Newspaper of Evening Star, February 5, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 5, 1855 Page 1
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TilK KVKNING STAR Y'UBLWIKD IVfiHl AFTERNOON, a, - A* ilft t4t( n^f fr/uu^/iMl ? K?*?( *"?? Hlewntk rtrt*t, & T W4I t. it'll * n M f K , WW! J.. ?.?*..? f, rit? rib. 10 Ul? ciM?3 of Waafc n/r-;c ti?. Alexandria, Raluriirvaad PhiJv - jMu?, ?| ?*i x \;*il> A yCARTlR CKWTrt, paya kie m> tr.? A^iui. To nail (utftcrtbcn the i?>int?U:n (?io? u T11REB dollars and nrrr curre ? r?v i? two pol lv.tS tot i*lX MONTHS, ami OlfS dollar tnr thkc8 if OSfTHfl. 0^-81MU corics on C VOL. V. WASHINGTON, I). MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5. 1855. UND1RTAK1B8, Ac. CABINET MAKER A UNDERTAKER. rl unler signed would respectfully inform hie rtead*. nojaalataaofta, tad tbe pnbUe geneiaiJy ha atflL ooatlaaM to execute ell orders la bfc Una of MaMl la tha beat QAnur and at tbe short P4IB.Ha neatly and promptly? FVIKRALI attended to at Mm shortest notice, ud ta the Wot * aanaw. f**Ua ywtatri to Uu tmrnt per/ss? mm* Mr, men m U* worsts* matter. ?a?akf<il for pwt hiora, bo woald rsopoetfbUy oftMt, aad wtli ninvor to merit a eoauauance o> /atMa*. ANTHONY BUCUI.Y, ^ Pa. are., a. rid#, between Oth and 19th ate. Mr. Martin'*, Wo. 890. D street, Ulri of Tth atraat war IT?1? UNDERTAKER. I WOULD reepectfallT return my thiaki to tbo oltiaana of Washington aad its rletetty for their peat paimnua, say that cwlnn to the frequent ?ji. in tie Undertaking branch of my basineas. I hare beau induced to dtecentiaoe the uiaanfocturc of furniture, en J iim nr attention rally to tbe UMDBRT45UNU. I bar# spared a/> pains to hare every thin.* that b rsquirit* to &y buaiaaas, and I MB uiereOnr-* fully prepared to meat any order after a law aav'nM aotW, and I Maara thee* who may ?i me a c*J I that I will spare no pains ta earry oat r orl*ra ir- their entire aatotfoetloa JAMW f. HAHV1T, So. 410, Tth at., between O and H. M. B.?3aL*i attecdat to at a!! hours of tbe nljht S-ly COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR New York, Texaa, California, New J?ra?r, I-cuieiana, Mieeouri, Pcaneylrviia, Alabama, Kentaoky, Maryland, Q<( r^ia, Michigan, Maine, WLmodJb, Ohio, aad Minnesota, Kl>>rida. other State*. OSOHOK 0 THOMAS, ATTOKNEY run CLAIMS, AND 3M1AUY PUBLIC, Wmt/uturiOH PiaeA, n*ar OU4- HnUotst' Hail, BlVUMrif aTRBNT. Wlwsqto*, D. fl. ?e> 1? ?? ~f. H. DAVHXH5, JLUsrmay a.J Conntallor-aULaw. tup UOMMISSIVNRK OF DEEDS fOtt TIT* STAT Ed Of Virginia New York Malae - Kantn;ir New Jersey IHnola LoniManc, gflssiarf jpi Connecticut - n>an \\ hi 1 r Vary laad r*aniylnali flor?Ia > sanaaaae Alabama Iowa Georgia California Artaajaa 8 Oawfcea 64 Conveyancing In all ite bran ah aa promptly taj atmrtteU executed. OeSae, LouiaUaa arenas, opp. fifth street ?M?t 19?dly PROF. 9CHONEXBMRQ, TBACHBK AND TRANSLATOR Of ? adtra Laafvafai and LH?ratar?| no. 3ST MnranvABiA at?kxjs. cot ftc -tf iL D. GILLET, LaMniallor at JL a w ? OOja and re^ijeooe in franklin Row, corner of K and fWrtwii' OK?dir Mm. SCI10NENBER6, Teacher of Piano aad Slaying, no. AST rmtasTLVajru a viae*. S?i' WM. M. MMHKICK, Attorney at Law, HO. 3 8 LOClhiAXA AVr*V? Will >r??tloe in the Sapreme Oturt of the United 3tatee AO'i the Ooaru of the D a^riot of Columbia, dee f IjtVBNIK'J CUSiilS IN LANQUAQX8 ?PHOf. J SC HON USB ? KG vri?' ctisunenoa reviewing ?ite-wvv in Lacra3<ra? ou Moni>jy*aOtb October, at resiJjnce, ii~ P> an.'yt raaia aroDaa P^^ato Medical Treaties OS IU FUYsIo 'WlOAXi VIHW Of MAKRIAOB, U B D 860 aad i? j* ??l0r^ Uth<> ^ ^ PrlaTom.> Camta. *W a^iv nf free of poete?e to J-rte of the Unk>n"? Ottfc APJirr BOOK HTML PUBLlt HBD.andcontaininf nearly d v ^ real in g ma; ?fT PrPTY CiN1>0? ?OLLAB PUBLIC a TJON8. It treate on the MYHOLO IOY Of UARKIAQ % aaeret iaflrmitieaaiid *?J*>faer I of youth aod maturl:/. *? eulrtuK from ex *?a*a, wh I cieatroy tbophrrical aad men* tal powera, with obaeiTationn ?a mamagn, ite -JuUee %nd diaiualiflaationa, and their ramediee; with iiihu^raphe, illnaUauntf the anatomy and pbyai' logy, and dimaaaa of tbo repro doctive or (ana of both aex>4, their atruotura, uaaa and ru.->eti ua A popular and <?mpTeh?naive trea ties on the datiee and caeualtiee of riogie aad mar rM life? bappy aad fruitful aliianoee, mode ef a? ouring th(>m luf?>goitouii and Inbttiia ooea?their obrieuou and removal?unpuruuit hiate to thoer aontemo.ating ta^trimoay, that will owroome ob jnotlooe to it; uone. however, should take thij im portant i ep without first consulting Its pagaa? $f-mmeatari *j on tbe dieeeaea and medioai treateMOt 0 * ten*i*e t-aa infancy to old a?e, ?*jh c*ee graph ^ *s Ulustrat?l by beiatifat lilhonrapbic pUteo? Iierrn ^ debility, its aaaais aad our*. Uy a prooeas ?? ' x, siio^ie, and effeotuai. that lailuce Is iflj - _ ?ralea for daily m? eaaay . Those with yr*cti.*al ot-iterrations on a ca *p .rmau- , fKMg^ m.<i- of tr?atrnent-pre ^ ar Ika a. Ila manltinif fvYinj amniri ;V ZrJZL,. at the e. ils r?eulUng from empin aal M ii:~~ ?ririn* ~w-th dI ^ kud sitnjue rules by which s^^Lm ;??aS*iL mercury? Mm^l Lr th^^slf iu U4U" riaJ ?nd Touui It i3 a truiMful ad?? (boa. ooat--u?plating , eatjuiaiaaaa tl^ularly recimm-ni-l to l-rson * aret doubts of their ph/e. Jti eonditu **?? ?onectoua of b?tiag h*?aid-?l the baa. and pririiegei to whici* erery buinaa m MUad to. . . Prtee lieenta par copy, or Are e pifc>f Oi.