Newspaper of Evening Star, February 26, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 26, 1855 Page 1
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/ 'ntaccmv'VM*1! -qww k IHE EVENING SI AH CRUSHED EVERY ATTERNOON, iKXCEFl SUNDAY.) At the Star Building, corner Pennsylvania avenue And E/tventA street, By W ALL AC n 4 HOPE, WW be served to subscribers in the cities ot Wash rofvor, Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, at BIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the A gen is To mail subscribers tl?e subscription price is THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS ? year In advance, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and OVE DOLLAR far THREE MONTHS. (fcT-StNotx copies owe CENT. -fx *3 ' fs H H VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1855. NO. 670. THE WEEKLY 8IAB. Tb's excellent Family a?d Ntti Nsinsl ? um talmr* a frtnur variety of int> raatln| Mdu; th ** can t? I und in any other?4s punished oa fltiwdav . rautf. 9ta?U eopy, per annum $l 8S ~ . TO CUII. "**2 ? *ta' 1 w da M in Tw*w* ?- ? .::u <w ^Cas?, HvauiiT IN 4?r?ics. W ?*">??* copies it wrapper., t ? bs procure.! at the eonnter, immed.aieJv r,fV-r ,he siw of lb* paper. Pner-^TKMB cum. Postmasters who act as agents will be nLowcd a CPmmm?i<?n of twenty per cent. wrxmiqpfc Tanscax Dipammb:. Jan. 3, 1?Cj. Notice is hereby given to tJirl^deri of the fol towing described .-tocks of the l*tA?d 9tat*s, that tius department is prepared to purchase, at any tune between the date hereof and the 1st M#r<*b next, portions of those stocks, amounting in the aggre gate to $1 ,!i00,000, ii th-> manner and on lite urtus hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In ca^e of any contingent competition, within the amount staled, preference will be given in the order lime in which said stocks may be offered. The certificate, duly assigned to the United States by the parties who are to receive the amount thereof, aiust be transmitted to this department; upon the receipt whereof, a price will be paid compounded of ihe following particulate: 1. The par value or um>>unt specified in each re/uficate. '3. A premium on the stock of the loan authorized by the act of July, 1&46, redeemable November 1'2, 1&U? of-2^ P" cent.; on the stook of the loan au tfconaed by the act < f 1^?2, rr.dec:aable 31st Decem ber, 18#2, of 10 p?r cent., on the stock of the loans authnria?d by the acts of 1S47 and 1*4*. and redeem able, the former on the 31st December, 1967, anil the latter on 3<feh June, lg?r), of 16 per cent.; and on the ?iock of the loan authorized by the act of ItfiO, and redeemable on the 31st December, 1864, (commonly called the Texan indemnity) six per (cbt fc. Interest on the par of each certificate from the Ut of January, 18S5, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (tor the money to reach the owner) of one day's interest ta rddilion. Payiuentlor said rtooks will be made in drafts of the Treasurer of the I'nitcd States, on the assistant u?-asur>r at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, a? tbe parties may direct But no certificate wdl b- entitled to the benefit of this notice which shai' not be actually received at (he Treasury on or b *f hti tiie said 1st day of March Beit. JAMES GTTTHRIE, jan 4?dtMarl Secretary of Treasury. ROPOSALS FOR iURKISHI5G PAPER FOR TBE PUBLIC PRINTING OfMCK 9gmimNDK!IT Pl'BLIC PRISTI.Ne, Wa?lungtGii, January v'5,1?">5. IN pursuance of the provisions of the act entitled, ' Am act to provide tor executing ihe pu lie printing," fcc., approved August 26, 1853, sealed pro{?>s?is will be received at this office, in the Cap itol, unul Wednesday, the *^?th day of .March next, at li o'clock ui-, for furnishing the following quan tities and descriptions of writing paper, to wit: 8jo0 rt&nis, weighing 28 |>ouiids par ream, and mea suring l'J by inches 3,100 reams, weighing 36 pounds per ream, and mea suring 18 by 25 inches loo reams, weighing 24 pounds per ream, and mea swing 18 by '*2 inches 340 reams, wiglung 22 pounds per ream, and mea suring 18 by 18 tnehej 400 reaiu-, w> i*i;iug 12 jxiundsper ream, and mea suring 12 by 18 inche? All th?**e papers to be made of the bu-t materials, and riniahed iu the best manner and tree from adul teration A contract will be entered into for Mip plying tli*- qasntili's stated, at such times us the public service may require, but the privilege is re served of ordering a jrealer ?juanUty of either kin I, should a greaUr qnaniity be required, at such times in sueh quantities as may be deemed necessary. Simples of eAcU kind of paper must accompany eu.ii biJ, and all pr-jpoeuis anU samples mu*t be transmitted to tlus otfice, free *?? postage or otaer exp?