Newspaper of Evening Star, February 3, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 3, 1855 Page 2
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i;\ LNIXG STAR. WAt>UVov 5 S SfS ?AlTJtDAt A FTEIf'WN.... .February 3 ? ? ? ? 1i . ? A FIRST CLASS FAPlR . The Wmiv Star for to-day bears every avideoce of a flret elan weakly paper Any one doubting thie feet is advised to call at the i effioe and examine for thi? sites Tales, poetry, witictsns. personal matters, ?ad new* from all quarter* fill Its column? It j eoste bat 91 25 cents a year + m. ? ? &FI&XI OF TH* M02KIHG FKESS Ibe Union discussing (be question?'Shall abolitionism prevail in tbe South,"?holds op the peaay-catebiDg dodge of 4 tbe Hot Tbos Jones, a fugitive slave," who it kiteiag over ! the northern Slate*, loo taring oa "Slavery at J Popery," before the ejea of the Sooth, as evidence that In tbe North, Know Nothingi?m is abolitionism. The iMialhgtne-r takes from the Joum~t oJ Commerce a synopsis ef the proposed tax iff bill of the Committee of Ways and Means which, we in torn take from their colamns, as follows: ' The basis of the change proposed is a re dmot inn of 30 per cent, from the rates estab lished %j the ?*ri?of 1M0. This would change the schedules to %, 32 24 10. 16, 11, 8, and 4 per cent, Instead of 106. 40 SO, 15 20, 15.10, and 5, aa now established. A lew important transfers are made in the classification, whkh if coarse wiil prove txceptiunx to tais uniform reduction Sii?s which now pay 2' will b?? iticiuded in the 14 p*r ceat. liu. linens and blanket* will paj 10. as at present. Wool uo maaufaetared, will be classed either io toe 8 or 4 per oeut. schedule in steal of ?1, a.- at pre?em. K** silk, unmannfao.ared flax, un maaufu;*nr?d grasres, most manufacturer s dye tti.Cs. I c wiil be classed in the 4 per' oent. while the remaining dye staff*, eodill*. or tow of hemp and flax, and some other r? * materials will be added to the Tee litv We shew id prefer to hare wool in the free list, for the benefit cf both the wool-grower ani the manafftcturer. and tbirk very likely th? t such au amendment wll be proposed while the bill is uoder eg ''side ration." A Good Man Go-? "The death of John W. Maury it an event that will fill more than one heart with sorrow. He died at bis residence in this c.ty yesterday morning after a brief illness. He was not yet forty-six years of age, aud leavos a widow and twelre ohildren With all his abundant means, well earned daring a life of useful net* and honor, tfod has deprived them of their greatest riches on earth?the hortani and the father. His real wealth however, in him self?in that simpla, chaste, and harmoniou character, wM?*a made bis presence like a blessing, and his progress through life one calm summer's day There was a beauty in the even consistency of bis nature?in the tub deed grace of his action??in his qnie; ohari ties?in his ealarged and unostentatious pub lie spirit, that marked him out, even amotg statesmen and scholars, as a distinguished man?showing that even in the unobtrusive ehade* of ptivata life a man m\y grow into greatness by other qualities than those which ehiue bett whoa seer and heard by the pab lie. At home, in the hallowtd atmosphere ?.f bis ta:aily, whom h? worshipped with on bounded affection, or in the avenues of the world, or while a candidate for the suffrages of the people, or io the expression of his opin ions, he was the sane gentle, tolerant, and generous spirit." The above remarks are from tbe Uhw.-i cf this morning We think we recognise ia them the pen of the e-roi>r'?thed Forney. A Cciapiiic.nt Appreciated. We almost daily take a; 7- 'pert, publish*, by gen.lemen who are persona] strangers i<> us, complimenting the Star io the most flat tering tor n? Of courte we appreciate all such kindly notices; bat the following, from the New York Expint of last evening, a pa per with which we have occasion frequently to differ on questions of public policy, is grati tying in the extreme : *' The Washington Star furnishes as with vb- bas long been needed?an afternoon pa per there, supply, ug us with all loe little news of the day?leaving to posterity io read the ponderoas solumnsof su{ pleiuental Globes, I Ac. | We appreciate this notice the more highly from the faet of the Erprets being one ef the very best papers published anywhere. With such an expression of publio opinion as this and our immense subscription list, the Star is] boaad to shine, it matters not whieh way the winds of politics blow or what party is in power. rKH?on?L. .... Gov Gorm%n, ?f Minneso'.a, had a fight with 'n auctioneer named Collins, in St. P*ais oa the 10th inst Strange as it may appear, I in this case the auctioneer was 'knocked down" .... It is said that an intimate friead of| Alvarado Hanter intimites that the cashiered hero wiil shortly embark for St. Petersburg, to offer his services to the Csar of Russia as a commander ia his navy He will go oat with teetieacnials for gallantry and efficiency from one of the higbest effijer* of our nary, aud it is even seM that he will take a letter of recom mendation from the President himself. .... Lieut J H. Rowan has beea ordered | to the command of the U. S ship Bainbridge. in the p ace of Lt. Charles G. Hunter, dis missed from the servieo .... The editor of the Baltimore Vhpp*> calls the editer of tbe Argu*t to whom ntnre has given a beautiful bead of grey hair, "the E'tly sore-headed bear of the Argus." Hit q on the noso. friend Beale. .... Persons, from all parts of the oountry, are writing to Mayor Wood, of