Newspaper of Evening Star, March 1, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 1, 1855 Page 3
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evkning star. LOi AL /a T E LLIGENCE. Arroi?Tirx9r or PoKn?;rsits is the Stat* T.-Tk, Organ of yesterday con tains the following ?p t?JfAgmlW9'r()*> February 27, 1855. ' Editor of thr American Organ : lPS**T ?J tb* *l?t itutant, u? 'Facts for Americana?Jesuit. lSa^*^0TerBn,?nt':' **4*d l0?o *? Ud ^. rT^uby.J!a' th,re >r* ?> many error, uat I itkt tbo liberty of oorre^ting the same "?*" lkV r#Ule to ?J '?<ker *ndmywlf' Tbo article alluded to sajs that I am -ml ployed to aid the agont contrary to law Su-h u not the case I an employed in the Depart, meet In conformity to law and of 2uir* U.?iSSffStS and seeb assistance ai has boon astir ii ??' that deak since the year 1829 ?-*d to The artiole farther taya : fBboyJm>t* ?mployeet in the State it^Tn?d f^^ TOV8' and hM onJ/ keen re-, -I*0,* doinS *> by the influence cf prominent citnena of Washington, who oer "Presented the cue to Gen. Pierce " <",,o,wkou ?teu>. wh0tohtiVf7?sd*J?' J?ly; 1853 tb* **7 on ? aftssTsfar aafc a SIhI,M1e\tim?L0ne ,abor#r' * f?rei^ner and a Catholic hu been removed, and a foreigner fhiTi k ?uWM aPP?int*l in his place hn Tariff? rT*Ti r<"iP*<1' *nd tb*r? hare 10 their places tbr*? Ameri ""J? cui?ens. not Catholic., one of whom , th^wib* ??ttnt,7 the war of 1812 Or the watchmen, two have been removed one of whom baa been succeeded by a foreigner and n Catholic, aad the other by an Amencw ?K\2i? Catholic With these removal, lid fPpointln?nt? f?tber bad nothing to do. and hu ans?er invariably baa been to thoae , who have applied to him for office, that be tt??h",h* ??"' '? "??? ?pAi.!1 Averie u I am to newapaper notoriety 1 thfaTla j from aaking vou to publish noMJ^I i Pp#-Uln* Jou would not willin/ly iauu9 J?Ur p3per what J00 knew to bJ Very respectfully Wm. E. bruBBs CuR Wm. Loughridge, L?TnV . ' aahln8ton county, Md., is now foJn^g ?!iW C4r:br,k* constructed at the ? BroL*?Th? htT-3h?P cf w* M E'.lia .tilk?. Thirteenth street, near the oanaJ. tffw on Saturdsy next at ffc-SSST^1 HoUl lhi$ **?Me invention , Jur^wb eh a patent is pending here and in 1 *Mope) poaseaaea the following advantage. ? to wua stiarztts* Mimzr- 10011 ??t'b,i-*,h* rtf?Kj?h# P?Weu1'Ll^kan from the momentum ! tv 'w ' 7 u ""f1' ^r the purpoee. rmle? c*n gradaated to pat on ?hLk"?i??? h Wh#d' or efficient power to choc* all the wheela in ten aeeond* 4 In operating on the brake., a tattle ioint or it. equivalent i. raised up to prevent^the car. crowding on each other P 6c," *?,b* "*i? h? ?H th! r23lliS^?fmmy ^ ?rerated on cither by * TK. K k for,r*rd motion of :he engine ofth?" ?fa * Sradn?t*i at the will 8 descending an inclined plain. , a Toe brakesman need not leave hia chair in traveling one thousand miles. ^e-?emen *boare 'D'ereated in ear-brakej and who cannot wait to see the public exhibi tion, can have it explained by calling at the machine-ahop of Me^.r. Elli.. or upolthe in! renter at room 9J, National Hotel. ScoDEjr DnavH _Mr Samuel S. Whiting, a clerk in the Treasury Department, yesterday th# *?.?f ?'igniD*h"n,me ??Btk * pay, fell to the ' . ln * faw minute. He was id ln 1 fceAjth JMt to the Uj^ent. The jury returned the following ofltei efSthTTKi^ ^hiiiD*-l4,# ? clerk in the omoe of the Third Auditor of the Tre&surv Th!? fnnh de^lh| b? th* T"*tation of (i5' Whm?! ? find that the said Samuel S. S^I^miUf^hP^eT,0,,? ^ bii de?th' entered, tne room of the pay clerk of bit Der ailment n tZiffCJT ofHr#f*!7lng bi' monthlJ ?i? ry, and he fell and died before receivirr it or ?fBing a receipt for the san^e There ierl L h F!rLon #f,er death oc? e?"pty S3%?S*^w^??;? k-'e' tbf Aie?i5AV10fi ~Yeflterd*7 afternoon aa f? blmi^n f\f fir*nc? wera ?bJUt leaving .rlrTrl^ L th? steamboat, a po^c of officer, ?board the boat and ar,esiod seven or In w K- who ba 1 'ccompanied them U> Waahmgton They were cbarged with baring commuted certain depredationa upon w!S W ?f 51 r Clark- tb? Seventh ward Jhey were all taken to the cuard 1b.e!d 10 bail for court b/cap thi ? ' aunliiry guard From, aon^lm/V&f tbe Pri?occra. one would ?f U^ Fi. 'co^LT U'"? "" " ?"a"'<'r States AoaiecLTcniL Soci*. TT ?The Lmted SUtea AgriculturMl Society eommenced their third annual session yeater uJ ? 1bnutheonian institute Iwenty. mx State, were repreMnted. Col. Wilde/a VIJ X* tb! cbair' *" w*r"!y re the appointment of the committee., the ?ociety adj turned until .JVG*?r<o Washington Paiki Cus r*}u v. ?D ^ ? a*r"ultnral character of I his father, by adoption, George Waahington. .k???.TkD"AD ~IvWaj last evening S. P???0 "bo WM uken fron? the neigh borhood of the fire at Col. Benton'., in a help aPPare::t,y froten, had .inoe aied. W ii are happy to aanounce that it ia not so. w hen he wa. lounj the cffioers of the ^eraeyeranoe Fire Company had him removed to their engine houM, where he was re.tored -.!?.Di!f,0.U-KeW aod thard retained until he was able to be sent home. He is a re?peotable !!!J0hariV,*1,Df at lLa *******Td- W? did Lot hear hu name JiiTnuPOLiTAS Fain.?TUIa exhibition hu now been opened three weeks, still there is no abatement in the influx of visitors. Last evening, the Hall was crowdod, every avenue being filled, and at one period the vastasiem. blage had to remain .'at;onary, being unable to retrogade either way. We trust that thi. day being aet apart for tbe benefit of the poor, eur oitisec. generally will turn out as fully, and that a large amount may be realised to be distributed among those in need. A CuMPLixcrr to oca Firem ex.?Last even iug. a number of gentlemen from New York were converting upon tbe water question, in cne of oar hotels, and the want of water dur ing fires was alluded to, when one of them re marked that Washington fi emen deserved1; more credit than any be had a??n, for although tfcey were few in number and their means limited, they seldom allowed a fire to extend beyond the building in whi;h it originated. Splehdio Raffle.?Attention is called to the notice of Joseph Oawlor to the ft.ti)eof| splendid furniture, to take place to morrow at bis plaoe of business, No. 1*2, Henna avenue. Tfceee who wish to pcs?eu themselves of a j good pieee of furniture fur the sum of one dollar ought to call and take a chance. We are ia for the walnut writing oabinet, and tJunJb that our ticket will win. SnnnnaoE.?The National Braaa Bind was out last night, and paid a vLit to the dwelling of J H. Bradley, Esq , where they played a number of ezqai-ue places of music to the grant delight of a large crowd who had assem bled there. ? Finn.?About noon to-day a fire broke out in aome sheds ia a stable jard near the corner' of B and Twelfth streets. The danger of the fire spreading was all that was to be feared, and eeveral eitisens prevented that by tearing down the iheds ad)oining the one li dames. I Th* Crtctrs To n?n..HbtkHfkttk>i the National Theatre will be fillsdtoj?it 27J2: fll JS10 ?itnr** p"*o7ELZ 01 Barton A Madtgan s celebrated troop# Criminal Court.?The Marah Um ?f ?k?. HaJ? ''Via***? 00 Mond*y aaxt at the City |H?II. Jndf? Crawford will ? reside aad we !2?f* " "? ^ toESKi" i * * h)a?i!'^?*,^i*J10"ether value hrtns^^^ If^j ' **? ?* C?l. Banton'a li1* ^ ?*?< for the aeeoad volume of his 14 Thirty Tears in the 8?ate." ?.^,.!fTfB.^ARKBT morning waa better lupplied than usual upon Thursday, and most articles appeared to be returning to the old standard?a deelioe from Tuesday. Witc? Returns ?This morning there was bet one eaae in the guard boose, that of D. 0 Keefe, charged with ill treating his family. Ihe ease had not beea disposed of when we left, the witnesses not having arrived. 0KO&9ZTOWV COKltrOVDUCK. Suspicious Com-Canal and River-Fair rr?4 Schools, 6fc. GnoEMTown, March 1,1864. An individual waa going through our city yesterday with a paper whioh had the appear anee of being considerably used, aolieitiog aid for a f%miiy by the name of Sweeny, whom I1* on ???e itreet in Wash SS?. Dn*r ! J-1^8 geometer, in the First Ward One individual upon whom he eallej, suspuioning that all was not right, went over in the efternoon, and thoroughly explored the n^hborhood in which SttuX resided, but could hear of no such persons, or d'scover any house with such a number upon it. Everything connected with this individual and his mission, may possibly be right, ba. we oonfess that some of his replies, when quest ooed close, and the failure of the person above alluded to to find any sueh family cr number in the quarter where he located them causes the matter, as we remarked in the onset to look rather suspicious Our obj?t is to put both him and the public on their guard trom many of his replies to questions put to him it is evident he is a stranger in thij Dis trict, unlen bis object wa: to deceive The we ar was again let on the lower level of our canal yesterday. This morning, it, as well as our harbor, is blocked u? tight and ,Ce ,lh* in of upon the canal has enabled the factory and m?il9 od the oiqaI to rtiuuc optr*tiont c.scholars of the Brlantewn Sabbath school closed last night. We ai? pleased to learn that the net preoeeds far sur Ksses what was anticipated in the beginning ? object was, if possible, to acquire a suffi cient amount to purchase a suitsble library and other books for the use of the sohool. which we are gratiied to know they hare done, and will have a handsome surplus to an propriate to other purposes. We have been requested to say that a free iv "Ohool will b. opJn.<l D.X. Monday mora? log. in the room now occupied by the Brian 'ctool. for the accommodation of the children living in that neighborhood The services of a very estimable and compe tent young lady have been secured to take charge of it, and in her hands tue school will hoed Pr?Te * bl68,iDS t0 th? neighbor We sincerely hope that the incoming Board of Common Council, composed as it is of gen t.emen who, to our certain knowledge, are warm friends of public education, will ?t once take into consideration our present incfiaieu school system. We have now but two schools. ' one irale and one female, with four teachcr?. for a population of 10,000. A tax of one mill P#f V l?1?0 real *nd Personal property,' would doubtless yield Sufficient, with the pres ent appropriation of $1,500, to give ui the requisite cumber of public schools. This would relieve many of our churches, who now by their parish schools educate the poor of their membership. The flour market is rather dull, with sales at $8.75. Wheat, red $1.85a$l?0- white *l.?0a$1.96-but litUe arriving ' Spectator. ILN.'s is the Empirb State.?The late session of K. M'aat Syracuje, is said to have resulted in the choioo of the following officials: James W. Barker, President; Ambrose Steven? ^ 'e? President; H. Parrington, Secretary; C. TreSai? Joseph Taylor ? 