Newspaper of Evening Star, 28 Şubat 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 28 Şubat 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR; WASHINGTON CITY: WIDWXSDAT AFTXRHOOir. February 2$. Storaq*.?Storage will be taken in the flue large dry basement, corner of Eleventh street and the Arenne, "Star Buildings." The central location and easy access to this store-room makes it the most desirable place of the kind in Washington. Terms low. Apply at the Stdr office. ~<mm 8PIXII or THX MOBS ISO PRZtS. The Int?lltgtne?r publishes, to-day, th?re port of Ute select committee of the Hooee of Reproeentatives upon the Washington Moon moot, from wkich wo oxtract as follow*: "The dutiee of this society have demanded the oonetaot attentiea of its members; and it is very gratifying to tbo commit too to atate that neither the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, nor any of the manageri or membera have, from ite institution, re coivod or do.ired any compensation whatever Their aorvieea have boon and will eontinae to be wholly gratuitous. "We unanimously approve the plan of this monument, and of the work that has been al ready done; and we boar cheorful testimony to the energy, integrity, economy, and patri otic love which have animated and governod the transaction* of this society, and especiaili we commend the design of bailding this mon nment by the voluntary contributions of the poople of the United States "We do not intend to disturb this happy ar rangement, or to withdraw from the exclusive jurisdiction and control of so faithful a society tbo oompletioa of a work so well begun and prosecuted; we trust, and doubt not, that It will go on with continued attention on the part of the board of managers and of the poople of the whole country. ?But at the same lime your committee think that a subeeription to aid the work is due by Congress By the fiith of obligations which we have before recited, by the fact that his commission as Commander-in-Chief was bestowed on Washington by Congress, and all his glorious military services performed under their orders and authority, and by tho furthei consideration that a cum subscribed by Con. will probably be the only mode by which each and all of the people of the United State; can be said to add their share to this grateful memorial, vour committee recommend that the snm of $200 000 should bo subscribed by Congreis on behalf of the poople of the United States to afd the funda cf the society. Thii was the sum devoted to the monument ordered by the resolution of 1790, and voted by the House of Representatives January 1, 1801." The Union lauds Congress for the amounl of important business it has diaposed of at the present session, and hopes that the universal abolition phase of all the anti-Democratic parry members of the twe Houses of Congresi the North has recently elected, will prove i warning to the South against Know Nothing ism. Ax Aaccus.vT roa ADviBrisme.?Wo sav a paragraph in a Virginian paper the othei day, to this effect. A gentleman went into i printing <ffl.;e to examine an exchange paper coming from a place some fifty or a hundrei miles distant, with tie view to discover thi name of some lawyer there to whom he might confide the transaction of some business mat ters of pressing importance. And, after run ning his eye carefully ovar the paper he laid it aside, and remarked?"Well, I can't find the] name of a single attorney in that paper and any member of the profession at?fcatplac< oould have obtained a fee of fifty dollars fron me, by having a c*rd in the paper, as I would willingly havo paid that amount rather that make tho trip at this particular time " Lei everybody advertise, and everybody will be certain to do a good business. PERSONAL. ... .We see a paragraph going the rounds of the paper* that Edjar A. Poe s "Raven" was at el en from tbo Persian Pudge! Poe know no more of Persian than he did of Choc taw. ... .The Rev. Joshua ?oule, Senior Bishop of the Methcdiat Episoopal Church. South, baa advised and invited a meeting of all the Bishops of that church to meet at Nashville. Tenn , on the third Monday of April. All are expected to be present except Bishop An drew. who will attend the Pacific Conference at that time ....The Know.Nothings of Baltimore are making preparations to receive the Hon. Sam Houston, who lectures ia that oity on Thurs day evening next. Rev. Mark Trafton, of Westfield Mas. Bach use its, a newly elected member of Con gress bad a donation visit last week, and re ceived about $125, of which $75 was in money. One of the gifts was a barrel of flour, which #w" contributed by a grocer on condition that another man should roli it the whole dis SEkiiHa ,ai'8~<0 "" ....Jonathan P. Cillsy, son of tho lata Joaatl an Cilley, of Maine, has a second time declined the appointment of oadet at West Foint, and has entered Bowdoin College. ....It was'nt lager beer that poisoned Mrs. Eugenie W ise, a German at New York, but it was eating of a poisonous ham. Some of the aeat is horrible in New York, an J Mayor Wood has yet to add to his exploits by sup pressing the vending of it . ailett, the circuselown, who returned in thaJLast steamer from England, intends to make lis homo at Frankford, Pa, where he i '.K410^ *Uce- Re? J? C. Richmond, theVitic 1D Pri?0n'a110 CMB# homeil1 ....Seme one says: "Prejudice squints R looks, and lies when it talks " d? i?.ur ?faa" 0 ....Tho Mayor of Lowell, Ambrose Law 2T,il?dt^iuS 0#nwStone'hay# b??n ??ed or .he Jackson Musketeers, of that P!rf?li rM**okin* ***??' armory, carrying iff their arms, equipments, papers, Ac, in Jhm absence. The damages ar* laid at ....Thsreis much rejoicing hero by the opponents of Simon Cameron owing to the fail _ *Th# John Macpherson Berrien has ....PfMwt tu KBpl.ted. aft.r ? ten f .J* of th. K.iin of Phil ?p .'h.S^oad I, wU1 pauutj u ?yri.Kiehmo.d Whig thoj W4lki ,Bto its neighbor of the DIspateh: "Refusing to come out boldlv Order it hasgjven the Know NothifJ^? Jf? Jesuitical stab, whenever it could doiw with out compromising too openly its ventral chi" acter We do not object to iu hoetUity to the Nothings. But W4 Jo object to its em. ploying against them a masked bolt try.'' Upon whieh the Tribune remarks: "Con sidering who aad what the Know Nothings are, and what is their mode of operations, the objeetion seems rather funny." Iuixois.?The Legislature of Illinois has sojourned Among the important acts eTthe seesion is a Temperance Law. Anti-VebrM ka resolntiojH nsrni the Haas* knt - ? ? jtoted in the Senate I WAIHUOTOH VXWI AJTD OOMIP. Ool. lntn'a Miafortune - We in very no other calamity hat ooeurred here fox jun put which hu created to great it> gret in, the popular mind of Washington, aa the loag whieh Col. Beaton abstained yeaterday afternoon in the burning of hit papera. The lots in vol red in the destruction of the house and much of hi* farniture ?u trifling in com parison with that of hie papers?the aocumu* lation of hie life time, spent in the public ser vice. Though holding hardly a single tene ment in ooounon with Col. Benton, wa oan realise the distressing force of thii dispensa tion of Providence, and sinoerelj tympa thise with him in his great misfortune. Next to hit life, from hit habitt of atudy and careful preservation of every scrap of paper bearing on hit connection with public affaire, the muuecripte which were deetrojed yesterday afternoon by the fire on C street, were to him, doubtless, most dear. They were to have fur nished him tho materials for the entertain ment of hit so remarkably active mind, and for agreeable employment during hia remaining time on earth. Bat they have been swept, in an hour, from nnder his hand?gone, all gone! <*id a'Jfreat many aharp things of the old gentleman of late, which, in view of hia misfortune, are all rising up in our mem ory, to reproach na We ahould have had more charity for the iafirmitiet of increating age, and the bitternett of the disappointment of hopet of the Presideacy which were legiti mate, inasmuch aa they were founded on long, useful and honorable public eervioe. The Colonel, himtelf, hat little of the milk of hu man kindaett to dispense to those from whom he differs, and wo contest our weakness in falling into that vein of hi), in thinking and writing of him. However, he has met with a calamity only second to that with which be was not long since iffiicted, in the lo?s of his so universally beloved and respected wife. Thut, he has lost the remaining partner of his life?his manu scripts. The companions, the results and counsellors of his hours of toil. No one can form an idea of the extent of his loss, whole unacquainted with his habits of life. Naturalization.?The Journal of (Sommerce of Monday contains an elaborate and able ed itorial article upon tho subject of the natural isation laws, embracing valuable statiatioa of the emigration to the United States, with oommenta upon ita character, and its present and proepective influence on our affairs. Though not coinciding in all its conclusions. w? regret that wo have not apace at our com mand in which to republieh this article, aa it embraces many facta of in terest. The editor concludes that some change of the terms on which foreigners may now become citixent of the United Statee, is desirable. We certainly agree with that conclusion, however indis posed, aa we are, most emphatically, to the principles and plans oi the so called Know Nothing organisation. The characteaof the emigration which has been flocking to the United States of late years, is in the main very different -from that wMjh camo here prior to lb43a Until this change took place, such a thing aa an organisation of foreign-born persons in the United Statee, designed to change the character of any portion of our insiitutiona, wat a thing unheard of. Nor were foreigners among us gregarious, except for charitable, and, therefore, commendable purposes While we are disposed to lay a due share ef the blame for the present existence of * very different ttate of things among them on the demagogism of the American politicians of the day, the aptness of the new comers to take advantage of their want of high-toned princi pie, aa manifested in the eagernoss they dis play to remodel society in Amerioa on very reprehensible modelst indeed, warna us that we should, if potsibft, put it out of their power, in every instance, to do us harm ?Aa anxiona aa we are to prevent injury to so ciety here?to our institutions?from the po litical labors of the radical infidels of the Old World, (the class of immigration which we re gard as to injurious to the United States,) we sincerely believe that greater injury is threat ened to the character and tone of our Govern ment from the tweeping change of the princi ple of religious eqnality under our Constitu tion and laws, which ia being urged under pretence of checking foreijn influence, and from the means of deception (false pretences) upon which the community are being taught to