New York, congratulating him on the wenderfal reforms he naa brought about in the manidpal affairs of the .Empire City. ^ .... Ke~ Wm H Good*in. who has been eleeted to the Senate ef the (State of New York, to fill tbe vacancy occasioned by the election of M H Clark to the Gubernatorial Chair, is a Methodist Itinerant Preaohar, and j an unoen. promising Hard Shell Democrat. The Baltimore Patriot (late Whig) exults in his election. ... Mr J. B. Roberts, the txdfcedian, is performing to crowded houses in Mobile. ....George W Williams, the Temperaaoe candidate for ttovernor of KeatwOky. has writ t?B ft lilitr, in which h* that he wiil bold tbe aemiaatioo under eonalderation aatll aboat the let of Msrch .... The special correspondent of the New York Tr bane telegraphing from this point says: "Harry Hibbarf declares that the Na tional Democrats in NM-Uampshire are soen> dor oa niggers than the Soatheraers them selves. .... JaaMe Watson Webb proves by the flies of tbe Saw York Courier and Kaqalrer that be is a "Eaaw-lfotniag ' of twaaty-five years standing Tbe same aatbority will present eqaally streag evidence of his Jaeksonism and aati J aeksonism?of kis oppositioa to, and support of, tbe United States bank -of bis democracy and of his whiggery, and of bis, ihufflsng eoorse on nearly all important tions. at his necessities haopeaed to rwqafre So says the Boston Pest. i WASHIH0TO5 irrwg AHD GOSSIP.*/ The Waty ?The pats ge of the new Nary Reform BH1 of Mr fcat/orj^thro^h the t>M ete. by a unanimous which toik plana yesterday, i? regarded u a sign that soaethiag, at lea?t, will be d jne to increase the efficiency of that branch of the public service ere the ?enion terminate* HoWever, there i* little prospect tbat the Hnu?e will dispose of it iu so bu-iaees like a manner. Yet it is possible that that body, too, can be induced to give it its sanction ere the 4th of March next, and it behooves ail the members not bitten with the idea that the Government will be better with out a nary, or with the notion that "periodical reforms an cot as necessary in the military and naval serviee of the United 8tates, as in all other branches of the public service, to put their should#* to the wheel to that eni The folfowirg is the DUl ia question V A Btr.1 re promote the efficiency of th? Nary. eaul'.'f???l'i ** 80011 u Praoti. eahle eftet tfce pm-SRjfe fttMs tot, the Pre-i ^Naial t?** ,h#H '**" ? ?Mrd five 10 U * oensijt of nve captains, five commanders and fire lieu iVuS!* Whi^Q BoM B,,der 8Uch fegnlariors ?h.n?!?' 7 rth,* Nrv7 m&7 prescribe, ?li Make. ? car-*' examination into the efficiency of the officers of the grades herein after mentioned, and shall report to the So CMtary of the Navy the names and rank of all officers of the laid grades who, in the ludg. meat of said Board, shall be incapable of per forming promptly and efficiently all their duty ashore and afloat* and vacancies occurring in said]Board <Ul be filled by the Secretary of **TJ, who ehMI preserve the number and grade- of its officers, as aforesaid : PrvvidU Ibat no officers upon said Board fthall examine into, or report upon, the efficiency of officers of a grade above them Sec 2 A"* b* further enacted, That all offiearg who ehMl be found by the said Board Incapable 6f performing the Sties of their ^?*2 J? ' ?r *r8<lc5 if such finding be appro red by the Present, b* t- er ?'tb#ir r*"h and eenierity at .Se lime, upon a list in the Navy KeiristBr th' fr??rlv?d Ik*. they shall rt^tii fe the leave of absence pay or the fur P^7 Th<1fh,,th*' m*y b? entitled when so placed, and shea he ineligible to forther Jf?thi V.n;v n V1 b# ,ubj*ot t0 rh? or the Navy Department at all times for datv ? ;*??okscreated ih theac'ive service lilt flu h *k 00 Ihe reserved list shall b< H ffc J 7 T*gu*y P*>motion in the order of ra.ik or aeuiority And offioera who may be promoted to fiil ?he vaoaneiea created hy thr recerved h?t shall, while unemployed, receive only the "leave of absence'? oY?JE!SK ? <mLi whicl1 th#7 would haTe *??*? en ltled if such promotion had not been made. t??WJfcSi empi0yedl * or on other defy, they shaii reoeive, in addition to suoh "leave of absence or "waiting orders" pay. thedif ference between the "waiting orders 'or "leave or absence nay and the "tea, or othr r duty ' pay of the grade to which they may be so pro moted: Provided, That this sorutiny and re servation of officers shall extend only to the grades of captain, commander, lieutenant, passed midshipmen, and masters : And provi. th"401000 tainod shall beh;ld or construed to authorise WH?t? pey of the said grade., or of the naval service, as now al lowed by law. Sec 3 And be it furitur enacted, That nothing in this act contained shall be oon J o restrict apply to, or impair the regu jar promotion of officers in the servioe list of n*V who m*J he at any time entitled to promotion?consequent upon deaths, dismia sals or resignation?nor in any manner t<? 