Newspaper of Evening Star, March 22, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 22, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBL1SUED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY.) At the Star Building, rorner Pennsylvania cwhh* and Eleventh street, By W A L L A C .1 * U O P U , Will be wnred to raUscribers in the cities of Wash ington, Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents- To mail subscribers the ?nb*cnption price ia THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year in advance, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR f* THREE MONTHS. (^Siwqi.e corn* owi r?*T. mm* * v? VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 1855. NO. 691. THEWEEELY STAR. This sieoUeru haljr mi News Mining a greater variety of interests cw he found La any other?to polished oe Single copy, par aw CO" Cash, iht4Ua?lt in aovaxob 0 da- Stnfic copies (in wrappers) casi he at the counter, imm^diattfr after the issue of poper. Friee?nmti rwm. Postmastcrp who net asngrau will be a ooaw?fcw of iwtmiy pi UAA1AAS SPANISH MIXTURE. Tk? Great pNtlfler of the liiood 1 Hot a Particle of X?rcury In It! An Intiu:ia (or Scrofula, Sice's ffvil, Rheumatism. obstiaate Cutaneous Eruptions, f'OiiN or Ptmiu'ee on tbe fac*, Blotches, Boll-', Chronic Sore Ey?*a, Ring Worm or Tetter, Soatl n-?at, Enlargement anl Pain of the lloce? ami Joints, Stcbbera UWrs, Syphilitic Disorder', Lumbago i^in*. Coopla'Bb, an 1 all the disea'-s arising from !>u :njuji-*iou? um of ler-ury, Lu pra>l nee in We, or Impurity of tbe Kood. rk -ins valuaol* M*-dteiae, which ha* become e*]? , X brated tcr the number of *xL~acrdlnary cures, effected through its a??ncy, ha-- induced the propri etor at the urg-nt requeet of their friend.*, to offer it to the paMie, which they do with the utnaoet coir ftd?ne? in its virtu?e and wonderful curative pro: erti a The following eertlflcat-s, selected Irom a Urge number, arc, however, slionger tesMtaoov than the msre word of the proprietor*'; and ar* at) troa gentlemen w?'l known in th-ir localities, r.nd or tb? hign?v. respectability, many of th>-m residing in the ? !ty cf Richmond, Va. P. HOYDEN, Esq,. cf the Exchange Hotel, Rich mond, known everywhere says he hasseeo the Med* iciae called Caxraa's Spikmh Mixr una, administered in over a hundred oases, in nearly all the disease* for wbiehit I* recommended, with the meet astea ii*hiag!y goed results. He aaye it Is Lae most %x traeMnary medicine he baa ?T?r m. AG UK AND KBVER?GREAT CURE.?I hereby certify that for thie * yoers I had Ague and Fevei of the most riolent d??*Tlpti?n. 1 had several Phv nirians, took large quantities cf Quinine, Sier :ury. acd I bel eve all the Taajcs advertised, but a'd with out permanent relief. At last I tried Carter^ Spanish Mixture, two bottles of which effectually rurel see, and I am happy to sny 1 bare had neither chills or fevers rinse. I consider it. the bast Tonic in this worll, and the enly medicine that ?ver reached mjcue. JOHN LONGDSN. Butu Ditch, near Richmond, Va. C. B. LtJOK, Esq., now ta the city of Richmond and for many years in the Post Offics, has such confidence In the astonishing efficacy of Carter'? Sp*n?sh Mixture, that h? has bought upwards of AS bottles, wh>:h he ha<* given away ta the afll cte-1.? Mr. Luck eays he h*s nev?r tcoen it to tall when taken ice rding to directions. Dr. MINUK, a pn-tlir.u< Phr^ian, and fotu*rij t f the City Hotel, in the city of K ichmond, say? he has witnesaed in a iiioWr i,f in* >ancee ihe effects ol Car et's Spanish Mixture, which were most tru'j surprising. He says ia w cas?e of Coni'imption, de ?u>nt on the Li*, cc, lh* $ood effe:;s wers woa rful iadeeL SAMUBL M. DRIN K BR, of the firm of Driak->r A Morris, Riobm^ad, was cured cured of liver Com plaint of three tears standing, by the use of tw< bottles of Carter*# SpaatekMixturs. ORB IT CURB 0? SCRWULA?The Editors r! the Richmond Republican h d a ee-vant employe! in their press room, cure-l of violent 8:roful?. tori b.ned with Rheumatism, which entirely dibbled bita fton work. Two bottler cf Carter's Spanish Mixture made a perfect cure of hitn, anl the Edi tor? in a public notice, say they ? cheerfully recoia BcQ i it to all who are aCs;*e?. with aaf ?.uease ol the blood" STILL ANOTHER CURB Of SCROFULA.?I Ir J a rerr valuable boy ~ured of Scrofula by Carter'* Spanish M ixtare. I e?n*ij?r it truly a valuable medietas. J All ?3 M. TAYLOR, Conductor on the R. F. and P. R. 'i. Co, Mshmoni. Va SALT RHEUM Or TWENTY YEAK3 5TANDIS0 TUilD Mr. JOHN TtfOMl 30N, resiling in the city of Richmond, was cur^l by three bjit!es of Carter'8 Spaai?h Mix'are, of Silt Hheum which he hud for aeariy t^eatv yaars, and which all the physicians cf the n'f seuld not cure. Mr. Thomii^on is a well kJKrrs orftrahai-.t ia the city of Richa-'iidf ar. 1 hi tt met; ?e-?ir's\b!e. WH. A.ISATTHE'Y?, of Rirhmond had % Bervant cured *4 >tT>hi'.is, In the worst form, by Ca-ter's Span<kh Mixture. He sayB he ch*erful y re> "in mends it, mnd ccaddera it a very iaraluabls i.ieii cine. BDXIN EURTON, '?.om-nia^bner oi the rnTenci-, s iys he haj t?