Newspaper of Evening Star, January 31, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 31, 1855 Page 2
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r.V KNINQ STaUJ ? - * - * ?? __ _L_ - ' - HASOINO'ION *-ITY: ? WXDWM DA Fattk aVa oV7. j,nurj M Ty Tho Urge snd conTsaieat dwelling oo the corner of PsnmytTwis .renue ?nd Flevcuth street is for rent. Posw?. *'0a immedistely. For terms ,p. ply nt the Star office. ? * _ _ ' - - r ?PIRIT OT THE MOJtXIJfo PRE3S. The Union oontendf that the Whip have dishonestly deserted the principle of religions ol oration, and quotes largely from a rwent ?gneultural addrew of Gen. Brown, of Tenn., ?adifco from the late inaugural of Governor ^nfkt, of Indiana. JTh? hutlig9me0r is altogether a newspaper, To? Shilltagton has rent iu Harpers' Monthly Magasine for February. It is, u?ua., beautifully illustrated, and filled with choice matter. ^ "IX>eatioks" be^t production anoeari ^ the outside of to da> a paper. WABHI5GT02I NEWS A2!D GOSSIP, wiper acd Criminal Emigration?\v? -?arn that the current Tim of Mr. John A. Kennedy akd Mr. J?hn E. Develin, of Nee , city, to Waahington, has referee. ?e ,*fi*llUon of on the aukject indicated .bore Mr K. is a membe, f the New Iferk Commissioners of Etaigra* i >n Boerd, wb?le Mr Develin is that Board ?c^u . < As the Beard disburse tome W00,0':-> :ei aan-.w, ^nd hare oona:antly undeT their con trol and charge aa average of 3,000 emigrants ?t U rery cleer that .hey have sue j experience with reference to the requirement, of oui country in this business a* may be useful it deed, to Congreas, if duly heeded. We heai that they are of opiuion that the bill rec^lv reported by Mr Wentworth, of Maasacbu^t J on the subject of pauper and criminal emig,* tlon. will by no means cure the evils that ?houi?. be eradiated?that it will he l.kely to operate to keep out desirable emigration, while proving the lust check on the ingress among U8 ot the emigration to which our shores should Properly, be forbidden ground. Mr Heat worth s hill the eertificate of the A menoan Consal at the port of emigration. a? proof that the emigrant is not a pauper or s criminal Now, ts most of the emigx ?ti complained of start for the United States fr a point* from one to five hundred miles dir an, rom where they finally ernbaik. it stands to reason that the Consul at the port of emigrt. non can have no means of verifying the ;e3. timony on which he is to be called on to at tach his seal to a certificate that the per.ou iu *hose favor it is granted, is neither a p.u^ex nor a criminal As the Government is to Lv no charge for making the due inves igstion a* he is to gat Mtt. fivo dol!aia for >( ' ?ng his real to a printed certificate, it is to be exited that he will aeal as many of ;hetn ? i f^S| ble, wun as li.Ue labor as possible in oon Wi* ,htGl Th# h?P-r, wh< weaW, perhaps, do best among us, will Uo, ?**a difhenest certificate, and will, there fere be kept out by the proposed ne* law Ike plan which the New York board of em igratioa propoee. as we understand, is s^e what atmilar to that indicate a few daje ago ? the Sur, eia: ,o boid the Auri?J * owner. recpoDtible, pecuniurilp, fur briL m, improper .migration up.,, u, ,?faj. ?,?.? oo?m?o0.r. alao d.Sn. ,h. p?Up., daerentlj m, d.fiuiieo is ih. w ot Mr. WfMwerifc,?f Xuuchw,t, Th l|U' P*"0? ' f-P"' "k? r. C'""4 ^ "X Public wbaurar, within tb. ,..r pr.^o?,, bu: er be, ? .b?H pu, , bffhl lr V P'r'' <lm"' " '??ir?ctly *J U.. eutberitiM indices ,bo? Th [ ^bow.p.?.. wbo bM notbeenec/a-g! k" 01 '?"?? eitiMn,. ,n l wl? i8. r^,rr ?"h"owm' ?r^ ^ friend!, to p.J bu ?.j, 0T? to ,u eonntt, n p.npw, from pb,..o?i debility i, i. olw Jn; .111 not b. .Me b * "'""^od bp booMt labor. Ib?, i. dicuon. .trik. o. u correct, ..d w??i, ? " 1 'LJ(JD ?' Con*r??( ibo >en Varj * ' M0 j* moaV tw be?o brought int, Z1L*"? V" b' letlhep regftrd tbc worlhle . (i-r " b"?? ?f" nio.-e grievoni to onr country than ?nj olb.r it r, cetve,. Tb., ,b? U i. tbe eutom it 'JenuM, for tb, .ble bodtod inh.bii.nt. a ">>??e to cl.b togatber to ooin. out to-t. I mtad BUtaa, teeTiag the iolrm ot their vil '??. popular, be . u, on their " ?^'a ^Whi4b <"?"th "" *"J- That ia hard workers. Theykeei such of the deatitute emigranu in their charg! as can work, employed on Ward , Island. N Y Ice Iriab l.bor ufci.bfuUp and cta.rf.Hj ,aPP?rted at th. public cct u though ,i wages wh lo it is rare to find a Gar man thus employ, who, reertvingB0 wages 6<* '**k t0 ?1T* ?? Httle labor as possible in return for hU meagre support They sav etui fuither, that the German emigration intt New ^ ork hatto^. :? now larger than the Insh; and that M,Q?0 lriah ^ ft;mu ally through means forwarded to them hv relatives ia this eountry, a very much Jargei rhare of whinh is sent over out of tha hard earnings ol female domeslios, than from those ot tha other sea. This trait of true filial Piety-that of laboring i? ? far distant land 2fT?ZZ H00Bdlti0# of ,or#d rcma! d M 10 "7 Ue ,#Mt 0f if? ? ???n<Uble one-a noble trait, indeed Thoee who exhibit k, however poor thev ?of. lilTlyto m f" ?ho hold public