Newspaper of Evening Star, April 20, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 20, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) At ek# Star BmUdwf, corner D vn <m*niu mrd E rvcnth Br w. D. WiLLlCH, Ml b? ?'T^d to subscribe in Uia cltie? of Wuk tattoo, Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and Rrilarielphia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENT8, payable weekly m the Afrent*. To mnii mbaoriben th? wribaaription price ij THREE DOLLARS AND PLTTY CENTS a year In advance, TWO DOL LARS fbc 8IX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR tor THREE MONTHS. Q^Sitoli conn osi ?but. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 1855. NO. 716. REpvJJ2!,JlLA^atf*:if' pastor of the EXETER STREET, M. E CHURCH A ?iron* desire to benefit the afflicted induce? h<m thusi to cerif<. We ch*l enge any other meJicine U?"*' T! a n,w ?* tPs imony from gentlemen and ladies 01 high ^-landing of our own we.l-known 4eiJI*'n* *?? UfM'f5' ???' <-?res of COUGH, BKON CHlTId, RHEUMATISM DYSPLP6I A, kc Baltimokk, January 24th, 1855. Mtun Morfmrr Sr Mo*Way: I tak'- pleasure in ?aunx to you that I have used y^tf 4*Hamptoi>'s Tincture" with very great profit. From a senous t.iroat affection, my general health t^*d become ?fry much Impaired, when I com menced lo aw * Hawpt^fl'* Tincture." I found it' effects upo:, my gem-r-l health most aalutary Biy nervous ?y>ii m and digestive organs soon right ?d ap under its use. I have several tiraea recommended it to my friends, an?1 in every case, a- far as I have been in fenned, they have use it with success. Youra traly, JoHit Lanaiiir, Paator Of Exeter at., 31. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING OP THE LUNGS Ralkior, N. C.f Feb 8,1855. Meter I. Mortimer M-jwhray: I do here y certify that a boat thrive months ago I waa taken wi:b a severe hemorrhage of the Lnnc> and had four attacks of *t 1 was advised to try Dr. Ham;>ton'< Vegetable Tincture I procured on? boole, and after takin; winch, I was s.tisfied that I was much better; and that, af er taking the f urtl, bottle, I was entirely well, and now I ei,joy aa go?Mi h?alth as ever I did in my life. | can, and do. with out the leaat hesitation, recommtud the Tinctur lo all per*>iii atibcted in my May. Youra, G*o. W. Wiaiict. CURE FITS?RE \D ! M?^etot\e Sick than Go*i.? From one ol the mott respectable Druggists in rfouth Carolina. Charleston, C. t*epf. 21,1353. Messrs. M >rtixtr Jk Mowbray:?The sale er your Hampton's V>(etiUe Tincture is increasing every rfay, and every bottle fuijj recommend* tlii TaJua le medicine to the afflicted. Several of our Earners have tried it in d:?r? rent cases with a>ton licg anccesf. and are setting u by half dozens. It has been fon.ui to be the greatest ienrdy for rheu matic affections, and a wonderful cure has been performed on a negm br, suffering from Fit<. I wiil fc-n-.dh you with a number of certificates if you wish (here 1 am, gentlemen ycu.'?, IV. G. Trott. Call and get pnuipMet* gratis, and see cur? * of C iugh, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dy* pepma, Nervousness anil t.enerai Weakness. As ? resale medicine or for delicate children wc bjliev? it J? quailed. t*>id by MORTIMER W >WBRAY, 14l) Bail! m-v ? street. B tliimore. tad 304 B.-iisdwtiy. N. Yor? Chab. s*tott & Co., J. H. Maori. I>. B. Cutn luRKr & Bowi.i%o. VV. Eu.i<T. and H McPber ?or, Washin^on ; alby R. S. F. Cl sel, Geo ire town; and 0. C. Urkry, Alexandria, and bv Drug gists everywhere. f# b 21?tr TR??srRY Departmknt. March 5, 1355. NOTICE L-* hPKKBV GIVFNtothe holders oi atock of ih? United States described in the ti>l lowing netice of 3d January la^t, that for the t nr pose ijf completing the r urehnse of the amount therein named, tins department will continue to pnrehase, upon the terms of sa'd notice, to the ex tent of the iesidn< ot the Mini propo?ed not yet ob tained?sav 3't153,58~> 05, if -a'd slocks are otf>*re and received here prior to the f,r?t nay of June nejt: Tri asi rv Department. January 3, ifio. Notice is hereby given to the hold,-is ci th? ful lowing described gtr?eks of the I'i.'.lrd Htat--s, thai this department is prepared to purchase, at any tinn between the date hereof ai.d the l^t d iy of Mar- h next, poruons of" th.-v ? stoc-t-'. amounting in the ag gregate to 00, in the maimer and on the te ms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contir.ner.t competition, within tbe amount ?tatetl. prefr-rence will b;: g ven in the order of time in wbich said ?t<?ck- ntay l?e offered. Th* certificates, du y anigned to the United StUcs b> the pirues who are to receive the amount t.n r>-<^ must be traa-n UUd to this d> parun nt; upon the receipt whereof, a pr ce w iil be paid compounded of the following para nlars: 1. Tlie par vaJu*-,or ai.iount specified in each cer tificate. 2. A prem: im on tlie stock of the liar. a?irhoria d by the >,ct of Juiy. if *}, r? d?? mable November li 1856 ofijj p^r ??ent.; on tlie dUkIi of 'he loan au thonxed by the act <>l 1 ^42, ri*de--mab!e 31st Decern ber, 'e62, <4 10 per cent.; oa Uie ?t?ick of tlie loan^ authorize,! |?y the of 1? >7 and Itflo a d -edeem able, the former on t]i 3!?t I?eccmV^er, 1867, an . the laneron ili*:2iJth June. 1^6^. of 1C p?-r cent: Hid on ih< stock of tiie loan authorised by the ac> of 1B50, *nd rede.-mab e on the 31st ot Dee. mbcr. 1%4, ( called tlie 'i cxan ind-.