-en the zood effects of Carter's Hpuni-b Mixtara in a number cf syphilitic casre, and ?ays it is a per5?rt ""ir* f rthat bornbi" disease. WM. *i. FIARWOJD, ef Richmond, curei cf old Por*a*?J Ulee.-n, wh eh disable<i Lin treu W?lkin^. T?v^k a bottle? of Career's Spenieh Mir.tore, and w!? e-?iks-l t<? walk without a crotch, ia a short ttru" p*-rm?oent]y cured. Principal Depcu at M WARD, CLOf A Co,, No. Maiden Lane, Naw York T. VV DYOCT A 8JNS, Ko. IS! North Second bt., Philadelphia IIBSNBTT A BEERS, No. 125 M<uu street, Rich irond, Va. And for sale by CHi^LE3 HTOIT, WaFhrngVn, P. C; HEN*iY P8EL. Altxaairia, *nj b* Draggirts everywhere. Vuc. $1 per bo>tle,or sli bottles f-r $5; ?*p 21?ly Private Medical Treaties c.i ins PHYFIOLOGICAL V13V7 OF MARRIAGE, ST n. d. la citoix, a. p,? ALRA.SY, 1V 1*. 8-Mi Pag?s acd 170 *ire Pla:n and CoJcre '? LIth> grnpha *rd Plate*. ar Price only 85 Cents. "Sent free <A pokt^get ?H jarts of tb?? Vaon~kM CUEAPK-T BtXjR EVER PUPLWnrr, sad containing p<.:'.y d ub!e the quantity ol r.Hiics; matter in that of the FIVTY CENT^ OR DOLLAR PUBLIC WIONH. T? ties*'; nn t|?? PIIYC.'OLO OY OF M AK&lAar.tnd the Be- :ct f ? firaitiesar.d ^isonler cf youth and maturi y, re sulting trr?m exoees^s. which destroy theFb^ri'-^al and men ' ta! powers, wiUi lions aa taarr ag?, its -Juti^s an l diCqtil'S-aktiors, and tbei' remedies; li:hi>CTaphj, illartre'. ng the auatomy and pb jvirl-jg7. and dlsesisa of the repr^ 4active <>rfeM of both ?exeii, tisi* structure, usee and fc?cti?&c A popular and compiehea?>re traa ^ee cn the datiee and casu*-"' *. f -(ingle acd mar risA tt'e?hafpy and Ira'.'-iil ai'a^-^s, mode ft se curing them lnfel*citcss ?nfo. til* ones? their ebviation rar evri?:jsp<>rr?nt hints to thr?e eonteciptat;ni< nu'i^.irdy, thet will overcorae ob Sections to it; noa? fccw?t?r. should take this im portant s ep w' aout 1 ret coantfiog its pages? ecmmeataries 02 thA jit^sjesand medical treatment of females frou !?iaP' y to old are. eaoh ens* graph ically illwtrate t by bMullful lithographic platee? ner^oas i?k*U*y, its caua-e and c jre, by a prooe* at otr n si an \ !??,-"% fe and effectual, that taiiure is l<apceribl???rales for dejly management?an essay ^ ?p >imatorrhoea with practioal At-er?ations on a safe;, aad sft'>r*? suc~eesfyil mode of treatment?pre cautkaarr hints ou the evils resulting from empiri cal vrvrtloe??a fifty on all ois^ases arUng Item lolieTa.i.n, with plain and aimpls rule* by which all perecp? can cure themselves without me-cury? rem<diee fx thc-ee tclf irfilctei mifc rias and disap f-i'-.t*! hopes 9t> ac:ortan*te!y prevalent in the ?vang *1*. is a truthful adri-er to the married anl three ceutesrsiaticg uarnage. Its pcruaai is par tlcn'ariT rec?-:n*;<?ndr.l t> p-rsons ratertainicg s? eiwt doubta ot th^ir pby?!-e! ronditien, and who are ernscicas ef having resarde.1 the health, harpmese and piiri.ege< to irbivh e^ery human belc^ is en titled to. Priee 25 cents pet co?y,r r "ve ccpi?g frj: one dol lar. Mailed if* of to any part of^he Uni ted States. H. B.?Those who prefer ray ccrsuitl'r I,aCho?x upon any c>?thauL,W!--?'' up n which his bcok treetf < ither persona' !y or by ,~?w. SJedWue sent to any V*rt ef the Un!on aVcorlisg to directions, safe., racked and carefnllv >^c?tr'i f'oia all &br*TTation. Aidttes Dr. M. M Li CHOIX.No 21 Maiden Unr cr Post Offl* Box 6T0, Albany. N. V. ?#? of -e oiK-n daily tna'JaaU9pn, and cr. Sunday firm ^ nntil {? p m 4#- 08ce UsuoTsd fr'O No W Ee?ver St., to 31 Hntdeia Lnat, Altany, N. Y. 4mc2 IMPOETAMT TO PKKSOX* BKE \KINC UP Hou-efcet piiic?P. rson* removing from Hm? city and wbthincto ?li>?p<>t^- <>f their Punuture ung ll??ii-c keeping Utensil* williout the tr >ub!c of vndiuj them to Auction, can do ?o l?jr eallin; upo 1 it?> a' cur More, No. 317 Pu. avi-bue, ?.e wr ate pf? jiared lo tuy ail such goods a< may Ix- offrrnl. R. M. JKWKLLK (l CO , mar U Ko. 317 I'a. avenue. LOOK HERE!!! MORE BOI'WTY I. XXn'!'<? ALL wtto m rv. d in amy \v*a muck iTw, whether as Offi'-ers SoMier*. Stilor-. M?nn?s, Orrk<, lnd<aiis( i')i.?|i lainv, Wag?n M i-ters, T**aniitt<rrs, l.andMii n, (or their widows or minor cliildriti) who have jri received full 160 acres, an J hive tM*en in servo* 14 days, will do well t?. wnle*!; aiJ. an.l tla-ir Land Warrants wiil he t.ww:ird?-d to Ibrw An the above uuantilv, and no charge u tb? v do not get it. 1 l.l.ny i> h ro., ?*|j:m A ten 1V < opposite I'. S. Trojary, Wa-ihuiKtoe fity, l?. _ mar B-3m A LI. I?THAHG? !?? vi -i iti?; tJi * I i?y HL~?il?i - - " I .?t ? u l>wripoon f Pcmeiirs izza> Pu.u:re I. gue of ta* . un.^itie-' <?t the Ps'rm r ffi.