Newspaper of Evening Star, April 18, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 18, 1855 Page 4
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EMNG STAR. 8?ame?thi waking A lady run?> loioiow white bisr, Where a youth lay pale and dead. And she took the veil from her undo wad head, And binding e?w, in hi* war she said? Awaken ' for I am here She ??ad, with a wile, lo a wild wood near, Wftiere the Ihmw were barr> n and bare ; An.I *Oe tapped on the b .rk wnh h?r fingers fair, And she called to the leave* that were buried there, Awaken! for I an here. Th? bird* beheld her witlmut fear, Aa ?11e walked through the doping detl* ; As "he breathed ?n their downy citadels, And she said to the young in their i>ory shells? Awaken. lor I aa here. On the gravs of the Howe r* she dropped a tear, Rut with hope aifll joy like us; And, even as the Loid to Lazarus, Hhe railed on th? slums'ring sweet ftow'r thus? Awaiten! for I am here. To the lilies that lay in the silver mere, To the ret ds by the golden pond ; To the moss that rounded the marge beyond, She spoke, in her voice to soft and fond? Awaken ! for 1 am here. The violet peeped with its blue eye clear, Prom under its ow n gravestone ; For the t?le?sed tirfnur* ajourwl had flown, And before -he spoke the nandate win known, A waken! for I am here. The paJe grass lay Willi its Ion* l.?ck? s?re, On the breast of Ui? open plain ; Hhe loosened the matted hair of the slain, And cried, as she filled each juicy vein? Awaken! for 1 am here. The iu?h rose up with its pointed spear, The flag with its faicion broad ; Tht dock lifted up Its shield unawed, As the voice rang clear thro' the thickening sod Awaken ! for I am here. The red blood ran through the clover near, And th< heath on the hills o'?r heard; Thr daisy's finger* were tipped with red, Aa she started to life as the lady said, Awaken ! for I am here. And the young year rose from his snow white bier, And the flowers from their green retreat; And they cane and knelt at the lady's feet, Sayinc. all, with their mingled voice-* sweet? Oh, Lady! behold us here. Camphene Suicide.?A servant girl residing in the family of A. K. Reeves, at Greenport, N. Y., was severely burned on Thursday last by the explosion of a fluid lamp in her hands. She died the next day. Some statistician computes roughly that more lives have been lost by burning camphene and other explosive ?fluid*" than were lost in the wreck of the Arctic; but as the camphene takes off its victims one or two at a time, it is not so much thought of. Bakins Hams.?Most people boil ham. It u> much better baked, if baked right. *Soak it for an hour in clean water and wipe it dry ; next spread it all over with batter, and then put it into a deep dish with supporters under it to keep it out of the gravy. When it is fully done,;take off the skin and matter trusted upon the flesh side, and set it away to cool. You will find it very delicious, but too rich for dyspeptics. Tile Largest Library in the World. It is said that the Biblotheque Nation al. in the Rue Richelieu, at Paris, con tains at the present time fourteen hun dred thousand volumes These are most ly in handsome binding of colored leath er, enriched with gilt, and are placed in solid walls from floor to ceiling, with net work tor protection, as high as the hand can refw:h. The Webster Carriage.?The Daniel Webster carriage was sold -under the hammer by Riddle, on Saturday, for 317.50?a sum quite paltry and insignifi cant. Its intrinsic value was not very great, but as a relic, it should have brought hundreds. If the possessions of great men are thus slighted, those of small ones have a poor show.?Bost. Bee. Reverse op Fortune.?Mr. Atwood, the plaintiff in the case in England, so celebrated twenty-tive years ago, against Small, and which resulted in making him the recipient of about half a million ster ling, ( nearly two and a half millions of dollars) is now a bankrupt, and will not P*y more than a shilling on the pound. dy-"The tree is known by its fruits;' with the exception of the dogwood and that by its bark. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS _ Uatt For Dmw. -Liverpool... New York. Apl. 1 "1Tre *?? York..a|?I. 11 Liverpool....Bo,ton Apl. U York Aspinwall.Ap!. at v rth'^ Y<wk....l,reneir...Apl. 21 \ua, ?^ ,New *'"?*??? Havre Apl. 21 a l-iverpoul y^w York Ap) v r, rt hi^i "?*"**> 50**" ? ?? .Liverpool.. Apl. 2f Northern Light....New York....San Juan..Apl 21 A Liverpool.... Boston Apl at steamers leave New York on ? 5tl: -.a*I 2?tk ttf each month. K ' V ^LS AT PRINCIPAL HOTEL& Kallontol Hotel??. n. wulabd ? D J a Greene, jr, and tedy, j P Kmc. Ga NY J Maxsland, Pa J Millar, Pa 1 Parite, jr, NY DL Fouguirt, NY ? ^ _ H Duryee, NJ ? T- ohB' Del J D Barling, Md P Mtle?, Ct G >? VVinton, Mass r t**den, NY vi^ST C Ofden, do 2 m . ?*' Y MmEF Oifden, do C Bates d? Mish G P Oaden, do 7ZZ1' ??a w Mu" 4 M M Ma* ? F? 31 lady' Md * Aaea, do M B !ei,kin. M. c V Campbell, do " t- liuapti*H, do Broeai* a *. .now*. Dr H Wa.kt r and family, D E Simmons, Tenn m, p x. d iu , UC ?*' hu.-. Ala t *y l M.atreu.aca, Cuba A ^ EHmith, Md r-n'n *1? ^ ^M J ^au^herty, do r iir ^'*rd ^?on- V* C K 'eckVMY G W Bowie, Md u Souir., do B Hodcea h. fnend, DC AW Street, Ky J Cm??, Va ' 7 Wlllnrda' Uotal-n. a. a j. c. willaed. C H McCormick, III F M Bryan, ria C \\ : axch. do ? a lady. Mass wV^i k p J Dougherty, h WH Welsh, Pa 3E r? Gduiau a soo, VT ] V" J H Huston, Mich t L Collier, do J K Beshon, Va P \ Daniel, jr, * family, J Vanderpool, NY M"? Miss Vaa Burfri, do Miss R H Rohertaon, Pa A Foster, Pa H H Crosby. NY E Newell, do Bens<>o, do M P O'Here, Md ",rkwo?* ?J. h. a a. xieiwood, "d J W Bryce, NY * C II I 41 waxt'J A Forbe?, Va w iMlf * ch A vv Masters, do "Z Rr!Z"i 60 W H ^>ulany, do b"iSSSV' a p ratted e>lAcnn J II t4ava?e, Md | Hopkins UC C H Groses, NY C S G^hn.r^Md H B Brown J p Taruer, do W Colvin, Md A O Merrick, La haailsa H?ma?, AUxaa?rla, Va. a. iiwtoi, PBorairron. C H Ashtoa, Va J F Simpkina, Va Rev i? Muilin, lady, four J L Stewart, Md children a. 2servta, do J P EutJer, Va 1 H Treaniholru, IKJ Dr H ?Valker, lady and J J Dyer, do child, Md E C Dyer, do Miss E W Bolden, do Col Fossil, Va L C Kliason, Va WM Pe>ton, do J U Down nan, do K Y Kinney, do T S Aicock, do J M Harrison, do j j Watson, Md W Mitchell, Md W B Stone, do P II Bnualn, Ala PR Jooes, Va Miss K Brittaui. do L M Jooes, do Notice of the *HaUi*km*nt ?