Newspaper of Evening Star, February 24, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 24, 1855 Page 1
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VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1855. NO. 669. THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY.) At the Star Building, corner Penmylvania avenue and Eltventk street, By WALLACtl * HOP*, Will be served to subscriber* In the cities ol Wash ington, Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, at BIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Ageuja To mall subscribers the subscription price ia Tl(r t.K DOLLARS AND TIFTY CENTS a year In aivarue, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR for Til BEE MONTHS. {^Single corn* one C?KT. OmOlAL TBB&araT Department, Jan. 3, 1865. Notice ia hereby given to the holder* of the fol lowing described stock* of the United State*, that this department i* prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 1st March aext, portion* of thoae stock*, amounting in the aggre gate to $1,900,000, in the manner and on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In ca*e of any contingent competition, within the amount stated, preference will be given ia the order of time in which said stock* may be offered. The certificate, duly assigned to the United States by the parties who are to receive the amount thereof, maul be transmitted to thi* department; upon the receipt whorsof; a pne* will be paid compounded of | the following particular*: 1. The par value or amount specified In each certificate. 2. A premium on the stock of the loan authorized by the act of July, 1048, redeemable November 12, 1856 of 3% per cent.; on the stoek of the loan au thonied by the act if 1842, redeemable 31st Decem ber, 1*63, of 10 per esot.; on the stock of the loans authorised by the act* of 1847 and 1849, and redeem able, the former on die 31*t December, 19G7, and the latter on 30th June, 1868, of 16 per cent.; and on the stock of the loan authorised by the act of | lofiO, and redeemable on the 31*t December, 1864, (commouly called the Texan indemnity) six per cent 8. Interert on the par of each certificate from the 1st of January, 1833, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (lor | the money to reach the owner) of one day> interest ia rddition. Payment lor mid stock* will be made in draft* of the Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties may direct. But no certificate will be entitled to the b^cfit of | this notice which shall not be actually received at (he Treasury on or bef we the said 1st day of March ?ext. JAMES GUTHRIE, jan 4?dtMarl Secretary of Treasury. PROPOSALS FOB FURBISHING PAPER | FOR TBE PUBLIC PRINTING. Ornct HcrERi*TE*o?!rr Public Paimeo, Washington, January 35,1835. IN pursuance of the provisions of the act entitled, "An act to provide for executing the pu lie printing,'' 8tc.. approved August 36, 1852. sealed propnea s will be received at this office, in the Cap ital, unul Wednesday, the 28tli day of March Btit, a* 13 o'clock iu., tor furnishing the following quan tities and descriptions of writing paper, to wit: ?,500 reams. weighing 38 pound* par ream, aud mea suring 19 by !> inches 3,100 reams, weighing 36 pounds jwream, and mea suring 18 by 25 inches 100 reams, weighing 34 pounds per ream, an J mea suring 18 by 22 inches 340 r?ams. weighing 22 pounds per ream, aud mea suring 18 by 18 inche 400 reams, weighing 12 pounds per ream, and men sunng 12 by 18 inches All these papers to be made of the best materials, and finished in the best manner and tree from adul teration A couirac! will be entered into for sup plying the q&antities stated, at such times as the j public service may require but the prmlegu is re served of ordering a grssJsr quantity of either kin I, j should a greatrr qnamity be required, at such times ?Hd in such quantities as may be deemed Bcce?i#ary. Samples ot each kind of paper must accompany each bi-i, and all proposal* and samples must be transmuted to this oAce, free of postage or other expense Bach proposal must be signed by the individual or ft-m making it, end must specify the price per] pound, and the consequent pnee per ream (and but one price) of each description of paper. Ali the paper must be delivered at such place or places as may be designated in Wasiunntonxrity; in good oruer, free of all and every extra charge o* ex pense, and subject to the inspection, count, weight and measurement of the Supeuntendent, and be In all respects satisfactory. Blank forms for proposals will be furnished at this 1 offlcr to persons applying for them ; and n?m? will lie taken into consideration unless substantially agreeing therewith. Bonds witli approved sccuritie* will be required; and the suppiyiu,: of an inferior article, or a fafluie to supply the quantity required at any tims will be coiM?