Newspaper of Evening Star, March 19, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 19, 1855 Page 3
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i " y NINC2 8TARJ Local Intelligence. Tib Ofbjisq Nigbt at ths Pkgpls a loa atbb ? There ?u a very satiafac'.ory u well as latisfia I audience at Iron Hall on S?<ur dav eveuing la?t, to witnesa the repreeentation of tbe >erloua Family, and Raising th? Wind, by tbe company, as arr?rge 1 f?r a permanent *ummer'a teawa in Washington. TheSsriout Family waa very fairly represented indeed, with but a firple exception Mr. Weaver's Aminidab struck ua as an entire misappre hension of the character. As written and do ?igned, the pare la that of a whining demure hypocrite, sof and oily in bis looka and ac tiona Aa played ?>n this cceasion, it was in too many passages that cf a boisterous beffno. Mr Weaver wore mua'&.'-bios, too, and in that way entirely deatroyed the effact of the really capital meaner in ?hich he otter vise dressed the part. Wo thas speak plainly of bis ab?rt eominga. to warn him aguinst spoiiiog wha' promise* to be a very raseastfal season at that bouse, by a failure oj bis part to recollect that there ia no otherci'y in the Union wherein the audience in tbe theatre ia aa invariably composed of peraons of good tasto?of those who have been accustomed to refined society, and therefore neuaeate all vulgarisms or a want of attention t> the thousand trivial things on tbe ftag<*, wh'ch, f**en together, early determine the qoes'ion whether a a took company ia to Le popular, or simply to be en dured for tbe aake of witnessing the perform an*e of stars playin< with beta. Misaes Howard and Tyson are young, agree able. and hai daome, and in Mra Delmaine an I Mra Cbarlea Torrena they evidently ma I.: very favorable impressions upon tbe au-iieicr, one and ail They strove to please, and auc cseded. as yourg and handsome wom*n never fill tc do 1n Washington, whotij. There was a degree of modesty ^erva ling the acting of both these young ladies, eminently laJy-likr, and therefore ngresabie Tbey have a con mon fanlt, however?tha* of nearly all yoaog actors an I actf'Hsea?tliat is, in indulging in stage pronunciation and intonation Their aim should be to read their parts precisely as 'hoy would deliver them in animated conversation in polite society. Oa the whole, however, ihey made most favorable iuipreeions. a>.d strike us a* likely to become permanent favorites in this city. Mr. Walco't'* Mbrphy McGjire was a capital lmj er:ona i n of tbe gay, agree able, accomplished and cbivalri: Irish gen tleman?worthy, iodeei, of the school in which he graduate*; of Burton's Theatre, in New York, where genteol and light comedy is inva riably better put upon the stag? than any where elso in America, cxcept in a single oth sr House. The after piece, Riiiing the Wind, was as well p'ayed a? before in this country, we care not where Y?"e have tern it represented a bnndrel t ines, ia'wentyor thirty (f tbe! laadicg theatres of the country, and we never betore saw playing t< get her s>|good a Jeremy, 6am. an<i Plaiuw*y ihera*t?>f the cbarac ters of the piece were fairly rendered. Mr. Norton's Saui would procure hiu an engage m*nt to play " Yo. ksbire " any where, wh'ie Mr. Newton's Plainway was a- good a render ing of the uniOphisMsatci aLd somewhat eras* eibie old gentleman, as we ever sjw any wheie. ^ These tw<> performa;s. as weil as .Mr Wa!oot;, arc destined to t-e grat favarites in Wa<h id^t>n; ina much a- tbey are evidently veraa tile, aud are also exceedingly careful in ell tse t>u.*ines3 of the stags. We have to say to the manager, that if be will tnsiat oa faultless dressing on bis sta^e, even on tbe par: of tbe men sent ou to haadle chairs and tab'e , and that every one appear ing upon ir shall oe perfect. and a:.end strict ly to the little things in'*tbe business " bo is H-?tined tohi.aa ve-y profitable sea?>n at Iron llall; fur his troupe contains tbe nuolecs of one cf tbe best gstiteel and light comedy companies now playing together, anywhe;o in this country, Io-nigh: they perform f?>e capital comedy of 4,U#ed Up.' wi-.hMr Walcott aa Sir Charles Cvidstream The cast for the entire piece ia ve-y fine Tbay will dauntless render it most effectually. The afterpiece is 44 The Prac icil Mao "am:tt laughable hi: at too extrava gancies of the times. A Large Fu.ieral ?The funeral of Isatc H. Wailea, E;q , which took place yesterday hi tero*:n, was one of tbe largest Odd Fellows' procesaiona we have seen daring the past winter Tbe U aud Lovlgo of that order was ma-gbailed by Mr. John W. licdgson. a:.d Washingrc n Loigo by Mr Eaward Kdmonston. b^tb of which were cu: in very large numbers, besides a delegation from ether Lodges. T h ey were accompanied by Prosperr* basd of tun aic At tbe hou^o of the deceased, tb? r?? ligioas servicej were eondneted by tbe Uev. &ee?rs. He: ry and Staotoo, each cf ?uoi& spoke feelingly upon the aolemn occasion which had druwn t getber so large a concourse cf sympathising fi iends The services bving concluded, tbe prvceaai'.n proceeded t<? U cn wcod Cemetery, there thesolexn ri ml of the order was re-d by F. (J M JohnT. wTcaeu's, /and tbe services clostd n;ih prayer a:id tho b?nedie:ion by the clergyrcen in attendance. The undertaker was Mr. J ?me* F. Harvey, who performed Lis dutiei in a highly credit, able manner. Ths Pt'LPiTS of the Mehodi t Churches both of Georgetown and Washington, were ye.'te^ day sut plied with ministers from the Conferen ces Lt Bal imo:e and Alexandria. At the 9th atreet Metbodiat Pro-eitant Chu-cii. in tbe morning, Bav. P L Wileon offi;iat?d; it is suppoaed that thia gentleman will take charge cf the atation through the coming year, thou h n? hin? is certain. In the evening, Kar. L>r Cox, Presiden' of Madis-io College, preached to a large audience, and though Le had i.ihji ated at Georgetowa in ;Ls curning. his ser mon waa characterized by eloquenco and depth , The gcr.'lexan diiclaima the tit^eof D D It was offered him, bat wi? declined. Still the report of the confering of tbe degree waa made public, and ia now a part of Lis name. We would au^eat that the title be I>. D I) , l>r Divinity Hec'ined Thcsk Civts ?From all the indications, there will be a great rush to n gh: to Odd Fel> lows' Hall by those desirous u aecaring ore of the beautiful and eostly articles of jewelry, ?c , advertiaei in aootbe: column. Tnew .tch alone, whieh is valued at $35. ard which aou? ferion tctU get, ia an olject of ccnaidarable mtereat. It is the reqacst of the prop.