-raaiiy,) 6 per c nt. 3. (merest on the par of each c- rtificate from th? 1st ? f Janu *ry. 1v to tne date of teceipt and m i Uement at the Ttrasury, with the allowance (for the money to reach tue owner) of od? day's interest m addiuon Pay mtnt f??r Mi;d stocks will be mad'' in draft* ot the Trea.-ur. r ofth? Uni ed Urates, on the a-?i?t n.t reaaurer at Hostnn, New York,Fbiiadelphia, a? th? parties iraydi'ect. But to cerutieaie will be entitled to the hem fit ot thia notice which -hall not be actu illy received at the Treasury on or before the ?ai.| 1st dnv of v.arch next. JAMES GUTHRIE, mar 6?dtlunel Secre ary of the Treasury. J)4HA?OL?. 130 very rich and cheap V rasola, all c lors raw Bonn*-t? a< i M'sses' Flau?, great vatiety Rich Bo.iutt* and (tibbands 120 -ox- n Linen eainbr c Han;!kerchiefa in fancy boxes, at .^1 50 p?ir doa n; we thuik a good bargain Smbri idered and Cleir Lawa Handkerchiefs in great variety 500 yards *wiss tldb'iiig, 12c., worth 2V. JO dozen biack Ne. Mitts, from 50 cents up, very cben? 25 doaen best Frenc'n Kul Gloves, all eliades My stock i? lar^e and Weil a>?orted, and pur choaed at <he Very lowest prices. Custooiera w II bcr pleased to favor me with a call and they .-hall be attentively ?ho-? u through it, am; the goods offered at a amall advance VVM. U. HI LEY, Corner ciii st., opp. Centre Market. mar 31? l.-o PALMERS PATENT LEG. This amkhican invention etand* unrivalled ?oth in thia country and in Europe It i> worn b> l,0W)p. reous, gnd with teoa? aNtoniaiiiiig -m-< *?**. In coui petition with 30 oibef tiub>utn:es of the best I rencb, En^.uh, an.i Uertuaa manufacture,U received the award of j?.e o*bat midal at the oai.o s Exuto: Tto* is Loauox as tLt be?i aiuticial liuib knov u lu his country it h.ta been thirty ? extiibi'cd, in c?.mp. tiii.?n with all others, at the annual Fairs in the pnn ipal cities,and ha*,in - ve<y instance. received the av. ard of to - Inchest or lira ptemium. And a* a crowuiiij honor, !.y the unannoous approval c.f rtn interna c?-until, the " Fir?i Frein?uaiM - - _ only Silver AIkLiI given fi r Limbs?was attarued the inventor, at the X. w Vork Crystal Pala?e. Painphieu g.vw;g tu.l in mat in i,t ?xatis to nvery applicant. B. Fil^XK PALMER. ' at5 Chtsi.ut aireet, Plul ultlphia. feb '28?3m SPicci'ACiikii, EYE GLA9SL8, kc , CotJ, Bdver, end iinc Steel Sp*cuoh-a, Eye Gl^> ses, kc Particular attention paid to the selection of Glaaacs adapted to tlie rj^s ol ?? arers. M VV CALT b. ?RO , Jewelers, 2 ?1 rennsylvama avenue, mar 98?tf 1 ) IC >1 est. AC hk SlLKSo; every wtdih and Jl1< qua.ity, from 75 cents up, very ch ap 1 iaiu anj,i dim, p,nk, wuite ai.d bi'k watetcd ^dka for Mautiil ia White, pink, bin.- and n;-Kl?: col'd Shalleya White, piiiK, tdn. , ar?*i n, corn aud tuoje cslorid French Xousse.inea 15 pieces plain lier. ae, m every ehide at 25 cents, very cheap ^oods White p?..k, btne, green, l^own, and mode colored D*Tl*r*f |Q rtur quntuy 100 pieces Lawn^aod Ja.k*>nets in every nnalitv Aiso, a well assorted st<*. || (jo,?dj All ol which will be sold at very low prices. Customers .vill do well to give us a i*aJ|. ? W H. R Ull.RY, (nntr 8th 5t. and <>pp. Centre Market ma' 31?lm CUPPIKQ AN D LBBCHIng". J( Lit * HHM9KUS TT|7 PpXO r??pcctfu!'y inform th? nubile tbat he Vf Biep ire to attend to the uuriueas cf Cup ntaj and LeccMng at his Barbershop, a n?h aids ol Frnnaylvanla aveiiu-, between 13th and 13^ iu CaJia promptly att< uJed to in all part^ of Ui. city, gnd at very reas<iUdtle chargea. mar a*-lm* "W' OTH E TO FLUTIttl d.-EI-K.NBRANDT fi 1^1 superior Prnniuia Diasouic F'Ut?sauU,|oC ?tics wi'l be Of! exhibition and tor rale for it ftw #ny?atHIL0L'd Jt UlTX'd Mustc Wpu;. m* IS TO THE LADIES. MIS8 8 J. THOMPSON , lis n*?w prepared to show our lnrrr"! and well selected Mock 4 Millinery! which she ha* just o;tened, of the la irst styles which we aro selling at :h?* lowest price*, j and we ce.rdiallyinvitc the ladies to call eaily and have the first selections. We would also tvsp?ctrol!y call their attention to our Inrjj*; and hind hmdsome -tock of Fancy Goods Per'.uniery, Gloves, Hosiery, kcr which we can sell at m utually iow pries. IHJTCHINSON k MUNRO, Nu. 310 I'ennsylvania avrnue, First door West of Wall* Harper k Co.'s. mar 28 ? MRS. L. ALIEN, 3'*5 Pa. avenue, between Ninth T\ and Tenth streets, tooth tide, VVill open on Saturday. 7rh instant, a nio-t extrn.-ive and beautiful assortment of Spring ?1 I L L I N E K Y, con-isiioc of Crape, ^ilk, Lace, Spotted Crape anf Crass Linen HATS, including Straws of ev?-ry description. Also, .Mini s' Dres? Hut- and Flats, kc. L. ALLEN, ap 4? Dr-IFJIICSW < CRKO -The following is t.ikrn finin Scott's ? e?k!y: DEAFNESS.?We underelind that the 5Uct?s> ; ?rhi li has foJIowen the use ?I SCARPA'S ACOUS TIC OIL, in cases of Deafness, h*s been astfuii-h ing, thousands ?>f person* < avh.g been cured, whose cai-e* were consi-'ered hopeless. The cails for this medicine are trom all parts of the country, it b*ing, we bciierp, the only nrtic:e betore the public for tiie cure of that distressing disense. Be particular and tiuy of Z D. GILM \N, Wash ington, D. C., and S 8. HANCE, Baltimore, .