/ the *Jke of Strvtfor G*n*rot of jmhtte land., for T, ^ ** Tttitorf of Utah I of the authority contained in the act ap ii. JET!!? ^niary 31, 1166, entitled "An act to enawirti the o?ce of surveyor general of Utah, and !.? La school and university purposes," !k J?",aeBt ?(the United States lias direeted that the office of surveyor general of said Territory be located at Great 8a t Lake City until otherwise or dered. Given under my hand, at the City of Washington this twenty fourth day of March, anno Domini 1855. JOHN WILSON, Commiaeioaer of General Land Office. I mar 9R?2aw6w MANTUA MAKING. !H8 MARGARET DYER respectfully announ AL ces to the ladies of Washington and vicinity, that she has just returned to Washington, and in tends to resume her former business, and solicits the patronage or her former friends. No. 991 p* avenue, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth sta ap??2?aw3w* M. WILLIAM, LADIES' DBE8S AFD TBIMMIHG 8T0HE Pa avenue, between Seventh and Eighth street*. M WILL IAN would respecthilly announce to * 7*2 Ladies of Washington that he has jus* received from the Northern cities a complete stock of GOOD8, among which may be found New style French Dross Trimmings Fine French Flowers and Ribands A large lot of Bonnets. In silk, scrape, and straw, of the latest patterns And ar. excellent assortment of handsome Embroi deries of all kinds. Dresses made in the latest Paris fashions at rea sonable rates. Pinking and Fluting, and Kid Gloves cleaned, mar 31?eolm* [No. 631] Notice of the establishment of an additional land district in the State of California IVfHEUEAS under the provl-lons of the act of . Pa1181*88' ?Wc'T?d March 3, 1863. entit'ed ? A^*f, provide for tbe survey of the public land in Cau.orma, Ac, the Pre*i!*nt of the Unit* t tales is authorised, at such time or times a? 11 his jadgment tbe pnblic inter* si m?y so imperatively * to divide th; ?tat* cf California into two or throe aepa.ate land districts, two of which districts were eftabMshed un der said act by pubh; notic, dated 21si March, anl wheroa* th? surveys and s;>tt'em?nt* have extended in California so far that the convex qi dou i f the *tflerg and th? public int^rect require t -e estiLliahmexu of the three districts authorisad b/ the act of the 2d March, 1853, aforeaald ? Now, therefore. be it known, that undsr, and Vy ?Url??Jwtyof ,h" "M^t of Congress of 3d March. 1*51 tbe President ef the United >tites hasdir?*Vd thai the State of Caiif rnia shall be divided in'o three feparate land districts, tbe boundaties nf * hich ar* as fbl own, vix : Alt that part of the State, cr?msnc:iig on the Pa. cine Wat, lying n- rth of the line between tivti ehioajaven and ei*ht(7 and north of Mount Di *ble base line, tben<-e runnirg east on said line to the meridian, thence south cn the merdlan line to the line dividing towoships three ani four (3 and 4) north of said base li e, thence aast on s?id line b? 'ween townships three and four to the eastern boundary of the Stste, wii! form the 'Tpprm Tis trjct," the land offloe for which has be*n established at MaryviUe a AI, vn?tJart of st4t* 17ln? south of ihe above d^Knbf J limit# aod north of the line divi<iiotr towrl ships twenty and twen'y-one, south,(or fifth stand srd sriith) will form the "Middlx District," the of fi f for which is at Bmitui; ar d all that part of tbe s'ate lying south of the firth standard parallel th* ''Lower District.** as heretofore < rganixe I, tbe office for which is e? ablishei st Lo? Angela! ; and in view ct tbe said direction of the Presidenbof the L n.ied -itatas, under the act of Congress afore*aid the boandaiies .5 ve m-ntiored ?-h*li in iutureh* regsrded as the limits ol the said iand dutr cts re aye-tively. Given unier my hand at the city tf Washington. tLi- ninth day of April, A. D. 1855. By c rder of tbe President : JOHN WILSON, ,*> . Commissioner General l.and Offise. ap 12?lawl3w ELDORADO HOUSE, ~ Pa. acenuc, between Third arid 4)^ streets, Washington, d. c. CLKHKUT K KTNOLDSt (Late of Willards' Hotel,) ESPECTFULLY returns thanks to his friendi and the public tor their exceedingly liberal pa tronage aince ibe opening of his house, and he bei^ to assure theui that they will always be equally pleased in future H 7 Since his opernne his large patronage has induced him to nt up two Urge rooms, in a handsome style where he is enabled to furnish DINNErf AND SUPPER PARTIE8, for trom two to fifty peisons, in an unsurpassed stvie as to quality, as well as excellence. mar 20?eolm law partnership SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATF8 ROBERT J. WALK-RR ami LOUIS JANIN t U"d,*r lhe na,ne 01 ih.. ail Janm, 'for the argoment of cases in ..e Supreme Lourt of the United States, at Wash u,r?ut:boui a 112 MUTUAL FIE? IKSUSAHCE COMPA. NY OF THE 1ISTEICT OF COLUMBIA (J " wn!r*j of^eb to lhe profs-rt) o- tc-iurance tf>- ? 'rltl er ch?'?P?r mean: n trance ijuai any other Company. !u'y . WARD, I'resiuent. ^?lAS. WILSON, Secretary. MA niEVV G. EflKHY, Treasurer, ? n .. manaoirs. Ulysse, Ward John Van Riswick Thomas Blagden p. w. Drowning L C.?MeKelden. ^ ? and?u,"'8tStUmbia PUlCe' Cafner av nu. oBcfho.Mrromaweo.c.c'.p.^ """ ?"ck '? ?' "?rfoS I Also, for sale an excellent work home ncrf ?*i. ?sj'i-Kr"> No-43 ? ORGANS FOR SALE. ~~ A8 ??< ? Tli'v^r^inmwJ'" M**r"P"l>tan'ni.i' i'S? \ Of nI" Ywk m!mu,a?lory of HENRY ERBER app y l? prnfhlCNRYBkkB8lIr4lt I ? . &CJM3.] Notice of Withdrawal of certain Lands t>< ,T. Wisconsin i\ f,%RnEA?? ,n P^rfuance of a joint resolution I to'rv of t.t1'1 "A re80'ution expW diS^rf August third, eighu-n hun, I ln, i? i t'0",V?l>roV61 m?'cs 3.1866, ralat 1D^ to th? *0X ftnd Wkcontnn H?A> .f,.T ? av ? ?< which U i"r I fly* sections in widtbr the President of the United I has, by his order bearing data the rinlh >im dieted tSt certahf ???