7^ ? following persons were elec ted delegates and substitute delegatej to rep resent the State in the National Councils:?f. W Barker, New York; Daniel Ullman; T J Lyons, Westchester; R. Grave?; L. S. Parsons Albany; A. S.Wygant; S. Sammoos, Montgr> merj; W. A. Russell: (No. 5 drew out;) (J fequires; J M Corley, h. V. R. Mallory, Can aodaigua; J. T Morse; Horatio Seymo?, Jr.; Buffalo; M. Bnrnell. The Constitution was amended so as to provide for the admiiSion of native born Protestants of foreign born Protes unMParex,tage' A e<,,Bmit"e of withdrawn , * "PO" to the Albany Atlas that, with > I?*1? h4VB b#e? 1'500 withdrawals throughout the State. C7*^ TO THE LADIES.?OOOO NKWS FOU THE V0'0*,00'9 (JOLD** MONTH IT P1I.L* the bt<t an l iuo?l infallible zeniedj ever dlnroven. i Lr llevmg and curing .11 painful, .lltitrMstn* ?o<l diSlcult man ?trunt.uu, r.UioM^.11 ?dVr *r < frcW %rU*U,Vrr ?*"?? TLe..? PUU arc a tkilmpb in medicai. soienck iuXVuir^burcrnth11LT,,,r*',< for d-l.cwa frmalr, t3 uk. UrKlZ?' R-J55ega-.B?! ~ . trentmant oftha diiaaaa* of ss r.rK ?'?? ;r'j ?? ..j f?..d j, ?; i'"u"u ?? Al. iu?r 1?ro3m* tub port by ok ravaic.?aykk'h pill* kiu? fouodatlotta uf dlaaaaa. Thara are ll,ooaaud. of ?uBer*r7 * uMWhaU?r?l'V*d"twuP?" " koaw Try Ajw'4 Plllt aud you wl!l know it. PBriljr Ui? blood and <!l*ea*a will be ? tarred out I^aM th# W- fru?? "uporlilM an I you are enred al Take thin b.-flt nf iJl PurRativat, and Scrofula, ludlfr tlcn Tm* J5"' ktclUk ."dde Art,a, Jauudk-e Matl.m, deranfatnenta of the Liver. K.duay^ and all d%ranfem?rita *ud all wtilcis a nurxativ*- ren*dv ^Utid^h V ,Ufur* th*u, llk* (larkueaa before tbe San. "TT: .V IB?lri?< from *u/of the nuiueroos ,h?r rnra-an^r no mor,-v? rem^y 1^ U" rrorlded for yon, and It la criminal to beeleci it .. TU*' **?' ? Vbwrj Pe< toral !? U.e beat tuad.olue for a c..nsh, !? known fc> the wbola world, aud tbat Ayer-* Pi la ^ ul r,1K '? known to tboaa wha haee used ^Pr^.ra.1 hy DR J. C. A YKB, Lowall. nu. , -And ?.ld t O OILMAN, Washington. U. M. LlNTliiCl U, Uearfelowj. aelr/wwi" * ?0 , rr*1*rtctobarg, and by all Drn^i.U N|> n fO-JTZW A?T TUK FA,RS^??WHITKHl'ESTS bira Jurlea of sack of the Uta fclra at BalUmor*. Bictinjond, and N?w York awarded thalr blfitsat rr ?tuinua to J. H. W. (or their superiority of Pbo tographa, Steraoaoopaa and Uaguerraotypes axblbttad. *r. W. alao lareivad two Medal* at the World'* Pair Lon I aU pr?iam at Crystal Palace, New York. .* ' *w*rd* ?*"?? MaryUnS lusUMM for thres Jttn psuiL ^ Qs'lsry in Uils city is on Pa. s??nne, betw. j *H and ?tU streeu. ,7 [ !X>"_KV1.^T Mad* CLOTHING FOB OKNTLK VKN AND SOii wllLIMA maanUctored with taste and elegance by NOAH WALKKB k OO., nndsr Browns' Hotel. Their stoak euibra-e the ralltot or flnrtoat Oeerooat, Oraraacks Sf"1 T*1-"' bl*?k ??<? ?>'?? Clot* Dross Coats! 'rJ>ck ?U JnMiaiH* colors, Caaslmer, BnslnsM TrU' 8Uk*. *e ? ?l??klu Caaslmer. Sguxed, and plain Oaaa4?ar Pantaloons. For ynath Jackats, Panu, Veats, OvarcoaU, Ac. As they are their own snaaufactarars they are enabled and will sell at tha Tory lowaet prices Shirts of saperi.r at, Oallara. Gloves, Tlas, Ac . of lata styles always on hand. tfar la? it /"^OE IBONCHITItj, Throat Dlssass*. Hacking Congh, sad the efla<-u of laprsdewt asa of Marcary, ao msd lelna has sear beea discovered which Baa effected each nrss as Carter * Spanish Mixture. Throat diseases prod seed by sallvatloa, Hacking Ooagti, Bronchial Affections, Llrsr DlSlaSS. Naaralgla. aad Bheu ??- we. an ?????, nwaiaifia, a?u nneu BatUm, have all been relieved and carad la a wonderfhl asaauar, by th* great puriaer ef U*e blood, Carter's 9p*utsh MUtare. Tha case ef Mr. T. H Ra-neey aloae should aatlsfy any who doubt. Call on the Agent aad procure a, coatolnlng cares, which will astoaad yoa. *a*Bee adverttaaaaeut. WJaa Rniuiero* receives all ths new Books sad New* paper* as fast as published. He Is ageat tor Harper'* and ail the other Mages!nee, aad oar md*n will always End * large and good aasortateot of Bleak Soeke aad Stationary at' his Bookstar*. Odeoa Building, oor Pa. avaaaa aad *H at Diao. On the 27.h ultimo, RA1KI0OV SHirLEV, son of Tbomas C. Doan. F.*o., In the fourteenth year ef ala a<e. At fiMtrgetown on the 28th ult., MARY, wile of iaiaaa ' "l'aaaml.u? .*f* T"11? frieiKls of the family are respect tally ia vited to attend her funaral from the reaideace tf Is. T. O'OoanotUuc ? ??> v..^ ? ?f, id last, ?*!??