*? lar Mailoi ftr*-e 01 po#uge to tny part of the c ?M* Veil 8 Ufif N. B.? fhoae who aiay ocaault I?f. Lut 0*CIX up<>n aay of tl?? diewa. t? upvu wiiinJi kii bob treats either ??r* naiiy or by mail. Mousoiati aant to aoy mart ef the Uuion according U dirwoUooa, aafel> B?ok*d and oaregnlly aacur ?d from all tN~erration. A'Uree Dr. M. B LA OROiX, No SI Maiden Lane ar Poet Ola Box M9, Al^aar. M. Y. yy otBee open daily from ? a m te # p m, and oa Baaday froia 4 uatil 4 p a. fj- ofltea Kaaaawed frost No. M Bears te B1 Baldasa Lama, Albany, N. Y. 4ea T DENTISTRY. I MUNrtoW raapootftilly oats pabllo attentioa J / to hie aew, patent, and GREATLY /MPROVRD met.iod of setting ArUlWdaJ' BU. tb, with Oontmuooa U am?tbo ?*rr' SS? > tUTlON Of t 'l B ART. This style baa the follow advantages orer all others tt/a^.B T ?TBBNGTU, OLBANLINIM, OOM !?? ?5T w^AUTY, riein* with Nature in these ww <e others excelling. Pabllo iaapoa ?>tt?ted. Please oali and aoe CAUTION ?No other ?>?**?* fa of Oola^hia baa a right to maaJ this etyla of Teotb. N. B.? Tneth eoastituOoaalt> healthy, plaggad aad warranted for life. OOoe aui house at No. 194 I street, Ba^T the cor Mr of Penatyirania aranue aad 14th street IB?tf I'MANO-ALLBQUANY BANK AMD 8BLDBN Withers A Oo.'s Notea purchased at the bigboat Uaoarr^at Money, Land War ran ta, and Virginia Berte bought aad soli. Drafte ou all tbe principal oltlea sold to init par rer?jaa at a aoadlng me Trans Alleghany no tea or Laad Warraate, may raiy upoa raeeirlng the beet ratee, end reaaittenoaa mads by draft oa aay oity ia the Uni<?a. HAMILTON Q. FAKT, Banker de?9-Sia No 4BS Penna a Good news prom uomk.?just re eeir<>d 100 coptoa of tbe t?ov?f popular soag u the Music Depot 01 UITZ, Corner Peana. avenue and lllb ?U?et. l?a 13?tf OFFICIAL Tuiiur DariBVxajrr, Jan. a, 1865. Node* m hereby given to the bolder* of the fb| lowing described stocks of the United State*, that thia department ia prepared to purchaae, at any umB between the date hereof and the 1st March next, portions of those atocka, amounting in the aggro-' fata to fJ ,900.000, ia the manner and on the terme hereinafter mentioned, to wit: la eaae of any contingent competition, within the amount Mated, preference will be given in the order of tune in which aaid stocks may be offered. The certificate, duly assigned to the United States by the parties who are to reeeive the amount thereof, muat be transmitted to thia deportment; upon the receipt whereof; a price wili be paid compounded of the billowing particular*: 1. The par value or amount apeoified in each certificate. 9. A premium on the Mock of the loan authorised by the act of July, 1846, redeemable November 18, 1?6 of 9% par cant.; on the atoek of the loan au thoriaed by the act 1843, redeemable 31st Decem ber, 186a, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the loan* authorised by the acta of 1847 and 1848, and redeem able, the lormar on the Slat December, 1867, and the latter on 30th June, 1868, of 16 per cent.; and on the "took of the loan authorised by the act of 1850, and redeemable on the 31?t December, 1864 (commonly called the Texan indemuity) aix pel cent 8. Interest on the par of each certificate from the 1st of January, 1836, to Uie date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (lor the money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in Fddiuon. Payment lor aaid atocka will be mad* in drafts of the Treasurer of the United States, on the aasistant treasurer at Beeton, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties may direct. But no ceraficate will be entitled to the benefit of tin* notice which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or befwe the aaid 1st day of March next. 1 ? , ? .* GUTHRIE, Jan 4 dtMarl Secretary of Treasury. Dr. DUP0N0CS GOLD&N MONTHLY PELL8, A SOVEREIGN REMEDY for the cure of all Painful Obstruction* and Female Irregularities ami 11? from whatever causa. YEARS' E^RBIKlIr?""" ?' ?VK" T"IKTV At the solicitation of many intelligent Ladies for whom they were prescribed by Dr. Duponco with the most happy effects, they are now published to the world, *0 that all Female* suffering Irom the diseases peculiar to tlieir *ex, may have the oooor tuuity of giving them a trial. These pills have only been advertised to a limited extent for a little mere than a year, yet SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES kavealready been sold, a large proportion of which ha* been sent by mail to ladies in different parts ol the country; and letter* are being received daily containine the warmest expressiona of gratitude for the benefits which have been derived from their Mowing is an extruct from a letter of a lady of high standing who has authorized her name to be communicated confidentially to other ladies wishing 10 make inquiries respecting the modus operandi of the pills : "*7 damblar, Bow a^sd tt, was Ibr thraa retri nalaft.ll. w3ai Wh,ch' *' ,h? "ufferod MTsraiy We expanded a large sam In pbyalclaoa' feaa but with ?ar j 'rifling sod Umportry relief. Har eonplaxloti be came tluged[with aullo? greaalah baa, tod bar wholeaya tem so aacb dlaaaasd that aba was pronoaucsd to ba rapid I y (oIdc Into consumption. At thlt lUta I u* -jrr., ?