Newspaper of Evening Star, January 27, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 27, 1855 Page 1
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Til K pcBi,*n*n isvKKr \rrsRNooN, (sursn snNrAv,) Ai i4a 5tsr ro^nr Ptnn*yl% aTty.n ?m4 W/r/nM Jinit, P y W I L L A C H & OOPB, W P '?*? i:ivi<l (o ?3H?cith?Ti 1b the riiic* of Will VriiaMl, Bsltimorr *ndPhila> ?i!X ANT) A QUARTER CBNT8, p?ye ble wn ??r tu Da- A?<ar>. T* mail aibacribere Uv mfcscnirtini pnee ?? TIIF&E DOLLARS ANL> | rirry * y?-ar t? ?*?*?, two dol *L%Rt? for SIX %fOWTH8, and ONE DOLLAR far THREE MONTHS. 3^5taeil com oil C??. TTNDKKT AKERS, *c.. QAHIN ST MAKER 4 UNDERTAKER. I^H* uud*r*igu*d would respectfully tnfrrm bit frienK acqnalotinoec, and th* public gcearetly that h* mi], ?rnt!a j? to n?rgt? all ordTt In bif Mm of >>ustn<ha ii tb? be*t eta>nr.*r ard at the short m . ? rv*?. RJCPA1R.I ?<? i?eatly aad promptly siecuted. rillKilAM attended to at H a the khfirta#* aotiet, and lw the beet Baan*r. B>bu prturvtd w. Ou m4*t ferftdL nan Mr, cefca W? icrrDver' weather. ?<wakfn) for pant favor*, be would reepoctfnllj solicit, an i will eedeavor to r-.rtt a (*nttia?iiM ot Ummb*. ANTHONY PUCHLY, Pa. ar*-, a. ?1de. 9th and 10th at*. R*e1d*o"?- Mr. Martfa'a, No. S9fl, D street, t'-lrd boa? N?t ot Tth *tT*et. av IT?ly UNDERTAKER. I WOULD respectfully return 017 thank* to tba c4tisens of w*ahingtoa and its vicinity lbr theii peet patroaeg*, and aay that owing to tba frrqaart sella la Uaa 0 cd making branch of my basin***, 1 bare b*?n induced to discontinue the manufacture ?t yarnitars, and tara ay attention felly to tba UXDRRTAKINQ. I have tpared ao paiaa to have vrmy thief that la requisite to my business, and 1 am thar-tore fell/ prepared to meat aay order after a fbw momenta ootk*, and 1 assure those who may Cta? ? aatl that ! will spere 00 pains t* carry oe* tr erdara to their eattre sat**factic?. JAMES V. HARVEY, No 410, Tth ft., bataaaa 0 and H. H. E.?Cal j attenlM to at all boars of the akbi PROF SCHOyE.VBKRG, TEACHER AMD TRANSLATOR OF ? odern Laafaftg** and Llttratari ao. 267 rtxmsTLiunA atixo*. oat ??tf ? R. H. GLLLET, Ctaaiallor at Law( OM<-e aad rwMeoee ia Franklin Row, eorner of R and ThlrtMotn ar**t. ??? OS?11* Mm. SCUONBNBERti, Taaebar of Piano and Blaglng, ac. S9 7 rwKhinitu itdui. aal tf?tf Private Medical Treaties 09 TBS r PHYSIOLOGIC IL VIEW Of MARRIAGE, ?T E B. l<A CROIX, at. D,f A LB ANT Y Y 9M r*g*n and 130 Viae Plate and Coloted Litho frapha and l'Iat?a. Prtca only 95 Caata J9*8?Bt free of poatage to all parla of the Union^R CHEAPEST POOR RYEK PUBLUIIED, ?nd oontaining n.-arly d nbla the quantity o? r?alin( matter in that of the FlftY CENTS OR l>OLLAB PUBLIC iTIONS. Ittr*at*cn the PHY8rOLO | GY Oi< M ARKLAGB, and the I ae. rat i ? flrmicie?acd disorder of j'-uth and maturity, ra ?ult'ag from ezoar'a^s, which dMtr?3'tt>4> Pb eicai and man tal p> fer*, with ob^rrationa ?a mamag-s ita datiee ?nd die>ioalifl'ratioDR, and their r*m?sllea; with U. hu<cra:>h*, illattran ag the an*toQT and phyaologr, and ciM?a?*a of the rrpro dacttre orgaaa of both *?x?e, their etrnctur*, uaee and functiona. A popular and *cra; rehensive traa tie* on th- datie* in i .-aaaalti^s of eingle ani uar ried life?bappy and fruitful al!ianc?e, mr,Jo rf ae earing th- in inCe'ieitoue and infertile on?1?theii obviattoo aal rt-rnoral? important biota to tbo-a oontemplatin^ matrim'my. the* will OTWteix ob J?rtijD9 to it; none. h?w????r. should take this im* portart e ej, wi.hoat trst consulting its ^ageo? ?rm^i?nt?n?* rn 'he d'*i??s and medi-a! tioatment of fem*l?e from i"f'n'\T to o!i a?*, each c*r? graph iraliy illu3trate.l b/ b^ut'fa' lithographic r EIh aerroaa iebil ty, its a and c jre, by a pr *a at oac*- *?> tf? and ??lf?:>a*.l thet tnimre ia iiepoawbie?rjl^a for diily manag'ment?an on 3p rmitirdm with practi -al oNvrratfr'ns on a Mf*?r, and as >r^ ?u^^sfn'. mMe of tr**tm?i.t? pre cautkn->ry hint! ct th* enl? reeul^og from tinpin sal practlee?^n et-*ey on all <11?owv *r.?iT^ ;r"m ladia ra'i >0, wuh pU.n snd *imple rul e by which all p^r-?oas can surv ?bsmwlTis wi'hjut mercury? ramadiee ih^aa feif inflictal laiserix a d disnp pointel hopea ao unf^r;un?t*ly preralent in tht young It i? a tr^t'jfa! alri^er t? the me.r.-iai and tb^M ooateTaplatin^ marri<4ge. Ita p* is par ticaU'iy reooma-nl'd to pjr^ons ?e>rtaining ae cr?t d "*a**t * of th^tx physical ^ond ti?-n. Knd who are ccnsciru' of bivin? h x?rd*d the hestth, hi; pine** and priri'eeei to whic^i ??Tery human being ia en titled to. Prio? '^e?nta rer oop7, ??r At- c plea fur ore dol lar. M?ii< i fre? o* jx to aoy part of t^e Unt tad BUtta. N. Thoae who pre'er may oonsu': Dr I.a "toil apoe any of the 4 ??**?-? ovo wbi^h ^i, treats eitb r t* d 0|j or b* ra.*U. MeilMai aeit to any part of tbe Uaion a<wrling -lir^ct'o .? p*f?4> pK-lied a>l car*f?illy sec-irt-d f'om all obaru'i a. Aidrv ? Dr. M. B IAC :OIX. .Vo SI Maid-i 1.*n* or POft 0?n a Box #7?. Al-en?. N. Y. M&- Oficaop^n dv'y iron 9snt:9pu, and oe 8-n-iay from i auUl 6 pm. f^-OAn Ktraovtd f. m No 66 itr-Kfer a, to 31 Vallan l<?ae, Albany, N. Y. dec 7 DENTISTRY. T"\R. eu:>f-'OS r?sp*?!*folly cal s pat lie a*ten'icr 1 / to bie new, patent, +nd JHEATLY .