>? Showing the amount at his credit in the Treasury, with assistant treasurers and desig nated depositaries, and in the Mint and branches, by returns received to Monday. Ftb. 36, 1W5; the amount for which drafts have been issued, hut were then unpaid, and the amount then remaining subject to draft. Showing, also,the amount of future trans f*r* *? and from depositaries, as ordered by the Secretary of the Treasury. la what place. Treasury of the United States, Washington, D. 0 Assistant Treasurer, Boston, Massachusetts.. Asd?tant Treasurer, New York, New York ... AwiKtAntTn>wur?r, Philadelphia Pennsylvania Assistant Treasurer, Charleston, South Carolina Assistant Treasurer, New Orleans, Louisiana Assistant Treasurer, St Louis, Missouri Am a ant Treasurer, Ban Frandmo. JJ-I82 257 feO Depositary at Buffalo, New York ........... Depositary at Baltimore, Maryland Depositary at Richmond, Virginia Depositary at Norfolk, Virginia- .. Dej osltary at Wilmington, North Carolina D??i ositary at Savannah, Oeergia .. Depositary at Mobile, Alabama. Depositary at Nashville,Tennessee Depositary at Cincinnati, Ohio Depositary at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania D pos*Ury at Cincinnati (la*e) Dei ositary at Dubuque, Iowa Depositary at Little Rock, Arkansas Depositary at Jeffersonville, Indiana Depositary at Chicago, Illinois Depositary at Detroit, Michigan Depositary at Tallahassee, Florida \ssav 'Dm, New York Branch mint. Bun Francisco, Cal Mint of the United States, Philadelphia. Penn Branch mint of the United States, Charlotte, N. C. Branch mint of the United States, Dahlonega, Oa Branch mint of the United States, New Orleans, La. Dedactovei draft. $483,957 80 i 14 \ #96,890 80 3,8*3,690 13 4,483.633 90 381,41 89 99.545 67 796.030 SJ6 4,410,319 18 943.339 35 47 165 98 79 559 83 99.253 03 215 341 73 22,040 59 45,682 55 84.797 99 47,230 57 1.791 91 11,986 30 90 39 408,450 33 74 239 22 69,680 64 96,297 86 443,933 86 36,536 07 4 962,000 00 809 943 64 2,960,854 16 32,000 00 26.8V) 00 1,454,164 13 m *iw *91,314 01 74,099 29 391,169 63 4 >,568 53 35,356 43 343,735 97 *28,679 12 73.^00 15 1,708 0* 41,643 07 95 58 98.056 28 11,218 :9 4.893 75 17,993 13 10,312 70 231 96 36 60 25,583,Of-9 74 17,087 73 J7,791 69 40,664 75 5,684 74 13,713 99 2.683 38 1,000 00 2,120,308 93 ?5 376 79 .l,N#,590 83 4,099,453 58 334,843 36 64.3P9 35 483,304 99 4,181.633 06 if*** ? ??????? 45,457 9U 37,909 76 29,156 4i ,117385 45 10 822 20 40,788 80 66,P04 86 36.917 87 1.569 95 11,249 60 20 39 391,399 50 56,447 53 29,01.1 89 90.613 12 429.539 87 33.849 69 4,"362.000 00 809,943 64 9,960 854 16 32.000 00 95.850 00 1,454,164 14 DjJu t difference in transfers. *3,915,108 61 . 48\257 80 23,403, AW 81 23,300 00 Net amount subject to draft $23,439,550 81 Transfers oidsred to Transfer? ordered to Transfers ordered to Transfers ordered to Transfers ordered to Tr?n ? fe g ordered to Tran?t-rs orler. d to T rm'f-r. ordered to Transfers ordered to tre?m?-y of the Unite 1 SUtea, Washington, D. 0 assistant treasurer, New York, New York assistant treasurer. New Orlean?, Louisiana f. assistant treasurer, 8t. Louis Missouri assiktsnt treasurer, 8?n Fran erf ho, California a say office at New York, N Y branch mint of the United States. San Francisco, California. mint of the Uoi'ed 8t%tei at Philadelphia, Pa b-anch m'nt, New Criers, La 400.000 00 510,000 00 320 000 00 750,000 1 0 900,000 00 500,000 00 200,000 00 17,500 00 500.000 00 $4,097,500 00 Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer, Boston, Massachusetts Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer, New York, New York Transfers or*ere1 frcra swdstaut treasurer. New Orleanr, Lcui last TrassVrs ordered from assistant treasurer, 8t. Louis, Missouri .. Transfers oideiel froui depositary at Sivsnnah, Georgia Transfers ordered to depoiitary at Fstroit, Mlehigan m Transfers ordered ftcm assay cfflce at New York, N. Y....% Transfers ordered from mint of the United States, Philadelphia, Ptinsyivan'a. 70 000 00 1,470.000 0> 8,300 CO 1 955,000 00 ' 25.0 9 00 25 000 00 17,500 00 550,000 00 $4,^20.800 06 March 1?It LOST?A LIBERAL REWARD will be paid for a FUR TIPPET, which was lost last Saturday even in*, on Nineteenth street, between G and H, if restored to the owner at No, 375 Nineteenth st., n-ar the Union Engine Hou??. feb 27? 3t* *t RASSPAHKJIT TOlLlST ?OA f in I bars, pre\<e?t* the flesh from Chapping, and for sale at LAMMOND'S, 7tli st. f. b27-3t rilOYS, TO ITS, TOY n ?At L.VMMuNlJ'!', 1 7th street, can be found a large and beautiful collection of French and German Toys, at prices that cannot fail to please. feb 27?3t UTKAWBERRY PLANTS, RAbPBERRV, AND Red Currants, of the l>est and choicest varieties ii cull vntion, comprising Al.ce Mode, ilovey Seed . ling, British Queen, larpe Early Scarlet, Elkton | Pine, and many other Hndsof strawberries. For sale bv JOHN O. HUGHES, at Gr>:en Valley Nur sery, Alexandiia co, Va. A pply at the Drug Store of Charles Statt, Esq., corner of Pa. avenue and Sevtnih street. _feb 27?4,* # 40,000 WAS HI NGTrON C LU BSEU ARS. I AM happy to inform my numerous customers that, on Thursday, March 1st, I shall receive 40,000 of those very superior "Washington Club" SEG ARS?Operas, Trabucos, Londres, Cilindrados, and i'r, nsados Members of Congress and other non-residents who wish to supply themselves before leaving Wash' ington with fi^e Segars at fair prices, are requested to ( ?.11 and examine these goods cu and after that day. 1 hive also on hand a choice lot of Liquors, Bran dies, Wines, Gins, tic. EDWARD C. DYER, Pa. avenue, bttw. 12th and 13.h su. feb 26?6t (Intel) li\ AAA SACKS FINE k COAKaU LiV 1 u. 1/VfU ERPOOb SALT, filled ten to the ton, in flare and for .sale at very low prices by FOWLE fc CO., f?b 34?<11 w Alexandria, Va. SAIj'I', Ac. 1200 sacks G. A. Salt 500 sacks Jeffry and Darcy do., fine 30J do Ashton do oo 200 l?l?ls 1, 2, 3 and 4 Mackerel 150 dj Herring ? 