-ut? Each proposal must bu sigued by tbe individual or ft m making it, and must specify tiie price per pound, an J tti? ceosequeitt price per ream (and but woe price) of each description ??f paper. All the paper must be delivered at such place or places as may be designated in Wa?bin?ton city, in good oner, free of all and every extra charge or ex pense, ami subject to the inspection, count, weight and ni?a?urement of the Supeiratetulent, and be iu all respects satisfactory. Blank forum for proposals will be furnished at this oSce to persons app:ying for them ; and none will be taken into consideration unless substantia!ly agreeing therewith. Bonds with approved securities will be required; fsud toe suppiyni* of an inferior article, or a failine to supply the quantity required at any tun; will be crneiiered a violation of the contract. Baeh bidder is required to turn-h wrh bis piopo Us satislaotory evidence <>f lu>'i. to execute it, and any prop'Mai unaccompanied with such evi dence will be rejected. Proposals will be addressed 'o tlie ' Superintend eat of th>- Public Printing, CipiMl of the United diate-*, Washington, and endorsed ''Proposals for Supplying Paper. ' A G SEAMAN, Superintendent of tbe Puitlie Printing. )an SB?eotd SPLKNDID RAFFLE. WILL be Baffled fc<r as soon as the requisite number of Chances have been taken, the fol lowing spiend-d s?nd costly articles, v<z: 1st Pnze. One splendid gold I'aper Weight, containing an Automaton Singing Bird and i* day Chronometer, ncou bejrufuliy >>ecraad arul adorned with eoahielled Pauiungs ?! ,600 2d Prize. One Lady's Uohl Watch, riebiy set With luamonds anl Paintin; oti Lnamel .. 1'JO Jd Prize. One Lady's O^ld Watch, richly ml with Diamond*, and Paintirg on Enamel.. l'JU 1th Prize. One (ients Pull Jeweled Patent Lever (with Compensator) goll Hunting Watch itb Pnze. Lady's Cold Hunuug Watch, splen didly chased ? 60 Total value $9,000 There will be Twa Hu.ulrid Chances, at Ten Dollars ea<*b. Th- rath- w.ll take place at H.lbu* Si Hitz' Mu sic Depot, Star Budding-*, corner Pa. avenue and 11th street, where Tickets c?n be procured and the articles sre on e;h;titior>. Frrsons desir>NM of pftesrsMnjj aome of the most superb articles of workmanship ?*ver exhibited, have now an opportunity offered t.leni of obtaining such at an extremely low pric*. Call and examine f ?r vours Ives at t*^e Music De potoi HILBL'd Si IIITZ, Siar Buildiug', uetween ue hours ot 'J uVI^'k Q m and 6 p in. frb 7? U NEW POLKA. IjbT published and for sale at HILBi'3 4 HITZ* i| Musk- Depot, IDe TI*NP.R'S POLKA, imposed and dedicated to Jaeoo llilbus, E--q., by J. PsiHifa, embellished vilU a (.ea^tifvl and cor ject hfcenedt oi U.e veteran tuner. P'l^e 1cents. Tne trade supplied on fcry liberal terras. frb 6 - U ROBINSON'S PRACTI'E -The Practice id Courts ol Justice in K.inland and the I nited SuRes, by Conway Ri b.'n'oit, of Richmond, Va.; vol 1?price rffi, ju*t puUi>h> d. iVbtf PRANCK TAYLOR. UNION aCADEMY. Corner t'. ar.d Stu> 1 o. k ai-"iu* AVBW u f pupils o?u be received to male up the Uiu'te-l numbsr. Afpiics ian must o? msds S050. Ins d.sciplioe, lasirucuon, wn 1 i^.aus of lllu*',ration ^re >n>.*u a? to Itisuracatkuact ?ry pro jres la those j.uj.lls who a:s puncto^!, rvjruikT and lliilsat CUealars at the Bocl^rsa. WATCHES' WATCUES! Ftp wi?h a war:antnd I um^keepir, at a rea?niable i price, you are invited t> eall/ and emuiitie my ^eltctei! s!?> k , jMwingiish anJ Geneva Watches for ladies aa4 r^Hp II. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av^ Wetwaui 5hh an J 10th st ' )an 18?eot.MlM -f?\PER MOISTENElL?A New Invention f?* 1 uioistcuing the leaves ol a Copying Book. Poet ? Sumps, Euvelop-rs, and moisten the hngers JP^^rben oeuutlng bs>ik bill?. Al^o- u?-iul hsr various It mil be lound aa indispensib'e article for eecrv 4rsk It is perfectly simple and cheap, anJ must ?" "'tAVL.H ? MAIEV. 1^, A|ents lor Wasliiiftua, UNDERTAKERS, Ac. OAHLNJST MAKEK A UNDERTAKER. rf1HS undersigned would respectfully Inform hi* X fHende. aoqaaintances, and the public generally that La ?tlil pootlcuM to execute all order; la hu line of business la the t-rct manner and at the bhcrt ?gt notloe. B.KPAIBIMG neatly aci promptly executed. FDMERAL8 attended to at the shortest notice, and la the beet' manner. Ho-Aia preserved in (At mPtlptr/cd nr, twen in the loarnutt ifather. ?&*nkful for past fhtora, he wculd respectfully so bait, tad will endeavor to merit a eontinuanea of the tint. ANTHONY" BUCHLY, Pa. iTt, a. tide, between 9th and 10th at*. ResUenoe: Mr. Martin's, No. 800, D street, tMrd aoure eaat ct 7th street. mar IT?ly UNDERTAKER. I WOULD recp.vtfully return my thanks to the eitisens of Washington And it* rletaltr for the-r past patronage, aad way that owing to the frequent ?ll? in the Underlying branch cf my business, I ia*e been !sducel to discontinue the manufacture jf Pv-nitur*. and tarn my attention fally to the tJNTKRTARING. I have rparvi no pain* to have ?very tking that If requisite to uy business, and I am thar -lore folly prepared to meet any order after a few momenta notice, and I assure those who may <ire me a call that I will spare no pains ta carry ont d?eir or le:s to thslr entire '*f Tfaativ-n. JAMBS F. IIARV1Y, No. 410,7th at., between O and H. N. B.?Oali i attended to at all hoars (f the night mar S^-ly COMMISSIONER or DEEDS FOR~ v?w York, Texas, California, Sew J?rse-r, Louisiana, Missoari, P-'nn^'.Tania,, Kentucky, Maryiand, C!?crgi*. Michigan, Maine, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Minnesota, Florida, other States. GEO EOF. 0 THOMAS, ATTORNEY t'OR CLAIMS, AND HOTARY PUQLIC, WcLskinsrton Plar*. mar Odd-b'eUovrs' Hall, FBVJCNTU OTRKBT, Wvshuiotow. D.VG V. II. DAVTDGI, Attormajr aad Coaaullor-at-LaWi mm COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR TBI 8TATI8 OF Virginia New York Maine Kentucky, New Jersey Illinois Loulpfana, Mississippi Ccnnectkmt Massachusetts Maryland Pennsylvania Florida T ?nneesM Alabama Iowa Georgia California Arkansas B. Carolina *8- Lt Oonvsyuieing in all its branihts promptly aa: accurately executed. Offloe. Louisiana avenue, opp. Fifth street, oct 10?diy PROF. SCHOXBNBKRQ, THAOHBR AND TRANSLATOR OF ?odcru Langungti and Liltaratnrat *a. 257 p?.v?