^r IMPROVED raetf.Pd rf A ttin - Artig Teeth, with 'Vntirnons Qom?the ier, '' PKRFBCTIO^OfHE AKX. Thiaatyla of Teeth haa the follow ? l7?nt?^??'? r>Ter all otben ?ta: GREAT STUKNGTU, CLEANLIiKSS, COM FORT, an 1 BEAUTY, tfeiaj with Nstare in theje reapacta, and nxn* o'h rs excelling. PuMic inspae Uon la reaperrfully Ii iu-^j. Pieaae eail and aac ledawa CAUTION ?N ? other D?nthrt In the District cf ! Orluabia has a rijht to s\alie t^is sty la of T*?tn. N. B? Teeth eoestitution-l'y hen'tby, plugged aad warraatel for llf? OS"* aad hou ?> st No. 2f" E street, a-?ar tha cor es? <A P-an*tl?afc_.? av^eae and l iih sir-et. co? 18?tf I'altad t>t?l?i Patent Offlrt. WAStitxerua, Jan . II, 1^65 ON tha petition of Loarcu Coab, ot Wore ster, s praying for the extensiou of a Ktent grant*! to him oa the lo h day rf April Ii, f< r aa inpfor-meet in,''tscrew WoncUaa," for a?Teu yaars fr-^m tii? *x; iratiro of th' *aid pat vat, which tahab place cn the 16th day ot April, 1 Mi lt is ordered, that th- ai4"petition bo beard at th* Patent Offlc* on Monday, the ?^d diy of April, 185* at 11 o'cloek m ; an i fcH peraana an notified to ap pear and eho* e*?se, tf any they have^whj' aatd pe tition ought not to be /ranted. Persons opposing the extoaaoa art require! tc Alain the Patent OSic. their olyecUt r-p^MBy set fcrth in wrifin-, a* least twenty ]?y^ heiorf the day of bearing; a'.I UMttmony fllnl by eithar party to be eaed at tba ?a?d hearing mast be takxt: and trnea mitted In ao?*>rdar?o- with the rul?e c f the which will b* furnished on application. The teenm -OT ia the case will he rio-ed on the 73d oi Xarch, 145x dep< ?itioT?e and other papers re lied on ae teetiaony, mn -t b ? 01*1 ia the Office on or befbre th- morning of that day; tbeargumenta,il ant, within ton days thereafter. 6rler??l. also, that rhi-notk-o be published in tha Uei<^n, Inteliigene?r and Brening^tar, Wnahington, D C., Rveniag argus, Phiiadelphia, Pa4 ScientitW Araerioan, New York; and Poat, Boston, Vlaas^ rnoe a w?*lt for thra- eacoeeaiT* waelp prerioua tc the 3d day of April next, the day of hearing. CHARLJJ MASON, Ocmsniseioner of Patanta. P. P.?ftiitora of the above papers will please copy an 1 aeod t>i-ir Ml ? V> the Patent (MB *, with a pi per containing this a^tioe. jan 12?1*?3* TO INVENTORS. I^HR o?oe ot 'Tbe lurM>UM Troteation Katlrral ] Uu'oa" a on ; th aUW, oppoaite tae ?tf Woo of th* Patent otfi- a, at?: ia now ri%dy U attend fee tba buatnrae o. ua ?-m 'ra, uao-sty ia making examlaaUoo* aad i-'-liciUug patent-, mr. faeentim are iavived to eail and get a eery of tha Ooaatiiattoo and By ia we, and where aoy infertna ttoe will bo gieaa zeopecting the Untoe Ail letter* oa baaineaF muat fe* direatad ta this o| la, where attaettca #111 be given 1 x -dlxtaly. ? modal ahop u la connection vEh the offl-<e. aba 1 modala ea-? ba ibaie lo ordar ?t the abortaat aatfaa. T U. CLAYTON, ap 1??ly PrirfitaidL P. N. D. GOOD NEWS. "IITU have th<e aaorntag reoetred a fra?h supply ot i Yf fine Pa^ '<** Macba aad Pearl %>laid G(-0DS, aach as Warx Hoxea, Deaka, Cad Oaaas, Porta Moo ealai, Pert Felloe* Ac. Nutw.Livantiug tbe giaatl rash mad* opoa oer ator* during the leat week, wa | be** Tit som* wry fin* Oooda la/I, to which aa In *ita tw?* x'.'.-nt:" n tboa* d.-*triaf New Yssri^ s JOHN F. ELLIS, ' So. a 0# Pa ?T*eu?, bet 4?c?7- *? -?? NO. 645. VOL. V. ?~3 Dr. CUPOlfCO'8 GOLDEN MONTHLY PILL8, A SOVEREIGN REMEDY for tbe cure of all Painful Obstructions and Female Irregularities arisin. from whatever cause. S*!'1 l?y a" Druggist* at tl per box, and will !>? *ent eaafl deutlalljr by nail, no ?nc!o*lnt $1 to "Dr. A. J. UANWOLD, Washington, O. C Central Agent, by whetn all orders will be ul)e4-al ths proprietor's prlcw. These Pill* are the result of OVER THIRTY YEARS' EXPERIENCE in the treatment of the Diseases of Females. At the solicitation of many intelligent Ladies for whom they were prescribed by Dr. Duponoo with the most happy effects. they are now published to the world, to that all Female* suffering from Uie diseases peculiar to their sex, may have tbe oppor tunity of eivinc them a trial. These pills have only been adwrtised to a limited extent for a little more than a year, vet SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXE8 have already been sold, a larg* proportion of which has been sent by mail to ladies in different parts of the country; and letters art being "receivnd daily eontaining the warmest expression* of gratitud? for tbe benefits which have been derived from thcu use. The following is an extract from a letter of n lady of high standing who has authorised her iiaine to be communicated confidentially to other ladiea wishing to make inquiries respecting the inodm Operandi ot' the ptIU : "*y daughter, now ?ge<l 17, *?i fbr tbr?e year* painfully afflicted w!tb obstruction* from which, at times, all* suffered aevsrsly. We expended a Uric* anm in phyakiana' f~r*, bot with very trifling au<J temporary relief. Her complexion b*> came ringed wltb a sallow greeni?