-??tl. a Haw York papar. "J , bat as ajaat raaort laailhra box. It fare ao much r^Jaf tjai a eeccad aad third war* gi*d, sad I now tfae great pUuao oflnfcntlDi yoa that my daughter'* httllk la com pletely reetorad; har sallow complexion la replaced by the roay glow olhsJft yr gloo.y m.lanchol^ythat cb^ fal baoyaaey ofaplrYu. whleh U usual la stria at har .?T ^mIrlVn'1 Mm* " mneb- 11 wo?,<> no compartaon wtth tha happloeae recalling from lb air nae." N. B.?The ingredients of these pills are perfect ly a aeklsss in their medicinal operation on the moat delicate female constitutions, yet as prepared and combined by Dr. Daponce. their speciGc action is sush that warned ladies should use them with jroper precaution, indeed, their use is net at all indicated durina pregnancy. Fc,r the same rea.-on, aa every physician knows, medicines which act in this way are the very best that can be used for re storing the natural, healthy tone and function* of the system when so much impaired and deranged as to result in barrenness. For further particulars see di rections, fce. sent with fach box, and circular* to be had at the Druggists. J. DUPONCO, M. D , Propfisior, N. Y. a? b* Kwweli * LanaaRCK, n ]OiLMAn, S. K. Bylvbstse, J. 8. Moons, First Ward; O. Boa will, Island ; J. F. .. *7,enlh ? H H McPnaasos i* 1 . , H? Navy Yard, in Georgetown by O. M. Linthicum, J. L. Kidwell. In Alexandria by Cook fc Co., Peel h. Stevens, Fountain fc Co., and by Druggists generally. janl6-lm* HEAR THE WITNESS! RIGHTEOUS TEBDICT! RHEUMATISM, COUGH, PAIN IN SIDE, fcc. WONDERFUL cure after fix year's suffering of I one of the moat hifhty respectable citizens of j Maryland. Prejudice and skepticism can't stand before the many cares made by Hampton's Vegetable Tine tUf?a K.swball's Gaova, Montgomery Co.. Md , > M ? December 9, 1864. I Mem11. Mortimer | Mo%pbray : Gentlemen?In 1844 1 had what try doators called a violent and c?ioibiiied attack of Chronic Rheuma tism and Gout, from wiuch 1 was confined to my 1**1 lor three months. I had the verv best physi cans, who tried other various remedies, none of I which gave me any permanent relief. Not having ease Irom pain <Jay or night, I became much emaci ated ; my whole systeq) a mass of disease, literally speaking, from the crown of my bead to the sole ol my feet. I had to hobble about?most of the ume confined to the house; at times so helideas that I bad to be a*u*?d to my bed. I was also afflicted with a dreedtul cough, great shortness of breath, sore throat, palpitation of tha heart, and pain ia my aide ao bad I could not lay on it. My appetite en tirely tailed me. I gave up all hopaa of being restored to health agaao- J continued thus to suffer on from ;H44 to 1850, a per.ot'i of six years. At Uiis time my dsujhter mw at her grandmother's a pamphlet, with niinuP'U* certificates of cares made by Dr. Hamp ton's Vegetable Tincture. 1 knew some of those wbo cariifiad to cares per formed on themselves and friends, j was resolved to give m a trial. J informed my doctor of it. He objected; but my sufferings were so great that 1 pro cured one bottle, aad, before 1 had taken the whole of it, 1 felt much relief, which encouraged me to persevere. After taking tha second bottle I was batter than for the past six years, my appetite re turned?cough, pain in the side, shortness of breath fcc.. nearly ail gone. I continued aaing this won derful medicine until I had taken seven bottles, ac- I cording to the direcuona; and I am happy to say I Hampton*a Tincture, and that alone reatored me to j perfect health, which has continued up to this time I ?a period of three years. 1 am in the 65th year of my age. I weighed yeMtrday 838 I be., aad I never ' frit better ia my liAr. One ot my neighbors was al so affected, like myself, with Rheumatism, fcc. He i also been reatored by the Tincture. I heard of other eases; but I am satisfied tliis Tincture, if | tried, will speak for itsalf. My only object in de scribing to you aysufferiafi and the way I obtained relief. U> inuuee tha aAicted to try this Tincture, which has, itndv the Maamnfs of God done ao much for me. Yours, rsspectftilly. HENRY GAITHBR. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see cures of Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys pepsia, Nervousness and General Weakness. Aa a female medicine or for delicate children we believe it auequalled. Sold by MORTIMBR fc MOWBRAY, 140 Balti more sueet, Baltimore, and 304 Broadway, N. York Cnaa. Stott fc Co., J. B. Mooaa, B. B. Cubes, Clares fc Bowusn, W. Elliot, aad H. VcPnaa aos, Washington; also, by B. 8. F. Ci ml, George town; and C. C. BaSBY, Alexandria, and by Drug gists everywhere. Jan 5?tr CI.OTI11NO MADE TO ORDER CHEAPER THAN EVER.?In order to run of the remain der of our large stock of Clothe, Caasimerea, and Veatings we will at this season take measure and make to order GentUmen's Garments of fir* quality twenty per cent cheaper than our usually low pri ?aa. WALL fc STEJ'IUNS, 3S9 Pa. nr., next to Iron Bui. Jan 11 (BeaBnel fc News) For purifying the blood. The moat powerful p? rttu ?rtr dtieoTired. Vor *11 Scrofulous die* IMPORTANT TO THE 8IOK. Tdl groat experience and well-known ?kill of Prof. McOumoci If a sufficient guaranty to tta Subtle that th? following list of Medicines, such aa ave bwo constantly nwd in his practice tor the last thirty yeara, will fully ruatain by thair offsets tha valuable qualities attributed to than, and prove to be tha beat Medicines nir offered to tha pabUe. I. Dr. McClintock's Pectoral Syrup. An invaluable remedy for LrjuchiUs, Cousump tion, and all chronte' di?