<1ered a violation of the contract. Each bidder is required to lurntah with his propo Ml* satisfactory evidence of his ability to execute it, I and any proposal unaccompanied with such ev? denee will be rejected. Proposals will be addressed to the "Superintend ent ofthe Public Prinung, Capitol of the United Stales, Washington, and endorsed "Proposals for | Supplying Paper."' A. O. SEAMAN, Superintendent of the Public Printing, jan 90?eoid SPLENDID RAFFLE. WILL be Raffled for a? soon as the requisite i number of Chances have been taken, the foi lowing splend d and costly articles, viz: 1st Prize. One splendid gold Paoer Weight, containing an Automaton Singing Bird and 8day Chronometer, most beautifully decorated and adorned with enamelled Paintings .$1,600 3d Prize. One Lady's Gold Watch, richly set with Diamonds and Painting on Enamel... 130 3d Prizt. One Lady's Gold Watch, richly set with Diamonds, and Painuug on Enamel.. 130 4th Pnae. One Gents Pull Je?eled Patent Lever (with Compensator) goll Hunting Watch - HX> jth Pnze. Lady's Gold Hunting Watch,splen didly chased I Total value ... $2,000 | There will be Two Hundred Chances, at Ten Dollars each. The raffle will take place at Hilbus fc Hitz' Mu sic Depot, Star Buildings, comer Pa. avenue and 11th street, where Tickets can be procured and the articles are on exhibition. Parsons desirous of possessing some of the most superb article^ of workmanship ever exhibited, have now an opportunity offered them of obtaining auch at an extremely low price. Call and examine for yourselves at the Music D? pot of IHLBUS fc HITZ, Hut Buildings, between the hours of 9 o'clock a. in. and 6 p. m. feb 7?tf METROPOLITAN FAIR B0TICB TO CITIZBBB ABB STRABGKBS. rpHE enure stock of Dry Goods of the late tirai ol I X Magnidsr h. Calvert will be closcd out at very reduced pnues. We name is pan Rich striped and plaid Silks Brocade Silks, east ,f I, for 62Jf cents Changeable Silks, 87J4? for 50c. White Crape Shawls at halt price Colored do do Linen Sheeting, wort A1 for 75c. Pillow Linen, worth 75c fbr 50 Pil'ow case lotion, worth 15c, Nr 1IK 12-4 cotton Sheeting, worth 50c. fisr 35 Fine Preuch Gingh tins, worth an, ft>r 18^ White and colored Brilliants, very cheap Also, a large lot of Domsstics of the best class, which will be sold very low. Call early and secure great bargains, at No. 10, | opp. Centre Market, between 8th and 9th sts. feb 9? eo2w NEW POLKA. JUST published and for sale at HILBUS fc HITZ'! Music Depot, the TUNER'S POLKA, Composed and dedicated to Jaeoa Hilbus, Esq., I by J. Esputa, embellished with a beautiful and cor icct likenesi of the veteran tuner. Price JS cent*. The trade supplied on very liberal terms. feb 6-0 ROBIVSOX'S PR ACT! ?E.?The Practice iu Courts ot J min e in England and the United States, by Conway Robinson, ot Richmond, Va.; vol 1?price 16, just p ublished, feb 9 PRANCK TAYLOR. UNION ACADEMY. 1 Corner of IturUtnlX it and Arw York mocmte. a PEW mors pupil* san be receivsd to mass up jK the limitsd namber. Application must be made soon. Tlw dise'plhie. Instn-rten. *ni irsans of illustrstion ara ?a.-b u to insure - aHslbctn.-y pi> gTss ia those tuj-Un wh~ ais pauatusl, regular and r b ?< Unf Circulars at ths Bookstores. _ lec M?Sm Z. &I Ott MasAre ? ? - UNDERTAKERS, &c. gftggg .MAKER * UNDKBTAKHt rf;* v!^?^ S,,*UBC*a ?bk1 public trenerallv Ua!ofb^^h? SEw 8XWmt* *U or,to"10 ** K mannerand it the abort SnwMw^Vi* "**tly and promptly executed ?TP*BIlAI'S Handed to at the shortret notice, sad {a the *trt VkAmMH? ^"lJ!!Li?^apr<Kr^i * ***l perfect mm r<rt ???? <1 fcfce wm/j/ wniAcr. p*SLfsTO?' he ,rottkI "*P?wtftiliy ?n?, ud will endeavor to merit a oonttnuanoe of "?????: ANTHONY BUCHLY, Fa. *r*^ a. side, between ?th and 10th fts. *'? Ko- *"> D ftr*t* aoaee east of Tth street iy?iy Jails in the Undertaking branch of my busineee, I ir ?^2E. *2? 1? <n*??tiaae the manufacture ?NDCRTAKTNr? V? ?7 ?^tk>n ^>7 to the il ?L 1 h"T!, ?p*r*d 00 p*in? to here ??rrth!ng tb*t is requisite to my buslneaa, and 1 ?a? therefore fally prepared to neat any order after a ft?w Bonwlii?ottc?, and I assure thwe who mar rive me1 ?.i that I *111 spare no pains ta carry cat ?ie?r orders to their entire ?%fcsfccti?n. JAMJ3 F. UARYNY, ? ? - , Ko- Tth at., between Q and fe. oarS^ly 'te at all honraof thenJ^hi COMMISSIONER OP DEEDS FOR New York, Texas. California. pZ.T*1*; Louisiana, Missouri, mESi? 1?*^ Alabama, Kentucky, MaiyUrid, 0 -o rsria, Michigan, Matoe, Wisconsin, OhES* Minnesota, FloriJa^ othSKtes. 6E0RG Z C THOMAS. ATTORNEY FOR CLAIMS, AND NOTARY PUBLIC. Washington Plots, near Odd-Fellows' Hall ^?Sftw? 8TRKffT. Wamwoto*. D.*CL F. H. DAVIDGl, 4U?ra?y aid C?nall?r>Bt-L?W| COMMISSIONER Of DEEDS _ . . FOE THB STATU OF ??P"? New York Main* putccky, New Jew/ minds Ixrairlana, kls??ri?p! Connect if at 5??2cImW*1* f**1*?* Penwylrtola Florida Tsnasreee Auu^f lawa C eor^a California Arkansas 8 OeroUna Aa^ & Oonveyaac'.ng hx all It# brea hee promptly an 5 MMuatdr executed. . Ottoe, Louisiana avenue, ?pp. Fifth street. oct !