& tha ' TATB ow on each suU of s r aad ^ ^ rive, Rndthe Uk!? u ?, ? (iucluding the Ia^b hare tofore withdrawn and withheld for .aid iranM ?hln te withdrawn from sale or sntrv I wli?t?ver until further orders 7 purpose b!T*b7 ^Ten that said lands wiSfa? bereinafter described have this day b*en rnfcTi52r "V?cr *nu7 ?"O'nllngly,to wit? !1Unda 8a^:t 10 irorAtfUubauUnejm*?*tftke fourth prince Township 18, on the left bank of the Vr' *a^It0,rn*hiP? 13 and 14, cf range 9 wnshipe 18, 13 and 14, of range 10 Townanip 14, of range 11 Townahipe 14,16, ig, IT. a?d 18, of rinaa 12 Townships 16,1?, 17 and 18, of Ange 13 Townships II, 18 ?Bd 18, of raatre 14 Townah'p* IT, 18, 1?, anl *), of?Lige 15 i#To.^ip. 16, !?, |j, 18> M of tagt la' "?18' !?.*>. ?l, iM 32, of Townships 15,16, it, 18, 20, 81 and 2J of ranae 18 jjj^hip. i8. i7, i8,ir*., iii, 'c8r Townships 21,22, 23 and 94, of rang* 20 Townships 82, 33 *nd 24, range 21 Poot?* di*trkl 0f Uad' aul,j<wt Hihbul Sarth of the base lint and east of the fourth princi _ ., P*l meridian. wTZ??'X,%?i&'t?' u?'-''???'<h. Powr^* di<ltrkt of Und' to sale at Srivxirs' North of the base Urn* and east of the fourth principal am .. meridian. Township. 16 and 16, of range 8 ^w?hips 16 and 16, of range 9 W^,P8 ?? "d 1<5' of'??ge 10 aships 16, la and it, of range 11 at IhVdty^f',ti,Ca*n*r*J Und OM?e, Anno Domiai onVtK^, u'j Lthlnl ^*7 of April, ftve. ^ 0M "?ousand eight and fl ty Ry order of the President: Commlsetonaw js?" wil*?*. ap 6?iaw?w ^ ?f Owii?l Und OfBw. NORLL * BOYD, BLIND 4 UPHOLSTERERS,1 OULD respectfully inform their friends and the public generally that they, are prepared to attend to all order** in their line of business. All kinds of UPHOLSTERING neatly executed; nuchas?Cutting and Making Carpets, Pitting down Matting : and Oil Cloth, Making and fitting up i Hed and Window Curtains, Hair, Shuck j and other Mattressex, Pew and other ! Cushions, Spring Beds, Lounzas, Ensy, and Sick Chairs. We have in store ?Window Shades aud Trimmings, Cords and Tassels, Split Blinds, Wide Paper for Curtains. VENITIAN BLINDS made in any style, and old ditto repaired to look as well as new. All kinds of old Work repaired, and all or der* thankfully received and promptly attended to flw cash, or a perfect understanding before band If you want Jie worth of y.Hir money just give ns ? call, at No & 91 Pa. avenue, south side. betw. 9th and 10th streets mar 30?tf SPECTACLES EYE GLASSES, kc., Gold, Silver, and fine Steel Spectacles, Eye Glas | *es, kc Qt^ Particular attention paid to the selection of I Glasses adapted to the eyes of wearere. M. W. GALT k BRO., Jewelers, 194 Pennsylvania avenue, mar 118? tt NOTIC1C,?I received this day a new assort ment of SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, of | the latest styles. Also, a variety of other new [ Goods: as Vest Chains, Chatelains, Bracelets, Pins, Earrings, Rings, etc. Great inducements offered to purchasers. II. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th st<. Q&- New Point* put to Gold Pena at short notice. Diamonds remounted, and Jewelry made to order. mar 29?tf I 7rjH)LIAN PIANOFORTES. /Ti Another of these beautiful instruments made |4?y T. Gilbert k Co., Boston, can now be seen at our Music Depot. Also, a splendid papier mache case parlor Melo I deon, made by T. G. Gardner k Co., Conn. HILBUS k HITZ, mar 26 Star Buildings. NEW SONG. WHY DID I LOVE FALSE FLORA, word? and music by W. B , of this city, and dedi cated to Inez Allison, the fair Gu'tarist This song has a most charming melody. Just pub lished and tor sale t?y HfLBUS k IIITZ. ap4 FORPOOR AND LABORING MEN. MALL BUILDING LOIS of 10 feet or more, it O vsrk>n? parts of tha City, ?nd Georgetown, al lew prices, and terms to suit. LLOYD A 00. BUII.DIHO STORE) j>.r t-ale, deliverable at the Canal, or Wharves It V. ? :r 'ton, Georgetowc, or Alexandria. T.IOYD A CO. UtSs etreet, opv Tieawury DepaiUaent. JOS. NEFF'S PREMIUM VIOLINS AND VI olmcellos can be seen at our Music Depot. Amateurs and the profession are invited to call and try these excellent instruments HILBUS k HITZ, Agents. A good Contrabass lor sale low tor cash, if immvj diate application be made a* above. mar 23 BARKING HOUSE OF FAIB0 & ROtJRSB, BOjrpotite United State* Trtamury. ONDS, Stocks and other mewittes purchased and sold. Interest at the rate of six n?*r cent pw annum al lowed on deposits when left tor 5# days ? longer, jan 24?6ni COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, Relief la Flv? Mlnattii TYLERS COMPOUND QUM ARABIC STRUT. I'lIE increasing demand for this moet pleasant, . safe, and efficacious remedy tor all pulmonary di? tin, has ensbleu the proprietor to reduce the ?ilce so as to place it within the reach of ail classes. Its superiority over most plmilar preparations is at tested by many eminent physicians who tare betu eya witneeces cf its efflsacy when the usual reme ?iitj? have failed; al*o by thousand of onr most re spectabie citiiena who have used it in their ramiliei b?~th ss prersative and cure with never failing sue cess for the last twenty yeare, during which perioo with x-ry little aid from advertiping. 4c., it ha <raduail7 spread reputation over the whole Union In ctseo of recent Coldt Cougii, Hoarteiieu, <fe-, it tfvei Immediate relief, and generally euros in a da* or t-arc, witboot Interfering with diet or busies *, ot rendering the system more susceptible ot Coin*, ;t chrooic -as??, Asthma, Whoc<p'ng Cough, Ortmp Bronchitis Affrr*vmt of the Limgt. and Contump ii-in. it is always very b*n?Scial. and seldom falls when commenced In time to prrfrct a cure. Price 26 and 60 osota a bottle. gold whilef a;? by Patterson A Nairn, Stott A Co. R?ogely A Op. Alexandria by Peel A Stevens. Id Georgetown by Mr. Ciusel. rn.Krrs qum arjbic candy droys a similar composition to th* above, but in a mildei aud OMr portable lorm; tbey act like a charm on a troabteporoe Qcagh, and clear the thrott an-i vt.ioo; they contain no injurions drug, are partkn Urly recommen-led for children, frequenters of cub lie assemblies, public ppeakera, singers, Ac Pri:e \U% and 86 cents per box. for ?a!? at most [rrng an J Candy Stores, .x* 17?tf ; IN V1G0RATING COR DIAL /. PHENOMENON IN MEDICINE T p.. v.ostt?rfl inviooiutow El!Sir' ?At dfot :he proper ieTiVK*omor?i?s iNnaoRAimfi i ? wer? deemed fabulous. Th' pubiie orten deceived. Uti-m tbe eimoW and -nij.ime U nlit? janoaiiced by the discoverer.? Kb % facts, undeniable facts attested by** o tbe highest c.'asc cad character, are now triumph ,nJ *41 doubts. INCREDULITY 18 OVER ; HROWN by e mass of testimony which is per fee th rre^istaole. The Kuxxh reaedies, in aU e?n, the dej.lorab!