Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. LIVI8 to the J* eakcr of the Mu?achavetn llou?e of KcpraM illative* by a Member of the Gen iral Court. A Political Pome Mu> poieaate'. h-tw d'>? !*el -hub ?j> tUar Lilte a fowl upon a wh *?tirtn l^wn on a tomml .if} chickens i I' rba^i you don't fenl your oat*-of coarse you don't? You ain't some punkin* in yennr e^wn vnllyntion* What d'ye m^an by try in' to *qua?h rout freedom er ?perch?hey? Dont yeow xpose I know when I'm in order's well as yrow. If I autt in order?that's my coiwtit ><suit's look on', not yourn ? You all-yntti. icnt caw?conrcrn y^r picture ! < ant 1 aay uotlun' without hearin' yer infernal ha.'ti mer J A dentin' of the mahn<?u?y.'?that 'ere dc?k cost i suthin, I calliiate. Be yeow in partnership wiih a cabinet makrr? There'* me and fcalt a dozen on n? don't mean to ' (?tan* it a great while. 1 reckon a good li.kiu' wouldn't uptle yeow. mis- J ter.? \nd I know a few vouUn'l mind pitciun inter yv, "Peanuts and freedom er debate!" look in the Char ter? * The Bill er Ki^iit- and Cu-lunV manual? And see ef yeow can find pre cedents for your aaataM Ll' 1 go hom without gettin' off one speech Wt\ .it'll d'ye spom* become of my pOfiitikl - chance-? Is it a acheine of yo irn to reduce me to my old a vocation Of pedting ?and, ?yster*, cream cakes. lamp ilr, apple sarce and fine tooth comb??ye?iw nit ia!?l-. uiigrntefle, cbouder head. \n-wer? ld stick-in the mud ! Don't vou here me ! Bla<?t that hammer ! Tub Dctch JrDOE ?A Dutchman who who settled in the far West became rich, and was in due course elected a judge. One day he was to sum up the evidence against a prisoner, and on look ing around for him, found him playing chequers with the sheriff, while the fore man of the j lry was fast asleep. Re plenish i ' Itc ample judicial chair Willi his person, he thus addressed the jury. "Mr. Voreman and t'other jurymans : Dcr prissoner, Hans Vlecker, is vinisheJ his game mit ter sheriff and has prat him. but I shall take gare he don't p(ot inc. Ilans has been tried for murder before you, and your must pring in der wardick, but it must be 1 cording' to dere law. Pe man he kil't wasn't kil't at all, as it was broved he is in der j^il at Morrisdowii for sheep stealing Put dat ish no matter. Dere law says Ten dere ish t'out you give 'eia to der bris oner: put here dere ish. no tou t; so you see ter der brisoner is guilty. Pe sides, he is a great loafer. 1 have knowtu him vifty year, and he hashn l tone a ? ditch of wark in all dat dimes; and dere ish no one debendmg upon him for deir livin', and he is no use to nopody. 1 dink it would pe good blans to hang Litn for de example. I dink, Mr. Yore mans, dat he better pe hung next Fourt' o* July, as dere militia is goin' to drain in another county, and dere would be no vun goin' on here I" it should be added, to the credit of the jury, that in spite of this learned an l impartial charge, they acquitted the prisoner, finding him 41 Not Guilty, if he would leave the State." ~SZ/?Oh, the smartness of American boys! they understand you before you are half done speaking. They see through you like a pane of glass, when you are iuiidly lying for the very best of motives, 'l hey drive a bargain with you before you make up your mind to trade or not trade. They write for the press at eleven or thirteen; edit a paper at fifteen; at twen ty, they are cashicrs of a bank, partners in a merchant's house, first mate of a ship, captains in the the volunteer regi ments, stump-oratore, political character, and aspirants to the presidency. ? i - ? ? ? At a meeting of the clergymen, not long since, a reverend gentleman by the name of Loss, of dimensions some what extended, presented himself. Says one of the brethren to him : 44 When you left your people you were a great Loss." 4- Yes,' said another, 4* but when he dies he will be no Loss. ' 44 Yes," says a third, 44 will be a dead Loss." Here the reverend gentlemen ceased, being at a loss. A*/" The new year poet of the Monroe Commercial is 44 some." Only listen to him: " As well old bachelor* and mauU Mi.'ht try to make a baby ?how, A* I, of all Uie printer lad-. To make a new year's address go." MOV LMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMER^ Sun*. Lean b'or Dmy%. ? au.ida n.->K.n Liverpool...Jaii. yi t'aotk- Liverpool...New York. ..Jan. 13 1,1 Havre..New Yu?k Jan. 17 -Vllanur Liverpool.../Nc* York...Jan. 27 GO-The California steam-r< leave New York on tlie 5th and 'Jwui of each ux>nih. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS v. if itr i?' II 3".ai?y. * h j c. vvill?i ?. JS Gilbert, MB Rev L Tkurston, Mas* H I) Towns- nd. NY J T Cornell, NY P H Ty'er, Mass Dahmerhan*, do T D Robin-on, do s Trowbridge a lady, do J M Lowei., Army Col (Mpfnn, Md Dr Magrudt*, do F s li >1 ford, Kne'd H G Hall.Mii, NY M II Griauell, NY A Caldwell and lady, T I'lleMon, do do M Liviugaioo, do H I Pandolpli, do L h> Morgun, do L I Leiteb. Md VV M Fvarb, du S Hignmon, Mat* Mr* Tenyck. Md W L Banning. Pa E G?Midwin, NY H J Horn, do H VVenzell, Maw VV II A?pmwal), NY *lr? B Hai^ht, NY C Cunard. do Mim A Smith, do J A I'honMit, do M Th >ina^, do T J Ciaiu. Pa national Hotel?a. d wiilaip. I !? Liay. Mo (, VV lliitchum, NY A opp. mine, NY J C Burton, Md N K Jiiover, AU G P Baldwia, Vt J t Glover, d<* J L Ci.rtis, Pa Gen L Comtw, Ky F A CiiiIih, do B Kaudalt, P' L C Duncaa. Si" t>r Snarp'es*. do O II -imtli, Ind Mi-S Sharpless, do F Spencer, Md J E iJeveiio a lady NY J Carter, do Mi** X D Ham-, Md J A Ream, Cal N A Thompson. Va \V 11 Y Mackett, NH F T t laxton, do tiol T Carroll, Md VV Campbell a Udy, III C^l C P Kane, do 3Jrs M Kelly, child and Mrs McLean, NV servant, Va Mi>s McLean, do \\ Woodward, Md H Wenzell, Maas J B Loberts, do L Fo uk, Pa W Tyler, do C C Fulton, Md P N Kelly, do c R Vaufbn, Va J C VVe*k?, NY W Cartwright, Pn H P Snith, Pa j cirgg k lady, O J A Kennedy T Cfiminiiiit, Mass G A Gil mote, Masa *' Ur< wn?> ??Ul ^. k k_ iI0W>> E C H >ran, Navy b c Moorehead. NY Hon W Sui th, Va Mw* J R?*?> ,lQ Capt B F Darrucott and H J Bacliner Kv ?lo C 1> Boyle, ild J VV Porter, do J Hunt, do J II Edward-. SC L V Leilch, do W P Berry. Md F A Stougbtenbaugli. Va J Bar ing, jr. do A R * cott. Pa R B Ch? uuwith do H llood, d?