bate their conduct hereafter. iho basis of Christianity it integrity and fairdoaling in ail thingt. No man ean be a Christian in aught but the name, who holdt that it it right to deceive hit neighbor?to lie to him?to carry out any purpose whatever. Believing that the purposes and principles ef the new polit ical organisation strike at the duration of re ligioua equality in the privileges guaranteed under our Conttitution and lawa to all Amer ioan citizens, and that they inculcate double dealing in public and private affairs, we hold that they threaten greater domestio dangers than the present influx of undesirable foreign era among us. While we are willing to aid in bringing about a wise and really patriotio re vision of the naturalisation laws, we are not willing to make that purpose the pretext for the destruoiion of ireedoia of conscience, tol eration and entire religious equality in the United Statea, and at the tame time to doctroy the principle of moral reotitude in the con duot of our citisena toward eaoh other which will be involved in a general juatification of the practice of deception in connection with our public.affairs. The Icminal Meteorological Profaetorahip Messrs. Editor*: In reporting the naval ap propriation Ml], the Committee on Wayt and Meana remark that "we have inaerted only one item in the bill which wat not ettimated for regularly, which it that for the talary of Profeeeor Espy." What are the dutiet of t-hi* offioer, and what their connection with, the Navy Itepartmeat ? and if there are no du Uea and no offioer in the Navy Depart ment?at we may infer from the statement , . D5' estimated for by the Secretary of the Navy?where it the officer and what the duty at large here provided for? Manv per aeaa, to whom the fact of any service and the existence of an offioer of thia tort are entirely unknown, would be glad to know how tuch an appropriation comet about? Subttantially they inquire whether the appropriation it for ? public or a private eervioe ? Can the eom ?uttee, or any one for them, answer ? IvQCiaxs. Water ?In the burning of the houae of V1, B*nton- J-terday afternoon, with the en t^mm it almoet <* / WW>t of members (T * wbo? witnessed the ea . * CJ "mr*y **th# abeoluto need of the riSfr th* I"*?** of the J?WP?>pevty b#r*. P'opoeed to be soourad * ihe plan of Capt. Meiga, which they now refuse to prosecute to its utmost completion. The warning of yesterday wu a stuning oso, indeed; and in view of the feet that a fire in either of the half ft doson publio buildings in Washington oonld net cost the Treasury, from first U last, lest than from ten to thirtj mil lions of dollar*, we again entertain the hop* that the members of both Honses will realise the importanoe of at once appropriating one or two hundred thousand dollars for the con tinuation of the work on the Washington aqueduct. List of Fatoftt* issued from the Halted States Patont Office for the week ending Feb ruarj 27,1855?each bearing that date : Henry 8. Aekerly, of New York, N. Y.? For improvement in piano forte frames. John Bale, of Buffalo, X Y.?For improve ment in hotel annunciators James B. Blake, of Worcester, Mass.?For improvement in gas oooking stoves. 8am R Bryant, of New York, N. Y.?For improved anchor tripper. Henry V. Corbett, of Buffalo, N. Y ?For improved mode ot raiding sunken vessels. Wm B. Emery of Albany, N. Y.?For method of adjusting cylinders in boring ma* ohines. Wm. B. Emery, of Albany, N. Y.?For method of adjustiog stuff in planing maohine*. Ammi M. George, of Nashua. N. H.?For improvement in machines for making ohain Daniel B. Neal, of Mount Qilead, Ohio ? For improvement in repeating single-barreled firearms. Amos Nudd, of Exeter, N. H.?For fire en* gine. Obadiah Marland. of Boston, Mas*.?For improvement in rollers and driers for paper making. Chas. Miller, of New York, N. Y ?For im provement in machines for making butt hinge*. Charles Morris, of New Haven, Conn ?For i m proved machine for aheooring leather strap*. Zadoe Pangborn, of Algonac, Mich ?For I improvement in the construction of vessels. Franklin Peale, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For I improvement in propellers. I Robt. Romaine, of Montreal, Canada.?For I improvement in seed planters. Patented in I England May 10 1853 Geo. 8. O Spence of Boston, Mass.?For I improvement in hot air furnaces. Win Steele, of Wheeling, Va.?For tenoning I machine. Jos Stevenson, of Philadelphia, Pa?For I bed boat or life preserver. I Jnn Stull, of Philadelphia, Fa.?For im I proved stereosoope case ? I Wm. L. Young, of Muscatine, Iowa.?Fcr I machine for cutting barrel beads I Le wis Teese A Son, of San Francisco Cal. I For improvement tn forks for gold diggers. | Ante dated Nov. 22, 1864 Jeremiah P. Smith, of llummelstown, Pa. I For improvement in corn shellers. Niram Hawley, of Rome, N. Y.?For man. I drel for holding carriage hubs, Ac. I D. W. Hughes, of New London, Mo.?For I improvement in hemp brakes. Wm V. Gee, of New Haven, Conn., assign I or to the Atwater and Bristol Manufacturing I Company cf same place ?For improvement in I looms. I Alex. Kirkwood, of Jaokson County, Miss.? I For method of pumping water out of vessels. I Asa Landphere, of Albion, P., and Samuel I Remington, of Ilion, N. Y?For spoke ma 1 chine Peter Loar, of Boston, Mass.?For improved I method cf arran^o* and operating submerged I horiiontal paddle wheels Chas Leavitt, of Quinoy, 111.?For improvo I ment in portable grain mills. I Martin 11. Mansfield, of