Newspaper of Evening Star, February 24, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 24, 1855 Page 4
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fcorr:*r?B prom nnuoimj Mlt Frem Ooviegt >% by Middle tidy*, Oak Hill, MaDon;u?h?aad Doabie CiUii, toGrifla, SB m.leeaud b ?ck,oaw* week. Lmti Oovington Moaday a t S a m Anifi ktOrltla mswuv bylpn LeareGriSn ToeeJay at ft Ijd Arrive it Ocvfngtoa mm aay? by 8 a at 6414 from LyUonin hy Flat Rock, to White Houre" 14 miie' and bw'k oooe a weak Inn Lytbcnta itiim Arrive at VKjate Hcuae aame day bv 13 m Lrave Whit* Uoar? Friday atlpu Arrive at Lythonla 'am* day by 6pm ?4I6 From Lytbonla to Kocktridge, <J miJei and teek once a WffL Leere Lythonla Tnorelay at 7 a m Ar;lve at Rockbridge mm* days by 9 a m. I eevj Rockbridge ihuraday at 10 a m Arnxc at Lythonla fame days by 12 m h7 YeUow Hirer and ?T?.TrSl toT<,rr??'*UK?iml? and ba<k, ?|i time - a weex ^atVa810" aJpunU,n' daU7? Sunday, Arrive at Lawrecceville same days by 11 a m ?Te ^,r<!,lor,^f d*ily> axcept Monday, at 12 Arrire at BtoneJffoantxln same days by 4 p m ?41, Fn.m Stone Mountain, by t inck&eyvil]?, to Wtnif, 18 xU>d end beck, one** a we*k Leate Stone Mountain Saturday at 1cm Arrive at Warsaw msj day by 7 p m. Leave W an-aw 8ai urtay al 6 a m -J..AIrtT' M?aataia *am? day by 12 m ?418 From D*Mur, by Puntbenville, locker's tftoc*brilje, o McDouough, i7 in ties and lac'*, once a week. Lw'e Deca ur Friday at 8 a m Arrive at AloDonough tame dny by G n m Leave x cDo.oa^h Saturday at 9 a m p*?t?r "ame day by e pm w;bj Sl,ril,8'to *??*7 Ridge 10 mile* and back, once a weok. Leave McDcnough Satur ay at 8 a n Arr.veat Sasdy Ridge earn* day by 11a m Lear* tancy Ki'ge Saturday at 12 m Arrive at Mcl'onough mm* day by S p m. W2j From McDonorgh toJonesb ro\ 14 mlesand back, nx tims; a w?*a a L-are McD:nougt iaUy, exwpt 3und .y, 8 Arrive at Joo?r boro a; me days by 12 m Leave Jone hero daily, except Sunday at 1 n m Arrire at MeDcnough same d?y by 5 p m * 'Km ^a^hUgtba, by Lanburg, I'ete-sburr ? C., and lit mn!toAS ? i ? w k ? t m2l**u<1 bark?tm lce a T L-.ave ^a^iugton Tne<?d,y, and Saturday at wf 21 IH Arrive at ? bbjville C II rame days by y D m Leave Al-betUJc CI! 31oEd3y aud Fri'ar?t 8 ? IB * ^!"T*'l, W(l,l?iP(rt3Ti Fiune day, b_ 6 ? Propoeale icr d?Iy sirri -? ar, inTtted.TTh ? ?low to convey tbe great Nor'heru andSouth ?afc?^?.?ta?p edofnot 1-n tbani m? ?4'i2 Fr:m V."r itiagtc ij, by MalferisTil e. Flah um Uare W^-tlr gt n Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Elbrrton same day hy 6pm Leave Ilb-rtou Saturday at 9 a m #u?AwriT? ? v^h!c?tpn ?uai day by 6 p m Hn "-H...?J Leave WB?hlrgtot Frldiy st 1 p m Arrive at CentrevMle rnme day byipm Levre tentrenlte Friday at 8 am ' Arnve at Wa^-bisgto-) fats d it bv la ?> ton, K m .es aad oack, twice a week T TQe'diy tnJ Thursday, at 11 Arrifaat Llreolnton Mm- dsy* by 3 na l>are L;=eolDt)n Tu^day and TtuAdsyat 6 Arrite a'. Riyivfll ,?aini da^aby 10 a m ?425 From Lexington, by Po|at Peter, Ureal Ri,e? Fltert. n, Harmony, Cold Water-Afoct*video' Iv. rgre-n, 8^ c , Rock Mi fh, anJ Mounu-n twkS'a **? SOn H' 6i IU:I"# *?d back' feT:.^??la Tu,8daj "ud FrWV ?'? 6 ? m at fciberton name days by 9 p m IB rtcn ^ edce<iday acd ?aturd?yat6 Axriv. at Andes? n C H ?me days bv 9 n m Aoa*r"??" i? j?j Arrive at R1 bertoo aame days by 9 P m L ay? Uoerton edneed.y a ad :at arday at 5 am ?A2#H ? ""O? day by 9ritn V,m Ii4,xinKtOB? to L?x:cgton 'D?ro? 3 suits and la k, twelve tunes a work ' - l^a e,?"pt c?y. ? ** - AwdVp .L*xlnst0u ? =?? tlayiby a a Leave Lexinztcn .is ,? , ?, j , at 9 am and 3pm ' *'* *' ^1 :,., y io ? m ,nd Leave AtLers Tuealey at 0 a m Arrive at Clarksviile next dav hr a n m Le... OI.,k.?lie Thur^dl, ?* 8 ? q Arrive at Athens next day by ? p m 'rjm Atbeas, by Jeff-sreou. Pond Fork >n 1 Leav; Attens. Taeaday, Thursday and Satur day a. ft a m Arrive at Qaineaville same days by 2 p m L?ave(iainsfcv lie Monday, Wedaeaday >nlFri day at 9 a m Arri?e at Athens fame days by ( pm I From Ath-ns, by DasaeiavMe aud Madiaou B^nngc, tj Carncsville, 48 miles ai.d back, three times a week Leave Athens rutel?y, Thursla/ and Satur day at 0 a m Arrive at C:rt;esTi"e rame days by 7 p m Leave Catorsville Monday, Wednesday and Friday it 6 a m Arrive at Athena aame day by 7 p m ?430 From Ath- ns, by P anter'a Stand, to Fort Lamar, 'ift mile and back, ocoe a week Leave Athens Tuesday at 8 a m Arrive at Fort Lamar aam* day by 6 p in Leave Fort Ltmar Wtdceiday itlam Arrive at Athens rame day by dp d ?431 From Ma is a - pnnga, by Frankdn Springs,'le and Uartw-ll, to Ileal -j'n Store, 5*2 miles and b?rk, cnce a week. 1/eave M-dif.n ipnn?i Tuesday at 9 a m Amve at Kerlays t-tort same day by 8pm Leave Henl<-y*s ct?re Wednesday at 4 a ia Arrive at Mrdism rfprlngs same day by 3 p m ?432 From Mayavlll-, by Grove Lev L, Bu*hville, Middle Kivrr anl 11)1 ia;seorti, to Allen dale, 44 milea and back, oaoe a week. Leave Xeyrrlile Thursday at 3 p m Arrive at Al.endale nex cav by 1 pa Leave AUe&dale Iriday at l| a in Arrive at M*y ville n xt day b"* 2pm ?43) Fr:m OaiaMaviUe, by V. ar HiJl, OiUa?tll?, Uadsc*n and Walnut Uil), to Carneeville, 3% m dee and back on-e a we?k Leave OaHMrtvl le Friday at 0 am Arrive at i urneeville aame day by 0 p m Leave Carae<vill* Satarday at tt a m Arrive at t aioesville same day by 0 p m (4M Prom Gain>?vU! New Bridge an 1 Aararia, to Dablosegft, 2ft miloa and back, three times a week. Leave Qainesvills Monday, We2^e?lay and Frld?y at 7 a m Arrive a. Diblonegv ?am? uay^ by 2pm Leave Dableqega Tuesday, Thur?lay and Sat urday itlpm Attire at Gaisetvllle ame days by Spm (435 From Gairervll' Crcssville, HmlLhvi Is, Barrettsville High Tower, Coird Tree, Crauge, F rt Bufflogton, Cautoo, Foster MiUsaod Lafllvg Gal, to iitowab, 02 mile^ and tacfe. once a week 1/eave OaiBfeville Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at ?towah next day by 7 p m Leave Xtowah Kenday at 6 a m Arrrvs at (ialue?vij|e n?xt day by 12 m 043* Firm Gaineaville, by Duane -t-*et, taClarkg ville, 80 mi'MS and back, three times a wees Leave Ga'meviUa Turaday, Thursday and 8at urday at 3 p m Arrive at C!ark*vil!e tame days by 11 p m Leave Clarksville Tuesday, Thursday and t8at. arday at 6 a m Amve atGalaesvJle fam? day by 9 p m ?137 Firm Gain- eville, by Arge, to i'olksville, 18 sulea and bick, ouc* a w ek Leave GalnraviHe Fiiiay at 1 p m Arrive at Polksville same day by 7 p m Leave P lkaville Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Giiteeville rame day by 12 m MM From C- raaaville, by Bald Spring and Kraatas to Jefl. rson. 30 laileaand back, once a week I save Cerr.eeviile Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Jefferson same day b7 0 p m Leav JeOers n Friday at 8 a o Arrive at cerae^ville same day bv 6pm 0489 Frcm Moe ley's Btore tb Walton'i Ford acd bee*, once a week ?MAara wili s at tha d s'ance and prtpoa* a aehedale. 