-ic'.ora of the exhibition that tne individuals securing the watch or the articles of jawelry wiil leave their ad iressea at thia cffic? or a tha il ill to morrow irorning, early, for pnb'icatiou, with the view cf shewing the f. irat.cS if the distri bution By ao doing the fortunate w.naera will confer a favor upon the proprietors of tbe txbibition. Cbimixal Cocbt ?Wm. F M Msgraw, w.a ^ founa gu i'7 <.t and h.i tcry on tbe r person of Wm il. II ^pe; M?ail Baxter, I Carlisle and GkWM for UcfiLdaot. Daniel Itiould waa acqaitted on aehtrgecf as.<ault upon Henry V. ebtier; Katclifie for dtfenoe. John Earl wa* discharged from jiil at the sug geation of tbe grand jary Patrick McDon nell was acqiitted oa the charge of setting fire to ene of tbe bams attached to the Mili tary Aaylum ; KatcLffe for defence. ?-Ci3nxRkLLA ? TTe can rcmeuter the fasci tationj this story, aa presented to us when a child, and expect o have something of that ia tcrea'. renewed by aeeiag the ?to'y repre-eotei by tne grand troop* of Myers & M .dig*n to night, at ih? theatre, tdiy beautiful children wiil take {art in the representation, and be tide that. new equestrian exercises a ill be brought f<jrwa:d It aLould be recollected that the proprietors have reduce! their price--. Elsi'tbical TBLBr.Bsraic F:a* Ai.arm.? jbe lecture of Mr Ch?nLiugon the Eleatrical Telegraphio Fire-Alaria will bi repeated at the Smithsonian Iustiiotion. this evening a? ^elf-put seven o'clock. Tbia in*e:?ti n ia one of the Boat ingenious and important epplica tions of electrical acienco to vruc ical purposea, &nd baa aaved the eity of a on millions of dollart. >Jr Cbanning, the inventor of the yystem is the ton of thj lata Dr. Cbanning, of r Jka.on Mb. Hbllbb AtfAIB AT THB NATr TiSD.? W? invite the attention cf our Nary Yard and . Capitol Ilill readers to Mr. Hallsr's gifl / 9Dtartainneat at the Navy Yard MXtWtd peed ay aifht GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE K strut bridgi?Pr ending Eldtr?Funii ral*? C*r?al?MarJb*t?, GcowacTomr, March. 13 1845 Many of ibe ctiz?oa of Waehlngon. and all of Georgetown, will ba pleased to kMr that K straat bridge i? t.eiog placed upon the abat> tnenta and that io a waak or so we ahall have a fine substantial bridga at thii point. Tha absence of this bridga for Dearly a year haa doubtless cost oar merchant* and others mora than what it will oost to jarect it. A rumor ha? reached our city, which seams to have coma through a reliable ohannel, that it is almost reduced to a certainty that Re*. Uenry Sliser will be appointed by the confer ence, now in session, presiding elder of the Potomac diftrior, in plaoe of Mr Wilson The appointment of Mr. Slicer would be hailed with pleuure by all inieraated Tae Matonic fraternity, whioh is vary nu merous in our city, will turn out this after i ojd to par the las: ead tribute of respejt to the remains of their deceased brother, Mr. C. Morton. upon our canal this morning looks qui:e brisk, binoe our last, several large car goes of flour, wood, bay, k j., have arrived, and a cu uber of boats from Cumberland are boor'y expected. The trade upon it this *Pr'ng will doubtless be very heavy. The weather continues raw, gl<A>my. and d ?mp, very unfavorable to all kinds cf out dx>r tiusineri. As yet, nothing ha* been heard of the man Maroooay, whose sudden disai pearance was noticed several days ago in tha Star. The flour market is firm?holders demand ing $9 for standard brands. Wheat?but lit tle arriving ar d in demand at $1 95a$2 00 for red, and $2<$2 10 for whito. Corn?sales on Friday last of 3.000 bushels at i>!)c Oats? sale* at 55c struck measure Spectator. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Dr. Migoon''* Lecture?St. Patrick'* Day? Se r mo n .t ysterrfay?Ltcturcs thi? even ing?Conference, tfrc. Alexandria, March 19, 1S55. Rev Dr. Magoon's lecture, on Friday oven irg last, at the Methodist Episcopal Chur?b Smtb, on "Mind your own bueiu?^," was 1*3 ened to by a largo auiiecce. The tuljcot was treated with ability, and the whole dis course was marked with the fire and energy so charac'eristic of the lecturer. St Patrick's day dawned wet and inclemant, yet notwithstanding the disagreeble state of th j weather the sons of Green Erin assembled is large numbers at the hall of the Ilibernia Society, and formiig in procession, headed by a fir e detachment of the Marine Hand, pro ceed to St Mary's church, where high mass w\a celebrated by Rev J. B. Donelau, of W a-hington. and a most eloquent exhortation delivered by Rev. J. P. Donalan, of Piseata way The usual dinner was dispensed with Yasto'day, the pulpits of all the Evangelical Prates: ant churches were filled, morning, after noon, and evening, by members of the Mary, l .nd Conference. Dr. Packard discoursed at the evening service in St. Paul's church, and Rev. C. J Stone-treet, provincial ot tho Mary land Jesuits, at St. Mary's l'o-r.ight, at Lyrcnm Hall, Rev. John Lord 1 lectures oa ?' Louis XVI.? nd his Court " The ! f true of the lecturer, the subj^ot, and the ex j c?llence of the institution tj which tho pn | eeed* will be devoted will doubtless attra t a ! largo audience. Dr Stonestreet also delivers : tbe fif-eoutii locture of the courso now in pro gress at St. Miiry .s chuich. The Maryland Conference ma* again this mornirg at Liberty Hall. The weather is yet cloudy and the atmos phere pleasant. Ami. [^--7?DR. HOOPLAND'S CKLkflRATED GERMAN BIT TKRi. There are few thiaga which l n? greater p!ea*ore than sitting down to write a Qottce of the celeLraiel Uoof land Germ in Bitters, b?cau?e we are filly cour Ion* we are conferring * public benefit, and cmr heart tells d* that ty oiu niitlcn nia:.y lure been itilacetl to tak<* these liltter", ai.d b?eu redone 1 from deato by dysi>ep?