Newspaper of Evening Star, February 5, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 5, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. LINES Suggested by tk* magniHetnt leeturc of Alexander Dtmiiry, K*t BY mo. Behold the man ! what matchless, godlike grace, Is blazoned Vnind Ms great, expresaivs fkcs, Th? fotct, ? fuil,?? rutfinf, lordly (rud, Speaks fro* bis heart the wow of that bravs land, Which falien now, once ruitd the titled Queen Of mind, of soul. tf I Mtug and all seen! Nurse of the cods! far freedom's blest abode? The poet's pride?whence Homer's song has flow ad, Rolling with deathless fame from age to age, The first?the last?the beat on hist'ry's page! Foremost in art, nt science and in strife la columned grandeur and fn marbled life; Bend, bend ! before Hellenic, towering might Ye gifted voi*rias, of the pore and bright!? All this and mora he speaka:?how silent all; The mournful echo trvmblee through the ball; In every breast responsive echoes breathe, The ravuhed senses twine an unfading wreath, For those who fought for freedom, scorning same, Then yielding lite, bequeathed themselves (0 fame! Thus not in ram he courts the willing ear? Calls on the dead and living forms appear, Both gods and men with awful grandeur move? "Tbebl.nd old Bard," the "aloud compelling Jova !M Fe bids them tell of days whan Greece was free, When Athens ruled the first o'er land and sea, Qurta of the arts I M Km press of the mud I Her son*, immortal, n^ We, undefined !? For who of men bas fruitless dared t'aspire To that supreme, that Demosthenic fire, Which in one warning jret majestic cry, Made stern foes qnail and patriots g y die? Wben Sparta stalked the Li*n?*ss of the shore, With iron nerves?brute heart?what! nothing mora? Ay, ay ! a single boon kind naturv gave, One, to drag her from Oblivion's grave; 4 Hie hoary rock?the Keystone ot the plain !? A shivered al :ar but a hallowed fane ? For heroes' bhied has stained the sacrsd stone? Dread, augu?t sacrifice! this, this alone, Redeems the land with a renewing birth, Its faults forgo'tea la thy faultless worth ! Shades st the brave! your Mood's not vainly shed? Oh 1 fierce baptism on a country's head ! Yet dld'st that gore quench Persia's fiery pride, And seal the spot where heroes fell?not disd, Leaving Uieir deads an lieir-lM>m to the freo? Unmouid'ring record! statu Tnermopyle !? ?low turn again?exulting to the skies, A temple flits l?e(ore tLecaptive eyes, Inn vailed, chaste, e'en ai 'he new-born diy, In perfect form it loom* along the way I'nnvalled whole, unrivalled in decay! Behold tbe Parthenon ! all honored and all fair, Look once again?lis not?ay. yes "Us there, A wreck?a broken, desecrated shriae, Its shafts encircled r?y the poi-'ning vine? Though plundered oft, earth's fairest coronet? The mind untouched from a dismembered whole, Ilow gorgeous yet, thou Mecca of the soul! Yet language fails?fore him my senses flee? A pigmy I? transcendent genius he! What store of inte ieet has he amassed? What glowing thoughts, ^urpaseing, unsurpawed!? I will no more lest foolish, I create, More faint conceptions of the good and great, Yet fly ambit'on, fly mv punny path, Where smiled ye once now concentrate your wrath 1 CC^The name of La Franee is to be giver to one of the first class men of war now building in England, to commemorate the cordial and warm intimacy that now exists between that country and its French allies. She will be ready foi launching in March, and it is said that the Empress of the French will, with th< Emperor, be present at the launch, anc perform the ceremony of naming her. d7*Saturday afternoon is in vogue ii Boston. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS Same. Lear* For XW I nioo Havre New York.Jan. 1' AUaauc Liverpool. ...New York.. Jan. S* I'nion New York Havre F#b. 11 Africa Boston Liverpool. Feb. 1' Atlantic New York... Liverpool..Feb. 3 City Manchester. ..Liverpo<d...PhiladeJphia.Feb. 1< St. Louts Havre.. New York...Feb. 1< Ttie CaB/brnfB stetunars loaee New York oi the 5th and SfcHh of each month. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS WUlards' Ho.?i?h a k; c. wiluis. WE Everett, NY C B Hart B Phelps, do F Nook W J Stevens, Jamaiea J B Jamea, NY U b J W Edmonds, NY L Umso, do J ( Mar?b. oo LB Mason, Va 11 E-ben, do B Lamb, Mass J B Griffith a lady, do W J Buchanan, Md Rev Dr Van Kleeck and J Howard, do lady, do Jobnson L C Forsyth, Mich C Ben ham, Cal J E Crawford a lartv, Va Prof W Hooke and ladv. J Fish, NY Ct K Tyler a ladr, Pa J W Hookers, do S F Lyman, Moss K U Robertson, Ala H W Dwiglit, do J Brown a lady, do latlaaal Hntel?a. n. willaEt. S P Hoover, DC DL Seymour, NY O D Mercer, Md L Fairbank, jr, do B N Clover. Ala B P Turner, do J P Henderaou, Tost J L Paulding, do J T Spencer, do W B Tnplett, Va T G fern^b, Ala HJJrrritt,0 R A Ware, do W T Goldsborough, Md P P Griflio, NY (??! Bowie, do G T liav-s, do J Ford, Mae G l>arstow, do II Hamline, Me, ft A Foster, Pa G M Wanders. <l? VaJ R DeVries I) {>? vison, NY D DeVnee A Oliver, do p Mori no K B Hunt, NI F Ce*sarelli H II Lee, Va M Lazan II Church, NY J Greacen, Md J H Pike, do J Kin^, jr, do C H Majwoii fc lady, Pa E Tbomp* n, do J f> Gilker?o?i. Va K Morris, do H P Brooks, Md Capt W Owens, do J M Leslie, pa H Wilberforce, do _ W Arratt, Md Mr* Hill a servant, NY J H Maxwell, do B Blddle, Mass A Hamilton, do IN Hharp, O J E K eilen, do - C A Webster, Ky W B Hartley, NY W ?ndicott, i'hn.a D E i*mith, do H Hom.dy, do T ^nowden, Pa A Huiueriler, Md G M Freeman, do 11 Bowling, do II P Hinith, do c h Tyler G Pali i, VVI J T Rice J Bowling. M l Browne' lineal? r. r. a it. aaowa. W E Homers, |*a G D Prentice, Ky ? A Wood, Mans E Siair, Wia C A Paun?'ers, NY FA Forney Md E Packard, M" W Winderaon, Va A Winston a lady, O M B? Couicey, kv I. W VVinaton, Ky tl B ll<M>per, Ma-<s Mrs Benign. <|o N A IWterham, La B H Pany, do L B Gillete, NY G W Benson, do O M Herl.y a lady. Ark J E Ora?f*rd a lady, Va Mrs Hough, do M Warre, Spanish Lega VV A Lynn, Miss tlon t .'aat diiupton, Cal ?i? Moreno, do O Wyles, Md J E He leu*. Tenn E T Jones, Va J Dyaa't. Pa K Lam -II, DC B H Cromwell, Ind R Bollin*, Va W Boulwar,Va BOW Hall, Md J P Haling. Pa \V O Uoward, do J 1 ebo, do A Carson, do B F Dew, Va A b C arter, DC JOB A Neman, Ww W 0 Rose, Va A H Hipley, Masa Klrkwoed Uaa?? i. b. a a. kikxwooa. J ?miUi, NY W ke? r, O Mrs W Collins, Va C Andrews, do Miss Collins, do H Holmes, do J G