Newspaper of Evening Star, January 27, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 27, 1855 Page 4
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, i . .[comnu rmo* mnniit.] Ml* V?ota0OTiM?o< V O^Hlll, MuPotimN and ?ankle C*U??, toQrifln, "" ""Lmti Oornjton Monday fit 5 a m Arrive a40rf?n mmm <Jar by 8 p m i^mr.^riaa fca* *y * & 4Qt Arrive at C- v^ngtnn nm" aaya by ? p m ?114 From Lftboaria by Flat Rack, ta Whit* Hoars , 14 mtleeand bak oac* a weak Lmt? L) thn'a Friday it tin Arr'Tt at WnR? Honse mmt 4?y by 1J m Um? White ilouae Friday at 1 ? a Arrive at Lythonia ante day by 6 p m ?416 From Lyttraia to R'VkbrMge, 0 mil#* aid _ - ? back mm ? We k. *' Leare Lyt-oniaT^ura "ay at 7 a m M aarriv" at R^ekbrHhta sama days by 9 a m. } it?Ti tveakbthlga Ihuraiay at l?a m Arrive a. Lythu. la udu J ay a by IS m <HiO FromStrne Mauot*ia, by Yellow River and 8we??t W .Ur to Lewranccvllle, 20 milw and ba k. si* time* * w?-k La*ve 8ton? 3 onntaln, dally, exespt 8u^ay, ?67 a di ? Arrlt? at LawrenceTille same days by 11 a m Leave Law r<rc*T ills dally,sxcept 8und?v,at 12 Arrive at Strne Mountain name day? by 4 p m 6117 Fnm Stone Mountain, by HnckBeyv.lla, to War?a*, IS miles ana beck, oa<? a we k Lea^e Stone Mountain 8-turday at 1 p m Arrire at Warsaw sax* day by 7 p ra Liare Harm* gaturiayatCam Arrfr# at *trni o'oantnin r??* dny \y ?2 m 6413 From Decatur, by l*iathei ,ville, Treki r*a Ca ia, aui Stojibri y?, o McDomueh, 7 (milae aad >*;k. onae a week. ire Decatur fc raeay at 8 a m Arrire at McDonoozh t?.nia lay by 6 p m Leave * cDo oa-fc Saturday t.t 9 a ni r Arrire at Deeatur aiae da; ?y 6pai 64-9 From MoCooounh, by 8j.?.ni. focard> R?d*??, 10 mile' and bark, ov a w?en. Leave M:D nou^n Satyr>ay at 6 a m Arrive at Sa_dy Rids* ?um- day by llaa I eav ? .-aneiy KMga?.tar Aj at 12 m A.rl'e at MeDcnou %\\ <aun day by 3 p lu. Fr^m U?lk>M'jr|| toJoieeb ro', 14 ni l? aui back, rU tiau - a ??ea. Leave MeDcuougft - ail/, eioept ?aud'y, a'- 8 a m Arrire at J? a-' -oro m? Jayi by 1*2 m Wr?Jof- bcro dvty, exct-pt Sunday,a: 1 o i_ Arriveat >>D uoat*h ai-raed'y by 5 p ai Mil From VTa> p.gtoi:, by tia.burg, i eterabur.'. Calbour's Mills. 8 C,aad Iebanrn,to At. b;vii.e C H, m lee ?nd ba k, twice ?nk L *ve Wa*l.!-gtou T-i fd y, and Sktarlaj ?? <4 *m Arrive at *bb<?> i'le C Li *ame day-4 Ly W p -1 Lt-are Abbeville CH MoLd*y acd Frioay at 8 am Arrive at Wavhsr jt^n ^m? Jay. by 6 p m k*ropot>ala icr d^Uj are invite1, w h a T en to convey tHe/ro .t .'"or ber?i and 2H>n*h.' <?rn ira" s. *t a p ed ofTJ'it 1 es fban 5 ml-#1 *n b. ur 6422 Fr j? \ *?<binct. n. by Mailorysril a, Fi^-?. c; aud In ii?n Uill. t. ilb r"-u, 31 m!fi? p- ,1 bick, oaff? a Letre Wa?hi jtun Vrida-' at y a m Arrive at Ei. viou eum<'<iay ty tit, m. ' ?arfXlb rton Sa?';rday a. y a m Ann at W'a hi -gton imn? dav br ? p ro 64id From A'?a!hia../cn to ntrev ll?s, i? mi es a-i I back, once ? *f?k. L ave Wa^hir au,b lr;Jj_T it 1 n n ArriT- at 0?iir> rflW? ?;i*m d^y tj 6 p m Le Tn* lfri 'ay rt8k c Ar- v at Warhi-'tftj , ? d.y by 12 n 6124 Fr^m R?y tl'le !y I ?**t'i rr lie t Lincol ton, 14 m ei ana 0-\cft, taj e a ? L?*T" Hay ? ?i- fu- d*y ?nd ThurMay, at li a m * at Ltveciaton p?m>* dry* by 3 p n L**t- Lioeolct in Tue 'lay ani Tbtir d^y i>t to, i* 111 Arrive atRay*rill? Mm-' daya by 10 a m 642'i Irvm LcxiDgt n, by koi t r#ite.-,Brv_>aJ Ri-?e , vl^ertt n. uarmony, Olj Wa'er. .%lort?v.dw #??r. reaB, h- C-, tiock MilL>. and Mounts n c.t^k, .0 A'^deifOu C 11, GJ m lei ar?d bar*. twln? h "."yk Le.TM teili>?t .n Tu^tar and Friday at i a in Arr?v? at Kib-rb*a -Hia- daya by w p in Leave ?ljeil?/U HedBt^Ja)1 tDd > aturlfy a' f> a m Arr've at An ieircn C 11 <t%nie days by 9 pm, L -aT*" Aa feiroaC II Tue day aad Fiidav at ? a m Arrive ut Elb?*rton Buia*- dir* l.y 9pm L vr- ^?Vrt n W.^lrw 1 y :t <d ? ur-tay ?t 6 i in Arrire at L-rir^un t-anx* lay byup m 64?t Fr;m l?\iBK|L>ct to L-x ?gtou I>?pr>t m'!-a au4 ln? k, twelve i n?i a ?c k L??r# l.-x'n^ion dai'y, .* u t ay. a t i a rn acd 1pm Arrive at Lexin^to-i D.*po', 1 i? :ay byPJain and 2pm Laar* L<a?a(ton ftapi.l.i y -? ;? ,.r ?i|Q.Javi at 9 am ani 3 p u. Ar at Leki'gson raai v lOaatrl 4pm 64J7 A'fcat, b/ dv?" bjl, Lia.- 1 . ny lrcT-? Maj^TUl?,Gill'Ti lc, P?p a--pr ,<?, Hu h ' burg axM Dawdja, to Clarkeii. .}> 0^ mii., -odOack r~)co a *eeX T.-?re At; era Tu?t !iy?' 1am Arnva a) ClarfcTi b rext daj by 6 p m I-e-Te Li rk?Tiite Ihur-day tt 6 a m at Alhm^ next lay by * i> m 64*5 Fr^m A'h?ne, by J^ff-rnoa. Pond Fork ani *u;ar Hill to v/alae*Title, 4>j miiee and b? k. three tiaaa awetk. Luar- A'Jeas, Tuesday, Tha'e lay aad barar day h 5 h !l Arr re at Oaii*?*Ttll* aa-re dava by 2 p m L'?*e.^a:n-av.lle Wond .y, WMn?M?v ml Fri day at 'J a 111 Arri** a*. Atoenr farnedaya by rt p a 6*549 From Athens, by Dame ?tL1? and Uadiaon ^I-r'ng*, t j CarnosTilie, U milee and back, thre- tlin-a a ws-k Le*T?A?h>nj. u-fiay, Thurpl* - ani Faur day at 6 a m Arr>?e at ?*<vi!!e *ame days by 7 p m Iy?Te Cafneeril.e Monday, VF^daeeday ai:d Friday at 6 a iu Arr ve at A:b?n? 'amr day by 7 p m 4430 From Athfna. by r an tar's 5?acd, to Fort Lamar, tb utile aod back, oncu a week I. t'? Athens Tuesday a*. 8 a m Arrive at Fort Lam*i aam* day by 6 p ro Leave Fort Lunar Wtdnerday att 1 m Aitiv- at Atbeoa iam day by 6 p m 6441 From Ma i? n pr ajja. by Fr^ak in ?prinjs, Bower^vi le aal Uartw^J, t0 UeoUv's 8t^re 5*2 miles and b-<*k, rnce.i we-k. L^ave M di* Ii J,riu^s Tuwd?y at 9 a m Arr've at tfenle/* sti r- seme J*y by 8 p m Uave Lleni y's iti r? Vvlueniiy at 4 a m Arrive at .-"f 'ihg* eaic? day by 3 ?> ns M32 From May^rlf! , b/ ?lro?e Lev 1. Hu hrili^, Middie Kiv?r in t II >1 i 1^ vortti, t ? Alien dale, 44 mi'w and back. co*-< a w?> h. Leave Wayavills Ihur/day at Si p m Attire at A1 erdaie nex < a- by 1 p m LeATe Alie?-la'e k'ridsy a lj p a A rive a' May?vil!w n it day b? 2 p m . 0434 Fr-m Gainesville, by Iilii QilUTiU-. Hadaon snd Walmt Ilifl, to Carneeville, M urle-and back on e & w*?k LeAV-Uainoeri 1- KridjL7 at 6 a a Arrive ?t ^ am - vi!> ,?,aie day by 6 p m Laave Canir-Tilie Saturday at ? a m ArrtV'* a: t-aiaa>vili?Miae day by 6 p m 64a4 From Gaia^ New Hri. *, ani Auraria, a'w* ^ *nJ three times Leave Uaia*>vii:? Mcaday, Wed-esday and Friday at 7 am Arr.v-*a". Dablv>nen aaiue daya bv 2 p m L?avt Uahienega Tomd-y, Thurt'dav and Sat u'Jaj ?t 1 p m Ani vatUaiaeevlik amedavsbvSpm 6434 F:om ^icesvil e,b> Cri#stil*', ^,aUhvt ls Barrts.Uvilla limh Traer. board Tree. A,>rL *u??Kt')n. Canton, F.stwr lyeave Gainesville T .??ia- at I p a, A mea* * towab n-xt day by 7 p m L-ave KU>wah Ktindav a' J a ?a Arnvj at liaiae v.lje n?