> I'attfd "'(?Is* Hotel- r 1. bkuii. J Johnson. T? nn KM Smith, Mass G L Ward, do (i W Lock, NH T George, Ww VV Burleigh, do A Kv'ger N E Smith, no J Hart,jr, NY EC Allen T Kdwards, do J P Taylor, Pa T Prati. Md J VV flchtiylei, NY S L I. twrenre, Me Z E Kondr ip H A Aim leuiif, Md A Pet? r??tn H H BenueU. Nil L Ba?ettj Ct PEOTO8 AtS FOB OtI FOB LIGHT HOUSES ? rOrr/ Tejuse .i I>w\Ki*rstk _ _ . i office Uiu<? Board, > January 10, 1*W ) SEP RATR SEALED PR ^.8ALS wi'l b? re reived at tiilirffl e lo'ei'ck p.m , onThur* day, the fir t day > t Ftbrua-y 1B55. for supplying the | ligh -h^u e "stablishuient wi'.h til" following lots or ) <4 jantiti- o; oil to be d Hvertd a'.eeg-ide of the g wnm'-nt npj ly v-*pp-1 at B >cV n, Ntw York city, | X?n Betferd, or ki>lgait.>wn Massachusetts, at the optUo of the contractor, to be determined on at tbe t me rf a~Cfptiag the bkl, in ti ht, well made casks, aa tabl- for shipprag, in prima ordar, on or before t'i* Mla^int dac?? re p ?uvalv, and also at tht re ip.- iv - p inte nnui-d cn th3 lakes, vis: Let No.L 8,010 ( *fct thon-and) gallons best winter strained | or p-esoed rperm oil and 42 000 ( we< ty-tws thousand) gallons b-vit spring strain*i or pressed *perm oil. to be delivered | on tbe l*t lay of Marcb, : ??>o Lot So. 2. 14/) 0 (fontt??n tbelli and) ga'fon?> best winter-1 sitaim-d or pressed ip?rro oil, at;d 1C.000 (*ixt.ent'i?n-i.od) ? ail on tw*t spring strain ??d rr p'-svd ppe*m oM, to l?e delivered en t? j day of May. 1866, as above Lot No. 3. IS 000 (eighteen th usand) gallons best winter ???tra'ned ?r pressed ."perm ril, and 12 000 (t <elve thou? tnd) gallons beet spring strained I cr p. e -sed ?pe^ m oil, to be delivered as above | on the 1 t day of June, 1855 ? OR TllE LAKE*. Lot No 4. 7,600 (seven thousand fives hundred) gallons best winter strained or pre-eed e?e:m oil, and T,M!0 (seven Thousand fiv?s hundred) gallons b?t ? ptlug drained or press?d sperm oil, to be delivered at Buffalo, New York, to tbe pr - pe cftv er autherixei to rec ive it, onthej 15th (lay ot April. 1865, or immediately af ter the openicg of th? Erie canal 150 (four hu.idred and fi'fy) ga'lous b-st winter* atrained f r pressed sp?rm oil, anl 450 (f.Air lu dred aud fif'yj g?' idb bf-ai spring straited or pressed spsi m t il, to be delivered to ;he ci lejtor and "p^rintrnd?ntof lights k( P.att bur-f. New York, on the 16lh day ?f Ap ii, 1855, or imni di?tely after the opening of ths Erie canal. A'l of tbt oil comprifed in Lot No 4 to be deliv ered at the above mentioned places f >r 'he lights oj ibo ake*. be in small iron-bound casks, in prime *rder, frtft from leakage, containing from thirty to fifty gallon* each, and free from all expense to the United States: all the costs for transportation, damage, and leakage twin/ at the charges and risk oi" the contractor or contractors, and all tests and inspection to be made prior to the transportation of the oil from the contractor's warehouse, or other pla e of < The s^vt-ral lo's of oil reqnir d to be delivered a'onga d- of tbe fnp^ly ves.eU shall be so delirerrd wh^n th? sa <i v ? seih ?hal' ba in 'tad nes to re ceive the ame. and in ??* e the supp'y veseels should ! nc' b- r*ady to receive the oil ou ttie daj' herein -n??r ti ? t for the delivery, then the contra ting party wji be al liberty tod 1 ve- it to an authorised :t*ent * LO' ' wbt houiie ea'ab'.isbment at t^e po.nt of de livery, a*> 1 -h >11 b? eatitlM to payment therefer, within fiftnk.n da>r of mch de'iverv. Al' ilie oil contra ted for under the foregoing prono I. ??*! sul.j?r'ed 10 uhuhI lest* of rpeciflc*ravity, temperature at ?hi' b it will remain limpid, by bur ning and such other mean? a? may be thought preper by the per?>n or persons to whom that duty in *y be assigned by the Li?riit-l!ouae Board, b?fore it will W accepte>i The winter-strained oi' to remain limp i 1 ;it a temperature of 32 degrees of Ka^nheit or lower, and t ie spriiig-"traine<i oil at a teaip?ratuie of 40 ilegn < s of Fareubeit c?r lower. 1'iopMab will be tec ived aud consiit-r?d for ach lot s?palely, ? r for th - whole quantity reqeir-d, at the <"pti n of th ? b dd-r but no bid will b- enter tainr 1 f r a lefs quantity than is compri'e<l in ow of the severa l-.t dt-s guatel N'os 1,2,8, acd 4. Tbe tiids must stat > expl.c.viy the l<>t orlot> prop sed for by ttie number or numbers, the quantity of ei>ch kicd <>f oii m the lot or lots, acd tbe price p*r gal lon <d ee- h quality of oil. AH bids must be sealed, and endorsed ''Proposals f r Oil lor Ligh^Houses," and then placed in anoth er envelope, and directed to the Secretary of the Light House Board, Washington, D. C. A bond, with security to ihe satisfaction of the de F'irfmcnt in a penalty equal t"> one-fifth the amount of i;i:h to ' rjet male under the foreg'ing pr? po wi'l Ik* required ? f eachcontra~tOT,con iitioned f r ?he faithful p rtormance of each con'ract, to be executed within t^n dayj aft? r th<- acceptaace of the bid. Tbe br?ard, under the authority of the department reserves the ri^ht to n je t any bid, though it may be tbe lowest, flvm other considerations than its ? m'>unt. tiy order of the Lieht-1 U?u?e Board: THOKNT0N A. JENKINS, ja-ilR?.^tawtlstFtb Secretary. U. SEMKEN, JEWELER, _Yo. 3HO Pa. oi enur, Mwnn 'Mh awl 10th iitrettt?, < >C? r- lor ?:tle a niaguiticeut assortment of 1I1AMOM) JLWELRY, Gold Bracelets, Breaatpiu^, Rarringv, Seal Bines Wedding King-, Fob and Veal Chains, S- als, Lock rts, Pencil*, Thimbles, Trinket.-, elc All ar'icles are warranted as represented ami -old unusually low. j n 19 ROSEXKRANZ PIANOS. JlTrST received two of Hie above unequalled ill stiuiiients direct from the factory in lireMeii, (Icraany. 