Newspaper of Evening Star, February 19, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 19, 1855 Page 2
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*'VKNING STAR. v ' 5IIINGT0N CITY: MO: r . r.x o J;.Ff'bru%ry 19 VCr The large and convenient dwelling on the oorner of Poonsylvaaia avenue and Eleventh street is for rent. Posses won given immediately. For terms ap ply at the Star offiee. SPIRIT OF THE MORQUIO PRESS. The Intelligrrerr rejoices over the signing ?t the Lieutenant General bill, and dec'lnes commenting on the veto until it appears in itseolumn: (to-morrow ) The Unio:t presents its readers with the veto me**?g9, withou4 comments. A NovnLTr.?Wo have recti re J a copy of 44 Lea Homines Rouges de l\Amerique du Nord. Rapport a M le Alinistre dol'Interieur des Eta*s Unis Par M. le Chef de Bureau des /ffvires Indience'. Paris: Imprireri* Administrative do Paul Dupont, rue de Gren elle St llonoro, 45. 1855." Tais is a Frcnch translation (by Maunsell B. Field) of the last annual report of Mr. Xanypenny, American Commissioner of In dian Aiiairs It is well printed on excellent ptper, and proves that well informed persons m Europe aim to be better informed than Bimilar clashes on this side of the Atlantic; inasmuch as such a thing as an American republi.-auon of a Edropesn State paper of the fame cla^s is a thi' g unhoardof, This repub lication reflects honor on the author of the report in question, as it also shows that his labors in tbe dischargs of his official duties are attracti.-^ the attention of the philan thropic and well informed across the ooean. The Uitiri Abolittaniun of the Mati&chc* ?3tt? Legislature. Some Abolitio:. ist, writia3 from Boston to the . ow YorL hvtm'vg Post, says; rn^Tepr"iiLlVi'^ iJa!1 ? wene, 1 ' l- t? 7 afltUOd,!? of ? remarkable apwuc.e. Tie ccea.?;on a hearing, before t^e Committee on Federal Relations, of parties iotemied xnth a paange of a perSal liberty oJl. ilr. Meulcll i billipa opened the di? J^V\teu,rtr"- "Ld was ful. lewe, by tr70 . c;. .awyers, who spoke el^v qucntly ana to the point As the iJt of the-e eo?c?uteJ, ti.3 chairman of the committee an ?. ui.v- a 'hat Le iafcrmed that a slave 1 ?rT CF ?f 9lave*' W1S pfC'ont, and tha' the" c.;cu' i He glad to expend to him t~e courtesy oi a bearing, if ho desired to say anj-.ur g oa tbe Hubjeot. * - 3n? a!i eyoa were turned eagerly u{.uu ,i tbi-j. war thy B'.an, cf ptrhaps thirty _ -0;lJ >cars of age, who arose aad step pevi lorward to the cuD'mittee's table ihe writer then p oeeeds to give a ridiculous account of the speech of the "Slaveholder," a? the cone!U5ion of who?e jpeech the chair man roce and said : r?lV Th<5lf L* *3 ?n?d"?ated colcrcd man, a SR-V s?aTC- pressn', -ho has expressed a w?.h to answer the gentleman who has just ?pt-^ 3. Ai.l?a the midst of applaus?, Lewis -uayd-Mi a we eamt :ailor; well known in Bos ton, s -pped lorwa-d." -ac i uu's correspondent speaks in glowing U tio cf the personal ap;earanoo and the ?pec a-, c' the colored gentleman," while ho easaya to uegrade tLe v hito man. Vr-3 such a thir3 ever dreamed of before as a Legislature, in the midst of a session, stopping its proceed:.-? and inviting two out-' aiders one cf rfccua a i^egro, to enter tho hall and engage in controversy while members looked on ajipactators? Suoh a thing could *nly ? -cur in the present legislative body of ' liacsachuset's. t'jr ' Ihe American Daily Tiir^a," is the title of a handsomely printed K N. daily T ar er just started in New Yo?k oity. The K N. s n.w have three organs in tho "Emcire City." ^ TIie Xe* papers teem with tffen eive particulars of seductions, Ac. psbsofiai.. .... ^Te learn that Mr. lleath has witk* drav. n from the aslant editorship of tbe American Organ. In the snperior court of New York, on fcaturday la?t, a new trial was ordered in tbe case of Iry against Bennett, in which the! former *0* awarded $10 <>00 against the latter ! for libel It u thought that the judg3, wtre J influenced to order a new triai because thev thought tho amount of damages too small. .... Ucn. J. Letcher has written a letter denjing tha be has any sympathies whatever I wivU h.n <w ^c'-htcgiam. . ??. Charles Dickens's first connection with 1 t.?.c press vas a. parliamentary reporter on tne ^un His rar.idiiy wa? immense; a col umn of brevier ('.50 li?eS; of ten words to each linet bavtrg been transcribed bv him in an bcur. .... Observer thus writes to the Philadel phia Ledrer from this city : 4vA c <5 of extraordinary hardshio is now before Congress?that of one of our towns men. Air Cbarlei VV . Carroll, who was fahelv arretted and tried as a deserter from the U b army, and sentenced to fine and imprison ment 1 he case excited at the time a jrreat deal of indignation, and the orderly who con spired against Mr. Carroll was afterwards tried, convicted and tentecced to the peniten-1 Va/y *vA punished the guilty party, but did nothing to compensate Mr. Carroll for his suffering! his loa> of business and his loss of time A bill for his relief has parsed the bemite unanimously, ?nd it is indeed hoped that the House will not delay juiUce any lVn a? r f.r* acquainted with Mr. Carroll's case, and fully agree with *? Observer." j .... <*overnor Pollock, of Pennsylvania hae nppo-.nted bis brother grain measurer for the ciiy of Philadelphia. ymrgt R Graham, ?1 "Graham's Mfgsxine, bm bceu appointed Warden of tbe f ..ft of Phil ad elphia. Ic ??]) pay about $4,000 a 3ear. Better than editing, we think. .... The I'etnrjlvanian of Saturday walks im.. ocr c: J frierd Alec ' Camming* of the Philadelphia Bulletin. .... King Kamehameha IV. was to have I been conseorated on the Mh ult, at Honolulu. r?andwj.. .. l-;^nds The ceremonies were to be w t circumstaucea f^uld allow to the "laniard ceremonies of our Presidents. Gen Miller, the Britifh Contul, who if fufferine tr m a w ,u:.d received at the battle of New ' '*l V *' s w,'Qld have preferred some . other day for the coroaation ....The Ohio Statesman has passed again into the bands or the veteran Col. Sam. Me dury ihe State patronaga has been with drawn lrom tbe Columbus press, and it has but little commercial support. ...One of the person*, lately burned in effigy in New York Slate, who was a merchant, remarked that he felt rather surprised at the tu tir.g, as several of those engaged in the affair were customers of hi*. "You need not | care, ' said a condoling friend, (>for they bought thi tar of you." 1 ....Th* Nashville Whig advocates the re election of Felix K Zolli?*otfer, in the eighth Congre>sionnt District of Tennessee The Whig ?av*it would be right and proper, and altogether agre ibleto the fitness of things," tor tbe wnigs of the district to take him up, ?nd m elect him turn eon, and without the! tormaiiiy of calling a District Convention to] nominate a candidate. WASHTJTGTOJf HT5W8 AND QOS5IP. T^e I ffect of the Veto ?As nil the world **?w, no one was taken by surprise, on Sat urday, in tho House hall, by the announce ment that the mersags bunded In by the Pree idont's secretary, Mr. Sydney Webster, was the veto of the spoliations Mil. Nevertheless, | the/e was wailing and gnashing of teeh, both in and outside the bar; the olaimants and the assignees of original olaimants for Frenoh spoliations looked, some of them, disconsolate, and the rest " daggers ' They seemed de cidedly to coincide in the intimation of Gen Bayly, of Virginia, that the veto power had by no means leen oonferred on the Exeou'ive of the United States to spoil the consummation of the French spoliation bill Those among the members most disappointed, or rather dis gruntled, by the veto, were certainly the Dem. ocrab who had votel for the bill." They real ite that the majority of tbeir party in Con gress, for their own and tlic President's justi fication, are determined, if poesible, to make ' French spoliations" hereafter a party issue, holding up these particular claims as the type of the class, the payment of *hiob out of the national treasury is to be regarded as willful extravagance in the use of the public funds. Ac. The eagerness for the veto manifested by so many of those who voted against the bill is thus to be accounted for. They desired it for a grave issue to bo tried before the country on every stump Their purpose bids lair to damage the prospect for the eventual payment of theee claims greatly, inasmuch as it can hardly be expected that the day will ever come, when any anti-Democratic party will have oontrol of the Executive chair, and the House and the Senate combined. Vetoes are invariably popular, more espe cially when public money is saved by them. Every veto, so far, has been sustained by the people of the United States, and it has very ?rarely happened, indeed, that many more than the number interested in these particular c 1 Lais have not been furious for a season r gainst the veto power, whenever exercised. It will be found that the President's views cf bis rights and duties under that power, a3 granted to him under the Constitution, are such as, a week or so since, we anticipated to be hie; basing that anticipation on tno Well known doctrines of the leading statesmen of the Democratic party, from the days of Jeffer son to the present. As for the matter of the veto, we have to pay that those in Congress who sympathise vith its reasoning and conclusions, as well as the Whigs of both Houses, all pronounce it a very able State paper, indeed. We have not yet conversed with one of either of those two divisions who does not seem to regard it as the strongest argument against the payment of the claims in question, as yet promulged. The Democratic friends of the bill seem to lock at i. in a different light. However? "The man convinced against his will l^ol the jianie opinion still." So, it was not to be expected that they could eo soon realize its strong points. We have no soaoo in which to lay it bofore the Star's read ers. Nor is that necessary; lor millions of copies of the document are probably by this time zproad before the American public. We need hardly add that it rejoices us greatly, for alone of all the journals published at this point, we opposed the enactment of the bill. The Last about Cuba.?From Maine to' Lou L>iana, the press, stimulated by wonderf.