Newspaper of Evening Star, May 3, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 3, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Local Intelligence. Mcftic at tub Capitol -?Wo in ay safe'y ;iv that thouf auds of persons repaired to the Cap. itol ground- weet aide, yesterday afternoon. to (ttendthe first concert of the season by the Marine Bend- Tbe musichns were in fall ?Ire*, nod arranged atacirculer row of aUnda within one of the beautiful marble ba*ins nn tc? encloaure The trees and the grass olothel in "living green," (the latter like velvet to the feat.) flowers in fall bloom emitting their Jtsgraoce, and the noble national council hwase looming in the distance, the very macy listeners and promenade** of all agea and oondltlona, constituted a scene in the extreme baeutiful and worthy of a painter a skill. There the bachelor fondly geied on f-male beauty, and the fair ones, perhaps did not al together disregard the tender glaneea. The little folka, in hand carriages or in the nurds' arma, were evidently delighted with the melo dy as well as the p'easantly exciting scenes. Care was banished for the while, and, no far ae we ooold form an opinion, thsre was a milien kIcb in miniature. If the hypochondriacal vestige* of humanity would enly repair either to the Capito! <>r the President'a grounds, wh^n citise: 9 and strangers are attracted thither by the oheering strains of the Marine Band, they would be dispossessed of their despondency and cured ?f their disease Among the company wa noticed the Presi dent of tho United States, in company with the Hon. llarry Hibbard; and Secretary Marey, too, wes presont among the delighted a semblage. Tit Naw Post Opficb BmLMico?The thiaa brick house*, on tbe Post Offico rqutre, frorting on F s reel, were demolished m re markably short order one day this week The foundations were fi<st undermined and then do?n cam? the buildings hxe ?? a thousand brifk," or. rather, hundred* cf thousands of that material 'ibis work was accomplished without the least accident to tbose engaged in tie hasardous business. The frame3 are new * baring the same fate, but a slow process. Very soon the ground with the exception <d tne city Post Offioe buildings, will be e'eared. Ihere are now employed, m removing cb itructicas aid in excavating, lor y labjrerr 1 nineteen horses andcarts, under the ./iper Mtendcnce of Mr. A. W. Den ham. Seveu ear centers are likewise engaged on the premises. -Mr. Joseph Woodfall has been appointed fu j-erintenaent of masonry. Mr. William Dough erty, superintendent of marble work; and Mr. McPhers.'n djy watch. The business wbieh is preliminary to the areerlon of the addition to tho Post OfSte buildings is moving systematically and effi ciently. ?? Fatil Accipbkt?Wa lean thst s fatal accident ocearrei on tunnel No. 5 of the Wash ington scqceduct jester day A blast h >d tailed, ana one of the m*n in the euiploy of the oontractore was ro-loading the hole, with asveral others standing near, when, iu the act of tamping, the blast exrdod?d Theunfr tunate man was in?tan*ly killed, three others severely burned er otherwise icjnrcl, one of them having his cullar bone bioken. One man standing in the group, olo-c by the blast, caeaped entirely uninjure 1, though tbe frag ments of the reek flew all around him It is supposed that the first blast having slightly opened the rock, some fire remained in tbe crack and communicated with the new change. It seem* to have been one of those accidents whieh are unavoidable Tbe man was a skil led and expeiienced miner, who had spent ? It .edme in this occupation. Ta* Festival To-Niuht ?P-ofejior Mun der a grand exhibition and May ball Kill, it la scarcely necessary to temind our numerous readers, take plaee this evening at the Na tional Theatre. It cannot fail to be a magnificent eMertain n.e_t. as no pairs or expense has been tpved in embellishing the Louse and alto-icg the interior architectural arrangement* with a ? aw to beauty as well as to accommodate the bousandi of persons who will thers dtebtle.;s ... mgregate on this occasion?the old, 1 he mid aged, the aoolesrent, tbe juveniles. The crowning of the Qceen of May with gorgeous "properties and appointments '?the lovely daoorations with choice flowers and evergreens and rich and tasteful drapery, choi?