Newspaper of Evening Star, January 29, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 29, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. N LOCAL ISTHLLIGESCE. Vegetatf)!i.?The concluding lecture ot? vegetation ?v delivered at the Smithaonian, by Prof. Asa Grav, oa last Friday evening, before a Urge and attentive audience. Mr tJray devoted tuii lecture to still fur* ther illustration of the relation of plants to the ?un; the vegetable was viewed a* a mv chine for 'rar.?forming mineral into organic matter, or earth and air into food, through an agency eat in operation by the eun When exposed to the sun, the foliage evolves oxygen gu. which ie an unerring index of the form ation of organic matter. Thia was shown bv comparing water, the food of the plant, with its fabric and general products?the difference in the two being represented by the oxygen gaf g-ven off by growing plants?thus vegeta tion serves to purity the air we breathe In every step of their growth, plants withdraw a portion of carboni- acid gas from the sir; when, if it aonmulaed, it would become del eterious to amm.l Jife, and give back oxygen, ? the element so need;ul to animal lifa. Thus the plants, while they purify *h? air, at the lime time tran-form air?water being a part of i'?into f od ; and this they do enly under the influence of the sun. lhe v*it amount of matter whioh hai b*?n organiied by plants, was then considered, in k J^the present vegetation, in deoomposing vege table matter, in m~uld. poat. and coal, and in the whola extent animal kingdom. lie explained what becomes of all this or ganized matter by showing the changes it un ,-ierg ea?firs-, in the plant itself after life has departed; then in the living vegetable; then when transferred as food to the animal. He then illustrated the reversion of organ ised matter, by decay, into the original inor ganic state, in which the plant took the mate rial ; then the decompositions which take place in living plants and animals, the mate rials in all being given back to mineral state in the form of carbonic acid, water, and acu mocia. vix: in the same condition the plane took them. Combustion of organic matter, as of wood *0., produces the same resul* ' De cay and many other proceses carried out in the living plant, and the respiration of .mi nuls, e shown to be equivalent tu combus tion, and to evolve just as much heal as would he evolved by the burning of the same .Mate rial , and the heat given out is absorbed by the foliage of the plant f otn the sun at the tune the matter become organised. In the plant and animal power is expended acd work is done as the mtitar decavs. Tho sua. in the production of organic matter in plants, has endowed itwitn force derived from i?e!f. which may be expended in various wayr, Bid which man variously direets. >o it is sun heat evolved by vegetable mat ter, seen in decay in hotbeds. or in fuel used to wans u*. cook .or u*. drive steam engines fjr us, <ic. In the case of wooi. the heat eame ITviii the *un a few years ago; that of coal many years ago So the light of a pine torch, ox camphene extracted from pine, re cently came f'oiu the sun. Out in coal ga<, >we light our hall to-night with sunshine stored up for this purpose by a vegetation which flouiished hundreds of years before ihc crea tion Of man It is the ssme, also, both as to the result and the source of the light, whether we bum a candle made of wax of the bayberry or cf wu made ou; of cugar by the bee, or a ta'l- w candle. or of materials made out of the herbage of the ex or sheet; whether we burn 01. ex* racted fr^m corn or feed that corn to a pig ar.d burn lard oil fbe:e is no longer room for doubt thin ani mai heat U <un heat, thai our bodies are warned b> ?uj heat, which nlso warms the earth s -urfice by direct emanation from the common source il* :t and light were then viewed as s force convertible into still other forms, among them mechanical power Every act of muscular ene gy deoompo?e? a portion of the muscle which food resupp'ics by the incorporation of new material. The lecturer closed with an original argu ment against materialise?against tb? idea that rn^t er itself may be so orgxnited as to think F-?r if even the forces which the wil' ??auses the body to exert be not forces inherent in the matter of the body, but derived from the sun. much more must the power or princi ple that wills be distinut from lhe body. If the one may be traced back to the sun, itself a created thing, may not the power that thinks ai d wills claim a higher origin, even in the nnderived fountain and source of thought and will ? Tut Ballet ?The Rou* ett*. on re-opening ?he National Theatre on Saturday night last, were received throughout their entire per formance* with such applause as is rarely ac corded by a Washington audience Their beautiful ballet ot the evening, the G'selle, wjs never better perfomed. Caroline, Ade laide, and Theresine. created each a perfect fu ror in thoir rtspecrive parts, while Clementine, too, came in for a fair share of the thunder of I the graiilied audicLce. Nothing in the way * of ballet, ever seen in our city, exceeded the graee of Caroline, the el^gmce of The esine. or the piquant agility of their charming sister eased in male attire, who is by long o>ds the best formed woman ever saw on tho s'age. Corby and Siollosy iu the after pi?cc, *ej t the house in a roar of laughter, both being c >mic pantominis's without equals elsewhere in the United States Corby is really the finest com e dancer we ever saw ; and, a trav eled friend, an enthusiastic connoisseur of the ballet assures, at this moaient, without his equal on the Parisian boards. His " makicg up'' is exquisite in its way ; while his j an'o unme ian*t to be described with the pen The man who can witnets it without a laugh, must have nerves of steel. To-night they re produce Giselle, and for the last time, with the side-splitting afterpiece of the barber duellist, Frisac. A Nov a i. Si?.HT ?Our attention, yesterday, was attracted by a crowd assembled in front ef the Geseral Post Office, and ever anxious to keep the readers of the Star fully ported in all that transt ires in our city, we joinei the thrcng The ursl view revealed a go cart, in which was collected a large and varied assort ment of ??hou.