<?? fJly PROF. SCROyKXBKRG, TB 4CHBB AND TRANSLATOR OF florfarn Lan%ui??? and Litiratars. 5-). 257 rZStMTLlAXri AYCHU1. oct 30?tf R. H. GILLET, Counsellor nt Law, 1 la Franklin Kow, corner Oj K an! TbIrto?.ith ?tr.~t ??? ?_4l][y Mm. SCUONENBERG^ Teachtr of Piano and glnalna, >0. AST rnifsriTAiu tTiiui. o?t 22?if W>L M. MK&BICX, Attorney at Law( 38 L9Ui9U!?A AVfifXJR. wui praeticu in the s?uprs?e Court of the United **** C?oru of the Datrict of Oolumbh. i dee 88?eol f L1 V'ANJ!.N? OLASdlA IN L VNQOAQM ?p*0F. Xj d C a 0 N Cj( B h HQ wU> commence rrvt?w1n? w,V**8.,n cn Mon >ay?80th October, at regklence, 367 r^cnsylraala araaue oot 33?tf Private Modioal Treaties ~ OR TM* FHY8IOLOOIOAL VIKH- OF MARBIAOF, ? " i??$?%xru-D 880 Tag?e and 130 Fine Plain and Cojoral Litho graphs and Platee. Priea aaiy 95 t'aati. f| ?^?Sfct fre? of poatage to all par's of the Union*Va OBBAPB^T BOOK KTXB Pl'^LIttllEB.and costaiaiiiz a*?ariy d ubte tha quantity 01 rrn tiog matter in that of the rirry cknts ox dollar fublicvtion'k. It traat* on the PHVSIOl/* |OY OF MARRIAOS, and the 15?*ret i ? flrmitieeand dlaord'W ! cf youth and nuturltry, re suiting from exee?art, which | Jutroj tbephvnical and men - tal pow? re, wltli olwratlonj 0a m*rnage, its duties and <iiequaliScnticn*<, ard their remedies; with liihographf, iUuatraimg the anatomy and physiology, and 0.' the repro dacflre organs of both sexes, their ?traoturr, usee and functions. A popular and comprehrnsiv* trea tise on the dutir* and cmb*I",* > f nlngie and mar n?d life?happy and Irui^u! aJVsutM, m<xj6 cf M. oaring them - Infei'sitove *zn '.nfy.Hla oneo?their obrlation and reFjoral'-imp.>rtint hints to thoee ooot?mpUting ma'iic.ray. th?t will overooKe ob ?ectiona to It; noav, bowarer. should take tbis ha. portant s>p w^haiat Crat eonsnltiag its pages? aommeataries oa the aiaaaassand medfcal treatment at fatnalea frou lp^aney to old ace, each oaae rrtpb laally Ulustratc i by boautifui lithographic pUtee? aerroaa debit ty, Its causea and sure, by a preoese at once so slm|!e, oaft and effectaal. that tallute is latpofdbla?rules for dally management?an ss?*y an Spermatorrhoea with practical ohaerraUone on a and ntore node of troatm?ufr" pre sautionary hinta oc the evils resulting from emptri aal practise??a eeeay on all diseasea arisfng ftom iadiseretion, with plain and simple rules by which aU persons ean eare tbemselvee without mereurr? remedies lor those salf inflicted miseries and dim pointed booea ac nnfcrtunately prevalent In the Cng. It Is a truthful adri^r to tha married and teeoatamplating marriage. Its peruaal is par ttoularly reeoaaended to pereons entertaining se aret doubts of their physical conditian, and who are oonacious of hiring liaiarded tho h-alth, happiness and privilege* to whkh every human being is en titled to. Frio* 36 cents per copy, or fire eopiss f-.r one do), lar. Mailed free of poetage to any part of th.; Lai ted States. N. B.?Thoee who prefer Bay eoasalt Ihr La Trtis upon any of the diseases upon whleh his book treats either aecsonaily or by maU. Mediolne sent to auy part of tha L'oicn aocordiog to dlroctlone, sat?lw packed and car^fnlly sveured irem all obeerorti n. Address Or. M. M. LA CaoiX, No. 81 Maiden Lrne or Post Offloe Box 679, Albany. N. T. 49* Ottoe open daily from D a m to 8 p m, and on Sunday from J until & p m. ^ 2?** R*"V>T*d from Na.SS Beavr at, *?31 Haldaa Laaa, Albany, N. dec 7 MATHEMATICAL IVSrRUXKHTS. MBS. O. AND&R40M has receired a large and oompiou aMortmeut of Mathemarieil lustra Drawing Materia s of superior qnality. Tne Mathematical instrameots arc chiefly of8wi*s m\nuf*ctory in ra%-s, as well as In separate plecea: ?y qaSty1* *Q<^ ?*1 00*0r* Drawing papers of ar A1 ?a. Studies in Drawing and Painting. ??? Pena. avenue. PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT. Old Plane; tak?n la ezeh*ng?. Tu-Jng kLk? attended to. ? ? . ^ F. C. RETCHBNBAOU P- f .rl hw,Tw^ low f* aeoood-hand llanos rom for saie. 1?"tai DENTISTRY" " yR. MUN80N laepeotfeUy oal a public att'ntica to bis at*-, patent, and QKSATLT *rm. 1U.TSD mAt&cd of eetUag Artificial. Terih, with Continuous Gum?tha very PEr FECnOK OFT'iS ART. ThifStyU )f Teeth has th* follow adrantaaafi oyer all others via: GRBAT ETRBNOTB, OLPANLIN'1^8, OnM fORT, and BIAUTY, rising with Mature in theae reap*eta, and some chara exceliivg. Public lnapeo Won is reapactfiilly solicited. Please call and aaa <p*atmens. ^ CAUTION.?No other Dentist la the Dlstriat cf 0?!asl.!? has n right to make thla a^yle of T<^tn. B ? Tooth co=stitutioaal>y healthy, plugged and wai ient^d for life. udlo" %.ud houaa at No. 2M I street, near t&s tor M.