50 do Shad For sale by S. II. HOWELL, Southwest cor. High und Water st., Geot'n. feb 23 ?6t n. SEMKEN, JEWELER, No. 330 Pa. avenue, between 'Jth and IMA streets., Offers for sale a magniiicent assortment of DIAMOND JEWELRY, Gold Bracelets, Breastpins, Earrings, Seal Riiips Wedding Rings, Fob and Vest Chains, Seals, Lock* ets, Pencils, Thimbles, Trinkets, etc All articles are warranted as represented and sold unusually low. J m 19 UtUGLAR A NO POWDKU-PHOUF LOCKS. ALL who are interested in secure Locks are in vited to examine the ones exhibited by the subscriber at the Hall of the Smithsonian In?iiiu tion (>inder the management of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute) embracing "Jours' Patent combination Lock" and "Hill's Patent Anti-Guu powder Lock" (the key no larg-r than a tooth pick.) ?1 ,000 wai placed in Herring's Safe, secured with the above Locks, when on exhibition at tint World's Fair. London, in 18>1, and (.ffered as ? re ward to any one who could pick the locks or open the safe with the keys, but no one was found skill ful enough in the art of lock-picking to ob'ain the money. The Jury awarded separate Medals for Herring's Safe and Hall's Lock; as also at the World's Exhibition in New York, in 1853*4, which can be seen with the Safes at the above exhibition. SILAS C. HERRING, Patentee and Manufacturer, New York. FIT/HUGH OOYLE, No. 510 Seventh Hreet, Washington, D. C , Agent. feb 23?lw* Wants. WANTED?BOARD IN GEORGETOWN FOR a gentleman and wife in a private family would have no objection to the western part ol Washington. Please address "Alb rt," Gecrgetow ii Post Office. marl?It* WANTED?TO HIRE FOR ONE YEAR, A IL use, in good repair, containing not less than 8 rooms, including a kitchen, to be located be tween the Ca;iitol and Navy Yard, tor which a lib eral rent will be paid. Enquire of H. HUNT, at the Navy Yard. mar 1 3 * A MIDDLE AGED LADY, HIGHLY RESPE T able, wishes to engage with n family going ?nit to California. She would take care of an invalid Udy, or lake charge of chi'cren on the passage, would remain with th? family on their arrival, if re Jnired. The test of recommendations can be gi\en lease address "Cal foruia," Evening Star office, mar 1 3t w ANTED?AT THE MANSION J10U8E in Alexandria, Va , a Head Waiicr. To one well qualified good wages jivill be given. lebito?4t* A G. NEWTON. WANTED?TWO YOUNG MEN TO ASSIST in a dairy. Those who understand milking, and are capable of taking charge ol' a Horse and Wagon. Good references required as regards hon esty and sobriety Address "O 1?," City Post Office, iKJst paid, fdb 28?3t* WANTED?A NURSE FOR A CHILD ONE inon*h old. A mi-Idle ag?.d while woman de ?ircd. Apply at 463 Thirteenth street, corner of E it."? entrance on E. ftb 28?2t* For Bala and Rant. Furnished rooms for rent. Enquire at MRS. LAM3'8, No. SOS Pa. avenue, next to cor. 15Ui et. feb 28?3.* Furnished house for rent? modious House, No. 4SO !1 street; containing eleven rooms, with bath room, gas fixtures, Sic., completely furnished in every particular, is for rent. Apply to N. M. McGREGOR, Furniture Dealer, 7th street. feb 23- tf Furnished house for rent.?ti? tub scriber will rent his hou-*e with the Fur-rure, and the stable, to a enrcful and pnnctua1 tenant No. 403 Thirteenth street, Lctwecii G and II. It may be examined and the term$ascerl;iiiied at the hou*c. For sale, a Hor?e and Carriage. feb 22?tf CHAS. DUM MEC. FOR RENT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgetown or City Property, a small and Well cultivated Farm in Fairfax county, Va. Enquire of J. ORME, corner of Kridgc and Congress his., No. 87. feb 6?If ? SPECIAL NOTICE. WE earnestly request all person* iu?Mit?d to us on accounts reiiJen d 1st January, to come forward a?d clo?-e the tam ? without further ilelay, as it is a 1 important that the business of the late firin should be settled up. This we reasonably ex pect, and must insist upon without further notice. COLLKV flt SEARS, 533 Seventh st.,3 doors above Pa ave. ftb 27?eo6t SPECIAL NOTICE. MIE subscriber,-as administrator of Ihe estate of the late John D. Brown, offers for sale the ex tensive and well selected stock of Furniture and House Furnishing Goods, in whole or in lots, at ap Eiiseiiieut prices, for cash or undoubted paptr, ar ng inteiest; also the lease of the building in which it is contained, known as "Apollo Hall." To perrons desiring to engage in business this af fords a fine opportunity, a* the reut of the building Is moderate and the run or custom very g rad. N. B.?All persons indeb.ed to the estate are earn esiy requested to make immediate settlement, by cash ir notes, otherwise their accounts will be olaced in the hands of counsel for settlement. JAS. C. McOUIRE, feb 37?eo6t Administrator. HOMES FOR ALL.?Reauiilulty and healthily located Building Lots. 21 fett irout by 130 feet deep, ou graded streets, can, tftilit spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per month Title indisputable. Uuion Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Ft llnv.'*' Hall, jan 9?6ui JOHN FOX, Secretary. Hoarding. BOARDING.?A laly having taken the b;iiid some Dwelling, No 3, Union Row, on F street, between 6th and 7ih, can offer fine large rooms for families, oitiier lurnished or uufurnishad Also, has rooms for gen'Jemen much larger than are generally approp lated to single persons. Table boarders and permanent or transient per sons will be accommodated on the most reasonable terms feb 21? 