-eh Id and kitchen furnitnre, consisting ut kettles, pots, frying pans, tin fuP?.M , Ac Surmounting all were a pa>r tl bo^ts, attracting much attention trcm their rculiai apfe&rance, and giving assurance of having seen hard service Elbowing our way 'hrough the "outsiders," wc gaineu ihe ianar ciroie. aod held converse with the owners of this novel assemblage of articles They were an old man and bis wife, over fifty years of age, travel s'air.ed. and giving evidences of fatigue They had stop] e l at this spot to en joy r resting spell, and his dogs, of which he had tao or three, Uy down panting and went to sleep Their appearance was rough and ^ uncouth, and the hand of Time bad been freased heavily on both husband aad wife In this manner they bad tiaveled from In dianopo:ia,the jo rney occupying seven weeks, lie to!d us that bis object ? n e^mtt.g was to ?ee some aid friends in Georgetown before he died, and a t? to see what improvements had been made in this par; of the country since he 1 lilt vaitsd it For a year and a half he said, he had been a coachman in the employ of ('resident John Quincy /.darns; and he enter tained the orowd with an eulogium upon the character cf that distinguished personage, which would have been oreditahle to a person poi?e<s?rg a mere polished exterior When this edd looking couple were si fflaiontly rested he gave the word of command?" for ward ' He placed himself in tho t-hafts of his go eail, adjusted the chain around his burly shoulders, called his dogs together, the <<Id lady touk her poaition in the rear for the purpose <>f pushing, and ihey took up the line of march attracting the attention and c< mmie *retion 1 f all who beheld them as through the centre of tne streeu they plodded their weary w-y Mrshrs. Night Police or the tfEcoftD Watn:?We have been urged by several oiti sens to request your particular attention to the ro?dyi~iu which occurs nearly every night betwean miduight and day break, on ? street, > between Inirteenth and the tneatre, to the grievous ann--yanc? of all dwellers in that vi emit/. This ik the case especially on Satur day and Sunday nijrbtj a: en the t>creechiog, swearing, and scuffi ng t? worse th in at any ether time The presence of a watchman in f ttaa immediate vicinity, once or more for a ;eek would probably result in a dosen ar rests, and thai break op this intolerable uui MBh , ' j A Musical Cowvbstio* in Washibotow.? The Board of Managers of the Union Choir Association. baring hid the (abject of a ma fi:al son rent ion for some time pari under oon siderati< n, have decided upon holding such a convention in this eitj. which will take plaoe aa aoon at the plana <*an be felly matured Circulars will be addre.:aod to tbe various musical societies throughout the United States, inviting them to a participation in it; and we may confidently expect a large at tendance Such a convention will ro doubt reocive tbe countenance of our citissna of all claaeee; for, not only will it be a aouree of gratification to musical circles particularly, but generally interesting and instructive to those whose tastes are -fhat way inclined, hut wboie a roc at i ens debar them from partieipa-1 ting in this delightful art The plans are jet in a crude and unfinished state, but a* soon aa completed we shall spread them before our readera. Professor I B. Woodbery, of New York, will be the lecturer and director on the occaaion, and tbe aeasion will continue three or four days. Much go^d is anticipated to spring from this movement, aa it will tond greatly to improve the style of church musio pa.ticolarly, besides awakening an interest in regard to this h'therto much : eglected accom plishment. The committee having the matter in charge?Messrs. Potter, F. A. Tucker, Thoa. MeGill, Sheriff, and Wood?are energetic and indefatigable gentlemen, and we hope, in a short time to give a more minute statement. The " Bla< k 8was "?We understand that at tbe urgent solicitation of numerous pastors of churches in this city, among them the Rev. Geo W Samson Rev. Dr. Smith, and Rev A G. Carothers. Professors Scheel and Fisoher have ooncluded to assie; in the concerts which will be given on Tue-day, Wednesday and Thursday evening* of this week, in the Fif teenth street Presbyterian ehurch, to liquidate the debt incurred in the erection of that edi fi:e. By reference to our advertising col umns, it will be seen that the " Black Swan " is to be the principal attraction ; and, from the celebrity she has acquired, both ia this country and in Europe, ro doubt tbeso con certs will p'ove profitab'o enough to attain the objeet in view We derstand, further, that tbe mu-uc will be c i high order, and that the choir attached t he church are ca pable r! performing the ). at difficult mrslc, with credit to themselves jvd satisfaction to ' th .se who may attend. Trinity Church ?There was a large con gregation assembled in this sacred edifice yes terday morning. The Rev. Mr. Cummings took for his text: "Am I my brother's keep er" From this sentence, he showed that there was a responsibility attached to every one of us, and that it i? character that c?n?ti | tutes responsibility The influence of char acter, be said, was the weightiest a'l influ euees If a Demosthenes were to ascend the pulpit, and preach without character, who ?v< uld be influenced thereby ? The preacher ?hen cited various per-one to whom he attri buted this excellent quality, amongat others he named Wilberfiree, upon whom he passed a high eulogium, and ranked him next to St. Paul a* a possessor of this virtue A'ao, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Matthew Hale, Mrs. Frey. and others. His personation w.ts truly sublime, showing vasf erudition, and carrying convic tion to all his hearers. Roprrt Heller's Wonders ?This modern Cagliostro appeared on bi3 magnificent stage, on Saturday evening, before an audience that filled the amnle space of Iron Hall. All that the ci y can boast of beauty and fashion was ihere. ani such an audience, appreciating as it did, the great and apparently superhuman eff'-rts of the great a~tist before them, caused tbe adven. of Mr. Heller to be ao era in the annals of amusements in Washington. Tbe mysteries were all beautifully executed, caus ing the audience to be more and more as tounded. as each succeeding experiment wia introduced. But we were more perplexed with the secon 1 sight mystery than anything else. Tbis is something new for the reflective j?ortion of our community. But, noiuvtrrons. we are going ag*in tc-iiight. and can perhaps tell < nr readers more about it in our next im jreaaion. - CaRI'SIK SALOOS? DoDHE'8 " DoDGBIt will bo seen, by an advertisement in another column, that tbe celebrated writer, wit. and vo alist. Ossian E Dodge, late editor and pro* prietor of Dodge's Literary Museum intend! giving a concert in our eity this evening. Our cit:zens will remember that this is the same Dodge who "dodged'! into the best seat at Jen ny Lind'a first concert in Boeton, by paying for a single ticket. Since then his suc cess. both as an editor and vocalist, proves him not on y an 4 artful" but an exceedingly fuccea.