Newspaper of Evening Star, March 9, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 9, 1855 Page 3
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' v- VINO STAR. i.>;CAL INTELLIGENCE. Public School* ?T>* IWr?i of Tru*t??? 0f Public schools pre e- ? d a raancriil to Con gress *t iv lute session pray ng the traDjfer %f cry lots for education il purpose. and tha a portion of the proceeds r.f the salej of lots h?r* tofore told may be invented for that pnrpo-e in this memorial they state thit they h*ve been intruded with the care of the puMic school*. end that tbey ?ind the ford* t?pr>r0 printed for that purpose wholly inadequate to erec .?uitab> scho<>lhou?es and to supply them with competent teaph-rs The} review the atten'Vnn paid educa-ion in Washington and say that within fivs year? after the remo' val o! the *iener?l Government here in 180i> the first free school wai established. This school, wi'h one otto-, continued to furnish the poorer children of the city with elemen tary instroetion til! laU. when the new school ijs em >*a3 adopted lais provides, by a :e lie* of graded rchoois, for the education of children from the prim ?ry school, as is done in the northern cities ibe trostees. in the appointment of teachers, have look" J simply to the question of their 6 at:i*. l.e children are taught all the ele (jLcur of ;i thorough English education, free from all sectarianism nr party biaj. in ]?1"J the expenditure by the corporation for eohor>l parpo?e< wa- <1,755. There we:e st that time but twos, hoola, two teacher*, and about two tiuuared pupil3 The expenditures for the yeir 1^53- 4 amountel to $17,6&J; there are now twenty-four schols. thirty seven teaahers. and about twenty two hundred pupil?; har.dreds of children are waging for I F. ,.mi?ion. tut cannot be receive 1 for want of ?cho 1 accommodation A large sum is now needed fur the erec:ioo of school houses <<n the m>>st approved plan^, supplying them with suitablofurniture, boo*?.' maps and apparatus. Those a present u-ed by the oorporatiis. are, with few exception*, ?holly ununited to the purposes for which h:y are occupied. They are generally too small", deficient in means of ventilation anl of light; in some instances they are difficult of access! and in others without grounds, except the pub lij streets, for the recreation of the purils lhe corporation potbesae* ia fee, on'y five sch ool house#, wnile it h-res seventeen, at an annual rent of more than $i600. Saventy iire thousind dollars are now wanted, to ouiid and famish a sufficient number of primarv and grammar schools lor the accommodation of the children who are now pupils in the pub lie ?c hoola, (or who are waiting for vacancies to occur so as to I e admi ted therein ) and to tree? and endow a high school, without which the public school system is incomplete For this' large expenditure, the present and protective mears of the corporation are wholly in.idequa e. and the city is nece?sari'y - compelled to have recourse fur aid to the gen eral government, the local legislature of the district. The Board now gie copious extracts from ^e last annual report of the fc'earetary of the interior and other hi*;h authorities, recom mending that ce t-*in city lots belonging to the General Governme-1. be turned o\er to the city authorities to be devoted exclusively to educational purpose.. Ttey *Ute that grants ot land for the endowment of achools and colleges have Leon frequently made by Cor.gre;a, aud no measures have been more uoiioriniy che.Lthed than the education of the among both States and Territo ries. and thev cite easej of Some cf lhe We?: ern States which have been allowed one town ship at the va'ue cf $17,600; soma have been allowed two townships, which, at the lowest calculation are worth 2C0. Besides this large educational fund each rf the Western states poesisa the means cf in creasing this capital to whatever extent it may be hereof:er thocght necessary. Jfo such resources are to be found in thlj district The taxation needed to mee^ the numerous ex #pen*es incidental to the metropolis ?f the na tion, is very great, and the citixans have taxed themselves to the higbea; limit allowed by law in order to bear tbeir prcj ortion of the expenics of the municipal government. AI though the Government has made made liberal *ipr-,p ia.ions lor the biatriet. it will be re t if p^yi no t <.ie-, which, if it had done the ag^reg.te wood have anounted to ?jre than $2 5CM) uOU 1 In order to more clearly show thereacurcsi of the Corporation, they present a table of the receipts and expenditures, !n which it is seen that the interest on the rity debt and the ex MLditu es coDnec ed with the itreeia, alleys, <t).ats)rba large proportion of the means of the Corporation. They give an account cf the manrcr in wLloh tha genera! government acquired tho territory on which the city standa. a^d ibo uc derstanding that the government should ta'fce :hes?jle contrtlof the streera. which tntier atanding was acted on ut lcr J?Bei.<nn But eince 43 a nev. cocatrueti* t h-ia heca giveu to the 2* w, and the city he tad to j ay a large ?hire 1 hey oonciuue Lh?:.." memorial by a ly ing Should i: be iluuitj iscomp.itible with the publio interest to make a grant ef putli* liiid in conformity with the recommendation which have been referred to above, tfcey beg leave rtspeotlully to aug^t that out ot the amount received into the pubiio treasury ot the I nited States, from the aggregate proceed i of ihe sales heretofore made of city Iota ty the gencal govexement, one-fenrth part there of aaail to rega del as atrui*: fund, set apart ?nd loaned to the I nited ?tates treasury, of which the interest only, at tl e ra'.e of tix per cant, psr annum, shall be paid to ihe corporate Luthotitiea of u.u city, to ho expended by them ? !cly fcr the purpose cf of supporting pablic ^ch'.ois within the city of Washington. ? It then; d ia.! which have now been made be ocssidered correct, and the claims of % the public schools in Washington, as here.n set forth, l>e admitted to be juat and reasona ble, the trustees invoke for ihem early and favorable consideration lhe report waa ordered to be ptinted and laid on the table Sit** foR tbb Mo.mxcmt ? We had the piea ure of ?ecing the beautiful marble block whicn the FiCemna.n's of Arkinsaa are about to present to the Washington Monument Aa*>. ciaucn The dc-ign it