meeu^g lU?' ^ th0a* that we, of America, throw 'i? principles of eivll liberty and eqtt4fcl ?! Utte refusing to Change the Oove^nt fj^ pJ. The Bow in the House Taateiday -<hir raalerewill have doubUam ell seeo,^ he morning,,, the particulars of ?U r0w that occurred jesterday in tha H.u^, -hortIy after the Sur want to prees, ia whieh Maesrs Lanejt Oregoa, and Parley of Maine. w*r^ the prino^.u e^. Ko ^ ^ ^ w- ne may wt Inappreprtataly say, how ler, that it is universally regretted by all p?Vl? men la Wa*h1 n g*o'nffn if'mnfih HIBflH the gentlemen named aSove are sincerely re- , ipected by all on account of tbelr u'ual sera- 1 falr>ua habit of baiag court<?ous to alt with whom they a*e n.ce*. ari'y throw? hi ceftt-ici From our personal kno vle<T^5?i of-both of then. we are rati'fieI that their misBhder was wholly the resul' of aocidtft, beilg pre tnedi a'ed on the part Qf neither. It it mot possible that further disagreeable coite quences ctn grow oat of the affair, inasmuch as both parties are among the moat consider ate members of the Hou-e, neither being so Incxperieneod in worldly affairs or so rash as to veutare to seek to make any sueh misun derstanding a serious affair. Too Fast ?We apprehend that our ootem poraries, writing from Washington for the dis tant prcjs. are in error in thq^ story abont a compromise, which, many of them say, hri taken place bewteen the Secretary of the Treasury and the majority of the Committee of Ways and Means on the tariff question Mr Guthrie has advocated the exemption of raw materials used in important and Strug, ling br robes of Ameaican manufactures from tax ption in our custom houses. The majority of the committee are against that prinoipie It is understood that they have somewhat relaxed their views in determining the details of the amended measure, they propose on Thursday I next to urge ou the House, though they do not contemplate abandoning the prinoiple of re furing to make discriminations fortheadven ' I tage of Amerioan manufactures, while it is II equally well known in this city that the bec ' I retary has not changed a single one of bis I original positions, founded on the principle I which he maintaina to be wise and prudsnt I under existing public exigencies. He has 1 with him, by the by, the New York ' I Journal of Comi/tera and the Eroftomi'.'i, I the two leading free trade journals in the I country as well aa a host of the best informed I advocates of the entire freedom of trade in I the United States The idea of theee parties I ia, that our leading manufacturing interests I are'rapidly coming to favor free trade, and I that to deal harshly with them at this time I will greatly protract the period at whioh iLey I will all wheel into the free trade line, an 'letentof really far more importance to '.he I intereat of unreatricted oommerce than aaght ' I else we know of. i Under these ci-cumetanees we adhere to I the opinion long sine* expressed, that nothing ' I will be done with the tariff at thU wssien; II and believe that the prop used attempt to take I it up on Thursday next, if successful, will I have no other effeot than to defeat proper ac I tion on most of the so very important business I which, in thai event must be thrust aside to I afford an opportunity simply for 11 lalkiug I tariff " in the Hall for a week or S). J I he Gibson Cass?Captain Gibson desires I us to say that he has address* 1 a communi ' I cation to the ohairma* e* tfc* semmittee on II foreign affaira, of date W** Jrvrwo-jr, in whioh ?I he pronounces the le'V"-? to him us >1 having be n addre*s?4 te fttrernur of ) I Dutch East Iuaiep, a trie* &ui garbled state ' I m?nt of a memorial addressed to that Gover >1 nor. Captain Gibson assert* (hat the insinu 11 ation of his having improperly detained a doc ? I ument belonglug to the State Department is . I false and groundless He charge* certain en -1 emies with having maliciously given publicity I to the offensive document, many days before I toe Seoretary of State reported its absence to I the President. Capt. Gibson charges the 4;e? i I retary ef State with bad fatrh and hostility ? (towards him, during the prosecution of this -1 ease, since its commencement." II We give the Captain the benefit of the pub >, I licati n of this statement of bis concerning -1 whai he has represented to the House Com ? I mittee on Foreign Affairs, and have to say 0 I that his mere denial of the authenticity ot the Hleiter in question will haruly weigh much > I against the proof of its character, which, as '1 ail the world understand, the Dutch Govern 8 I ment have in its possession. As for his charges s I against Secretary Marcy, they are simply ri ' I diculou.", with the documentary history of the 01 efforts of the State Department to obtain pay II ment of hisolaim before tbe ecuntry. The 11 truth is, Captaiq Gibson, though employing his Government aa his counsel, undertook to ~ I manage his own case, and simply illustrated i I the old adage concerning him who would be 11 his own lawyer. He has himself to thank ? I only for the present really desperate