0440 From Dahlonega by Coopet's Cap,Gaddistown, Skeinah. Wiligrott, Morgantom, Hot House, Hi*aeree,Co|p r Mine, T??n, Brush Creek. Hlgdon'a Store and Farkaviile, to Beaton, 83 milei and ba^k. once a we?k Leave Dahlw ga T nee lay at 0 a m Arrive at Benton next Thnrsd*; by 12 m Leave Teston 1 hnraday at 1 p m Arrive at Lahlonega neat Saturdav by 6 p m 0441 From Dahlonega *c R und UilL 18 milee and back, onea a week Lea ve f>ahionega Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Round Hill aame day byspm Leave Kosnd Hill Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Dabl-nega aame day by 1J na i ms vaui.iw|B ?; ?? " Dablnnega, by Amlcali4a Cateoea, Frlnae fd?? rd, Cart'oay, HUJay, TalLi Creek, and Cooeawatue, u> :prlnf Flaee, 02 sill:a and back, onoa a week e Leave DaL'onega Wedc?>eday at ft a m A; rive at t*prina Place next day by ft p m L*ave Bpriaz F?aoe Monday at 0 a m Ar>#ve at DsAlonaga next day by ? f m 8444 From C*nton, by Rail Ground, lUroipTlUt, ?ad Juno, to Dabloarga, 40 blIIm and back, once* week L*ave Canton Saturday at 6 a m Airl?? at Dahlonega fame day by ft f a If ave I>abi~nega Friday at ft a in A rrirn at Oaatoa aame day by ft p m 6444 Frvm Jeffirs:n, by Jotn naodolph'sand Cain*, to Cummiog and back, onoe a weak Bidder* will state th? distance and propose a sohelule 6446 From Sprng.Plaee, by Oedar Rikje. to Daltoo, 12 miles and back, tbm timee a week Leave Spr ng Place M mday, Weincslay, ar.d and at 8 a m Arrive at Daltcn aami daya by 19 m Leave Dalton Monday, Wedaeeday and Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Spring Place puso daya by 4 p m 6446 From Biair^ville by Choeetoe, Loudwville, and Pleasant Hetreat, to Dahlonega, 34 miles and beck, o jcj a week Leave BUirsvi le MonJsyat 6 a m Arrive at L'ahlonega same day by 6 p m Lmv? D?hl<nega Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Blairsviile day by 6 p in 6447 From Blairevill-, by Young Cane, to Morgan ton, 20 miles and back, twice a week l^ive Biairivilie Tnerdiy anl Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Morjanfoa earn-? days by 12 m L ave MDrgauton Moniay and Friday <it 1 p nt Arrive at B.airjvil'er&nia daya by 7 p ru 6448 From Clay t n to BlairsvHle, 40 miles and back once a week Leave f l;?y'on Weunerday at ft a m Arrive at Blalrsville sam? day by 7 p m Leave Bla.nv.l e Thursday at 0 a w Arrive at Clayton fam? day by 7 p m 6449 From Vftr^antown to Murphev, N.C. and back once a veek - , B.dders will state d etasce end prnpote a fehed ule 6410 From Ball Ground to Kllqjay and ba^k, onto a v*eek Uidlers will state tha distance and propose* ycbeddle 0151 From M*r*nnton, by Blue Ridge, White Patb, K!'?Jay, Talking Reek, Fairmount and Pine L%g, lo Caasville, 50 mile* asd back, twioc a week l/~avj Morzanton Tuesday and Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Cassville next days by 6 p m L ave Carsv.ll* Monday and Thursday at ft a m Arrive at Morganton next daya by 12 m 6452 From Y ung Cane, by Skeinah. Stock Hill, Tekenetly, and Cart'cay, to Talking Rock, 4J miiee ana back, ruse a week Leave Xoung Cane Wedoeiday at 7 a m Arrive at Talking Rock same day by ftp m L?a\v Talking Rock Tuesday at 6 a ui Arriv at Yoing Cane sametdav by 6 p m 6453 from Jisp r to Capsvllle and "hack, once a week Bidders w 11 state the distance and propose a pi bedule 6454 Fr:m Liwrenceville, by Ci la's and Hrg Moun tain, to Gainesville, ol miles and back, three times a we. k Letve I^iwrenceviile Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12 m Arrive at G inosville ram* days by 8 p m , Lca\e Grnehvil e Tuesday, Thursday and Sat ur lay at 3am Arrive at Liwr?nc?ville earn-) days by 11 am 6465 From Lawrencevill?, by Cbinquepin Grtve, Auburu, Malbe ry, and ttar-us, to Jefferson, 30 u.ilet> an l back, once a week I/eave Lawrenceville Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Jefferson tame day by ft p m Leave Jefferson Saturday at Sam Arrive at Ltwrei oeville same day by 6 p tu 6456 Fr ni Lawrencev lie, by Suwannee, Siielioa ville, raves Creek. Gumming, and Lewiston, to High Tower, 36 miles and bark, twice a week to Shelt* nville, and cn<w a week the red Mm Leave Lawrncevil. Tuesday aod Friday at 6 a ni Arrive at Sde'tonvlle same day.? by 11 a m Leave Sh-l:onvil!e Tuesday and Saturday at i p m Arrive a4 Lawrecc-cvflla same daya by ft p m l/?ave hbeUor.vill? Friday at 12 m Arrive at High Towrr tain? day by 7 p m Leave High Tower Saturday at & a m Ariive at Sheltourlllesame day by 12 in 6457 From ilt unt Yonah, by Leo, ?kit?.'ri aod Polkviile, to Pep ar ^riag, 26 miles an ! back. once a week. L?ave Moutt Yon?h Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at To lar Spring Fame day by 1 p ra Leave J opUr Spring 8?turday at 2 p ni Arrive at Mount Vonnh came day by 9 p m ft458 Fr^in Mlauta, bj Ultoy.fcandtowD, Campbe l tjo, Dark Oo:rj?*r. Villa Rica, and Hickorv Level, to Carroll: n,60 miles anl back, thrw times a week. Leave Atlanta Mondav, Wedresday, and Fridav at 1 i m Arriv (.t Carroilton next days by 5 p m Leave Cariollton Monday, Wednesday, and Frt day ?t 9 a m Arrive at At auta next day? by 2 p m proposals to *ua by Flin: Hill ar>d t?*nd Hill, f initting lllck-sry Level.are Invited. 6469 From iiaiietti, by iSotiwull, Lebanon, Farm bou e, Rig ere k, Cueming, Gonl Mountain, Crossville, anl Au aria, Ui lHblouega, W mil-a end uKok, three times a week. Leave Marietta Monday, Wednesday and Pil day at 9 a m Arrive at Cumming same days by 7 pm Le*v- umming i'u<*sdsy, Thursday, and 8atnr uay at 7 a in Arr ve at Dahlonega same dayj by 3 p m Leava Dahlonegm M:td?y, Wednesday, and Fri d<*y at 8 n Arrive *>t )u -iai n srme days by 6 p m l/eaveCum sn; 'j i>?,Thursday,and.Satur day at 6 t aa Arrive at M r ?' n? ? uj ? iajr- by 2| p m 5410 F?om Mari' ta, u; ^?. ncaj and Woodstock, to Canton, -J J m Jos i-tv back, three times a w?k. Leave Mariett? Tue'i?y lhur?dayand Satur ti?y at 7 a ia Arrive at Ca i < >n s .me daya by 1 p in Leave Canton Monday, W?