*' diy by 12 m 443a FrtmGajte vi Ie.l v Du?ne treet, to Clarks ?.11?,^ 3# On-o< aad back, tf ren timee a week Le>ve <ia av*% fu*?aey, ihurmlay and S?: uraay at 3 p in Arrivr at ^:aik-?viije eaioe day# by 11 p m UavoCiarkairiila roa^ley. lharsiay and flat ?r lay at 6 a m -AIr T' ram-, day by S p m 64^. Ficm Uaiu sviiie, by Ar^o, to .'cJk^T^l*. IS mt-er a. d b ck, ouc- a w ?k ' eav? Qjiaeavtile Fiijay at 1 p m Arr1** at olkaviilc -mo? oay by 7 c m L- aVfr 1* J -vhle t riday a <i a m c? AiTTe ?* 0 J-a^awiilw feme -la> by 12 m t>w FroraC rueiville.oy ba U. t pnn : ?v-J Fraatua to ttiu, 30 milMtaad hack, one, a weak Leave larneevtlle Mturd<<y at 8a m Arnveat ieHar-<-n same div b 6 l m Uav J-3era>a F.lday at a a m fi?V''1 ? ^?rue-vi le <an? d?y brfipu tbK"M' *<J*td "Jfk.'JS."" ? "?iya" ">r'w? 6440 Vc "^?Lap.OMUiatown, fnJa'e. Vri Hot no^ ?e, U-fp r Mine, eun, *???? f?*? H:pi?n's Ptrre and Park?vi i?, 0 fietton, M >?i.e aau ba k. once a v e<*k ' 0 hu Tnsslay atfiam Arrire at H?Liti.>u next 1 bnrsd v b* 12 m l^a*e ' ectop Ttinrsday ?? 1 j. iQ Antr? at V*h ,ne?ca n.xt SaturJay by 6 t> m 6441 FromD?hlw?te K um Hill lj miJ?e nJrt b ft, paw a vtek Leave PahlnnsffA SataHay at 1 a m Arnve at L^>und Hill t>anie day b ? 5pm Leave iiouod Hill Saturday at 8 a m Arrive a* Pahl~n?*g? same dav by 12 m 6442 Frtm Dabb nega, by ADir?l?la Cataoea,Prla3a Fd?a;d,Caxt aay, ?U^ay, Tall* Creek, and Aooeawatte*. to *pdng K:ao-, *2 miles a d back ^ .<*> a week T J^afu IVh.00era WaiaMday at ft a m Ar tlea at Sfrlng Plaee next day by 6 p m F^are Sprla- Plaea XV>nd-y at ? am 4 rive at Dahlonega nest dav bv 6 p m ?* *?04t ) . ?l 6448 Trom Oant^n Vy rmti Gr^ind. Harnagevfile, ?ol JaBo, to l*t)}0n?f*, 40 mllse and beck, one a weak _ _ . \r av?> CintM itardaj tiS ?? ArH?? at Dahloneca tamed?y by ? p oa Lea*e bahiocega Friday a. 6 a m > rrire at f-aotoa ran* J?J ^y 6 p ? 0144 Pr. in Jeff^n n, by Jot a l aid^fph's and Oaina, to Cum ml of io1 back, cnoe a week BidJira will ttitt Uu di*tanae And propose a icba lult 6446 Ftvui c TMaos, by Cedar Rlk?% to Dalton, l'iiuilee and bark, three limee a.week Leave 9pr ng Flaoe Mjnday, Wedneelay, and aad at 8 a m Arrive at Dalton ?am? days by 18 m Le re Dalton Mondty, Wednesday and Friday at 1 p m . Arrive at Spring P'aea same day* by 4 p m 644C from BUdr'ville by "boeatoe, Loud* ville, and Flea-<aat Hetreat, io i-'ahiocega, 34 mllofl and baok-ouce a week Leave Bl airs vide Monday at 8am Arrive at -ahJoueg* a* me day by 6 p in L?ave Dahl Be^a Tuesday at 6 a m at Blairsville rata dry by 6 p m 641? i'min Blair?vIH <, bj Young Cast) to .Morgan ton, 20 utiles and ba^k, twioe a week Le <ve Biali-JviUe Tnerdiy and vriday at 6 a m Arrive at Mor/an'on fame days by '2 m L ave M ix*>.t<>u Mon *y and F. tday at 1 p m Arrive a' Biairjvllie n.iio d *ys by 7 p m 6148 Frm Cla, t n to Blairarille, 40 mile* and back oaae a week Lear* Clay o& Wedue-day at 6 a m Arrive at Blulrsville saui^ day by 7 p m Leave B air v 1 e Thur?l*y a: 6 a m Arrive at Clayton sam ? day by 7 p m 6449 From >:?rgautown to Murphy, K. C. and back once a ?>.*k Bidders *111 stated stance and propose a sched ule 6160 Pi cm Lall Ground to EJlsjay and back, on re a ??ek Bid (era vlU state the ui^tauce and propose a sc tie "die 64 1 From Morgauton, by tUueUidge, White Path, Kit-jay, la.king Hook, Fa.rinount and Fiue 1. g, .o Cax.vUle, 60 mLt? aad back, twioc a Week 1/uiVj >1 rgant<~n Tuesday aad Friday at 1 p n Arrive a. Caea ville n it u.iya by 6 p ia L ave Ca-evdlM nJay ard Thursday at 6 a ni An- ve at Jticrgau'on next caya by l'l m 6452 From Y uug Cane, by Skeicah, Stock II 11, Tr ketifiiy, nnd Cart'eay to Tal ing Rock, 4'i ml e* tod bick. fa* a *ook Leave . Cau .> WuLu-day at 7 a m Arrive at T.tlkiiig Rock a<me day by 8 p ui laav? Ta-k n.; Rock Tnewiav at 5 a in Arriv at V o ng Cane 8j?me> lav by bp m 6493 Krcm J ip r Ij Oasevflie and baci, once t we-ik Bidders wl: rat" tbe distance aud propose a e. h?du e 6154 Fr^m Liwrenoeville, by Ct ia'a aad H'gM'tia tain to (Ja'netVille, al nd'ej and back, thr* ? ' ime-? a w k \a. ?e La*renc<'Vllle M>rday. W ednw*ay arid Fr d.iy at 13 m Arrive ^tO iDe*Tille 'am-days by 8 p m Leave 6 tinervil e lue-^aj, ihur-iday aud Sat. ur' tyif Sikin \r ive vt L wr nc 'ville hiuh ciav.-< *>y 11am ?ta> F?on> Uwrenttvi'la, by Chiu'inep u lir vo, Aijborn, ' iii^Ty, ?ud "arcu^ to JeflF?rBOi, 30 ;i ilrf an i bvk, f>rtte i wr-k l/sav?> Lawrerc ville Friday at 8 a m ? rrive ?r J ff?rton eame d?y by 0pm Leave -etf riwo Sarurd?y at Sam Arrive at Ltwrd ceville mine day by 6 p ni 6456 F? m L:vwreuc"ViII?, by Suvannee, S .elton vill?, av?- Jr>?ek, Cumin g, ?nd Lewiaton, ?o lliglt To*ar 36 m<!es . ud back, twioea week U' S"elt-i.vdle, and f;nct?a week the r?i idtte Leave La^racevi ie Tne?day a d Frday at 6a m AriiVe ?i Sj?ltonTill<* uue uay ? by 11 a iu Lea*e 8h i ouvilie lueaday aid daturlay at 1 p in Arrive a La vrenceville >am< day > by 6 p m l^ave ."fceluitvilli Friday at 11 m Arri r*e at lli^h Tow r am- day by T p u I.?ave iiigh Tower ^atarday at 6 a m Ar ive at ?"ihel'.o;iville?Ame day by 12 ui 6467 From >L uni Vu^ah, by Le??, skittV Moanta'n, a. d Folkvilie, to Fvp ar rpriag, 25 miles and b?ck, on e a week LM >u t Y nth caturd'.y at 6 a m AriiTe ?t ? o iar spring F*nie day by 1 p m Leave f 0| l<r 5priu< S'.tur<iay at2 p m Arrive at Mouit i'on-ih ?*"" day by 9 p m 61i?3 Fr ui Ula ^t i, by Lit y.. andt"wa, < amobe 1 tou, Dark O^iijer. YiJa KIoh, acd flickory l<evel, t.) ? arrollt ju, O'J milaa anl ba k, three lines a week LfavtrAilauta M jnd*y, Wednealay, and Friday at 12 m Axrjv nl C'arroilton n-xt da*sby 5pm Leave Cariollu u Mvr.iiay, Wednesday, and Fri day at U a m Arrive at At a-ita next day# by 2 p m 1 roposuls ti> i uu by Fiiat liili acd .^aud Hill, < mil ting Hick >iy Level, a e iovixl. t4?'J From Varittta, by Koswell, Lebanon, Farm Lou o, P'< era k, Cumming, Ckal Mounta'n, C osivLIj, anl Au aria, fr Dablocega, t4 mi ?s (>ad b*u*, tbre; times a week L^KTfl Marietta Monday. Wei need ay and Fri day at 9 a m Arr vt at Cumming saiQa days by 7pm L Vrt r.u oiDg lu-eday, Thursday, and ^atur ?<h at 7 am Arr v?- at I'ahlonegi ?a:i? days by 3 p m LeaTs UarJ?jnt?ra M 'bd?y, Wednesday, aad Fri dry at 8 i i Arrive ?t Ju .i-? r s?me days by 6 p m Leave CJm ? u; .,lhurtday, andSatur day at 0 ? tu Arrire at M ^ ? < t J t by 2^ p m 64'M) aU' <. * ? w ay and Woodstock, toCinton, i k in lea ?.i ^ btck, three times a wreck L?a\e Ma-ie .. Tu iiay ILurtday and Satur day at 7 a iu Arr v? at Oau aw ? me days by 1 p m Leave Canton Monday, Wednesday, and Fr!daj at 7 i is Arrive a> >Irr e ta ?cme davs by 1 p m fcWJl Marietta, by Powder eprl^frs, to Palt ?