- ef ieaasaliaaia a ranee aad 14th street. THE LATI MR. MEADE'S PICTURES. T O BE RAFFLED FOB IN ?00 CHANCES AT t!?5 EACH. raixi mo. 1 "St. Thomas ol" Vill tnueva, giving Aim* 10 S?e Poor," a copy of Munilo, by one of his pupils and touched by that great artist?said to be equal to the original, cost 51,000. nizi 2. M The adoration of the Wise Men of the East," a genu ne Munilo; coet $3,000. raize 3. " Head of our Saviour," by Correggio; cost $1,000. raizt 4. " Heed of the Blessed Virgin," by Carreggio; cost $1,000. ? Mr. S,A. MATLACK ia authorised to receive subscriptions in this city, of whom tickets may oe obtained, or of Messrs. TAYLOR k MAURY. All money received on account of the Baffle will be deposited in Bank until the drawing takes place, which will be duly announced. From the National Intelligencer. Articles similar to the annexed we have observed in several distant papers, contained in their Wash ington correspondence. We are glad to see that a member of the family is willing to dispose of a part of the rare collection of the late Richard W. Meadv, who, during his long residence in Spain, had oppor tunnies, which his opulence enabled him to indulge, for (fleeting many of the finest painting* in Spain? that treasure-house of pictorial riches. The dis turbed state of the country at the time, moreover, made it favorable for obtaining many gents of art which would otherwise never have been purchasa ble. From the Boston Chronicle. Cn?r n'roEvus.E or Art.?Several ohrf liVmn ofMurillo, Correggio, and other mart* rs, which wrre brought from Spain during revolutionary time* h> the late R. W Meade, haw elicited the admirj-ion of connoisseurs during the poxt wet-kin lh? Rotundo of the Capitol. They are to be disposed of for ^tin benefit of a daughter of Mr Meade, residing in Now York, after nu opportunity lias been given to the | public for an examination. fell 6-- If A BOOK 07 GREAT VALUE & INTEREST. SYCLOPEDIA OF MISSIONS, by Rev. Harvey Newcorub, 1 vol., large octavo, double columns, page*; price $3. Embracing a comprehensive view of a'l th;; Missionary operations in the World, with geographical descriptions, condition of the un cvsugelized, 4?c., together with the religious move ments of the age, under an alphabetical arrange meht, illustrated with thirty-two Mis-ionary Map*. "The Cyclopedia of Missions, by Rev. Harvej Newcomb, I regard as a work or great permanent value. It contains widiin a moderate coinpiss, and in a convenient form, a large amount of just the kind of"information, histories!, statistical, and Illns trative on the subject of Missions, which every Min ister, and every christian lavman needs to possess, and which could be gained only by laborious re search in books and documents, many of which are not easily aceesaiblc. Geo. W. Wood. Sec. A. B. C. F. M." Agents for the District: GRAY & BALLANTYNE, feb 14 498 Seventh st. FROM PA HIS.?Oeuvre* completes de Vol taire, 75 vols, octavo, in fine binding, $56 De Thofl; Histoirc Cntvtrselle, 11 volumes, quarto, bound, $9 Pegnard; ocuvres compleief. 4 vols, octavo, bound, $3 50 Oeuvrea d- D'Alembert, 5 vo!?, octavo, bound $?; CondHlac; oeuvree comj Ictes, 16 viHs, octavo, fine call, $30 Bibliotbeque Mistoriquc, 13 vol-, octavo, h?lf bound $5 00 Duual ; oeuvres completes, 0 vo's, octavo, half bound, $4 50 Memoires du Due de Rovigo, 8 vols, octavo, hnlf bound, $ii 50 Oginski; Nemoires Snr 1? Tolognc, \ vols, octavo, half calf, $3 Bouquet; liiktoirc dee Variations ties Eglisrs Prot wstant, 4 vols, octavo, half morocco $4 Lavater; Physlononiie. 10 vols, full calf, numerous illustrations, $23 t Annales du Parlemeni Prancais, 8 folio, vols, liall cair, $14 Reimproeio;i de I'Aacten Moniteur. 17*<3 to 1799, X vols, folio, in flue binding, $95 And many others at the same range of prices, im ported direct from Paris, by feb 10 FRENCH TAYLOR. A R N Y , So. 94 Bridge street, Georgetown, IP prepared to furnish Balls, Dixhfrs, So?reis Wanntiros, fcc., witli everything in the Cor,fee tionary line, in any part of the District, at the r'Siott eet notice, and on the in<?t reasonable terms. j an 19?tf <?& Mott Bedell's Line. 4^ AEW YORK,A LUX ANDRIA, IVASHISGTOK CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. * rrMJIfl LINE of PACKETS sails WEEKLY jL from pier 14 East River, New York,and oflener If necessary, and arc composed of tue fuilowin? first ftlauj Ik : >ew schr. A. r. EcdeU, Bedell, mater. New sclir. Mo'.t Bedell, A. V. Tredwell. Schr. Ann D , VVm. Oliver, master. Sell'. Volant, L. A. Smith, master. Sclir. Commander-in-Chief, Wogl im, master. Schr. Orteii?(W, Wilson, master. These v-sscls are all fast sailers, and the masters men of experience in the trade, and the only regu lar line of Washington Citv packets. MOTT BfeuELL, Wr.ll street, N. Y. 8. S. MASTERS & SONS, Alexandria, Vs. THOMAB RILEY, feb 1?6ni Washington and D. C. TO INVENTORS. TOHS office of "The Inventors' Protection National JL Onion" ie on 7th street, opposite the fast Por feo of the Patent Ofioe, and It now ready to attend to the bufclnew of iU members, namely; in making ixarotoation* and soliciting patents, At. Inventors are in Tiled to huI and get a copy of ths Joiutiiutlcn and By laws, and where any informa doa will be given reapecung the Union. All letter* en business must be directed to this of lee, where at1 sat ion will be given immediately. A model shop is in connection with the office where medel* can be made to'orier at the shorten lotios. V. CLAYTON, ip lO?lr PreMdeot I. P. H. U. EXPECTED NEW YEAR PRESENT s. OF all the branches of busine-s conducts in this city, Groceries, perhsps, of aK others afford the smallest profits, and should n*?e the preference for aad no one la th^ bus ness caa continuo if

