Newspaper of Evening Star, February 20, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 20, 1855 Page 3
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v!\r; stAH. L M A I. IA 7 ? LLu7k N C E. CeoeciLS ?Board oj Aldermen ?Last night, the Board met shortly after the usual aour, Mr. vice President Clark in the chair Mr Pepp?r presented the petition of J f Boob* mod othera; referred to the police com mittee without being read M. Johnson presented the peUtion of Mary S>ullivan, referred to the committee of claims without reading Mr Pepper reported baek from the im. provements committee, a bill to supply a de ficiency in the eppropriation for grading and graveling N street north, from Temh to Kurteenth itreet west, passed kllfll11^,w()L ?aed to insider the vote by which the bill to permit James Rhodes to erect a certain frame building in the Sixth 7,1 WV T0te r**>Midered, and ihe bill waa laid on the table until the next meet IBg. Mr. Fittpatriek reported baek from the im provementa committee the bill granting per mierion to Robert R pyw6ll to erect a brick stable on Eighth street, between D and E aireeta Mr Fittpatriek explained at some length the reaaona inducing the committee to recom mend the enactment of thia bill, contending that its erection would be really a great im* provement Mr. Johnson also argued at ume length in favor of the bill. n Mr Borrows addreased the Board against permitting any one to build or nae a building for (tabling, contrary to the provisions of the ordinanee on the subject. 'Ibe said bill was then passed A communication from the Mayor, covering one from the city Surveyor, relative to a pro posed ehange of the grade of Tenth atreet east waa laid before the Board Both these papers we^e read, and were referred to the Sixth Ward deteght on Marks had leave of abaence granted bim for tho balance of the evening A lower Board's bill for the reliei of James ,T> *as referred to the improvements committee. Also, a bill for the relief of Wni. D. Aiken referred to the police committee. A bill to defray the expenses of the special election in the First Ward was passed A bill regulating the pay ($2 per day) of the police employed at the Fair of the Me chanics lunti.u'e, and making an appropria tion therefor, wae taken up and prssed, after some eon venation between Messrs Pepper, Fi'spatnck and Pearson. A bill refunding to M m A. Riley certain money paid by him on United States lota pur chased bv him at tax sales and for taxes paid by him thereon; referred to the finance com mittee. Mr Pearson reported unfavorably from the elaims committee on the petitions of W. B. N. Edward* A M M White; reports concurred in ? ^Wo,- ?? the Fe'itioa o' Patrick Keating; i,e- | tition laid on the table. Mr Evans moved io take up the Mayor's nomination of Mr Andrew J. Larner, as Cor. poratton book keeper. Mr Bayly opposed this motion, on theground ! that the nomination in question had been ' forced on the Mayor by outside pressure, so I that it oould not be oalled his own. I M'- Evans urged that Mr Larner was, in fSet, the Mayor s own cleik. lie knew noth ing ot the alleged harra.'sment of the Mayor to procore the appointment. He doubted tbe fact and explained that it wss the fashion for the removing offioer always to deny his re sponsibility for the acf, and regretted that the Mayor bad not sufficient independence to anoulder :he responsibility of bis official ait lie was f.?r at once confirming whoever the Mayor might felect for his iuimediate clerfr. AJr. Bayly said that his information cstid from Mr Ulark, who had been removed to ? ***'? 'or Mr. Larner; and explained con versation between Mr. C. and the Mayor I wherein the latter bud, according to Mr' f Clark s statement. endeavored to get ou* of i responsibility for bis act in this ca-e Mr Johnson spoke in favor of a further. postponement of aotion on this question Mr Peeper went for immediate action on it 1 Mr Borrows urged that unlese an objection could be shown to the qualifications or char- * aeter of a nominee, he should in all cases be ! cod firmed. The question wa/> then put on the motion to ' postpone the consideration of this nomination and it was not agreed to?yeas 5, nays ?J ' t Mr Msgruder taking the floor, addressed the board in favor of the appointment of another select committee to examine the books 1 of the Corporation, holding that they wore so i full of errors as to make their thorough ex- I amination necessary, and that those errors were the work of the clerks lately apj oin'ed i or employed, Mr Larner'a books being kept ! baiter than any of theotbe:s Mr. M. explained | these errora in detail, and that ihey amount to ! thousands of dpllars and arise from gross ce-e- ' le*?nets and patent incompetency lie asked * if the triends of the clerks were willing to rest f under theses atements of his, without demand- ! tag investigation to clear the skirts of their i triends, if that be inedible? Mr Evans replied to Mr. M., saying thatLe ! held h:s position in the Board without seeking j it in any way, and had treateu all his fellow Aldermen euurtoolialy; explained why he had moved lor the appointment of the original select committee to examine these books aLd whet be had done as a member of that com mittee lie bad moved to be discharged from the committee, becsuse satisfied that it would take one or two montha labor to examine the books properly As for Mr. Larner s book he thought It as well kept as books o.dinariiy are under the Uoternment. lie feared no member ol tbe Board and lb ught tbeko-gliag and joggling in the Board over these little ap poioimentg in very bad taste. Ibe nomination of Mr. Larner was then oonnrmcd?yeas 7, nay* 4. Uu motion