Newspaper of Evening Star, February 9, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 9, 1855 Page 3
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evening star. ~~LOCA L INTELLIGENCE. Cr*i'i!,6or the Mktbopoljtah Mechanics1 [5fnTrTS ?Nefwitketaeding the inclemency cf (be weather a large crowd assembled at the fimitbfonian building to witness tbe formal opeaing of the second exhibition of tbe Me tropolitan .Mechanics Institute. Tbe follow, ing are tbe namee of the officers of the Insti tute ? President-Jo*. Henry. Vice Presidonta^ H' B 'lodd, C F. Wood, F Mohan Corres ponding Secretary?J. 0. Brent. Recording ??cret?ry?P M Pearson. Financial Secre ,?rj?W II Ward Treasury?Joseph Bryan. Librarian?Uoliia Amidon. Directors?Geo U Plant. Z M P. King. This Creaser, J as 0 Neil I, F Y Naylor, W Aabdewn, William Dougherty. II IK Easby, Jas A Tait, Jos U. Pradley. F Mattingly H. Polkinhorn, W. D. Breokenridge. David Hepburn, John Sessford. ?r. William H Baldwin, Thos. B. Entwisle, Martin Buell. W. F. Bayly, Cbas Edmonston. Aim n Baldwin, and John Clarke. The following is the committee of arrange ments Messrs Mobun. Pearaon, Bryan, Amidon, Plant, King. Creaser, O'Neill, Naylor, Ash down. Dougherty, Easby, Tait. Bradley, Mat ting!?, Polkioborn, Brer ken ridge, Hepburn, ^tord. ar.. Baldwin, Entwis.'e, and Buell. J B Bradley, Ksq , was ?he orator on this occasion, "ho was inroducod by the president, Professor Henry W e give the following ab stract of his address: Be commenced by saying. ?hat considerin g the inclemency of tbe weather, the opening of tbe second exhibiton was very auspicious. He allcded to the appropriateness of the first uhibition being held in tbe Patent Office, and thought the present site was no lass appropri ate. held as it was in the building donated t> tbe United States by a man whose life was devoted to sciences, and at whose death the beques' was made which will render the name of MLithson ever green in the memories of American men ot scieuce He live in an 3ge of progreas; science is no longer confined to the cloister, nor is thought louger aristocratic: both are open to all, and all men teel that they may contribute their mite to the store of general knowledge. Man is now taking bis true place in the world; though wealth and birth may assist him. be will ultimately find bis true level, be it high or low. It has already become a pro verb that a''fortune never descended to a tLird generation,' and we frequently see the hardworking i^chanic, after years of toil, Snd himself rich at the close of life In inosi ca^es. man is unprepared for this; to make bim ab!o to rise above the effect of tho e change*, is one object of this society. The position that woman occupies is another reason of the progress of this ige. We accord to her more of her true position than ba* any previous age, and its effects are seen in her children, Ler brothers, and those of our sex who are her associates. Her lips teach us" her eye watches us, her hauls guide us and protect us from evil; and when the angel of death is hovering over our sick couca. she ward* off his dart, or if her care cooiiot save us, point* with the h- ger of f?ith to tho worid above. As no man is raided in tbe scale of li'e. so will man be elevated above the changes of fortune. To accomplish this a few concocted the plan U come together and try mutual'support, try to raise the common stock of knowledge, uot only bat; man contributed to this general st< ck. but w. man has nobly come up to its supjort. and has done her share toward bring ing about the ends we seek. Ihe design of this society is to form a library, where our mechanics can find any book they wish, from the simple boru book to the m?>st abstruse treatise on mathematics; where they can find the principles of sciecce practic lly applied. We wish to coll-ct models of ail kirds of tools and of everything that will be useful to us. Wo wish to estab lish a museum, and to decorate iu wall;; with such st% uary and paintings as shall serve to tLstruct these who see them, both us models and guides to history. We wish to establish schools in every branch of science, as we have already commenced in oae branch?the school of design. The masses cf society are composed of those who toil for their daily bread, as fa'inors, msc^akics. or laborers; and ia this country. ranks are cortinually changing, the Child of wealth should be fitted for this ciiaree by practica' kn< wledgeot some means ot live lihood ; while the child of the bumble laborer should be so instructed as to fill a higher sta tion in life, io bring about these results is ? he sum total of i ur endeavors; and the ?hances of our success will turn on the eneour agement we meet among our fellow citizens. Mr Bradley now depicted a scene around the cheerless fire-side of the drunken laboror, wiih his quvrelsome children and sloveily wife, from whom he is driven to seek the com Sany of bo?.n companions iu the grog shop, le changed tbe picture to that of a c mfort able little cottage, with a smilin; wife and a cherub cbild in her arms, and clean rosy cheeked cbildreu ga'hered r undthe choarful health, a step, heavy but fir>n ia beard, and ? he children, wi'b a shout of joy. crowd to ine door to welcome thetr father from his daily toil i hey gather round the Irugal board ahd discuss ibe events of tbe day, aLd af er tbe younger children are aeieep, they go to tk? irctute, and on their return interchange though's, and thus add to their common stock of abowlcdge. The children brought up in ?h.s timily imbibe from their parents love of ? earning, and become much bettor citizen*. e cannot cultivate this !t>ve of learning in majsea single handed. All labor saving "f0 I11?' are applications of science to p:ac i cal lile. In this *ociety we offer you the great labor-saving macbiueof the age, by which, if we can but concentrate the single-handed power exerted to rai.