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Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 7, 1855 Page 2
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KVENING STAR. W AM! IN a TON OITY: WEDNESDAY A FT KB PO ON .. .February 7. Ts" The large and flMvenient dwelling on the corner of ^nsylrania avenae ??d Eleventh street* for rent. Posses sion given immedUMj. For terms .p. at the Star office. JT' 1? ^CB8CE1B,Bi<~ Subscribers to fv Vm r' Wr d0 DOt get th#ir r??0l? , V. confer ? f?vor on tho proprietor! by leaving information of the feet at the S?er counting-room. * ' "FIKIT OF THE MOANING PRK8S. The Inflligmctr, eommenting on the pur pose of the Houie to take a teat vote to day on the propriety of revising the tariff in the bal ance of the present-session, suggests that the falling off in the revenue from custom* will make many members hesitate about voting with the Chairman of the Ways and Weans Committee. The U,non, to-day, we are glad to perceive enforoes the duly of economy in the Govern ment, and oontaini a correspondence between Secretary Marcy and Col H. L. Kinney We have no room for it to-day. We may, however.J that Mr. Maroy'. letter bears out to a word, as it were, every idea in our article of yesterday, therein we referred to the viewy which would govern the national authorities in tliis matter. Noticing the maiden efforts of the He. J. g Well.o. the new Senator from - ew Hampshire?that gentleman's speech against the Frenoh spoliation bill-tho Union says The speech in the Senate >e.-terdav of th? StkSZSpjZSZS& on either .id. which would hi of i I? ? Which wonld control the action zx-jfizsz. i'x ^ ?'{ i the authors and founders of the Demoora'ic organisation, the noble reverence evinced bv :.d,r.vrr.",br?in ?? om.g nremey lb, p,,iuic?l ^,,tfc ^ ".J, """"wbicl1 U1 ?*? ^ thl> Companie, At the Kailroad Convention, held at Clere jand, Ohio. November 28tb, .1854, tho fol. lowing resolution was passed : Contention' Bo^VJi/p? Jud-ment of thia tt/mjany. except to tho FI6ilJ ? y *.nJ Tick.,. o, Freight .V.^,T.^yh"* d";rrA. ?nya"'hio?hf :te bup"?" ?nd Majtor<maj boettpfoj^*"* lo oompliuce with thi. reflation th. th'.T ?l *." f""' b"? ""'ken'from It? luto of tho different nilroodi A. on offm ,o the .bo,,, ,h. Cooconiion of T.1V *' Ohio, odoptod tho following, Which w. trn? .III moot with whero""0"10'"" ?ditorial trsioroity every , v Md ?*???? ">?oid " ??ff'ged In wh.torer brooch of todos-'y ho mo,, onn got .long wol| ...hoot n?ng ,ho colon,,, of . ?ew,p.p.r, >od boo.uM ho must do .0, .dltor. .hoald ?, on tho 1.0:. principle .hioh Indocc. . r.i| ?d ?-???/ ?? e?-t from thorn In tr.r.l .htg.nd.r ^ The Naval Reform bill, which has I patsei tbe Senate, proposes to place those offi-1 cers on the reserved lilt who are out of the line of promotion, and upon leave of absence, and to pay those captains, or>nimandcrs and; lieuterniDta who are incapable of service. Tbe reserved list pays as follows : On leave?Captains. $1 800 " Commanders 1,200 " Lieutenant* 7&0 44 l'aa?ed midshipmen i>00 On sea service, navy yard, or other duty? Captains 92.HOO Commanders. ^ - ? 1.U00 Lieutenants 1,050 Faared midshipmen fcOO 'The British registrar general announces, somewhat triumphantly, in his report on vital statistics, that the i3rituh population contains a reserve of more than a million unmarried men, and cf more tb;?n a million uLmarried women, in the prime of life, with a* many more of younger age>; and th t if these eeli brate millions were married it would result that tbe births per annum, instead of being 700,000. would be 1.600,000 'btanhope Burleigh" is the title of a| new book soon to be published, which is des tined to magnetite the nation''?^to tear the] film from many an honeet eye"?"to inflame tbe ind:gr.ation of twenty millions of men in a sir gle country, and belonging to the race which ba? lUutainated and conquered tbe world."?predict its publishers The Supreme Court of Wisconsin has) acquitted both Booth and Kyecraft, convicted of aiding and abetting in the e33ape of a fugi tive slave, on the ground that the indictment! was illegal, that Court having already decided the fugitive slave law u> be unconstitutional. The action of this Court thus arrests the judg ment of the I nited States Court, and even annul* it* sentence 'Al the Grand Operx io Paris. tLey is sued, until a short time since, the enormous somber of 1,700 fieetitAeta whilst the house holds only 3,100 persons. Tbe new adminis trates. not exactly liking this state of things, appointed a committee to investigate the mat. ter A new description of oil, said to* be equal to the best sperm, non-explosive, pro duced from rosin, and that can be afforded at 60 ce-.ts a gallon, has recently bsen invested. It has been tested in New York, and editors pf that city think "muckle" of it. WASHINGTON HEWS AHD OOS8IP. The Few Era being Inaugurated?The present Democratic Congress eame Into being more redolent of pledges of economy, atrict construction, Ac , than any similar body pre ceding it from tho foundation of the Govern ment. Yet they