one of Cant Erouga'a beat?combin'iLg the claaaio the more modern atyle. At the top of the block ia the myotic G inc!oeing an eye. Then comes the inscription?" The Grand Lodge of the ancient lreema?onaof the ata'e of Arkansas Ad gloriam frutria ot Patria Patric " lhe follows the design?the ins gida ot the retired states man. the robe and tli| ptis at the left; in the ,middle a ciBin, fu i?a*^o tdiitvo, witu Wash ingtou's name upon the tup; while near the ^middle haLgs tue M? ?.d s apron and from Wntler the ccfiia protrude ti.a handleof a sword 6i '.he blade cf a sythe emblematic of the farmer and warrior. On the extreme left is seen the im-ignia of tLu.nry the plumbe and line, square, eom pass. Ac , intersperacd with f^lisge in a gra-e hl manner Not understanding theoi, we cannot appreciate these emblems very well? but no explanation ia needed to tell us what they mean. lhe workmanship would be creditable to any on*, but when we uy that it was done under the d*rec ion of Mr. Kuiherford, by one of hi* apprentices, Wm t>orn.n, it may be considered aa a token of litent talent yet to be dove.oped. We have spoken only of those parU of the design that pl-ased us be?*; to be approoia ed it abiuld be seen. The block is four feet long and two leet wide, of Massachusetts maibie, and can be :-een for a lew days at A. Ruther ford's marble yarl.on the avenue, nearly op posite the Nati.nal Ihea'ro. Tax Wsathsr.?The old savin* is. that ?ten the apritg oomej in hke a lamb it goes out like a lien, and vice rsna We hardly know what to cay about the op*ningof th'S season. It was not inacguratcd with m oh roar, nor was it very theepiah iu its entree: but it came aa a genteel, eon?ervalive, old f-?hic ned spring ahould. *ih a due regard to tie health ot the inhabitants of thia little world, and with an eye to airing all the fruit poatible. Yea, apr eg ia here ! The ladies are preparing to meet her by d?nni..< th-ir gayer I'rmen a, and the treea aro ctljJrating her approach, (for proper aentimenton this sab* j?c? let our readers see their firat eompositioat at school.) and we have made great pctpara tions for meeting the demand for "more room. ' is order to insert the rpriogadvertise* peats Platino Ghost ~About ten o'clock, list night, at a gentleman, on his way home, waa paving up Capital Hill, he was met by two we.l grown colored bjji, who had wrapt them* selves white sheets and weretr^ioctofrigh 'en persons who w?p? putlog Failing alarm Ihij ,"e->tl. man, h?y t?; themselves for anther p?' tlenan ac 1 lady who were ftp pna^h'sg. The flrtt mentioned gentleman stupee ing what they were turned back to ?too the soamp* before they should go too far He confronted them and presented a pistol ?t the large3t of the two and threatened to bio* bit brains oat, when tho Mtmp went down on his knees and begged for hia life, his eyes look* ins as large as half dollars, and the knots of his wool just straightening oat from fright, as he 1if:ed hia hands and exclaimed. "Oh pleas*, master, gist 's2u?e me dis time, and I never do so no nure ' lie was let go; though he should hie been tak-*n to the guard house and made to pay lor his fun. Good Nsws to trb Hungry.?Yesterday, we were so pressed with business that we could not get home to dinner, so we dropped into the El Dorado llouse. on the Avenue, near 4J it:eat, 4 for half a dosen fried," Ao. We were agreeable surprised to find our old frinr.d Reynolds, formerly of Willard's, there, anl we must say we never tasted more delicto* * or larger bivalves since we have been in tb? h.kbit of eating them. Everything looked f-> inviting, and the good cigtr which clo?cd i ur lunch, was so fragrant, that they linger on our memory yet, and we think we shall fre quently call again ?? tlo thou and do like wise'' if you kaow end wint what is good. Criminal Court.?Yesterday, after we left, Andrew Kidweil, Patrick tlsdy, and Jno. Sheckells were found guilty of an affray To dav Marcella Dunoan was tried for lar ceny, and acquitted- Rateliff for defence Ihos Pratt, negro petty larceny; guilty. Laskey for defcnce. Wm Oibbs, larseny; guilty l'jter Douglass, pe'.ty larceny; guilty. Car rington for def-nce. Tub Firm of Donaldson A Hunt has Ween dissolved by mutual consent, and Dr Hunt has published a card recommending Dr. DcnalJ sou to all their fo-mer friends; anlmaking, so far as in him lies, a transfer of his influence We cordially agree with Dr H. in presenting Dr. Djnald'on's clams to the public, knowing, from person*! experience and an in'itnaie ac quaintance with hlra, tfc<it he is j jst'y eiitit^J t > their kind eoariJeration 1h> Fancy Ball ?'Ihe ball of the Young Amorisa Dancin; Club, which has been so much talked of for several daya past, came of last night as advertised in thin paper. We learn that it was an elegant affair, and every one present appeared to be pleased with the management of it. Wc regret that our "time and space''will not allow us to give a more particular accident; but we will say what wc can. and wish a long life to "Young America A Hint to tbe Corpulent?There are many persons in this city who have a Dy runic aversion to fatness, and make use of all such nos runs as vinegar, the grand medicated h~drogenated fl ipcomdoodle, te prevent it. We heartily sympathise with them, and offer the following advice: If you are afraid of cor pulency, never go to tha circus, for if you do, you will "laugh and grow fat," until you have attained the proportions of an alderman. De QairTfiors ?Lait evening a number of boys were arrested by the police for lower ing about tho Theatre and behaving in a dis orderly manner. They were taken to the ,-^uard hou*e and their eases were beinir dis* p >sed of when we left tne trial room. It will p-oSjblj prevent much confusion at that place oi amusement. Tn&NKS ?At a re;ent meeting of the Public School Trustees, votes of thanks were tendered to Senators Ciss and Dawson, and to Hon. Mr. Hamilton, for their efforts in behalf of Wash itg.on city. JlMur Miter's Sentiments.?He that does not love Izaies, babies, music, and flowers can never enter the kingdom of Heaven. Jimmy sa)s he can prove it by Scripture. 51 AUR1KD. On th" 3th ln-tant. bv the It"* Fn'ber I?>\le, Mr. 84MUEL T. DRL'RY t> Miss K AT J B. SCOTT, all of ibis pla:e. UliuD. In ihis city, o.i tbe 8tli instant Mr. JNO. 81IF.A. a native ol the c .unty of K lk? nny, Ireland, aged 46 JffiT.'