<a, ll**r complaint, a<-.. for th.- cu t of which It is certain It ia prepared aud sold only by Dr. C. M. JACKSON, at the Oeriuau Medklue Store, No. 110 Arch street, Philadelphia. !?ee advertisemaat. 1?Cm >=SEl formidable diaeas*. which ?eems seems to baffle the skill of physiciana, yields ltkt-magic to CAKTfcK'S SPANISH MIXYVRK. Mr. K. lloydeu, formerly of tne Aatnr Hause. New York, | and late proprietor of the Exchange Hotel, Richmond, Va , ' la one of the hundre-la wf.o have been cur?-1 of aevare Neu ralgia, by CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTl'RK. since hl? ' ore he i.aa recommended it to nnrobera of oth er*, who were mlTering with n??rly e<ery form of diaeaae, wnii the luoat wonderfal euccese. lis aaya it l< the moat e?tr?ordinary sedklae he haa ever a~e:i nmd at,<l the be?t purilier koowu. *?*See JMlvertlaeiueot in another column. V~=? READY !UADK CLOTHING FOR OENTLEVEN AND ^ Yonuia' war manufact'ired with taatraiid citifauceby NOAH WALKER A CO., under Brown*' Hotel. Their stock embrace the Palltot or Surtout i)icr< *iat, OveraiM-aa, tibaj^il ni.rt nerla^ee; I'almaa, black an t blue Clot* Dre** Coats, P rock O'-nW of all faeiilonable colors, Caa*lmer, Umluthi Hulte>>, ad Velvet Vea!?, Sllka, *c., black doeekin Caaaiiurr floored Caaeimer, and plain Casminer Pantaloons. Por the y .nth?Ja ktU, Panta, Vesta, Ovei oata, Ac. As they are ti^eir own manufa'lurers they are enableil a id will a>U at the eery |owe?t price*. Shirts of superiur flt, Collar*. Olovee, Tiaa, 4c., ot lata siyiee always ou hand. dec 34? fT"7? PRKil II'MS AT THE PAIRS? WHITEHIRST'S " still ia the ascendance?The juries of each of the late {airs a: Baltimore, Richmond, and New York awarded tbeir hlK'teat premiums to J. U. W. f ir their saperiorUy of Plio t.tirajihi, Steraoaco|iea and Oa?uerreotype* exhibite-l. Mr. W. also received two Me lals at the World'* Pair, Lon don, anil a premium at Crystal P?la-a, New York. A la,., tLe first awar'ls of the Marjlanl Institute for three jrears i -vat. Wlil'rliarst's Ua'lery In Uils city la on Pa. arenna, betw. ?H u.ii Sth atreets. ftb 1? ">?7?A PHENOMENA IN MKDIC1NK? RroMchttla, Coo^h, ^ I>y-|* .e a Liver ''oTplalnta, S rufala. M'-.? for all diseases of th* Keraa e System it stands pre eui'iieut. A liKr<) man jnst Informs ua it haa cored him of Broochltle of ? deape"ate character??>art!cq'a-< .ereafter. HAMPTON S VEOri ABLE TINCTl'RK?By< Its mild ac tlo i on the stomach, liver and kldueys, will enra U>*pep aia. f'oo<>', A*t .ma, Broucuial and Ltinf Affections Palaa In <be Back, Scle ?u I Brea-t, Consumptlou. Scrofula, Rhea mutism, Uaut. Neura'eU, Plstula, B >wel Compla'nta, Piles, Woriua, aid Ne, voas llelitlltles?with all dlreaer* ariaiug from uupu.a bl o-l, and la the greatest foioale m^d.cine ev er <nown. Tj.s l.iealuable med.c'ue l? working wonders up tUislioiuaii trains S??e aivei tlsemeut to- lay. mar ' ly-p" THE POETRY OP PHYSIC.?AYER'S PILL*, glide ???' sagkr aluJ, over tbe pa'.ate, but tnelr energy, although wrapped up. Is there, and tells with g.aut force < n tlie very foundations til -liee.nHi. There are tuousuids of suiferer*, aha woaM n t wear the r distempers if they kuew they could he curwl f r >'? cents. Tr7 Ayer's Plili an l you wi'l kt.ow It. Puriry the blood ai.d dlaease will be starved ont. C eause the system froia imparities *ud you are cared al raviy. Take tills beet of all Pnrgattvai, au1 Hcrofnla, Indigestion, Weskn<aa, Headache, Backaci,e, Side Aclie, Jaundice, Rheu matism, derangements of tbv Liver, Kidneys, and Bowels, all derangements and a.l dissasps whi<.'h a purgative remely Can reach, tty before thaia like darkness Lefore the San. Reader, if you ate auflering from any jf the Miimcrous cou.plaluts they cure?aufler no note? the remedy haa been provided for you, aud It is criminal to ueglect It. Iliat Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Is the b.*t medicine for a Cou<h, is known t> the whtde world, aud that Ayer's Pi'l* are the be?t of aU Pills, is kbowu to those whe have Used the (a. Prepaied by DR. J. C. AYER, Lowell. Mass , ?And sold bp L D. OILMAN, Wasbic?ton. O. M. LINrHlCt'M, Oe?rgeto-*n. JAM. COOK a CO., Pradarick?borg, and by all Drngrlsta ?eerywhera. feb 17?eoia IPJoi StstLLinfaTo* receives a!I the uew Books ati.l News Cpers as rart as | al .isbad. He Is ageat for Harper's and 9<l s other Magaalues, and our readers will always tlad a lar4f and g^od assortment of Blank Books aud Stationery at his looksw ro, lifiwa Building, co. Pa. avanas and tii st. DliCU. Deputed this life on tli? liish ins ant, ANN VIR GINIA, tlie w le of Noble J. Tliomn, in tli? yeur ot Sx-r a jo HUe leaves a bu. baud and one cti Li to ni.iitrn her lo.^t. lie; miierui tak*: place from her lat*; resilience on 4 h, beiwet ii U aud II streets on Tne? lay, -'Otb in taut, lltr frientis auJ a:qua uiaacea are invited ?o attend. * nn the 9ili instant, in Go dsboro', N'. C., LAIT KKNCE CARKY WHEAT, a*ed 2 yrars and 3 month*, llic win of Annie II and tits latJ Lemuel C. V\ h<-at, formerly of .his city. t'n Smut y aft'-rno^ n,the I6ih i.iet , WILLIAM M AGRI.'PuU, a,'' J 2 years auJ 18 dayr,the bclo\eJ non of Geo. uud M'iiy E SeitX. Tlie .ewee:e*t "Flower" that erer bloomed In Paradise below ? Cut Je*U? ra'l#? we must submit? ?'e'weet Wtilie," thou must go! Thy jiarenta' anguuhed bearu may heal? Thy brothers' grief may calm? Thv ata'er's te'rs (if sbt b? hpared) .May tind a soo'Lio^ balm* Cut, "Willie, ilear"??wt et boon fi<m HeapV.? &> loveJ - fcO ir? e from art? Thy ab>enee will f ireTer leave A vot l wi"im tbe heart! (Wi-ah'u News plea? copy) On Sunday creniiip, the 18ih instant, JOSEPH TERfJUSON", In the 63J year of hU age. wbo wa*, f<w many jeara, porter in the store rf Iloe, Brother St Co. Th - frirndi of the fimily are respectfully inv:t?