-dn^?lay, and Fridaj at 7 a to Arrive at Marietta same days by 1 p m 64M Fioai Marietta, by Powder Springs, to Fall >pring?, 17 miirt^ acd bict, twice a week. Laave Marietta Tuesday and Friday at 7 a m Arrive at ri?lt Sprin^K t?uie days by 12 m L*ave fait Springs i ue?lay and Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Marietta.?ama days b/ 6 p ra 0462 Frcm Marietta, by Lo6: Mountain, to DaMa*, 18 ntiits and back, onctf a week. L^ave Marietta Wednesd y at 1 p ir Arrive at D 1 as same day bi 7 p n Leave Dallas Wedneeday at 7 a ru Arrive at Marietta same day by p m u463 I'.xm Carteraviile, by Stilesbor.v, V) Van Wert, 28 m:l a md back, twice a week. Le?,ve Cartersville Tuesday and Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Van Wert .ame days by 6 p m Le?ve Van Wert Monday aod Thursday at 6 a a Arrive at Cartersviils s^me days by 6 p m 6464 From Gassville, by Little Pia!ri??, fionora, Red bed. Frte Rridge. and Holly crack, to tfprirg Place. 39 milos and back, once a week. Leave C'aasvi le Saturday at Ga m Arrive at t-pring P ace fame day by ft pm Leave Spring 1 lac* Pnda7 at 6 a m Arrive at Caaiville s tme day by 6 p m 0466 Pram Kingston to Rome, IS 3-5 miles and back, six times a week. Leave JUng&ton daily, except Sunday, at 8 a m Ariive at Rome sain:t days by a m Leave Rom ? <lal y, except Snaday at 5 a m Arrive at Kingston Dime days by 7J a m 6466 From Reaacn, by Sugar Valley. Vi lanou, La Ikyette, ted Pond Spring, to Frick'a Gap, 39 miles and back, onoe a week. L?ave Resa a Friday at ft a m Arrive at Frick'sUap sameday by 7 p ia I-eave Prick's (lap Hj tur lay at 6 a m Arrive at Re-aca sameday by 7 p m 6467 From Ring, old, by Wood's etation. to Lata) - ette, 24 ml es snd hark, twice a weak. Leave Ringgold Monday pnd Thursday at 1 p e Arrive at Lafayette same days by 8p m Leave Lrjayetie Monday and Thursday at 5 am Arrive at ltmggold s?me days by 12 m 6463 From ChaUan o-{t,Tenn.,by K>ssviile, Ga , to Frkk's Gap, 26 rr i es aad I ack, once a weak. L*ave Chattanooga Wednfflday at Sam Arrive *t F> ick's Cap same day y 6 p in Leave Prick's Gap Tuesday a 8 a m Arrive at Chattanooga same day by ft pm 6460 From Chatticooga, Tern., t-* Head of McLe more'e Cavo, Ga., and ba?*k, onoe a weak. Bidders will st ite the distance, and propose a schedule 6470 from LM'ayetts by Fork Spring and Snow Hill ta RossviUt, 22 miles and back, once a week Leave Laikyette Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Rossvi le same day by 12 m Leave Rosaville Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at Lafayette same day ry 8pm 6471 F cm Lafayette by Chestnut flats to Gordon's Springs, 9 c. ilea end back, onoe a w#9k Leave Lafayetta Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Gordon's Spiingi same day by 9am L-ave Gordon'>* Springs Satur:ay at 10 a m Arrive at Lafa> ette same day by 1 p m 6472 Frcm Rome by Armuehee. iHrttowa, Mean Blckrry, fcummerville and Trl n Factory to Lafayetta 4?J a. lias and hack, twice a week L ave Rome Monday and Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Lafayette i am' days by i pa Leave Lafayette Wednesday and Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Rome fame days by 7 p m 6473 Fiom Rcrnc by Vann's Valley and Lake Creek to CedarLown, 20 milts and back, three times a week Leave Rcme Monday, Wednasday and FrHay at S p m Vrrive at C>dartown fame duvs by 10 p m L ave Oedartown Monday, Wedne day anl Fri day at 6 a m Arrive at Rome same days by 12 in 4474 From Rome bv Thomas's Mills, Cedar Creek. Oeeola, Ala, asd HowelPi Crass Roads to Cen tra, 40 m les and Lack, ones a week I*ave R m< Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Cea're sane day by7 p m L?eve Centre Satni day at 6 a m AJrive at Rom ? same day by 7 p m ?4.8 From Cedartcwn to PumpBnailt, 8 milai asd back, ones a weak C^dmrtown Frtdij it ]p m Arrive at Pumpkicpill eame day bv 6 p m Leave Rami-klnpill Friday at 10 a m Arrive at Cedartown same day by 1pm 0474 From Palmatto by County Line *Bd Ceda' Branch to Eirer Town, 20 mile* i?d on je i weak Leave Palme'.to Friday at 6 a m Arrive a- River Town same day by 12 m Lsave River Town Friday at 1 p ?w Arrive at Palmetto rams day by 7 p m 6477 Fro? NewneubyBclndito Ktdron, 13 miles and bask, twic* a week Leex?Newnan YVedaejJay and Patwdiy at lb am ,, Arrive at Kidioj rams days by 2 p m l?ave Kidion Vclnesday and Saturday at 7 am Airiveat Ktwaaa same day a by 10 an 6478 From Newnan by Lodi, Rutherford, Bowen vi!b and Tall Pin) toCarrollton, 27 mile* and back, one * a we-k Lave Nexrun Saturday al 8a m Arrive at Carroilion name day by 6 p n L>av3 Ctrrollton Friday at 8 a m Art i re at New nan aame day by 6p m| ?479 From N?wton by Willow Grove and Corinth to Aahbury, 20 m'.ica and back, twice a week Leave Newnin Tuesday and Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Anbury aame day* by 12 m L*a?e Aabnry Tups lay and Frtdrv at 1 p m Arrive at Newnan sa^pe days by 7% m 6480 From Newcan by Rio and Enon Grove to Frank'in, 21 mllw and back, once a w<ek I?vave New nan Wsdnes lay at 0 am* Arrive at Franklin *ame day by 12 m Leiva Franklin Wrdn'idiy at 1 p in Arrive at Newnan aame day by 7 pita 8181 From Newann by Para, Location and Har alitn t) Erb, 2\i mi ts and baik, once a w^fk L ave Newnan Faturday at 8 a m Arrive at Rrin earn- day by 5 p m Leave 1 rln Friday at 8 "a m Arrive at Newnan siroe day by fi p m 64';i Krom Li Trangi by O'Neal's Mills, Cochran Y Cross Reads and Castula to Colam bus, 46 rail-s and ba k, dail ? Leave La G -ant?** da ly at 9{ a m Arriveat Co'umVus unit d?ys by 9j p m L*ave Cclumbu* daily at8 m m Arrire at L* Grange name dayaby 8pm 6493 From La Grange by Vernon. * ntioch, Wehad k<**, Ala., R'ick MP1? and Roancka to Wedo we?, ? 6 mile.i end ta^k, once a week I/"are La Grange Tusrday at 1 p m Arrive at Weeibwea next day by 6 p m Mave Weedo wee Thursday at 8 a m Arrive at La Granga rext day by 11 a m 6184 From La Grange by Houston to Franklin, 21 miles and back, twice a week Lea re I/tGrauge Tu< sday andSatuiday at 1pm A- r vs at Franklin same days by 7 p m L^ave Franklin Tu?s .'ay and Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at La Orange same days by 12 m 0*83 From VilU Rica to Van WVrt, 21 m les and back, ouco a week L ave Vil a Rica 8atur Jay at 6 a m Arrive at Van Wert same day by 12 m L ave Van Wert Saturday at 1 p m - Arrive at Villa Rica same day by 7 p m 61>>6 From Villa Elca, by Pumpkin Viae and Dal lie, to lluntaville, -0 miles and back, once a wet k L?ave Vula Rica Monday at 6 a m at iiuntsvlll* same day by 12 m L ave Huntsvilie Monday at 1 p m Arriva at Villi ttici came day by 7 p in f4S7 From Villa Rica, by Burnt Stand, Copper Mill, Tallapooba, Oak LstoI, Ala , and Rabbit Town, t3 JickscnviL'e, 60 miles and back, 0 ce a week. L>ave Villa Rica Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Jacksonv 11-4 next day by 6 p m lie%ve Jack -onvil'.e Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Villa bica next day by 6 p lu 64>8 From Villa Rica, by Long' Lei? and Etna, to Cedartown, 32 miles and