-l Tories transmitted over the telegraph wires concerning rumored vast preparations for still ar.other filibustering expedition from the United States against Cuba, are commenting u;on the accounts in the most exeiied man- I ner, adding surmises for fac?s, which in being t.ansferred to second columns, rarely fail to I be insisted on as true. Now, it strikes us that our cotemporaries I in all directions are on a wild goose chase in I tnis matter. We believe that the filibusters I arc doing less, likely to disturb the friendly relations between Spain and the United States I at this time, than at any p^evioup period in the I 13st three years. We were first to announce the great excite- J ir.ent, and very much more general, though I secret, dissatisfaction with the Government now existing in the ialae 1 This we did three or four weeks ago, on i. formation (private) sent us by our vigilant, ?nd. eo far, never in accurate Havana correspondent. In a fort- I night or so after that publication in the Star, I some of the ?' fast" journals of New York re ceived similar advices frcm Cuba, and com menced wondering whether the filibusters were not preparing to take advantage of this I state of things on the island. From such 'peculations the current stories of the hour took their shape Those sympathizing with I fillibusterism in New Orleans, stimulated by the newspapers, have doubtless held meetings for consultation?to see whether they can do any thing Their allie3 everywhere over the I country are talking (predicting) about the af fair at a great rate Such, wc have every I reason to believe is the sum and substanoe of I the vast preparations for th? speedy invasion of Cuba of which we now bear so muoh in the newspapers. It is well known that the prosecutions under | orders from Washington that took place not long since in New Orleans, the seizure of the Massachusetts and one or two other vessels in I New York harbor, and the self-evident deter mination and ability of the Executive of the I mted States to insure the observance of our neutrality laws, completely defeated the last attempt to filibuster against Cuba, and scat-1 tcred tho oonspirators to their several homes from their several points of congregation. W e feel well assured that up to this time no serious efforts to re organize their forces, or to lay definite plans for getting off from the I nited States, have been attempted Our means of ascertaining what they are about are quite equal to, if not better than those of any one else not either in the midst of the councils of the fillibusters, or in the American State Department. As fer the story that Mr Attorney General Cuahing sympathises with the alleged new expedition, or with filibustering at any time J or under any circumstances, it is simply a ooinage of the New York Herald's roorback mint in this city, wherein, according to con tract, a new wonder is duly manufactured I ??epy twenty-four hours; its only requisite characteristic being thatjt shall be something likely to be wondered over for twenty-four hours. There is not a man in this city who has ever spoken for ten minutes with General Crnhing upon the subject of the neneral lor e?gn policy of the Government of the United Statas, and no one talks more froely than he J ej on such subjects where State secrets may not be involved, who does not know well that there never was a more deter mined ani unvarying advooate of a strict | observance on the part of thii Government of all obligations of its neutrality laws Thii faet is no news, therefore, in Waeh ington City, and we sta'e it only because there n.ay be persons at a distance who really know I *?Iitu* ?f Amerioan public affairs as to be lieve that a high officer of this Government, would S) far forget the obligations of his po sition, as to turn filibuster. We care not what party may be in power, there need be no fear that any one of tha ohief executive officers of our Government will countenance flagrant and palpable violations of the lawa of the Unite! States, for any purpose watever. So, too, is the story that the " Kinney Ex pedition" was designed to llllibuster against Cuba, a roorback manufactured out of whole cloth. We have shown to the entire satisfac tion of the ooantry that we know all about 'hat affair. We know positively?having ample proof in our possession?that up to the time when our publications exposed its true character, and thus made it necessary for the Searetary of State to explode it, those con cerned in getting it up had bo thought of Cuba, f: eir foray was to have been directed against defenceless Central America. Yet we will not be answerable that if anybody will furnish the means, what remains of its organisation will not be directed against Cuba, Timbuoto, or any other region for preparing to filibuster against which, somebody may be willing to foot the bill. In conclusion, if we are to have another at tempt from the United States to invade Cubs, the present wonder-mongering of the pren on tho subject is to generate it; as, up to this time, there has been no serious effort in any part of our country to organise for the pur ro<o. We have to warn all who may be think ing of participating hereafter in any such en terprise, that the Government here are on the alert, and have the means at hand of crush ing all attempts whatever to involve the United States in diffieultics through violations of our neutrality laws. Under our system, the exe cution and (with the State Department) the conception of their plans to this end falls on the Attorney General of the United State, who acts on information lodged with him by' t^c State Department. The world has found liim not only competent, but willing to put down all previous illegal efforts against the Spanish Government in Cuba He who doubts tint boih his willingness and ability in this connection will continue until the end of his term, lacks common seDse, woefully. Very Important Eesults ?Among tho arti cles exhibited at the Mechanic's Institute Fair now in progress in