*ases of the throat and lung*. In all deep aeated c >ciplaiuts of tha Pulaeo naty organs it baa proved the nk-vnt safe, oertain, and rapid remedy ever employed in the extensive practice of Dr, MoCHntock For any of these forma of disease, showing themselves as Cough, "nekllng of the Throat. Sense of Tightness in the Tkroat, Spitting ol Blood, Difficulty of Breathing, Hoarae mm or Lou of Voice, and lleetlo fever, its Ufa rill be attended with the happiest results, while it is pleasant to tha palate and strengthening to the whalesystsm. It oontalns no laudanum or opium in any chape. Price $1 par pint bottle. II. Dr. McClintock's CtU emd Cough Mixture. Aa infallible cure for reoent Qwsgha, tickling of tha Throat, Tightness of Breathing, Group in Chil dren, Ac. It contains no preparation of opium. Prioe 26 o?nta per bottle. III. Dr. McCbntock's Asthma and Uoof in$ Cough Remedy. An almost Instantaneous relief for these distress ing oomplalnts. This is the Omit of an immense experience, and is astonishing in its eflects. No per son nesd suffer a day Iron Asthma or Hooping Oough who will use it. Prioe Mi bents per bottle. IV. Dr. McClintock's Diarrhma Cordial and Cholera Preventive. A prompt and certain cure for Diarrhoea, Dysen tery, and Cholera Morbus in all atages. A sure pre ventive ot Asiatic Ohoiera, which no traveler or family should be without Prioe 11 and M cants per bottle. V. Dr. McClintock's Tenis Alterative ani. for all f Skin diseases. Irupttoaa, Boils, PimpUstlryripelaa, Uloera, Bore Legs, and all Rheumatk) and Syphilitic complaints, Ac. It Is a most exoellent spring medi aine, perfectly palatable, and safe for children or fe males. Price (pint Bottlee) ftl. VI. Dr. McClintock't Dyspeptic Elixir. Dyspepsia, or disordered digestion, lasy be oailed the National Disease of America. Its symptoms are headache; giddiness; nervou <neee; low spirits; dim ness of vMon, with motes or sp<-cks before the eyes; itohin* of the nostrils; dullness of hearing an'i ring* ing n the ears; 4i**?re*oMe teste iu the mouth; oonatrictkn or weight about the chest; difficulty of breath inf. s*nee ofsuffocation in lying down, or in ascending stairs; palpitations, or uneasy feelings about the heart; irregular or d-tlalant appetite* sense of sink ng at the stouiaeh; acidity; heartburn? pain or fullness of the abdoinea, and oostlvenees. Some of tbe^-e symptoms always appear in Dyspep sia; and sometimes the aame patient has mMiy of them at the **uxa time, or at different times, for attacking the-e Pr -teia symptoms in their seat and souros. rla: uaranjjed coaditto.i of tne digestive func tions, tha Dyspcpi?c Sllxir ocmoines all the valuable ingredients wh}*h the Vegetable Kingdom affords. ' Taken in connection with the Veg- table Purvttive Pills, ia cases where there I: much ooetWer.ess, or with the Anti-Bilious fUls. where the functions ol the ttver are irregularly diccher-{ed, tt will be found a most effectual remedy. Price (in piut toMesO$l. VII. Dr. McClintock's Rheumatic Mix ture. for iuWu&J use; a purely vegetable combination for the oar? cf Lheumatirim. Qout, ar.d all Neural gic and Kiieuiuatlo liaeases. 1 Ida remsdy la offered with the utmost oonfidenoe. It has b*en used most extensively, and is as near a Specific for Kheumati; Otseasee as the world has ever seen. Prioe per hot f a 60 eents. fill. Dr. iVcClirtfock1: Rheumatic Lini mettf, An Infallible outward application for the relief of all rheumatic or neuralgic pains; strains, swellings, stiff nock, stiffnene of thejoinu, pains in the shoul ders, back, or Ileal*. It affords !remediate r-lfcf from aholic and pains In the s'.omaeb and abdemen. As a eountor irritant, it ia !nvaluab!e In all ease* where aa sxteruul stimulant is needed. Trloe (per bott -) 60 cents. IX. Dr. MeClttUock's Anodyne Mixture, Or Pain-lxtrac tor, used internally and exteraally, for the instant r*Uef of all pains. Toothache, Uead* ache, Ohollc, Ague in iba /ace. Chilblains, Neurm!