. Hi# funeral will take pla^e to-morrow (Sat urday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from bis late reci d"t<ce, Thirteenth street, Inland. [New York pa|*-rs pl?*a*e copy.] For fcalc and Sent. I ?M>R RENT?A PARLOR A\n BEDROOMS, j Each rieim is well furnished ? n.l desirable. "Terms moderate. Inquire on the premise, Nr. 537 Sev^n tenth street, between F and G. mar 9 - "2i* 17U?R SALE AMI RENT IN GEORGETOWN. ; Toe office*, with fire proof Vault attached, nc cupi? d lor the la?t twenty yean by the Potomac Fire Insurance Conpuy. will be f r r^nt on the 1st day of A;<nl Th . hou*.- now net upi'-<2 by .Mr. Thomas Ciss* I, on M nteomerj street, near Gay, is lor sale. It co-tains 10 room, with pump ami sundry out I* jililiug*, ou a lot 43 l>v 140, and will he sold lo?*. App'v to A. ii v nr.. mar 8?3t llt'Z Washirg *? -!r<-?-t. f?OR REN T?ON MODERATE TERMS n P furnished Ilou>e on E ftreet, between 6th am 7ih streets. Apply to J G. G. KENNED V, 10ri. >r. aii'l Pa av<*nu?. inar 7?if nOtSE FOR RENT AND FIXTURES FOR - ale, suitable for a Confectioner and Cake Ba kery, or any other business on Pa avenue, between 19th and *2 ih street. Apply on the premises, uur t>?St* FORUENT-A NEW BRICK HOUSE on 13th street near M, containing tight rooms ami a kitchen Rent per month, luquire at 4IS M etreet, betweeu 13tii and 14th sis., of n:arS-Gt* I.. RICHARDSON. f^URNlSIIED HOUSE FOE RENT?That com r ui k1i >u.? House, \*o 430 11 sUretl; containing eleven room*, miUi h ith room, pa* fixture*, &c, completely turmc-hed in every particular, i> fur rent. App?) to N. M. McGREGOR, Fuxuiture Dealer, Tih street. frb SU- if t|*OR RENT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgetown or City Property, a -mall and well cultivated Farm in Fairfax county, V'a. Enquire of J. OR.ME, curm-r of ttfiiigc and Congress sts., No. 8 7. I'eb 6?tf ST< lU.MiL?Thoae having Furniture, Dry G.mmIs Groceries, he., to l*?- stored, will find ample ac cominv?Jalion* in the large, airy, flag rtone [taved. and Dry Bast ineuU under the >tar omce, corner Pa a\enue and El eve ..lit it. Apply at the Star ufi?e. jan 31 ? if HOMES FOR ALL.?UeautU'uliy ami healthily lo ated Buildaii; Lots, 24 f? tt fnnit Uv 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, Untd spring, he bousbt. ^t the etceednig l??w price ol payable per m*Mltii Title indisputable. Uiiiou I and Office, Till st., uIkivc Odd Fellows' Hall, jan !??Cm JOHN FOX, Secretary. Wants. I? \NTED?A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH, V t nnd iron in a pn .-ate family Good reference r <ii.ire.'. Apply at No 3*49 North I street, corner I sf Ulk mar 9 \.MIDDLE AGED WOMAN WANTS A SITU ation as cook, or cook, washer and ironcr in a small family, wuo < an be well reonnuu-udcd Drop a note at this office for 4,D S." mar 7?3t* O VEKSEKi: AND FARM HAN Do v\ A.'Mi'ED.? v# I wish t-> hi'C an Overseer or Fort man o? farm in Fa rtax coumv. A m n with a wife and m< children would he prtftrred I ali-o wish to biro two good hands. None n?-*:d apply unl>:>s th"v come well rccomm-nd< d. Addrts? me either at Washington Cily, or Avon dale, Fairfax co., Va. mar7-:u? FRANC IS A DICKENS. airX\tED??AVES'Ttf F4veGckTD vTsTan? TV pal t Makers. Noae n??d apply except those who ar?! competent bands. Con; taut work given. WALL * STEPHENS, Pa. avenue, between 9ilt and lOUi sts. mar C?Oi Boarding. Bt> A HOI SB.- Six of i-iih: genteel boar.leis, by ihe m- ntb, wr- t or day, e?n be accomuio dated ht Mrs. DEMEMT'S, No. )tyy B St., oppose the M<*Uopolitar <41 -e. mu A LARGE LOT OF M>AX SEED Jnst received and for Milo by 8AM'L BACON k CO., febli?lm Corner Seventh at. and Pa. ave. [Co.icluJtJ frto* fourth pug? ] LJ3J1 from Rieblanl City by Jext >cVilie. RVh l?ad Cea'ie, lUiui -ri<?gj. F-asy Creek and &kkap~o to V'jjc \ la 0 i!? 48 snile* and ba?k> caoea tooS T,a?ve t UU nd "i*ty Tii?* lav ?t 6 a m Arrived* Tii.oqiaC II mma day by 8 p m L-*v? Viiu?\ j t tl VV'e rea ay at t?o A rive a: Kwbi jd Ci'y >ace cay by 8 c a 1T>-- From fcMjrwty t> Frinir -a, J3 mi lee and bicfr. cs?-e a vck L?v_ K;rt/?*y Thursday ci S a n. Atrlv * at Primrose fame day by 0 p m LaiT.' Primro;?* Friday a*. 8 a m At.Hf n Ri-iffway fiamadav by tJ p ra 13?3 From Sbawdau, Wiaoonsin, by tba Month of the Oat <na;on river, M caigaa, Fo k* of Oa touagon, hi nnesota A jventur-. As eo, Ocug Haa, dcuihtnn, an t Al jOnquin,llru h ton on Port '^s La**, ?Ca<:? Hiv-r, and Kagle Harbor, to Copp.-r ila bor, ? m'Usacd beck, ooce a we?k 'J.ddo<* wi 1 stat-i the distaaoe and n:irai a acb du> cf departure* and arrival'. iPropcual i by tn? trip lor aeivaets from No venaU>r la to May 15, in ea:hyrar, art in vited. 13)21 i'Vnm Bi hlird City by Read's ftHlia r.a?l i:?< and W??t Prririe to Newport on tba Mis sissippi liter, 67 m:'e? ?ni bar*, once a fr.ek L vva KichlanJ City Tne "day atG am Aii ive at Newport next d y oy 6p a 1,'ivT Newport ThnrMlty at 6 a in Aim ? a' I'iebUn 1 City nest day by 6 p nu INDIANA. (Fro. U July 1,1 aba, to June 3 1868.) *4718 F?cin A:e*andria by Fr atville, InJepen deace a "?d .font*'* M.Ui t > Jerome. 13 mil;* an l Daik,. once a ? eek Lea.e Ai'X wd.' .i Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Jt roc* fame day by 4 ]> m Liave Jarcm * Saturday ut 8 ? iu Ar*ife at A1 .Vnlxii-miutj d y by 3 p in 11749 I'r-Jiu Attica 4>y haiu'-viile, Andrew Uix'n's sad Pinu'.iro^e. vor Parrish O o??,) to M II fjrd 11?., 13 in. mid I a -<t, onje a we?k l>eavi Atjci Fnlw V at 7 am Arrire Millto.-d t ?me day by f. p ui MiiXard tatu.\lay al 7 a m Arrit# ?t Attica *auu-<l<?> by ? p m 11750 F.-oni bo .r*birough('mpro e i^ittjV rongh,, by Faj^itf, lb tnl-ysv J1?, t > L^banoii 17 mil* a&d Dtik i n je a week L;*ve Hoonsbo F:idj.y at 7 a m Arrive at Le^an )rf 0<iiae <l?y by 14 in L?jv? L t>*n n Fri day ?t 1 p in Arrrnat rconsbor ?"njiii ?am d y by by 6p m 11761 F.oai Bruin'a X K '*ad?, by IUthanf and Row M.l's Mills, to Covii;,*t ?, mlle.^ aad back, or" a v??i k. Leave B.uin*? X Hoads Fi*id?y at 7 a m Arrif* alOvTio;t>3 i.mi?,'#y by 4 p m l4i,v? U vingu-n Saturday a<7m \rrivt- dt liruiii's X R?>ad-. aain? day by 4 p m. M70- From I'trlblt, by LinUin, to Wo:th:ng'on, m ies an.1 tia"k, oure a'vf???k. L%avu Carlisle l'rid?y at 7 a rn Arrl?e at Wortbiu^con p imr day by 1pm V? ?r hln *foa raturiay at 7 a ni Arrive at Oar.uto ,'auie day by 4 p in. That portion cf this routt* b*?t?rt4?n Li a ten and WiT'hiag'oo ; ppe.trs to be coVt r?l by exist* i.?g ???fVi.e: ii *'?