this city, are speci mens of wood of various kinds coated with various preparations, which have been used by the officers of the Government at the Nor folk (Ya.) navy yard, in experiment!to ascer tain if by any possible means the ravages of the worm on the bottoms of ships can be pre vented. James Jarvis, Esq., who, for nearly half a century has been the inspeotor of ship timber at the Norfolk yard, and who is proba bly tho best ship timber inspector on this side of the Atlantic, has for some twenty-five years been engaged in mating suoh experiments under N avy Department orders, lie has tried ! e.ery conceivable expedient to the end above mentioned, and only within tho last year or two has he approximated towards satisfactory resul ts. These results he exhibits in this fair, preparatory to placing them in the keeping of the Government at thii point for general reference?examination. In few words, sine paint, and sine paint merely, proves the antidote, or rather preven tive so long sought, lie shows a large num. ber of specimens, and wherever tine paint was applied, there only is the wood frco from the ravages of the worm. Timber painted all over with lino paint, but with a spot in one end as large as a sixpence left untouched, is found to have been bored, (riddled inside.) the entrance being made through that spot. Pieces, of which some of the sides are coated with the xinc paint, are covered with barn acles on the sides ooated with anything but the zinc paint. Among ail his specimens, not OBe is to be found where line p*int was used with even a single barnacle found fastened upon it. Some were months, and others year3 submerged yet in every case, accorc ing to the results of these experiments, everything else has failed?line paint, never. Now, it can hardly, be that the labors and investigations of this intelligent and perse vering old gentleman can fail to prove of infi nite commercial importance, ihe subject should at once be taken up by the scientific of the country. If he has thus discovered a airnple, and so economical pretentiti?? for the rc.vagc3 of the sea worm, he is a great public benefactor, indeed. Steamert Wanted for tho Havy.?The Sto retary of tho Navy has appointed Commanders Gardiner and Ungle a board to select steamers (propellers) to be sent on the Arctic expedi ion in search of the expedition of Dr. Kane, re cently ordered by Congress. These officers have already started on their mission, and will make efforts in Philadelphia, New Yoik, and Boston to obtain, at a fair rate, the de scription of vessels required. Tho Twenty-focond.?The 22d instant is to be celebrated after their time honored fashion by the good people of Alexandria. Edgar onowden, Esq., is to deliver the oration, and a capital dinner is to bo enjoyed afterwards at Newton s Mansion House?such a dinner ai is rarely set outside of the limits of the Old Do minion. j Tho Current Operations of tha Treasury Department.?On Saturday, tha 17th of Feb., thore were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $11,329 18 For paying Treasury debts 3,983 04 For the Interior Department 47,792 86 For the Customs 2 310 75 For the War Department 3*604 22 For repaying in the War Depart ment... 2,624 22 For repaying in the Interior De partment 610 80 For appropriation warrant of the Interior Department received and entered 444 yg For the Navy Department * 352,180 49 Foroovermginto tho Treasury from miscellaneous sources 1,762 28 t'ONGRBSSIOIVAIi. In the Senate, on Saturday, after we went to press, they passed a bill of the House of Representatives, increasing the pension of Anthony Walter Bayard, of Bellefonte, in the State of Pennsylvania ; and a joint resolution to authoriie the Secretary of the Treasury to make suoh change in the mode of oonstruc ing ths New Orleans custom house as will be best, in hi* judgment, to lighten the foundations freni the great weight of the superstructure 'Ihoben.ite considered the bill granting a credit of three years to railroad companies for the payment ol duties on imported iron; which was debated until they adjourned. Ia the House, the question was put on agree ing to the Olds amendment to the ocean Mail steamer appropriation bill, reported from the Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union, e? follow*, vti: '? For the transportation of the mails from New York to Liverpool and back, $858 000; and that the proviso contained in the first sec tion of an act entitled ' An act to svpply defl olencies in the appropriations for the service of the fiscal yoar ending the 30th of June, 1851,' approved the 21st day of July, 1852, be, and the same is hereby, repealed : P. ovideH That Edward IC Collins and his associates shall prooeed with all dne diligenoe to build another steamship, in accordance with the terms of the oontract, and hare the same ready for mail servioo in two years from and after the passage of this aot; and if said steamship is not ready within the time above mentioned, by reason of any negleet or want of diligenoe on their part, then the said E iward K. Collins and hi* associates shall convey the United S:ates mail between New York and Liverpool, from the expiration of the said two years, every fortnight, free of any charge to the Gov ernment. until the new steamship shall have oommenced the said mail servioe; concurred in?yeas 100, nays 83 Here the President's veto message of the French spoliation bill was received and its reading temporarily dispensed with. After agreeing to the other amendments to tho ocean mail steamer bill reported from the Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union, the said bill was passed?yeas 99, nays 82 The French spoliation bill veto was then read; and after a few remarks from Messrs. Bayly of Va., Jones of Tenn., Campbell, Hunt, and Barksdale, on the veto, the subject was laid over until to?day; and the Houso ad* journed. Pr?y;rrdinj(i ?f T?