of Mr Pepper, the Mayor's ncmi tioLS lor the Board of Health were takeu from tbe table, and after some conversation, in which Messrs Pearson, Magruder, and Bor rows participated? Mr. B explained that the Mayor, in lop ping oti the head of the board?Dr Miller bed leelly deetioyed its etxlcienc): and re hearsed the qualifications of and experience with other members of the board to show without Dr. Miller to do the labor of the boaid j heretofore, it would hardly be pos sible that the board of health would be of any substantial service to the city. Ho was for paying a health officer. shortly afterwards the said nominations were confirmed?yeas 7, blank 1. And then, tLe transaction of acme further business, they adjourned. Common ComticU.?'Ibe B ard was Called to order by the President. Mr Buaey presented the petition of J M Snvder; referred Mr L'arr, frcm tbe committee of ways and means. leported the Board of Aldermen bill, peymg William lhompson $16? Ob for certain printing A short discussion ensued between Messrs. Doan and Walker, and the yeas and nays were Remanded on tbe third reading, whxh re sulted as follows * | Veae? Messrs Barr. Walker, J. W Davis, Duncanson, Cross, Ruff, Stewart, Smith, Bam berger, and the President?10 keys? Messrs. I'.ant, Donn, Busey, Kill, mon. end McCenley?6. Toe bill was then read the third time and Mr Raff, from the fame committee, asked U> be discharged from the further considera i?* j- P*l'l,?o of Richard Brisooe and others; discharged Jif-J. W. Davis, from the eommittee on im p ements. reported the Board of Aldermen ?w curbatones on cqueres 87a and y04, Witn a slight amendment, rectifying a clerical kI12r' !h* amended passed w Vi*1,*0 "P0'1*1 * bi)l P?J?ng J T Tenth and Eleventh streets ; paaeed *r '*ported the B.ard of Aldermen bill to grade Fourteenth street, from 1 to Boun dary street; passed Mr Plenl also reported the Board of Alder men bill to supply a defioiency in tbe gradirg end graveling t street; pasted M'. Duncsnson, from the committee on claims, leported that the papers connected with ihe petition of F. Hutchins were imper. leet, and ssked to be discharged from tbe con sideration of tbe same; wbiob was done, and permission granted Mr. Hutchins to withdraw them end perfect them. Mr. Duncanson also reported the bill for the relief of Wm. Shorter, which *u emended by Boerd of Aldermen in a way which made it 4 nournV," acd asked to be discharged frem thee r*ide>-*tton of the same: which wm done, and a new bill was originated and passed for his relief, remitting a fine &lr Dancanson alao asked to be discharged from the farther consideration of the Alder men's bill for the relief of G. T Simmons and the petition of John Mineaking: diseharjred Mr Dancanson also reported a bill remit ting the fine impoaed upon Solomon Dunsmore for selling eakee and beer on Sunday; re jected. Mr. Dancanson also reported a bill remit ting the fine imposed on Henry Carden, for keeping a dog without license; rejected. A communication was received from the Mayor mentioning the signature of certain k'/lfcemmunication was received from James Robertson. Esq , which wet read by the sec retary. and ordered to lie on the table. Mr Smith moved that Messrs Gales <fc Sea ton have permission to withdraw certain papers; but an objeotion arising, from the fret that a bill was based upon them, the motion was laid on the table Mr Donn, from the select committee, to which was referred the subject of establishing bay scales, submitted a written report, with a bill authorising the Mayor to cause hay scales to be ereeted in the First, Third, and Sixth wards, at convenient points, fixing the salaries of the weighers, Ac.; which, upon his motion, wss ordered to be printed for the use of the Board The Board then adjourned. Tub Farot Dress Ball - The Assembly Rooms, last evening, presented a gay amlani I mating appeerance, indeed?such as has rare ly been witnessed there The occasion was the Island Social Club's first ball, given to enable them to purchase a library No at tribute likely to contribute to the genoral en joyment was if anting, ?ltd of those pieeent, none will soon forget the too brief period they patsed there so pleasan'ly together. Costumes, mlected f om history, and representing char, acera of all desciiption, gave?harm and va riety to the scene, many of them being repre sented with a degree of appropriateness that retieoted much eredit on the wearers fur the nonce. Miss D?j represented the Goddeasol Liberty; Miss K?e, a flower girl; Miss B?n, a Highland lassie; Mis* B?e. a Bloomer; Miss C?n, as " Constance" in the Love Chase, whose exquisite dancing attracted much at? tention; Miss K?r. as a Gipsey girl. Thete are all that we remember < f the ladies' character*, wbioh were ably represented in their tasteful dresees. and displayed, te the fullest edvantage, the symmetry of thijr graceful figures, exciting the admiration of every one. Among the gentlemen present, in character, who far outnumbered the ladies, we observe.! Mr. W?g. as Romeo; Q. W C?r, as Charles de Moor; Mr. D?y, as Timour the Tartar; Mr. C-s, as Richm nd; Mr. S?y, as Charles the Second; Mr. A?s, as Arb ces; Mr. P?g, as an Indian; Mr A?r, as a High lander; Mr L?d. as Alosio; Mr. G?t. as the Duke ef Ramsay; Mr. D -n, as Benedict; Mr. A?s as a Turk; Mr. W?e. as Claude Mel notte; Mr F?e, a? Jack fcheppard; Mr B?w, as a fisherman; Mr H? n, as a sailor, who, during the evening, danced a hornpipe in most finished style, eliciting great applause, Mr D?n. as an Indian; Mr F -n, as a sailor; Mr. H?11, as William Tell; Mr. E-s. aa a Royal Prince; Mr S?g Spanish Bull Fighter; Mr J?s, the Mock Duke; Mr S?h, as Mer cuiio, in Romeo arfd Juliet; Mr. N. P? t, as Duke Firado; Dr. Met;?r, as a brigand; Dr. G ?s, a* a huntsman; Mr. N?n, as a joekey; Mr 11?y, as Dick Turpin, and his son in the character of Rob Roy?all of whom oontiib uted greatly to complete the Strang* and not unpleasing pageant In addition, there were ' a number of lovely and oharming ladies not i in fancy costume, though 1/eatr.iDg wito youth, I beauty, and innocence, and therefore moat | interesting and attractive: The Misses T?y , and Mjss N- s, of the {aland; Miss F?y and , the Misses B?y, of D street Mjsa J?a, of Thirteenth street, and a host of other*, beiui' I among that number, who were no less objects of interest to many Among them we also ' noticed the gifted Mrs P?n, who i?pp#r-d to J enjoy the animated scene with peculiar satis- i faction, being surrounded by a host ot ad- | mire s Among the gentlemen, nut in c?