condition 51 of his cause I I he Emigrant Passenger Ship Question. I There is at this time in Washington a Urge B I delegation from New York eity interested in ' I the busineM of bringing cargoes of emigrants 11 to this oountiy. Their presumed object is to 1 1 prevent the passage of tb" stringent measure 9 I now bo for* Congre?s designed to oompel them I to look sufficiently well to the health of steerage ?' I passengers in their ships The nuisance which ?' I the legislation in question is designed to cure, e I is s-n intolerable one, and it behooves Congress r I to reotive with due caution, the representations '?I of parties who are directly interested in its I perpetuation. f P S ?Just before going to press, wa were 3 much gratified to learn that the delegation to ? wnich we refer above, have frankly and free ' ly accepted as proper to be embraoed in a new law on the subjeet, the suggestions of the Treasury Department founded on the Govern ment's aiperienoe in thie connection for many ' years past A heavy Judgment ?We understand that the Treasury Department have advices that the United States have obtained a judgment 1 in the State oourt of Texas against Joseph Bates, late U. S Marshal of Texas, for about $20,000, the amount of the balance due from that individual to the United States. A draft for $5,000 oo aooount of this judgment has already been received here, and it is thought that the wkolo of the balance la secured to the Government List of Patent* issued from the United States Patent Offlco for the week ending Jan uary 30, 1856 ?each bearing that date :. I. J. W. Adams, of Sharptown, Md.-*-For improved implement for boring well*. Wm Adamson, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improvement in clarifying glue Abal H ? Bartlett, at Kings Bridge, N. Y-? For hot air furnaoe B. F Babbitt, of New York,N. Y.?For ear ventilator John Blackwood, of Franklin oouaty, Ohio. For improvement in seed planters Job Brown, of Lawn ttidge, III.?For im provemeut in keed planters Dexter H Chamberlain and John Harte* horn, of Boston, Mass ?For fountain brush. Alfred Doe, of Concord. N. H?For improve ment in ploughs. James Eaton, of Townsend Harbor, For improvement in diet for oop-tube ma chines ' Geo Fow'ser of Northford, Ct ?Far ctonble acting foroe pump. Heaekiah ttrlswold, of Hartford, Ct ?For improvement ia tke joke of shirts. JonatbanHT^bs of Tullytown, Pa ? For 1m proremenr in "lover bailors. Alex Hail, of I/oyd?vi!le, Ohio ? For im ptvvetnent fn piano fortes John "Hob'ts, of Ilillowell, Me.?For im pfof ement in rain ?taff sore w? for ship carpen Wa<kjjM#Uqpi> * Birdaill Holly. of Seneca i J|?lle^p. Y.?For improvement in oarriage Ru*?ell Jeuings f Deep Hirer, Ct.?For improvement in angers Wm. H McNamee, of Philadelphia, Pa ? For improvement in locking spindle door latches. Sidney S. Middlebrook, James B. Blakslee and Charles F. Blakslee, of Newton, Ct.?For improvement in machinery for felting hat bodies. John B Nichols, of Lynn. Mass.?For im provement in sewing machines .., . j Aaron Palmar* of Brockport, 2L Y.?For Improvement In the construetioa of the frame of grass harvesters , Elijah F PaTker, of Proctortville, Tt ?Fof improvement in lantern frames. ;. Jesse Ke4d, of Marsfcfleld, Man ?For im provement in cable stoppers Henry Rogers, of F^i'^rgh. Vt.?For im proved force pump. David Russell, of Drewersbnrg, Ind ?For improvements harvester flatten. Alex. O H. P. Sth >rn, of Murfreesboro', Tenn ?For improvement is portable fire arms. Thaddeus Selleck, of Greenwioh, Ct ?For improvement in methods of working Frank linite ore. John SkelTey, of Brooklyn, N Y.?For im provement in carriage wheels. Geo L Sqnier, ot Chioopee Falls, Mast. For improvement in straw eutrere Joceph Stockdale, of YpsilanU, Mioh.?For improvement in oultivator teeth Jonathan G. Trotter, of Newark, N J ? For improvement in the oonotruotion of fur naces for sine white Henry G Tyer, and John Helm, of New Brunswick N J ?For improvement ia pro cesses for making India t ubber cloth. Elisha Waters, of Trey, N. Y.?For im provement in e>lindri0?l boxes. Salem Wilder, of Lynn, Mass?For im provement in waxing thread in sewing ma chiue*. Pixney Yonngs, of Milwaukie, Wit ?For improvement ia sewing machine*. Junes i. Ewbank, of New York, N. Y., as signor to Wm Everdell, Jr , of same place ? For improvement in spurs Edwin A A.orrkon, of Lawrenceville, Va., anignir to himself aud Robt. J. Morrison, of Richmond, Va.?For improvement in deliver ing apparatus of grain harves<ers Geo. A. Meacham, of New York, N. Y ? For window washer Re-issuss. ? Cornelius R Brinckerhoflf, of Uitavia, N. Y.?For improvement in plows Chad Mounin and Wm. M. Booth, of Buf falo, N. Y.?For improvement in fattening lanterns. The Current Operations of the Trcastuy Department.?Or: yesterday, the30ih of Jan , there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department ? For the redemption of stoek $3,495 41 For payiug Treasury debts 21.195 01 For the Customs 9,050 73 Fvr covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources 727 13 t'or 'he War Department 59 530 28 For the Navy Department 52,992 25 I ??