>, it may not let. fr po tai'a*e invi.ed tor ferviee b^tweea Carllt-Ie Mnd Lint n. UTW FiV-m Clluton Latk by Cliiston. Indian F -r ros e, a d D-Uda in vil f,to Jll , T~ m 1?? c.nd \ a*k, onrea week l*ave Clinton Lock Friday at 9 a m Alrlve at Paris sains djy ! y 4 p in >.eev;? I'ari-! rt l'.urdiy at 'J it m Arrive at v'iintcn L>ck B.m ? lay by 3 p m. 1175j Kr im Li zaUtowa, ?>i:ij, by il.t-rlson. In 1, Urawerjbu.g, ana PI i antLropy,Ohio, Mexer vi \ i, Ind.. Oon'r ris, and Co leg a Corner. Otuo, and Godwin's ftr?. In J, to bee by Mi<?, 4) in.Iifi and back, oocea week. LehVe fci;M>tht..?u Friday at ^ a m Kxi ive at Lofc'iy Mire sam- day by 7 p m lA-'avg Uefby Mire faturd-y a' 5 a ui t>. zatxrthtown ttm-f d y by T p in i rui >unt t ? ier? va, (l<x?l ) 'io mil-" k, anc? a *eek I/?* v-a F irinour.t Friday at ? a m Atr?, *'? Jfr^^l, t-ame d } by 3p ui I* j-ronie SatUiday <>t 'Jam Arra# a' F?iruio int earn t d ?y by 2 y m. 1476t> F "Ci Filiit tc. 0.1 ?i.d, 8 imlea anl tack, oace a wee r. .e^Trt Fiint Ssaturday at 1 v in Ariae at Or?and^am? dsy b/ 3 p m ?.fc va (tland Satur lay a: 3^ p ui ( Arrive at Kliit u*in^ <2a/ by i't p tn. l4lo7 From For*. W yn*, i v '?Vtung and Tr.^y Eet tl'me<-t<j t<> ilUrty M lis, 3J iaileii and b?ik, on;e a week. Lk?v? Fori Wayne P'riday at C a zn Ariire ?t 1 i?vr r Mi'la stine tlay by 5 p ui t eiT<? Licerty Mills Saturdaj- at 7 a in Arrif at F?.r; M'ayns sam - aay bj C p n. '1176a From O- fL-'U, by New Pi rsa and Locke, to Hymen h, 40 milss a id bam, oa e a we^k. Le?ve O /henFriday at rt a ut arrive at P yaroutb miiu- day by 7 p m Leave F!ym;otlt tatardav at 6 a m at ? n?." ay ly 7 ^ m < PAjj rcu> appears t'> bz noitly covtrti Iy No. 147o?J; if to, it mil n?t t* let.) (11769 From Urjrnca?tie, by Kuaaellrille, Wave land, and JaektoiiVil ?, to Covington, 40 mil?B aitl back ;*tire a we<-k. Le;tve Oreencaiilie fhu Mlav, at 7 a in Arrive at Covinzt >o ? *xt day by 1 * m j-eave Ccviii^tou Friday at 1 p ni \ ^ I rive at Ore ?n .-astle n"Xt day by C p m ? 147fco J'.om Oreenfield. by t-ariin<t .n. Cjlumbnn, l'?nul*tcn. and Mendou, tj td?n, 3^| m'les and back, one- a wiek Le tve Oreecfirld, Fri:ay at 9am Arrive at ?den -ain-.' Jay by 7 p m L*hv? Fd<?n l a'.uiday at 7 a in Arriv- at OreenScld aauie day by 3 p m (Pr^uMt are inriud fvr U.e service bttwen (i-etrji ud, by Harrington at?l Columbui, to JlnilitQ.%, ii mud) I4T61 Frcm (irceu burg to Hi; eh vi lie '7 miles and 1-ack, no j a ? e K I^eavc Ora<rn bu'g Friday at 8 a ra Arri*? at Ruahvl le tame day by 6 p m ve Rn.?bviile -%turiay a: 7 a ui Arrive at Oreecgbu g ^aa.e day by 4 p m M702 Frjm I'ajer.tjn d, by Falton. I.oaastv .le, II vi.i'e, U'iniaor, Parker, Fairview, an l Ouio'y, to Caaiae<', 48 miles and back, a week Leave liajrrotowD 1hur6lay at 7 am Arriva at Caaideo licit cay by l! a ia Leave C mdeuFrido at Z p m ArMve a* Ila^er^town naxt day by 6 p m 14753 From ILmilon, )y Hihiacd. Yotk, Clear L?.ke, aDd CamJeu. M o_., to ReadiDg, 30 n.-.'.ui and back, occe a w t-k l^avs llaa i!t( n Friday at 7 a m Arrive at Ktaling rame dty b. [> p a Leave K?>adiu{ Sa'urJay at 7 am Arrive at Hamilton same iay b- j p in 14761 4rem flun'i .gton to Liber y XIill-i, by Plank ltoad. 20 ao4 back, a week Le*ve (iu itiagtcn Friday a*. 6 a m Arrive at Liberty Mill SHite day by 12 in Leare Ltb^rty Villi Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Hunt n jton tamt Jay by 7 p m 11706 From Jercm ?*, by Wont Liberty, Bails, and bibl.Vs, ta Alexacdria 25 milea anl beck, ono?? a wee: Leave Jerome Friday a. 9 tu / rrive at Alexin iria 6*m* day by 5 p m Ljave Aiexaui la Saturday at 8 am Arrive ct Jeromj 3an*? d?y by 1 p m l?76j From I>xiag'c<n. by New Frankfort nnd Alpba, to Paru, ^0 nii'ea and bsck, on<e a *i?S Leave Lexington Satorday at 6 a m Arrive at Paris a*me day by >2 m Leave Pari' ^atuidayat 1pm Arrive at I^tinj'.oo s<me da? by 7pm 147B7 From Lebanon, by KLaavllle, tr> Kirk's X J.oa ??, 14 a i'w ut.d baek, on>? a week Leave l.'ba-on sat urda v at 6 a a /rrive at Kirk's \ K a is bima diy by 11 a m l.-fcve Kiik'a \ Roads Faturd?y at 12 m Arrive at Lebanon tame day by 5 p m 14708 From Locka Station, by Rjwdiahe'a M ils, and Ur'ghton, to MoasC'iuInoag.ll mdaeand bark, oace a w t k Leave Licke Station S%tur ny at 7 a la Arrivi) at Moagnju noeg Bai?e day by 10 a m L'ave Meu^qu ncng Saturday at 11 a m A.rUe a: Loeke Siation eaice day by 2 p m 14T0J From Marl.n to Mjntpriler, il milei and a week Leave Marion Friday at 8 :t m Arrive at Mont;eli*r s-meday by 4 a in L ave Monto'l er Satu'day at 7 a in Arrive at Ma ioo ranie day by 3 p m 14770 F.'oui Martinsville by Centreton to Moore* viLe, 16 m lee ani back, once a week Leava Martinsville H iturdt at 7 am Arr:ve at Mo re-.v.R: sauis by 12m I oavj Mo reuil o 23?turiay at 1 p m Am"v at Mart nsv lie ,aui.' day by 0 p m 14771 1 rt.m M'kUnt Veruon bv rhomat'a M 11a, il??la 's Unl n?' (cn We?t Bank of Gnat Wabaah,; aLd s?.w Uav.n, III , to Kaleigb, 40 miles and ba"k r nre a "eek Leavr M unt \ ernon Ft Uay at 9 a m Arrive at f.tliiirh same d?y by 7 p in Ln ve Ra'eigh g&turlav a. G a m A .t \ ?? at Mount Ve "nan same day by 7 p m 11T72 Froni Mi'd ebury to Vi tula, 10 inil*e and ha k. once a week 1/Mtre Midilebnry fa'nrday at 10 a m Arf ve at Via^ul.a fame ley by 1 p m L^a^-e Vistula Saturday at 2 p ra Arriv< at Mlddlc iuiy .am-: day b/ 6 p m 11773 From >1 unci towu by UranvUle, Blackford, Mf>ntpel??r, Bluff o and Orlesta tj Fort W*yee,iT > mil s and b-ck, cn e a week L* ? .Muiti'"own WednesdayI'Taa Arrive at for Wayne oegt d?y by 6 p m Leave Foit W*yn- Fri<tava'.* am - Arrive at M Jnoietowu C?it lay by 5 p m (TAu rtuUU auprased to U w,rly c/vtrtd by ewu ing ieract, if !?*, it irtL H'< be. let) 14174 Fr m i'aoii by Pr.?p^t to Natehea, 16 miles aod back, one6 a w??e4 " L?*vs Paoii ra-urday at 7 a m ArriT? at cV* same (Jay by ISq L are M a eVi Sat aday at 1 p m Arrive at Vm Y. sjiae uay by e p in 14774 From Portland M lla by Huaaellville to WlTf land, 12 oaiiea and back, one* a week . X ? MPV* Saturday ktlim AfrSv- t! Wiv>ltM ?vn?> iHt >?y 1 i m !/??*?? <Til nd fcstar*day ?M r m Arri j J?t Pcrt!it?4 Jfli! * slm# 1.T by 5 p m < f?.w; lit: app art ic A? ect>_-tWA, jF0 14761? no< 64 /?*.) 1471? irritn ">t? Utile tol#wis,*20 tuilaaandback. Miff K w' "k. L*v? 1 rr?? i r?.tard?y at ? ?. m Ar.iv*a; L*wl*r*?e day by 12 it L*?-e **~vmr it 1 p n