1'hesefl|^^3BBB Pianoc havin? both, after a loin and land w,age, arrived hi perfect" ? * W " I tuue. afford another guarantee of iheir superiority ; m keeping in tune, i heir beauty aud (Kiwer ol tone ciicits t ie hi^he-t enc. n.ums from all the j erear ini'-oeal critics of Europe. iiilbus & nrrz, Music Depot, c??r. Pa. av. 11th and l> sts. jan t5- tl Wrncx or Aunt Clotuim un M^vifacb, 1 Pa tAPKLPtUA, IXi fet, 1!M. J KA!.fI> PROPOSALS will be iweelv.d at this rftice until 10 o'<;lo^k, a a* , ol tb- -l-t <1 ty of Jsnusry nest, for furnishing by coutra^ t tbe follow Ing army snpplie-i an I muterials, d??!:v? isfcle at the United SteVs CI thinganj Equipage Dep<~t, Schuyl kill Ar?ep?t. in quan'tVes as required, vi?: 6,000 yards 6-4 d?rk b.ue (indigo dyed) twilled cloth, weighing 21 ounces per yard 5 000 yt>rd* fi-4 sky blue (indigodyed)twilled cloth, weitfhirg 22 ounces p?r yard 10.000 army blankets wool, gray, (with the letters U. 8 in black, four inches loug, in tbe eenter,) to be seven feet long and five feet wide; each blanket to weigh five po auda 40,000yds flannel, cotten and wool 30.000 " yA uubleacbed d illing 60,000 44 cotton duck,'iH^in. wide, weighing 14}^ oi ?,000 44 44 28>4 '* 44 10 44 9,000 44 44 60 44 44 22**44 *,000 44 44 60 44 44 15U? 8,000 44 44 *24 41 44 li%44 10,000 44 4i 33 44 44 44 6,0oo 44 blue flannel tor lining great coats 4,Vj00 doa~u pairs hall xtockiofnt, 3 ci*es, weighing 3 pcunds per doz^n, of go;d sound wor-1, doubled and twisted yarn. Tboee knit by hand preferred Brass scales, N.C. S. etrg. eorp privs. Bronse " '? " Staples for coats (brass) Worsted sasbes, enms'tn % and X inch worsted lace, crimson,green, crange r*l, sky blue, and yellow Pompons Pelt cap l-odie^ Glased feather, for visors and chain straps Morocco, for cap linings Oil silk, for cap covers Blue serge, for coat linings Sewing silk ?nd twist Linen threads Drums, complete artillery and infantry cords, bead batter and snare, snares sets, slings and sticks, pairs Drums stick carriages; ti es. B and C Bugle*, with ar.ra neutb-pieeea, and trumpet* Collin's axes, (felling; ?xe and hatchet handles, spades liu canteens, to hold three pints Bunting, red, white, aud blue Tent poieh aud pin*-, seu f.r hospital, wall and oo? mo a tents Bolting rope, tent c rd Oarrisoj and recru ting halliards Wooden tent batten* acd -lips Bras- rpurs, pairs Blank books and stationery W'x, upper and sole leather. All of which it is daairable sbcnld be of domestic manufacture, anl mus. oouloroi, in all respects, to the sundaid pattern sealed in this office, where they can be examined. Sample patterns will be sent by mall, with any additional information upon the - object which may be 4*sired by manufacturers wishing t? offer pro posals. Ten per oent. of the aaa>* unt of each delivery will be retain d until the cou'.ract shall be completed, which is to be forfeited to the United States in case of defalcation on the part of tbe contractor in ful filling the terra? and stipulations < t tbe contrsct. About one-fourth of these supplies will be required on or before the first of July next, srd payments will be made for them aa soon aa tbe next appropri ation by Congress of fuuds fo? this branch of the service h available; the remainder will b* pai-l for on delivery. The privilege is reserved of increasing, by one third, the quantity of all the supplies ah ve men Uooed. I Contracts will bs based upon aoctpUd proposals,, for the fuifillnxnit of which two tr more securities! will be required. B ds are desired only from man ufa<Hurer*,or regular dealers in tbe art icie proposed to be famish*), and none will be respected or Oi n "idered tr??m any one who is net kuown as a ma:.u faturer or regula- d?<aler in i^ie desired supplies; which fact, or the r-v?- mu-it be distinctly st ited i in he b?ds offered, aa w>?!l as th^ i un?<?s and addrers | of U?e pera.ias iut*uded t > be propose i ss wcutiiiM, in *uae a contract is obtained Letters containing pr< , o ala ahonld be endorse 1 " Prep^sals for Army Supplies." O, U CROSUAN, M^jor and Quarterma-teT (J f. A lac 17?aot31 Jan s JOHN p. BUTHMANN, A VDD.AL^KI!! WINK, BRAN C*illf?Aul?aJ^nnijlvanla ?t?u?, south side feji V* and Sixth strata, hu rec-lved hi* full "art f? a'sor.ment of the above, consisting in Madeira, Sherry, Port of virion* grudei, Champagne in qts and pti, different brands Ung17 ?f Rh,n' Wln'' 80me of " "P?'k* khi?' rid and white Clarat, at from *8 60 P*r doMB to the higbeat cv And numerous other kinds of Wlna Also, very superior Ongnac, pale and dark: SchekV ^ *Q* Whiskey, *? l?L"*i CorJU"' *" a"'" Cl?"" PROPOSALS ro* MAIL bags Post Ofeick Pepartxikt, January 12,1855. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at thin l>ei?artment until 0 o'clock a. in., of the 83d of dT oDfejXuiv ni?;nirnh,,'g fr "'Ur ?i?Joe*t, in such quantities and at such as may be required and ordered for the rnaiJ 0fU.? Mow,?g d?iripU0??M (anvas Mail Hues. ^ize No. 1, (43 inches in length, ani 62 inches in circumference,) to he made" of cotton JSvIi t0. thKP 3?H ?f 27 inChW Wldth i fiVe-foW doubled and twisted and Size No. 2, (41 inchea fn length, and 48 inches in circumference,) to be ?,a.!e of cotton carvas" wwg nng 151 ounce- to the yard of 27 inches width and the cloth to be woven in every respect like that of the first size of bacs. Size No. 3, (32 inche* in length and 38 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass w^elmie 10 ounces to the yard ol 22 inches width! and th, cloth to be woven as abovr described. mn?eJ?Eva"s-?oT*iz,'s N,w- 1 and 2 are to be made with a suffice, t number of eyelet holes, and provided, with strong cor,I to secure their mouths. \? ???? j be well and iltaiwtly marked ?'(/. S. i.a and to be numbered according to the sizes above specified. __ Leather and Canvass Pouches. Size No. 1.48 in in length, and 60 in. circumferencc Size No. 2. 41 do 48 do Size No. 3. 3fi do do 4-> <jo Size No. 4. 36 do do 3G do Size No. 5. 26 do do 28 do The body of the leather pnuelies is to be made of good and substantial bag leather, well tanned, weiah ii'? for *os 1 ""d 2 not less than 8 ountvs, and for the smaller sizes not less than 7 ounces to the so foot; the bottom and Hap to be of good ?kirfins leather, well tanned, and the same to be well and stm ,gly secured with the best iron rive s, well tinned. The canvass pouches are to be made of densely woven canvass, s a* to resist water or ?t lerrice ere made1 ?f Wl"Cl'the P,JUches now the Leather and Canvass Horse-mail Bass, (in saddle bags form.) Size No. 1. Body 48 inches long, and 42 inch.