Newspaper of Evening Star, March 30, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 30, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON PIT Y: Ff.TD?r iFTFBHOOIf March 30. CT7* Ady*rtism?Kt3 should be handed in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may not appear until the next day. DISSOLUTION OF C0FABTWXS8EIP. Nctice if htreby given, that the copartner ship whioh has heretofore existed between the ? nderr'gned in the publication of the Everting t^iar newspaper, is this day dissolved by mu cal consent, W. D. Wallach having pur chased all the property and interest of W*. 11 iiops in the said livening Star and its i urines?, will pay all the liabilities of the late firm of Wallach A Hope, and all those indebted to it are hereby notified to make payment to him. W. D. WALLACH, wm. n. noPK. Washimgtoh, Marsh 24,18J5. c?ir.. a of ius kg it am a fibi Ice Union again argaes the ?1 Dorado qaesticn, and seems to conclude that there ia no hope that Spain will manifest common sen3e in the explanations she will giva of the act of her cruiser. Such we take to be the drift of our neighbor's long article on the ?ub ject. The same paper makes the value of the American commerce, whioh necessarily passes in and through the Gulf of Mexico annually, to bo $600,000,000, and argues to show the danger to its interests involved in according to Spain the right of search, visitation or de tention Commenting upofi a mistake made not long since by a correspondent of tha In te/hgeneer in improperly translating tha Spanish minuter of foreign affairs as having said that Mr. Soule was recalled or dismissed, wben he said Traced, the Union says oi tbdi speech of the Spanish functionary t a ?In the intimation of the Spanish minister ni the specch referred to, that an adjustment o; the Black Warrior was declined be ranoe cur minister was not acceptable, is as in n.r.; _-:ent with his professions of devotion to ' justice' . s it is wanting in respect to our g veri ri er t, whose representative Mr. Soulc v :3. It Mr Dodge should not happen to be "?creprable upon th? same ground the other demands ma-ie upon toe "jusiice" of Spain - ?:! l-e refused until he has resigned and vr.-hdrawn from the country. To avoid any ?a*h [w^or pretext for farther delay, we should te g auged if she would settle all the pending cases upon her own free and volantary sense ofjjs'ice before the arrival of Mr. Dodge, as hsr minister claim* tnat the Black Warriir ease settled. This, however, if too much to expect of Spanish diplomacy We need hardly 3 j'ilhat Mr. Soule's resignation wai ,r?lj *olunU.ry, and its aoceptance by our K ersraent was in accordance with his earn ?*' retja-a and not with any view of ooncUi anng me Spanish government." The 1 'f'/igenc-.r, in republishing from the U,'ion sutdry complimentary notices of th< T^ent appointments of officers in tho fjur new regiment', takes cccarion to eay : v';~A1 vV!cuId a>t ia conrteay refuse Major a. v-ullc-t h * request lor the insertion of his letter, which wo lately published, in regard to .he appointments for the i'our new regiments wo ii.ina it incumbent to copy any pioper re p.y in ds.euce of the oour&e pursued by th? rte.idiu- and secretary of War in the per ?vru.ic.ce of the deiic*u and difficult task de volved cn .hem by the increase of the army and the mora as we think injuatice has beer ? tone thorn, and th*t in the selections for thi new military a* poin: meats they donbtles acted fo/ ih? b?st, and in the main acted ia dicioui'.y. Wo therefore copy the annexe* pirftgraph*. which we find in a late aumbe ox the Union." Ic str.kes cs that if, instead of making hii a major, the Presidont had conferred a colo eel s commiufcicn on M-jor McCulloch, w wonld h;*ve baa: d nothing of that gentleman" inaignation agiiast the alleged mal-treatmen of ?ivi: ia Les:o?i^g he offisesin questioE at leas: fr u Major McC. From tho persona intimacy wfclctl esiited between the and tint g^mieman, the latter having bee K* gue*t at tee White House, it was ver generally lelieved in Wa-hington that h wcul j come out of the mill at the head of oc of the new regiments, and he was very genei ?lly credit,d with having been dreadful! amp. ointed at lagging bnt a Majority. Fei hajsthis eipJsnation may s'led some ligh np q tae q toayiiKo of his so indignant letter in ?nioh he, with very good sen?e indeed, re .rain* from uttaricg a word by way of enJea ' ^ create the imprecision that those fo whom he profuse* to write, would have dis charged the functions of the field officer oi the aew regiments belter than the gallant slid thorough.:y trained gentlemen appointed tc thr m Mu^m5? -Joe Shillington, with hii usual pnrrputude, has furnished us with a ccpy oi Blackwood's 2 linfcurgh Magasine for March I s cot'eut* are. The Beggar's Legacy; Ziidee, ? r j^n.e, part fourth; Vagabond Li.'e ic Mexico; Civilisation, the Census, A Peep at d'aiu; The ^ tory of the Campaign, written ir a tfcLt ia the Crimea; and the Ministerial changes. r?