-D?ty. In the Senate, to-day, after reports, Ac., were disposed of, the Pacific railroad bill of Mr. Gwin, was taken up and was being read for consideration when the Stnr went to press. In the House, Mr. Bayly, of Va., moved to postpone the business first in order, the Pres ident's veto message on the French Spoliation bill until Thursday next. A member, whoro name we did not learn, meved to substitute Friday for Thursday Mr. O r argued that such was the condition of the pubMo business befere the Hourc, as that a protected debate upon the veto could not take place without great damage to the public interest Mr. Bayly, while indisposed to delay busi diss, wa-5 d j.irous to express his views on the veto power, which he conceived not to be ap plioablo to the measure upon whioh it has so

recently beon uicd. Mr. Breckinridge and Mr. Orr urged that the veto could not possibly be discussed at this sosrion without jeopardising the civil and diplomatic, the army and navy, the fortifica tion appropriation bills, and -various other measures of great public importance Mr. Oliver, of Mo , opposed the discussion of (he veto, pleading the condition of the frontier as a reason why the army bill, rather than an abstract question, should be taken up. Mr. Campbell argued in favor cf the veto at this time. Mr. Orr moved tho previous question. The Speaker said that if it was seeonded, the effect would be to bring the House at once to another vote on the bill that had been returned by the President unsigned. Bnildings for Government Purposes in Bal timore. Tho Baltimore Dispatch of Saturday says: We arc glad to announce that a bill has passod both Houses of Congroca authorizing the President to secure the permanent accom odation* for the United State.* Courts and the Post office in Baltimore. This bill authorises the President to procure a suitable site for tho building or buildings, and to submit to Con gress, a- early as practicable, plans and esti mates for their construction, with estimates for fitting up or furnishing the satno; or if buildings already erected can be so remod dled as to as to answer the purpose, to sub mit to Congress estimates for such alteration, 'lhis is a matter of great importance to our citisens, and the providing of suitable accom odations for the purpose indicated has been too 1-jng delayed; but now that it is in a fair way of being consummated, the next thing is to provide a suitable location for the buildings. So far as the Pest office is concerned there are a great number of persons who are strongly in favor of keeping it in its present location, the Exchange building. The situation is cen tral, and oonvenient of access to the Point, Old Town, South Baltimore, and the West End; the acoom idations of the building are capacious and roomy, and tho extensive rotun do, with its three wide modes of entrance, af fords an excellent shelter to persons in wait ing for their letters in bad weather. It is, besides, near to the business section of the oi ty, which is a great desideratum; and in eve ry respect, is most admirably fitted for the purpose for which it is now ocoupied. With some slight and comparatively inexpensive al terations, it cculd be made still more capa cious and rendered superior to any office of the kind in the world." Thb Allibs is the Crimea.?According to a London correspondent of the If. Y. Commer cial, a gentleman who recently arrived from the camp of the allies before Sebastopol, gives the most deplorable account of the fatigues and ditoouragements under which the brave sol diers of England and France are supporting the tedious siege. The manner in which tho Russian guns constantly harrass them is by no means their smallest grief He has seen fre quently the Frenoh erect a breastwork, place and direct a cannon, and before they were prepared to fire, the Kussian guns would dis mount the piece scatter the breastwork, and kill or wound the men. The bail of the balls is continual, bo that beyond the trenches rf the allies the ground is literally covered with metal which has been thrown from the city. The amount of balls and broken shells which are to be seen on the ground surrounding Se bastopol, is said to be one of the most remark able curiosities whioh meets the eye of the visitor, and gives him an exalted idea of the resources of the garrison. Reform ii* New Yore.?The Express of Saturday evening says: "Mavor Wood ani Justice Osborn, have taken the lottery polioy dealers and gamblers in hand, and issuod warrants for the arrest of several of the principal dealers. The owner of a faro table corner of Howard street and Broadway, over Bill Pool's Porter House, was this jmorning arrested and brought before the Justice who held him for examination in $1,000 bail. Much difficulty is experienced in carrying out the law in reference to these places for war.t of the proper affidavits and complaints which oitixens must furnish if they want the laws in respect to these places enforoed. larThe twenty eight Know Nothing mem* bers of the Pennsylvania Legislature, who withdrew from the caucus that nominated the Hon Simon Cameron for the United States Senate, publish an address to the public, giring their reasons at length for withdraw ing. The address is severe upon Mr. Cameron OrIhe Albany Knickerbocker says that the effigy of Daniel Ullmann was burned in presence of a large crowd in Albany, on Thursday evoning last. The Knickerbocker thus closes its notice: "The parties who would burn an opponent in effigy, would not hesitate to burn him at the stake, if they did not fear the law and popular indignation.