*> %ue, an<1 her Whnl* sys tem *o much illiNMd that *b* *a> - ooounced to b* rapid Ijr going Into ronaamptlon. At tli tag* I saw yoar adver tisement In a New York paper ? faith wa* refy weak, but a* a-laat resort I aeut for a b" It gave *o mS' h relief I that a second anil tUlnl were ud. >4 I now Iists tlie great pleasure of Informing yo* that n; lighter's health Ik com pletely rwtored; her Hallow romp eTlon I* replaced by tbe ri?y glojr of beattb ; ber gloomy melancholy, oy that cheer Ail bnoyaucy oftptrlts, whlcb I* usual In glrla of lier age; aud if the pill* had rosftsn flmo* aa much, It woald be no ooaparlaon with the ltapplnea? resulting from their ?m." N. B.?The mgredienta of theae pills are perfect ly BAULifa in their medicinal operatioa on the most delicate female con titution*, yet as prepared and tomhined by Dr. Du{ionco, their specific action is such that married ladies should use them with proper precaution. Indeed, their use is not at all indicated during pregnane) . For the saints reason, as every ph cieian knows, medicines which act in this way are tbe very best that can be used for re storing the natural, healthy tone and functions of the system when so much imjuired and deranged as to result in barrenness. For further particulars sec di rections, fce. sent wi'h each box, aud circulars to | be had at the Drunris's. J. DUPONCO, M. D . Proprietor, N. V. Sold in Washington by Kirwell k. Lai rumck, Stott fcCo-, W. H. Hu man, s. R. Sylvester, J. B. Moore, First Ward; O. Bnswtn., fslnad ; J. F. Callaw, I H Stoxr, Seventh tl.; U H Mrl'iiERso* Capitol Hill; F Walsh, Navy Vard. In Georgetown by O. M. Linthicum, J. L. KidwHI. In Alexandria by Cook fc Co., Peel & Stevens,Fountain & Co., tmd by Druegists generally. jan 16?lm* OFFICIAL Treaslrv Department, Jan. 3, lt&5. Notice is hereby given to the holders of the foi lowing described stock* of the United States, that this department is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and Hie 1st March next, portions of those stock*, amounting in the airgre gate to$l.i*X>,000, in the manner and on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within the amount stated, prcflfrencc will be given in the order of time in which said stocks may be offered The certificate, duly assigned to the United States by the parties who are to receive the amount then of, must be transmitted to this department; upon the receipt whereof; a price will be paid compounded of I the following particulars: 1. The par value or amount specified in each certificate. *2. A premium On the stock of the loan autliorized by th<* act of July, 1846, redeemable November 1"2, 18.76 of *2^ per cant.; on the stock of the loan nu therixed by the act of 1842, redeemable 3let Decem ber, of 10 per cent.; on the >tock of the loans authorized by tli? acts ot lb47 and 1848, and redeem able, the former on the 3l?t December, 1H67, and the latter on 30th June, 1868, of 16 per cent.; and on the slock of the loan authorised by the act oi 1?50, and redeemable on the 31st December, 1864, (commonly caHed the Texan indemnity) six per cent 8. Interest on the par of each certificate from 'he 1st of January, 1W3, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (lor the money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in rddition. Payment lor said stocks will be ui ad it in d alt s of | tlie Treasurer of tint United States, on the n-?istani treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties may direct. But n i c? rtificate will be entitled to the I uefit of this uoticc which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or bef m; the said 1st day of Mareh next. JAMES GUTHRIE, jan 1?dt.Marl Secretary of Treasury. HEAR THE WITNESS! HIQHTEOUS TXRLICT! RHEUM ATISM, COUGH, PAIN in SIDE, fce. ' \[ ONDE tFUL cure after m year's rtiffering of v f one ut the most inghly respectable caucus of I Maryland. Prejudice and skepticism cant stand before die many cuies made by Hampton's Vegetable Tine turt*. Krkdall's Grovr, Montgomery Co., Md ,) December 2, l&rl. j Mesrrs. Mortimer V Moicbray: Gentlemen?In 1844 1 baJ* whatir.y doctors ealled a violent and couibmed attack of Chrome Rheuina us:u and Gout, Iroiu which 1 was confined to my bed for three months. I had the very best ph\si jus, who tried other various remedies, none of | u hich gave me auy permanent relief. Not having eve from pain day or night, i became much ? maci aied ; my whole system a m;us of disease, li ? rally -peaking, from the crown of my he ?d to the sole of j iny feet. I had to hobble about?most u the tune confined to the houne; at times no helpless that I had to be as?i*terf to my bed- I was also ntflicied a dreadful cough, great shortneso of lireath, sore throat, palpit uion of the heart, and pain in iny side so hud I coul not lay on it. My appetite en tirely failed me. I jvreup all hopes of beiug restored to health a/ain. i continued thus tosatfer on trom 1844 I85n, i of six yeara. At this time my dtuglitcr saw at her grandmotber'sa pamphlet, with numerous certiftcates of cure* made by Dr. Hnmp ton's Vefeubie Tincture. I knew some of those wiio eerulied to cures per formed on themselves and friends. I w as resolved o give it a trial.. I informed my docutr of it. He objected; bnt my suffering* wer* so great hat I pro ired one bottle, and. be:ore 1 had fskeu the whole of it, 1 felt nioeh reliet, which eueourVted ine to persevere. After URiug tlie second bottle I was better than for the past six years, my appstite re turned?cou?h, pain in the side, shortness nf breath 4tC j nearly all gone. I continued usinc this won dertul medicine until I had taken seven bottles, ac cording ui tbe directions; and I am happy to say Hampton'* Tincture, and that alone restored ine to perfect health, which has continued np to this tims ?a period of inree years. I am in the 65th year of my aft. 1 weighed yest? rday 238 lbs., ami I never felt better in iny life. One ut my neighl?oni was al so affected, like myself, with Kheuniaosm, he. lie has also beeu restored by ill*1 Tincture. I heard o< other ca??