Newspaper of Evening Star, February 6, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 6, 1855 Page 1
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a^i THK EVENING flTAR PC3LISH15D ltTURT AFTERNOON, (?SCXTT M7*1)A?J At tk* Sftmr bi*+l4%ne?, eor-nsr Pa*mtflmmn%m *+*nu4 and Kl*c*?tk By w?i,i,irn * nopi, W i I !# ?rr*i-rf in nlMc: >kai ta :hc cHicI if W?h lift*, Vr?*n.lrta, BiIUIMi' Phtta aa KIT AND A QUARTBR CENTS, pay*, bir w9>-klv u* t?i* Arm*. Ta nail robacriher* lha wtHrritrti,*, n*ire i? THREB f)OIXARS AND riPTV CENT? 1 ?w in atone*, TWO DOL LARS fhc S?!X noirrns, and OlfB DGLLAB 'or TFIRRB VOTTIIS. 99>3iim Coriii on raax VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1855. NO. 653. UNDERTAKERS, Ac. ! CABINET MAKER & UNDERTAKER TUB aod*r*i(tn*d would r*epectfhl)v Inform hi friend*, and 'be pnblic sr-nerall: that b* ?t;ii oontinaes to execute *11 order* In bit line of busiafts is the beet cio-wand at the sktri M; notice. RBPAIRINO iMtly ?n4 jironptlT MMitld VUlfillALS attended to >1 ? If i th* shortest u^tle*. and In the best ?uaaw. BrxH* premncd tn t\* Ml jxr/srf Mi Mr, see* tm the nt i mmt wtaUm. >?<okfai for peet favora, he wculd reepectfnllj solicit. end will endeavor to merit a ecntiananoe ? tbe seme. ANTHONY BUCHLY, Pa. ?re, ?4ds, betweee 8th Mid loth ?U. BeaMenoe: Mr. Wart n's, No. 398, D ?treet, tUrd botw* east ?1 7th etreet mar 17?ly undertaker. I WOULD r**T*ct*ully return cay thanks to th? sitisens of Washington and fta vicinity fbr thed put petTvias:*, and say that owing to the ftrqurt ealls in th* undertaking branth of ay basin see, I have been indncM Jo discontinue the 'in%n a?*et-ir? t* Pnrnltv ?? aod tnm my attention folly to ths CNDBR7AKIN0 1 bw? aparad no pains to have rr?ry thin* that in requMte to my basin**, and I am thereto?* fally prepared to meet any orrter aftei a Asw ? omenta notice. and I ar-aura tb^se who nay rtv* m* a nil that I will rpere no peine ta earry m< tt-slr ori*r* to thalr entdre r*tos**ct^9. JA**e f. HARVBY, No. 410, Tth st., between 0 and 13. N. B.?Oal' i attended to at all hoar* of tba nlghi war 9?ly COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR K-** York, Texas, California, New Jereee, Louisiana, Missouri, Pwnnsv Irani*; AhK<mt, Kentucky, Maryland, Georgia, Michigan, Viam-*, Wlenoiudn, Ohio, aod Minneeota, Floriia, other Stats* 0E0R0E C TH0KA8, ATTORNEY FOR CLAIMS, AND KOTAKY PI HLIC, Washington Plan*, ?w OdJ-PtUotm* Hall, 8BVKNTU MTIIBBV, W*<MM*7?0*. DU M> 1? ?ft* F. H. DAVIDGE, . f ?d Connsellor-et ATI* COMMISSION Bit OF DEEDS FOR THB STATUS Of Virginia New York Main* R?v> tacky, New Jen*/ Illinois LoeWosna, Mlseieet r) ? Connecticut hriMJtts Vary '.ani Pennsylvania f lori la I maessee Alabama Iowa C sorgta California Arkansas 8 Carolina Ac, ft Oonveyanrfn; tn all its branches promptly i ?e~?r*tely executed. OQc*. Louisiana avenue, opp. fifth street, oet lt-Hly wish ^ PROF. SCHOyEXBKRG, all w TNAOHBR AND TRANSLATOR Of . .aria Languages and L?lterati no 257 pximsnvinia avsuvs. *3 tf 1: tore - own* ira i I R. 0. GILLET, Cnnnnllor at L>aw? Ofll * and rry\ leocr In franklin Row, rorser 0/ B *nJ Thirtennrh "froat ??' *?iflr Mm. SCHONENBERG, Teacher of Piano and 3lnglBft ?o. RBT rcursTLTASu atuiu* ort tn?vr :r t? ta. iacr rt ?t wt WM. M. M BR RICK, Attorney at L a vr ? ?o. 38 loc 31AXA Avaxra. Will pre?t-e^ In th?* ?rj>r??'ne Oi urt of tht United State* anl the Courts o? the D ^ot of-JolamUa. iW jit ??ot f 1.1 VBVINO 01.ASSS8 TN LANQUAQKS ? PROP J 8CH05 KNRK IU? wil' cocam'D ?* reviewing clause* in Lanv-a*^? on M?ts>tyr 30th October, a< his raei J-cee, Pvnnvtvania arencs art ??tf ? Private Medical Treaties en Tjia rUYilOLOGICAL VIBW Of MA8RIA0B, 91 B. L.AJCK01X, M. Dl( ALBANY, .V r. 260 Pag^s and 130 Fire Tlain and Colored Lithe graphs and Plates. Prise only 85 Ceata. BS^Seot fr** rA portage to all par** ef the Ublon"d CHBAP1TT BOOR BY BE PVBLlaHBT?, *n<l containing n^rly d ub> the quantity c r-alln^ matter in that of ib< FI/TY CF.NTS OR COLLAJ PUBLICATIONS. It treats cn the PHYSIOL^ OY OF MARHIAQ8, and th< se'ret i'firmlLiersni Jbordei ef y ata and maturity, re ?u ting ex~?<eB?s, whkL ^???roy ttie phrpical acd men tal powers, with obvrratioDi i Jttrr u>, if. aution i dis-^ualiflcati^ns, and -ir remedies; ?;tk U'bo^raphs, illoetraiiog th? .ton:? aed physiology, and die?e>??! of tht< repri ce organs of both sexes, their structure, ueei "u*ctu ns. A popular atd oomprt'han?ire trea oo the datie* and casualties of eingle ard mar itfe? happy aad fruitful alliances, moie rf ie .uj them -Infelicitous and iofrrtiki ones?their ion aad removal?important Lists to the*' aplating matrimony, that will ov.reome ob w to it; none, b^werer. should take this im ont e ep wi boat Arst oonsulting its pages? l* aeetanes on tbe d>ea*see aed medical treatment emales from infancy to old asre, each case graph *lly IP u?rate l by beautiful lithographic plates - -rvoas debility, IU caasas and oure, by a prooese once so *imple, ?ef? and eff-oiual that tatlure la .poa^ibte-rules for daily m&p.?gemeat?an essay 3p Tniat-">rrhoc? with praciiral oossrratioas on s fer, and m rn su.-oMsfu! mode of ti>*atm*nt?pre aationarv ti.nLs oa ths evils reaul(iag from emptri >*i pntctlo-?