\ld.,af there is i? counterfeit article in the market, t'eb 28? m ornamental paintkrs, S?. TI. VMlft kLL 4 J. W. JHftKIIS, Louisiana aimne, bet>reen 6th and 7IS tfrects, Kelt to Vanillin's Buildings, HAVING associate themselves to carry on the liiMise, 8:gn, and Ornamental PAINTI \G i ? til its hranrhes, will bo tlianksul to receive all or iers in their line oi business, and Will use every ex ertion to g'vn sati-fiction. JORlilNG in Gl.ittn^ and Painting promptly at MM to. Give u ; a trial. mar '27- tf C. WARKIBIKit, WATCHMAKER, NEW WHEELS, PINIONS. AND EVERY KIND op REP\1 R.I TO WATCHES, Ko- 330 rftntylraiili <\v?n??, (Between Ninth an 1 Te?"th #ir?*ers ) mar2o? lai' WASHINGTON, D. C. "dentistry. RB. DONALDSON, Demist, late of the firm o( i, Hun" k D<>naldoon, continues to ? manufacture an 1 insert uiose lieantiful .?orcelain te? tb, with or without gutr.i,"'-i-i JTJLJ? ?or specimens of which (made and de posited by the late firm) was awarded the first t*emium at tne Mechanics' Institute F?ir, recently Im Id in this city These teeth are carved and shaded tosniteach patticular case, and their resemblance to the nam- i ral organs Li so perfect as to deceive the uioet prac tised eye. Particular attention al o paid to filling and pre ??rvin? the n itural teeth. Charge* moderate and all operations warranted. Oflice southwest corner Seventh and D s s.?en trance on D. mar 21??m ViKt BOTirK. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOCDS. I) VV. BROWNING, Mcr- hint Tuiior, under ? the TTn:t? d States Hotel, has just rvceived a large supply of Spring and Summer Goo?is, and is now pn-par d to offer great bargains to all in want nf gy>-1 and fashion tble clothing. His " Ready ma>!e Clothing " will be gold at the following low pric?s: Wh le stiita, Coat, Pantaloons, and Vest, of thin ; cloth or cas-irnere, for $12. Fine Black Frock and Dress Coats, from ?10 to $15. x 1 Good Business Coats for $7. Black and Fancy Pants, uoin .$'! to ?7. Mar*cil is nd Silk V? H. from $5. He ker|M nlw -.ys on hand n huge assortment oi fancy aitides, such ad Slurui, Gloves, Cravaai, I'm bn l'as, kc. "Sole Agent for the sale of Scott's Fashions.' mar 19?ij. t-liAU(jKS ll\vK.iNS, Architect. ?Pa. avenue, betuiser. Tenth and EleveiU\ sirects,) v. askikoto*, d. c. 11/ ILL continue to furui-li Plans, detail working j ff l?iswings and s(*ectficauoriH oi buildings o" very description, and aUo to su^rintend their?rec t<w f?.h 1? ? PR0SPER1S CORNE'FBAND NO. 1 \ I R. FREDERICK l'KOSPEUl be*, leave t > in itl form his trieaii.s and f ntier patrons that t>>i!> Hand has been lully re-organised an<i is ? ow under tiis direction, and ne is filly pr< pared w tii a ba d d the most Scientific Musicians in t>e tit v. to fur n^b rn:i.?ic for B;?lls, Parties, Para les. Pic Nics, Ei ursioiis, ate., at tlie shortest notice prs^iMe, by ap (:1 ving to FREDERICK PROdPERI Lead, r,CIIA . PROSPEai Conductor, HILRUS k IIITZ'S Mu sic Depot, or at PETER TAI.TAVCL'S, opposite ?he Garrison, Harrison etrvet, Navy Yard, feb l?-:iin* FINE watches. HAVING made a considerable addition to my stock of GOLD IirSTtKG J?ATa.?T ITVkRa, and ladies' witcmks Of first quality, heavy 18 ca atj cases. A^o, SILVER WATCHES for b<?ys. I offer theiu at greatly reduced price*. The inov menu are selected with gr< at car;, and every Watch Is warranted. Persons m w ant of a fine timekeeper are invite<. to examine my assortment. H- S KM KEN. No. 330 Pa. avenue, betw. 9t!> and 10th sta. mar 31 P: K *0 A % wtill IIA t KC iiVM vision are invited to examine my extensive stock of all ki<ids oi ?PECT.\ ' t I.E."' and EYEtiLA^SE^. Gla^:t?' <>f any kint!, such as < atnraet, Par b?Ja, ? Hcrieco^ic, i>- ul ie Com. ave, Dvoble Convex, and Colon d Gla-ses, put ui at ?l ort notice, with great care, a d peisons in want of glasses may l>e sure ui gei those wliic?t benefit the eye. 4/- Circulurs "Deieeuve Vis.on," gratis at H. 8 .MKEN'S, 330 Pa. avenue, betw. tfth and lUth sts. mar liii TABLE CUTLERY, ALBATA FORKS / ND SPOONS, &c ? (*JT received a larg-! assortment of superior Ta tj ble f'utlery of every %&riety. Aiati, eve y tt le of ill.: finest quality ALBATA FORKS, SPUONC, TEx SLld, CAKE WAS KET3, CASTORS, kc. M. W. GAI T k RRO., 3'i 1 Pa. ave., be'.w. 9ih and lUih su. mnr 12?tf A' ATTEHTION. OLU SOLUiEllS. LL my old fri- nds for wiioai I obtained Bount) ? L).nd in le>s quant ties than loO acres art lierefcy informed that their names and a memoran dum of t eir time u < n uty Bo -k, so that their de claialio: g f.?r additional Uouuty L n l can be made %ith facility Many of tho e wlio failed to obtain :und for w<tnl of tiu<e, are entitled to I GO acres aitd can cb aiu t';-: same l>y calling >>n me. taws, Ordinary f(..:n n, Viarines, Clerks, j LanUsioen, (ofthe Navy) Wa^M M isters, Teaue ite s, kc., kc., in any war, will find it to their ad vantage to call o." send their cases to no: Advice gratis to tno?e s liters, seamen and wij ows wli > are unable to pay. Refer to auy bluest man in Washington. JOHN D. CLARK, Agent, No. 347 Twelfth street west, ap 7?1 in* A BOOK WHICH EVERY BUSINESS MAN IN THE DISTRICT WANTS?The Washington CitJ Directory, only 75 cents a < opv, half price, can bi had at ALEX. AIMMSON'S, on Seventh street, opposite to tbe Post Office, where he keeps con I stantly on hand a fine assortment of Blank B.x-ks Pens, Ink, Paper, Playing .