^prinjcj, 17 mil?t h d b.c?, twice a week. L*ave Marietta Tuea Jay and Friday at 7 * m Arrive at A*It .-priaj:? nne days b'7 12 m l^ave fait Ppringa Tuesday ai>d 1'rklayat 1pm Arrive at Mane tea name days by 6 p in ?462 Fr-m Marietta, by Lost Mountain, to Dallas, 19 miles i od baok, cnoe a week. L-ave Marietta Wednesday at 1 p m Arriv a* D l as sam^ dav by 7 p m F^eare Dallas Wedneniay at 7it ni Arrive at Marietta day by ^ p m *463 Firm ",'artersville, bySt?lesbor/,to Van Wert, 38 m.'l-s and l?ck, twice a week. Leave C'.irter*\ille Tuesday and Friday at 9 a m Arriveat Van Wert auie day* by 0 j. iu Leive \ an Wert VoaUay aod Thurwlay at 9am Ariive at Caitera>ill>- p iiue daya by ?> p m 64?>4 From Cassville. by LiUle 4*ra.rie, Pr.nora, Red bwd. F; *? bridge and Holly < raek, to .-iprii/g F1 ce, 3jmile# aud l>ack. oiu*e a week. L-?ave CuSivi le Saturday at?>a m Airive at rptiog P.aots ram< day by 6 i> m I^save fpriug 1 laa<. Friday atO a m Arrive at Cas.mlle a one .lay bv ? p m Uui Fron KingNtou to Rome, lb ?5 inJN-i* and back, dx tines a ?? .-k. Leave King* ton daily, ex ;ept Suuday, at S a m Ariive at Home same (Li>? by 14 a in Leave Home dai y, except riumay at 5 a m Arrive at Kinga^ou aimc iays by 7| a m Cdtib From Heeaca, by Sugar \ alley, VI Ihncu, La fayette, and Fond hpring, to Frisk's Qap, ay miles and back, once a wekk. L ave He ah a Friday at 6am Ariive at Flick's (Jap sj^eday by 7 p ia L**ve Fnck'sQap 8*tnrJay at ft a m Arrive at Kejeca sameday by 7 p m 6467 Frurn Hing^o.d, by Woods tation, to lafay etU, 21 mi e? *nd bark, tw oe a week. Le?ve Hin^goid Monday pud Tburslay at 1 pm ?Arrive at l.afayet'w xam> days by 8pm Leave Lafayette Mondiy and Thursday at5 a in . ?*iriTe *t l-iiiggold atme days by 12 m ^""n Chattan og?,Tenn.,by H waviile, Ga , to Jrri?Ji8 Gap, 2i> lx. i es and >ack,on(.e a week '^MMfc^ttanooga Wednesday at 8 a m LiT^^V^- 8-ump da* y6 pm c ? t'vc,t'8 U*P ^n<! day y rrit;k 8 dtp luwbiav a 8 a i AiriuV" <iJVllS'tU ?<a?*meday by Opm mT'..^V .??Ka Te n ,to 11 *^1 rf McLe mare s Utte. Oa? and bx k, ono^- a w.ek. 70 d: i .. ' ? ? ? ?? vusc n t ^? 'heJu e 8t te lUe *nd propose a From Lifayette by Krk 8pr ng and Snow llHUaJlo.swlle,2a ?il^.P?1 bacj. ou^l Laava Lefay tte Iue-day at 6 a m Arrive at Hotsvi le Fame day by 12 m ?'eav? ftw ville Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at Lifa>ett? same day by 8pm 6411 La ayttta by vLiaU?utF.'ats to (iordon's rp-ings, # --La* and back, once a waek L?kve Lafayette Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Gordon's Fpiing same day by fi a m L a-.e Gordon's Sprluga eatur ay at 1<j a m m Arrive at Lafaystu sane day bv 1pm 6;'2 Fir?t li?m" by Armucbee. liirttowB, Moun hickory, t uiituaerViLe and TrJ n Factory to Lifayctte 4 J ailta aud back, twice a week ~ Home Monday and IbarMjay at 5 a m Ar ire at Lafayette am day* by : p m Waduoaday aa 1 IY Jay at 5 am Lome ha air dayfl 1 y 7 j> m o?i4 Fiom Kouie by Vann's Valley and Lake Creek a?week*rt?WI ,a? mU"# *?a b*C*' tl1? tl?*f LaareRrme Mon<fsv, Wedniaday and Friday at 3 i. m J Arrive at C-dartown >awe days b; 10 p m L ave Cedartowu Mouday, Welte d*y anl Fri day at 6 a a Arrive at Rome aame days by 12 m 6474 From Rome by Thomas's Mllli, Codar Creek. Ooeola, AJ i , ard Ilowell'i Cress Roads to Cet tre, 40 m Its and back, "noe a w?ak la?ve R in* Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Centre s?ms day by 7 p m l^ave Oentre Sato*day at 6 am <u-kAv?Zl ?r*' " tfay by 7 P m *rom Oedartuwa to Pnmpktokai, S miles sad bock, o*eo a we?k * ?ove CedaTtcwn Friday at 2 p a Arrive at Fum^kiLpillsame dav bvi ? m Leave Pompkiaplll rr'day at 10 am uft Ame.tC^towoMuoedaybjlpm , *6476 From t'alm-'to by Cnuntv Title and 0- lar ? ,Bl*neh te lUvwr to*n, * miles and k ok, pnoe a Lwn Palme to Friday at 6 a m Arrive a: River Tofn tame day by 18 m Iyave RiterTown Friday at 1 p ?? Arrive at Palm-tto same day by 7 p m 6477 tr n Newnan by Scluda to Kidron, 12 mi'?l ?r d back, twice a week Laaxe Newnan Wednoaday and fatardty at 11 a m Arrive at Kidrou same days by 2 p a Leave Kidron ifeloeeday and Saturday at 7 a as Aariveat Nmao tame days by 10 an 6478 From Newnan by Lodt, IntbtrM, Bowea vilie and Tall Pine to OarroMton, 87 milaa and beck, one* a we-k L?ave Newnan Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Carroll v>n same day. by 6 p m L*ave Carroilt^n atlaa Arnve at Newnan same day by 6p n| 6479 From Nswten by Willow Grov? aad Corinth to A#hbury,20 milts a~d back, twioea wewk Loire Kewnan Tuesday Friday at t a m ? Arrive at Aabury suoe Java by 12 m Laare Asbnry Tuesday and Friday at 1 p a Arr.veat Newnan uni 'lays by 7 p m 6180 From Neman by Rio aod fcnm Grove to Franklin, 21 mile: aud back, cnoe a wtfk L.ave Newnan Wednes ay at 6 a Arrive at Franklir same day by 12 m Leive Franklin Wcdn ?l?v at 1 p m Arrive at New ok n sam-d: j by 7 pftn 0481 From Nevann by Par s, L cattou and Har alxrn to Eria, 20 mien and tack, once a Wt?k L are Newnan 'a'urday at ? e m Arrlre at Frin warn- diy by 6 p m Leave l rin Friday at 8 a m A> rive at Newnan a 'OJt day by 5 p m 6452 ? rom La G rang ? by O'N. aPa Mill*, Ccohran'e Cross Road-.. Llamttto* and GVtulato Colam bus, 46 tnilofl and ba-k, diii / L av- La G:s>nge da ly at PJ a m Arrive at Cotum jus ?snt days by !'i p w L^?ve C? lumbua didly ai8 a m Arrive at La Grarg? g?me dayfcby 8pm G483 From LaOmng* ry VV;eou. * nt'ocb, Wahad* ko-?, Ai*., H ok Mj.l. a-.d Roanrke to Wed? wee, -5 mile - and I a-k nnca a twk leave Ls t>r*nare Toed ly at 1 p m Arrire WeedAwei xext day by 6 p m L 'ave WeedoweeThvrsd v at 8 a m Arr?>e at L? Grargi next day by 11am (JIM Frr.m LiGranw by li u toD to Fiankiin, 21 rail?* and l ack, twice a week L-are L? Grange i u sdey and Safcntday at 1 p la A1 r ft at Franklin same daya by 7 p ra l/*ev<t Fr.nklin iurs ayai.d Saturday at 6 a a Arrire at La -irsng4 -am- days by 12 m 6 85 From Villa Riofi to Vau Wert, 21 m'dea and back, once a week L ave Vil a Kica Sa:ur lay at 6 a m Arrive at Van Wart same day by 12 m Leava Van Wert Saturday at 1 p m ^r.ive at Villa Rica same day by 7 p m 04*6 Fr m Vilia Kica, by Funpkin YJpe and I??l las, ti Uuitsviii*. m mil >s aad bark, a wn k. L. a?e Vula itioa Moniiy at 6 a m Arrive at lijut-vill- eauai d ?y by 2 m Leave liuutsrjie Mon-J- v at 1 | m Arrive at Vilia l.ic-t saute d iy by 7 p m 6487 From V.lla I'iea, by liarnl Stutfl, Ccpptr Hi 1. Tallspoo**, < ?k L ie!, A'a , and K*bbit To?n, to Jacks' nrilla, 6U mil4? and back, una week. Lv,re Vili-i K.ia ?. e n. ?ia_\ at 8 a m Arrive at Jack ionv 11<? next day by 6 p m LeiT* Jack onril c Friday at 8 n m Arrive at Villa tii. a *ext d y by 6 p m C4 8 From Villa Ri~a by Loi g Le^f and ?'na, f? Cedartown^82 mi'e- and ha-k, one? a week. Le .ve Villa Pie i Mcn?iar at 7 a m Arrive wt Cedar'nwn a me day by 6 p m L ave Cedartown Tu.