** tte have received the Metropolitan Marine for April, (an exiellent number.) pcl.i-hfd fcy Mr. John Murphy, Baltimore, it er. ? <iius, in addition toother articles, the Pastoral Letter of tho Archbishop of Balti more cenmanicating officially "the solemn definition" of Pius IX, "made from the ckai, c. at i e:er, on the Feast of the concepricn of the ever blesced Virgin Mary." *>OTBFK p opular Nxwspapxr Ebroh. u e have before us a newspaper which calli Copt I cr>i,t Cape de Verdn. Others style it CijHi Jes Verde,. The proper way of irn rng it is Cape Verde?(Jreen Cape, in Krgii 6t, not Cape de Verdes?Cape of Greens, or Cape des Verdei-C^pe of the Greens, as cur newspaper linguists will persiit in dub bir.g it?using these mis.?pelliugs indisorimi nauiy. Dutton, of Connecticut, has ap pointed Friday, the 6th of April, aj a day of lae^irg. humiliation and prayer. r> X La Wool-g. owers Association of Wes ton, Few York, wm hold a national sheep .how ,t the village of Bath, in the Empiri , tare, cn the 29th, 9lth and 31st of May next. . LiTlhe ?;ics*on ?xperim,at_propeUi vetjcls by caloric-is at art end. The inven. lion is conceded to be a failure, and po?"r L'ricsson is a ruined man. I~^*The Oreca Bay Advocato, speaking of the cold weather, says an Indian was found *i?.au, from ' the whiskey fresxing in his stom i ?i T*? Ihe eity of New York, within a period of six mon hs, paid $2 800 for dog-kilHag. r?T Ihe New Bedford merchants, with one or twu exceptions, have signed the subscrip tion p.:prr favoring the prosMution of the whale frhery ia tha Spitsbergen sea. WISHH6T0M HEWS AMD GOSSIP. TheCase of the El Dorado.?According to the promise made in yesterday's Star, we take op the questions involved in the Hi Dorado case to-day, and ask an attentive hearing for the reasons which induce as to differ, upon this subject, from both tbo Umion and the Intelligencer. Now, th? drift of the Union's quite excited remarks upon the oase If, that that this Gov ernment owes it to itself to jsmp to the con clusion that Spain deliberately committed outrages?asserted and attempted to enforoe in its most odious form the right of search? upon us The Intelligencer, on the other hand, holds that she has committed no offence whatever in forcing oar vessels to " come too" when outside of her municipal jurisdic tion. and give an account of themselves, her right to do so arisirg, aocording to tho reason ing of our neighbor, from the fact that our fi libusters, despite the honest efforts of this Government, keep her Island authorities in constant dread of a piratical invasion. We have endeavored to state the positions of both these journals with clearness and can dor, and have to add that neither of them strike us as embracing correct views. While we do not think with the Union that the " bringing too" of the Ei Dorado under the circumstances was an outrage, we neverthe less regard it as a trespass; one for which it behoves Spain to make dae acknowledgments, u *? take it for granted she will do prompt Iji when the affair shall have been brought to her notice officially. In ease she assumes that her officers simply exeroised their rights, then it will assume the aspect of an out rage, not to bo repeated except at the cost of a war with us. We, at present, decline looking upon it in any such light, how ever, as It cannot be that^pain will, with her eyes open, throw Cuba away upon any such asiumption of the right to exercise police authority upon our oommerce passing through the Gulf of Mexico, but not within a marine league of her possessions there. It was as well known in Cuha as hero, that the fillibusters had arranged to leave the United States for the Island about the time the El Dorado was thus "brought to" by the firing of shots aeross her bow, consisting of fofcr vessels with 3,500 men under General Quitman. The Government of the United States by its vigilance defeated this scheme though the Islsnd authorities did their best to be prepared themselves to defeat it, in oase the authorities at W ashington should prove unable to do so. The Spanish war steamer was doubtless watching to interoept those ves sels, and arres ed the El Dorado momentarily whero her commander would have had the right to arrest any vossol sailing for the Island with filibustering intent, as a ship bent ob such an errand has no olaim to the protection of any flag. lo reduce the matter to the comprehension of all. the momentary arrest of the El Dorado was similar to a oase in whioh a sheriff, who has a warrant for A, mistaking D for him, arrests the latter, and on ascertaining that he hal got the wrong man promptly releases him with an 411 beg your pardon, sir, for the mistake I have made D, in lav, has a valid action against the sheriff for fal*e Imprison ment; bat no jury would, under auch circum stances, accord more than nominal damages. The Spanish Government will probably ex plain that the bringicg-to of the El Dorado was just such a mistake, and make the proper apology for it, whioh, it strikes us, will be all that this Government will ask in the premises, if Spain puts the affair on the ground wo have explained above. We, therefore, decline at this time to onter tain the idea that an outrage his been com mitted upon the American flag. Oa the other hand, we deny in toto the right ?1 tpain to stop onr ships, eDgaged in lawful commerce, anywhere beyond a marine league troia her possessions; which right the Intelli gencer appears to claim for her on the ground that she may thus protect