are evidently about to legal ise the policy of the assumption of the debts of the State?, so heartily denounced by all who ever ran for a seat in the United States Ilonse of Representatives on a Democratic party ticket as the orowaiog abomination of the so called Federal party. There can be little donbt, from the tone of matters in the House yesterday, that this policy is about to be initiate by the aid of a large number of nominal UlmocraUc votes, as far as the action of Congress can fasten it on the Government, flow far honorable gentleman, who propofe hereafter to claim affiliation with the Demo cratic party, can rcooticile participation in this scheme, is their affair, not ours. We owe it to the country, however, to let it know that such i? the policy being deliberately Inaugurated in the passage of the Texas debt bill as it came from the Senate We showed, yesterday, that, for $60,000 per annum of duties?not a dollar of which eould ever have gone to these creditors of a defanct independent gov ernment, had Texas remained independent? the I nited States gavo notonly the five milliors which she stands ready to pay with interest, but the five millions already paid to Texas, on a virtual pledge that it would be appropriated to the payment of her ante annexation debts Wo heard it alleged yesterday tkat tho lands acquired by the General Government under the boundary law convention with Texas, made it the duty of tho United States te pay more than the five millions and inter est, to these urgent oreditors. To this we have to say, that those lands never were, and never will be, worth a cent to the General Govern ment. Texas reserved to herself every acre of her domain that will sell for one penny an acr#~transferring only such a3 the Indians will ever hold, and an impudent claim to ter ritory of New Mexico For years we cooi batted, in Texas, this claim to New Mexican territory, as involving the most preposterous impudence ever dreamed of in the so usually extravagant claims of the people of a new country. It frightened Congress however, into agreeing to pay the ten millions under the boundary law ; impression being that Texas was ready to play the your-money-or your-life game?to invade New Mexico if the National Legislature refused to pay her ten millions to desist. It ia now urged that the General Govern ment owes Texas something on account of Mexico's claim on us for damages done by United States Indians on the Texas frontier before Texas obtained her indepondece As silly and childish as this subterfuge is, it is being pertinaciously insisted on as an excuse for voting to take two million* from the United States Treasury proposed to be donated to the holders of Texas bonds. Neither in law nor in equity has Texas, as a revolted province, tke right to set up such a claim If we owed any thing on that account, it wus to Mexico, and the debt was wiped out by tho treaty of Gaudalupe Hidalgo. Tesaa took tenfold pay from Mexico, for any such damage she may have sustained, when sho carried off by forte three or four times her legal extent of terri tory when she achieved her independerce. The act of annexation only takes from Texas her customs rever.ue-uttcrly worthless, as that was as a security to her bond holders? and gave her in exchange tho obligation to | protect her agiin-t external danger, then always imminent. Tho Mexican war was a heavy instalment of that obligation paid by the GenoM| Government, which a*?um?d no obligation, moral or expra s, to pay her cred itors, in addition to fighting her battles and investing her citisens uith tenfold the ability to pay them they previously had All these are cogent facts, going to piore our declare tiog at the banning of this article fcnator G win's Great Measure?We sin. cerely hope that Sonator Gwin will urge to a happy conclusion, ero the session end, the noblest measure whi.h has yot sprung from his sagacious brain. We refer to his pn joct for the establishment of a weekly express overland to California. Tbo more we have reflected upon it, tho more forcibly it strikes us that that measure ia the key to the speedy lett lenient of all our existing frontier troubles, by which this Government have practically lost possession of the great wilderness between the Missouri country and California, Utah, Oregon, and Washington Territoriej At pres ent, it is quite a* unsaia fur Americans to ven ture into that wilderness as into the heart of a ciriiized enemy's teritory. Nearly one half the property of American citiaens. at tempted to be carried through it in tho 1-st two years, has been lost, together with a large per centage of the lives of those who have ventured to attempt the journey. This is the orying publio calamity of the day, and we are ?ery sure that there is no gentleman in either House of Congress who is not willing to ex pend ten-fold the annual cost ot this proposed enterprise to put a stop to the stato of things to which wo refer above?the great an<* la. monuble reproach on the National Legisla ture, through whoso laches it exists This plan proposes to run a weekly express between St. Louis and San Francisco, carry ing le'ters only. Those who ongagc to do it will bo compelled to establish conv<Aiont post! along the route. They will have to fettle families every thirty rnilos, at least, along the line they travei These settlement, in a twelvemonth, will afford ample protection to as many thousands of our fellow cituens pass ing over the route as may choose to travel it. The business of raising and otherwise pro viding food and provender lor the emigration will surely attract settlers, as it will pay handsomely. We are astonished that the idea was never broached, as its simplicity, econo my, and perfect feasibility are manifest at the first glanee The Hon Joasph E Chandlor.