Newspaper of Evening Star, May 2, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 2, 1855 Page 3
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kvkntnq st"a r. 1 Local Intelligence. The Firbmkr's Parade Ybstrrdat ? Washington may well be proud of her firemen as thej displayed themselves yesterday A finer body of young men never turned ont on a ?imilar occasion This 1* sajing much for them, as all the papers of the Northern cities portray the capabilities of their respective fire departments in glowing colors The oc casion was an honorable one: that of formally welcoming into the department tba new Western Hoae Company. We are an old fireman, and cannot hear a machine's bell tingle without "snorting," at it were. We hare seen the fire departments of every con siderable city in the Union on parade, from Portland to Galveston. Yet we have never Seen a more promising company than this Western Hose, of Washington City, on their first parade They are, for the most part, quite yoang men, healthy, manly, active, intel gent, and emphatically American in their ap pearance. Their uniform is neat and appro priate ; and they seem to enter upon their new duties with a desire to be of service to their fellow-chitons in time of danger and need, such as we have rarely seen displayed by men in their poeition. In the parade, the Teteran franklin seemed to be father of the flock ; that ompany being for the most part, composed of men of maturer years than their compeers Among the incidents yesterday, was the presentation to the Western Hose, by the Franklin Fire Company, of a superb wreath of flowers, arranged on a silk ground; Mr. Robert E Doyle, the President of the Frank lin, accempanying the gift with a brief bat appropriate speech, which was replied to, in felicitoas terms, on behalf of the Western Hese, by Mr. Higgles. The procession, after leaving the Northern Liberties engine house, where we left them in giving our account yesterday, proceeded, ac cording to the programme, to the railroad depot, where the Western Hose Company re ceived their hose carriage, a beautiful article, as well as of substantial construction, judging by its appearance Thence they marched to the Columbia engine honse, where Professor Dimitry, in the absence of the president of the company, Capt. J A. Tait, (who was cat soldiering) welcomed the firemen in an elo quent address They then partook of a sump tuous collation. Resuming the line of march, the procession parsed op Pennsylvania Avenue and visited Georgetown. In addition to the collation by the Colum bia Fire Company, the firemen were similarly entertained by the Northern Liberties the Union, the Western Ilcse Company, and the Vigilant Mr Philip Mackey received the Northern Liberties, at the St. Charles on his own account. We were pleaded with the fraternal feeling manifested by the different companies, one toward another. Cheers were given when passing the respective engine houses, and the belli were rang in token of good fellowship, which, we fervently trust, may ever character ise the noble firemen We most not forget to mention that Mi's , Rosina Wheeler, on the night preceding the firemen s grand display, presented the Perse verance Engine C<>mT>3ny with an elegant wreath of flower* to adorn their apparatus lhe firemen were in motion until nearly sun down. Gratifying as were their proceedings, they were dcubtlsss fatigued by the day's pe; formacces The May Festival, last night, given by Professor Cocheu. at Carusi's Saloon, was, in deed, of an interesting and gratifying char* ac er. The rcom was handsomely adorned with flowers and evergreens, and the seats were so arranged that every one present had as fine an opportunity as cculd have been do sired for witnessing the performances, as laid ? down in the programme The yonrg lady j who bad been selected for the " Queen of; May" wm prevented froai a; peering and as { suming the re^al honor, owing to a family j affliction; but, a substitute was procured within a short uotice, in the person of a ladj frr.m the country. J he ceremonies were of the usual description on socb occasions, and afforded much delight, especially to the juve niles. who were there in large numbers, ac companied by their adul? relatives and friends. A more ehe?rful, beautiful spectacle has sel dom been witnessed within those time-hon ored walls. The coronation being concluded, varioasfan. cy dances were performed by Mone Cochcu's pupils, including the Nymph's uarland Dance, by six Misses, and a Grand Fancy Masourka, by sixteen Misees ; a regular set of cotillons were danced by the scholars when the entire floor was thrown open to the eompany present. It ia almost needless to say that many ladies and gentlemen participated in the innocent and healthful amusement, to the fine music of the band in attendance. Our limits. will not permit us to ex. tend the account of this grand May festival ; but. in brief, it was a general remark that the dancing of Mens Cocheus pupils was not only creditable to them, but to their teacher, and speaks well for his capacity to instruct in that popular art. Everybody seemed to be satis fied delighted with the festival?looker** on as well as participants in the dance Nothing whatever occurred to mar the festivities Tea Light Isfajtrt Escaxpxest ?We mentioned, yesterday, that this old and popu lar corps had encamped cn the Washington Monument grounds. Yesterday afternoon, at four o clock, the National Gaard marched to the tented scene, and were received in the regular military style by the Infantry; Capt. J auiei Y. Davis directing the conferring of the honors. The two corps were then dismissed, when the guests were handsomely entertained by the Infantry. The festivities were inter rupted by the sounding of the bagle of the President's Mounted Jaards. Capt Peck; when the other two companies formed in a line and received the Mounted Gaard; and the usaai oourtesies were interchanged The National Guard then filed off and marched into the city, and the Mounted Guard remained. The latter and the Infantry, among other amuse ments. indulged in dancing on the