* muiij, laney dance*, etc , will indeed constitute an imposing spectaci* well worthy ol the pibiic patronage Tan Maii5s Band, through their leader. Professor Scala, immediately npou hearing of the death of Mr T U Knoll, whose talents as a musician they h ghly respected, clfarcd their servicc* to perform a dirge at his fune ral, and being informed by the bereaved widow that Mr. Knoll had written an elegy himself, and had always desired to have it performed over his remains. Prof. Seala at onee aigniflsd hij intentions of arranging it for the b*nd. Thii beauiful composition, therefore, will be perfurmod this aficrnton, about half past five o'clock, over the grave at the cemetery. The liberality of the baud in offering their service* to departed talent, to other with the appropriateness of the music ealMted. makea it an oocafioa of rar* and eolemn interest. A Capital Ksstacuaht.?Reynold's Kl Dorado iiousa, on Pennsylvania Avenue soar the Uaited hiaies bote!, is one of tbe best leases of the kind in ths conutry, quiet, neat, ciranly. fashionable in all its attributes, very leasonable in the prices charged, unexception able in tho style of it* cooking and choioo in all served up within its portals Keynolda is i*al!y a" host'' wi'hiu himself, being careful lu seeks that bis attendants diich-rgw their duty with celerity and quiet decorum, while ne is always on hand to nperintend the sup pyof all the want* of bis gut* s. Header ?t you patronize eating houses, jay him one vtaii oa our recomxundation, aud we will ;uarantee that your ovrn taste will bo sure to irdaee you to repeat it. ? .Battle of Bckck .Mill?This diorama, t?cw eikibiiing at Odd Fellows' Hall, was witoeased last night by a dun^v crowd cf speo tat?rs. Kvery body teemed delighted wi(b the eetectainment. It is calculated to a?aktn dormant patriotism, and to cxci:e almirati n of the mechanical eontrivanecs l y u ci;L the isoviog scenes ars conducted If a few flags could be distributed among '.he automaton soldiers, it wual i be aa ;mpi vemsnt of the spectacle. Tlia inu?to behind tue curtsin is rather too loud and the rat'Jj of mu?Letry too oear for the effejt designed aid tt? lec torer'a rcice is cot s'entor to be fcsird above ?? tbe uin of batU^." Ihcre rhou'd be an teca?i^n*l pause in the aliu<ut dtstoni; g aeerds to emtio h:x so to explain t'at the auiitory uij.y huar his exp!ana:ij.iS W*j make thtsc su^geo.i &j in a tiieudly spirit. WasBi'GTOM Agrai>vcv ?The laborers ea> p.oyed ceir the Ureat Fells up <u this wotk luraed out tor higher vr?gta ye'terda*. They aemacded $1 25 per d:-y. TLey were rt> ce.eing $1 a day, ai.d paying for their board ? '?-d lodgirg $l'j a i^onih. wLile in this eity fc^ard is $12 a month, -ad hundreds are ti.k 1b( for work a< i! u day I'ntlor the-a cir? eumstan^es, 'hemenw^re iufurn:oJ that ihe?r cleaian la could n t be c?mplie 1 with, and that tuose who ih^ujbt they coal J do better ela? wkaraeooM teeeive their tim-i tickets and be off A notice was | u'. up by ?cine ol --m threat?Lir,g tioltice to every m*n who ? aken down by the engineers ?w?take p'ewurein cs!l 2 reaJarsof the Star, riaLl.12*? hcaUh^' and deli r' > (t>e ad verti?ement rf tiemon ?,ru7 Shinn These enteipri-iog Sli"li e r"?0t,y tsfitlad their exten UiJ .?rt?W:ehtrsnt and furnished it Sir J?7 T'h Cew m "f mos. improved order, and are now prepared to sup Fk'i eo^f0l0.e^, w?fh almiat any qn:ta<iiy of taeir sap^,r summer drioks. In *d llilou tr ?katr superior mineral waters. Ac , they have c^mmeiice 1 the manufacture of a new artk'e ?jr meaj, Which turpas^ea anything of tha k'ad SfW iured to the people of tbia District. ?