-A Wash ington correspondent of the New York Crusa der? Carbonari Caualli s paper?who signs himself Americas, though his ideas snow him to be some alien adventurer or other, abuses the Hon Joseph K. Chandler on accoont of his religion, which is evidently a crime in this writer's ?y?, whatever it may have been origi nally under the constitution and laws of the I nited Siatee. The Philadelphia Sun, m ?taunch native American paper, rebukes this impudent writer for the shamless attack in question, and thus does somethlrg to remove rom our mind the stiong feeling we have always entertained agaiMt this 8atue S on account of its , in bringing about the burning of the church in Philadelphia by a mob some years ago. We are curioas to *e how many newspapers profaning repuenance to the interference even of naturalised foreign ers?citiiens to whom wo hare guaranteed all American rigbta ami privileges in common with ua who are to manor born?in our pub li? **airii there will bo, that will condemn thia infamous nttack upon one of the purest, ablest and one of the moat valuable men in the service of the country at this timo. Our fear ia, that not withstandiag their loud pro fession* of disinclination to foreign interfer ence in our affaira, the fa?t that Mr. Chandler is ? catholic, will indnce them to aid and abet thia attack from auch a quarter on him, with their sympathy. Senator Seward's Re-election ?Thero was great rejoicing yesterday among the numerous personal friends of Senator Seward in thia city over his triumph, and he haa quite aa many hero ia any ofher gentleman in publie lifo. For our part, it was not only just what we ex pec ted, but, we think, juat what ought to haro Uken place in the present oondition of popular sentiment in Now York. While we hold liter-1 ally no view on any point of publio affairs io common with Mr. Seward, we believe he rep resents faithfully the sentiments of his State, as repugnant as those sentiments are to us We therefore think he is a very fitting representative for her, and fancy that less mischief will result in the end from having the tone of New York faithfully represented in the United States Senato, than from a rop reseutation of her calculated to cheat the Southern portion of the confederacy into the false noiiou that she is not nov7, as before, dead ly hostile to what they?the South?regard as their rights under the constitution of tho United States. More Convictions for Forging Bounty Land Warrants. Some timo since, we announced the arrest of the brothers Bryan?Lewis II. and Jo?eph D.?of Florida, together with that of Joseph A. Ellis, of the some State, for forging bounty land warrants Theite parties were men of high standing, and strenuous ef forts were mado by their friends to prevent their indictment. Ten true hills were, bow ever, found against them, on one of which tho brothers Bryan have been convicted, and ac fluittcd on another ot them Tho authorities here aro daily ia expectation of hearing the result of tneir trials undur the remaining in dictments. Ellis has, so far, been acquitted. Thoae convictions m*ke fifteen in ail of Pen sion and Bounty Land paper formers sinso tho present Commissioner, Mr. Lorcn P. Waldo, came into office. It is a remarkable fact that the bureau, under his auspices, haj caused the arrest nu l prosecution of but a slnglo person whose conviction it ha3 faile- to bring about. This success is unprecedented in the histoiy of the criminal jurisprudence of any ecuntry. Kr. Attorney Oe. oral Cuahing and tho Star.?Some wise acre is writing to Northern newspapers that Gen. Curbing haq boon writ ing an article or articles for the S:*r on tho 'Central American Expedition question We have to sny that tl id story is utterly and wholly false. \Needit our pip- r wholly with out tho u.'Ms'.ance oj any writer whj^e name is not at the head of our colm?ir.i. Neither Gen. CusLing. nor any ono bat ?he editors of tho ?Star, over aw the a;title? in question before they were in priut. K New Swiss Consul -The President has issued an exequatur to Plaeide Gratwoln, a? \icc Consul of the Swiss Confederation for the States ot Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Territory of Minnesota, to rc^ido at De troit. Another Army Cflicor Eo.igued.