his customers are not promi.t in settlement by ?bort notes or c*sh. Desirous of slosing np for the past, I sirneetly r^uest all who are indebted to call aud settle wi> bont delay. I will further give notice that all future bills wblch may be contracted with me must be nude with refer- noe to, and with the dis'.inet understand* ing that they are to be eloeed monthly, by cath or notes at 30 days, which I have prepared for the pur pose, except f uch of my old customers who have al ways be?n prompt. Z. M .P. KINfl. d ec 37?tf TiRANA-ALLCQUANY BANK AND 81LDSN Withers ADo.'s Notes purchased at the highest raise. Unosrrent Money, Land Warrants, and Virginia Serin bought and sold. Drafts on all the principal cities told to rait pur chasers. Persons at a distano? sendicg me Trana Alleghany nates or Land Wsrrants, may rely upon receiving the beet rates, ?ni remittances made b/ draft on any eity in the Union HAMILTON O. PANT, Banker, Mo 4tt Psnna avenna. PIANOS FOR SALE AND RENT. rTtHE subscriber has always oil hand a assoit 1 ineut of tierman and Amoncan PI-^c^a?aa> ANUS, trom the vary best raiinufacturersflTf YJl which he offers for sale at lower pricee than can be purchased in the District of Columbia, and < u the most accommodating terms. All Pianos purchased from me are warranted to give satislac tion. i". Old Pianos taken in exchange. B. REI8S, Professor of Music, G, betw. Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets. ftb t?3m' For thk spring trad*.?novv oiling, a large, fresh and elegant vanety of Gentlemen's Belongings tbr the spring trade, of new importations and styles, and of the beat qualities at STEVENS'S Saleejoom. feb 21?3t Brown's Howl. ID OLOVRS?A fr*sh supply of Gent's KIO OliOVACS?A fr-sh light-colored Kid Glores, at S TEVENS'S Salesroom, feb SB?3t Browns' Hotri. A LARGE lot OF FLAX seed jiut receiYfd and IVk sale by SAM'L BACON k CO., febli?lm Corner Seventh st. and Pa. ave. EVENING STAR. AUCTION EXTRAORDINARY I dretwed a dreain iojlie midst of my slumbcrr Z'""1 '""un''d"?? It appeared that a law had lately been made Anil in *1 .?n 0,(1 b*chr,or,? p*?e* should be iMid ; Th? Sw " KUtke t,,eni a"wi,,,n*lo mar^ Bm th? ZThV ** man cculd "rrl1 c; rry. loffc f rum Wed, and raid twin DO use, *Krou" lnju"t,CK a,|d horrid abu?e, And ?t to itve their own Ij^aru' blood from Om Math a vile tax tl??y conld ne'er nav a shillin* ? So they set all the bachelors up at vendue. Tn mtiTh* 8jDt lhrou*h town, to and fro, dr?"n. and Lis trumpet to Wow, "1LthrU he met in hig forty.,?,d.^chHo? "?ld to-day.'' And presently all the old maid* in town, Tery bcst bonr?? ?nJ (own, or?"S&10 ?u,jr? wh'te' rpJ. r?" And pale, Ths .n^^SCr,p!?0n' a11 fl?ckc(1 to ?aie. The auctioneer then with his labors bctan, *lc ha'1 held mp a n,'ini AnTrtJI T 'or,! bachp,f>r? WHO wanti to buy.'" And IVj liorus of maidens responded, "f. I'? And jo short, at a very extra v.nant price, The techekwa ?U were sold off in n trice, F?Ji^ .?!? maidens?some younger, some older. Each jjW'd an ol t bachelor home on her shoul DEATH OF A SLAVS OWE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN YEARS OF AGE pie Rev. A. L. Greene, D.D., of Nash ?life, lenn., communicates to the editor of the Nashville Medical Journal the fol lowing incidents attending what he terms the " natural death," of one of his ser vant, at the advanced age of ono hun dred and eleven years. Dr. Green is tnown to many in this city, as one of the Commissioners of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, in the settle ment of the late difficulty between the Church North and South: I promised you that I would furnish you with some of the facts connected with the last days of Aunt Phillis, as old negro woman of mine, who died last fall. Aunt Phillis was at the time of her death, at the lowest estimate, one hundred and eleven years old, and the older '8 tilat 8he Was several years For My years she had enjoyed unin terrupted health, and, as far as I have been able to learn, she was never sick in her life, except at the birth of her chil dren. For thirty years of her life, and down to within three years of her death, she did not seem to undergo the slightest change in her appearance?time exer cising but little power over her. The first t,ign 0f decay was that of sight, which took place about three years be fore her death ; up to that time she was in the full enjoyment of all her senses; and at one hundred and lour years would have married an old negro man of sev entt-five if I had not objected. ?