* in circu uf.rence at the widest parts ; ends or bottoms o: s nie, 14 by 2b niches mfn B(>d? 44 lo"*<!in<1 ? inches in , - ioT* ? h\w"test pRrts ? *nils or bottoms ot same, 12 hy 24 inches f rr.e No 3. Bo iy 42 inches long, and 32 incite* in eneumfrrence at the wi lest part*; ends or bottoms ot same 10 by 20 inches "ononis The leather horse mail hags are to be made of good and substantial bag leather, well tanned and weighing not less thai. 7 ouii. es to the square fo-,t and tne seams to 1 e well and strongly -sewed -.r if rivett-d, to be so done as not to chafe the horror The canvass horse mail hags are to be made of ?cribed"5 qua ,ty ? ,al>nc as l,lp po?ches above de Canvass and Leather Drop Inter Pouches, (with side pockets.) v 1 ^ ??in ,?n?lh.'"id ?' circumference Mze ,\o. 5. 26 do do 28 do c- ? C"nrcM Xe,rsl>?f'<r Mail Ba?*. f lze No. 1, (48 inches in length and f>2 indies in circumference,) to bo made of Coito? eanv^s" w ighing at least lo ounces to the yard of 22 inches ^.Uh; the yarn of the fabric lo be doubled "n^ twisted and live fold, and the bag to be so constructed ?l"*h* Jocked. and ro have a handle at eac-i end *\? N?? <4V"C,,tt "'n? and 4? "'?hes in cir uin'*r< nee,) to be ot the nam.- material and man ner of c instruction with size No. 1. Prop sals for iinprovem-nt? in the construction of any of the al?ove-dcscribe.l m iil bags, or in the ma terials Uierey, ire invite.l; an | the relative value and adaptation to the service a- well as price of sueh impniveinent will be con.^dered in d-termin mg the biwest and be<t bidder. No proposals will be considered if not accom panied with samples of each artiHe |Ml| i?r, shown,? the construction.quality ofn.ate.ials and workman! ship proposed, and also with evidence ..i the com petency and ability of the bidder to execute the work according to contract. The specimens must be delivered at th? r>cnart i"e..t on or before the day, f April next, a"d wil in connexion with the proposals form the basis "I the contracts. >peciiii. ns d. posi'e.l by bidders which may with safety and convenience be used in ^ed bythem.^ ^ " ,,aiiJ fW 81 U,e "^^o A decision on the bids will he made on or before the first day of May neit, and the bidder or bidders chosen will In- required to enter into contract on or ?nrn_rT_ t l>J th <lay ol next' witf> bond and sntnetent u* a faithful performance ol tlie ob igat.ons as entered into. All the articles enntrar*ed for are to be delivered at the contractor's expend, at Ho?ton, Ma-sacliu 8- tts; New York and !!utla!o, \. Y.- riitladelnhci a-M Piibburgh, P? ; Ualt.more, Md.: Washingmi', ^??Charleston S.C.; Augusta,c;a.; Vfon.gomerJ A a., New Orleans, La ; Vnehville. Tenn.fl.ouii i.'.-incinnati, Ohio; and St. Louis, >lo., in n quantities and at such times as the Depart mentmav require; and .hey are to be rig,' :.'TC !fd before de.iyery, a?d none are to be received aid b p^ inferior to the specimens or stand To enable bidders to estimate the number of the r mirili t'J ma!1 b igs which will probably be r quired, they are unormed that there were fur nished for the u?e of ,hc Depa.Unent, during Se Kch? C^'df'd 3?h 2,135^ leather p- uches, 3 9/8 canvass ouches; 450 leather horse ca hWrS:' baf" ; a0d 17,110 The proposals shetfd be endorsed ?' Proposal* for ; i and be addressed to the " Postmaster :r^- i ,, JAMES CAMPBELL, jan lo? lawl2w i'ostmaster General. EXPECTED NEW TEAK PRESENTS. OF all the branches rf busings condu-.t?d in this city, Urcceritt*, perhaps, of all others afford the ?<mall?st profits, aul should hive the pref??.-euce for cash, ar.d na one In th-?t bus.ness ??n continue if his cu?tomers are net prompt infl*ttl<-ment by thort notes or c ish. Deairouj of slosin^ UP tor tbe pa^t, I ?trnestly request all ?ho are indebted to call aud settle wi bout delay. 1 will farther give notice that all future bills w.ich mty be ocnlrset?d with me must be msd" <vi'.h refer nee to, and with the dis inct understand ing that th?y are to be c'oeed m oth'y, by cash or notes at 30 days, which I have prepared for the pur pose, except uch ol uy old customers who have ?l. ways betn prompt. Z. M. P KING. dec Ti?tf NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Omci or Mitbopoiitii* Rail boat) Compart, \ Oeorgerown, P. C., D?c. 'M, 1856. f SBALKD PROPOSALS for the grading, mssonry, and bridging of forty tbree and a hnlf (13%) miles of this road will be received at the ofHc* *f the company until three o'c'ock p. m. cn the 15;h day oi February nrxt. The maps, profiles, plans, and specifica ioas will be re?dy fur inspeetion on and af cr tbe 6tt day of February. Tbe Metropolitan Railroad Is designed to extend fr. m he cities of Washington and Georgeto wn to the Baltiaore and Ohio Railr. ad, by an eas7 ?nd d - rect route, connecting with the la'ter r ad east of the "Point of Rock*,-' on the Potomac river, and making a saving rf diatauce on the first ninety miles ef the present t>r.veiled route ft n the Capi tal to the Wesujxn and Northwestern States of for ty-five miles. Proceeding from the point of intersection with tte Baltimore and Ohio Railroad she rout extenlsto the City of Kredeiick, and, passim; thrc ugh the rich est agncul ural districts of Maryland, terminates in th* City of IKgerstown, where it connects with lines of railroads, now in operation extending to Ilarrisburg, he Pennsylvania Central Hailrotd, Ac. Tfce p rtion of the road for whi>h propos%ls are now Invite ; extends from the weaterty line of the District of Columbia (nj? mi es from Ge ^getowa) to ;he rity of Frederick. Propoe?ls will bs received forthe work in sections of one mile each, cr for the entire distance of 43% mil**. The work Is generally of a medium character for this part of tbe country, with pome heavy cutting in earth and rock) and bridving; and every facility exists for prosecuting it vigoreusiy and with econo my at ail 8"aaons of he year. Tlie country is ele vated and rolling, well watered, and remarkably healthy. The time conditioned for tha completion of the contracts will be trom one to two years. Any further informs tion desired by persons pro poking forthe wcrk will be furnished at the office, or <ray l*e had b addressing the President of the oompany by letter prior to the day of letting. By order < f the Bo,rd ot Directtrs F UWCIH fiODOK, President F.0M0SD It KN'Cli Chief Engineer. dec 29 2awt Vebfi * I )APEU MulPTENER,?A New Invention for in?ist( mug ihv leave# of a Copying Book, Post age Siam^, Envelopes, and moisten the fingers vvfieu couauug bank bills. Al?o. useful tor various other puipoees. It will be found an mdispensibie article fot every cb sk. It is perfectly simple and cheap, am! must roine into geneial use. TAYLOR fc MAURY, Jan 18 Agentn for Washington. TRAVFT7TRS* TTTRROTORY. iTuan'B lii.ik. ur >u will le?ve Alexandria at 4, TV.. i in, and 3# p m. Will ; Washington at ?, II, and 19 a LATHAM'S L1KK OF OMHIBUSK8 will le?ve Alexandria at 4, and 9," leave m., 8# and 7 p m.