*d to attend hie f <i er-al on i'uefday al eruoon, at '2 o'clock, fiora bis late residence, oa D ftreet tootli, between 9Ui and lOUi, Island. * For Bale and Tent. HOUSE FOR RENT.?THE HOUSE at present occupied by t*? enbecriber, No. 3|C C street !? for rent. If d<sired the furniture, or a part ot it c?it b* puseha??d on accommodating term*. Poe tteiioi liven the Jrtof Ap?l> ? * THO HAVEVNER. war 19 386 C street Valuable real estate for s*le? The block of building* known a* ?he '-Union Building*," end nuw occuped by the U> ion new* paper estsblishment. They ere situate J on E ?treet between 13th and 14th street*, end front ng directly on Peunsylvabia avenue. The lot ia70 feet fr >nt by 159 feet deep. The property in suscepable ofdivis ton end re arrangement, r.nd ite positi n such ne mutt rank it among the be<t husires* stand* on tlte avenue, and is yearly increasing in value. The time of ths \.t sen lessee expires on the 1 t Septem ber n? *t. n>i which dey possession mey be hed. Also, that Inrge three-story Brick Houw ?>n 17th street west, (opposite thu War Office and three doors eou'h of G stre t.) Also, tint three story House on 17th street we t, next do ?r to the Government Building, at the of Fend 17 Ji streets Should the ab ve property not be sol I at pri ale sale prior to the 15th of May, it will be .-old on thai dav at puldic auction. Terns wi'I be nude favrrable t?i the pi.rrli isrr. Appyto C1I. II VVINUEK, Cor ier of SeTentce>.lli and G stieets. mar 19?'iawt *ayl3 HURNISHED ROOMS, SUITABLE FOR A Gentleman and Lady or Single G mtlemen.fiw ren*, with or without l?. ard, at Mrs. C W. STEW ART'S. Missouri iveiiu*, between 3d and streets, mar 17?3i* |'URNiSIIED IIOIME FOR RENT.?I he sub I sc fiber will rent his House with the Furniture and lhe stable, to a careful and punctual tenant, Xo. 405 Thirteenth street, between G and 11. Ii may be examined end the terms afccnainrd at the bo *se. Fur sale, a Horse and Carriage. mar 16 Ih? CHAWLES DUMMER IpOR SALE OR RENT.?MRS. HUMPHREY'S Uottage, on the corner of 9th and II streets, is for sab rr rent. Enquire on the premises, mar 5-lw* OK SALE-VALUABLE REAL ESTATE in Washington. A two-story Rriek House and Lot No. 370 II it. w eat Part of Lot Xo. 15, in Square 534. on T iird st. Lot mii Sixth street, 1*1 we. ii Louisiana avenue and C st. Also, a three-story Brbk House ou High st., near Hridpe ftrtet, Georgetown. Will b? so d low and on a long credit. Apply to E K LUNDY, Xo. 1Q8 L ridge street, Georgetown mar 10? tf I30R SALE-A FARM IN MONTGOMERY county, Mil This l.m.l adjoins the property which David Peugh lately Iniught of the heirs of W ii. Gaither, a'd the land-" of Mrs. Heale and Dr Divall. It is about fouriniles froiii the Seventh st. ?rink road, and betw-en nine and ten miles from Washington. This land is mo-ily covered with simmJ, the soil is very kind and high susceptible of improvement. It is well watered with several stream* of n"V?r-failing water, and contains a lar<e amount of land capable of being converted into meadows. The tract contains one hundred :jnd seventy-two acres. There is on the place, in the process of completion, a very neat Cottage, contain i? tc four rooms: and four thousand new Chestnut Rids ready for fencing I will sell the whole tract or eighty acres ol it with the house. The ti rms of sale are one fourth cash ; the bal ance in one, two and three years, secured bv a deed ot tru.t LOUIS MACK ALL, Ir. Ge rpetown, March 2?2awtf For sale?a very fine saddle and Bergv HORSE. The hor?e is young, fix, g ntle and sound, and of fine stock ; would make ? ith r a very fine carriage horse, or a very |>lea-ant riding nor>e. Also, for sale an excellent work hone, perfect*y ? und. Apply to No. 43 DuuLartoa ? !., Georget'n. mar !?lawtf STORAGE.?Those bavins Furniture, Dry Goods Groceries, Sic., to be stored, will find ample ac commodations in the large, airy, flag stone paved, and Dry Basement* under tlie >tar < ffice. corner Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star otfi*:e. jan 31?if UOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healtliily to ated Buildin? Lol?. 24 feit fron' by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, ca;i, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, pa; able $3 per month Title indi?|?utable. Union Laud Office, 7th St., above Odd Fellows' Ball, jan D?6m JOHN Fox. Secretary. Waiita. House W A N T E D.-THE ADVERTISER vislie-i to purchase, for ca^-ii, a good two-story btic* Dwelling, suitable for a small lamilv, situated north of Pa. avenue. Addrese '?? F A," through the P >4 Olfice, Mat tig locati u, price, kc. mar 12?1m* VTEACHER WANTED.?A SINGLE LAI>Y, competent to teach all the branches of an En gli.-h education, music ? ii the guitar, willing to take charg: of a mii >11 class in private family, ii the Country, will be fully informed of particulars by a :.lre>.-in^ (|>o?t pai?l) the subscriber, Crbantie, Ftederi-k comity, Md. mar 17?at* J. F. SIMMONS. A YOUNG ENGLISH WOMAN WANTS A SIT uation in a private family as chambermaid, and wa>her :i:.d ir<?ner,or iiu se Call at Mr. HA'JAN'S, Second street, be.ween C end I). t'a;.ilol Hill, mar 17 - 3t* Boardirg. >t>A tvUXNU.?Six or ei^lit feuteel boarders, > by the month, we- k or ?iay, can be accommo dated i.t Mrs. DEMENT'S, No. X? 7 11 ?t., cipp >?ite the Me ropolitau olB e. mar 9?3w* I tOAKDINO.? MRS. DUVALL, No. 3JI II Pa. avniut: opp-isiic Browns' Hotel, has several very desii?ble, bUitable f>r iMitnlies or single (?cutb men, which she would tent w ith board, on ie isonablc terms. She can also acctmui.datc 6 or ri se'itleiueti Willi meals, witiiout i<xli:iu<. Wai.ted, a go- d dinin ; room servant, >bat can come well recouimciidetj. mar8?if WATCHES. JEWELRY, SILVER ANI) PLATKD WARE AT REDUCED PRICES. II? E offer < ar entire stock of elegant GOLD l* WATCHES, RICH 'EWELRY, PURE SILVERW..RE, %c , at greatly reduccd rates. Persons would do well 'oexamiueour a.->sortmviit, which is by far the larger, most fashionable, and best selecird ever offered toour customers. M. W. CALT &. BUO., 3:?1 Fenn. avenue, between 9th and lOtli sts. mar -if OVKICIAL. AUMY ASU.tAVV Kfi GI8TER for 1855 i he Navy Register for the United States for ihe y. ar lb5o odi ial Army Register for 18;'.5 Just puLliehed and for sain at TAYLOR & MAURY'S mar 10 Bo ik?