-tul dodger Having had tbe pleasure of hearing his talented company on several recaaions in the North, we recommend them to all lovers of mirth and good harmony. Choice Books.?Notwithstanding the lim ited circulation of money and the many amuse ments of the day, we are happy to learn that the extensive sales of Mr. J. W Rhodes, of valuable books, at fitz^eiald a Block, No. 474 Pennsylvania avonue. was most promising on Saturday evening last and we understand it is the intention of this gentleman to continue hi* .-ales every evening during the se???ion of Congress, so that our citizens, and strangers from tbe different States, by attending his Bales, will not only be amused by tbe tonguey wit of tbe crier, but obtain rich and elegant book- at their own pricea. Mr. Kbo.Ies says he has aea.'ered literature in almost every city from Maine to Oregon, and that the intel ligent eitizens of Washington must take a dcuble dose of at least five hundred thousand volumes before the4*hof March next. His business is praiseworthy, and merts tbe pat- j ronage of the reading community, which be now receives nightly at his sale* room. Fire.?We were in error in atatmg in Sat urday'e paper, that there was no fire on the night previous. It seems about two o'clook Saturday morning, Mrs Phillipa, residing at No 341 Twelfth stree'. between M and N, was awakened by the smell of (moke in the honae, and upon examination, it wa? found that fire had got between some rafters, which being discovered early, was extinguished without much damage. The alarm made through the streets that night, waa by a neighbor, who passed down Eleventh street, but the night be ing intensely cold, did not succeed in getting out many peiaona Scniuv AacsivBirri ?Our police offi:ors h?ve been informed cf o*rtain dances 'hat oocur <<n Sabbath evening* in a portion of tbe city rue-* disorderly conduce ia nothing new. " Paree , bights" usually make those dances interesting to those who attend them, and give tro-ib e to the ofioera on duty in tbe neighborhood. lhe Captain of the Guard and Chief of Po lice will pay particular attention to these par tics hereafter; and if they ccntinue, the jour nal of the guard house will chow who paya the piper. Steam Fire E*?i?b.?Mayor Towers calls tbe attention of ouroJiiaeas to the Stia/n Fir? to be exhibited at the City Hall this evening, at 4 o'clock, lhese engines are at tracting tbe attention of the people in all the large cities of the country, not only by the novelty of their construction, but also by their effective utility. We expeot a large number will be present. Ho! Foe the Niuhtim?albs?The first annual ball of tbe Nightingale Quadrille Club will be giveu to night at Temperance Hall, on E street Every exor'i u having been made by this club of young men to give satis faction to all, an excellent time may be ex pected, as the Nightingales are not of that cIms who do things by halve*. Succeaa to ? Uf)|M ' 1 KmGRAHTi.?Yesterday a large number of German and Iriab emigranta paseed through thia eity, some going West, others looking ioi work at the fishing ahorea. But lew of the Germans could speak Engli'h, but all wrre able to perform the work required at the 'HSlbciiob or OrricEES ?The Auaooetia Fire Company have eleoted the following offi cers . Charlee Sanderson p-esident; Korx-rt M;ddieton. vice president; James R. Cork pe^reury, William E Hutchinson, treasurer. Ibis company is one of the very ebleit in our ^Fouiocii.?Our peliee and guard have uee? ao native Wtaly in tbe Corporation work thai there it bat little room left for prieooers ia tbe worbbouee. Christian Do?? -The Turks, in applying ih?a twin to aa, mifhthave teen the reality of tbU specie in one of oar faab ion able ohurohes yesterday, had they beea preheat. Two Very handsome little dogs obtained eotraooe, and remained there to the end of the aervioe. They behaved wi'h the utmost propriety?be ing ojnacbus of the saeredneaa of the bail 1 1D(?. A Splash ahd a Rrscub ?Last night, a fat, hearty colored womin, who waa on her way home from church, stumbled and fell in the gutter near the corner of Seventh street and the Avenne. Three hundred pound* falling into the water, aa deep aa it was at that corner last night, would cause a big splash. The old lady called for assistance, and we came just in time to save her from drowning. Criminal Cora*.?The three boys, Wm Bulger, Claiborne Mackbeeand Adolphus Erb, whe were put upon trial, 9aturday for arson, were acquitted to-day. Aftar disposing of this easo, the Court adjourned till 10 o'clock to morrow Assault and Battery. ? This morning D II Brotherton was beldto ball for court by Justice Clark, for an assault and battery on Alexander Van Alstyne. Watch Kktcrns ?Owen Branan, drunk and disorderly, fine and costs; Ann Kaboo, vagrant, workhouse sixty days; Susan Matting ly, do. do ; Arthur Larcey, out after hours, five lashes; Andereon Dorsey, colored, drunk, flue and ooats [Ky~ AYKR S CHKRRY PKCTORAL.?Forth* rapid enre of (Vnich*, Oolds, H<>ar*<Mi**s, Urnn.-hitis. WbonplnR CoiiKh, Aiilimi and Consumption, it universally known aa the Ml rrmMl; tvfr yxt ili?n<iv?rn1 for itii; variety of Pnlmoiiary disease. So wide to the tlHd of It* n?efnlne?s, and ao numwom the r?se? of lu enrea, tint almo*t every section ef the conn try abound* In person* publicly known, who have l?f?n restored from alarming and even ds?v?raU diseases of the lnn*s by It* us*. When once tried it* snpe rlorlty over every other medicine of It* kind I* too apparent to eecape observation, and where It* vlrtne* *re known, the public no longer be*itate what antidote to employ fr>r th* diltrewlnj and dangerous affectlou* of the pulmonary or gan* which are incident to our climate. By its timely use, msny, uay almost all attacks of dl*ea*e npon the Lung* or throat, are arrested and thus are aaved many thousand* er ery year from a prematnre (rare. No family ahonld be with out it, and those who do neglsct to provide themseKes with a remedy which wards off this dangerous cla?