Hodges, do B W Foley, Ky F J Henry, do II Hurdsnll, O W Gilbert J A Trowbridge, Md T B<>gers a lady, NY J A We-tonTdo G W R*gers, do B Williams, Va 2 I Mass F W Howe, NJ 7 ST*' w W 11 n, Va 3. J* Nevi"-Md B A giuclair, do J Edg*r, NY TJ dxpe, do Lulled Stata? Uots!?a. a. naCEnei. W Cain, Ind 4 j no:iMn M J L Kempers, Va R j W^er' Mlja J Barbaur, do J A Jones, haa P S Far lain, N Y VV g (j f B Willaway, do TP Jolinaton. NJ J Jacobs, Md A Hall, Va M Howard, O W L Armstrong, bc TBlak",do H W Heath, Md Miss Howard, do J Budgar, do J Todd, La C John, Va J Adams, do J On, G* M Hill, NJ E Myart, Ind Mnjaaloa IIeaMt Alexandria, Va. a. sawrow, raoraiSToa. A A Little, Va 8 1 Coalman, NJ R H Coekenlle, do T I. Jermngs, NY E W Spillman, do Dr D B Conrad, UdN Col A V Hcoa, DC 1 Smith, Va Col J Dove, T-ias A L lofsrs, do W G Homerville, Va F W Rankin, NY C C Wharton, do B T Dulaney, Va J uuinlan. do J )1 Johasou, do H P Jones, NY T Erdmann, Pa G W Rock, Va J Keinbardt, Ga Dr H Dorsey, do A D Bank, Va Vol H B Pow?ll; do HA Wall, Miss f PROPOSALS FOE TTOJnSHUTO PAPXB FOB TBI PUBLIC PBIBTIBO OrnoB SuraaiirTCMDBirr Public Printino, Washington, January US, lttiS. IN pursuance of the provisions of the act entitled "An act te provide for eiecuunt the pu?ltc printing" fcc., approved August 96, 1858, sealed propoeaia will be received at tnia office, in the Cap itol, until Wednesday, the 28th day of March neat, at 12 o'clock m , for furnishing the following quan titiea and deecriptions of writing paper, ttrVit: 8,S00 rtami, weighing 28 pounds par ream, and sunng 19 by 96 inches 3,100 reams, weighing 96 pounds per ream, and mea suring 18 by 95 inches 100 reams, weighingJM pounds per ream, and mea suring 18 by 99 inches M0 ream*, weighing 99 pounds per ream, aad mea surinf 18 by 18 inche 400 reams, weighing 19 pounds per ream, and mea sunng 19 by 18 inches AU these papers to be made of the beat materials, and finished in the best manner and tree from adul teration A contract will be entered into for aup ptyini the qaantities stated, at such times as the public service may require, but the privilege is re of ordering a greater quantity of either kind, should a greater quantity be required, at such times and ia aucb quantities as may be deemed necessary. Samples of each kind of paper must accompany each t>i J, and all prnpneals and samples mu?t be transmitted to this office, free of postage or other expense Each proposal muat be signed by the Individual or flrm making It, and must specify the price per pound, and the consequent price per ream (and but one price) of each description of paper. All the paper must be delivered at >uch place or placea as may be deaignated in Washington city; in good oruer, free of all and every extra charge or ex pense, and subject to the inspection, count, weight and measurement of the Superintendent, and be in all respects satisfactory. Blank forms for proposals will be furnished at this office to persons apply ing for ihem ; and none will be taken into consideration unlets substantially agreeing therewith. Bonds with approved securities will be required; Sid the supplying of an Inferior article, or a failuie to supply the quantity required at any timj will be considered a violauon of the contract Each bidder is required to furnish with bis propo _Js satisfactory evidence of his ability to execute it, and any proposal unaccompanied with such evi dence will be rejected. Proposals will be addressed to the "Superintend ent of the Public Printing; Capitol of the United States, Washington, and endorsed "Proposals for Supplying Paper ' A. O. SEAMAN, Superintendent of the Public Printing. Jan 90?eotd NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. OmCK OF MBT*OPOLJTA5 KAlLROAli COMPAKT, 1 Georgetown, D. C-, Dac. 30, 1866. j SEALED PROP08AL8 for ths grading, masonry, and bridging of forty three and a half (48 miles of this road will be received at the office si ths oompany until three o'clock p. m. cn the 16th ; day ot February next. The maps, profiles, plans, and specifics loa; will bs ready for Inspection on and afer the 5th day 01 February. The Metropolitan Railroad Is designed to extend from the cities of Washington and Georgetown tc the Baltimore and Ohio Railrcad, by an easv and d. rect route, connecting with the latter road east ol the "Point of Rocks'* on tht Potomas river, and making a saving rf distance on the first nineti miles of the present travelled route from the Cspi tal to the Western and liorthwes'ern States of for ty-flve miles. Proceeding from the point of intersection with th? Baltimore and Ohio Railrosd the rout- exten Is U. the City ef Frederick. anJ, pawing thrrugh the rich est agricultural districts of Maryland, terminates in ths City of Hagerstown, where it connects with Iiti? of railroad*. now In operation extending t< Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania Central Bail road, Ac Ths portion of the road for which "proposals ai< bow invited extends from the westerly line ot the District of Columbia (t% from Georgetown] to the city cf Frederick. Proposals will he received for the work In section/ of one mils each, or for the entire distance of 43 miles. Ths work is generally of a medium character foi this part of the oountry, with some heavy cutting ,ln earth and rock) and bridging; and every fiacilitj exists for proeecnting it Tigorsusly and with eocno my at all s*asons of he year. The oountry is ele vated ani rolling, well watered, and remarkably healthy. Ths time eondltioned for ths aompletlon of th< contracts will be from cne to two years. Any further Information desired by persons pro I poeing tor the work will be furnished at the cmee or way bs had by ad Iresoing th- Pre?i lent of th< eompany by letter prior to the day of letting. By order of the Board ot Directors PRANCI8 DODGK, President. EDMUND FRENCH. ChW Engineer. dsc 99 -'iawtFeb6 INVI60RATM6 C0RDIA1 A PHENOMENON IN MEDICINE TJXALTH RBSTOR1U AND Lin XI LENGTHENED, by DR. MORjSE'B INVIGORATING ILIXIft OR OORDIAL.?At first the proper ties attributed to Prof. MORSE'S INVIGORATING ELIXIR OR OORDIAL war* deemed febuloue. Thi public often deoelved, rouVi not bdiem the eimpli and sublime trothd announced bv the discoverer.? But fW<rte, undeniable fbets attested by witr eeses o ths highest clam and character, are bow triumph Ins over all doubts. INCREDULITY IB OVER TH iOWN by a man of testimony which Is perfectly trreststable. The Sunt reir**-^??e, in ail ea.i?