-t >re, rear 9th st. GENUINE GAltDEN SEEDS. JOHN SAUL Ix-gs to ennott'ice thai he has just coiugdetiid bis supply (f the above, all cnrhfully eelected from the stocks of llie be. i growers in Eiiii laml and the Continen", V;z : Pruiee Albert and otli er early Peas, early short top Kadi-h, Early York, Large York, London Market, early Iiaitersea, Shil lings Uueeu, Flat Dutuh, Drumhead and other very choice Cabtiastes; Purple Ca;>e Brocole, Cauliflow er, Lettuces, Onions. Beets, Henm, Carrots, Pars nipe, Coles' Crystal White Celery, Savovrs Leek, Turnips, Cucuiiib?.rs, Melons, Touiatto-i, Herbs &c. wuh all other vegetable seeds in great variety, com pricing the w? !I tested standard kinds wuh the new varieties, superior in quality, and economical in price,to which he n speciiuliy calls the attention of t!ios? who require a real genuine article. His Ion? experience in ike seed trade fulls justifies him in saying thr. his see 's canu >t fail to give great satis faction. Flower seeds of Ihe rarest an-J choicest kinds, sc lected with ureal care and what are specially suited M ihis climate, are offered in single packets or col lections, at very low rates. Market Gardeners and others ::re respectfully in vited to inspect the seeds an I scale of prices. Catalogues can be had on app'icati >n. Seed Store, corner 7ik and II streets. mar 14??o6t* HOPE FOR THE FUTURE, AXE A' SOXG, wot ils writ'en and dedicated to Mrs. Frank in Pierce, Ijy Sbeelah ; music com posed by Frederick Kley, Esq. Ju t published and lorsaleat HILBU3 k IIITZ'S Masic Depot, Star Buildings. mar 10 k LMAXACH POUR RIRE, pour 1855 AlmaJ *\ ?.aeh Coiniq ie, d?>. Alinanach Sunatlque, do, Ahuanach Astndojique, do. Almanach Prophet ique, d?. Almanach Pitteie?que, do. Almanach Jem de Socitte, i'o. Alinanach de I'lllustration do. FRANCE TAYLOR, mar 15 STOP YOUR COUGQING. JUST received, p?-r Adams St Co.'s Express, one case of Ma Ham's >ew York Gold Medal GUM DROP8, consisting of B<nana, Vanilla, Raspbvrry, Lemoa and Horehound flavors. Also, a complete assortment of hie celebrated Chocolates, of universal reputation end without rival in the United States. For sale at Z. M. P, KING'S, 969 Vermont avenue, corner I street, mar JO?U" Auction Salat. Bjr J. c. BaOUiaK. AmUmmv. EXTBNflVB SALE OF EXCELLENT FUB niwre and !Iou*?k*epu>g Effect*?On THURS DAY morning, the 8rh March, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of J. H. E^rbicli, Em., tq Pa avenue. rMertra, ail of his Furniture and Effect-, eomprw Pair of bands* me mahogany spring Brtns One dozen mahogany spring neat Chair* Marble and mabofany lop centre and sofa Tables Gilt ane mat. >f*ny framed French pU?e Mirror Handsome Mantel Clocks Gi-nn !olcs Damask and lace Curtains Cornice and Eixttires Venitian Blind*. Transparent Shades Pictured, Chandeliers, Gas Fixtures Mahogany dining and centre Table* Spriu* seat Lmiutet. cane seat Chair* Handsome Brussels parlor and stair Capeu Three ply and ingrain Carpet" Oilcloth RiiZS Matting. Stair Rods, Cia>h Enamelled C'o;taze Set Mahogany ami walnut French Red-lea s Dressing and plain Bureaus. Wsshstaudj Excellent double and single Wardrobe ? -'ecretary and Bookcase, Rockers Superior deuM?? and single Feather Beds B >t hair and husk Maliressc* (Bankets, Comforts, founterpincs Bolder* and Pillows Fire l.ons, Toilet 8ets llandso.ue gla*s front China Uo?et Refrigerator, Sideboard. Side Table French and Stone China Dinner end Tea Ware Glassware, Table Cutlery. Castor* Cooking Range, Miiall Cook Stove Parlor and chamber Slove?. various stjles Excellent copper and tin Cooking Utensi:s Together with a large assortment of Kitchen ll<. quisites. J A3. C. McGUIRE, mai 6 d Au^tioiirer. above aal* la pnainoned hi connqu *nce ot the rain until TUESD\Y taoniiug, March 'JO, at the same hour and place. G. KKPPLEK, )_ WM. RI'PP. i trustees. ma* 17 J AS. C. McGl'l R Ancle n t r. J C? HeGUIEK, Auctioneer. 'pRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT? X On TIIURSDA Y afternoon, March 1st, !Av?, at 4 o'clock, on Ihe p emises, by virlu.: of a deed ot trust to the substiiber, l? date Hie May, I8ji, duly recorded in I.iber A. S., No. 10, folio* 438, 439, and 440, one of the laud Iccords lor Washington county, I shall sell the north imlfot Lot No 19, in fqunre 393, fronting 'JJ feel 4 inches on 12th street wert, beiween north C and I) streets running back 100 lc*to a w ide alley, with imple ments, collating of a substantial brick dwelling l:ouse. Terms: One third cash ; the residue ,n Eii and twelve months, with interest, sccured by a deed of trust on tbe premises. NICHOLAS C \LLAN, Trustee. J AS. C. McGUIRE, fab li?eokds Au? lioneer. ?hars sale it postponed until TUESDAY. the 20th March, sam?> hour. NICHOLAS rALLAN, Trustee J AS. C McGUIRE: Auctioneer, mar 13 - eokds Mr UUKKN * 8COTT. Auctioneers. Household k kitchen furniture at Auction. On THURSDAY, ihe jHstant, we shall tell, at ihe residence of Mrs. Wells, on Isl street, Capitol Hill, near Pennsylvania avenue, at 10 o'clock a. in., an excellent assortment of Furniture, viz: Kosewood velvet covered Sofa Mahogany Divans, parlor and rocking Chairs Walnut marblt* top Sofa and Centre Tables Malfirny dining, breakfast and card Tables Do drexsing and other I-urea us Maple and walnut French, C iitag ; and other Bed steads Do ; aintcd Wardrobe ? and Wt*li-tr.rids Parlor and eh*ml?er Window Curtail, Blinds China, gla^s, crockery and stoneware Silver plated Cajlors, Sp..ons and Forks, Candle sticks Feather Beds, Bedding Straw and Shu< k Maitressc A la?ge lot of tabic and bouse Linen Giiando cs, c<;lar, hall and other Lamp.