greeu, to the masic of the drum and fife A large number of pers ons were present to witness the proceediogs. The President's Mounted Guard escorted the Washington Light Infantry to their armo ry, when the two companies were severally dismissed, much gratified with the May day proceedings Mr Ehbeh's Orgaxh?The chapel orgAn, which wis exhibited at the last iair of tt^ Metropolitan Mechanics Institute, in thiscit^ has been sold to the convent of Mount de Sales, near Catonsville, Maryland; the price $500. It will be recollected that Mr Erbec, the man ufacturer, received at that fair a silver medal, a high compliment justly deserved by him; for his instrnmen's have a wide reputation for their unrivalled ex:el!ence The organ made u.?eof in the Trinity church, cf thiscity is from hi? extensive establishment It wa* purchase 1 it, ls33. and played upon in xv ??fcington for the first time at a sacred con cert Tae instrument has just been overhauled and repaired by a gentleman connected with Mr Erben's establishment, and is now in first rata order an l as good as new. One of hrben s organs is now temporarily at the Smi'hsonian Institution. Yeste*day. rre,!deQt of Tfle Waited Sta'es, Secretaries ? a hrie and Davis. arid Attorney General Lashing, having bujinefl- at the Ins'itute, were entertained by Professor Scheel who performed several airs oa that elegant instru ment Taa Natubal Gcabd, under command of Capt. James A Tait. as wo stated in our last paper, proceeded to Roach s spring yesterday morning for target practice, aooompanied by > rosperi s hand They etjojed themselves Z C W hi;more won the sliver cup, W Miller the elegant silver medal, and T. Millburn a massi.e gold pencil and pen, all made by Mr Samuel Lewis, and procured by the oAcers Tae ompany presented a beau tiful cup to the cthceis, which was won by Lieut Ik S Alien Corporal Jones was the recipient of the leather medal. DiSTCftBABCE.?We learn that there was a in the Fir.t Ward, yesterday, iu which several inconsiderate p?rs^ns became involved 'Jfflcer Fanning, in his eflorts to preeerve the peace, wa*eeterel> wounded over the eye i be subject, we learn, will become a matter of police investigation. Th* Kclipss or thb|(ook took piace Iaat nicbt, aceording to tho prediction, and was witnessed by very many persons The weather was calm and clear, and the heavens star lit. The phenomenon could not hare occurred under more favorable circrmstanoes for obser vation The obeearation was total at twenty, one minares past ten At ten minutes pa-t one o'clock, it was, we are told, all over; but we did not oare to sit up until that hour to be convinced by "ocular demonstration" of the fiCt. Thk Great Land Sals ?Ourreadersshould cot forget that on the 11th inst. the great land sale of C W. Boteler takes place. The prop erty advertised for it in the Star oomprises a collection of Wanhington lots, such aj was never befoie offered at aootion in this oity. Loca tions, it will be peroeived by the catalogue, are to be found in all parts of tbe city, and the property is offered by bona fide holders, with the determination t* sell at whatever price it will bring. Id no oity in the Union is property increasing in valne upon a more solid basis than in this city, and no better ic? vestment can be made anywhere in real es tate than here, daring the " present tight times" for money. ? Scxmrr Bkveragr.?We acknowledge tbe receipt, from Mr. C. Gautier, of some of his " sparkling nugar," which possesses the prop erties of and is equal to the best soda water, when mixed with common water according to the printed directions It is pat up in half pound glass jars, and flavored with lemon, ginger, sarsap-irilla, vanilla, eto. Tbe bever age is soft, rich, and remarkably agreeable as well as wholesome. Whether in travelling or at home, a supply of the sparkling sugar will prove a luxury. Pathr-Hangihg.?No one in Washington in want of paper-hangings will regret oalling on JobnjDavis, Star Buildings, whose adver tisement will be found in our issue of to-day. Mr Davis is an old craftsman, thoroughly con versant with his business, and has laid in a stock of goods in hia line, such as never was ?urpacsed in Washington, fie has employed workmen, too, inferior to none in the District of Columbia. We advise all whose walls want renovating to give him a call Amti-Kkow Nothings ?A meeting of the Union Association, composed of both Whigs and Democrats opposed to the Know Nothings, held a meeting last night, at Harmony llall. Addresses were delivered by Dr Magruder, and Messrs Devlin, Cammack, and McNeir The meeting, we learn, was largo and enthu siastic There is to be a convocation of dele gates next Tuesday night, to nominate a gen eral ticket for the ensuing June election. Diorama or Eusker Hill.?Odd Fellow's llall was crowded last night with both adults and ohiidren, to witness this beautiful and patriotic exhibition. It is truly entitled to the patronage of the public. The Marine Band will play at tbe Capitol ground this afternoon, commencing an hour before sun-set. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Georgetown, May 2, 1855. Many of our people especially the juveniles seemed disposed yesterday to enter heartily into tbe celebration of the advent of mother of ro3es, May. At the Ladies Academy, at the Convent cf the Visita'ion, the festivities throughout the day were of the most pleasing character. The firemen's procession was quite large, and all the external paraphernalia, ap paratus, aiu'crm, musie, &z., was really beau tiful We are pleased to learn that tbe canal packet, Congress, is being liberally patronized On the 7th inst . she will be drawn off tbe route for a few days, to convcy to Cumberland tho officers and directors of the Canal Com pany, and State's agents (of Maryland) on their t*'Ur of in?pection. We learn from one of the directors ct the company, th*t an invi tation was extended to tho Governor and Comptroller of Maryland to accompany them, but declined in consequcnco of a preso cf State business Forrest Hall was w*li filled last evening to hear the lecture of ibe Indian chief, Maung wu daus. and