-Her sight failed not in the usual way but she became near-sighted, not being able to see objects at a distance. Soon after this her hearing declined, but up to the time of her death she could hear better than old persons generally do. \ the first indication of mental failure was I that of locality, she not being able to ' find her way to a neighbor's house ; vet fcer memory seemed perfect in all otter respects. She recollected her friends and old acquaintances, but could not find her way to their houses. j 1 at first supposed that this was owing to defective fight, but on examination found it was in the mind. Still her loco motion was good ; she had the full use of herself, and could walk strong and quick like a young person, and hold her self up so straight that, when walking from me, I often took her for some of the younger servants about the premises. The next, and to me the most singular sign of decline was that she lost the art of walking, not that she had not strength1 enough to walk, but forgot how to walk. j The children would lead her forth and interest her for a while, and she would get the idea which seemed to delight her very much, and she would walk about the yard and porches until some person would tell her she had walked enough? but she would no sooner take her seat and sit for a few moments, before all idea of walking would be gone, and she would have to be taught over again. At length she became unwilling to try to walk unless she had hold of something; take her by the arm, and she would walk, and walk well; but just as soon as you let go she would stop, and if no further aid was afforded her, she would get down and crawl like a child ; and at last became so fearful that she refused to walk altogether, and continued to sit up during the day, but had to be put to bed and taken up as a child. After a while she became unwilling to get op altogeth er, and continued to lie in bed until she died. All this time she seemed to be in good health, took her regular meals, and her stomach and bowels were uniformly in good condition. I often examined her the best I could* and she had no pains, no sickness, no aches of any kindTand from her own account, and from all that I was able to learn, she was in good health, and all the while in fine spirits. The intellect and the mind seemed to be perfectly rood, only that she did not seem to know where she was all the time. At length one of the children said to me that Aunt Philis was getting cold, and on examining her, I found it even so ; the extremities were cold ; still she took her regular meals ; and did not com plain of any thing, and the only change that I recollect of was that she slept a! little more than usual. The coldness in creased for two days, when she became as cold almost as a dead person. Her breathing began at length to shorten, and grew shorter and shorter till she ceased to breath. Death closed in upon her like going I into a soft, sweet sleep, and for two min utes it was diffioult to tell whether she was breathing or not. There was no contortion, no struggle, no twisting of the muscles; but after death she might j have still bfcen taken, 6n a slight examin ation, to have been in a deep sleep. So passed away Philis?the only natural death it has ever bccxj my fortune t witness. MCUT BEHUfD." rj-Se" Cfn- 0 IIar? Governor c Gibraltar, he was said to be perfectl ^ of discipline He went so far as to ht ve the shoes takei off his mnle on purpose thee he might e< night-rounds, and vis* the guards in th, most silent manner, without beinir heart until he was close upon the sentinel But to our story. A? hri been the long established pr?c tice, OHin always attended the guarc mounting parade, on the unb. ,t six 01 seven o clock m the morning; and hi took so much notice of the officers of tlx sereral guards that he could generally during the remainder of the day, nam, them all- One day he was proceedinc on the South Port in his carriage wher he passed an officer going into town.and whom, at the instant, he remembered as having passed in review before him that morning, as commanding the south guard. Upon this the General immediate!v de termined on satisfying himself as to the fact and lo convict him of the heinous military c.nmc of quitting his jruard and orde/ed the coachman to drive Shh ?'