< ertls atHing from amLae* or abnes of the varioui orgaits wldch makenp the*7o?yJ^.'fttl ms:hine caliec JIt re'totce to full vigor every delicate tunc ti?a connected wilh that mysterious compoun; agen:y of i-iatler ^ n<J mind, neoesaary to the rtfrr* ?4C?on oj To persons o? feeble uuacu frame, or deficient in vital powar, it is rscom uended its LL; only maans of torn .nun 'eating tha< energy which is uecesaary to the proper enjoymeD; of all the natnral appetiier^ a>i well as the highei mental attributes. Its beneficial effects are not ooii fined to either aex or t? any age. The feeble girl the ailing wife, the listless, ernsvated youth, thi overworn man of busineee, the victim of nervous de Esalon, the individual suffering from genera' de ty, or from the weakness of a single crgan, wll all find immediate and permanent relief Irom th< use of ttiis inooapsrable renovator. To those wh< ha*e a predispoaiti in to paralyais it will prove i oompiete and urfitLlng safeguard against that terri tola malady There are many, perhaps, who have k tritied wiU shslr constitutions, that they thlnt Iheaxscires bsyoclth? reach of mtdlcina. Let nol even these daspair. The Klltir deals with disease ai it exists, without referenoe to oausas. and will nol M&ly remove the disorder itseit. but P.HfiUILD TH? BROKEN CONSTITUTION. The derangements of the oystam, leading to nar loutj vliaeasee, and the forms of nervous disease It ?lf, are so numerous that it would require a column to enumerate tbe maladies for which this prepara ration is a specific. A few, however, may been um? rated, vi?: neuralgia, tla dolereaux, beaiache. inelp lent psralysis, hysteria, palpitation of the boart, sov na. sanctions, muscular debility, tremars, flatulence, a prk. king sensation in th* flesh, numbness, torpid' meotal depression, weakness of th? will, iclijpo )?tJon t# moTc, faintoeM after exsrciM. broken aleep m i t?rrif7ing dreuoa, inability to re main in one place c r position, weakness of the pro creative organs, nexua. incompetency, melanofcolv monomania, flnot albus, = nklng at the stomach, ft> male irragalantlas, a chronic tendency to miscar riage, emaciation, and all complaints growing out oi ? fr*? ludulnenoe of the passions, and all barrenneM that does net proaeed trom organic causes beyond the reach cf medicine. . Whenever the organs to be acted upon are fre< from malformation or strlctural diseases it is averred tut MORSl'8 IlTViaORATINO 1LIXS& will replaoe weakness with strength, incapacity witb effldency, irregularity with uniform and natural ao ?ud this not only without haaard of reaction, ba. with a htLjipy effect on the general organisation. Jj^-Baar in mind that all maLadiee, wherever they AwA wita the nerrGtu lysttfa, and that the paralisation of the nerves or motion and sensation ii physical death. Bear in mind also, that for every kind of nervous disease the BHxer Cordial la tha only reliable preparation known. OAUTIOfl.' Da. Moui'i ImooaATiHo Cossiajl has bean coun terfeited by some unprincipled persons. In future, all the genuine Cordial will have tha Coprietor'a fac simile pasted over the oork of each ttle, and the following words blown in the glass Dr., I>Tl(oratlagCorilal, C. H. Ill AO, Proprietor, M.Y? pi^fbljSi00"11*1 to PUt op Ughly oonoentraWd, !i Prloe,? $8 per bottle; two for i?: alx for 112. 0. U. RINO, Proprietor, 1M Broadway, New York. Sold by Druggists throughout Us Unitad State*. Oanadas, and Wast Indies. AGMNTB. Waaaington?Z. D. OIL HAW. Baltimore?8. 8. HANQOL Rtchmond?BBNNflTT A ?1|i CLOTHIHG AHD CLOTHIHG KATKBIAL8. Natt DiPt*T*rrr, Bumu of Provtoon. and I lathing Washington, April 2,1856 ^ PROPQgALB, aaaled and endomd 2. . Nbtt OMUw and Clothing Ma terials, will be received at this office until 3 o'clock P-**-??.B y ? ??J of May nsxt. for fumiAlna !?i ? "ixty ^ notk*,) at LW^T - **?*- ,IT^ *??*? ?t Charleetown, Mamachu etti, Brooklyn, New York, orGomort, Vlr^ quantities below reenttoaed o'any Or all of the following name J article of navy clothing ud c ?thing materials, and such farther quantities of I the same as may be ordered by the chief of this bu reau, or by the commandant. of the said navy-vard. reepectire y, during the fiscal year oommecc ngon of July next, and etdlrg on the 30th cf Jane, I860, viit ? Pea jacket*, made of blue pilot do'Ji 2 000 K und jackets, made of blue cloth 3 ooo Trowsers, made Of bins cloth 3 5?o Blue flannel over<<klrta ? 6,000 Blue flaunel undershirts .. 5^000 Blue flannel drawers sjooo B?ue flannel jumpers U.000 Blue flannel, ^n the pi-ee .yards 6<-\000 Barusley Fbeeting frocks 2,000 Canvas du?k tro?mer8 2,0 0 Harnsley sheeting, in the ?iese yards 15^000 Canvas dock, in the piece yards 3,000 Blue cloth caps t 4 0f0 Calfskin shoes .'p^ 4'ooo

Kip skin shcos, high cut ?Pai,B 4.000 " collen s cks, Noa. 1 and 2- pairs 8 000 Mattreeeee, (with two covers e?-b) 2X00 2,an*f)?'Mue yards 8,000 Blankets... 3,060 Black silk handkerchiefs. 6 000 B.ue satinet trowsers ' ,3*000 Blue satinet. In the piece .yards b.V)0 The cloth for the pea jackets shall be twilled pilot cloth of American manufacture, pur* in ihrr. blue, wool dyed. It shall be 64 inches wide, and weigh 2b ounces per yard- It ihaU hare a list on each ?Jge composed of 24 white threads, of all wool. All pie -ee weighing less than 25 ounces per yard will be rejected ; aod each bale of about 800 yards, must av erage ounces per yard. The1 cloth fvr round jacket*, bine cloth trowsers, and blue caps shall be twilled, all wool, of American manufacture, ami pure indigo blue, wool dyed. It Shall have a list on eash edg? <*>mpo?ed of 21 whi'e thread, of_all wool. All pieces under 17f ounces per jard will be rejected ; and each b?l? of about ,100 yards must average 18 ounces per yard. Toe satinet mast he American manufactured, 27 Laches wine in^de of 1st, which li* mu?t consist of not less than 12 white woollen threads on each edge of the cloth, woven In the whole length ai the p ece; oust weigh ant 1 -?e than PJ ounces per yard to contain in each piece about 21 yard?; the Warp moBt be cotton, pure i digo b ue. yara dy-i; ar-d pare lnJi<? bl' *? Bach bale of 400 ya-ds shall average 9* ounces to tic yard, and no pieoe shall be b-low 9V ounces to the Lar. ,'.w^5 8a"D6t trowsers must be made of matt rial like the above. flann?