Ashland, Ohio.? I For improvement in hulling and cleaning I clover seed. *?' m Fisk Kuscell, of Boston, Mass ?For im I provement in mowing machines. I Thoi. C. Ball, of Walpole, N. H.?For im I provement in screw-jacks. I Andrew J. Burnhart of Schoolcraft, Mich.? I For improvement in seed planters David Russell, of Drewersburg, Ind?For I improvement in spade plows. I Jno. Haslam, of New York, N. Y., and Jas. I llaslam, of Searsdale, N. Y., (sole heirs of 1 Jos. Haslam, deceased )?For improvement in I covering thread with wool or silk. I Daniel W. Messer, of Boston, Mass , as signor to himself, R. B. Fitts, and Albert I James, of same place ?For improved hand 't?u> Bdratio N. Gambrill and Singleton F. Bur I 8?o, of Woodbury Mills, Md ?For improve I ment in carding machines. Patented in Eng. I land, August 22, 1854. " _J'hu Hollingsworth and Ilalph S. Mershon, I of ZantMTille, Ohio.?For improvement in fire I "S-", .TS*?*61 lo E?KlMd. August I, 1854. I Ralph S. Mershon and Jehu Hollingswoith, I of Zanesville, Ohio.?For improvement in re I posting fire-arms. Patented in England, Aug. 11, 1854. v I litissut.?John W. Hockwell, of Ridgefield, I Coon , assignor of Francis A Rockwell, of I "ame place.?For improvement ia candlesticks I Patented Dec. IB, 1S51. ^ ?Henry A Eickmeyer, of Phila I delphia, Pa.?For design for dsgueireotvpe leases. /f I John Hnnf barter and Henry Waas, of Cin | cinnati, Ohio ?For design for stoves. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?Cc yesterday, the 27th of Feb., there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $114 551 65 For paying Treasury debts * 34,494 09 For the Customs 1,361 04 For covering i n to t he Treasury from miscellaneous sources 2,420 61 For oovering into the Treasury from customs 881,275 73 Covered into the Treasury from Lands 224,684 84 For the War Department 8,582 69 For repaying in the War Depart ment...*. 2731 73 For the Navy Department 29,815 47 For the Interior Department 4,559 34 ? *?? ? rOXiRE MWIONAI,. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the report of the conference committee, on the bill for the relief of the purchasers and looators of swamp and overflowed lands was disoussed by Messrs Stuart, Johnson, Slidell, Benjamin, Brown, Adams, Badger, Sebastian, Mallory, and others; when it was concurred in?yeas 24, nays 20 Mr. Johnson moved to reconsider that vote; the question on which motion was postponed for a day. The ooean mail steamer appropriation bill was then tuk<.n up, and it was disoussed on the amendments thereto proposed by the Sen ate's finance committee, the debate turning on their proposition to strike out the amendment adopted to the original bill, in the House, o% motion of Mr Olds. Messrs. Hunter, Geyer, Jones of Tennessee, Butler, Mallory, Toombs, Chase, and Toucey, speaking for it; and Messrs Stuart, Badger, Rusk, Douglas, and Seward, speaking against it. The said amendment was then rejected? yers 17, nays 19. Shortly afterwards, without finally disposing of the bill, they adj jumed. In the House, the bill granting additional bounty lands to soldiers of the war of 1812, was further oonsidered. Mr. Middleswarth mned to strike out the the proviso excluding from the benefits of the said bill those troops oalled out from 8tntes the authorities of which refused to plaee them under the orders of the United States. Mr. Edgerton moved to lay the hill on the table?net agreed to?yeas 55, nays 102. The previous question was then ealled on agreeing to the amendment; not seconded? ayes 76, noes 99. This bill was shortly after postponed until noon to day. The House then went into Committee (Mr. Hendricks in the ehair) and took up the In> dian appropriation bill, the Senates amend, ments to wnioh were eoneurred in. The army appropriation bill being next taken up, and was disoussed on amendments until ft being annoaooed that the honeeef Mr. Benton was in flames; when they took ft re eees until 7 p. m. On coming together at that heur, the night (scMion was devoted to the delivery of general speeches, on general polities, Ae At ft late hoar the eomcJtt eo rose, ftod tbe Boom ftd jourrei. Pr*fre4iap of T*-Day. Ia Stnate, to-day, Mr. Staftrt oalled up a bill In relation to the military rmrri ftt St Peter'f river, in Minnesota, which was road and pxiid after soma diseaasion. The report of the conference committee on the swamp lacl bill was then tahen up, and was disowned by Messrs. Johnson, Douglas, Stuart, and Butler, before the Star went to la the House, the Indian appropriation I as passed with tba amendment! repot bill was paseed with tba amendments reported back from tbe Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union. Sundry bills were then paased, as follows, ?is : A bill authorising the mode of the con struction of the New Orleans eustom house to be cbasged; a bill to increase the pension of John C. Barton; ? bill to prevent mistrials in oireuit and district courts of the United States in eertain oases; the bill for the relief of Danl. Searle A Co , mail contractors; the bill for the relief of Chu W. Carroll; the bill establish ing a land district in Florida, to be oalled tbe District of Tampa; and the bill to settle oer tain aooounts between the United States and Alabama. BALTIMOBX tOJRRESPOMDEfCE. Line of Steamers to Cka> l*w$en?Mr. Bald win's Lecture?Five Widow?Singular Coincidence?River and Harbor Appro priation?'The Colvin Will?Cold Wea ther?Corpjration AJfairs?Incendiaries? Amusements? Business, fyc. Baltimore, February 