* of diseases will have cause to deplore it when It i* too late. Proofs of the surprising efficacy of the Cherry Pectoral need not be given to the American people?they have living proofs In every neighborhood. But those who wish to read the state ments of those whose whole health has been restored and whose lives have been saved by It* n*e, will and them in my American Almanac which the agent* below named ha* to furnish gratis for every one, Prepared by OR. J. C. AYKR, Lowell, Ms** ,?And *old by Z. D. OILMAN, Washington. O. M LINTHICUM. Ueorgrtowu. J AS. COOK A CO., Fredericksburg, aad by all Druggist* everywhere. dec 17?eo5m CONSUMPTION AND HPITTINO BLOOD ?8ee the certificate of Mr. Turner H. Kam?*y, for many year* proprietor of th" Farmers' Hotel, Fredericksburg, Vs., and late of the Oity Hotel, Kk-hmoud, Vs. Dr. John Minge, of the city of Richmond, though a regular physician, and of cotirse opposed to what he callcd quack nie<ti< Incs, w*s oblige I to s ay that its good eltert* in the cat* Of Mr. Ramsey, were wonderful Indeed. He had l>ecu given up by several physician* ; had tried most of the quack me Heine*, and was on the verge of de spair, a* well as the grave, when lie tried Carter's rSpsnlsh Mixture. We refer the public to a full and lengthy certifli ate aronnd tl>? bottle, stating hi* cure. ?,*See advertisement. er- Aiorm Pb KM i o?.-Mr. WHITSHl'RST h?? b? awardel auotber premium for his saeerlor Daguerreotypes, exhibited at th* World's Fair, New York. It will be remem bered that Mr. W. received from th* World'* Fair, London, two medal* tor hi* anrivalled daguerreotype* of President FUlaeore an4 Oebitet, and Psutiscooos of Niagara Falls, be st 1ee pretnlan* at all the fair* at which he ha* exhibited tor Many year* past. This speaks volumes In favor of hie gall* rlea. Call and have your llkentmse* taken at Wbitehurat's Oall?J tf, near Four and-a-half street, Pennsylvauia avenne. np IS? tf SVJok HBiLi.iM?Toa receives all the new Book* and Mew* paper* is M as pnbllshed. He is agent tor Harper's and all the other Magazines, and onr readers wtll slways And a large and feed assortment of Blank Books and Stationery his Bookstore. Odeon Building, cor Pa. avenue ami ?H at (V?y READY M ADF CLOTHING FOR OENTLBVEN AND Youths' wear maunfaciored with tastsand elegance by NOAH WALKKR A CO., under Browns' Hotel. Their *to?k embrace the Palitot or Snrtont Overcoat, Ovevsarks, shape<l and neglag*** ; Taliaas. bls< k and blue Cloth Dres* Coats, Fr'H-k Coats of oil fashionable colors, Casslmer, Buslnees Suite*, ijch Velvet Vests, -silks, Ac., black doeskin Ca**imer, figured Casslmer. arid plain Casslmer Pantaloons. For the youth?Jackets, Pants, Vests, Overcoats, Ac. As they are their own manufacturers they are enabled and will sell at the very lowest prices. Jthirti of snperier fit, Colters, Gloves, Ties, Ac., of late styles *1* ays on iiand. dec 10? rv?WATCHKS.? Member* of Congrest and others ^iu -1?^ want of a first rat<- timekeeper would do well to make a selection at once that <h?lr quality may be thoroughly test, ed before leaving U? city. M W. OALT A BRO'S assort ment was never s ? complete as at present, embracing every description, all warr*nte<l, and at prices certainly as low as e inilar articles can be purchased for In any city In tills country. M W. OALT A BKO , jaa 20?dtf Pa. avenne betwaLU 9th at.J 10th ?t* D1KD. At Alexandria, Vn.t on the i!4th in*tant, Mrs. M \RGARET PATTON. of that city, but form.rlv of Prince William, in the 63.1 year ot her age. The victim of an unfortunate accident, she was hurried into eternity without warning n? it were, hut not unprepared, for her past life vva? that of a true chris tian, an J an humhle servant of her L?rd ami Maker. '? May she r?'*t in pea< e." 'Virginia papers please copy ) Wants. BANREI. TIMRER A\l> HANDS WANTED. We want .VM) cordg of nmher ouitahle for flour barrels, and 150 cordf of poplar f r h'-arfing. in half round I >g< foi xtaves, JO niche:-, and f >r beading 1!) inches lone, delivered at our factory in this eity as soon ae praciical>le; stave log* not lex* than 12, anl heal log.s not leu- than 16 iacne* in dia.neter. AJ*o, 10 or 1*2 liande to cut barrel stuff and cord wood m Fairfax county. Va. Apply to R. Milburn, street west, or n? John Van Riawick. lumber (b aler, south end of Sixth street we?t. jan '39? MILRI'RN it C<). WANTED?A CLERK IN A DRUG STORE, One who has r'oine knowledge of the busi ne# is ????tuired. Address''i'ruggist," Wa-hineton D. C. _ jau "27 1IfAi-TfcNiuG RU hi STLm jb.-eribsrp at f f ?lttiaM in the marke. buying PLAVBS. pay If g the 'Highest cg-b prioes. Pe.-?om haviog Plave 'or sale trill pleue call at 242 PRATT ?TR1?T, Bal ttTacre, >M., ala,teiJsold stand ) -Hsvas taten on boaru ?t X csnrs per flay. ftb'i?if B. 31. A W. L.CAMPBKLL. Boarding. BtiARDING AND ROOMS TO I.ET.?Mrs. R. E. WHEELER has several linely-furntshed Rooms to let, with cr without Board, if applied lor imuiediately. She ran also aeconniiodate several g'-ntlemen witlitlii-ir meals. IntineUiate appiicaiuina are desired. West side street, 3J door ?outli of Pennsyl vania avenue. jau'29? 3l* BUAIUJIIVS?A lad> havinc taken the liatd w.ine Dwelling, No. 3 Union Row, on P street, betwteu 6th and 7ih. can offer fine latge rooms for families, either furnished or unfurnished. Also, has rooms for gentlemen much larger than are generally appropriated to single persous. Table boarders and permanent or transient per sons will be accommodated on the most reasonable terms. jan'29?lw* NEW STORE, NEW STORE. Lauirisnu atxriue, oppostU thr Hank of Wh 'unyton R. THOMAS DKLBANY ?