>s- ; tume. we observed Prof. D?e of Louisiana; the gallant Dr B?e, Joseph B?t Eiq., Dr. ' M?n, and others. The dance i* the m -st drllgbfu' of all re creations. but the fancy dress ball is an im proved feature on the s-mple dance, impart ing to it much of the mimia life that belongs to tbe stage To a looker on, no ?pe:tacle can be more agreeable, though grotesque, than a room filled with many varied char icters, ana none more amuting It makes the heart leap with delight in tbe consciousness of present pleasure This was evidenced in the j iyoua countenances of all present. The festivities were only interrupted by be occurrence of that important auxiliary on such occasions, tLe supper, which was in Mrs Collins' be-t style, indeed Tbe dance was soon again re sumed. At a late hour the company dispersed, and there were few who did not feel that morning came t~>o aoca. Our impressions if last evening are vivid, and we now declare that for an agreeable method of passing time, commend us to a fancy dross ball Mr. A T Harrington is the President of this asiocation. and the proceedings, we learn, were in a measure under his auspices, aud luoBt credit ably were they conducted. Thk Tekpsichoiik Club's Char mi.ig Ball. Columbia Hall. Cfpitol Hill, pressured a de lightful scene last night, the occasion being the first ball ot the I'orpiicb^re Club, a newly foimed association of the young men. princi pally of '? tbe Hill," for festive purposes The entertainment opened at V p m , Mrs P?n. the so well kuown lady patroness of tbn Columbia Fire C' mpany, (of whose inemLors the Club is principally formed ) being pteseni. Really we never saw a more interesting com pany of young ladies They were principally drawn fr^m among the daughters of our wor. thy uiechauLss of Capitol Hi>! and tbe Navy Yard, and were admirable specimens of the ftscination of budding and Just blooming womanhood in this immediate region of ooun try The young ladies of that walk in life here and throughout Maryland and Virginia, are. to our taste the finest looking women to be seen any where Tbe glow of health sits enthroned on their cGuaten^cei and fine fig ures, and their invariable habits of industry surround them with that natural dignity of csrriage. which results from tbe substantial independence of their station in lite Though the hill was crowded, there was n?t a bias e lady present?one wDo % appearance indicate.' piemature gatioty with the di*>iiaiions of fashionable s ciuty, the so common foundation < f tbe tco e?rly decay of tbe ladies of ci'ies tbe world over. Tbe tall and graceful form of Miss C?n was conspicuous is the crowd, while Misses L P?e, S. B-y, E. B-y, D 1, A~n, Mc?- y, ti-h. M. C-n, E. P?n, E C?d, M R? a, M. McK? y, E W?d,E C-a,K G-d, N?n, and many other lovely young girls were surrounded throughout the evening by a host i of admirers. Among the beaux present we e Presidents ef other similar social clubs of Washington, vis: Wm Caho, of tbe Empire; John T. lieard of the George Washington ; E D. Harrison, of the Eagle ; C. Willaon, of the Good Intent; H S. Denuiaon, of tbe Siar; Thomas Sinon, of tbe Mount Vernon ; It lio Cormick, ot tbe Good Will; J A Butler, of the Nightingale; W A Keardon, of the Lib erty, acd J. Evans of ibe Americas?nearly all of theae well known elubs beintr represent ed by other members Mr J. E. Havener was tbe caterer for tbe occasion, and acquitted himaelf aa handsomely aa usual, while bcott'a band discoursed the music. Iritiatro.?Last night, two of the Indian delegation now in this oity, having taken in an over supply of fire water, became ?o weak ened by carrying the heavy freight, that th*y fell in the streets and rolled about shouting and singing, probab'y their "death song" until they were picked up by aome kind par sons who carried them to tbe guard bouae, where they were retained till this morning, when tbey were diagaisaad, When they got outside the door, they stood atill for a imo^m looking et each other, then bgrat into a laugh, and started fjr their lodging*. Promotion ?Mr James A. King, formerly orderly sergeant of the President's Mounted Guard, has been appointed by Col. Hiokey quartermaster sergeant of the regiment. ? Cauaht at Last ?For tome time past. a number of colored rowdier from Gorgeto'wn have been in the habit of ooming to (his city and breaking into the dwellings of oolored persona, beating the inmates, and creating dis order; and when the officers were after them they would retreat into Georgetown, believing when they pawed Rook Creek, they were *afrfrom Washington offioers Warrant were issued en the 16 h instant agaioat a large num ber. and some were arrested Last night. a ?