see the exhibition by him and his company. Business upon our canal looks rather dull this morning. This is owing to the fact that most persons rending along the line, and many engaged upon it, are engaged in their farming operations We have been requested to say that the Rev. Mr Cummins, of your oity. will preach a Fermon to the young men, of our city, in St John's Church, on Thursday evening next, at 8 o'clock. From every direction we continue to receive the most cheering accounts of tbe growing wheat crops. If nothing unforeseen should befall it, tho yield, from all we can gather, premises to be one cf the largest ever known in this section of country. We also learn that the young frail never loeked more healthy or uromised a more abundaut yield No change in flour or grain market. Fish are <iuite pl^n'y ?t our wharves tbis morning. Shad are selling at $.S per hundred, and her rings at $6 pei thousand. bpscTATOR ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alxxasdria. May 2, 1855. Last night the Democracy assembled en mosse at the Lyceum llall, S Buckingban. President ef the association, presiding. Mr Skinner, of Augusta, entertained the large auditory for one hour and a half with a bril liant and effective address, citing Clay against Flturnoy, and demanding of the Whigs which was the best authority. Col. fiunton, of Prince William, next spoke most eloquently, and after some remarks from a gentleman of the valley, G. W. Brent, eeq , of Alexandria, made a brilliant appeal to the Democratic partv. The meeting ckaed with three checrs for the Democratic standard bearers. Tbe American party also held a public meeting, which was attended by large cum bers Mr Mitchell and F. S. Evans spoke at length and with ability in behalt of the prin ciples of the Know-Nothing organisation. Messrs Smith A Perkins, who commenced wwrk only lai; Saturday, turned out yester day another magnificent locomotive, the F.;ir view, for the Pennsylvania and Ohio railroad Counterfeit 5'a on the Merchants' and Me. chanics' Bank of Wheeling are in circulation here. It is well to be wary. Fish are still plentiful Shad $7a$7.50 per hundred ; herring. $5 25 per thousand rV~y?A8 A 8PUINU AND Sl'MMKU MKIlICINK, CirUr'i Spanish Mixture dtu la pre eminent above all other*. Ite *1u<ularly efficacious action on tbe blood ; It* strength suing aiil vivifying qnslltles; lie tonic action on the Liver, IU tendency to drive all humors to the surface, thereby rleanslng Uie system according to X store's own preecrlp lion; 1U harmless, an 1 at the ?erne time extraordinary good effects, and the number of cure* testified to by many of the Koet reef** table citizens of Bl'limood, Va., and ei-ewhere, most be conclusive evidence th?; there U no bom bun about II The trim! of a stable 1/otUe will satisfy the most sceptical o? lie benefits. advertisement lu Mother oolnmn. rV-7-DR. HOOPLAMJS CELKBRATBD OKBUAN BIT US TEB8. There are few things which afford ns greater pleasure than atnlug down to write a notice of the celebrated Hoof land German B luers, because we are folly consctons we are oonferrli.g a public benent, and oar heart tells ns that by our notices many have been Induced to take these Bitters, and been rescued from 'leath by dyspepsia, liver romplalut, ftc., for the cure of which It la certain It ts prepared and sold only by Or. C. M. JACKSON, at the German Medicine Store, No. 130 Arch street, PnUadelphla. Sm? aJvertlsemeut. marl?Sm OV-Jos Smu.iii?iTOB receives all the new Books and New* papers as la*> as pubhsued. He Is agent for Uarper's and all rie other MagazUee, and utr readers will always find a large and good esao.-tmeut of Blank Books and Stationery at ble Bookstore, Odeon Rclldlng. cor Pa. avenne and it D1JCU. On lite 1st instant, after a long and painful illnesa, Mr F. K. KNOLL, whose talents acquirement- as a inu.-ician have delighted *0 many citizen* lie If avtb h destitute widow to bereave his un timely end. All charitably di.?po>ed will here find an opportunity of rendering assistance to a desert ing person. His funeial will take place tomorrow (Thursday) May 3.J, from tils late residence on 9Ath street, be tween I and K, First Ward, wbeu all his Iriends are invite.! to attend <?n the 1st instanl, after a very short illness, AO ? . VIRGINIA, intant daughter ol George and Parah Crook, a:ed 11 months . ? M CMOIR* OF THJ4 CQUlVTBMi OF PLI "tngtfpi-, fry k. H. MfcUleo, MR I. A..#% FRANOK TAYLOR. Wants. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANfS A SlTUA tion as a chambermaid, or lo take care of chil dren. Has no objection to travel. Address "Julia," at this office. may 9 - 9t* ASITUVrtOV WANTED BY AN INTELLI gent young man, having a thoroush knowledge of ths French, English, and German languages and book keeping. Beat reftrences given Please ad dress "J O," Star office. may 2?tit* SERVANT WANTED.?THE ADVERTISER] wishes lo engage the service* of a young colored Man, who can drivs and make himself generally useful. A rtave preferred. Address "8" at the Star office. may 2? 3t* \1T ANTED.?A COMFORTABLE, READY TT furnished cottaee, retire! in situation, by a f mily of two and one servant, to rent for the sum mer. Rent must be moderate. Address "J M B," Star Office. may 3?3t* T1TANTED?A STRONG GlRL TO DO THE W work of a small family of two persons. Ap ply immediately at No. 3# Washington street, bo tween 4th and 5th, and G and H streets. may 2?It* WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN A SIT- | nation as Seamstress. She can do embroid ery nnd is willing to assist in the chamberwork. Can be found at the residence of Mr. TURNER, | m 4 *4 street, near Maryl ind avenue. may 2?It* W ANTED?ON A FARM, WITHIN 2^ miles ot Washington, a man and wife, with out family. He is wanted to understand Horses, Plowing, kc. Address "J S," at this office. may 9 -3t? SITUATION WANTED?By a young German Man, to work on a farm or any other respectful or useful business. Have no objection to act as porter in a store. Address J H. Herborn's Hair Dressing Saloon, opposite Star office. ap 30?3t* 117 ANTED?