*n ee*ay oa all sleaases arisiag from ?xlts-red?n, with plafn and simple rules b? ehich ell peraons csn eare them^i-Urs without mercury? re^MiiMa for th >se self inflict*I miseries end disiep r rt-?i h >p?s so unfortunately preraleat In th' y ang It i< a trathfUl adrver ?>> the married and *bje? ooatemplating marriage. Its perusal is par ?alariy reoommend-d to p*t>oas entertaining se ret douats of their physical soud.ti m, and who are oaaeious of hiring haaard^l the bwllh, happiaeee aod pnri.egaa to wtuoh every human beiag is en Mtled to. Prioe 26 eents ?er oopy, or flv* copies for one dol ler. Mailei free of postage to any pert of the Uni ted Btataa N. B.?Those who prefer may ooesalt Dr La Oaotx ?poo any of tbe suew ap*e which hU book treats either ??ww>ueUy or bf mail. MedMne sent to eny part ef toe Uaion enoordiag to direcfooa, saf?lj packed aod oar^all/ sheared from ell observation. Adlress Dr. M. M LA 0<t0lX, No SI Msiden Lane Or Poet (HI a Box 679, AP*eny. N. Y. By Office "pen daily from tambtpa, end oa Bandey from 3 aatil 6 pm. Odioe Bensved from No 68 Bearer St., to 31 ?nidem Lane, Albeny, N. Y. Deist. "}oet wi: AdsmJ ) ? the pulpi< teach, ana bad not on of Columb Macb IBOr than M: ble; tbe the s pra* in thr filled take J' , fro. di DENTISTRY. . MUNriJN re^octfaily eel s public attention o hi* new, potent, end QKIAiLT )V KO aiet'>rd of setting Araflcia! ** vith Oc aUauoas Uuu?ths very . JOriON OFT^B ART. ThisstyU th bss the folicw advantages orsr all other* J IB AT i?TRKN0TU, CLBANLlMltfS, 0>M , aad BBAUTY, 'ieing with Nate re ia the-e ta, and acme others ezeelllag. Public Inrpec u reepectfally sodcated. Piseee oall and ses amans. CaUriON.?No ..ther Dentist in the Distriet of Majibia h^s a right to make this style of Teeth. N. B - r?*th eoiat<tuUonal y healthy, plO?f?d ad warranted for life. Ofiio* and h>u*o at No. ?8 R street, near ths oor? ??r ?f P*aa*ytr?ia arenas eal 14th stmet. ? eov 18?tf ti? Bt Jta. h, fllBANd-ALLRHIlANY BANK 1 Withers A Oo.'s Notes purtsbase tr* th? acq: b* S?atL to eat< the retv tha Si toil po lie l (oT?e I ana it the at* to tb th* p. Kog. U*?rt AND 8BI.DKN purchased at th* highest rates. Uaocro-nt Monry, Land Warrants, and Virgin .a Scrip bought a?i sold. Drafts on all the prints pal cities sold to Mlt par chasers. Prr?otj* a? e 4V.?aec ? sen tieg me Trans Alleghany ??tes or l^ad Warrattt*. may rely upon receiving s b*et r*t?a, eal reatittaao** made b/ draft on y aty In the Unt>n HAMILTON ft. f ANT, Banker, Is* 9 ?3b No 433 Penna avenue. tOOD NKWrt FROM Ho.ME?JUST RE I" cf ived 100 cofNcs of the aeore popular eeng at e Muetc Depot of t HILrtTS A HITZ, I'uiKi Pcima. avenae and lllb nkvL jaa 13?tf OFFICIAL Tkcaspbt Da*amtubht, Jao. 3, 1845. Notice hi hereby given to the holders of the ft* lowing described stocks of ihn United States, that this department ?? prepared to purcht*, at any time between the date hereof and the 1st March next, pnrthms of tltose stocks, amounang in th? ag*r^ gate to #1,900.000, in the manner and cm the terms hereinafter Mentioned, to wk: In case of any contingent competition, within the amount stated, preference will be pvea in the order of time in which said stocks may be offered. The certificate, duly assigned to the United States by the parties wbs are to receive the amount thereof, most be transmitted to this department; upon the receipt whereof; a price will be paid compounded of the fettowing particulars: 1. The par valae or amount specified la each | certificate. 8. A premium on the stock of the loan authorized by the act of July, 1846, redeemable November 18, 1838 of 9J* par cent.; on the stock of the loan au thoriaed by the aet ?< l*tt, redeemable 31* Decem ber, 18&1, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the loans authorised by the acts of 1847 and 1848, and redeem able, the fbrmer on the Slst December, 1867, and the latter oa 30th June, l?6d, of 16 cent.; and on the stock of the loan thoriaed by the act of 1850, and redeemable on t h 31m December, 1864, (commonly caJled the 1 in iudumaity) sac pj | cent ' 8. Interest on the parol each certificate frotn the 1st of January, 18M, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (|?>r the money to reach the owner) of one day's Interest in rddition. Payment ior said slocks will be made in <i afls of the Treasurer of ths United States, on the asristant treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the pnrtiee may dlrcct. But n ?> c- mtieate will be eatitled to the benefit of this notice which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or befm. the said 1st day of March 1 next. . . ,j w i GUTHRIE. Jan 4 dtMarl Secretary of Treasury. | T p A DIBS, TRY Dr. DUPOHCO'S G0LDMT MONTHLY PILLS I I A SOVEREIGN REMEDY fur the cure of nil | F"n"e ""n"11"" YEARS' 'kXI-RUF^,OVER T1IIKTV Duouea of rSiS. b "" "?"??">' ?< <?? wlmmh!;h^?,t'Ul0n ** m,ny for whom they were presented by Dr. Dupotico with the mo*,, hippy effects, ujey are now published to I Jw W ? t,,at 0,1 suffering Iron, the E f. m^7rP CU'iar.l? U,e,r maT have the ,.ppor U't,n 1 Th"9?! P',,B have only tSn ^ycaTTct l? * * elte"1 tor a '""e SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES have already been sold, a large proportion <;f which has been sent by mail to ladies in different parts of ^n,f,"U",ryK; 3"d ,ettCr* nre receiv,^ daify fhT?