Seat* can be nee a red at the Office, Fairfax st., and Newton'* Mansion House ; in Waahioftou, at Hall's Segar Store an I Kirk wood House. This Line rum regularly winter and summer for the accommodation of the Public. Passengers called tor and taken to their rerfdences if not too fkr. PARE?Por the first trip up and last trip down, 50 cents | all other regular trips 36 cents. Trunks extra. LATHAM k COOK. jaa 8?tf CBtOM WKM'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN NBW YORK BALTIMORE A BOSTON, WfLL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore and NewYork, and twice a week from Boston to Btltimoreand Baltimore to Boston. This line afford* unequalled facilities to the bun ness men of the District of (Columbia. The Agent* at either point will receive freight and rive a through lull of lading to Washington at the lowest rates ol freight and no commission* charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to hy the following agents: A. U. HALL, 58 Cxehange Phce, Baltimore. II. B CROMWELL, Corner Washington and Albany sts., N. Y. JNO. W. SCHANK, jau 14?d3iu Foot of India Wharf. Boston. FOR THE W EST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO KAIhitOAD IMPROVED ARRANGEMENTS POR TRAVEL I IMPORTANT CHANGES OF SCHEDFDK! I RCnMMD The late completion of th wW ?^^^^Bl?Central Ohio Railroad btt-v<i"i Whe-ling and Columbus, uniting, m it do?s. bv ro short and direct a line, tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with till portions of the West (and North and Southwest,) gives this ronte greatly increased a lvanta/ea to tnro-nrh travelers ta that direction. On anil afer M /NDAY, November 27, 1854, the trains will be run as follows: FOR THROUGH PASSENGERS. Two fast trains dally will run In each d'reotion First?The MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station at 7 a. m , insteid ot 8 o'clock sa heretofore, (exoept r>n Sunlav,) an-*, arriving at Wheeling at 2 40 a. ? S.-cond -The EXPRESS TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m , instead of Ht 7 p. m., as heretofore, and rnnniig through to Who? ing ?n about 17 hrurs, rea^hir g there Rt 10 25 a. m. This traiu will rtep at Wash ington Junction, Sykesrllle, Monocacy, Hrrp^t's K^rrr, Mar'insbnrg, *ir John's Run. Cumberland, Piedmont, Rowle?burg, Newburg, Fetter man, F?rm ingtoii, Cameron and Mound?vi'la only, for wood and water and meals. Both there trains make prompt sad regular conncction wPh th* e*rs ot th Crutral Ohio Road for Cambridge, Zan?svllle, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, T>ajton, ^andoaky, Tola's Letroit, Indianapolis. Chicco. St r<ouis,ete. Passengers leaving Baltimore hy u>e Mail Tr*in; wi 1 re?ci Cincinnati f-r dinn-r n**xt day, while by the Express Train they irr v there at 12 tbe next night, beiog kept but one night op the route by eith?r train Passengers for tbe Northwest via Cleve'and and all intermediate poitfs can m?ke a direct connec tion with 'he trains upon th* C eveland and Pitts burg lta'lrord at all times when the Ohio i* naviga He for atearasrs between Wheeling aid W?dj ville. by leaving Baltimore In ihe Mail Train at 7 ?. m. Returning, the Trains laave Wheeling as follewr: Th* EX PR * ^3 TR?IN at 4 30 p m., reaching Pal timce a*!*..1!!) s. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.46 p. m.. reaching Baltimore at 7 p n ^^-Through ticretsby b^at from Wheeling for Cinci-inaii, MmLs >n. Louisville, 8t. T.cuis and other River titles, ?i'l be so'd at a 1 times when the stage of "-*tfr vill alrrlt. Through ? ick-tP between Baltimore and Wasnington, and all the important cities and town? in the West, are sold at the Ticket Offices of tbe C ;mpany. FOR WAY PASSEN ERS THE MAIL TRAIN, leaving Canu'eu gtatlo. will ta*e pessengers for all the usual stopping pla.w on the Road Returning, this train leavee Wheeling at 11.45 mi In'ght, Cumb-rlard at 10.16 a. m au 1 arrives at Baltimore at 7 p. m. THE FRKDEKICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick and intermediate places, will sart at 4pm, daily (except 8un<<ayt) ar.iv'ng in Freder ick fct 7.43 Returning will leave Frederick at Q a. m., airivlng at Baltimore at 12 30, noon TIIK El.LICOTT'i* MILLS ACCOM MOD AT ON will be run daily, (exe-pt Snnda's.) as follows: L~ave Camd- n Sta i n at 6 a m and 3pm L-fue EiPcolt's Mills at 7.30 a. in. and 6.30 p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: IEAVE dally, except Sunday, at 6 and 8.V a. ra. j a d 3 and 6 pm. On Suniay at 0 a m and 5 pm. Leave Baltic re at 4% and 9 am; and 5 and 8 P D. On Snrday at 4 if am and 5 pm. The conneiti n? with Baltimore A f>hlo Railroad for the West are by trains leaving at 6 a ni and J pm. P-jr Philadelphia and New York at 0, and B]4 am ?od 5 pm. For Anuapo'is at 8% a in anl 6 p m. For Noriolk at 3 p m. T. H. PARSON8, Agent Particu ar attention is called to the Rule rtquir Ing a responsible vou?her for any person of ?uIot Who m*y w! h to pa?? ov r the road. dec 13-nlt/ 0BANGK AND ALEXANDKIA KAILR0AD On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, THE Cars leave Alexandria daily for GorJons ville aul intermrdi^.te tations at 7if o'clock, a. m., on the arrival ot th^ boat from Washington, giving ample time for breakfast on board. C o necting at Manaesas Juncti?u with a train lor Strv burg, at Warren ton Ju ction wito a traiu for War renton, anl at Gordonfville with the ti-hios on 'he Virginia Oentral Railroad forfiinhmocdjCharlotiee ville, and litaunton The cars Gordon?vllle dally for Alcxar drk and intermediate etstions, at x/i before 12, s ir , oi the arrival of the trains ot the Vi-ginia Central rati road from Richmond, Charlott-'svilU, and Staunton THROUGH TlOKKTS. From Alexandria to Warrenton $2 00 14 " Gordonsville 3 60 M " Charlottesville 4 25 M " 8;*uuUii 6 90 M ** Stra^burg '6 60 ** " Lynchburg 6 76 ?