*tlvai?ta ivientrx. oo. 1"??tf R. II. GILLBT, Coouitilor at LaWf OS^ and residence In Fracklia How, corner Of K and Tiir??"Dl>i ?tr?*t UK?dly Mm. SCIIONENBERG, Tsashcr of Piano and Singing, no. 437 pctcistlvxia avbhob. <vrt 23?tf WM. M. MERRICK, Attorney at Law, HO. 3 8 LODthlAXAVS5UK. Will praetfee in the Supreme Court of the United State.- nn-1 the Cuarts of the District cf Jolumbla. *#?> '.olr fr.'MNINU 04*428K^lN~L.\SQUAiihd ?PKOF. j 8C HON K'.i B fc RO will ecmm**0^ reviewinj ilanae* la Lantruagos on Monday? 80th October, at hi* re^dmco^ 257 Pennsylvania avenue rwf ?tf Private Medical Treaties ?H TBB PHYSIOLOGICAL VIEW OF MAKRIAQ2, BK. B. LA?:i01X; M. D,? il f fM tvr V Y HjO Pages an 1 130 Floe Plain i*nd Coicroi Lltho graphs an J H*tf?. 0&- Price only 33 Cent* Xy*8ent frea of postage to all par:s of the UnioD^O CUKAPE-T ItOOK EYIR PUBLIkHKL', ?rd containing nearly d ub e tiie quantity u( reading mj,:tor in that of the FlfTY CENTS OR I/OLLAK PUBLICATIONS. It tr jatn on thn PUVSIOLJV OY OF MAnHIAQK, end the becre'. i ? flrmitieFand disorder cf youth and maturity, r <ulting from exce e-s, which d?*?troy tbephyeji ?1 aDd m?n t&l powers, *ith cbi*?rT?tioE9 90 marr ag^, its dutie? and diaquallfluitioBS, and their remedtr*; with li ho^raph^, illa<;tratiniT iLe anatomT and phyafolocy, end ulo?aJ?e of the repr ? iaotive organs of b-tth ii^xas, their structure, use* and functions. A popular and comprehrnriTe tre tise on the datiee *n<l casue.>4',.v f cin^ie and mar ri?l life?htppy &r?<l iMauve, mode rf se luring thsn-iuM'ditoi'S j id 'n.e.-tile enrs?their sbTiatica and r.'B.oie.?*J?T>wr,'-nt hints to tho?e eoDtemplttin^ m?*iiiz.rny, th^t will overcome ob lection." to It; noaj, hcwer?r. should tahe this Lu. portant s'ep V hout Crst consultirg its pa^es? ysmmantarir* oa thv jiseeaesand medicid treatment ot females trou ix-*&ncy to (>ld a<e, each cuse graph Ically illujtrate-1 by Lrautiru! Hthorraphic plaW? nerrous debll ty, it* cauww and euro, by a prcc?fr at onc?' eo rtm^le, ??>. and ' C-c:nal thit tailure L ltaf>?ible?rules fcr drily iiiaragemenl?an etw-j on 8j>"rmatcrrhGea with practical <' Perrations on ? safor, and more sucreftaful modi cf tr-atm?nt?pre eautionary hirst* o* the e?lL* reralticg from empiri eal practice?an ea.^ay cn all . IfeSA "es aiWr.g from lallarretlon, with plain ? ni slapl'. roles by which all portorn can cure tbemRelrea without mercury? reaiedio* for th"?e ?elf inflicted mlscrias and difap pointed hrpee so unfer UTinte'.y proralent la th' young. It is a truthful tl\Ler to the married and those contemplatirg rn>-rrLa^o. Its p?rusal is ^ar ticularly recocE" :l*d f> persons tcteztaining se ?st doubts of their physical ronditlau. and who ar? conscious of hatiag hasirded tb-? health, htppinesr aid prlTiiegas to which erery human Icing is ot titled t . i>ric* 2!> ?autfl rer c.77, cr fire copier ft r cna dol lar. M t ed free or po?Ug? to any port cf tho oni ted States. N. B.?Those *ho pre'sr may "crrultl.r LaC;.gix jp-?n any cf the dlseac^s up-n which t!j bed treati r ther eisonally or by ma'.L Medial^e rent to enj putt f the Uiiicn acccriiag to directions, !>ic^"d and carWolly secur ed from all o.^rratftac Aidr?-e6 Dr. M. it L ?. CuOIX, No 31 M^ideu Len? or fest OtH* Hoz. 579, i?. Y. Cflc'! osen uaiiy from li a n to 0 p m, r.ri ?}?. Sunday fr?>m 2 uutil L- p m. 19* 031ce llnmowl Cma No f? Dearer st. to 31 Maldan Laae, Albsny, N. Y. 4ec 7 UAinSMATICAL IKSI&UMENTS. MK^ a. ANL>KK.<()ba? re?ired a Large and 1 oa^plete aasortmeot of M^thttuV-lCAl fustru meats ani Drawing Hateria s of superior quality The Math ma'ical ln?r?-tj*nent9 are chiefly of Swiss m*nuf?ctiry in %*??, ?9 well ia Separate plecs; Water <? >lo rs au 1 o.l o'dors Drawing papers of rr ary quality. Auo, Studio in Drawing and Painting. list ?i?tf 27B Feua. avrnu* ^PIANOS FOR SALE OR R?NT. N'KW and <>??*? d ha:id PIANOS, of my own and serem! o'Jirr fac-torin, are always to be had a? my Puk? War?ro>>m, on SlevH enth ft., betwt*>u Pa. avrnue and K SL 'jId liac-e UK?n iu exchange. Tuaini# aUo attended to. F. C. R1ICHKNRACH P. 8 - A lew vary low pr'c?i sec?ul hand Planoa r in i<3 for aa!v dee I? DENTISTRY. HE. MU.rdON reepeetftilly oal s public attintios 1 / to his Lew, p-:eut, sad dHKATLY IMPUOVjiI> metf.- cf d^ttlag Artljldal/ r?*th, Oonttnuo-ia Uum?tha mr PSKFtCViON'0/T i-AKT. ThUstyle 3f Teeth Liar the follow admntagaa ore? all a then ris: GKLAT STKENUTti, CLEANLINESS, CoM rotvT, av.1 BEAUTY, rieiag with Nature in these resptrts, an! soiu* others axcell'ag. Public Inspaa boa is retpecitu'.ly solicited. P.easa oall aad see ftehut e. CAUri N.?No other l>?atl#t ia the District of (b umbia h .s a right to make this style of Teath. N. B ?T??th ooostitutionalty healthy, plugged and warranted for lift. Offloe and ho una at No. 2M ? street, near the cor as-af Paaaavtrania avenue and 14th atrret. nor V5?U A' GRATIS ! JUST PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! FEW words on the Rational Treatment, with out Methane, of Spermatorrhea, or Local Weakness, Nervous Debili ty, Low ispii its, Lassitude, Weak ness of the Limits anil Back, Indispo-| sition and Incapacity for Study and' Labor, Dullnea* of