-s; but I am satisfied this Tincture, if | tried, will speak for ibmlf. .My only object in de scribing to you my sufferings and th? way I obtained relief, is l? in.luce th? aflHet^d to try this Tincture, which has, under the blowings of God done so much for me. Youra, respectfully, HENRY GAITHEK. Call and get pAmphlets gratia, and aee curea of I Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dy? . eiisia, Nervusness and General Weakne.*. As a female medicine or fur delicate children we believe U Sold by^MURTIMER li MOWBRAY, 140 Balti more suect, Bait1 tnore, aud 304 Broadway, N. York Chas. Stott li Co., J. B. Mooas, D. B. CLaaua, Clarm *. Bowlisu, W. Elliot, and H McTbm SOI?, Washmftoa; also, by R. B. V. Ct sel, George town ; and C. C. baaav, Alexandria, and by Drug gists everywhere. jan 5 fr CLOTU1XU MADE TO ORDER CHEAPlI THAN EYF.R.?in order to run off the remain der of our large Block of CWtha, Cassimeres, niul Vesting* we will tl this aeavou take measure ana make to order Gentlemen's Garments of first quality twenty per cent, cheaper than onr usually low pn ces. VvALL 8i STEPHENS, 34ft Pa. av., next to Iron hail. J?a 11' 'BunBnaJ ft N?w>| A1 BAMiS, Ac. HO! Ton THE mOHriHOALIS. FIRST ANNUAL BALL or THE ? BlltllU UMIE [LIU. I^HL ineiubtt>,i*j this Club Uke pleasure in rni nouncfnjt fo their friend* and the public nllv that their first Annual Ball will take place at Temperance Hall, on MUIiUAT, January 20th, 1855^ Every exertion will fe*e maite by the Club to rive satisfaction to all who may honor them with the it presence. A superior Cotillon Band has been engaged lor the ore anion. The Refreshments are placed in the hnnlnofan experienced caterer. No hats or c*|?? allowed in the rooin except those worn by Clabs. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?to be had of any of the Managers and at the door on the evening or the ball. MANAGERS: J A Butler, C E Treiler, VV H iweeny CM Murrey, A H Ilill, M B Gorton, I Morrice, H Bo wen. OmmtUee on Rertflion. CMMurphey, C E Tretler, A H Hill, W H Sweeny. floor Managers. J A Butler, 1 Morrice, C E Tretler. jaa 15?eoTt* * GRATIS ! JUST PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! FEW* words on the Rational Treatment, with ?'Ul Medici'ie, of Spermatorrhea, or Local Weakness, Nervous Debili ty, Low Spirit*, Latitude, Weak ness of tlie Limbs and Back, Indispo-i anion and Incapacity for Study and' Labor, Dullness oi Apprehenynn, Loss of Memory, aversion to Society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, Sell Di-trust, DizzineM, Head Ache, Involuntary Discharge*, pain in the Side, Affection of th-? Eyes, Pimples on the Face, Sexual and other infirmities in unn. FROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANEV. The important fact that the?e alarming rorm laints may easily be removed without Medicine is, in th ? Miiall tract, clearly demonstrated; and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by tlie author, fully explained, by means of which ev ery one is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at the least passible cost, avoiding thereby all the ad vertised nostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis, and post free in a sealed envelope, bv remitting (p<Nrt paid) two post age stamp* to Dr. B. DELANEY, No. 17 Lispenard street, New York. jan 17?3m ROSENKRANZ PIANOS. JUST received two of the above unequalled in struinents direct from the Manu-^^^^-i^ factory m Dresden, Germany. Pianos having both, after a lorg ?ea^Hn, and land voyage, arrived in perfect* ? m \J ? tune, afford auotiirr guarantee of their superiority in keeping iu tune. Their beauty and power ol tone elicits the highest enconiuins from all the great musical critics of Europe. HILBUS fc HITZ, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av. lltli and D sts. jan 8 - tf MEDICAL NOTICE."" PROFESSOR THOMSON, from Buffalo, New York, has opened an office in Washing ton, D. C., No. 483 Eighth street, lor the -aippnssinu of J quackery and lor the allevia tion of human suffering, by of fering to the unfortunate af flicted with Private fnseae?