*Ur ??oers went into Georgetown to a. at a tan-yard, where they arrested others, and brought them to tbe oitv This morning, two of the leading scamps, John Butler and Dumfrie Jord<>n, were brought be fore Captain Birch for trial Seven charges were made against them for riot, and the evi deuce wu so positive that the captain sent ? hem both to j*il for trial at the Criminal class warning to others of that Malicious Misciibf ? It has been thecus tom at the gas house in the Seventh Ward to tnrow the coke made there on the adjoining lot, to be gathered by the poor. Upon these occasions there is a perfect scramble for the largest and best pieces. Yesterday a number had gathered there, mostly ohildren, when a load was thrown out, and they were told to '.u * 2' l^eJ were scratching among toe ooke and ashes, some heartless fellow threw a buoket of hot gas tar upon them in juring their clothing, and it is feared burning the eyes of a child so badly that he may lose nis sight. Warrants have been issued tor the leaders in tbe affair, and they will be pun ished as they deserve, if not by the law at least by the gas oompany. The Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair last night was orowded to suffecation. Never wss 4 amusement so popular as this Fair and the gentlemanly managers do all in their power to eooommodate the immense number oi visitors. Musio ? instrumental for tbe promenaders, and some hoe glees, wi h organ accompaniment by Prof. Scheel, for the inter vals?serves to heighten tbe erjoyment and please the tastes of all who attend Prof r oartscb, also, by bis superior performances on the various pianos, afforded much grada tion. and gave additional vaiiety to the enter tainments of the evening. A Race ?Last night, a man named John Lapine, insulted some ladies on the street, when a boy spoke to bim about his unmanly behavior. This made Lapine angrv, ana he knocked the little fellow down, Lapine was arrested by officer Burr and committed to jail by Justice Goddard When the hack was at the door. Lapine asked if they were going to H back ride? Being answced in the affirmative, Lapine said lie would give them a race for it, and started He ran slme distance, when be was caught, tied, thrown in the hack, and taken to the prison. Monet Found at tij* Fair -A pocket bock full of money was found at the exhibition ,Mt DJj?ht b7 a gentleman attached to the to ?t Survey office, who forthwith sought dil igently and found the owner. A smaller sum was also found by an officer of the exhibition, who entered upon a similar punuit, With what Bncces* we have not learned Watch Returns ?The frosty air of last night drove six unfortunates to the guard h ;uee tor lodgiBgs. There were but two oamw tor trial this morning?John Butier and Dum trie Jordan, colored, riot; sent to jail for court by Captain Birch Article! at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute. It is our intention, under this heading, from day to day, as space will permit, to give a description of the many useful, ingeneous and excellent articles on exhibition. Throughout tie Pair this inventive genius of American art and skill may be seen, and a short deli Ration thereof cannot fail to interest the reaatr Piano*.?We continue our description to day of forne other pianos exhibited a* the Fair Steinway A Sons, 88 Walker sheet. N 1 , have two deposited there. One is a large circular scale piaco forte, of Louis XIV. ityle. We heard this played upon, and the power and sweetness of tone, tbe delio.oy of touch, was truly remarkable It is a 7 j oc tave The other is not so powerful, butbai all the swoetneas of a aqi*are ona. Thaie in-1 xtruments are constructed upon a now'princi ple, having four bridges instead o/ two ; and the upper halt cf the piano baling three strings to e.ioh note instead of two. They have two double iron trace, which makes them vory durable auj desirable. Th* exte I ilor is really handsome, being carved afl over presenting a most rich appearance. B*,r.I Machinery ?In machine room Hutchinson A Co.. ot Auburn, N Y , exhibit one of the greater lahir saving marines of the day?tLeir stave Rqd barrel machinery, which has attracted so uiuah atten:lon hrough out the country, and having received the bigbe?t premium wherever exhibited. The machine consis's of several pieces?tbe stave curtor, witfc wfcijh 2,000 staves can be cut io one hour, day after day ; the stave joiner, giv ing the required bilge and bevel, and jointing bo h edges at once; thi oroxer, used in con nection with thejoit.ter, cutting thecroza a-,d ohime with great accuracy ; the head cutter Preparing the timber for the heads : and the head turuor, turning the head aud finishing it Ihei value ot this tntcbine is incalculable a^ by it tbe demand for barrels can on y be sup plied, doing ts work, to., iu a manner tar superior t > any thing of the kind in exist, ence It u worthy tbe attention of all inter ested iu this growjag branch of iudustry D-jgurn otyp'i.?There are several well knowj ajlist's work in this line to be soon in the r air, but we have only room to day to pat. ticularue one. We commence with Mr V ?n nerson who is located on Pennsylvania avenue near the corner of 4* street He has on de-' pesit ,n the upper room a splendid oollec i-?n ot pic'ures iiij nevy Crayon llaguorreotyres are equal to any thing w? bwve ever seen the Photograph Daguerreo:ypes taken by htm on paper, colored in oil, aie truly works of art Jle bas a large picture hung up in tbc ro m taken in thu latter atyle ot the veterans of ? paid a visit to tbe tomb of Washington, which is justly admired by all. We would commend a visit to his gallery to thployersof tbo beautilql. TtuSel/Adjusung Li t* ?There is exhib ited in this article considerable skill and in genuity, which reflects much credit on the clever inventor, Mr. Wm G. Wolf, of Phila delphia It advantage coniist iu