^Hd Visiting Cards,Gnraes kc. Hr is agent for all the cheap publication.', Magazines and Newspapers. London Illustrated News. BHl'g Life, Times aou Punch received by ? very steamer. New York Herald, Tones, and Tribune raeeivee every night i*ad delivered to sutMeribera. mar *?1 m HAIR WORK. uaiu nuikiv. ORNA%TENTS of II ir, such as Hraeelsts, CMt ?la-.ns, Cnalna, Br>-astp ns, EamngB, Firgei Rings, male to order, of any desired design. Ail orders faithfully atten !e I to. 8peeouens taay b? seen at my store. H. SRMKEN, No. 830 Pa. ar., btiwceu dUi and 10U? Ms, )AuW WILLARD'S HOTEL, O'd Point Comfort, Va? THE Proprietors take great p'eas -re in !nf ?rming their many friend* and the public generally that this magnificent Summer Hotel i- row being'fiu?d up in tiie im>-t modern slid comfortable style lor the c ming nhjou, The will be opened on the fir I of June, with nothing l*ft unprovided that may p otnote the co . fort and happiness of its guests. The proprietors also taku mucli pleasure in xayini; that they will be prepared and happy to accom'ino date fmm the/irtt of May auy who ma* favor ihem witi) a call Board per day ?2 00 By the week, per day 1 .v) By tiie month, per day 1 25 Bath* free for the guests. ap 2?if C. C. WILLARD k BROS FOR SALE ? A T.iir of RAV MARKS, 7 veara o dncxupring,well-br.d,sourd stylish, /TV? gertle, spirited and capital goers. Tin y are well broken and perfectly fre ? froji tricks, ami ?\iii piriicnlarlv nut any gentleman who is lond ol driving. The owner pans with them onlv because i>w pumos" is t > rctreneh his expens#.*. They can b- seen at Southron a (late Birch'-) Stable, i n 14th street. s< uiii of fa avenue. For terms, or an op portunity to try tliern. enquire at the. counter of the Star offk-e. They will be a .ld a baeain. ap 3?tf , S50 REWARD. RAN AWAY fiom the sub-<crit>er, living tn Not # tingham District, f'rince Gorge's county, Maiy 'a d, on Ftidny inarniuz l ist, th* 16:h in-tant, my negro man EMANUEL, who enlls himself Emanuel Gough- He is about 25 years of age,dark com lex ?on, has a full ..ct c?l teeth, ha,* a scare o-? hi- f?>r?* head, one on I is riftht arm, n? ar the elbow, is five feet oi~ht inch.ii and a quarter high in his boot 4. He h?.d on when he went away a suit of drah cloth and a black sJiuch bat. I purchased him of Mrs. ~arah Harwnod, Saratoga street, Baliiuiore. and she has a brother of Ins living with her; and his mother (a free woman) also lives in Baltimore. Hw wi e beloucs to Joiin L. Dufief, Esq., near Darnel town, Montgomery eoint y, M irvl.and. 1 wi I give a reward of twenty-five dollar; far his apprehension, if taken in I'nr.-e George's county, ami fiuy dolla s if taken tljc.\here?in either ca c he mii 't be brought bonic or secured in jail, so that I get h.m Hgiie. THOS. K. EARLY, mar ^3?-Ci P. O Nr.uingliam, Md. OILVER WA?E, PLATED WAKF. O AttS>X<,iJ?K H"A a C V GOOOi-\?Si'ver Coffee and Tsa Sets, P?par Howls, Cream Ju~:, Goblets, ? ups, Spoon4 a: d Folks Also, a great variety of magnificent Taney Silver Ware, suiutile lor presents. ? Plated Coffee Sets, Ca.-tors, Baskets, Spoor.s and Forks, on best Albata The articles are warrsted as represented, ai.d will be sold at a .-mall advance. ?I. SEMKEV, 330 Pa. avenue, bet 9th ami 10th >,treetJ. mar 29?tf Mem irs op the countess of bles suigtoM ?The Lit' rary Life and Correspond ence of the Countess of Bioington, bv R R Mad cen, M. K J. A., 1 v >1 TAYLOR & MAURY'S _3p 14 Bookstore, near 9th s!. rI'AYLOR ic MAURY'S ELASTIC PEN No 27. JL Tnis pen, which is mauufac ured by Peny & Co . London, "xpres-ly for Messrs Taylor St Maury wsi be found ui.equ illed in ail Hie r'qui.-ites wt a good steel pen. Sold ia ero-s box *, price $1, at their Book und Summery Store, near Dili ct. ap 14 \srAiciifcs. Vf JEVVELRV, SILVER U jIRE Always on hand n Inr**- as-onment o! the above, which we offer at the low esc rit*-'. M. VV. GALT fc PRO., mar 28 3^4 Pa avenue PIANOS FOR J;ALE AiS) RENT. 'lMIE ?t;bscril i r has always on h ini a ^s-wt I ment ot Get man und American PI- , AVOS, troiii the very best manufacturers. whieb ue offers for .-ale at lower prices' ?han can he purchased i.*i uut District oi" Columbia and ? n the mnet accommodating t'-rms. All Pianos purchaai d irom me tire warranted to saliitac tiou. Old Pianos taken in exchange. B. UEISS, Protinsor of Music, G, bet^r. Fourteenth und Fifteentli streets, eb 6?Urn* 7p?>LIAX PIANOPORTES ?/l j Another of these beautiful instruments made liy l. Gil'wrt & Co , B<vton, can bow be seen at oui Music I)e(??t. Also, a splendiil papier mache case parlor Melo deou, made by P. G Gardner & Co , Conn. HILUUS & IIITZ, inaf' Mar Cuildi'iss. TH.L MUTUAL FIr?r. ISBUtiANJ^ CjaIPA. HY OF TH?5 : ISrHlCT OF COLUMBIA, 'II ARTE HE > by O.rgrcs-, 'ffi-rs to the property J owners or the L'utiict sal'-r and cheaper means of insurance than any other Company. Ul. j S'ES WARD, i'leciiiient. ?:ilA-i. WILSON, St-cre arv. MATI1EVV g. E? ERY, Treasurer. manasiri. UlyMses Ward John Van Riswick Tliomtis B'agden P. VV. Drowning F. Howard, Mathew G. Emery. J. C. McKclden. f iffice, Columbia Plaoe, corner Louisiana avenue ami 7Ui ftreet. Otfice hours from 3 to C o'clock a. in. feb UG?eoif ( M. WILLIAM, LADIES' rF.FSS AND 1RIMMINO STOBE Pa avenue, between Seventh a d eighth streeUs, MVXILLIAN wouli respectfully announce to ? th?- Lathe* ol Washington that he has ju>t ree< ived troui the North .a citirs n complete stock of GOUl)S, iiLi>>ng which mav be foumi? - New style French ores? T imuiui<;s Fine French Flowers and K bamis A Uige lot of llimnets. in silk, scrape, and straw,of ihe la**si patterns And a:i ? xcellt nt asMirimunt of handt-ome Embroi d-m s of ail kieds Presses made iu the latest Paris fa-hums at rea sonable l ales. Pinking and Fluting, ;:od Kid Gloves cleaned, mar 31 ? AN APPEAL TO OOAiAION bEHifci.

