Newspaper of Evening Star, February 10, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 10, 1855 Page 1
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? . .; Pf " f ' f ? fc, ^ V r i *' ;T?T >??* ? LI t) At i'-. *r tit. /' <t:??r h/.*v?i<A 4fr?*i, 0? *% 4 ?.!.??!?? A N O l< R , %Vlit !?*-?? ? I ?-? #1) >1^ C1W--? ?;l V\ uh ????? w. AVtuM. H*5i??H?rr ami Phils <r';h.-, ^?.*IT (MO A QOAKTIR CK.V1V, pars *<<??>- iN miAit Apnu. To mail Mlv?critwn to THREE WILMRg AKW firi'v CRJUX I y**r in ?tfvo**. TWO DOL LAR* r?T Six MOWT1IH, and Olf* DOLLA* tot THKKK HONTHS. florin on rem. NO. 657. 1). C., SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1855. CNDKRTAKKS. *c. . cabinet maker a undertaker^ T1HI d3-U?l<n?d would re*p*ctffclly Inform hl> Men J*. -iC-jaeintaaee*. and Mm public jt?nernily that he rtlll aoctionec to eyeoota *17 -rJers |B hit Ui? t>i bceiuee?< In the lui czuanet uj at -he short ?at aotr'. MPAIRIMO " ?m? *? 1 T*TfT~Ti7**f 11 w ?lad ri'SKHA :<? atcendei to ?t ? Lfie ;oor> c aotloe, ?uJ 1b the beat ouB*r &>Wspraatraari ?n tAa *~*ttpcr/eci mm *^r, ?r? i* U< w-nmdMt ***Uitr. - ?a*akfnl for pwH raeora, he wot&id rwywMMh tclhit, ea 1 wiJ ?o<l<*iTor to marl* a ecntfnuaneo ol the**** ANTHONY MMHLY, Pa. m., a. ride, between 9th and 10th ate. Baatdaase: Mr. MarOa'a, Wo. 896, D etreet, third hoaee eaat * Tth ntred? mar IT?ly undertakes. WO OLD reapeetfolly retarn my thank* to tha _ eiticen* of Waenlacton and ita Tl~inity rot their paat aatronaje, and say that owing la the fr.*e?ut eallanth* Undertaking branch of my bur1"**. J have beer induced to discontinue th?? rmrnfaet-^a of PnraHnr*. ani turn my attention fallv to the UICDCRYAitrNG. I h&ee ep*r?u no paiw to hare everything that is requisite to bt *<is!7mw? anil am therefore fully preparti to meet -cy order aft-r afcw BOP'tl notice, and I a**;.rp thoae who nine rfw me a oail that I will rparr co paras t? carry t at iWi orderc tv their entire JAMES r.nAk?UY. _ _ No 410. Tth at, <J a*d n. M. Oal. t attended to a: ali .Vor. o( <&? nwhl I COMMISSIONER OP DEEDS FOR JJaw York, Texaa, Caiffr^rcia, 2'WJ'rw, u.-jir-an*. tfie*iori. P-naeylTani*. Alabama, Rentneh* Karyand. O^ia, Michigan, Jf3*' , Wi*v,nHin, ohip, sad h inn ??<.?, Florida, Oliver gtatea. 0W>Efl2 C. THOMAS, ATTViiNEY t'OK CLAIMS AND SOfARir PCUL1C, Wiahnxsion k'Uc n*ar Odd-bWloie* Hail fi*VKNTU STiKCT. W^dif^TO*. Dk0 ?e? Iff -??? a. H. DA7IDGE, AtUvaty aad Coaaaellor-at-Lawi ana CO St MISS fONhK OF D URDU FOR THK SfATBa OP Virginia New Tori M&Isa Kaatackj, ^ New Je:a*y If.inoU U>ala.*n* MiaaisrijvJ O&aaaatlaat -/aryia^d Pwingylnaij *lor1 4 Tennessee Alabama i?T* C*^?ia California Arka. cirjllca ??^ a In tranche* on mptly anl aacant'ly ex^uted. ' ' M1 ?1'? ???>uue, '.?p ?-ftb 4tiret. oet 1ft?lly PAwJ*. SCBoyKyBXHO, " T3ACHKA and TaVMLATOS OF Aodarn L*og-iuj(?i and Mtiratai*. ?O i?7 i?ai-i.ibtlvisia trnoi oet 13?'i r. a gillett r; Connaclior at l. j , r-?ae^e in Praaklia i^jw, ccrncr ol H an-l str-?r. " Mm. SOflONENBERG, Iaa?a<r oi Plana ami ftlntrluK, so *457 p*B.ysiLva.j?u avaawa oet it - u WM. U. MKKUIOK, Au V." * * at *? * w , 38 iflojua^a avxaca. Will ^netioe la the Snpreiae Coart of the Uait?d ?rt?aiKl the Co art* of th- D athct of volumbia ? mn* T'VK.N''.Vi .1US3M IN' LANGcAUKd?HHOF. JEiSC ii j N M :i U K ::<3 ?nt: TOiamea oe r?Tiewinf httlJi '- ^ ,>o,Myn<-iayr3<-rh0etcbeT, ?t W? w?..l a mi P nasjiiVkiiu aFcuu? t*~tf Private Medical Treaties OS THa PUTHIOUX3IOAL VfKW OF MAJiilAOB, M U. LA/' HOI X, n. D? ALBdLxr, y r. "? 'T4 *"'?! 130 Floe Plain and Uolcrei Lltho <raph* uod I'UtiM. **- Price oaiy ?5 Camta. ~fc* /W of poata^ to ?I1 par. ? of ih^ Uoioa~?l CHBAPKST BOOK KVKB PURIJdllKr, ?nj ccatainiag a?-?rlT d nble the quantity ol ?*a Hog mat er In that of the FlfTY CK.NT3 OH DOLLAR PUBLICATIONS. Itjreate on fhe PUr^fOLO GY or MAKr.lAO Jt, and the ae ret f? flra?itje? *nj iiacrkeT of youth a*?i ntaturicy, re "ultinf from exsweea, which deetriiTtheph??ic*l and m?n ? - ?t*l pow?n, with ol>??rrat>oiitf OB m*rn^-, iu lutie- r.uj diequaliQcation*, and tneir rej?*n-e;^raph^, UluKratiDi; the aaatomy aod payalo'oc/, aad dUr??ea of th? reoro dactiee ..rgana of both ?-*?e tb*ir s'ruetare, usee au<l fj-v-jacna A popu'ar aod tampr?h?u,i^ tree t:-? on iho difme k0J e?a:iaKiM of aul mar r.-<J lite?h^ppe and traitfu* aliiancee, uiode c ( curing iheu - infeMeitottj and ia^rUie ouej- (heir obeW??n *nl r^maral-laoorUnt hinta to tho.* aoat-iapia' a/ inetriinoay, that win ov>-r*>?je oa jeelione t> it; rcm. h?w^r?r. ahnuid take this portant a^p wi naut firat ooapulun* ltd La?je* ?>mmeacan?a oa the dteew?a and B*e-i.oal ttaat^ant ? lnfWn ,T to old ?^e, ^;b c-v??e .Tanfc. 22ilL2f2l?t!f b/ hM"tUW WL-xraj nie ?.-tee aervoa^ debil ry, iu eau.<<us aud eire, by a yro^esa WljI?tta?rnlea tar daily aa^-ia^nt-.a mti*. ??ar rmatorr^ea with praoti.?i 0!l i a^r, aad ia ?re ^a voaala: nwxl.. uf u-atmeat-pre^ oaaOoaiurr h;au ou the o iH r^oian. A. _ jju^tri iS 'r-eu?*-"'n ?"?T oa *!1 di,. 4o< ?. .,it#froa ladieereooa, plata ?ui aiiai?)t= r^? uy ?hk-li ?*? ea^ 1lh#n>?