*? Sunday, p a;ers were offered ??** the Ch arches for rain, which was oaadfcd fjr ?he croj a To-day we 2Li l2,wIWtt in? frcxn lb* Houds, aM^trust it wttl prove ?crvlesahl9 to vegeta Rm**iT* Houbirt ?Mr*. Campbell. re ?iatng in F street, ?w on Tuoiday robbed of a Urge amonnt of silver plate, and other meUllio valuables. the value of which ie, probably, four or five hundred dollars The woman having loft the house some what abruptly and mysteriously, was at once inspected of the larccny. She has been knows hy various names?Anna M ago're, Catharine Ford, and a half dosen, at least, of other aliases. Tbo?e indefatigable and efficient po lice officers. Handj and Bo?s, assisted bj Mr. Davis, the chief of police, undertook to dis. cover and arrest the wrongdoer; And. after a fatiguing and diligent search, succeeded in doing so yesterday afternoon. They not enly arrested tho woman?on English hill?bat re covered the stolen goods, which they found is her trunks together with other articles cf value. Captain Birch, before whom she was brought, committed he? for a farther exami nation. ? DasTrrcTB Tbavelirs ?Last night, a Ger man, h?s wife, and two daughters, (one of ?honi is aged ahtot, sixteen, and the other fire years,) came to the central watch-house for lodgiegi. They bad walked all the way from Baltimore, and arrived in this city on their way to Alexandria. Tie officers in at ?eudance at once rafssd j subscription to purchase the yourg'r ohiUT a pair of shce , and the kind hearted Cagfain provided ihern with supper. They appear to be a worthy family ; bat the misfortune is. they sre poor. We rioubt not that the attentions which ihey received from "strangers," cheered their Irooping 'pirits, and that the contributors to their comfort were " blessed in the dsei." Gas Fitting.?Capt. John Reeae, the pro prietor of the E-gle Gas Fitting Establish ment, proceeded this morning, with a strong f'^Toe, to the Military Asylum, for the purpose of putting up the necsssary apparatus for lighting the " Soldiers' Home'' with gas rhis gen'leman haa on hand a largo and va ried assortment of chsndrliers and oilier ar ticle? in that line Wc respectfully invite the attention ot the public to hii advertisement in the Star respeotiug a new style of force p ump. Gbakd Mat Festival ?We learn that the teacaen and scholars of the large and fljur ifhing Sunday eohool of SL Matthew's Church are to have a Grand Festival next Monday The Qusen of May? ? daughter of one of cur most enterprising mechanics?is, we hear, to be cronned, and tho other exercises appro priate to a Sunday fchool exhibition will take place at the W bite ll u^e on the Potomac. It is snr>posed that about six hundred will eni >y the Festival. * Centre Market ?1 be prices, unfortunate ly, eontinuo high. There h, in sornu articles, a slight reduction in price, but not cf a con gratulatory importance. Egg* sixteen cents a dexen; butter frcm twenty-five to fifty cents a pound; potato^ two < 1 c11 a.-s a bushel; ts parngm eight con's a bunch ; cl-icLcn? from thirty-one to fifty cen?? each; tongh, shriv eied apples, from fifty to seventy five cents a pe-k. itOBBSRT.?One of the proprietors of a dry g-vods s-ore or stac i in the centre market, on pr.?c?>edirg to his pt?-e of business this morn ing. was a?'or.ish*d t.? fi-d that thieves had been at work and carried off all bu g.wds. ard this, too, in tho immediate vicinity of the ?ratch house. The boidne.