ba k, onc? a ws*k. Leive Villa Iii<u Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Cedarto* n came day by 6 p m L avt? Cedartown Tue day at 7 a m Anive at Villa Rica ^ain * day by 6 p m 489 From Villa Rica to Flint Hill, 6 miles and tack, once a week Leave Villr. fcica Wednesday at 10 a m at Flint Hill fame day by 12 m Leave Hint Hill Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at Vill? !;i;? s^me day by 9 a m 6490 From >n, by Laurel Hill and Union JILl*, to iraokl n, 87 miles and back, once a L ave Carrtll'm Wednesday at 0 a m Anive at Franklin same day by 6 p m Leave Franklin Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Carrolltcn hame d?y by 6 p m 6131 From GreenviII*. by Farmer's, White Sulphur Springs King's Gap, and Goodm-n's Cross Roads, to Co:hian's Roads, 24 miles and back, twice a we k Le?ve Green villa Wednesday and Saturday at fi a m Arrivj at C.xhran's Crow Roads same days by 12 m Leave Co-bran's Crow Real* Wednesday and Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at 'Greenville tame days by 8 p m 64?? Frora Greenville to Warm" Springs. 12 miles ana ba;k, twre a week in Jum* July, and August, anl once a week the ic?i<lue of Ihe year. From 1 it June to Slrf J/eava Greeavtlle Wednesday and Saturday at Hi am Arrivi a: Warm Springs tame- days by 2 p m l>eave Warm springs Widn*slay and Satordav at 8 a m Arrive at Greenville same days by 11 a m Frcvx 1st September to 31if May. Leave Grsunville Saturday at 8 a m ArriVi at W; rm Spring- same day by 11 a m I^av^ Warm Springs tiaturday at 11| a m Ativs at Gre?nville sam" day by 2 p m 6493 Fram Greenville, by Woodbury and Msgda lena, to Plea?ant UiU, 27 mil's and back, cnce a week Lwtve Green villi Friday at 8 a m at Pl?asant Hill 3ame day by 5 p m L- ave Plea-ant Hill Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Greenvil e sams day by b p m 64t>4 Ft m Jones's Mills, by r ocky Mount, to LrolIy, 1 i m'l?s and ba"k on-ea wee'< * L'ave Jonee's M:l!s Saturday ar 8am Airiva "at Holly s m^ Jay by 12 m Lone L'oll; SiiUr 'ay at 1 p m Arrive rt Joufs'^ Mil s same day by 5 p m 819i From Pleasant Hill, by B^llevue, Bluff sp Jngr W-ve'ly Hall, a id Bller?ville, to Columbus) 40 m lea and ?a;k, twije a w??k lieave Pl*aFant Hill Wednesday and Saturdav at 7 a in Arrive at Columbus aame days by 5 p m L-ave Columbas Tuotday and Friday at 7 a in Arrive at 11-asant Hlii same days by 5pm 6490 From Kcoxville by llopevell, to Rn<a?]lville, 12 m'l.sand bick, (n^j w??,.k Leave Knoxvi'le tatarlay at 8 a aa Arrive r.t uspe11v'Jl<} fame day by 12 til Leave RiUfellrilleSiituruay&t 2 p m Arrive at Knoxvillv same day by 0pm 64*7 From Knox;illo to Hammock'- Grjve, CuMo den, and Waynm?usv In, to Tbomaston, 28 mila^ and b;ck, twicea werk Leave Knoxville Mrnday and Friday at9 a m Arrve at Thomaalon umedays byCprn I^eav? TLomsib.bu TueeJay and Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Knoxville same days by 4 p m 6498 From Knoxvllle, by Hickory Groro, Ifootens vtlls, Orrsou^ville, Prattsburg, ard Centre, to Talbottop, 37 milt* and back m?<v g wet-k l<a^ve Ktr.xv.lle W'dnefdav at 6 a m Arrive at Taslbott' n hanx* dh v by 7 p m I>eave Talbot'on Thursday at 6am Arrive at Knoxvllle same day by 7 p m 6-190 from Crlurobus, by O ttage Mill, Jamestown, Uaonaha chee, Luirpkln, Cuthbnrt, and Cot ton II1D, to Fcrt Gaines, 79 milee and back, three tlm*-s a week Leave Columbus Tuesday, Thursday and S?tur day,at 4 a m Arrive at Fort Ga'ne? fame ('aya by 12 night Leave Fort Qaines Moaday, Wednesday and Fri day, at 4 n m Arrive at Columbus fame days by 12 night 6300 From Colimbu*, bv Piedmon*. Mulberry G ove, Mountain ifiJl, and Whltssvill?, to We?t Pcint, 38 mUes aad ba^k twlse a week Leave Columhus Tu*?day and Fridav, at 6 a m Arrire at West Point t>a:ne days by 6 p,m L"ave West Point YVe!n;slay and Caturday at 6am Arrive at Col imbus tame days by 6 p m 6501 Fro3i Tort Gaines, by Blakely. Pine Ridge, fteam Mill, and Argyle, to Chattthooebee, Fla, 78 miles and back, twice a week Leave Fort Gaines Weiue:day and Saturday at lpm Arrive at Chattahoochee next days by 8 p m Leave Chattahoochee Tuesday and Friday at 6 am Arrive at Fort Gaines n*xt days by 12 m fbr list of postmcu'ert in Georgia authorutd to cer tify to the n/JKn-ney of guarantor*, tee " Imtruo ticnt" annexed. FLORIDA. Bid Jen are re^uesled to examine cartfu'iy the in structims, forms of tfc., attached to this advcTLise-nenl. 6801 From Charleston, 8 O, by Jacksonville, Fla* Mandarin, Magnolia Mills, Middle mrg, Piio iata, and Orange Mills, to P latkaj 80u mile* and b%;k, twlck a we-k Leave Charleston Tuesday and Saturday at 3 pm Arrive at Jaoks^nvL'l* n?t days by 12 m Leave Jacksonville Wednesday and fcunday at 12 m Arrive at Pilatka next days by 6 a m L?*ve Fllatka Monday and Thursday at 8 a m Arrive at Jacksonville next days by 8 a m L^ave Jacksonville Tuesday and Friday at 4 a m Arrive at Charleston nai t days by 10 a m Bid* to extend to Weltka are Invited ?302 Frcm Jacksonville, by Barber's, Alligator, L'ttla River, Mlnaial Springs, Cclumbus, Manieon, Sandy Ford, and Moatinello, to T?il^ba*aee, 192 miles and back, twioe a week. Leave Jacksonville Sunday anl Wednesday at 7pm Airivs at Tal:aha?<ee In 48 hcura, by 7 p m * Leavd Tallahastee Sunday aud \Vedn?tday at 3 a in Arrire at Jacksonville lu 48 hours, by 3 a m M93 From 8t Auguitlne to Pleotata, 18 alls* Mi hMt. fonraBH a wask Leave Bt Augustine Sunday end Waineeday at ? a ? and IS a Arrive at Picriata hb? day by 1 p a sad 5 p m Lnre Prolate Mondav and Thursday at 6 a n and IS to Anrlvs at Ft Aag?itlg? seme day* by 11 a a and6 pm

06O| Proa Pilatka, by Orangs 8priors Orange lake, Silver Fpriog, Oeels, CaapIsard, An gusts, Plercerillt, Ms!endea, and Port Tay lor. to Tampa, 159 alien Rod back, teioe a week Leave Pilatka Man lay and Thursday at 7 a a Arrive at Tamps n*xt Wednesday and Satur day by 4 p iii Leave Tarojn Monday and Thursday at 2 a a Arrive at Pitatka next Wednesday and Satur day by 10 p m Proposals to omit Silver Pptfnf will be con sidered. 