^, T"?"?* exPre?'"" of gratitude for ' * Th r .r ch hl,Tt fro.,, their ""?? J??owmg ia an extract from a letter of a ^ L p,and,n? who h" authorised her name ?. H,- r,:runlcaa"1 ^'folenumiy U> other ladies ?^hincto make inquiries respecting the tnoHua opcraruh of the pills: B ? ?.?' l*' * **p*ti4??I * Urjje mm in DhrAfci*na( f?aa v.>.r Jem ?o ranch ill??ed iK*i ?he *11 pronounced to \m r*uM HgBgigraay, *? "" 'o*r ro?T/low hii* ^ r eomplsalon t? replaowl hy Ui? h**'* ? *?r sloomj melnocholy, 07 that chi+r J?fspirl*. which li nasal Id rlrla of ti?r in rump*rl*no wltti n.r h?,.p1n??? raaoltiog from Uiflr naa.H N. B.?T>e ingredients of these pills a-e perfect ^ 'n Ihetr medicinal operation on the I TTJSn prepnred I and eombined by Dr. Duponco, their ascitic action is mch that warned ladiex should nse them with l indieated during prr^nanry. For ihe s-yne rea-on 1 ThJ--' physician knows, medicine* which act in this way are ihe very best that can be ua, d for re ston?. the natural, healthy tone and functions of,he system when so much impaired and deranjre.l ?? to esy.t In barrenness. For funher particulars Le d, r etions, fce. sent with each box. and circulars to be had at the Druggists ".?-u.ars 10 J. DUPONCO, M. D , Proprietor N. Y. Sold in Washin^ on by Riuwell &. Lacrbkck storr ?iCo W"?l. O.L..., s. B, B. Mooaa lirtt Ward, O. Hosw^ll, Islnnd ; J. F. yALLAN, 1 H STOK8, Seventh st.; II (1 M< Phnkso\ !UiMjF'VVaiaa Navy Vard. In G.-orgetonn .9* V '? L" K",w# "? Alexandria by ._ook & Co., 1 eel & Stevens, Fountain k Co., and by Druggists generally. jin 16-lm* HEAR THE WITNESS! BIOHTJfOUS VERDICT! RHEUMATISM, COUGH, PAIN IN SIDE, fcc. WONDERFUL cure after rix year's suffering a< Maryland ** mWt h'gh'y r<**HMrtab,e ??tiaeiS of Prejudice and skepticism can't stand before the man> caren made by Hampton'a Vegetable Tine tUMa Kxnoall's Gaovi, Montgoniery Co., Md ,\ ?<-" *?18M- ' Gentlemen?In 1844 I had whatir.y doct> rs callcd a violent and combined attack of Chronic Riieuma ut',rom wh,ch 1 WM confined to my bed for three months. 1 had the verr best phvst cians, who tried ?Hher varitnis remedies, none of which gave me any permanent relief. Not having ease trom pain day or night, 1 became much rmaci ' W whole system a mass of disease, literally *peafcing, from the crown of my he.d to the sole ot my feet. I had to hobble about?most of the ume f',"? ."ll10 lhC h?OBe; at l"?es so helpless that 1 111 th , b*1a""l?i,e,d 10 m?r I was also affllcied ' dreadlul cough, great shttrtness of breatli, sore throat palpiuuon ot the haart. and pain in luy side .0 bad I eoul 1 not lay on it. iky apatite vZ !?'a' hi mr l,*are ?P mi hopes ot being restored iMaaS^5*,n' cJonynued thu" ??>on from tM4 u. 1KS?, n pe, tod of six years. At this time my daughter -a? ai her grandmother's a pamphlet, aritli a*"''""'* certifirates of cures made by Dr. Hamp ton s \ cfeinttie I incture. 1 kiiew Mime ot those who cerafiad lo cures per formed on themselves and fno?ds. I was reaolved to give it a trial. I informed my doctor of it. He 1 objected ; but my sufferings were so great bat 1 pro cured one bottle, and, U-iore I had taken the whole ot it, I twit much relief, which encouraged me to persevere. After taking the second bottle I was better than for the past six years, my appetite re turned ?cough, pain in the side, shortness ot breath *c , nearly all gone. | continued using this won derful medicine until I had taken seven bottles, ac cording to the directions; and I am happy to Niy Hampton-* I incture, and that alone restored m? to perfect health, which has continued up to this tune ?a period of thr^e years. I ain in the 65tli year of my age. I weighed yest> rday 5138 lbs. and I never felt better 111 my life. One ol my neighbors was al so affected, like myself, with Rheumatism, fcc. He has also been restored by the Tincture. I heard of I other eases; but I am satisfied this Tincture, if tried, will speak for itwlf, My only object in de scribing to you my sufferings and ths way I obtained relief, is to induce ths alflict.*d to try this Tincture which has, under the blessing* of God done so much for inc. Youra, respectfully. HENRY GAITHER. Oall and get pamphlets gratis, aad see civs of Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys pepsia, Nervousness aad General Weakness. As a female medicine or fur dehcate children we lwlieve u untquallM. Sold by MORTIMER k MOWB.1AY, 140 Balti more stieet, Baltunors, and 304 Broadway, N. York Ca as Stott fc Ca., J. R. Moo as". B. B. CLaaaa, Claxxk fc BowLtita, W. Elliot, and H MrPum ?on, Washington ; also, by R. S. F. Ct sbl. Geoige town; and C. C. titaav, Alexaadria, and by Drug gists everywhere. Jan 5?tr Ct'OTIIIKO MADE TO ORDER CHEAPER TH IN EVER. - In or Jer to run off the remain der of oar large aiock of Clottis, Cassimercs. an-J Vesting* are will at thia season take measure an 1 make to order Gentlemen's Garments of first ^ur.lty twenty per ccnl. cheaper than our usually low pri WALL fc STETIIENS. 321S Pa. av., next lo Iron Hail. JMU IMW ?i Awi) - < rr.?iMP0RTANT T0 TIFR SICK. I snd ??"knowii skill of A,. McOustocK I* a sufficient guaranty to Ik* pai-l?flth?t the following Hrt at Medicines, such m r*Te.