its being applicable to three tnirpoeae, combining as it does a lib. ary, deafc, and sideboard By ierely touching a spring it opens and adjusts itself to a graduating scale for the purposes of writing lb ere are no doors to obstruct the pas-nge way underneath, which runs baok in a pe'e. al T"e e'^rfcrtbe r>,*h u ?" Z?? d#f,r? t0 ?r?i# il *<>? D'^ely tftjieh it slightly, who i it runs on a railway motion back, aBd pcncc-jls t{ia desk, leaving t? v.ew the librarv and sideboard' it is adapteu ior t^e parlor, bank, and eountiug-house aud cannot tail to come into general use ? i ? tyihe steamship Florida, biought 2 000 fresh shad to New Y^k, trom Savanah," on |jaturd.?y last t zT Ihe Germa s of Cincinnati have adop ted a petition to the City Councils, for a repeal of the Sunday ordinance against the opening of c< 11-e houses on the Sabbath. lyThe Philadelphia Inqnirer learns that a gentleman of that oity, who has just returned from Laguary, kas succeeded in makinc a contraot with ihe Vemuelan Government for $ lease of glands on the caaat of Ven^uela which are said to be the richest deposits of Guano in the world Lkttbr Apostolic ?The Freeman's Jour nal of l;ist week publishes a 4 letter apoetolic ot our most holy Lord Pius IX., by Divine rrovidonce Pope, concerning the dogmatic def inition o? the Vjrfjt) Mother of God " It oc cupies more than six columns ef that p*per. and eo not odes with the declaration that should any presume to assail it lat him know that he will incur the indignation of the Om For Bale and Kent. />ltEVr BARGAINS IN RKAL ESTATE AM 0 \_T Slave*. 1 havM for sale some very valuable Mouses nmd l.tM^TTrick and triune, in this city. Also, souie valuable Slaves?Mm, Women, anl Children. Gresi bvnai** may be < xpect**?' lor cash. GEO. I. MASSEY, Agent. feb 19?3t? FOR RENT?a CONVENIENT modem -boil?, two story and attic brick House, in ? healthy and neighborhood The bouse contain* nine pood rooms and a kitcken, good yard attached?it i? j nearly new havi,i< been occupied but a <?ho?t time.'. ?'? a food truant tit** rout will bo moderate For terms apply io H R IRONSIDE, 35 8 Ninth strict, or Room No 11 General Land Office. feb '?-4r STORE F<?R RFVT?I!* BRICK BUILDING on Um coni? r of Pa. ivvnde and Fourteenth ?l , oppjsite Willards' Hotel, a good location for a fir t

class Book and Stationery, Tailor, Boot and Shi*, Drug, or Fancy Stor?. Pos*e?*ion can b- h.i J im mediately. None r."ed apply but thou* win esn bring the best o? rot m>nees. Apply at Wiliurd-* Hotel. fob 16? lw A DRUG STORE P< >R SALE IN ONE OF THE most desirable t-o-itions in Washington, doing a fine business. With it there to a mo*t exced -nt and valuable Soda Wares Apparatus. The soda ??l ter business is one of 'ho best in Washington Al dress ''X W," Washington. fob 13?2w FOR RENT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgoimvit or City Property, a small nnd wull cultii no,J Farm in Fairfax county, Va. Enquire of J. OFVjC, corner of Kndge and Congress sts., No. 8 7. feb 6-If A COMMODIOUS DWELLING FOR RENT.? Tlio large and coin modioli* dwelling a the corner of 11th street ani Pn. avenue, container 17 larire rooms, with h line kitchen in the bsseiwent, having a flue cellar and back yard, the whole lie-ng ill tino repair, is now lor rent. Its excellent kca tmn and fine accommodations make it one of i it most desirable places for * large bearding house ?r dw-'lting in Washington. For terms apply at t?ie Star office. feb 8 tf HOMES FOR ALL.?T'ewiiliAilly and health ly l<> atod Building Lots 54 lett front by 130 fret tleep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at tlie exceeding low price ot $75, payable f of montli Title indisputable. Union Lapd Office, 7tl. St., above Od1 Fellow*' Hall, jan 9?6m JOHN FQX. Secretary. STORA(JE.?Those having i'urniinre, Dry Golds Groceries, kc., to lm stored will fiud ample ac commodations In the large, airy. flag stone paved, and Dry Ra*-metifs under the Si ?r office, comer I'h avenue and Eleventh st. Ap|4v Ht the Star Jan 31?tf Want*. W' ANTED?BV A COMPETENT PEKSON\| a pUceto drive an multibus, wagon, <? dr, y. Reft (>f character presented Adf1re?s *D M;" through City Post Office. feb *20?3.* VIMNTED?A NUKSF,, SLAVE. ENUUO >; \j at D. Clagett's, next dflor ;o coi ier of Ni;>ih street and Pennsylvania avenue. feb 19?3t WAITERS WANTED?TWO THREE GO?'D Waiters (white.) Enquire at iui? office, feb 17?31 WAiEJ^G OS & ALEXAlVD&f A (STEAMBOAT ?The splendid and tcouiinodious steamer GEO. PA(JE will resume licr regu ar tnpa THURSDAY, "ehi'i aiy 15ti. Great attentioii pa d to Freight. Fate FIVE CENTS. Latham's splendid tine of Coaclics conned thebia'. JJ. A. RYTIIER, Captain, fob 14?Yt* newTancy store! UUPCHINSON fit .MI'NTO have for salo >t| their lit w store, next door to Messrs. VV;tli?f Harper 8i (Jo., Pa. hvciiu*-. Iieiwien Utli biid lUili sirebU, every <ic?ciiplioii of Fmicy G<tod>, Perlui i< ry, Hott.cry, Glove*, Porte Monnaie*, CarJ ('as Jewel Boxes, Slc. j Also, Metallic and Papier Mache one and o^l.|' day Ch?cks, Mantel Oruaiiieuts, fcc., together wim a large assortment of ^IfU Woik tbe whole I which wi'l be sol<t at the lowest New York prices. HUTCHINSON ?t MUNRU, 310 Pa..rtve , Ix-tw. 9th anJ lOlh st-< 0 feb 15 lw (Organ 3t) FftEFCH LANGUAGE AND DHAWING i FHbNCH (iF.*"l i.KMAn, a graauate of tlw? 2a. University of Paris, is. desirous t give L' , SON'S in Ins native tongue, and DRAWING ; > schools, ( lasses, ? r private pupils in this ciiy an vicinity. He i.? alto willing to give complete iiistii!<' tiou hi the above brum hrs in compensation of l? - r' hi <i res|iectable family of this city. 'I he .idvcrti < i feels coi.tideut to undortake the following eng g.