-Captain L'dwMd Murray, second infantry, U. S. A., has resigned, to take effect on the day before yes terday. The Curront Operations of the Treasury Department?On yesterday. the 6?bof Feb.> there were of Treaiury Warrants entered ou the books of the Department? For the payment of stock $5,473 92 For the payment of Treasury debts 1,446 94 For the Cu.'toms 6.094 37 Forcoveriugintothe Treasury from miccel Ian eons sources 706 86 {?'or t'ue War Department 77.223 73 For tho Navy Department 77,606 93 For repaying in the Navy Depart ment 77.962 39 For the Interior Department 12,b94 44 4??IV?Kl!MN|0NAL. In tto CenatO, yesterday, after we went to pre^s, the further consideration of the bill to Oitublish a Circuit Court of tho United States in California was postponed until to-day. The French spoliation bill being next taken up> was dobated by Mofars Wells (who spoke at length against it.) Clayton, iiuuter, Ham lin, Bayard, Seward, Mason, and Douglas, cr-o it was passed?yeas 2d, nays 17, as follows, vii: Teas?Messrs. Allen, Badger, Bayard, Bel!, Benjamin. Clayton, Dawson, Evans, Foot, Geyer, Gillette, Hamlin, Hocston, James, Jones of Tenn., Mallory, Morton, Pcarce, Pettit, Pratt, Seward. Shields. Sumner, Tbomp Bon of Ky.. Thomson of N. J , Wade, Weller, and Wright?2d. Nays?Messrs. Adau)3, Braioerd, Bright, Brodhaad, Brown, Butler. C-ss, Chase, Clay, Dodge of Wis., Dodge of lo. x, Fitxpatrick, Hunter, Jones of Iowa, Mason. Keid, Slidell, and Wells?17. On motion of Mr Slidell, the bill to romovo certain obstructions to navigation in the mouth of the Mississippi, was discussed and passed?yeas 39, nays 5. Shortly afterwards they adjourned. In the House, tho Cominittae of the Whole on the state of the Union, at tho conclusion of the speech of Mr. Breckinridge, were ad dressed by Messrs. Smyth and Boll, of Texas, iu favor of the Texas debt bill The debate on this bill was further continued in live-minute speeches by Messrs. Morgan, Jonea of Tenn . Giddings Clinginan, Wash burn of Mo , Disnev. Stanton of Tens , Tay lor of Ohio, and Fuller, ere tue committee rose Mr. May reported sundry public bills from the Judiciary Coiufeittee, which were com mitted. After an ineffec'nal motion by Mr. Breckin ridge. to go again into committee or. the t rench spoliation bill, the House adjourned K*rtM'i"'?1iiiKN ?f To Day. In the Senate, to-day, after dit-posing of sundry private bills, Ac.? Mr. >umner presented petitions for the abo lition of slavery in Nebraska and Kansas, and for the repeal of the fugitive slave law. The bill to establish a circuit court of the United States in California then came up, and was debated by Mr Benjamin against it, and Messrs. Gwin and Chase for it. In the Ecnso, after sundry Executive do partment communications were read and re ferred?among them being the agricultural branch of the Commission of Patents annual rej oort. with illustrations, Ac. The Speaker laid before tho House a memo rial from the Legislature of New Mexico upon the subject of the Indian affairs of that terrU tory; reterred and ordered to be printed Mr. McDougal reported baok from the Post Office Committee the bill from the Senate, for the establishment cf an ovorlnnd express mail between St Louis and San Francisco, with a substitute; both committed. The bill to amend the consular and diplo inatic *y?tera of the United States then came up, and vii adroeated for a few minute* by Mr Chandler, who gave way? When thej went Into oommittee on the Texas debts bill; which was being debated in ire minute speeches on amendments as we went to pre^ CKKNOK 4 I. .... The Philadelphia Suh. a K. N organ favors the election of Simon Cameron to the IT. S Senat* from Pennsylvania We infer from this that Simon has "seen Sam." The Sttv re publishes Cameron's tariff speech de livered in the U 8. Senate in 184?, showing him sound on the tariff question and argues as Nativeism knows no Whigery no Democracy Simon might as well be elected as any one else. .... The Boston Mail says Governor Gard ner's coachman is an Irishman. .... Last Sunday was the three hundredth anniversary of the martyrdom of John Rogers at Smithfield. The descendants of the martyr residing near Boston, mide preparations for tljp proper observance of it. ? ??? Mr. Phillips, the Amerioan, who was arrested and imprisoned in Switzerland hav ing been mistaken for Maisini, claims an in demnity from that Government of $5000 for arbitrary and inhuman treatment, and his el aim has been recognised by the American Legation 9 ....The Hon. Fayette McMullin, of Vir ginia, has announced himself a candidate for re-election to Congress. .... The office of Peyton King, the receiver of money for tho U. S. Land Office, at Monroe, La , was lately entered and the sum of ten thousand dollars stolen. .... William A. Carter, Jr., of the firm of Beers A Co., of Richmcnd, Virginia, died on Fridap. ....Clergymen were formerly prohibited by the constitution of New York from holding any civil office in that State; but in the year 1B4< this provision was abolished. The first clergyman ever elected to s civil office in that Commonwealth is the oue just chosen by the Know Nothing* to the Senate from (Jovernor Clark s district, the Rev Mr. Goodwin. .... It is stated that a son of the lion. Jno. Y Maion goes out in the next steamer as header of despatches to his father. Young Masfe visits Paris to bo near his father during his lllne-B. The post of bearer of despatches is entirely honorary, without pay. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Cold, Weather ? County Court ?Sermon Lecture J Viae' * Speech.?Amusements, Jfe. Alhxasdru, Feb. 7. 1855 " Cold, very cold!" is the exclamation every where this morning, lljdrants are froien up, Hunting creek nnd the canal are solid, and evan the broad Potomac is only passable in the t. usk cut by the steamers of the mail line, The wuather wise, however, are prophccying a speedy return of pleasant weather. The county court has been in session sinca the opening of the week, aad some few indict ments and civil oases of little public interest occupy its attention. On bunday night last the first of an admir able series of sermons to young men at the request of the Christian Association, was de Jivered at the 2i Presbyterian church by the Key Mr Nettlin. The text chosen wa? yery appropoi?I wiite to you. young men. be cause ye are strong." A large audience at the Methodist church South, last evening, ligtened with deep inter est to the lecture by Kev Byron Sunderland, lhe lecture whs marked with all tho abilitv i characteristic cf the speaker. . : The city journal., of yenerday discus the i l?efi tI Vr A Wi9*> at Liberty I Hall. IheOaiette abstains from publishing tho speech because it has already publisher* his Petersburg address, and because the repoj ters present were amply able to do justice to '. r- '* ?? i regrets his present physical oondi tjon end hopes his health may improve; thinks his arguincnia were inconclusive- be !~at laos' of ",,e audience were Know Nothings, and that said Kn>w Nothings were disposed to controvert the positions of the speaker; does not think he made a single con vert ; observes that Mr. Wi.i? made no recan tation of his Tormer principles : holds that Mr. >> ise s efforts cinoot secure bis election : an nounces that about next month the people will rally around the opposition candidates proba bly ; and closes with the expression of a con viction tha* Mr. Wise is destinoa to a decided ovc throw The Sentinel don't publith the speech be oause it was so jammed ?u the crowd that it could not move an elbow; was very much pleased ?ndecd with the matter and manner of the speech ; does not see how any right thinking man can escape the truth presented so clearly were they put, aud so powerful! v were they driven home to the judgment - is satufiad that as to State Government, Mr Wi?eis on the side of progress; thinks that ? , ? politics he expresses the sentiments ol the Democracy of Virginia; shows, that as to hi* past course. Mr. Wise took the true ground, and concludes by a trumpet call for ?^mocrany to rally to the fight, saying. Virginia is a Sebastopol, the ' allies'have invested her, shall the citadel of Democraov be taken for the first time?" The iitme journal under the caption, "great times for sxall men," gives a slashing rebuke to tho >mall potato politicians, and ?rusts that Virginia will send giants with clubs to the nextCong ess to destroy the abolitionists; oon J LaVe th9vut$s> let h?ve the Washington Hall open? to night again, with a fine dramatic entertainment, "Undo Tom aahe,s" Aui. tyAmong tho persons brought up for mis behavior on Wednesday week at Rochester, was a soldier who had recently deserted from the British service in Canada. He frankly statod that he was a deserter; was sorry how ever to say it; but he preferred to submit to tho disgrace, rather than to be sect away to be eaten "by dogs in Russia. Ho wai upwardt of six feet tall, and said he bad aorved eight een yea re in the army. Railroad Bridge Burst.?The Pennsylva nia Railroad bridge over the Juniata river at Lcwistown, Pa. was destroyed by fire Saturday night It was most probably set on fire, hav ing been covered witth in, and the track being upon the top It was a four span bridge, 520 feet in length, and cost about $10,000. The passengers and freight have crossed the river upon the ice since the disaster. The oompany will lose no time in re constructing the bridge. ty The reoruiting among the Jews for the Russian army, and the carrying off (for the Russian military schools) of Jewish children aged from oight to ton, cause amongst that clncs of inhabitants in Poland indescribable terror and desolation In all the towns and villages near Kieloe nothing but weeping and lamentations are to be hoard. I ?** The Indians have surrendered to the Canadian Government the peninsula lying between tho Georgian bay and Lake Huron, with some reservations for their own use. The extent of land is only 600,000 acres. It is well watered, and for the most part covered with exoellent timber. 