2??r??T ^Pa,,r th9 rl?ht of Secretary ot the Wavy to place officers upon farlough. The Patent Law* -The bill for the amend ment or reconstruction ef the patent laws, reported at the last session, we believe, by Senator James, is a measure of great public importance, and. as such, is entitled to proper consideration at the bands of Congress It was matured only on consultation between tho?e member* of bo*h Houses mm distin guished by their familiarity with the wants of the country and the public service in suoh conection. We learn at the Patent Buieau that its enactment is regarded there as being vf prims public importance. Such, we under stand, is the opinion of the Commissioner of Patents, with whoee assinanoe the measure iu question ha* bean arranged. There is no doubt that general lagi.'lation on the subject ?reatly needed both for the interest of the public and that of patentees and their ai signets. All are losers by the existing condi tion of the patent laws, which is more prolific of law suits and violations of pub;ic and pri vate rights than result from the condition of the laws of the United States Government on any ether sebjact of business interest what ever. The Commissioner of Patents having proved, by his adminlrtration of his office, that his judgment on all matters appertaining to its du'ies is eminently reliable, we feel it to be our duty thus to urge prompt compliance with his earnest recommendation ia this m atter. Private Business.?The House deserve great credit, indeed, for their business-like worh of 'Q disposing of their private oalen dar We never saw matters conducted more efficiently or sensibly in their ball Their d.*y s session forcibly exemplified what they L?ii do in the way of driving business ?p, so private individuals of business habits do, when they est their Honorable heads ami hearts earnestly to the worh in hand. No speech of more than five minutes' duration was made, and everything said was clearly understood and appreciated by all the mem bers present. Thousands of heretofore deso late hearts will, donbtless, rejoice over their dsy's work, wherein nought was done but jus tice, so manifest that not a single member was found to object to any portion of their favor able action The Proposed Inereeee of the Army In all garter* of the federal metropolis, active preparations are already being made to apply for commiasiona ia the four new regiments to be raised (if the Monse assents) under the Senate's amendment to the army appropria tion bill. This being the point at which the influential politicians are now assembled, the preparations are heing made her? by persons on the spot, for themselves or in behalf of others. For every oSoo in oonnection with them, from ooloneloies dews to lieutenaafcrfes, it is very etcar that there will be one hundred applicants tor each post to be awarded. It make* us fairly sick at heart to witness the general propensity to get into public servioe, as exemplified by the eagerness, industry, and pertiascity with which the work of getting ready to apply for theee places has been com menced, already, in Washington. The Vacant Aiditerahip ef the Treasury - It is said here, aad we judge with truth, that names of Messrs. 6t J. B. Skianer, chief clerk of the First Assistant Posfimaetec 6one '?i, Thus J. Johnston, ekisf clerk ef the ftih Auditor's office; MoCiiatoek Young, Esq.; a*r~y Watteraoo, Bsq , lermcrty of lean. aad Dr. Jesl B. Swtfceriaad, ef Philadelphia, ar* ?*!?* b7 their veepeetive fHends ?n the President fer the Sixth Aeditenbip made veeetrt by the death of delate OfplsoM Fleasonton, ?sq. It seems to be understeodi ?TTtbat it took the President bat a few momenta k determine whom he should ap he thus has escaped b?ii| rua dewtt with application' for the po?t, there being perhaps one hundred gentleman hi Washington who would have u gone in with a rush ' had it not been verj early aieerUini that the qnestion had been that settled The nomination will probablj be made on Moniaj, when we and all the world will laarn who U to ba the happy mas. fpoliatidp -The excitement smorg those interested In the spoliation bill, with refer - ?oca to the prospect of a veto, Increases mo mantaiilj, We aeisr saw a let of getfHemen more nervously anxious than they are just now. We repeat what we said yesterday, that, for onraelves, wa know nothing of the matter. Yet we judge that they have utterly failed to obtain Pxecutire ezpreesions upon the subject at varianoe with the wall known positions of the President upon it when in either Hoase of Congress. Wa may add, too, that in strict Democratic ciroles, the imprae sian has become alm>*t universal within the last forty-eight hours that President Pieroe will not sign the bill! I An Army Officer's Beaignatfon Accepted The President, yesterday, accepted the resig nation of Liaat. Col. Adam D Steuart, U 8. A , Deputy Paymaster General, to take effeot February 1. Col. S. tendered his resignation tome time si nee. The Current Operation* of the Treasury Dspartaant.?On Thursday, the 1st of Pab thera were of Tre*in--y Warrants entered on the books of the Department? ?or the payment of Treasury debts $4,365 41 "or the Customs 10 714 27 Foj covering into tho Treasury from customs. 3,119 87 Covered into tha Treasury from ? La"d,?, 4 ??5 63 f or the W ar Department 500 0?? For the Inter ior Department 747 25 Fwiday, February 2 For the redemption of stock...... $5,153 ift For paying Treasury debts 9 757 RS for the Customs. 28,848 77 CoYnred into tht Ir^&tarjr iffsi Customs .. 302 oi 'crtbeWer Dspertmsnt 32 697 68 For the Nary Department 76,881 55 For repaying in the Navy Depart ment....... -7.220 2V For tae inier.or Departmen. 62 800 90 ? a . ('ONVRK8?lonAL. In the Senate, yes'erdny, after we want to | press, the olaim of the captors of the armed [ brig General Armstrong was further disoussed, by Mr. Benjamin against it, and Messrs. Sew ard, Bayard, and Clayton for it. until the Sen ate adjourned without taking the question. In the House, Mr Bayly announced that he would report from the Committee on Foreign : Affairs, the nex* time that committee was mailed, tha Ostend conference business. | The House, after passing the bill ter the re. , Hef of Samuel A. Belden A Co ? ye*s86, navs o9?went into a Committee of the Whole on the Private Calendar, (Mr Ilibbard in the chair.) wherein, it being objeo'ion dar, a large num ber of bills were favorably considered and. when the oommittee rose, were reported back PJT4, Ui>u-#' b? waver, adjourned I without floul action on them. Proce?4inK? 0f T??