*T?" constantly omI In hie practice for the m. thirty year*. will fully sustain bj their offsets the valuable qualities attributed to then, and pr^Mo be the beat Medicine* ever offered to the I. Dr. McClintock's Pectoral Syrup. An invaluable remedy for Bronchitis, Consump tion, and ell chronic (Imkwn of the throat nd la"P* In deep I"-*ted complaints of the Pulmo nary oraai it has proved the grot safe, oertain, and rapid remedy ever employed in thi extensive McCiintock for any of these forma ?r ,^owJn* thomwlves v> Cough, Tickling of Threat. 8 ease of Tightness in tbs Throat, Spitting of Blood, Difficulty of Brest-drur, Hoarse P*"" of Voice, and fleotio fever, IU ate will be attended with the heppleet remits, while It ia pleasant to the palate and strengthening to the whole system. It oonUIaa no laodaaum or opium laeny shape. Prfee $1 per pint Mfe P II. Dr. McCliiUock's CM md Cough Mixture *KrS^a<kl11Sd#?Tlr* for **??i Owmhs, Tickling of theThroat, Tightneee of Bteathing, Croup In Chil Ao. It contains no fmparation of opium. Prioe SS cents per bottle. 1IL Dr. MiClintock's Asthma and Hoof ing Cough Remedy. An almost Instantaneous relief for these distress teg complaint*. This is the fruit of an irammw ?xpenenae, and is astonishing in ito effect*. Mo per from Arthtna or Hooping Oough who Will una it. Prioe 60 oent* per bottle. IV. Dr. McClintoth't Dicorrhma Cordial and Cholera Preventive. A prompt and oertain cure fbr Diarrhoea, Dysen t?y, aad Cholera Morbus in all stage*. A sure ore yentire of Asiatic Cholera, which no traveler or (anby should be without. Prioe I* and W cents PW bottlttt V. Dr. Mt Clintoci's Tonit Alterative Syrup, For parlMn* the blood. Hie most powerful pu? rlfler ever discovered. ?or all Scrofulous diseases, Skin dis-nees, Brapiions, Boils, Pimples, Irysipelas, uioers, jore Le^s, and all Rheumatic and Syphilitic wmp'iiotf, ft",. It in a most exceMont spring medi cine, perfectly nalaKble, ?ol sale for children or fe males. Prioe (pint Pottles) $1. VI. Dr. McCliiitock's Dyspeptic Elixir. Dy p?pda, or drwvdered digestion, may be oslled to* NfttioDA of America. head%ch?s gtddinewi; nervou?ne33-, low kpirltr, dim J** ?Won, wi!h motes or specks before the eyes; itching of the nostrils; dullness of hearing antf rin? ing in the ears; di-o*re*able taste ia the mouth; oonjtriction or weight about the chest; difficulty 0f breathing; ?*nse of suffocation in lying down, or in aacendlng stairs; palpitations, or uneasy feelings about the heart; irregular or deficient apoetit* sense of sink ng at the stomach; acidity; heartburn; pain or fullness of the abdomen, and eoetivenes0. ^>mn of these s73iptomsalweys appear in Dynpep end sometime* the a*me patient has many of them at the -aiae time, cr at different times. For attacking the*e Protean symptom* in their e?at and ?ouroe, Ti*: deranged ooaliti jn of the dig-stire func tions, the Dyspeptic theTolaable uiaredienf which the Vegetable Kiogiom ttTords. Tak?n in connection irlth the V*?-table Pur^atire Pill*, in ease# whers thvfe is tnc *h costiTeress, or aith th? Anti-Bilious Pill*, whers the functions of the liver *r? irreiruiaily dL?charse<l, it will he found a most effectual remedy. Price <_iu pintl<*tle<?.>$l. VII. Dr. MsCliniotk'i Rheumatic Mix ture. far Internal sse; n purely Testable comhination (br thnca-e 0; fth?umat1rm, Ooot, and *11 Neural gic llheumatic tdeeasu. Tbii rem-dy licff-rrd w'th th- utmoei 90'ifileaee. It has b^n used mc?t ?itebflrely, and is a-? near a Specific for Uheumatls DiJear/'S as the world hascrst seen. rrlM per trt f e 60 cents. r fill. Dr. McClintock'i Rheumatic Lini ment, 4a hftHlbJe outward application fbr the relief of ?MrUem-tic ^ueuml^ic pain^; spralna,swelling*, stiff neok, ftiffnees of th ;}nii>is, paiua in the sboul iers, birk,0T limb*, it afJor ie iirmedlste r*llef from lholi: an t pains In the stomach and abdomen. A? a counter irritanl, it le lural'iable in nil epsre Mtarwal sOmular.t is ne^lsd. Trie? (rtr bott e) to cents. IX. Dr. McClinioch'i Anodyne Mixture, . Kxtriif trr, oh ! internally and extrrrallv tor theiUKtantreUefof all Pains. Tootharhe, Uead achs dhclk. Ague in the Face, Chilblain*, Neural, gia, ijfuj or (travel, Ac, Ac. No pain need be en durei a moment by gay pereon who will n*- this invaluable Anodyne Piice 60 cents per boUtie. X. Dr. MeCiin'otk'j fever and Ague Specific. ThLs has been foand an infkJllble spedflo fbr this ?oourga ot n-w countries, and ^)r intermittent ferer*. No trSreIior 0r reeijent in anv a?ue din triot shoal' fad to prorldetb-mselves will, it'--.. praventire- Pri-*$l per bottle. II. Dr. MtClinto'.k's Vegetable Purga tive Pills, for ths relief of Oonctipetivu and Its painful re suite, as il.'niache, Disiiness, Sick Stomach, Pains, and st! the symptcm-* eaumeraled under th? "Dyrpepfe Hia?r." Price 26 cants per boa. XJI. Dr. McClintock's PilU, rot Liter Complaints, and all tonus of diaeaees arising from derangement of the liret, *ith r>ymp toms aucil as DiMiuese, ileaduche, liln^ina in the *ir^, yell j w foj-red longne,pain ia the right shoulder, sense of fu.loess or pain In tfce right side, disordered ?toma*h ?: towels, defl^imt aetion of the kl'cw clay-col^r-ii 'tools, Ac. Thew PillA If taken In the insipiont '.sgts of Bilious and Yellow or other tferers, w il aeaerallv ward off the aMack. Price 2b oenta )*r boz. The ?ber? Medirtnec may be petered of all the