-l mast be all wool, American m&nufao tured, w^oldyed, pure indigo blue, and twilled; must be 1 pieces of 50 y.rJs in length, 27 icche* wide, weighing 5oun?*? per yard, with a list en ?acb edge of 4 white woollen thread woven in the uw.lien?K ?fthe To ***** ,n bal^ 1 t3 ba rol,ed ?*paratsly without cloth boards Ench bale to contain 500 yards and 166,^ pounds flannel. No piece to have a leas aver age weight than 4-8-10 ounces per yard The overshirts, undershirts, drawers, and J urn?. 'riLmuA 1)6 mAdr of flannel like the above The Barosley sheet ng muct be free from cotton. 80 inches In width; weight twelve ouncee31-100 per y;?rd; texture. 4 by 4 to MS jneh. 1 fmnT" ,ducl1 m,l5t *>? free from cotton, 27 'Jk!^ ' *nl BbOUt 50 y&rds ,n Pis<*. dou " thread, w?rp and fi(linr. Weight eight ounces ^3-100 per yarl. Teiture 9 by 10 to V inch The shoes must be rtamped with the contractor's name, number of shoe, and year when made; the sizes to be in the f.llowing proportion for each 50 pairs, unless otherwise ordered, vi*: 4 of No. 6 9 of l ofNo n No-7'12 of No-8'9 of No- 9'8 io iS They are to coi^orm in all respect* to th? sample at the yard-, and to be delivered in good etrontr boxes, 50 pairs in each. The ra-ne of the contrsc tor. cont*Dt?, and the year when made, marked on ?a^n box. Th!? adf skin and the kip-skin ehoes to be packed in separate bcxes The woollen sreks must be woven or knit, and conform to sample. ^ The mattreases mu't weiah 10 pounds, including 1)0 cut ? f*?' ,n l?n?th ul 31 inches wide The oovers mu?t measure 71 in-Jiesln length and 29 inches !n width. The hair, t?ctin? and covers mut-t cor form to samp ec. kJhmiD m?.St ^ the h*" blu? American nan T .V iln? wl<,e' t"Itare 6 threads bv 4 tbr*?<ls dV? *n lDCh' dTBd Wlth VUTt tn" The blankets must weigh six pounds per pair, and measure 5* by 78 mchee ea h. A bale of 00 pal's must weigh 300 pounda, and no pair shall weiih less than 6 pounds 18 ounoes. They must be of American manutactar*, made rf clean wooL and each blanket must le markel "U. 8. Navy." Tbo black silk handkerchiefs must l?31Ubv31J^ Inches ?nd weigh 1 ounce and 12 grain" Troy; tex ture 14 by 23 to inch. A ecbwdule of the thi>e siaee for eaeh 100 pieces of made up clothing will be found with the sample at th? respective yard*; and all the above articles in cluding the necessary buttons, rings, Ac., are to K. fully ecpal iu th- quality. teXtJe/ o.Mor* weikt and flaish o4 material, aitd conform in pattern sIz^r, an ; workmanship to sail s^mploe. The number or quantity which will be reooirM of eacti of the for-going articles eannot be nrecimlv ?.W. It .111 u,!?..I,u.? ti y Poeofi?i in th- foregoing list. The -v>otracr. wi 1, therefore, be made for the ticUs ao specified. of eaeh ar J t^? 1 . ?* <?r such further auantltv s j "* ^ ""ifor* ** au^ to inob in. ' dt P t?* ?Liiellv?Ty ? th? ehief of this bureen may d rect; and no arti-Je will fc? received w y Mqual 10 thB P?raple in even re spectand which does not confirm to the etiiula tlons and provl^-ons of the oontrart to be uade 1 he whole must be deli?er>d at the ri-k and ex m* V h ?rK?0ntr,rtor Fach 101 ^ud bale to l>e marked with trie contractor's name. The inspecting ?fflloers to be appointed by the Navy Department. n,?'6? T? ""f* dis,in?ai^ the prices for ?ach ar tide mentioned. anJ must be calculated to cover every e*oense attending the falfllment of the con tract, including the necessary buttons ,e inT^0/^1Ure,0n ^e,*** of lhe contractors to f~ZVk *rt,clBfl whteb ^ ordered aJ time and of theproper ,mcl ' the Bureau of Provisions and Cloth lng sha.l be authorised to purchase or direct nur ^ a*,mad8 ?f Whkt ?up p!y the deficiency, under the penalty to baexDres?Ji in the <vntract; the reoord ofa requisition, cr a da pli^'e opP7 thereof, at the Buwau ol VovteioM aD-^ or &t either 01 the navy yards afore approved sureties in a sum equal to JriU S r^uiml^n^ ?f ^ contracts hlw fVr^?K ' d ^ P?1- <*ntnm will be with *moui>t of all payments on aooount security; and not in any evant i8' n *11 re#P8?t?oompIled with; and n^fc wflfbe^Sld bv0^^ VD"aUt ?l aU de,1'PTlef have haen pr-?Mited to him elui11 "Te the re^fular tsansmiaek>D of the mfti ^ tk-r-lH,,1f0ato 0f *** ,ntu" infbrming a ?f. hiH ProP<*?i: will ht oTtSTii the mraning or the act of 1846, and his bid wfli be miulo And cepted in con^naibjr with the underot+nding. 0 ??ry oSar Di.e EQuat be aacomp%n*ed Cas dl nrted m the aatofOongress making appropriations August, 1JM6) by a written guarantee, sUrned bv one th mo" "^P00*^ persons, 10 the e^ot that L- or t^thaMdderor bidder, will, ifh^ a enter into an oblkation within fiva days, with good and nuficfoat saretiw. P?>poeai. The bureau will not be obligated to oonflider any propyl unlMi an. companied by the guarantee required by law ? the competency of the guarantee tot, certiLd by* the ? <?? ? "~Sr o, s: Blank form1 of proptalt may If. obtainmi on an. plication to the navy agents at Pbrttnumth. Nno Hampshire, Boston, Tfem Torlc, ltiiladelphia, Balti ZrMu ingt01' Norf(Ak^ &**acola, and at thu The attention qf bidden it called to the tamplei and dr*cripU<m of articUt require J, at, in the intpec'ion f'?f.rrc4tlton' a jutt but rigid comparitonwiil h, made be-M, en the arUde* otfrr* and the tampZiand "gmt, receiving none tha-fdl belno thm; and their attention it alto particularly directed to the annexed Al?jff^tnadMion Eatract from the act of Coyreu approved Amutt 10, lH4o. 1 -? 6 And ** ufMadh*r enacted, That from and after the parage of this act e^ry^o^,^? ?alsupnlfee invited by the Secr'uxyVTth?N.^ under the provlw to the general sppropriatiori^bui for the navy, approved March thir<L^ekhbJn h7.n deed and fjrfy-lhree, .hall be ^un written guaranfCe, signed by one ot mon nrnoZJ* "? ~>raons, to tha ?tfert that he or *2^1282^* 1 to' bW4er cr bidder, will, if hi. or theism! aooepted, enter Into an obligation ?