-I>f?y. In the House, to day, the private bills fa | vor.bly reported on yesterday from the Com mittee of the Whole House were parsed, ere *ve went to press No other busing* had been reached ar that hour ^TUE REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING .1- <:'l'luuib,a 1 yfxfraphiraJ Society wi.l be hH<l thin Saturday) evening, at 7% o'clk. REGULAR MONTHLY MEET r^?L '.Pf? * ol,n< Catholics' Friend Socie ty will be held to-morrow (Sunday) evening Feb. 4lh, at Si. I eter'* Church, at 5 o'clock. r.K WM- PlfZPATRlCK, 1 Rec.Sec. ?A CHARITY SERMON FOR THE BP.N I or il'.- Young Catholics' Friend Soci ety will be delivered by the Rev. Father Maeuire, Pr<>id?-nj of Georgetown College, ai *t Peter'? 1 ,f("bC4-U,ll0rr,'W ^',U(Jay) ":orn,n? al 11 o'clock. Ijt^-WASHINCTOV NATIONAL MONT ?ent Office F. brnary 3,1855 ?The ineni I v 7 Boar 1 ol <*' tlie Washington .Vranument So< i<-ty are requested to meet at their office hi the City Hail, on Sunrtav, the 4ili ?nrtarit, at 2 o'clock. to proceed in a bodv' t ? attend the funeral of J. \V. Maury, a member of the board. I line tan I attendance is earnestly desired U F. W. ECKLOFF Clerk. >La(;TI'KE FOR THE BENEFIT OF _ the Young Catholics' Fri- nd Society \ b* <Wlvered at Odd Fellows' Hail, on WEDNESDAY, the 7u, mataut, ut7-^ o'clock p u, by Prfife?.or Ai ti \ vukr Dimitrt, of Louwlana, f,.r tlie benefit of tb' V oui.g (>ihol.c??- Friend Soci. ty. hubjeci: ? rhe re!aUon? of harmony bet iecn man and creation." Tick t* 95 cents each-ro ht had at the principal book and drug -torei in WaahuiKton and Geo town 1 feb 3?SMkVV -;Tfl? THE>8UHER OF J HE VOUNG ?vm Menu Ch/i?Laa Ajts^^cuuon particularly requests the officer* wfio haye taken charge of bill* for annual dum riow pavabH. u> make reiuni of the *amc ia the bdls or the money wta ch Uiev rtpr t?ent at the rooms of the An-ociation ne*t MolSID \ Y AF. Tl RNOON. between 4 and 5 o'clock, and if anv bill* again.-t the Association remain nnpaid it i? re qUf-ted that Uiev be pr???ciit d at .he same tune and [_,1 _ feb 3?It A^^OTICIE -ARMORY OF PBEhT DENT'S MOUNTED GO A RD?The r-g n,crUn* of tfce Corp* will Ik. held TU ESDAY, the 6iii in.?tani, at IKc I o ciock. 1 unetuii a (tendance Ooin every member ia de?uou?, a bu?m..? of vitai Importance for the pro?peruy of tlie Coni|>air requires a full meeting. All psr-ona desirous ol joining the corps will liave an opf-ommity ot to doing at tins meeting. 1 By order: ? i prr*u- MctUTCHEN, Secretary. - feb 9?31 ? "yAI.LKSiTI>E8 in new and bcauuful style f wholesale and mail at leb ?'<-* . _ LAMMQMD'8,7th at. BI.ACK BBACKLKTS at very nw prices , LAMMONDt*, 7th st. reb 3?3t V'?TlC*S.-VVhereM John Korff and Caroline jlN KorfT, hi* wife, live apart, unAur ? dead of"rea arauon, the public are hereby warned not to tru?t the said ? 'nroliu. on account of the subachber, and M not reapomnbltt lor any debu contracted by Iter and wiH no. nay Hie ^iUie. JOHN KORFF. feb 3 -law3iv? GREAT INDUCEMENTS. f S. TILACK FORI), 09 nridfe at., Georgetown, * . beiuf de?roe!i of reducing hi* stock, ?fcrs to r*** ?j"?t??ei"t of Indies and gentlemen "s Gold Uatchea. Jewelry of the newest styles and beat quality, Silverware anr? Plated Goods at very reduced pneos to euit the ttmea. J; B-.wouid respecifuJly invite ail ia want of sucliisrUcles to call and examine bis large a?*ort mmU ' feb 3-lw For SALE?TWO NORTHERN LUMBER VVagen* and one Kockaway. tlwCuy'uie^ ** ^ wo"^* ?bout two miles from 100 cords Oik Wood 1 * 36 cases seasoned Pine Wood 1000 Chr?uiut Posts and ?a|k M00 Seasoned Cart and Wagon Spokes Enquire of J *. MeCLELLAN, No.?T A street north. Capitol Hill. fej, 3 removal. " Ot Wwn-n*. Water Proof C >tnposition Roofing iVSfZ?V^ ^ to^loC ? tteveuUi street, he lew Odd fellows' Mail. v * Si MfAKRKN k CO. Oflke hours from 11 n? 19 oVloA a. m. Ky J T NOTICE. "Hi. 7th ?? queeted. feb J?Si Nation al.thkatr?. THE R0US8ET SISTERS. M'lie CiioLim, Th?rjcsink. Adelaide, Cix?eii i i **, M' >ns. Cos it. Rnuaferrf?0BO|JMY, and a riargrCnrpii,- Bdkt. V. 0^", Ldtfnt. puis Mvrjnsa the Rniet of, ^ * ? Tb conclude With dH pun ton in* of . *7 ^H*l. Me CIIAMJMEAU.1 Book* of 8aihantcl to be had at the d<*>rs- price lfrjj cents. fob 3 - It NATIONAL THEATHS. r*m ori mm Mile IMroliad. I HBWttT TO L*ST IlWt. ?????* | f \V WasbInotoit, Feb. 9, 1865. ADIEAt Uwin ?a*nM that (t to y mr <?> j tention to close \our performance* :n this city, it is our #isfc, before yourleading us, to offer you a testimonial benefit as a mark of our high esteem for yeur private TUtBM and of Our admiration of yonr transcendent ttlent a* artiste*. If this should meet with your approbation, we wouldnftnt MONDAY EVENING, February 5th, as a proper time for your benefit. Accept, laduss, the beat wishes of the uader-igned for voiir vr el tare In whatever elinee it may chance fortune to take you. Your ? beriicnl servants, J D Hoover A Many P B Key A Welch J T T? wers Joha F Carter 0 K P Hayard A G Allen Win I> Vint on r w Fhnt Thoa E Martin Get Greealenf A H CroM Abel B Upshut E M Tidball C H Winder Alex E Shirns W B Ctiasw * llenry Robinson Charles W Slab W Davidgc JFJMcCleiy Wm H Davidge H 8 Glen H A Willard To Mlie Caroline,Theresina, Ade!a?de,and Clem entine