-* 3 ply, inirain, and stair Carpets ami Mailing ileartli Rugs, and a lot r.t Oi.cloth Bronzed Hatraek, Lounges, and Lcokiug Glassr s Andirons, Shovel and Tongs, and Fender Cooking, hall, airt cht a^d other Staves With a large a??o,tinent ot Kitchen Reqm.'itvs V\ itti many oihe/ articles winch we dee;ri unne cessary to enumerate. Teiuis: Under $25 cash ; ovvr that sum h credit of ?xty and ninety days, for notes s Misfaclorily ea dorscd bearing Tntertft. GREEN fc SCO I T, marIG--d Auctioneers. Hy UUfiEM A SCOTT. Au:tl*ne?rs. SAl.E BY ORDER OF THE Orp^ins' Court, of Saddles an 1 llaruivs.?On TUESDAY, the "JO b iiiSliiat, we sliall .??ll,p.t ill o'clock a. 10 , hv onler ot i!ie OrpSau^' Conn, ai tiic et.ire h't^ly occupied by J 11 T1iinii]>so:ii deceased, all ihe stock in the store, viz: DouMe ati<l single Harness ofeveiv description Ri.'iug an t Can Saddles Kridltv, Co lar? and Whips Trunks oftv.ry description, lot of s.uidb ? Hardware, Sewing liaises j'to-ils Wheelbarrow, Vices With many other articles which we ?!??? in tir*..' ce->ary t? enumerate. Terms: and under cash; over that rom a credit of 60 and 90 dajs, for satisfactorily tndoi^cd notes, iKiaring interest. GUSTAVUS WATERS, Adinin'r. GREEN K Sf tlTT, mar!4-d Auctioneers. Ry J? C. McGUIIt K .1 net 'on*cr OUPERB ROSEWOOD GRAND PIANO, ELE 0 gam Cabinet Furniture, Splendid French plate M rrors, Rich Ci.nan.s, Ca.pcts, Fr? ncli Lhin.. atci 1 utrg'ass Ware, Cosily Hies, Sufierior ( airi. jc Hones, &.e?On WEDNESDAY' in March ilst, t lu o'clock, at the .cm-Jciicc ?.| !us llicellsn cy J. M. 'I sraJo, iho Peruvian Minister, on Perncjl vauia avenue, between and 'J4ili ?treet-i, | hall sell all his elegant Hi uscholJ Effects, con.-isting oi Superb Rosewooil Grand Piano, by l!u tikoler Magnificent suite oi solid Ros w. od Parlor Furni tu.e, upholstered in sreeuand gold *uiiu dnin ask, comprising Hire. ? lar*r medallion U ick r^ol-s, one siesta S ?fa, six large medallion Arm Chairs, two Voltaire, and six F.iilor Chairs Splendid (irecn and Go!d Satin damask I u.tiias to match, (Jormce, I,ace Curinins, &c. Elegant French plate Mautel Mirrors Cottiy mantel Clocks, ?ilt and brniiZS, with side pieces lo match, Vases Rich Gilt C.4s Chandeliers, Candelabra*, and Brack ets Fine Tapestry, Bruise's, and Ven tian Carpels Suite of RoscwimhI Reception room i'urniture, up bolstered in canaiy colored satin damask, consisting of a pair nt" French Solas, -1 Ann and 6 smidl Chairs Handsome Curtains, Cornice, &c. to ina cli Rosewood Oval marble t^p Tables Walnut Extension Dining Table* Do p|u/h seat Dining Chairs Damask covered spring seat Couches Mahogany hair tpnng seat Loun^ct,, Cha^ra Cane seat Arm and Cottrge Chairs Marble-top ticaufet, Butler's Trav Elegant ciim-on and Gold Band Dinner Set Richly decoratcd China Pea, Coffee and Chocolate Service Heavy Sheffield plated Waiters, Cake Baskets, Tea and Coftee Service Rich Crystal Cut-glass* Decantcrs, Tuml.!ers, C <am pajnes, Wim s, Cordia's, Finger Bows, Wa ter Bottles, Claret Pitchers, iwc. Mahogany Writing Desks, Book SLcives Moiocco and damaik covcred extension Chairs Mahogany Dressing Bureaus, Wardrobes French and Italian Bedsteads Mamie tep Waslistands, Corm r Stands French China and Granite Toilet Seis Best hair and husk Mattres&es Bolsters and Pillows, Bed Clothing Single Iron Bedsteads, Sofa Bedsteads Bed and Table Linen Screens, Fire Irons, Lamps Handsome Damask Curtain--, Window Shades Furniture in servants' rooms Oilc oth, Cooking and other Stoves Coppers, Cooking Utensils, i> c. AC 4 o'clock, In front of the residence, a splendid pair of dark gray Carriage Horses, between six and seven vears old, perfectly sound, and kind in single or double harness, and said to b? the finest carriage horses in the District Also, linnxdUtely afttr In ihe dining ro?m, a choice lot of the highest! quality Wines, in bottles, comprising Champagnes, Hurt, Sherry, Madeira, kc , imported expressly lor private use. Terms nf sale: $50 and uiider ca^h ; over that sum a credit of sixty aid ninety daj s, lor notes satistae torily endorsed, lx?ring iutere>t P. S.?The house will be o|>eii to visiters oil the day previous to the sale. J AS. C. McGUIRE, mar 10?d Auctioneer. By J. C. McOUlRK, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED 1'ROrER ty:?On MONDAY afternoon. April 2d, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of two deed* ol trust to the subscriber, one dited May 10. 1847, and recoided in liber W B , No. 134, folio 163, fcc , Ihe orhe' dated June 10, 1847, and recorded iu libel W. B,, No. 135, folio 470, kc., two of the land records for Washington county, in ihe District ?f Columbia, I shall sel , on the preini?*s, lots numbered 10, 11, 13,14, 15, and 16, m square No 3i5,lr mtingon Utii street west, between F and Gstreets south, with tbe Improvements, c? nsisting of an excellent two story brick dwelling house. Terms: One third cash; the residue in six, twelve and eighteen month , with interest, to be secured to the satisfaction of the trustee. NICHOLAS CALLAN, Trustee. J AS. C. McGUIRE, mar 7?ft Aucticftecf. TELEGRAPHIC. uromt ros tbb DAILY EVE1HWQ STAB. Arrival of the Northern Light. New Yore, March 19 ?The Northern Light from Sad Juan, with later California data*, sow co*ming up tho bay, brief* intelligence of several failure?. She brings $92 000 io ipoeie. No Seoator bag jet been elected. Bad there ii oo present prospect of a successful ballot. [SBCOBD DISPATCH ] The Northern Light res.hed her dock a little after 10 o'olock this morning. San Fiaocirc? dates of the 21th were brought brought by the Northern Light, and 260 pas eengere. Buhncsj vu entirely prostrated by tbe ?u ? p*onon of fire heavy banking Louses The n?ws of tbe ?us(>ensioa tf the St Lrnis hcusc of Page A Bacon reached San Francisoo on the I7tb. and caused a great run on the Call foraia Arm. Ihe hcuse met tbe run, and paid out half a million. A meeting of merchant! and bankers was heJd which deolarwi the h<use sound. This restore i confidence, and affair* teemed to wear a Wetter aspect; but cb the 22d, however, Tuge, Baron A Co. bus pended, and were followed on the 2od bj Adams A Co., Wells, Fargo A Co . lUbinson A Co., and Wright's Miner .' Hep?