-e the masses, we shall ac complish f ur designs. As one cf the products of the society, you oee wha' has been done by the school of de sign Io the exhibition rooms yuu will see ?lesigns and drawings by boys n#yet fifteen, ?bat arc truly astonishing I here are eighty ! ays in attendance on this school, who are not "lily learning what will furnish them with the comioits. hut also the necessities of life ?e wi*h to establish such a school for girls. Qey are better adapted to this work than boys?tbe hands are more steady, the eye more IH?' delicacy of touch more wpparect, ?d they are more easily trained than boys e do not design making them sculptors or Kaitters, but this can open to them the field Jt prepariLg designs for wall p?per, calico innting. ornamental china. 4c . and thus by ?lording another means of livelihood, make er more independent. Man can hew out for -iiiiselt a paih iu life; but to do women tne gTe?te?t favor possible we should open to her ? mere eniarged field of labor. Many strangers visit this city, who, after ? accomplishment of their business, look Vwicd tor mental food. To the man of science Ob-ervaiory. the Smithsonian, and the |*?tent afford a place of resort; but we "n to open a place of resort to the most ig ^?nt mechanic, which he cau visit without ?eling out of place and in which hecai. learn me bingof which becan be proud, and which HI t e ot great use to bim W e wish t?* send ? mechanic to tbe world not only with a no*,t,jgeoj- j,ut uf the gcientific Pjrcipies connected wi'h it; we wish him to u.-iructed on other topic*, so thai ha may *aow the measures as wr!l as the men for , * votea, tbuH making him a useful cit j Lot in ?? Ca? an,i I\?r himself, and is not to be ?wmycil by demagogues rla>Vl ^,r ,VraJleJ took his >eat. th? band the \ r^i air-i4fter *hlch l'n fes or cie in, !!, , I"*>nounced the formal tme *n?i ? ^otropolitanMechanics Insii t'm' ,io n",i" "? u>iw^irfs.!*? 4"ej ,be h?ii,,'f Th? .\atb.l h } S oir man. conductor .ndj f^t' U,,Uam B*rg _ u -oj; ail r.iat gi^.i tas'a. in dustry. atd t;-ft cau arc 'upush , i>e-i lea tbe i-uii'baou:.!u boil Jii>g is n?'. er suited to tne i urposo than tbe east wing ot th? Patent Office Instead of one hall, ihore are Several, which, affords an opportunity lot the sepaiation of tlie deparimeuts lhe great bail* below and the picmre g illery abovo ai? handsomely arranged with the thousands oli offerings In the latter Mr* the fln?r produc-1 tions, aach u paintings, embroideries, worsted work, sculptor*, daguerreotypes, musical in $trumeets, and numerous other works. The former lecture room, on tho east side, is oecu pied by machinery. The following is a list in part of deposits by citisens of WASOIHSTON Mrs. J. F Queen presents a handkerchief, Mrs M J Lowry a tidy; Mrs. Graee M Hin dle, do ; Mrs. JohnM Riggs, a wooden puixle; Mbs Sarah J Sterling, do ; Miss E Marion Moore, do ; Miss M. T. Southall, two paint i?g?; Mr. D C Reeves, one map; Emily It. Boswell, one tidy, Miss Hannah 8 Bowman, glass ctfee worsted work, (parrot,) a portrait, landscape and frame made of pine bare, and a small basket made of pine burs; Mr Qeorge T. Fridley, tin ..are, five pieces showing tbe manner of forming hot air fines; Miss Leandor Middleton. (for Mis* Elisabeth Middleton, the maker,) tidy; Wm Vosj, one small schooner, Owen Thorn deposits for the maker, W. S. Gosnell, of Baltimore, a s eel hammer, (he i? an apprentice olfour months;) Jos. C Strede, of Philadelphia, tor J. Bishop, maker, of the same place, one hydraulic ram; Mr J F Ha venner, of Washington, for the manufacturer. E A. Gibbs, of Baltimore, embroidered Odd Fellows1 apron and collar; Mrs K E A Q%s saway piece of domestic carpe*; Miss Emeiino Atwell, (12 years old.) one tidy; Miss M 11 Bartlott, crotchet collar; Miss Sarah F. Bart lett, do ; Miss Mary Jlephane, pair under leoves; Miss Emily C liarkaess, lamp mat; Miss Elisabeth Ritter, tidy; Miss L Miles, worsted work frame; Miss E A. Waugh, tidy and skirt; Mis3 Sarah Penn, shirt; Miss A Adams, (V years old.) lamp mat; Miss E AJazus, chair tidy; Mrs. Qeorge R Adams, iwo quilts; Mrs Sarah Brontse, two do ; Miss Lime Wells, chair cover, embroideroJ; Miss Sarah Powell, rice basket; Miss Julia Powell, do.; Mrs Margaret Grant quilt; Mi. s J Spen csr, bead necklace; Miss Joanna Hunt, lli years old. one tidy; Mrs. D R. Waters, one quilt; Wm. M. Cripps, of Washing'On. for the makers, Messrs F. Shaum A Co., seven glass bottles, fancy; Mr. Doug' as Moore, of Wash ington, presents, in the < me of th* manufac turers Kitty A Ferguso of New York, four pair window shades; Jo! 11 Tucker, powder horn carved by an Indit. ; Miss Virginia Ed mond-on. tidy; Miss Laura Jones, two draw ings; Miss Maiy Louisa Bamberger, aged 12 years, one tidy; Miss Alice A. II ere us, 13 years old. one tidy; Master E C. Oaither. 12 years old, lot of drawings: Miss AnnaE. Birge, crayon drawings; Mrs C. Birge, lamp mat; Mr. C. Birge for Uatoh A Co , New York,ono silk robe; Mrs E Grubh, worsted lamp mat and two worsted pin-cushions; John Fill geo graphical c1<>ck: Wm. Hunsell, ono burr bas ket; Miss Catharine Valentine, aged 14 years, tidy; Miss Florida Valentine, ll years old, do ; Mrs. Col. Wm P Young, ambrosial, a substi tute for preserves; Mrs. Susan Cooper, wors'cd lamp mat; Mrs J. F Uavenner, Odd Fellows collar, embroidered; Mist Kate Monroe, quilt, oollar and rug; Miss Marie J. Neile. tidy; Mrs F. Edmonson, jar pr?