Apprehension, Lo*s of Memory, aversion to Society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, Self Distrust, Dixzinem, Head Ache, Involuntary Discharges, Pain in the Side, Affection of th* Eye?, Pimples oil the Face, Sexual and other infirmities in man. FROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANEY. The important fact that these alarming complaints may tastly t>e removed without Medicine is, in ihis small tract, dearly demonstrate; and the entirety new an.i highly successful treatment, as adopted by the author, fully explained, by means of which ev ery one is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at the least possible co*L avoiding thereby all the ad vertised nostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis, and post free in n sealed envelope, by remitting (post paid) two post age stamp* to Dr. R. PELANEY, No. 17 I.ispenard street, New York. jan 17?3m IMPORTANT TO Tilt SICK. THB great experience and well known skill of Prof MoCuntocs is a sufficient guaranty to th? Cbllc that the following '1st of Medicines, such aa ve been constantly used in his practice lor the las' thirty y**rs, will fully sustain by their effeets the valuable qualities attributed to then, and provo to be the best Medicines ever otferwd to the ptlblio. I. Dr. McClintock's Pectoral Syrup. An invulasble remedy for Bronchitis, Consump tion, end all chronic diseases of the throat and lungs. In all deep seated complaints of the Pulmn aaty organ*. it has proved the m->et safe, certain, and rapid remedy ever employed in the extansiv* practice of Dr, McOlintock For any of these forms >f disease, showing themselves as Cough, Tickling ??f the Throat, Sense of Tightness in the Throat, ?*pittir?s? ot EI ood, Difficulty of Breathing, Hoarse !'.? or Loss of Voice, and Heotle fever, Its me will je attended with the happiest results,, while it is oleaeant to the palate and strengthening to the vholeejstem. It contains no i iudaaum or opium jx any shape. Price $1 per pint tattle. II. Dr. McClintock's Cdd amd Cough Mixture. Ac infallible cure for recent Oovghs, Tickling of the Throat, Tightness of Breathing, Group in Chil iren, Ae. It contains no preparation ot opium. Price U rents per bottle III. Dr. MtCiirUccVs Asthma and Hoof ing Ccugh Remedy. Aa almost inslanta'i-ou? relief for these distress ing complaints. This Is tne fruit of an immense sxpsrienc*, acd io astonishing iu its effects. No per son need suffer a day from Asthma or Hooping Ooon'n who will use it. Price 50 oent* per bottle. IV. Dr. MciMirUock's Diorrhma Cordial andCholer>i Preventive. A prompt and certain cure ft>r Dlsrrbwa, Dypen eery, and OhMera Morbus In al! stftires. A sure pre rentlreof Asiatic Cholera, which no Uavtler or Camliy should be without. Price U and (0 cents per bottle. T. Dr. MeClintoch's Tcnit Alterative AjTttij, for porlfyii-* thr blood. The moat powerful pi> ri3?r ever discovered, for all Somfulccs diseases, Skin diseases, Kraptiosa, Doi>, PIm;le\ Krysipslae, Ulcere, Sore Legs, audail Rhsoraati-: end Pvphilitic joxepiainte, 4o. It is t ajoflt ezce!'?ut r>?>rin? medi line, perfectly palatable. aud safe rorohildr?-h or fe ?n?Sa. Pri?(pint ilottle*) 1L VI. Dr. AhClintock's Dysptytic Elixir. Dyspopris, or disorder*! dijesMcn, msy be called :fce National Wsea*? of 4m*rica. lis symptoms are headachy g.ddlnesa; n?rvoa nass; k?w spirits; dim oe*' of vLdoo, ?ith i&otse or ku before ths eyes; .wniuj o: lac ostitis; dullness e? hearing ani ring ?ng in '-ha eare; diM^re^ab^e taste iu the mouth; jonfitriction or weU'ut about the wheat; difficulty of breathing; sense of suffocation in lying down, or !? asce.illng stairs; pal; '.tations, or uneasy feelings ?bout the heart; irregular or deCoient appetite; tense of (tnk-og at the sv-mach; aclditv; heartburn; pali. or f illaesJ cf the abdoraeu, a:?d oostivenns?. ^ome cf these symptoms always appear la Dyppej da; aud sometime* the* pauaat Las ia?ny of theui at the sam^ time, or at differsnt times. For ati&okiag die-* Protean syrcrlD-n? in their neat and +.uroe, via: deranged coHditl <a of the digestive funo ilons, the DynoenUc Kiirireoiablnasall the valuable ingrei!e>.trt which the Vegetable Kingdom affords. Cak*n ic connection with ths Veg-table Purgative Pills,laoa*-1* where th is ismu.-h :o?tiveneas, or arith th? Anti-Bilious PilJs^ wb?r? t>io functions of tUe litsr are irre<nlarly discharged, it will be found a motit effectual reme-ly. Prl"> (iu pint cotUej.)$l. F/l. Dr. McChrUock's HheumrJit Mix ture. for iatsrs*! as*.; a pu*?ly e*jre*at.le cot-il?lQ.?.t?o*x t>r the cure ot Kheumatisui. 6/h:% and all Neutal <io and Rheaiaat'C 1 Hser?>c.! 1 retjioo'y i# offere 1 *ith th-1 utiaf it ooofilence It ha* l>^en u>?ed mo; t sxteusively, and is an u.-at x Epeciiio for ilheuxuaUs Dia*aiw<; a; ths wctld hasevs- eieu. Piioe p?r hot el* ?0 QebLd. VI i I. Dr. islcClinioc** llkcumatic Lini t/icUi, An !:.^nih!e oatffard spidicatlon fcr ih- relief cf U! .tie <r neur?-'gic patn?; epra!ra,swel)ingi, ?tt" a^^sLJTnsiJ of the Joints, p?.ns iu the shoul iers, bsnk,or Urats. It sflforcs lc.a*sdlate r-lfc' ?TOIL' oholij and Tltl'rS iu tb# in.i iMtBvC. is a ec>uxit?i' irritant, it Is itvaioab e io all 7taei whero ? a erte.