* gia, Stone or Uravel, AAc. No nalu need be en dnred a moment by arjr person wbo will use this invaluable Anodyne, rnoe SO oeuts per botttle. X* Dr. McClintock's Fever and Ague Specific. This has been found an Infallible specific for this seaurga of new countries, and for Intermittent fevers. No traveller or resident In any ague dis trict should (ail to provide themselvae with this sure preventive- Price $1 per bottle. XI. Dr. McClintock's Vegetable Purga tive Pills, for the relief ef Oocsiipetton and its painful re sults, such as Headache, Dlaslnees, Sloa Btomaoh, Pains, ?nd all the symptoms enumerated under the "Dyspeptic lOirir." Price 26 cants per box. XII. Dr. McClintock's Pilli, for Liver Complaints, and all forms of diseases ifMgg from derangement of the liver, with symp toms su-h as i>iuineea, lisaiache, KLigin? in the ?are, ye'.low furred tongue, pain in the right ahoulder. sense of fullness or pain lu the right tilde, disordered atomach or bowels, deficient actlou of ibu kidneys, day-oolor<d st?ols, Ac. These Pilld, if taken in the iDSipient stages of Bilious and Yellow or other fevers, will generally ward off the attack. Price 26 eents per box. The abave Medicines may be procured of all the principal DruggUte and Apothecaries in this Die trict, and of J. L UaaaBAW, Agent, Washington, sap H?fta GRATIS ! JUST PUBLISHED: A NEW 1HSCOVEKY IN MEDICINE! A FEW words on the Rational Treatment, with out Medicine, of SjMirmatorrh^a, or Local Weakness, Nervous Debili ty, Low Spirits, Lassitude, Weak nese of the f.iinbs and Back, Indiepo-i anion and Incapacity for Study and* Labor, Dulluess of Apprehension, Loss of Memory, aversion to Society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, Self Distruat, Dizziness, Head Ache, Involuntary Discbargee, Pain in the Side, A flection of ths Eyes, Pimples on the Pace, Sexual and other infirmities in man.

FROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANKY. The important fact that theec alarming complaints may easily be removed without Medicine u, in this amall tract, elearly demonetised; and the entirely new and highly succe?efu! treatment, a* adopted by tha autbor, fully explained, by means of which ev ery one is enabled to curs himself perfectly, and at the least posaible cost, avoiding thereby al I the ad vertised nostrwme of the day. Saul to any address, gratia, and poet free iu a aealed envelope, by remitting (post paid) two poat sge stamps to Dr. B. DE LANEY, No. 17 Lispanard street, New York. Jan 17?3m RKADV MADIA CLOTHIkO AT RE dared prices.?As the season is advanced wa have determined U) sell off the remaining portion ol our winter stock at greatly reduced prices, thfrefore gentlemsn Wishing to consult economy in purcbas ing fine Overcoats, Talmas, dress, frock and busi ness Coats, black and fancy Cashmere Pants, Vel vet, silk, satin and Merino Vests, Undershirts and Drawers, and all o her ready made Garments of fine quality will find our present variety to be as well as eurted as in the begiuiung of ihe soason wi:b the ad vaatags of much lower prices. WALL k STEPHENS, 349 Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hall. Jan (Sentinel fc. News) SEV. SEPTIMUS TUSTIN'8 WORK.?The fourth edition of The Doubuug Communicant ouraged, by Rav. S. Tustin, D. D., lale Chaplain of the United States Senate. further supplies received at TAYLOR It MAURY'S jtn 5 Booteaore, near 9lti sC OP INVENTORS r|g oSoe of ??Ths Inventor^ Proteetion National Dn.oa" is on Tth street, opposite tha lfo*Per? of the Pauot 0?oa, aad is now readv to attend to tha bndna? of Its numbers, oasnalv: ha making eiamlnaiion* aad soliciting patents, 4c Invso ors ara invited to sail and got a sopy of tb? OMrtttsdon and By laws, and wheee any Inrorma is? (ill be irivsn reepecUng the '-nion. illiitvrtcn businajs must Ve directed to this o? Vhsrs attention wtU bs glvaa Immediately, motel shop U tn eoansotloa with tha M models caa hs rnalstc,Drtsr i V. 8. OLAYTOw. JftwHiatL 1 liSillffll BSMIliT GRAND BALL rot TH* BENEFIT OF THE POOR or WASHnroTo*. IN announcing thm Ball the Manager* would moat respectfully Mate that it will be ronduoted in a style unsurpassed by any heretofore given, and will be worthy o( the food object fW which it ia intended. It if hoped that this efort will reciive the liberal support of the whole community, and that they will be ab-e to relieve the wants of those that are now suffering in our city. The Ball will take place at the Assembly Roam*. TUB9DAY, February 6th. Tickets ONE DOLLAR. M ? Manager* on part of the Military. Maj Qen W Jouea, Lt Col Reilly, C Wei*htm*n> *aj R Keywortli, ?WHickey, SurgMorean, Maj P P Bacon Maj T 8 Donohoo Capt E C Carrington, Or Mr McCullom, Capt P B Key, Capt Jamison, Capt J A Tait, l apt W Lasedle. Capt G A Mchwarunaii, Lt J Tucker, Capt J L Smith, Lt Feeny, Capt Brig).t, Lt J II Bird, S"pt k Lt J H De Bille, Capt O Byrne, Lt Beeerej, Capt F M Slieckell, Lt P (Hterback, Capt Jos Pe.k, Lt J W Baden, Lt J Snttou, Lt J K?lly, Lt E F Queen, Lt F Reilly, LtCPWroe, Lt E F Allen. Lt Alex Tait, Lt C Xutay, Lt J J Muiloy, Lt Brown, Lt C W Flint. ' ? Manager* on part of the CitiMetu. Tower*, K Doyle H Taylor J W Maury, Kaq Wm J D Hoover Lfno* " *??'? Archibald CtnpbeU w W t*u c D?iialo(ton Ju Adams i#l?r Fore* J no L Wirt Thou Partooi w W^LH1U B J Bocbe ? C Morgan WW Ootcm-m H W Ball J a Unto. G Parker J L Heaehaw Jot Galea w n^r?T. . r?rQ*V Audr.w Hanroek W H Winter T Oarberry H 8 Tolklaltora Im O Berrett A Di-keni u Jlf i 9 ?'1L ' " "rk*o*4 t???(?r,wrl?ht A T KtckhoflTer CJjaa Maury W 8 Hum I ID WklLa a Bed fere C Wl^llr ? UwlT B Smith Dr Maynard O A Jlllard 12 J J Joyce, Joo Koalt B K MMdl?luu r A H?S J P Pepper g r Bail g Wheeler ? 