Newspaper of Evening Star, March 16, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 16, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY.) At th? Star liuiidrng, corner Pennsylvania avnu* and El?v?ntk ttrtst, By WALLAOU 4b HOPS, Will he served to Kiihscrifcere in the cities ol Wash ington, Ueorjetown, Alexandria, HaJtunor. and rhiladvl|4na, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payaMe weekly to the Agents To mad sub?cribe/4 thr ?ub#cnption price is THftEE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year in aArancc, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR for THREE MONTHS. coma on C?!CT. ?J I I I VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C.. FRIDAY MARCH 16 is** ivn aaa THE WEEKLY STAR. This taiftlac a paater variety af bs fbond tn any other- to pabtUhed oa faturday 91 95 ra curas. 2? eopiaa.? 5 00 r+r (U |I4| ?????? ???????? 0 t ? ? | | ??????????????*?' _ Twenty do ixTAai&*u l* tDvtmi. 0&~ Sinflc cop??s (tu wrappers) caa be at the counter, lmmMiairly after the wswe of ti?a paper. Priro?matt carrs. I PorriiHrii *hn ?- --??- ?? - fl A DTFP 'U SPANISH MIXTURE. Th? Great Partner of the Blood I Hot a Particle of Mercury In It! Aa IsiiLUBU RuiCiT lor Scrofula, Ring's Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate CuUdcodi EruplionS, Pimyles or Postals on the faes, Blotches, Boiln, CtroniSore Eye?, Ring Worm or Tette^, ScaM Heal. Enlargement and Pain of the Bones and Joint*, Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Dis^rdere, Lumbago Spinal Cotapla nti>, an 1 all the diseesei aritiog from an injudicious ue?- of Mer-ury, Im pmd n^ in I Ifr, or Impurity of the Blood. THIB valuable M-dicine, which ha* become cele? brated for the number cf extraordinary cures, effected through its agency, he induced the propri etors, at the urg-nt request ef their friends, to offer It to the public, which ibey do with the utmoet con* flleaee in ite virtu-* acd wonderful curative prop erti ? The following certlfl-at-s, ?el?cted trom a lnrge nnmber, are, however. stronger testimony than the mere word of the proprietor!*; and are all from gentlemen well known in th?ir localities and of the higBe*' respectability, many of th*m rent ding in the city of Richmond, Va. F. BOYDEN, Esq,, of the Exchange Hotel. Rich mosd, known everywhere says he has seen ? h? Me4> fdne called Caxtxx's Spanish MiXTCXX.admin'stered in orer a hunired case?, in nearly *11 the diseases for which it is recommended, with the cost :<stori ishingly good results He nays it is the most ex traerdmary medicine he has overseen. AGUE AND FIVER?GREAT CORE.?I hereby certify that for three years I had Ague amd Fever 4 of th? m^-t Tl-il-ntdeerrip'ion. I had eeveral Phr sidans, took l?rg* quantities of Quiolne, Mercury, end I bel ere all the T nice advertised, but all with out permanent relief. At last I tried Carter** Spanish Mixture, two bottles of which eff?*ct ia!lj cured m*. and I am happy to say I have had neither chills or fevers since. I consider it the best Tonic in thif> world, and the only m*di?ice that >ver reached my ease. JOHN LONG DSN. Hutu Ditch, near Richmond, Va. C. B. Esq., now in the city of Richmond and for many years in the Poet Ottc?, has such eon&l*n~* in the astonishing efli-acy of Cart?rV f p<ni?h Mixture, that h? has bought upwnrds of 6fc bott'ts, which h- has given a??y to the affl cteJ.? Mr. Lack says be has never known it to tall when t*Sja ac.-^rding to directions. Dr. MINOS, a practising Fhreict'ta, and formerly rf the 0*iy Hotel, in the city of Richmond, Bays he has witnessed ia a number of in*'an:eeth* ejects ol Car er's Spant'h "fixture, which were most tru'y surprising. He ssy;j In a case of Consumption, da peai-ut on the Liver, lbs good wers won awful ir.ieed. SAMUEL M. DRINKER, cf the firm of Drinker * Morris, Rnasajnd, was cured cured of Uvur C<"ja plaint of three > ears standing, by the use of twt bo'ti-6 of Carter's Span -h Miiture. GREATCURKO/ SCROFULA ? The Ed.iors St the Ri;hm">u 1 !>pao'.ran h-d a servant employed in th?ir pr*ss rooja, cured of violent Ssrofuia, om b.u*-I with Rhsu-ua'i-rn, which entirely disabled bin is ia work. Two btftlee of Carter s Spanish Mix' tie male a perfect crre of him, and the 1/di tcr? in a public notice, say they '?cheerfully rm>n men4, it to all who ar* a^h:t?4 with any disease ot the bioci " STiLL AVOTJfER. JR-9 OF SCROFULA ? I Ltd a vsry valuable ooy of Scrofula by C^ct^r's ish Mixture. I nnnikr it truly a T^la~ble medicine. J Aii 23 M. T iYt'lK, Conductor en the k F e*i 1 P. X. B. Co.. H ^hm^ad, Va SALT RHEUM OF TWENTY YLARS STANDING C'J ? ED Mr. JOHN TIOMT:?? ?', residing In the city ot Richmoui, w<8 cur-i by three 0 atles of Carter's ^paatsb Mixture, of !??': Hheum which h* h?d tor aea-ly **rxt/ and wh?ch all th? physicians of the *?.'-* rral.i not eure. Mr. Thompson is a weL kn?va <-jt v ^act ia tha city cf Ricbmoclf hir is at \ M'^arkabie. W!t., -i Richmond had a servant euredef ^y^b^is, in tbe worst form, by Caiter^s Spanish Mixture. He eays h? ch-?rfuliy recom m- Qla it, aci ooaaaiers it a very invaluable meli cine. KDWIM 3U.IT0N, commis^on-r of the r?v?nu?. snys has s**u the go d -fT-^ru ot Carter's fpmiafc Mlxtare in a number ot orphi'itic cseee, and says it is a perf-?ct -ure f rthit Horrible di.vase. W M. Q. T?ailW*0-?D, ef Richmond, cured cf old Sor^s asti Ulsers, wh ch di?ahled hin f.?m w*Iking Took ? f?w bottie* of Carter's Spanish Mix'ur^, and wu encbl-d to waik without a eru*;h,in a short tame p-r? cu-cl. Principal Iwpots at d WARC, CLOSE it Cc? Na 6s Maidaa Lane, New York T. W DYOrr k SJN'i, No. 122 North Second rt, Fbiladelphia BENNETT 4 BKE'IS, No. 125 Main Mre?t, Rich aor'L Va And for saie by CH'.r.LES STOTT. Wa^hingt.'m, D- C; HEN .C? PRSt, AlexaoaiU, and by L>ra :^?ts everywhere. 