principal i>rcg?i?t* and Apolheoaries in this Dis trict, and of J. L Umtntw, A#?uL, Washington sep IS? GRATIS^ JUST PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICI N?! A FEW words on the Rational Treatment, with out M^diciie, of Spermatorrhea, or Local VVVakne**, Nervous Deblli- ' ty, L<iw tiuirits, Lasaitude, Weak ness of the Limits and Back, Indispo-, sitiou and Incapacity for Study -if Labor, Dulliii s* ot Apprehension, Lose of M?-m<iry aversion to Society, Love ot Solitude. Timidity, Sell Di-trust, llizzinuas, Head Ache, Involuntary Dwcharges, Pain in the Side, Affection of th- Eye*, Pimples on the Face, Sexual and other infirmities in man. FROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANEV. Tbe impoiLafu fact tli*'te alarming complaint* may easily be removed without Medicine is, in tins small tract, clearly demonstrated; and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the author, fully explained, by means of which ev ery one is enabled to cure himself ^rteetly, and at the least potieible cost, avoiding thereby ail the ad vertised nostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis, and post free in a sealed envelope, by remitting (po?t paid) iwo no-? age stamps to Dr. B. DELANEY, No. 17 Lisi^nird street, New \ ork. jan 17?3m RJCAUY AK&DB CLUTHISO at re duced prices?As the season is advanced we have determined to sdl off the remaining portion ol our winter stock at greatly r?*duccd prices, therefore gentlemsn wishing to consult economy in purch<ts ing fine Oveicoats, Taiina.< dress, frock and bust ness Coats, black and fancy Cashiuerc Pants, Vel vet, silk, satin and Merino Vests, Undershirts and Drawers, and all o her ready made Garments office quality will find our present variety to be as well as sorted as in the beginning of the season wah the ad vantags ot much lower prices. WALL A STEPHENS, , Pa- avenue, next to Iron Hall. Jal> ?" (Sentinel &. News) REV. SEPTIMUS TUSTIN'S WURK?The fourth edition of The Doubting Communicant Encouraged, by Rsv. S. Tustin, D. D., late Chaplain ol the I'tiuei stales Senate. Further supplies received at TAYLOR k MAURY'S Jan 3 Boolsstore, near Ifch st. TO LNVKNTORS T~ I^IL! oAne of'?The Inventors' Protection National Union" to on 7 th street, opposite the Mast Per "*oo of the Patsnt tifikoe, and is no# ready to attend K> the hu^ireM of its members, oamslT : in making ?saminat?'.-n? and soliciting patents, Ae. lofotcre are invited to *ati an 1 get a copy of ths -?rii^n'U'ion *ud Ry laws, and where stay intorim "on triil be fc'tvec frspactlng the t ciou. All lett-rs? n bu'dae.* must ??e lir?ct?J to tats oi 'e, whe;s etrrcilm ?itl be givan inmsdiately. A w 'del chop is iq -.onnection with tii# clll.-n. here sjvleb aa be ratals to order at ths shortest aotha. *. d. CLAYTON, ?fi?-iy PiniifiL p. ii. il ~ BALL8, Sep. - ffASHiiGTOi mmw GRAND BALL FOR TBI BENEFIT OF THB POOR OP WASHIKOTOW. IN announcing tin- the M iingiTH would uioal rnsp' ctfully atat<- tha- u will be conducted in a style u'lMirpa.-swd by any heretofore siren, and will be worthy ot the good olM^ct far which it is intended. It is hoped that *liia effort will receive tha support of the whole community, and that they will be aire to relieve the want* ut those that arc now suffering ia onr city. The Ball will take place nt the Assembly Ro*tn*, T L StiDAT, February 6th. Tickets ONE DOLLAR. Manager* on part of the Military. Maj Gen W Jones, Lt Col Ruilly, Br Oen K C Wat^huuan, 9aj R Key worth, Col W Flickey, Surg Morgan, Maj P F Bacon Maj T S Douohoo t;apt E C Cnrrington, Ur Mr McCullom, ('apt P B Key, Capt Jamison, Capt J A Ta?t, Capt W LnsaeRc, Capt G A Schwarzuian, Lt J Tucker, Capt J L Smith, Lt Feeny, C-npt Bright, Lt J H Bird, Capt L Towers, Lt J H De Bille, Capt O Byrne, Lt Beserc*, Capt F W Shecktll, Lt P Otturbask, Capt Jo* Pe k, Lt J W Baden, Lt J Sutton, Lt J K-Hy, Lt K F Uueen, Lt F Ketlly, Lt C P VVroe, Lt E F Alien, Lt Alex Tail, LtG Nutxy, Lt J J Mulloy, Lt Browu, Lt C W Flint. Manager* mi part of tin Citizen*. Hen 1 T Tower*, B Doyle It Taylor J W Maary, Kaq Wm Di>i|li?rlr J II Htx.Ter Waller Irenes O Knuli Archibald lamp tell W W tMM C I>unntn*Usi Ja? A<t?io? Pttor Foroa Jno L Wirt I ? Pa ? ? <,? hum H HIU KJ K-cbe K (J M.r?*n W W Cnrcores H W KaU J A IrfMen a Parker J L llenafcaw Jos titles J H Ratoa Col J W Forney Andrew Hancock W II Winter T CtrUrry H 8 Polklnliorti A Prneost J** Q Iterrett A l)irk?na I t Oorle, C Ulll J H Kirkwr.<.<t K Wallarfc Jim Cartwrtgfct A T Klrkhi.fler Ohw Maury W H Hope A J H Wlilt* 8 Kwlfrru C Wheeler 8 Lewt? K SmHh Dr Maynar.t O A Jlll-trd W T Dora T 8 I>?n?thns, J J Joyoe, Jno Knnta B F Mlditletou P A Hoe J P Pet>p?r K F 12*11 E Wheeler 8 C Barney B J KimitM J (' Mrijnlre U 8 OHeon, C H Calvert W J UrCiruiIck G Cameron, H A Wlllard R Stn.irt C 8 Wall*<*? W F Bayly Jaa flarke II Sweeney M Brown J C Fitzpalrick R 8 Pendleton I)r W B Mimr-utfer Dr Fratirk Taytor 8 p Ftanklln J H McHlatr. Kdw Owen Veej?aetan 1311m W R t?paldlug (liaJ Rlmnnn R Ooyle Alex l.?"