*' Military in Massachusetts.?The arms in the possession of the Sanfield Guards, and one or two other companies that have been disbanded by tho governor, were yesterday Seized by Adj. Gen. Stone, in pursuance of an order from the commander-in-chief, and trans ferred to the arienal at Watertown. No op position was made to the seixure, and the act was done in consequence of the neglect of the parties to return them to the authorities pre vious to the present time.?UjUoh Timts. tdf Hie Cincinnati Times nffirnu there is an old lady in that city so thoroughly anti Catholic in her tendencies, that she won't read dope's poetry for fear of being eternally 1a?4 MONTHLY MEETING OP THE I > W.J Xrun* Wen,> Christian Association will 1be held in Trtaity Church THIS EVENING, at 7U I o'clock. ' n 8ev?rai addrease* will be delivered. The public u cordially invitad to attend. fews-., Joa " "adley,^ 1 BE.S 0iv1an institution LEO I Prof. Joseph Levering of Harvard Unlvertftv wf'l I lecture on MONDAY EVENING, Feb 19th on th? I?Progreaa of Electricity." ' L* cturea to roamence at 7 k o'clock. feb 19?It __ jE-^^LECTlRES ON THE UNHOLY ALL I ?Cfi^ANCE. Mr. W. O. DIX proposes to give four Lectures at I CARUtilU 8ALOON, on the unholy alliance to | preserve | THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE. j Mr. Dix will maintain that England and Franc* are in a fklse position, historical, political, and re I li?ious, in upholding, by (he resources of Christian I civilization, the sovereign power of the Sublime Porte. ? ''Mare 1st.?On WEDNESDAY EVENING, **hw91. The past and psesent relations of the the Christian Power* towards the Mahometan Su premacy over Christian Dominions. lecture 2d.?On SATUKDAY EVENING, Feb. 24th. Rusnau expansion lo the Mediterranean I ne time of the remaining lectures hereafter tn I noanepd. I Tickets 25 cents each, for sale at the door. I Lecture to begin at o'clock. feb 19?3t* | (Unionfclntel) ^ PRESIDENT'S MOU!* TED GUARD, at JKn tpnrion '?You art herebv ordered to meet /T*W W the armory on TUESDAY EVENING, . V " ?*>? ?>th inatam, at 7 o'clock, with Sabre* I lor inspection. rw5v!Ty JneraN>r " expected to be present, as an Orderly Sergeant and other non-commissioned of ficers are to be elccted. I By order of Captain Peck: I ? i in a. JNO- H- McCUTCHEN, feb 19-?t* Secretary. Wlfl CORDS OF PINE AND OAK DKLIV Oak #5 -5 in Eny P3rt ** C"y* Fiar' 94 75 ~ Orders left with Mr. MeCHESNEY, Feed Store 8?venth street, opposite Mr. Summers', Saddler. I I feb 19?3t ?li( 10 ?Supposed to have been v~,k BV>,!D' bu* m?y have run off, from the Northern Liberties Market, on Saturday night, a Horse and \\ agon. The cover of the Horse was I ^ Ij*'* short tail, and was about seven years II a ? JT gIve lhe ah?ve reward if information is I left with me near the Congressional Burial Ground. 9?'c*" g^them. GORSH KARL. ICO IH-Jt" PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. 1. \[R FREDERICK PROSPERI begs have to in I r* . farrn his friends and former patron* that this band has been fWly rc organized and is now under J His direction, and he is fully prepared a hand I of the most Scientific Musicians in the city, to fur ni.-h music for Balis, Parties, Parades, Pic Nics, Ei I cJ"?l,)nj> fcc., at tlie shortest notice possible, by an PROSPERI,T>ader.CHA?. II ROSPERI, Conductor; 1IILRUS & HITZ'S Mu sic Depot, or at PETER TALTAVUL'S, opposite the Garrison, Garrison strset, Navy Yard. * feb 19?3m* PROTECTION FROM FIRE, AND I SAVING OF GAS PAPER Shades are used upon Gas but a short time without being burned, and fires are frc I queatlv occasioned by them ; the* casualties arc ? ..r.U'J'iT Pr^venterf bF ? new invention, DYOTT'8 I j REFLECTING SHADEPROTECTOB. I Shades cannot be set on firs shat are used upon I them. ? w 7J*ty rtflect ?orc hght down on the table, with nail the consumption of pas. botA' sxrsxn- si,"e ofc-w j A so Paper Shades, Gas Fixtures, and Lamps of every description. (Int) feb 16?eolw I THE RUSH : To the last Crand Golden Soiree of the gr eat MAOALLISTER having been still greater than ever, and the demand for ticket* being immense, another grand niiht will I be civen^TUESDAY, Frbruary 20-n, at Odd Fel 55 .