13T A company of colored Thespians are in successful operation iq Cincinnati. They performed Romeo and Juliet on Thursday evening. Ridino a Borrowed Hors. -A friend re ates the following, A mile or two from town, lie met a boy on horseback crying with cold! W hy don < y. u get down and lead him ? that s the way to keep warm." "No," said the Mm If I few. " 0I *d h0"' 1U ,i<i' iii ? ATTENTION, NATIONAL GRF.VP.-Y01T are hereby notified to attend the ngalar stated meeting of the corp* o?? THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, at 1% o'clock Member* are requested to be punctual in ih?*ir at tendance a* hasiiies.j of importance will be laid be lore the meeting. feh 7 It* J A3. 8TONE, Secretary. NATIONAL GUARD.?NOTICE. -T II E i regular m<> thly meeting of the corps will be I held at their armory on THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, at 7* o'clock. THOS E. LLOYD, f. b 7-11 Secretary. .LECTURE FOR THE H NEFIT OF . _ tit< Young Catholic*' Fri. nd Society.?A lecture will be delivered at Odd Fellow*' llai!, on j WEDNESDAY, the 7th instant, at 7'* o'clock p m by Professor Albxamdkr Dihitbt, ol Louisiana, lor the benefit ofth? Younc Cuboid* Frirnd 5^oci^tr Subject: '*The relations of hara?ony between man and creation." Tick ta *25 cents each -to be bad at the principal book and drug -tores in Washington and Gwlown. feb 3?HMkW /THE REGULAR MONTHLY MEET ____ in* of the Franklin Fire Company will be held on WEDNKSD * Y EVENING, the 7ih last. The election of officers for Uie enduing y?ar will take place. G. R.CROSSF1ELD, A?4 Sec. feb 6?2t ,THE PRESBYTERY OF TI1E DIS trict of Columbia will meet in the First | Presbyterian Church, 4'j street, WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 7th instant, at7o'clock,for the pn? pose of Ordaining and Installing Rav. T. N. Ha* KILL, pastor elect of the W estern Presbyteriai Church of this citv. The Ordination wrnion will be preached by Rev. Mr. Noble ; the charge to the people will b?- deliv-1 ered by Rev. J. N. Danforth; the charge to the pa* tor by Rev Byron Sumlei land. ? The public in cordially invited. feb 6?it METROPOLITAN RAILR< >A'? OFFICE. Georgetown, F< bruary 6, 1 eCW?. AT the regular monthly me* ting of the Board o Directors liel I this da., the followi g prt-amb> and resolutions w?-re adopt d. The Board of Directors of the He' opolitan Rail road Company finding themselves deprived by death of one ot their mimt estimable member*, deem it proper t<> give expression to their feelings in the fol lowing resolutions: Retold, That this Board find themselves unab'e to expre?* the deep regret tb|^ experience on a?i ?onnt of the removal, bv d< aiPI?f their late estima hie and much beloved co laborer. John W. M iur\ ; | that in his death they have sustained an irreparable loss, and the Railioad a firm and valuable frien '. ] and they can but resp<ml to the already universally accorded sentiment that the oinmunity have hem deprived of a member whose place canm t ? a ily be fill. a. Knohcil, That the sympathi :? of this Board are hereby exlendej to the afflicted family of our de ,| ceosed friend. R**o'ceti, That these resolutinns 1m* puhl'slic an 1 that tli* Secretary of this Beard be dir oted tu | commucicate a copy of the <ame to Mrs. Maury. F. DOlKiE, Pre-ide it. J. W. Dkcbi.k, Secretary. feb 7?It STATEMENT Of the Receipts and Expenditures of the United States, exclusive, of Treasury Notes fundid and Trust Fundi, for the quarter ending 31 vt December, 1854. aKcairrs. Fr ?m custom-" %10.3I7.3G4 41 Do sales of public la ds J,873,939 Ml | Do miscellaneous and incidental sources 87,558 1* it -278 va Xt kXPLNDITlRKS. Civil, miscellaneous, and foreign in tercourse $5,Wi,CjO 34 Interior, |v Pensions {1*2.628 06 Indian departineuL.^s.. 183,9M) 70 276J>78 7ti | War, 4 c. Auny proper, he 2,411,336 90 Fortification*, ordn:.ncc nnnories, kc 442,506 96 2.853,843 ?6 Navy 3,473,640 76 Interest on public debt, ini hiding treasury notes 1.182.475 27 Premium on stock re deemed 470,160 89 Reimbursement ol trea * surv note*, per act prior t" 22d Jtilv, ld-lti %00 Rtxletnption of stock of the loan of 184*2 505 4*25 00 Redemption of stock of the Iran of 1843 9i!0 00 Redemption of >tf>ck of the loan of 18 6 f.86.990 Wi R deuiption of st<x k of the loan of 1847 2.001,950 00 Redemption of Mock of the loan of 1848...*... 383,250 Ol Redemption ot Texan indemnity stock .... 254,000 00 Redemption of d?-bt contracted by citi> s of Washington, &c. 2,900 Oft 5,388.10*2 0-2 17,477,815 641 Tkimmikv Depjrtmext, Register's Office, Feb. 5, 1855. feb 8?It F. BIGGER. Register. HrM>llKDS havif g b-en unable to obtain | admission on Tuesday la-t ANOTHER GRAND N'IGIIT will be given Thursday, Feb. 8, at UJJ Fellows* Hall, bv tlie great master of Necromancy, MACALLISTER. who w?ll 'till further delight the vuitors by new and splendid feats. MA LONE. RAYMOND. having been rapturously received by a crowded ai: dienee will make his *rcotul ami lust aiipcarance. Madame MACALLISTER iis the Wizard's Page. Pri'ca same a* u?ual. feb 7? 