2w T Gold, silver, steel * plated spec TACLB8 to suit every age and eye, Riding flpecs, R. R. Glasses, Eye Protectors, Eye Glasses of all descrip tions, Reading Glasses, Goggles; fca.. Parabola, Perifocal, Concave, Convex, and Colored Glasses put ia frames at the shortest notice. Persons in want of glasses may be sure to get those which benefit the eye at H. SEMKEN'S, No. 330 Pa jan 20 avenue, belw. 9th and lOUi sts. BOOKS OF HOUSE 0T BEPttKSENTA!T??S. LtaaAav IIocsb c-r RicrnKSENTATivEs. ALA KG E numtier of Books belonging to thl Library of t ie House of Representatives have oqen drawn by member < and by their orders, and stand ch trged to their account* on the books of this offlee. It is important tor the preservation of the Ales that they should be returned before the close ol the session. MATTHIAS MARTIN, Librarian of the House of Representative*, feb 90?d3w BAHXIHQ HOUSE OF PAIB0 ft BOURSE, Opposite Uxited States Treasury. TJONDS, Slocks and other securities purchased |1 and sold. Interest at the rate of six per cent per annum a) lowed oo deposits when Ml for 90 days or longer. SPLENDID RAFFLE. "1XTILL be Rallied frr as too as the requisite f y number of Chances have been taken, the fol lowing splendid and cosily articles, viz: 1st Prize. One splendid gold Paper Weight, containing an Automaton Sincing BnJ and 8day Chronometer, most beautifully decorated and adorned with enamelled Paintings ?$l,GoO 2d Prize. One Lady's Gold Watch, richly set with Diamonds and Painting qn Enamel... i-0 3d Prize. One Lady's Gold Watch, richly set with Diamonds, and Painting on Euamel.. 1-Hj 4th Prze. One Gents Full Jeweled Patent Levervtwith Compensator) goli Hunting WatcL" lOi 6th Prize. Lady's Gold Hunting Watch, splen didly chased 00 Total value..... $3,000 There will be Two Hundred Chances, at Ten Dollars each. The raffle will take place at Hilbus It Hits' Mu sic Depot, Star Buildings, corner Pa. avenue and 11th street, where Tickets can be procured and the articles are on exhibition. Persons desirous of possessing some of the mo?t superb articles of workmanship ever exhibited, have now an opportunity offered them of obtaining such at an extremely low price. Call and examine fttr yourselves at the Music De pot of HILBU8 k IIITZ, Star Building*, between the hoars of 9 o'clock a. m. and 6 p. in. fc?7?tf PROSPERl'S CORNET BAND NO. 1. MR. FREDERICK PROSPERI beg* leave to In. form his friends and former patrons that this band has been fully re-organized and is row under his direction, and he is fully prepared w th a band of the most Scientific Musicians in the citv, to fur niah music for Balls, Parties, Parades, Pic Nics, Ex carsions, he., at the shortest notice pcssible, by ap plying to FREDERICK. PROSPERI, Leader.CHAf. PROSPERI, Conductor; IIILBUS * HITZ'S Mu sic Depot, or at PETER TALTAVUL'8, opposite the Garrison, Garrison street, Navy Yard. fsb 19?3m* i FOR THE MECHANICS' FAIR AT WASHINGTON. ,THE THOMAS COLLYEt WILL '?nke regular trip* to the above Fair commencing on Tuesday, February 90th. Boats fare 19# cento each way. Coaches will take persons from and to the boat. Fare 6 cento. Leave Alexandria at tU p. in. Leave Washington 19 ? p. m. SAM'L GEDNEY, Captain. Alonadrio, Vo., feb 89?d TELEGRAPHIC Ktywly fcr i? Buiy -r? Arrival of Steamer Bt Louis. Nnv Ycrx, March 1.?The St Louis, from Havre and Cowes, with latopMi dit? of tb? 15th, irriTid here this morning at 8 e'elcik. She brings thirty passengers, among whom is Mr. Soule. Nothing important hubten received from the Crimea since last advice*. Lord John Hostel! proceedi to Vienna as Minieter Plenipotentiary to attend the Peat* Conference THE MARKETi. LivnapooL.?iCotton is unohanged, with a limited business at pr,Tloiu ^ fof two days,. 10,090 bales. Breadstuff*?Prices are unohanged, with a I limited business. ^ Console for account 91a91J London Markets are dull. SICOXD DISPATCH. Poris oorrespoadent of the DailyNews says: "Mr. Scale eoasiden the scheme for tha purchase of Cab*, as oomnlefa 1/ knocked in the head." ?"g,i,h ParU*??* ??l? ".assembleon toe 10 h Lord John Russell was to leave jn * few days for Vienna. Mr. Hammond, the under beoretary of State for Foreign Affairs, accompanies him. 1 The Duke of Genoa ia dead. Dispatches from Lord Raglan of tha 17tb report the weather in tha Crimea te be Ine' with frosty nights. Huts are being er^** wuh much difficulty. The first detachment of British toots from India armed at Sues JTSKV?" ^ Boa b?J (4ijp?loh J,,. i#Ul) lkll M lQwr rection bad broken out at Cabool Tj.It. tkoQMDd P.r,i.M u.lniag Benlfc C.bMl, and ? mdmai ootdi.ih.d Uk? plK.; bit lb. bfc?g?4 eontlncd tb.l, resistance. 