-orved watermelon; Win C. Zantxinger, for the maker. T Ball. Boston, two statuettes of Daniel Webber; Mrs Mary M*r?on, one pair of slippers worn in lSi U; Miss Marietta Martou preserved pep Mrs Chas Hull, two embroidered otto uau covers and one collar: Miss A M. Buck ley, knit h'<se; Miss Maggie D. Young, tw > crotchet shirts; kiss Martha V Cassoll, one ti dy and be id and seed bag; Mies Lisiic West, embroidered apron, tidy, collar and lace; Miss Mary Farnham, our Saviour, executed in worsted, the finding of Moses and the Shepherd boy; James Reynolds, aged 16, two archilectu ral designs: Miss Jane Bell, pair pillow case*, Mrs. John McDcruiott, one quili; Ma-tor George U. Sisbel, aged 14, two drawing* S W. Forrest 17 years old. one drawing; Mrs M A Boall. a quilt made in two weeks, one shirt; Mrs M. h Mel'hereon silk quilt, plaid ed with wool; Miss Nanie Edwards, 12 years old. piece wnrste<l work; Jos. M Edwards, cane from wba'e's tooth out by a sailor, Miss Kama Edwards, one rural chair and quilt. Mrs C H Marlio, box of bead made of rotes; A II, Brown, adjustible paddle wheel; Laura Miles two cro:ehet collars: Mrs Cttrran, lot of soap; Miss Susan B. lriplett. one quilt: Miss V B. lriplett, tidy and worsted mat; Miss Mary A. lriplett, do do; Miss Elizabeth But ler, olo cnEe hairwerk; Mrs Mary llorner, domestic c-irpet; Mi?sFanny 11 Butler, citron preserves; Richard Butler, piece soap, I860; Mrs Mary Jackson, one rug; Mrs. Helen M Chapin, quilt. Tus "no* CniLPRKt ? These ?nrc?t children, accompanied by their beautiful and accoin. piished mother, have arrived in this city, and tuken lo'lging- at the U. S llotel. It^is their intention, wejundcrstand, to give a series of entertainments in this city at Iron Hall in the coursc of the coming week, and we can but expect that their extraordinary talents will Command the liberal patronage of our citizens. They gave a select drawing room exhibition last evening, in the parlor of the U. S. Hotel, and will this evening appear ajrain in the same manner. It is not too much to say, that we have never witnessed their equals in the juvenile world They have be*n trained and cultita'ed alone by their mother, and it is truly n..-ton'<<hing with what truthfulness and beauty ?hey render the respective characters which! they personate? character*, too, which the bright st stars ot the age are but too proud to excel in Is it not more the superior merits of these children and their tuleuted mo her. that we be-peak liberal patronage for them, than f:om the fact that ih'i ultimate object sought ! is, their thorough education through the m^ans accruing from their performances now. Family Quarrel?Yesterday, one of these unpleasant affairs was brought before Justice Clark, arvi causod considerable " noise and onfusion" in his offioe The parties were Michael Duffy, charged wyh breaking wia dows in bis mother-in law s house, ana Mrs. Cronin. Patrick Wilsoni Mrs Wilson. and Miss Mary Cronin, with assault and battery. Tho trial began, and Daffy and Wilson began to talk so rapidly that the Justice could scarcely get a word in; and when they stopped the women would all begin to talk at once After some threatening, the Justice secured silence enough to dismiss the ladies, and to hold Duffy and Wilson to bail for court. They are all relations Robbery amo Recovery ?Yesterday morn ing a thief entered the General Post Office and stole an ovarc >at, the property of Wm. J. Walker, a Messenger. M^ W , as soon as he mis-ed liis property, commenced an active search for it. and found it in the estab'ish ment of a Jew on 4i street, south of the Ave nu -, who informed Mr. W., that he purchased it for $2 50. Mr. W., with Officer Allen, brought the Jew before Justice Goddard, where be gave a description of the thief The officer if now pursuing the villain and will probably secure him Catalogs or the National Institoe asd Goverhmeht Co*hskvatory.? Alfred Hunter has seut us a copy of a Catalogue he bas just published', in neat book form, of the curiosities in the National Institute arranged in the building belonging to tbe Patent Office. It is a very usefal and instructive work, and should be in the possession of every person in Washington. It will prove invaluable to strangers visitiDg Washington. Kkmkmberino the Poor.?We yesterday heard two of our citixens making arrange ments with one of our bakers to bake one thousand loaves of bread for distribution among the worthy poor of the city. During a hard winter several years since, these saute gentlemen were enti' led to credit fur a similar bonevoleut act. Tbe gentlemen are to pur chase the flour, and the baker is to bake and distribute the bread gratis The poor will rememl>er them ??-? Wife WHirriR ? Jo*. Hall, a colored man. whipped his wife severely this morning, and she hat him arrested Justice Clark would no doubt have given him a severe penalty to i-?ffer but for tne kindness of his wife, who begged that be should only be held to bail to I keep the peace. We hope he will, in future he more kind-hearted Shili, 5GTo*'s Srors of Val?nti*es, laee ,od embossed envelopes, for ue*t Valentine r -lay, (Wednesday, 14th iustarit,) are certain!* the most superb we have ever seeu, and we would advise those of our readers wh-? wish t.> purchase Valentines to give friend Shilling ton an early call Remember Ode- n Build ing, corner of 4J street and Penneylvaaia avenue. Iboh Hall.?We notice that the interesting youth who aooompaniee Prof Heller, end ia one of the eotora in the great feet of seoond light, takes a benefit at Iron Hall to-night. This simple announcement should be sufficient to fill the houae to overflowing, as the jouth is, we believe, the only person who has ever performed that part in this oonotry This wonderful art, we understand, will be carried to muoh greater lengths to-night than hereto fore. Go early and secure a good seat. Gold Give* Awat ? Macallister gives a folden soiree at Odd Fellows' Hall, on Satur> ay evening. Forty elegant gifts, including four handsome watobes, are to be presented free to the audience after the performance? value in all $300!? and no e*tra charge. Tickets only fifty cents A splendid entertain ment, and a ohanoe of a hcndsome gold watoh?who will be absent? Nobody! Boy your tickets in time, or assuredly you will be shut odt, for nevor was suoh a programme of fered Election or Officim or thi School Board.?We are pleased to learn that the Board of Trustees of the Public Schools, which met on Wednesday evening last, elected Geo. J. Abbott, Esq., Secretary, and Peter F Bacon, Esq., Treasurer. These gentleman have made faithful and effieient officers, and their re-election reflects credit upon the judgment of the Board in selecting them. ELKCttoii or OrrlcBKS.?At the last regu lar meeting of the Franklin Fire Company, the following officers were elected : President,' R E Doyle; vice president, Joseph William son; secretary, G E. Crossfield ; assistant sec retary, R. G. Eckloff; treasurer, W. H Fan ning. Division officers remain to be elected. Pricks of Flour and Skid.?Our mer ohants are pretty well supplied with flour and seed at the present time, and we learn upon inquiry that the prices are about as (ollows, vis: Flour, superfine, $9 75; famil/ $11 a $11 50; buokwheat $1.60 per bag of 25 lbs.; corn meal $1 20 per bushel; oloverseed $8 per bushel; timothy $4. Murder ?We learn that Wni. Osborne, who lived on Boots' old place, near tha old rsoe-oourse, was murdered last night by some person or persons unknown. Coroner Wood ward was sent for this morning to hold an in quest over the dead body. ?? Food roR tbu Poor.?We learn that bread will be given to the from Havenner's bake house on Monday next' at 1 o'clock, and gro ceries from the storo of Shekel! A Brothers, opposite Centre Market, at 2 o'clock. Fa!