^ mav bv prescribed brtbe Sr^rv .f ^ " with good and sufficient sureties, to fhrnLh th T> pl.M prop sea. No proposal shad beS ^!,8ap" less aocompanied by such guarautafT uwn aoceptaaee ot a proposal and a . ^ler the bidder or bidder* .vB thrreoflo into an obligation within ?hall fail to enter ties, for mnji.hiu. tha *?d ro?cient sure of th, N.TTHl3r' toentt9 Secretary other person or DerannT^rL "??e pu~,.?d ?uu iS^.x tviw the amount oontained In the prcpoul so guarantied and th? amount for which he may have WWW for furnishing the aM supplies tcr ths whole reriod of the proposal to ho charged up azalnst Mid bidder or H&dsxs, and his ox their guar antor or guarantors; and ths same mt ho lmnMi ately recovered by the UniUd States, for the iin of tlw laT7 D^artm^t, in an action of debt agan-t either or ail of said persona." rPublk, No. 7.1 Joist Rasoumon relative to bide far provisions, clothing, and email stores for the om of tha mtj. ReMoed bp tke Smaie and &o%ae qf Jieprestnta thei of tke United State* of America fn Omgrtu a* tumbled, That all bid* for supplies of provisfens. clothing, and small stores for the mam of the navy may bo rejected, at the option of the department, U made by one who is not known as a manufacturer of, or regular dealer in, the article proposed to be furnish**!, which fact, or the reverse. must be <fis tioctly stated in the bids offered; that the bids of all persons who may hare felled to comply with the conditions of any contracts they may have piW ously entered into with the United States shall, at the option of the department, be rejected; that ll ?ore than one bid be offered for the supply of an article ou account of any one party, either in hte own name, or in the name of his partner, clerk, or any other person, the whole of suen bids shall be re jected at the option of the department; and that oo partner* of any firm shall not be ew*ived as sure ties for eech other; and that, whenever it may be deemed ner*asary, for the iat*reat of the govern ment and the health of the crews of the United States vessels, to procure particular brands of flou. which are known to keep best on distant stations, the Bureau of Provisions and and Clothing, with the approbation of the Secretary of the Nary, be and hereby is, authorised to procure the same on the best terms, in market overt Approved 27 March, 1864. April I?law4w DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S CELEBRATED ?arman Bitters, PHIPAEKD BT ^ DB. C. X. JACMOK, Phllatfa., Pa., WILL krrtCTUALLT CUM UTEK COMPUBiT, DYSPEPSIA, JiUNBUZ, Chronic or Iftrwoua Debility, Dtseaess of tk* Kidney*, and all diseases armmg from m #i'r "?deretf Limm er 9tonmmA. Such as Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullness, or Blood K> the Head, Acidity of the dtoniach, Nau sea, U carl burn; Disgust for fo>*l, Fullu?v>> or weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink mg or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swim ming of the Head, Hurred rnd difficult Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart, Choking or Suffocaune Sen*au>?ns when in a lying Posture, Dirane-e oi Vision, Dots of Webs before the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Head, Oeticiencyof Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Lffnbs. fee., Sudden Flushes ol Heat Burning in the Plesh, Constant Imagin inea of Evil, and great depression of Spirits. IUiE proprietor, in calling tne attention of the public to this preparation, does so with a feci ?!i; of the utmost confidence in its virtues and adap tation to the diseases for which it is recommended It is no new and untried article, but one that has ^tied the test of a ten years' trial before the Amen crn people, and its reputation and sale is nnnvalled uy any similar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor given by the most prominent and well' Known Physicians and individuals, in ail parts ot he country is immense. The following from North Cati'Una is respectfully submitted, referring any who may still doubt, to my "Memorabilia," or Prac tical Rect ipt Book, for Farmers and Families, to be had gratis, of all the Agents tor the German Bitters. Principal Office and Manufactory, 1X0 Arch sl. Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certific ate of Dr. W. Smith, of Pine Hill, Rich mond County, N. C. Pins Hill, March 4th, 1654. Dk. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia?Dear Sir: 1 have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its worst f.rm, lor the last five years. Such was my condition for twelve months that the physicians and all who saw me said ! mn-t die. While fn this condition, I was carried to the watering places in Virgmia, Tennes see and North Carolina, but was net benefited by any w;iter to which I was taken. While on my way home, I stopped a week at Rutherfor.iton, a small village in North Carolina, to try the effect ol some Chalybeate water in that place. About the last of the week, I went into a drug store to get some medicine for my child and mys? if. There were several of the village physicians in the store, and one of them seemed to take some interest in my wise, and, after asking me some question^, said he had been a dyspeptic, and liad been greatly bene fitted by the use of "Dr. Hoofland's German Bit ters" prepared by you, and he insisted that I would try the Bitten He alao called the next daj at my room, and insi.-ted so much that I would try them that I asked him to get me one bottle. He d!j )t and I commenced taking it as dirt-cted, and I do say I was more benefitted by a than all the wat. r and medicine 1 had ever taken. After reaching home one of my neighbors came to me for a prescription and medicine, (he a dves?,, tic,) and i gave him nearly all the Biuers I had 'left v/mch effected much good in his case. He has often called on me lor more of the same k nd of medi cuie, saying he was more benefitted hy it than am other he had taken, but I have not been able to get any more for him or myself Z**1 ?ore, plca&e ship me a dozen or more a* as stble. Respeetfully yours, W sm ith ^ HOOKER, Roger's Store. Wake Co N C UAober 24.1853, says:- ' flavin- - ' V great benefit from - ~?perienced very h;" - ~?