6806 Prom Pi'atka, by W*laka, Yolnsia, and Kn terpr MMlonville 1.10 miles and back, enoe a week, in steamboat Leave Pila ka Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Mel onvlile next day by 11 a m Leave Mellon villa Tuesday at 1 p m Arr!?e at Pl'atlia n?xt day by 3pm Bids to cimmeno* at Welakasre Invited 6806 From Enterprise to New Smjrna, 30 in ilea and back, onco a week Leate Enterprise To ? lay at 6 a m Arrive at New Smyraa s?me day by 6 p a Leave New Smyrna Mondiyst 6am Arrive at Enterprise same day by 6 p a 6J07 Prom New SmTrn* to Irdlan Biver, 190 miles and back, tw!r*n month Leave New Smyrna on the lat and 3d Wednes dam ot etch m nth Arrive at Indian Kivrr In 6 days I/?av?ItdUii River on the 2d and 4tb Satur days of each mcnth " Arrive at Ne* 8m\rna In tlx davs 6808 From (ndHn River, by Jop' Miaul, 180 miles and baok, oice a month Leave Indian Birer on the >'st Friday cf each month Arrive at Maml in 6 dsys L*? ve M'.iml on the2d Friday of each month Arrive at Indian Bivf r in 6 days 6809 Prom Key West to Miami, 200 miles and back, once a mnth * Leave Key Weet on the 8th of each month at Miami ty the 13th Leave Miani on the lcth of each mouth Arrive at Key We?t by the 34th 6810 Prcm Newnansv.He by Fort Clark, Waea hcotie, Mi'-anopy, Flemlngton, and Newton, to Ocala, 67 mil^ and hack, twice a-week, HupolTlnx Wacahcotie only on tba return tr pon Friday, and omitting Micanopy on that trip LtkVe N<-*rnan ville Wednecday and Sunday at " I !3 Arriv? at Orals next days by 10 a a Leave Oesla Thur.dav and Monday at9 p m Arrive at -ownancviiie next days by 8 p m 6911 From Newnan-vlk-, by Kllisvills and Provi deaoe. to Alligator, 40 miles and back, tw<<* a week Leae Newnansvi'.le Thuralay and Saturday at 9 am Anivo-t Alligator mm* days by 8 p m Leave Alienator Tufday and Ftklay at 6 a m Arrive at Newnan-trille came days by 5 p m o312 From N?wn*n;vtL'e. by fct Louis, to Now Kiver, 22 uilsa and bvk, once a week Leave Newton* ville Thursday at 1 p m Arrive at Ne w Biver fam* day by 8 p m Leave New Kiver Thursday at 5 a m Arrive at Newnansville s-tine day by 12 m 6818 Fr m Newnansville. by Tustenug^e, San'a Fe, City Lindint, Wacuasaa, and Long Poad. to Atsena Otle, 119 miles and back, once a week Leave Newnaasvje Wednesday at 7 am Arrive at ItreuaOtie next Saturday by 8 m I wive At?ena Otie Saturday at 11 a in Arrive at Newnansvil.e next Tuesday by 8 p ni 6814 Fr.m New n?n villa, by Fort HaMee, to Mid dleburg, 50 miles ani back, rnce a work. Leave Newnansville Wednetday at 12 m Arrive at McMeburg next day t>y 6 p m L-ave M'ddleburg Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive *t Newnaoevilis next day by 11 a m Bidf f r semi waehly eerrics will bo con * aidered 6S15 From N"w River to Mlddlebarg, 30 milet and ba^k, once a wefk INew Rivrr Wednesday at 7 a m Arriv-<at "-liddieburg ^ams day by 7 p m I/eivc Middleburg Thureda-. at 7am Arriv- at Now Kiver same day by 7 p m 6816 From tarr's Ferry to Port Uarlee anl b??k, onsea wee's Bidders will Ftate the dUt'nce and prtpC5e a pciwdul* of dep?riurss and arrivals 6817 Prom Alligator, bv Durham and Oluctee, lo New Kiver,46 milei and bsck, enrea week Leav> Alligator Friday at 6am Arrive at >ew Hirer same Cur by 19 p m Leave New River Saturday atCim Arrive at Alllgatcr same day by 10pm 6818 From Alligator, by Ruwsn^ee Shoals, to Biouot's Ferry, 36 miles and baok, one* a Leave Alligator Friday at 5 a m Arrive at Blount's Ferry same day by 6 p a Le*ve Blount's Ferry Saturday at C a m Arrive at A!l?ga*or same <ley by 6 p m 0819 From Aliigator, by White 8prm*s, Jasper, Belleville Jennlr^p, Cherry Lake, Hamburg, and Clifton, to Montic.'llo, 96 miles an? baok onee a week L?ave Ali?ator Mondny at 2pm Arrive at Mor.tlcallo cex? We-lnetday by 9 p m Leave Mmtioilo '1 hurrdav at 6 am at Alligator next Saturday by 1 p m Bids fcr semi weekly service will be considered 68S0 From Orange Hprings, by Morriron's MiUs and Fori Ci&iie, to Micancpy, 2B miles and back, twi'e a week I^eave Orange Springs Tuesday and Friday at 4 a m Arrive at iiioauopy same days by 1 p m 1/eave Micancpy Tue?iay aid Friday at 2 p a Arrive at Orange Spring! sane days by 10 p ni 6821 FromO ala, by L ;ng n*amp, to Alamsville, SO miles and bark, once a week Leave Oc%!a t aturday at 6 a m Arrive at Aiamsvilla "ame day by 6 p m Leave A'lam-ville Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Ocala fame day by 6pm 6921 From Adam?ville, by l'tns lloroujb and Lake Qriffin, io F:-rt Butler, 60 miles aad back, em'e a wt~k l^eave Adaia> > ille Friday at 3 p m Arrive at Fort Butler next day by 7 p m Lrave Fort Butler Thursday a* 8 a m Arrive at Adamsville n?it uay by ti m 682^ From Augusta o Ilomotaua, 12 miles and back, twice a week Leave Auguetta Wednesday and Satarday at 8 am Arrive at llomosura fame days by IS a lieave lit wtas.-a Wednesday and Satarday at 2 n m Arrive at Aujus'a tame days by 6 p pj 6>?U From Meleudea, by Cedar Tree, to Fort Dade, 21 miles and back, oroe a week. Leave Mel?i.dcz Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Fort Dade fame day by 8 p m Lrave Fort Dade Saturday at 6 a ui Arrive at Mt lendes Mme day by 12 m 68S6 From Piercerille, by Springfield, to Cay Port, 16 miles and back, ouce a week. li*ave Pierreville Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Bay Port sams day by 12 m Leave Bay Port Satu-day at 1 p m Arr.vd al Pitreevil e same day by 7 p m 6816 From Uomo^assa, by Crystal River, to Long Poni, 40 miles snd back, once a week. lieave Homefas a Friday at 2 p m Arrive at Long Posd nexc day by 6 p m I/eave Long Pond Thorrday at 6 a m Arrire at ll<-mora?i>a next uay by 12 ni Bids to extend to Clay Lauding will b9 consid ered 6827 From Tampa to Manatee, 42 miles and back, once a wet k Li-ave Tampa Thursday at 6 a ra Arrive at Monatee next day b} 12 m Leave Manatee Friday at 1 p m Arrive a: Tsmpa neil day by 6 p m 6828 From Tampa to Old Tampa Bay, 30 miles and back, once a week l<caye Tampa Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Old Tampa Bay same day by 6 p m Leave Old Tampa Bay Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Tamps same day by 6 p m 6829 From Tampa, by Kennedy's Store, to Icha puckosassa, 30 miles and back, onee a week. Leave Taupa Thurrday at 7 a m Arrire at lehehnckera<tsa same day by G p m Leave lohepuokesa*ea Wedne day at 7 a m Arrive at Tampa same day ty 6 p m ?880 Prom Ichepi:cko9art% t* Jernigan, 62 m'les *ad back, once a wcek. Leave lch?puckruaasi Pr'day at 6 a m Arrive at Jrrnigan next day by 13 m Leave Jernifan Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at lehcpnckssissanext day by 6 p m 6831 Prom Mellonrille to Jernigan, 90 miles tack once a week. Leave Mellonville Tuesday at 12 m at Jeroigtn same diy by 8 p m Leave Jernigan Wednesday at 7 a m Arrire at Mellonrille si me day by 4pm 6832 From Tallaha see, by f ewport. to Bt Marks 23 miles and back, three times a week. Lears Tallahassee Monday, Wednesday, and Friday tt7 am Arrire at 8t Marks same days by 1 p m Leave St Marks Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur day at7 a m Arrive at Tallahtssee same days by 1 p m 6836 Prom Tallahassee, by Mioosnkie, to Bunker's lllll, 28 mdrs and ?"acli, twic> a week. Leare Tallahassee Monday atd Wednesday *t 6 a m Arrire at Bunker's Hill tame days by o n m Lears Banker's Hill Tuefdsy and Thursday at 6 ft m ,A'rif* ** **Uahasset same days by 6 p m 6881 Fr m Tallaharsse to Wauki'enab, II mils* and baok. twloe a week, ' IT Mondty and Wednesday at 6 * ? ID . i, , w*,,kaeo&b urns days by 12 m Monday and \\ ednt^Wy Arrire at Tallahassee same days by 7 p uj ?Mft Prom Tillihniii bv Bmkmi a. (Ml Point. Pawtuaet, ud Bopempf y, to Walker, <0 mlles ?ad baek. one* a weefc. Lwn Tallahassee Vdacdtjttli I Arrt? it Walker dm! dav by 12 m L*n Wtlkw Thtrdky ttlpa Arrive si Tklkktww next diT hylpa ?896 Fna TiUahawt, by Mcm Bn^tV on tb? IWlagia ibw, to UdkyfTilli, tad Wok, om a wwt BWin will aUto lb* ds tines tad propwt a iJtfdnk ' ? 