2 li?!116* ? * 8#min6? J c McGaire ? H fitdenn, c H Cilr.rt W J McCormlck HAWllUrl B Htaart n 5 Z B*'1y Ju Clark* II NvMVir M Brovn J c Pltxoalrlck M 8 Pendleton Or W B Ma?ra<ler Dr Nnioni T*'U,r ? P J H MrBlalr, *7*" Veap?Man Kill* w ? Spalding Oiee Klumau r cjoyU Alax Ua rraaala Mohuo W H Thotoaa Tbomaa Berry Major B B French, Treasurer. On the part of the Company. Capt J 8i'e?, Lt Baine, Lt Co?e, O 8 Campbell, Lt Walker, Or Mr G W Flood, W ForayUi, Secretary. No spiritoue liquor* allowed in thebuilding. Cap:. Birck ha* guarantied a nufticient police force tonre ue.rre order. II and Capo to be left in the bat room. Milita ry hatu will only lie allowed in the hall. J an 97?dtb GRAND MILITARY AND OIYIO ?T1HB WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY re B. apectftilly inform ibe ciuzetis ol WudtMncton that they intei.d to give a B II ou WEDIKSD4*, Fab. 1#, 1855, At the WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMS. T Lt Company pledge themwelvea ta use every ex ertion to giv?* Ur- utmost sati-fuctiofi to thoae who may honnr the Corps with their presence. Ketre*hmenta will be furnished bv an experienced catarer. 1 he military aru requested t.) appear in full uni form. No bats or caps allowed in the Ball Room except thone worn br the military. I irketa ONE DOLLAR - to be had of the Com mittee and at the door on the night of the ball. Committee on Invitation and Reception. Capt E C Carrington, Snrgeon W B Bu t. Lieut Tucker, J Coleman, Lieut Clark, L Will am*, Lieut Relley, J Marceron, Hgt Power, Sain Butt, jan 30 ?eaQwfc.db MEDICAL OFFICE. I ESTABLISHED in 1851, by Drs. BROTHERS !i fc GRAY, 179 South U St., for the cure of vene real disease* in all its forms. It is depforable to wit ness some of the casea that are pre sented to Drs. B. fc. G., where the disease has been driven into the system by quacks with Mercury, u? break cutngain m tile form ot spot*, and ulcers on Uic bidy or in the throat and nose. W e [perform extra ordinary eaaes in from three to five days, and old, half treated, liugermg eases in two to three weeks. There can ba acen at our ofliee prescriptions from nearly every physician in the District for private diseusog, which have failed to cure and at last ap plied to us for relief. Remember, 1?0 South B street. Island, jan 27 lm* CIRKAf IIDUCEHKITH. J CANFIELD, BROTHER ?i CO . Baltimore etreet, Baltimore, Md., l>flcr to buyers, previous to taking their annual ac count of stock, a large stock of recently imported WATCHES, IEWKLRY, 8ILVER WARbj,Mbuta a>id Plated Goodt, dock*, Bronze*, Bore, Drrtden China, A , AT PRI ?ES TTO SUIT THE TIMES, \riTil6uT RE GJIRD TO COST. jail 3j_tr 255 Looking GtltsseB, 255 AJ1 *?**?? au! quality, f.eneb or German plate. V *?ooy or plata Poitialt and P'.cture Frames, Gilt or f?n*y Oc>lor?d. Also, Gilt Room Moulding, Marble top Brackets and labU?. Oornlevs mads in otder. AIm, all kinds of old work ragildad with dispatch and ou raqaonab!* t rma by J. WAGNER, ??4 Pa. avenue, opp. Kirkvood H?um dec 8ft?tf r ? UNION ACADEMY. Comer of fkmrUemth H. and yew York atenm. AflW mwrs pupils oan be received to make ap the limited number. A*pUoeU?n moat be mads soon. The dirtipline, instruction, and means of illustraik?n are such aa to Insure latiafactory pro gres is thoee \ upila who ate punotual, regular and obedient. dronlaas at the Bookstore*. die W- 3m Z. RICHARD8, Principal. T. H. PHILLIPS' COACH P1CX0ET, 4t 1 Eighth ct, adjoining Rainey'a Livery 8Ub>e CkWlMQ to the Inoreaeed which a generous " Pabii has bestowed upon me, 1 have be*n eom peltod to ereet a new and larger building for the orriing on of mj busiuess. Her* I shall Im en abled to ?xec*to all ordeta entrusted W me witti ufeUr taoiLttas and dispatafc. and I would respect frny aottott a enntwuanoe oPme publl<'s pateonage. OarriagM and Wagcna, of Uu most modsra sty.e, built of the best materials, and warranted to aive satisfaction, ? repairs ol every description punotually attended to# Poraa!*, oheap, a seooad-band OlasMMe Oarrtoge, nearly m?w Cec 26?ti PIANOS!?PJANOS! WE beg leave to call the aitenbdtft ot the public to our stock of Pianos now on . hand, consisting of euperb dnivheJ 7,^flKHDj|UM fiU and 6 octave rosewood case strumeNts from Uie worid-renowned W ' 1 J * manufactories of H'llet, Davis |t Co., Boston, and Knabe, Qaehle h Co., Ualumore, comprising in all the largest, most relinble and select assortment ?jm ottered in this city. Also. Stools. Covers, kc. ?d Pianos taken ia exchange. e will make reasonable dieeounts fur cash, or ?ell as time. JOHN F. ELLIS, No. ??? Pa. aveaae, near Tenth street. jaa*l EVKNING STAK. Export of the Aid Society of the District of Columbia, for the quarter ending Jam try 87, IMS The Financial Agent has the pleasure of stating to the public that the success attending the efforts of the society, not withstanding some obstacles thrown in the way, is, on the whole, very encour aging. Our early efforts met very little opposition ; but in the progress of the work, our success has been sufficient to awaken the jealousy of such as set so high an estimate on their own systems, and so low an estimate on all others, as to be unwilling that any good shall be done unless it is done under the control of the denomination to which they be long. Whilst the members, generally, of each denomination except one, favor our work, there is here and there an in