-k?fce doplorabh evils aria'?;;; froc ttaixasecr abuse ef the variotti organs which make up the wo?U? -fnl machine call* man. It restores to roil vigor every deUaate funo den oonnected witL that raysterious oompotim agency of matter in ! mind, necessary to the rtfr? dmctumoj lift. To j*raons of feeble momcu lar frame, or deflcieat In vital power, ft Is raoom mended as the only means of oommunleating thai energy which Is neoeeAry to the proper enjoyment of alithe natural appetites, as well as the highei mental attributes. Its beneficial effects are not oon fined to either sex or te any age. The fbeble girl the ailing wife, the listless, eruevated youth, tL< overworn man ot business, the victim of nervous de preasion, the individual suffering from general de bihty, or from the weaknese of a single ergan, will all find Immediate and permanent relief from thi of this inoom parable renovator. To thoee whe have a predisposition to paralysis it will prove a complete and unfkiling ??ajeh-uard aptlnrt that terri hie malady. There are many, perhaps, who have no trifled with their constitutions, that they think themselves beyond the rea h of medicine. Let not even these deepair. The Elixir deals with disease as it exists, without reference to pauses, aad will not only remove the disorder itself, but REBUILD THE BROKEN CONSTITUTION. The derangements of the system, leading to ner vous llseesee, and the forms of nervous disease It self, are so numerous that it would require a ooltuna to enumerate the maladies for which this prepara ration is aspemflc. A few, however, may beenum* rated, vis: neuralgia. tie dolereaux, bfftla-hs, tncip lent paralysis, hysteria, palpitation of the heart, ?pi oa' affections, muscular debiuty, tremors, fiatulenoe, a pricking sensation in the flesh, numbness, tmjrid Ity of th Uvsr, mental Jeproart >n, weakness of th* will, indisposition te move, laJucnese after exercise, broken bleep au i terrifying dreams, Inability to re main in one place ? r position, weakness of the pro areatire organs, sexu?'< incompetency, mslandholy, nonomauia. fiuor albua, nking at the stomach, fe male Irregularities, a chronic tendency to aJscar rlage, emeciaticn, and all complaints growing out cf a free indulgence of the passions, and all barrenness that does cat prouwed from organic citues beyond the o?oh of medicine. Whenever the organ* to te acted upon are free from malformation or striotural diseases It la averred MORSE'S INVIGORATING KLLXMR will replace we^knees wilh strength, incapacity with efficiency, Irregularity with uniform and aatural so tlvtty, and this not ?nlv ainoat haaard of reaction, but with a happy effeot on the general organisation. ArBesr in mind that all nuuadies, wherever they begin, AmuA with the nervous ay stem, and that the penalisation of the nervae or motion and sensation Is physical death. Bear in mind also, that for every liad of nervous disease the Elixrr Oordlal is ths oaly reliable preparation known CAUTIOI. Dm. Moaax'i IrrooaArui.j OoanuL ha^ t??n ccum MrMted by some unprincipled pereniu. In future, all the genuine Cordial will have the proprietor's fee simile p*?;tvi over the oork of eacb bottle, and the folio* in^ words blown in the glass Dr., Keris'i lavlgoratlagCordlal, C. SI. RUG, Proprietor, I.Ti 69* The Oordlal Is put up highly concentrated, la piat bottles. Prioe*--g? per t&ttle; two for $6; dx for $12. 0- H. RING, Proprietor, 192 Broadway, New York. Bold by Druggists throughout the Uulted States, Pinedas, aad Wast Indies. ViKNTJC. Washington?Z. D. GLL*ftJJ. Baltimore?8. S. I1AN<%L Richmond?BENNETT t 3EE-V, 10 aitf MY COl'HTSHIP AND ITS CONSEQUENCES by Henry Wikoff "woff end Poetry of Finger Rings, by Chae. rdlWtfOI The World* Workshop, by Ewbenk Tne New CongreeeiunaJ I)ire?n>ry at TAYLOR k MAURY'S JM 13 Booketore, near 9th rt. CIIARLES WALTERS GENERAL AGENCY AND INTELLIGENCE OFFICE, NO. BS? SEVENTH Bl\ orroaiTK cnmi market. Office hours from 9 to 19 a. m., and front 9 to 5 p.m. Janl7-lia* ? JOHN H. BUTHMANN, IMPORTKR AND DNALNR IN WINN, BRAN dy, Olgars, PMaarlnnU ivmm, mtk aid* WtvMo iindS^tih rtwHi, hasTec^ ved bU fall pert of? (? MnMn,! r? Id qts . A put vari-ty of IkiM Win*, mu of It Uag Atao, Bt Perry sparkling red and white Claret, at >rioM from $S 60 par doses to th* high**! or* i d*r And namtioai other kinds of Win* Also, Tory superior Ooguae, pal* and dark: BcbeM> *m fliu, Jaouki-a Rob. ftna aid Whlakij, Irish Malt, OorrttaU, and Havana Oigar*. daw 1??2aw?w PROPOSALS TOK KAIL BAGS. Porr Orsica Daraa-nttrr. ??1 January 12,1855. SEALED PROPOSALS will b? received at this Department until 9 o'clock a. m., of the 23d of April naxt. for furnishing for four years from the 1st day of July next, in suah quantities and at such times aa may be required and ordered for the mail service, mail bags of the following description, to wit: Canvas Mail Bugs. Size No. I, (43 inches in length, anil 68 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 87 inchea width ; the yam of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and five-fold. Size No. 9, (41 inches in length, and 48 inchea in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvas*, weighing 16 ounces to the yard of 27 inch** width, and the cloth to be woven in every respect like that of the first s.ze of bags. Size No. 3, (32 inches la length and 38 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 10 ounces to the yard of 22 inchea width, and th > cloth to be woven as above described. The canvas* bags of sizes Nos. 1 and 2 are to be made with a sufficient number of eyelet boles, and provided with strong cord to secure their mouths. All are to be well and distinctly marked ?? U. 9". Mail," and to be numbered according to the sizes above specified. Leather and Canva.?.? Pouches. Size No. 1.48 in. in length, and 80 in. circumference Size No. 2.41 do d? 48 do Size No. 3. 36 do do 4-2 do Size No. 4.36 iio do 36 do Size No. 5. 