-c. ,>> ./j_ Jm' DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S CELEBRATED (German Bitters, raiPAKKD BT DB. C. M. JACKSOIT, Philad'*., Pa., WILL EFFECTUALLT CURB LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUHDICB, Chronic or W Debility, Dieeair, of tlU Kidney, and. all diteatrt aruing from a d%?. ordered Liver or Stomach. Such as Cou?ti|Kition, Inward Piles, Fullness, or Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nau sea, Heartburn, Dikgust for food, FuliiKM or weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations*, Sink mg or Fluttering .it the Pit of the Stomach, Swim min?; of the Head, Hurred *nd difficult Breathing, PI uttering at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations when in a lying Posture, Dimnessot V ision, Dots of Webs before the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Hea<l, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, fcc., Sudden Flush' s of Heat Burning in i he Flesh, Constant Imagin inzs of Evil, and great depression of Spirits. I'HE proprietor, in calling Uie attention of the public to this preparation, does so with a feel ing of the utmost confidenre in its virtues and adap tation to the diseases for which it is recommended It is idi new and untried article, hut one that h.*u stood the lest of a ten years' trial before the Amori can people, and its reputation and sale is unrivalled by any siunlar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor given by Hie most prominent and well known Physicians and individuals, in all parts of the country is immense. The following from N.irth Carolina is respectfully submit d, referring nny who may still doulrf, to my "Memorabilia," or Prar ucnl Receipt Book for Farmers and Families, to be had gratis, of a'l the Agents lor the German Bitters. Principal Oltice and Manufactory, 140 Arch si., Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. W. Smith, qf Pine Hill, IhcJi ntond County, A*. C. Pine Kill, March 4th, 1851. Dr. C. M. J.k kson, Philadelphia?Dear Sir; 1 have been a subject of Dyspepsia, In its worst firm, for the last live year*. Such was my condition f?>r twelve month- that the physicians and all who ssw me said I must die. While in thi? condition, I was earned to the watering places in Virginia, Tennes see and North Carolina, but was net benefited by any water to which I was taken. While on my way home, I stopped a week at Rutherfortton, a small village in North Carolina, to try the effect of some Chalybeate water in that place. About the last of the week, I went into a drug store to gel some medicine for my child and inyseif. There were several of the village physicians in the store, and one of them seemed to take some interest in my case, and, after asking ine some questions, said he had iieen a dyspeptic, and had been greatly bene fitted by the use of <? Dr. HootLnd's German Bit ters,"' prepared by y-u, and he iusisted that I would try the Bittern He also called the uen day at iiy room, and insuted so much that I would try theiii that i asked him to get me one bottle. He did it, and I commenced taking it as directed, and f do say I was more benefitted by it than all the water and medicine I had ever taken. After reaching home one of my neighbors came io me for a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspep tie,) an.I i irave him nearly all the Bitters I had left, which effected much goc i in his case. He Kn* often called ine for more of the same k nd of medi cine, saying he was more benefitted by it than any other he had taken, bi.. 1 have not been able to ge*t any more for linn or myself since; will you, there fore, please ship me a dozen or more as soon as pos sible. Respectfully your.--, W. SMITH. D. !J. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wak? Co., N. C., October24.1H53, says:??' Having experienced very great benefit from the use of " Hoolland's Germ m Bitters,'' in Chronic Dysentery and functional de rangement o( the I.ivrr, and its concomitant evils, I am desirous of obtaining a uuauiitv of it for the benefit of my community, you will, therefore, please send a lot, &c. kc. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWoOD. Ilnmnu k. Ya P?i!t O , N. C , Nov. l?t, lPo.l. Dr. C. M. Jackson- - Dear Sir: Allow ine lu ? i i?n--? tn y.?u my Fine* re thanks for your discovery of a medicine wliicii, to ^ny the least of it, ha? ef lecttd a cure that all other in-dciii's, tlu.t f have taken, have entirely failed to tin. "Hoofland's Ger man Bittfrrs" hove cored m? of ths most stubborn and aggravated case ot the piles that, perhaps, ever tell t* the lot <it man My ea?e is not a stranger in community, as I am well known in this and the urrounding counties, and can truly sav that my re covery has astounded all my friend* and relations, as I had tried everything recommended, and nothing did me any good until f was prevailed upon lotry ti?e Bitters. You are it liberty to r.ake any use o| tins communication, l'or the benefit of tf?e a'H'icted, )tw Ely think proper, Truly