-^-i stlluuiant u ucajoi. i'rice (p?ir ij^le) I) senU. I J. Dr. MiClintot*: Anodyiu Mixture. Or Pain Krtraotor.ueed Internally and eater. ?lly, Jet the iStd^nt re!!sf o/ t:l palas, TMth&ehe, ileait Cholir, Ajae in the lace, Chilblains, Nsural* ?la, fcton* or Urarr.l, JLs., Ac. tio pilu need be on lured a moment by a iy person ^ho will use thli QTalaab'.s Aoodyne. k ric?e 60 coats per botltle. Z. Dr. HcCUntotk'i Fectr anJ Agtii Specific. This taiteen fend an inlkltitie ppeciflj fcr this <:,>urg? cf niw countries, ui for intercilttent svers. No traveller or tesidsnt ia ary agne dib rict should Uil to pn/i^dcibeuselK-a %ith thisaure irrventi?s- Priaajl per bottle. II. Li. M.Clirdz&s Ycrztdls Purga tive Pills, for tho relief of Oc-r.stlj ition af.l its re ulta, sosh as Headc^hr, Dbtisrj, bick Biomtcl, 'ains, and a'.l tho fiyaiptorxs ennmoratpi tmdsr tha 'Djspsptlc Elliir." Ptkd ii canu per box. XII. Dr. MiClinlcck'i PUlt, For Livor Occiplainta, and all forc.3 or dlMaa&s arising iron d?rac^eci?rit of th? U?er, with gjmj ujiaj s?ih to Dltsine^s, ii^"he, Ringicrj hi the tarsys"- ?fa?e^ tongue,pain 'a thftriglushoulitr. wa'eof fjllne^s or pain ia the rif;ht fide, di.-vrdtired -tonusrh or bowels, ded-r ent a^Ucs of tno iiidnjya, Jay^i'.cred stools, &z. Thsse ^'.iv '? tJ?kua in the osivient -t-ifoi of tuiiuus anl xellcir or otlusr resere, w'Ji generally wari off tils attsok. Prios c??zts ] jr Sox. The &j? Te Meiioinsj maj be pfoenrod sli the ^rincipil Drag?ist? ?i i ?,? -..-'.h>v.tivi ia this IHs Ttct, &.nl oI J. L. Hiaau^w, As >at, V/auhiugton sep 1&?Sa BEAUTIFUL~WHITE TEETH. ai:ALTHY UUM AN D A 8 WEET BREATH. All who are desirous of obtaining these bene rlu, a.oU:d use ZKRM 1 N'S CELEBRATED TOOTH-WAs<H. Tills delicious arucle combines ?uj many mcritonoui qualities, that it has now bu come a standard favorire with ilia cilia* qs of New V rk. Puiladelphia and Ua.;:itior?. i>?nUuts pre ??cribv it in their p.a^'ice ntost .sticce?sfu!ly, and from every source the most flattering laudations are .iwardrd it. Inflamed and bleeding sumj itrj immediately ben 'fitt* d by its u?e; ii? ruliou upon tliem is mild, ?iooihin^ and eflW'tive. It clean-M*? the teeth so ihr roiigldy, that th**y are made to hval peart in whiteness, and diti~u.?os ihr?ugh the mouth such a itrliglulul itenhneRS, th^t th? Wreath is rendered ex quUilely sweet. It di^infe.-ts all those impurities wtiich lend to produce decay, and as a consequence, when these are rem- vej, tne teeth must always re in.tin KJIII.I, It is used and recouinv-Qtl^d by all the eminent Dentists in New Yoik, I hiladelptua, lJaltui.ore, and other cities where it has be n introduced. All should give a a trial. PreporeJoiUy by FRANC'S 2P.HMAN, Dru^i-t and Clieutist, Ninth and Catharine streets, Phila delphia, aod sold by all l)rn.>'ists eveivHiivre. ul vl5 eents n?-r iM.tde, VV. H. GILLMAN, jan 17?3?u Agent fur Washington City. CLOTHING MADP. TO OHDER CHEAPER tha i ever.?In Older lo run off the remainder ot our large .'lock of Cloths, <-n?siu.?*re?, ni.d Yeat ing4, we oill at this season take measure and make to order Gentlemen's Garments of first quality 20 per cent, cheap r than our usually low prices. WALL at STEPiiKMd. 39'4 Pa. n\ v>nue, next door io iron Hull, |eb 15# (SehtinelfcNews) THE LATE MR. MEADE'S PICTURES. rpo BE RAFALE!) FOR I\ *00 CHANCES X AT *35 EACH. PRIZE NO. I "St. Thomas of Vill inueva, giving Alms to the Poor," a copy of Murillo, by one of hi* pupil* and touched by that great artist --wiid to be equal to the original, cost f4,000. muzb 2. " The adoration of the VV?e Men of ths r^ast," a genuine Murillo; cost &3,<WJ. PRIZE 3. 14 Head of our Saviour," by Correggio; cost .^1,000. prize 4. " Heed of the Blessed Virgin," by Carreagio; co?t 91.000. Mr. 8. A. MATLACK is authorized to receive subscriptions in this city, of whom ticket* may oe obtained, or of Messrs. TAYLOR k. MAURY. All money received on account of ilia Raffle will he deposited in Bank until the drawing taken place, which will be duty announced. From tke National Intelligencer. Articles similar to the annexed we have observed in several distmt papers, contained in their Wash ington correspondence. We are glad to see that? .member of the family is willing to dispose of a part of ihe rare collection of the late Richard W. Meade, who, during bwieag residence in Spain, had oppor (unities, which Ms opulence enabled him to indulge, for selecting many of the finest paintings in Spun? that treanire-*HM? of pictorial riches. The dis turbed state of the country ai the time, moreover, made it favorable for obtaining many gems of art which would otherwise never have been purchasa ble. From tht Boston Chronicle. Chep p'ccevree op Art.?Several cKef dhuerre< of Murillo, Correggio, and other masters, which were brought from Spain during revolutionary tinier l>\ the late R. W Meade, have elicited the admiration of connoisseurs during the past week in the Kotnnrfo of the Capitol. They are to be disposed of for th? benefit of a daughter of Mr. Meade, residing in New York, after an opportunity has been given to the public for an examination. feb 6- tf A BOOK OF GREAT VALUE & INTEREST. CYCLOPSJMA OF MISSIONS, by Rev. Harvey NewcombTl vol.,large octavo, double columns, 784 pac<* ; price $3. Embracing a comprehensive view of a'.l th Missionary operations in the World, with geographical description*, condition of the un evsnpeiized, lie., together with the religious move ments of the age, under an alphabetical arrange meht. illustrated wiih ihirty-two Missionary Maps. " The Cyclopedia of Mission*, by Rev. Harvey Newcomb, I regard as a wotk of great permanent value. It contains wi.hin a moderate comp ??s, and 111 a convenient form, a large amount or just the k;nd of information, historical, statistical, and ill us trative on the subject of Missions, which every Min ister, and every christian layman needs to possess, and winch could be gained only by laborious re search in books and documents, many of which are not easily accessible, Geo. \V. Wood, Sec. A. B. C. F. M." Agents for the District: GRAY & BALLANTVNE, feb 14 498 Seventh st. FHON PARIS.?Oeuvres completes de Vol taire, 75 vols, octavo, 111 fine binding, $.r>J De Thofi; llistoire Universelle, U volumes, quarto, I. Mind, $9 Regnard; oeuvres compleittt. 