1 A French company had offered to raise ia France a legion of from ten to twenty -ire I thousand men, for the scrvioeof the English government?half of which number to Le ready in fifteen days; and it is stated that the4 English government are disposed to eatertala the proposition. A telegraphic dispatch, dated Vieana, sajs the Csar has isjned manifests, under dete of bt. Petersburg, 12th Feb , in which he calls upon the entire male population under (which will create an additional foroe of 300.0(10 men,) to be diapatched to the Ctimea. : -I 1 he latest dates from Sebastopol are of the I mi'ld.r '*' Tt" "e"hw A dispatch from Varna, of the 4th of Feb. ruary, rajs : 30 000 Octoman truopa had land ed at Eupatotia, and others were on the war to Varna, destined for the Crime., who would embark as toon az they had arrived at that p?rt. -Tbe I rench Government had received ad rices from Varna, dated the 6th inst., which state that Omar Pasha had left for Boinges, to mapect the cavalry and inagaaiaas, and wn hi3 return would embark definitively for the Crimea The Russians were encamped partly in the villages of Alma and BeUeo, and partly at bimpheropol and ita environs. General Ulhch, with the Guards, had set out for the Crimea on the 30th January. Xlie Egyptian reinforoement had arrived. The artillery at Sebastopol kept up An in cesiant fire during the night, and the aUios replied during the day by tiraileurs. The Journal de St. Petersb.rg of the 3d tost. contains an address of the Caar to the Dolman of the Don Co?sacks, in which he ex presses ontire confidence that they will fight courageously for the church and throne of the country ihe reported mutiny among the Zouaves Created a painful sensation at Paris ; bat it is thought there that accounts of it were much exaggerated. A London firm, in the provision busieojs, proposes, through the limes, to feed the army in the Crimea at the rate of 3j 3d. per day per man, giving substantial meals three times daily?binding themselves to fulhll the con tract unJer the heaviest penalty. The India mail brings Uong Kong dates of December 19, and Bombay January 17. The Burmese envoy has demanded the rea t tution of Tegu, which was peremptorily ie fuaed. At Canton affairs were still in a threatening position, and trade was quite depressed. Ka chaDge on Canton vu 4s. 9J ; on Shanghai 6s, 6d. to 6s 6 id. A monetary criais was looked for at Cal cutta. The report of the inspectors appointed to investigate the loss of the steamer City cf Philadelphia had been laid before Parlia mcnt. It exculpates Capt. Leitch and his officers from all blame, and recommended tLe erection of a light house at Cape Race The vioe roy of Egypt has abolished all cue toiL-house duties except at Sues. Arrival of the Canada. Halifax, March 1.?The English mail steamer Canada arrived here thia forenoon with dates from England to the 17th. THE MARKETS. Broadsluffs are a shade lower, with a small speculative demand. Brown * Shipley quote western eenal at 41s. 6d ; good Ohio 4&s; wheat downward, with a trifling decline; white 11a 64 ; oorn is downward and prions hare deelined 6d ; white ia quoted at 44s ; yellow at 43|s ; mixed at 43s. The money market is unohanged. Consols for money have declined; reported at 99 5 8 U. 8. stocks have advaaeed. Boef and pork are downward and dull Baoon is dowaward with a small ipeoulative demanu; ia quoted at 44 a 45 ia Lard is firm with an upward tendency. Lord John Russell has goae as plenipoten tiary to the Vienna Conference, which is to meet on the 26 h Affairs at Sebastopol continue unohanged. Naples has joined the Western allisace. The other news is of but little importance, and has principally bean anticipated by the St. Louis. Iwr Yerk stock Market Nnw Yobk, Feb. 28 ?Stocks have declined sinoe yeeterday, cad money is easy; tterl* ing easy. Erie Rafiroai, 4l|; Reading Rail rood, 76J; New York Central Railroad, 91} Pennsylvania Coal Company, 100* ; Missouri 91 j Michigan Central Railroad, Tt* A ? * * ' ?wu** 4 ? ?l -V .<? V lit I _t ... * California fa material XlecUoa teaaaaa, Feb. 2b ?fi/ tha Daniel Wateter at tbia port we km data* from San t'raacieco to Februarys. Oa the forty third ballot for Scatter, Q ?te iiwtf>4 tt, UnHr M Broderick IS, Kq?M 9, MeCorkie 8. seal taring 5. Oa the facty feaith haltat Qwia re ceived IS, Edward* M, Rwu 1ft, Iraderirk 11, MeCorkie S. seat baring T. Several TteO?^ ? tiona w#re voted dowa, aad lb* oonvawtloa ad jnaraad till naxt day literal** Tin ia Philadelphia Piiladblphu, March 1.?At oaa o'clock tki* morning a ftp* broka oat ia Cbaaaat atr?< t balew 7th, in F laker'a block. It crigiaaied it a room occupied bj Bright A Millar, aa a publiottion oAea ; loaa, fti 000 Tba whole of tba "uppar part af tba balldtag war da ?troyed. MaCleea 4 Gannon loaa *6,MO. Cbailat Oak ford, b attar, leeea $10,Mt bat iniured, t>r $4 000. Jemaa H. Onu, on ftrat floor, bad a l ook of laiyab vaiaed at $100,000, bat vai damaged bj water oaly to the amount af $15 000. A itora ia tha roar vat aaveJ. Tba baildiag vaa daaaagad la tha aaont of $)0,0(K). Tha origin of tha ftra it attributed to a defcaiive flee. Art Uniaa Diatributiea. SAVDt-acr, M?roh 1.?Tha ftrat aaaaal di# tribation of tba Coaiaopalltea Art Literary Asecotatioa taok plaoa laar evening. Tba Greek Slave araa drawn by Mra. Kate Qillaapie Brady. 8o?th Band, Pa. Tha priaaa, nam bar ing 201, wara drawn by paraoaa ta all perta of tba Union law York Markat New You, Mareb 1.?Tba cotton market ia upward aad fi.m; ftaar ia uaaaUlad, aalea at ?ariabla rate<; whaat ia inactive; oorn haa a t downwnrd tendanjy; aalai of waatara mixed at 95$o.; pork ia downward and dnll, beef it unchanged; lard ia dull; wbiaky?e*les of Ohio at 32?e. Baltimore Xarkete PALrmoan, March. 