#3,000 FOR TWELVE months, v v for which good security, and a bonus will be given. Address *4A B C," at this office, slatim; where the party may be sees ap 30?eo3t* WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT they can g?*t a lot 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of $75?payable $3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land office. 7th st., abov? Odd Fellows' Hall. _*p28 -3m JOHN FOX, Sec. WANTED?A COMPLETE FILE OF THE WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR since its publication up to the pr?*?-ent date, for which a liberal price will be paid if sjntto this office. ap 3??f PKR80JIAL ?Pei sans subscribing to Brown' Illustrated Family Bible, or any of Mirtin &. Johnston'* publications, of New York, or Walker's, of Poston, who do not receive their numbers regu larly are informed that on leaving information at my office, by letter or otherwise, will be promptly at tended to by JAMES CARTER, Sole Agent for those Publishers. Office, comer of C and 10th street* west, may 1?2t 3ELECT SCHOOL FOR 01W AND BOYS Sixth ttrf.r', between D arui E, tee*t tide. 1 BARENTS or Guardians desirino to enter their | ehildren can see the Proprietor at the School between the hour* of and 2J-? o'clock, e*ni- ] mencing May 1st. ap 28?51* HARPERS' MAGAZINE FOR MAY? Emma, being No. 6 of Harpers' Srry Books. JuFt received by TAYLOR St MAURY, may 1 Bookstore, near 9th st. Rkfp.iokraturk, ice PITCHERS,I WATER COOLERS ju.t received and for sale at tli? lowest cash prices by the subscribe.-. JOS. L. SAVAGE, Sijrn of the Large Gilt Saw, Ta. avenue, between 10th and 11th sts. ap 30?3t SUPERIOR SODA WATER. !HE subscriber would most respectfully inform 1 his former patrons, and the lovers of superior | Soda Water generally, that his founts are aja n in operation, and in orner to Ke-p up his w> li earned reputation of keeping the best SODA WATLR and i most delicious SIRUPS in th?; cit , is determined! (if possible) to have it still tt? r than heretofore. O. BOSWFLL, Dtuggist, Corner Maryland av , and 7th st., Island, ap 20 lm Washington. BONNETS, FLATS AN>? RTBBONS. \\T E have now on haiid a vrry lars* ami cent ral W assortment ol Ladies' and Misses J BONNETS. Children's fLATS, B< -ys' am'.jj M< n's IIA'PS. < Also, a hanlsom** assortment ol Bonnet I and Cap Ribbons, Flowers, Wreaths, Tarltons, Mar- j celline Flurances, Rushas, &c., to be sol.I at our Uiually low prices. W. EG AN !c SUN, 333 s sile Pa. avenue, near 7th street. ap3>">?2w HOSIERY, GLOVES, &c. \\J E have Just received a vi r> lar^: assortment | W of Ladies' white, brown, slate, black, brown embroidered and open worked hose. Gent's white, brown and mixed Hose and half | Ilose Misses and boys' white, brown, shtc, hla-k, fan cy striped and opeia worked Ilose and half Host Ladies' kid, ulk and Cotton Gloves and black silk mitts Misses and Boys' white and colored silk, kid, and thread Gloves aud black silk Mitts Gent's kid, silk and thread Gloves We would invite spe.iial attention to our large and well assorted stock of Ladis' and Children's Hosiery and Cleves, being the largest assortment in this citv, and will be sold at very low prices W. EUAN ii SON, No. 33 3 shady side Pa. aveioie, hrtw. ap 30 2w 6th and 7th sire, t ? NOTICE OF REMOVAL. N ew FURNITURE STORE.?ROTil well & BltOWN have removed their House Furnish ine Store to the large and handsome building on ?th street, next to Odd Fellows' Hall, where we have for sale a large and varied a -sortment of elegant par lor, chamber and Cottage Furniture. Also, Carpeting*. Oilcloth, Door Mats Glass and China Ware, Clocks in variety Wooden Ware, Basket Ware, Velocipedes Children's Carriages, Rocking Hordes Mattresses of hair, cotton and shuck Office Tables, Desks, Chairs, S.c. Japanned Tin Ware andjBalhing Apparatus They will keep constantly for sale a lull assort went of house furnishing Goods, and will sell on the most favorable terms. ap 6?'-olta MORE NEW GOODS. WE have just received 50 pieces French Lawns and Jaconet.s, very beautiful Goods, and entirely new pat terns, to be sold at i!5c per yard 1 case Portsmouth Lacousat W%c ?20 pieces rich figured Organdy Muslins 25 do very best quality Paris Lawns 50 Dress Patterns, rich fig'd Iterates 4"? pieces plain Berages, good qual ty, at 311?c 25 do very best quality plain Berage, at ?7^c 2 cases Merrioiaek Prints, 12^c 1 do Scotch Gingham-1, l'2V$e ALSO?ON HAND A handsome assortment of Twisted Silk, Berage., Jaconet and Muslin ROBES, which we will| very cheap. SUMMER SILKS. We would invite special attention toour large and well assorted stock of Silks Ladies should not fad to examine our assortment before purehasing, as w< can certainly s?ll better bargains in thi.-> class ol | goods than any other house in this city. MANTILLAS. Just received. 25 black Silk Mantillas of the new est shapes and handsomely trimmed, to be sold at our usually low prices CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY k CO. ap 97?6t NOTICE TO TRAVELLERS BETn rJlX IVASIIISUTON V BALTIMORE. ?-T- r?nsif 1 Alter this date, the Parsenger fli?98F"?yK'I'ra'u from Washington at 6 a m. for Baltimore, and the Train from Baliim re at 5 15 p. m. for Washington, on SindaT WILL BE DISCONTINUED. The only Train, therefor, on Sitrubty, from Washington, will I*- that leaving at 4 3-) p. m , aud from Baliiniore at 4 15 a m. The Tram iroin Washington connects at the Washington Junction with the Express Train leav-1 ing Baltimore at 5 10 p m lor Wheeling and the Wast. JOHN H. DONE, in 1?lOt M wter Transportation B ho. BR. [Union, Georgetown Advocate, acd Alexandria | Sentinel copy.] MAY BALLS. WE have Just received, tor the May Balls, the largest and iu>st varied assortment of Fans, Boquet Holders, Baskets, Fine Perfumeries, ?tc. ^ JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th sts. ap 28?tf Qrxfl REWARD?My servant girl, Margi tJp*JvF ret, lelt my house on New York avenue, the 25th instant, and it is believed she had been c'.c coyed off and secreted by free negroes, i will give the above reward if taken out of the District and $25 d taken in Washington or vicinity, and delivered to uie. She is about five feet high, twenty-one years