- dny a. 7 a m Aniva at Villa life* ' day by 6 p m <>183 Frum Villa Kicj (o Flint liill,6miltif>at.dl ack, cnoe a week Lt>ave Vilia bica We In'^day at 10 a in Arr ve at Flint Hill am - d*y by '2 m lieavo Flint Hill Wednesday a; 7 a m Arrive at Vill i / i;<i s me day by 9 a m 64S0 Fro a Curo It n, by Laurel t>ill awl Union Mi l? to Fraakl n, 6? udes aaa bacx, once a week L?av ? Carn ll rn W-dnesdsy rt 6 ? m Arrive at Franklin sane ity by 6 j m Leave Franklin Thor^i iy at 6 a in Arriv-i at OaTi/ilt- u aa ne i ?y by 6 p m 64'Jl From OreenviU*. Ly Farmer's Miit?? Snlphur tpringH, Kin^'/i (iap, ?ud U<v?lai n> Croat, t"> Oo.b:aj'? Ctctt, lUtal*, 11 miles and bacs, a *e k l^eive <ireenvill?' Wtwines lay and Saturday at 6 a in Arrive at Cochran'd Cror-s Road^ same daya by 12 m Lc-sve Cochran s <?r?*e H<>sl< Wednesday and 9-ituTday at I p m Arr v- Ht O^nville fam? daya by 8pm P.92 Fr<?m Greenville to Warta 8pr i?,<s, 12 miles an l back, twice ? we-k in ?unt July, knd Augu t, and once a we k the ita'idie of ibe year. From 1*' Jutu to ?lf< An just. Lear? OreeaVi le Wednesday and ?a'urd*y at Hi a m Arrive at Warm Springs iame days by 2 p m lieave Warm Springs Wedn>eJay aad ."atordey at 8a m Arrive at Gree jville name days by 11am From lj< S'f >ml>cr to Jilt S/ay. I/eava Granville f*atT-Jay ?t 8 a m Arriv* at W?rm Jprlng' same l*y by 11 a m - L?av? Warm springs i?atord-?y at 11J a m Arrive at Qre-nvi'V ram < day by 2 p m ^493 From Grsenvillo. by W odhnry and Magda l?na,to tied a'.t itill, 27 mil. s andba k. i nee a week Leavo lireeuvill ? t ri lay at 8 a a Arrive at i'Uasa^t tJi'l 'am* Jay by 6 p m L?a7? Pleasant liii! .-atunlay at 8 a m Arrive at Gret nvtl e rnii la- by 6 p m f494 ^rom Jou< s's Mili-t, by ; ocfcy Mount, ;o Polly, 1 *. m'l-e and back on e a wee*? L ave Jones's Md sPa.uriaya 8am Arrive at Holly s nie <Jr? by 12 m Leave Holl' S our aya? 1 ji m Arrive at Junes'? >!d a 3 .me day by o p m C195 From Plei^ant li ill, by lled'v ie, Biuff j^p infrs, Wxveriy I/all, a'd *.iler?vi)Ie, to Columbus, 40 m li^ ini \'rk t'i* n v-ek l>-iTe l leasant Hill Wednesday and Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at C' luni' us aam>-days by 6 p m Leave Columb n Tu?iday anl Friday at 7 a m Arrive at 11 .v- int if Hi same d?ys by 5 p m 6*96 Fr >m K: G-vi!le vy llojewll/t J Hni*ell*ill*. 12 mil's >ul beck, > n**e ?>. week L>-a?eKnoxvi 1<* .-atur ay at H a as Arrive at fussellv il? iniiiH dav by 12 m I*-ave Ru?s*-llrille Saturday at 2p m Arrive at KnoxviLe fame d?y by epm 64117 From KdoxmII* to Haiiimwk' t?i ve, Cull'> d<-n, and Waynmtnav 1 h, to Tb<"iniieton, 2? ?ile* and b ck, tw>cea we*k Leave Knoxvllle Mc u iay and Fridav a' 9 a m Arrive at 1 boon* on same d iva by 6 p m Leave Tl.omae ci< Tue?dav and Saturdsy at 6 a id ' Arrive at Knoxtille ?ame days by 4 p m 6 98 Fr in Knotv'!l?'. by Hickory drove, Hootsns vill'? Cjrtcn vili. ,>ratr?burg, ar.d Centre, to Tslbottcii, 37 mil>'S and buck '-uc? a wf?*k L^ Kaoi' lle W*dretda" a' 6 a m Arr<V3 at Tfclk,ott n san.e dsy by 7p m Leave TalU>t on Thursday at 6am Arrive at Kno*v'lle saire t'ay b> 7 p o 6199 From C'limbu.t, ly C tUi/e Mill fatreVown, Uannaha cbre, Lun pkln, Cuthburt, and Cot ton], to Fcrt Ga'ii?s, 79 mO^e and back, three tim*s w-?k Leave Columbus Tuesday, Thursday and Situi* day,at 4am Arrive at Fi rt Wa'ues same ('ays by 12 nlplit lxavel<>rt <lain?s Sunday, Welcesday ?ud Fri day, at 4 a ui Arrive at Columbus funic days by 12 night 60OO From Col imbu?, by Piedmon', Malbtrry Grove, Mrunt^iii Hill, acd M hltearille, to Wwt Wint, 38 uii'es a-d back twice a week Leave Columtue Tu*sd?y and FrMar, it 6 an Arrive at W* t ''nin' saxe days by 6 p.m L -ave W^st Mo nt We n alay and aatar lay at 6 a ui Arrive it '>l?nnbua lay- by 6 p m 6501 From Fort Gain-a, by PI .k'ly. I'ine Ridge, Ft--am Mil-, and Argyle, to Obatl hooc> ce. Fla, 78 mil a ?n j twice a w? ek Leave Fort 'Ja n-s Weinu d'y and PaturJny at lpm Arrirw at Cfcatt:hoo"b*e n?it d'?ya bv 8pm -- <eave ChattahoocLee Tue'day aud FriJay at 6 a m Arrive at Fort Galnm a xt daya by 12 m ^PWtWMt'ers in Georgia autfwrit-d to ctr fyy t ? the tu flci-r. y t>f guarantors, tee " Jnth uc tiont" annexed. FLORIDA. Biddert are r'tfmri'ed to examine carefully Uu in gtruntt ^t, farmg of propua I cfc., attached to tAit tuvertue<ner,L 6^1 From Charl"ston, 8 O, by Jacksonville, Fla' M.udarin, Magnol'a Mills, Mid ?le .vrg, Pi o laU, and Orange Mills, ta P latka. F0J miles and baok. twlck i ?e k l?*ve Charle?tfin Tue*fay and Saturday at 3 p m Arrive at Jacks uri'l* n-*t days by 12 m Leive Jv ksonvilTe TVednsaday and Sunday at 12 m .Arrive at PilatV* next days by 6 a m Leave Pilatka Monday and Thursday at 8 a m Arrive at Jacksonville next d?ys by 3 a m Leave Jacket) Ville Tuesday and Friday at 4 a m Arrive ?t Ckarieston bc< t days by 10 a m Bid- to ex'eo to Welska are inviUd 6802 From Jackacnviile, bv Barber's, Alligator, LlttU River, Minaial Springs Columbus, Madiaoc, Sandy Ford, a^d Monticello, to TalUbassas, 192 milei. and back, twi?a a weak. Uware Jacksonville Eundny anl Wednaaday at 7 r m Arriv.- at Tillahacae in 48 hours, by 7 p m I*av? Tallahassee Snnday aud Wednesday at B a m Arrire at Jacksonville In 43 kour?, by fi a b ^ i 4^ ?*a' ?? % <WW Trim* AwttftoYlrxMt*,** *+* beak, foartimaa a week .

Leave St AjuguafiTM Bonlifiod W?inwi?y at 8am imII m Arrive at Ficcrtata md? day by 1 p m aad ? Leave Pfcolata Monday ud Thursday at ? ? andUn , Anrivt at St Au*aebne eane daft by 11 a m and 6 p m 8804 From Pi'atka. by Orange Springs, Orange Lake, Silver Firing, Ooala, Oamp Taard, A t B?ta, Piewevlll'. Me'eadee, and Fort Tay ; to Tampa, 119 milea aad back, twteo a Lw? Pi'atka Monday and Thursday at 7 a a Arrive at Tampa m?xt Wedneeday and Satur day by 4 p m Leave Tamp* Monday and Tbaraday at 2 a d A rrive at Pra'ka next Wednesday and Satur day bylO pjn Pronoeali to omit Filvr Fpring will be con a'daral. 