1 ?Flour ia Arm at $8 60 for Howard atraat, aad $8 2i for City iftlla. .'Tha grain markat ia dull Balea of wheat, white at $2.12. Small aalea cf cor a at 83 for yallow; Ma87 for white. * f?.w OHaau fttrkiU New 0*lba>9, Fab. 28 ?The cotton markat ia ua&anged ia arary reapejt; aalea yeatarday Of 6,000 balaa. Molaaaaa I9*a20c. Meat pa: k $14 par baadrad. Oaa Wack Lata from Califoraia Naw OaLBANB, Fab. 2S.?Tba ataamar Dan iel arrived La a to day from Sua Jaaa. She brings one hundrad passenger*, tba Cali ? toraia mail a aad only a email aoaoant of ape ce liar dataa ara San Franciaco, Feb Otb, bains aigbt daya later frvm all parte of Celi tornia. The question with regard to the U. S. Sana t r waa atill undecided At the lateat data it was before the Legialature, and forty-four bal lots had been taken without a choioe. The frienda of Senator Owin are quite aax. guinoot eventual anocecs, bat the matter wai creating great political excitement. The gtnetai neaa ia interacting but not of importance The weather continnea unfavorable and heavy raina were atill falling Account! frjm the mining region a were qttite favorable, and a large amount of gold waa be ing obtained, and aome farther new diacoveriea of diggina. The money markat waa quite atringant, and financial affaira not in ao ? ?ondi tion Further heavy failuraa were apprehend* ed amoDgst the meiehaat*. Over aeveaty dead bodiea had been reoov eral from the wreck of tbe ataamar Pearl, and otbera were mUaing Many of the wounded, it fa thi aght could aot aurvive. Indian difficultiea and ontragea in tbe in tarior were iaoieaaing aad caaaad conatdeia ble alarm. Later advioea had been received from tbe Sandwich lalanda, but not of apeeial moment. Advieea bad also been reoeived from Oregon of a later date, but not cf much Impertaaca Tha receipt ef produce were fear bat aot large, and trade generally apcaktng dull. No apeeial change to note in prices of floor, pro vuiona or other commodities. Bnt few arri vals. The Winged Arrow, from Botton, had reached San Franciaco. Auction Bales Uy J.X. XcGUlKEi Aaatloaaer. A PORTION OF LAW LIBRARY At Auction ? Will be sold by J. C. McGmre, corner of 10 <li and D streets, on .Ma:cb 5*b. a: 4U o'clock, a v.i u il?le anil tare collection of old Eajjlieh Law Book.-. For catalogues apply at tbe Auction Room*. UMT l- 3t Uy R. II. JKWRILE * Ca.| Auate. Lft- /Win WOKTU OP WAI'CtlBtf AM. tJp?J.vJUvJjewelry at Auction ? Pere*pton ai d unreferwd sale of Watcbe* and Je ^r?-lry ?c n HAT - I'ttUAY uiorniuf and ev?bin(, Feb. Utib, in<tant, ? .d every oUfr day and eventtix until the enttre bUK*k is rold, vi' (hall sell at our Auction Room* a h|Heii(tid rrlpcuon of Watches and Je?? Iry, ootoisi tug of in part, via: ? Gold fcjigln U 1'au-nt Lever Watches lk> iu llununi Cases Do Opra Dial Do lit-tacbad Levees Do C'yliader Lkcapeneuta Price* tram $-15 t? 0-60 Cold GuarChain* of various styles Do Fitb and Vest Chains Do K?ya, S?als, and Kings Do Brrast pui?, Ear-drop", ao. Suver W all lie? ot all kinds, prices from tJ This rplendid stock w.ll be n|ten every day tat ea hibiuon, ami any p^rpon wishing to purchase at pri vate .ale caa do so. R. II. JLWtLLE a ro., Auctioneer*. P. 8. The above uaine.l at^ck u to be s>l>l with out reservu to over advances. fcb M ? 3t U> J. ?. HcQUlRE. Anctlousar. IJAIM OF CAKRI UJK IIORSK8 BUGGY AND X llaikcw at Auruua.?Oil FRlh.\Y aft?rn<ion, March 2d, at 4 o'clock, in trout ol the Auction room I *haJI m-U a pair ot Wack Carriage Horse*, etgM years ?JJ, and wa'rai.ti d sound and kiad to all re ?peci! i a haJid-MMUP Vortberu Luili lU^y. with the -h*ft* an 1 pole, nearly new, and a ret oi fine sinicio llaniu, in ? tod order, tbe property of a g nileiu n ItavibK ibe city aud bavini no further use for theui. IVi ins each. JA?. C. McGL'I&E, feb 27?4 Auctioneer. By J. C. Httil'IRKi Amatlameer. Excellent furniture a houichold Effects at Public Aucuon.?On MOKIiAY iiioruiiif, March 5th, at 10 o'clock, at the bwildinr on the south side of F suect, near Stab, (occupied by a number of Senator*) I shall sell all thair eteel lent Furniture and Effe* ts, comi?risiaf Suite of handsomely carved Wal?et Parlor Furm lure, constating of pair of French Sofas, pair oi Urge Arm Chain aad ? pertor Oaa rs Roaewooi marble top Beaofrt Do do Ceatie Table Large French plate Mirror, TabW and 8'ah Ru ru'h seat Re epuoa Chatrs, Eas> Chair Walnut Card Tablet Mahoaaay Centre Tables Excellent Parlor a?*d ("haaaber Carpets I \ eniuan Stair aad Ha'l Carpeu, Oilcloth MahcgaBV Hal rack, Ball Table aad Chalra Five al Walnut t namber Furniiara, comprl sing marb e top Dm-aiuc Buiaaa, marble lop Waahsiaads, Cotmge Bedsteads, Can* m m < hairs, and Towel Rack Best curled bair Mattrcssee.haak do. Superior Bolsters and PiUewa Marseilles Uuilu, fine Blankets,Comforta Spring seal Lounges, Writing Tablna Si ivanu' R?ds:ead?, Maureases and Bedding Supenur W-ilrut Extension Diainf Table Walaut Sideboard, Side Table* Dii ing Chairs, Clock, Fin.- Irons Excellent Rnfngerator, round dining Table Silver plaiad Castors, Spoons aad Porks Saiwrior Tab'e I atle.ry. Waiters . ^ _ French and 8lone China Dinner, Tea aiid t ofl^e Service _ Cut flnss Decanters,, Cbampa^ne* luuu lera, Leuioudes, a*. , Fine Damask Table and Bed Linen Chafing Dfitee, *enl We Superior C?v>k Stove ?N?^xr** Together with * large si-m\mmt eTetcaBeat kticb ' ? ?Tte aad #3 days, lei ketfUftff i?icr?#i. j ''JAB. e. McGUOLB, lbbf7-4 ' - Al * ? ,|u> r. ? ?' ? ,;'4 , ? .1 ? -I k " 4 J

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