^*etfully invltM . the attention ot th* public to examine hi* stock of GOODS, wbi<*h h? has cp?n*d on Lotisi?ra arncuebet <eeo Sixth and SeTenth rtree'r,opposite the Bank c.f Washington, consisting of all dcerip. tiors of Teas, Ac., Imperial, Gunpowder, and Black Tit* ; Win ? KLti Liquors, of all sorts, which he csa sil at the lowest prices tot e.i*h or approved psper. Besides a I the c*cessarie? for Qro epr Business, vis: Br ?ms, Sachets, Oed*r Tube, Matcbw, lit, Ac. Plea** call as J tee for your, elves. dot 22?im BANKING H0XTSX OF PAIE0 ft H0UB8I, Opposite ('tiled State* Tr> usury. BONDS, Stocks andoiher securities purchased autl eold. Diterest a( the rate of six per rent per annum al lowed on deposits when left tor 30 days or longer. Jan '24?6m COOKING. 1MIE BEST AND LARGEST DINNERS COOK ED FOR 93.-1 hate in my employ the Lest French cooks in iliu country, any one of whom will be sent to private houses at a cliurge of only $iJ. - Marketing ami every luxury for the uioet fa.-hionable dinners supplied al a few hours' notice and at the lowest prices. Just received, -b kc?? M.ilazs Grapes. U. G.MLTIKR, jan 16?eo-J*. '459 Pennsylvania avenue MUSIC TOR BALL8. PAETIE8, Ac L. F. W. WEBER Kt PtCTFULLY INFORMS H1U FR1KNHB aid forirer paUens that be continues to stead BALI.S, PARTI It*. Ac., with his well organisel RAND ot sci?atifle Musicians. He aill introduce all the saw and tsshionsbl Music R An aoouaiT>lish?>d Pian^- t furn shed if dcslrrd. uritts left at Uilbus A Hits' Music Depot, 0au''-r s, or HiiWrV Ooufeeiioi try Stores, or "t 107 re<? tei. e. n",r<leu li?r?d reon's. Navy Yard, ^iil Bieet w^t^ pt"Si'? attt-n kd wow yd?'in? 11HE FOREIGN OFFH'E Lls>T, (Brniah) c?r lecO'U l<? Au^u.-l I8j4, thin day r<*oeived trout London. FRANCK TAYLOR. Jan 15 ^ POCKET and Quaito Dieriea tor 1855 lor sale by janB-tf FRANCK TAYLOR. For Bala and F?nt UOR REJfT? Posses ton firm immediately, ft I; three story brick Horn* and Store, No. I ?1 Sfv?fe street, near the Market House, ontMning 16 ?wmis and kitchen. i perfectly ?<rv cellar, capable of

lotdin* 20 cord* of woxl. Tbi- i? . fir-t rate stand or bus.n< <*, roirtienlarly en the Pall - Budf is now n passable order. To a good tenant the rent trill hp et^onab e. Ap|tly to T. O. DONNOOHUE. Also, a r?ry convenient Dwi Mint, containing Ave ?>ni?, kiichrn and cellar. IfttHy flnMied, ritnated >n Llngan treet, neftr Hick's Oottixe, one of the nd*t hea'tliv and plcasent si'uati ?ns in Georgetown. \pplv as .IbaVr. T. o. n. Ian 24->Jw* OR RENT?FOR ONE YEAR OR A TERM F _ ot y ars, the well situated, commodious, well Inched, and convenient dwelling Clous'*, ever Ok* dosic Store of Hilhu* & Hit*. at tlic corner of Pa. ivennc and 11tli street. It contains seventeen ooms without the basemet, in which the kitchen s situated. This is a rare chance for a private fam ly wishing a large house on Pa. avenue, or for a per ?n desiring the host location in Washington for a arge and we?l kept boardlne house. Pos?e*?nn [iven immediately. Apply at ?hi^ office. jan I-.' -tf FOR HAL!* <)R KENT?Tiie l.p|?e, Good Will and Fixture* of a Restaurant arwly and I and ?oinely titled up. in Alexandria V:i Apply at tin* >lfice or Quzette office, Alexandria, Va. jan 24?eo3t' IVH)R RENT?A lrt?fe three story brick II?mi e. with basement and attic and three sior> back Miilding. with stable and pump in a large yard, con aining nineteen rooms, on C street, between anl streets; adjoining the residence of !?r. J. P. Mai < |?oa*e*rion (riven on the 1st ot February. Inquire of I. P. PtPPKK, at Adams kCoV Exprnea Office. or of I. W. llif KH, City r?m Office, Execmors |i?r the lieirs. jail 24 ?entti r|'0 LET?The large and commodious tlir??e stnrv I Brick Dwelling, No. 483 B street, between 2d ind 3d streets. For terms enquire of E. S. SMITH, Ageut of Adams1 Express Co., Pa. avenue, between 3d and 3d strecls. jan 6?eolm FOR RENT-A medium sired dwelling House, on Maryland avenue, between 6th and 7th sis. For particular- enquire of T. GALLWAN, at T. Ka<tiane||j V Co., under Browns' Hotel. jan 23?eo."t fcOft /Mlf! WORTH GOODS SELLING AT PRIME COST?The sub cnber living on hand a much larger amount of goods ihan is usual at this season, will offer his entire itock at prime cost fur cash only, without the reser ration of a single article, coinin mci if ou tiie 20th nstant, and continuing until the 20ih February. The stock will b* found very complete, bavins been ?urchased mostly f r cash at the late pcrcmp :or> sal?-s in Philadelphia and New York, and offeis rare inducements to cash buyer*. R. W CARTER, Betw 7th and Bill sts., opf?. Centre Market, jan 20?eo2w HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and beaJlhHy located Buildinc Lots, 24 feit front by 130 feet leep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought it the exceeding low price of Hk'5, payable S3 |>er in mth Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th at., above Odd Fellows'Halt, jan 9?tim JOHN FOX, Secietary. STORE FOR RENT?THE ELIGIBLY SI TV atcd Store on Pa. avpnue, between Tenth and Eleventh street*, lately occupied by us. HILBUS k HIT/ Possession given imm*?diately. Enquire at our Music Depot, corner Pa. av. Mid 11th street, jan 3?tf OR HJCMT 0*4. HALaK??THK MODKRN Four-storv Brick House od Thirteenth sti eet near K, east side. The bouse is in good repair, dry sellars, and to a good le ?ant the rent will be low. Ptasesfion given on the 1st November Apply to oct SO?3m ?JA8. C. MoGUIRK, Auc'r. RICIIWARZE'8 oyster depot . Corner Eleventh and t* street*. Orders for superior OYSTERS left all his place before 10 o'cl'k m tiie morn ng, will be delivered before 2 o'clock [>. m. Also, are arrangements made to send Oysters hi iny quantity in the country, packed up in air-tu*h> :aus, 60 that they will keep good f*-r at least eigh lays. Pickled Oy-ters always on hand. jan 18?eo2w* WATCHES !~WATCriES! IF YOU wish a warranted timekeeper at a reasonable <rii-e, yon are invited to calli ind eximitie my selected stoek' ?f hue English nnd Geneva Watches for ladies and ;ents. H. fcEMKEN, No 330 Pa. av., between 9th and 'Oih ;?s, jan IP?eotMar4 Gentlemen &re Yon Ready 1 r'OR UNION HALL SHOOTING GALLERY, BILLIARD SALOON fc RESTAURANT, C rtrect, between tith .;nd 7th v/?. I^HE PIstoN ar?* of the best quality, made to order by J. E. Evans. Phila b-lphia. Tiie Billiard Room isfnrni-hed with Tables of the iiosi approved ?t>le, by W. J. Sharp, N. Y. In the Restaurant gentlemen will l?e "iipplled at he shortest notice with suta-nor *>YSTRRS,<; AME uiJ a!l other delicacies of the season. WII.L80N & HAYVVARD. l'rop'rs. jan 2T? 1 w MY COURTSHIP fc ITS CONSEQUENCES, by WikolT. Price % 1 25, Slavery in a New Insht and its Grand Result", by a Citizen of Georgetown. Pnee 12'.j cts. \ Niftlit in Bui'iios Avr-s. a n# w drama in five aets, by a Citiaen of Ueorge'own. Price 12^ cts. Hie Scout, by W. tillmore Simui*; $l.2."