26 do do 38 do The body of the leather pouches Is to be made of good and substantial bag-leather, well tanned, weigh ing lor Nos. 1 and 2 not less than 8 ounces, and for the smaller sizes not less than 7 ouuees to the sq. fjot; the bottom and flap to be o{ good tkirting leather, well tanned, and the same to be well and strongly secured with the best iron rive s, well tinned. The canvass pouches are to be made (JT densely woven canvass, so as to resist water, or at least equal to that of which the pouches now in the service are made. Leather and Canvass Horse-viaU Bags, (in saddlo bags form.) Size No. 1. Body 48 inches long, and 42 inches in circumf?reuce at the widest parts ; ends or bottoms of s me, 14 by 26 inches Size No. 2. Body 44 inches long, and 36 inches in ciscumference at the widest parts ; ends or bottoms of same, 12 by *24 inches Size No. 3. Body 42 inches long, and 32 inche* ui circumference at the widest parts ; ends or bottoms of same 10 by 20 inches The leather horse mail bags are to be made of good and substantial hag leather, well tanned, aud weighing not less than 7 ounces to the square foot, and the seams to be well and strongly sewed ; or, if rivetted, to bo so dons as not to chafe the horee or rider. The canvass horse mail bags are to be made of the same quality of fabric us the pouches above de scribed. Canvass and Leather Drop-Utter Pouches, (with sido pockets.) Size No. 4. 30 in. in length, and 36 la circumference Size No. 5. 26 do do 28 do Canvass Newspaper Mail Bag*. Size No. 1, (48 inches in length and 62 inches in circumference,) to bs made of cotton canvass, wrighm^ at least 15 ounces to the yard of 22 inches width ; the yarn of the fabric to he doubled and twisted and five fold, and the bag to be s* constructed as to b?. locked, and to have a handle at each end. Size No. 2, (41 inches long and 48 inchej ui cir cumference,) to be of the same material and man ner of construction with size No. 1. Proposals for improvements in the construction ol any ol the above-described inaii-bags, or in the ma terials thereof, -ire invited; and the relative value and adaptation to the service as well as price ol such improvement will be considered in determin ing the lowest and best bidder. No proposals will be considered if not accom panied with samples of each article bid for, showing the construction, quality of materials, and workman ship proposed, and also with evidence of the com petency and ability of the bidder to execute the wurk according to contract. The specimens m*st be delivered at ths Depart ment on or before the 23d day < f April next, aH<] will, in connexion with the proposals form the basu of the contracts. Specimens deposited by hidden which may with safety and convenience be used in the mail service will be paid for at the ratoe pro poned by them. A decision on the bids will be made on or before the first day of May next, and the bidder or bidden chosen will be required to enter into contract on or before the 15th day of Jcne next, with bond and sufficient sureties for a faithful performance of the obligations as entered into. All the articles contracted for are to be delivered at the contractor's expense, at Huston, Massachu setts; New York and Buffalo, N. Y.; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, I'a.; Baltimore, Md.: Washington, D. C.; Charleston S.C.; August; a.; Montgomery, Ala.; New Orleans, La.; NasflV^ Tenn.; Louis ville, Ky.; Cincinnati, Ohio ; ai#% Louis, Mo., in such quantities and at such tim*> as the Depart ment mav require; and they are to be rigidly in spected before delivery, arid none are to he received which shall be inferior to the specimens or stand ard hags. To enable bidders to estimate the number of the different kinds of uisll bags which will probably be required, they are informed that there were fur nished for the use of the Department, during the year which ended 30,.h June lust. 2,135 leathei pouches; 3.978 canvass pouches; 450 Anther horse mail Iwitfs; 605 canvass horse mail b.igs ; and 17,110 cai vitss mail bag*. The proposals should be endorsed " Proposals Jot Mail Bagi," and be addressed to the " PoUmaxtrt General." JAMES CAMPBELL, jan 15? law!2w Postmaster General. ROSENKRANZ PIANOS. JUST received two of the abov* iiHoqualled in strumeiits direct from the Mhdu -- factory in Dresden, Germany. The Pianos having both, after a lorg se and land voyage, arrived in perfectV tune, afford another guarantee of their superiority in keemng in luno. Their beauty and power of tone elicits the highest encomums from all die great musical critics of Europo. IIILHIJS k IIITZ, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av. 11th and D ats. an 8-tf * SECONDHAND PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT.?We have in store four Pianos, two of Chickering and two of Andre Steins, which we offer low for cash, or good notes, or will rent on modfrate terms. New Music expected to-morrow morning. JOHN. P. ELLIS, Jan 4 306 Pa. avonue. EXPECrED NEW Y1AB PRESENTS. OP all the brunch** of business oondueted in this city, Groceries, perhaps, of a.l others afford the smallest profit*, and should nave the preference for eash, and no one In that business ean oontinn* if his customers are not prompt in settlement by short notes cr c uh. Desirous of closing up for the past, I earnestly request all who are indebted to call and settle wi hout delay. I will further give notice that all future hills which may be ocntracted with me must be made with refbrsnc* to, and with th* dis:lnct understand ing that they are to be c.'oe*d monthly, by each or notes at 30 days, which I have prepared for th* par pose, exoept inch of my old customers who have al ways be.n prompt. Z. M. P. KIM. dec 2T?tf NAPIICIk'll English Battles and Sieges in the Peninsula. 1 vol, London, 1854 Manual of field Operation, by Lt Jervis, Royal Ar tillery, 1 vol, 185* 7 The Young Officer's Companion, by Col Lord de Roe, 1 vol, 1851 The War in Russia and Germany in 1812-13, by Co| < athcart, (killed at Inkerman) 1 vol, maps and diagrams, 1850 Six Familiar Lectures, by a field officer, 1 toI, 1851 General Wolfe's Instructions to Young Officers 1 vol (out of print) 1768 The Mediterranean, a Memoir, Ph?sical, Historical, and Nautical, by Rear Admiral Smyth, 1 vol, 1064 The Miscellaneous Literary Works of General Bur goyne, 2 vols, (out of print) 1808 Jan 24 FRANCE TAYLOR. British statesmen?l^ of Aberdeen Russell, Palmcnrton, Graham, Gladstone, Ac., 1 vol, London, 1854 Thirty Years of Foreiga Poliey, a history of the Se cretaryships of Aberdeen and Pqlincreton. 