-piendid Gifts, including six elegant Watches I va'ue 9435, will again lie presented to the audience. Sec spUndid programme. Tickets only 50 cents?to be had at Gall k Bro Jewelry Store, Pa avenue, where the present, ma. be seen; at Kirkwood nouse, and Odd Fellows' ; Hall, day and evening. Tickets limited to the *<xe ol the hall. Buy in time or you will aeain be shut out. feb 19? IP riUIE LIFE~ANO BEAUT1LS uk t'A \ % i JL I"rrn, and for sa'e at I SHILLINGTON'S BOOKSTORE, j Stanhope Burieigb, or the Jesuits in our Homes ? .. V,rtlB Uueen, by the author of Minnie Gccv Gue Howard, Sunfield Hall, and Amy l?awrence Harper's Story Book No. 3, February, the Strait CvHie Now York Illustrated Journal for March Chamber's Journal for February London Illustrated New* by the last steatn?rs Ruth Hall, WikofTs Courtship, Alone The Initials. Heaiuease | Everything 111 the Stationery line All the new books published received immediate ly afterwards and for sale at SHILLINGTON'S Bookstore, r . ,(,^de.?n Building, corner <X st. and Pa. ave. feb III?3t /HiOTHIlIO MADE TO ORDER CHEAPER y thai ever.?In ojder to run off ibe remainder ot our large stock of Cloths, Cassmieres, and Veat ings, we will at this season take measure and make to order Gentlemen's Garments of first quality 20 per cuit. chc'tip r than our usually low prices. * n WAL^ & STEPHENS. S'*5* Pa. avenue, next door to Iron Hall, feb 19 (SehtinelkNews) 4JULTTHKRN QUARTERLY REVIEW lor Jui.u: 0 ary, 1855. Contents : The North and the South Blunders of Hallam ' Powers of the General Government The llumau Family Constitution of the United States Chemistry of Common Life Party Leaders Recent Social Theories Critical Notieea. Subscription price $5 per anuum. feb 19 FRANCE TAYLOR. ? - . [No. 531.] Noiic* of th* temporary eontinuanet of ttu I land Office at Vincennes, Indiana. N compliance with the act of Congress approved Feb.uary 1?, 1?55, which provides "that the of rices ot register and receiver shall be continued at Vincennes, Indiana, until after a final report shall nave been iimde by the commissioners, pursuant to the act ol Congress approved July twenty seventh, eighteen hundred and fifty fOur," entitled "An act to ascertain and adjust the titles t'? certain lands in tic State of Indians." notice is hereby given that the order (No. 528) dafd January 25,1856, directing the discontinuance of certain land offices in Indiana is suspended in its application to the office at Vin! rennts ''until the services required by the act of 1! iUi.y' of ll,e commissioners shall have been fully performed," of which due notice will be given. ,han^?? the city of Washington, this 17th day of February, 1855. . ^ JOHN WILSON, feb 19-latiir"Wi0nCr <*"Cr,t' Land GREAT ATTRACTION. THE artist for the purpose of introducine his new style iff Crayon DAGUERREOTYPES, wUl lor one month sell the above style of inim.table pictures for the low price of ONE DOLLAR JZZZi2" """ "k'?-nt ??"-??? VANNERSON'S Daguerrean Gallery, feb 16-^" aVCnUe' Dear COrncr DRYwii0?DSu!N THE P,R3T WARD.?TUK subscribers having refitted their More since ih? tire, be* leave to call the attention of the.r cu%>ui ers and friends to the fact that they had now re opened, and having on hand a part of their stock a abl7-3t? T' W' JOHNSON k CO. . SUITABLE FOR PRK8KNT8 AT frulid^1!101^0^'S "Notion" Store, 7tli street; can . feand beauuful collection of Faney notions, together with a general assortment of Toys for tne children. feb 17?3t TAKE NOTICE. TTISITOllS ai d ott ers attending the Metropoli T ?an Fair.- I have just brought on from N. York a large assortment of splendid Diamonds, and a great variety of new styles ol rich Jewelry. Also, some very superior Watches, which for true time cannot be curpasMed. 1 have just finishe d a magnificent Silver Tea Set that will compare favorably with anything of tlie kind at tbe Fair or ici America. It is uow ready t?.r inspection, free of charge lo all, at my Store 418 Pa. avenue, between 4? and 6th streets. ' feb 17 H. O. HOOD. NOTICE. r RESPECTFULLY call the attention of custom gold and other partor sbai|?^ of ss?r ^ - *"?<" ? No S|Ai 'foU,*r,*r p*Prr ""f", ftb 17-X**4* Pd' av^ ^ ^ ">d l*L m$. NATIONAL THEATRE. Ltattt Mr 1 1 Actiaf ft ttoff* M*u^r.. John W MR KEENAN B?P l?K 10 tpoun 10 Um men of War hingum, that be ba?, after ^fni exertion*. completed bis Company, ami in now enabled to pro duce. in mafiflcesf style, Um cfkbn moral d iocs tic Drama, ?MM TRUE SOUTHERN LIFE : O B , UNCLE Ti?lf ASH K IB* Thia Greet Moral Ihema. with it* MIX TABL1AI X AND THIRTY SCENES! Owciudini with the allegorical ascent or eva. Will be peenrnt-d THIS KVINIIQ. Tb? character of EVA. the Flower of tbe ftneb, U LITTLE LOUISA PARKER, ( Onb) 6 trtm of mr* ) ? Tbe rendition of this b? auuful character by ? child M> youue. has famed tbe i-Mnoiw of nil tin preaa of Baltimore and Philadelphia, and ?mn for her the tide of the ' I3FAIT PRODIOT. !r the imm??n and Welch's The Stage Department will be under tbe ate direction of ? R. J WO. WBAVI late Manager of Parnuia*s Museum and Welch's XationarTheatre. Philadelphia. PfttrKs or anatsaio*. Private Bokm........ ^ 0(t l>re? Circle and Parquette Jo Ticket* admitting a lady and gentleman Orchestra Scats 7% Second and Th rd Tier .... ?> Colored Gallery *. fS Doors open at 7?to commence at 7 \ o'clock. H feb IS?lw Accounts with Uio Uovm of Bepreeeetatim Clcuk's Ornca, Pebruary 16.1865. PERSONS having bills or other account* agairm the House of Representatives. arc respectfully requested to present iliem prior to the 9*th instant, so as to allow time for action by tbe ComiPtttee on Accounts before the adjournment. J. W. FORNEV, , Cleik House of Bepa. Unit?d States, feb 17- dtSHih LA NOUVELLE HELOISE, edition ilfiim par Johannot, Baron, etc-, in pamphlet?price M cenu. Le.? Confessions de Rousseau, in pamphlet, with many illustrations, 50 cent* Ph) siologie du Gout, par Bnltat Snvarin, in pain phlet, with mauy illustrations. price 50 cent*. Imported from Paris by feb 17 FRANK TAYLOR A MERIT AN YEAR BOOR OP PACTS and An mini of Scit ntific Discovery for IRSa. 1 volna .104 pages. *1 20. FRANCK TAYLOR feb 16 * A JONAS CHICKERING SECOND HAND P! ANO PORTE for sale on iea*unablc term* ai the Munc Depot of IIILBC8 k 1111 Z, 8'ar Build ing--. feb 17 Dis?olutiom of copartner.