*'*?* <i'hout UT,-.,ry iwmeiie- thoee tmit rifllcte-l ialMri?: .ca POt?Ud an unfor-uBnt-i/ pte?*.iiaj ,n JJ, 70004. It u a truthrul advi *et ?<? ii:- tn4 thoM coat-uxpUUng laarrii^v. lu ^ru^l' |j isr t>?alarl> reeom jien t-d to p?r 031 rai?ii?hilu a? erec d.>oot* of th^tr p? eouduMt.. who aire OU418CIOU* ,?f aaTi.14 h?X?.-.;-d h- ^,ppiB^?. anJ pnrnetei to whica erery b-ai.,. U;:iK- :a *n Uti?>d to. ^ <*>T7. "r *** >y ~it* f. - o tedo;. ,*? Maiiei free of u - u-* ?. / ^ 1 ? 'jn Ul fiat ??. N. B. ? :.???>*? *h ?> pre er taay a r.. .;.i L? 'Bu.x op->a any of tbo a? >a wh?' ?? tl- _y.ol tr?.js ^'r or t/ m%ll Mt-J.iin'. f?u* 10 any ? * 7 t&" L'nioo a nordin^ V* <i?r^r,ion?. aaf-i. 1 . ^ aeaar-d fr.?ta all olwerratioi K- Li OAOlX.Ro *1 MaiJt>a Une ?r r'oat 0^??? Box 57>, Al ?au?. N. Y. Oiao- i.p?a da..'r frjin 9 a u t. 9 p m arid ea ?ua^ay trota J an^l 6 pm. tetT ttom Nc M Bear.r aL, W?1 ^?^ea Laae, Aibaar, N. Y. 7 DENTI8TRY. D?? MONrtjN reepdctfh!lv cai ? public attention to hie new p?tent end OKIATLT -?smm*. **MiOTKl> a-ihod of e?rtin< Artiflai.l petb. ?,rb ?v?:,tiaaius Ouai?the eery '??ZCfflPP f,t r"'l'toVpM* ART. TaieetTls '??llow adrautafes orer all othera ' ^^?NOTU, OT.KANLIVIiWrC'>M with Naiure 2u the^e tv>? ^ a?? *o,n- o h-rH exc-Hlag pubUc in^pec ( ?*id*,t'fl. PIoma ei?t! a?d see o?H- ll\:% Lentiat ia the Di.ur??t of H y * ** ? Ti<^ to uata tuia *tjle of Trecb. and h-*ithjr, p!ugg?l oer o!f Heaj-ri*^W M ,tre*-' u,?r ,he ?*? BO* Is t/ *Tiu?e au l U-.a itr*t. T^W^raALC?.^tY BA*K AND SlbDVN rate*. ct,"s ^haa?d at th- hlgheit Scrip bought ?a4?.1'jU'ki w**rai:ta. an-i Vir<ia?a *22" M *? "" ??- f?. ?XW ?u. ? .oIl ?.r *un*?,or^Uutl W*rT?aULara.'.<ltr Tt'?* AlUfhany the Ixm r?f., . a4 f-m^ttTacee'w xrf"'T'1 "T ?ty ib the Union d* b/ ***" 00 114 No433 Penaa areace. !!?**?iVVT KK th? IbMa Drpat 01 ^v" P?Pu,ar ?Mf at Cu??fPM H HIT2, jiaU ti * ,Vtaie and Uth ?Utci, OFFICIAL Trsaccxt DsrAKTMirr, Jan. 3,18S6 Notice to hereby given to the holders of the foj waod stocks of the United States that *u tit*[mrtment i* prepared to purchase, at any tinM. here?f Md U,e March next, prions of those .took*, anmaniiug in the a*?e fate to $1,900,000, in the and on th? term* hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within the anions!stated, preference will be jven in the order c'T T U'h '*ld mOCk* m'y be ???snsd. The certificate, duly aligned to j,e United flute, by mu^T" ' W.h? "* 10 re-ehe *e an,OUHl *<?"><*, b'' T"??n'tted to tiiis department; upon the r^? ipt whereof; a price wilJ be paid commanded of *??*" 'oilowiug particulars: 1. Hie par value or amount specified in each Certificate. 2. A premium on the stock of the loananthorited b.? th act til July, 1846, redeemable November 19 1W6 Ofa^ per cent.; on the ?o?k of the loan an' tlionzed by the act. f 1842, redeemable 91st Decern her, 1H62, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of (he loans authorized by the acts of 1847 and 1848, am] redeem I able, the former on the 31st December, 1867, and j the latter on 30th June, 1868, of 16 per cent.; and I oi? Hi" totk of the loan authorized by the act of - 1?&?. and redeemable on the 3lst December, 1864, (commonly caKed Hie Texan indemnity) s? j eent | ft. Interest on the par 01 each certificate from the | 1st of January, 1856, to the date of receipt and set t'eioent at the Treasury, with the allowance (tor tlie money to reach the owner) of one day'# interest m ?' ddition. I'ayn.en t lot sa<d stocks wiM lie made in diafls of the Treasurer of th? United States, on the assistant treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parues may direct. Hut no c< ruticate will be entitled to the benefit of this- notice wliich shall not be actually received at the ^Treasury on or be fire the said 1st day of March next. JAMES GUTHRIE, jan 4 d'.Marl Secretary of Treasury. Dr. DUPONCO'SG0LDZWMONIiIly"p^t.b A REME?Y for the cure of all X\ Painful Obstructions ami Female Irregularities arising from whatever cause. gsggzssi.aiiKftf.K' ru ir^VoTS *rc ti'fc result of OVER THIRTY . 4 EXI'ERI ENCE in the treatment of the Diseases 01 Female*. At the solicitation of many intelligent Ladies for wh.wu they were pi cscnbed by .Dr. I Hi pone o with the m<*t happy effect*, they are now published to the world, so that all Females sufleriug from ii?e di^ama p^utm 0, their mi, may have the oppor tumty of giving them a trial. These pilU have wily been advertised to a limited extent for a little more than a year, vet SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES bavealready been sold, a large proportion cf which has bee., sent by mail to ladle. different parts ol ^"^"7 ; and letters are i>euig received daily Lnrnaicmg ih' ?MM expressions of gratnmto for the h-metfts which Irnve be,.,, derived fro,,, their /l"* following u an extract horn a letter of a lady ot high standing who has authorized her name t<> be communicated confidentially to other ladies wishing to make inquiries respecting the mo,^ 0yet audi of the ptlLs : J1 WM toT Uir?* year* painfully ? "Ifw-:r^ 0.B* .r<w* wUicL? ?' nn.