dividual, in most of them, who is op posed to it; and whilst the members of the denomination excepted are generally unwilling to co-operate with us, we are happy to find some exceptions in this case also. In the allusion to sectarian ism in our last report, it was not in tended to be understood to charge all the opposition to that denomination, even though some persons belonging to it, seem to be influenced by motives of pe cuniary interest, as well as denomina tional hostility. Our application for the house formerly occupied as a naval hos pital, is resisted because a family would gladly continue to use it rent free, though all the ohildren who are growing up in ignorance and vice should be neglected till they become a heavy burden to so ciety, and the poor continue to suffer till they sink into their graves. We wish to obtain it for educational pur poses, and for a temporary home for the deserving poor till permanent places can be obtained for them in families, where, by care and various other services, re muneration, in most cases will be made. Some who are unable to pay their rent and purchase sufficient fuel, focd and clothing for their health and comfort, will be able to lay up something for futuie need. Our object has been misrepresented ; and of f>rts have been made to induce a belief that we wish to obtain it for a different i purpose; wo have sought to quiet any un- < easiness that may exist, by specifying the purpose to which it is to be appropria- < ted. We have permission from the Navy < Department to hold Sunday and evening I schools in one of the rooms, and large |' boys, not belonging to the schools, have! been encouraged to make disturbance,]! obviously for the purpose of preventing | their usefulness, for the double object of self-interest and sectarian hostility. All these obstacles have been so far over come that, in the opinion of the teachers, as well as many others, great good has been done. Some large boys who were very disorderly at the commencement, have become important helps in encour aging others to do well. Another Sunday-school has been tem porarily obstructed by a trustee of pub lic schools. Much surprise has been ex pressed, and when he becomes acquainted with the sentiments of the people on this subject, that public schcol-houses should be used for no other purposes, it is be lieved that he will withdraw his opposi tion. Not being able, at the time, to ob tain another room for that school, we merged it, to some extent, in the school at the old Naval Hospital. But the chil dren whom we collect have generally a strong attachment to their own locality, and a backwardness about going to the schools in other places, and we have since been fortunate in obtaining another room. Since the date of our last report, ar rangements have been made for a Sun day-school in the vicinity of the Center Market; but finding that the Methodist brethren, who have one in the vicinity, were willing to receive into their school the children we might gather in, we deemed it better to unite our efforts with theirs, so long as the room is sufficient, than to set up one that might carry the appearance of a spirit of interference or collision. The children who have come in are much pleased with tbo school. Arrangements have also been made for a school south of the ?astern Branch, and one in the northwest part of the city. This will increase our nu'nber to nine. We have carefully avoided any inter ference with other schools, and have per suaded a good number of chilpren to join them, being desirous that they should attend somewhere; but we regret the necessity of stating that we have not met, in all cases, with like treatment. Be sides the cases already referred to, two young men who rendered us some assist ance, one at the Point and the otner at the Park, soon became very anxious to change the mode of teaching on the mis sionary plan, and place them under the control of the denomination to which they belong, for the purpose, as they ac knowledge, of teaching their doctrines ; and when reasoned with, that it would turn away all who do not prefer their system, they replied "such as prefer itcan come, and others can stay away," as though making a few sectarians is of suf ficient importance to justify throwing obstacles in the way of all the rest. Our schools are free, not only to all who wish to learn, but to all who art willing to teach them to read and to learn them the great and fundamental principles of reli gion. We advise the children to attend church and other Sunday-achools, timing ours so as to be convenient to do so; but instead ot attempting to dictate as to which, we leave the choioe entirely to their parents or guatdians and them selves. This did not meet the approval of those youths, and they left us. One has started an opposition school, so oallod, st the Point, near ours, and within our our field of labor. Complaints have al ready boon made against books distrib uted among the children, and he will flud his movement displeasing to the people, PM<*? Price?mil ei PomitlTUI Who Ml H wui w #w ? (OUWN of iwoagr p?r cmi. with frw exceptions as fast as tier dis co** bis object. It it proper hire li J?4"; o? we use lh? hooks published b/the Sunday School Union, and the !Xb??