1 rir# $1 per bottle, cr six botiioe for $*, m>o 2i?ly Mott Bedell s Line. <? SEW YORK,.1LEX-1XD f.i. WASHINGTON CITY, JiSD DISTRK OF COL CM III A P.ICK.'TS. This line of pa? kk'.s sails weekly from pier 14 Ea t kr.rr, N -v York,and oft?>ner if neceaeary, and arc coinpo-jo of the following first rla?.H vessels: ?Slew achr. .f. r. BaLcIl, Bedell, ma-ter. New sclir. Mott A. V. Tredweil. Schr. .f in D., Wm. Oliver, master. Scir. I'olnnt, L. A. Smith, master. Schr. Comma^lrr in -Chuf, Wogl im, mast> r. Sclir. Grtenwuy, VVil*on, mMer. Th^ec veaeels ax*-, rdl fast sailers, and the masters men of experience in th?- trade, an t the only r* ?u !ar line of VVasiiitujiou Citv pack? t^. M??TT BEuELL, Wall street, N. Y. S. S. MASTERS h. SONS, Alexandria, Va. 'J'flOM \3 KILEY, feb 1?6m Washington and D. C. DENTISTRY. 1 \R. MUNSON r?epec*fu'ly cal.e pubMc attestioa JLf to Lis cew, patent, .i d GREATLY IMPROVED ms.'.od of >-tiiog A rtiSria'/ Teeth, wiih Orttnuous ?';m?tb? >ery PERFECTION OX T >? A LT. This sjyls rf Teeth hir the fo!lov p ivantnge.i ever all ctbera rii: GRLAT STRENUl.i, CLEANUNJusS, 0 M-! FOKT, and CEACTY, hieing with Nature in U.eie rer^^cta, and som? c'iers excelling. Public iarpee ticn is respectfully aoiiated. Please call aai e?s ?pecimens. CACIION?No other Dentist in tie District of Columbia hts a right to make th.3 style of Teetn. N. B.? r>^;h ? :ustj;uuon'.liy healthy, placed and wirrantad for life. CO*j aai bcuje at No. 203 k street, near the cor cer if Pf>ua<ylvaaua av^tCe and lith street, nov 12?tf TO INVENTORS 'I'll? ci je of "The InrentcrV Protect ion National JL Unjoc" u on ?th atrset, opposite tbe Enet Por tico of the Patent '->C.e, KnJ is now reaJy to atvad to tLe bunnsas of sa*:_0"tr-, usmrly : In ma^<ng exam.n&tion - %l. i ?:iiciting patents, A:. Inv?ators are io7.o?d to rsall aod <ret a oopy cf th< Ccnstiiuti^n and Ly Uts, u:l w t. re any arc rue ticu wi5i be given r-. rre;tiug ibe Uui-n. All letters on ba.?. leos iau. k? -Iirscted to thii ol ftvs where atteuL^n r ili be &: *c Ui; jiedi?tely. A model shos i?? ia oojr*et!ca ?sitn otfos, wbers models car* be made t' 'o^.er at the -?hrrtest nctkw. T. 'i. CLAYTON. ?n lfl-ly ?-.-e<ij#nt I. p. s. O. PIANOS FOR SALE AND RENT. rI'liE subscriber has always on htnd a a^-oit I ment of German and American Pi AXlR?, from the v?;ry b?*st manutacturers* wtAch fl*: offers foe sale at lower prices Mian can be purchased in the i)i>tnct of Columbia, and ? n the mart accommodating terms. All Pianos p irchas^d from in?- a. ?? s lriial?>l to satisfac tion. Old Pianos taken m eichanxe. B. RE1SS, Prufa'Bf of Mumc, G. betw. Fourteenth and PlfteCBth streets, eb 6?dm* OLD, SILVER, STEEL & PLATEII SPEC TACLES to suit every age an<la *;e, R.dui^ Spec? it. R. Gia--es, Eye( rroiectors, Eye Classes "t all senp tions, Reatimc Classes, Goggles; kc., Parabola, Pent'-?cal, Concave, Convex, and Colored Glasses put in frames at the shortest notice. Persons in want of glasses may be sure to get those which benefit the eye at H. SKMKEN'S, No. 330 Pa aveuue, betw. 9ta ami 10th sts. jan 20 ENRHYN AND IRON MANi KL>?Xkj be a beautiful ssu -rtmect of :ht(j ch ap and du rable article*, *t thacornsrof r>nosylvauia aveoue and Tenth street, over tLS Washington Saving! p-wW RALPH HA8i?INS aov le-aef *" A R N Y ; Nj. 84 ttndg* tlrret, <: i e i.r?pnred to rtirniah Batt-f, f>x*!'sis>3yr*rt | ,v c 13, kc., with every tiuBg u\ die I on ;?? , ii. nary Une, ui any psit of the District, at ?he ?>i?f)it tst noute, and On the most ress?)naWe tertn> rsa l?-tf C. WAR HIRER, WATCHMAKER, NO. *30 PA. AVENUE. Betweeu Ninth and Tenth street-', washimqton, p. c. M, 14?dtNov4* G HEAT IIVDUGICNK^Tl, "'f'1Ll?- BROTHER a. CO. , *??? Baltimore it red, Baltimore MA. Offer to buyer*, previous to taking their annual a'c count ol Mock, a large .took of ^tV"ii2rfS ww3?wVv!!7'?,'iE!! W^i1S?''' Claefca, W-onrfi, m A.AT PR| imkd to cost. t,mes' ,fVr/J/^3f_?/ COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR Nrl Jr;i; ?**"* California, P JlXr*. Louisiana, Miasojri, Alabama, Ke.tuek* m!.L ' Michuan, ' . H isnonain, Ohio, and Minnesota, Floriia, other Stataa. GEOEGE C THOMAS, ATVOKNEY FOli CLAIMS, AND rotary public, Wtikmrtan Plar?. near Odd-Fellow' Hall ??VKfTH i'TRKBT, Waa?|*w?. DM ' ?At !9-?f F. n. DAYTDGK, AU->r??y tad Corai,, > AITS COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS . . JfOR TH5 STATffS OF Virginia New York Main. *?*tucky, N?r Jersey Illinois UiBtaiaiia, KlMtot ;pf Connecticut pSS?U-,IU ^?r^Urd Pennsylvania Florida l>a?e*#e? Alabama a I* ? **?*? California Arkar*ae 8 Carol} a a Ae" 4 Oon??y*??cia^ la all it# brtoob^i promptly Mi ?ttarttaly ?i<?cut*d. 7 a 0:??!; ,?*r**ma ???aua, opp. Fifth atreet. oct 10? Jty R. II. GILLET, CoMHitllor at Law, S Pt8iieBC# ?n Franklin Row, corner o? K ?nd Thirt??nth street. ??.?jjy WM. M. MKHRrCK, Attornty at Law, no. 38^ol j!I4.xa av?nc?. Will pfaaM-v in the Sapretne l ourt of the United 0 Court* of the D e.rict of Columbia. ?W 2^?f BANXIN8 HOUSE OF PAIKO & H0DR8E 0PP?*?<? United States Treasury. b ami ?,d ^ aUd ?,hWf *ecUf,Ue8 purchased Interest at the rate of ?n per rent per annum al lowed on deports when left for 30 diys or Ion. cr. jan 24?6ni ?? ?*". ~ w K. OWKS &, SOW, ??li>ITAliY A*D NAVAL merchant tailors, FENN-ftLVAJUA AVill'l, Between Fourteenth and Fift-enth UrceL WASIIINGTON CITY, D C. ' 4^* Naval and Military Uniform* executed in the "eaie-t atylc. mar l,? JAB!NET :JAK.Kii. >, LTNDJujctaKJ?R. UBi?raUa>l wo:;id r-.