of age, coppwr color, rather stoutly built, and has a quick way of speaking. She is believed to be still in Washington. F M. EWELL. ap *-?8?eo3t* C~ShIlurkns fancy ntkaw j HATS.?Just opened a la ge, ne- \ and beautr fill assortment of Children's straw Hlis, C^ps, and Mioses' Flats, Ladiea' *t:aw ridin* Hats, of beauti ful patterns, at BUTT fc HmPKINS'S Cheap Hat, I H<pt and Gentlemen's Furnishing Store, corn* r oil 0th strtet and i'enda. avenue, l?t ween Irtm ns' and j Natfenal WReis | For 8ale and Pent. A LARGE FRAME HOUSE, WITH BRICK back holding and lot adjoining, ? corner of 14th and f> street*, fn Square W>. o*rt Lot No. t will be offered at private iale, until May lit*, and if not void will be told at public auction Apply to ANDREW J JOYCE, may 2?tf No. 41 7 Fourteenth st. I BURNISHED HOL'PE FOR RENT?A WELL . furnished House on H street, near 18th, with < of without ?er vants, will be rented for a fe<? months I at a low feat. Apply to may 9?eo3t" HOOE? BRO. tt CO. FOR RENT?TWO HAflfysOMELY FUR ni?hed Rooms, at No. 300 Nineteenth street, be'ween II street and Pa. avenue. may 3?3t* FJOR RENT.?SEVERAL VF.ltV PLEASANT apartments, in suites or separately, fun..?hed or un'urnish?d The locotion is most desirr.hle. ben.* in the immediate vicinity of the State Department. For reference apply at No. 910 Pa. avenue, may 1?St* F'OK RENT?A FINE BRICK HOUSE, CON laitung ten rooms with cellar, thre^-storieg and attic high, with a good pump of water in the yard ; situated on the corner of Massachusetts avenue and Tenth street, hi the most pleasant part of the city. Enquire of GEO B. LANiJLEY, on L, between 9ih and 10th streets, No. 504. Possession given oa the 9th of May. may 1?3i* PROPERTY IN FRANKLIN ROW FOR SALE The second house from I3th sleet, with a two story hark building and cellar, containing 12 rooms 10 with fire places, including kitchen, brick carnage house, and sta'de with three stalls ; fronting on K street 79 feet 11 inches and runniug back 140 feet to , a paved alley -ontaimng over eleven thousand square | feet of ground. The house can be viewed from 12 to 2 o'clock each day, and terms ma-!e known by the occupant. ap 30?Gt* FOR RENT OR SALE-THREE MEDIUM-, ?i*e time-story Brick Houses on the corner >f 9th and N street'. The corner one is suitable lor a I grocery or any other kind ot a store. The houses are new, having been finished this spring. For fur ther particulars enquire at the corner of 12th and I. sts , No. 3SI. ap '*0?lw r?R RENT^THE SMALL FRAME two-alory House, No. 47 9 Thirteenth street, west side, two doors south of Pa. avenue. It is neat and com fo-table. Possession given immediately. Apply at the Star Offiee. np 28 - tf OR RENT?THE TWO STORY BRICK 1 Dwelling on Potomac street, one door south of St. John's Episcopal Church, Georgetown Apply to R. crljikshank.on Bridge street,%r GEORGE WATERS, on vVater street. ap 25 - tf (Intel fcOrgan) 1|M)R KENT.?TwohandsomelyfurnishedHouses, ' containing 15 rooms in one, and 9 in the oth? r. in a desirable location fronting on public square, one square from Lafayette Square, on H, corner of II and Eighteenth streets, with hath rooms, &c., will be leiuud on reasonable terms to good tenant*, ap 13?lm* OR RENT?TIIE SPORE HOUSE NOW oc cupied by Barnes & Mitchell, on Pa. avenue, between 8th and 9ih streets. Possession given on 15th May next, on whi'h time the present lease ex pires. Apply to J AMES DIXON, Esq , of this city, or the subscriber, "Cottage," Montgomery county, Md. TnoS. CONNELLY, ap 23?tf OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR-1 lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Table and transient board. Inqui.c at Mrs. SMITH'S, ?33 F street ap9 FOR KENT-THREE NEW FRAME HOUSES, containing six rooms, each situated on Pierre street, between I. and M streets, being but four square.-from the Railroad Depot; would make gi*>d residences. Rent moderate. Apply to CHARLES TIIOMA, on the opposite side of the t-treet. ap 4?lin* VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? The block ot buildings known ar the "Union Buildings," ainl now occupied by th.- Ui.ion news paper establishment. They are niuated on E street between 13ih and 14th streets, and fronting direct!} on I'ennsylvahia avenue. The lot is 70 fe>"t front bv 159 feet deep. The property is susceptible of divi.i ion and re arrangement, !.nd its posit i n sucb as must rank it among the be>t business stands on the avenue, and is yeariy increasing in value. The time of the present lessee expires on t!ie Dt Septem- | ber next, on which day possession may be had. Also, that larg.* three-story Brick Hou-e on I7ih street west, (opposite the War Office and three d'-ors south of G street.) Also, that three story Hou- on 17th street west, | next door to the Government Huiiiitiig, at the corner of F and I7ih streets. Shonl 1 tli*i ab-?ve pro pi rty not be sold at private sale prior to the 15th of May, a will l.e w.hl on that dav at public amnion. Terms will be made favorable i? the pur htser. Appyto CH. II WINDER, Corner of Seventeenth and G eticetft. mar 19? gawtMay 15 TflLLA FOR SALE?THE SUBSCRIBER of \ fers .at private sale tlie vnla in wliir'i she at present resides, with eight acrcs of land, situated it Ellaville, on the Washington and Baltimore Turn pike Road. The h' use i- new, with all the modem improvements, and the situation has many advant ages for persons engaged in business in \\ a-hington its it is within live minutes' walk of the Hladensburg lle.iot on the Railroad, and there i? also an omnibus running twirc a day between Washington and Eil-t ville. Application to be made to the subscriber, living on the premises. MARY S. VASS. inar27?2awt* I^OR SALE?A TWO STORY Brick HOUSE I ^ on the corner of Prospect and Frederick streets Georgetown, now occupied by Mr John W. Bro naugh. For information apply to Mr. J W1ES MIL LFlt, VI at It et <t , betw. 4h aiid 5th, Georgetown, ap 25?law5w* \Valuable and eligiiii.y situated I ' Building Lot at Trivaie Sale ?The sub?cril*r | Will sell, at private sale, Lot No. 3 in Square No. 414,fronting 99 feet 4 inch on 11 street south, by 91 feet 6 inch 011 