4 vols, octavo, bound. $3 30 Oeuvres de D'Alembert, 5 vols, octavo, bound OotidlllWi oeuvres completes, lb v?4s, octavo, tins calf, nibliothrque HistArirjue, 13 vol,-, octavo, hrlfbortnd ?J.") 50 Duual ; oeuvres completes, !? vaU, ociavo, half bound, $4 iO Memoue* du Due de Rovigo, 8 voIj, octavo, half bound, 50 Ogmski; Nennire^ Snr la Pologne, 4 vols, octavo, half nut', ?3 Boussuet; Histoire dea Variations des Eplisss Prot estant, t vitfs, octavo, half morocco $4 l.avater; Physloeonne, lo vols, full calf, numerous illustrations, .?jfiJ Annale* du Par em en i Francais, H folio, vols, hail c:ilf, .914 Ueinipressio t de l'Anchm Moniteur. 17^9 to 1 vols, lolio, in fine binding, And many others at the same range of prices, irn poited direct from Paris, by feb 10 FRANCE TAYLOR. A R N Y , No. 84 ItriAge ttrset, Georg*t u n, 18 prepared to furnish Balls, Dinners, Sot ten Wkddimss, Slc., with everything m il.e Cor.foc tionary Ijne, in any part of the District, nt the shoit oet notice, and on the most reasonable terms. Jan 1W?tf Mott Bedell's Line. NEW YORK..11.F.X.INDRT.1, WASHINGTON CITY, .LVD DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PJi C K MM'S. fTWIIS LINE OF PACKCTs'SAILS WEEKLY 1 from pier 14 East River, New York,and oftetier iftieces^ary, and are composed of the follow iag first class vessels: %<\v sehr. r. Bstlc'l, Bedell, ma ter. New Kchr. Mutt IStJell, A. V. Tredwell. Schr. Jinn /)., Win. Oliver, master. Seh'. I'oLtnl, L. A. Smith, master. Schr. ComrunnJcr in- L'fuef, Wogl jia, matter. Schr. Greenway, Wilson, master. These vessels are all fa t sailers, and the masters men of experience in the trade, atid the only regu lar line ot Wa-hin^fon City packets. MOTT BEuELL, Wall street, N. Y. H. S. MASTERS ?. SONS, Alexandria* Va. THOMAS RILEY, f-L 1 0m Washington and D. C. TO INVENTORS fHa c3c? of "The Inventors' Protactai* National JL Uni^a" Li oa 7th street, opposite the East Por .lot' of the Patont and is now ready to attend to the bUidr.MB of its members, : In u.?.*ing fxaminatbc- and soHeiting patents, 60. Invectoiie era Invited to c&ll and t?.t a cipy of the Jousdlutlon aiii tnd wher# uuj inform* '.cs Till ts pivan rrsjwctmg tfe# L'tiioa. All letters on bodirv^j t?uat b? direct* 1 U> this oi ice, vn*.r* v.t#aitoq i?fii w* ffiven itamnaiiUiy. A sialal t'u^p Id in eoiin&licn with the o5J^? -~hrr* r.o I?l? Ta;= Xv't&ltr at IV* tbortei.t totlo-. T. fcLATTON. at> 10-,T r Wwi lert I. P. N. U. EXPECTED HEW YEAR PREEEN7S. OF all the branches of Lupine a conduced in this city, Qr^eerir ?, psrhsps, of all c tbers afford the smallest profits, and &hcutd hvra the preference lur Msh, and na one In that Lus nei? can continue if his customers are not prompt in settlement by fhoi t aotes or eafh. Desirous of tlosing up for tho pott, I ?^nieatly reque. t all who are indebted to cull ui u ?ottla i?i hout delay. I will forthsr jzive notlcs ?het all future bills which mxy be ccntrsctfl roe must I"* til: de with refer nc t?., i.-<j with tbs dis inot ut Jerptai d ln^ th?t msy are to be oioaed mj>-th:y, by rash t-r n^tcg at 3o d?y<, whi *h I h?-.e j'.^parei for the poi puse, except rUCh of ujy 0-4 U.??k3 t?ho have ?. I ways be n prompt. 2 M . P. KL\'u. dr.'-^-U i HANS-ALLUQUANY liANii Ai\'U L Withers A Co.'s Note- paruh^aed at the higtic^l ratea. Unjt 1 rent Money, Liai Wuiratta, and Virgin t Scrip bought and sold. Di< fts on all the prinoiptd cities tald to salt pur ehasers. Persona at * lUetano** seniic>rme Trans A lief!, an; nntei or Land Warrants, tnay raij upon receiving ti.j beM rate', ?nl remittances ^iad< by draft ua tnv oity in the Uniou. HAMILTON a. r.YNT, Banker, iec 0? Cm No ?!32 Penna PIANOS FOR SALE AND RENT. riMlE subscriber has always 011 hand a assoit X inent ol German and American PI AVOS, from the very beat manufacture raj*jr j t which lie offers for ^ale at lower prices than can be purchased in ihe District of Columbia, and ? n the most accommodating terms. All Pianos purchased from me are warranted to give satisfac tion. ?Hd Pisnos taken in exchnnge. B. REI8S, Pr<tfe*sor of Muaic. G, betw. Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, feb 6?Jm* WHO'S WHO IN laT>5, 1 pocket volume M\ D 'd'? P.*riiauientary Companion lor 1 RSfi, 1 pocket volume British Army Lift for 1853 I riu&h Navy List d > The Planetary Worlds, their Topography and Telescopic Appearances, by J. Hreer, Cambridge Observatory, 1 vol Blackwood's Almanac lor 1835 Imported by la?t steamer by feb3 FRANCK TAYLOR. A JONAS CH1CKEKING SECOND HaND Pi ANO FORTE for sale on rta enable terms at the Music Depot of lilLtil S i lii I /, Siar I'.uild in^s. l'eb 17 jjVKNlNft STAR PSOCEKDINO^Or^THTaKOBOSTOW* The following business was under con sideratiou before the Ueorwiavm r f Councils on Fnd?7 nlght ^ C"7 Cru,kCZ?TFCa"0n W,M reaJ fro? ? Lruikshank, Etq., m relation to the im provement of footways in front of ?n Con*?