1 vol, London 1855 ' Beedell's British Tariff for 1H54-6 Special Repert to Parliament on the manufacture* of the New York Industrial Exhibition, by Wallis Special Report to do., oa the machinery of do., by Whit worth . Special Report to do., on the Raw Materials aud Agriculture of do., by Wilson Special Report to do , on the Geological Department of do., by Lyell Banfield's Statistical Companion for 1854 Rickard's on Population and Capital, 1 vol, London don 1854, complete Set (sure*) of the British Almanac and Companion fsom its commence ment in 182b jan 28 FKANCK TAYLOR. mil dTfiTo TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. LATHAM'S LIKB Of OII1BVIBI will le?ve Alexandria at 4.' ?M?* Km, and 3y p m. 1 leave Washington at 6, il, and IS a! m.. 3# and 7 p m. seats eaa be secured at Km Other, Falrfhx id Ntvtaal Mansion Howe ; in wmUmml at Hall's Segar Store and Kirk wood House. TUs Line runs regularly winter and iwimsf Ibr the accommodation of tke Pnblic. Passengers called lor and taken to their residences if not too fkr. PARK?For the first trip up and last trip down, 60 cents; sll other regular trips 95 cents. Trnnks extra. LATHAM k COOK. Jan 8?tf CBOIWBLL'I BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN \ NEW TOM BALTIMORE It BOSTON, TXT ILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore Xf and NewYork, and twice a veek from Boston to Baltimore and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords unequalled facilities to the bturi neas inen of the District of Columbia. The Agents at either point will receive freight and give n through bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates o( freight and no commissions charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following agents: A. C. HALL, 96 Exchange Place, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL, Corner Washington and Albany sts., N. Y, JNO. W. SCHANK, Jan 14?d3m Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR THE Y, EST AND SOUTH. BALTIMOKE AND OHIO RAIIsKOAS. IMPROVED ARRANGEMENTS FOR TRAVBLI IMPORTANT CHANGKS OW-SCTTEDWMI i The late completion of the _ tral Ohio Railroad between e-dinjTand Columbus, uniting, as it does, by as short and dlreet n line, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with all portions of the West (and North and Southwest,) gives this route greatly increased advantages to through travelers in that direction. On and aTer MONDAY, November 27, 1864, the trains will he run as fallows: FOR THROUGH PASSENGERS. Two fiut trains daily will run in eaeh direction Tint?The MAIL TRAIN, leavtcg Camden Station at 7 a. m., Instead of 8 o'clock as heretofore, (ezeept on 8unda?,) end RTivloft it Wheeling at 2 40 a. m Second?The EXPRESS TRAIN, leaving at 3 p. m., instead of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, and running through to Wheeling In abont 17 hours, reaching there at 10 25 a. m. This train will step at Wash ington Junction, Sykesville, Monooacy, Harper's F*rry, Martinsburg, Sir John's Run, Cumberland, Piedmont, Rowleeburg, Newburg, Fettennan, Farm in gton, Cameron and Moundsville only, for wood and water and m?a1s. Both these trains make prompt and regulsr connection with the ears of the Central Ohio Road for Cambridge, Zan??ville, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Dayton, tandosky, Toledo, Letroit, Indianapolis, Chicago, St Loui%etc. Passengers leaving Baltimore by the Mail Tra'n; wi:l reack Cincinnati for dinntr next day, while by the Express Traiu they arrive there st 12 the next night, bring kept but ons night on the route by eith*r train Passengers for the Northwest via Cleveland and a'l intermediate points can m?ke a dlreet connec tion with 'be trains upon the Cleveland and Pitts burg Rallrori at all limes whee the Ohio is naviga ble for steamers b?twt*n Wheeling and Wellsvllle, by leaving Baltimr rn In iht- Mail Train at 7 a. m. Returning, the Trains leave Wheeling as follews: The BXPRESS TR aIN at 4 30 p. m., reaching Bai timore at 0.50 a. m. TU- MAIL TRAIN at 11.45 p. M , reaching Baltimore at 7 p. m. 49*Through tickets by boat from Wheeling for Cincinnati, Madison. Louisville, St. Louis and other River Cities, *ill be sold at *1 times when the*tage of water ?ill admit. S?-Through tickets between Baltimore and Washington, and all the important cities and towns in the West, are sold at the Ticket OBSoes of ths Company. FOB WAY PASSENIERB. TUB MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden 8tation will take passengers for all the usual stopping places on the Road Returning, this train leaves Wheeling at 11.46 midnight, Cumberland at 10.16 a. m1 and arrives at Baltimore at 7 p. m. TUB FRkDRRICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick and intermediate plaoes, will start at 4 p. m , dally, (except Sunday*) arriving in Freder ick at 7.40 Returning will leave Frederick at 9 a. m., arriving at Baltimore at 12.80. noon THE ELLIOTT'S MILLS ACCOMMODATION will be rnn dally, (e xo*pt Sundays,) as follows : Leave Camden Eta'ion at 6 a m. and 8 p. m. Leave Ellioott's Mills at 7.30 a. m. and 6.80 p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RON AS FOLLOWS: LEAVE dally, exoept Sunday, at 6 and a. m. and 8 ami 6pm. On Sunday at 0 a m and 6 pm. Leave Baltimore at 4^ and Oam; and 6 and 8 p D. On Sunday at a in and 5 pm. The connesti^n? with baltimore A Ohio Rallrond for ths West ara by tral&j Itavin^ at 6 a m and 8 pa. For Philadelphia aud New York at 8, and 8U a m and 6 pm. For Anuapolis at a m and 6 p zu. For Norjolk at 3 p m. T. U. PARSONS. Agent Particu'ar attention is called to the Rule requir ing a responsible voucher for any person of eoler ?bo m?y wi'h to pass ov r the road. dec 18-?dtf 0EAH0K AJID ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1L.., THE Cars leave Alexandria dally for Gordons ville and intermediate stations at 71( o'clock, a- bl, on the arrival of the boat from Washington, giving ample time for breakfast on board. Con necting at Manassas Junction with a train for Stran burg, at Warrenton Ju ction with a train for War ronton, and at Oordonrvilie with the trains on the Virginia Centra) Railroad for Richmond, Charlottes ville, and Staunton. The oars leave Gordonsville dally for Alexandria and intermediate stations, at % before 12, a. m?, on the arrival of the trains ot the Virginia Central rail road from Rlchmoad, Charlottesville, and Staunton. THROUGH TICKETS. From Alexandria to Warrenton $3 00 M u OoiJoMiOk.ltwm 3 60 ? m Charlottesville. 4 26 M " Staunton 6 00 ? M Straeburg .... 8 60 M * Lynchburg 6 76 " M Win oh aster 8 60 M U I.nrmw A !2ft uuib^mmh v ? ? New Market .. 