herself against the possibility of the fucccisful departure of fili bustering expeui.ions from our shores. This Government has steadily and emphatically resisted tho right of visitation or searoh on the high seas, and any point on the ocean a marine league from shore is on the high sens, aoordiog to universally admitted interna tional law. Opposition to tho assertion of that right brought on the war cf 1812. We fought that war in vindication of the immunity of our vessels, engaged in lawful commerce, from any such claim of authority on the part of the national vessels of any other Power whatever, and every subsequent Amorioan Administra tion has been ready to onoounter another war in defenoe of our right to immunity as ex plained above. The history of our treaty with Britain upon the subjeot of the African slave trade, made subsequent to the war of 1813, illustrates the pertinacity with which this Government refused to consent to permit the ships of another Power to visit or search ours engaged in commeroe?not violative of international law?under any circumstances whatever. The blave trade, though illegal under the municipal (domestio) law of both England and the United States, is not contra ry to international law; and we refused flatly and positively to aocord to Biitish cruisers the right to visit and search oar ships on the slave ooast, even though there was proof positive at hand that they had slaves on board. Yet be ing sincerely desirous to break up the traffic, we stipulated to keep an American squadron of eighty guns always on the west ooast of Africa, on the look-out to visit, search, arrest and punish any American ships and crews so engaged In the case in question, having fairly stated the excuse which Spain has at hand, we have now to eay that it strikes us as impossible that this Government can rest content to sub mit to what has occurred, except the act of the Spanish cruiser be explained, as we have stated. The E! Dorado was engaged in a law ful commerce, was not an inch oat of the proper course for her voyage, as she must ne oessarily make Cape Antonio first from Aspin wall, and then take another departure for Ha vana. She had long been running precisely that route with the knowledge of the Spanish authorities, and was on her way to visit their islani with their express consent. Spain is at peace with all the world, and, therefore, oannot claim to have in this oase exercised the belligerent right, under which she nught otherwise have set up some sort of ? plea of right to asoertain the precise char acter of the Ei Dorado by compelling her to "come to. She must, therefore, either plaoe it upon on. 0f the two grounds : that of a mis tako ? *> the charaetar of the vesjel, made in - .0 night t,me, and when she had reason to expect that virtual piratea would bo in the Immediate vicinity of Capo Antonio aaking for Cuba; or on an assertion of the (to an) so | odiou rigkt of sosrah. We hare no means at hand of ascertaining I the amout of oar oommeroe which passes to ?ad fro In the vicinity of Cuba. That is, ere | we go to press to?day. It is, however, enor mous To Jeopardise its future by permitting Spain for an instant to ezeroise pelioe juris dkiion over it when more than a marine league from her coasts, under any pretence whatever, eaunot for an instant be dreamed of; as it would be equivalent to an abandon* ment of our right to navigate the Gulf of J Mexico We know tbose oa whom is at prts ent devolved the duty of protecting American rights on the high seas well enough to enable us emphatically to assure our readers, that in what may transpire between them ooneerning this affair, not a jot or title of our rights will be abated under any possible combination of eireumstances whatever; while we feel equally sore that they will voluntarily assume no posi tion upon it whioh will tend to stop Spain from accounting for the act of her cruiser upon the reasonable, and with due repara tion, satisfactory ground on whioh she can ex- j plain it as indioated above. Unfortunately, so long as she must hold the island, there is no surety |gainst the daily occurrence of similar causes of international trouble. Each succeeding day increases the oost to her of keeping Cuba, which will very soon become a tax upon her rather than a source of revenue, as affairs are now tending. It is utterly impossible that by way of insur ing Cuba to her, we ean in any way jeopardise our right of entirely unmolested navigation of the Gulf of Mexico, any and every where beyond a marine league from the coasts. Under these circumstances we, at least, enter tain hopes that it will not be very long before,, catching something of the spirit of the age she will comprehend the fact that she has all to gain by removing the daily source of ill feeling between her and ourselves?tho mo mentary danger of a collision with us, whioh ean only end in a war of great expense to her treasury, to terminate in her loss of the island without indemnification. She has all to losoby refusing to sell Cuba to us. Indeed, sho is in suring its loss to her by refusing to make some arrangement by which affairs like this of the El Dorado can be promptly adjusted. Thus we shall not be surprised to find, some fine morning, that an American squadron has been ordered down to blookado the ports of Havana and Matanzas, our Government having lost its patience through delays incident to the mode in which she now insists on settling her aimest hourly arming Cuba questions with us. A fortnight's blockade of these ports would re sult in a successful revolution throughout the island. It is indeed time that she turns over a new leaf in her Cuban policy. " Lo, the Poor Indian!"