* str?*t. complain ing of the manner in which the work was done rate of tax proposed to be levied &c.; laid on the tabic temporarily. A. ??mniunicfction was received from the trustees of the almshouse, covering the estimated receipts and expenditure! ?,r^e J**11*[*** Estimated receipts ?500, estimated expenditures 82,555 *2,055? t0 met ?Ut ?f town treasury Mr. Cropley, from committee on mar ket house, reported a bill making an ap propriation for lamp-posts and lamps at market-house. K reno^itrfTT-tf?111 com.m?ttee on claims, repoj ted a bill appropriating $s20 for R. year*' f?oP^i0 for the Crds ' d pa,scd The bill in relation to footwavson the nrfan',1 Conf^ streets was taken f n ^dlSCUSS?Ld some len^, aud then laid upon the table. The bill in favor of 'Ihompson k Bro passed the Hoard of Aldermen. Ph!hldl|ilhin !T\ ?f ',ohn AKncw' 01 P??sed the Council ",ected **? A supplement to an ordinance, passed June 14, 180*, passed both branches, inis amendment requires that all hav straw and fodder brought to the market' , sale' shal11 ** ^Jghed by the lone hunared, and applies to hay in bales also. v! if pr?V!de'\that a citable tare shall be allowed by the weigher for the wood frame, Ac., in which the hay may be MwCIVs," 1 ? bjnfayor of -fames Coddard pass ^ v"?8' v Thi9 bi" ?3"> "se to considerable laughter, and was the means of furnishing those present with a piece of unimportant information, which we presume was known to but few person* before, via: that the name Dunbarton. which is almost universally applied to one of our streets is incorrect, the proper name being Dumbarton. A bill passed both Boards providing for certain flagways on Fayette aad Dum barton streets. Mr. English, from the committee on poiicc, to whom was referred a commun ication from the Mayor, complaining ol the manner in which the stone paving | had been done over the trcnches for gat pipes, made a report, accompanied by a .etter from the Mayor and a certificate irom Mr. Calhoun, the paver, showing that the gas company was not responsi We for any deformity or mutilation, the woik having been done strictly according to the instructions of the Mayor and un der his immediate supervision. The committee a.r>ked to be discharged from the further consideration of the subject: wfcich was done. ^ A message was then transmitted to the Board of Aldermen, informing them that the Council was through with the busi ness before them and ready to adjourn sine die. Mr. Cropley offered a resolution, tend ering the thanks of the Council to Wm. M. Osborn, hsq., for the able and impar tial manner in which he had presided over it during the year. 1 he resolution was passed unammous 1 y. I After which, Mr. Osborn tendered his| thanks for the honor which had been con* fcrred upon him congratulated the mem bers upon the good order and fraternal i feelings which had characterised all their deliberations. On motion, the Board adjourned am : die. 1 THE LEPERS 1.7 JERUSALEM Tn my rambles about Jerusalem I passed on several occasions through th* quarter of the lepers. Apart from the! interests attached to this unfortunate class of beings (arising from the frequent allusion made to them in Scripture,) there is much in their appearance and mode of life to attract the attention a:,d enlist the sympathy of the stranger. Dirt and disease go revolthigiy together) here; jaunt Cuniue stalks through the &4Xcts; ft constant cry of uuflering i swells upon the dead air, mJ sin broods] elarkly over the ruia in that gloomy i!I fited .3pot. Wasted fbr.ns sit ui iiiei door ways, ficcs covered with old white sa;U anl sightle-is eyes are turned up wards. skeleton arms dis orted and in fected wih the lavages of leprosy are oat.sirctched from tl.e foul moving mass; and a howl of the stricken for alms : alms, oh, stranger, for the love of God ! alms to feed the inexorable destroyer ! alms to prolong this dreary and hopeless misery! 1 Look upon it, stranger, you who walk forth in all your pride and strength, and breathe the fresh air of heaven ; you who have never known what it is to be shunned by your fellow man as a thing unclean and accursed; you who deem yourself unblest with all the blessings that Cod has given you upon earth ; look upon it and learn that there is a misery above all that you have conceived in your gloomiest hours?a misery that can be endured; learn that even a leper, with death gnawing in his vitals and unceas ing toitures in his blood, cast out from the society of his fellow man, forbidden to touch in friendship or affection the hand of the untainted, still struggles for life, and deems each hour precious that keeps him from the grave. The quarter of the lepers is a sad and impressive place. By the laws of the land which have existed from JSciiptural times, they are isolated from all actual contact with their fellow men, yet there seems to be no prohibition to their going oat behind the walls of Jerusalem and begging by the road aide. Near the gate of Zion, on the way to Bethlehem. I saw many of them sitting on rocks, hideous faces uncovered, thrusting forth their scaly hands for alms. Their hats are rudely constructed of