dSm Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND HHIO KAlhKOAB. FM PROVED ARRANGEM BNTS TOR TRAVEL! IMPORTANT CHANORS OP-SCHSDCDEI! The late completion of th? Central Ohio Railroad between Wheeling and Columbus, uniting, as it does, by ?o short and direct a line, the Baltimore and Ohio Railfml with all portions of the West (and NortL and Southweet,) gives this route greatly iocrea>?"i advantages to tnrough travelers iu that direction On and afer MONDAY, November 27, 1864, the trains will be run as follows: for through passengers. Two fast trains daily will run in each direction First?The MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station at 7 a. m., instead of 8 o'clock as heretofore, (exoept on Sunday,) and arriving at Wheeling at 2 40 a. m Second?The EXPRESS TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m, instead of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, and runniLg through to Wheeling in about 17 hours, reachirg there at 10 26 a. m This train will stop at Wash ington Junction, Sykesvllle, Mouocary, Hurp-t's F?rry, MarMnsburg, 8lr John's Run, Cumberland, Piedmont, Rowlesburg, Newbnrg. Fetterman, Farm ington, Cameron and MoundrvMe only, for wood and water and meals. Both these trains mak* prompt and regular connection with the cars of th* Central Ohio Koad for Cambridge, Zan'sville, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, I^ayton, Fandueky, Toled >, Letroit, Indianapolis, Chie-gc, St Louis, etc. Passengers leaving Baltimore by the MM1 Tra'n; wl'l reac* Cincinnati for dinner next day, while by the Express Train tbey arrive tber at 12 the next night, being kept but one night on the ronto by eith*r train. Passengers for tbe Northwest via Clevs*a"d anl all intermediate points can make a direct enner ticn with 'he trains upon the Cleveland and Pitts burg Railrord at all times when the Ohio is naviga ble for steamers between Wheeling acd Welleville, by leaving Baltimore in the Mail Train at 7 a. m. Returning, the Trains leave Wheeling as foltewr: The EXPRESS TRaIN at 4 JO p m., rearhirg Bal timore at 9.50 a. m. The M AIL TRAIN at 11.45 p. ? .. reaching Baltimore at 7 p. m. Mi' rh-fMi^h tickets by boat from Wheeling tor Cincinnati. Midisnn. Louisville, 8t. Louis and other River Cities, *D1 be sold at a 1 times when the stage of water * ill admit. Through tickets between Baltimore and Wasnington, and all the important cities and towns In the West, are sold at the Ticket Ofllces of the Company. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. THB MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station will take passengers for all the usual stopping plaree oo th- Road Returning, ihis train leaves VYh*e?ing at 11.45 midnight. Cumberland at 10.16 a. m., and arrives at Baltimore at 7 p. m. THE FREDERICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, tor Frederick and intermediate places, will start at 4pm, daily, (except Sunday*) arriving in Freder ick at 7.40 Re'uroing will leave Frederick at 9 a. m., arriving at Baltimore at 12.30, noon THE BLLICOTT'8 MILL8 ACCOMMODATION will be run daily, (except Sundays.) m follows: Lrave Camd'U Station at 6 a. m. and Leare Eil cntt'g Mills at 7.30 a. m. and 8.30 p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: I FAY* daily, except Sunday, at 0 and SJf a m. j and 3 and 6 pm. On Sunday at 0 a m and 6pra. Leave Baltimore at 4% and 9am; and 6 and S pm. On Sunday at 4 if a in and 5 pm. The oonoeotiun* with Baltimore A Ohio Railroad for the West are by trains leaving at 6 a m aud > pm. For Philadelphia end New York at 0, and 8}^ t. ?