vodmi, W.M. J. ATWOOD. These bitters are entirely ve^etuUe, they invigorate and strengthen the system, never prostrate it, and can bj used for infants as well as adults. F*r sile l>y respectable dealers everywhere. and by D. tOLMAN, Wft-hSngton, J. L. KI DWELL, Georgetown; Jnil J. R. PIEBPONT, Alexandria, mar 1 ?ly ' T. H. PHILLIPS' COACH FACTORY, *7 7 Ei^?ilh ot, ?dj'dning rtaln-j'j Livery ^tab'es OWING to th# i&crea*?si tr^d* which ?? ("n^rous rabli- bu berUwed upon to-*, t hare hc>n coej pcileit to erect a n*:w and I urger b'jlldlng tor the c?rr;.:rf? cs m? bosjne.i. IDrr I :ball he eu abl?J to v'xetu*e all orders entrusted t?? rj? wirfc (jr*,trr tic litles aad dispa q}i, and 1 wculd rescect futy Kcdlcit a continuance of th-> publi .'s pat^ng*. C?rrwgfs am Wigr ns. of th>: most mo<i-rn ntyie, bailt of rhe bc?t tatter als, and= warranted to glvr aatiefaetion, ??ppairsol every iercrip'.icn punctually attenjei to. Por sale, eh?ap, a seeoBd-heni Clarence Capiag*, nearly vw. - cee23-tl PALMER S PATENT LEG. ''PHIS AMERICAN I N V fc N T I O N X stands unrivalled both in this country and in Europe. 11 is worn by 1,000 arsons, and with niasi astonishing eucces?. In cot'.;petition with 30 other substitutes ol the best French. English, and German manufacture, it received the nward of the oaiat mekal at the Wori.d*8 Exhibi tion i* London as the best artificial limb known. In this country it has been thirty times eMubtted, In competition with all other*, at the annual Fairs in the principal citaeo,and basrinrveiy instance, received tla tfward Ihe highest or first pieiuium. And as a crowning honor, by the unanimous approval of an interna tional eouncil. the " First P?imnm"- , ^ tt only Silver Medal giveu for Limbs?was awarded Uie inventor, at the New York Crystal Palace. Pamphlets giving full Information, sent gratij to every applicant. B. FRANK PALMER. 375 Chesnut street, Pluladelpln i. fi:b JB-3m SPLENDID RAFFLE. IIJILL be Raffled for as soon as the requisite W number oi Chances have been taken, the fol lowing splt nd.d and costly articles, viz: 1st Prize. Oius s*Wcmlid gold Paper Weight, containing an Automaton Singing Bird and bday Chronometer, most beautifully decorated and adorned with cuanc lied Paintings .$1,600 2?i Prize, line Lady's Gold Watch, richly set with Diamonds and Painting on Enamel... i*J0 3d Prize. One Lady's Gold Watch, richly su with Diamonds, and Painting on Ecainel.. 1J) 4tl: Pnxe. One G.-nts Full Je-?eled Patent Lever (with Compensator) gold Hunting Watch J(Jj ? ?<h Pnzc. Lady 'illoid Hunting Watch, splen diilly chased b0 T.Val value !J2,0U0 There will be Two Hundred Chances, at Ten Dollars each. The r>ffle will take place at tlilhus & Ilitz1 Mil sicl>epof, Star Buildings, corner Pa. avenue and llih btrtel, where Tickets can be procured and the aitn les are. ou exhibition. Persons desirous of pasae^ing some of the mo t -uperb ?rtn*l*.< of workmanship ever exhibited, liavy now an opportunity olfered ttieni of obtaining sucli a; an eitr??iuely low. price. (.'all:uid eiamine f<?r v< uis= Ive .it t:.e i i ? Do |kH of IIILBI 'S ?c HIT/., Si..r Buil lings, between the hour., ol 'J o'clock a. iu. .lb i '? p. in. tel. 7?it PROSPERI S CORNET BAND NO. 1 MR. FREDERICK PROSPERI b? leave t ? ?? luriu his trie ods.nid I patrons that Un* l>.(ii<i has l^vti lully rc-oignii?zed an.I i? i ow wide* ins direction, ne is rjlly_l?r< |ifared w-th a baed ol ihe nin^i Mrifantiti< Musicals in t':e cuy, to fur nir-h muste for Balls, Parties. Paiades, Pic Ni< ?, Ej cui>l< os, Sk%s.t>*i I fir slim t<M> i.?Uioe nrt<l*.|e. I), i?p ps. tf, ;j FilttiLRirK PflajPTTU, I eidfr,< liA-. 1 Pn^r'ERl, Cor.'u. tor, IIlLDL'S i HlTZ'^ Ma ri.' or at PETER TAXTAVPL;fi, opf.osi.e the Gatii-^n strset, Navy Yard B GBKAT INDUCRnEWTS. CANF1ELP. BROTHER & CO . . f m 9^9 Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md.f ' ?f!cr to buyers, previous to taking their annual ac count of stock, a large stock of recently imported watches, jewelry, SILVER WARE, Jlthati and Plated GooiU, Clocks, Bronzes. !.??'J!?ncat Dresden China, (fr , AT PRI ~-?7^J9U,T TI1E times, WITHbuT Rfr OARD TO COST. jan31-tr R. H. GILLET, fle?ni?|ior at Lavr( Ones to-! roii ieriCf in Franklin Uow. ?niwr o.' K >P 1 Thirt??nth ?trewt _ nnt 9tf ccm B1NKIN0 HOUSE OF PAIBO & N0UB8K, Opposite United States Treasury. ?QNDS, Stocks and othor securities purchased J and sold. Interest at the rate of yix per cent per annum al lowed on deposits when Wife lor 30 days or longer. jan 21?Cm * s. owm. ? w> OWEN. K. OWEN A, HON, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUE, Between Fourteenth and Fifteenth straits, WASHINGTON CITY, I) C. 49" Naval and Military Uniforms executed in the neatest style. mar 2?col in JAFJNKT MAKER & UNDEIIT.4K.KH. j^IKac-lCTsignrt *?ouM rwip^ctfclly*inform tv I M?ndf, tc^nwutjirioe*!, sod ths publi; itenerejlj hat he still conH?-,tie^ to ese^nta ?