> Ida May ; .^1 25 'iitnams Magazine for February; 25 cent* lallou'a New Monthly for Febniary; 10 ets ?Jinlf-v'- l.adies B<?ik for F?-bniary; 25 et*. Forsal^by E. K. LUNDY. No. 1*48 Bridge street, Georgetown. jan 25?tf N'APIKR.'^ Emglwh HaU)"* and Swges in tiie Peninsula. I vol, Lon.ou, IH54 Vlanual nt Fiel.l titration, l>> Lt Jervis, Ro\al Ar tillery, 1 v??l, lf<a2 rhe Young OIBcerV (.'ouipaiiion, bj' Lord ib* R??s, i vol, If.jl I'he War in Ru.-sta and Germany i?i 1^12-13, by C??l Cathcart, (killed at Inkerruan) 1 vol, maps an I diagrams, lf.V) Six Familiar Lectures, by a field officer, 1 vol, lfc'?l '??eneral Wolfe's Instructions to Young Officers, I vol (out of print) 176* The Mediterranean, a Memoir, P ijsioal, llis'ori *al, and Nautical, by Rear Admiral Snivtli. I vol, 1854 Flie Miscellaneous Literarv Works ol Ceneral Bur goyne, 2 vols, (out of print) 180^ jan 24 FRANCE TAYLOR. PARTIES. SOI 6 EES, <fcc. Having made arrangeniciitsVAy which insure a constant sup-Jgf Y^^^^^TWply of all new and fashionab e^^^? ? * ? European and American dance Mu tic, the undersigned is prepared to attend personally m aboke occasions. Orders left at Hilbus k. Hitr' Muvic Depot, or my ctid'-nce, on 14th street, one door above F, will be iromptly attended to. J. E. SCHEEL, jau 13?2w Professor of M- sic. BRITISH STATESMEN.?Lives of Aberdeen, Ku-sell, Palmeraton, Graliam, Gladstone, lie., 1 vol, London, 1834 Thirty Years of Foreum Policy, a hi-tory ot'tiic Se cretaryships of Aberdten and Palmerstou, 1 vol, London 1833 teedell's British Tantf for 1834-5 Special Re|i?rt to Parliament on the manufactures of the New York Industrial Exhibition, by Wa'lu fecial Report to do., on the machinery ot do., by Whit worth Special Report to do., on the Raw Materials aud Agriculture ot do., by Wilson Special Report to do , on the Geological Department of do., by Lyell JauntM * Statistical Companion lor 1854 iu kard's on i'opulauou aud Capital, 1 vol, Loudon dou 1854, complete Set (scarce) ot the British Almanac and Companion Irotn lucommen.e ment in 1828 jan 28 FRANCK TAYLOR. T. H. PHILLIPS' COACH 7ACI0HT, . 171 Eighth at, adjoining Rainay'a Livery Stab'ra Uk WING to tbe increased tr?d? which a genetous ' poMl- has bestowed upon me, 1 have be*n com pelled to ereet a new and larger building for tbe l rrying on of my business. Here I shall b< ec ibled to .'xecute all orders entrusted te m? wiw> t?a^r tar lities and dispa*afc and I would restect wv solicit a continuance orfbe publi's pat'onage. Oarrisges anl Wsgons, of th* moat mod-rn sty e, Dalit of the beet materials, and warranted to latisfiiction, . pairs ot every lescription p?nctually attended ?. For sale, cheap, ? second-hand Clarence Carriage, Marly new <mH-H fiTSKMKKN, JEWELER," No. 330 Pa. avenue, between 9tk and 10(4 Urtftt., Oilers for aale a magnificent assortment of DIAMOND JEWELRY, noid Bracelets, Breastpins, Earrings, Seal Rings Wedding Rings, Fob and Vesi Chains, Seals, Lock eb=, Pencils, ThimMes, Trinkets, etc All articles are warranted a* represented and sold unusually low. )?? 19 GOOD NEtVtt FROM HOME.?JUST RE ceived 100 copies of the above popular song at ib<- Mnaio Depot of HILBITS k H1TZ, Corner Penna. avenie and lllh street, jan 11?tf Auction Bales. If '? O* ?eflClHl, A??tUM?r< TRUSTEE'S SALE of VALUABLE Imporrd R?al Estate on Pennsylvania svcnur ? B> rir tm' of ? deed in trust. Iteariti* ilalt lb- 4Ui eay of April, 1*50, and recorded hi Liber J. A. 8.. Xu, 15. folios fit, lie., ihe subscriber will aril at public sale, on MONDAY, the Ifth da> of February, 1665. at 4 o'clock p. m . on the premises, part of L?*t No. 3. in Re-eivatiou No. 19, fronting 16 feet 8 inch s on I'ennsrtvui.ia avenue., and running back 103 fr'l 6 incite" to a 15 feet alley, with the improvement", which consist of a nrell and substantially built two Moryr brick house, covering the whole depth of the lot. The property in eligibly situated on Pennsylvania avenue.between Second and Thirdt?treets Wf?t. and adjoining ibe old Ra Iroad l>epot, and i?a goo I I.ii-i iiw lorniwi, and offer* to p?-i?ons desiron# of in vwiinj an exrHlrni opportunity The term* of sale will be r One third of the pnr chase money hi cnsh.and tire balance in ait. twHve, eighteen. and twei.t) fofrr months, for notes bearing interest froin day of mIo, -ecu red by deed of trust upon the property. II the term* ?f sale nre not com plied with in six day* after the sale, th? |<r?p<>?v will be resold. np m one week* notice, at the r??k and expense of the pHfcb;?w. All conveyancing at the exjwiise of ihe purchaser. Title indisputaMe. I'll AH. S. WAI.I.ACII, Trustee. JAS. C. M niMKK, Jan 29?3tawkds Auctioneer. Gi RKAT It ATTRACTI VE HALE OF CIU D'F. T AND VALUABLE R(?<?K*< \T AUCTION Commencing on FRIDAY EVENING, J.tnnarv ?J6ih, lM??r>, at 474 Pa. avenue, (Kitrgeiald* idock.) at 7 o'eb'ck each evening. Stock all new and perfect, diiect from New York Trade Sales, comprising the ? hoi< est and be t se lected 4 softincnt, Foreign and Domestic, ever of Ured in the market, consisting of School. Clas-icil. Law, Medical, and Miscellaneous Rook*, in even department of litci attire. Bibles. Piajer Rook*. Rlank Rooks, kr , >. ?rcat verity Annual- and Holiday Pre ente f>?- 1855 Agricultural Works, some r?0different author., all new und popular work* in print. Amer.can and En gllsll Cold and Ste? I Pen? of extra quality Diaries, Pocket Memorandum*. Portmonna es kc The above Mock will be open for examination, and offered at auction every evening until he entire sU>ck shall be df'posed of. The safes of this extensive and magnMcent mock will be conducted by Mr. 1. VT. Rhode#, late of N York, and offers uniisltal facilities <<n obtaining Book* nt a price to suit Ihe time*. jan i6-lw* By <1. C. RKnOUIUaC, Aneilaattr, TRUSTEK*8 f>ALE OF DESIRABLE BUILD ING LOT ON THE ISLAND.?On MONDAY afternoonvFebruary 0th, at 4 o'clock, on the prerni sen. by virtue of a deed of trust from Ceo. Thorn a? and wife, dated January 16tli, 18i4, and recorded in I iiber <1 A. S , No. 71, folios 3JQ, 331. kc., one of '.he laftd records far Washington county, ihe sub rcriber will sell Lot No. 2, in Square No 3W, front ing 2o feet on <*outli F utr^et, Hetween 9ili and Hbh si reel* west, running back 125 leet to .1 Wide alley. Ttrnucwh. JOSEPH C. ISAAt" Trtwfee. J AS. C. McGUIRE, jan-J? hUi Auctioneer. By J. C. ReGl'lRB. Aactlon??r. FI'UNITI'RE AND HOUSEHOLD EffECTS at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY morning, the 31et uutaat, at 10 o'clock, at tlie store of II. Li?ber ger, on Pa. avenue, near O'Ji street, opposite Wret Mark* t, I Hhall bell all hi? stock in trade at-.d House hold Furniture, comprising? Mahogany Sofa, Lounges, Roc kern Marble top Tablet, mnhognny Bureau? fane and wood seat Chairs, Looking GI a Red.