Arrive r.*. T**ra Ha-ite dny by 7 p m < Ttei rm.1* opptjr* to be cmerett by 14Mv; ti. il \cil Hot be let) 14777 Prom Union City. by Port iteonvery. M e* do ml Celina, Oh o, to Ht. Mary's, t>5 mlLs and ba~k, one# a *?k Ltui UoK'n C ty Thursday at 6 a aa Arrive ? St. Marf'fpnt dayfty 11 m lerr* 11 Muj'i F.Ttty at l j> m Arrive ?t L*alon C.ty in! day by 7 p m. Pt p-xwl tor two and tt r e ? lis? < a week rerylee are invite]. 14778 From Wabuh, by I ake'on, to Wir?w, 86 ml'** a"d back, once a week J^eave Wabash Fri ;ay at 0 a n Arrive at M a saw ?>in# day by C p m Ixave Warsaw Fatarlay Arrive at VV?*>a*h sa:n?? dav by ? p m. 1477? From liptia. by Win'll.ill. rone. X-nia, ank bummPTSet, to Wab ish, P) miV* t n i bifk. rnce a week. I?ave Cipton Frb'ay at 6 * m Arri*a at Wabaab inme day by 7 a m i^rave Wabaah Ssturda at*' a r:i Ar-iva at Tip'on a*nn day It 7 pm. 1473J From Wiane uac to Madaryari!!*, 10 ui'la* and bark, onee a ?e?-k. Leav* VVicneuuc Friday at 2*- rn Arrive at M -daryaril e .au?> d?y by 9 p in Ii*av? Medaryavi l? Ftiiaf at 6 a m Arrive at VV rib-uiao aauiadny by 1* m W751 From ilartfcr 1 City c u the ao-t d I Oct rc>u ?, to \V-rn*n,16 mil' a aul hick, oace j we?k Leave Ha 1 '.for.1 City Saturday ct ?> a ui Airiva at W?rr"ii aannday > r 1- m !*>?*.? Warreu tfitvr ay at I p la Ar !v - at Hartf rd t i y ria- 1?/ by 7 | m. 117S'2 /n tn Kuox. by Tiqua an I (*i it Manuord. to fii?w Staik ocuu'y. il m l e lu<1, i \ Ice ? vi'L L^ave Khox ?l<1 'atoi lay at Oa tn Ar. iv' at Rivfr >imtcay? ty m \f ave Kiwr W?la?nlty an i i- m lay atl? m Ar-ive at Kncx *n? liavs by 7 |. nt. J'rofr+AlF f)r three tint> h T^ek nerxii'* ar.? In Tit d. ? _ . ' MINNESOTA TEEEITOUr. Jf'y 1, 185S, to J*w ?0,1S58.) 11024 Frooi Fa1i? 1 f St. Anthony. Uy Step^en'a Mil a, at l.ake Mime o^ka. atia VV.ilVer's Landin *, t > IKudaraon. 3'mil a and ti^ck, rne< a I>e?iva Fa'Js cf St. An!b??i?y Wednea-tay at fl a m Ariire at Henderwr Fame day hy t; p b !.*? vh llenlerecn lhartda<r .it *> a m Arrive at (Vila rf St. An*ji'<ny Maia day by p tit 14025 l'r. in Farribault, Minaai ??, te I'ort Atkin h"*d. in I?ira, l iSol'ti, (vr'i week Le .ve Far. ibaclt MorJiy at 0 a m A?riv* at Fort Atkin?ou nrj' Ihn'fdty bv 6 p m Leave Fort Atkiujun FriJsy at 0 a o Arrive at Karrib^ult peit Snnday ty o p m Lidder* **iU tatre the interiii'jdlate rfficefi to be supplied 11020 Fr< tn H?!oder'CB, by F'irt BHgely, tn tbe S o'x A^eaty, 1*5 anl hrcs, ecc? a Wet k leave lien ?tis;Q 7u?"iay at 6 .1 m Arrite^-. Hioox Ai; nest day tv 11m I^htc 8ioux A^'ucy \Ve>ln?' lsy at I p m Arrive at Hend?> #>n ni x* lay Lj j tn \iy2~ Froa Rei Wing, on M fs ?rinpi river, v'a F<i*r!'?a j t, to U?*nl-rs''?, ^0 u.i! s :n-t b? k. ibm a ? et-k T eave Fed W ing Mocdt? Arrive at Fort Fid^e'y m-\ . Wuda'^day by 1 p in 1 eav? Fort FJdifalr limr '*ay et il :i in Ar.- Vd at Tte I Wtnx n?xt fi? u. i.i by 6 p in 14.2s From St P*:It) V'^rt At'??n?3n, lova, 20? ml re aod ba^k, r nc? a ?i*k Bid ier<> wiil apeoify a tcb'-lu!? of depertur>p audarriva'a I'rcpofaiis to ?rd at Faxritaultare iavitel 1402'J Fr< m St. Paul, on 'he tmignnt route, by P> t R "g'Jy, to the M;*M'uri r;ver, and k ck, once a wntb R'ddxra ?111 ut>m> a ft-botule of d^iartur'S and nT'Vil# I ropr.-,uU to '?cuim^Ece at Fort ilidg jlv a.-e in vited 1103J From at. An bony to Teyicr'" Falli, 3> ci'.>-a ar. I back on e a Leave St. Antbony ne-infidiy at 0 h m Arr ve at Tavlor's Falls day ?>y 6 f m L? av- Tay or'n Falls Thursday a: 6 a m Arrive at St. Autbony same cay by 6 pm. 14031 Fr< m Trjv?r?e l>?i Sionv toAr adia, 55 mile* tnd back, twice a month Le*te Traverse I'e? S'oox on tte l^t and 15th of 1 ach month at 6 a in Ariivou: fx ad. a bv thf I'd audlothofMB* in >nth by C p m Ltnve Arcallicn the 3d and 17lii0feachrt0nth at tLa in ArriTe at Trave-s* des Slo'i by the 4th ard 18th of the 1 ast month by 6pm 14032 From Wal a haw by Minn' ,i,i C ty, >(>nt^ zum land llrowia>:l e to D-coriah, lcwa,C0 n.ilf8*r.l back, oa.a ? wt?k L artt \\ nL'.ii'.o.i v TueaJay at ?; a in ?Arrive nt Dec rrah n?xtduy l v 6 pm I.iave I??corrah Tbur^'ay a 6a a Arrive a' VV aba-haw net: day by 6 p 1a I'ropoea ? to Hurt from h. are in v. el. NEBRASKA TURPI TORY. (From Ju'y 1,1855. tj Jute i>0,1868.) 15000 From N. brauka CJity b/ !'? Levtew and Omaha City to Fort l alhoun, ? a Her and back, once a ? e -k Bidder > will ttate d:ft>in<y and propose schedule of departures andarrivaN. K\N3A3 TIRRITORY. (Fiom July 1 1?5'?, (0 June 1V58 ) 16201 From Fort Leavenwcrth to t; e t'ac and i'oi Ajto^cy, ? mil?? and back, own week Bi-.ders will eiatedistai <>? :u d p.< j.o ? schedule ?f d* p4 tu ea and art.vnl--. 15*02 lroi? Pert Scctt tj Fort Atkia-on.-- mi ei and back, occaa wtt k. Fidirro *11 ?tat^ d'itance and prop s* schedu'.e of departure and arriTat*. L52C3 From Fort Leavenworth to F rt Fi'.ey, ? ni'l'S and ba k.once a ifk EiJder.^ will Etat- dhtauc* and pr >po e pcbedu'.e of departure ani arriv ,U. 15201 From kcit Nott io C/awfurd Seminary, ? m:les auJ tack, ooce a weeX Bid b ra will staN distance and propoie s>-hfdule of dep srturea and arnvata. l?20i From Weitport, Mc^ to Fcrt Sott,? milts and ocoe a week l?i lders wid stati diM * ci and propose fchtduta cf depa tai?i and urriva's. INSTRUCTIONS. Form of a proposal trhe*e no chanzt />om wUtrlisr mcnX it contemplated l<j the hM*r. I, , of , county or* , State ?' , propose to convey liie maila on route N'o t rom to , aarecably .0 ttic auvertib*-mcnt of the rortmaster General, lated February 10, 1855, aad l^. liie following mode Jt' conveyance, viz: >or the annual buui of dollars. Tin* proposal is made wiih ful Knowledge of tlio iutancu ot the route, the wci^lrf of the mail to be i:arne.4, and all other particular- ii. reference to the route and service, and also aft? r full examination of Llie in?tru-Uion* and reqnireuieutH attached to the ;ub vertiSL-niClit. L'aied (Signed.) ?ln i? of 1 fvuarriiU- e. The uiilcrcigned, reaidin^ at , State of , under akc that, if the foregoing bid for car ryine tk? mail 011 route No be accepted by liie l'ot-ima>tcr Genernl. the bidder ?hall, prior to the 1st day of July, 1&V?, or a* soon tnoreaf'ier as may be, enter into the required ohliration 10 per Conn the aernce proposed, with g<Kid and oufticicnt iuretiea. This we do with a full knowledge of the obliga tions and lialulitiea aaiunii.d by guarantora under the 27th scction of the act ol Congress of Ju!