^?KK<MIONAL. In the Senate, yesterday, af>er we went to I press, the army appropriation bill was further discussed by Memi. Rusk, Hunter, Dawson, I Pearce, and Bell, upon the amendment of Mr I shields, for adding U> the military force of I the government. Ere they tdburned, Mr I Houston obtained the door. In the House, it was agreed, in the Commit tee of the Whole on the state of the Union, the I bill authorising the construction of a subter I ranean line of telegraph from the Mississippi I or Missouri river to the Pacilic ocean, was ta I ken up. after a long discussion as to whether ' I? wa,3 ? bill as legitimately oame within I the class of territorial business, set, as in spe I cial order for this day. The said bUi was ad I vooated at length. Mr. Lane. of Oregon, urged the committee , I to lay aside t a is bill and take up some one of I the many territorial bills, for action on which I there was pressing necessity. | We here quote the Intelligencer s report 1 ; I Mr. Farley. I rise to a ques ion of order. I Mr Lane I do not yield to the gentle of.?;der . centleman has no I right to oall me to order. Fa!'ey J htT? M business to |o?derJJ ' ** y?U bad 10 cal1 "??o Mr Line Its a lie' You are a damned rascal ! I . . 8 twomembers, who were oocunying po I si. ion9 adjacent to eaeh other, immediately I closed, and a struggle of brief duration en I sued amid loud one# of order, and a rush of I many gentlemen toward the combatants, for 5* ?L ,Qf?rPOsing between them be Chair in the mean time called loudly to I order, and directed tje fc'ergeant-at Arms to 0Itlyt0 abate ^edi turbance. .,g^6.Were at ,eD?th forcibly ?^p arated, and quiet was soon restored. Mr. DavD, of Indians h-ped that, as the I measure under consideration was one of irreat ! I importance, appropriating some two millions wn?* P ]10 1*Dd,? iu ?onsidoration I would be postponod until to-morrow Mr Benton rose to adJress the committee against the bill, declaring that he would fight it out to the last minute of his time, an 1 in doing that would destroy the Territorial busi nefs, which he ira? most unwilling to do lie yielded, however, to Mr. Lane, of Oregon Mr. Lane. I will appeal to the committee, as i intended to do when that fellow oalled I me to order Uproarious cries of "order," "order." and FarTeyfD,fiCant 8?*tar*8 on the Parl Mr. "h" TnoF'iui The confusion having subsided? tn^r?LaL? ^amc^ bi8 rem?rks. He hoped to be respec.ful to the jommiUee. He did not wish to excite any angry feeling. He not angry Ue was as cool at he ever wa? I He appealed to gentlemen, as there was no rC7?'.0 VI""" "?'?? ?? ?p?" I Jt !k 'new during :hU M?|on to I post|>o{io the consideration of this bill He *as not an enemy to the bill, bu. was sincero Iy anxious to $eo th? Territorial measures I proper taken up and considered. r^,r' F?r'*yidi<1 D?1 ?otieipate the character thll m0, P0BU T was ,0 be made against this measure when it was brought up fofcon !llerf?i0n,i dlluot him at all He feared not that kin 1 oi opposition e. pecially when he knew that he wm rfwht lit it oome from whomsoever it might He asked the comm:ttee to decide upon the measSr?oSe fori fh. h* A eafeoittllJ'? " had been be fore the House during the entire session. The debate on this bill was farther tinned by Messrs Beuton, LaThlm and Mh^/ Jjou'rned* ??IDmlfte6 ro,e' aD<1 ,h? House ad' | Prefi 4fng? 0f To D(|y< In the Senate, after disposing of petitions, bills introduced, and reports made,? Mr Bayard, riaiu to a personal explana tiox. add essed t'.e Senate at great leng h in refutation of what be ooneeived to be asper sions on the memory of his father, in Jeffer Congress reCeat^ Pri?t?* bj the order of In the H'oae, Mr Bdmundson, rising to a personal explanation, remarked that flndine I himself reoorded in the jaurnal, in the affirm l,anoh *P0,iati?n bill, he had to say that tins was a mistake, as he voted in the negative on that occ-sion, as many snrround ing members were witnesses. asked leave to move the print ing of a substitute for the tariff bill now ?efere the House, whioh said substitute he deairad gr*st?d 'V'"* ?? ?? wBf^tsr!a? and oommitted ' Mr. Rioe offered a joint resolution to repeal i ? Ml .*4 all the legislation of Minnesota Territory granting railroad charter# in the a id te ri tory. Mr. Hioe addressed the House in explana tion of this resolution, and after the consider atfeo of the point* of order* the previous ? ofc. order* tan previous on toe adoption of he reechiuoa was IwlMn t|u saM j>int ree^jntion iciary Committee rred to tfce Judiciary I n H?uae thai weal inle a Oommi tee of Whole en the state of the Union, [Mr !pa in tke chair,; wfcerefa territorial bed ma being considered when we went to Arrival of the Ameiica ONE WEEK L ITER FROM EUROPE. The steamahip Amerioa arrived at Halifax yesterday, with European newa to the 20;b instant. The war newa U unimportant, ob taining nothing deoiaiTe. Sebaetopol still hold* ont, the grand aaeault not yet hating taken plaoe. Negotiationa for penoe are said to be going on between the belligerent