* 44 Winch-ttcx 3 60 44 " Luray 4 lb 44 44 New Markrt fi 0*1 44 44 Midileburg 2 26 Por Lynchburg, connecting with the etcge* at Charlottesville, on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fri days For Luray and New Market, connecting with the s age? at Culpeper, on Tuesdays,Thursdays, and Sat urday For Winchester daily, connecting with the i-tage^ at Piedmont For MiddUburg daily, connecting with the stages at the Plains. Per order: W. B. BROCKETT, Agent nov 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Fare round trip $1; from Al?x andri? 76 oents ?The THOMAS COLLYER leaves Washington at 9 and Alexandria at 9'^ o'clock. Coachvs leave the Capitol for the boat at 9# o'clk. Coach fire '0 cents. Person-) winning the Coaches will leave their resi dence with Geo. A Tbos. Parker. Refreshments on the boat. oct 28 -dtf 8AM'L GEDN?Y. Cspt TIIK NEW TURK * LIVUHt'OOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. The ships comprising this line are the? ATLANTIC, Capt. West PACIFIC. Oapt. Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Comatock, ADRIATIC, Cnpt. Grafton. These ships have been built by contract, express ly for Government service; every care has been taken in their oon<truotion, as in the Engines to insure strength and sp?ed. and their accommoda tions tor passengers are unequalled for elegance and comfort. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, in first cabin $120 Seoond Cabin 70 Exclusive use of extra xise state rooms 3oO From Liverpool to New York ?30 and ?J0. An experienoed surgeon attached to ??ch *h*p. No berth oan be secured until paid lor. For freight or passage apply to ?DWARD K. COLLINS A CO., 66 Wall street, N?v York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO, Liverpool. X. G. ROBERTS A CO., 13 King's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNROE A CO, 26 Rue Notre Dame dea Yi<-toire??, Pari*. GEO H DRAPbR, Havre. The owners of thace shl,* will not be accountable for gold, silver, bullion, epfcie, jewelry, preeiotia utonee or metals, unless bills of ladiug are Mgued therefor, anl the value thereof therein express d. nov 16?dly MY COURTSHIP AND ITS CONSEQUENCES by Henry Wikoff The History and Poetry of Finger Rinr*, hy Chaa. Rdwarda The World a Workshop, hy Ewbank The New Uongreesional Directory at TAYLOR & MAURY'S jau 15 Bookstore, near 9th at. frmmtfm* JWVmTSfWMTS, SBTIDHR'B WUfBB -4 T PHILADELPHIA. J OH* v. SI1DIU, De*'er in Wlnee. at L?? ^former old setahliah'd WV?.' of JAC 0? SjyivkR, No. T6 Walnut street, tour door* V low fourth street, wh?r# emmwrt> wW be supplied with WINMBtaA LIQUORS ?m th? soft umu<v daung ttrni. JACOB IIIDC%Jv4l?utfcr ht l? poruUan of TOM?20If WIVES, Oftot No. 76 Wai nut ?tr?et, Philadelphia, wbrre he W prriwed t? reeeive orders for the special Importation of Wlnee. *??., from vikrtous houses hi Burrpe, in quantiti-f t? ?single do era and upwards; end aleo solicits for h> Soft, JOHN TAUGHAN SNIDER, the patronage c "nis friend* sad former easterners. AU Wines otdntd for Waahiagton will be 4? Hvered by Expressfret qf ffiffht. je 8?1* DOCTOR VOVRIKLr. Tia POCKXT JCSCULAPIU8: OR, EVERY ON? CIS OWN PHYSICIAN, TLe fiftieth Edition, wRh One bnsdrei Engravings shewing Di^ea*? and Mai formations of the Humtft System la ?-erv shape and <orn? To which is added a TrwatiV on the Wmw cf females, being of tbs high est importance to married people. or those contem plate-trsrriage. By WM. YOUNG, M. D. Let no father be ashamed to present ? copy ot tb? *80ULAP1US to hi* chi d It may tare him txom at mi It grave. Let no youn* man or woman wwr :n to ta.* ^T?t obligations of married life without reading the PCOKK J58CULAPIUS. Let no on* rjfferins from a lj?VnJ?d Cough, Pain la the ?W* reptlen. nights, nervous feelings, and the whole train if dyspeptic fensatiaos, and g*v*n up by their phy ?ician, l>? another Moment, withont ocnsulting th< ISP'JLAPIUi. Have the married, or those abcu> to be mairied any impediment, read this truly us** ful b o*, a* it baa been themeaur of saving then ? and' ?f unfortunate oreaturea from the rery Jaw* ?f leath. 49~Anv perron seating TWKN7Y-PIVR CENT* rneloeed in a letter, will receive one oopy of tbU work Ij mail, or Are ocpiee will t? aent for One Sol* lac. AddTees, (post paid) DR. WM. YOUNG, No. Its Spruce street, Philadelphia. AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. LIT THE SICK HE A K Till TRCTH. Captain Benjamin.? Wherever known his te*ii many will he conclusive. But lest those who di' not know the Captain should he sceptical, Or. Paw s?>n fc Bro., with others of the best know n and ipom highly respectable citizens of Easton, enu'irsc liT wonderful cure by Hampton's vegetable tincture. I'aston, Oct. 4, lt*S4. Mevtrs Mortimer $ Morrhray : Gentlemen? I feel it my duty to you *nd the piil. lie to certify to the effects of Hampton's W*t tabl< Tincture. I was for m<?r? thsn five years 'aburua under a disease of Chronic ltheumatiani, and Ui> ^reat part ot that U:iie 1 was so helpless that I hail t?> be iielpi d from my t>cd ami dr<*ssed in my cloth* . f hec imp reduced to a mere skeleton. All the mH irin?'s i took done me no gi?>d, and I continued f grow worse i heard of Hampton's Tincture mid thought I wottl.1 give it a trial. At tins iiute I did not expect to live one day after auoiher. 1 did no take it (the Tincture) tor the Rheumatism, hut in a short time I was w<-|| ?.f that dis< ase. From the effects of your 1 inctnre and the help of G<>d | am n"w editing in foo<l li- allh. I wi>h all the atllicted to try Hampton's Vrg?-taWe Tincture, as I have <1 >ne, with tlie same eff< ct thai it lias ou Your obeuient servant, Isaac Demamin. We are acquainted with I-aac lienjamiu; told biin soim of llaniptnu'H Vegetahie Tincture, and U lieve the ..hove statement correct. Dawson Si Bro. From our knowledge of Captain B<-nj;imin we are confident that the above statement i? true and uu exugeratod. J. A. Johnsrn. Charles Robinson. Call and set pamphlets gratis, and see cores of Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, NeuraUia, Dys pepsia, Nervousness and General V\ cakneM. As h feiuale medicine or for delicate children we >>? licv? it unequalled. ?'