> Franela Mobnn W H Thomas Thomas Berry .Major H B French, Treasurer. On the pirrt of the. Company. Capt J Rse-f, Lt Baine, Lt Cone, O 9 Campbell, Lt Walker, QrMrO W Flood, \V Forsyth, Secretary. No spiritous liquors allowed in thebuilding. Capt. Birch ha* cuarnntied a Kiiffioicnt p?)lice force to pre serve order. Hat* *nd Chp* to l?e left in the hat room. Milita ry liai* will only he aMuwe.l in ihu hall. jan 27?dth GRAND MILITARY AND CIVIC' BALL. THE WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY re spectfully inlorin 'he citir.ens ?>t Washington that they intend t? give a B II on WKDXVRDt Y, Feb. 14. 195a, At the WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY POOMS. Tae Company plertse themsclTf* ta n?e every ex ertion to ?iv the. utmort !>oii*factioB to those who may lionT the Corp~ with their nrescncc. Kefreshments will be furui.^he,! by an experienced caterer. The military are requested to appear in full u-1 f?<rm. No hnis o? caps allowed in the Ball Room except those worn bv the miliiary. Ticket* ONE HOLLAR lobe had of the Com mute*! and at the doorou the night of the ball. Committee on Iirritation and Kftption. Capt F. C Orrington, Pnre*on W B Butt, Lieut Tucker, J Coleman, Lieut Clark, L Will am*, Lieut Keileyt j Marceron, 5gt Power, Sum Bu?t. jan SO -e<?8wSu!h MEDICAL OFFICE. I^STARI Mil EI) in Idol, by llii. BROTHERS li k. GRAY, 179 .-outh B Bt-, for the cure of vene real dis^asest in all it* forms. It ia deplorable to wi? n' ss some of the cases that are pra ?e/itcd to Hi s. fc G., where iliarase has been driven into the system by quae*a wi'h Mercury, to break eut nfain in the form of s^Kit-, and ulcers on the body or in the throat and aoae. VVe'[H'rforin uxira ordinary cases in from tliree to fiv# dnvs, and old, haM'-triyited, lincennn cases in two to three week". There can oe seen at our oftice prescriptions from nearly cvt*y physician in the District forpritase diaeases, which have faihnl to cure and at I i?t ?|> l??ied to us tor relief. Remember, 179 Soutli B street. Island, jan 27 lin* A Great iiducfmehth. CANF1ELI) BROTHER H. CO . 9/19 Balk more street, Baltimore, Md., (iff' r to buyers, previous to takinit iheir annual *c ci uiit of Mock, a large stock of recently imported eoods,,uch as WATCHES, JEAELRY, SILVER WARK. and PUtted (ryodi, dork*, H^onzrt, V**et, kusu-a' ttoxe*, Dmden^Chwui, cfr , AT 1* It I - CE-4 TD SUIT THE TIMES, WITHOUT RR GJiKl) TO COST. jan 31? tr 255 Looking Glasses, 255 OF all 4aeflan4 quality, Fiench or O-rman ylat* Faoey or p!a?n P rtralt and p ctura fiaiat?, Oilt or Pan?y Oolcre'l. Alac, Gilt Room Moulding, Marbla top BrackeO and Tahl?? Ooratoaa mado lo order. Alae, all kluds of old work regiiiel with dispatch and on reasonable t raa by J WAONRt, 909 Pa. aveana, opp. Kirkwoea IN use decj??tf UNION ACADEMY. Corner of Jb*tr'*er,th tL and A?to l'ork arenm. FKW m-ra pupils ou b? ra^eivad to maka up . tha limited numlar. Ak<plio?U*n must te mada soon. Tha diHvpiina, Instru Uon, an 1 n:einf ofllluatratkin ara such u to insure *atisfactory pro gre* ia thoaa t upila who aie punctual, rvgnlar and Obriient. Ciroulars at tha Bookftorea. d?c 33?3m Z. RICHARDS, Principal. T. H. PHILLIPS' COACH FACTO&Y, 471 Eighth at, adjoining Kainay's Livery Stahlea OWING lo the increased tr?^ wbich a geuacour publi has baatowad U|)cn me, 1 Lava I)?kd com pel 1<? I to areot ? new and lar^ar building k r tha o rrtiBif on of a? basiaeaa. U*re I afcali ba up nhlad ko *xacufa all ordaia awtruatad > ua< wife SeaUrtooil'.tteaaad Jispa-otL and 1 would resaact Ky aolidt a aontmuanoe oi9)? publi 'a pateona^e. Oarnag*? an4 Wsgena, of lh? most mod rn sty'e, bnilt of the bast Material*, and wax raa tad to give ?auiataatiou, ?epaira oi a vary ieseripUon punctually attended to. For sals, cheap, a second-hand Glarenoe Carriage, nenrlynaw rac'26 ?tl PIANOS!?PIANOS ! WE beg leave to call the attention uf the public to our stock ?H Pianos now on hand, consisting of auperb finiahe I 7,flUHk and 6 octave rosewixid case in-I^V9en If suumcnts from the world-renownedlf " WKBJ ? manufactories of H'llet, Davis & Co., Boaton, and Kuabe, Gaehle a. Co., Halumore, comprising in all i the largest, ujost reliable and select assortment ever | offered in this city. Also. Stools. Covers, fcc. Old 1'iaaoa taken iu exchange. i We will utake reasonable di-icounts for caah, or | sell oil time. JOHN F. ELLIS, No. 800 Pa. avenue, near Tenth street. jan 31 i?V KNING ST AH. A SPIBITU^LIST THROWN I*rO CO ariKNAiioj. A3 I was traveling a few weeks since 'D*!;P eMeb' <?& ?ith p* ' ZntWTea^\? oi exery c,im" Y?P?tChinan' Jew' the inquisitive 2nd crt^- ' ^ ,a"6hcd' ? Md crocked jokes, ar.d a merrier partv never met in a coach Ixfore. One of o.'r cmnp^ncm du voyage, was a neat, dapper i \f ft' at anJ one would ^ke t'or ? Methodist parson, but for his lively nl lies of wit of which he was overflow - i f i y m w,t did he abound, but also a peat deal of useful informa tion. He had been a great traveler? knew every railroad, steamboat and cal nal route in or out of the United States? He imparted his useful information free 'y< *nd let fly his fun right and left. Our conversation turned upon a land lord that we had to sup and lodge with that night. He had become a convert to spiritualism. Our little friend remarked: " Let me alone; I shall put his courage to the test, and see how be likes spirits from the other world.'' In due course of time the stage drew up before the hotel, and our host, with !"