2t* I CAUTION. HEREBY warn all persons trom receiving or n* gotiating ilie following de cr-b^d notes, which > \v<-re stolen from my house on the night of tin 5th ] instant, via: One note drawn by Samuel Burn w< for $318 63, dated 9 h July, 1854, at 90 days ; and a due hill of Henry Parry, for $75, dated [sometime in May last. The note of Hurrows was endor-ed l-y me, and is past dti". Having ?topfK-d the payuieii'. of Hie above described notes ihey can be of no u- I to any one, and may he returned to uie through the f Georgetown Post < iffice. fel,7? 3t? (Jilt) WM. T. HERRON. SPLEN DTDEAFFLE. "fl*"ILL be Raffled f?r a? ?oon as the requi>it< YY number of Chance* have been laken, the fol lowing splend d and costly articles, viz: 1st Prize. One splendid gold l'a;ier Weight, co .tail ing an Automaton Singing Bird and 8day Chronometer, mo-t beau'ilully decorated and adorned with enamelled Paintings ,<rl ,6'Ki 2d Prixe. One Lady's Cold Watch, richly set wtlh Diamonds and Paiu'ing on Enamel... 100 31 Prize. One I.aily's Gold Watch, richly set with Diamond*, and Painting on E' aniel.. K0 4th Prize. One Gents Full Jeweled Patei.t Lever (with Compensator) gol I Hunting Watch 100 5th Price. Lad>'sGold Hunting Watch, splen didly cha*ed 60 Total value $2,000 There will be Two Hundred Chances, at Tm Dollars each The raffle will take plactf at Hdbus 5. Hitz' Mu sic Depot, Star Buildings, corner Pa. avenue ai d 11 th street, where Tickets can be procured and tlx articles are on exhibition. Pi rsons de?iri>us of possessing some of the m > t supi-rb nicies of workmanship ever < xhibited, bav e now an opportunity otn-red tlieiii of obtainiug such at an cxireniely low price. | |!'all and examine for yourselv. s at the Music De pot of HILBCS 4c HIT/, Star Building-, between the Imurs of 9 o'clock a. m. and 6 p. in. feb 7- tf riMIE PRO: LF.M SOLVED; or, Siu not of God, I. bv Miles P. Squier, D.D. j The Christian Retrospect and Register, a Summary of the Scientific, Moral, and Religious Pro gress of the fin-t half of the 19th Century, wiih a supplement, bringing the work down to the present time, by Rubt Baird. Scripture Portraits; or sketches ot Bible chartcters. by Rev. J. Biaee A Manual for the Young, by Rev. C Bridges Piayer for Colleges, a premium Essay, by W. S. Tv ler | The Westminster Shorter Catechism, with analy-| sis, proof*, infer nces, and illustrative Amc dotes, by Rev. Ja*. R. Boyd A South Side View of Slavery , or, Three M< nths at the South in 1854." bv Neliemiah Adams, D. D. New Edition of the Wide Wide World, in 1 vol? price reduced to ?1 25 All the new Bo>k* of the American Tract Society and Sunday School Union received and lor sale at their prices. GRAY St BALL \NTYNE, feb 7?3t 498 Seventh street. SEBASTOPOL NOT YET TAKEN. BUT we are taking splendid Pictures perfec I) life like and beautiful for 25 cent* and upwards We have the finest skylight in Washing on, and by our long experience iii the profession renders it haid ly probable ;or ns to make a p? or pictme. Call and see tor yourselves. Gallerv over Gait's Jewelry Store, Pa. avenue, be tween 9th and 10th stf-eta. feb 7?3t* C. D STEWART. II VH'KET and Uu IIto Diarns b.r If55 lor s?jo i<> jan 6-41 tRANCK TAYLOR. Amusements. IRON HALL. FOUR HIGIIT8 MOI or ROBERT HEELER'S (?*rat unheard of Fin night of MARVELLOUS ORANGE TRhht By rrqBM, the jw?t DRin OP TBI *PI?IT*. Owing to Lhe increasing ficilemMl attending the perfcnnMce of SECOND SIGHT, That wouderful feat will ho continued until further ruci or tiaiiiioK. To llail *c?# Dim Circle ? ....... 37 H 44 Orchestra Seal* ?* " Seats way be secured from 10 a in to 4 p ?, nt the office, without extra char**. Polite and attentive usher* will be ui attendance. fH?S-4t FORREST HALL, GEORGETOWN. MRS. T. M TVRRELL, supported by a well selected coin penv, will open at the above Hall on WEDNE-HAY EVENING, Febra*y7Ui. The performance will commence ?uh TIIE MAID OF CROISkEY. After which, Miss ANNIE LUDWIC and Mies IDA FIELDING wnll in their Celebrated dances. Comic Sineing b> Mr. HENRY STL'ART. # To conclude with the roarin* farce of THE SPalTRF. BRIDEGROOM. (dmioion 45 eenta. OaMiffiaam will I* in attendance to convey vn] itors to Washington. ^ ' ** CARUS1*8 SALOON. FOR OWIC W1BHT OWLT I Madame Rosa Do Vriea aho Ht? OPERA TROUPE Wlt.L 01VB A ubawd ni'NirAi. fkntivav. AM) OPERATIC CONCERT ON TTF.tDjtY F.rF.SrXG, FEBRUARY 6Ik. Oa whlchoecnnion the lollnwim great combination of Artists, will^pptar, hi connexion with MAD. ROSA DE VRIE?, Prima Donne of the lu'.ian Opera Company. SIGNoR MoRINO, Prima Baritone, irrmi the San Carlo, ol Naples, and tlie Havana Company. SI?NOR MARTIN LA/.ARE. The ce'ebraled Pianist and t "o?po* r, and Profes sor from the Conservatoire of Pari*, ?nd who wan decorated with the Lotion of Honor, an<l received a Gold Med I from the king ot Holland, an first Pianist and <'>niposer of the king doin, and SiCNOR PASSAB1LLA. The selections for the Concert will contain the ge.ins Ot the Operas of Norma, Daughter of the Reg intent. La Favorita, Lucretia B<>rgia, The Pn phet, Barber of Seville, La Souinambula, Don Giovanna, and Lombardi. MARTIN LA/ARE. Conductor and Director. The price of admission l.a< been fixed at f'NK DOLLAR to all parts of the H ill. No extra chaige for secuied seaU. The sale ot Seals will commence