*ct Muj* A"bout?The dwelling of Mr. Evans, a Clerk in the General Land Office, on Twelfth streot, was entered- on Tuesday night last. They wete discovered by the lady of tn? hou?e, who gave the alarm ana they decamped with >ut obtain' n? anything Watch Retprss.?There was only one case at the guard-house this morning?Henry J. Roberts, drunken vagrant, dismissed. VT~7m ATKB'S CMKKBY P ECTOR A I,.?For tl>? rspld of Onghs, Colds, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Whooplug Cough, Asthma and Consumption, is universally known as the beet remedy ever yet discovered for every variety of Pulmonary disease. 80 wide Is tlie field of Its usefulness, and ??> numerous the rases of IU cnres, that almoel every ?eclion ?f Hie country abound* in persons publicly kaown," ?who have been restored from alarming and even desperate iilk*aaes "f tke ?>v Hi u?? Wl'?i on?? tr'ed Its supe riority over every other medicine of lui Kind is too apparent to escape observation, and where Its virtues are kuown, the public no longer hesitate what antidote to employ for the distressing and dangnrous affections of the pulmonary or gans which are Incident to eur climate. By Its timely use, many, nay almost all attacks of disease upon the Lungs or throat, are arrested and thus are saved many thousands ev ery yearfrom a prematme grave. No family should be with out It, and those who do neglect to provide themselves with a remedy which wards off this dangerous class of diseases will have cause to deplore it when it is too laie. Proofs of the surprising efficacy of the Cherry Pectoral need not be given to the American people?tliey have living prwofs In every neighborhood. Bnt those w ho wish to read the state ments of those whose whole health has been restored and Whose lives have been saved by Its uae, will Snd them In my American Almanac which the areola below named has to furnish gratis for every oue. Prepaid hy DB. J. C. AVEB, Lowell, Mass., ?And sold f. D. 01 T.MAN, WashlnsWm. C. M. LINTI11CCM, Ueergetotfn. JAM. COOK k CO., Fredericksburg, and by all Druggist* everywhere. ^ dec 17?eo2m rjT?FOB BRONCHITIS, Throat Disease*. Hacking Comgli, ' and the eft ecu of Imprudent use of Mercury, no med icine has ever been discovered which has effected such cures ss Carter'* Spanish Mixture. Throat disease* produced by salivation, Hacking Cough, Bronchial Affections, I.lver Disease, Neuralgia, and Bheu matlsm, have all beeu relieved and cured In a wonderful ?Dinner, by the great partner of the blood. Carter's Spanish Mixture. The case o? Mr. T. H. Kamsey alone should satisfy any who d >nbt. Call on the Agent and procure a pamphlet, containing cures, which will astonnd you. ?,*8ee adrartlsement. P Abothxb Piiiiv Mr. WHITKHl'BST ha*.l>e?'i ?warded another prairium ft>r hi* enpertor Dagnerreotypc*. exhibited at the World's fair. New York. It will be lemem bered that Mr. W. received from the World'a Fair. London, two medals *?r his unrivalled daguerreotypes of Tresldeui Flllieor* anS Cabinet, and Pantle.- >pea of Niagara Falls, be side* iire'Ll"*" at all the fairs at which he has exhibited for many year* past. This speak* volumes In favor of his galle ries. Call ai.djtagp your likenesses taken at Whltehurat'* UalltJ ry, nearPIVnrTtnd-a-half street, Pennsylvania avenue. Sep IS?U ' f>?T=? BK*I?Y M ADR CLOTH I NO FOR nRNTI.RMKN AND Youths' wear manufactnred with lasts and elegance by NOAH WALERR * CO , under Browns' Hotel. Their etoek embrace the Palltot or Burtout Overcoat, Oversackn, shaped and uexlngee; Tairnss, black and blue Cloth Dress Costs, Frock Coats of all fashlouahle colors, Cassimer, l*n*lne?s Suites, tlcli Velvet Vests, Silks, he., black doeekin Caiuimer, flgured Cassliner, and plain Cassimer Pantaloons. For the youth? Jackets, Pants, Vests, Overcoats, *c. A* they are their own manufacturers they are enabled and will sell at the very low eat prices. Shirts of superior lit, Collars, Gloves, Ties, Ac., of late styles always on hand. dec 2S? |>'~r* WATCHRS. -Members of Congress anJ other* 'In ^' want of a Hrst rate timekeeper would do well to malce a selection at once that their quality may be'tlioronghly test ed Mbrs I-ivliig the city. M. W. OAl.T A BRO'S assort ment wa* : "ver so complete as at present, embracing every description, all warrauted, and at prices certainly as low as blmUar articles can be purchased for In any city In thi* country. M. W UALT k BKO., Jan 20?dtf Pa. avenue between 9tli and lOtli *ts consinni ?l DISSOLUTION. PI'llE |*-?:liiersltip of Barron a. Orine is this i!nv 1 dh -??lv? il by iiiulual conwnt. All account* due the conct-rit must tie naid to ti. U.-trron, lie heiiig nil thortsed lo cIi?mj the bumnecs 01 the firm. IIENKY BARRON, y. bruary 3, 1HM. THOS. ORMfc. The undersi^iietl would respectfully re?