\ ti. 1"36. Dated. (8^ned bv two guarantor-) Form of u Cerhfcale. The undersigned, poaimaeter'of State of ? -, certifies, under his oath of office, that he ta acquainted with the above guarantor?,and know* them to be men of property, aid able to make good thei guarantee. Dated (Signed.) The aufii lency of guarantor*, on proposali may be certified by a judge of a c urt of record, and by poKtmaater*. Oonditir-ns to be incorporated in fh* conlrtclt to the extent the Departmmt may dnm proper. 1. Seven mlnutca are allowed to each interm<di ate offloe, wben uot otbarwlia upeciSod, for assorting the malls; but on railroad and sre&tnboat route there ia to be no more delay than ia Huflkient for a-i exchange of the mail bags. 1. Ou route# where the mode of eonvcyauce adm:U> ?f it, the rpecial agents of the L-epa'rtmeaU al.-o Est office blank*, mail bags, locks aad keys, are U> couveyed without extra eharicv. F. No pav will be made for l/ips not performed, and for each of ruch otaiatians uot satisfactorily ex plained three time* the pay of the trip nuy te deducted. For arrivals k> Alt behind tiuie aa to break connexion with depeu-liugmallx,and uot-uttcii utly excuaed, oue fourth of the competition iur (he tri)> U subject to forfeiture Deduction may be or derei tor a grade of performance Infrrior to that ?p<>clfl ed In the oontract. For repeat.>1 dellaqnencVa* of the kind herein specified, enUrgevi penalties, pro portioned to the nature thereof and the Importance of the mall, may be made 4. For leaving behind or throwing eff the maiU 01 Mlj portion of them tor the admission of passengers, or for Mr.?f.-.nwrm4 ius.u.i-3? Hi, tt ntnnin; *r ? xprM-- rnnvevin* commercial U>t-Tr^nr* sbe?"1 r tie, ?* quarter's j?y may It? 5 F.ce? w-ill h# imposed. un.aai IM i'tis^ueD-j bu promptly and ruurfvioiily Ij ti'jA c?UiS ot postmasters or the afthis^t* nf oth.or n?d it%Me per*?u?, for faUir*? U arrl^l in eontrwt t<*r? i fo -negl*e:ir>r totaka the mail Wre. or deliver 5 ? iat , a post olflee; nffcrog K (o*>/ either to IV ur ullebkwFeof th ? p a*v or m^oscr of carry.; It) o be injured, <lrs1*r-eJ. robbed# or lo?e and t ' re' slnj.aferdemard, tr o^trrey tffcp mail M ?*? qu< fitly *3 the ?vrjtr'.ct r ri n? or IM concurred l? rui ning, a coa. h, ear, > r st airhcat dH a rout* C The Postmaster 0-narnl may an&ml the contra for repeated failures to run agieeabiy to control, for di<o'ot\iiw the post office law*, or the inatruc tions ?.f iue Department; f.?r ratusing to dischar/e a carrier when required Ly the Department to do w for as igiing the contract without the assent of tb? Po :tmart?*r General; f->r running an express a* afore ?U'j; or for transporting persons or package* con vevin?: itailable matter out of the mail. >. 'ilie :'o-tmartcr (ieneral niav order an increae* cf service on a route by allowing thtivfor a pro rat* in Tea he on the contract pay. He mar nhan ?? the s.-heilule ol arrivals and d-partures, without In. rmfv of p?y, provided La doe* not curtail tb? auioui.t ?.f running tliue. lie may aleo order ac increase c>f epeed, he allowing, within tne reatno tionj of the law, apse r.^ta iMM.w of pay for th. additional attx k or carriers, if eny. The contrac:o. may, however, in th?- ease of im-reae* of spoed. r* un-iuiitli th" coatra't by giving prompt notice to th? Department that he pr fers loin* so to carrying th. ord.-r inU> vfiW-t. The Postmaster Oe'ierai c.aj ii? Curtail or discontinue the at pre rata >t? cre'?e if pay, allowing on.- month's eatra com recusation on the amount di?pen*?d with, wheaeve. in hia opinion tl.e public interests do u.?t require th? tuui'.or iu case hed<>sin? to supersede it by a differ en? grade. rf trm'-OJiStioa. 8. payments witl ?* mad* for the service by e?.lW tfons from, or drafi> ou p<>xima<-trVi>, or otherwW *ft?.r th< expiration of t-ach quarter?aey in Febru ary May, A??urt,S!ul Norevbrr. 0 Th.- (liKtancaa are jn?. n acuordlnz U> the ben Information; l>ut no tncreasod pay a ill lie allow*' suould tbvy b.' greater thauadvertiaed, if tb? po<n? to be liupf lii J Le uorrootly atated. Bidder' niu.-t in form thecumlve* on ihi? ptiai, 10 The Poet master General i* prohihit. d by laa from knowingly making a contract forthe tranafeir tation of the mailt. *ith any |* raon who fh.iii ban eut *re.l into, or |?roj o?. .1 to ontej ioto,?nv combine tiou to prxveiu ii?. u?Jtain;j uf an> Li 1 |"r ? tnhi contract by any other per-on or veraon*, or *h? ?hall have mide any anrc?ment, or eball h-??> fir-ji or perform**<tt or promised to glr* or perforin, air. ccr-'ieraUCO whaU-Ter, or to do or not t? do any thing whatever. Id order to induce any oth* r persot. or person* not lo bal for a mail contract. Par>k-ula< aitt .itioa is called to the ??tb ttvtK ;', it ti< ?rtul 183*5, prt'liihiiin^ louitdnptipnr te ttcicut bidding 11 A bid re<eited nfU:r time. ?;?: 3 p m of tb? H'th Afri", lfSi. or wittsout the su<-ranty required by law, or that .-otnhiuee eeveral routes in one aunt >i compeu*ati"n. rannot he com-kiered in n.'miM.'(iti ?> with a r< -rular pritptMal reasonable in amount. 1-. DWderc ?lwuH, in all ca* a, tin-t propoM* (?>? ?ortice etrictly ac-ording to the ndv^rtJM-ment. an ' then. If they desire. f^mratHy for <lllferen? fer*h-, an l U the r <;vlar bi l be th*- l< weet <.ll? red for th? airtrtixed <erri< e, oic *_?t ti- r t>iu? may he oaiu idrred If the a'.brutionx p>r>>jjo are re*>o:nm. n-i??l hy tl-? po.?tma<ter^ aud eitlwn" intereate<], oril thev aha! appear manife-tly ri?-ht and proper. I'.! There should he but one route bid for in ? pt'PURll. li. lhe route, tl;e frTice, the yearly pay, th name and r. -idemv* of the bidder, and those of .-a^L member of a linn, wh?re n f '>cnpi.iiv offfi?, aliouk N* distinctly stated, alao the mod'1 of conveyance, i a higtK-r mode than hcrsehaik l?e intended. Th words "with due celerity, c.rtainty, and n*urity,' lu*-? rie?l t- in lhwte the mode ??f e< nvcyanoe, %?il : ioc-tH?:*e h ?? tb'r Ui>l." lo. tii'l ra are ??jue?t.:l *o ta*. a< far a.* pracf cable. tve p?ia*?d f imn|' p op*aml lurni'h :d t > ib '9ptrtin-Lt. *o ^jiteou" :a tu i the mm of h? i< b.d.?, R'.d to re a.a c pita ct htm. N ? a'-er-d Hi. ca i b^ roneidfred, and no Li! oai-' tu'ni' H ? te with^rt*Q h b d mu*t ha ^uaract ed by t ?o ret^onail4 pe... n? ?Ieneral *'jh ant*-*, cann 11^ adm ttud 10. 1h* bid sb<eld ij#a-*a1ed; super# tired ?' M-i PrJ,c*ulb, State < t rr '?