< and 6 pm. For Annapolis at 8^ ? m 5 pm. For Noriolk at 3 p m. T. Q. PARSONS, Agent Parti roar attention is called to the Ru'e requir Ing a responsible voucher for any parson of color who m*y wi*h to pass ov r the road. dec 18?dtf 0RAHGE AJTD ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, THE Cars leave Alexandria daUy for Gordons vilie and intermrdifcte stations at 7 if o'clock, a. m., on the arrival of the boat from Washington, giving ami'la time for breakfast on board. Con necting at Manassas Junction with a train lor Stras burg, at Warrenton Ju ction with a train for War renton, and at Qordonsville with the trains on the Virginia Central Railroad for Richmond, Charlottes ville, and Staunton The cars leave Qordonsville daily for Alexandria and intermediate stations, at before 12, a. m., on the arrival of the trains ot the Virginia Central rail road from Richmond, Charlottesville, and Staunton THROUGH TICKETS. From Alexandria to Warrenton fi 00 ? * Qordonsville 3 50 44 44 Charlottesville......... 4 25 44 44 Staunton 6 90 " 44 Strasburg 3 60 44 44 Lynchburg 8 76 44 44 Winchester 8 60 M 44 Luray 4 26 44 ? New Market 6 00 44 44 Midlleburg ?..2? For Lynchburg, connecting wijth the stages at Charlottesville, on Mondays, Wednesday *, and Fri days. For Luray and New Market, connecting with the ? ages at Oulpeper, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sat urday. For Winchester daily, connccting with the stages at Piedmont For Middleburg daily, connecting with the stages at the Plains. Per order: W. B. BROCKETT, Agent no? 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYB. are round trip $1; from Alex andria 76 cento?The THOMAS COLLYKR leaves Washington at 9 and Alexandria at 9% o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for tfce boat at 8 o'clk Coach fore 10 cents. Person' wishing the Coaches will leave their resi dence with Geo. A Thos. Parker. Ref^hments on the boat. oot 28?dtf SAM'L QEDNBY, Capt THK RKW YORK * LIVERPOOL UNITED S TA TES AIL STEAMERS. THB PHIP8 COMPRISING THIS LINK ARE THB? ATLANTIC, Capt. West PACIFIC. Capt. Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Oasnstock, ADRIATIC, Capt. Grafton. These ships have been built bj contract, express* ly for Government service; every care has been taken in their construction, as in the Engines to insure strength and sp*ed. and their aooemmoda ttons for paaoengers are unequalled for e'eganoe and comfort. Price of ravage from New York to Liverpool, in flrst cabin...! 00 8eo"od Cabin 70 Bxdaeive u*e of eitra siae state rooms 800 From Liverpool to New York ?30 and ?20. An experienced surgeon attached to each ship. No berth can ba secured until paid for. For freight or paeaage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS A CO., 68 Wall street, New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO , LiverpooL B. G. ROBERTS A CO., 18 King's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MONROE A OO, 28 Rue Notre Dame des Vu-ioiiea, Paris. GEO. H. DRAPKR, Havre. The owners of the*-e ships will not be aooounhyble for gold, silver, bullion, specie, iewelrv, precious stones or metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, anl the value thereof therein expresa 4. nov 16?dly MY COURTSHIP AND ITS CONSEQUENCES bv Henry Wikoff The History and Poetry of Finger Ring*, by Chas Edward* The World a Workshop, by Ewbank The New Congressional Directory at TAYLOR fc MAURY'S jan 15 Bookstore, near ttth at. H1THHI mnfflflHIB. n , Jim itKoia. [SCALE MASH, ^HBcHARUM * B 4LDBRBTON 87 BSSTB, fcbS? ly ?