*, viz : If a ter a course of 48 lessons his pupi' has not acqtiired the facility of speaking and undi r staudiug well the French, lie will continue to ^i>. instruclioii free Irom charge. The highest testi<n> niaU of character and success in teaching will 'j<? given. Addre s "F V," at this office. feb 14-1 w* NEW RESTAU- AN ' , Pranny) vanla avenue, Sortb, bet'Cfin Third and four amf-u half (Forme,iy Uie Metropolis,) NOW TUK ELDORADO RESTAURANT. /-nCLEMKNT REYNOLDS, m rVjiJ (late ot Willar-s'Hotel,) Begs to iiitorm his friends and the public |(ciieraily,^|^BHK that, having loaned the hou e formerly knowu><i> the M'-uoprdis RestaMrant, nvo-d<M)rs above United States Hotel, north m le Pa avuiiue.he lias te lilted, 1 e lurni-hed, and re organized the same in a i,i i and hands .io'- style, -Hid. r the name of the MELDOiiA!t() KEST^URAVT!" where ho invites th< :n to call, as he them with first quality.Liquors, such as rtUANDIICS. W I1ISK Ik S, COlttlAL.8, W sMICK, ALUS, As, A.M? t iOAilK Of every brand in ! to suit mI| tastes. Ilis long experience i i this busiu* ss at Willaw's' mid el ewhore, in titi * linn iu assuming to such thorough kuowletlee of it as will eiiaole htu? '? | present un?urp.s>ed atttnction to lit^ visitors. lit* F.M'INC SALOON will ut all limes contain every delicacy tin* mtmi i and season afford^, selef lo.l with an eye to qua tt/ and which will be prepa i d by a masterly hand. Il>' ha. organized h.s e tublisi.inent so that g' l t'e in t.i will always cnj ?y r,ut't v.ith'<ut ob rus or ??? any one, ami is dctermiuf d tint it shall always ex hi bit ooler, comfort, and -ase, combined with *?!? gait o and every attention " ih<?so in Ins ?-ni|'l.>y. feb 13? I w* S(LVEK 4*LA'^KD WARE. CCOMPLETE I'otl. e Set-", Castors,Cake nnd !?? ? J Baskets, Waiters on w 'iite metal, Table, in*3 sert, and Tea Spoons and Frrks, double and Jiij < plated on Albala, the best ??'??utute lor silver v ? ranted and - old hy H. SEVIKEN' No. 33U 1*4. avenue, bet veen 9th and !(>:?? I jnn 19 INSTJ'IUTE POLKA. JUST published the ah >ve Foika, composer a'r: d-dicatcd to the Officers, nnd Members oF tl.. Me ropolitan Mechanics' I >titu'-*, Ly Fr'k Kby; embellished with the most btao.ti'ul and !'? r nl vi*.w o! th* Smitlisoiiia ? Institute as yet i<.?<uc<.. The iiade luriiinln d at the verv lowest noith^ru rale,, UILBUS * ItllZ, M usic Pubh-hers, Si: r Building-, Comer Pa avenue, Eleventh ?n?i D s'r?: is. feb 17 NEW POLKA. ~ JUST published and for sale a( 1IILHUS It HIT/' | Music Depot, the TUNER'S POLKA, # , Composed and dediea-ed to Jacob Liilbus^^., J byJ Esptftm, eiubollistied witlj a Ueautitul ami <v i icct l|kenes> of the veieiitn muur. Priee 96 cents. T?ie trade supplied on very liberal term*. feb 6 tf Li. SEMKEN, JEWELER So. 330 Pa. avenue, hctwtfi. \Hh nnd 11V.? tftet.ts., Offers for sale a aiaguiticent assort men' of DIAMOND JEWELRY, Gold Brsce'ots, Breastpins, Earrings, Sea| Ri'irs Weddtiig Hiiofs, Fob u;id V^st ^eal?, Lock ats, Pencils, Thimbles, TriukeU, elO All articles arp warianted 4s represented and si Id uuusually low. j in IB ROBINSON'S PRACTICE ?The Praclic? in Courts of Jus'kc in England and the L'h.ial j Stated, by CtMiway Robiusou, of Richmond, Vk.; vol 1?price |6, jurt published fob V FRANC# TAYL4-F. C. WAHEllEtt, WATCHMAKER, NO S30 PA. AVENUE, Between Ninth and Tentli sirceu, WASUIMul'ON, d. c. feb 14?dtNov4* Great i^ducicbiknts. CANFIELII. BROTHER It CO . 940 Balt-mare Urtet, Baltimore, AIn., Ofler to buyers, previous to taking their annual a(. count of stock, a largo stnak of recently imported goods, suc? as WATpHES, JEWELRY, SILVER-. WARK,.*i*uX? a,a Plated Giodt, Clack*, Qronrct, K"*c?, Muhral boxtt, Dresden China. jfr.AT PRI CES TO SUIT THE TIMES, WITHOUT RJF QJISLD TO CQST. Jan 31- J Auction FtlM ~?y j'c NeUVIHI, * \ UCTION SALE OK SPLENDID GOLD A WilrfcijL fliir Uiainnnd* mid Un V\ EDNESDAY afternoon, FfUiury 2Ut. u 4 oVik at my Auction Rooms, I shall Mil, v U0out I'u fw, uy order of a icw York llou?e declining N a fhoif* collection. comprising? Fins o? t patent lever, skeleton. detached, le, ?te, enamelled, au<1 diamond bnrk watches Ladies' fine fold diamond Pin* and Rrnp Fine cold Guard Chain* and Chatelaines G?ld Bre**;pin<?, Studs, Sleeve Button*, ate. The above good* are warranted, and purchnsrr* will find this a chinee ft?r bargain* seldom met witb in this city. Terms ca?h. JA8. C. MeGCIRE fehSO?d Auctioneer. NOTICK*?By virtue of a ami of firr Uru?, is sued bv B. K Morsell, one if the ju*tn-e? of ihe peac?- in and ft* the county of Washington, D at ihe ami ??f Jo**t>h Stabler, ag mat tbe pood - an.l i haiteN of John Htmmond. to me'directed, I bave mexed and taken in execution ill tbe right. title an i interest of tbe said John Hammond, in and to one horse, wagon and harnew, and I hereby five no'tee that on SATURDAY, the -Xth Febrnarv, ia*16, at III o clock a m , in front of tbe Centre Market Hou?e, in ?aid con My of Wi*hingt?n, D. C , I will offei r r sale the mid goods and chattel* so siezed, and taken in execution to Uie highest bidder for call. H. A MARYMAN. feb 17?3t* Cm<-tnhe ?r O. HcQUIRE, Aitttonaag. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE AND EL igitdy situated Improved and Unimproved Real Estate on the Maud. - By virtue of a d-ed of trust boating date on the 1st day of Deenmber, 1&"?3, at d record* t in I tber J. A. S., Wo. ?#, folio 31. k?v, the ?u'mcrther will sell, a- public sale, on THURSDAY, tin; 2fci day of Ft brusry, 1SS5. at 1 o'clockn. m., <u the premise*, l.ou ho*. I, 2, 3, 4, 5. #, 39, and 40, in the subdivision of Squa e No. 435,"Win alm.t tronting 74 feet on 7th street wevt, 160 feet on K -i. -ontil, and 122 feet i n 8th street west, With the im provements. which const.'t of a large, coiumodioiii, and stih.tantial double co tage built trame llouv. stnble and other out lion-e*. The locn*ion on the corner of 7ih and E >ts , awl Htii and E street", on the I |:itii* health* and tie ? rable. in a rapidly improving part of the city. The property w1>l be ?il4 t> a whole w in -?