LIT THE SICK It t AH T1IK TRUTH. Captai* i;i.:jamin.? Wherever Luown his mony will be conclusive. But lest tiint;t* who do uot know the CapUun olmulJ bt; sceptical, l)r. Li\? ??n fii Bro., with others of the b^st known nr.d muj highlv re>;icotable citizens cf Lastou, eudorse tits woiidertul cure by HAMPTON'S VSaCTAPLB TUIOTTaj. .<aston, Oct. 4,1854. AT.- .sr?. Moriiirur !( blowbrny: Gvntlemen? 1 feel it iu> Uui^ to ynu and the puL lictoceud'y to the effect* ol fluid^ton's VegetHbk Imctuie. I was for more than five years alKirms under a di<>ease of Chronic Kheuinatism, an j Hit great ^art ol that lime i was so h :lpless that I hail to be helped from my ited and dressed in my clothe? I bee-line reduc d to a mvre sxeieton. All the med icims 1 to-;k dour me no good, and I continued! ^row woiae. I heard of liaiupl-jii's Tincture p.uc ihought 1 would give it a trial. At this time I die not cxjie-ct to live one nay after another. I I'd i?o. lake it (the Tincture) lor the Rheumatism, b .t itt i thoft tune I was well ? f that disease. Fioui ttt fleets ot your I incture and the bc .p ol (? >d 1 an uow getting in good health. 1 wi?h all the aillicted to try Hampton's Vegetsl ,e Tincture, us 1 have d ?ne, with the ^anic effect tUcii it has ou Your obedient servant, Isaac Benjamin, We are acquainted with I-aac Benjamin, sole nim someol Hampton's Vegetable Tmc!are,amiLt deve the ubove statement correct. 1)awso!( dL Bro. From our knowledge of Captain Beiijiumn we art continent Uiai the above Eiaituieni is true ahd un exageiated. J. A. Jounssn, CtiARXKi K .tixtrx, Call and g> t pamphlets gratis, and s-:e care? o: Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuiuipin, Dvs pepsia, Netvousiiess and General V\>akueot?. As t viuale mediiiac or for delicate chtldieu we hvlievt it uncqualle J. Sold by MORTIMER h MOWBRAY, HO Baiti more ?treet, Baltimore; and 304 Broadw-v. N. York Cha?. Btott & Co., J. B. Moore, D. U. ClaRKF Claruk <?. Uowuno, W. Elliot, and U. McPnta io?, Washington; also by R. S. F. Cissel,George town, and C. C. BraRT, Alexandria, and by Drug gists ev*r? w (w e. jan P?tr JOS. NEPF'S PREMIUM ViOLINS AND VI oliiicelins can be seen at our Music Depot. Amateurs and the profession are iuvitsd to call and try ifceee exctUeut it>irunicnu HlLhUS & H1TZ, Agents. A g?aod Contrabass lor sal* low for cashj tf ifT.uit^ diate application be made u above. #ariU FIRST ANNUAL BALL OF THK Western Hose Company To. 1, AT THE WASHING TON ASSEMBLY ROOMS, ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, April *5,1855. THE Com?ri:tee of Anang m<-nts have much pleasure in announcing to iho friends of th? Company ai'd tlic public generally lliat they wi | pp to no twins to make this the b??t all of the wnmB. FlfrtV celebrated Cotillon Band ha? been engaged for the o *c siin Ticket,ijl?i mi tine <1 gentleman and ladies, to be t"??d o' ih? Comm ttee am! at the donr ontheeve ninir of the ball. No ham or caps allowed in the 100m except tho^e worn by firrmen. Mnrmem on the part of Citizens. H^n ? W Fum y, H- n ? TT"W.-r?, Mij VV B s. ott, Col D C Lee, Dr VV 1$ M igrudrr, J I) Hoover, Clement ' til, R. verl.-v Tucker, VVaUer I.en??x, John Clark, B B French, R Waitnch, ? has S Wallach, Abram Upshur, O VV R'g^s, * Clark Mills, C H Winder, W T l? ve, K C Morgan, D RateliiF. S Rctifrrn. P S Parker, Wm Brown, Captein Carrington, W F Maily, Luih x Smoot, Andrew Hoorer, R J Ro-he. John F Earns N Calian. O.if V part of Kronen. S E Douglass, E S Wright, J Brandt, R Dovle, J A Tail, A Hatch E G Ev ins, J T Suter. Committee of Jlrrungcments on the part of the Com pan]t William Riffe!**, VV N Ke'Te, Edward Haiiley, Jo- II I'il on, Ruben Mastin, J F Edwardw, RecerHcn CoT.h.ittre. J F Ilnzhes, J VV 1 arr, W P liberty, F N llnhzman, C W Dmry, G E:wa*d*, T D> wdenv, G Viekum, T J Parker, J C II iger, J H May, 8 Tinkle: , Floor Man ?'pert. R E B^oth, I.i v-is Rob*rroTi, Cu-tus Cozen.*, Jnl.n U -paldtng, Rooert J Kinu, F A Ha^cr. ap 13?eofit* Mr. W. HENRY PALMER, IIlTHtRTO KNOWN AS B(. IS r~t iv ?' 12 tu 1. Ij I'. It, nA^ mnch ph a-ure in niformin ? his friend? nnrt the public in cm nil that he l.a= d?.t rniinel (.a lo alinij Inmself >? this city, and i- p>-epard if receivr pupilslor instruction on the PIANOfi >RTD HARM* ?NY nndC< > KPOSITION. He is permittee to refer to Mr Ceorg* Iliads, Jr., and >lr A. T Kit ckh' efer, ar:d any communication addressed to In 111 at !I it?uh ai Hitz's music st*>re. Pennsylvania aviiii<*, Mill have immediate attention ap 13?tf MILLINERY. MR J. CUOATE njWiM open her fcprirg eiyl- of BON ft-; ;'^r at her Rooms, 46 Li?u:sia?ia1^i2r 'avenur, on Tut next, the 17 :h *?--A? i.vant. t^tr.f.v work bleached and altered at th?* shortcut notice. ap la?i!<v \AJ ANDERING3 IN CORSICA, CORSICA ; f 7 Picturewjuej historical and social, with a sketch oftli? early life of Napoleon, u n>la?'-d from the German by ?.dw irc! J.">y \l< rris?prii^Jjfl . 0 Lecture on Er.3i.-h Literat-ir? from Chancer to Tennyson, hy Ilenry Beed, pr.c?; $1 iio Junt I'UblmUcd aii.l for <.a>c at TAYLOR & MAURY'S, war 23 Bookstore, re. .r 9>'.i it. L0~0~k1iERE!!! WOKE BOUNTY LAND TO ALL who mtt< if I in any war muck 171M', viiivt;ier as Oflievrs Addiern. 8 ulnr-. Marif i. Clerk*, I:.d a?i.?, ? ?a;? aia??, Wag'tu II i.-t? re,, L?inl-ni n, (o; iht-ir w:<i'.>*"< itr minor cln'dri-n) ie> f-avc rot y?