*?tin>r?, Brt. ubb a. nan. ihui ?. turn D. SMITH * CO., Manufeetnww u< DmJot* to ALCOHOL, OAMPHRNE, RHI , OIL, te- No. M ft. CALVERT BTRBSt, op 1M HMt, BALTIMORE, MA. ril-ly ? - CASH 161 IttlOB. w wajyftRSsaaK ?%"? stsKr'aKSSSJWMJW Mr-h pries*. ? r? v Sod it to thrtr advantage by oalling on no, ? on. . No. 12 Camdsn *tr**t, It occupied by J. ft. Doiotib. Lfbtnl ?Q? paid for Information. AD oommunisationj It attend*! to. _ Jan fT-ly J- M. WILSON ft 0. H. PCTLB II01A I DOOTOS. ft 0. 6P0CKK Otters hi* Professional **rvioee to th* oltlacn* of Bo. timor*. 1 can run ill klndf ofCnnoer* tafrathser out without polo, or the on of an? knife. I *oi ran all kind# of Vita and Spasms, Bbenmatie Pain* Oonsumption, Dropsy, Dy*p fata, Pilaa, Palsy, ot any other ailment the human family or* whJ??t t< Ho eon atop Bleeding from th* Lung* or Mom, tt' distance from tb? patient, by knowing tba potent* name. V. vai born blind, and baa studied >???> year* under on Indian Doctor who WM along tfc wild Indian* thirteen years. DR. 8PEN0BB boa removed fro? Mr. Bucfclay*. Bearding Honse, to No. 84, HANOVEE ITIDI, auf 11?tf Baltimore, Md. GREAT BARGAINS. /"1ANFIHLD, BROTHER ft 00., 220 Bjutwoei ?rur, Baltotom, Ma. Are desirous c* o'oeing out a great portkm of thai: ICY GO N present stork of elegant FANCY GOOD?, Jewelry >Vatohea, Clocks, t ana, Opera Glasses, Dreaaing Oaae? Wri ing l>**ks, Ioe Pitcher*, Vases, Brrmw A?., pre paratory to receiving their Cali bupply. Pui i ham* will find ?reat bargain#. *ug t?tf EW BOOK, FBRIODIOAL AJfD NEWSPAPER KtTABLlSBMMN WM. TAYLOR A COM Corner of Boltimcrt and Char let ifr**, BALTIMOEB, Ms. WM. TATLOR d CO. bra l?o'i to coll the site* Hon of the reading people and aH dealing In Book to their new BOOK, PERIODICAL, and Aa "?> PAl'ER ESTABLISHMENT, whore eon be foun a large and general assortment of all the late popt Lorpubli^ationa of the day. _ Tney also keep on hand a splendid assortment c p'ain and fenoy STATIONERY of ererr dee-rip'tot All orders thankfully receded and filled wtth d *pat-h. and sent by return of the nail, express, c ititn, er in any oth*r way the per*on ordering ma Urect. Bookeell?T*, Saw* Agent*, Pedlar*, and a'l other iapplied with any Bocks, Magttlne*, etc., at tt lowest rate*. Any Book published In thia oountry oon ba ha %i ending Tour ord?T to na. 1 WM. TATLOE A 00., 0?r. Baltimore and Char lea ata., Baltimore, Ml. nia> H?tl O. Ml CI ?lal tollago. * , BaWmers, IN 1ST. Buitt~v+' street. BaWnor*. JM rilHl ostensible object of this institution ?e tf plar^ J. in the reosb ol indiTiduola proper fadiiti#* If obtaining a thorough and practical m?rcontile edt ration. A yooug man oan bare obtain a more co? rect knowledge of gene-el bualneeg matters in a f?? weekit than aon be acquired !n w many year? in on. ere counting honae. The oonrae of atuly embraoea donble-antry k* ? keeping, and it# adat ation to rariooa decariirent if -tmmeroe and trade. Mercantile c ale a It. tor. U.ifh' according to the moat approTed method*. Pr<*otloal Peniri*nphip, ecnbinlng rapidity of exec* (Jon with beauty of conetructlsn. l*ctur*? upoi mercantile law, upon