*- use of " Hoofland's German ?.?cm," m Chronic Dysentery and functional de rangejnent of the Liver, and its concomitant evils, I am desirous of obtaining r quantity ?.f it for the benefit of my community. You will, therefore, please send a lot, &c. he. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. AT WOOD. IIttntsvillk, Yadkin Co , N. C.,Nov. 1st, 1855. Dr. C. M.Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex press to you my sincere thanks for your discovery of a medicine which, to say the least of it, ha? v f locted a cure that all other medicines, that I hav? ?aken, have entirely failed to do. "Hoofland's Ger man Bitters" have eured me of the most stubborn and aggravated case of the pilbs tliat, perhaps, ever fell te the lot of man. My case is not a stranger in tnis community, as I am well known in this and the surrounding counties, and can truly s?v that my re covery has astounded all uiy friends and relauons. as 1 had tried everything reoAiu mended, and nothing did iue any good until I was prevailed upon to tr> the Bitters. You are at liberty to make any use oi this,communication, for the benefit of the afflieted you may tlrink proper. Truly yours. WM. J. ATWOOD. These bitters are entirely refttablc, they invigoraf and strengthen the system, never prostrate it, ami can be used for infants as wtll as adults. For stile by respectable dealers everywhere, am! by Z. D. GILMAN, Washington; J. L. KIDWELL. Georgetown; and J. R. PIERPONT, Alexandria. mar 1? ly Private Medical Treaties OK THI PHYSIOLOGICAL VI1W OF MAR&IAOf, IT M. D. LA CH.01X, M. D? ALBANY, y. Y. 250 Pages and ISO Fine Plain end Colored Litho graphs and Plates. 49* Prlee oaljr l? Ceati frr of postage to all parts of the Union^l CHIAPK^T BOOK KVKB PUBLT8HBD, and oontaining nearly double the quantity o1 reading Batter in that of th# FIFTY CF.NT8 OR DOLLAR PUBLICATIONS. It treats on the PHYSIOLO GY OF M ARRLAQI. and the secret Infirmities ana disorder of yenth and maturity, re sulting from axoeeesa, which destroy the physical and man ? tal power*with observations on marriage. Its duties and disqualifications, and their remedies; with lithographs, illustrating the anatomy and phyiiology, and diseases of the repro ductive organs of both sexes, their structure, uses and functions. A popular and comprehensive trea tise on the duties and easusJIm. f angle and mar ried life?happy and truitiul aJ'iait^ea, mode cf se curing them - Infsl'eitous *zjo. infertile onee?their obviation and reiu>vml?Important hints to tbo? aontemplatlng ntstrinirny, that will overoome oh feotlons to It; noM, however, should take this im portant step wfthoat irst consulting its pages sommentaries on the ilseesssand medical treatment of females frou Infancy to old age, each case graph loally illustratea by beautiful lithographic elates? nerroas debUity, its causes and cure, by a process at once so simple, ?afc and eflhctuaL that failure if impossible?rules far daily management?an essay m Spermatorrhoea with practical observations en a ?afer, and more successful mods of treatment pre oautoonary hints ot the evils resulting from empiri oal practios an sssay on all diseasss arising from Indiscretion, with plain and simple rules by which all persona can oure themselves without mereury? remedies for those self inflicted miseries and y pointed hopes so onlbrtnnately prevalent in th? young. It is a truthful adviser to the married and those contemplating marriage. Its peroral is per ocularly reoommended to persons entertaining se sret doubts of their physical condition, and who art aonscious of having haaarded the health, happinesa and privilegei to which every human being is en titled to. Prise 26 eents per oopy, or Are copies fbr one dot iar. Mailed free of postage to any part of ths Uni ted States. N. B.?Those who prefer may oonsult Or. La Otoot upon any of ths diseases upon which his Wfc treats either personally or by mail. Medicine sent to anr part of tke Union according to directions. aafUw packed and earefhlly secured from all observ*Nn? Address Dr. M. B. LA CROIX, So. 81 mSuT or Post Offloe Box *79, Albany/N. Y. ? SV" 0?ce Removed from No U *> . A,b*DT.N v ^ O TRAVELERS* PUUECTWRY. M Mott B#dell'? Line. ^ MKVr YORK,ALF.XAHDRIJl.WJt&JirKQTOK CITY, jUfD DISTRICT 0> COLUMBIA * PACKETS rr\HI8 UNI Of PACEETH SAILS WEEKLY J from pier 14 Eaxt River, New York and ofteaer ifneceesary, and are composed of U* following km Be*. '*. V. JW-tt, Bode*.?sua. New echr. Mott B^U, A. V. Tredwett. 8cbr. J>in JD., Wm. Oliver, nuinr. Boh-. Volant, L. A. Smitk. roaatrr. Schr. WnjIuB, MMr. 8rt?r. Qrwm?p, WHson, master. The* nwhi art- HI fast sailers, and the wmiiw Ben of fipfri?cf in the trade, u4 the only regu lar line ot Washincton (Mr packtls. MOTT BE- ELL. Wail street, N. V. 8. 8. MASTERS It SONS, * Meaairik, Va. THOMAS RI1.EY, feb I?6m V a? h in etna mm) D. C. CftOIWKMI BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINK BETWEEN KEW YOIK BALTIMORE k BOST< H, \1TILL dispatch a Stran.?r duty irotn Baltimore ff nod New York, and twice a week froai Boston to Baltimore and Baltimore to Boston. TTiin line afford" an?-<juall'-d facilities to the bwi np* men of the District of Colombia. The Agents at either point will receive freieht and give a through hill of lading to Washington at the loweat rates of freight and no coronn?*ton* charged. Applications for freight promptly attended u? by the following agenu : A. C. HALL, Sf Exchange Pl*ce, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL. Comer Washington and Alt?any sts.. N. Y. JNO. W. Sf'HANK, )an 14?d3m FootsT India Wharf, Boston. FOR THE "WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAlbROAD. I-MPROVED ARRAN iFMBNTS FOR TRAVBLI IMPORT AST CHANGES 0 V 9CHED CLK! 1 Th? late eompletkri of tha itrul Ctilo Railroad between Wb? linn aad Ool umbos, uniting. u it does, be ao abort aad direct a Itae, the Baltiaicre and Ohio !U?Ortad with all portions of the West (ial North and Southwest,! give* tbia r ntr grmt\j increased advantages tr tnrcngh truvelsre in that direction. Ori and arer MONDAY, November 27, 18M, the trilns will he ran a# follows: FOR THROUGH PA82WN0KR-*. Two fast trains daily will run la each direction PI ret?The MAIL TRAIN?, leaving Camden Station at 7 a. m., instead ot 8 o'clock *s heretofore, (exoept w f an day.) and arriving at Wheeling at 2 40 a. m. 