*1 order;- in iu* ?Ja* of bueinffs in the beet r?aiir;eran2 at the short ?Si. totlce. KKFAUH-IO c*at!yandprrm?t)y<"?<v ut*l WL'JHCRAT'8 to at he sbcrt?et nrt-ke. *ncJ in the best '^Sjf.SSOTW uaacer. 3d in pmcrvai in Lht v.cri ptrfed men even in fh>: vy-rmsst *safcVr. *fl?nkfnl fir pv! faYor*, he wcnVi rrr pertfsJi* solicit, and will eadeavor to cutit a coutinusnos n 'be saste. ANTHONY BX7CBLY, ' Pa. *??., p. *lde, between 8th and lOib Btfc Re?14?nee: l*r. Martin's. No. 3W. L> strset, t- W lOnss e?t ol Tth street. rosr 17?1y MORE ABOUT LOCKS? JONES' ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE I LOCK, now commonly callcd the WORLD'S FAIR LOCK, icithovt key or key-Kole, is the Lock lhat secured the outer-doors of the Herring Sate that contained $1,000 at the World's Fair, London, laol, it being necessary to unlock this before other locks in the safe eoulil be unlocked. All parties interested are referred to the following notice : THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK. NOTICK. I have this day sold to Messrs. STEARNS & MARVIN, Manufacturers of WILDER'S Patent Salamander SAFES, New York, the Patent right of my ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, Commonly called "JONES' ANTI GUNPOWDER LOCK," or, "THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK." The latter title was acquired in consequence of this Lock being placed In a Sale, at the World * Fair, with $l,OCOin the Safe, to be the reward of any person who could open the door. The gold remained therein for a period of fort} five days, whilst the vi.-itors gat tired of tnrning tf>e dials, with such poor prospect of succe??, the num ber of changes britiij i4.;t<M),00O. Bankers, Jewelers, and Merchants v. 1: > desire to | have these Lucks upon tli?ir doors, can have tliem by applying to Stearns & Marvm, No. 14G Water street, w!io have the exclusive right to manufacture s iid Locks ia (he United Slates. HENRY C. JO.IES. Newark, N. J., January SOtli^ 1853. STtARNS 6t MAHVIN, St'c.'rssous to Rich fc Co , ;41 54 M? Water St.. N. Y.. TilE ONLY MAK Its i if S A 1. A V<" X \ D !. !l I SAi'ES, combining WILDERS and RICH PAT C.N TS. S. 11. HOWELL, Agent, "?ir 1 - liu Georgetown, D. C. EXCELSiOR IS OUR MCTTO. WL have just received n Iresti lot of PRUNES, FIGS, ORANGES, LEMONS, Jcc. Aiso, a ca-e of SARDINES, put up in superior style. Giv? us a call and judge for yourselves Don't forget the No, 400 Seventh street, oppo. ? >dd Fellows' H?!l. N. B. Balls, Parties, and Families siipplbd ofi the most reasonable and satisfactory terms, at the short en notice. RYDER fct PLANT, mar I ? 1 in UNION ACADEMY. G>m<r of Fii'irii'nth st. aid N'w York avtnur. AF*jW more pupils cio bs r<>Reiv?tl to make up thK iinlf?-<i nriWliet. Af t>!lr?i!i?n muat te mhds s.v)D. Tli- d?fc!piine, Instruclica, ini I of Illustration ar? Frrrh as to in?ore patisfact^ry j r ?? gre?* ia those vupiir wliu ate punctual, re^uisr and obedient. C?rc*?lere ?t the Cook?tor?j. 30?3tn Z. JvIOU ? "*'?'3 ARLINGTON POLKA. 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She was a picture of ripened tropical beauty, with a finely rounded form, a lovely faco of a soft olive tint, and teeth that a Tuscarora might envy. At times there was a dash of languor in her eye that would have warmed an anchorite ; and then her cheerful jests were so deli cate, yet free, that she had unwittingly turned the heads, not to say hearts, of half the young merchants in the Catle des Mercaderes Lut she dispensed her favors without partiality; none of the rich and gay exquisites of Havana could say they had ever received any particular acknowledgment from the fair young girl to their warm and constant atten tions. For this one she had a pleasant smile, for another she had a few words pleasing gossip, and for a third a snatch of a Spanish song ; but to none did she give her confidence ; except to young Pedro Matanzes, a fine looking boatman, who plied between the Punta and Moro Castle, situated on the opposite side of the harbor. Pedro was a manly and courageous young fellow, rather above his class in intelligence, appearance and associations, and pulled his oars with a strong arm and a light heart, and loved the beauti ful Miralda with an ardor romantic and truthful. He was a sort of leader among the boatmen in the harbor, for reason of; his superior cultivation and intelligence, ; and his quick-witted sagacity was often turned for the benefit of his comrade:-. Many were the noble deeds he had done and about the harbor since a boy, for he had followed his calling of a waterman from boyhood, as his fathers had done before him. Miralda *n turn ardentlv loved Pedro, and when he catre at night find Rat in the back part of her little shop, she hid always a neat and fragrant cigar for his lips. Now and then, when she could steal; away from htr shop, on some holiday,1 Pedro would hoist a tiny sail in the pro v ??t his boat, and securing the littk stein awning over