27,1855. The withdrawal of the steamer Tennessee from the line between Baltimore and Charles ton, is a fact which does uot argue well for the enterprise of Baltimore. The proprietors of Cromwell's (the old Parker Vein) line, hate determined to put some of their fine freight steamers on that route. An active trade had sprung up between Baltimore and Charleston in consequence of the former line having been established, absolutely requiring some accept able means of transportation. Cramped cir cumstances or pecuniary difficulties, render ing it neoessary to withdraw the Tennessee, though ehe was doing a line bnainess. I am almost ashaued to say that our merchants suffered so fine a vessel to be taken off the route, or so important an enterprise to fall through. Mr. Baldwin, of Rkhmond^elivered a lec ture this evening before the Maryland Inati. tute, upon the improvement of the age He

had a very large audience, was quite eloquent and happy in his illustrations. Mr. B. is edi tor of a paper in Riobmond. It is to be hoped he will make it an exemplification of his theories. There are residing in tha e tatern section of our city five sisters, all widows, whose united ages number 365 years. Tbe eldest is over 80, and the youngest nearly 65. They all en joy remarkably good health, and are likewise surrounded by families of children, grand chil dren, and great grand ohildren Happiness and plenteousness dwell within their abodes. So singular a coincidence of longevity is very rare, and is not to be found, perhaps, else where. One ot them is named Kimberly, and mother of quite a large family. There is much anxiety here to know the fate of our rivor and harbor appropriation bill in the iiouae. Congress has but a short time to aot. Those, therefore, who ba^ it in charge, Bhould be up and doing. I feel full confi dence that Mr. May and Mr. Vansant will give it their earnest attention. The Colvin will case, though an appeal has been taken to a higher court, is now, since the recent trial, considered decided forever. The decision cannot possibly be reversed, and will not. Indeed, the counsel have scarcely any hope of such a result. Young Warford, in whose favor the bill of 1848 stands, will re oeive property amounting to nearly three hun dred thousand dollars. The lawyer's lees and costs, in the recent trial, will probably not be less than forty thousand dollars. This, how ever, is easily paid to secure three hundred thousand. We have had several days of intensely cold weather, though oar harbor has not been froxen over, and business slightly checked. The newly appointed corporation officers go into power next week, when it is probable things will run at loose end* until they get fairly into the traoei As a general thing about this time, or period of txtunt and entre of the powers that were and the powers that be, will prove an unusual season of incendi aries, outrages, and all manner of rascality. The work seems already to have oommenced by firing houses, Ac. Oar theatres ere all doing a fair business. The trsde of Baltimore promises very flat? teringly for the opening spring. Money is mush easier and general confidence is fast restoring. Flour (iioward street) was held freely to day at $8 50. Grain firm at previous prices, The supply of all kinds of produce is light. Roderick. 'The population of St. Louis, according a census recently taken, is 97,542, including 2 956 colored persons, which is an increase of 12,000 sicoe the census of 1852? 53. The population of the city and suburbs will reach nearly 120,000. t EXHIBITION OF METROPOLITAN Mechanics' institute.?T C. Connolly. Esq., having lesiipied tbe office of (Superintendent ol tlie Exhibition, his place ha* been filled by the elec tion ot CHARLES F. WOOD, Esq. All communications relating to the exhibition should be hereafter addressed to Mm. By order of Exhibition Com. feb 2e?3t II. AM1DON, Sec. " NOTICE.?A MEETING of the mem ' hereof the Mechanics' Exchange of this city will be held at their room on C at, adjoining the Bank of Washington on THURSDAY EVEN ING, March l?t, at 7 o'clock p. m , for the purpose of electing officer# tor the ensuing year, and for other purposes of minor importance. All the members, and all those who wish to be come members of tlie Association are requested to attend. Byrrderof THE COMMITTEE, feb 28 - 2t /.ECTURE.-DR. S. C. BUSEY will de liver a lecture ai Columbia Hall, Capit< I Hill, on THURSDAY EVENING, March 1st, at 7* o'clock. The public are invited to attend. Lecture free. feb 2d Lectures before the Metro politan Mech. Institute The Fourth Lecture ol PROF. WHITAKER on The Art* of the Bible, will be delivered before the Metropolitan Mechanics'Institute, at tbe Institute Rflbms, over Geo. and T. Parker's Htore, Pa. ave nue, THIS (WEDNESDAY) EVENING, at 7* o'clock. Subject: Ancient and Modern Sculpture The public are respectfully invited. Lecture free. By order: P. M PEARSON, Reo Sec. leb28 -It ,THE PERSONS HAVING CHANCES in the Raffle of Furniture will take notice tnat it take* place at my store on FRIDAY next, the 21st March, at 4^ o'clock p m. A few more chances for sale. feb 28 - 3t* JOSEPH GAWLER. METROPOLITAN MECHANICS' IN STITUTE.? By order of the Board of Management, tbe net proceeds ot the Fair on Thursday next, M irch 1st, will be appropriated I for tbe benefit of tbe poor of tbe city. u And aim that no depositor be admitted during tbe day and night, without a pay ticket. Members and others entitled ti free admission, are requested not