*,a j?ure an.I safe method of cure, founded on the solid basO ol science and sound philoeo phy. Having practised in Europe, Asia, Africa and America for nearly ;I0 years, during which time he made the treatm< nt of syphilis iu all iis species, sta K?s, ramificati'ms. and phases throughout, a -pecial ity. he leels confident that lie discovered and pos se-ses specific reme.lies for the cure of these com plaints which are unknown to the faculty, ami that he has miile perfect and perman nt cnrcs of patiei.ts j who had been under the treatment of such eminent men as Ricord. Acton, Parker, and a host of others. The various complicated tnd distressing diseases incident to females confidentially treat*!, and with eminent success. Office hours from Vj past 8 a iu to 1Q, and froui 2 to 10 p m. Evening visitors, observe the night sign. Ottic", 483 Eighth st , bet. Pa. avenue and D st. jan 16? '2 ** 1 IRAN J-A LLUQUAKY BANK AND SILDBX Withers A Co.'s Nctes purchased at the hijjire't rites. Uncorrent Money, Land Warrant?, and Virgin a Brrfp bought ani sold. Drafts on all tfc.: jrlrc'pal cities co!d to suit pur chasers. Persons n? a dixtsn? scnilrpm* Trans-All?gV.n?>y n^tes or l and Wa-ranta, ma; rely upon rcceiring the be?t rnt? >, ? a 1 remittances msd? b_t draft on any city in t?? TJrten. HAMILTON G. PANT, Banker, dec 9?3m No 432 I'enna sveiue. THE GREAT JOURNEY : A pilgrimage through th? Valley of Tears, to Mount Zion, by the au thor of the "Words of Jesus" Pi-How lev us, by the author of Come to Jesus The F <>vu un of living Waters, by Theo. Irving The Daf?v- n? Newport, by Leila Lee Flowtr i-'aM.'-jby Loui.-vi M. All>ott Eastfnril or 'lousehold Sketches, by W. Brooke The Pictorial Catechism of the M. E. Church Minutes of tlie XumiaJ Conteren-'e ol tlie Methodist Episcopal C.'iurch for 1H54. GRAY & BALLANTYNE, jan 4 408 Leventh street. gl Hll?L>INCl'FON Ins received the official ) Congressional Directory, containing a list ol

enibcs, i "omiuittees of b<?th House:, Supreme Court, ReMd< uce of Public Officers and Foreign Di plomalic Agents ai the seat of government, /tlso, a list of United Stales Ministers, Consuls, Itc., reaid ing in foreign countries. Extraordinary publication- Chevalier WikofPs Court-hip and its Consequences is expected to dav All the new books published received immediate ly afl'*:wards and fur sale at ti HI ISLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odcon Building, corner st. and Pa. ave. jan 13?if 255 Looking Glasses, 255 OF all siiea ao<J qual y, Pi each or Germ-m plate. Fancy or plaiu Pox trait and Picture fc:ames. Gilt or Psncy Ocloreri. Alio, Gikt Room Moulding, Ma* bis top Brackets and tables Cornk mede to order. Aire, all k.nJs of eld work resided with dispatch and on reasonable t re?s J WAGNKA, 955 Pa. avenue, opp. Kirkarood ID use. dec 29?if NEW STORE, NEW STORE. Lvuman-t at*?.u?, opponU the Bank of Wcuhtnalo* MR.. THOMAS DKLfcANY re^pec.fully invites ths attention <>t the public to examine bis ?t:ok of GOODS, wbich he has rp-u?] pn Lcusi-ca avenue Wt -eeo Blxth and Seventh str?et?, opp.vite the Uaak r* Washington. ?onsi?ring of all dp>crip> tioue of Tea*, Ac., Impena*. Gunpowder, and Black let; Win s an4 Liquors, of all torts, which he eat *!' at the lowest prices f -r eash or approved psper. a'l the necessaries for Gro e? Lusinesa, vis: Brooms, Puckels, Cod >r 'tub', Mftfches, ka, Ac. Please call aad see for your elven. nov 29?3m MUSIC FOB BALLS, PARTIES, Ac L. F. W. WEBER RKSPKCTPUl.LY INFORMS HIS WtlENDS a .a former patron* tha hs e>ntinn*s to sttend BAL1/S, PARTIK.*, Acy fi.h his well or^voiseJ BAND of sclentifle Masidens He vitl tntr Jcoe all the new and fsehloeabl Musk An accomplished Piaai t furn'shed if d*sir*d *#- Or'lir- l?>lt at Hiibos A Hits' Mrstc T>epo?, 8autier,B,cr Miner's Confes ionery Storra, or my resi>len<?, ne >r Gett Henderson's, Kavy Yard, will roe. t pmoi 11 attftotion. co - 28? I<AW PARTNERSHIP. SUrHMir-' iURTOKTHE UNITED STATES. tinUEKT J. WALK BR and LOUIS J >MN hav4 lormnd a c i?attner?hip under tne name of j **Walker and Janin,''?'o.* the aritumeat of in the Supr? i.;e fmiti oi the (Tnited smiles, at Wa^h ingtOhCTty. wluie both Will ;itt>ml throughoiit the fUMire fb -VKNU' I?l ll? \l I-..t|M They nhiv t?e ui.ii. a at Wailnngion, N. Yoik, ul New <>rteans- inn iy?eihim* 'PMK FOREIGN OFPICF. LIST, (British) cor 1 leeteil to August. IS^t, tUis day r.-eeived ironi Loudon. FRANCK TAYLOR. jCtt IA - w.i EVENING ST AH. A WiHrCB SAIBATH WALl. BY How dftEr.ling White UlP ?nowy scene! dr.-,, dcen T?? stillne? of the winter Habbatlidav Not even a footfall heard. Smooth .r >? the field* Lath hollow pibway level with |qu p|ai, ? Hid sre the bushes. except uat here and there Ate ?een the topmost bashe<i of briar and broom. riir I. ! w!"r,wr'rKl has almost reached JJi?\powdered key stone of the chun-hya* puck, hang* the h.K*|ed Im?II ; the tombs he hur.ed No step approaches t> the bo?M of prayer. The flickering fall i* o'er; the clou-Is disperse And show tbe son, hang o'cr4he welkin> v?*e, 8 hooting a bright but ineffectual beam L!' ^n.|he ww e. Sow is the time To vmt nature in her grand attire*; Tlioush perilous the mountainous ascent A noble recompense the d mger brines. Row beautiful the plain ttretehed fit* below : iv^k ,hotJ*h,M K save by yoa stream \\ itn aKurc windings, or the leafless wood. Rut what the beauty of the plain, compar. d 1 o that sublimity which reigns enthroned tin ding joint rule with solitude divine. Among yon rocky feils, Uiat bid defiance lo steps most advenrunni-ly bold ; 4\W; dwells P'otbuud ; or if the crv HfTiigh poi.ed eagle break at luuea the cairn, I lit mantled echitf* no responw r? turn. Wilt let mo now explore the deep Mink dell. No footprint, save the covev'a or the Hock V 1? ?efen along the nil, where marshy springs ' Kt II rear the grassy blade of v vid ff.