8806 Proa PPa'.ka, by Wrlaka. Voluri*. and Kn lerpr ee,to II'lionvilla 130 milea and back, anea a week, in st?ambea' Leave Pila ka M ndiy at * a m Arrive at MtPonvLle r.ext day by 11 a m L?ave Mellonvflia Tuefday at 1 pin Arrive at Ptlatka next day by 3 pin Bids to onmneaM at Welaka'are Invited 08<>8 From VBterprioe to hew to) rna, 30 milea and ba~k once a week Leave t-nU p iaa Tu a lay itfiaa Arrive a; New Smyrna same day by 8 p m l,?ave New Smyrna Monday at 6am Arrive at Knt rp i*e same day by 8 p m 8307 Prom *ew 8m* rn* to Indian Ktvar, 120 mi'es and bark, twice a mon b Leave New ? my rna ou the 1st and 3d Wednes days of e?eh m nth Arrive at Indian Kiver in 6 days Leavi Irdun River in the Si and 4th 8<ta~ days of each m u h Arrive a? Ne-r Smjfna In rtx days 6808 Kr ? indian River, by Jupiter, to Miaal, 18* mie- an 1 b^ck, or ce a month Leave Iniiau Hirer oi the at Friday of each la nth Arrive at M am' in 8 d?y* L?avt? M'ami on th^id Friday of eeeh month Arrive at Indian ^iv#r in 8day* 6300 From K*y West to Miami, 203 m'lrsand tack, once ft m"? th L?nve Kay fc"e*t on the 8th of eaoh mcnth Arr.Ve ?t Miami by the 11th Leave Miami on th? lath of each month Arrive at Key Was; by the 34th 6810 From Ntwnacsville by Fort Clark, Waca h.ot*e. Ml anopy, Flemlngton, and Newton, to Oral a, 67 mile* and back, twice a week, sapid in? Waeahcctie only cn tte return tup on Friday, and omitting Micanopy on that trip Leave Newnanville WeJee day and Sue day at 7 am Arrive at 0*ala next days by 10 a m Leave Ocaln Thur'dsy end Monday at 8 p m Arrive at Newnausviile next days by 8 p m 6SU From Nowna-v vile, by Slllmlis anl ProvL den'se, to Alllgatcr, 40 miiea aad back, tw*r* a weak Leave Newnansville TLurelay and Saturday at 9 am Arriveat \lligator ram3 days by 8 p m Leave Allsrat r Tu^day acd F id?y at 6 a in Arrive at Newnanivlii* aame day* by 6 p ia 0812 Prom Newnan vtl'e. by *t L^uis, to No* Kiver, 22 milsa and ba^k, onr? a w;ek Lfare Newnan'vili* Tnon>iay at 1 p m Arrive at New Rive ram' day by 8 p m Leave New River Thuradey at 6 a m Arriveat NewnaiiSV.lle a*me diy by 12 ra 6818 Fr m Netvnansville. by Tvwtenug a, Save F-, City Lindinr, Uacuava, and Loi g Pom?'. *c A'aena Otb*, 119 milea and ba'k, once a weak Laave c?ewcan*v:lle Wednesday at 7 am Arrive at > Lena Okie next Saturday by 8 m Leave At ena Otie Saturday at 11 a v, Arrive at Newaansvit e next Tu?slay by 8 p m 0^14 Fr^m N'e*'n?n vi!l?, by Fort liarlee. to Mi i d!ebar?, M ml I *8 ra?*k, <aee a we k L^ave N?wna?ieti!l? Wain-1day at '8 m Arriv- at Mi>ldiebur{ n?**t day by 6 p m Leave MiddteUurg {ueeday at 6 a m Arrive it Newnaiaviii* next day by 11 a m ltid8 f ;r aeml w?ek!y ^ervics wiU be con j aide^ed 5S15 Trom New Kiv?-r to Middleburg, JO mjle; ar.d back, r>nce a wwk Leave New BiVfr Wednesday at 7 a ra Arriv< at dlidieburg Mini day by 7 p m Le*re MHdbhnr?t Thur^da. a 7 a m Arrive at New Kiver ram* day bf 7 p ra 6916 From tare's Fer>y to Fort iiar.te ana bauk, once a week Piddera wl*l t-ta'e the dist ace and propose a aotieduli of d<-p?r*ur^ anl arrival 6917 From Alligator, by Durham and Olua't-e, to New Kiv^r, 46 miles at J back, onrea #e?-k Iieav->;at?>r Friday at 8am at >aw Itiver fame lay by 10 p m Leave Ne . R ver Saturday a' 6 a m Arrive at Alltga'/cr nam?- day by 10 r m 6818 From AUigator, by Buir-noee Sh *la, to Btou t*< Ferry, O'J milef and bo k on:*, s we*k I^eave Ail'/it^r Friday a' 5 a m Arr vj at Blown 'is feiry same day by 6 p m Le?v<? Bloant*d Farry Saturday at 6a m Arrive at AH'ga'Or i*a ae ?ay ??y 6 p in 0919 tVoia Akigak-r, by White Sprlaie. 'a B-llevil e Jerul^ge, Ch?irv Lake, lin . bur., aud Cifb o. to Monticdlo, w miles no bj- t Ol'Oe a we: k L ave Aliga.or Monday at 2 p m Arrive at Moutic^lio uext Wedte day by 9 p m Leiiv- M n'lce>lo lhar day at 6 am Arrive a: All gaf<r n-xt Saturday by 1 p m Bida kr ^mi weekly service will be considered 68*) From Orange 8frings, by Mrrriaoa's Mills and Fort Ciane. to Mkaa< py, 20 miles acd ta -k. t*i"e a week Leave Orange Hp rings Tuesday and Fridaj at 4 a m Arrive at Micanop7 oame ^ays by 1 p ra l>?ave Mican py Tue^'ay a a Friday a* 2 p m Arrive at Orange Springs t.ino uays by 10 p n> 6S21 FrumO ala. by Lin^ -?aui3, to A am.^riUe mile? and bark, once a week Leave Ocila f-afnr<iay at 6 a m Arrive at Adamsvill* . ^me day by 6 p m Leave Adam vil e Fri-Jay at 0 am Arr'veat Oca la same Jay by 6 p m 6922 Fr:m Adamsville. by Pine Boru^L a3'! lake Ur.ftln, 10 Fart Butler, t'O mile? aad U k Oice a neek Leave A laiu-ville Friday at 3 f in at For' B iter neit day by 7 p m L-ave Fort Butler Ti.ur day at 8 a m at Adamsville n it Cny by li m 6825 Frcm Aug ?ta o Himoea.sra, 12 mile* aid back, twice:? *eek l.e.iv? Augueata Wednesday and Saturday at 8 n m Arrive at Honinsawa fame days by 12 m e He menuva W)-d>:?'Sday and Sa'.urday at 2 o m Arriva at Aa^us'a inme dnvs by 6 p m 0024 From Malendea#by Ct lar Tree, to Fort Dsde, 21 uii ? f< ani t *?a, otce a Leave Mel-nd?-s ratarday ac 1 p m Arrive at Fort Dade mme day by 9 p m L ave Fort Dale Saturday a'. 6am A rriv. at lend:2 same day by 12 m C82& Fr .in 1'ixrcevil.e, by Sf ricxfield, to Bay Port, lb mii-B and baoJt. o ,ce a w ek. L-avi i'ierreville Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Bay Por: nam-* day by 12 m Leave Bay Port Satu day at 1 p m Arrive at Pienev.1 e t?ame day by 7 p m 68*6 From Homo-a-ea, by Crystal Kiver. to L>ag l'ond, 40 milea and back once a week Leave liomoaaa a Friday at 2 p m Arrive at L ng Co d cexc dayl?y 6pm Leave Long Pond Tnurtday at 6 a m Arrire at H^mora^a rext day by 12 ui Bids o extend to Clay Laiaaiinj ^"ill be c>n?ld ered 0827 From Tampa to Manatee, 42 milei and beck, onoj a week i. ave Tamt a Thursday at 0a m Arrive at Manatee next day b> 14 q l<eave Manatee Fridsy at 1 p m Arrive at T^mpa neat day by 6 p m 6828 From Tampa to Old Tampa Bay, 30 milesjand ba k, one- a week Leave "amp* Won Jay at 6a m Arrive at OJd Tampa Bay same day by 0 p at I<eave Oid Tampa Bay Tuesday at 6 .i m Arrive at Taaup* same day by 6pm 0699 From Tampa, by Kennedy's d ore, t > Iohe < puokeaanaa, 30 milea and t<rcx, cnoe a weak. L^ave Tampa Thursday at* a m Arrive at iohehuckei uaaa earn* day by 0 p at Leave Ichtpucke a ?* Wcnlce day at 7 a m Airive at l*ampa tame day by 6 p m ?880 From lch?pnckeaaa;a to J ruif- m, 62 tn.lee aud bai'k, once a week. I<eave ich?paok'8aa8 * Friday a'4<m Arriveat Jemigan next day by 19 m L?a^? Jerubran -atnriav at 1 p ra Arrive at lch?*ssa next day by 6 p m 6831 Frttm MelJo -.ville to Jernigan, 90 mil? and > ark once a week. Leave Mellonville Taea lay at 12 m Arrive atJernlg.n a*me day by 8pm Leave Jernif an Wednesday at 7 a nat Arrive at M^flonviUe time day by 4 p ra 6832 From fttllaha see, >-y b ewport. to it ilark?, 25 miles and baek, three Umee a week. Leave Taltshits-e Monday. Wednesday, and Friday at 7 a m Arrive at 8t Marks same days by 1 p m Leave fct Marks Tueeday, Ihureday, and Batnr< day at 7 a m Arrive at Tallah?seee same days by 1 p ra 6833 From Tallahaasee, by > l.