*' *Dd p4pe" We gee that the Washington corres pondent of the Bmltimore Sun has re ferred to our Sunday schools as it thev were ?*tablisbed by the Young Meni Christian Association or the Youn* Oath olic s Fnend Society, an error wibcfa we trust he mil cheerfully correct. We are aware that some may misjudge our ob ject in alluding to this matter ; but our application, abore referred to will hr by ?? wh?? . Theaccamalatioa of labsr on our hands has left very little time for raising funds. The whole amount contributed within the quarter is ninety-two dollars and twenty-eight cents, including the publi cation of the report for the preceding quarter in the city papers, cash, books and papers, wood and seats. The dis bursements during the quarter amount to thirty-two dollars and eighty-one cents. H fk k 'tems, we refer to the accounts id the hands of tli6 Auditors. Looking only to voluntary contribu tions for means to sustain the enterprise in which we are engaged, we apSn^p peal to the generosity of our citiaens; and we are happy m the privilege of present in g a case in which duty is connected with interest L?t children who are growing up m ignoranoe, idleness, and vice, become intelligent, induatrious.and orderly, do cot parents clearly see that the danger that thev will be corrupted ?nd led astray W1n fe diminished ? The nch cannot tell how soon or how much their circumstances may be changed; and does not the truth, that "with what mea sure y?> mete, it shall be measured to y< u again, show clearly that "to feed the hungry, elothe the naked, and comfort the afflicted is setting a good example, rVC5 0lhCT8 them re lef should they need it ? Should any of the vicious be reclaimed, is i: not clear that others, who might have been cor rupted by their example and influence, will be more safe ? Do not fathers and mothers consider their children safer 5?us ? the virtuous than among the vi We plead for such as hare "felt for others woes," and extended the hand of shanty to the suffering, for the worthy poor who have "seen better days," but through misfortune now need your aid. We plead for children, some of whom fcre orphans, and others are more than orphans, being under the influence of evil examples at home, as well as amone Lheir associates abroad. We plead for those who, having fallen into rice, have seen the illusion quickly vanish, and would gladly escape frem their awful langer aud deep degradation were it in their power. But how can they plead with those who are unapproachable ? clow can they, unaided, cenvince those *ho are ineredulous ? Bear in mind, we oeseech you, the question : 4'Who maketh thee to differ ?" "All things whatsoever y e would that men should do to you do y even so to them " N. B. Northrop, Financial Agent. The undersigned have examined the accounts of th? 4gent, and find his dis bursements exceed his cash receipts. E. P. Phklps, ( . D. Evans Rsrsji, }A^tors. INTERESTING EXTRACTS CP FOftHIGB *IW8 BY TH* AF1ICA ?Prince Paul Sspieha and Count Ig ia tius Plater, who had vast estates in Lithuania, have just died in Poland. ?1 he Duke of Cambridge, it is stated n the Liverpool Times, fully intends to remain at Malta to try and recruit his ? ^ that he may return to ihe British army in the Crimea, immedi ately after its restoration, and will not hear of coming home until all other means have failed. The estate of Kainey, formerly the property of King Louis Phillipe, was a few da* s ago offered for sale at auction vw.r01"8?? ' at tbe "P1*1 P1** of JWI. * our companies presented them selves to bid. After some keen competi tion. the company represented by M. Jlagmer, a notary oi Paris bid 1,351, JUOr.; and the estate was knocked down to it at that price. ? A new order of knighthood is to be established in France, to be entitled the 'Order of the Immaculate Conception." The Pans correspondent of the London Mlas says it is te confined to the noUtsse. Bach member is compelled to furnish sight quartering* of nobility, if purely French, and sixteen if mixed with for eign blood. A rule entirely novel in re ligious orders will insure the most ex tended popularity to the Immaculate Conception, being the permission accord ~ to its members to marry, provided their choice be approved by tne superior. ? The Question has been raised in the xilumns or Notes and Queries?" What is Amontillado sherry ? A correspondent says: "The peculiar flavor is caused by a process of fermentation, over which the powers have no control, and for which ihey cannot account. Sometimes only ?D<i tWOi ^utts in ? will be af ected, and in other years none at all. Those which some mysterious influence le>igns for Amontillado, produce a ) vegetable weed after having been put nto the cask; it is long aad stringy, ? 8ome of our fresh water weeds, but rith very fine fibres, and bears a very ninute white flower. Immediately after shedding these flowers, tbe whole plant lies away, and never again appears, but t leaves that peculiar flavor. I have iad this peculiar description positively ?tated and verified by thoae who have riaited the Spanish wine * (?7* Teams are crossing tbe St. Law aaoe river on the ioe.