>. it The excitement was inters* Adams A C? c.osed all their hunches, without pijiog | dollar, except in San Frcnoisco. where, on the 221, they stood a rua of $2J0,0U0. Wells Fargo A Co. closed in ran Francisoo; bat their c >untry branches paid as long ss their ccin lasted, and were still pay'rg out as fast a/ coin could be obtained in czchacgo for dns* and bars. The house had announced that they would resume in San Francis:o on the 2i:h. It 1j feared that Adams A Co ceu!d not resume under sixty days, If at all. Page Bacon A Co. will probably resume in a few diijs, depositors having granted time on $100 000. The assets of this bous* are large. These failures caused the deteLtion of the steamer until the 26 b. It is rumored thai there are also heavy failures amongst theme - chants io San Francisco, but of these there are no confirmation. Owing to the great soaroity of water but little gold has been takwn from the mines; but heavy rains commenced on the 25th, and still continued when tbe steamer left. There ha5 been no election of United States Senator. Ilie joint convention adjourned ?irte die on the loth. Tbe vote stood G3 to 44, those voting in tbe minority were principally the frier di of Dr. Gwin Tbe news from Kern river is of an exciting cbaractsi; miners are said to be aiorafcing from ten to twenty dollars per day. Steamers are gL-it-g down crowded with passengers On tbe moruing of tbe 18 b, the St. Charles Hatcl an 1 II:!!man's Hotel, at San Franoifco, were destroyed by fire. The lo.Js is about $50,00(1. In Neva la. sixteen bouses were burred on tbe 16th, and in Stockton twenty-five houses were destroyed by fire on the 21st. Indian troubles are cn the increase Some ten wbi'O men and about seventy Indians have been killed. Tbe native Californians have held several meetings in San Francisco, preparatory to taking steps to enrgrate to Sonera The M?nipo?a Gold Miniug Company, a London concern, has been soli by fha shetiff. Washington's liirth day was celebrated by tbe firemen in Sau Francisco by*a parade aid appropriate ceremonies at the Metropitao theatre. Owing to tho monetary difficulties caurol by 'be lute susj.ejsioi s, ma^y ships recently arived are not discharging their cargoes. Iba ttcameis Oregor, fiom l'ansma, and the Sierra Nevada, fr^m San Juan, bad ar rived up The Oregon legislature a.'.j turned on the Is' of Febtuary. legislature ol Wa?Ling?on has m:ide Olympic the capitol *;f that Territory. A leaer from i'egd, Bacon A Co , statos that tLey would certainly resuuis business on the first of Maicb, in San Trancisco, and in al th'ir branches Jly the Northern Light, Sandwich Island dites to the .'5i of February have been re omed; but they contain no news of ininnit aace. ihe U. S Ship Portsmouth bad arrived at bahiti AH on board werw well She wa? soon to sail direct for ;he Uni;el States Australian (Sidney) dates have also been received t* the 20ih of December. A riot had teken flaco at Ballarat. which resulted io a conflict betweou the troop3 and tbe miuers twelve uiioeis and twenty two troopers bai been ki'lud. lu Central Ameiica, Cbomorro was still triumphant?having taken all ihe towns occj pi d by the revolu'ionists, except Leon. At San Juan the people ware anxiously locking for Col. Kinney's expedition The EriLh war steamer Devr?tstion w.<s in that harbir. The stfamer Fulton left Jamaica on the 7th Markets. ? Although business was very dull, the quotations exhibit no very mateiial change in prices, Uaxall and Gal lego flour was selling at $15; cofee, Kio, 14ial5u ; ada mantine candles, 60a52u. per lb ; Lard 14a 153 ; new butter, 43a47a ; ham?, 19o ; clean pork 21c. Later from Havana. New Yofk, March 19?The Cabawba ar rived this u:orning with Havana dates to the 14th inst. The case, of Pinto, Cadaixa, and Pinelo, had been concluded, and the military court h J which they had been tried bad pronounced sentence of death upon all, thus transcending the decissoc of the fiscal, which was death to Pinto only, ten years imprisonment for Cadal xo, and banshment for Pinelo Tbe consuls of foreign na ions had called upon the Governor General, in ordor to induce executive slemency, but they were refused adinittarce. ? The execution of Pinto was expected to take place shortly. Havana was quiet and business improving. The U- 8. steamer Princeton and British war steamer Bustard were at Havana. Baltimore Market*. Baltimore, March 19 ?Floor Is le? firm ; salon of Howard street at $'V. and City Mill* at $3 75. Tbe market for gain is without chan<e, doicg a moderate business at Saturday s rates; Wheat?Sales of white at $2 12*$2.20 rod at $2 058*2 12 Corn?White 86487a., yellow at 8So Kye was held at $1 25. Ktv York Market. New York, March 19?Cotton is upward and firm. Flour is unchanged - sales at pre vious rates. Wheat is upward and fit m? Mies of Southern white ?t p 35 a $2 ST. Coi n has ? lowbward Ucdeooy-nlei of M WO baikala WMtarn Bix*d at 9ta Pork U apward iid &J0k Baaf la Mrtiigii witk a ?iIiiii do. Ltrl ia bib* at ft a t| WkAaky It m Ohio at 31* a tl?. V?v York New Yoik. March 19 ?Btooka art adn ?ad bo*?nr. .Mod*? U mij Sal*# at tte trot hoard of EHn at 47|; Ciovolaad aad Telado Kail mad 80} ; Virginia <'a 97; Caaabarlaad Coal Coaoany 3*; Hooding Railroad S6*; Canton Cm pan? 27*; Maw York Oaatral ?**; H?asajlTaaia Coal Caapaajr Tka Caar't Daa k. Naw York. Marok lS-Lottora raoaload hero by tbo fteaser Afrloa, ooaftm tka re portad death of tbo Ctar. Tko Loadoa Baa of the oroiing of tbo Id, anrnnaeae ike ropert od den'h of tbo Ctar. fro? Bortia U appoati to h iTa ooaa to Borlia to tbo Klagof Prmasi a, the brother of tko Eapreaa of Rasala. aad was tbeoco aant to England by Lord Ra?all. Sailing of tka erapaakot Xaw Yoac, Mtrok 18 ?Tko clippar bark grapeskct tailed tki* morning wiik a fair light wind for ibo Caaary lalaada, lo pamait of tka murderer of Bill 1'ooio Raw Hampckire 1 laotiaa Co.- con d , Harek 17?Oaa kaadrod aad fear teen towns, kave boon bearlfroa. with tfca fo'lowiog ro*alt:?Metealf, 31650; Baker, St, 717; Bell ,8.462; Fowler, 1.J6V Irjuicuon agaitat tka Biliiaora aad Okio Railroad Whkfl'ic Marok 17?Tko lainaetloa to paevent ibo of a ocaneetaea at Eoa ?ood by tbo Bdtiaacra aad Ohio Railroad, was aerred to day. 1 ko rirer kern" it ridag, witk a doptk of 12 foot. Gittt Hail it mn?Inn tacky Polltiea Louisville. March 17 ?A Irene n do o a kaD itorin oscnrred last night. Tka kail waa of fcreat ai*e, measuring ia atna iaatai oaa tw> ia ohrf in circuuiferenco It fell witk groat force demolishing rltj li*ht? and bra iking ia roofa of hcuaoa. boaide> doing other damage It Li r< ported tkat tone d isa a tisf action kaa fcosn expressed an regard to tbo aoiaiaooa of ike State Democratic Convention P?nraylvanU Local Heatioi. Bktblfbkm, Marok 17.? Tko Know Notk :?ga yesterday elected their tiekot for boroagk ? flijere. by 160 m?j ?rity. Kabto*, March 17 ?At tka aleotioa kaea yesterday. the koow Nothings elected all tko t.o ough cSioera Dakvillb, Marok 17 ?'Tba Know Notkiafa e!