Rouatet. Washihotoh, Fcbruarv 2,1855. Gkk tlewen : We accejit your kind offer if a tea tunonia) benefit for Monday next, February 5, with feeling* which worda cannot express. We have ex periem-ed kindness In the caoiul of this great conn try which will not be forgotten by ha. Although wr inay be ealh d upon to visit other climes, rest as sured, gentlemen, that oar heart* will remain with you. Accept, gentlemen, the thanks nnd brat wisbeti for your welfare a id prosperity of your obedient ser vents, CAROLINA ROU8SET, THERESINE ROUSSCT, ADFLAIDE ROU88ET, CLEMENTINE ROU8SET. To Mesar*. J. T. Towers, P. B. Key, I. D. Hoover, kc., kc. MONDAY KVKNIN9, Ftbraary fttlk, Wlfl be performed the Grand Rallet vf LA BAYADERE; OR, THE MAID OFCASnMERE. Zoloe ??????.i.?? M He Caroline Miles Theresine, AdelaiJe, and Clementine, Mr Corby, Mr. Rousset, Mr. Sr.ollosy, in all the principal characters. To conclude with the laughable pantomime ef JEANNETl'E AND JF.AVNOT. In which the whole Troupe will appear. feb 3- . j "Let those who never Hugh their lot deplore. And those who alwaya laugh now laugh the more.'1 A uew, joyous, snd mirth- inspiring entertainment will shortly be g ven in this city by MALONJ3 RAYMOND The celebrated Humorist, Lecturer, an I Illu-tratoi of Imh Life and Manner?, called Ay HO'lR IN IRELAND AND OTHBR LANDS. Taken from his Sketch Book, already given by him in Europe and America, over ORE THOUSAND NIGHTS! Consisting of Anecdotes, Songs, Stories of the Peaa antry, Recollections of Ire>and, Burke, Urat tan, Wellington, O'Connell. Sheridan Gnidrtinitli, Lever. Flood, Shiel, ------ Lady Morgan. Knowlns, fee. brings who have given Light to a World, and Wi a Nation hve. The time and place will be duly cluonicled. feb 3?8t* FIRST GRAND COTILLON PARTY or THE TE HPS. CHORE CLUB. 1'IIB members of the Terpsichore most respect fully announce to their friends and th?' puhln in gencraHy that their First Grand Cotillon Part* wilt betivon on IOIUAY EVRHIKfl, Feb. 19th, 1865, at COLUMBIA HALL, Capitol Hill The t.lub pledge themselves that no pains or ex penae shall be spared on their part to mnke it the Cotillon Pnrty cf the season Superior Cotillon Music has been engaged for the occasion. Positively no hats or cap? will be allowed in the ioom eiceptthonc worn by Clubs. Refreshments will be furnished by an experienced caterer. Tickets $1?admitting a gentleman and ladies, to be had of the managers and at the door. MANAGERS Marcel'ii* Marceron, Stephen McN'amee, Philip J Ennts, Jno W Sinoot, Jas R Dobbyn, Geo A Barr, Robt E Thompson, Wm H Howe, Wm E Tucker, Francis Gartland. Thomas Goldamith. Committee of Reception. Jno Smoot, Wm E Tueker, Stephen McNamee, Geo A Barr. feb 3,15,l?,fcl9-4t UNPRECED SNTED A TTK AC TION. GRAND FANCY DRESS I?ALL or TBI ISLAND SOCIAL CLUB. 'rHE members ol'the Club respectfu ly announce | M their friends and the public generally that their Second Grand Ball of the season will take place at the Wa-ltington Assembly Rooms. MON DAY, Feb 19th. All necessary arrangements have been mads so ai to insure to all who may honor them with their presence an evening of cxqui-iie pleasure. Apart from the novelty of this ball (which will be the first Fancy Dress Ball given in Washington for many years) they would inform their friends and the public that the proceeds of the hall will be devoted to thsir new Library, which is already progressing finely Celebrated Cotfflon Music has been engnped for the occasion. Refreshments will be furnished hy an experienced caterer. Tickets f i--adinil?ing a gentleman and ladies, to be had of the Managers and at the door on the eve ning of the ball. Managers on part of the CitUens. Hot F P Slunton, T?*nn Waller Lenox. Esq Hon R H Stanton, Ky Rich'd Wallach, Esq lion T B Florence, Pa Col Barrett < 'apt Tyler. Dr Blake B B French, Esq Jas A Brown, Esq Manager* on part of the Ciub. Richard Bvans, G W Krammer, H S Litchftvld, Harry Dudley, J Smith ley, G F Adams, F Guest, Wm H Dalton, Jos B Waiting, Wm Williams, L Anderson, Daniel Driscol. feb 3,7,14,A17 IRON BALI. BOOT, SHOE, AND TRUNK ESTAULnHMkNT. ? JUST RECEIVED, and r*ceiviiii, a large Kupply of beat quality TRAVELING ? TRUNKS. CARPET BAGS, ttc., TO ?ID which will be sold low. I shall sell my stock of WInter BOOTS and SHOES on hand, whtch embraces ev ery article, at ruducad prices; and as my stock n large, my customers and the public are requested to call and examine. To those who know themselves indebted to m?\ I would iay that I desire prompt aettlement. For tlw future I shall render my kccounts monthly - this sys tem having becon-e necessary because of the chaugc in the credit system at the North 8. P. HOOVER, feb 3 -eo3t Iron Hall, Pennsylvania avenae. READY-MAD* CLOTHING AT REDUCED PRICES.?A* the aeason is ad vanced, we have determined to mil off the re mainmg portion of our winter stock at greatly re duced prices; therefore, gentleman wishing to con suit economy in purchasing fine Overcoats, Talmas Drear, Frock am business Coals, Black and Fancy Cashmere Pants; Velvet, Silk, Saun, and Merino Vesta? Undershirts and Drawers, and all ottoei ready-made Garment%ef line quality, will find out present variety to be aa well aaeortad as in the be ginning of the season, with the advantage ef much kiwer prices. WALL k STEPHENS, tftl Pa. avenue, next door to Iron Hall, feb 1?3t T QOTV-ON WRDNWBAY, U* 31st January Jj eome plaoe between Lafayette Sou*re and IV teenth street and ra. avenue, or in aft omnibus be tween 15th and|Uatratts.a lady's gold ~ serpentine form. The flnaer will reeeive - + - e - - reseive thethsnki of "the loner and a suitable reward by leaving tb? pin nt room No. 91, Secretary of the Treasnry'l OfRce, or at the Star oAee. fab 1?3i LADY'S NUESE.