~ocukie, to Buaker'a liiU, 29 railra aad lack, twlc ? a week. L?ave Tallahassee Monday ?nd Wedaeeday at 0 am 1 Arrive at Buaker'a Ilill tame days by ft p ni l*are Bankers Hill Taotdayard Thureiay at 6 am * . Arrifo at Tallahaaaee same days by 6 p m 6834 Fr m Tallahafeee to Waukeenah^ 18 *"n^ aad back, twice a week* Leave Tallahmte Monday and Wed need ay at d Arriva at Wankeecah same days by 12 m Leave Waukeetah Monday and Weda'sday at lpm atTallahaieee same <Uya by 7 p in 'iwJiavJ n I iey rb h an ! am at fc? Pa* tuxet, wd S pf, to Walker, 00 miks . atod baA.oroaa ?5*. UiwMhWww WMinrdtT Arrive rt wut^r o?*t <it by 12 a Lnn Walker Tkindij at 1 p ? Arrive at Tatiaha ibm Mit day by 0 p i_ 6S?6 F om TJlahs ?, by Mosa B ?aal< y'a, 011 the Talagee rir?, |p Ridley Ville, and back, 1 a wee t. Mddera will atate the d'atanee and propoee a s-h-dnla MI7 From SiflW^ca la FlaboDowey, SO milsa an< back, onoea waek Lmw StilWpioa Mad?7 itSaa Arrlvt at Flabo frwav a?me <Ut by li rn Laava fin hoi oway Monday at 1 p m Arrive at MiJepkw hbc oar br 8 p m ?"8 From Madion bjr Charles Mi'k, Oharl's Ferry, ?ad Naw Rostra, to Clay Landing, 90 aail<* and ba~lr, onoa a waak Uan Kaiiaon Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Oiay La. ding r?zt Welae*day by 6 I P? L-av- Cl%y Landing Thursday at T a m Arrive at Madison next'Saturday by 6 p _ P939 Fmm Madison. by Hamburg and Clifton. "o Grorersville, Oa., 30 ail-a an batk,ouce a week L*eve Mad'aon Moid*t at A a in Arrive at Qroitmi !i earn* day by 6 p m L?ave Groveraville it ll a a A rive at Mmliix aame day b/ 6 p ia 6>40 From Waukeeaah by k-?>%iue?, M^*!v lit., and St llep ca to MaJbon, 32 m'.le* ai d bacl. o ce a Wf k !?**? Warkeenab Thursday at 6 a m Arrtva at Madlenneeme dav by 6pm Le?ve Ma iia a Friday a: o a m Am v?st Wauk-eoah tame day by 6 p m 6S41 From Quibey to Chaaboocbee, SI mile??f' back. three t:mea a w ek L'ave Quincy MjuJav, Wednesday aad Frida, ?tTam Arrire at Cbattabooebe rame dava by 12 m Leave Cattahooefcee Tuesday, Thtir day an. Catarday at 7 a in Arrive at Qaincy same days It 12 m tttas to oommwooe at ralla*ha??ear* inr'.-d 68II From Ba nlri ?g?, Oa, by Chattahocbe Fia Cobes*e, We?t Linton Ri tley Till*. Kck.? Bluff, Iolaacd Tort GadsJen to Apelachkt la, 206 mile* and bvk, three (>?? a we>) f. om the 16th October tol ta Joie of ra ' year, and twio? a week the residue. in fir t eiua steam b. aU, wit 1 tbe privilege of u* n two hor e coaches from Bain'ri-ig- to Chstta hooch* whtn the riror la too low *>r tiTlit tion. * * /Vow Ibtk October to l&tA June L?ave Ba nbridgeTacday, Ihar^ay aad 8ei u day ?t Sp m Arr v? a: ApalachtcoH rext Wednsedav Friday a* 4p m.aod Monday at 11 a m LaaTe A alacMejia .urW, Toed r Ttinr?iay at 6 a m Arrive at B*mbri<ign rext daya by 8 a m FVo* 1UA June to 16th October. L*?*-e Bolnbridg - fne?day and fatnrj.v P? Aifite a* Apalachfacla next dayo by 4 p m L ave Apsf cbl ola Mob.'ay at 10 a ui Ve<!n?fliar at 10 p m Arriv at Bainhrifl^ nut Tueaday by 11 an. and lhurndty ty 10 p m 6843 Fnm rh-t aboo^hee. by Maritnaa, Cmt?l ^ampbeliron. ?i-n?va, Ala An W on'a MM FIn ttaitwJU, Aloiiracte. Milton, > n.l flo( id town, to i'.n;?c la,'^00 mil-a aod btck twl a wrek L^a^e ChattaVoo.tae Tua'day and Setard-r ?' 8pm * Arrive at Penaecola neat Friday and Tn^d* by 4 p m I^avs ren?a. ol? To- adty aad Friday at ?> a m at >h ttihoocbe* oaxt Tbur.-<:?v ai> euaday by 5 p in 6844 Irim Apala h vol*, by CbaLtth-ocbe^, to C?> umbna, Ga. and b^ck, one* a w?ex. w ll sta'e tie i ft\nre, nam*- it tern, diata office?, and pr<p ae * K-bedule 6845 From Va i?nna by (>ran^e hill. V. r-or Do g ??. vilie, an 1 Knox I'cbee Anca t>4 mil-a and bark, once a week L av- Mariaita Th iwl*y at 6a m Arrive at Ucbee anna next day by 6 p m L;%Te La'_a>' ^nn?Tneaiay ?t 6 a m Arrive a MariaiDc next t!sy by'pm B'di or Mmi-'eekly service will be con?i W16 Prom We-t Winton, by A?p?n Grow to Ab. 22 milca and ba? k, once a week Leave We*t W|-?tou Mon larat6a m Arrive at Abe d ring 6ame day ty 12 ia L*ave Alje Spring Moad-y at l p m Arire at W at k.Vint^n o-isa day by 8 p m 6547 Fr">m Vernon tofit AnJr-w'o Uay, 45 anl back, orej a week LeaTe Vernon Fri lay at 6 cm Arrive at St A-virew'g Bav aamr -lay bv S p r, Leave t?t Aadrow'a Bn Saturday at dam Aeris# at ?err.nn eaue day bv b p m ^4S From Xlil.on, by (>?on lliU, NatbaiiHMllv A a , a?.d ITort .?ia*f id, to Spa ta, 70 mil^ tod b?rk, ocre a ? efk frave 'Iflion Wed'jeeday at 6 a tn Artive ??? 9;ar.a n?xt d?yby ft p m I eav- Spa?^* Vr iday si rt a m Airlve 6t Mil on next Jay ay t> p m 6?j49 From Mi tjn. by haei Kiver aol Ala^nn. 1 Uo ?* Ai^a, 89 uiief aud back, oaoo a we 1 L?ave Mil'on Wedntjeday atti a m \ Uch-e Anna ^t*xi Friday ky.|P p m L-?ave Ucbee A ch Saturday at *\a m ^r,ive at Milton neit Monday bj 6pm Bile f>r feirn we?k'v ^?rv.ce"will be -on idere, C??t0 Krota Pinaa^la. by Blik-!y, Ala, U Mobile 57 milrt and hark, daily L ave h caaco' Ji 'a'.y at 1<2 m Arnve at M b ie n?xt day by earn Leav : Mobil* da ly at 7 e in Arrive l'(na? :jU n^xt days by 2j a m 6i51 from ?l.u, Werri gtoa, 9 iaJI? hn 1 &ck da. y L?av? dai!y at a m Arrive a WarriLgt >? fwn: <*ay bv 6^ am lieave Warrit jron 'ia.Jy at 7 a m Arr ve at !'?jf!ae la sauit' day ty 10 a m From N** Or ??n? La, by Pen^ac'a, Fi< App.Ua.lii-cla.8t MnrkvCWiar K^v . 1mn p a?.d Manatie, to K?:y Weft. 1, X0 t: .| >.nd baok, wice a month, in at^amV>,t?i Leave New Or ?a b on tbe loth and 24it. f en-' tiO?!?h Arr v^ *t K-v Wrat or. *he 4?.>tb a?nl 4th L-V- K?y Weat on th< 10thard24.bM mcI month Am.? at Now Orl?an> ou tbe 20th aa.d 4 b F-f la' ?/ pnrt raster tin Flnrvia ctmiiartMi to mu ft 10 the iujhaency 0/ guartuUort. f t ?? In true twit annzM d IN^TItCCTIOVS fy'rm of a proj.otal where no ch-in^t frcm aJc rttp ? went it contemplated by the bulter. T? 1 of . eounty of , State o . !"? l*o-;e to c nvey he miiN fi\>m Ju v 1 1&."?5, to June!>3, lSi?, cn ronte No !r m ' ;o ?rre-a?ly to the edrer isement of th Pootm^ter ueneral, dated January 11, it>M. and b^ tb^it Lowing m deofconr yanc^, via: th? annual sum of d'dlara Th e prop a.l i. niaie wi'h full knowledge of th? >li an*?. th* rou v, tbe weight 02 the mail to b "ar-icd, aud ill r-ther purticulara in reffrenje to !b< routs aud fwrifrt, ?uj *!io *fter full exao ina'ioL of the inat-n ti.<ns and rejuirem^rta at'ached t. | tn? ?df erUetm u*. I>atod ? Signed. J M?rm (\f a G'roronty. Thaunderaigmd. reai Hog at .State of . U' derttke that, if th foregoing bid (or earning th* mad? oa routa ?o. bea c?p el by the fuetm^a trr Geueral, tbe bolder CJad, prior to tbe la: Jay rl July, l^a, or aa soon ttereat er a a uiaT b-, entej iuto tie resu'r <T? bl^at cn to petf?rm ihe ter> c< pr :pogfd, with g od and Mifllcieot sureties. Inlaw* do with a ful knowledge of tbo obiigt lion* and liabilitiea aa^umed by guarantor* und <1 Ui>- 27tba?otiwa of tha act of On greaa of Jalv 9. 