-pit ra:e lots as may lie d>-e:ned de-irable, and off. r- a favorable oppitriumty to per-ons oesirous of |tnr cha-nitf a haatsome residence or building lot , or n I n k 111 v investment-. The term* of sale will l?e : t ine third of U.e j n chase money in cash, and the balance in six, twelv, ar.d eighteen month*, for note- bearing interest In m day of aale, secu<ed Uy deed of trust upon the prop criy. It Uie tenus of sale tp-o nut complied with in my day* after Uie sale, the property will be re*old, -t tlie r;-*k and excuse- of the purchaser upon ore week's notice. AM conveyauciug at th? ex(M*n?e of purclia<-hr. UI1A8. S. WALLACII, Trustee. JAfi. C. McCUIRE, fell 1?StaW&JS AMOtMMM-ef. By Jl. C A u< lionitr SMALL A\D DESIRABLE MARKET FARM ?t I'uidic Auction.?On SATURDAY) Febru*r> iHib, at 12 o'clock, m , at my Auction Rooms, I sliall ?ell a wuiall maikvt farm contaiuins "<M atr< fituated about xix miles distant from the Centre Marke , aud one ha'f mile from the Seyenti. s??eet I'iank Ro >d, .ind immediatelv omMirile t(ie rami of F P. Bl^ir, P.-rj The iinpr ?emenu consist ol a i-limit tianie d?rH ling hoiir-e, 1<>? stable, corn crib, and oilier nee- mi ry outbuildings. There ij a g?.od sprinr ut w?k? An tb>* place, also, some choice fruit tree* ut bennn; oondition. Sale perumptory and title perfect. Term*: One third cash; the n-sidne pi <m< an-4 twelve months, with intercom, ?oe^<edhy a deetl if tru*t oil the nretiusvu. JAMES G MrGUIRE, frb W -U Ancuotte. r. Gold, hi.ver, steel h. platsd spec TACLES to suit eyery ure e c, R ding R R- GlaW", Eye' Piotcciors, Eye Glasiifx t?{" all deecrip ' tions, Reading Giaysn-s, Saggles; fcc., ParalMila, Perifocal, Concave, Convex, and Cotorsd Glasseii put in frames at the Miorter( notice. Person* in want of glasses may be sure to ?ct tlio-e which benefit ihe eye at U. SEMKEN'S. No. 330 Ta avenue, bvtw. i>t;i and lOtii *1*. Jan 20 SPLENDID RAFFIA "117"ILL le Raffed for ?<o* as the requisite ff tmu'li.-r ol Chances have been taken, the fol luAiin; *pi? ud d and cosily uiticies, viz:. 1st Prize. One splendid cold l'arer Weiglit. co..tailing an Automaton Ringing Bird and t<da> Chronometer, mo-t bcauutully d^coraicd slid adorned with enamelled Paintings .$1,600 2d Prixe. One Lady's Gold VYatcb, richly set with Diamonds anJ raniiing on Enamel .. i'.l' 3d Prize. One Lady'* i?< Id VVateh, ricliif set with Disinonde, and Painting <<u E ?;uiej., 1*.U -1 til I'rze. One Cents Full Jeweled I'alei.t Lever (witl. Compensator; got I JIunDU): \VaUli it-' ? ilk Prize. Lad>'*Gold Iluntmit Watch; spleu didfy chafed ntf 10lal value wS There will be Two lluudied Chances, at 1'ei7 Indlars each , The r il'le wijl takn i*M''e at llilbus & Mux' Mn mC Star UuilUiligs, corner |'a avenue and 11 Ui -treet, where Ticket? can he |H?>cured aud the articles are on exhibition. P>r*ou* desirou* ot po**e??iii3 tome of the uio | *up<-ib artnles ol workmanshipev?r ixhibite^i nave now an opportunity nd'eml them ot obtaining ?u< b at an riliMpt'l; low pi ice. ?"all and examine fo? v?uri- lv<-s at t..e Mit-ic In pot oi III LRUS h 1111"/, Star Rutldinf*, between the hour j of 0 o'clock a. m. and ti p. in. I'eb 7 - tt A SILVEKWAHZ. " ' VERY pietiy assort i.eut of Silv??r <L'olf"ee Seis, Pitchers, Cotdei*, Cup , Cieaius, an J all kimU of Spoons aud Forks, and a variety of F*uc> Stive ware, Mti:ahle for pre.-ents. viz : Soup a;i\| Oest?^ Ladles, Crumb Scrapw*, li*h, pie anu caae Kn v< s. Cicam and ^U? ir cooor,s, etc., t* nflfered at low pit ces, mid warranted *terlin?. II. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. Hih and IOtli ???. Jan?? , NEWS FUR TUB MILLION. ME.-SRS. RYDER St I ( \\T l ave taken tlie old and w?-il known confe. ii.tuery e.-talih-fi meilt, No. 400 Seventh -treet, opnositt < ??ld P-1 lows' Hall, wln re tliey \vill b ? most liappy io rcceiv.' their fiiend. aud tbe pulilu- gener.illy. We v\ ?:i keep cous a >lv ou hand a choice ?el< e lion of a I una of ? ONFECTIONERY A1 o, dealer* in lureign and doa:e*dc FRUITS, ol all kinds. We b-'pe b a strict attention p) Cosine** to w in th approbati ?n of oi'^ t,,ends, and merit a liherhl shme ut jaai.uiiage geusrally. \. U. RalN, I'artw-s, and Families supplied on tbe ui"St teasonable and i-atistactoty terms, at tlie short e-t notice. RYDER k PLANT, feb 6?1 in ROSKNKRA* Z PIANOS." JUST received iwo of tlie altove uui^ualled in rtruincnls from tiic A!:*.:iu facntr) in ()re< Jl.tu, ticrmany. Tbe?e I'e.uJS ii^ both, alter a lo "ea^^^j^^T r.iid land vu>age, arrived iu |nrfc*t* ? \l " tune, afford another guarantee of thuir superioriit in keeiim^ in tune. i heir beauty an I pow?