6 00 M M Middlaburg S 26 For Lynchburg, connecting anth the stages at Charlottesville, on Mbndays, Wednesday, and Fri days. For Laray and New Market, oonnaoting with the ?. ages at Culpcper, on Tuesdays, Thursday*, and Sat urday For Winchester daily, connecting with the stages at Piedmont For Middlebarg daily, oonnecting with the stages | at the Plains. Per onlar: W. B. DR00KBTT, Agent nov 7?dtf ? FOR MOUNT VERNON. _ On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. JkMSflEfiP&re round trip $1; from Alac I andri. 76 ?euts -the THOMAS OOIJLYRR leaves Washington at 0 aud Alexandria at 0U o'clock. (loaches leave the Capitol for the boat at 8)f o'clk. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wlading ths Coaches will leave their reei dance with Geo. A Tbos. Parker. Refreshments on ttis boat. ootJB?dtf SAM'L GEDN1Y, Capt VIIB IKW YORK A LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS? THE SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINE ARB THB? ATLANTIC, Capt. West PACIFIC, Cart. Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Oeinatook, ADRIATIC, OsipL Grafton. These ships have been built by contract, express ly for Government service; every oare has been taken In their construction, as in the Engines to Insnre strength and speed, and their accommoda tions for passengers are unequalled for eleganoe and oomfort. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, in first cabin $190 Second Cabin 70 Exclusive use of extra rise state rooms 800 From Liverpool to New York ?30 and ?20. An experienced surgeon attached to eaeh lUp. No berth can be secured until paid for. For freight or pasM? apply to EDWARD KCOLLINS * CO., 68 Wall street, New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY * CO., Liverpool. E. G. ROBERTS ft CO., 18 Kino's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNROB ft CO, 28 Rue Notre Dame dee Victoirea, Paris. GEO. H. DRAPER, Havne. , The owners of these ships will not be accountable for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones or me*-'" --1? therefor, anl nr>v U,H| iHuuvn, specie, Jewelry, precious metals, unless bills ef lading are rigned or, anl the value thereof (herein espresaed. lft?d It PAPER MOIBTENER.?A New Invention for moistening the leaves of a Copying Book, Poet age Stamps, Envelopes, and moisten the ftiigeit wtieu counting bank bills. Also, usefal tor various other purpose*. It will be found an itidir pensible article for evcrv desk. Il is perfectly simple and cheap, and ma come iuto general use. TAYLOR It MAURY, jan IS Agents for Washington. lUTiini uniTuuini i UVB * co ??!** lis, *. if*, u a. a i lAIJIIfOH lid. ? 01AA DOCTOl. _ R ?. oPBNCSR Ofltaahfc Promotional ?11 him to the ottisaat of Ba*> tlmore. {I tu curt all kind* of Oaaoere?take the* ni without p*in, or the mm of ?/ I ?u euro all kinds of Fl? ?d By?, Bheumotic Pah*, Oootumption, Dropsy, Dyopewie, Pilot, Palzy, or any other ailment ths huMatwIlj ars rohfrci to. Ho oaa atop Blooding from the Lua or Bote, an dlttanoo from tho patient, bj kaovfig tho patient's | aamo. r vat born blind, and baa ttudied several yean under an Indian Doctor wbo vat among the wfJd Indiana tbirteon mn. DR. BPBNOAB ha* iwntia) from Mr. Bearding Bouse, to Wo. S4, HABOYBR STRUT, ?i| 11?tf Balttanota.ll*. N1W BOOK, PERIODICAL JLflTi) NEWSPAPER JBTABLLS3MMNT, \ ^ WB.TAfLOR * CO., RAI/riMOMUBs. WW TAYLOR 4 CO. beg leave to oaU tho ettea Hon of tho reading people and ail dealing la Booka, to their now BOOK, PERIODICAL, and i^JHTS PAPMR ESTABLISHMENT, whor* oan bo ton*} a largo and general assortment of aU tho la to pope laf publications of tho day. Taoy aieo keep ot hand a roleudld aaoai tim nl o< plain and fkn. j STA^TIOKRBY of every description 411 onltra thankfully received and filled with d? opatch. and sent b? muru of tho mail, express, or ?? sl^o, or in any oth?r tray the person ordering ma? direct. Bookseller*, Nova AgenU, Pedlars, and all other* supplied with any Booka, Magazines, etc., at th* kvwtratm. Any IWi published in this oeunuy aan bo had by toe.linj jour otJ - r to ua. WM. TAYLOR A 00., Our. Baltimore and Char loo ate., Baltimore, Ml 'nayilMf ta/ir.RKKLAia*! connior>l ale.1 Callo|?, JPa. 1ST, Balt*r*ori cfreet, JH riUll ottsnalble oMfct if UMnetituticn it to| X In tho reaoh cf Indirld u J? prcpsr facilities for1 obtaining a thorough and preotloal mareantlle edn eatirvi. A young du r*xi here obtain a mora ear r*>t knowledge of gereral buainsas matters In a fan waoks th? can bo a^j ulred Ir a* easy yoawio any ?uo ootmiuxg Locjo. Tho oouree cf stu^j <*nhrac?J douMo-ontry book keeping, and ito adaptation to variouj department* of eokiaweo aad trade. Mercantile calculations laogLt oeoording to tho most approved methods ? Practical Poonuouhlp. ootnblning rapidity of eipcu ttoa with betuty of coxistru:ti?n. I>otnr?a opor BMieantilo law. upon Tarious important cast csAtlk aot^orto, braids sukr.y r^het potnto wcioary %r a biok-koop^r or buain?as ruan to nndorotand. Tim* K-'Qfwoary fcr * atndMit to eooplototho oourooTario* froii floo to ol^ht vwho. Thora boing no vacation. appUeantf oa* enter at any tlmo and attend bott i.ty and ov^nlna. lt3iunin?tiona aro bold at atatoi! porloda, and diplomas awarded tc thrao wbo grad? ate. for tsnnf, *?., write atid have a circular for FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SHALL BUILDING LOTO of 10 feet or more, In Tardus perto of the City, and Georgetown, at lev prices, and term* to aolt. LLOYD A 00. BUILB1IO STONE, Por aale, leliTecnblo at the Canal, or Wbarroa It Waahlogton. Oeoi^ttcwn, or Alexandria. LLOYD * 00. Hth at: net, epp Trswwr/ Deiartmont. Jy * 00UQ1IS, GOLDS, HOARSENESS, Aaliaf la fc tve Hlnntoa. TYLKITS COMPOUND QUE ARABIC STRUT TllR inereaain/ (lemfind for this moot pleatant, safe, and eSe&?i'>us remedy for all pmmonar} dlataaee, has enabled ths proprietor tr reduce thf price so a^ to pla^e it vltbta the reach of all elastee Ita sapertority over t-.n?t simitar preparations ia at tested by many eminent idiysieiacs vbo hare bees eyo vituet?eo of it* efficacy vben the usual reme dies hare fklied; also by thousand of onr moot re spectable cftli?n; ^bo ksve it tn their %milios both as prevenand cure with never failing sue moo for the lant I w?nty years, during which period With very little aU from a-'rertising, Ac., it ha Radually spread reputa'ion orer the whole Union In onset of reoeat Oidt Caught, Hoarttneu, ?fc-, 11 gives immediate relief, asd gen? rally eureo in a day or two, without iot?