-i rec< 1 v?'d full 1OT acres, and h ve been in s< rvice 11 days, will ?1o well ti write t'i i|s.pcrf. a'J. r.ii.1 th' it T.nnd Warrants wid be forward*'! to ih'iii lor t'io db<ivc quantity, and no charge if they do n- t gtl it. LLOYD & t;0., C!aitn Acen'V Offi.*?, or.poiite U. S. Treaf'iy, Wasbiucton City, L>. C mar 6 - 3in N\u WV BOOK4* ?t fMIILLIN ITON'S BOOiI;T<'RE. Th? Iinmacnldie Conception; or. T!:e v<,jh?'rnt Gorl; an cxposiUun by tiie R glit Rev. t>i>liop UBa tliorue G owth in Holiness, or the Progre-s of the Fjarit u il life, by Hie author of All for .l-sus Th>: M' trnpolitan MagaziiK for April. Th'- S!a e of the l.amr, bk Win. North Every ii ng 111 the Stationery line All the nrw books published rectivcd immediate ly aiterwariis and for sale at SHILLINGPOV'S Bookstore, Ode<in Building, comcr 4^ t>t. and Pa. a?e. apr I? WATCH KH AKD JKWKIdtt.-l have 1 n hand a food supply ot fine WATCHES and JEWELRY which w 'I t.e <o!d vt-ry cH< ap to su.t th- tune?. Gold t.r v r Wato. ?*? as low as .?-2a. warranted to keep goo.1 time. Call anu see tor yourselvt'M at th' .tore of J. 1UHHNSON, 320 Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' Hotel, mar 28?dim vA'-? PATENT AMERICAN' ACCORDEONS. St-vrr..l "I lln'-?* ne-.v aad unproteii instrumetil iUfct received and for g;ile at th?- Mil ic l? |m~-i o IiILBUS & IIITZ AUo. 6 doz^n of Faa's new ai.d cheap instruction Books. pri"e 25 centn. 1 iie public- are invited to rximir.e tin e Accord" 111>. having received the fin" preni'iiiu? in ev ry . x ?ubit (>n exhibited. liiLhUH & lil'IZ, mar 24 Role Agents nih i l a uovn, BLIND MAKERS & UPIInLSTERERS ; I OULI) re-pecifully inform their fifendH and V f the public generally that they are pr? part i to attend t.? all orders in the r li'.e ol bupincw. All kinds of UP HOLSTER I NO ^ neatly executed; such a?CutMiig and --it Maktn? CarpetK, Fitting down and Oil Cloth, Ma-inv' an<l htii ? upg^r Bed and Window Curtains Hair. SIhkK 3^1* and tuiier Mattre?>-?s, Pew and other Cu hious, Hprms Bedti, Louti:eB. E?ny, an ! cits C 8irs. YVe have itkHitore Window Fhatlt.-' and Trimming*, Cords and Tafnela, Split BIinJs, VVi.le Paper tor Curtnins. VENITIA^ 11LL?D* made in any ntyle. and old ditto retired t" look as w? il a> new All kin-Is of old Work repaired, and a'l or rteri thankfully received ami pn wiptly attended to for ' ash, or a perfect understanding tefore hand If yoit_want the worth of y ur money iinst '.'ive us a call, at No 5J01 Pa. avenue, touth Mde.'e tw Uth and li-th streets mar 30?tl BAKK1WC HOUSE OF PAIi^O & SOOESE, Opposite Unite* Stales Tttarurv. BONDS, Stocks and othor noc&xiuea p?rebafed and sold. Interest at the rate of six per cent p-r ei?r utn al lowed on deposits when left for ?0 d^ya m lonu^r. jan 24?6m (1 LOCKS. CLOCKS, CI.OI X?If you j want a gf?Kl Clock, warranted to keep time, call at theatore of J. ROBINSON, 310 Pa. ave., oppo. Brown*' Hotel, ap 7? dim VT,:TIC?: ?I received this day a new ns^ort i3l ment of SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, of the latee-t styles. Also, a variety of other new Goods: a* Vert Cliains, Chatelaiiis, Biaceleta, Pin?; Earring-, Kings, etc. Great iuducemetils ofTered to purchasers". II. 8EMKEN, No. 330 Pa nventic, bet. 9th and 10'h ft-. tie>v Paints put lo Gold P? n* at short no ice. Diamomls reiiuunted, aud Jewelry made to order. mar 29 -if NEW SONG. I T?7 IIY DID I LOVE FALdlf^LORA. words and music by VV. B , of ibis city, stud dedi cateuto Inez Allison, the fair Gtiitnrt>t This song hit" a mostehaiming melody. Just pub lislo d and tor sale l>y llLLUUS fit lill'Z. ap 4 JOHNSON ON MANURES, 1 veI,Lo;dou Vi.ux on tilling and verti'.iziug land, do I Morfit on Manur'5, Philadelphia Dana's Muck Manual for Farinere, Lowell Dana on Manures, New Yerk Kutint on Calaateous Mannara, Kichntnnd^ ? Brown's American Muck B ".k, N(|W Practical Treatise on Mauur*. *y ho Hruub g0 ciaiy, for the diffusion of lafful knowledge And many on Agr.cuHuraJ Cnemirtry, ou rrui.'. ^nltu'rc, Bees, Cattle, Drainage, Tree Plant ing, and ottier branches of Gardening and Husband ry, many ol Ujem imported from abroad, par fBANCS. TAYLOR, SUCABOlfl. , . Tbi*Juration, although a national i*h of the Italians, and made best in the vicinity of Naples, is nevertheless manuiactured both in France and Ger many that of Aix in France bring par ticularly celebrated. It seems to r?q,:ire a particular description of wheat to give it that expansive power in water whrh makes the finest qualities, and its manu facture has not heretofore flourished much m this country, the consumption here being supplied chiefly by iinporta tion. lhose \vho are familinr with Ital ian comedy wiil remember the Neapoli tan macaroni-eater who figures so often, and who is always repainted as devour ing pieces of immense length, something as the conjuror does a roll of ribbon. It I is a vtry healthful and convenient arti cle of diet; ami if we examine the pro cess of manufacture, we shall see eonu especial reasons for patronising the home production. Farina is a sort of granu j late 1 wheat, the white or brittle p?rt of I the gram bring separated from the fibrous pnrt arid broktn into uniform grains, like I tine sand. Macaroni is made of farina. I ground and formed into dough by bein* mixed with distiUed water. This dou?t. is made very siif, and the mixing ami working o! it cannot be dune thorough without the aid of machinery. In Italy. I where machinery is expensive and sinew.v I ;?re cheap, the preliminary process i* I carried ou by treading it with the naked feet, and afurwards it is beaten ami I tnorc thoroughly mixed with the rollin"- I pin. M??