* ?HIP.?WtK (ft WARD k 6UY, by n?aj consent have this dry dissolv- d copartnership, person* indebted to, or creditor* of Ui- late 6n??^ will please call at tlie old stand without deiav, and | s ttlc tlieir accmnti. feb l6? 3t * NOTICE.?We t>eg leave to state that we haw this day purchased the entire stock ot r>?d? ?d the late Arm of Woodward k Guy, coumd u.( of Hardware, Worn, Grates', kr., and will continiM the business at the old t-t tnd of the late firm. JOHNSON, GCY k CO., Pa. avenue, between 10th and lltli st?. leb 16-3t ____________ Notice.?<. woodward having snw out his stock ;<? Jebnsnn. Gut k Co. take* this op portumty of thiuihing hi* friends and the pnblie gen ? rally for their past patronage, and respectfully se licits a continuance of the same to the new firm feb 16?3t POTATOES AND APPLES^ JUST received aod for die? 1C00 t>u?h< l> White Mercer P<.<tatoe? 30<J0 do Ea-tcm Merccra 100 do do l ink Eyca 150 bbl* aborted Apple* 200 botes Medina Orange* 100 do do Lemon* SOU lbs GoMicn Butter, a very (*nperioi ankle By, Old Depot, 5 39 Pa. av., Wa?lnr>gton. feb 16?3t (Organ) SOIREE DANSANTE, ' AT CAB ITS I *8 SALOON. MONS COCHEU beg>4 lca?-e inlorm I m ladi and g? ntJemtn of tnu city thaifn wwi^anti of the inclemency ot tlie weather his ?nir-e ths? was to be la>t Monday will take place next Mou<W the 19th in*taut Mons. C. take* this opportunity to tui?o?iii'-r io the parents wishing to have their clr.'dren ungbt in the true art of Dancing and Waltzing, that lm last session for the s^asou it ju t roinmeuce<1, aid would be happy to rccave a continuation ot tiwif ; ind patronagv feb 16 3f C. WAHR1HF.R, WATCHMAKER, ? NO. 130 PA. AVENl'L, ^ Between Ninth and Tenth directs, WlUlUMiTOK, D. C. fr-b 14?dtNov4* CIDER, POTATOES, Ac. JUST receivwl from New York, per railrrad. n few barrels ot l.l;uth<d Chani|Mgt;e Cider whicb I have for sale on draught at 50 cents per gallon. Al-o, a lot of princ Merc?-r Potatoes at $1 7 j per bushel. Prime Baltimore cured Hams at 12 k cents per lb. together with a general assortment or tre-h l?uiil> Groci riea, whicn I ;?m constantly receiving at my store, No. 509, Odd pellow*' Hall, 7tb st. leb 16?3t * GEO- W. E-RENNEDV. REWARD?Strayed from the pffmiP?-s OJ of James E Johnson, on st aoutb . r-' COWS, one while Buffalo, one blacbj liorned, and one r< d speckled cow h irneti The abova reward ?ill be paid for any iirrorm*uuii so that I can get th? m agaid. feb 16 - 3t* kLPO 1HJRS OP SfcLDEN, WllliERh At " CO.?The nudersirned will pay the Inch*** price for Two Thou^nd I>ollars of Seldeu, Withers k CoV Cemlicates of DepoMie. ' HAMILTON G. PANT, Banker, 9 feb 16-3t 434 Pa- avraoe. LARGE LOT OF FLAX SEED just receive* and for sale by SAM'L BACON k CiK feb 15 Cnrner Seventh st. and Pa ave. NEW FANCY STORE. Hutchinson * munro have tor s*ie at their new store, next door to Messrs. Walter Harper k Co., Pa. avenue, between thh and 10?u streets, every deacnption of Pancy Goods, Perfun??? ry, Hosiery, Gloves, Pone Monnaies, Card C*??, Jewel Boxes, kc. Also, Meullie and Papier Mar he one and cizM day Clocks, Mantel Ornament*, kc., together wit? a large assortment of Shell Work ibe wIm-I< ot which will be sold at the lowest New York prices. hutchinson k MUHRo, 310 Pa- ave., hetw. IHh and 10th ats. feb 15-Iw (Organ 3t) FSKHCH LAHGUA0E AHD DftAWIHG A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, a grnduaf of ?_ University of Paris, is desirous t-> give LLJv sons iu his native tongu*;, and DRAWING t? schools, classes, < r pn\ate impiln in this city an J vicinity. He is also willing to give complete inatme lion in the above branches in compcn?au >n of board in a respectable family of tin* city. 1 he advrrti-er feels confident to uudortakc the following engage j ment, vix: If ater a c??ur?c of 48 lessons his pnp^l has not acquired the facility of speaking an<1 uinter standing well the French, be will continue to guv instruction free from charge. The highest te?iw?o nials of character and "uccess in tea-huig ill be* given. Address "F V," at this office. feb 14?lw* rpABLE CUTLERY, ALBATA FOKKS ASW JL SPOONS, kc. ^ust received ? large as?>rtment of cuperi >r TA BLE CUTLERY of every variety. Alan, every style the finest oualuv ALB \TA FORKS, SPOONS, TEA sets, CAKF. bas KETS, CASTORS, ke? which will be found tbe best substitute for real silver ever discovt red M. W. GALT k BRo. Pn. ave., hetw. ?th and 10th sts. feb 13?6t (News) SILVER PLATED WARE. /COMPLETE Codec ScU, C-istors, Caks and Fit* Baskets, Waiter* ou wIikc mvul, Table, Ik-a sm, and Tea Spoons and Forks, double and tnp'a plated on Albnta, the best sabKituu- lor nl*er, wai ranted and told by H. SEMKLN No. 330 Pa. avenae, between ?th and ltta sm. jan 19 INSTITUTE POLKA. JUST published tbe above Polka, rt*-^psed and dedicated to the Officers and Mem Metropolitan Meebaaiea' Institute, by Fr'k Kir a?.L>1K. ??l- ? ? - I MmwrouwH .ni rnamcs' l<istltute, b> Er'k Kie> emlieUUbed with tbe most ueauttinl nnd enrrt^g view ol the Sinithsonian Institute as >?? i- n?-d. ' The trade turnisbed at the very liMMMitlmk rates. HILBUS k HIT'/, Mnsic PnbiiHbers, Star Buitdiog*. Comer Pa. avenue, Eleventh ap<i 0 ?*r?- ? 17 feb 17