to une their privilece on that day. By order: P M. PEARSON, Rec. Sec. fib 16 41 MKT MECH. INSTITUTE EXHIBI TION.? \OTlCE TO DEPOSITORS ? All those persons who have goods in cases deposited for competition or exhibition, will please leave the key* of their cases with Mr. T. J. Magruder, at the bxnibiiien Room, so that the judges may be able to examine their goods. Early attention to this is requested, or it may Le their goods will not be examined. Br order: P. M. PEARSON. Rec. Sec. fteb 96 3t (Intel) ^ NEW BUILDING ASSOCIATION h now being formed, which will be organ ised ai soon as 2,000 shares shall he subscribed, when due notice will be given. Persons wishing to avail themselves of tbe opportunity now afforded will find books of subscription opened at E. C. DY ER'S Store, 5J56 Pa. avenae between 12th and 13d) tireets, and at T. M. HANSON'S Office, ftlfl Seventh st., opposite Intelligencer Office, feb 23-3t* ' s#es' and ft INTERESTING NEWS WC have Jdm reeelvad ? large a??ortraent of BOOT? and SHOES for ladies', m.ases' tad children's wear, which we offer very low. Ladles' Gaiters from #1 to $3 Mum' Hoots of every kind m proportion Of children's Shoes we bare every color and style, from 25 cent*, ap The inquiry goaerally is, Where can we find a good assortment of Shoes for ch Idren ? He can answer all each qu-rists lo their satisfaction if they five u? a call. We would aleo atate that we are prepared to man ufmcture every atyle of boot or ?hoe usually worn by gentlemen, ladies, misee* or ch Idren. Also, on hand every description ot boots and shoes which will be sold very low. Call aad examine for yourselves before purchas lac elsewhere, as we are determined to sell. ? ? S. C. MILLS k CO., feb i?-3t 486 Seveaib st. TO THE LADIES. $1 r^nn WORTH OF ELEGANT CHAN sP J jt-'vFUtilly, Brussels, Alencon, Valencennes. and point Laces will be rafH-d as soon as tbe re Iaired number of chances will have been taken 'here are 1,500 numbers, of which 500 only remain to be purchased Tbe chances are $1 each. The?? costly articles are at Madame DELARUE'S, for ex hibition, where the tickets can be obtained Mine. Delarue would also solicit the attention of tbe ladies to a magnificent assortment of fine Em broideries and Laces, consisting of Collars, Sleeves, Roch?ll"s. Veils. Set?, Handkerchiefs, Shawls, kc. All of the aiovt articles will be opened aad ready for sale on thelBtb instant. 938 Pa. avenue, bet. 19th and l&h streets, feb 28?lW* I LOCK 9, CLOCKS, CLOCK! I?If you i want a good Clock, warrant- d to keep time call at the store of J. ROBINSON, 349 Pa. ave., oppo. Browus' Hotel, feb 28?dim C' PUTNAM'S MAGAZINE for March. FRANCK TAYLOR. feb 26?tf WATCH US AND JBWBLRY.-l have on hsnd a rood upplv or fine WATCHES and JEWRLRY which will be sold very cheap to suit the times. Gold L? ver Watches as low as $25, warranted to' keep gi>od time Call and see for yourselves at the store of J. ROBINSON, 349 Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' llo.el. feb 28?dim & PEWS FOR SAM-: OR RUNT.?* tew very de. sir ble Pews in Trinity Church, 3i straet, wi.l be ?old or rented. For terms apply to Mr. D. W. Middleton. Carito Hill, or to FKED KOOVES. Register T. C., at the Navy Asent*s < >ffice. feb 88-3 ? * CITIZENS * ITUAXOIR1 in search of Fancy Ncti'Ui* or Toys, Mjitabl.* lor presents will find a cieat variety and very ch^ap, at feb 2.1 -3c LAMMOND'd. 7ih % STHWART'S SKYLIGHT DAGCURRKAN Booms, over Gait's Jewelry Store, Pa. avenue, is where the public can have splendid Pictures takep at more reasonable price.-- than at anv other room in the city. Call early. Satisfaction always given. febfc?eo3t* ___ HARPER'S MAGAZINE FOR MARCH; 95 cents The Sons of the Sire?, a history of the rise, pt ogres* and destiny of the American Party Life and Beauties of Fanny Fern ; f 1 Wolert's Roost, by Irviag; A1.25 Gilfillan's Third Gallerv ??f Literary Portraits Putnam's Magazine for March ; 25 eenu Pride and Prejudice; 50 cis Godey and Graham's Magazines for March. For sale by E. K. LUNDY, Xo. 138 Bridge street, feb28-tf Georsetown. DKAFNKSS CUHKD.?The following is taken froin Scott's '.Veekly: DEAFNESS.?We underst id that the success which has followed the use ot SCARPA'S ACOUS TIC OIL, in ca*es of deafness, has been astonish ?ng, thousands of per>on? i aving been cur^d wlios* eases were considered hopple**. The calls for thi medicine are from all parts of the country, it taing we bel^ve, the only article be ore th? public for the cure ofttmt distressing disease. Be particular and buy of Z. I>. GILM AN. Wa.-h ington. I). C., and S H. IIANCE, Baltimore. Md.,ss there is a counterfeit article in the market, feb 28 ? ini COME LEARN YOUR FATE. MRS. G EOKOK, late of England, wishes to inform the ladies and gentlemen of Washing ton and Georgetown that she can be seen and con sulted on the past, present and fumre events, at the late residence, No 8* F street, between 21st and 2id streets, First Ward, opposite the Observatory. Her name Is on the door. Hours from 9 a in to 8 o'clock p m. Ladies 25?Gentlemen 50 cents feb 28?lm* TOBIAS ? '? ?? * ? : OPTICIAN. OFFICE No. 513 Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows'Hall. SPECTACLF.3 and GLASSES suited to every sight, on a true aad sci entific principle See circulars, to be had it the office. feb 28?1 m* IROl HALL I BOOT, SHOE, AND TRUNK ESTA BLISHMENT. Ju* received and r ceiv- m 3Wm Ing :i large supply of t?e t T V quality Traveling THUNK8 ^?CARPET BAGS, kc. which' will be sold low. I shall s.ll