-MM.BUTLII INFORM* I informs the ladies that the ban returned to thf c?ty, and is Mdjr jto go oof a nnrtlag. SBa^can be found on Louisiana avenue, near Sixth ttiWL feb 1?3t ^|M|T OP LITTBBI Hmnamtng (if 4fa^Pn?* O^Rcr, WmMmgtern, D. C , |<(o M iii U?" Eti?im HtaC I U tkt f*U*W*ng .0Hion ?/ (he PM Q0U* leingjkr nenqpopcr having Iht larged rir<n 0f anyMfkl pmfr H*?is??rf m IVaMkingUn: Amd *? MJbriAir mw<W, That the lis (?Men rwuuuH MMcalled for ia *nv post o>? onr elty, ?**???' where newspapers sttall t?e printed, shsil. hereafter. be published nnce only ia Che newspaper which, being i*?ued we. kly, or /%timm diall hart IA? large* crrrulatian within the liat ot oltener, tkallhmrt tkt large* circulation of the delivery of said olRce, to he decMe* hf ?taMtcr at nek oflke.] eraon*arr*r<M *>r >*tt?n ta the foitoo latitat. win # aeesa? lb*J ?r? <Miamt? ? ( LADIBW U?T. Ar Irewj^Mn Jim *r# Jahn_8 Brick. Hr? a rown, aiiub?th ItrtM. Mr* Sarah Brook*, Kin Olevia Brown, Mr# ItiftrM 0 Brown, lnJ?U Baron, In Ekyn Bryaa, Mr* Ur>b B Bcadlaot, Mr* HI leu

Battles**, Mia* Ualaa Croee, Mr* A?atta CUrk;,r/;r.M. Ottine, lira Baekel A Cotian*. Mta* A tail* Cartar. Mlaa Jaa a Culltn, Ml** Margaret CUSord, Mta* C T C*rlar, Mlaa A G dart on, Mr* Tlrflata B OoeUs, Mia* OatUariaa Clayton, Mlaa Floreoca Orw>?. Mm ta r Crempton, Mr* Coabay, Mr* Fraaoee Dalian, Mary Dnnlap, Mlaa Nancey XdVer. Nancy Blliutt, Mr* Mary A Bliaatt. Mr* Faay A BllloU. Mr* Mary A Bmbrry, Mlaa Aaa B Fleldea, Mlaa Mary Ida Parley, Mr* J Preach, Mr* Ortkta, Madam 0 A Oarlo, Mlaa Aa Gallgher, Mr* M Oran(ar, Mr* J B H<n*e, Mia* Aan T Hall, Utaa F W Mall. Mr* Virginia Harrlanti, Mr* Mary A Huuhi, Ana Hartieon, Mta* Sallle Krvcaoa, Mlaa Jones, Mr* Mary Biter Joaee, Mr* Atnaada J L Johaacn, Mra Sarah John*on, Ml** Mat r Ana Johaann, M?*eTO Jackton, Mm Jamee I, Johneon, Mr* Sarah Baiter, Mr* Rise GHHTLBMBITS Ajaderaoti, juha Fa. ran. I J Armstrong, Ja* Fi?*petr1<-k. J G Atklneon. Bar J M P Pal low*, ia* Aadereon, Jan** Fantkaer, J Abercrombte, 0 H Pay, J no A t w r ?< ? 1, u w Mra, t Mra I Lawta, Mr* Kaacy Lewis, Mlaa Liber* lawrwea, Mra Praacaa MUlar, Mra M M ? Morrta, Mlaa Mary 1 Mart aria, Mra Mart* Maxwell, Mra Jail* MarahaU. Mra Martta A Morrta, Mia* SUea Marti a, Mlaa M B Mtrbeteea. Mr* Mary ? ropa, Mra Tlrftal* Paetatl, Mr* w? Boa* Baaa, Mra BUaa ? Bheee, Mra Virginia Materia, Mlaa A*gn*ta Baarden, Mra BUsabeth Bathbara. Johanna ? Bolllaa. Mta* Margaret T R,. t.arjaoii. Mr* L"T<1 O ?ayr.oMa. Mra Barak Smith. Mr* Bieaa B Smith, Mlaa A lalik, Mkaa Shad, Mlaa Marrarait Smith, Mr* A H Biallk, Mr* Bllaabath P Scott, Mta* I*abe1 owala, Mra laaar SUal. Mr* KlUabeth Smith, Mia* Mary Staveueoa, Jane apilmaii, Mi** Oathaiiaa Mlaa L * ftpaakaiandaa, Bayaa Rikallw wtd, Mlaa Jaa? Sollari, Mlaa Una lUiAdaa, ICIii?* t*w*aa r. Mia* Barali BlaTaoa, Mia* Allia* Rltrtaa. Mr* Rl?c ^makar, Mr* A D St?w*n, Mr* Thoatpaou, Miaa Marg t A B Tt><maa. Ml** 6*orfte Toavaa, tall, Taipia, Mr* Bllaabath H Wine, Mlaa Boaann* Mr* B B Woodland. Ml*a Fran. > Wrrt-a, Mia* Kllan Adam*. Or P C tlTor*, B B Amman, LA D S Allan, C Allkrlcht, C J Alaaandar, C W Artman, Wm Arn.Uiaad, W B Adam*. Tho* 1 Aadaraon, J D Aofnataa, Mr Alaxaadar, LIMIa k Oo Ball, U W B > Boyoa, W W Booth. Waltar Baaa, W B Bryan. W D Borlry, Tko* i BaMxall, Tt?o* 1 Brown, Tto* 1 Brook*, Tho* Brlgf*. # ' Ball, S P Brown, Hon L Ball, Bar B rt Baffby B B Bramlda, Mr Blatop, Mr Baronaaa, L P Bar boar, L Brockataa, J L Bradan, J?* D Bnrlay, John Bn**or. Jacab Bowl*, Jaa B Bartoa, Jao O Barrh. J B Bryca, J W Balaos. Jno W Brady, J T Bowuaa, Ool J H Bn*hby. H Bawtree, Harvey t Ba*tor. Oao C Ballay, Q W Blanchard, 6 C Barton, J M Bl*hop, P G Balaa, Edgar Back, D B Bnrton, Da rid Blllll>(bur*t, C BUke, r D Bnrlto(?ia*. A Brorknar. A B?n?on, A G Chafar, W B Chaca, W B 4 Oattlaa, Wm Olark, wm Caar, W M Carr, W H Ool*, Thoa W Oarjl, Thoa Craaiby, B W Or ale, P 0 Cj*, Bav O Clancy, Maarlra Carney, Lawraa** Cooode, Joba Claphao, J K Clamcnta, J P Clawaon, John Carnal), Jao C OoaHdce. Jao Ch**tar, J N Cook, l*aar Corona, John Oarr, Jno M Clark. H J Plaid, Oao Flrtrhar, Gao Pleld. Wta t> For baa, Jalit Oa*aa, Wr* Oardaa, W B Itallowar, S Ullao, Jaa Uraar. llaary Gldani . Gao G Gardaar, Dr P B O -ran, Cha* Getfda*. n W (HKximau. i u* ulaar, A L'rad Otlmora, A 4 HauiMon. W H Halliak, Wt H^iaUtou, Bet W Ha'.l, W B Howard, T B Harraaaa, 8 H*rbrrn, P Halaar. Mr Hunn, M H Hoar, Morrla Huntlnctoa, Mr Hadrnlt, Joa Hun', J M Harrl*, J G Rant, J W Hitch oak, Jaa Haoalln, Joa Holbrooke, Joka Haatnn, Jo* H*ft*-y, Jno H Hueitine, J O'C t Holamaa. J H Haldaa, H Vowa, Oao Haa?1na, P B Hallwaa, P Bantluftou. E M Hall, OPrlra Boigklr, Dnrbin Hall. P K Hill, C 0 Hall, OolCW t LIST O'Ovaaall, Joka O'l^aary, '?hn Pxapkref.J W^C" 1 Pl.llllfa. Wm P I Parr'*, T D farkar, TW* J Pnrrianre S A Plka, 8 H Prka, B M Pollard. B B Panagral. P P Pillow, 1. P Parker, J C Paa. Gee B Park, Geo W Pratt, Oonn Paaalaa, C H Pierre, B L Qnlfflay A Stone Q'llanay, Jno W Queaa, C B Bappler. Wm Baaaall. W W Raro, Tho* Barbara, T P Bonlnaoa, SAB Hath bona, Dr S H B- gar*. B B Koae. Bot>*ri Baaaer, O H Bhoada, H H R.. hard*, a. Xathan Blrharda, Mr Btftitatln*, Jao H Blt^hla, John Baa, Jno B Bo we, Joa B Boy, Joha Blchard*. J H D Hire, P W Btddla. Bdward ' Bobarteon, Ool D A Bnmley, Cha* Raad, CM Botfere. Li Che* C Roberta A > R**an Ool A B Sanwioa, Dr Juli* Salth, J B Btowr*, Samnal J Sckoaler, Ool Wm Smith, Oaf W H Smallwo< L, Wm Hannlngaoa.OolCP Stole, WllUaaa* Hood, A T Jobatioa, w w Jackeoa, w H Jonaa, T C Johuaca, I^athrop .'