-oscCaM y inform hi* X. ?'*e-*n?a, ar:i the rtfclte ?en ralii ha'. I? ir:l] coatinaw t-. ??-Fu ??> orj-r* ;a fcj' to the beat manner an i at the abort 'ir -?? RxlPJl^L114 P'eaptly execute* v f? h, ALS at'.* vied to at ,s * -is, and la the :*:t <S"!nHBiW B f xu7.tua*d tn ?.'* itsuiptr/eci ?o? -er, on ?r? !\? ?ri7?vr? wotter. ??v fc- rron'd r-^vtfatly ' ea->aror to m.r?? a -ontidncpce o tsaraae. AVTHCVY RUOHT.Y, p*- ???-, 'i i\ *.et?^,i 5th acd iotb sta. Re#Meneo: Mr. Kartic'a, 5o. 89?, D to'rt Ttk raar y_]j Privato Medical Troatiog ^ ?yt rt?? PiiY8I0L<WICAL Vfj.A' OF MARi^AOR, n. n. la croix, a. d? a- r. 460 Pages and 130 N'? PUin and Colored LItho ^rapta ?nd Plate* Prlco on y '43 Canta ?#*5?nt free cfp-kcta-retD all p?r:a ff th? Uniou^C? OIlKAPii^T boOK EVER PU^LIallKf', ?nd con'^inlr.c n-arly d ubie Ibe quantity o! r^alicg matr??r in that of the Firry ck.nts or doluk PUBLICATION'S It treat' on ?he i'LIYafOLO OY OF MARKIAQK, ?d 1 the a^ret i ? flrioiti**.'and uiaordsr cf youth aad inaturi:*, re -ulting fr. in e*c^B?a, which iff troy t (is ph > rlcil and urn ta! powen. with oN*rrfctjon? Oi ia?n:ag-?, iu dutlw and diaqualiflcatitxs, and tafir roraeiliei; lithograph*, illaatrati^ the anatocir ard phyrotc^, and uiaea^n of the rtpr J jctire cr^saa cf lK>th aexes, their structure, uaee a >a runcticna. A poyo'ar and comprehtnMve traa ti*e on the duties ?ud cowJ^a f etnjls and mar n*i his?barpy aai t-'j^pl aHlM.-yw. mo'> t f a iring them-Infel' iifn t&?e.attle oiiec?their ooviaticn and reDjurr:?'jB0i>rt?i0t hiata to tbc - o-Dt-mplatlnn msujiray to*t will overocr:- ob jectioan to it; noay bo?t??r. ahould take ttL3 ic? p-rtart cep without :m cocsulting ita r*i'e?? ariime^'.'.r.eB o i ib? aiseneeeand medical treat.Tent ot f-iaaJeg iron i^ancy U> old ace, *a-;b caee g ?ph Ically illustrate.! by l^autifu! lithographic plnte*? uer\wi?A debt! ij, Jti cau?a and c>ira, hy a proc??t a* '-rce ?u tiaii*, *fe and effi-ctnal. that tail Tire ia i apofcdble?ro!?s for daily ma.isz'isent?an an ^p- rmatorrncea *ith practical oi#erTatioua on a a?fer, etd mora aurjet fa C.01I9 of treatment?pre MiCf'Mry hinti ot 'iw ???!? irenit'a^ from cmuiri 3al true:;v??kit e?fay oik eii linv&aea aiuriiij ftnm iudia ieUon, with plain ana *isapte rules by *Lich au prrKfoican care tbeir^lTeu without mercury remedfca f r ttoe* rait iofllctod miierlea and di/ap pointed bepe* to untbrtuiately prevalent in th^ fcung. It 1j a truthful ad?i>?r to tha marrlad and dioae ccnteuplatliig carriage. Ita p?ruaal is par Ocularly reoomaeud-tl to peraor a entertaining se ?r?t doubts of their physical condition, and who are '/mfeclcca of h iring h;.tard"d the health, happineae aod prtTllegei to wh!cki eTery human toix< u en titled to. Prte* 26aeute p?r ecpy. cr fire eopiea k r ene dol lar. Mailed ftea of pobtage to acj part of the Uui tad State*. 9 N. B.?Thoae who prefer may oonsultDr LiCa01* apon ar.y of fi.e 0; -e.<"?ea upon wbioh hii boo* t.f ata either ualiy or by mail. M?diff!ne tient to eoy part ef the L'..i-o according to directions, ?af-l> p?.. W a^d car?fu:iy ewir^d I'oa all obtarreM.-.n .IJdreee Ur. ?I. M. L4 CdOIX, No 31 Maid^a LiM it t'oet GOre Box 679, Albany N. Y. OS ?e open daily Irom 0 a m to d 7 n, acd or Hinday from 2 until lips. ?#>0mce a?uauv?tt Low No. 66 Bearer pt to3l Mald?u Laai, A:Lany, N. Y. T GRATIS r JUST PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! A FEW' word? on th" Rational Treatment, with ii oat Medwne, of Spernialorrhea, or Local \Veakne?<, Nervous Debili ty, Low Spirit.", Latitude, Wrak u>?+?> ol the LiuiOs and Hack,>-, sit;oti and iRcapicity fur Studv and' L .bor, Dullness o'" Api>rchi-n.?ion. i.os? of Memory aversion to Society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, S? It DiriilU, Diszinc-is, Head Ache, involuntary Dwcharfea, Pain m flw Side, Affection of th- Eyes* Pi nplM on th? Face, Srlua| and other infirmities in man. FROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANEV. Toe important tact that theae alarming complaints ?my easily be removed without Madicine is, iu tins small tract, clearly deiooio-trated; and tiie engrrly mw and highly aucceaaM treatment, aa adopted by UK' author, lully explained, by meaii.? of wbich ev ery one is euabk-d t-? cum hmisell"perfectly, and at th<! least possible eo^t, avoiding thereby all tiie id vertised nostrums ol the day. Sent tw any addreae, gratis, and po*t free in a s? a!ed envelope, by remittnig (t>?<t paid) two po-<t aie stamps to Dr. B. DE LANEY, No. 17 Lispvi.urd street, New York. jan 17?3m MATHEMATICAL IJfSTBUME.'JTS. Mill 0. a:.'UaR^)\' ta* r?eeiv?d a large anl eomplate it of Hi(h*ai^e J Inetiu turn's a';J Drawing datana a of auperior quality The >lalh-matKa. ioa.rumentj are chiefly of S*>'u-a Biaott/.et >ry in <-a*-a, as well aa ia a-parate pte^aa , Wat ?r.c">fc ra an i cU c;lora Drawing paper* el ar Al o, tj udl??!n !)ti?!ar aod Put0ting. d^S2-?f 476 Pvao ^?cil. )ITWAC AZfNl for March. FRANCK TAYLOR. ,'eb 1 DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S CELEBRATED (6crmaii Bitters, PRKFiRlD bt DR. C. M. JACKSON, Philnd'a., Pa., WILL EFPECTUALI.T CCRK LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUNDICE, ,.."