|>ieM all those indebted to the concern to ooiue forward and d'Htle their lulls by the Gth of March, as it is very important to hiiu to have tlie business closed by that time. All account* left over at that time will lie put into the hands of an officer for cnlU-cAion. All a? counts due by the concern will please be presented for payment as soon as poss ble, as I am ready at any time to meet the same. HENRY BARRON. P. H.?The undersigned would respectfully say to all the customer* of the late firm, nnd the public generally, thnt there will always be kept a stock of Wo h] and Coal at the old stand, Green street, and nolicits a share of public patronage. Believing it to b: beet lor both buyer and seller, he has determined to make the mrnis cash, or on short tune to punctual customers. THOtJ. OUMK, Agent. feb 5 ? BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS. JAMES ANDERSON, Cutter and Fitter. TJ. FOttttHaT. SOS Pa. avenue, n. side, ? between 12lh and 13th btreet*, keepa constant ly on hand a very fine assostment of Ladies and GentV Boots, Mhoes and Gaiters of his] own make, of the beat material and work manship. PIANOS FOR SALE AND RENT. rpilE subscriber has always on hind a assoit 1_ inent ol Uertnan and American PI A N??d, Ironi the very best manufaclurerti^J^^n which he offers for sale at lower prices than can be purchased in the Ihstrict of Columbia, and ? n ill" most accommodating terms. All Piatos purchased from me are warranted to give satisfac tion. Old Pianos taken in exchange. B. REIS8, Professor of Music, <J, betw. Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets. feb 6?3m* BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH. Healthy gums, and a sweep breath. All who arc dcsiious of obtaining thoe benw fit*, should use ZKR.M \ M ' S CELEBRATEU TOOTH VVASII. TliisdolieiawMtietc combines so many meritorious qualities, that it has now be come a -t'uid.trd fav?ritc with the citizen* of New Y< rk, Piitladelpliia and BalUmorr. Heuiists pr? ?libe it in their pracUcc mr?st successfully, and from every source the most flattering laudations are

awarded it. Inflamed and bleeding gmns are immediately ben Htitied hy its Use; its acti 'li upou them is niHd, soothing and effective. It elranses the teeth so thoroughly, that they are made to rivnl penrt ih whiteness, and diffuses throiigli the mouth such a delightful freshness, that the breath is rendered ex quisitely sweet. It disinfe.-ts all those impurities which tend to |?roduee decay and as a consequence, when ihese arc re move J, thi* teeth mutst always rf main Mitind. It is iis?d Htid rec *niui< n.lcd by :?ll the ??iiun?*n Dentist - in New York, I'liiladelphia, Bnllm ore, and other cities where u has Ik- u introduced. Ail should give it a uul. Prepared only by KftANCIH ZERMAN, Drugei t and t leiui-t, Ninth and Cutharine sircetN Flu'*; detpni i, l .d sold by all Drnr-tst- ev rywliaf , a' Jo cents per bottle. W. II. G1LLMAN, j an 17?An Agent for Washington City. Tor Bald and Bant. A COMMODIOUS DWELLING FOR RENT ? Th? large and commodious dwelling it the corner of 11th street mil Pa. arrt??e, roniiimnf 17 large r<mn??, with a tine ki<chei, in the b*sement, having a fine cellar and back vard, the who'e being in fine repair, w now lor rem. iu excellent toca tion and fine accommodate!,s make it one of the moat desirable places for a Urpe bearding house or dw Hint in Washington. For term* apply at the Star office. fehS-tf FOR HBNT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgetown or City Property, a small and well cunivated Farm in Fairfai county, Va. Enquire of J. ORME, corner of Rridfc and Congrew at*., No. 87. fel. ?_tf I^OR RENT OR SALE ON REASONABLE < TERMS? A two sto y Iranie House, witli back buildiuc. containing sut rooms, on 13]^ stract, between B and C streets so lit a. Apply to C. A. Dot'GIIKRTV, next door. A three-ftof) Frame. with b is- micnt, on N. York avenue. between 4th and 5ili sts. west. A three nory Frame, witli btck buildrtig, on I st north, between 4th and 5th *u. west. Apply for the two last mentioned to JAME ' W BARKER, on II street north, between hfth and 13lh sts. west. Also a two-story Frame, with back building, on Montgomery street, G orve-own. DICKSON fit KING, feb 7?eotf George.own. STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Good* Groceries, be stored, will find ample ac | commodutions In the large, airy, flax stone |?avcd and Dry Basements under the ."'tar office, corner Pa I avenue and Blcveuth st. Apply at the itnr office, jan 31?tf IJOR RENT?FOR ONE YEAR OR A TEHM of y ars, the well situated, commodious, well finished, and convenient dwelling House, over the Music Store of Milbus fit. Hitx. at the comer of I*a. avenue and 11th ?treet. It contains seventeen rooms without the basement, in which the kitchen is situated. This is a rare chance for a private fam ily wishing a large house on Pa. avenue,orfor a per son desiring 'ha best location in Washington for a large and well kC|K lioarding house. Possession given imm?diately. Apply at this office. " jan 13?tf HOMES FOR ALL.? Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 fed front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at ihe exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per month Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Ft Hows' Hall, jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. Wants. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A madly White Man, for an omnibus driver Appv in | er son at this < ffice Saturday or Monday at precisely 3 o'clock, or address '"Omnibus," through the City Post Office. feb 9?2t WANTED?A GOOD BREAD RAKER AP (tly to C. W.'IIAVENNER. I feb 9 Boarding. BOARDrao -A ladv having taken the hand soHie dwelling, No. 3 Union Row. on P street, lietween fith and 7th, offer fine large r(K>m< for families, either furrti-died f>r urtliirnl?hed. Also, lu> rooin< for gentleman much larger than ire generally appropriated to single persons. Table boarder* and permanent er transient per sons will l?e accommodated on the most reasonable terms. jan 39-'2w* SUPERIOR PLATED GOODS. ' J Ml E subscriber wauld invite espec'al attention to 1 his. extensive assortment of superior ?juility Plated Goods, consisting of - Tea Sets, Waiters, Butter Cooicis Salad Stands, Castors, Take Baskets Forks, Spoons, Ladles. Salt Stands Goblets, Tea Kettles anc Coffee Urus. All of which arc warranted to be of the best <| ity.aod at greatly reduce;! prices. C. W. BOTELER, House Furuuhiug Store, No 318, Iron Hall, and 945 D street, feb 6?1 w NEWS FOR