Miralda's head, would steer out into the gulf and coast along the ro mantic shore. There was a famous roue, well known at this time in Havana, named Count1 Almonte, who had conceived a passion j for the girl, and, indeed, he had grown ? to be one of her most liberal customers. With a cunning and shrewdness, and a j knowledge of human nature, the Count besiged the heart of his intended victim | without appearing to do so, and carrii (1 j on his plan of operations for many weeks j before the innocent girl even suspecttd his possessing a partiality for her, until one day she was surprised bv a present from him of so rare and costly a nature as to lead her to suspect the donor's in tentions towards her, and to piomptly decline the proffered gift. Undismayed by this, still the Count continued his proiuse patronage in a way to which Mi ralda could find no plausible pretext of complaint. At last, seizing upon what he consid ered a favorable momeut. Count Almonte declared his passion to Miralda, besought her to comc and be the mistress of his broad and rich estates at Cerite, near the city, and offered all the promises of wealth, favor and fortune?but in vain. The pure minded girl scorned his offer, and bade him never more insult her by visiting her shop. Abashed, but not confounded, the Count retired ; but only to weave a new snare whereby he could entangle her, for he was not to be easily thwarted. One afternoon, not long after this, as the twilight was settling over the town, a file of soldiers halted just opposite the door of the little cigar shop, when a young man, wearing a lieutenant's in signia, entered and asked the attendant if her name was Miralda Estales, to which she timidly responded. M Then you will please come with me* " By what authority ?" asked the girl. " The order of the Uovernor General." " Then I must obey you," she an swered : and prepared to follow him at once, m Steppfcg to the door with her, the young officer directed his men to march on, and, getting into a volante. told Mi ralda they would drive to the guard house. But to the surprise of the girl, she soon after discovered that they were rapidly passing the city gates, and im mediately after were dashing off on the road to Cerite. Then it was she began to fear that some tricks had been played upon her: ai d these fears were soon confirmed by the volante's turning down the long alley of palms that led to the estate of Count Almonte. It was in vain to expostulate now; she lelt that she was i? the power of the reckless no bleman, and the pretended officers and soldiers were his own people, who ha l adopted the disguise of the Spauish army uniform. Count Almonte met her at the door, told her to fear no violence, that htr wishes should be respected in all things, save her personal liberty ; thai he trust ed, in time, to persuade her to look more favorably upon him, and that in all things he was her slave. She replied contemptuously to his words, and charged him with the cowardly trick by which he had gained control of her Uheity. Hut she was left by herself, though watched by his orders at all tiaies to prevent r.v.r escape. She knew very well that the power and will of Count Almonte were too strong for any humble friend of hers to thwart: and yet she somehow felt a conscious strength m Pedro: and secret ly chenshed the idea that he would dis cover her plac? of confinement, and adopt some means to deliver her. The stiletto is the constant companion of the lower classes, and Miralda had been used to wear one even in her store aganist contin gency; but she now regarded the tiny weapon with peculiar satisfaction, and slept with it in her bosom. irmall was the clue by which Pedro Mantanzes discovered the trick of Count Almonte. First, this was found out, then that circumstance, and these, being put together, they led to other results, until the indefatigable lover was at last fully satisfied that he had discovered her pla- e of confinement. Disguised as a friar of the order ofSan Felipe, he sought Coun. Almonte s gates at a favorable moment, uiet Miralda, cheered her with fresh hopes and retired to arrange some plan for her delivery. There was time to think now; I heretofore he permitted himself not even I an hour's sleep; but she was safe, that is I not in immediate danger, and he could breathe more freely. He knew not with whom to advise: he feared to advise with I those above him in society, lest they might I betray his purpose to the Count, and his I own liberty by some means be thus jeop-1 ardized lie could only consider with I himself, he must be his own counsellor in I this critical case. At last, as if in despair, he started tol his feet one day, and exclaimed to him -1 self. "Why not see the Governor-General I and tell fcim the whole truth ? Ah ! see I him ? Ilow is that to be effected ? And I then this Count Almonte is a nobleman ! I ihey say Tacon loves justice. We