?Wo noticed the other day the condition of one of the promi nent tribes of American Indians, and their advance in Agriculture and the arts of peace. In rocurring to the subject, we are gratified to state that the policy of the country is to deal with the Indians in a conciliatory and benevolent spirit, and not to resort to bareh and summary measures, except where indis pensable as punishment for acts of violenoe and bloodshed. Such we have reason to believe is the pur pose of the President of the United States, who feels and aots up to his responsibilities as their politioal guardian. The enlightened Secretaries of Interior and War, statesmen of great experience and en larged views, have steadily pursued this policy. The former, Gov. McClelland, in his adminis tration of Indian Affairs, has recommended and urged measures of amelioration from the beginning of his ministerial career. The system he has proposed shows that the sub j?Ot has beoa anxiously considered and ex amined, with that care which marks hit administration of the multifarious concern! that come before him. He has nerer invoked the military power in the management of Indian relations, where it was possible to be avoided. The Secretary of War, too, In the adminls tration of our military affairs, has taken oare that the military arm shall not be uplifted tc strike the red man unnecessarily or wantonly. In oonoert with the Interior, Gen. Davis's policy looks to a line of proceeding in the military department that will gradually bring in the wandering tribes to specified limits, and confine them to the culture of the sail, where their ferooity may be subdued by their being taught the arts of peace, and plaoed under suoh influences aa will eventually hu manize and elevate these sons of the forest to the highest condition they are capable of at taining. ' Logfcl Fees of tho Officers of the United States Land Offices ?The following are the fees allowed by law to the United States land ofScers in the several districts for the disposal oltbe public lands. Our ootemporaries, in the Wost especially, can do nothing more likely materially to serve their readers than in re publishing them, vis: Registers and Receivers of the United States District Land Offices, except those in Califor nia, Washington and Oregon Territories, are entitled to the following fees, in addition to their regular salary and commissions. The fees to be paid by those locating lands, viz : For examining and adjudicating pro-emp tion olaims, the sum of 50 oents to each officer. For entering tho location of military land warrants undor the several laws:' For a warrant of 160 acres, $2 00 each, 94 00 44 120 ? 1 50 ?< 3 00 44 44 ? 80 " 1 00 ? 3 00 " 40 " 50 " 1 00 For entering lands undar the graduation law, or for administering oaths to applicants, they are entitled to no fee whatever. Iho Buggaboo ?We are not a little amused at the gravity with which the New Tork Herald and its kindred prints essay to 44 stuff" their readers with sweeping faleehoods con cerning Mr. John W. Fornoy, whom they ao cu*e of being engaged ia plotting and oonn ter-plotting in publio affairs in Washington, while he is in Philadelphia, where ho has been for a week past and more quietly enjoy ing himself after a very hard session's labor as Clerk of the iiouse of Representatives of the United States. This fact shows how muoh reliance is to be placed on tho thousand and one slanders ooneerning him with which unprincipled men, of too KtUe character or weight to be noticed by him, are filling the air. Those must be miserable oauses, indeed, which are only to be sustained by wholesale and systematic falsification against an indi* vidu*l gentleman, who, where ho is person-' ally known, eommands a thousand times the respect whioh is accorded by his fellow-oiti ions to his slanderers, as is so minifest la tho cue of Bennett, near whom respaetable per ?on will not even fit la n opm htwl Wide of tha Mark?Our neighbor of the Sentinel, in remarking upon the boaineM of the Pension office a day or to lince, fail that np to that time tone tlx thousand applioations for boantj landa under the law of the lait session had been filed This la a mistake; 22,090 such application* had then been re eeired. Oa the following day?yesterday? 