-. She .min ed Willi ?.r,Vh':T"J*7' r.?euuii ?itfc.^Tow^^uahS; ^ u,.: r much ii?^ ib-tSnriE '/ *"'?>* luto cnuiunapiioii. Al iUi? ?Ure I v,.ur .tUlr bat as UMlfowi t | for * kH?x. U ?,v* jm'h r.lUf tli?l * ?Wo*d ?i,U third w?re us?d, ??d I Iu,w l>*v? me ?r??t S T"^"' '"u th" m* <?*??!,t-r". I...IU f/col^ I?l -U-Iy revtored, her ?*!low compiaxiou in j'?uUr?d by ?iu rotjr flow of hMttl, ; her gio*my meUacbolv, uy that - lieer fal booyaaey ulsplrtw, which U usual in ilrln ?, k!. .ud it U,. pills hsll ?-t tZ J H eompsrlso* with the Lsppluens rssnlliug from th?lr n??." X. B.?Th*: ingredients of these pills are perfect l.y^,I4^JfL,t8* i" ^'.e'r mefliciu.d operation on the most delicate fuualc conutution-, yet as prep.ii, d and ronibmed by Dr. Duponco, tl?eir spt rific action is such that married ladies should u?e Uiem mdiV^i p.r*caat,?** ,ndfced. their use is n?t at all indicated during pregnancy. For Uie same reason as e/ery physician knows, mediciues winch art 111 th.- w-ty are the very best Uiat can be used for re E5 ^ naulTd1' b:^??y and functions of the ?y>u m when so much impaired and d era Hired as to r?'!-u,t in uirreuiiess. For furtlter particulars see di rections, fc,c. sent widi each box, and circular* to be had at the Druggists. ??<.ui?rs 10 J. DUPONCO, M. D , Projirietor, N. Y. S'iOTx by K,dw"-' k Lavklhc, . St Co., W. I. Oilman. S. R. Sylvkhtkr J I . Moogk. Firrt Ward: O. Bohwkll, Inland ; J.'f. Ca^l H!?Vw",*'ST,,U,it-J " 11 Mc,'n"HsoN Capitol Hi?, t Wai .h Navy Vard. In Georgetown bv t ook'k.'r? "p?!?*! J" Ki4,*H'- In Alexandria hv . e ? Slevt:,"'> P??"tain k. Co., and b> Druggists generally. jan 16-liu? HEAR TUE WITNESS! I BIOHTSOUS VERDICT! RHEUMATISM, COUGH, PAIN IN SIDE, kc. WONDERFUL cure after rix year's suffering of marvr r.d* 0,081 respectable citizens of I '-jii i - and skepticism cant stand before the carr* made by Hampton's Vegetable Tinc Ka*Siu'9 Gaova, Montgomery Co., Md ) ,, ,, _ December 2, 1864. I wtirri. Mormner ^ Mowbray .* a ".oHmV*1"!-1" iJ844j had whml "-y doctors called a no!",t Old combined attack ol Chronic Rheuina Own md t. .ut, iroM which I was confined to my for months. I had the very best nhvsi CM"-, who tried oUier varion. r.wL*, ,,.S <!f *a . n gave me any permanent relief. Not having lied ? " ^", y ?r 1 much emaci ated , nil whole system a mass of disease liwrillv y . ' had 10 bubble about?most of the umn coon,ied to the house; at times so helplma that I tad a. bo- a*W|.;ed to uiy bed. I was also afflicted 1,1 ,a dreadiul cough, gr**at shortness of breath, n thr-?at, palpitation ol the heart, and pain in my sale Lad I could not lay on it. My appetite ei UrHy ailed me. 1 pv-up all hopes of being restored toiiealth urKin. I eoiuinaed thus to suiter on front lo44 to 18' 0, a period of six years. At Uiie time my dan^ifr ?.??, at her grandmother's a pamphlet, with nmii'-roas certificates of cures made by Dr. Hmiio K?i ? VegetaMr- Tincture. I knew t-iiiii ot who certified to cure# per formed on themselves aud friends. I was resolved U, give it a trial. ( informed my doctor of it. He Objtt te4 ; but my sufferings were so great (hat I pro cured one bottle, ai,a, t^fiire I had taken the wfiole ol ,1, 1 itdt much relt&j'W&ch encouraged me to Kvere. After taking the second bottle | was r than for the past six years, my appeute re turned?<:ou#n, pant in the side, shortness of bocath fco., nearly ail gone. I continued using this won derful medicine until I had taken seven bottles, ac cording to the directions; and I am happy ti> sav Hampton's Tincture, and that alone restor.-d me u> pcrlect health, which has continued up to lUii time ?a period of thMe years. I am in ihe 65th vear of my ag<-. 1 weighed yesurday 5?38 lbs., and I never w-!t better :n my lile. One ol my neiglilMirs was al so afl'-cted, li^e myself, w:tli Rheumatism, kc. He bos also been rtvtored by the fiucture. I neard ol other eases; but I a.u satiMied this Tincture, if tr.e.l, will sptsak for itodf. My only objfet in de scribtog u. you my suffering* and the way 1 obtaiued reiiel, if :?> ut-tuce the aillicted to try this Tincture, winch u h, under the bl> ssiurs oi tiod done no much tor ine. Yours, respectfully, ? HENRY GAITilER. Ca'I aiid get pamphlets gratis, and see cur**s of Coujh, ftrouchitid, Rh'-umatiswi, Neuralgia, l>y? pepsta. Nervousness and General Weakness. As a fetuale medicinc or for delicate children we believe K iim-qualled. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWBKAY, 140 Balti ?nMe stieet, Baltimore, and 304 Briudway, N. York Chas. Stott h. Co , J. B Moore, W B. Clakks, Clarkk X Uowumo. W. Elliot, and H McPuza leu, Washington , also, by R. S. F. Ci skl, George town ; and C. C. Bkrkt, Alexandria, and by Drug juts everywhere. jan 5?tr Cl-OTII 1 NO MADE TO ORDER CHEAPER THAN EVER.?Iii orier to run olfthe remain d?-r of our large stock of Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vesungs we will at tnis season take measure and make to order Oentl o,t n*s Garments of first quality twenty |?er cent, cheaper than oor usually low pn ??? WALL at STEPHENS. ,, 399 Pa. a v., next to Iron Hall. )?