?2Sd to the south guard. Away they wont at the rate of ten to eleven mi lesser hour along the saluting battery ; and in a short time the horses, out of wind and covered with lather, reached the south guard, a mile or more from the place where the general had passed the suspected officer At the usual distance, the running senti nel called the guard to "turn out,'?which was obeyed with all the alertness desira ble ; and the officer advancing, unob served by the General, at a quick pace from near the carriage, drew his sword, then, opening ranks, presented arms, and saluted in the best manner. At the sight of this officer every doubt had been re moved. "By Jove, it is he himself!'' thought the General, as he ordered him to turn in the guard, and beckoned him to come to the carriage. (?Pr,J', j", impatiently inquired O Hara, did not I see you but a very few minutes ago walking very deliber ately into the town near South Tort V* " Me, sir !" exclaimed the officer, pre tending with the greatest simplicity, and extreme surpnse at the question, ?? I am ; guard here, sir!" j "Well, well, I know' that you need not have supplied me with that valuabk piece of information. Did I not, sir, l| ' you again?did I not see you going into town as I came out by South Port?" his Excellency paid, raising his voice, and his face reddening with anger at the of fender's attempt to conceal the fact by bis evasive reply. j The officer, after a moment, in no way disconcerted, or showing any symptom i of timidity, looked the General full in the face, and then, with great politeness, said, "Will your Excellency have thef goodness to state to me whether that question is put to me by his Excellency, General O'lfara. Governor of Gibraltar, or from yourself in the capacitv of a pri vate gentleman ?" The off-hand manner in which this question was to put to OHara struck the right chord; and, after a few minutes' hesitation, he replied, with a smile on his countenance: "Well, sir, as a private individual, I wish to obtain the informa tion." "Then, sir, I freely confess that yon! did meet me at the South Port-"' , >V ell, sir, that is honest. Nojt, sir, I want to know how you could get here on loot as quickly as i did in my car nage, and that, too, without any discov erable fatigue ?" J Sir, I shall conceal nothing from you in the private capacity you have selected On meeting you, I strongly suspccted that vou knew me: and when you stop ped the carriage to speak to your coach-1 man, I guessed your motive; so, feeling that if my conjectures were correct, I had no means of arriving at my guard at the same time as yourself, I got up behind your carriage, the only means left me of securing that object.'' ?'By Jove, sir!" exclaimed O'Hara, "I like your candor, and still more, the dexterity and readiness you have display- j td in extricating yourself from a position of the greatest danger, without which you would undoubtedly have lost your commission. I admire a man who, when j he gets into a scrape, can jump out of it at once. You must dine with me, sir, j to-morrow," giving him a most hearty shake of the hand. "But, take care ! You must never leave your guard again, or, by Jove, 111 break you !" Managerial Expiribnci?At the close of Grisi and Mario's performance at New York on Monday evening, Mr. Hackett was called out and in the course of his remarks gave the following bit of managerial experience: When I closed my contract with J Madame Grisi and Signor Mario, two years ago, every thing was prosperous in this country, and thtre was every 1 reason to suppose that an enterprise of the kind would be successful. But when I arrived here with them I found a scorching beat, a ruinous drought, an epidemic cholera, a monetary revulsion, j every sign of adversity. For a time I hesitated under such grievous disad vantages; but in the end, confident] that a change must eome, I perse vered. It needed some courage. When I left this city in December last, I can best describe my feelings by an an ecdote. Once upon a time a Connecticut | mother sent her son to sea?that is to I say, in a ship sailing on the Sound, to New York, for instance. When he came back, she asked him how he liked it "Oh, mother," said he, "it wee awful., When I got sick, I didn't know what to do with myself; I warnt quite dead, but I think I would have swapped mytell for a deau man and given some boot." Andso ladit* af><* gentlemen, whent left New lork, 1 think I would have swap ped myself against a dead man and giv THE WEEKLT STAR. TIUI. MpT, ftt nnm 41 ? 1^ TO CWII. Fire cofim ? ? en Tea |o. 1 m ??????????????,?????? .??.??.?????lAOu WT/lllilll III A?VAWt|. ft?-???#le > optw (tn wrapped cm be prrK ttrHI at Uw naMii, laanrStairly after tbr mw oT th? |?*jKr. Price Titu cirrt. Pon*?iTn? who art a* wiU b* ai**m?1 a cotnmiaaio* of twenty per mm en boot. Since that lime I am happv to say that things bare cheated: and now I am at liberty to ear that rtus enterprise has remunerated meformy\abor*; twelve thousand dollars Of toy remuneration being due to tbe good taste of our friends in Boston. {Philadelphia was as good: and New York since I came hack has not behaved badly. On the whole, la dies and gentlemen, I hare reason to thank you, sod I shall be happy to cater for you hereafter, either as manager or an actor, whenever I think I can perceive what your tastes require. How tub Lawtrrs Diffrr.