2,500 more came to hand So, vp to thia morn ing, about 24,500 have already been dnly en tered at the Pension bureau As systematic aa mattera are managed in that bureau through the arraagementa and perapioaoitj of ita head and Mr. S Cole, ifcat functionary's chief clerk, we question whether all tha oasea to ha presented under the law in queation will be disposed of in leaa than three or four years. The State Department Building?We per oeire a paragraph in the Baltimore Sun, of thia morning, aaying that the block of six bouaee on I street, in this eity, the property of W. W Corcoran, E?q , hare been rented to the Ooverment to serve aa a State Department building until the new one ahall be ereeted. The prioe, according to thia atatemeat, is $20,000 per annnm! Thia we are aatisfied is a mistake, $20,000 would be quite a handsome prioe to pay for theee houses for the three years during which it is thought the new State Department will be in oeurse of construction. Our impreaiion is that tike archirea of the State Department will not be mored until the south wing of the new pile of public build ings shall have been completed According to the original doaigna, it waa Intended that the State Department ahall occupy that wing, and unless the plan be abaadoned, we do not, aa at present informed, comprehend the ne cecsityfor any change in the location of the State Department, until the south wing in I queation shall have been completed. The Salaries of United States Executive and Judicial Offioers?Learning that a mis apprehension exists as to the time when quar ter salaries are payable to such officers, we take occasion to say that they can, in no case, be paid before the service has been rendered and the money is legally due. It seems that some of them on the Puoifio ooast, on learning that the Government has adopted the oustom of having all their acoounta stated and ready for settlement on the last day of eaoh quarter, instead of as heretofore commencing to state them on the first -day of a new quarter and taking from one to two weeka' time to get them ready to be aent out, have got it into their heads that the Treaaury officera now pay such aecounts one quarter in advanoe, and are accordingly drawing for their compensation in advance of the sorvice Of course, all such drafts are necessarily dishonored. United States Revenue Marine Officers De tached and Ordered.?Capt. Sands, U. S R M , has been detached from the command of the U. S. Revenue Cutter Jas. C. Dobbin, now on the Wilmington, N. C station, and awaita

orders; and Capt. Whitehead, U. S. R. M , has been ordered to the comaand of the Dob bin in his stead. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 29th March, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on tho baokaof the Department? For the payment of stock For paying other Treasury debts. For the Customs tor covering into the Treasury fiom miscellaneous sources.... For the War Department... For the Navy Department. For the Interior Department For conveying upon the books of the Treasury an appropriation for the Interior Department... i PERSONAL. i ....Every newspaper here, in announcing i the faot that the Commissioner of Patents hac left this city for a short visit to Iowa, mis Srintbis name. It is Charles^ not Jamet laeon, as erroneously published. Strang! that such a mistake should have been made bj Washington editors in giving the name ef a< prominent an officer. ....Rev, W. H. Milburn, late chaplain o the liouse of Representatives, ia lecturing li Augusta, Qa. .... lion W. 8. Archer, of Virginia, diec at his residence in Amelia county, Virginia on Wednesday morning, after an illness ol only a few hours. Mr. Archer formerly rep resented Virginia in the Senata of tha Unites 5 la tea. - ? ? ? ? Mr. Stoeckl, envoy to the United States M. Bodisco, a member of the legation, am Gen. Pezula, of Mexico, are announced smonj 1 the last arrivals at the Metropolitan Hotel New York. .... There died recently in Maryland, Mra Elizabeth Hammond, aged 96; Mrs. Margare Keefer, aged 9G; and Mrs. Nelson, wife oi | Oen Roger Nelson, of revolutionary memory and mother of Judge Nelson, aged 84. .... Mr. A. Rodgera, of Franklin, Ohio, died of hydrophobia, laat week in that State. I appeara that he was bitten by a mad dog some thirty years ago, from the effects of which, il was supposed, he had recovered, although at irregular intervals he felt a peculiar and un pleasant sensation. .... Rev. John Pierpont ia 70 yeara of age, and the Painsville Telegraph aaye that he has within the laat fifty days, traveled 4,000 miles delivered 20 leeturea and preached 0 sermons .... The Hon. T. H. Benton, accompanied by bis youngest daughter, has arrived at St L>uis, Missouri, and in charge of the earthly remains of Mrs. Benton. .... The Hon. Thomas M Woodruff, an ex member of Congress, from New York, died ix the oity cf that niune on Wednesday evening of paralysis He whs ene of the prominent leaders of the old Native Amerioan and oi the new Know Nothing parties. Havaaa.?The steamer Cresoent City hai arrived at New Orleans from Havana, with dates to the 24th inst. Pinto was garroted on the 22d. He died with great fortitude. The steamer El Dorado had been again com pelled to heave-to off Cape Antony, and sub mit to an examination of her papers by a Spanish war vessel. The filibuster excitement Is subsiding, though the island everywhere is being placed in a thorough state of defense. Freeh arrivals of troops from Spain are daily looked for. The Csar's death produoed a great sensa tion. Business matters were improving. -^JACKSON BUILDING ASSOCIATION. Tbi? Association will meet oo TUESDAY EVENING, April 3d, at 8 o'clock, in German Halt, llih street, between F and G, for the full organiza tion dT the same. Subscribers are invited to aUend. Oue dollar is to be paid by each subscriber, by ca tering his name in tbe book, which will be counted ax part of the mon.hly dues on the first regulu meet ing. A book for subscribers Is kent open at the office of CuAaLKS Waltss, No 553 Seventh street, op posite Centre Market. mar 88?3t* FRANKLIN BUILDING A830CIA tion.?A meeting of the subscribers to ibis Association, for the payment of the first monthly in stalment on stock, will be held at Temperance Hall on MONDAY EVENING, April 3d, at 1% o'clock. N. B.?Payment* are required to be made ia b*nk aUefundt T. M. HANSON, Bee. B>ar98--eo9t $519 88 30,791 50 10 820 15 38 518 5C 47.509 5<3 41,365 3C 517 5? 