?ld l>y MORTIMFR k MOWBRAY. '4<! R It more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadway. N*. Y?r. I ('has. SroTT & Co., J. B. Moure, l> B. I'larkk. Cr arxk fit Bovm>o, W. Elliot,and II. M' I'her son, Washington; also, by R. 8. F. Cisscl,George town, and C. C. Berry, Alexandria, and hy Eru? girts i v. rywlie e. jau ^--tr CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. The Great Pvrlfler of the lllood I Not a Particle of Mercury In It! An Ii?e?LUniJi Remedy for Scrofula, Kir.^'* Fvil. Rheumatis n, Obstinate Cutanea* Eruptions. 1'imple' or Pustules on the f?c*, Blotches, Boil* Chronic Sore iyes, l;icg Worm or Tetter, SralJ Head, Knlargevaut and Pain cf the Bocee ana Joints, Stubl'orn Ulcers Syphilitic Dii^rders Lumbago .Spiuai Ccmpln nts, cn l all the di<^.i8^ arieir g from an injuii ;ious use of Mercury, Im pru t n- e in t ife, or Impurity of the B ood. 'l^HIS valuatl* M dicin?1, which h*"- bec ,ia? efV T tr-t^d for the nr-miar cf ?xtra rdinary curef etTicted thrci?gb its ?fe-eacy, !?' ind :c<^i the proy-: etors, at the urg nt rc'jUe^t ot their fri nds, to c fl-i it to the public, which th -y do with tbe utmost c^n S1?*nc? in its rirtu*s a^d wonderful curative pro}' e.-ti e The foEowI?< ceriifl'-at-s. felccted trom = lirge n iiaber, a*e, however, stronger tes ia^n than the ajre wc-iJ of the proprietor.*; eud are ji! fr-jru gen lonten w- I hnewn in th ir loca'.iti?s, an<l of the highest respectability, msny of th-m les'dia^ In the city of R'chmo- d. Ya. F. t^OYD'-'N, Esq,, of th? Exchange notcl. Plch rno. d, known everywhere says he hasreea 'h* Vi'd icine ca'led Cuirr.R's S?*!ri9tt Mixture a1ra?niate-el ir? over a h- ndrad ca???, in neatly all the dife,se^ for which it ii rocommended, with the most astcn ishing y good results He saye it is thcmcstex traa. d nary medicine fte has ever seen. AGUE AND FiSVJBR?GREAT CURE?I hereby certiiy that far three years 1 had Ague and Fevei of tb* mo^t viclr-ntdusctiptioc. I had several Phy sirisn^, took l?rg>* quantities of Qu!i ine, v and I bel eve al- the Toniw, advertised, but all with out permanent relief. At la?t I trl^d Carter'? *>p?iiisb Mixture, two bottlts of which effectually :u ed ne, and 1 aui b^pp; to say I hive bad neither chills or fevers nince. 1 consider it the best Toni in this world, aud the only med->;ne that ?ver reached ray Cas?. JOHN LONGDi-N. Beaver Ditcu, near Richmond, V;*. C. B LUCK, Efij., now in the city of Richmond and f>r many years in the Post Office, hap such oonhdencj in the astonishing efli acy of Carters Sp nifh Mixture that hs has bought upwards of it bottlas, which he his given away to th- aftt cted.? ilr. Luck says he has never known it to fall when taken according to directions. Dr. MINGE, a pr.u tioing Physician, and formerly of the City Uotel, in the city of Richmond, say* he hae witnessed in a numb'r of instaccee Ui* t If ctc of Car er*s Spanish Mixture, which were moo? truly ??urpii?ing. lie s^ys ir a ci?e of Ooniumption, de pend- nt on the Liver, the good cff^c's wer? wou derful indeed. 8A.MUEL M. DRINKER, of the firm of Drinker A Hc-rns, Richmond, was cured cured of Liver Com plaint of three ^ ears Ftanaing, by the use cf tw< b-itles of Carter's Si<ani h Mixture. GREAT CURE 0* sCROFULA.-The Editors ot the Richmond Republican h d a se vant emdoyed in tfceir press room, cu-ed of violrnt 8crnfula. c^m b ned with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled bim from work. Two bottles of Carters ^anish Mixture mado a perfect cure of him. and the Edi tor- in a public notice, tay they ' cheerfully reoom meni it to all who Ma afflicted with any disease ot the blood " STILL ANOTHER < UR? OF SCROFULA.?I bad a v*ry valuable boy cured of Bcrofula by Carter's Spanish Mixture I oon?lder it truly a valuable m<'iicine. JAMES M. TAYI/>K, Conductor on the K F. and P. K. P.. Co. Richmond, Va. SALT RiiKUM OP TWENTY YEARS STANDING CUMRD Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, residing in the city ot Richmond, was cured by thr?*e bottles of Carter'! Spanish Mixture, of Salt Kheum, which he had for aea-ly tes.itr years and which all the phys.ciana o' th*. ekty oculti not cure. Mr. Thompson ia a well kaoio 7*^/3ant in thacity of Richmond: and bi* is nut w. ^rkable. Wll. A.KATT :IKW?, of Richmor.d had a eervant cured cS frphills, iu the worst foiji, by Carter*? Ppaniah Mixture. He says he eh erfully iwom mend3 it, and con-idere it a very invaluable meli ?inx. EUVYIN BURTON, commWioner of the revenue, -ays he has -**eu the foi>d effects ot Carter's ."panish Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, and says it is a perfect eure fi r that horrible disease. H M. 0. WARWOOD, ef Richmond, cured of old Sort saod Uleera, which disabled bi n tram w.iking. Tc k a flgw bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and wart eoehi d to walk aitboul a crutch, in a short tine pemanen ly cured. I'rineipal Depots at M. WARD, CLOSE k 0o? No. 88 Maiden Lsu?, New York. T. W DYOTT A SONS, No. 183 North Second st. Ph ladelphi.i HEN NET i' A BEERS, No. 125 Main street, Rich mond, Va. And for sale by OIIA^LES F1V>W, Washington, D. C; IIRN>iY PAEL, Alexan itia, and by Druggists everywhere. rise $1 per tioitle, or six bottles for $5; sen '2!? ly PHNRHYN AND IRON M AN1?L-? May he i a beautiful assortmeet of tbaae ch*ap and du iabU article \ at thecoraercf Pennsylvaniaavwae and Tanth rtreet, over t ie Washington Savlnrs Bank. RALPH HASKINlT n*v 13? jotf mnini gnnjamt V| JMBB lAHDKa, I SCALE MAKE B, Roetbeeet an raw of ^^?cHARLB* A BALLBR8T0B R3 X1ITB, frbi-ly BtlUlWti M. noiiiD ? GD. SMITH 4 CO., Mm , Dealers In AUOOMOU CAMPHBWB. BTHto RIAL OIL, M. No. M S. CALVERT ITRIIt, op. posit* Water itmt, BALTIMORE, MA. n-iy IID1AB OOOTOB. ft 6. SPXJM Ofcr- tto T i hwstniia' wr?1<m '' tba iWLaaaa af tiD' T*. *1 mb nn all kiodi of Caaoar sat without tola. or the ow of amy knife. -ur? a'1 kind' of Fit* end Ppssma, Rbeamstie . 0^nfu*rp*1"B, Dr??*y, I'Tfpej-rta, PQm, Pslty, m any other al'mant tbe h'r"rr?aa amlh are rubject to. He can stop rw?ii?