1636 * * Dated [Si^nad by two guarantor*.] /V>rm </ Certificate. Tha und l&ianid, po of ? Ptata I of , ce.lifted und.r hi? rath <>f olica, that he ai ao<juain ed with thu ab >ve guarantors, and knowi th*m to be mo j if pre perry, anl able to m ,k? trtod "he-r gnaraniy 0 1 'Signed. J Tbe ?nflHon.'y ef guarantora on proposals rra? bt certified by a ju> g- o'ac nrt orecora, and bv nwv T'tr tb? ,0,;T ?? P1 1 and no f*k!rt: i State ot VI<t4lMA. poa maatara of offices at tne oourt oouae or conniy aaat of eaeh eonntv ; SnAW 7 Spring, r<erryvllle, Heth-j ^ 1 ?rd^*T r'? Brcwn-buig, Barkhan non, CLriati; n<burg, Uarkavilia, Coivmb^, 1 an i I111 ' .7 *' Lm r>.Jf?lr?E0uut,Felmoui^:i,Farm alHS freden kabjrg, Front Roy?l. Qor.oa-vi'le U ?.?ar.Ue, Gu a- do ta, Warper's F*rry, U-rria n i <VTl Kanawha Saline. Lexierton Mldd.?burg, Lvncbbnrg, Morgantown, Newb-rn New Market, Neatowp, 8teph*nab?irg North Moen ta)n, ? tak C rova, Old Koint Comfort, Pattonstnrg Pat-sr-Uai^, g Uxu, Sotttavil e, tbepbeida-' w.., 1 Lnitn, Univartity of Vir^iui*, np-erTi i?, Wa*aaw, ^Vabrford WaynMbaru*. We^tcn, VChiU iuk hur Sf rings f lao, Baltimore Cumberland, Frederick, and Ha-. r'Ktown, Md ; Uaaiqptowa aod Waahing'on, Pa., r unuvilie, Tenn; Washington aad Georgetown, j "la the CUU of KORTH CAROL'NA, postmaatera tf 1 fficea at the court hou?e or county arat of each c uuty; and at Chap*! 11*11, Davidson College, In field rgypttevi'l#, Fran*linton, Gw >n, Gvldsboro' Greensbvr >*, Ifeuderacm. Kenanarlilo, Milton, Mur ' freeabom,' Oatord, Sa'em, He Hand Neck, Wil ton. VaneoyVil a. In the State of SOUTH CAROLINA, poetmaetera ofoffiemat Uaa c^ur or aeat ofjoe ioe ol ?a-Ji! district, and at Aiken. BeanatUvi le. BiaLonviiU B/?tojUl.. Cb,r.., Ck-botf, oUl.jioTri.; In the SHtaofGlOAGlA, poatmaatara of oAaaal at Uia eooi t houaa or aonnty-aaat ol aarb oouatv t0* ??a ?' e.-?e a??.^ 4.,?, . Oolnmbtt*. Dahl aefa D?lu,n. How ah. Doma' Frs*klia. Fort ?ajnea, fjtt Valley, Qrt?a, Haek- ^ Inreille, Ind*n? fipriare. Joweaberri'. KnciMlV^ MonWuica, Marten*, Oxford. Fsafieid, Palm m. Poad'owa, Eieebare', y iagfn d, Rc*we||. Mat MartV, Social Oirwh Wone * "nntalu. Pans mervilie. Ptarkrflle, Tutn*I Bill, Till* Ki a. Wsverlv. VTaiaerrfll*, West Point, Wrtgbtsboro', ?'re Ch?t Uomii ?n] Utuxon. Trao ; CeatT', Oreo^a, Wi?d<v vn, ui JteksoiTilkl'*. In t*s SU> of PLOXTDA, po*tm??ter* of (fiUae ?t th* ocu-t bona* or county-neat of each cr naty ; and at Appa'aebWda. MJcan- py. BalMUe Catnj Mlttnrg, Jwpr, Jfaaloff. Mandarin. Mo# ly Hall, Newport. Men Pmyraa, Plcoa a. T? wp? Brb# Anna, Ocale, POitti, Qulncy, iirrkftc*. Con-Utvmt to fa mmrporaUd #n the mmtrrncti As tkt txUnl ike Drfxirimsnt map derm p?jwr. 1. Vt?b BlauUn are allowed t?> each intrnimlt ate office, whm not otlwnrW specified. far aasortmc Ihe mails. but on railroad snd ateaaaboat r^utu therv ii to be no mure delay than is *?fR<Vnt for an exchange of tbe mail bags." 2. On rout** where th? mode of oonveyance adm t* ?f ft, the special ftc n?? of tbe Department, also port ?AW* blank*, mail bar*. lock* and key*, are to be ronveyeJ *ith< at extra charge. 3. On mi'rend and aieamhoat lines, British *1)4 Cuaada mails when idforad bj> tol*eoairTdd with out additional pay; aU". tbe rout* areata of the De partment, for whose exclusive iw ahile travelling 4 nith tbe mail*, a car. Or apartm* nt in tbe centre of a car. properly lighted. warm*-.!, and rtrralshed, ard adapted to theeoaveaieat a??ortaent Mkd dne MnirttT of tbe mails, la to be >rorid?d by Lbe contractor, under tbe direction af U>? Depau RFBt. 4. No pay will be mad' for trip* not performed ? md for earn of *uch omissions not satisfactorily ex leducted For am rale so fnr behind Wine a* to break >lained three time* tbe par of the trip T ?? H y he "I lonoevion with depending mail", and not -uAciently iirufal, one fourth of tbeeompematioa for the trip a subject to forfaturs Deduction may also be or iemi for a grade of peri- rmanoe iiUen* r to that ip-eified in the oontract. For repeated dellnqaeacia* >f the kind herein specified, snb.rged i>?nal! tea, pro >o"tinned to tbe naturr thereof and tbe imjortanre >f the mail, may be a?ad% f. Foe leaving brhind or tbrowinr of tbe maila or ia? portion of them for tfcaadmMoa of paa**-nr?ra? >r for b^inc ooncernad in aettinr ar ar runn?nr an ?x( rnaa oooTeyimc o auaercial >ntrllifenr? ahead of tku mail, a ^uarU rV pay may be dad noted r<DN will lie impoe~t, un)e? the delinqnaaep tte promptly and aett'factorl!?aplainad by oarti^ ?\f*t ot pr??tnia?ter?. or th?- ?*Mae1tjof oth?T erad table p<nwna, for folllnr to arrtee in aoatrart tuue tor necWtinr to take the mail from, or deliver it into,a po?t oflcr: aiiff<*rinf it (owinf aither to tbe un-uiubo naasof th?-p'.^-e or aani?4*of oarryinc it) to be injured, d?*atr >yed. rubb*d, or loat; and fur r-fnaip*, after demand, to oonray tb' mail ae fre cently at 'he ccntract^r runa, or h eonoeruad la running, a e^arh, ear. or ?t- amboat oa a route. 7. The Po?tmaMer Oaaeral may annul tb?-eoatmrt f. r repeated lWilurea to run affreeabiy to eoatrart liaobevint the poet oflloe lawa, or the iaetrnr lion* of the IVjiartmert, for rafu^ay to dierhann t earrior When required by the Department to do*o; [or at^igiiinii the oontrrct without the a?M-nt af the Po-tmaeter General; fur runnlii: an expreae a# afor? ?nld; or for tran*p^rtlnr per-.n* or paokayea eon reyinc mailable matter out of tbe mail. a. The l'o*Uua?ter Ueoaral may nter an tn -reaae cf iervioe on a route b> ailowinc ibervfor a pro rata iucreaw un tbe contract pay Ha may chaaca ih<- schedule of arrivala and departure*, without iu raa*-e ol p*y. proviaM be doe* not curtail the iDiuiint of running time. !!e may aian order an Increase of wj?eed. be aMowini;. within the reatrV* tionaof the laa. a pro rata in maae of pay for the aJditk>nal atock <>r <mrrierv, if ftny. The contractor in ay, howerer, in the caeeof iu ?vaeir of *( ?*ed, re linquish the fontract by giving prompt notice to the * f>epartment that h>- prefer* ioiuni ao to < arrjint tM order into effect. Tlie IV?tniaxt> r Ueneral nay aiL curtail or diacontinne the aerrioa, at pra r*ta <1# ?re\*e of pay. aMowior one m^ntb'* extra cooa^J penaation oa the am^utit di*|-? n*ed with, whenever in hie opiuion the public inUrrata do not re<ji:ire the aaina. or iu caae h>- dedrea U mper^ie it by a differ ? t gr ade of tranaixTtatkm. 1'aymenta will be made f>r tbe service hy colloc. tion* from, or draft* on po^ tin after*, or oOur* i*?, after the expiration of each quarter?