on Monday morning, ai 9 o'clock, at the Manic Store ol R. Da vt*, Pennsylvania avenue, where a diagram of the hall may be seen. With every admission ticket will be given a cer tificate bearing the number corresponding to the ?eat. Tie certificate hu to remain in the hand of the original holder, and establishes the owntrship ot the seat. {B7- The programme, containing full particufars of the pieces to be sung, may be bad at the Musis Stoien. Concert to commence at 6 o'clk precisely. feb -2?td TIIE L ATE MR. MEADF/S PICTURES. |M> BE RAFFLED F< ?R IN ?00 CHANCES 1 AT 945 EACH. raiza no.I "St. Thomas ol Y ill nueva, giving Aim- to the Poor," a copy of Murillo, by one of hit pupils and touched by that great artist?s:ud to b? equal to the cost .?4.000. PKtZK 4. " The adoration ?,f the \Vi?e Men of the East.*" a genune Murillo ; cost ?3 OUO. nnc 3. " Head of our S*viour,"by < 'orreggio; cu^t ?l,tKi0. raize 4. ?4 ll<rd ot tliu Blessed Virgin," l?y Carreggio: cost $1,000. Mr. S. A. MATLACK is authorized lo receive subscriptions in this city, of whom ticket* may o? obtained, or of M-s.-rs. TAYLOR k MAl'RY. All money received on account of the Raffle will !?- deposited in Hank until tlw drawing lake- place, which will be duly announced. From the Xctnjnal Intelli'euier. Articles similar to the annexed we have observed in several distant papers, contained in their Wash ington correspondence. We are glad to nee that a member of the family is willing to dispn*** of a |>art of the rare collection of the late Richard W. Meade, who, during hi* long resideuce in Spain, had oppor tunities, which his opulence enabled linn toindulfr, for selecting many ol the finest paintings ui Spain? that treasure-house of p.ctorial riches. The dis turbed state ol the eountiy at the tine, moreover, made it favorable for obtaining many gems of art which would otherwise never have been purchaea hle. From the Botton Chronicle. I'Bir d'u<zvrkk ok Art.?Several eke] d'm*vre* of Murillo, Correggio, and other lutsl-rs, which werw brought from S|.atn during revolutionary times by the late R. W Meade, have elicited the adnura ion ol c onnoisseurs during the past we. k in the Rotun<!o of the Capital. They are to lie di*|?osed of for the benefit of a daughter of Mr Meade, residing in New Y'?rk, after an opvortumiy has hern given to it? l>ablic for an examination. feb 6?tf TOOVa LADIES' CL'Ss.CAL INSTITUTE \o 0 hidi.tna arenue. I TIE <eeond term of the present sehola?tie year bar just commenced. A few more boar ing atiddav pupils can be acc^uuii3d"ted. STEPHEN H. Ml RICK, A M , feb 6?2w* Principal. * A. TYSON ft SISTERS' SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES, On F, between IZtk and 13/A ttrerts, ff'asking on. I'HE econd term of this institution commences on Wednesday, the 7tli of the present month, and will expire on the 1st dav of July nex . Circulars may be had at tlie principal bookstore* in the city or at the seminary. feb 6 Ct NEW POLKA. UST published and for sale at IIILBUS k HITZ? Music Depot, the TIJXER'S POLKA, Composed and dedicated to Jacob Hilbiu, Esq .. by J. Esputa, embellished with a beauuful and cor reel likeness of the veteran tuner. Price J.ri cents. The trade supplied on very liberal term.. feb 6 tf J IVY WALTZ. COMPOSED and dedicated lo .Miss M. J. TaLler by Pi of. A. F. Little, ju-t publushed and ?or sale Hi UlLKL'S k HITZ'S Music Dtpot Price 12* cents. |^6 BUTTER !?BUTTER! ~ RARE chance tor hotels and boarding bouse keep ?rs.?Received ihi* day per contignment. 19 casks very -npenor O ran re county Butter, which we shall sell on reasonable terms. Also, 10.000 pure Habaaa Cirars. Terms cash. R. H. JEWELLE k CO., feb 6?3t 317 Pa. avenue. VALENTINES. " WE have this morning received the largest and most vaiied assoitiuent of Valentines ever before offered in thu city, consisting of every style finish and priee to suit ?ll kinds wf people ?fall ages sexes and conditions, all of which we will ran off at such prices as suit the times. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa avenue, near corner Tenth streets, feb 6?tf LOST?ON THE 4th INSTANT, BETWEEN St John's Church and the corner ol F and leih streets, a gold Bracelet, with locket attached. Hy leaving it at this office the finder will be liberally rewarded. fcl) S?Jl' [WDIA Bl BflKK COMBS ?Just received a supply of India Rubber, tuck, side, puff, dreu J"*" children's Long Couib? and lor sale at feb 6 ?3t LAMMOND'S, Tth sU YALICNTlKibg, Comic and Sent uuntal, at wholesale and retail at teb 6-3i LAMMOND'S, Tth st. COWS AND CALVES. I WILL offer for s le at the Market House Y'ard on Saturday morning next, five superior )outif Cows and Calv s of Devou and Ayrshire blood, leb 6?3t* L. BEEILEY. SILVER PLATED WARE. COMPLETE foffee Seu, Canurs,Caks ami Fran Baskets, Wallers ou white metal, Table, Den ser!, and Tea Spoon* and Forks, double and Ui|>Wi plated ??p Albata, the best substitute lor silver, war ranted and sold by H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, between 9ih and 10ta jau 19

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