shall I see. I will go to the Governor General; I it cannot do any harm, if it does no! good. I can but try." And Pedro did I seek the Governor. True, he did not at I once get audience of him, nor the first, I uor second, nor third time; but he perse-1 vered, and was admitted at last. Here I he told his story in a free, manly voice I undisguised and open in all things, so I that Tacon was pleased. "And the girl," ^aid the Governor I General, over whose countenancaji dark I scowl had gathered, "is she thy sister ?,,| "No, Kxcelenz'a, she is dearer still,! she is my betrothed.' The Governor bidding him come near- I er, took a golden cross from the table. I and handing it to the boatronn, as he re-1 garded him searchingly, said : | "Swear that what you have related tol me ie true, as you hope for heaven ?" "I swear, said Pedro, kneeling and! kissing the emblem with simple rever-| MiCfc. The Governor turned to ins table,! wrote a lew brief lines, and touching thel bell, .summoned a page from an adjoining! room to send the captain of the guard to I him. Prompt a? w?re all who had any I connection with the Governor's ho-ise-l hold, the officer appeared at once, and re -1 eeiyod the written order, with directions! to bring Count Almonte and a young! girl named Miralda immediately btfore I him. Pedro was sent to an ante-room. I ; and the business of the day passed on I as usual in the reception hall of the Gcv-1 ernor. Less than two hours had transpired, I when the Count and Miralda stood before I Tacon. Neither knew the nature of the I business which had summoned them I there, \lmonte half suspected the truth. I and the poor girl argued to herself that I her fate could not but be improved by I the interference, let its nature be what J11 might. i "Count Almonte, you doubtless know why I have ordered you to appear here " I "Excelenzia, 1 fear I have been indis-| crcet," was the answer. I "You adopted the uniform of the guards J for your own private purpDscs upon tLii I young girl, did you not ?" "Lxcelenzia, 1 canuot deny it." "Declare, upon your honor, Count Al monte, whether she is unharmed, whom I you have thus kept a prisoner." ; "Excelenzia, she is as when she en tered my roof," was the truthful reply. The Governor turned and whispered something to his page, then continued his questions to the Count, while he made some minutes u|K>n paper. l edro was now summoned to explain some matter, and, as he entered, the Governor turned his back for one mo ment as if to seek for some papers upon his table, whde Miralda was pressed in the arms of the boatman. It w?s but for a moment, and the next Pedro wab bowing humbly before Tacon. A few moment's more and the Governor's page reiurned, accompanied by a monk of the Church of Santa Clary, with the em blems of his office. ' Holy," .said Tacon, "you will bind .he hands of this Count Almonte and Miralda Estales together in bonds of wedlock." "Excelenzia!" exclaimed the Count in amaz?raent. "Not a word, 4'Jenor; it is now your )art to obey." "My nobility, Excelenzia!" "It is forfeiteel!" haid Tacon. Count Almonte had too many evi dences before mind's eye of Tacon's mode of administering justice, and of enforcing his own will to dare to rebel, uud he doggedly yielded in silence. Poor Pedro, not daring to speak, was half crazed to see the prize he had so long coveted thus about to be torn fronijnru. lu a moment the ceremony was per formed, the trembling and bewildered, girl not daring to thwart the Governor's j orders, and the priest declared them hus-1 band and wife. The captain of the guards was summoned and dispatched with some written order, and in a sub sequent moment Count Almonte, com pletely, completely subdued, and broken spirited, was ordered to return to his plantation. Pedro aiid M;riUii Wc<c d?re"ted to remain in an adjoining apartment to tha.< which had Deen the scgae ol this tun^u lar procedure. Count A)m<*te mounted his horse, and with a single attendant soon passed out of the city gates. But hardly had b? passed the corner of the Pasco, when a dozen muskets fired a vol ley upon him, and be fell n corpse upon the road. His body was quietly removed. And the captain of the guard, who had wit* nessed the act, made a minute upon hi* order as to (be time and place, and mounting his horse, rode to the Onr ernor's palacc. entering (be presence chamber, just as Pedro and Mmdda were once more summoned before the < Governor. 44Excelenxis, said the offioer return ing the order, "it is executed!" "Is the Count dead ?" "Excelcnzia, yes." "Proclaim in the usual mszmer, the marriage of Count Almonte and Miraldn Estates, and also, that she is his legal widow, possessed of his titles and es tates. See that a proper olBcer attends her to the Count's estate, and enforce* this decision. Then turning ts Pedro Mantanze6, be said, "No man or woman in this Island is so humble but that they may claim justice of Tacon!"