800 0( nsr. MEC. INSTITUTE?The Oil VCSk axa.cises of the School of Design wj.1 take plaeo on FRIDAY EVENING next, 1he ."*M instant, at 7^j o'clock, in the Institue Room*. over and T. Father's Store, opposite Bmwn?' Hot* I. An exhibition ufihe School will be held, *nd a address will be delivered by Prof. Woiuker. The public are respectfully invited. It is hoped that the members of the Institute will j be present, and see for themselves what hai been done daring the present session of the School By order: P. N. PEARSON, Bee Sec. mar89?at (Intel It) a?-t^public SCHOOLS -THETRUSTEES J?CS? of FaMle School* will be pleased to meet at the Ciry IIa!l on SATURDAY, the 31st instant, at 3 o'clock p m , a ch ladies and gentlemen (the present teachers excepted) who wish to have th*ir( names continued or placed on the list of candidates for situations in the Pubic School* of Wa&bington. Bjr direction of the fiwrtl sfTrastew GEORGE J. abbot, mar 39?d Secretary SERVANT* FOR 8ALE ?T/lE ADVERTISER sell the choice of three girls, aged IS, 9, and 7 years respectively. They arc intelligent and heal hy children. The oldest, fbr her mje, i? well abquaintod with housework. They will noi be sold to be taken from the District. Address boi 33* Post Oft e. roar 30-3f s CHARLES P. WANNALL, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, Offict 431 E street, om door from Seventh, near I the General Pad OfL-e, Washington. Acknowledgments of deeds, fcc., p-omptly at tended to. roar 90?eo3t* HAIR WOBK. ORNAMENTS of Hair, such as Bracelets, Oat elains, Chains, Breastpins, Earrings, Finger Rings, made to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attended to. Specimens may be seen at my store. H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9ih and lOih su. 30 NOTICE. JOSEPH HUGGINS, JewHer and Silversmith. No. 914 Pa. avenue, west of Willards' Hotel about to close his store, and offers his entire | stock of Jewelsy, Watches, Silver aad SJver plated Goods for sale, all of which is of the very best qual ity, and will sell at great bargains Persons wanting anything in his line wnu'd do well to give him a call, as be is determined to sell very low tor cash only. Mar 30?lw* PRIVATE TUITION. CIVIL AND MILITARY IHGIN1ERIRG Xo. 483 vest Tenth street, between Dand E streets] noith, established in 1832. J FILL, Professor of Mathnn alien. can receive ] s anoiher ela-s in the highpr branches of Maib ematics, Constiuctioa, Draughting, and Civil and Military Engineering Terms per course, $23; w riting lessons ?10; hook keepnif, by double entry, $15.? payable in advance. A private parlor for ladies. ruar *<0 ? 3t LOOK T1US WAY. IF everybody knew bow cheap the Canton Tea Company, No. 510 Sevrnth street, were selling TEA, everybody would go and buy go.^1 Rla;k Tea I at 3l) and 'Al\$ cents,?qual to any sold in the city a' 50 and 6-J.X cent*; good Youns Hyson at 'Sl% cti. All other kinds of Teas, of high and low grades, at pricr* which cannot fail to suit. roar 30?It HALL fc HENXING. C.J. FINE GROUND PLASTER . U ISK & CO. have always on hand, at their Mill, a lull supply of FINK GROUND PLASTER, which they aru prepared to furnish to farmers a: low cash prices. ? We have also made arrangements to deliver it at the Steamboat Wharf at Washington. Alexandria, Va , March 3Q-eo6t* PK11IO N ? WITH DKFkCllVK vision are invited to examine iny ! extensive slock of all kinds oi SPECTA CLES and EYEGLASSES. Glasses' of any kind, such as Cataract, Parabola, Penscopic, Double Concave, Double Convt x, and Colored Glasses, put in at -I it*, notice, with great care, a id p^rs^ns in want of glasses may be aurt to get those which benefit the eye. Circulars "Detective Vision," gratis at. H. SKMkEX'S, 330 Pa. avenue, betw. ai.d lOtli su. mar 30 NEW WORK, by the Author of the Heir of Red clyffe The Castle Builders, by the author of the Heart'* Ease, in paper covers ; price 50 cents; bound, 76 cents. Just published and f?r sale *t TAYLOR fc MAURY'S mar 30 Bookstore, near 9;h st. A GREAT BARGAIN. WE have otyt of Knabe, Gaehle fit Co.'s Louis XIV. style bnrmtiful rosewood 7 octnve PI ANOS, which has been slightly damaged and which we are now authorize.! to sell at a great ba gain. Terms of payment made ea?v. JOHN F. ELLIS, Piano. Mu?ic and Stationery Store, mar 30 306 Pa avenue, near 10th st. COAL. ARRIVED and we are bow discharging cargo of Schr Mary Mcrslion, (VVilden, Master) 148 tons Schuylkill Red Ash COAL, of veiy cxce.lent quality. We shall continue to keep a good supply of Coal for cooking put poses and summer use. JNO. T. GIVEN & CO., Coal and Wood Dealers, Corner