?a*. Lt J M Joiner, Jamea Jaau. Ladla Jeer ha, Gaa H Jouae, David Jcral'jmon, UbU Blag, Thoa B King, PreeU'B g Knot, Jauiea Bahl, Dr Jno Ball, Pd MM J M B.yaa, MT Kapler, Geo H Klota, r Bappel, Cha* L*ry, w W Lawion, Wm Lyua, S B Ix>ckar, B H Lelfh, Ma^ui Leaka, Mr, ar Lorlag. I.arias Latk in, L J law, John Leach, Jao 0 l atliam. J MsH I an<j. J H B l^jre, Jaku Oarrar.Hartwall MPLaaibaan, Glle* Bacty. Slk I Lltcl.flald, Caleb Ml'lward, W Morrlaon, Wm Maatln. Wm Marakall, T H Moora, T W Martin, B M Marrey, B B Mnller, Peter Mailer, Jacob Millar, Mr Millar, Monaianr Mulkr, Max Mead, Jarad Mounts, JoIih Moore, J B Magradar, Jao P Molr, Jao Mallaa, Lt Ja? Mlaebaa, John Maun, Horace Martin* Hamilton Millar. Gaarge M-'relaud, Boacli Marror, Dr B ? Ma lord. Oka* Monager, O J Mttrhell Cap! < Mllle.. Cliarlee Marker, Andrew 1 Mltclaall, Col A M Mann, A J MrLaod, Jamee McCormack, J J MrOallough, J H MrKnlght, Mr MrMrtll, Mark MrLeood, M McCoroaa, W B MrVerry. Pa*ar Mioa. Wm S Xirhola, \ B X-l*on. Col B B Kov*a, Jot L MchoUoo, J T 8 NetU*(oa, Geo B New*ll, Oao W 1 Orlatt, W D O Cnnaara, Mickaai imtttals. of Manilla , Racty. Herm a U-dga, Bo G L., i. Ol O. F.i Southeru "raaa, a. Oogart, G P Co*. Geo P Oorbla, E L Cooper, D H O ? aeli. Davtd t. t mln, C P P Carrey, Clia* B t Oar-oil, Bryan Cart-r, B Clrgaet, Alfred Crlawril, A Campbell, A lax CiiBtniW', Ool A Dot!, B B D'>ine, Wm Dana, W B A Oo Dnnkineon, W H ba ton. W H Davie, Thoa Day, T 0 Donohoo, Tho* Da el*, H B Davldsen, S G Dancaa, 8G DangTfleld, B T Dane, J Daniel*. Ja?> B Drew, Jno W Donnelly, Jao Daniel, H C Dealer, Geo Dana, 0 G Dintraork, B W Daval. Cliaa Dart*, Coat 0 ? ElllotV Wm Evau*. W M Kllloi. Jao B Hot, Jao J Baatmaa. H H Everett, Bdward Pj|i?, Oapl Paller, Wm PraUara, Parqnaon, Bob* Praucta, Kiaa'd Powler, U Pltagerajd, Joka Flak, John Bherrod, BrWP i Smith. W Gay SoUara, W** Shaaan. W Rharwood, Thoa Shnle, Heary Rlrape- n, Tho* Scherle, Semi Shapltard, Raal Mock ton, B F fllma. Mr Skaphard. Pater Bcaddar, 0 F Stoddard. Di If ? Kattoa, K B Smith, LBS Saline. L Baaa, L Rtata, Lewie Spraque, Maj J T SUffel, Joba BUpp, Jao M Shnrtiifl, J B S Bayder, Jecok Btranakaa, J T 8 Smith, Jaatee Rtred. J M ttmith. Ja<> Smith, M J Scott, H D Stanberry, H 8*4deaeprnner, U Staphena. J Pi*?<?,? Bcaaall, B S Savage, Bdward Smltk, C P Steven*. B A S Btaaton, B Stauart, A Saadford, Cajjt B Slammer, Lt A J Thnmaa. J A Tarker, B Taetet, N Tho meon, S J Tompkla*, B M Tad*, L A Tucker, Jemee Tiiplett, J B Tarnbnck, J T Tyler, Heary Thompeon, Geo C Thoma*. Geo R Turnburk, Franci* Thlry, B Thomaa, A M Ta<-k. A Talmadtr*. N P Vlckery, Isaiah Vaa Dvke, J C S Wy villa, M" D Oapt Chaa Wade, W ? S Whltkeck. W F WoeAe, Mat Baaivel Watheretone. Semi Wllliama, Lonto A William a. Cat J Wlrack. Jaa Woodeiil* J W D Wood, Joha Wlleon, J G WilliaaMon. J B Water, Heerj Wright, Georg* Willtao, J Whelen, Daniel Wickllffa. C A J Warner, Ohaa White, Chaa Waahbara, C 0 Whit*. A Wood*. Artkar Tkaag, W IS; Grand JAMHB 0. BBBBBT, P. M. NOTICE. BV SPECIAL KKQCC8T. OF A ? ?fl'" numherof gentleiften. tbespli b did sieame . OEOBOB PAGE, Capt. P.. A. Rttmbb. will make a trip to Alexandria on SATURDAY NIQAT, February 3d, to accommodatr the name rotts friends of the HON, HENRY A. WlUE, who may widh to hear hint speak in Alexandria on Saturday night. The boat will lea re her wharf, foot of 7ih street, at 614 o'clock p. in. Returning, will leave Alexan drih M 10 p in. Fai* only 11% cents each way. feb 9 -2t* E. A. RYTHER, i i Cape NOTlCKe? I hereby forewarn any mbrhm or peiMMia irom purcha ing fn>u? Jamus Macuirr. a clave wooun call* <1 NELL, betoomaa to the ?8 utfl ol the late John NowUnd, my father, as I lure an equal claim in said woo. u Nell. 1' ?Jao cauuoa any peraon or persons iron kti)tnr, without my roaaeBt, from JaMiea Maguue, lot No. ,.!5u*re ,b* wptomuenuthereon,nt> !l,, el.T"j .e Yard, as it Mraaaold by my r ?!*?' i*1' Job" ^ub.eci to my dower. feb 3?3t* JUDGE. NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. T'ME undersigned havtag associated theouelvea under the firm of "Huiclit'ti.-on It Muaro," A*r the pMr,>ose of carrying on the FANCY BU8;NEBI? in all ita various department*, and having ukea the Maw More next to liar pes'a. No. 910 Pennsylvania avenue, between 8th and 10th atreeu, wi l opea oa Monday, the 5th instant, a large aad desirable slock of gnoda in the above lino. We hope fetor as arMi their . to hnMns ? to maril a thsn of the patronage of the public. JOSEPH HUTCHENSON, JAMES B. MUNRO. P. ??Wo will ateo. an eonaoxMrn with Mm absn open on the l?t March an enMra mow n>id aW8 Rtock of SprtnoMUWMfTy-rthBpdB, flowers, Me. Hun d*partmont Will " charge of Visa 8. J. THOMPSON; feb?-3t ' hope by our endeavors to pieose nil who nai * by a strict aMenMon fice and iccyoC. ^twsoo u?e City Ppa> ft sr them at I?3t r HI .. MAMC, MIRTH AMD MY ST KEY AT IRON HALL. " ROBERT HELLER'S WORLD or RQIVORVOIAII WOIDIIII And iacoaapfeher.aiNe mjrtftT of SECOND SIGHT COMUll Cl>4?|? Of WOfMII > WfJ *1 t* h-w Oecbeatra ja?at* M . Wl?Wly,?l the oA e. wtthoai uhi claargc. Polite M4 mnidt* o?h?n frit; be ui attendance. jan 31?tf , , CABUWS SALOON. J ?i? .?? mw Respectfully MMNurfi ihat he wall glen ? Grand Concert IAVPRDAT KVlHIItti Fe% I,1IA| And f+tilwrlq Am ouiy 4f/*mrmare ?m R'a?4 Upon which oetWMa h* will to- by the M towiag e*un? nt ?rti*t*: SIGNORK MARTINI D*UBMY. Pima Ceatrnlto, ipom (Im Opera U an tea of Berim, > Madrid, Parta, sad New Yodi the Brat tpp?amM>?. bignor ctrrrRt, LM priaoipel harnone. of the Gei-i A Mwi ' trospr ?Iru Brat a^pearaace hen. aiGobt or?ncBr>, P tan mi to jhe Bmpeww of ABstrta. PROGRAMME? *a ar I. ?. 