? Bdhu\ History of Cuba. iV 1 nrsscar l)(r*iniir, March 4, 1836 OTICE IS HRREHY CIVE* inu?? rtf stuck <<l he 1 ruled duiei deKntcd in th* u ?*1' d Outlet' of Juiurjr lut, Uim tot tkc mmr pose of c<>ni|tieiius the purchase of u>* uwunl therein named, tins d.parta?nt will coalman to fHircliase, ?p>Mthe ler?< of *,ud notice, to the et it*lit ot the fCsidii* of tb# film pinpow/t ntif mi ni talm-d-s*v 05. If and received here poor to the feet 4my of J mm wit: .. T?E*?rRT BtftWn, January X lHi Notice is hereby fiven t-> Uie holders oi fee fo|. Inwm* described stocks of the United t-uiw. that this department is prepared to purchase, at aayuaa between the date hereof and the 1m day of Mirh next, portion* of tho?e rtdcU, amounting iu the mm irrecate to |l "JOO.IKW, in tb* manner and on the te ms lieremaltar mentioned, to ait: Iu c*se ofanv continent competition. wtthm tba anKHii.t <*taled, preference mill be g Vrn m the order <?f time in which said stocks may lie offered. The certirieatca. du y a<*igued to u?e United States br tfte puties who are to receive the amount MerW usual be tran-iMtt?d to this depnrtm-nt; upon the' re^-ipt wn^renf, a prnw will be raid compounded ?f UK- following pani, ulars: " I. Tiie par value,?r at mum specified ia each cer tilicate. J A premium on th?- s;ork of the loan authored 'l,r J?'y. ?*?, redeemable November li, I o! recent; .-II the stock of the loan aa rh.?tnte,l by the art of Ih-2, redeemable 31st Deeeia ber, tpr.i, .?( |?i p,.r real.; on the Mock of the loans authorized by the nctsof IMTand IMfc. a d redeeat ible, t.'ie former ?.p th- aist Oeceaiber, 1R67, and the ia'ter on the'.Mill June, I8C8, of 16 per cent ?nd <>n the *tock of ihe l?#ui authorize,) by tlie act <if IP *?, nitd redeemable on the .list of December. HG-f, (c<>mrvifHi9y ch!!? ?f tli?? Tfiai m^rninl'.y.) C ptfClll. #f 3. In' rest fin the par of each certificate |>*xn the ? <* i-f Jauii ?ry, IK.V?, to the date of receipt and ^ ilenx-nt at the Treasury, with the allowance (f.^ the money to reach the owner) ot <ia? day's interen in addition Pavimnt for said stocks will be made in dial# of the Trea ur? r of the Unite* States. on tlie assistant tr. a.-ur? r at f'osvm, New York, PfwtadMphia, as ihe parties w-avdirect. But io e? riificaie will be entitled to the benefit of this notice which fhall n<>l In* actually received at tli.- Treasury on before tie- satd 1st day ?f March '"?At- JAMES GrTURIB. tuarS? dtlwnej eVcre ary of tlie Treasury. BOUNTY LAND?ADDITIONAL. ALL my old fi lends for ? h?m f obtained Bounty Land, ia less quantity than 160 ac?*, arc Sere ' y informed that tncit names and a record of the evidence, with the dates of their certificate*, are on tuy l.?x;k, so that 1 can, a-iih facility, inake out the? i!< clarations for additiinsl land. who failed 'oobiaut auy land for want of sufficient aervice, in iny of whom are now entitled to 160 acre*, can find the time allowed rec orded by nc. Other* wilt l.n.l it to their interest to c*ll or write, and I will send fenns and instructions for reasonable and fair compensation. Any old Soid?rr?, or their Widows, una'de to pay for pr< pariii5 ih?*ir papers wi I be instructed grau hy calling at the offict; JOHN D. CL ARlC mar6?Im Agent. Washington. H C STEWART'S SKYLIGHT DAGICKRBAN Rooms, over (lilt's Jewelry Store, l'a.?\>*Q?. i- w;*ere the public can have splendid picturmtaken at in??re re^aouaLle prices than at any ottier roM 1m tlie city. Call early. 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It has liven truthfally said th;U ' uo r usance has ever Ixeu wnttea ao ta terestins as lh?- Acts of the Apostles." .M'Uii'iic and Nijhl Watch- ?, 16mo, 60 cent* Family Prayers, l6mo. 75 certs Ttte M unl< of Jesus, 16mo, 40 ceiits The Great Journ*y?a I'lignmace, illustrated. 50c. The .Minister's Family, b> Uie Rev. W. M. Ueihet iri2ioii Notes and 1).sonurses on the Gospel, by lev. A. Camdl Harper's Story Rook No 4, Little Louvr* Tlie tJbnst Mil'" < ompauk>n, to thestek and afflicted Paul and Julia, by John Claudius 1'ilrat For sale by GRAY h BALLANTTNE, mar 19-:> eow Mwili et; TABLE CUri.ERY, ALB IT A FORKS y?ND SPOONS, a< Jl'ST received a larja assortment of superior Ta ble Cutlery of every variety. Also, evn y st le ol the Sne?t qualitv ALB ATA ^ORKS, SPOONS, TEa SETS, CARE BAS KETS, CASTORS, Ac. M. W. GAI T a BIO., 394 r.v ave., betw. 9th and l(hh m?. mar 12 - If MORE BARGAINS AT tlie '? Wash in jton Store," late Mafruder a Calvert's. 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C., and S S. UANCF- Ball more, Md , aa there is a eount< rleit article 111 the market. feb 28?^in GaOhOK C Bc.0CKE AKorary snd CbMsi?llar>at*LaWt UPPER M M.BdRtifTUfl, tirKtt affh, VYi'l |>ra< In w in the 1 \owts of Priree^9*?,?^?>, Cal vett, c*^n*-? ?nd S . Ma'trls i?NiMie?. nadm Ti;L wOl BT Of AiPhAI 8. jUa prompt auv-iu?n ic> U-f voUe?-Ue?t (X?l| cltim? ir r?:*hfr or the aN"V~ Cirrtic? mar lo?d3v?