-een. shepherds of these treacherous haunls. Nor linger t ere too long ; the wmuy day Boon elo.-*s ; and full oft a heavier fall Heaped by the bla t, fills up th : shelter'd glen, W lule gurgling deep below, the buried rill Mines for iu?-|f a snow covered way. I?. th- u Your helplew charge drive frnm the templing 'spot And keep them on the bl ak hill', stormy t-ide iViI.r-?-n,R ^indu th,: Inhering drift awav, >o theG ent Shepherd leads the heavenlv flock " * "*? W'lhless pleasures full iuio the sloriu* Of life, where long Uiey hear Uie bitter l> a t. I ntil at length the vernal sun looks forth Sedimm'd with aiiowwe ; then to the pasture.crccn He bring* the ? , where the quiet waters glide. I he streams of life, the Silioah of the son I. [for th* star.} LEAVES FfiO* 1VYWALL BT ATO!* DA LB. The Colonel.?T went to school with the Colonel. That was twenty-five years ago. These few, simple words, how they bring back our teacher, in all the majes ty of his little school-house ?our joyous young companions? But I must not allow so wide a field to memory. If I begin to wander there, stones will rise at every step, liJ^e the small starry flowers on the green plains of Spring. Ihe Colonel shall be the single portrait j [ will sketch to-day. lie was not al ways 'the Colonel, indeed he never' was, except in these latter days, for at' school we called him "Jack Jones," and his military title, now, nobody knows whence it came, nor anything more about it than that it is universally given him, to the exclusion of every other name whatsoever. Jack was a poor boy, but a bright one. Nevertheless, our teacher used frequent ly to say that 4'Jack would never die of hard study." Nor did he seem at all in danger of such a death, for his cheeks were round and rosy, his eyes quick and ' piercing; the whole outward boy was in ' excellent condition of most un-student like heaith, and the inner bov a perpet ual bontire of fun. Yet who could learn a lesson sooner than Jack Jones ? -if he chose. lie didn t often choose, however; and if the rod leaped out to enforce duty] as sometimes happened?not a correct re citation from Jack lor a week after ! lie was a wonderful Jack for stubbornness. Persuasion would help him along, but persuasion was a sorry truant In those days, and hardly ever found at school. Still, Jack being a good hearted, merry lad, and a general favorite among his mates, they assisted his recitations by whispers at the important moment, and turther mded by careful readings from in genious inscriptions on his finger-nails, he managed pretty well, after all. In one part of school duty he was par ticularly expert, namely, in obedience to the order: "Lay by your books and slates !" And though, as we have con fessed, he was not the first boy in school, he certainly was the first boy out of it, with a bound and a shout, too, that, by their exuberance, endangered his being brought back, to learn, in solitary con finement, that sublime lesson : "moder ation in pleasure!" During 44 play time," Jack frequently entertained himself, and the little ad-i miring crowd, by performing on the flute, which he did daintily, though ignorant of a signal note of music. Everybody said he was a genius ; and Jack believed everybody, and was proud of it. There] was his ambition: what were books to I Jack Jones ! That flute led him 44 on to fortune"? | and misfortune. Trilling circumstances often change the current of human events, just as a stone, near the source of a river, may divert the course of all the mighty wa ters. Jack left school. He had finished his I 44 book learning,"for his father's humble means could assist him no longer?and, in truth, the boy's inclination precisely agreed with the poverty of the parent. Jack was sixteen years of age. Now he went to work in earnest?not at the dull task assigned him in the shop, but to perioct his education?on the flute. Many were the stolen hours devoted to this darling object. One day he was playing finely in an obscure alley ?the happiest boy in town surrounded by juvenile male and female blacks, whose big, rolling eyes expressed delightftil appreciation W hkn?(Tnis must begin a sentence, for here the wheel oi Fortune 44 turns up Jack")?a dignified gentleman, passing along the neighboring pavement, stop ped. Stopped a long time, and listened with evident pleasure. Even the discord of politics may not, in some souls, fiighten away the delicate spirits of harmony which have oncsj found there congenial hemes. Thus the I Honorable listener still owned the charms J oi music. Thus, he did not forget to, spsak of the flute-boy, that da/, at dia >? 4 ?MMggaiMa ner. Ilia Honorable lady, herself an ad mirable musician, was deeply interested in the description: ?4 We must have him here!" And he came, and those rich parlors seemed more rich, penradod by the magic melody of that poor boy's flute. 