rarioua important marcartii iobjrcte. b-alde many other pof-jte neoeaeary Tor ? book-keeper cr bu^neee man to underatond. r.nHwaary for a ?toJ?nt to complete the oon tr* ra-ic from Are to eight weeks. There being nr Taeatior applicants oan enter at any time and attend Vf day and iTeninc- Examination# are held at Ftat? period*, and flip low ?e awarded to thoee who graiv ate. for term*, Ac-, write and haxe a drcr ;ar fc warded b? mail- W> *?JI S ILVEUWARK CANFIKLD, BROTHER ?? C0H ft'A 9 Baltimore atr?et. hsve on hanil and are roi atnntly makirg n?w etylee of Bflrer Coffee and T? 8eta; 811 Ter Pitcher?; Waiter* ; Oaetor* ; ?oMet? Cupe; Rpoona : ftorka; Ioe Tongs; Orumb 8crap*T> Pie, Ice cream, and Fish Hoires; Salt Oellara; Be ter Kntree, Ac^ ef warraot<*d JVllURf j. M?tf Baltimore, Md. FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALL BUILDING L0T8 of 10 feet er more, h Tariou" . arta ot tba City, and Oeo^get^wn. a lew prioea, anl term# to suit. LLOYD A 00 IUILD1NORTOKE, For aale. datiTerablM at the Oanal, or Whorree I Waehington. Oeorg'-t'-wn. cr Alexandria. LLOYD A OO 16th atreet, opp Tr?a?nry Department. iT ^8- It COUGHS, GOLDS, HOARSENESS, Rolloftia Vtwo Nlnutoa. TYLERS COMPOUND GUM ARABIC SYRU1 11K increasing demand for this most p ea.c?nt safe, and efllc^-joua remedy tor all pulraonat. dis* aace, has enabled the prof-ristor to reduce tb prioe so an to plaoe it within the reatch of all class*? I?^ (taperiority OTer most similar preparations is a; teete<i by many eminent [hjaiciana who haTe t>e?r ey* witnesses of its efflcerr when the usual reme dies hare failed; also by thousand of onr moat rt spectahis citisen* who haTe used it in their ^amilie both as preTentie* and cure with nerer felling sue oess f->r the last twenty years, daring which perk* with Tpry little aid from adrertielng, Ac , it ha gradually spread repnta ion orer the whole Unior In casee of recent Cbldt Ccugfu, Hoartefxu, ?Ac-, it gives immediate relief, and gen rally cures in a da} or two, without interfering with diet or business, o retdering the system more staso?ptibi>- ot Colds, h chronic cases, Asthma, Whoop'iig Coi^A, Bronchitis, Affections of the Lungs, and Consvmj Jaon, it ia always Tery b*neBoial and seldom fails when c-uunenoed in time to perfect a cur*. Pri"e 26 and 60 cet.ts a bottle. Bold wholesale oy Fatteraon A Nairn, rttott A Co. Ri lgelyACo. Alexandria by I'eel A HteTen*. Tt Georgetown by Mr. Oiae?l TTLSR'S GUM ARABIC CJINDT DROPS o Fimllar composition to tha aboTe. bat in a siilden and not* portable form ; they act like a chaim oi a troublesome CougU, and clear the throat an< TOice; they contain no injurious drug, are porticu larly recommend<*<l fr* children, fr^'jaeptera ofpnb lie saaembiiaa, public dpeokers. aicgera, Ae l'rice end 26 oeuts par box. For sals at mcst Drag aud Candy Store*. oot 17?tf SOMETHING NEW. OPP081TB TO^' MARKET ON PKNNPYLYA N1A AVKNUE 4 d(v-re below Ninth ?Oreet is a NEW CLOTHING STOliE for Men *nd Poys openwd this day. DKCKER, one of the cheapoa Jluthing Merchants in (he North, has determined to v ffer to the citUena of Waahiuzton and Ticinlty, his exoellent Clothing at the lv>wosl. Northern prices for cash only. There the POOR MAN will find just such a Clothing Store as has long beet wamel in Washington. Hia motto is cheap foi ooeb, aad okx taicx only. A good substantial woollen eoot he will sell foi $2 76; and heary winter ponta, well lined, for $1 '<& an-1 Owe coats, oreruoats, and Tests, iu proportion Good wool and ootton undershirts, briery, glove* Ae., than the cheapest. nor 11?tf K~ IRWAN'S WoBKtJ? Pariali and oilier Pencilling", ?5c Kvii^atuaui at Home, Letters to Ctuet Justice Taney Men and Things as I saw them in Europe 75c Letter# to Bishop Hughea, m muslin 40 cents, papor 20 cents American Principles on National Prosperity, a thanksgiving m-ruion, paper 10c JAY'S WORKS. Auiobii'giaph) ami Keiuuiiaccuces of the Kt v. Wm, with notes ol^'distinguished couteuiporaries iu 2 vola, f2 50 Female Scriprure Chaiacters, $1 Morning and Everting Exercises. 2 rn<*,*$ 1 50 Fine ediuon of the Same in 4 Tola uit Christian Contemplated 40c GRAY A BALLANTYNE. jan 15 498 Seventh atreet. JEW MVMO JUST PUBLISHED, "I do not ask to offer thee," n very pretty amg, iiim nbed to Misa Uigdoa, Portsmouth, Va. "The Elves," being beautiful vanatioua on Thou art K'ine from my gaze. "We stood beneath the moon's bright ray*,M a beautiful ballad, res|iectfully dedicated to Mia* Nan nie Maury, of Waahington. "Sonvenir," a brilliant Waltz, by Prof. Foertsch, and dedicated to Mix* Charlotte ihivis, of Waahiiig ton city. Fairy Star and Sunbeam SchotUsrbea, Spnrkltng Walt*. Old Defender's Quickstep, at the Mumc, Pi ano, and Fancy Store of JOHN P. ELLIS. SOS Pa. avenue, twin ecu Mi and 20to tto. jan 10?if N ?????H??i?mmwarn nmmmn MvgfmsfMENTS. BNIDEB'S WX2TB8 J AT PHILADELPHIA. J OHM ?# HlDBRi Dealer to tbe to,-mm aid seaskHeh.1 Wlm *o~ ?iJACOM tyWXJL. A. ?o.T6 Walnut street. tea* 4wi be ^TZAKJL A, Ho. T6 Walaat - lew Fourth etreet, where mtmmm will with wnrgBmi U QUO MS as tbe i MNlMto JAOOI IIIDKE, Jr , A|mt tor tee l? pertatlaa of WOMMKK WUTM+Omm toa.Te Wal aat itrwt, Ptiietolphls, where be to p?tfar*d to mdw order? tor tbe special layntotni of Wlaaa, ftwa radons boom* la towp*. la aaaattMm of ? M|J? dcaen i?d ?tnrti:iBl xleoeor ???, JOHN VACOHAH SNIDER. tb* p bw fttoli u< format tmum? .. V All Winee ordered tor Waehiactoo w?l to * Ueerad by liprw^M <J frm^kL Jt ??ly POCTOE TOltfBLf. THE POOEET ASCULAPIU8: OA* ITiM OMH Hit* 0W? PHTflCIAF. lb* Fiftieth MMtoa, wttb One haatosd BagriTtof abowing Dtomi ard M? I fcnutkai of tbe Doata By steal la ererv ahap* aad t>m. To whirr. is added * Twiflif ea tk? Mmw of cf tb* high , to toasried or (boa fOBUa> rarriaffe. J?y TOUNtf, m. D. Let ac fa the t be Muarl In prtrat ? eopy of tfe* JHCULAPTUP to bis child It mar obto Ma tooai a a *rl? grav*. Let bo rean bum or woman eater la to tae secret k bl'.satione of ?M Uto witbeat reading tbe POCK.KT JES> TLaPIL'8. Let ae om ?t rise from a tokaM CV u*h, Paia la tb* MA*, reet'eea nighta, nervoes frwlmc*. and tb# whole trato >f Py?peptie nrasetkrae, nod firm ay by tbelr pby 4ciu. be another B?a?at, nttoat ranlhat tbe fNULAPIVD. Bare the atarvied, or tbaaa ebeat to be married aay Impediment, read this traly aee> VI bock, aa U bet beea tb* ?a of a*lai tb*?ar inl< cf unfortunate ereetarea trcm the eery jews af death. _ "Aar aendlnt TWBNTY-WTH CRKTB eaolceed In a letter, wfu rersrfve owe copy of this work he sail, or era capf?? will be aeat tor Oaa Pal lac. Addreaa, (foot paid) DR ?M. YOUNG. Ho. Ill Spra*e street. PMlaAalphlo ?* ?-iy AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. LBTTMlaira K?ta 1KB TBI tb. t'iPT?i* BriiJiii*.?Whww kiftea la* ir-ii iia?>ny will be conHuetve.. Hut Iret Uiuar wl,o d<i ihK know the Opiaiii ulioull Ik ec? po> al. iK haw on b Bru., with others u( tin- bi-st known and mo* highly respectable citizen* of Eaat?