powers, the purport of whioh is kept secret. The army of Bnrarin has almost completed its war oomplement. Letters aay that the Swedish army will be immediately placed en the wnr footing, and increased to 65.000 men. Rcusia is preparing for the spring oampaign, and the Ba tie army is organising. Reinforcements were constantly reaching the allies. Lord Raglan had sent to Miiia for the tenth hussars. The Turk sh army in the Crimoa is to be increased to 90,000 men during the present month. Russian feinforeementa were adraneingby forced marches. The weather was frosty and some snow had retarded the besiegers The Piedmontes troops were to embark on the 28th of February. There is nothing further about the invasion of the Dobrudsoha, except that the Russians, alter the affair at Tultsoha, ic-croased the

Danube A Vienna deepateh says that Count libol had demanded an explanation of this af* fair from Gortechakoff The Turkish forco in the Dobrudsoha is estimated at 30,000 msn, mostly recruits. SPAIN. The new constitution had been submitted in the Chambers. The main features are tiiat sovereignty emanates from the nation; the religion of the nation to be Roman Catholio, but toleration te be allowed ; the press to be free; confiscation of property and the death penalty for political offences to be abolished; a national guard to be established ; the legis lature to consist of two chambers; Senators to be eleoted for life, with property qualitioa tions; one representative in every titty thou sand citisens to be elected; the eourts to meet annually, and to regulate the strength of the army; also to give assent to royal marriages, and appoint aregenoy when ocoasion requirea. COMMERCIAL. The commercial advices look favorable. Cotton has slightly advanced, and breadsiuffs, overcoming the previous destine had dosed with an advance of fid on flour, 2d. on wheat, andftd onoorn. THE L\TESr HEWS BY THE AMERICA [BY TKLEORArH ] ihe following are the latest item* collected from all sources : The English Consul has submitted to Prince Stirbey a note oalling upon him to repudiate the Russian proleotorate by a public act The French Consul will send the Hospodars asim lar note. The "Opinion" ot Turin, of the 15th inst., states that the deps^ture of the Piedmon'.eee troops for the Crimea will take place on the 28th of February. Aooording to that journal, the contingent is to oonsist of 20.000 men, 15,000 of whom will embark on that day, and the additional 6.000 are from the reserve Private letters from Vienna say that Pnnoe Gortschakoff h?s instruction to accept every thing, and to acoede to all the allies may de mand, except the reduction of the Russian fleet and the occupation of the Russian terri tory. The "Debate" has an artiole in explanation being that Piemont has assented to the treaty of the 10th of April, and not the treaty of D ecember. The elosing price for French funds were for three per cents, 68a70; four-and-a halt per oents, 95, and Bank shares 29, 80. TI1E DANUBE. We are without anything respecting the in vasion of Dorbrudscha excepting the follow ing from the Wanderer of Vienna: The Rus sians crossed the Danube at Tultccha, and favored by the obscurity of the night, they reeohed the right bank in their boats, and sur prised one of the weakeet garrisons, and after making great oarnage, re-crossed the river laden with booty, and taking with them a number of prisoners. There was considerable lo s on the part of the Russians as the Turka fought with desperate courage. Among the slain ia a Pacha, but hia pame is not men tioned. The inhabitanta of Tultscha fled into the oountry with their wivea andobildren and did not return again until long after the de parture of the Russians The Hamburg Wachichton oontains a tele graphic despateh from Vienna dated the 14th, wherein it is said that Count Buel has ad dressed a note to Prince Gotsohakoff, demand ing an explanation relative to the reorossing of the Danube by the Prussian foroes, and their oooupation of Dobrudscha, and therce, as a matter of oourse, their menacing Varna and its communications. The Turkish force now in Dobrudsoha is es timated at more than 30.000 men, mostly raw reoruits however, the flowar of Omar's army having gone to the Crimea, against which, it it said, Omar strongly protested, and still re mains much dissatisfied. It is suspeoted that the Austrian govern ment was party to the eruption at Dobrud scha, wishing to demonstrate thereby the ne oeMity for an armistice. THE BLACK SEA Admiral Bruat telegraphs that snow had fallen heavily on the 5th of January, but the weaAoer since then was clear, with a north easterly wind. The fleets sustaited ?e dam eg? GREAT BRITAIN. Rlobard Cobden addressed his eenstitueats at Leeds, stigmatising the attack on Scba?to> pol, as a colossal mistake, and the principal question now should be how to get out of it. Other speaker* addressed the meeting Mr. Buchanan transacted business on the 16th instant at the foreign office. Malicious rumors are in circulation that the Government have offered General Sir DeLacy Evans aa appointment in India, so as to get rid ot his oontemplatod disclosures in Parlia ment The 82d regiment embarked from Liverpool in the steamer Bahama for the Crimea, elevea hundred strong. Four hundred of the London dock In'jorort have been sent to the Crimea to onload shipe. The fate of the ship Bernioe, (British) miss lag since 1852, from Shanghai, is discovered? the Europeans on board having been mur dered by the Lascar crew. fy The Germ in emigrants alone bring into the Statot 11,000,000, annually. ?