Fourteenth and C streets. X. B.?All coal hold by us carefully weighed and 2940 pounds to the ton. ' J. T. G. k. CO. mar 30?3t ~ FINE WATCHE& HAVING made a considerable addition to my stock of GOLD HINTING PATS NT I.KVt Rg, and ladies' witchki Of first quality, heavy 18 ca>at| Also, SILVER WATCHES for boys. I offer them at grettly reduced price*. The movements are selected with great care, ard every Watch is warranted. Persons in want of a fine timekeeper are invited to examine my assortment. II SEMKEN, No. 830 Pa. avenue, betw. Vtli and 10th su. mar 30 ELEGANT VELVET CARPETINGjf TO BE SOLI) AT COST. CLAGETT, DODSON k. CO. respectfully call the attention of persons intending to their drawing-rooms, saloons, parlors or other rooms to this announccmeti'. They have determined for a time to sell off their stock of superior and beautf ful Royal Velvet Carpeting at prime cost for the cash. As these goods were purchased by us at a ruinous sacrifice to the cnsignee*s and importers, prices which are believed to be less than the cost of man ufacturing, housekeepers now have an opportunity of supplying themselves, with the most elegant Car |>ets at a price leas than the common Brussels are selling at. The same kind of goods wc advertise are now selling at the public sales of second hand furniture, after having been used two and three years, for more than we now retail them for. This is an oppoftunity seldom to be met with,and should not be Inst. Remember the terms; Cash on delivery or ap ?~ved paper, at short date, with interest. lar 30?eo3t CLAQR rT, DOD SON fc CO. 'MOKLL A BOYD, BLIND MAKERS & UPH0L8TERERS, WOULD respectfully inform their friends and the public generally that theyj are prepared to attend to all orders in1? their Hue of business. ? < All kindsof upholstering . neatly executed; such ae?Cutting and,! Makint Carpets, Fitting down Matting and Oi) Cloth, Making and fittieg up Bed and Window Curtains, Hair, Shuck j and oiher Mattresses, Pew and other Cushion*, Spring Beds, l*oun;es, Easy, and Sick Co airs. We have in store-Window Shades and Trimmings. Cords and Tassels, Split Blinds, Wide Paper ftir Curtains. VENITIAN BLINDS mule in any style, and old ditto repaired to look as well as new. All kinds of old Work repaired, and all or ders thankfully received and promptly attended to for cash, or a perfect understanding before hand. If you want the worth of your money fust give us a call, at No 991 Pa. avenue, south side, betw. *h and 10th streets ? mar 30_u MADAME DE LARUE EGS leave to annouaee to the Lad en that she _ has jnst received, from Paris, a choice assort ment of Spring HATS and FLOWERS. Also, Point, Chantilly, Vaieaecnncs and Maltese Lace Goods. Em breweries, Kid Glove*, Garts de Suide, (a new article,) Mourning Collars and Sleeves, ma terials for Veils, Jot Bands for the hair. Cabas, fancy ornaments for ladies. Fresh Perfumeries, Eau Lus trale, Pomntoms, Tricopherous, Eau de Veens, Milk of Roses, Sapophaae. All kind* of toilet waters, Cologne, Verbena, Florida, he. Together with a complete assortment of Goods, suitable for the season, which will be opened oa Saturday, the 31st instant. 938 Pa. avenue,between 13Ji and 13th its. Mm*. D. again solicits the attention to the Splen did Raffle of Lace Coods,*which will taka place im mediately after the remaining tickets wCI have been B di posed of. The prtaes can'be soon at nay tune at Mine. D's establishment. mr 30?3t* Lime kiln for sale?part or the whole of it. Inquire on L street south, t-etween 4th and 5th street*cast, No 331, Navy Yard, mar 32?tfw* J El EMI AH van HORN. PKOPLK'f THIATRK, LATE VAiriTftt, Mr. Kimm Manager, Mr. K\irli. Benefit of Mim FAKNT MORANT, and the la l night bat om ef *??-r i THIS EVENING will be preset INGOMAR. Inj ?*', Mr. Allea ; Myron. Mr. Nonoe;- Parti.? nu, Mim Morant. To conclude with The 3d. 4lh and ?th act of LONDON A8*URANCK. Dzzz'.e, Mr. Allen: Mark Meddle. Mr. Weaver, La dy Pay Ppaafc t. Mim Mori at Price* of admi*?to?.-?Orchestra Chair* SO etf.; Ptr quette 37Vf ceat* : Regular Ticket 15 MM t Prl ?ate Bo*. j $3 and *5 Gallery far eefa*id pa 85 cent*. tar JO All ?TKAve>iu vtaring the <N|jr 8h?uldj?ee Hua'a Cat *l?o. Hii Itwriptpoo of Powell's great Picture alo*ue of ihe curiowtina of the < ~ feb?--Sm* yyATORKt AND JKWKLKV.-l A have c? tea ad a go<>d supply ?r ftae WATCHES and JEWELRY which will b? ?old very cheap ;o *ut the t me*. Gold La ver Watehe* aa low aa f93. warranted ta* keep food rime Call and see lor yourselves at tha atorrof J. ROR1N0DN, 349 Pa. are., oppo. Browna' IlouL mar SB?dim NOTICK ?I rnccrifcd this <*ay a aew aaaart ment of (*LEEVE BCTTON8 and STUM, of tho latest atjlna. Also, a variety of othtr new (jood* : aa Vast Chain*, Chaulam-, Bracelets, Ptaa, Earring*, Ring*, etc. Great inducement offered to purohaawe. M SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa nvenae, bet. 9th and 1"?* ?** (t7- Sex Points put to Gold Pm at Diamond* remounted, and Jewelry mar 29?If 4 PANORAMA FOR SALE-ONE UN DIVIDED th>rd intereat la 'Btanley'* w.w. ? can be purhha*ed o "M,?ftar ottec. ? tows aVd calves and brood haIuk For 8ale. Two Tery fiat: Cow*, with )oang calve*, raised la the city. Also, a thorough bred Brood Mare, of See alaa and ?i h foal by a t.iorou.h bred Hor*e,far aala en accommodating term*. MILTON GARRETT, iea i O Also my usual alack of so per tor bacon, Beef, ?c. aaar SILVER WARE, PLATED Will AHDFIKK PAftC) GOODS.?SiTver Coffee and Tea Sets, Sugar Bowls, Cream Jag*, Gobleta, Cups, Ppoon* and Fork*. Abo, a greet variety of magnificent Fancy Silver Ware, ruitable for present*. I'tated Coffee Sen, Ca*tore, Ba.