8817 From StlUsp'ea Is Flnbolloway, *> mika back, once a week Leave Stll'spica Monday at 5 a m Arrive at FtiiboJlowev mm dav by 12 m Leave Flnbol;oway Mondaj ?tlpa Arrive at IW'leptoa na? oav by 8 p m 6118 From Madiion. by Charlee Mills, Charles Ferry, aad Naw Beaton, to Clay Landing, 80 mile* and back, onoe a weak lj*ara MadUoa Monday at T a m Arrive at CUy Larding next Wednesday by 8 p m Lsere Clay Landing Thursday at 7 a ? Arrive at Madison naxt Pater Jay by 0 p m 6839 From Madison, by Hamburg aad Clifton, to Grovenville, Ga-, 30 mil'* anl back, onoe a waek I/e?Te Madison Monday at 0 a m Arrive at OroreraTille amt day by f> p m Leave Grovcr* villa To ?-?lay at 6 a ra ArriTa at Madia ;n aame day by 8 p m 6940 From Waukeeaah by keesley, Moaaly Hall and StilWp ca to Malison, 32 nailp* aad back, o:ce a v? k I/eavn Wauk# nab Thursday it 0. a m Arrive at Madison same day by 6pm Leave Madfc n Friday r t am Arrive at Waukeenah earn* day by 6 p m 6341 From Quircy t j Chattahoochee, Si ml lea aad back, tarea time* a wrek Lsevs Quince Monday, Wednesday and Friday ct7 am Arrive at Chattaboocbe aame daya by 12 in Leave Cattabooebee Tueiday, Thursday and Patarday at 7 a m ArriTa at Quincy aame days by 12 in Bids to commence at Tallahassee? invited. G843 From Balubri lge, Ga , by Chattah'ocbo Ha., Ccbesee, West Winton Ridleyoville, R ckoe'p Bluff, Iola and fort Gadsden to Apalarhico la, 206 mile* and bark, three t'mea a weak from tbe lf?th October to l?tb June of ea"b year, and twic* a week tbe ra^ldne, in fir it cltca steamboats, witatbe privilege cf ue>n<t two bortf coacbee from Bain (-ridge to Cbatta hoocbb when the river la too loir fer naviga tion. From, 15fk October to \.>th June Leave Be nbrid^eTuefday, Thursday and Sat urday at 2p ui Arrive at Apslachlool* next Wednesday and Friday at 4 p m aad Monday at 11 a m Leave Apalachicela iusday', Tueid*y and Thursday at 6 a in Arrive at Bainbri lge rext days by 8 a m From 15^/t June to 15fA October. Leave Bainbt idg- Tuesday and Saturday at 3 pa Arrive at Apalachieola next daya by 4 p m. L ave ApalacMoola Monday at 10 a m, and Wednesday at 10 p m Arrivs at Bainbridge next Tuesday by 11 a m, and lhursl*y by 10 p m 6843 From Cb?t.aboo:hee, by Marianna, Crowell, CampbelUon, Geneva, Ala. Ander.-oo's Mill, Flu, Geataville, Aim i rants, Milton, and Flor id itown, to Ptnseocla, 200 mil s and back. twi<je a week Leave Chattahoochee Tuesday and Saturday at 8pm Arrive at Penaaeola next Friday and Tuesday by 4 p m Leave lensacola Tn'sday and Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Ch?ttahoochee naxt Thursday and {?onlay by 5 p m 6844 From Apala hcoh, by Chattab-ocbee, to Co Himbus, Ga.. and ba<*k, one* a week. Bilders will state the d ttance, name interrae diats office, anl p-rp-?se ? schedule 6615 From Mariinna by Orange tlilL, Wrcon, Bo jgiastville, and Knox L'ohev Anna, 64 mil'a and berk, one* a week L'av-* Marianna Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Uc'aee Anna next day by 6 p m I/Mtve U?ba? Anna Tucslay at 6 a m Arrive at Marianna next day by 7 p m F;ds 'or semi--?e?kly Sirvic? will be considered. 6846 From West Winton. by Aspen Grove to Abe Spring, '^2 mile* an I back, once a week Leive Weet Wilton VonJay at 5 a m Arriv at Abe 4. rir g same day by 12 m L ave Abe ring Mond y at 1 p m AV-ivti *t WfFt Winton s<me disy by 8 p m 6S47 l ruo Vernon to 8: Aodrew'j Bay, 46 miles anl back. onc<s a week lyeave Vernon Friday at 6 a m Arrive at 8t Andrew's Bay s?tn day by 6 p m L?ave 8t Andrew't> Bay Saturday ot 6am Arrive at Vernon r? Be day by ^ p m f8l8 From Milton, by Coon Uill, Ni^hsnsxille, Ala , and Pert Ciswffcrd, 1c ''paw*, 70 miles and back, once a week Leave Miltou Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Sparta next day by 0 f m Leave Sparta Fridav atdam Arrive at Milton next day by 6 p ra 6849 From Ml'ton, by East Kivtr and Alaque, to Ucaee Anna. 89 miles and beck. onoe a week l/^iv? Milton Wednesday at6 a m Arm* at Uchee Anna nex: Frid*y by 10 p m Leave lichee Anna Saturday at 6 a m Ariiveat Milton next Monday bf 6pm Bids for eemi weekly service will be considered 8880 From Pensaoola. by Blakely, Ala-, to Mobile, 57 miles and back, dally L-ave Penaaeola dai.y at 12 m Arrive at Mobile next day by 6 a m Leava Mobile daily at 7 a m Arrive at Pensawla n< xt days by 2| a m 6)61 From Peasaccla to Warrington, 9 Kites and back dai'y I<eave Pena&cola daily at 3J a m at Warrington same day by 0j a m Leave Warrlngtou daily at 7 a m Arrive at .^ei .aoUa same day by 10 a ra 6852 From New Or?ea*>* La, by Pensec^la. Fla., Ai p?l!*?hi-ds, ft Msrks, Cedar Key*, Tem pi and Manatie, to Key West, 1.0G0 n.iles and bark, twice a menrh. in steamboats Leave Sew Or eat.s on the loth and 24thof ea^li month Arrive at Kry West on the 20th snd 4th Lettve Key W?-at on the 10th acd 24'h of each month Arrive at New Orleans on tie 20th aad 4th For list of )-o*lmartertin Florida atUiarix'-i to certi fy to the vithrienry of euzrantun, set " Jntfruc Hun? annsjed. INSTRUCTIONS fbrm of a proposal where no changt from ado rUte msnf u amttmplaUd by the bidder. I, . of , county of , State erf , prcpo?e to convcy the mails from July 1, 1855, to June30,1859. on route No ??, tr 'ra to , agreeably to ths advertisement of the Postmaster General, dated January li, 1866, and by the following m -de of cmv yance, via: ' for the annuel aum of dollar*. This proposJ is madf with full kuowledgs of the distant oi the route, tbe weight of the mall t) be carried, and all other particulars in reference t? the routs and service, and aUo after foil sxaninaticn of the instructions and requirements attached to ths advertisement. Datod [Signed.] F'i m qf a Guaranty. The undersigQud. residing at State of ? undertake that, If thiloregoln.t bid forearming the mails on route Ho. bea owp el by the Postmas ter General, the bidder shall, prior to the 1st day of July, 1*65, or aa Bonn tfcereaf er as may b>, enter into the required obligation to perform the service proposed, with grod and sufficietit eureties. This w? do witii a ful knowledge of the obliga tions and liabiliLee assumed by guarantors ur.4*r the iffth section of the act of Corirress of Juh 2 183d Dated [Signed by two guarantors.] fbrm of Certificate. The undrraiirned, postmaster of , Stale of , certifies under his o?th of office, th?t he acquainted with the ab/ve guarantors, and knows tham to be men of property, and able to make good their guaranty. i !