- srs. linker & Brother, of the I CrotonMills, in this city, who have beer. no celebrated f, r their farina, and othu manufactures of wheat, have undertaken the production of macaroni, and in thei. works, open to the inspection of any ol I ?ur citizens, the process is car ried on I with an attention to neatness, quite suf-1 ficieut; to satisfy the most fastiu ous pal ate. Ihe operator scarcely touches theI ingredients, even with his wdl cleaned ingers, the wholo labor being performed I ? >y machinery worked with a powerful I s'eam engine. Much of cur Ameri ani wheat is especially adapted to the pur-1 pose, containing very litile fibrous mat-1 tor, and being b.ittle a id easily scpa-1 rated by pounding. When the" lloiir,| thus prepared, has been mixed with wa I ter and thoroughly kneadtd by ihe iron! -'news art has invented ur this purpose I :ho dough is placid in a polished iron cylinder, the lower end uf which is fi"e<i I with a movable me.allic plaU perforated I uniformly throughout. Through tlrstl iit:le hoi-s, the safl dauga is forced by a| very- powerful screw, worked by the en-1 gine. The perforations in the plat* or I ?' mold, as it is technically callcd, vai y | to tiie s tape ai.d detcriptiou | of the* article it is designed to produce ; the pipe, ribbon, and st*ir macaroni, and the different kinds of Vermicelli, have each a sepaiate pattern. Ihe dictionaries define macaroni as " a compound of flour, eggs, sugar and al monds : ' and vermicelli, as "a com pound of flour, sugar, and saffr on ; " and many persons have been al: aid to experi ment with EU'jh a siringe cuiinary mix ' ore. B it the productions of the Croton Mi.Is are composed simply, as described, <?1 Hour and; and we presume most of the imported (ail peihips, except the jel.ow, now iitue used) is made of the same articles, with such involuntary additii ns as may be acquired in the pe culiar process < f ina.iulbcture already noticed. The M .carjni and Vermicelli :ire Ixith made alike, except that the dough is made less stifT for the one, to accommodate the mold, 'those who have examined the pipe macaroni, which is a Uindsom) tubvi, witii a bore as smooth as that ol a tinished mu>ket, must have wandered hiw it could be formed so cheaply, as ii beajs the impress of*; elaborately wrought, and yet the process is v?.iy simple. The dough wlvn force', through the f.mall he It a in the perforated piate, we u.d have the form of an iron rod, but for a small core fastened fi.iuly in the centre of each perforation by thin strips of metal. This converts the rod of dough into a tube, the pressure closin ; the slits which have Utu made by iLr sti ips that hold the core, leaving die pro duction in the fo;m which it finally bears. This invention is very aitcieut. and is srid to have first .suggested the manufacture of lead pipe. ihe critical part of the pre>cess o' manufac ture is the drying, as on this depends, in z great degree, its comparative quality. If dried too slowly, it becomes mouldy : and if too rapidly, it loses its toughness, and its whole character becomes changed. In our varying atrao-phere, rapidly al ternating drj a:sd humid, it requires not only consummate skill, but no little ex perience to avo.d laige losses Horn imper fect productions. The drying is done by the use of steam pipe *, where the degree of heat can be carefully adjusted, and occupics from five to ten days. When properly dried the Macaroni contains 110 more moisture than go.u dry wheat in the granary. 1 he best qualities now reta.l at about 25 cents per pound, and plain y coDked are far more palatable and nutricious than potatoes, and costs but little more. The whole-ale price is 10 to 18 ccnts ; but when flour is cheap it can be bought lor 9 t ? 12 cents. Re cipes for a variety cf savory dishes are put up with the American article in each packagc. Half a pound loded in miik until it is tender, and then salted and simply baked until it becomes browned, makes an excellent adwieiou to a dinner, and needs no other dressing.?.Ycir 1 ork Popcr. tC^The English papers announce t'be death Ql :l7. Uuruey, the eminent short ...and writer, to whom tha British public has been indebted for the preservation of so many important debates. Ilia death calls to mind a fatnoas epitaph in West minster Abbey, on a brother of the craft. j fliort hanJ he wrotf ; hi. floxrre in n'imadHi ftulr. Aua hasty ddtb bAoit baud ol" him Lath aiidc. * THE WEEKLY STAR. Tbii etc Uew Family u4 Mtw? Jo?rna2??on' tJurJiut % ?rr??r *K\etr of tnl< iaMiii natag (kaa cut he loud lRRaj<*toeR?1? Baavta^ ??? _ .. Siajlc cngr, per taoam -#* <3 TO CbCM. - 111 |l?l III^'*"11 _ *> ijj 0^-CasB, U>VaRIaPLT III *?VARM. 09- Smjle copies (la wrappers) aa to pro?r?t U lii? counter, immediately afUr It it taw ?f U* paper- Price?thru turn. PO?T)f AITBR9 WhO rcl M RfRDt* WUi b? RuOWti r coaimiMKM) of tweaty per cent. Pure akd Ikpurs Gas.