> rri'.cry cf '1 c?e* uiiir b?,) al.irrM?d *? h-eond Aati^taiit Pt t iLa-ter lliu ial, Coctract Pn^i and ee t ' v mc?7 n t iy, ?r t>, ?n ajent, aaJ p stiatem will r .?? en lj?ep opo9fc|a, (of l(?ttf rs of any kin ?) In th ir Iqjar erl retuins 17. 1 he o-ntracts nr? *o la* etc-uted ani return, j totheD?x^artmentbyorh^f.>re the let of 'uly. 16i but the r>ue mu-t b- c mmerc-d on the mail Ca nexr aft. t!.a: Jh.te, wbeUi*-r ?fce c ntrh u h^ ?x cu'ci or ">{ No p*op aition for tran !erj (>? con i !e-ed u~til the <?' ntrae":a are ? xeeut d :n du forir aud re'-olved at the d->p:tinent; aud hvc ti ra .-fer> *i '?*. k 'ow.d unl ??. and fuTchn r,a^tio.- ib'tei a.e ?lven to U* d termin 1 ly th department. 1>>. BevU?m 18 of an act of Congvef*, appr< \? March 3, 1>?:5, proTides tl:.*t contracts for the fan portall<v? of the m?.il fba!l be let,' In CT"ry ru t i the l*)w? -t Md '.er tende:itit; tuhirient ^ui.rji: tie for fiiitLiui performance, without other reference t< tre rn?al - of si:ch tran^|?ortati<;Ti than c a\ !^* r. .? , a^ry to proride for the due rebnty., aeour.ty of sifh tran-portatlon.'' Under thi"< Ir.'s a new de vriptfon ot Wiia has Utn reoelred. It dt.e not ?*icei?'y a incde of conTerante, but ergnw-eit t tako th<i * ntire mail ettch trip with celerity, certain ty, bcl urity. urin-r the terms of tb? law. Th. ?-? bid- tre fyleJ. f.t>m the iaann<*r iu whieh tliey ,-i leaijjnated on the b'-ck* of the Department, "f1!* and they will o?- eoiirtrued a> proTidlns for th entire meil, htnerrvr large, and m}<.itrv*r tuny K t'" eontvyanc?r.<&ssar<ito inturr lU " ctbri'n crfattty. ur?i rvuri'y '' I:i nil . a.-*ee where t!:e lowest ^rad.- of service 1; he!:, . e<l ' j be pufflci-nt, the lowest bid will be aco*p ted, it duly guarantied, in preference to u " star*' o: specit.e hi 1. V\ Len the low?Pt hid u not r. star bid. ardgpfdf*. either w> m&h or an inail'^va'em< deof conv- y^n-v it will net be accepted, hut ?. t tvside Jor a specific bi prcp< si iu the nwwaij ?? iwv. When the bid do>_< not ap wily a mode of con revance,.ilso, wh?*i It pr*.;>oaes to carry "accordin;* t > the al .trtl-<em^..t," hut with .ut cUcL ipcvibcutlot it will be ccnridered a.< a proposal for hort? laik Rer ?ice. :*J A icyliflcation cf a bid, in any of its essentia, tcrmr, i.-< '.^ntamount to a new Lid, and cannot be received, -o as to inter ere with regular competition atb*r the la.?t hour j>et for ree.-ivinj; LiJ.s. UO. Postmaster* ars- to ??? careful not to certily the sufficiency of giirnuntcta or ?U'etie-? witbo'j know.u? that they are persons of aullicient re.?|K)u sibility; and all bidden, guarantors, and I'Uivtie^ ar> dint:octJy uotiflo 1 th-it on a failure to enter into oi perfoi m the contract* for the service proposed for ii the accepted hid? their legal lia'dlkie^ will be ea forced against them. ^1. The contracts will lw* substantially in the form heretofore u^ed in this Department, e*e?-pt iu th. respect* parti vilarly mentioned in these instruc tious; nud on all railroad ani atoamhoat routes th< contractovs will be r^uired to deliver the mei! - int' the post offices at the ends of the r.uites and .nto al the iiumediate po?t offices, not iu< re than eighty rod' from the railroad or landing. ?i. l^-eeent contractors atd ;<erK>ns known at tl? DepaiUneut, must, equally with other*, prucur* guarautora and ccrtincatea of their sufficivnry auh stantially iu the forma above prescribed, lbe <-<r tificat.-t of suWciency must be ai^tied by a (?osiuia-1 ler. at one of the plac?3 b?h ra n-uied, or a juJg** o. a court of record. JAME3 CA..Vll?LELL, ieb l'i- F4w I'w m>?tir Otnertl Auction tales. By QQKK.M ?t SCOTT. Anctloiistii. nt?ir.-5KIH?LU AND KITCHEN KIKMTL UK Ptan.ilurle, Sic. at Au> ti .n.-- On >!? ?.M> \ V, lite l'J'Ji ni- ant. we shall tell, at 0 o'clock, a in-, at Utc rcridfUC" of a lax!y daluiu* l< naekeepiny, on the i.o.-th sde of I, between Ninth and Ten Ut otiect? west, a i excellent a?soriiaeiit ??t" I'un iu?re, v x: Malne^auy f. unp seal Chair& and OUouiau? |) i marble Uip Side Table and lluieau Fine <-'liickeriit? Pianoforte, ot flue tone and t*m< h Cherry liatrick. WiubMauih aad Tables Clock; China, lilat*, Ciockery and Stoneware Maple Ued-tcada, Muttref*.-* aui vVardro'e Parlor, Step and Chamber Carpel* Lookuie (ilasaes, Window Curta in Cane and w<M?d seal Chairs CfHikiag, Radiator and <>Ui< r Stoves With a jood a.-.-ortineni ot Kiicheu Kequi.-iic* With many other articles' which we d eiu unne cesswry to euumeiate i Term-: I'mlercaah; ov?r tliat sum a credit | of l irty and st?ty days, forvnies satisfactorily eo dorscd b.'arit e interest. CREKN k SCOTT, inar P -d Aueiioneers. T By J. C. McUllKK. Auctloucir. KuSTEE'S SAl.K OF STOCK & FIXTIIBE8 of a Merchant Tailor.?Ou MONDAY, March l'ith, at 10 o'clock, at the store ou he ea*t side o! 4]^ street, two doors i?c>ll? of Pa. avenue, I shall | iM-.l, by virtue of a deed of tru.-t dated February 7, 1 .-.Vi. ;.iid duly recorded auiuiiK the land rtcoid* oi Washington county, aM the stcck iu trade and fti lures, corupiuiug - Biue, black, olive, groeu, and browu Cloths DouMc and ?ing'e untied plain and fancy Caasi mens Silk, fatiti, cl'rth, Marseilles au?i Ca*-imtre Vest iiija , Scwinz Sdk, 1 hioad. buttons, Cord, Bmdm^s 8kUn laced llulnjf Silk, Itiown liokand Padding Canton Plaiiiiol, Caiivaaa, Cotton Silesia, Alpaca, Wadding, ft-C. ALSO? I < ioc Ittrae French pWie Minor, stsa of plate 72,by j 30 inches Two French p ate Pter Oiasaes Cutting aad Sh?w Counters, Side CoUDters ali. lv. s and Draw?rs, Sin-w Pack* Clock, s;pre. Chairs, Tables, kc. Terms: |3o and under cash; over that sum a credit of .10,60, an i 9?) days, for aotes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing inieres:. JXO, C. KF.NNF.DV . Trustee. J AS. C. McGI'IKK, mai 8?d Auotlooter. rjBiiiGRAriyre. ? - ?_ *tro*rto mr m* dail,-? HVEWuro atab. 3*? Arrival of rfc, fMH?e ^ '?-*> t?u? " * ^weeh^jf Pmu, _ ? >< - Pal'-ittcro Xutiu Baltimjbk, March 9 _pioc._? . . .1 ?9, ?* ct.??, W.?V WhKt-K... *u offer*J, it U ?,? .Mi..,,, ?tjej'crJ.j'" pric. Corn - it|M ? Bi. ' for ohito; j"6s87 for yellow ^?w York Markots?A/ton oaa Mootug. ^,w *<>**? March 8.?Cotton?Tko market ?a upward an 1 firm; oj!os 0f 2.0M Orleans middling at 8*. Flo.r is opward and fir*; rale, of TO00 bbla. 0OJ*| Ohio at $9 2i.a W..4; -uuihorn La firm Saloa of 2,2i0 bbls. "heat b opwarl and firm. Corn is down ^?DiP,ri^ Iowor; saloa of luhela. Waotora mixed at 92.931 on. Lb'- "ai'ju "rV trifl* hi*ttr? *?