* W (Sentinel It News) BALLS, &c. THE STONE CUTTERS' BALL. THE THIED AJVHT7AL BALL Of TH1 J01IIEIIEIST1IE CDTTE1S IVILL TAKE PLACE AT THE WASHINGTON AS8EKBLY KOOKS, On Louisiana avenue, betirca i)i and Sixth streets, TUESDAY KVENINOi Fab. 13, 1855 TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. fpHB Committee wish respectfully to state that 1 due regard ha- been paid to the comforts re quisite to make this, their Third Annual Ball, a" at tractive an possible, and they feci assured tha' their piesent arraigements will give equal satisfaction to tfieir friends as any of the preceding ones. The Committee wish (further to state that although this Annual re-union is intended for the amusement oi the Stone Cuttci* and such friends as may honor them with their presence, still the proceeds will be given for some charitable object. C<rmmUtee of Management. Edward Mead, ST Larcombe, The* Powers, Neil M Kechnie, . J no Walker. J is Mc William*, Patrick Mullen, Jeremiah Sullivan, Owen Quigly, Jos Patki^on, Tlios Oelauunty, Daniel Hullivnn, Jno Didiot, Ino Donnelly, Thoe Mcttmth, P J McHenrv, Chas Swoard, Matthew Filer, Dennis H organ, Owen McArtile, , Andrew Bain, Win H Mullen, N McDnnon*;!), Edwd Donlon, Jos M Kelly, Jno McElroy. Robt Foster, John Cunmon, James Anderson, Daniel Sullivan. Committer of Reception. Jno T Angel, Michael Cassniy, Win Halley, Chan WmumN, Alex Puttersou, Rich'd Middleton, ltol?t llallanuue, Timothy Shield, Jno Brady, Chas Scrivens. Floor Managers. Geo Hastings, Robt G Siockdale, Jno Fraync, Chas Edmunds. Robert G Stockpile. Chairman. Jno Frayne, Treasurer, Jno J Shea, Pcorctaiy. No hats, caps or overcoats allowed hi the ball room. fcb5,10,klS* MEDICAL OFFICE. Established in lasi, i?y Dr*. brother? h. GRAY, 179 r-outh B St., for tin: cure of vene real diseases in all ili- fuoiis It is depioruhle to wit ness gome of the cases that are pre sented to Drs. B. / &. G wlyre the| i'?? iieen i < 1 v r i. iinu itj" system by t|ii;irks With M^TTurv, tt. break f"i* m in In the form and ulcers on. tin body or in the throat and nose. W'-'peiforui extra ordinary eases in from three to fiv. days, ami old, half ti??Rted, lingering eases in two to three weeks. There can he seen at oik office prescriptions from nearly every ffhvsician in the District for private diseases, winch h;tvt tail<-<| to cure and at last ap plied to us tor roli?r. Remember, 179 South B street, Maud jan 07 I m* [No. 629.] IfUTlCK OF llkdTORA TIOA And Withdrawal of certain Lands in tin Cairo and t'niton Railroad Grant in Mis souri I OTICIi 13 JlKKLiiV GTVKN. that in conse I i.^1 quence of the rr: re*nU iocr of part oi the delegation Id C ongress f:or.i the fct;.t? ??{ Mi?s"uri of a is?>rial change in toe cup;>o.-<rd ro .t? <f the Catro a.-d Fulton railroad iii said at?te, lierwt tore spumed it withdrawing lands from mi?rfcct f- r the graut to s*id rjaJ sni nn their .equest tjal ob tain ot said lands sliou'd *>e r-"lra.*?1, au<i <;thfr? tubiJtuM in lieu ther.of, ccufrmnbly t?? said amended rou'e which i- diewet and fntuit-d consid erably lonth of th* cki rou'e; th* Prrtileni. oy h:s order bearing date the 1st Pebrnary instant, h?? directed that the Unas situated in the t>wrn-hi|c hereinafter enumerated, which w-r-* withdrawn from raerket bv h<? order nf tfc" l^ib ? f May. '.853, SLd their reservation <K-fcfcluu?t by public noii:e No 407, bearing date 231 January, "lai>4, for the CV Iro and Puitou raiir?! gract iu the of Mis roarl, shall be restored to market, and that certain other l?nd<* situated in townships nam d be ow (including a portion of the old origin*) re <erration) situated within the prcba le limits of the grant ac cording to the rou'e of raid ro?d as atu-nd d shall be substituted ard re*erv^l f-o n sale or entry (pr ? emption claims not excepted) until fjr her notice. Therefore all the vacant laaia snhj *ct to sale at Jacmo*, Miagouai whi:h were suhject to private entry at the da'e ot withdrawal, and which h*ve rot since h*en pre empt'd in the fallowing town bips, w 11 ??ain be sahle1;!, t prlva e entry on and after the nineteenth day nf March n'xt, to wit; North of the bat* lirv ai.d ra?t <jf the fifth principal I wri' h an. Townships 21, 22, 23 21, 25, ami 26, of tang* 3 ^ Townships 22 23, 24, 2a, 26, 27, and 26, cf range Townships 22, 23, 21, 24, 20, 27, 28 , 20, and 30, of I rang* 6. ^ Townships 26, 26, 27, 28, 20, AO, and 31, of range Townships 2ft, 2t>, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, and 33, of range 7, Township* 26, 27, *2ii, 20, 30, 31, 32, and 33, af range <. Townships 26, 17, 28, 20, 30, 31, 32, and 33, ofl ran?# 0. Townships 27, 28, 29, 30. 3 , 32, and 33, of ran ge I 10. Township' 23,20, 30 31, 82, end 33. of range 11 Townships 28, 29 30, ftl. 32, -n 1 3% of range 12 Township* 2?, ;M, 31, 32, a. d 33. cf ranra 13 Town?hlps 29 30, 31, 32, and 34, ot r?nge 14 Townships 29, 31, and 32, of r^nge 16 I A L30, That all h? .'and* situs-eJ in the sami nisTaicT within the followiug named Icwnrhipe will be re served from tale tr entrv (u-t txc-piiog preemp lions) for the pnrpoee above fp. oiflcd until turther orders, vii: North of the bate line at)d rail of the fifh principal ] uuridiu n. Towuships 2J*, 21*, ami 2.