?!>?* C0 al1 smil?s, greeted us - Walk m, gentlemen; fine weather," and such remarks as are made when strangers meet. At supper our landlord turned tho conversation on spiritualism, when lo and behold I three distinct rar s came from the table, then rap, rap, rap fioin the side beard. Our host trembled in every limb, turned pale, and in a faint weak voice, asked if a spirit was present lhen a voice from the chimney was heard* "Joe Baily, you are a doomed man; I im the Spirit of your dad." "And 1 am spirit of your grand dad *' came from the closet. And from under the table a voice ex claimed: "t.oe Baily ! Joe Baily ! quit your evil ways?give up rum drinkmg and the torn-foolery of table rapping, or the spir its of evil will catch you. Our landlord's teeth rattled like dice m a box, and fairly creeping from the dining-room on his hands and knees, he sought his own room, and all night we' heard him sigh, pray and groan. In| the morning, he looked pale and bar-' gard. When we offered to settle our bills I a voice from the bosom of the inn-keener I shouted: J "Gentlemen, you have not a cent to I P?7- j Down he dropped in a chair, which he had hardly touched, when a squall as if, from a dozen cats was heard under him. I Such a bound as he made, I never saw the like of. 4 O Lord ! gentlemen, I am confound ed?the spirits will be the death of me !" "No," said our little friend, "there are no spirits that kill, except that whieh you take from tho rum bottle, and that will kill soul and body. You had better si^gn the pledge." continued Wyman, th* V entriloquist, for ho was our little friend who so frightened the landlord. The latter made up his mind to do so, and concluded that all spirits were humbugs. The Horses of mK Allies-Lord IU glan, &c.?A private letter from a gon tleman recently arrived at Balaklava. dated December 29th, addresed tc a gentleman in Dublin, contains the fol lowing : ' Yon remember your admiring the beautiful appearance of the 11th Hussars in the I hoMiix 1 ark immediately before they came out here. You could not rec ognise ih<ii now. i he horses have hair as long as a goat, and you could count all their bones, at least of those that re main. It is the same with all the cav alry, particularly the English blood horse. The artillery horses and the French horses don t seem to suffer so much, lut all look bad enough. The poor brutes have no shelter night or day from the wind or wet, and are often "badlv fed. When you think of those horses,'taken such care of at home, you will not won der when 1 tell you the ground is strewn with their dead bodies every where you ' turn. I have seen, wl?ile the soldiers were riding along, one or two of their horses fall dead. 1 he men quietly took off the saddles and bridles and proceeded on, leaving tho carcasses to rot on the road. Auy of the horses that die near the Zouaves, are immediately skinned and their shoes taken off. They make coats and roo?s for their huts of the skins. Some of the carcasses appear as if steaks had been cut off them. There are two kinds of Zouaves here?French and African ; they are both fine looking fellows, much larger and stronger than the French line; they were all very busy I yesterday building stone houses. '1 he F rench have plenty of engineers, of which! they say there is a great scarcity in the hnglish army. Every where you go the officers are complaining of Lord Raglan, that he is never seen among them and knows nothing of their wants and suffer ings. 'lhey also ; ay very plainly that he is ik) general; that all our victories have been gained by the pluck of our men, but that he deserves no credit except for personal bravery; whenever there is a tight he exposes himself rather too much, &c. As a rule, the officers complain far more than the men, but all are anxions be home jgain, A lieutenant colonel of an infantry regiment told me that he would be better off sweeping a crossing in London than in command of a regi ment here.'' Disadvantage of Strahisxls.?A goodly paison complained to an eldeily lady of his congregation that her daugh ter appeared to be wholly taken up with trifles and worldly finery, instead of fix ing her mind on thirgg above. *'You are certainly mistaken, sir," said she, "I know that the girl appears to an ob server to be taken up with worldly things, but you cannot judge correctlv of the dii ection her mind really takes, as she 18 a little cross-cytd THE WEKKJA STAR. Till mhUmi r*afty a ad i tei a grMtci variety 91 imam *? *mmd la aay a*?r-ia pal 19* CUI, IITttUlll ?? tttilCI. K7" Saigt* ropits (la wrapper* caa fcr pfucaretf a the earner, tmnellatniy aftrt ihr b?j? ot lL? (tap^r. Price?mn cnn. r )iT??s >tii? * h" an Mar^.o win a*ew? a eonmiiwiiw of tw?lf P** (??t. WHAT FAMILY OOVEEHMRlfr IS It is not to watch children with a sus picious eye; to frown at their merry out burst of innocent hilarity: to suppress their joyous laughter, and to mould ibotn into littJt models of octogenarian gravi ty And when they hart been in fault, it is not to punish them 6iraply cn