>n, ?tulonw lua wonderful cure by IIA MPT ON'S VBGKTAfiLK TlNCTl'HB. la.'Tai, (h-L 4, IW4. .Ve?*ri Vwrfi'mW 4' Iftvlrav ? ti*altea> n? I frel it my duty to y?? aad the pub ?tr to rertifj to the eflecta of flamptonHi VifrtiMr rineinre. I wu for mor*- than Ave year* laboring under a di?eaae of t'bronic Klieuniatiani, and the ?T<-at part m that Ume I wea an hHpl**a (hat I had t< he helped fi.tut my t??d and <trei?ad in air cluthox I hue .mi- rejuccd in a men.- akMeton. All the nrd iciae* I t<ick dom me tj" K*>^d, and I ? onunued to /row ewe, I he.irj of H;tni|XonTincture end ihoucht I would give it a trial. At thia time I did not etpect to liv? one day after another. I did not take tt (tto: Tmrture^ *>t the Itheum .u*?i. but in a ehoit lime I whh wi-ll if tlint dwtir. Krm the effect* of your iinctu e and the he.|> ol God 1 am u-iw geitiiij' in ko<m1 hialib. I wi^h all the afflicttd to try Hampton's Vefetabto Tincture, a* I hare dme, with the aawte effect that it has on Your obedient nenrant, I?*ac BsKJaata. We are acquaint*^ with li?aac Renjanun; aold tnin oonie of Hampton V Vegetable Tinctur*, and be deve the ?bove statement correct. Uawaoa k Bao. Kr'oi our knowledf* otOpum Benjamin we are confident Uiat the above aiaurineat I* true and un -i.tgeraied. J. A. ioanaan, ChaRLb* Roamaoa. C<iH an I g<*t (taiiiphlet* graU*, and aee curea of V'oiigh, ItrnnchitiK, Rheumatism, Ncuralcia, f>ya pi |<*ia, Nervo?iMi???* and General WeaknA* A* a female medicinc or for delicate cluldrea we heliem it un> i|ualled. I Sold by MORTIMLIt b MOWBRAY, 14U Halu more street, Baltimoie; and 3U4 Broadwa). N. York Phas. fTOTT b Co., J. B. Moore, I) B. Ci aBKB, Clarkr b Bowi.iko, W. Ciliot. and H. McPhir son, Washington; also, by R. 8. F. t'lat^L.Georte ;?wn. and C. C. Hkrrt, Alexandria, and l?y Drug fists erervwtieie. jan B?tr CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Tha Groat Parlflor of the Ulaod I Hot a Particle of Mercury la It! An 1*i?lublr Kcbrbt for Scrofula, blag's Krll, Rheum a lis n, (Jjatuat* Cutaaeoaa Bruptlone, i mplf < or Pu^nleg on tLe faea, Blotcbee, Boil*. Chronic Bore KT?et I'lng Worm c* Tetter, 8 aW Heal, Enla'gnaent and Palo of th* Bones and Joint*. Stubborn Uloera, Pyyhi'.ltJe Dia^rdera, Lnaiha?o spinal Oompla at*, and all th* di*eae*a artotig fromaa iigudisioua ua*nf Mereury, lm prad u<-? in life, or Impurity of tbe B'ood. rill3 valua I* M dleine, ahkah hat become oele> bratrd ior the numbar of ?xtra"rdiaarr curea. ?ff*ct,*d through iu> %gency, has induced the proprt 'tors, at the urg nt rrquaat of their frVnda, to offer t to th? pabltc, which they do with the utmost ocn> 11enc? in ita virtu"* ard wonderful curative prop* ?rti a Tt* ibllowlag certlfloaW, i*l*ct*4 trom a large naiuber, are, however, at onger teetlmoay ban the mare word c f tbe proprietors; and are all fioa gentleman wall known in th?ir localities, and if the binhest respectability, many of th^m res ding n the city of Kichmood. Ya. F. bOYDKN, Ksq? of tha Kxchange Hotel, Rich mord, known everywhere aays he haaae?n 'ha M*d? icine ca'l^-i Cartxb's SrAMiMB Mixturi, administered n over a hundred caaeO, 1b nearly ell the dtteeeea for which it i? recommended, with the Bioet aston ishingly good results. He aays It it the moat ex traerdinary medicine he haa ? ver teen. AGUE AND FKYIR?GREAT CORK ?I hereby oartify that for three years 1 had A?ue and fever jf th* met violent description. 