Eighth street west. The Lo; will be sold in whole or 111 parts, to suit | purchasers. Terms accommodating. CHAS. S. WAI.LACH, Attorney, ap 30?eo4\v* opposite west wing City liall. Furnished rooms? mrs.g Anderson ha* several furnished Rooms which she wishes to renti situated over the Music and Stationery Store, second door from the Kirkwood House, Pa. avenue. ap 11?eolm HOUSE FORWENT?CORNER" OF 19th and I streets, one ot the mo?t desirable locations 111 tuecity. For particulars apply at the Kirkwood House, between the hours of 2 and 3 p. ??., to RALPH II ASK INS. Also?A go i.l covered BUGGY and HARNESS, ap 25?eo3i* ToRfcTIN GEORGETOWN FOR HEN 1', s tu-! ated on Bridge street, No. 190, next door to 1 the Bank ofConiinerce and at present occupisd by Mr. M. L. Williams Tlie location Is one of the I best in Georgetown for the dry goods or book busi ness. To a careful and punctual tenant the rent will be moderate. Inquire of T. A. LAZENBY, Bridge st, Georgetown. ap -27?ec6t HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily | located Building Lots, 24 feet fVont by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought ? at the exceeding low price of $75, payable .?3 per | inouth. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th St., above Od4 Fellows' Hall, jan 9?f?in JOHN F<?X, Secretary. R~ ENTS REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIMES. f 150 a year will be received for the rent ot | those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres ot ground, stable, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pure water are near the door, and communicat 011 is I13..I with Georgetown by way of II and Seventh ?treets and Pet n. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys] may be had and the houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal I terms. WM. STICKNEY, No 4, Kendall trreer.. N. B.?Rent? paid quarterly in tuivance. apr 9,1855-tf BOOTS, SHOKS AND TRUNKS. JUST opened, and now ready for inspection, at D. It. WALL'S Boot, Shoe and Trunk Em Horiuin, a large, varied and well selectedS^^. spring and summer stock of HOOTS, SHOES and TRUNKS, among which are? Ladies' morocco, kid and iasting Gaiters Hoots, Slippers, Ties and Buskins Misuses' do do Children's Shoes in great variety Gentlemen's patent leather and calf skin Boots end Shoes, Congress Gaiters, Pumps, fee. Boys' and youths' do With all ihe most approved r.nd fashionableMyles J of Shoes manufactured, all of whkh will be sold at exceedingly low prices. In addition to the above an extensive assortment of Trunks, Carpet Bags, Valises, and Saichels, v. ry Cheap. A call is solicited from all who are in want or great bargains, as 1 am determined to sell as cheap as the cheapest. D. R. WALL, No. 84 opposite Centra Market, ap 25?eo3w ..etween 7th and 8'h sts NkiWJEWKLH y7~ WATCHES, SILVERWARE, kc. M. VV. GALT k BRO are receiving daily I arte | additi"ns to their stock of n?w and elegant JEW ELRY, WATCHES, SILVERWARE, fcc. Purchaser* have the advantage ot a selclccuon from a complete assortment of the latct stylet, of | the best quality, and at the lowest rates. M. W. GALT fli bro , 344 Peun avenue, between 9th and 10th sts apr 27?61 Auction Bales. ?y J. C. McQUlBB. AMUmr. ENERHREENS. he. at Auettoh.-Oi*-FRrD%V afternoon, May 4th. at 4 o'clock, Aac uon rooms, I shall aril a choice n*?ortii>?at of Ever freens, comprising Norway Sprace, Pine, Arbor Vi trt, fcf., from a celebrat d nursery in Boston Terms cash. JA3. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. By J. O. MtUl'IRK, Aaclloaaar. I^XE'UTOR'S PALE OF LARGE PUNCH j I.NG Machine, Rhicksmiths' Tool*, Iron, Cart kc.?On TUESDAY afternoon, May 8ib, at 4 o'clk I shall sell, at Easby's 81,tp Yard? One large Punching Machine Lot of Bisckimi'h' Tool*, Bolt) Shackles Chain. Below* Rurrell Cart, Wheels, Cart Lot of Lof-i, he. <>f sale: $30and under cash ; over that Wtri a credit oi sixty aad ninety dav?, for approved en dorsed notes bearing interest J AS. C. MeGUlrifc, nrny 2 d Auctioneer. ay J-C-Mcanur, Auctioneer CllANVERY BALE OF VALUABLE AND EL .gimy situated improved and unimproved Real ",n* l,0?~ ;""l Lou, va cant Lois, and VVbarf.? by virtue of a dectee of :lie i.i'^TUl1 urt ?r th* '''"tnct of Columbia for Waah pC n county, made in ihe cause wherein John A Ftaser is complainant, and John Walker, I lien S. Fraier, and othfre, heirs at law of Simon Eraser, 4^,j, are defendant*. No. ?w,in Chancery, the sHU,rnnhh' .,n,Sfrr an^?nto<| by said d- ere,'. * sell at public auction all .how- pjeees or parcel* ,,f * ' ' f^ing situat-d in ;liecitr ? t Wasli m?ton. and known mid distinguished as ben* l.ot? E^lVl iJiVS&V'9' '?. i*,.3, 14, 15 If, and 9t, in t! ? sCiKlivi?i?n made bj said tun-tees of Square No -fl" fremiti *,Ml vlr'?Mv rr??m lef-et 1 inch to':*) f s reetSouth' ?? *h "" efs "i AS th .!. so?th, by various depth* to an alle.. wnh Jmt a,M' "PPU^nances, which en K i (0tnn,odl?u? "?id Wf? and pubstantiallv built story Brick Dwelling Hou* ou Lot f ..nil a Louiforiahlw and well built 2 story f'.ri k Iiwdiim i:so0";?.c5rofi^ **?,t? ard ??.,n '?<?*> oil F street m\ fc<,"iin' No fronting Stf b" IiisV?. i between 9<h and 10th st*. ? iJni p' wuh ,h<! ""proveiutnu ar.d apiiur ena ices, w.uch co?si,t of a 2s< storv FrameRL fruntkwM VPtt uLot V"- 3- in 8q?*r?- N . 73-. ha ! ii? "n Penn*>'vania avi-nu-,,? 55! A wiih a w.dih on said " A * si^etot4J feet 7inches : and part of tf.jnar. 472, frontm, l i f, et on V^ater street, at the ' . rn? Iber f!r? t',h f,l*ct Wtat, w?b Uie valuail.* Wi.a.f h*U"W*> ^admnn ui chaant I of ibe I otomac nv? r, and now occupied bv Gecrce Page and u?. d a* a steamboar wharf Square^Nn Loti ,n tU" M.bdivi*io ? of tenants ,7a i'? "nPro^'ne.lts a> d appur d?y of Ma? ^ r, tte'a*!, tew ' t 5 o clock p in., on tli? pr u. Pbe sale of Lot No. 4, in Square No. with L ?c,l^nrOV''),%n,S an,< aPPur"*nances, will' tike w<II ake'r.^Part V l'nt V" * <n X.,. Tjn ?? ?."? 'J " Fr",a>?tf,e 2jth dry of Var it A j P m ? ?" l"* P."' OHM S. * An?J the ^ale of part of r-'quar.- No 472 with t*. t'ake rli / Vi,ia^l^,0,"?*c'?ed andh.1 ?e,ne w'.!l m V "ITuesd^. ** 29 ib d .y of .Va iAV at 5U o clock p. rn, on th.