>?*?* [Signed.] * Tbe sufficiency of guarantors on proposals may ke certified by a judge o'acDurt of record, and by post masters at the loliow ng po t offiaee, and no others: In the State of ViaGlAlA, postmaston ot offices at the court house or oounty seat of each county: and at Ay letto, Berksly Springs, Berryville, Beth aay, Big U^k, Bridgeport, Brr wn?buig. Buckhan non, Christlsnaburg, CUrksvUle, Columbia, Tan vljle, Kastvills. Emury, Pairmount,Falmouth,Parm Tllie, Fredericksburg, Front Royal, Gordonsvi.le Grsigsvllle, Gnva do te, Harper's Ferrv, Harrlsrn ^.ur*' Howaidaville, Kanawha Saline, Lexlnrton Middleburg, Lynchburg, Morgantian, Newbem, New Market, Newtown, Stephenaburg. North Moun fSak Crovs, Old Point Comfort, Pattonaturg, Sslem, Scrttsvil e, ?h?*pherdsu w_, Unien, University .of Virginia, Uppervi le, Warsaw. ?> at*rford, Waynsibero', Westrn, WhlU Sulphur Springs ^lao, Baltimore, Cumberland, Frederick, aad Ha gerstown, Md; Ualontowu and Washington, i'a., Blountrrille, Tenn, Washington and G^iretc wn. D.C. In the State of NORTH CARol/NA, postmasters of offices at the court house or count' seat of ea> h C3unty; aad at Cbapel Hill, Davidson Orlie^e, En field Fayettevills, Franklinton, Gaiton, Goldsboro' Greensbcri', Handereon. Ke&ansTille, Milton. Mar* f.essboro,' Oxford, 8a'em, ?e tland Neck, Wiliiama ton, Yanceyvil'e. In the State of SOUTH CAROLINA, postmasfrs ofoflomat ths our'-hon>e or seat of jasrioa oi.ui. distrin, and at Aiken. Beanet* villi, bvhoiyiW BlaokavilU, Cbaraw, Cck^ury, Con^ySTr^ W?*t Corner Orahanuv.l ?, GraaUeviU?, Hamburg Mafa Blnff, jacdlaton. Soctoty aiU?SuSb5r? Sumtervillp Walt^rb ro', Winaboro* Yc kHlll Knoxviile, %m .t Clayfow &mDora'*calae In tha SUte of GKJRGIA, pegtma*t?r? rf at tbe court house or eounty.aeat ot ?*ch ..1 .t ?Jr,UU, AlbMy, vl.'le, Oslhoun, Car.crtvillt, Colombia. Dahl M(t, Dktton, Ho*tk. R|Mn Franklin, Fort Oalaea. Fart Talley, 0r1?a, B?i W m< , __ m* Poadtaws, Riceboro', KlaooM. IfNvtU, MvA ffnaal Olrelt, BtoueMoun taia.taawi imm, StarVvtlls, Tunnel Bill, Till* Uh. Wavtrly, Waynesvine, fMt Prtnt, Wrigbtobara'; al*> Chaw Uno?fi and kvtnn. Teas; Cwtri, Otwta, Ww^ *m, and Jaeksoavtlle, Ala. In Ur State of FLORIDA. * *mat* At the pout ho aw or onnty nil af eaoh eouaty; and at Appa'aebtpola, fcliean^py, BaU^lUe, Cam? bell'owa, Jasj+r, Jennlag*, Mandarin, Moa?ly Ball, . Newport, New Smyrna, Flea lata, Ttmpa Uebe Anna, O'aU, Pilatka, Qalucy, Wairtafttua. Gnndtfumt to hf incorporated in fV rontrmett to 'rtnf (Af Department may deem proper. 1. Seven minute* are allowed t?? each intermedi ate when not otherwise specified, for assorting th? malls; bat na railroad and steamboat mate* there is to to no more delay than Is sufficient for aa exchange of the mail h?ci. 2. On route* where the Bind* of conveyance admit* ?f it, the speoia) agent* of the I >e pari roan t. ateo pott offlor hlanka, mail bat:*, lock.* and key*, art to b.? conveyed without extra charge 3. On ralir*ad and steam >o?t line*, British and Canada mall*, when offered are to he conveyed with out a With Dal pay; alar, the route agent* of the De paruae?it, tor whose exclashe u? while travelling with the mail*, a o aaodiou* car, or apartment ta the centre of a car, properly lightal. warmed, and furnished. ard adapted to the convenient assortment and due security of the mailt, I* to be provided by the contractor, under the direction of the Depart ment. 4. No par will be made Air trip* not performed: and lor each of ?ucb odImubp not autiafartonly ex-^l pained three time* the pay of the trip may be d?4ui-ted For arrival* so tor behind time a* to break connexion with depending mail*, and not ?uM?tly excused, one-tourth of the compensation tor the trip i* nutyert to forfeiture Dednction may also be or d red for a grade of performance Inferior to that * -ecifiedlu the contract. For rep-ated delinquencies of the kind herein specified. enlarged penalties. pro portioned to the nature thereof and the important ? the mail, may Iw tuade 6 For leaving b* hind or throwing off the BMilf rm , aty portion of them for the admission of passenger*, or for being concerned in setting up or ruaaiag aa expre<<< conveying commercial Intelligence ahead at tae mail, a quarter'* pay may be deducted. 6 Fine* will be im|H>*ed. unless the delinquency be promptly and satisfactorily explained by certifi cates ot postmasters, or the affidavits of other cred itable persona, for foiling to arrive in contract time, for neglecting to take the mail from, or deliver it into, a post ofll<>e; raftering it (owing either to the unsuiUldenees of the place or manner of carrying it) to be Injured. destroyed. robbed, or lost; and for refusing, after demand, to oonvsy the mail as fre quently aa the contractor runa, or Is concerned id running, a coach, car. or steamboat on a route 7. The P(*tinvtcr Geueralm*y annul theoontrart for repeated failure* to run agreeably to contract; f * di*ol>eylag the post office law*, or the instruc tion* of the Department; for refusinc to diseharge a carrier when required by tbe Department to do so: for assigning the contract without the assent of tba Postmaster General, for runninran expresses afor? said; or for transporting perron* or package* ooa ?eyin z mailable matter out of the mail. 8. Th- Postmaster General m?r order aa Increase cf * rrl^e on a route by allowing'tberefbr a pro rata Increase on the contract pey. Tie may ohanga Uie Kiiedule ot arrival* and departure*, without ii: Tease of pay, provided he does not curtail the amount of running time. He may also order aa increase of tpeed. be allowing, within the reetrto tion* of the law, a pro rata Increase of pay fbr the additional stock or carrier*, if any. The contractor msy, however, in the rase of in?-reuse of epaed, re linquish the contrac t by giving prompt notice to the Department that he pr -fert doing *o to carrying th* order ioto etTwt. The Povtmaster Oeueral may alac' e irtail or diacontlnne the serviee, at pre rata d* crease of pay, allowing one month's extra com p<m*ation on the amount di*]>ensnd with, wbaoeeer ia hi* opinion the puldie lni"i? st* do not require the ?ame, or in case be deaire* to supereede it by a differ ent trrad*- of tnnsportation. 