/'ronic 99 JVtrw" Debility, Duecuet of tke A taueyt, and all diieaiei arising from a dis ordered Liter or Stomach. Such as Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullness, or Blood io the I lead, Acidity of the Stomach, Xau sea, Heartburn, Oi-gust tor food, Fullness or w? iglit in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink mg or Fluttering at the IV of the Stomach, Swim mi iig of the Ilea.!, Hurr ed ind difficult Brent lung, Piii'tenng at the Heart, Choking or Sullocating Sensations when in a lying Posture, Dimness ot V ision, Dots of Wf bs before ihe Sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration. Y(llownes* of the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Cheat, Limbs, Jtc., Sudden Flu*he? ot Heat Burning in t be Flesh, Constant Imagin oil's of Evil, and great deprtSMon of Spirits. 'ITHE proprietor, in calling tne attention of the X public to this preparation, does so with a feel ing ol tiie utmost confidence in its. virtues and adap tation to the diseases for which it is recommended. h is no uew and untried article, but one that has srrusd the test of a ten years' trial before the Aineri can people, and its reputation and sale is unrivalled by any similar preparation* ejtant. 'Che testimony in its favor given by the most prominent and well kbown Pbysiciaus and individuals, iu all parts ot lie country is immense. 'J'iie billowing from \orth Caiclina is respectfully sub i iu d, referring any who may still doubt, to my "Memorabilia." or Prac tical Receipt Book for Farmers and Families, to lie had gratis, of all the Agent" lor the German Bitters. Principal Office and Ma'Ulartorv, 130 Arch si . I hdadelphia. Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Vet tifir ale of Dr. W. Smith, qf Pine IliU, Huh ^ ino iid County, N. C. Pise Hili., March 4ih. 1854. Dr. C. M. Jarxson, Philadelphia?Dear Sir : I have been a subject*ot Dyspepsia, in its worst firm, fir the last five years. Such was my condition for twelve months that she physicians and all who paw ?ie said 1 inu?t die. While in this condition. I was carried to the watering place* in Virginia, Tennes qpe and North Carolina, tut was not benefited by any water to which I was taken. While on my way home, I stopped a week at Ruthetfor 'ton, h small village III \orth Carolina, to try the tfTtct of -oaie Chalybeate water in that place. About the last of the week, I w?nt into a drug store 10 get some medicine for my child and tnyseif. There were several of the viliaee physicians in the store, and one ol them seemed to take some interest in my case aud, after asking ine some questions, said he h id been h dyspeptic, and had beeu greatly ben<? fi'ted by the use of'4 Dr. HoofLnl's German Bit ters," prepared by y u, and he united that i would I y the BilKri He also called the next day at my room, and in-'i.-ted so much that I would try them t :at I asked him to get me one bottle. He did it, ^nd I commenced taking it a< directed, and I do say I was more fc-eefitted by it than iill the water and ?ncdiciuc 1 had ever taken. Al ter rear hin< home one of my neighlior* came to me for a prescription ami medicine, (he a dyspep tic,) and i gav.: htm nearly all the Bitters I bad left, which effected mirh goo.i in Ins case. He lias often called on me for more of the same k ml o;" medi cine, living he was more benefitted by it than any other lie had taken, but I have not b< ,"n able to get any more for hiui or myself since; will you, there !<>re, please ship me a dozen or more as boon as pos ible. Respectfully yours, W.SMIT1I. D. It. llOOKKit, Roger's Store, Wake Co., V C., ?'toiler 24 18o.?, says:??' Having experienced very 'teat benefit from the use of " II ?otiand's Germ in f itters,"' in Chronic Dysentery aim functional de raiige.'Qcnt ol the Liver, and lis concomitant evils, I am desirous of obtaining a quantity ?d' it for the benefit ol my community. You will, therefore, please send a lot. &c. Ike. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. Ill, Yadkii Co , V C ,Nov. 1st, 1853. Dr. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Alio-.v me to ?.\ pre.-s t<? y<>u my sincere thanks for your discovery of a mtdicine which, to say the lea-tof it, ha- ef fected a cure that all other m?d ctnes, thu I have taken, have entirely failed to Oo. "Hoofland's Ger man Bitters" have cured me of the most stubborn and aggravated case of the rn.s.i that, perhaps, ever fell t* ih-- lot of man My case is not a uranger-in community, as I ain well kuowa in this and the urroumling counties, and can truly sav that my re covery has abounded all my friends and relations, as I had tned everything recommended, and nothing did me any g<?..d until I was prevailed upon to try the Bitters. You are at liberty to ivake any use ol this communication, for the benefit of the afflicted, ycu mav think proper. Truly vours. WM. J. ATWOOD. These bitters are entirely vegetable, they invigorate and strengthen the system, never pronirate it, and can b * u?ed for infant* as wt.ll as adults. F^r sile by respectable d< alers everywhere, r>nd by Z. D. GILMAN, Wa-hington; J. L. KIDWI.LL. Georgetown; and J. K. P1EKPONT, Alexandna. mar 1?ly T. H. PHILLI?3' COACH FACTORY^ 4 7 7 Eighth 6t, *dj dniug Raln-jV Livery {"tables OWING So the increased tr->d^ which a veuerous put. 11 has bestowed upon a?, t have be-n com plied to erect a new and larger bullotag lor the c rrying on of m? bn-^loess. il*re I shall bs cn sbled to -xecute all orders entrusted t* d:. wi^j i r tv?litl?? sad dispa'oh, and I would res.??ct solicit a continuance o. tbe publics pat'-ona?-. Cairl*g?s mi W?gons, of th* mot mod rn s'y!e, bai,ltot ihe 1-eet m ?ter^a'.s, aiid warranted to give utisftction. ?.epaiuoi every dsroriptioa punctually atl' iidei to. For sa!e, cheip, ?? second-hau l Clr.reiic* Carriage, nearly n^w SPLENDID RAFFLE. be Kaffl^d for as koon as llie requisite fV number of Chances have beeu taken, the fol lowing s|iiend d and costly articles, viz:

1st Prize. One spieudid gold I'a^er Weight, containing an Automaton Singing Bird and 8day Chronometer, most beautifully deeoraied and adorned with enamelled I'Hintiiigs .*! ,C00 2d Prize. One Lady's Gold Watch, richly set with Diamond" and Painting on Enamel... 1**11 3d Prize. One I.ady's Gold Watch, richly set with Diamonds, and Painting on Enamel.. ]-jo 4ih Prize. One Gents Full Jeweled Patent Lever (with Compensator) gold Hunting Watch JO? 5th Prize. Lady's Gold Hunting Watch, splen didly chased '.0 Total value There will be Two Hundred Chances, at Teu Dollars enoh. The raffle will take place at Ililbus &. Hifz' Mu ?ic Depot, Star Buildings, comer Pa. avenue and 11th street, where Tickets can be procured and the articles are on exhibition. Persons desirous of pot aensing some of the ino?( superb articles of workmanship ever exhibited, have now an opportunity offered them of obtaining such at an extremely low price. Call and examine for vnurselves at the Music De pot of HILBIJS St H1TZ, Star Buildings, between the hours ol 9 o'clock a. in. and 6 p. m. ^k|-4f STEAMER GEO. PAGE ORANGE 4 ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. rl HE undersignei havine become proprietors of J. the large and commodious Steamer GEORGE PAGE, intend, by tUeir? fforts, to accommodate the corrununity travelling between Washington and Alexandna, ami the l.'cilitiei which Uiey offer for tlie lrans(?ortatioii ot freight and the employment ot none but courteous and gentlemanlike officers aud obliging servants, to mem a share of the public pa tronage, anl would respcctfnl y call the attention of merchants and other citizens of both places to the toliow ing schedule of prices at which their Boat will hereafter be run: Passengers 5 cents ; Burgy wagon and one horse, I2X; Buggy wagon aud 2 horses, A3 ; Horse and ri der, 13% ; Mark* t wag^ri and I horse, 25 ; Market wagon round trip 37}{; Market wagon auJ 3 horses, &>; Market wagon round trip 37^; Drays 35; Drays round trip 37Jf; hacks 35; Hacks round trip 37; Flour per barrel 5 cents. \nd ull other freight in po port ion. in connection with this boa1, are Latham & Coofc tiny ol Ou.nib'ises. JOHN VAN RISWICK,)p , RICH'D WALLACII. / 1 rop r * mar 3 3w H. A. RVTIIER, Captain. UNION ACADEMY. Comer of fotirtuAt\ ti. arul A'ew York tnenua AVtW more pupils can be received to make up the limited number. Applieatiao must be tend* soon. Tb? dlseipliae, Uutruction. and mtans of Illustration su-h ?* to loiure -atbrf ictory pr" is tof?e i utils wh? sis punctual, rwgrlar ?r.d Olrcaiars at the .Bookstores. dee 90-?m Iu MOV ? wml i T?iaw*y Department, March 5, 185.V Notice is hereby given to the holders of stock of'he United Stated described in the fo|. lowirg notice of 3*1 Jannary last, that fcr th?; pur pose of completing the f.urcnase of the amount therein named, this department will continue to purchase, upon the terms of s.vd notice, to the ex tent of the residue of the sum p o|to* d not yet oh wined - ?ay $1.158^183 (15, If raid stocks are off?rei| and received here prior to the first day of June next: Treasury DrrAXTMKfrr, January 3, l?55. Notice is hereby given fo the holdm of the fol lowing described stock* of the Hmted States, that 'hi* department is prepare ! to purchase, at any Uine between the date hereof and the l-t day of March next, portion" of those stocks, amounting in the ag Kre^ate to $1,900,000, in th? manner and ou tfte te ms hereinafter mentioned, to nit: In ease of any contingent competition, w ithin tb?i amount stated, preference will be g ven in the order of time in which said Mock* may he offered. The certificates, duly aligned to the United Stat* ft by the parties who are to rcewi ve the amount inerenf, must be trnii-n itted to this department; upon Ihe receipt whereof, a price will be j aid <-oni|>otindfd of the following parth ulars: 1. The par value,or at r.unt specified til eaoh cer tificate. 2 A premium on the ?:oek of the loan authors d by tha *?t uf July, IHlC, r< definable November 12 1*56 ofQ\ pt-r cent.; on the stock of the loan an thorized by the act of 184 2, redeemable 31 at Decern b'-r, 1862, of 1U per cent.; on the stock of the loans authorized by the acts of 1817 ind 1818,a >d r. deni able, the former on tli- 31st December, 1867, and ?he iafter on the 90th June, IS68, of 16 per rent; nid on the stock of the loan authorized hv the act of 1850, and redeemable on the 31 -t of December, lf64, (commonly called the Texan indemnity.) 6 per c? nt. 3. Interest on the par of each certificate from the 1st tf January, 18T>5, to trie date of reccipt and set clement at the Treasury, with the allowance (for rhe money to reach the owner) of on* day's interest in addition Payment for said Mocks will be made in diaft* of the Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant In asurer nt Ro*t<in, New York. Philadelphia, as the parties may dncct. But to certificate will b*t entitled to the benefit of tikis notice which shall not he actually received at the Treasury on or before Ihe said 1st dav of March n*?- JAMES GUTHRIE, . mar 6?dtJunel Pecretary of the Treasury. PALMER S PATENT LEG. 1MIIS AMERICAN INVENTION stands unrivalled both in this country anil in Ha rope. 11 is worn by 1,000 persons, and with most astonishing success. In competition with 30 other eubstituten of the best l-rench, English, and German manufacture,it received ihe award ?