- premise,. >' ' oZ, .^SiTSSAS TZVr.?"? capiulidtx UK) '.t'ler, a n,,^, favoraW*- ."ii.otiu jt'v in.. i? rni^ of ^aJe, as pr.^cri ..-d by said zs&zvzt 2.'wsr r? ;y fij- month,, to b?'ee, J!/ hTX pur"h^r-8 ? n ijy b?fi 'ii(j infrrf fropi div t f c?in '??i?L7r> *? ?? EDW'D SWANN 'I s ?.., a c: .MvOCTKB, ?? Auctioneer. "?;??? * ?W?. A? S '. 'N V"-IMI!?.F i:i ii.iiix(; i.ors vr ^ Aucii-n. ?^h WLOVESfMY ih, i? i. .. . wc s1 nil f.ell, at G o-. irK?k n in' ?4 Tk- f . cround, harm? a trout on (" ^r. :-i ^JiuflV'-'V' inclje-, and fbh Mr 2H3 Sne SJe'f ' ' " ,.J j above descrilM'.l property i<hand?.n,e|? lo, a walk ' "m Uw N"V> Vi,rtl ?"? ? >tvvU,!S vesrVtl.efn,'.'JhaJrCil^'J Ulancc ir> ^ne and two , tlie purchaser to give netcs tor the .!?i.-ru pa> hi. i.i5,1..arm? intt-rest irotn the day of.?:il?. A dee J pi ven ai.d a df>ed ot tru : taken. 111 Vr7> VF-? ? Vv V, r ?*'* >m I'O* t poned m> in w EIJ.NE.-nAV, the 95t!i m?t , -am. hour. ,Q . . GREEN &. PCf ITT an 1? -eo&J< ... . '' ? Ancuoi.eern. ng-Th* Ibitie Kl? is r<r(hcrnni>i p"iied until THURSDAY tiiedlof Mav ~ irn. |,.,u when it will positively take place GREEN u t-COTT, By J. C. HcGI'IRE. Antltontcr. CAyca,L?t';'ilE ^L.E .OF LnNI,ON il"d Amer ican Rooks.?i Mia?l <ell, on WEDNESDAY e\ enme, Majr 2d, at 7 o'clock, at ruv Auction store standard book* anion* which are ?.me Of the best poet>, Shakspeare,Byion, Moore, Run; OrlT'lTc'01!', IIl"V,n' SOWpfr- Mrs- Wemana, Mit Oa e' ;'/ !?? ,rV,"!S' LW V, Scott s, Mrs 'Jpic H, u,d oilier Standard Novels, in library .-aif and antique binding. ?"?rary, cmt, A:so, London Rooks, beautifully illustrated, fucIi I iv. Tit" L,v"rs Cbancelbm an.i Liiiji ot the Une.-in. .?t Lnp'and, Historvof Ireland (I ook > Voyages. NelM>n's Letter,., Jones' View <-f Noblemen s S^ats, Mansions and d'asilec; Peo'ilo"-. Scripttire . ry o| Kngravin?s; Ruckley's IliM..rv of the Council ot rrent. National Gallery < f Encrav ?!? mu ?.?.?,?. i? j,?S l\z% &':"W{,n'' w",k" The Rooks will b- arranged and ca-alogues readv on \\ ediiesday incming. Teruis ea*h. ,,r . JA.Mr.S C. McGUIRE. a' r J0~d Auctiourrr. Iiy *?. Is. WliK.HT, Auctioneer, GEORGETOWN. \fERY DESIRABLE PRIVATE RESIDENCE at Auction.?Ry virtue of the authority vested in m>* by the last will and i> staineiit ot Emily Cor coran, deceased, I will sell, at public auction,on WEDNESDAY, tlie May next, at 5 ?'clr?ck p m. to the highest tuadvr, oil the pretiiix *, the v? rj de sirable lot, and dwelling hou?e thereon, late tbe res idence of tlie deceased, .situated on VVe-t st.. b< tween Congress and Washington streets, Git.rge town, one of the most desirable farts of the town for a private res;d? rce. The house contains two pari rs. two kitchens, and other ro >ms, hi all 14, besides a tine cellar; and is suitable for a large family. There is a good cis tern in the yard, and other covemences, incltidinc a ?taMe, Kcparatrd from the house lot by an alley op. ning on Washington street; and the title to the whole is believ. d to be unquestionable. The tern.sof sale are ons third ca<h, and the bal ance in one and two years, with intereht * ilied* furred payments to be secured by a deed of trust on the property. If the terms are not complied with within five days Iro . the day of sale, the subscriber reserve* the rirhi ir. re-sell the property, on one week's pub lic notice, at the ri-k and cost of the delinquent pur chaser. All conveyancing al cost of purclias* r. H. C. MATTHEWS, Executor or Emilv Corcoran, deceaM d. EDWARD S. WRIGHT, ap 19? eou Auctioneer. By J. C. SicUl'lRC. Auctioneer. C^OLD WATCHES AN.? CHAINS at Auction T ' 'n WEDNDSDAY evening, May the 2d, at 7 o'clock, at the auction rooms, I shall sell Three gold Hunting Lever Watch-s and Chains One second hand gold Fob Chain and Seal, co?t $50. Terms cash. JAS. C McGriRE, ap30?d Auctlbneer. Sy OltkKS dt 9CUTV, Auctioneers* VALOAR'-E BUILDING LOTS ATAUt TION. On WEDNESDAY, the 2d day of May, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p in. Lot No. l,in square No 4 having a front on -'6th street w. et of sixty feet, and fifty f?> t on north K st. T'ie above is a handsorne corner lot, contamin: three thousand square feet, troiiting on the *treet leadieg to the tower bridge, between Georgetown and Washington. And immediately after the sale of the above we shall se'l, Lots No*. 15 and 17, in Square No. 32, fronting one fifty leet hi inches, the other 51 feet, on Virginia avenue, between 24rh a ?d 25 li sireets we*t, having an average depth of about one hundred and mi feet. Terms !or the fi st named property will be one fourth cash ; the balance in six, twelve and eight een months. For the second named property, oue fourth cash ; in one nnd two years, the purchasers, in all ca&e6 of cn dit, to give notes beating interest from the day of sale. Title indisputable. A deed civeu and a deei of trust taken. GREEN k SCOTT, ap9S?d Auctioneers. Kl'Il A W H A'l h.?We have now opened our Spr;?2 supply of STRAW GOODS, and arc prr p^r.'d to sle.w a fu I assonment. AH our g- ods betu^ bi.ugbt for cash, We ate prepared t? sell al tbe lowest pi icei*. sTLVENS'S Saleki'-ooi, ap 3U?3t Browne' lluial telegraphic. DAILY BVEWIWO STAB. Philadelphia ?taicipal Kktim PnuBitfitt, May 2.?Oar elaetion . terday for Treasurer, Commiask>Bera Select and Coa?n Cooadllmen, Board of Health, <Jnardian? of til* Poor Sarveyor, Aldermen, Oonatablea, Jto , ra?a]f#d ia the ebolaa. by 140 majority, of toe *nti Know Nothing caadi dates for Treaaarer and Commlaciaaera. fher were rapport?d by thi Whig aad Democrat* ia opporition to the know Not blags Tha 8a leet Council will itaad?9 Damaarata, 1ft Kaow Nothings; Common Council-39 Democrats, aad 88 Ksow Nothing*. (*BCO*D DKSPATCa ] Tha return* ara oonflieting Tha Whig papjrt ?Uv* that Morten, K N., waa alaatad treasurer; bw? tha official returns will aoon settle the matter, ?nd tha first dispatch will probably proua corr."0t The Whig paper a a I ad fay that tha com plexion of the coutcila will be thua : Salaet Counoil 12 Kn iw Nothings and Whiga, 3 itrnight out Whi^s, and 9 Democrat* Com mon council 36 Dtmoera'a. 2 Whiga, 19 Know