/.'I /i ?/ t.'*i S^BMITM ?WiAN rNFTlWlHHl LEC ^TUKBS. Ob Wednesday night Rev. J. S. Fletcher will de liver a lecture on "brazil." Oti Fnday nhtht ilk Hon Geo. P. Marsh will de liver a I??nr<- on the ; ?>auiel." &CWKTWr **7* 0'c,oclt' G _ ,^^LEffru?*^-Dl.' K C TOWLK will Hall, Cam tft MiiLn,ruimSKv ?% emng, F,bniar* &. al Bollock. , Suh tc.: "7W Btsniti ol ovc country.** The public are invite,i to attend. Lecture free. Jen 30 w ACHING TON ENCAMPMENT*^, iOk Knights Templars, will aaeeuibl*- WEI*. NESDAY EVENING, at the new Mai*w,k- Hall C ruer 9th a d D street*, al 6 o'clock A pugt mai n ttendance is desired. By ofder or the G. C. ? Jan 30?>t W?. J. EH EE*, Bee. a^-r-^r Lecmrea Matt lh? M'tru* ?Ca paliian Heel. Iittitata PitoF. WIUTAKER will deliver a coarse oflec-l lures before the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute, commencing on WEDNESDAY EVENING next, 31st instant, at the Ineutnte Boons, over Geo. and T. Parker's Store, Pa. avenue, at 7k o'clock. Subject: The Art! of ihe Bible, illustrated by no in rmu drawing*. The first lecture will coaspne* Burtdia?, Brick makinf, Agriculture, Mill;', &c. The public are respectfully Inyited. Lecture free. By oruer: p. M. PEARSON, Rec. See. Jan 30?Ot (iati LOST?AT THE PKBdlDKNTt) LEVKB UN Fi iday, January 96, a FU R TlPPEIT. Five rfollaik will be paid lor its return to the Stare of litz hugh Coyle, 7? at. jan 31?X* ATTkNTION, eOSfTlNENtAL GI AF^ An arijoerned meeting of the company wi I be held At Potomac Hall WEDNESDAY EVE NING, the 31st inst., for the election of offi cers tor ihe com p: ny. Punctual attendance of ail the members is earnestly requested, a* tw*m< - of the utmost importance will b'* brought forward tor the consideration of the company. hy order : EDW. HAMMERS!,V. .Secretary WM. TUCKER, Chairman. >an ??I " orriciAL. franklin Pierce, President of the United Stat'* of Jlmrrica, to all wham it may concern: Satisfactory evidence Itaving been exhibited to me thnt Francis A. Hommak, of Chiaago, in th?* State of Illinois, has been appointed consul of Brnn-nick a id Lun nburg, l<?r said State, I do hereby ret o-oixe him as such, and declare him tree to exerci??- and anjoy auch functions, powers, and privileges as are allowed to the Consuls of the eio-t favored n-iiong hi the United Stat**. In testimony whereof, 1 have mused these hxtcrs to tc made patent, and the sea! of the United S'ates to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand, at the cltv of Wa*h??< m?n ? thv *Jth day of iaauarv, A. D IS.V.V md [l. a.J of tiie independence of the United Stales of America the seventy ninth. Ff<AVKLJN P*?<^. By the Preetdein: W. L. Makct. Secretary of Stat* TO JEWELELS.?The jeweler in Waebi ^ton City, with v, hom an e>e-glass. set m gr?l'. wa? lett some ten days ago, by a gentleman, for th? pur P"*e of hr viae a spring mended. will please ?t .id it ;o Willards' Hotel, Room No. 73, together wit:, his bil>- , jan 31- V M * t* ???At great bargains. nro?! able stock of elecant Fancy Goods - Jewelry, Watches, Clocks Fans, Op-ra Glasses, Rmnze Ornament* Dressing Cases, Writing D<?sk? Rich China Va^es ? And millions of other articles that we are de?. ous to sell during tb?t present season, at extreme!* low pricts, for cash T. BA8TIANNEL1 k CO. STO Pa. avenue, under Browne' Hoi |. jan 31- ?t hba* wducknrwti. CANFIELD. BROTHER & CO . #>!? Baltimore ttrcet, Baltincrr'3f Off-r to buyers, previous to taking their annu n ae ctmntof stock, a large stock of rerent'y im: f-rd *?vls, sneb as WATCHES. JEWELRY. SILA ER WARI1.. ~1lbata and PtaieJ QonAt, CloBr? :ei y-tet, Musical Bote?. Drctden CSxna, ?h , AT I'Rf'. CES TO SUIT THE TIMES, WITHOUT IE OJiRD TO COST. jan 3I ,r SILVER PLATE. 'IlEA W are, pla'cd on white m?*ul( extra Im ivy. I warranted, in<?stly made by Dixon k Son. hef fl? d, chn?ed and engraved, embesaed n>le. Also. Pitcher Goblets, French and Engli?l. y|, Caftors. >1agniflcent Liquor Stands Table, Des-ci and TeaSpoons and Forks, war ranted quality Fish Knives and Forks, lee Cream Spoons C-umb Scrapers, Salad Tongs, Erg Cup? We have alsa a complete assortment of bect r 1Bi ity English Silver plated Waiters from 8 to 32 ' war ranted quality. ' We can a^swe ourchajwrs that no timi ar ry!? and quality of Good*can be purchased in New ork whi lesa'e, at the same low prices we offw i .?*? now. Our object is to realix- cash, lor the >to k of we have on hand is too large. J- ?ASTIAJTECM ft CO., 3TO Pa. avenue, under Browns' Hot .i. jan 31?3t I MUTUAL KII-K insurahce ro*PA IT, 1 OF THE DISTf ICT OF tX)LUMBIA Chartered by (Jongreat, OFFERS to tlie cUiaens of the District the r- ie?i and cheapest means of insurance agaim- 'o?