>rfi ring with diet or bcurfuof*, oi r*ad9rio3 the system more susceptible oi Go'.Of, Ix chronic e.iaee, AtL\na, Whoofng Cough, Oroyp Dtvnchtiu, Affxtknt o f the Lungi, and Coruump (wn, tt Is always very b- nedotal and seldom MLa when 3ommeno?-d in tlmo to perfect a cure. Price 25 and (0 oe=ta a bottle. Bold wholeoele by Patterson k Natrn, fltott A Oo. Rldgely & &>. Alexandria by Peel k Etevont. la Gocrgetown by Mr. Oioscl *&? TYLER'S OVMAKABPC CANDTDROPS. a similar composition to the above, hot in a milder and more portable form; they act like a charm ot a tronUeeome Cough, and dear tho throat an<! ?oioe; they oontaln no irtjariouB drag, are particu larly reeommended for children, fraqnontara of pat* lie assemblies, publle speakers, singers, Ac PriM 19){ iknd 56 cents per box. for sale at moot Drug and Candy 8 tores oct 17?tf SOMETHING NEW. Pl'OSlTK Til* MAKRKT ON PENKSYLYA ^ NIA AVKNUR 4 doors below Ninth atreet Is a NBW CL0TU1N0 STORB for Men and Boys opened this day. DBCKBR, coo of the oheapee Clothing Merchants In tho North has determines to offer to the clUsena of Washington and ylcinlt hit exoollent CWhlng at the Ipwoot prioee lot oash only. Ihoi* ?ha POOR MAN will find just such a Clothing Store as hat long beet wanted In Washington. Ilia motto is ebeep fot oash, and oin rue* o>a? A jr?od substantial woollen eoat ho will aell fci $2 7?; and heavy winter pants, well llued, tor $1 26 and flue coats, everooats, and veoto, In proportion Good wool and oottou underrhirto, hosiery, glove* Ac., cheai>er than the oheaptwt. dot 11?tf KIRWAN'IS work^ Pariah and other Pencilling*, 75c Reinanism at Home, Letters to Chief Justice Taue? 75c Men and Things as I saw them in Europe 75c Letters to Bishop Hughes, in inu*liu 40 cents, papei 90 cenu American Principles on National Prosperity, n thanksgiving seimon, paper 10c JAY'8 WOKKtf. Autobiography and Retniniseences of the Ilev. Wm Jay, with notes of distinguished contemporariek In V vols, 92 90 Female Bcriprurc Chatacters, $1 Morning and Kvcning Exercises, 2 vols, ?1 .V) Fine edition ol'the 8am? in 4 vols o5 Christian Contemplated 40c CftAY k BALLAN'TYNB, Jtn 15 499 Seventh street. *w ifHaK) O' Pj JU8T PUBL1HI1BU, "I do not ask to offer thee," a vary pretty oong. inscribed to Miss lligdou, Portsmouth^ Va. "The Elves," being beautiful variauons on Thou none from my gaze. "vY'e stood beneath the moon's bright rays," a beautiful ballad, respectfully dedicated to Miss Nan nie Maury, of Washington. "Souvenir," a brilliant Walla, by Prof. Foertach, and dedicated to Miso Charlotte Davie, of Washing ton city. Fairy 8taj god Sunbeam Schottische?, Sparkling Waltz, Old Defender's Quickstep, at the Music, Pi ano, and Fancy Store of JOHN F. ELLIS. 306 Pa. avenue, between 1Kb and 90ut Ms. Jan 10?tf M&TKKXAT1GAL IH8TBTJXKHTI. MRS. 0. ANDBRSON has received a larce and oomplslQ assortment of Mathematical Inatru menta and Drawing Materia a of anporlor quality The Mathematical Instruments are chiefly of Swiss manufactory in cams, as well at la separate pieeet; Water eolora and oil colon. Drawing papers of ev ery quality. Ai?, Btudiet In Droving aoi Painting. doc 23?tf SITfl Pean. avenoe. NEW STORE, NEW STORE. Xpwitiowd avenue, oppanU Uu Bank of WcuKinattm MR. THOMAS DKLRANY reapeotAUly Invito* ths attention ol the public to exanine his stock of GOODS, vhlch he has cp^ped on Loomobo avenue between Sixth and Seventh rtreetf, oepotito tho Bank ot Washington, consisting of all detcrip tions of Teas, Ac., Imperial, Gunpowder, and Blank Tea; Wla^s ond Liquors, of all aorta, wnleh bo oaa tell at the lowest prices |hr oath or approved paper. Bssilinr alt '? ?? ? "?? all the neeettaries for Qrooscy ???????, via: Brroms, Bn?keta, Oed*r Tuba, Malthet, fce^ Ac. Ploese call and tee for your* el vet. vtAw QO | hot A R N Y , No. 84 Ikridgt ttrrH, Oeorgetoirn, T S prepared to furnish Balls, Dinnsiu, dorraat X WtDomes, Ac., with everytlimg in the t\mfec tionary line, in aav part af the District, at the ehmt est notice, .iau an ihe most reasonable terms. Jan IB?tf /CATHOLIC BOOKS?A large and varied asoon V ment of Catholic Works, including St. Vin<H ui Manual. Cbrutiaa^ Guide, Gems of Oevotiou ; Do nay Bishop in plain and elegant biddings, at lite low est, just received at TAYLOR It MAURY'S W Bookstore, near *h at PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENT! AT PHILADELPHIA. TOM V. IIIUKK, Dowiar la WImlK fee J fenwr old eetahllAod Mm* 73 A COB a. T? Wataet^rtreoQbe with wurnHljqfomS?? m JACOB IV1DKR. Jr., Ageat for 1m l? pertatlon ol PVRMieN+UTEM, (Mm ?e. T? Wal aat street. miiidpfci!, tkm be to pnaared U yivoor&re tor the special Importedea of Wlaee, froo Tiriow houai la lutM. la aaaatMtoe oJ L^ZZi? ^ fi ?DC kto Son, JOnH T AUG HAH SNIDER, the patronage *f kM maada aad f nwha ?? ? ku friends ud former tartoaan. %? AU Wines ordered tor Washiagtoa wll! be?e> UTared by Express Acs if frmghi I* My DOCTQK TOl'aiKLF. THX POOUT JE80ULAPIU8: OB, EVERY OKI HIS OWE PHYSIGLAB. Ttu Fiftieth ld!t*ea,wttk Om buadrwd IhgTsrt^x showing THmmi aad Mil fcm*t>?M cf the Huaaaa System In STsry shape ?U >n? To which is added a Treaties ea the Dtoamae of females, beiag of ths 1 art tmportaass to le, or thoas i**>F'e, or UMoa vm*m alatlag marriage. By ' Wrf. lOtNO, M. D. Lot ao hUa W i |o present o eopy of tbo JNAftJLAPlU* to his child It bit save b*m from on early grave. bat ao yoang boo or ??nu ester ta lc the ooorot obligations of married life wUaoat reading tho POCKET ^3<JULAFI0a. I*t ao oae suffering frcm o hack&ied Cough, Pal a la tha aid*, r*eti*.e nights, nervous feallnxa, *nJ the whole trate of Eyspeptie sensations, end irTeu e? by their phy tioiau, be aaotber moment, without consulting tha JBOULANVB. Have tho nurrM. or thooa about to ho aarrW any Impediment, reed thia truly aee* fol book, oa It boa boaa tha msaa* of seviag Uvat. and? of aafortusate creatures from U? vary Jews ?( death. ?TAb; person sending TWEWTY-F1VE CENTS tnoloood fn a letter, will receive rna nopy of thlt work by Ball, or ftro copies will bo aaot for Oaa De^ |||o Address, (pool paid) DR. WM. YOChU, No. IIS Spruce street, Philadelphia. of l*rlj AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. LIT TUB -ICI BUR THO TRCTH. Captain Benjamik.?Wherever known hia te*a tunny will be conclusive. Hut lest those who do not know the Captain should be ecepuoul, Dr. ftaw ?? >n fc Bro., with others of the best known and most highly respectable citizens of Easton, endorse hia wonderful euro by Hampton's vegetable tincture. Kastob, Oct. 4, IBM. Heart. Mortimer tf Mowbray : Gvntleun u-1 feci it my outy to )ou and the pub lic to certify to the effect* of Hampton'a Veg*-table Tincture. I wa? foe mure than five yaara lobortac under a dineaae of Chronic Rheumatism, and tlie great part ol that time 1 waa so helple** that I had ta be helped from my bed and dressed in my eletb?? 