Nothing* [Nut* - Last year tha average K N. ma Mn y waa 9.576 iu Philadelphia?En Star.) [THIKD 0I8PATCB J iuo ?aiu/oa ahow a falling off of 10 000 rotes Mortoa, tha Know-Nothing candidate [or Treaaurer, ia probably elected by 10 ma (ority As yet nothing can be poaltivoly known, but the offl;ial retards to-morrow eaa il?ne settle the matter. [fOCRTH Dl?riT('H ? TBIVATI Morton, K. N , probably aleetad Treaaarer by about 100 majority. Sherry, Demooral, slectel City Commis.ioaer?14 warda Demo Jratic, 10 K N ; J8 Demoerata and 36 K. N'? &lec tod to councila National Jffedical Caarention. TniLADBLrara, May 2-Dr. (ieorge B. W ood, of this elty. has beea elected president. The committee have recommenced Nashville as the place oi meeting next year, but the com mi. tee were not unanimooa. The dele gatus were welcomed to the city by Mayor ra.: thia noon ia Independence Hall. New York Markets New 1 oKt, May 2 ?Cotton ia unobeyed. Flour ia downward. ai.d a trifle lower ; Good Ohio. $"j 75a$IO 12) , Southern ia firm. Wheat is dull, and tending downward Corn ia dull, with a declining tenden-y; Western mixed, I09d. _ lieef is firm with an upward tendency' Pork is dull; with a declining tendency. Ohio whisky, 37 cents. Ealtimore Market* Baltimore. May 2 ?F'our la dull; do aalea to report Howard street ia held at flu 25 W heat is dull Sales of ret at $2 40a$2 50 ; whi e fm Corn 13 dull and lower. ^%1m of white at 93*9$ cents, yellow $100 a pi 01. New York Stock Market ew ^ obx. May 2 ?Stocks are lower, and money is abundant Sales this morning of Erie Railroad at 50; Cleveland an i Telede H 4<lro?d. 7rt$; Cumberland Coil Company, JH Heading Railroad, S5j; Canton Company, 1?J, h60; Pennsylvania Coal Company. Iu5*; New \crk Central Railroad 93$; Virginia 6's, 97: Indians b e, 83j Boarding. C rJ>llE ADVERTISER HAS Jl ST ARRIVED R from New York and thoroughly renovated, ? llesr.eed, an 1 put in first rat* order to make It desi r h'e, ilie we'l known house of Lh<* late Mr*. Gal vi , on t', between 3d and street, ha* a few hoarders and would like to have a few more an the rooms are l?rce and very pleasant?the neighbor hood Iwi.ij one of the best in fh* city. Tl?? propri 1 t'?r has uothine to do hut att< ud to his hii-iaeas and will have everything ah nit him right. l#nv hoarders cw be accommodated. Cal' and rx-iiiine lor your fives. may 1 Si' IJOARDIVG.?PERMANENT OR TB \N3IENT |f Boarder* ran I*- acooiuin<?dated on reasonable FITZGERALD'S, No 474 Pa areaue, u< xt door to the United Sute<i Hotel. api7- 7t* Boarding ?o^e 4?r two gentlemen can obtain hoard in a quiet tamilv, where there ar?- no ?.mali child'?n, and where they can have iho b?*?st family cnokine A pump of vet y ?uperior wa t?T in the yard Reference* -irhaiifed. Addreat "R f5 V, ' through th- City Poet Office. ap ?-??< ei^3t? X t? T I C K ?F??B KKN'T-PASLORS AND 1 ^ Cuam' ers, wuk boird. AIm>, table and tran -ioni bosrd, wn'! a hathin* room and phrwaei bath* md ever>- attention to render it moot actwaUe to iier Ifoardera .Mrs. P. G -MURRAY, (>.?rner Penn^lvania aveaue and at. _M?23-3in BOARD, dtc -MRS. BATES, on Uw aomh wr<t corner of Pa. avenue and fllh atrevt w pre pare.! to accomiModaie gentlemen with room*, with ur without hoard. Every effort will be made to reo Irr tk;o#? cotnforubie who may favor her with their paJ-onar<u ap 6?tf PLEASURE TRIPS . TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. rlhe Steamers GEO. WASH JINGTON or THOS COLLY BR can l* chartered for public or ?lect partien to visit the White Hou?e Pavilion, .Mount Wrnon, Fort Washington, or other places on the nver. Th?- White Hou.-e Pavilion is now open lor vtn tors It is a beautiful place for pleasure trips; U ha- a tine Ball and room ; al*?>, a new Tea Piu Alley. (X?- For particular? app'y to the President of the Company, or the t'apt^i-is ot the Boats. .Mr WI I.LI \M CORE is furmshinf refreshment# on *he boau, and is prepared to furnuih parties oo the he?t t- rtns. ap 99? ?m MISS CUN5IN0HAM,S SCHOOL, Plea-ant Grtve, Seventh street Road, 1^ miles from tke City of H'athington. 'I^EE duties of this School will commence MON 1 DAY, the 30th of April. ? s the number of pu piW will be hunted, thoee who wish to avail them s? Ives of its atfvantcgc*, should make as early an ap plication as popsibie. The course ot instruction will be thorough and com; lete,and will embrace all the EnglM) branrhee usually taught in the b<*st schools, together wttb Music, French and Latin. Term* made known on application to the Princi pal. apf* AUCTION GOODS. 11/ ILL be op ned to morrow, a lot of cheap ? f foods, bought last week at 'be Northern auc tions, and vi lli be * Id for half their value, consist ing of the following : Muslin Sleeves and Collar, 25c. Do do Habit 9' Cambric do Collar Do Flouncing 12%'c per yard Muslin do 25 do Linen Hdkfs ? mb'd edge I2>f cent? Mohair Caps 50c, worth $ I And a variety of goodi which the ladie* are invi ted to call aud examine. A. TATE, P?. av. i.u? , between 10th and 11th sta. ap 30?eo3t SUPERIOR MATTINGS. JU?T received and on sale, 10C -oils 4 4, 5 4. and extra qualu> Gowqua, Foiking, Heeyune. aad Chong-lung M ATTINGS, in white, red, checked, and fancy pitiern? and colors. Thxae goods ar? warranted good. B-^me are ex tra heavy, and, with our former supply, make up the best st?*ek of Mattings in town, all of which will be sold on the most reasonable k rma ap 30?eo2w GLAGETT, DODBOW k CO. FROM LONDON, received by the last Steamer , Hand Book c f Familiar Quotations from Eng lish Authors, fl 3* The Rejected Addresaes, new edition, 37e S..T?gs selected from the Dramatists, 87c The Aictic Regions, by F Msyne 37c Chesterfield and George Selwyn, by Hayward, 37c Common Blunders in speaking ani writing, by C. W. Smith. l*c Mormoniuu, from the Edinburgh Review, 37c Vela?quez and Hi* work*, by Sterling, $1 Macft' iiaies Dictionary of English Syi...nym?, $1 25 Thot-hfs Ap-tphrt'^ems, by Arc' Wfbop What? ly, 1 00 kichaiCson on the Study of Language, I Ji Ki<gli?ll, i ast auk present, by French, 1 0) Tb* Angler ai.u bis Fri? o?t, bv John Davy. 1 jJ ma* t FKANCK TaVLOK

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