^teadf, mahogany Crilx, Raw Chair. Wa>li8tandn, Toilet Seu. Clocks Feather B? d#, Bolrter? and Pillows l'J superior buxk Maltre?*es Cottage Chamlrer Set (?lit fr ime M -ntel GU<s Carpets. Oilcloths. Mattin;* Cnx-kery and Gla^ware f'ooki ig and other Suive? Kitchen Ut^nsib, kc. Also, an excellent one horse Wagon Terms: and undtr ca?-h; over thai mm a credit of 60 and 90 days, for note* ?ati?(a< 'only en dorsed, hearing interest. JAS. C. McGCIRE, jan 24?d Aui'tioneer. mw LiifEiv ft crrroR ooodf JUST received and will be nold at fair low priccs for cash; or to ? ur most prompt customers. We name in tlie lot 2-i pieccs fi 4 9 4, 10 4, 12 4 bleached and brown ;*lie?tmg Cottons, alt of the bes brands 1 JO do sti]>erioi ble chid and brown Shirting Cottons fiom 6 % to 18 cents pci yard 75 do all pure Slit una Lln? us, ranging liom 31c to ?1 per yard, which we know to be very cheap 10 do tine Linen Sheetings and Pillow case tin eas A largJ variety of Table Diaper*, Bleached k brown Table Cloths Damask Napkin*, Hackutrac and many other Tow ellings, Seotch and Rus-ia Diapers, (."loth, Linen and c.Mton Table Cov? r? With many other desirable G-mm1s trhieli me de sire pu chasers to examine before making their se lections. ttf Observe that all a iicler, sold at our e^tal? lislunent are warrant'd to prove as represent! d. (.OLLEY k SEARS, No. 33>l Seventh st, 3 doors above jan Q0?eo2w \venue House. I) \ VIS'S POEMh jtiHt received and f<#r sale by ALEX. ADA.MHON, Seventh st., (?ppoaite the Post i ?llice. He i* agent f>iral; tins ("neap Public .tions, Maga imts and News|*>|iers; Harper's, PutnamV, Gra ham's Magazines and Lady's Rordt at $2 .r>0 a ye: r. Lomion Illustrated News, Bell's Life,1'ime?, Pnneli received by '-very strainer. 1 he New \ ork lleiald Times and Tribune receiv<>d every Bight and deliv ered to subscribers, lie keeps constantly on band a Urge assortment of Rla k Itmiks, Pens, Ink, Pa per, Envelopes, Playing Card , VHitinf I ards, Cliil dreti'sTot lto?>ks. Primers. Kn.i|ip k Rtgtiimyef* Copy Rooks wh(le?ai<> and retail, k.-. jnn 2? I in BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH. HKM.TIIY GUMS, AND A S WKRT BREATH. .Ml who are desirous of obtaining ibe^e tK-ne fits, s.-uld use ZKRVH i KI.KRR \TEIi TOOTH-WA^II. Ttiis delicious article combines so many irteruorious qnalities, that it has now be come a st indarii ftvome with the citizen* of New York, Pni'Hdel|tJiM and Ba timore. Dentists pre serilie it in their praetice nio<t suecessliillv, and from every source ihe most flattering laudations aie awarded it. Inflamed nnd bleeding gum? are immediately ben efitted by its use; its ucti' u upon them i* mild, sootiiing and effecuve. It cleanses the treth so thoroughly, that they are made to rival (.earl in whiteness, and diffuses through the mouth such a delight I ul freshnestt, thai the breath is rendered ex <|ili?ii,-ly swe?H. U diFinfe t? all those impurities which tend to produce decay and a? a consequence, when these are removed, the leeth must always re main sound. It is used and recommended by all the eininen Dentists in New York, Philadelphia, Balun-ore, and other cities where it ha* be n introduced. All should give it a trial. Prepared only by FRANCIS ZEKMAN, Dru?gi t and Chemist, Ninth and Catharine street*, Phila delphia, and sold by all Druggist everywhere, at 25 cents per bottle. W. H. GILLMAN, jan 17?3in Agent for Washington City. (CONGRESSIONAL DIRECTORY. J The Geograpical and Commercial Gazelle?a monthly punhcatiou devoted to physical,com mercial, and political Geography, edited by an asoociatiou of practical and Scientific gen tlemen. Subrcnption $2 pei annnm, tingle number 25 cents. Dkituruell's Khiiway Guide for Jannary?pr>cc 25 cents, with map. Jan 13 FRANCH TAYLOR. UNION ACADEMY. Ccmtr qf FourUenth st and /few York avttiue. A FEW ta re pupila oun be rcseirtsJ to make np the liml'ed number. Application oust b? made soon. Ihe tlrcipiine. Instruction, anl ireane of iUuetratlon are s .ch as to insure >atii?sctorj pr> gres in thoee i upila wh<> me pnnctual, regular and obsdi< nt. Circulars at the Bookstore*. dtc 30?3m 2L RICHARDS, Primdpal. THE ART UNION OF LONDON. PLAN FOR THE VURRKST YEJIR. THE list is uow epeu, and etery subscriber oi 45.5" will be eut'Ued to? I. An impresaiox of a Plate, by J. T. Wtllmore, A. R. A.,from the original picture by J. J. Cba lon, R. A., "A Water Party " II. A Veluuie coutaiumg Unity WoodEagravings illustrating subjects from Lord Byron's Poem of " Clulde Harolde." And III. Tlie chance of obtaining one of the pnzes to be allotted at the general meeting in April, which will include? The right to select for hitnaeif a va'uable work <>t art from one ot the public exhibitions. Statuttes in bronze of her Majesty ou Horseback, by T. Th?>r neycroft. Copies in bronze, from an original Model in relief by R. Jefferson, of u The Entry of tlie Duke of Wellingtou into Madnd Staiuttes in porcelain or parian. Proof Impressions of a large Lithography byT. H. Magnire, after the original picture by Vv P. Frith, R. A.. *? The Three Bows," from Mo Here's " B nirgeots Gentilhomme." Honorarv Secretaries for Washington, Messrs. TAYLOR k MAURY, Bookseflem jan 24 SKCU3ID BABTD PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT?We have in ?torv lour Pianfa, two of Cluckenng and two m Andre Stetne, which w? offer low for carh, or g??od notes, or wi? rent ?m moderate term". New Mimc expected to-morrow morning. JOHM. F. ELLIS, j*n * 306 Pa. a venae. TELEGRAPHIC. Riprtul; for lit Btlij gnlis; Kar. A *ad Liu of life. *c Pmi.ADti.rBiA, Jan 2fl? > ?terday. ? ? rioas affray occurred at the * rren House in thi# eity, daring which Koben (Smith stabbol John Hunter and Jaseee McCarthy Banter died this moral of. and K it theaght McCarthy will oot survive The ooroncr waacalled this morning to to vestiga'e the raaeo of tha death of Miehael Dnrhin, who died at tha last eight from a blow given with a pound vaight on Thursday right, by Michael Loughney. Baltimore Marhet BeLTinoRK Jan W ?Flour?There were no ate* this morning bat it is generally held at Saturday's rates. Howard street at $K j>% ; City Mills at $8 37;a8 50 Cora is also held at former rates, but no tranaaetione re port ad Wheat is held at #1 H">af2 0-> for white, end $1 90?