8nla,PMM,HViriaiMi da Bravura," CM AUQUIITGOCRSL ? 9. Peer*?fm*n Doa Jum, "La H Bar***." M?*art By Mgnora DHJR.MY and Wgnor CFI ltl. 3. tydo, Ytalia?Grand Fintiaia, from La Pa vorrtft, ? ?... .... Alard PAUL JULIEN. < ? 4. Aria?From II Gtnram*nto Maw a^ante SIUKmBA U'OIMV. 5. Bonanza?From Macbeth............ .-..Vcri iHGROR cirruRI. 6. Solo, Yielin?The W|H)n' Dance Pagamni PAUL il'LIIN. rar ii. 7. Pian* Korf-He Naiad Use. a, Cone art Polka -1 ,, i, ? Gockel AUGUST GjCKEL 6. National Mrlodv?"Hungarian S??ng." SIGfcORA dV>BMY. 9. Mo, Yiotn?Grand Fanmna (.'ark Vlcai Tempa PAUL JULIBN. 10. A ria?From Mana di Rndeaz 8IGNOR CUTTJRI. 11. Piaao Forte ? "Pohchinella," Ri rle^O' .Gockel AUGUST GOCkEL. !2. Brindin "II Seoreto," far Coo rel'?, ((rem L nerval a Brnta .......tmaixrtti ? SlUXoRA D'ORMY. Ticket* 30 eenta-for *ale at the principal hotels and mu>ic atore*. Reserved ?'?at* #1 lor eele at Deris'* Maaic ?l(irt where a diagram of the kail caa be aeen. 4 Aieo, ticket* to ba had at a*l Murk Store* and IJotela. K?- The Piano uaed oa this occasion ? fr?m the atnre of Mr. R. Davis. feh 1 CARUSI'S saloonT rOK OH MIOHT ORLT ! Madam* Rosa Do Vriea ?no aca OPERA TROUPE tfrlLL aire A t OB ARID IHtUCAI. PBSTltAL AND OPERATIC CONCERT ON TUKSDjtr El KMSG, FEBRUAMtT he*. On which occaaion the follow ureal coaibinatioa of Artuta, will appear. ia copi.ezi"B with -HA1V ROSA DK VRIES, Prima Dnfmi of the Iiaiiaa Opera Compaay. 81GVOR MORIKO, Piima Baritone, from the Carlo, of Naplea, and the Havana Company. SlGKCTk MARTIN LA/ARB. The ce'rbrated TianK and t'oaipaa r, and Profea srr from the Conferrat<>ir? of P .ru. aad who wa? deeorai?*d with th^ of Honor, and received a Olid M?d I from the Rio* o< Holland, aa firm Ptanlat and Ompwer ?f the kinf dom. and s:GNOR PA88AB1LLA. The eel eel i'ma for the Conecrt wilt eonuin the Sma of the jteraa of Norma, 1 laughter of the BegUneat, La Favorite, Lucreua Borgia, The Pp>phet, Rirber of lleville, La Homaamhala. Don Giovanaa, arul lidiuDrcdi MABTIN LAZABL, Conductor and Director. The price of adiaietion ha? been fixed at ^NE DOLL A B to all part* of the Hall. No ntan chaige lur aecBicd aeaie. The mle ot Rcata will cnannenc# ac Monday naormng, at 9 o'clock, at the Maeic Htore of R. Da vw. Pennajrlrtnia avenii'-, where a diagram of the hall mar be ?een. With every admi-aion ticket will lie given a cer tificate bearing i'?? number correaponmng to the ?eat. T le certificate Iim to remain ta the bnnd of the original holder, and cetahlivhee the owaerahip ol the aeaL (0~ The programrne, containing tnll particular* of the paaeaa to be rung, may he had a: the Mu-ie Store*. ?#* Concert *c commence at t o'clk precwelv. feb 9?Id FORREST HALL, GEORGETOWN. THON A* A. CO.'S ? GRAND EXUIB TION OF DIBSOL7IVO VIEWS FOR THRKL NIGHTS ONLY ! SATURDAY, MONDAY and TUESDAY, Febru ary 3 ?, 5th, and tub. ICoiu prising Kuropeaji aad Amerv an V?? wa ; Conn cal and Moveable Figu/e*-; 8ao? Seen a* ; Caacade*, Yo'ramc Eruptionis Fire Work*, Ac. MR. B HANDY, the popular Fiutut and Banjoul i* engaged. Arimia*ion 2.'? centa?Children half prKe. leh 8?4t# LAST TWO RIGHT' OF THE RENOWNED MAGICIAN, MACALLI8T b R, FRIDAY and SATUBDAT Pcbrum 9d and 3J,at ODD FELLOWS' HALL ?tasaana itiu cnaslb to obtain Aoaisaioa. ?'Tke Cry i* Still Ikay Come."' New Wondera ?Startling feat* ard a* oumling Eiperubenta will be preaentrd never befor^ wit uesred or attempted ia tl.ia dir. Madame Macallfter mil appear aa the Wiaard'a Paaa. From the great crowd at night, to aav* incoev* mence, licketa for the abo\-a evening* ina\ be had during the day at Odd Fellow*1 Halt, at Kvkwood ll'iuae, and the dc ir at 7. The Magician appear* at 6. Front aeaw 96 centa. Cluldren there with fani ilie* half price. Second aeata 8T> cfnts. See handbill*. U k i?9t* I NOTICE. HE undersigned respectfally anaouitesa 10 th? public fcat he i? ready now v aefl Ma PATENT PEATINC PI8TOLP, or to take cortracM for making 'he *sme. Toose wi*ning to aee me caa have an interview between the honrs of 9 aad 7 p. in. A full explanation will be given bf aae or by nir le^nl agent, A B. StroneTiton. Plea*' addie?* J.'VV. Brown, I . 8. HoiH, \Va*hington, D C J W. BROWN. [The Regi-te* of New Haven, Com , wlU niesea capy-] " **' TO BUILDERS. PROPOSALS will be received hy Robert MiH?, Emj.. Architect. < apt ol Rill, nmil Thaiadu, the 9th of February inetant, at 9 o'clock, f*?r the ERBt.TU'N OF A FIRST CLAM BUILVMNQ on 11 atreet north, between Founennth aad PMceuth streets west. The Hoase ia to he 36 feet front by M (bet deep ? k. ?;? f . ? ? w? n cuiiiui DV mr. Milia. Material* o' every description to be or the beat character, aad all work finished in the must approved and workaaaalika manner; the whole to he eompteind aad mady tor delivery by thr 1-t of Anguat next, or aa nee if poe aible. _ . Paymeata to be made :is the work tungrrmm. and bond repaired, with approved security, for the faith - fhl compliance with die teram of the contract- The right ia raaervnd of aelec I approved teram of the contract. Tho feting such bid aa may bo the Jowe*t or aot. If tho W~HOTWluTBT?rrfSCr^G5I Dad's Partoameatar> Companaaalar 1965,1 pocket voluaaa Hntieh Army Laat far 18V? r \ I rtush Navy Last 4a * ) The Planetary Worlda, their Topography and Talaaeopic Aapeaaances, hy J. Breer, Camhn Ige Observatory, X vol Blackwood*a Almanac tor 19M Imported by laai Meaner by tab 9 ^ nuaoi TATIXMU