44 A friend in the Court," says vhaks peare, "is better than mpenny in the purse.? Jack Jones had both. A new name was soon heard at roll oall among the romantic highlands of the Hudson. On Saturday afternoons, a new flute whispered, surpassing all the old ones, from a window of the Cadets' bai racks. Nor was there a more soldier like youth at West Point than Jones. The recitation-rooms, too, gave a good report of him. A glorious prize would reward his toil! A proud ambition awoke in his soul! On ! on! All loved him. All praised him. All predicted a triumphant future! Curses on the wine cup? And thou also, Music, even thou?how often dost thou ruin those who lov> thee, those whose si'nple, generous spirits thou ren derest so susceptible to the syren? Praise! Ah, how iew can resist the siren, when, smiling rapturously, she offers the rosy wine! The scene changes. 44 The Colonel" is again in his native town?in lowest poverty, disgrace, and continual drunk enness. He has taken possession of a ruinous hut, in the suburbs. A little ragged boy is with him. 44 Charley" calls the Colonel father. Alaa, poor child of such a father! A woman is there, too?a picture more sad than the man?a drunken woman?a cruel moth er?a mother, but not a wife. The Colonel occasionally condescends to drive a cart, when pressed for money: at other times he will ,4 get a drink," now almost his only want, by a tune on the old flute?a dull, stammering in strument at present?,4 the soul of music tied." _ He wanders about the field surround ing his house?wanders all night, even in the most stormy weather, a bottle in one hand, a gun in the other, drinking from the bottle and firing the gun, alter nately ; now sings a profane ?>ng, now a devout hymn ; now curses, no* prays; or calls his dog?only to beat him back: or calls 44 Char-ley," (prolonging the last syllable,) only to send for more whisky. There is an echo in the neighborhood. The Colonel, in his nightly wanderings, is often answered by it. He calls : 44 Char-ley!" Echo repeats: 44 Char ley!" The Colonel becomes furious. 44 You ungrateful scoundrel! Is that the way you mock your father, sir?" 44 Father, sir?" Then will he swear for an hour, and threaten the child's life, but finally de cides to 44 make it up" again: 4i Char-ley!" he cries. But still the heartless echo mocks him! Alas, alas, such a life is all a mock A?* 11 ' REV. Z\C3AKIAH GRFEHE The nincty-tifth birthday of this ven erable revolutionary soldier and patriot was celebrated at the house of his grand daughter, Mrs. J. F. Vanderhoof, at As toria, on the 11th instant. Father Greene was in the best of health and spirits, and a happy participant in the observances that were arranged to com memorate his worth and usefulness. The following biief sketch of his career was penned by his own still vigorous hand : Astoria, Jan. 16, 1855. 1 was licensed to preach the Gospel on the 1st of January, 1785. I was or dained and installed pastor of 4th church in Southold, (called Cutchougue) Suffolk County, L. I., on the 2?ih of June, 1787. I was dismissed on the 9th of September, 1797, and wa? installed pas tor of the first Presbyteaian church in Brookhaven, called Setauket, same coun ty, on the 27th day of the same month. 1 was born on the 11th of January, 1760, in the town of Stafford, Hartford county, Connecticut, (but now Tolland County.) I joined the revolutionary army with an older brother, in the month of January, 1776, at Roxbury. I aided in building the fort on Dorchester Neck by which the British army, commanded by Tom Gage, was driven out of Boston. 1 marched with the armv to New York ; soon after, our army left New York?in August. I was in the battle of Throg's Point, where they landed above Kings bridge. Soon after this, I was in the battle of White Plains Is both of these battles, the two armies were separated by the darkness of the evenings.. On the 7th of December, 1<77,1 was in the battle of White Marsh, 15 miles above Philadelphia, where the British were robbing the inhabitants, assisted by the mean aud infamous torics. In this battle I was severely wounded, my bro ther was also wounded, but not so badly and injuriously as myself. He was re markably preserved. He had cleveD musket-ball holes through his outside garments. After this, he waa in the bat tle of Monmouth, and at the storming of Stoney Point. He served five years, and myself three years. The King of Zion gave us our freedom. May our nation1 always give the praise and glory to His holy name. I am your brother in the Gospel of the divine and lovely Jesus. Zacbariah Grksxe. A Canadian Patriot in thr Statkhc floras?A Srktoi of His Li pa.?Last evening, a man upward of 60 years of age, came into the First District Station House, and applied lor lodgings. Capt. Styles lata rogated him as to his prtTiouf THE WEEKLY STAR. life, when be gathered the following in teresting sketch, which we give m nearly his own words?"My name is John Ber ry, I am 60 years of age, was bom in Co lumbia County, N. Y. When the British colonics attemp'ed to achieve their inde pendence deeming their cat** just, f en tered the patriot army raised in this State, and serred in that struge'e for two years. I was uken prisoner with 240 of my com panions at the battle of the Wind Mill at l'rescott: I was tried for treason and sentenced to death. After a loag impris onment with the re^t