**y in Febru ary. May, Anru?t.and November. 10. Th ? diatan?<ea are m**n according to tbe hat .nformation; bat no iaena^tl pay will tie allowed atiould th?y be greater than advertiar l. if the po?nta to he supplied be correctly atated. Bul'l'-ra re u?t in form tht-uiMe!rej< on this point. 11. The Pr??;?master 'i ncral i? prohibiu-d by law from knowingly making a contract forth- tran*por tatton of the mail* with any ]>er*on who ahall hare entered into, or propo*i d to eater into, any combina tion to pr< reut the making of aay bid for a mail vutract by any other pereoii or p> ra >n*, or who iihJl hart made any agreement, or *ball have given vr performed, or promiaed to give or perform, any consideration whatever, or to do or not t. do any thing whatever, in oriler to Induce any other |-ereoa or person* not to h??l for a mail contract. I'arurular attention it- called to tbr 2Htb -ectioii of tbe act ot Im:&, prohibiting romldn^t.on^ to prevent niddiug. 1- A bid received after time, via: 3 p m ot t be 1 <Hh Apr 1, 1S.V>, or without tl?e gu<ranty required hy law. or that combine* several route* In one aura id cornp?n*;<"jon, cannot l? cc>n*idered in competition with a rec?!ar j rofo*nl rea* nable in amount. H. Iviilderw *h u;<1 in all caa?*. flrn propoee f<>.- \ a-rvke atrictly art rlinr to the advert'wment, and lh-u, U ti?ey >!esi-?, ?-|wina/Wy tor different ?ervier; an 1 if the r.y .Uir t .d be the lovaat offered f"r tba 1 advertised Tervk-e, the other bid* may be i onstdered; if th? a't-Taf.on* proposed are retv-mm^-nd'-d by tbe p->?tma.-t**r? and eiriaeaa intere*ted, or il they ahail aj>pe?r manifestly r>ghi and | ri per. 14. 1 bore ahaulu be hut one rout bid for in a pr. -poaal. 16. The route, the aenice. tb# year'v pay, tba ns;ne und residence ? f the bidder, ami '.hoee af each inemb r e>f a Drm, where a company off^ ra, -)?ould difiinctly stated. al*o the mode of ?>n% t yaace, if a h'sher iriode than borwW-k be int. u-tad. Tbe "i rd* "writh due celerity, ejrt ** . in ertad to indicate the mode ai I ometitute n " tUtr btd." 4 Id. Fid.', ra are ?qu?a(e 1 to ua-a, ae c iMe, t .e p-io ed f -m of pT>p fui auu d?f>vrtm-*at, to e-titcou; in fu 1 th- iuiu o? b;d<, a d to re aiu c pie? of h>m No a'ter d bid* ran b* C'in?i i re?t. ar 1 no bid* once riiHil tal nan he wit'.dr wn. Kach b d inuat be auarente* 1 by two re |onaible fcajna <*aa<ral rva aa'ee? 'am.t he admitted 17. The bid ahould be coaled : rupei" rtbed " Mail Prv>puMla, Mat* of .* adfnv-vd to the Sec ond fariatant Po?*i?iaeter fjener;!!," ton ra t ?'thee, ?nl??nt by ?aaif, n>t b/, or ti, an rp nr. and po,t. tn-a*er* will n*t rr.~!r?e prop< t^ala (or lett ra cf any fclr.l)ia thuir qiiar?e*l. re'urn* 18. The c-vntracta are to ba executed and returned t 'the Department by or beiore the iat of July, 1 >>56, but the service mu the maiecoeti on the mail day next after tha'd te, aheth-r ihe c n'ract* be *x* cuteiornot No p-cp ait on for tran ters w;ll be con tiered u^til tb?- contracts sre tx.^ut-d in due f>rm and rec?>ivid at the d partm-nt; ai.d hen no trxasfer* will be a 'owad unleee gcod and ruTctent ( reasons therefor are given, to be dttarmined by tLe department. la. l'oelmaater5 aX cfti- a* on or uearrai'r<?da. tkt more than eighty rode from a station, will ; diately aft*r the 10th of Afril rex', report their -xact divt?n*e from the r?*rest stati"". and bow they are otherwise supplied with the mail, to enable the PoKtmixtrr (General to direct a mail messenger supply from tbe let ef July next. Section 1^ of an act ot CorgT< ?*. approved March 4, l*4i. provide* tiuat cnatiar^a tor the tran* p rtation of the mail aba!! b? let, "in every caee tc the lowest bidder tendering sufficient ^uarantie* for fbithful performance, wi'hout other r?t?r?oce te the mode of sueb transportation thai, way be neee* *ary to provide for tha doe celerity, certainty, and aet iirity of ruch trnn-portatioa.'' i'nder this law a raw description of bidja baa been receive.I. It doe* not specify a mrds of oonT?>anoe. but engeg<s to take the entire mail each trip with calerity, certaia ty. and security, u??u<; the terms of the law. The** bidi are styled, from the manner in which they are de ignated on the hooka cf tbe iVej artment. " bids," and they will be construed aa pr iv?Jiup for tba entire mail, howver Imrgt. and aeAri*?rr e??y bt the. m"ie oj tonnejfanee ncofKary U> umtre iu " wefc rtty. etrtmuUjf, and ttcuniy.'' ^ In all cases where the lowest gra?le of aei-vier^^F^ believed to be sufflelent, the lowest bid will i-e adap ted, If duly guarantied, in preference to a 14 atair" or apecifi.- bid. ^Fben the Invert bid ia not a star hid. and specifies ?ither no mode or aniaadfyMiv of r ?uveyance. it will not he accepted, but set wade for a ap? cific bid pr >poaing tbe naceaaaiy eervice. When the bid does not specify a mode of eon* va ance,a1*o, when it propos-a to carry ??a'cordinf t > the advertisement," but without such speciflenf ? it will be c laddered aa a pr"poaal for horseback a i vi"?. \ < ?2 . A moil iftca'ion of a bid, in any of Its e-aettia] term*, is tantamount to a new bid. and cannot bw re -eived, so as to Interfere with regalar competition, after tbe last hour set for receiving hi Is. 2-J. I'ostma-ter* are to he careful uot to cegtify the *ufflc;ency of ruarantor* or Ku eties wit brut kn wing that ibey are |<er?ma of Miff ient re<eon sioility: and all bitflrra, guarantors, and Miretuxare iiatinctiy notified that ou a ta?ure to enter .n? or perfoim ihe contract* for the service prop< aed f* ia the accepted bids thoir legal liabilitiea will been fcroed against them V3 The contracts will be aubetantially in tbe fta* heretofore used in this Department, except i respect* particularly mentioned la theer ini lions; and on all railroad and ateaail>oat rou eeutraoiore will be required to deiiv- r the mail the nost offices at the end* of tbe routes and n the inimediate jost offices., not more than eight from theraPmad or landing. 24. Present r on tractors and peraons known De(?itment, must, equally with others, p guarantors and certificates of their sufficiency stantiaily iu the fonaa above presentod. The tifieates of sufficiency must be signed by a tar, at oae of the piaoae brf< re named or a j a court of raoord. Postmasters at tha ends of rentes on which *y think the preMat mode of eowveyanc* mada^y^^ will weteti tha ?il i snl trip for six au<x*-aivs na weekly routes, and three weeks on other rasa ^ and report the rttpJt by 10th April. 186.V JAMKP CAMPBFLi ; jan 30?#|tv Poatmaater Oesd ? ?I III .7