account of the personal injury that you mav hare chanoed to suffer, in consequence of their fault; while disobedience, unattended by inconvenience to yourself, passes without rebuek. ? Nor if it to orerwhdm the little cul p?i< wh,ft a flood of angry words; to stun him with a deafening noise; to rail him by hard names, wheih do not express his misdeeds; to load liitn witk epithets which would be eitravagauec if applied to a fault of ten-fold enormity; or to de clare, with passionate vehemence, that he is the worst child in the wo*i, snd destined to the gallows. But it it to watch anxiously for the first rising of sin, and to repress them ; to counteract the earliest workinsg of sel fishness; to suppress the beginnings of rebellion against rightful authority; to tearh m implicit and unquestioning and oheerful obedience to the will of the pa rent, as the best preparation for a future allegiance to the requirements of the eivil magistrate, and to the lawa of the great Ruler and Father in Heaven. It is to pu* ish a fault because it ig a fault; because it is a ainful aud contrary to the commands of (tod, without refer ence to whether it may or may not have been productive of immediate injury to the parent or to others. It is to reprove with calmness snd composure, and not with angry Irrita tion; in a few words, fifty chosen, and not with a torrent of abuse; to puuish as often as you threaten and threaten only when you intend and can remember to perform; to say at yon mean, and in fallibly do whai you say. It is to govern your family as in the sight of Him who gave you your authori ty; who will reward your strict filelity with such blessings lie bestowed on Abraham, or punish your criminal neg lect with ciingi as he visited on ?li.? Religions Herald. Tns Hlixd (tiri. axd nm Fathrk's Ftxkhal. ? The following account is given by the Rev. L Foote, of Delevan, Wisconsin, and may be found in the Octobcr number of the noiue Mission ary: We have been called to follow to the grave one of our number, who has beeu an acting deacon in our church frr some i years. His death was peaceful. We had already buned his wife, who was also a decided Christian, snd a member of our church. Among a numerous fam ily of children they had oue daughter who was blind, and who had for some time past been attending the blind asy lum at Z\nesville. She was greatly at tached to her father, and he to h;*r. He died quite suddenly, while she was away. She was sent fur, but did not arrire un til the people were assembled at his funeral. The pcene wss most afFccting. The services were being oommcnced: she was led into the family group, and seat el near the coftiu ; and now, in order to satisfy herself of the fearful rtal;tv of what sh.1 had heard, but could not see, we presently saw her tiny arm extended, as if to find some token that she was now verily a blind orphan. And when her sensitfve fingers touched the coffin, she bowed her head in silent grief. It was with difficulty, for the moment, thai 1 could proccod in my discourse. But the most affecting part was to come. Presently I saw^fe- feeling her way up to the head of the coffin, until her haud rested upon the op?n lid. She stood a moment, as if to gather strength, and then with her oilier she withdrew her glove, and her little fingers were placed over against the cold lorehcad. Thev went from that to I is sr, his cheek, hfs eyes, his mouth, his nose, his chin, and his hair, as she had been wont to do in other days, until she had formed on her mind an irnagw of the physiognomy of him whom uusceu she had loved. But the voioe was not there; and she stood and sizhed as if all the world was lost to her. It was too much for her. I had to turn away and weep. "From tub SruuMH to the Ridicu lous "?The Rahway (N. J.) Advocate lelis the following good story at the ex pense ef one of the "upper ten" of New York: Mr. ? is one the "merchant princes" of the Empire City, and though living in oue of the most spacious mansions on Fifth avtnue, his entire family consist of himself and his wife Meeiiug a friend from the country one day, he invited him up to view his house. The friend was ahown the gorgeous rooms, with tchelat ed floors and magnificent frescoed ceilings, and Anally was taken into the lower rooms, in one of which he found a small regiment of colored servants s<* ted at a beautiful dinner. On his return home he was asked if he had seen Mr. So-and so ? "Oh! yes,*' 44 What it be doing now ?" "Well, when I saw him, he was keeping a mgger fxmrdtng kouse on the Fifth avenue!" A Good Scpplt of Cnr*?iiES.?There are about one hundred and twelve houses of worship, large and small, belonging to the several Christian denomination in Brooklyn. The Methodists have a nu merical plurality; there are 19 belonging to the Ipiscopai .ans, 11 to the Reformed Dutch, 7 to the Congregational. 6 to O. S. Presbyterian, 5 to the N. S- Presbyte rian. Q3P*Napoleon's hat once fell off at a review, when a young lieutenant stepped forward and picked it ?p, and returned it to him. 44 That k you. Captain," t>aid the Emperor. ** In what regiment, fire ?" retorted the lieutenant as quickly as le gible. Napoleon smiled, passed on, and i forthwith had tke lucky youth promoted.