my stock of Winter BOOTS k SHOE* on hand, which embrace every article, at reduced prices; and as my stock is large, my customers and the public are requested to call and examine. To those who know themselves i :debted to me, 1 would say that I desire prompt settlement. For toe future I shall render my acoounu ruoutfUy - ihi* sys tem having tacrine necessary because of the change of the credit system at the North. S. P. HOOVER feb 2b? eo3: froa Ilall, Pennsylvania avenue. NATIONAL THEATRE. MB6SR9. aYKHS A RAOIGAI Respectfully announce to the citizens of Washing ton and its vicinity that they will open for a short season, on THURSDAY KVlllXO, March 1, With their Splendid Circus Company, The best now performing in America, and computed entirely of STAR ARTISTES Of the highest celebrity and renown. Am<>ag the diktingui-hed artistes in tbu troupe is the cele brated Female EqueMrian, M'LLE ROSA, Justly termed the Pride of the Circle, whose un equalled and bean'iful riding has created the high est enthu-ia-in and admiration wherever she has performed. THREE GREAT CLOWNS OF THE UNION. Each one different, but unequalled. The Inimitable Jester and Performer, JIM MYERS, Renowned and Popular everywhere. The Famous Trick Clown, 8 I G N O It FELIX CARLO And his Wonderful Son. And lb* po, ular Southern Clown and Comic Sinrer SAM. LONG. The gr at Leaper and Acrobat. Mr. THOS. KING. The celebrated Acrobat nnd Hurdle Rider, MONSIEUR LE Kl'E. The Youthful EquestriAn, MASTER JAMES MADIGAN, Termed the Hero of the Circle. Masters CHARLES, JOHN, and WILLIE. The great Double somerset Ti.rower Mr ODELL. The accomplished Scene Rider. Mr. ALBERT AYMER. And last, though not least, the veteran of the Circle MR H P. MADIG \N. Together with a host of other Talented ArtitWa. A splendid Pantomime, RED GNOME; or Spirit of the Silver Fountain. SK * MUe Hmi Gnome Si?. Felix Carlo 0Q" See bills of the day. box Sheet will be opened on Thursday arminc. wh? re setta can fce secured three nighu in advauce without eitra charge. ft-b 28 PALMER'S PATENT LEG. THIS AMERICAN I N V K N TI O N stands unrivalled both in this country and In Europe. It is worn by 1,000 persons, and with most astonishing success. In competiuoB with 30 oilier substitute* oi tbe best I reach, English, and German manufacture, It received the award of the ??at udu at the WoaLD'a Exatai tion in Lonoon, as tbe best artificial i known, la ibis country it has been ;y limes exhibited, in competition with all others, at tbe annual Fairs in the principal cities, and has, ia< veiy lusUnce, received the award of the highest or first piemium. And as a crowning honor, by tbe unanimous approval of aa iateraa tional council, tbe " First Preauum" - only Stiver Medal riven for Lla^a?was awi tbe inventor, at the New York Crystal Palace Pamphlets ginag full iaforaiattea every ap{d1Cant. B, FRANK ? as-ta 3" CWttut ,UM'' X* ??ut gratis ALMtR, hiladelphia. ?cbbbaeammm GRAND VOCAL CONCERT rr tbi rilllllllllt SltllTT. AT CiBClPI ? A LOOM, Oa 1UX8DAT BVJBIBO, Wfirth When thev Will pee tent a splendid programme of CHOICE MUSIC. MRS. FRANKLIN. MRS BURNS, y< \t? York, have k aij offered their aervicee. Ticket* FIFTY CENTS; to be bad at all the B:ok tad Stationery Stnree, and at the door <ni lb* even - ia> of tbe Concert. frb 97?4c (Orjpin insert frb 27, tnh 3,/>.*??4t) THE TRITH AND LIFE, a volume of 8er inons, by Bishop Mcllvaine, fH iHuo. We can assure our rt adera that there it a frf?h nesa and power peivading ihe whole work, which it mart delightful to find in ibis age r f flinty senti ment, or idealistic ab-tr*ctvn?s. wbicb are so often substituted tor tbe Gospel of Christ. Morning with Je?u?, a seriee of Devotional Bead lags, for the deaet and the family, prepared from ?ote~ Sermon* preached by the late Rev. VTn. Jay, of Baib The New Pastoral, bj Tbos. B. Reed Wolfen** Booth ant other Papers, by Washington Irving Harper's Story Books, Bruno, Willie, and Strait Gate. Catalogues of Books cf the Messrs Cart, r, Carl t m k Ptnllips, Gould It Lincoln, Ameieas Tract rtodety, Sunday School Union,aud the Prerbytermn Board fur ished on application, and all tbeir Books sold at lh* catalogue pricis by fb 0(7?3c OKAY *- 1ALLANTYNB, Tib at. OST.?A LIBERAL REWARD will be paid k*t a FI'B TIPPET, which was lot* I at* Saturday evening, on Nineteenth street, between G and W, if restored to the owner at No. 3T5 Nineteenth at., n?*ar the Union Engine How . feb ff-Jl* I'RAMS PA UK XT TOILET IOAP in bars, prevents tbe flesh from Chapping, and for sale at LAMMONDU, 7th >t feb 87-31 rOVS, TOT9, T??Y??At LAMMOND*S, 7ib street, can be found a large and beau til ul collection of French and German Toys, at pricss that cannot fail to plea?e. feb 27?3t EBSTEK'S LARUE ULARTO DICTION ~ ary, edition of IMS, this day received from <tm publishers?price, in fnll l?atli?*r binding, #A feb 97 FRAhCK TAYLOR. ^THAWBERRY PLANTS, RA-PBEBBT, AND J Red Currants, ?.f the beat and choirM varieties i i cult vauno, comprtt-ing Al.ce Mode, Hove) beed ling, British Queen. large Early Scarlet, Elkt?n I'me, and many other tindsof Strawberries. For sale be JOHN O. HUGHES, at Given Valley Nur sery, Alexandria co , Va. Apply at the Drug Store of Charlea Stmt, Esq., corner of I'a. avenue apd Scvt-utb atrret. feb 27? LOB Y?On Friday evoniag, tbe 16tb inattnt, in going to or from tbe Mechanics' lust.tute (from 7th, and over 10tb itreet Bridge^) a large GOLD HREASTP1.V, repre?enting a grape vine, with a hunch of leavea and grapea. Tbe finder will be suitably rewarded by lear 11 g it at J. G. SMITH'S Lunitrer Yard, 6th street. feb 9E-3C GEO. F. KIDWELL. wj? If \ lllCWf KD.