1 aeival Phv dn?ns, took l?rge quantities of Quinine, Mercury, an 1 ! believe a!! the T nice advertised, but all wita jut pei laanent relief. At ^t I triad Carter's *pKni*h Mixture, two bottles of which effectually u ed me, and I am happy to say I have had neither :hi Is or fevers aioce. I consider It the best Tonic ;n thla world, aud the only medieiae that ever reached my case. JOHN Lob'GDRN. ttiAViE Ditch, near Richmond, Ya. C. B. LUCK, Eaj., now la the city of Riehtuoad and for many y**r? In the Poet Office, has aueh wnhdence in th* a*tonlahing effi;ary of Carter's 4p ni?h M!\tcrv. that ha has bought upwards of M octtlaa, which he has gir*n away to the al9*eted.? Mr Luck says u* has never knowa it to fall whoa ;akea uocrdiug to directions. Dr. M1MGK. a [ rartlsiiif Phynoiaa. and fora^rly of the City Hotel, in the city of M< hmond, saya be tiM witnessed in a number i t Instanoestb* eff cts of Car er's Spanish .Mixture, which were most traly urpri-iog. He injiis a rase of 0?<n tumption, de pendent on the Liver, the good affej's wers wob lerful iadeed 8AMURL M. DRINKER, of tbe firm *f Drinker A N|r?"rls. R)( hmond, was cured cured of Idver Com plaint of Lfcree tears standing, by the u*?- cf two xttleecf Carter'* S, aiu h Mixtur . GREAT CURE Of SCROFULA ? The Ediiors of tb* Richmond Republican h d a s*i vant employed in their press r^um, cured of vioknt Berefula, com b nad with Rheuma lam, which enilraly disabled him from work. Two bottles of Carton Spanish Mixture made ? perfect care of him, and the Edi tor* in a public notice, ray th?y ??cheerfully rec m m-nd it to all who are atllieted with any d'lseaso of the blood " MILL ANOTHER cURl OP 8QR0VULA ?I had a ?ery valuable boj cured of fcr^fula by Carter's Hp?cish Mixture I oon^ider it truly a valuable Tne Ilcin*. JAMR8 M. TAYL/^K, Conductor na the A t. and P. R. K. Co , Richmond, Va. BALT RHEUM OF TWENTY YEARS STANDING CUBED Mr. JOHN THOMPSON. reeidiBi in the dty of Richaaoad. was cured by three bottles of Carter's dpaalab Mixtnr*, vf Salt hhsua, which be had for aear)j tvaatv veare and which all tbe pbyeiciaaa of the d&r oru!<l not cure. Mr . Th^mpaon is a well kooaa Balkan: in the city of Eichmoadt and hM b mi ft aara-ksb'e. WM. A.MAT! HEW, of Ri^haoid had a servant cured af ?nihiil*, in the worst torm, by Carter's Hf &n'.bb Mixture. Us sajff be cheerfully remm ta- nda it, and considers it a very invaluable men cine. EDWIN BUHTON, commissioner '?f the revena*, ?ays ha baa seen tbe gtxd effect* of Carter's f penlsh Mixtar* in a number of tiypbliteie oases, aad savs It is a perfect eure I rtbat horrible diaraas. WM. ?. HARWOOD, Of Rieo.n^d. cared rf old 8or wand Uloera, which disabled hia frwm walking. k a tow bottle* of Carter's Hpanioh Mixture aad was saakl d to walk without a crutch, in a short ttn>e paraaaea ly cured. D^k>u *l M wARD, CLOSE A CoM Ha. S8 Maiden Laae, New York T. W DYOTT A 8u?i?, No. 18S North Second st., Phlodelpb.ia BINRTT A BIERB, No. 12S Mala street, Rich mond, Va. And for sale by 0HARLB8 8T0TT. WasbiBgtca, D. C; HKNivY PEEL, Alexanuria, aad by Draggista eve ryw bare. ' rice $1 per bottle, or six bottles f r $S( aep SI?ly P1NRHYN AND IRON MAITRIA?May be sera a benntlful aaauitmeat of tbeae sbeap and du rable articles, at theoornerof Penasylvanla aveaae aad Teatb street, over too WaahlagOsa Bevtnai RALPH HAAEnfBT ac? IS?eotf