* I by fire on all descriptions of property, as m / be seen by an t-xaminauon of the charur and by i iws I Applications for insurance can be made to il. ?n dersigned or at th2 office of John Van Riswicl. 7ih street and W ashington ('anal, where cepie^ o. the charter and bv lawri mav b^ pro ured %r ^ ULYSSES WARD, Prese t. Vancieer* Tboma. Blagdcn, Uly5y>s W ar,' Dr i p' J' C' Jrthn Van Risv'ick, P. W. Browning and M.G. Emerv. ' 1 l?n 31?eolin soncE or cofabtveeshif WASHmoron h?Il bewaubaut, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 6tA U.. tonfA iVe Afrv S~\ PETER M. DCBANT, lAJbegs leave to say to hu frieudsand former cumoih- BvL crs that he has di^jwsed of^MKC his enUre interest in hi!* late .-staWishaent, t.ndcr ilK' St. Charles Hotel, and to inform them that he will licreattrr be iotind at tlie hlKjv?-nanied Ites faumnt, which will be conducted under the i .ii.t management of BENTER k DCBANT. Tlie firm beg to assure their friends and tlie ntib lie generally that no exertions will be ^par. ,| by them to deserve a continuance of the favor am n? tronnge tbey have heretofiire r -eeived. and rSat their estachsiiinenr, for order, cleanliness, an at tenUon to the wants of their visitors, shall be un<ur pa-sed in this or any oilier city. Their L,?*riier will always be supplied with the moat choice Viands, Luxuries, and Delicacies that the market can afford ; and their Bar well staked with beverages of the most favorite kind* and hest qualities, toother with a choice lot of Cigars of ,u | perior brands. * 01 - WILLIAM F. BENTER, "in 31?eo6t PETER M. Dl'BANT PIANOS !?PIANOS ! If* E beg leave to call the attention ol the public . ? f 1? "Or stock of Pianos now on hend, coiiMstinp of superb finishe T,tf and 6 octave ro-ewood case in-flf^rT^r ttromeuU from the world renowned* "WW? nianufaciorie* of Hallet, Davis k Co., Boston, and Knabe Oai-ble k Lo., Baltimore, comprising in all the larfit st. most reliable and select assortment ever ?^rA,n ,h" ci,y- A,so- ? Covers, kc. Old Pianos taken in exchange. We will make reasonable discounts fbr cash or sell on time. JOHN F. ELLIS, ' No. 306 Pa. avenue, near Tenth strct. ?5I A SPLENDID RAFFLK OF FL RXITURE will take nlacc as soon as 2S0 | chances are Uken, at No. 1 89 Pa. avenue be i tween 17th and 18th streets. 23 Prixaa?Tkieu I $l each. 1 One Walnut Jenny Lind Bed?t ad 00 2 do do Writing Cabinet. 23 00 3 do do innrble top Centre Table.... 17 OA 4 co Mahogany do do ... 16 00 5 do W'ali ut Etagere 15 90 6 do Mnliogany do j-j 50 7 do Walnut do 12 25 8 Half dozen Jenny Lind Chairs 12 0o 9 One Walnut Bookstand 12 0" 10 Halt dozen Gilt back Cane seat Chain."".'. 12 OQ 11 One Music St4n1 y> 00 13 do Work Stand ? 12 0? 12 Half dozen Maple Cane seat Cbaira ..." 9 00 do Imitation Rosewoed Chairs.... y uo 15 One single Walnut Bedstend y 00 11$ ?*V Rerreshmeut Table ? y uo 17 On? pair Recept on Chair*. 6 00 *? ........ 6 00 19 do do do" 5 (K, 120 do Bookstand... f. 00 ?21 do Arui Chair o 2 22 do do 2 to 23 do Child's Rocker * i 74 24 do do j uo | 25 do d j \ 1 00 ywi 00 The public mrequested to call and sec tbe Furm | ture at mr Store, No. 189 Pennsylvania, between 17th and 18th sts . First Ward. JO?EPH GAWLfi*, Cahi?.t Maker. Posttively no chances drawn for until paid. Due nojee will be given when the raffile will take nitre 1 jan 28-th JJATIOIAL TBltTRB. H THE BOCASFT tie CaRoiisr, Tuirs-sm*. Vt>ii_?ins. ClcmwI nwi, Moo*. tV IT, Bor?<srn\ ProLUMT, aad t large Carps *t Battel. V. OanaiB, L-nder. THIS F.VK.SINH Ik* Ballet of SATH.WIEU; ?K t?? TUtnr? or virrrN. Sathaaiel M lie Caratta*. T? conelads with the iangtiabec pant?tt,iaae of FRIBAU. Book- of Sathaniel to be I ad at the toon?prtrt 19X mm. )a* 3i-it THAKKSQIV.'NG DINNER, With other choice piece*. will be hum a| (to THTRD AND LAST COJfCBKT OSSIAN'S BARDS, TUVBIOAT BTBIIIO, Fe* Iflt, AT CtBCSfS SALOON. TICIITI T W * IT Y-P I * R CCXTO. jan 3l-?c MAGIC, MIRTH AND MYSTXRY AT IRON HALL. ROBERT HELLER'S world or ROBICRUCIAIV WOBDBEII And incomnrehenailUe m\ ?t*ry of BBCUSI1 MOUT. Con tant chance of Performance every * vening. rneef as Mkl. >*? II CABUSl'S SALOON. SATURPAY BVBIPO, Fob J, 1C5B Respect: u II) announces hi* intention c4 A URAND CONCERT At Camei's Saloon. on f-atnru*) m wnj a<U, as sisted hjr SiGNOLA MARTINI IVORMY, SIGNOR CEN' I UB1, baritone. (late ot the Grwi A Ma no uoitpe ) and AUGUST GOEHEL, pis Ticket* 50 cent*?for sale at the principal hotel* and inuric stores. Reserved wab hi lor aaie at Davie's Music 5U re where a plan of iLe haU can b* seen For particular* see future advertisements. jan 31?dtf Miss E. T. Greenfield, COMMONLY KNOWN AS THE Has arrived and w.ll fire her vecaad GRAND CONCERT THIS (WEDNLSDA ' ) KVLMVU. Jan. 91, l?M. For the Benefit of tbe Ft fteenth street rr< ebytortn? Chare h. It *>rs open at 7 exercises to cormifnca at 7Jf o'clock, to which the friends generally are laapoil fully invited to attend. PBOGBAMME?PABT 1. 1. Solo <m the Piano. 2. Ob, Native Scene?, Beihal r*ung by Mis? Greenfield. 3. Instrumental 4. 