1 became reduced to a mere skeleton. All the med i :uies 1 took done me no food, and I continued to frow worse. I hoar J of Hampton's Tinrture and thought I would give it a trial. At this time I did not expert to livu one day af\or another. I did not take it (the Tincture) ft>r the Rheumatism, but in a sho.t time I was well ?.f that disease. From the effects of your 'I incture and the heip of God I am now getung in good health. I wuh all the afflicted to try Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, as I have d >no, with the same effect that it has on Your obedient servaut, Isaac Btiuiui. We are acquainted with Isaac Benjamin; sold | him some of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, and be 1 <ieve the ?bove statement correct. Dawson k Bao. From our knowledge of Captain Benjamin we are coiifident tliat Uie above statement is true and un ezagerated. J. A. Joanse*, CuaaLBs Roniaoatr. C?U and get pamphlets gratis, and see t ares of Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, N?orml*M, Dys pepsia, Nervousness and G?nera| Wvaknets. As a female medicine or for delicate children we believe it unequaMed. 8old by MORTIMttK a MOW BRAY, 140 Ralti more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadway. N. York t'Hii. Stott fc Co., J. B. Moors, |). R. CUUI, Clarke k Bowi.isti, W. Elliot,and H. McFnaa son, Washington; also, bv K. S. F. Cisskl,George town, auJ C. C. Bsaar, Alexandria, and by Drug gists everywhere. jan 8?tr CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. TMa Oieat Parlfier of the Olaoff I Hot a Partiole of Xereury la It! Aa IwiALUBLa RaaaDT tor 8orofuia, K'^jg>a Hril. Ekounatis n, Obstiuate CuUnoi>';g Kruptiooa, Pimple* or Pusmlss on tbs fao^ Blotrh^, Boll*. Okrcd'. Bore lyss, King Worn or Tetter, Beald Head. Mnlargemsat a&4 Pain of lh? hones and Jo*uta, Btobbcru Uioors, Byphlatto Disordsrs, Lumbago Spiaal Opmplo'ats, ani all the llrmi r srisitg from m lajudidout use of Uemury, Im prud idi* tn I lib, or Imparity ol the B.ood. rHI? valuable il? ilcne, which hat beooaas <^i^ brxted for the numbwr of extraordinary cures, ?ffe ted through lbs a?rency, ba< IndoMd th* proprl ?com. at the urg-ut requnet of iheir ft lends, to cff?r it to the public, which they do with the utmost eoo* 3 leans in its virtue ard wonderful curative prop ?Tti s Tb? fol'oving oertlamtia, is>< ud lrosa ? large nember, are, however, s'.iot jj^ teetl^oav than the mere wo?J oftht propti?Ur?i ^ J froa gentlemen weU known iu tb-*7 oealltles sn 1 of the highest r^ps.uWllty. ^uy ^ ????1 in the city cf Richmo^^, llt ? F. BOVDIN, of ths Xxehacge Hotel, Rloh Aoown everywhere ssyshe husns 'he Med. | uane oalled Caafka's Sfakuu Mixruaz, administered In over a hundred eases, iu nserly all ths liitim for wbishit If recommended, with most aston ishingly good r.ixuiU. He says it is the mort ex tra^idmary medt<Mne he has ever seen. AQCB AND FBVRR?OKkAT CURB.?I hereby certify that tor thren years 1 K?-i1 Ague eud fever of the mart violent description. I had several Phv siaiscis, took large quan'itiee of Quinine, Mercury, aad I believe ell the Tonics advertised, but all with out permanent raiief. At last I tried Carter** | ^peainh Mixture, two bottles of which efft-otually I eursd me, and 1 am happy to aay I have had aeitLer ahllls or fevers sinoe. 1 oon?tdeM?-Xbe l?st Tonie In thin world, and the only tWuWie- that ?ver reached my case. JOHM 1X)?QD*MS Baavaa Ditch, near Richmond. Ta C. B. LUCK, ksq., now in the city of Riohatond and for many years In the Tost Ofitoe, has such sunfideaoe in the astonishing effi gy of Garter * Sp?nieh Mixture, that he has bought upwards fj a bottles, which he has given away to ths afl* _ Mr. Lock says he has never known it f^i ^ taken aocordlng to directions. * Dr. MINOR, a practising Phv?'-,.? , - of the Oity Hotel, in the rif- cf t2hi^' i has witn^sed in a nue ,v. .j, a_._,.K r of tnatan?M< the efleots ug -?Var*' *hl0h WeI^ moet truly ?urprtsicg. .ie??yg In a ease of Oon^umption, de 2*^1 Indeed **' wore wou j 8AMURL M. DRINKER, of the firm of Drinker M ML^rie, Richmond, was cur?d cured of Liver Oob? plaint of throe rears standing, by the um- of t?n b Ul-a of Carter's Spanish Mixture. ? GREAT OURK OF HCROFULA.?fh# Editors of the Richmond Republican hsd a $e vant emolovwi I* tk."ir curwi of vioWat ScrotuuT^m b.nal with Rheumatism, which entirely dUai.Ud aim from work. Two bottles of Cartas feaaUU Mixture made a perfect cure of him, and the !>?* B,.\P^k say they ? tshwrfullv S,*b:iU- wlu'?: WILL ANOTHIR CUK1 Of F^ROFULa u^? a | ..A p R. k ^ ??B'uotor OB the m. a. aaa r. K. R. Co., Richmond, Va I SALT RliRn-i Of TWENTY YEARS bl'ANDIhQ I CURBD vubUI .. # Mr. JOHN THOMI'UON, !? Richmond, was cured by three bottles of Carter" 8pa&Ub Mature, of Bait Blwa. wWak uu??w tVMity titrii mm! which phjpflhil 1 J?S7S oSl I aot cure. Mr. .-VVf1 ^nBUfl1""" ln the city of Richmond/ aad his ta aaaarkable. ... I wk A. MATTHJtWB, of Ki -hmo. d had a serraat ?a??sF Bf^hilis, in the worst form, by Carter's KST SEW- Hs *ay. ha chserftilly re<*?m ^Tit, and oonsidsrs It a very lavaluable aieil Cl EDWIN BURTON, oommiseloner of the men*, su,? ho kaj seen the good effects of Carter's Bpenlah M r tare la a number of Syphilitic caoea, and says it is s perfect sure for that horrible disease. WM. ?? UARWtX)D, Of Ricnmoad, cw>rei cf old gores aad Uloers, wh eh disabled him crwm waJkiag. Took a tow bottles of Oerter'a dpatush Mixture, aad was eaaMed to walk without k sratch, la a ahor f time jii i ?siiiiiiMj cured. pnaelpal Depot* at *. If ARD, CLOSE * Co* No. K8 Maiden Lane, New York T. W DYOTt \ SON S, No. IBS North Beeoad sc, Tkladrigkk BlNNkpT * BKULS, No. 13& Main street. Rich W>?l,Tk. Aad for sale hy CHARLES STOTT, Waahiagtoa. D. 0; HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, aad by Drag gist* everywhere. Price |! per bottle, or Mx hot Jee t>r s??t>?iy SENRHYN AND IRON MAN raLe?May be eareh a beaatlfnl aeeortaant of theee cheap aad da ft artielei, at tkeeorasrof Fennsylvaaia aveaae aad Teatk street, over Ue Washlngtoa Surface a?w EALPU UASK1NS. ?

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