* trr rr, tt' Lane* or Earn, M* JVtsuo* from lb* i*tf*Bt, by kaowtng tb* NO^t'i mom I' w?? bora blind, acd ha* atmMm tevaral jrmrr ucler u ludiur &orior ?bo vw u>M| tba wild Indian thlrteea rear*. D*. PPBNCCR bit r-moTsd from Mr. Burtlgf*! B- ard ng H?n?, to No. 84, HANOVRR PTRMT, aug ll? tf balttmora. Md. GREAT BARGAINS. '?ANFlBLf', BROTHER A 00., ?20 Baltwom Stukt, Balvuiou, Mb. Are d*atroas ef c osing out ? groat portloa of their preaant rtoek of elegant FANCY GOODft, R atchet, Clock*, fan*, Opm OImni, Dtu?iag Ohm Wrt log Deeka, In* Pitcher*. Vu?i, Prntw Ac., pr*? oratory to raoeiTing their toll (apply. will find rraat bargains. aog c N" KW BOOK, PERIODICAL AND yKWsrATKM r>T ' BLlSBMKirr, WM. TATLOR * C?>? Corner tf flair**- re *r.d Chmrlr .? sfiatf, BALTIMORE, Ma WM TATLOR A CO. bag l-ara to call th* an*. (ion of th? reading peopl- and all danJia* ia Booka, to their new BOOK, PERIODICAL, and A"ArfS PAFEB ESTABLISHMENT, *h?r? can ha found a Urge and Renera' assortment of all tb* late papa* tar publico' ion# of tb? day. Tn*y al?" keep or. hand a 'p'.sndid assortment ml 'ain and fancy ST.'-TIONEK Y of vvory dao.uipt .oa. All orders th?uktully received and tiled with d* <i^tcb, and sont by return uf the Mail, expraaa, or *'m, or in any other way tb* person ordering May liroct. Booksellers. Now* Areata, Pedlars, a?1 aQ etb?rs iu; plied with any Boobs, Magadan *U~, at tbo lowoot rates. Any Rook published ta this wastry ana ha bad >t sending your order to u?. WM. TAYLOR A 00., Onr. Halite or? acd Char lea tU, Baittaora, f pa; W?tf ?. ?l C? ABRIRLAll'l atal t'allaf*, jfo. 1ST. D*ll, -VCT t Hr rtL, BaUtmurt. MA. THB oi'earth'c object of thU '.nrtltcUon la to] in the ro??h aflnihrlioak proper fadTttle* frr ?^tvloteg a thcroufh and pract1?l tn*rcaci.le eda -attoa. A yt-uar aran can here chtata a core eor ?ect kr.owledee of general bn?:reaa a*?tier* la a tow * .-aka than can be t nq cired ia aa nary year* la nay u e wooticr Louce. Theornrs?of t' \ ly -tab?_:ee dcnble-enUy book tf-ping. and ite adaataM&a to rariow* de; artmeot* f cslaa'rce an ! trade. M?reanf;'e enltVatioBf *aTv^?t aorrr^'nj; to the n^*t aprrrred irethod#.? ??rt. tlc?1 Pentt*n*l:fp. cwr'Mnlng rapil'ty of efecn dcu with beauty of ooaatrarMan. I.'rtc-ea apoa j .roantil* law, upon varioo* impcrtaat t"~^aat1ia ubjocta, WMe mtny oAer polutc neco^ary for ? icc-k keeper or I.ue'nec* cian to ur^crftard. Time ?v?aaary ft-r a rtcdent U r->niplatethe rr nn* rarW r>Bi fire to eifh: weeke. 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TTLFRS COMPOriiD GUM aRaHIC .SVRUr. 'l^ilK ir?eaain< demaad for tbie ra ?t p'raeant, L eafe, and e?"acf?.c? remedy (cr al: pulaoaary li*' a#e?, ha* e?ible-1 the peirirtw -c rHuee the orioe an as to pta-w it within the rvnrbof ?d' cla>eee. It* eapenorily OTer iu>?t *!? preparatioae ia at te*'^d by many ?srinf-nt 11 j -W4e?a ?t,o Lave t?*n ?ye w:t>i*f!c? cf it? efli W-T w??r tn? u< u%l reve lief, have failed; aiao by tN^oeand of </nr moet re T>fctable citiaen^ who VaTe aa?d !t ia tk>eir amiliea botu a?prt-Tenti*? and -are wi'h a?e?r faiiinc ???"? ** f>r the lant tw?nty yeara, during which period With very little aid trom a leerti*in<. *e, it ha gradually *r>rt-ai repota ion orer the whole Union. In cases of recent OMs Ccvght, UomnemeM, dc , it ee immediate relief, a? d r?D rnlly enrr* in a d?y or two, witvout inteTfering with diet or V>n?ice*.% or revdering the eystem more etneep* *jle ot Co'd*. in -h-otie cnaef. Asthma, Wltnnp"9 C?apA. (Jrr-Uf, ft-'-nchi'.'s, Affectu>rit of the lAmgt, and i ?ennnnf "ion, it ia alwaye ??ry b neftelai and eeMoo fal.*, al -n commenee.! la time to p* rfect a core. Price 2c and 60 ceutc a hottle. g->ld wholesale by Patter>?OQ A Na'rn. i?tott A Oo^ BMgcly A Co. AleTan?lria ty Prel A SUTene. la 'leor^etown bj Mr. Ci*?el. TYLErrSGUM ARABIC CJM)TDR0r% ? similar compo- ':""T to tbe aboee, bat in a milder and mer* portable f ?a; they act like a charm on a tronb>t-o?rt" Ongh, and cl*ar the throat anl roica; ihey erutain o injurious drop, are partica lar'y recommended for children, freqaentars of pu> .ic R*semb':es, public epeakers, singe-*, Ac Prite >2^ and &5 cent* per box. For sale af. most Drug and Candy Stores. oct 17?tf _ SOMETHING NEW. OPPOSITE TUB MARKET OK PBMNEYLVA NIA AVENUE 4 doors b?low Niatb street, i* a NEW CLOTniNQ ?T0BE for M-n and I?oy?. opened thl* day. DK'JKEB,<ne of the cheap"*? Olothlng Merchants in the N??rth has dettnafned ? ? < (Ter to ibe citixens of Washington and eielnity, li* excellent Clothing si the loaeat Northern prices, .'or cash only. There the POOR MAN ?ei!l find just Fncb a Clothinz f^toie a'ha* l"n? b??? ra'uad in Washington. Liu motto ia cheap ft* a-h. and ot? p&tci out. A good substantia! w<>oll?n e?">at he will sell^ lot (2 7*; and he&ry winter pants, well lined, fur f ? Jk ani floe Miats, orercosia, and Teste, in proportion <>ood wool anil ojtton under hirt?, h**iery, gloves, Ac-, chem, er th^n the cheapeaV noT 11?tf KIRVVAN'S WORKS? Parish arnl other Pencilling*, 75c itemanuiii at Home, Lcticr* to duel'Justicc Tarcy , M? ii anil Tliinc* them in Eumpe T5c Letters to Bishop Hughe*, in niu.lin 40 cents, pap' 9u cents Ameru-an Principles on Nalnmal Prosperity, ? llianksfiivirg M-imon. paper 10c JAY'3 WORKS. Autobiography and R?inini-conces of tli?' Uc\. W nt Jay, with notes of distinguished contemporaries in 2 vols, ?2 oO Female Scriprure Cha acier*, ?1 Mm nuig and Evonihg Exercises, *2 vols al .0 Pine ediuon of the Same in 4 \ob go Chrisuan Con tc in plated 40c UKAY b BALLAVTYNE, jan 15 4 W H Seventh street. N ew mu.'Io JI*|8T PUBLISH ED, " I do not ask to oiler thee," a very pretty s nig, tn*< ribeJ to Mi*s Higdon, Purtsni *utli, \ a. '-The Elves," being beautiful vaiiauons on Tli ?u art gone from my gaae. "We t?emath the moon's I ight rays,'1 a heauuful ballad, re>peeifu-|y dedicated t- Mi>s Nan nie Xaurv. of Washington. "Sonvenir," a hriiliant Waltx, by Prof. Fo< rmch, and dedicated (o Mia Charlotte Davw, of Wa~ tng ton city. Fairy Star and Sui.b. am SrlkottiscUes, Sjtarkling Walt*. Old Defender's Quickstep, al tbt Music, Pi ano, and Fancy Store of JOHN P. ELLIS, 30? Pa. nvcaoe, between ?th rnd *Rh rt*. jan IB?U' MATHEMATICAL IISTRTmiVTS. MRS 0. ANDBR90S haa iwceivad a larg* aad complete assort me at of Matheatatic tl loatra laeuta aad Drawing Materia a of au pari or quality. rj he Mathematical lnatrumeata are chiefly of fiwias iuanuf,etory In "???a, as wall aa ta aaparata ptooaa; Wat jr nolo re and oil oaAora Drawing papars of ar ary quality. > AN, Btudlaa ta Drawing aad Paint! ng. i 4?cS-tf . 9T0 Tarn, avanua