>fthe o-eat medal at the World's Exhibi tion in London, as the. be>t artificial limb known. In this country it has been thirty time*! exhibited, in comp''t:hon with all others, at the annual Fairs hi the principal cities,and has, in < ve.y instance, received the award of the highest or first p.eowum. And as a crowning honor, by the unanimous approval of au interna. tional council, 'he "First Premium"?? only Silver Medal given for Limb?wa> awarded the inventor, at the New Yot!i CryMal Palace. Pamphlets giving full information, sent er.itis io e\t ry applicant. B. FRANK PALMER. 373 Chcs-nut street. Plulad'-liWus. ftb 28?3m MORE ABOUT LOCKS. I ONE-'ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, now ?omnrnly called the rt'ORIjlt'S FAIR LOCK.hi/Aou/ key or Ley-hole, is the Lock that secur> d the outer doors of tin Herring Safe that contained .*1.000 at the World's Fair, London, 18oi, it being necessary to unlock tht. Selore oiln r locks in the -ate cout.l lie unlocked. A'.! panics interested are referred to the loth-wing notu e : THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK. NOTICE. I have this- dav sold to Messrs. STEA'tNS J* MARVIN, Manufacturers of WILDER'S Patent S ilamander SAFES, New York, the Patent right of iny ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, Commonly called <?JONES' ANTI GUNPOU DER LOCK." or, "THE WORLD'S FAIR LOOK." The latter title was acquired in consequence of this Lock being placed in a Safe at the World's Fair, with ?1,000 in the Saf.. to be the reward of any person who could open the door. . The gold reiuuu.ed therein for a period of fortj five days, whilst the visitors got ured of turning the dnls, with such poor pro pe^ t of success, the num ber of changes being 24,300,00*0. Bankers, Jewelers, and Merchants who desire to have these Locks upon their doors, can have them by applying to gtenrns & Marvin. No. 146 Water ?>ir.-cf, wtio have the exclusive tight to mauufacturc siid Locks in the United State*. HENRY C. JONES. Newark, N. J., January 20th, 1853. STEARNS &. MARVIN. Seoctssoa* to Rich & Co , ;4^ St i 16 Water St., N. Y., Till: ONLY MAK KS OF SALAMANDER SA/E8, combining ?\ ILDER'S and RICH PAT EN TS. S. II. HOWELL, Agent, I - lin (.'?< rgctewn, D. C. THE LATE MR. MEADE'S PICTURES'. '|V) RE RAFFLED FOR IN 5400 CHANCES 1 AT fil5 EACH. FRIZZ NO. 1 "St. Thomas of Vill >nu?.va, giving Alms to the Poor," a copy of Murillo, by one of his pupils and lunched by that gre?u artist?sai.! to be equal io ihe original, cost ;$4,000. prize 2. " The adoration of the Wise Men of the E^it.** a genu lie Murillo ; erst $J,00o. PRIZE 3. " Head of our Saviour," by Cotreggio; coa $1 PRIZE 4. " Herd of the Blessed Virgin," by Carreggio; cosi $1,000. Mr. S. A. MATLAt'K i' authorized to receive -ubscript ioiis in this city, of whom tickets may Oe obfained, or of Messrs. TAYLOR ik. MAURY. All money received on account of the Rattle will be deposited in Bank until the drawing takes place, which will lie duly announced. /?Votn the Naiional InteUi*eiuer. Articles similar to the annexed we have observed in several distant pap -rs, contained in their Wash ington correspondence. We are glad t-? see Unit a member of the family is willing to dispose of a part of the rare collection of the Lite Richard W. Meade, who, during his long residence in Spain, had nppor tunnies, which his opulence enabled liim to indulge, for selecting many of the finest paintings in Spain? that treasure house of pictorial riches. The dis turbed state of the country at the time, moreover, made it favorable for obtaining many gems of nrt which would otherwise never have been purchasa ble. Ftom Ihe Boston Chronicle. Chkc n'ratyRKE or Art.?Several chef <i'i?epret of Murillo, Cdfreggio, and oilier mast rs, which wc re brought from Spain during revolutionary time- hy the late K. W Meade, have elicited the adrairu'ion of connoisseurs during the past week in the Rotundo of th^Capitol. They are to be disposed of for the benefit of a daughter of Mr. Meade, residing in Nt w York, after an opportunity has been given to tbe public for au examination. feb6- if SILVERWARE. AVERY pretty r.ssortmeut oi Silver Coire?? Sets, Pitchers, Goblets, Cup-, Creams, and all kinds of Spoons and Forks, and a variety of Fancy Silver ware, suitable for presents, viz: Soup and Oystet Ladles, Crumb Scrapers, fish, pie and cake Knives, Cream and Sugar Spoons, etc., is offered at low pn ees, and warranted sterling. H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, liet. 9Ui and loth ?-.s. lan ltf FAKC7 GODD8, PEiFUMEBY, 4c. HUTCHINSON & MUNI.O, are now opening af the r ?tore, No. 3IO Pa. avenue, a splendid assorting nt of GUODS, in the ab?ve line, cnutre rating in part us follows, viz: fiue C abas, Dressing Cases, Po te Monnaies, t.ard C'a es, Jewell Boxes, Shells, Shell Boxes. Jet Ornaments, Lubins', Pivtr't and other choice Extracts, Pomades, superior Bay Water, Con bs and Brushes in gr?ai veri ty, and In short everything to be usually tound in a first cla*s I ancy Suvc, and they coriiislly invite tlijir friends and the public to give theui a call. Their Sum: is the first door west of Messrs. Har per & I'o.'s, between Niuth and Temh sis. mar 2?tf PROSPERI'S CORNET BAN J) NO. 1 MR. FREDERICK PROSPERI beg* leave to in form his friends and former patsous that tt:u band has boen fully r*-organtzLd and is t.ow unde bis direction, aud t-e w fully orepured with a bai.d of the most Scientific Musicians in the city, to fur tiish music for Balls, Parties, Parades, Pic Nics, Ex eursioiii, k<., at th? shortest notice pcssinle, by >p plvmg to FREtiSRICK. POOSPKRI, Lewder.CilA . PROS PER I. Conductor, HILBUS Jk HITZ'S Mu sir Depot, or at PETER TAI.TAVUL'S, opposite th^ (ifcrri -on, Uarrison su* i. Navy Yard, feb IV?am* EVENING STAR. ?