THE MILLION. MESSRS. RYDER &. PLANT have taken the old and well known confectionery vMalilidi j went, No. 499 Seveinh street, opposite t ?dd Fel lows' Hall, where thev wiH be most happy to receive their fiieiul. and tlrt; public generally. We vvilf keep consia .tly on baud a choice selec tion of all kind-of CONFECTIONERY Also, dealers ui foreign and domestic FRUITS, ol all kinds. We hope hr a strict attention to business to win th approbation of our friends, and merit a liberal share of p.itionage generally. N. B. Halls. I'arti< s, and Families supplied on the most reasonable and satisfactory terms,at ilie short est notice. RYDER k I'LANT. feb 6?tf I'HE PROBLEM SOLVED ; or, Sin not of God, by Miles p. Sipner, D.D. The'Christ, ,,- Retrospect >'o,d Register, a Summary of the Scientific, Moral, and Kelij'ous Pro gress of ihe first half of the 19th Century, with a supplement, hiing ng the work down to the present time, by Robt Baud. Scripture Portrait*; or sketches ol Bible charact' rs, by Rev. J. Brace A Manual for the Young, by Rev. C Bridges I'.ayer for Colleges, a premium Essay, by W.S. Ty ler The Westminster Shorter Catechism, with aualy si", proof-, mlcr nces, and illustrative Anec dote*, by Rev. Jas. r>. Boyd A Sou ill Side View of Slsverv , or, Three Months at the r^ouih in lt&4, by Nchciiiiah Adams, D. D. New Edition of ilie Wide Wide World, in 1 vol ? price reduced to ,f I 25 All the new Book- of the American Tract Society and Sunday Sch'stl Union received and lor -?a!e :.t their prices. GRAY fii BALLANTYNE, feb 7?3t 41#H Seventh si reel. THE LATE MR. MKAIE'S PICTURES. r|MJ BE RAFFLED FOR IN 5*00 CHANCES 1 AT 943 EACH. I'ftlZK MO. 1 "St. Thomas of Vill nueva, giving Alins to the Poor," a eopv of Murillo, by one of his pupils aed touched by that great artist?said to be equal to the o. iginal, cost $4,000. I'Pixe2. " Tlie adoration of the Wise Men of the East.r a genu ne Murillo ; cost .,gf3,00;?. raize 3. M Head of our Saviour," by Correggio; cost 91,000. prize 4. " Head of the Blessed Virgin," by Cam ggio; cort 91,000. Mr. S. A. MATLACK is authorized to receive subscriptions in this city, of whom tickets may ne obtained, or of Messrs. TAYLOR k MAURY. All money received on account of the Raffle will be deposited in Bank until tlio drawing tikes place, which will be duly announced. From tke NiUioiuil Intclligencer. Articles similar to the annexed we have observed in several distant papers, contained in their Wash ington correspondence. We are glad to see that a member of ihe/amily is willing to dispose ol a part of the rare collccliou of the I He Richard W. Aii udc, who, during his long residence in Spaiu, had oppor tunities, which his opulence enabled hint to indulge, for selecting many ot the finest paintings in Spain? that treasure-house of pictorial riches. The dis turbed state of the country at the time, moreover, made it favorable for obtaining many gems of art which would otherwise never have beeu purchasa ble. from tkc Boston Chronicle. Cnrr D'txKVRKK or Art?Several chef d^urcrn of Murillo, Correggio, and other mast- rs, which were brought from Spaiu during revolutionary timcj bv the late R. VV Meade, hav? elicited the admirrion of connoisseurs during the pa*l week in the Rot undo of the Capitol. They are to be dis|K)?ed of for the benefit of a daughter of Mr Meade, residing in New York, after an opportunity has been given to the public for an examination. feb 6- U ?. A. TY80W ft SISTERS' 8EMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES, On F, between lit A and 13th ttreeU, D'usAing'on. f| HE second term of this institution commencec | on Wednesday, the 7th of the pres? nt niontli, and will expire on the 1st day of July neg*^ Circulars may be bad at the principal bookstores in the city or at the seminary. feb 6 6t WATCHES! WATCHES ~ 1F YOU wish a warranted timekeeper, at a reasonable [ pricc, you are invited to, cull, and examine my selected sUn-k" of fine English and Geneva Watches for Indice and gents. . H. SEMKKN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9ih and lOUi st.s. jan 18?eotMar4 w VAi ENTINES. [TE have lliu morning received the largest and f most varied a^so.tinent of Valentines cv?r before offered in this city, consistieg of every style, finish and pnee to suit -II kinds ? f people cf all ages sexes and conditions, all of which we will run on at such prices as suit fie times. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 I a avenue, r.enr corner Tenth streets, feb 6?if SILVER PLATED WARR CIOMPLKTE Coffee Sets, Castors, Cakv and Frui< J Baskets, Waiters on white metal, Table, De* #ert and Tea Simon* and Forks, double ard !'i|?le plated on Albata, the best substitute tor mIvh war iaut< d tuul md by ||. SEMKEN No. 390 Pa. avenue, between (Kit and iota au. Jut 19 TELEGRAPHIC?. Kiprewly for ftr Daily BhsIm 5t?? Ariival of the Atlantic. T?jr DAYS LAT?B TBOK EUROPE Naw York, Feb. 9?The Atlantic bu ar rived at her dock, With important European MWl No change has taken plaoe In the general position of affairs before Sebastopol. The Peace conference ia to open in the mid die of February. Lord John Russell hat resigned, and a gen oral dissolution of the English cabinet minis try i? threftened. [sccohd DKRrarca ] ?. COTTON MARKET. At Havre, cotton is upward, and all ijuaH ties have slightly advanced, with an active speculative demand- Sale^ for tbo week, 7,600 baler Brown A Shipley report tone of <b? Liv erpool market tenacious. owing to tho report ei embarrassments of 'change Mobile fair at 5id ; middling 5 1-164. Other English news not important, exropt the resignation of Wd John Russell. On Friday, the ftunister gave a general explana tion of his oonduot, and it if the gene-al opin ion that the whole ministry must go ont. The public feeling seems tending tow irJs a peace with Russia. TM Vienna conference will not meet nntil the middle of February. Affairs before Sebastopol continue unchang ed. The British army is in a wretched con dition, resulting from mismanagement. The report of a general battle ii not oorreot. Tho 8 vedish army is to be pl*ced on an im mediate war footing. Negotiations continue between Austria an J Prussia, respecting the Germanic army. The Queen of Sardinia is dead The steamer Great Britain has arrived at Liverpool with ?760 000 sterling There have been numerous r.