-Fur tbe apprebennou and *JJ>1 vlconviction of' the person or persona, oa Thursday night, 2&I inst mt, cut up aid destroyed a enshion and removed tbe prop and lead bars belong ing to our oamibus, at tbe static ou Capitol Ilill, Wish melon, D. C. A tellow (not tbe proprietor) was heard to boaat tha? his omnibus made )l.;l) by it. It la presumable be knows something about it. feb 26?3t LATHAM A COOK. FOB 30 DATS, FOB CASE OBLY. Embroideries, Ribands, ivm Tr minings and Fancy Goods at cost, lest than cost, half price, almost giving away Goods. MAXWELL A IIRO. commence to day tn make room for apring supplies by rtTrr ng th??r choicest Goodt at cost, aea s >nable Go ifs a iesstlnn cost, unseaarnable Goods at half prce, and we have mne old and indifferent ?Uxk accumulated on our liandsthat we almost give ? nay. Thiswiil be a rare opportunity to securegisat b irgains, at we are determim d to reduce our present -lock, if we have to dispose of every claaa of Goods at ball price. We cannot enumerate articles and prices, but in vite the ladies to come and bee tbe qunntnies of Go d* that *? have placed upon our counters and uiar;.fc^ down at pnevs that will certainly srli them. MAXWELL * BR<A, The original Riband and Trimming Store. No. 33 ? Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th tt. feb 22?eo3t 40,000 WASHINGTON CLUBSEGARS. I AM happy to inform my numerous customers that, on Thursday, Ma'rch 1st, I shall nreive 40^000 ot those veiy superior u Washington Club " a EG A BS?Operas, Trabucos, Londrvs, Cilindrndos, ' and I'r u^ados Members of C ingress and other non-residents who uuli to supply themselves before leaving Wash ington with fine Segara at fair prices, are requested to call and exatnins these goo-Js on and after that day. I h i vc alts on hand a choice lot of Liqnors, Bran ? dies, Wines, Gina, flic. EDWARD C. DYEB, ? Pa. avenue, betw. 12tb and 13ih aU. fsb 26-61 (Intel) NOTICE. . THE und? signed, having associated in business under the name of JOHNSON, GUY * CO will keep constantly on hand, at the old stand of Wooowad k Guy, Pa. avenue, between 10th and Uth streets, a general assoran- nt of HARDWARE consMing ot BUILDING MATEBIALS, Cl"T 4*HV ?TOVES, URATES, be., to which they respectfully invite the attention of former patrons *nd ti:w public gr.eralTy, with an assurance tbat eTe,y exertion will be made to pisase. VtM. J. SIBLEY, ,,.x ^ B. C. JOHNSON, feb 'J6?3t B. F. GUY. 10 OOn 8A,;KH F,XE k COARSE LIV 1U.UUU KRPOOL SALT, filled ten to tbe ton, in store and m asle at verx low prices by r i si_h, FOWlE A CO., f>b 21 d 1 w Alexandria, Va. Sfill I 9 dfce. ? 1200 sacks G. A. Salt 5W) sarka Jeffry and Darcy do., fine 303 do Afbton <jo do WObbN 1,2, 3 and 4 Mackerel 150 do Ileiriug , 50 do Shad For sale by 8. n. HOWELL, feb oZVt"'" COf' Hifh ,Ud WateW* ' GeoCn. BOYS' CLOTHING. " IN order to scH off ojr present stock of Boya' and Youths' \V inter Clothing we have determined to offer our large and fiue assortment, conaisting of sv ? ry desirable style and quality ol fa^uonaWe Beadr tnads Garments, suitable for dress and t bool wear at greatly reduced prices. ' WALL A STEPHENS. run. 3*5 Pa. avs., next to Iron Hall, feb 24 (aentinslkNewt) pOHCBRTIMAS. v Two of the above fine Instruments lor sale low *V^eQ5!,,l8'c ^P01^ HILBUS k HITTE. fe" ^ comer Pa. avenue and Uth ata. II. SEMKEN, JEWELER^ Ns. 330 Pa. avenue, between 9tk and IOTA atreats., Oflcrs for sale a magnificent assortment of DIAMOND JtWELBY, rac.e!ctJ' Brea*tP'nt, Earrings, Seal Rinn Wedding lCing?, Fob and Vest Chains, Seals. Lock eu. Pencils, Thimbles, Trinkets, etc All articles are warranted as represented and told unusually low. jtn 19 r?oMt,^JiEKa OF CONGBES8 It OTHERS. OA! ? L u.^SKKJN8' FOKKS, kc.-M. W. '?ai.i & ?nO. mvi e special attention to tkeir stock of pure Silver Table, Dessert, and Tea Spools and Forks, Ladles, Butter Knives, and all other ai lie*mm of pure Silver Wart?, which it larger and more vaned than ever offered to their c ustomera. M. W. GALT k BRO., 3?A Fa. av-nue betw. 9th and lOtb ata. feb 23?u FANCY GOODS, PERFUMERY, HUTCHINSON k WI N RO are now selling |t their new store, 310 Pa. avenue, between 5hb and 10Ji streets, next door west of Messrs Wal ter Harper k Uo'a, the finest and cheapest stock of goods in the above line ever offered In this city, and they cordially invite those about to pur chase to call and examine their gocds and learn tlieir priest before bu>i?z elsewhere. Their goodt are lb i first quality, and were bought for cash at 90 per cent dl-count and can be sold so much lower. HUTCHINSON k MUNBO, feb 23 6t 310 Pa. avenue. LL STMANOIllli vi-i ing the City Should see Huntsr'a Cat also, t it Dttscnpiion of Powell's great Picture alogue of the cnriosttiM of tbe Patent ofice. feb 93?la* BABXIBG HOUSE 07 FA ISO AB0UBSS, Br4Mf OnUwted State. Truuury. ONDS, Slacks and otbor securtUet purchased aud told. Interest at ibe rate of pit per ceut per annum al lowed on deposits when Art for 30 days or Idiiiet. janQJ * " A SILVERWARE. AVEBY pretty assortment of Sliver Coffee Sots, Pitchers, Goblets, Cup*, Creama.aad ail kinda ?f 8poont and Forks, snd a variety of Fancy BUvsr ware, suitable for presents, via: Soup and Oysaar Ladlss, Crumb Scraper*, fl?h, pis and cake Knives, Cream and Sugar Spoons, etc., is offered at tow pat can, and warranted alerting. ? so H. 81MKEM, No. IN Fa. gvaaaa, bM. ttk and lOtk au, Jaa It