* TH1 LOVE CUBE. A Skatch from Life. Br OUR FAMILY PHTSICIAX. I had already had some skill and noto iiety in my treatment of pulmonary com plaints, and traveling north one summer for health and rest, i stopped for a few weeks at a beautiful little village near the St. I-awrence where I was somewhat known. I had only been in the village two days when I was called to see the young daughter ot a wealthy tarmer by the name of Summer. Ida Summer had been the belle of the county, and theugh only seventeen, her marvellous beauty had alteiidy kindhd a quenchless tire in the heart of many a suitor to her favor. Frank, confiding and at once playful and modest, arch vet innocent, fuil of wild spirits, yet utterly devoid of coquetry ?to see her was to love her. I found the peerless girl, whom I had remembered from the summer befjre as buoyant and rosy with health, pale and wan as a summer cloud and apparently in the last and closing stages of a deep decline. A careful investigation into the state of her lungs convinced me that hers was a mental rather than a physical con sumption. I studied her case carefully, watched the various expressions of hei sp;?king face, and at last came to the conclusion that her malady was one ol the heart. Of unrequited affection ? I could not think that?beautiful and good as she was. The case was a difficult one. Ten derly a*d gently I probed every soaud ing, but could arrive at no conclusion. Thus much 1 discovered?that she pos sessed no particular regard for any one of the youths far or near, whose name I could get hold of. And notwithstand ing all my efforts she seemed rapidly declining. I made minute inquiry into her past life; but cautiously, as not to let my mo tives be apparent. I learned that she had spent a few weeks of the winter pre ceding with an intimate friend in an ad joining town, and fxom that time had I begun to fade. ' To that town I repaired ; but by close5t inquiry could ascertain nothing. To all alike she had been friendly, but nothing more. The clergyman of ths church which she had attended was a young man, but one given to study and seclusion' She had consequently seen nothing of him except in the polpit. I had made a pretext to call on him, and found him a man altogether made after the model of what might be the highest aspirations of woman s heart. In fact, all the unengaged young ladies of his parish were well nigh crazy about him. But to all he accorded nothing but a friendly greeting ; and leaving them all, sought the privacy of his own stud v. lie was eminently handsome, and add ed to his tall, manly form and beautiful ly ci iseled features, he possessed a be uignity of expression that was nearly divine. I had much conversation with him, and, among other things, I casuallv men tioned Ida Summer and her evidently dy ing state, enlarging somewhat on her beauty and gexKiness. Ilis color deepened somewhat as he as sented to my remarks, and expressed his own regrets at her untimely fate; but otherwise he manifested no emotion. 1 remarked, before I left him, that it was time for him te give his pretty par sonage a mistress. " I may many years frcm now," re plied he with a sudden and deepening sadness; 44 but I early learned to dis trust the disinterested and abiding affec tion of our inoderu young women. If I marry I shall probably marry late in life.* 44 A fallacy, take my word for it, Mr. Stuart. Our modern women, some of them, are as fond and true as any of the dames of old. The thing is to tind the right .one." And thus saying^ 1 bade him good morning. On my return I found my patient rather lower than I left her. I told her I had been to the village of . Suddenly and tumultuously the warm b'.ood rushed up to her bosom and her face, and she looked at me with her soft inquiring eyes. I told her of her friends, and casually mentioned the name of tho young cler gyman. Robert Stuart. To her 'clear, blue-veined temples the same truant blood sped with fearful force. 1 had seen enough. I knew her dis ease, and most probably its remedy. 1 instantly wrote a note to Mr.y Stuart, merely saying: 44 If you would save a life, lose not a moment in hastening to , (the name of the town.) 1 will await you at my lodgings." 1 signed my name, and dispatched it by a private messenger. Sooner than I expected, the young cler gyman was at my hotel, t had prepared Ida for a conversation with a clergyman, specifying, however, no one in particu lar. I led him to her chamber, saw her blush and start of joy and modesty. What then and there tianspired, no one but the great scarchei of hearts and the two of his choicest handiwerk thus ? brought together?a dying girl and a minister of heaven?can answer. I left ' them alone as long as I thought her weak state might bear, and when I opened the 1 door I found him sitting beside her tad,* her slender hand fast locked in his, and his soul-beaming eyes pouring life and love upon her. My eyes filled with tears as I caught a sight ot her radiant face, so full of peace and serene bliss and life, but the t%ars 1 shed were the teais of joy. My patient, with almost out bjuad, a <v?Mniwne of tw*?ty per mt. regained hei health and strength, and the glorious representative of God a min ister upon earth, changing his mind upon the Fulject of matrimony in favor orthe ?right one,' is now one of the few truly happy men on earth: happy in a life mar riage with one every way congenial with him, and every way worthy of