--The fol lowing anecdote of a legal gentleman in Missouri, was compiled many years ago from a newspsper of that State. There is a racy freshness about it that is quite delightful: Being once opposed to Mr. 8 , a brother lawyer, tnen lately a member of Congress, he remarked as follows to the Jury, about some point of disagreement between them: ?'Here my brother S and I differ mytcrially. Now this, after all, is very natural. Men seldom see things in the same light; and they may disagree in the principles of the law, and that, too, very honestly; while, at the same time, neither, perhaps, can conceive any earth ly reason why they should. And this is merely because they look at different sides of the subject, and do not view it in all its bearingH. 44 Now let us suppose, for the sake of illustration, that a man ahould come into this room, and boldly assert fK*' my brother S.'s head (here he laid Us hand very fsmiliarly upon tbe large chuckle hesd of his opponent) is a fquash, I, on the other hand should maintain, and perhaps with equal confidence, that it was a head. Row there would be tbe difference?of opinion. We might arpue till doomsdsy, and never sgree. You often see men arguing upon subjects just as empty and trifling as this! But a third person cominc in and looking at the neck and shoulders that support it, would say at once that I had reason on my side: for if it was not a head, it at least occupied tbe place of one?it stood where a head ought to bo !*' All this was uttered in the gravest and most solemn manner imaginable, and the cffect was irresistibly ludierous. An Historical Fact.?Wheat wasfirst sow a in the North American Colonies in 1695, on the Elizabeth Islands in Massa chusetts, by Gosnold, at the time he ex plored that coast. That has been up wards of two hundred and fifty years ago, and since that time so great has been the increase of this cereal, that in the veer 1*49, according to the census of 1&50, the product amounted to 100.50S^V9 bushels. Up to 1610, and perhaps later, England supplied the Colonies with the greater part of their breadstufis. How changed is it now ! All Europe is look ing to us for bread. The bread sent ta the Colonies in 1610 was not cast upon the waters never more to return. Two hundred and fifty years afterwards it rolls back in a continuous stream, to gladden the hearts of half famished millions in England, France, and Belgium. The de scendants of men originally lashed and scourged from their shores, and forced to make their future habitations beneath the uninviting sky?more humane than tbe taskmasters of their fathers ?are now striving to return good for what wa? con sidered an evil, by supplying them with bread. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN 8TEAMERS. Xant, Ltat? ftr Dmp. "itv Man* heater. .I.ivr.rp-Ktl... PhiUSHpbin Fob 14 St. l.oui? Havre... New Yor*.. .FH. 14 (KJ-Tlie California eteaiana lonea Hem York on ilic ?Ui anJ dOtu ?l eacb luxuto. VRRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. WHiarUi' tl?.4l->.i k j c. viluu. B Ikwrcnce, M?j II C Dalian, 114 II J Mver, NY H d Bobbin*, do P Bernhard, do Mm Lewie, Pa Or G H Ru-aell, Mirb J Randa l, So W H Da>idge, NY * E Raaca'.i, do Or McGonnick W D Gilaa, NT IV 11 *\ ar>n a lady, Va W H Aaplnwnll, do R H tllHa, NY H Cbauacy, do V B Martin, O T MeCarty, do F L VVashkHirn, Man P MoCa t>, do Mr? J Bt 11, NY E Frottii.|ham, Mw I)fW C Kali* a lody, do T 1 Haywood, Va J Mullau, USA Urawaa1 Hol?i?r. e. a g. ?*owi. IV E Roaa, Va G ?l?tbower, Md U A V Brown, Tenn W H JaaeioH, Mm r D fptadlt, uo O Tufu, do I M Cavce, do C W rotbtfland, Pa [J Davriipofi, via IV A Richmond. Micli Dr T A liam*, Va E Bcbullx, NY IV IV Harrw, d? F VV Bird, Maw II O Muldieiou, do ?i Tlerca, So I. Daifoo?, Teim J W Baaartt, Ct R W Andrew*, d?* G Scott, O J H llarkin?on. Ill W (Job no say, OUowa R G Webb. NY Chief ii McG?*aner a lady, Pa J L Gdlia, Pa J W iVu^aa* NY T ? Moore, do G W G <rdoo a iady, Md J Tborbum, Va I Ruudale a lad , Wia J H Kirwan, do >V J Beail, Md J K???e<t?f do Z B Beail, do L Hayaea, Va Klrkiraad H?ai?-J. a. a a- kiiivmi. W Rrmick, Md w K?at-. Md \i VV Siuitb, do E Kuaba, do R Rin^oid, di W Unt^m lady, E B Jacob# a <Uo?teeiv, ?V Va J M Haley, Pa VV L Moiitfuaiery, NY H M Marcna. NT I D Pope, ftd Bnwmade,S? C A Pope, d? DA Gottjr a lady, Md [>r Hoagr*, do Miaa Jacbaon, So 4aarMo J W Minor, Va r B UownmK, NY Dr C H ioaaa, MS I A Potter, O W J Steward IIH layK*, NY Mja N Darling, NT L'apt G O Btoaffer R S Bayard, Dai Dalt*d Sb?: ee Ratal-*, a. aacsaaY. (Miller, NY J H Scott, Md M Pluneaa, do L Stow, So Robert, do B T Mace, lad Mr Andrews, NJ J C Bngg* a laS) . W ? aailaa Houee, Alama?^r?^ * a. a. aawTon, morai*tx>a D F Oocke, Teia LlTS? A P G Mtlkr, NY Jf22; ai ' \v."V?7-Z' JiUKJIdiTi. . \\ i.t?ion, Ho " * v * A1 ??<*"? % JsSilT*, n it Juuuwoo, DC S H K Taylof, Va {J?a^ J*?>K U. Chaaceltar, do M??a Jac^S-, So .i-? to A M Pay ?, ?? 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