{>orl*of fail ures in Liverpool, but were no doubt exage rated beyond the truth ; notwithstanding, the cotton market has been thereby influenced. Consols have declined J in oonsrquence of the resignation of Lord John Russell. They closed at yiiaUli. FURTHER DETAILS The Atlantic arrived at hor dock at ten o'clock She brings Liverpool dates of the 27th, and arrived out on the morning of the 22 i. She brings 5a passengers, among whom is lion N G Tho chiof interest of her news centres in the proceedings of the British Parliament, where the Government has boen severely donoanced. At Sobostopol the Russians had made two sorie*, but usual, were r?-puUed with con buieinble It- a Ifco weather in the Crimea had been cold, but at latobt date* was much milder. Considerable reinforcements were reaching the allies. Gen. .jtprandi had again advanced his out posts to Tobernays. Forty thousand men and eighty pieces of ar tillery ate raid to be at Perskop, on their way to the Crimea. Letters state that the Freuoh division had gained the flag staff battery, and only awaited : a favorable opportunity to blow It up. I Sickness is on the increase in the camps. Menschikoff u reported to have said that "tbe-tr'v'Opfl may re?t, for (.rtnrrai* Jniu.itg, February and M irck will fight our battles far better than we can " The Russians have repaired and re-occuploi the QuaranMne Fort. Gen Sir George Brown was about to resuu.e ; bis command in the Crimea | St. Petersburg (Jsn 18 ) dates are of a pa ? oific character Jhe allies contemplate establishing a hos pital capable of accommodating 2,000 pa tients at Smyrna, and one at Rherlee, for the convalescents of the army. Ruaaian dispatches ropurt numerous de or tions from >ho ull'es to the Russian ranks. A kttfr from Odcra, of the 0 h 8 ?ya that the Hessians will shortly ,v."umc the offcnMVO in the Crimea, havim; received the necessary reiuforcemen'.s L?r.;o bodies of Rustlan troops have been uidered to e^ncentrnte at Perekop. having in view an attack cn Eupa toria. It was reported at Vienna, ou the 25>L, thai a battlo had been fought before Sevastopol, in which tho Rui-riaiis were victorious; but th: next day advices from Balaklava contcadicted it. It was positively asserted that Ouicr Pacha's force was to begin operations on tho 18 b of January, by advancing under oovor of the arti'.lory of the fleets along the coast,. The last of the Turkish convoys lett Varna for Balaklava on the M?h The French 80 gun rhip. llenri Quatre. which ran ashore on the 14th of November, baa been turned into a fort, and is thua ol great use to the allies. A despatch from Menschikoff dated the 17th and published at St. Petersburg on the 26th, w aa to the following effect: ' Tho siege opora. tiona do not advance. Five aucoessful sorties were made on the 13th and 16th; we took 14 French and English prisoners, and the Allies loat a considerable number in killed. The Arab deserters say that the Turks are treated with very little consideration by the Allies. FROM THE DANUBE. The Patrie says that the reoeni Ipa*sige of the Danube by the Russian* had given rise to a demand by Austria lor explanations frcrn Gortschakoff. m Orders have been sent to Count Coronia to prevent the Russians from re-commenoingthe campaign on the Danube. The admirals of the allied fleeta have de olared all the ports of the Blaek Sea and the Sea of Axof in state of strict blook?de, and have captured several ships laden with Rus sian supplies. A tcrew steamer for the Black Sea, with a snb marine cable for connecting Varna with Balaklava, had put back into Harwich much damaged. f Baltimore Markets Baltimore, Feb 9 ?There is literally noth ing doing iu breadstsffs. The market is flat? no offerings or sales. Mew York Markets Naw Yokk. Feb. 9 ? Cotton is dull and downward Flour is firm wiih an upward teudenoj? ales of 3,250 bbls. go >d Ohio at $8 87i a $9 25; Sonthtrn i- firm at yesterday's ra'.es?Kate.' of 2,000 bbls Corn?Sales ef mixed at $1. Pork is upward and firm Beef ia upward and firm Lird is unchanged with a moderate demand at pievioua rate*. Whu ky is quiet; sales ol Ohio M 33*aMe. TU Cbahlbstoh, Fib 8 ?Tk? loag UIW of tkree Mil* net Mwmi Brown Dick nd Mary Taj I or, took pirn w d?} II w?? ??? kf Brown IHca list 5m 41 ud 5s 4k A thunder atom ooeurred tot* to-daj Tko thermometer rimii li dfm ikon aero Cotton?mIm for lit wtik M*uUd to 11 500 bilo* ?t t to fi. Tkt niMpq for the wook were 15 *00 koto* Thtitoek on band ?lolume of abtpboard, ia 90,HO bale* Bioa?Mint at 4i; meoipu for the week were 5000 Unrcn?, rtook on hand, 6,175 Uaittd lutes I?lor Mooted FrBidGriBLD. Ill . P*>? 8 - L*in?? Tom Lull baa been elected to U 8 Senate from tkia State, in tbe plneoof Stutif Sbinldf Earthquake Halifax. Fnb 8.?An Mrikquk* abook *il distinctly felt at 28 miaa'oi n 7 o'clock tbil mrrninn is thia rite. Hi* York, Enb 8 ?Piapetehce from Rock rilln, Em port, Calais and other plane ?a j thnt the tenia chock waa felt at tboee point* At l<orkriile hou*oa were >bnkon aod mi bruken Auction tales. LivwtpttoLiSALT at A??iUi1?w.?mon t?AY u? x^tlii' J2 h M?eVJ<i( k a*., will I* sold <>n hoard Sanjee Kapu"( M**<+cr Aun U., lying at oer wharf, lbwtanp*?t ?nw* nig of?. mcki Q. A. Salt d<? fin? do Ffi'^ T-y filled. Meachcd, and warrants lfl |n the ton. 'Ientra at the rale. PliWLE a CO., . fib7?d4t Aleiandrta. Va. By J C. Mr(Ui|HK. Aariiunr. '1'RlSTEE'S SALE OF VALUAM.R I Real E*tatenn P'?**?> vanla ? By vir tue iH a d?c<I si irtt?t. fearing date th- 4th <>tf of April, If**', and recorded in Lllwi.A. 9., Nn. 15, folio* Ul, Ac., the rtihfccriher will HI it |wl>>k aal?, u:i M? iNIJAY, the l^h rtay ef February, Itttft, ?t 4 o'clock p. in . imi ihe pirmlMf, part of Lot No. 3, in Rcia-rvation No. 1*2, fronting 18 f*t 8 inch"* on Peni?t>lvatin avenue, and running hnck 10fi fe?t 0 inches to a 15 feet all-r, with the impr v?mmu, wliirh mnuat of a well and ?u^iiaiitWlr buHi twe atiey brick home, covering tlie whole depth of the lot. The property ia HupWy atm?fe.1 on P?nna>4vanin avenue,b nr?n Scroed and Third ?trert* wM, and ailjol*iing the ?ld Ha ir ad and ia a r?H - ne.?H locatien, and offVrra m p'iKim ile*irou? of in vexing An ?