1 know that uiy Kcdremer Itveth. Handel Sung by Mian Greenfield. raai S. I. Solo Home, Sweet Nome, BalK>f Sung by Miss Gr'enflrM. 3. Solo. 4. Bob'/rt le Diable, Meyerhev Sung by Mim Greenfield. 5. Solo. Ticket* 50 cent*, at the door. Reserved seats $1, to be had at I be Church between 11 and 9 o'ctor k. Also at ft)*- bo ikstore* of V1e??n> Taylor A Maui y, Davis. Ellis, and Fran ,-k Taylor, Pa. avenue. Jan 31 _ IRON HALL. THE "SEER" HAS COME! ROBERT HELLER, Th great and untipproaclisbie NECROMANCER AID PROFESSOR OF DIABLERIE. Will have the honor to op<?n h is numstiar cabutct of Wonders TH1I KVKWHtO. Mr. HELLER t* author of nearly all ot hi* per formances, and i* tbe only per-on living U> whom is kiion n the gre*t mystery or 8 ECOM O BIGHT! PRICE OP AnMIMlOM. To Hall <f> eenifl Drew Circle .. 37* " Orchestra Seat* ..5# 44 Scot* may be secured from 10 a w to 4 p m, at the offi -e, without extra charge. Polite and attentive usher* will be in attendance, jan 30-If . "Lit tho* who never laugh their Itr deplore. And tho^e who always laugh now laugh the more " A new, joyous, and mirth-inspiring <* will short v b? given in Uu? ?. it> by MALONB RAfMOlD, The celebrated Humorist, Lecttirer, and Illuctrai * of lash Life and Manners, called AN HOUR IN IRELAND AND OTUKR LANDS. Taken from his Sketch Book a'rady given,'by bi ? in Europe and Amenoa, over ORB TBUVaAl D B1BBTII Ocnswung of Anecdotes, Songs, Stories of tlM Pas v antry, R?'coli? cttoos of Ire and, Burke, Grat tan, Wellington, 0'Con?eB, Sim dan Goldsmith, Lever, Flood, Shie!, Lady Muriran. knowl>?, Ac. bemgs who have given bight to ? World, and, ?Mure a Nation Itr *. The time and place wi.l l?e duly chronicled. Jan 19?3r SOIREES MAGIQU1S. MEMOIR OF THE GREAT MAGICIAN, MAC ALLISTBR, THE WONDER OF THE JtGf. This extraordinary Protesm?r of the Cat>ali?tif A t, is engaged \-y MR. M\LuNF. K AYM??M?, (Lec turer, Humoriv. and author of "H >urs in Ireland and otti^ LjikI-.") to appear in all his Necromania Wonders, nt ODI? FKLLOWS' HALL, for mi night*, commencing on MOM DAT BTBft* lA0i JanuaryiKHh, 1855, and following evening*. Mr. Malone Raymond having, wune Ume Niny, wun Ssed on the Contine'nt ot Europe, t'?e eiutu dinary and wonderful periormances of this liigbi v gifted Prolessor id the. >1 ?|ic Ait recently en gag 4 his valuable service* through the chief ciua* of Can ada, for several performances: and ao great was l is attraction, that he continued to crowd the many weeks in succession, realizing to hi an sell a clear profit of moit than $&0.000 A large sum is secured him to vim i WasAtagi- a for a lew evenings, and trom tbe high and deaervd reputation which precedes turn, the Uall will, no doubt, be filled to repletion dunng Ins stay. This Great and Fortunate Magician was I torn >a the land of Robert Burns, but iu early youth M?tp4 tbe Coutin?ut of Europe, where lor some years pa? he has practised the art of Conjuration and Mi(hi]r Maiic, and has acquired not nnl> va<t wealth. *>?* lite highest profts?iouaJ renown in his aruatic icaa of Necromancy. MAD'ME MACALLISTEB Is an Italian by bulb, educated in Pans, ia wki k city the Younc Magician first saw tbe Lady, and won her heart and hand. She is highly h?rn and possessed of varied talents and aecomplitbments, and has become an able and dexterous assistant "? her huhtand in his bewitching and bewildermg fe-? of Necroiraticy. They are both still young. I ? cently in Spa n, the pertonnano of the Wta;"d and his lady were the leadtnf fasliMO of a wh le ?eas' n. Madame Macaiheter is a daagh'er af? ie of Napoleon's in??st cc ebrated olhcera, di ungahm -4 in ma y of the Eiup?-ror'a battle* Her MajMy, tke Queen, had a splendid Pavili<>o erocted lor tn>? m b?r Palace at Madrid, win -? llieir nigl.lty feats were honored by the smiles a d plaudit of the enure Roval Household, as well a '>y crowds of the Spanish Nobility and Gentry . *?? eral SpJ, ndid 1 nunond- were presented to the W 4 ard by Her Majesty on lha-e occasions. lu' /g France, Germany, Portugal, Cuba. United Sun % Ac., have been visiteJ by these ar istea, the drtf- * ent lau.-uages ot which countries tbey speak fiiMni ly, and liave untvernlly won go(4ea apiaioas ?? well as golden favors in each. The Magician is accompanied by J. M. WEaT ON, Esq., his Secretary, and attended by and numerous Assistants. Prices ot Admission.?Raneived seats SO Half price to reserved teats only for children un. ?r twelve years. G?m?ial admi^Mon for all ages SB cents. Doors open at ?commence at 8 o'clock. Ticket* can be had at the door on the eveRing. jan 96?Ot* Found-a gentleman s cloak, ?bi a the owner caa have by calling at French's fcA* lard Sshx>n and paying fur this advertise wen l. jan 30?3l? LOST?This moruing, a promissory note, d*iod lo June last, at ninety days, for and draw* by Jerry T. Mndd. in favor of lamer H. Shreev-s, and by him endorsed to El ward J. Drrsey. Jt ? past maturity, but have with an order on Oeorg* Mtidd The finder will Le literally rewarded uy leaving u ettber with Jam^s H. Shrecves, at ror, mg of 7th and 1 st/aew, or BdwatO J. Doesey Maryiao4 avenue. Jan JO-'A*