of my comra<f a* ex cepting eleven, oar sentence was oommu tjd to transport** on for life to Van Pie man h land, and the eleven were executed. Ainon^c the patriot armv was (res Shults, who was banished by' U?e Russian gov ernment lor his participation in the Brit ish struggle for liberty in 1814. lie en tered the patriot army a colonel. He was s man well educated and of great military ability. There were aleo Colonel Wood ruff, Lieut. Col. AI bey. of Jefferson oouo - ty, N. Y., Daniel tieorge, Paymaster Greneral of the same company, Capt. Buckley, of Salina. N. Y., Capt. Sylves fer Law ton, of Capt Vincent. Jefferson 3>unty, N. Y. After a sojourn in Ysn Dieman's Land, T, with fhe surviving members of the P?rty. through the intercession of the United States Government during the Ad ministration of Gen. Harrison, was lib erated. I worked my passage home in the whale ship Herald, Capt. Le*i?, of Sew Haven. Connecticut. I was actively yngaged in the whaling business for thir ty-lhne months, and all the compensa tion I received for mv labor* during this long period was a iree passage heme.'' This is briefly the history of a Yankee who, attempting to do what he consider* rd a humane act, was not only severely junished, but spent the best days of his ife as an atonement for that crime. He vas provided last night with comfortable odgings in the lock-up.?Albany Journal, Moiuiay. Tmpeovrmbnt in thr Piano.? Board nan A Gray, of Albany, claim to have nade important improvements in the :>iano. The Albany Register says : ,4 It consists of a corrugated sou J Hing >oar<l?a sort of oorduroy sounding joard ?which adds about fifty per cent, o its surface, and therefore ccrrespond ngly increases the power of the mstru nent. In short, it makes a seven octave tiano equal to a grand action piano." MOVKMKNTS OK OCEAN STEAMERS. '?i* For Dmm. 'u. M iihliiitrc. .l*LiU<l?l|j|.ia . Liverpool. Jan. |g ih'pw . N? * f<irk..Cliii|nr....Jia. eo Star V w ?ork.. A-pinwall.. Jan. 40 latiie N?r York.. Liverpool....Jan. 24 .NVw York..Havana Jan. 45 lerwi in..,. N?-w York. Knjwn Jan Jf7 "an ?da IU-moii LiverjtooJ ?Jan. 31 "lnnda Liverpool.... Ronton Jan. 6 'aciHc Liverpool...New York.. Jan 13 Jnion Haw.A'eir York Jau. 17 IllHntir L v? rpoo!.. .New York..Jan. *7 The California fleam-re Invf Jfct Yotk on je 5th an.! 20th of each month. LURIVAI.S AT PRINCIPAL IIOTEI^ Willardt' Ho ?! ?? t * J c. ?ilui>. ; W liitcheock, L'a\ A L Lco.tejr a lady. M?m !G Ro;*n>, US\ A > Hutchiaaon, NY ' \V TrMter, Pa C W \:vro.-x!, d<> * Henry. do IN a l?<l> i \ Rock* e?|, O R P ? aldcnrood Md I It Sim hi. Va C F Smith, NY I T Delano, N Y R potaeroy, jr, Wo V L At?erv, FU Hyde, Va IGe.ding. NY F l?ibW , NC it Moor*w?w'. do K L Httiman, Ct : K H'/ilkor, La T I. Hunt t Y rharn*'?nt. do A S Hewitt. NY ? B llall, Havana II ller-h. I'a V Wrtpht VV Rnrroufha. jr, NY 1 K Smith. NY <> H Swift k My, do Ire Morgan,?o ?' P <*??*, W i!r* II Gitman T M llolmc?, Ta ' I* |)aii(lriil?'. Ya '? H 'ol Stewart, Mo ?? A lata*. Md 1 p Hoffman, *ld VV H BUir a tamtly, Mf i IV Rog'-is, I'a A L iruiniag. Ho Mr* Camming. d<i Vickciy k Udy ?aitoial ??UI-l ?. wnxaaa. i W Ttioui|?'*???. NY CGrn>,Tc* Ion \ Catlm. Cl T Gray, Ala C I'aliiK r, do A H (Innnhiw. t'H I R Kelly, I'a E F Eowrtft. Sm.uwfd ' Swe^ne\, Va Cajit Brook*. Md Rinkro, d<? J W frnnybnck? r, Va V t> Raw, NI W H Tmill.ilo i H S<*?uoi.f, NY I) i V\ nipple, do Rf>wt. uo A T Pari*, do > Chilian, Va (J ftavia. do I M.irtin, Tvnti W J Smith, do * Sweeney. Va P P Dickinson. Pa ' P Shallcro*?, do M D VVhlt? Mde. Ky l M Lea, jr ? P Hale, NY 1. Bate-. <? S H Berrv ' II Plur.kett. >la?. Mr* Arnold. Mieh I F Morti-on, 1> V ) Ro?r?. Md Irs ? II KoIh i!- ?? D Po*f?u, Cat lr- Dr Avl<tta H A T Grants NY V* (' Bariowk, \ a A K Carter, Nl ? K M<M?r.- a, do It Giynn, Vd ir J I. Burw. II. do VV Nivtn, Midi W Lc?), Mo F Heiua k lamny. Mini Broirni' ll?t?l-T. P. a m. ??o?i. ' M'm <n a lade. Kt II Harhnjjon, NY A William. Va W F??(Uko?i a ^u?? Md Gjlvtmi a fanolv. Del <? McCoy, NY A Mitchell. d? BSpence., ?C V * do W J Smt h. Ya t H Chenowi'li. Md W VV Tavlor. Ill I HMfcy, do IliiiTfciBpiO*, ?? M Welch, NY K HanlePiv, Md V S Inpinan a lady, Va R Page, do V II Av rill. Ala 1' Korinne,*. h- Himrui*. ti* J ^*1"'Z*? t M Bnijey, Va P * Halt; <k> Ion H K M. ade. do II * Kan., V;i t ll.-ller. do T A Sf.uienh.Hifh. do I I! Ta * A Butler. Md ill rnn KY J K Hrwne. NY lr T Buatinr a dau^li VV II Joliirt??Hi Pa Irr, NC F WNm,a ! H'thne*. do ;irkw?Ml a. a a. aiaawoa*. Gi. Ii>*. Pa R W Harper. Md | O'Bik it, do Wr F Berry, do R Robert*, SC II E lltStf, NY I 3 I.? wi# a md, Ohio W L Harding. IH ; W Tynon, Ind Pr??f MnenN??ter a fam V V Watkn*, I'SN Hv, NY Ir Hyd?, Vn J M do .Waiter Mi A E Morttoii. do i PenduO. Ma?* UallMI State* ??Sal?a a. aaci I C llarvev, N P A II < I?>uh?. V? V Done, do Jf ra D V !, He ? I *?r ime MY P L rt'Vf. liESlilly.m ? Jjw?Brt ?Wr, J Heaumont a lad>, >a ? wv a vj If n flPlw 1 w I ?2? ct ?? Wood, Ct ? t>tiaa HanM, Alriandrlt, A< nKirron, raopaiBioa. r H I v? * Pfiee, Md ; t ..-an . d? ?' * *' l pa*e a lady, do M VVanw, K- f" I^ P^ d . F N Latham V . R VVInte DC W J Sutton, N\ I G NalteVa ? N B ?a??mi, Jo P B Jonna, Md R CotaluM. V a I 0 Baxui, DC V?. b. _. ...