earth and stone, seldom with more than one apartment, and this so filthy and loathsome that it seems unfit for swine to dwell in. Heie they lire and propagate, whole faxmlie; together without distinction of sex; and their dreadful malady is perpetuated from generation to generation, and the groans of the aged and dying are min gled with the feeble wail of the yourg that are brought forth branded lor a life of misery. Strange and mournful thoughts arise in the contemplation of the sad condi tion and probable destiny of these ill fated beings. Among so many, there must be some in whose breast the power of trie love is implanted : love of wemer. | in its purest sense, for offspring, for all the en<learmcnts of domestic life which the untainted are capable of feeling ; ) et do ?med never to exercise the affec tions without perpetuating the curse; some, too, in whom there are hidden powt i ? of mind unknown save to them belvis : ambition that corrodes with un availing aspiration a thirst for actiou that burns unceasingly, yet never can be | assuaged; all the ruling passions that are implanted in man for great and noble purjofcs: never to give one moment's pleasure unrniwd with perpetual gloom of that curse which dwells in their blood. As I plodded my way for the last time through this den of sickening sights, a vision of human misery was impressed upon my mind that lime cannot efface. 1 passed when the rays of the san were cold and the lights were dim ; and there came out from the reeking hovels lep rous men, gaunt with f&mine, and they bared their hideous bodies and bowleg like wild beasts; and women held out their loathsome and accursed babes, and tore away the rags that covered them, and pointing to the shapeless mass shrieked for alms. All was disease, sin and sorrow where cver I went; and as I passed on, unable to relieve the thousandth part of misery, moans of despair and howling curses fol lowed me, and the lepers crawled back into their hovels to rot in their filth and die when God willed.?Cor. Nat. lntd Lt.eitcer. Valextixes ix Church.?Mr. Irvin, vestry of St. Paul's church, had hisatten lion called during the service, on Sunda) night last, to some disorder in the color ed gallery, and having hurried up to as certain the cause, discovered a black fel low named Greene Smith, with a valen tine in his hand, which he paraded about with considerable clamor, while his back was turned to the preacher, the better to conceal his improper actions. Mr. Ir vin took him by the collar, led him to the street door, and pushed him out, admin isteiing a few kicks to him as he left. in less than two minutes afterwards a rock came whizzing through one of the windows fronting on Grace street; and Mr. Irvin suspecting Smith to have thrown it, went up to the colored gallery and ascertained from others, that were seated in the same pew with him, where he resided. lie immediately repaired to the fellow's residence, and waiting for a short time at the door to hear what was passing inside, heard other parties rebuke the rascal severely for his conduct in church. He thereupon rushed in and ar rested the fellow, He was brought before the Mayor yesterday, and was ordered twenty five. Information having reach ed his honor that he had left the Slate pome time since, and returned after an absence of some months, he ordered him to be detained for examination.?Rich. Whig. Coughing Down.?One evening, when Mr. Hunt was speaking in the House of Commons, an honorable member wa3 unusually persevering in his efl.*rts k) cough him down. Mr. Hunt cured tne * honorable gentleman of his coagh by one short sentence, which, delivered as it was infinite dramatic effect, created un usual laughter. Mr. Hunt put his hand into his pantaloon? pockct, and after fumbling about a few poconds, said, with the utmost imaginable coolness, that he v. as 44 extremely sorry to find that he had not a few lor.enges in his pocket for the benefit of the honorable member vho sccuiei to be so distressed with a c>ugh, bat he could assure him he wouUl provids some for him by the next night." l ever did doctor prescribe more tfTrc t ial!y ; noi only did Mr Hunt s tormen tor from that moment get rid of Lis cough, but it never returned, at least while Mr. Hunt was speaking. Singular Fondness of a Cow for Children.?We ate informed by reliable means, that a very domestic and fevered cow of Mr. Clark, of Spnngwells, accom plished her death a day or two since, in a most singular manner. The cow was very gentle and would suSTer the children to play about her with the utmost pa tience, and would often come to the door as if in search of company. One day last week she came to the door bat the weather was too cold for the children to venture out, and therefore she was left alone. The only thing which attracted her attention was a common corn broom. At the brush of this she began chewing, and after sturdy labor of her jaws, suc ceeded in swallowing it. Bui unfortu nately the handle was too hard for her teeth and too long for her stomach, and so she could neither spit it out nor swal low it down. A butcher was called and the unfortunate brcom-eater was made beef in short order. (C7* The mortality of Dublin has in creased at an alarming rate, the deaths in one week being nearly 400 out of 4 population of 260,000.

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