9. Pajmente will be ma 1* for the service by collar tl?n? from, c.r draits on postmaster*, or otherwise, s f*.er the expiration of each <iuart*r?say In Febra arr, May, August.and November. 10. The distaicee are given according to the heel Information; but no increased pay will be allowed stioul l they be gr> ater than advertised, if the point* to be rapplied be correctly stated. Bidden must in* form themselves on thi* i-vint. 11- The-Postmaster Oeneral i* prohibited by Uw from knowingly malting a contract tor the tran^xr tation of tlie mail* with any person who *hall have entervd into, or pmpi.wd to enter into, any ctaabina tion to prevent tbe making of any bid for a mail oontract by any other person or arsons, or who shall have made any agreement, or rball have given or performed, or promised to give or perform, any consideration whatever, or to do or not to do any. thin* whatever, in order to induoe any other person or person* not to bid for a mail erntract. Particular attention i? called to tbe 28th section of tbe act of 1336, { rohibiting i-omtdnation* to prevent bidding i'A A bid received nfter time, Tii: 9pm of tbe 10- b April, 1S5w. or without the guaranty required by law, or that combine* several routes in one *um <i compensation, cannot be considered in com petition with a regular proposal reasonable In amount. 13. Bidder* should, in all casta, first propose for service strictly according to the advertisement, and ? then. It they desire, trparauly for different servnw ; and if the regular hid he the lowest offered tor the a Ivertised service, the other bid* may I* considered; if the alteration* proposed are recommended by the postmasters and citiien* Interests, or if they appear manifestly right and proper. IV There should be but one route bid for Is a pr >poeal. 15. Tlie route, the service, tbe yearly pay, tbe n?rne and residence of the bidder, and those of eacb memb?*r of a firm, where a company offer*, shoald be distinctly statad. also the mode o^conveyance. If a higher mode than borseWk he intend?l The v?ords '' with due celerity, certainty,and security,"^ inMsrted to indicate the mode ef oonveyacw, will* c^nstituto a " st ir bid." 1R? Riddfrs are reque?tel to ne\ as far as pra-tl eablc, tl e printed f ?rm of proposal furnished l-v the department, <o write out in tu 1 the ?um cf heir bids, acd to re ain "opies of tbem. No altered tid> caa lie considered, aud ao lid* onoe eu^nii'ted can be withdrawn. Kach b d must It guarantxd by two r?rponsibie fera- n i General cua an tee* cannot tie ad t-it ted. !'? The bid should be sealed: sunef>'Tibed " Mail Proposals, Mate of ." addressed to the Sec cud Assistant Postma-ter General," Coma t < >mee, and sent by mail, not by, or to. an ag*nt, and po?t S'Vw? 1lU BCt frI,c!n<,? proposal* (or lettsrt cf any kind) In their quarterly re-urns 18. The fx in tract* are to be executed and returned to the Department by or before tbe let of July, 18*6, bat tba aervioe mu>t b? otuimenoedoo tbe mail day next alter that date, whether ihe c ntracts be exa> eutad or not No prop-sitioa tor tranrter* will be considered until the ?-cntr-jcts are ? xecuW In due r>rm_^n^ received at the d>partmant; and hen ao . .raasfer* will l?e allowed unless goisl and t uCcient reasons the re lor are given, to be determined bv the dwarfeat. 19 Postmaster* at office* on or near railroads, but more than eighty rods from a station, will imme diately after the loth of April next, report their exact distance from the nearest elation, and how t ?ey are otherwise supplk*! with the mail, to enable 'he Iostmaster General to direct a mail meaeenger "upp'y from tbe 1st of July next. 20. Section 18 of an act of Congress, spproeed March 3, ISiS. provides that contracts for the trans portation of the mail shall be let, - in every r*se to the lowest bidder tendering sufficient guaranties for faithful performance, without other reference to the mode of such transportation than may he t>^e tary to provide for the due celerity. certaintv, and security of such transportation.- Under this law a new description of bid* ha* been received. It dor* not specify a mode of conveyance, but engage* tc take the entire mail each trip with celerity, o-rttiv tv, and security, using the twins of the law. Th-?e bid.- are styled, from tbe manner in which they are i on the book* of the Dep&rtinriit, 44 gtat Wand they will be oonrtrutd an providing f<* th? entire mail, howrvrr large, and whatever may le the mrtdf ot crmvyancr n^crturry tc ta.ntre ilt44 eUrrity. ortcuMy, ami ttcun/y " la all cases where tlie lowest trade of service ia . believed to be sufficient, the lowest bid will be accej/* tad, if duly guarantied, in prelerenoe to a M star ' or fpedffc Ml. When the lowest bid i* not a star bid. and specific either no mode or an \naA~juair mode of conveyance^ it will not be accepted, but set aside for a specific bid proposing the necessary service. When tbe bid dooe not specify a mode of ron veyanoe, also, when It propoee* to carry "acoordins to the advertisetnent," but without such specification It will be considered a* a pr poeal for horseback ser wt?. 21. A modification of a hid, in any of lt* -sa?enual tenn*, is tantamount to a new bid. and cannot be received, so as to interfere with regular oomnet itioo. after the last hour set for receiving bids. .v*2' are,to be careful not to certify the sofDnency of guarantor* or sureties without y* ****** of suflcient res,K,n diSnrtiw w rUMUnt< r*' ??<? *urvtie* are nl-So,? ^ thal,OD a Wlnr? to enter into or pe. foixn the contracu the aervto. propoaed for la her!^!00^^ ^ *uhs?antially In the form* r?sifulU,!^i . Departaaant, exc-pt in tba tloi? ? ^ rticularly m<*ntione<l m these inotruc railroad and steamboat routes the W rwjuired to deliver the mails Into ,7* the ends of the routes and into all U ^ ?mcw|. ?*>t more than eightv rods from the railroad or landing. 24. Present contractors aud person* known at the Department, mutt, equally with others, procure guanintor* and certificate* of their sufficiency ?ob stantially la the form* above prescribed. The cer tificate* of sufficiency miwt be signed by a postmaa- ' ?r, at aoe of the tlwees b?K re u med, orajadgeof a court of record. Poatmutar* at the and* of routea cn which they iS!? th* prtitnt mod* of eonveyacoe is- lequata, ' will welrb tht mall each trip tor <g rn~"es*l'vr * eek* Weekly luaittp, and three we*%r on other routea and report the result by l<*hApiil. 10.V., M JAMie CAMPBkLL, iO?Ci?? ]'o*Ut?.'.e: U'Lr'a