-*re|iim oppncnmty. Tll?' term* of wile will Im- : I >tm- third of ihf por ehaac m >ruy in cna!i,anrf the bnUrter tn an, twelve, ??ialit> ? n, and twei ty four month*. for n?n< ? t>.wruijj interest from day of aale, acemed hv d?*l ot tniat ?limn tlie propery. Il th?- lereta of aele are cow lilied with tn ?i* d;ava after the ante, il?e property will he resold, np^u one week'a notice, nt the n?k and eijienw; nf the inirrlinspr. All e**nr^yen? ing at thr expenac of the purrha<?>r. Title indi?|ni?<ble. CHAS. K WALLACII. TrvtK. J AS. C. MeOUlRC, Jail m?3fawKd? Auctioneer n.tVIBU NOLO ova LUnHhU Vard to Me<ur*. ^td?n R. Ward k. hnuii?r, we would aolirit for ih? ni ll.f i>*?'i?niwe of rwir ft*rmer ou^to<nen>. TIlOwAH It OYER. HAVING ri'RCHAMKIl Of MEH5KS. TflO* At* a l?YKK itv ir enure i*oek. we ?hall c<>nuiiii?r the Mi in<"? ho<h ai the cnirr uf dittli a?<l H, and Twelfth and Canal i-trrrta. We hare on hami a I1119 and wi ll tewwdtlnek of Lumh> r, atich a<? VVWHe Tiwr wf an win, YaUow riee. J tmt, Mimic inc. and Milinc, l.ath*. Pal ng?, and all kiitda al cati iim t anil cuarliiita' er'a Lumber. Vt'? repperttnllv **??irit a Btiar*- ?if peMtr patmn ac from the p'lMie, being dvi'-rmined to aell ?*n re*.?Miabl'' t?'rui? lo prom;d curtoniera. fcli6-er?3c JNO. 0. WARD It BRO. SOMETHING NEW ANEW Store, i on?i?tnic rntirt-ly of new and fre?? (li?nl*, h;is lately hewn f?pei'?td on corner ?if Truth and E ?=ir? ct>-. where th? proprietor will be glad to ?e hi- <dd and new fnetwLi. All in wai.t of COFVBE:*, Ht'U AH>, TEAS, and "Hl??-r artiele? in the Ci^iee.ry lin?- will pl?:a?? give me a rail. *8 I nm determined to eeH a? cheap a*, it not cheaper, than can be *old Hiwwhere. Nun oil ban-! m choice lot nfTobacco and gar*. A II MtirNT/,, M imntc Hall, corner IOth and E atreeto. flVi 5 ? eo3t* 4? Mott Bedells Line. y?tr mil K. -1LF.X.I H .1SRISGTVX UTF, .1KD D!STRUT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. 'IMII^ I.INK. <'K I'VKITS PAILS WCEKI.Y T _ froiil ji|er H East K:v?r, New Vork.and irft^ner II nrc?t*ary,aa4 nre competed of the following firat Clean veaaela: Net* a< hr. .1 r Ho/??'/, B? dell mailer. NVw Hchr. y*ctl it H> II. 5. V. Tredwrll. R?:hr. .inn D , U'n <Miv?-r, niusfr. Si U". L. A. Herri It. nm?ter. Sciir. Cfnmandrr in Chitf, Wofl in, mastvr. Setir. Ore en 'ray, tV it son, in .^ter Thew nw.l? are ail fa^t aaders, aod the m<uner* men ot i>t|wrKMf ia Iht trade. ?n-t ilte <>ul> regu lar line of Washington Criv pa. keu. MUTT BE ELL, ^ Wall utreet. N. Y. 8. S. MASTERS a SON?\ Alezandiii, Va. TIIOM \S RILEV, frb I -6tti *V axhmgton and n. C. "blLVERWAKB. AVI'RV preliy aniai <>cnt ol Silver t.'ofli-e Si*!*, 11:< lieis. (JolX-:. 1'np , 1 tennis, and aM kiud? ot Spoon* and Fi'rkn. and a v inety of Fancy t?ilver war<-, Hi!iiabl<- lor pre~ent?. VIt: Soup and ?"Vrttr ldi!!*-i<, i iiinili Si-ri(wt?, li->li, p*e and caki Kmti*, tJreani and Sni;ir .-^ioiii", etc., ni ofCci* d at low pit cis, and warranted Veiling. II SE^KP.V, No 330 I'a. atrenwr, t.M. 9th and NNti a.*, jan 19 rpim It Hi Elf; V ftfricE L hnTltniTcli* o?7 X reeled to Augutd lfs">I. ilik 4iv r<tvi*?d Irm L?i"d<>n. FKANCK TAYL??H. Jan 15 BOY S~CLOTUrNG. 11^ ALL a STEPHENS, Wln4?wele an I R?tiir| ff Clothing an J lurni-hitu; >l?-rciiarua. Pa. avc tiui^ n?j\t duor lo Iron Hall, have on hand one nf UiCTargeitt ami inost varied a-miatfi:!* or RKVUV VIAHE D<?YS' CL TilllfU in the country, nh.i h '* inaile up in every st>l?*, and calculated to auit ali la-l *. Tlieir lro<>da are ma le of Hie be?t ma'enaU an-1 by the inert workmen, and wili he diiipiHe J of al rati-aitiat cannot fail to pleaae. Tli* pulriic a*e renp'-ctltilly luviied lo call mid amine the atock. Irh 2-tf J HE U'JEKK'8 KcgulatNirif and tiid'*rr Air fh? Army oomplwte to 1^54, 2 vola, Lot Hon >de Napoteon, literally tranalaied 1 ml, 1 xmdon 1854 Pairholt'a Pu iuinary of Term* of Art, 1 e d, L?ni don, JC154 The Micioacop'?, Its History, eonntruction, and ap pticaaon, hv I- Fogg, 1 trol, *?0 euuravm--. Loud'in, 1851 llujrliea I lilies ofJu.lge Ailvocat?a I vol The Steam Engine, Utr practical ruen, by llann and Gener, 1 vol, Lamloa 1854 The Steam Engine, iu ln?iory and inecbnnt-?n. hy Robert Scott Hum. 1 vot, London, 1*51 Richard*' Copulation and Capital, 1 vol. (."noon, l&M PRANlltf Y^YIA>R. jan 20 H. SEMKEN, JEWELEK, So. 330 Pa. at emit, httwnm 'M.K <tml IWA tranU , Offcn for anli- a ai ipuficeut a>aortmeui of HIAMUNH JEWELRY, Gold Hmre'rUi, Urea^tpina. fU'ruif*. SejJ R;ng" Wediting Rinc". Fob and Vest Cbaiiis, Seals, l?ck eta, Pencil*. Tlittuhiea, I'nnketa. etc All ar'iclea are warranted as repruecnted ami i dd unnaually low. j u !9 MY COURTSHIP It ITS CONSEQUENTS, by Wikiitf. Price ?1 25, b'hrvery in a New Light and its Grand R'di'is, t*y a Citn^n of finorp tim n. Pricc I2|^ ris. A Nicht in Buenna Ayr n, a new drama in five acU, hy a Ciuien nTGcorgeiown. Price 12^ ct". Tlie Scout, by W. Gi'nrirc Stniuia ; I "25 Ida May ; *1 35 Putnam n %'.t)(arine for Kelmiary; 5ft cennr Kallon'a New Monthly for February ; IU eta Godev'a l.ndica Hoik f?ic F< liruary; 2.S ct*. For aale by E- R* LtTNUV, No. 19S Bridge t4ieit, Genr'(?i..?in. jan 25?if NEW POLKA. JUST published and loraale atIIILRU6A. HIT'/' Muaic Depot, the TUNER'S POLK*, ? -oi.iponed aod dediea'cd to J.tco-i lliH??i?. E*?| , by J. Esputa, i-mb'-ilirhed with a beautiful a:.d cor reel ItkeiiKM.'of the vete*an tuner. **!ice 15 cent*. The tra<!e nuppl. -d on very liberal term*. f 'b 6 ? tf PIANOS FOR 8ALE OR KKN'f. Ni W and ? c?..d hard PIAN R, of my ea-a and *tr*r?' r ;i.'r 'a- orW-a. ?-e ?!???>" 'e jtfSEtPI tn* h<d iMut ; bin vr?f .?tn. ? (T^ |l ?tvt? ?!t, L?Pa. ?ii4 Ret. ???J n <b.h? tak 'n in r2etuat>'*. w ? luting al"o at'?nd <d to. 9. 0. RMTOKBHBAOa f r H A f-"? r-rr lee ft ??4 woeeiaaai Ptane? t'm ^ ? * ?We a?'"?an ft | . at .M?Hf It. ^1-. v . ,