$J fur red. Kew York Markets Nkw \ uRk. Jan. W ?Cotton is firm at last week's prices. Fluor is upward and firm? sales <>f 3,000 bbls. ol good Ohio at fS 62ja9. Southern is dull at $?- 7ha9 25 Corn isaaeier, but price* are not q notably lower; sales of 10,00) bushels Weetern mixed at 9*o Pork is upward and Brm Beef is unchanged, with a moderate demand et previous rates. Lard is dull with a downward tendency. Whisky ? unsettled ; salef of Ohio at .M? Fires at Hartford, Ac Habtk'jrd, Conn, Jao 27?Tha tobacci manufactory and warebouaee of Ira Baxter, recently belonging to Meesrs. Fuller A Burn ham, was destroyed by ire last night. Loss on stock $10,000, and on building f2 WH?. located tor $5,000 ? The sash and blind factory of Meek A Tefc was destroyed here this evening by fire, which it is supposed was O'ved by an incendiary. Loes $2 000 Insured $H0fl only, in a Boston offlee. Mr. Holbreoh, the Poet Office agent, esased the arrest to-day of the ticket master, at Wil limsntie, of the New l/wdon and Palmer Hail road. for robbiog ihe mails. Tko evidence of his guilt 1 conclusive He was broo^bt to this city, and is now in custody in the jail hero. Polities in Connecticut. Now Haven J an 27.?-The Democratic committee have fixed upon the 14ih of July as the time, and New Haven as the plaee for holding the Slate Convention Prom Havana. New York, Jan 2S ?The steamer Empire City arrived here thi: evening with Havana dates to (he 23d inst . The steamer Falcon had arrived there, ard the steamer Eldorado was entering the port when the Empire City left She bring* no news of importance. A F-ailroad Conductor Killed. Troy, Jan 27.?A eonductor on a freight train of the Central Kairoad. named C A. Curtis, was instantly killed this morning by striking hishe^d against a beam in Coboet bridge. He was on top of the car at the time of the aocideot, acd stood with his back turned towards tbe bridge, and strikiDg it, bioke his ntok, Changes in the Canadian Ministry. Toromo, Jan 77 ?Mr Chabot has retired from the Chief Commi'sio iership of tbe Pub lic Works, and is succeeded by Mr Limteux Mr Cheveau has ceased to be Provincial ."sec retary, and his successor has nut yet been an nounced. Mr Cau:hon sucweeds Mr Muiu as the Comtniasion?r of the Crown Lands and Mr. Badjrley is appointed Judge o( the Court of Queen's Bench. Destructive Cotflagiation Montreal. Jan 27 ?A fire broke out here at ten o'clock on Thursday nigbt. and destroy ed Allen's extensive ehair factory, ne??r the Lachine Canal The loss is f 15 0OO, of wuich only one fourth is insured MEDICAL OtFlCE. 1.^sr?ai iMitii j in lv**? , hv Urn. HRul llKK - at t.K \Y, 119 Smith B ?t , for ltt?- Piiri- of vpim1 real it* dep'oralrie ll< SOUK ill lilt: ea*-* th il are pre M'lltrd to ili?. ft. k O.. where vli?* di? ax' ha.-. been d ?' i v?' it iiiio tin* -sj? in t?? ?pi:n> ??) wi'li Nwnri, to Urt ik ? ut: i <iu hi Ihe form ol -pots and ul?*t'r- "ii ili<* li -dy or hi tin throat and no*e. VW propose ritti orJiliar}- ease* in from Uire? lo tiv-.- flay*, and old, h iff irf.ii? d, lingering rj??? ? hi two M three week*. There can be K'fii at our <4B<-e prfsoripcioiw fiotii nearly every physician in tin- l>i?tr.rt for private iliiease*, whu-li have failed to ?*ore and at lad ap pin .J to u.- lor rdi?f. Remember, 129 South H Mre.-?, Inland, jan '27 lrn* * (1 Ol.D, Slt.VKK, 8 TEFL k I'LATEI) SrEC ~f TACLES to suit every ar*d4 i-.t*. Kidiiie ^(K'C", R. R. Gla?M ?, Eyr( I'rolector*, Eye Ot Sll d? -enp tioiiK, Readme *;ta-?e?, Goggles; fco..' ParalioU, Pent'ocai. C'nucavt, Convex, ^ud Cokired Glas.<e? put in frame* at the sliort^Kt notice. Person* in want of jrlanfie^ may be *iire to g?t iho* which benefit the eye a? H. tfEMKKV't*, No. 330 Pa avnuo, betw. 9th and 10th vt?. jan *20 SILVER PLATED WIRE. CCOMPLETE Coffee CH-, t'iwtur?,Cali? and Fruit > Ra*he:^, Waiter* on white inctat, TiWf, !>e? aert, and Tea Spixui? and Fork*, doutile aud tuple p'aii.-d on, the b-rt.-ub^titute torrllvrr, war ranted and -old hy H. KKMKFW. No 330 Pa. avouue, between Mil anfl lOtd ets. jan 19 255 Looking Glasses, 255 /'"VP all aiies aed quah y, Pieneb or Oerotan plat*, IJ Fancy or plata P??rtralt and Picture Pramea, 3tlt or Vaacy Ootomd. Alao. Oilt Room Moukting, MarHe top Brackets rod Table* Cornier made to order. Alar, all kinds of olS work regilded with dispatch ml on rt-aaonab'c t rms by J W4QKBR. 5I5# Pa. avenue, opr. Rtrfcwocd >K uae. a??tf ? -? ? CHARLES WALTERS SENKRAI. A<;EN?'Y AMD INTKM.IGENCB OFFICE, NO. 65'4 fiEVENTH tsT. oppoetTS rsinac n?akitt ilfficc hmini fnxu 9 to 13 a. m., end from Sto5 p. m- j a n 17? 1 u>* NOTICE. TO ALL WHOM IT MAT COVCnLV. I HAVE tlii? dav received and opened a neat van ety of CL#CK8, WATCHE??, and JEA'ELtV. Good Clocks' front .fl j0 tn $15, all warranted oaa yi>*r. Also, cold and ailver Watcbea in great va riety, filver Watcbea Ipom ft; to $35 ; gold lever Wall-lien from f-15 to fl SO. and a great aaaortnieat af Jewelry, all of which will be aotd cheaper '?"f gooils of aaiiir quality can be bought in Una city. Those W latiiug to get go*d Clocks would do well to buy fV<uu me, aa I put all my Clocks in order he lore welling tbf u. Call an I nee for jrouraelveej at the flock h Waich Emporium of J. ROBINSON. 349 oppofiii Kniwut' Hotel, jan 10?lei (latel) PIANOS FOR SALE OR R1NT. ' NhW and swo d band PIANOS, of my ewn and aeeeral other thdorVa. are *l?ave be bad at mv I iaoo Warwr?. -?th I* , between Pa- avenu* ?ni E ft. t>ld tlnooe tak-e lo **rh*rji?. lunioc al*? atieoded t* 9 r. KRTIIRMBAQB> P 8 A few vary low pr eed wn bawd maa $/> for sale. *ec 1 OF. BeW"H B1VIEVV ft?R JANI'ART, fm* pun1 i?hed and fbt sale. Bahseripuow # fir ennum. fRANCK TAYI.QS.