*, of raag - 6 Townships 2J*t 2.i* and 21*, of rung-7 Townships 21 ?, 'It*. 24*, au? 26*. of ran^e 8 Tcwnshif'S 20, 21, 22. 23, 24. ?i d 25', r>t range 0 Townships20,21, 22, 2 J, 24,25, itnd 2of rasge 10 ^Townships 21, 22, 23, 24 25, 26, aad 27?, of r-nge Townships 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 26, and 27*, o'range Townships 22, 28, 24, 25, 20*, 27*, an 128* of range 13 Townships 22, 23, 24, 26*, S6* 27*. and 28% of rango1t townships 23, 24*, 25*, 26*, 27*, end 23*, of range 16 Townships 23, 24*, 25*, 26*. 27?, and 25*, of ran^e 16 Townships 24\ 25*. 20*. 27*. and 28*, ?f range 17 Townihlpj W*. 2.'>*, 20*, acd i7* ot r?a^? U * All the town*hip? marked thus * were ju.luled in the oiiginal resHtvatt^n of Pre empti in <-t?miantii enti'lel ti any of the aN?M rye'jtior-?1 i.uJs *o He restored !o market oo the niurlentll, day Mutch next, ou Kti einent? al rwwl* :a tdd, or which lniy heicatior be m>d?, aau a^-o th cltiraiag witbio ?uy of the ab->vs town ships eUhdrnwa or con inncd to be r^eerve'l on s^t tleiOHn', mi-dc p iar to the <I*Uj of t ? present w. -?.il Kill teaks nrcof and p?y f ?r the -ems, i' ;1 r |.T'C T!Aii l>j 1 ,t\. r- j'fMn twrive months ai ter 'h* int ? v' th?-.i .'?> ^ s^uieia-uts; other-1 wise th> 5^ cla:m? will for.'uitad It i- ^u^/i'stei tb?vt pr^euipion claimants to ands vithtn the t' h : be rest Ted to private entry sh^ givs a <rce of their claim* and file the pro f? witjji the >&n ' officers before the lay appoint ed fir the reetoraticn ol #he Un a, to a' to protect th?ir claims fr-m private enfry on and a/.er that day. and prevent much d> Acuity aud d 1 ?y. Given under mv hand, at the city of Washington, this six h day of P?bruary, \nn> Doainl ooe thou sand, fight hund ed and fl ty fire. By onlir of 'he President: JOHN WILSON, Commissioner of OensraWLand OAoe fob 6?law6w IVY WALTZ. COMPOBEO and dedicated to Miss M. J. f ' bv Piof. A. F. Little, just published aud lor H1LBUS k HITZ'8 Musk Price 12# cents. l?b6 EVENING STAR. THE P03K The following line* were white* aeveral year* since by Rut. K (ward il?pp?r, ??1 Sa| Harbor. The Poor 1 G hI U?m them, Hie poor : In thm time of storm and cold, When fierce winds ratUe their rickety door, And enter the r tenement* < Id. Oh ! little we know of the r want and woe, Of their scanty talil? and hearth; H iw ,:iey ?hiver nod shrink while the dreary <mew Put* a shroud on the frozen Earth. Hark ! voices ar?1n the wind* to-night. And they tell us a dismal tale Of the weary and worn with the hunger and blicht. And the poor man's pttecHH wail. Full ina y a shriek on their piteotu hleak They curry about Uie tir, *tr""8? b> *??nt made weak, Aud manacled by desptir. Th.^,> Vl.'?*! ***?*, .fl0:? * ^elliu, alone, Where fatherless children live, And the mothor hears her children groan But, oh! ?h<' has nothing to give. 'TwobM rend your heart, that widow's cry, W ith her hollow cheek and sunken eye Aud h?r hu-band with the d<ad. Oh ! her heart will break for her ehildren's *ake, In that ll'?llse Vllbotit fowl or flre; For not a crnuh of their cnu. will she t*k?. Lest her IhUe ones starve entire. And dying they are in our v-*ry si?|it ')l hunter and cold and sorrow: We must takeanm* br. ad to thai house to night, Or t ike out a oorpsc lo morrow. The poor ar? fi.alV poor, and, ChusUan mm C*txi h uliiioii?;ni are | Then a* y.: receive, giVe ^in, Cud s b.iuh ifit] charity. L AMd", ' b , 'lid 'V1 >'e Ke"P bread, And I.ourd Jit* Mirer and gold, i a yC ,';U' th" #"ffv'iwg |>oor Uiifed, And pm?hing w?th the cold. - SECOND ANNUAL EXHIBITION OF THE METSOPOLITAH MECHANICS' IISTI TTTTC. In yesterday's Star, we gave, as far as practicable, the list of deposits at the Institute, from citizens of Washington. To-day, we add the Georgetown and Alexandria lists. gkoruktown. '.be following quite extensive list of articles have been deposited by our J neighbors of Georgetown : Mr. J. E. Hughes, presents for Wm. D. Harrison, of Virginia, a barrel of flour which the ladies say wiii " bake well." Messrs. T. 0 Donnoghue & Son, a case of beautiful fancy soaps, of almost every variety and frim. Mr. S. Ii. Howell I deposits Baker's chocolate: tobacco from Ferguson, of Lynchburg; from a house! in New York, iron safes; and from Phil- ! adelphia, essence of coffee. Mr. John ^lia&on, handsome turners leather Mr. ' John li. King, agricultural implements; { W. Alber King, beehive ; Messrs. Amy < <fc Shinn, mineral water ; Mis&es Cruik-' shank, two tidies; Kate, -varied socks' in miniature ; Anuie. shc 11 |.iu cushion : I Master W. Mann. 0 years old. tidy:! Miss Clera Meever, 10 years old, a tidy : ' Miss Emily ^ . Paul, basket of paper floweis; Mrs. Timothy O'Neal, four lace curtains; Miss Marion Trunneil, two pillow cases worked with needles : Miss ! Laura Trunneil, preserved water melon ; rind, Miss Martha Lurnsden, worked j collar; Miss Lizzie R. Lurusden, do. do.;? Mrs. II. A. Wheeler, lace veil: James Vanderwerken. model of thread reel : Mrs. John Bogne, one frame of worsted work ; Miss Anna Newton, embroidered shirt; Miss M. O'Neil, paintings: Mrs. King, do.; Mr?John Cruikshank, hand worked collar, by an Indian; Mr. Wm. Kirkland, card of machinist's tools ; F. Hopler, two blooms: Miss K. Baker, shirt bosom and collar ; Miss A. Barnes', worked bureau cover and lamp mat; Mrs. 0. Weaver, sleeves, collar, and handkerchiefs; Miss Rebecca Weaver, sofa 1 pillow ; Mrs. Alexander Suter, cufis and collar; Miss A. Davidson, embroidered 1 handkerchief and collar; Mrs. M. Suter, embroidered handkerchief; Miss F. C.' Murray, knit shawl; Mrs. F. Murray, tidy ; Misses M. A. Lumsden, Sally Reed! and Mrs. F. Reed, each one fiue collar ; Miss Maggie G. Reed, one pair hose'; Miss Sarah Magruder, pincushion and fomp mat; Miss Catharine Magruder, newby and moss; Miss Frances Creagh, embroidered sleeves, needle work, &c.; Miss L. E. Slicer, tidy; Miss Ellen Wind ham, do.; Mrs. Henry Slicer, shoebag; Mrs. John Marbury, two embroidered handkerchiefs; Mrs. M. also presents for Mrs. Howard, of Maryland, worked flow ers; Miss Mary Clare, painting; Mrs. Pickrell, set of mats; Miss L. Risque, Eair miniature locks; Mrs. Risque, em roidered shawl; Miss A. G. Pickrell, tid; Miss Mary Wis?, worsted mat; Miss Mary Birch, quilt; Mrs. E. Boucher, frame worsted work; Miss L. Wollard, , bonnet, Miss M. Welsh, crochet work* i Miss Ida Welsh, tidy; Miss L. Welsh,' embroidered handkerchief and child's ap- i ron; Miss A. Welsh, tidy; Miss E. Frey, , silk quilt; Miss V. Campton, worsted work; Miss Susan Davidson, knit scarf; Miss E. Dozier, embroidered cap and bot tle of catsup; Mrs. A. Pickrell, embroid- , ered cap; Miss E. A. Winn, mats, &c.; Miss Mary Cammack, !ot of embroidery; j Miss M. A. Shoemaker, preserves; Miss i Mary Shoemaker, tidy and watch case; . T71S? ^ Kengler, jar of preserves; Miss j M. T. Kengier, embroidery; Miss Mary ( A. / miss, embroidered skirt; MissM. E i King, embroidered shoes; Miss Martha i A. King, embroidery; Miss A. J. Ram- , sey, pin cushion and mat; Miss Susan M. Fry, basket artificial flowers; Mr. James , Baron, case of hat; Miss M. Pickens, ! worsted work; Miss Mary Adam:;, soft i soap; Miss Martha Wbeatley, embroid ered slippers; Mrs. A. R. Ram,burg, ( pickles; John J. McQuillan, coffin; V. Bucky, udy and fascinators; Miss El- , leu Ihomas, embroidered slippers: Miss i Martha Parsons, embroidered slippers; , Mr. John F. ?Iay, beautiful specimens of i furniture; Miss L. D. Murray, embroid- , ered chair; Mrs. M. A. Magruder, Miss < M. A. Magruder, and Mr. William Ma gruder, each a quilt; MissM. A. Th&rnas, two paintings: Miss E. Mitchell, two pil- ] lows; M. E., embroidered handkerchief: Messrs. Ramsberg k Ebert, lot of skins; W. E. Seymour, fiue display of hats, caps, i ka ; Miss J. Dailcy, bread; Mrs. E. ] Moore aud MissE. Moot e, each one paint ing; Miss E. Rauisay, frame. worsted work; Mrs. Themas Jewell, starch and jar preserves; Mrs. Marian Edmonston, embroidered sewing cap; Mrs. A. V Shaw, worsted work ottoman; Mrs. A II. Pickrell, embroidered pin cushion; Joseph Libby, plows; Miss L. Bolrer, embroidered pin cushion and purse: Mr. E. A. K.liason, specimens of leather: Mrs. L. Smith, toilet cover; Miss. J. Vander werken worked slippers. The following list speaks well foi Alexandria, and shows that she kas at last waked up, being determined to keep pace with the spirit of the age : Mr. Charles Koones deposits splendid Kideboard and clothes press, which elicits the admiration of every bsholder: How ard B. Bond, steam engine; Smith Ben nett and Robert A. Card en, frames of beautiful daguerreotypes; Messrs. Kopor & Ball, locks; Miss I'. W. Binchell. worked collar; Mrs. E. Bontc. embroid ered cap; Miss A. 11:11, child's dress; Miss A. K. Simmers, embroidered dress: Miss A. V. Soinmers, quilt; Miss Long, landscapes; Charles Hallo well, aged 10 years, one drawing: Mrs. C. C. Berry, quilt; Miss Fanny Koones, embroidered cap and two collars: Mrs. Rachel Hewes, knit quiit. pair of stockings and satchel; Deboiah H. Stabler, rug: MissL. House, embroidered cape; Miss Alena Smith, tapestry work; Mrs. S. S. Wattles, pre sented by Mr. T. W. Smith, embroider ed eaje; Mr. George U. Biiley, four Smyth, one kuit quilt; Messrs. Shepherd & Robinscn, 3 stoves; Miss L. Ilart, one tidy; Miss Alice Lugenheel, four pieces iinc nvedle work; Messrs. J. & J. Carr, patent oil caps; Mrs. II. E. Pearce, em broidered pin cushion; Misses M. A. Rochc and E. Smith, each a lace veil; J. W. Atkinson, horse shoes and plough; Mrs. Mary Atkinson, three jars preserves and fa-icy basket: Miss M. Morrill, what not: Master Edward Bailey, bust. SEmifcitirrAL o:xoeaphy Anthony Van Dwroan, governor of Batavia, had a daughter whose name was Maria. Since she was not only charming and accomplished, but also the only child of a rich papa