him. OPKR& GLASSES TELESCOPES The New Orleans liee contains thefoi U>wing accouot of the ojiera glass difficul ty which occurred recently in the St. Charles Theatre, in New Orleans, and which has been heretofore mertioned: *'A few nights ago. a great deal of an noyance was experienced by ladies in the Jresa circles of the St. Charles Theatre, | in consequence of the conduct of a com pany of seamen who brought their tele scopis to that establishment, and used them as opera glares. They caused aev erai ladies to leave the theatre, and as they persisted in their iingentlemanly conduct, in spite of the loudly eipressed J sapprobation of the audience, a cry of ?turn them out' was raised, and the sug ge.stion was carrie<l into execution. Crn Siturday evening, a larger but loss im I pvrtinent party of sailors again appeared I a? ihc St. Charles, and again called their I telescopes into requisition. There were I a- lea^t twelve persona provided with 1 these instruments, and they were sup I portcil by a large uumber of their com I rxdes who had determined, we believe, I to aid them in disputing their right to rc I main, if any attempt to eject them I should be made by the officers of the I theatre. "Whenever any gentleman, or person I in male attire, levelled an ofiera class at I :'ne party, twelve telescopes were iastant I ly directed at him, and so remained till I Le laid it down, or turned it away to an lo'herpartof the house, when the sea I i?rlass;s were immediately lowered. There I were at first several loud demonstrations I < f disapprobation at this conduct: but I when ii was seen that the seamen never I once directed their telescopes at a lady, I even when the ladies turned their glasses I %t them, these symptoms of indignation I gradually subsided, and would soon have I ? atirely ceased had not a loy appeared I in the parquette with two soda glass bot I ties, piaced parallel to each other like the I'barrels'of an opera-glass, and directed I his extempore ,eye-in<trument' at the I party of seamen- The shcuts of laughter I and applause which announced ths boy's I -vppetrance in the parquette, brought Mr. I De Bar, the gentlemanly manager of the I St. Charles, before the curtain, to address I the aud'.ence. lie began by expressing I his astonishment at a party of men who I were endeavoring to destroy the reputa I tion of his establishment, although he I had done them no injury whatever. il?re a sailor ro>e in his seat, and at I tempted to speak, but he was instantly I silenced by a storm of hisses and cries I of "turn him out." Mr. De Bar re I quested the audience to hear what the man had to say. Unwillingly this per mission was granted. The sailor denied that it was their wish to injure him ; de nied having annoyed any lady ; said that they Lad never commenced, in a single instance, the iiL|Krtinence com plained of: that they had never raised the r telescopes excepting when an opera g.ass was levelled at theui by a gentle man. (llisses from the opera-glass hold ers: applause from the parquette; cries of l4go<Kl." ?'this is a free country,'' and "that's true," from the, fol lowed this statement.) The sailor said thit they would ;nstantly leave the thea tre if desired: but they would raise their telescopes if they remained, whenever any gentleman taised his opera g!a*s at them. He thought he had as good a right to use a single-barrelled telescope as the others had to use "double-bar relled opera glasses. As what the sailors said in their defence was strictly true, a compromise was effected: the opera-glass holders discontinued their impertinence, and the telescopes were not raised again. Hints to Bacukiajrs.?If a lady con descends to flirt with you, merely for the fun of seeing you wriggle, believe she is heartily in love with you. and then pre sume upon that litlief. You will very probably find your neck-tie twisted in the hand of a big brother. Stare at every lady you meet in the street. An acquaintance with her is a matter of the least importance?the more you don't know, the more you should insult. She will probably feel like recol lecting your features for a particular pur pose. If you have enjoyed the acquaintance of a young lady before her marriage, im prove it atU'rwards. Call very frequently at her house wheniier husband is absent attending to his business. There arc plenty of scandal mongers who will say, " You're lucky,'' and will inform the husband. By a sly wink, when the lady is mentioned, insinuate you know all about her?insinuate by a negative smile what you dare not say. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have placed an eternal abyss between that husband and wife, and ruined their happiness forever. Moral Fragrance.?44 What a pitr," said a little boy to his father as they walked through the garden, ?? that the rose after blooming, does not producc fruit, and thus return a thank-offering in summer for the lovely season of its spring life. Now, it is called the flower of in nocence and joy; then it would be also tie emblem of gaatitude.'1 The father cuswered, 44 Does it not offer all its iove ness to beautify the spring, and for the dew and light which it receives from above, does it not fill the air with its 1 delicate fragrance ? Thus, like giatitude, b.stowing a charm unseen, which en hances every other good. Creatad for the spring, it dies with the spring; but its withered leaves retain a portion of it? ?,weet fra?ra:ice: 90 in the heart of in uocmcc does gratitude abide. afttr the kind -de?d, which called it forth is for gotten iu our breasts.?hfammdiker.