--It it the duty of our municipal authorities, says the Sc'entific American, to see that tich city is supplied with pure gas for illumination. They should, therefore, not unfrequently have the ga> as it comes from the burn ? ?r pipe*, analyzed by a competent chem ist. We are confident thst much of the gas which is supplied by our city gas companies is impure. All coils contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, n;trogen: and bituminous coals in general contain some sulphur In the distillation of ooal to produce illuminating gas. a considers* hie quantity of ammonia comes over, which, if not completely separated. is carried off with the gas. and detracts from its illuminating powers. It is also injurious to the people by inizine with the atmosphere, an<i inhaled at ev ?iry respiration. Being exceedingly vol atile, and yet not difficult to condense, much of it escapes through leaks in the gis conductors, and condenses in the soil beneath the stree s and buildings; this is evident when any ot our streets are trenched for the purpose of examining: p:pcs or opening drains. An odor of ammonia is always observable for a con* sidttable space around an exposed exca vation. If this is the case now, how much worse must the evil be in nine or ten years from the present date? The continued ac umulation of such an impurity iu the soil beneath our streets, will, in the course of time, find its way inlo drains, ot Z2 out into the at mosphere and pollute it. Nothing but pure carburated hydrogen should ever be > uttered to pass from the gas reservoirs into the conducting pipes:every impurity should ba removed from it in the course of the manulacture. If there is any sul \ hur in the Coal from which gas is made, it results in the production of sulphuric icid, which, if not separated in the puri iier, such a product will injure books and # cotton fabrics which may be in the apart ments where gas is burned. Cancel i-oal being free from sulpherets, is to bo preferred for making gas; and if our gas companies do n't now u?e the Amenoan anml in place ot bituminous coal, they exhibit an amazing want of g.*>d sense aid sound information in relation to the best kind of coal to employ in their bus iness. Newfoundland fen Mi rink Tele r.'KArtt ?The steamer Victoria, belong ing to the New York, Newfoundland aud 1 onden Telegraph Comj any, is bemg fitted out at this jort, a id will shortly be d?spa*died to Newfoundland, to be employed in cump!e?ing the telegraph me in progress of construction by this company. Cyrus W. Field, Esq., the managing director of the company, has recently returned from Europe, and we understand that he wa> suvessful in ? one!iidmg aaangemom* with promi '"?ent te!?graph men in Li:.don, scouring the co-operation and iden.ifying th^ir in terests in the success of this n'erprise. We are a'so informed that Mr Field made a very fivorable con'ractfor the sub ma rinac?ble to connect XewfounJland with Lapj Breton, Ihis cable is to be seventy milts in lengh, and is to be ready fjr shipment on the 1st of May. The com pany confidently expects to hare tele giaph communication established be 1 ween Ne v Yrk and St. Johns. New fbundland, by t'le fiisl of July next. Ail the necessity harbor and wharf accom modations have been secured at St Johns lor the European steamers, which will -ill there on their trips between America ?nd Europe We have, therefore, ev-ry reason to believe that in three month* the two Continents will be within six lays of each other, upon an average, for j11 purposes of telegraphic communica* ;ian.?Jour, of Com. Silver Spuing ix Fi^eida.?Norooner bad we thru>t out a luUe from the shore han myriads ftf rippling wavts began to rtlleci. the dazzling rays of every splendor '1 the scene. 1 very ripple seemed to possess the magic of a prism, and daz z ing lays cf every color were and d;triiug iu every direction, producing an ethct beautiful beyond description. This spring is said to be eighty feet deep, but its vrateis are so transparent that it teems to be not more than fifteen or twenty. J he bottom can l?e ;?een v?ry distinctly by placing the eyes near the water, and ti^h c ?n be seen m gTat num* brs lljatiig lazily about. J he bottom is coveted with a rich carpeting cf moss, whic'i appears ting.-d with all colors, and s the most beaunlul natural curiosity I iver saw. 'ihere are on this splendid :ai pet several large spots, vaiying in size ind shipe; one 1 noticed was in the shape of a lion These spots glitter like liaiLondssct in fine wrought silver, and idd greatly to the overwhelming beauty )f the scene. S^The I utch Salt is preparrd from Lwo or more kinds of marine stdur evap orated salt,one cf which is re-dissolved iu sea water, and much pains taken iu iettling and filtering this brine, and in ikimiung it while boiling it down to the pi isent point of crystalisation, which is lone in large ciieular bcilers of iron. Just before it begins to crystalize. they throw into the boiler a small lump of butter as big as a walnut, and a half pint of :our milk that has stood a year. When they wish the crystals large and hard, they allow it to cool and form intQ ?alt very slowly. A W itxess ?A bov, eight years old, being olle-rtd as a witness at a Justice Lourt in Boston, was <xaniintd ss to his understanding t^c tiioie of an oath, lhe Justice inquired ?" Do you know any t h';tlg about hell?' The boy scratched lli3 head for a moment, and looking the justice in the face, innocently replied: " No, sir. I rever was flare m my lift!" lie was allowed to testify. fy A specimen ot paper manufactured from tha c mimon cane, the bamboo of the Missis.vppi nver, has bein exhibited at St. Lauis, and has b.-en highly at* proved.