-| oi tone etieits tie lugln! t enci.ui<jiu^ from all tl:e great musical c? mc- u* Uurope I.ILBUS & IIITZ, VuWc Depot, c<tr. Pa. av. 11 lb and D st an H tt DISSOLUTION. r| IIE partnership ot Barmu k (irwe is Uus da> { g dissolved by mutual con-ent. All acctunu du> tlie concern must be paid t-i II. Uari<Hi, lie beiug jii thorised to close the bnsiues* ot tbe firm. HENRY BARRtW P< bruary 3. ISnau TtlOS. OUM?. TUe nuilciMnn* d w hi d ie?p-cuull> re<^u- j-t a!i thota- indelHed to the cotice n to come livamd and settle their (nils by the 601 ot' March, as it i- ver. important to bun in have tne ttu^iuess cluts-il by tha: tune. All accoiuiu lel\ over ai tliat time will bepui into the It tnds <4 an othcer tin collection. All ac counts due by the concern will |ili:?t? be presented for payineut a* soon as pan- bU, a? | am rendv at any ttiue to meet the saiue. UfiNRY BARRON. P. S.?The tUMiorstfiied would respectfully sav to all the customers of Uie lata flrai, and Um public generally, that there will always be kept k stock of VVo d and Coal at the old stand, Oiven street, and solicit* a share of public patronage. Believing it to b be t for both bu>er and seller, he has determined to make the terms cash, or on short time to punctual customers. TWQS, DftMK, Afent. Iteb 5 - l^J "" WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER AWD PLA I ED WARE. AT REDUCED PRICES, In anticipation of Uie approaching di|'| season we otter our entire stuck of ep-vaut COLD WATCHES, R|C|| IEWKLRY, PURE SILVERWARE, kc., at greatly re ductal rates Person* would do well to examine our assortment which is by tar the larsevt, moat fashionable, and bfet Selected aver offered to our customers. M. W. QALT k BRO, 39f Fa. ave., between 9th and 1 Oth st-. feb 14 6t (Nenr^J IMnpia ?0TJ8I 0? fAIKO 4 HOURS ? Oppotite Untie* Staler Trtumtrif. T)ONDS, Stocks ami oUior securities n 1T? i urelmitt't Interest at tbe rat*: of six per rent per a.u.uu. i\ lowed on deposits when left fur 9Q <U>s 01 lon^ar ') | fllll ? - TFXFOR\Pt,I< Wr .wt t'lih Smut tt?r ' ??? . Deetraati?e Vtn. "*t? L**n F?b 2e ?A b e w<.k pu lHt night. wbtob re#u' '?? total daatrueMoo of the Port Of " a - o3i tout*, and tho store of Crownll, W.. - Co with n l.?rge Mock of good* The go d< mam oovo id by luaNJiH, bat Bv ? Witne* on tbe kultdiB| Ic'w -ork itMk Mark* Naw Vona? f ?b. 20.?8took* are doll and generally lower (ban at yeeterday a qaotati. n Money i? abundant fcrto railroad, 471; Clove land and TW#Jo railroad, 091; Roadicg rail* road, 88; Now York Central rai'roed. 109; Fannayltania Coal Compaoj, US; Now Jer ij railroad, IMft. Baltimore XatkeU BiLTiMoas, Fob. 20 ?Floor ia ateady at 9b so for Howard atreet. aod $8 14 lor Citj Mi. la Wleat?aales of 4.00? anabela ro<l at $1.V0 a $1 08, while ai $1 04 a $2 01. Cora tales ?.f l'J too buabela, with a fair demand, yellow at SI a 83 eenta, white 84 a 87 Ota -r lav York K&rkat Niw York, Fob. 10.?Cotton U uneuacgpd. witU a mod ax iio demand at previo<? ra e?. Tbo tluur market U firm ; sniaa uf 4.000 Lbl . Southern?s*lea of l.OOv tbla. a'. $S 74. v 2S Wboat ia fiim at yesterday'a price*. Corn baa a do*DWa d tendency, aud priced ara a tntta lower; antes ol V0 000 buihela Waiters m i?l at V4?V3c. Pork?Maaa at $1174. Iteet la firm wilk an upward tendency, Lard ia un changed, w.cb a moderate demand Wbiaky akloa ot' Ohio at *ita. Launch of tbo fiigate Saatwr. Co*ro*, Feu. 19?The Uuitod State*fri? ate Sin tee was Uunobed lion tbe navy.yari at PurUmootb, X U , oo Saturday LmsJl Pox at Rawport Barrack*. St. Lou* Fab. 19?It ia atated that 'bo small p-jX tiaa made i'a appearaooe among tee troopa at Newport barrack* F>ur of tbe a>l diera bad beea attaoked IjT Tbe quoittoa ut tobacco smoking having 0 -ma l>eMk* tba conferees of Baptist ehareb ca at ilautbarg, Germany, it waa aaanimos lyr*a>l"d, "tbat thra aaaembly dee* doalare tba aae of tobaoeo to be ooo of tto things apoc - iflad by tke apoetle (Horn Iv > aa belaogiog to Christian liberty " Tbat ia a aettler. T?? RaiL Cask.? ha liarriabarg iiarall say* tbem.>*t strenuonj ?.ff >rta bave been made for 'be ptruoo ot Dr Uvata, but that alter a fu'l bearing of tbe oa>e, Got. Polloak poei tutly lefuaid to grant a pardon 17* aocietiaa may be of good cheer, for tbe Maine lew baa been introduced into Afiu?*. Muahe.-h ehjaf rolar of tfa?ota Uod ban prohibited tke importation and eala of liquors ia aneffotuel deera* oostaiaing on'y tbtee cla sea I-i^i'.i^a e letter*U a geutleiaoa in New Yorkr?pra?ent tbe stxte oftacliagln llaTaoa t^a ou?of tbe aUniet aatiety, la eon equtaee of <be nuuiaroua arreats tbu bad l?eati made and rumors in oirvulation, ooacerni'ig tbo mo\-~mOnt of Kinney and Quitmaa. lntailt ganr Aiaarieau nierobanta having <?> ?d op portuniiyto judge of pasaing evenU, writo ibat"ib? politic*) d^atiulea of tba ia!*ud are in a a'ate ot traasitiun. and oiraantai-tnooa arv maturing th<it will, ara long, aetoniak tbe world/* It a a D Ttwaa?Tbe receipts for tbe aeaen teeu oporatii* pet formanoea by tbe (Iriai aod .Mario troupe in Boaton, areealiiaalod at from *46 000 to *5b 04t0 The Nawbuiyport Herald aa\? a iu<*kiug bird Wi.8 aold at amotion in PbiladalptU. ?u Tucad^i, laat for $47 and a pet po<>dle for ?rj- TMK POCTRY or fHYMC -^ATPB-a riLLt ?ut?r ?v?t u>* H>l> (Mr tw^. ?'!?.>.??? wra|>|M'J na I* Hint, ?u l wlli wiUi riut tur ? n n ? v*rr l>>uMi? lon? u| ait?a*?> Tli?i* an lUuuMU'ta >ti HUfr-f, ?lio ?ou'4 aut ??sr thrlr If lb?f kur> Ot'dld !>? 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K AI R-v- W UI TKU t s ^?' ??'II In tb ? %???*?.laiica -Ttii jiiruri ul a? b "t lln- l?t? lr? al M lliwora, Ri< ?l.I >K a Vnri a?al laJ t' a-r biK'-ral | r. tuiuiai> to J M. W l-.l Ik'tr aa|?rt.>ilk) >4 Pi. tu^rK^ti*, !italao-( i<|Mr* ai?t Itwuriifi.t.lm *Al>l(Mtr-l Mi. W. alao ai i?aJ two iirdaia at th? WortS'a fair, t.on itou, auti a |>itfiuliiiu at CrjraUl, Mr?r Y< rk Al o, t.? ttrat aatrlt uf tha Ma )U<*4 luatjtalr (oi Uiroa luaat. tVbl'eliurat a ?l? lai jr In tbli i>t?> w Pa atattua. b?ra 4 ^ altiplitk alitxM. I t> IT r'y=- W ATOUKfHtiitUra of Cub^iraa ?i>< <.U>rrt lo **-* waat .x a ttral rat* tliarlw af>i i Wuhl4 4o aall 'o ulti ? a *cia> lion al >iiiu? tbat thali ^aalHy ?i?? U tliutoa.lilj 'oat ed liv|.>t?- kataviuR tba city M W U tCt a HKO'H aanri ?cut wa?li?t<l a < C>>Ui|>l^ta aa at |nnciit, auiUla iim ?>M) Ai-acriliHoa, all Wartabta-I. and at rart^to jr aa lt>? a* ailatllai art- !??? ? al. b* |.ui l.a e l f.?r lu at) ,rtj ibtkla ?lofeUtry. 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