<4eU. Spoons uJ Forks, en best Albata The irticlra are warranted as repreacnted, aad wl;l be sold at a nuall advance. II. SEMKEN, 330 Pa. &venae, bet. 9th and 10th streets, mar 39?tf J0IIN80N ON MANURES, I vol, London Vaux on tilling and verilizing laad, do Morfit on Manur s, Philadelphia Dana's Muck Manual lor Farmers, Lowell Dana on Manure*, New York Ruffin on Calcareou* Manner*, Richmond B'own's American Muck Book, New York Practical Treatise on Manures, by be Briuah So ciety, for the diffusion of useful knowledge And many worka on Agricultural Chemiatry, oa Fruit Culture, Bee*, Cattle, Drainage, Trao Plaat inz. and ottier branches of Gardening aad Hnatiaad ry, many ol them imported from ab'uad mar 59 FRANCE TAYLOR. K EHLEBER & PY WILL'S COLUMBIAN LIVERY STABLES. Eighth, between D and E klreeeta, Washington, Horses taken at Livery, llorsea and Bum n for hire. M???sra. K. k P. has on band a flae lot of Hmsss for mIi , and fresh drove* are constantly arrivmc at their S'nble. ~ $25 REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE recovery ol a double- barre'ed Gua wbich wa? rtol< n fr<m my rooms, No. 449 Loauiaaa av enue, ?on? time durluc the last wtek. The gun 'va# made by Jamieaou, ol Londoa, aad waa en closed in a leath* rn case with my name upon it. A steel single barreled pwtot was stolen about the ?Mae time, for which a suitable reward will he paid if returrul to me. JOHN A. LINTON mar 28 - 3t TO THE LADIES. MIS8 S J. THOMPSON |i? n->w |>r> |>Kred to show our larg< L and well Felfct^d sto^k f MiMiacryl 'which sbe ha* juat opened, of the la test *tylea which we are selling at ?hr lowest price*, and we cordially invite the laoiea to call early aad have th? first selection*. We would also respectfully call their attealiaa to i nr large and hand Inndsome Mock of Fancy Good* Perfumery, Gloves, Hosiery, kcr * bich we caa aell at unusually low prices. HUTCHINSON k MUNBO, No. 310 Peaa*>!v*aM av< aue, Firat door wcat of Walter Harper k Co V mar 28? CPKCTACLKf. 0 EVE GLASSES, ke , Gold, Stiver, and fine Steel ?p? ctaclea, Bye Ola* e?, kc ft?" Particular attention paid to the selection of Glassw adapted to the e?e* of wtwrer*. M. W. GALT k BRO., Jewelers, 334 Pennsylvania av?cu?t. mar 28?if 0EUVRE3 DE POTHlfcR; avec le Code Civil et la Le?i*lauon Actuelie, 10 vol*t Part* Oeuvre* de Doinat; 4 vol*. Pari* Marcade; Explication, tbeoriqoe et pmiiqnc, dn Code Napoleon, C vo?*, Pan* Dalloz ; Jori-prudence Generale, 1 vol, Paris ? urat Le>allc; Code Manuel deTatrtome civile en ce qui c.mccine lea IVp rtatenU de la GtMrre et de la Marine, 1 vol, Paris Ca^ee et J net*; Marue! dee Juge* de Commerce 1 vol, Paris Dictionnairc dc IT-conotnie Politlqoe, par ( oque fin et GuiMaumin, 2 voir, I'ari* Ricardo ; (Vuvres complete*, 1 vol, Paria Imported with many other work*. Englisb and French, on Diplomacy and Consalar Law, by ni^ir 26?3t _ FRANCK TAYLOR. WATCHK9, ~ JEWELRY. AND SILVER WJlRF. Always on baud a large aaaortmeat of the above which w* offer at the lowest rata*. M W. GALT k BRO., 28 384 Pa. avenue ORNAMENTAL PAINTERS, G. H YARRRLL * J. W. MiRKIRI, Louitiaua avenue, bHxrttn 6th and Itk Neit to Vamum** Building*, HAVING associated themselves to carry on the Houw, Sign, and Ornamental PAINTING ta all iu branches, will be tbaaklul to receive all or dcr* in their line ol busineaa, and w'M use every ex ei tion to give aa I w faction. JOBBING in Glaaing nnd Painting prcmntly at tended to. Give us a trial. nor 97. u KID GLOVES ?Just received ? superior lot of Kid Glove* Also, a fine article at 50 centa. New atyle of Gtn *a Summer Crevata. _ WALL k STEPHENS. 339 Pa. avenue, next door to Iroa Hall, mar 96-2w C. WARRIIBR, W ATCHMAKER, NEW WHEELS. PINIONS, AND EVERY KIND OF REPAIR* TO WATCHtei, f?* ?'??Hyle??la Avtaat, (Between Nin^b and Tenth atreeis ) Rb-lm* j WASHINGTON, D. C. A BOOK WDICH EVERY BUSINESS MAN IN THE DISTRICT WANTtJ.?The Waahmgioa City opposite to the Poat Ofke, where he keen* con' stantly on band a fine aasorlineat of Blank Bonks Pen*, I nk, Paper, Playing aad V'Maing Cards, Gamte', kc. He i* agent for all the cheap publications Magazine* and Newspapew. P^ WK>M' Loadon Illuaua ed kewa, Bell'a Lie, Times aad Punch rec?ived by 1 very itiiai r New York Herald, Time*, and "Tribune received every mght and delivered to subscriber* / mar 26-tl NhW BOOKS at . r "-KINGTON* BOOKSTORE. Ayleafnrd, the great Revolutionary romance Putnam'* Magazine lo^Apnl Chamber's Journal do New York ds do Yankee NotloaJ do Ladio*' National Magazine, de Life and Beauties of Fanny Fern History of the Hea Fevor, very amusing Waahington city aad G<-orgeiowa Director, with a coaiplete Coo^remional aad Hi iiai?i al Di rectory, all for fl Travel* in Europe and the K?*l. by Priia Everyib ng iu the Stationery line All ihe'new book* publuhod received i ly afterward* and for sale at SHILLING TON'S Baokrtnw, Odoon Building, comer tjtf at. and Pn. ava. ? I