who was gov ernor of the Dutch East ludies. Maria's image was impressed on many a heart, and she had no lack of suitors. Theie were great men among them; but with maiden-like perversity, Maria most fa vored a pooi young sailor ?a handsome, dashing fellow, who was very skillful in his business; but who had no pocket, or no use for any. The young sailor's name was Abel Tansen Tasmau. He was de voted to Maria, heart and soul; had ex changed pledges with her, and had brought matters to serious a pass, that the proud father determined to put the young adventurer quietly and courteous ly out of sight: the doing so he took to be a better and more fatherly course than the institution of a great family quarrel. That his Maria should become Mrs. Tas mau, he knew very well was a thing not for a moment to be thought of. Whoev er won his daughter, must have wealth and a patent of nobility. She was no fit mate for a poor sailor. Tasman. however, could not be easily dismissed from dang ling after her. The Batavia traders had at the time a vague notion that there was a vast con tinent?an unknown Austral land some where near the South Pole; and Van I^s man determined to send Tasman ou^o see about it. If he never came back it would not matter, but at any rate, he would be certainly be a long time gone. Van Dieman therefore filted out an expe dition, and gave to young Tasman the command of it. Oft'the young fellow set, in the year 1642; and, like an enamored swain as he was, the first new ground he discovered a considerable stretch of land, now form ing a very well-known English colony? he named alter his dear love. Van Die man Land, and put Miss Van Dieman's Christian name beside her patronymic, by giving the name of Maria to a small adjoining islaud close to the southern ex tremity of the new land. That land? Van Dieman s Land, we have of late be gun very generally to call after its dis ooverer, Tasmania. Continuing his journey southward, the! poung sailor anchored his ships, on the eighteenth of December, in a sheltered bay, which he called Moodenar's [Mur derer'* ] bay, because the natives there attacked his ships, and killed three of his :nen. Traveling on, ha reached, ?ome days the islands, which he called liter the three kings, because he saw them on the feast of the Epiphany; and then coming upon New Zealand from the the north, he called it in a patriotic way, ifier the States of Holland, Staten Land: but the extreme northern point of it, a line bold head-laud jutting out into the ;ea, strong as his love, he entitled again Cape Maria. For he had gone out re-1 solved not indeed to "carve her name! >n trunks of trees," but to do his miss I iress the same sort of honor in a way I that would be nobler, manlier and morel mduring. | After a long and prosperous voyage, I graced by one or two more discoveries. I Tasmau came back to h*iav'.a. He had I more than earned his wife; for he had aron tor himself sudden and high renown I ;ourt favor, rank and fortune. Governor 1 Van Dieman got a fatuoas son-in-law, I md there was no cioss to the rest of the I career of the mo^t comfortable married I couple, Abel and Maria, lasiran did not 1 nake another journey to New Zealand; it 1 remained , unvisited until 1709, when it was re-discovered by Capt. Cook, who I irery quickly recognised it as a portion of >he laiid that had b-.en first seen by the .ovc-born sailor. i Bkautipul Incident.?A correspond-1 snt of the Preston (Eneland) Chronicle ?ives the following ane^ote: A good while ago a boy named Charlie had a large dog which was very foud oi ALEXANDRIA. drawings; Mrs. Susan Hit* H KI.K1A?S1 Ak. IrViaUKetkifMkli^ U4 *?* ?i~% Ms a (rw>i <?IM1 *' ia??/a?C1 raa#lM *?+ iiMau ik *?? m.** <1 paMtafcad ?? hini<?* "M:* ***T. rtw . ????! ? ? ? ?? ? ? ??????. , . - a . . . A " I TV? (to ??.,>??? - ? ?? ?-, ?.? 4 _^? ? ??? V ^ .?-???--? ?????? ??ti*>a.ta<t.kar ^ *;???, IKkUtlll l* *?VA?0*. 19" (M m wn CU Wr P?.? mrm. a Ihu CtJU'4*, T I Tltlr1) ?TWl lk< Ml ? UM itapv. Pri.t?(uaoun. Porrvtiau ?ua kcu?t(?M?iu U ?*>*? ? coi?u.iiMi"R of imrruiy per cvni. water, Mid in hot weather 1m used to swim across the nrtr, near which t>o boy lived. Oue day the thought ?tru<l him that it would be fine fuu to make the dog carry him across the mar ?> he ta3 a string to tbe dog's collar, and rati (dowu with him to the water's edg? who re he took off all his clothes; and then holding hard by the dog s neck and the bit of string, he went into the waUr, and the dog pulled him across. After playing about on tbe other side for soiuv time, they retorocd in tl?e way they had o>me ; but wliea Charlie looked for Ins cloOies he rould fine nothing but his shoes. Tho wind had blown all the rest into the water. The dog saw what had happened, and making his little mav m let go the string by making btlievt to bite h:m, he- dashed into the river, and brought out first his ooat. and then all the rut in succession, Charlia dressed and went home in his wet clothes, and told his mother what fun he and the dug had h-id. Ilia