'eeond?The KIPElMxIAD, leasing at & p m , of at 7 p. m., as h*retcfor?, and rnnning through to Wheeling In about 17 bears, reaching there at 10 2ft a ?. Tbia train will stap at Wash* ington Junction, Sykesvilie, Monoeaev, Harper'a F rrr, Martinsburx, Pit John'* Ran. Cumbrrlaad, Ci-imont, Koalas burg, Newburz. Fettermaa, Farm ir.gtwn, Cameron and Moundxvi.le only, lor woad aad water aad meals. these trains make prompt and regular ooonoction wiih the ears of the C*otrial Ohio Road <br Cambridge, Zan?svllle, New ark, Col ambus. Cincinnati, Louisville, Diytoa, S^ndoaky, To led", Letroit Indiwnapolls. Chicago, St Loais, etc. Passengers leaving Haiti mora by the Mali Tr* n; wi l reae' Cincinnati l-r dinner next diy, while by the Kzpraas Train they arrive there at 12 the next night, being kept but one night on the route by eith?r train Pacswger* for the Northwest via Cleveland and all intermediate points can make a direct <onneo tisn with he trains upon tb<^ Clevelaad and Pitta b irg Railrord at ail times when the Ohio la naviga ale for steamers between Wheeling aad WeLrrLlla, by leevina Baltimore in the Ma 1 Train at 7 a. m. Retnrrfng. the Trains l?av> Wheeling aa follewst The IXPRfcg? TEaUT at 4 'JO p m., tea"bin(i BU* tiaiore at9AJ a. m. The MAIL TRALN at 11.46 p. e i>arhing Baitia?wre at m 7 p. ko#*Through tickets by boat from Wheeling tor Ciori-nati, Msiiecn Louisville, 8t. Louis aad other River iltiee, "ill be soid at a ! times when the stage f water will admit. Through tickets between Baltimore aad Waaninirton, and all the important cities and towna In the West, tre sold at the Ticket Ofioas of the Company. FOR WAY PA8BSN ^ERB THK MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station will take pssaengers for all the usual atopplng place* on the Road Returning, ihis train lesves WbeeUra at 11.45 Didnicht, Cnmb^rl?r<1 at 1CJ5 a. m., wui arrives at R*ltiir;r*r" at T p. Q. THE KRkDIKICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick and intermediate place?, will start a( . P" "?3 dailJ> Bandavs) arriving in Freder^ ic?. at i .iJ Re'urclng will Itave Frederick at 9 a. et 1^-30. noon TUB ELUC?rP*i MILLS ACCOMMODATION will be run d?Uy, (e.rrept Sundays,) as foUows: l?eve Oamdm Station at fl a. m. and I p. m Leave Eibcott's Mills at 7 30 a. m and 6^0 p as. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: LEAVE dally, exo*pt Snnday, at C and 6k a. m. aad 3 and (pa. On Sunday at ft a m and 6 pm. Leave Baltimore a:4^an4 9am;andleod8 ysa Sunday at 4j^ a m and 6 pm. Th? conne?t:-n? with BUtimare k Ohio Railroad for the West are by trains leaving at 6 a m and 3 p m. For Philadelphia and New York at 6, and am and 6 pm. For Annapolis at a m and If a. For N&rxoik wt 3 p u. T. H. PA&SON8, Agent Parti roar attention Is called to the Rule requir ing a reeponsible voucher for any perann ef eoior who in iv wUh to iaas ov?r the road. dee 13?dtf ORAIfOE AJfD ALEXAKORIA RAIL*JAD. On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 18M, 'TM1X Cars leave Alexandria daily for Gordon* JL tills and Intermediate stations at 7 H o'clock, a. c., on the arrival ot Um boat from Waohington, giving uaplt time fo? bieakfaet on board. Con necting nt Manaeeas Junctian with a train for Ptrae sura, at Warrenton Ju rtion with a train for War ronton, and at Oordonrville whh th-> trains on the Virginia Central Railroad for Richmond, Charlotte* tills, lend Staunton. The cars leave Oordocmrllle dally for Alexandria and intermediate stations, at ^ before 12, a. m?, on the arrival cf the traitsr ot the Vir^ nia Ontral rail road from Rlchmoad, Cbarlottfevtre, and Stsnntoa. TUUOOOH TICKKTH. From Alexandria to Warrentcn $S 00 M ** Oordocsville? 8 10 * u Charlottesville 4 26 M " Staunton 6 00 " ** Strasbnrf> M M " Lynchburg ? 6 76 ? ? V In i?Mer I 60 M " Lnrar..? 4 26 m u New Market.. 6 00 " " MHdleburg 2 26 For LyoehbTtrg, ?v?nnect!pg with tha stages at Oharlctterrllle, on Mbndays, Wedueedays, and Fri days. For Luray and New Market, connecting with tha a.agea at Culpeper, on Tuesdays, Tharadays, and Sat urday. For Wlri< ||?ttr dally, oonnectlng with the stages at Piedmont Far Middisburg daily, connecting wtth the stages at the Plains. Fer order: W. B. BBOOKXYT, Agent. nov 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. [Fan round trip tl; from Alai andria 76 oents -The THOMAS COLLY 1R leaves Waahington at 0 and Alexandria at 9% o'clock. Ceaoht: leave the Oapitol for the boat at t o'clk. Coach fore 10 cents. Persons wishing the Ooaohee will leave tkstr resi dence with Geo. k Thos. Parker Refreshments on the boat. Oct 88?dtf 6AMtL GEDNFY. Capt IRK HEW YORK * LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES ^ "MAIL STEAMERS? THE SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINE ARI THE? ATLANTIC, Cent. West PACIFIC, Oapt. Nye, BALTIC, Oapt. Oemstock, ADRIATIC, Oapt Grafton. These ships have been built by oontract, expreer ly for Government service; every ears has been taken in their construction, as la the to insure strength and speed, aad their accommoda tions for passengers are unequalled for eieganoe and comfort. Price of passage (Tom New Tort to Liverpool, In fekablEM.MMMM.*..M... MM | ? ^10 ?eoo?d Oabis. . I 70 Exclusive use of extra slae aUte roams ?3 From Liverpool to New York ?J0 and ?20. An experienced sd%eon attached to eacfe slip. No berth oan ha secured until paM for. for freight ar passage apply to EDWARD E. COLLINS k CO, 64 Wall street, Nee Y< rk. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO-, livery coL K. G. ROBERTS k 00., 18 Ring's Arms Yard, Lookom. JOHN MCNROE k 00 ( 26 Rue Notre Dame des Tl- mlrea, Parts. GB0 fi DRAPER, Havre. Tke owners of these ships will not be accovntaUe for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious atones or metals, anises bills af lading are signed tberefr, and (ke val?s thereof therein express aef Id?dly