<o e i their entire ticket hero Tetter day by majorities ranging from 176 to 2^0. Auction Galea. IIy OR1CB* * kCOTr, AacUe 7* ALU A RLE BUILDING LOT AT AUCTION. V On I'lilHAY, tu*l*iti, l 5 o'clock p Ui we sball *>?II iu front of Uie (remises, Lot No. ? the suMiri-ion of L *s No?. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7, iu Square No. 530. Ttir lot fronts 90 left oa eoutli 1>, be:ween 4>$ and Jd ttreeu, running beck 105 feet i ? a -.iO feet alley. Term* ca*h. GREEN k SCOTT, mar 19-d Auctioneers. By J. * . NcUVIRK, Aa:tleaoor> SALE OF EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD AND Kitehm Furniture.?Oa TI'KSDAY morning, March S7tn, at 10 o'cl-wrk. at tke re??.}ence of Doc tor J. t?. Jiwrll on ?t.uili aide of I at reel, between W?ii mid 10th, I ahull aHI an excellent uaortment of Kuniiture, c<>n?totiiie in uvrt of? Marble-top mirror rout Pier Table l?o aof.A T?bl?. Handtonie Clock M ihogany hair *eat D vjna rtolid utUio/any B M?kca e and grcrelarr D i liair ??-ai pa>lor i.nd rocking Cbait l><? t??dr Tables and lirht aland I*o Drenainf Bureau, Work aland Iteau'iful Anbeeeio farjurt, Maiiinc i UudwMue (.It frame French p ate Mirror Hub) and Arate VaM, Mantel < >niam<-nte S -crtea-la, Matirea-^n, Col aud INdm( F i?e Cottaze Set, iiiiuib run '0 pn-ce# French t'nms audi>laaaware. Table Cutlery S iv? r p>hted Caatore. Hpo>>n?. Fork* Vmiiian Illi ida. Clotli and Ltu*-n Table Coreta Brotir.e llitrnck, Fire JkT.'en Hrv-s A .<iiron??, Hliovcl. Tonga, Fonder* Heartn Hue. Mat#. Suir t '?rpi ting and Bods 1* ?'?*!?tal, Bund Figure* and Picture* llefrifnliK TogetImt with a r?*ncr*l a-oortment of Kitchen K?q'tia i?r, which it ia ?iniiec-?-*ry t > rueotion. T' i?': *3) nnd ?*n<i',r casli; over thai aua a ere it of 2 and 1 monilu, for imim aatiafaciorlljr r.M|orac.l, bt anng mtcreat. JAMES C. MrGUIKE, ?asf !?-<! Auctiooeer. Bj C. W.:uoTkiLBIt, A net looeor. ^JALF. OF EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FUB il VITl'IK AT AUCTION.--On THURSDAY inoriuns Nardi V2. at la oYock, I ?hati aell, at ibe ?<i?l?nn*e of Charli-e W llaveimtT, h><| , Mtuatod on 'trc I, betweeN 4)j and 5?h atr*ato, all of IA llnuM-lm!d ranrttlirii, wbtrh la m excellent or^T. h.iviiij been lit u?e but a ?hort t iwe. conai*t mg of? ^ ?;?*}? ^ot'a, mniiocanjr I'll ra Ta;?- .-try, Wlvet Carpeting, nialtogany Rcckeg MarMe toj? Pie^ Tnb'en IjulHiiultrtil ('utaiu and f>rr.aiut*nta Mar: l<? lop Sola Table, han.l-oon lirrtncrd tTock Mabosau/ centre Table, uiaut?'l < ?manienta lla l (<il< loth Br??-?'la, iijjrain, and Vt-iutian Carj^ting ??:. Painting-., l.ouny.CnK-k* rj aud(*<a-? \Yare l'n-iirh t'liina Tea Seia I'Ja cj Cdolor*. Tatde Cutlery Mahogany French and high-poet Bedoleade Canc-erat L'liairo .Mahoganv and marble-top I)ret>f tig Bureau* Aiarrn Clock. Window Shadec, \Vardri*bea Wablislan^, Toilet SujK-.ior Feaili^r Boda, Bedding Iri.n Uecliiiing Chair Fine curled hair .Maureeara, Hearth Rog-i Tiu nl'e. portable Crate, chamber Sloiv* K<tch it Furniture, superior Cooking Stove, kc. T' fU s : All >uuis under %40 cash; over .?40 a eraii of aisty and ninety dajr<, for approved en* d?r?ei in.t? f. lK.ditn? interrat C.W BOTELEK, m:ir <7??lts Afltiaier I)OhTPi>* ' D.-Tlie ?al?- a.lvertiaed to Uke pldcc This Day at 10 o'cl??ck, owing to the |i < lemency ot the w?--thir, ha? b?*en postponed until TUESDAY n-xt, ?i>th in!?t., at 10X o'clock, a< f?u nid'ly a Ivertised, the sai I g--oda of J. \V. Jourfan, I vied upon by me under a warrant of distraint, will b sold. JAMES ENNIS, Bdiliff. P S.?J. \V. Jourrfon's card will be an?wered on ^londav next C. E K. mar 17? Vjr O tK-CN A SCOTT* Aucitoneere. ('RUSTEE'S ?ALE OF ti ROCEK1ES, Li quor', Store Fixtures, Ac , at Auction ?On &IONUAY, ilia -ti ll ins ant, ( ahall sell, at 10 0*01 >k a. m , at the grocery store i.f Frnnci* N. Roche, at tbr- corner of Thirteenth and F streets, by virtue of a dn-d of trust to tlie ?ub>cnter, bearing date the 3^1 day of February, 18tf, and duly recorded, all t'ie Crocerieii, Liquors, aud Store Fixtures in the e-tabnohe ent, viz: Tea>, Sugar*. UotTeej>, Cigars anl Tobacco Liquors and Wines of every description t 'rockerv, stone, earthen and IVuodware Stand Ca>ks, Pleasures, Scale* and Weights With a large assortment which we dem unne c^ry to enumerate. Termer ^25 aud under cash; over thai aura a credit of 60, aud 90 days, for note* satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. J NO. C. HAMILTON, Truetee. The store will be for rent immediately after the sale, and ia considered eue of the best stands in ttoe city. GREEN h 8COTT, mar 16?eo'e AucuoneiH. DICAFKE8N Cl'RKD.?The following is takea from ScoU's Weekly: l>EAFNESS?We understand that the werwe which has followed the use of SCARPA'S ACOUS TIC OIL, mi oa.??* of l>eafness, has b*-?u aatontsh log, thousands of persons i aving been cured, wtioee ca.-es were ?f>u*idered b<ipclese. The calls for this medicine are tro<o al! parts of Uie countru, it being, Hwe believe, the only article before the |<uAic for the cure of thai distressing disease. Be p-nticular and buy of Z D. Gil,MAN, Wash iiigum, D. C., and S S. HANCE, Baltimore, Md , as Hit re i* a ?ountcrfeit article in the market. feh?R~*at COME LEARN YOUR FATE. MRS O a"ORGK, late of England, wishes to ihfcirm the ladies aud gentlemen of Washing ton ;?nd Ueoegeiuwn that she can be seen aud oow suited on the past, present and future events, at the l?t? residence, No. 84 F street, between 91st and 2it streets, First Ward, opposite the O ller name is on the door Hours fr?ni 9 a m to 8 o'clock p ?. I .aoies ifc?Cimtlemew &0 cen?s fat 2&? 1 m * STEWART'S SKYLIGHT DAGUERREAN R..?ns, over Gall's Jewelry Saore, Pa. avenue, , is where the publ.c can havespleudid pictures uken 1 st more re^aona Je prices thau at aav other rooa. la ' the city. Call early. Satisfaction always |tT?u atar 7-1*

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