mother toid him that he did very wrong iu going across the river as lie had done, and thai be shuuld thank fJod for making the dog take him ovar and back again safely ; for if the, dog had made him let go in the river, he would most likely have sunk and been drowned. Liltle Charlie *aid, "Shall I thank God no*r, mamma ?" and he knelt down at his mother's knee aud thanked (rod; then, getting up again, he threw his arms around his dog's neck, saying, 441 thank you. too, dear doggie, for not letting a;o." Little Charlie is now Ad miral Sir Charles Napier. ? ? ^ Ruh Softi.t ?4 'Tis all very well," said my godfather, putting in hid oar? " 'tis all vcrv well, that rubbing down and polishing ofT, provided 'tis done in modelation: but let me tell you, there is suc4 a thing as rubbing too hard. I have 8eeu *u Auuriciui InTian rubbing two pieces ol rough woc<l together; after a little tiuic, iher became a groat deal smoother, and had a pleasant, warm feel: but when he rubbed away some time longer, they took fire, blazed up. aud crackled, and .spluttered :u all directions. Now, 'tis just tiie sama thing, I suspect, in married life. Rub smoothly: but if you stick to it, hard and fast, from morn ing to night, take my word for it, yon Will kindle up a blaze at last that you may not had it easy to put out. ? Dublin Unwnsity Magmzim. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN S1FAMERS. Ik a I rumt t'mr />aya black Warrior?New York...Havan* KHi. ? I'l'Mtn N'(i? YoNt?_ .!'?+, 19 Am trie*. If ?l?sii 14 ? i vtir Vvw Yurk. ..I.??>ti> wti...r# I..'dl Union Havre Nw* York .J?n 17 Amen"*... f.ivci|nio>.. . Bo-ton Jan 40 AiUaar Lhr?rpo?4.. .New Yoik . Jan.f7 i i,y M??< it-mm. .!.i*rr|n*il...CMMi-liikM r?-l? 14 ?:. \ork...Ft-k. 14 [Xf-TSr CalkAwri* auaaueia leave N*w York oa di? ?. ..ii 1JtttK *(toa..Ui. VllUIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Wtl tarda' *1 onl-D a k J C.*. ( l|i( II.ii', Mil S K Rq Pimt, I'SN ii Mailov, rt K Oi.'knif 'ii a dau^tiim, W R Ball.*, NY NM N II Ba'.U?, do H Howard. I'?m M?rian?, jr. < -aba <' M Fatintlero), I'SN 0 11 J*h< |?l? irJ, NV H ?' Kilip, NY II Sb?r?. I'a t'?l llnjcri I. K \V-ld? I. K?ftn, V? n r Wil-on W 11 Ktiili a, O 01 C S Ky Or F Ltn.k. Pa W D Le.-, Cl Irowm' <Ui?i-r. r. a a tmoi. t' S Thouip?w, NY W P C?nfer, Vn HUMrl)ul[M",N't' M KiiH?it. T A Ri'h,n<on, V? W U Aviti-H, Ah A Kennel a. lad), Md J Hnntn?-ll. NY I Haw, Ya VV J BriiiUi?ll,?lo . |)r A Giuhi.n, do VV B Ruck a la<1y, Ta W U Howard, Md JH Rr< r. tt Ma-o <; N Newmxii.i'o J W Cain, N<* I I) Millie, Va ? \V W No)?l<n, II F L Hiikar.1 arid mv S I K#**. Ah NY J ti Hmiwii. Md Mish Buriiai>, ?io S Prib'lwfi, T? d? Mi>? K?i"l ?i? R T Kirk|>.i!ii<-k, do Mi.k lixi 1w?h, I* Ii l.aHilM rt. Ua I. Pawrliiig, ii.? J Napiirr, Ai.i W F B**:ry, Md H Overmy. Ky VV Z Be.ill J <irii?ie?, do J A 'Kk?m. ^rk F Peir r, Ma?? l?r (Ni'pe I NV B do K VV ki<;i| p, >1o F. A Allrn, Ark J Oiilon, do R 'I nll?*r, Ala i Harm in. tr. Pa F*> Mrlihuuay. do T > Key, Ala A 1. Oo-tdnrk a ladv.C^ VV l> lloyt. Ok P M Halt, do A F ft?r: Mi W F. Jm-ltsnii k daiiek A V Mciatyn-, Ala ??, do VV Batii., N<" Mi> II IV Rul y .*? ? *li.<s M R-BalUe, d<> '' 'MWinif-, do Mi?? P P Bailie, do I. Rritlt, V i II R!c?-, di W II K'-iUt, O A M Ikufi', n AH Allrn, Va (l A Pier iin. I nn* H H W armr. NY M i'apt, W I- ilHilam, Mn-li ft J VVacht<?n. SU CTlS" Janr<, Md Mr- Hill. N V J II H. o?t ,i? f Join,won, MictJ A U F<>rt*niau, ?to Kttitaal B>i?i?? >. wiiui*. l Ifeary, \at-s vv vv n.i??. r? r Pa J III n, NY fi M <4a|Mi. du A K Jack mm. T?*m? <' b, f^? S B,?ti:uii, no (< I. rtianl.i?a. do W8Jnlt i4ui,() J T Hnig?t NY I H Wnnitord, M?i W P f'-i, fa?Ki>w. Na G Foliar, lul) k -on, Co ihhi W G Howard, do VV I? L?-<' ft M B llyot*. Pa J S llolint-*, Twin K P Br).tit. Md 1J L Yule. , Pla K J BrrM, <io T It HuJl'Iim, do J Muilikm. do J llair, Kv J 11 Brook**, do . B II MixUv, NY S B Cole, NY T Mack. Mam J B (k^'itl, do Mr liaydfii. do II M Bayard, Pa L Keith, Vt A B tfeid-.istrick. r, Md VV II Kntii a IvHr, C? VV R K?rV?. La W A Hacketi, VY T Nut'-, Ma? VV Hirdaal , do K 1*111 inf Md G T l?avi?, do G VV rlalteii*. NV ?' R Ma.?kry,do llLWl>y?, Til K t.l*?.rlo|i do II Hum*-, Va Hlrk? IIo ? J a a. iiKKwoo?. J H'ttiier, Mo B F Caaua, Md W l>?b!iey. Ii Mr- R ian t a ??hild, NY A <1 Ri:ckl< y, Pa P VA" lljker h tn?ly. dp J S Saitih, Can % I' k.-tk), M<i II G I'-nii t.-. Hi ti T Pirkaui, Man vV II Jo)Cf. Pa d. M l.'tM'r?>n, Mr II J Rotniiaon, ilo R Halt llalitd Sta>u OoUI-i. a. mcun. ^ Ru* tH' H WulMa. Pa K Kink, V* H It Wauoa. ik> T Mv?*-, <> J V lliMklry. KY J Keed, Ma>? K W VVilv'ox, do J Kt.-waid, Ga U K t?a l, <tu N Rotiiu*>n, Va Mi? H do HtaiUn Hoa(*? Altxaadrlat Va. a. aawioa, riowroi. A Kit. krf, SI V II ttark, Md J V Ruck* r, do K Peirwon, N F ?IkmK, Va T K 81?ary, do Ci v l?r Van Jvt?.-ek. NY I' H<i??"d. J?. Va G W t ainJir, Jo E B pnw. il. do J lllliai, Va BO ???? l: P King, Maas VV A Lli laoii, do lion H S E. id, I. B lloa U It \ulttnau4i. Mo U U Unii?, UG

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