>?? of 1 fcW tb.a Old Moa. $14 15; Now Moo. at $15 G2 ltd 4;|fl Urdu | a i|ft ?o Ri0, ,, ||(H Iid firm, f?ies of 400 tierces. at 4 J 4$ 00. Wtiaky It .atottlod oala, at 3, ia32c p., gAlloD Rjo CoPee II higher-lalo. at 9Jallo. Suyara aro 5m. I.ioaeod Oil i. firmer-ooleo at 8O.8I0 >pinta of Torpontise trofirmor-ealee at 42io 13c. Crude io firm at 3j. Comaon Rosin it uioady at l.tiJal to. 6tocka are heavy. Money ia eaej. Ibd'aoa at S4c; iii.?aouri 6> at 94i ; Poona Co*l Co 1. 5; Cumberland I; Krio 40* ; Cloro Imd "td To odo Railroad 73 Stw Yoik Markots N?* Vons, March 8 -Cotton io uaokoagod, with & moderate demand at previous rato#' Hourie upwerd. and tho market firm Sales of ,l'00 bbla. of good Ohio at $9 25 a $9 T?. ^outtern ia firm; saloa of 2 000 bbla Whoot is uncharged with a limited bnaines. Corn and firm; aalea of 80,000 bushels of extern mi*od at UI4. Pork io upward and * l?,d ?!"4t *]i ** B?*f ?? ?? ,*u ar Z2 - ? n,od!Jra,e preriono rate a lard 19 upward and firm Whi?ky? fd -9 of Onto at irregular pricoo 31 a 31 ic. Hew York Stock Market. Nmw Vobk, March 9,-Stooko aro firm Money io eaay. Saloo at tbo fim board of Louisiana ?'., 89;; Virginia 6'., SW; Ohio Truit, 8ii ; Missouri ?s, 941 ; ClereWnd an J PitUburg Railroad, 40 ; Erie Railrood, 46* ? t uir.berlaDd 34 ; Reading, 79|; Canton 24j ? Now York Central, 94^. v?won. nj , Kaow * ?things Defcatad at Milvankia. Milwadkik. March 8 ?At tho oharter olec> *? th'? P>?c? the wholo democratic tiekoc ^aa elected -Sam'' got a terrible thrashing. ** Cro >? f?r Mayor, has 1,400 majority Hy 6RKKR a SCOTT, Aaatlaattn. HOl BEHOLD AND KITC?KN PT'RMTT RF . *1,t(m wrDsef,i) ay 1 ,e i,,hA T', r H'100 coc*> * ?? ???*?! ?? ?. at ih?* re>Met.c? ?l a ^.m.jBiaii d?<li,uno hou^k.-pmr, ot. the ?ouit. .,1 ' u ' rr"' ?'h "ib t. lUTi.V How. an CKoelifot a-aort'iient of n< a . Iv i??: v Furniture, *-ia: .Mahopai!}- Sofa^, parlor an<! rocking itiairo ? ?o dmiiif, ?ofa. card and other 1><i WKMiBf and oth?-r Burtaim t ?tse :ii=?? walbut 1'arlor 8?-t m Plu*b F< a;.!?-r Re.'?, R. i diiip. Matin***-, and Bcd.t<"aJs rii?- p..lined Cx tat** t'hamlivr Set Mi pi-, ca'ie an<t woo?i scat Chairs VVa*h>tt ud?i, Matii:i( P.ulor, | a^ap?* an I chami**-r <"lii.i?, Jh.-, cr ockery and piatul'Ware l.(K?k:no Glaiwea, Waiters and ivory handle Kmve* and I i rV* SIOT.** .?!" various dewr p;ion? A e<yti ru- ortai. nt of Ktich*-n requieite* H ith uianyotii. r artu lea u hicii we deem urne ce-..irv to riiUm* rat?-. r,u? jan<1 4,n^er ra*b ; over ihar mini a credit ?.fG0 and 90 day*, lor MtL-fa tonlv en^?.f ied note;, txjaruig ititerect. OBCEN a erriTT. nwrt d ^ Aactiobeer*. fcy J- C. McGHRfc,, Auetloaaar. C,l,'.OR E OLD VV,NM. i.iqi'ors, srrK K & ,.!>Y.,!r.'7,"' a t 'M.erv rrfUUubmi nt, a<?. On I HIll\Y morning, March 9ih. at IUo?o?A it the font, ctionary store of J. H. Kberbach, on P.nn .?)Iv;.i ia avenue, buivn n 2l?i and 2id n<. 1 -hull w||_ t'awa, Counters, Drawer* Slo-lviiif, Bar Counters, Oyster B.-ie* Candy J-tr^, BotUes, McaleK and Wright*, k.c. ALSO, A Qt'AVTITV (?F M td> ir4, Shi rry an?1 Rhine Winen, of very pi potior qualify, which has been in bittl?? .oinc tru yean. ALSO A -ina'l lot of Cindi-w, Pnine#, Rai inx, Otive OR I'lrklei-, Present-*. NuU. kc. .f'JO ami under c;.fh; over that tuni a cr <iit ol'fiO and 90 days, tor *ati<l'actortlr tudor-ed noter, U-aiing interest. JA9. c. McCUfBE, n.aio?d Auctioneer. 0C?~ 1 b? >bovo Kalt Is paalp^aatl un.if WEDNESLIAV MORMXU, March 14, ?.une hour ai,<1 |>lt cc. mar fc?<1 O KEPPLER, ) _ . WM. EUPP. 1 Trwtee*. J As?. C MoUL IKE. Auc.?r. By J.C. 31c(itJlRE, Anetloatcr. STO K AVI) FIXTURES OF A tiHOE STORE at Auctiuu.? On SATURDAY atternnon, ttoe ">lh metaut, at 3 o'clock, at the Store of Mr II O. \i jr.-,on Pcunaylvauia avenue, near 13ih ?treet, [ shall sell the balance of hu ?tock and fixtures, co? pri-iug? ?-!00 p.ure ladies' ribbed (i .item ami Morocco Boot* Miiwei' do |[o do Ofndaaw'ii lous Root* a: <1 ail**3 Boys' do do l.adii *' T?ulet Slipix M Ucatleintii'? t'alf ami Patent Leather Shoe*. ALSO ? Shelvuig, l rawer a, Bow Windows tin Fii.ure*. Seltees, Counter* Oilclutli, lot Tool*, &c. T?rnis: ^fA) and uudrr ea-k ; over that mm a cr?* iii 01 JO, 80, and tKI da>s, |br uolea uuufuiorily ?u.rtor ei, b^?rin( mure.-i JAMES C. Mr GUI RE, luar 7? d Auctioneer. U>* <1. C McUl'lRK, Auctloaoor. "1TALUXBLE BUILDING LOT ON PESNSVL > van?a nvenue.?On FRIDAY af ernoon. the 9th imum, pt i o'< lock, on the premises, I Pt?aH seU part 01 Lot No. 5, iu Square N<?. 168, froiuuic 9 tu t on Penn?} Ivania avenue, between 17th and 18ih Mreti> ?ct4, runniiij back one buudred and twenty feet. Terms: Ooe thirdca-h ; balance ia sii and nine months, with Mifcrtat, secured bv a deed uf truat on the preuurc*. JAS. C. McGUfSE, mar 7?d Aueuonee/. By J- C. McGUIRK, Aacilonaar. rpRL'STEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROPEK A ty:?On MONDAY afternoon, Aj>ril Sd, at 5 o'clo<k, 011 uie preuu^ea, by virtue ttf two deeda of tmst to the subscriber, one diied May 10. 1047, and recorded in liber W B , No 134, folio 183, ac , th? 0 her dated Ju t 10 1*47, and recorded in libei W. B? No. 13A, folio 470, ac., two of the land rocorda lor Washington n unty, in the Dutrtct mf' '--lawhia. 1 chall sel , on the premiss*, lot* nuutberad 10 lT* 13,14, 15, and 16 in square No 35S, Irontiai on illu street we^t, bet? uen P and G streets soutti wkh the iniprovemer u, a n^ ^uiig of an excellent two atorv brick dwelling house. < * Term.-: Oue third cash; the residue fa ?5X, twelve and e.^Ltenn month- with intere*., to he .ecured to the satisfaction of the trustee. NICHOLAS CALLAN. Tnutee. J AS. V. McGtntE, mar . - cm Auctioneer. By UUICICM * SCOTT. Aastleneets. TW(. TWO-BTORY FRAME HOUSES AND LOTS at Auc'toji ?On FRIDAY, the ?.h lnat. *"c shall eel, in front of the premises, at 4U o*clork tm., two good two^tory Prame Hou e?, with brick teiuenu, containing six conveniently arranged rooms each, aud U.e lots on which th^v stand, be pan of L? No J9, ia Sqnare 136. One lot fronts 18 and the 19 feet 00 north K, between 17?h an 1 lM.'i street* west, running back 113 feet to a IU 5-el alley, with a tool feet alley between thehonse*, for ihe convenience ??f each. Thle IndtspMiaMe. Term : One th'rd cash; the bal^nee fn six and tw lve months, for notes hearing int< rest. A deed given and a deed of ttnat Uken. GREEN a SCOTT, luar 5?eolkda ? Aucuoncers,