-sof depredators is a mat vel t l'lly Committed?Robert Bron&ugh was fully eommiteu to await trial at the next term of the crimical court, charged with stealing a gold watch from Mr. J. H Taylar, late an octcr at the People's Theatre, The property w?s recoTered through the vigilance of Officer keeee. . ^ atch Returns ?Several lodgers la?t ?'?bt Bvacs, our. after hours, fined. John Patterson, white, disorderly ; sentenced to j ey a a fise and costs. [COMMC5ICATKD . Editor .'?Being a resident of Wash 1r^oa' ua interest ia the succejs of her various branches of mechanical Indus try, I bkve coroluded to visit some of tbe principal estab ishu ents for the purpose of giv'j.g souse iaf rmation respecting the indus try and advancement of tbe Federal city. Wiwh thi-? object in view. I stepped into the extensive coach establishment of Thomas i^'Ung, Ltq., situated ou Pennsj'lvania avenue immediately above Four and a halt street The btildtog i? twenty-five feet front by otc hundred and twenty se\en deep, and foar stories high The first and seconl fljirs nre Used principally as ware room.-, which are well s ored with a large, credi'able, and well selected assortment or vehicles of every de scription, gotten up on the moat approved styles, a*d comparing favorably with the h??t workmanship of New York and Philadelphia; the third and fourth fl on are used aj trim* mirg and paiatiug departments, and are no* der the care and guidance of experienced workmen The establishment on Sixth street. b*low Pennaylvacia avenue, embrace the principal manufactory, smith shops etc , and resemble* a large bee hiv, where eaca branch cf business, though carried on separately, form one harmonious whole, and the hammer resoundirg upon the anvil makes a cheerf-1 accompaniment to the hum of the workers. The entire business, throughout its variout ram fixations, ia under the superintendence of the proprietor, assisted by a cimpotent, skilful and nbiigicg foreman. From a combination of citcnsastanees. em bracing the fac> that tbisis the largest rotnu f?c o-y of the kicd is the city, the proprietor can furnish anything inhis line at short notioe and moderate prices 1 may hive occasion to notics in a short time the great improvement K building carriage.-, fin . as oompared with those of a quarter of a century ago ... ,. . Veritas. W ashingtop, April 28, 1855 ?* *"J?QOOD MEDICINES.?U I* estimated that A Y K B ' 8 CHKKBY PKCTOBaL ami OtTHABTIC PILI.S have 1- ne m< r? to profct* the public bwilth than aay ? to*r on*4 4U?f There nau b? li>> fumliuo tint tl>e Cherry Pectoral )K l y iu tli- u? knO on iti,iu^in<letircauf C Mr, trtV ?a. Croup. Intlii* iz*, l;r<>i>a-liitia, Ac., \?iy niucti iMurrf ;(?? proportion of'Iritli* from rj,n>aiuptl\? JisuaweN Iu tliip ?oniitry. Tl<? Pllla are ?? g'>od js the Pect >t?i, an>l *11 > ure a. -re lup^'.ntn. Kverjb-^ljr i.?mh1< m >ra or lea* purging. Pur;* the >. 1 --?1 'f'UJ Its ltuj.ur;t;??. Pir?e the wla, l.ive-, aii'l t'e ? hole vtareral *y*tem from #>b?trurtion?. Pur^-e out Hie IVia? w(il<-l? fa-ten ou tU l^nly, t > w..i-k Hi< <1u?-<y. Hut for nine mi* ?i -h' uM die only of o'<l a^c. TCke ai.t rti.tor ?arlyuad tiiruat it (ruin the i>y>(etu, b?(ore It ia yet too to > l?t<l. Ayer'a P:!l< <!?-> thra?: oat <i.?ei?e. bot r>u!y while it is veak. hat ?5ieti it has liken a stronff li-ild. LmI tlie m >miijlni( M.?teiuei.ta o(|li<.?a whn hava lieiua cur?t by thriti 'r m ?Iiei.i.ul S fofu.^, l>r. p*y, I'lrera, Skin di Bh?u jitti-iu, Neuralgia, liyrpcpii.i, Internal Paiun, fcilh u* Cuw ^1 *i' te, Hm I ? !ie, Uaartl'^rn, Unut, and Ui tuy .e?. d ci: it ouv but i-till thriatoinn; allnixnta, aurti at plDip'-f* i n tile a. a. Win ma, Ncrvcui Irritability. U a of ap-elite. IrreKU arit.ea, Lil^iuena in tli* I.??<(. Cold*, Kever*. Dyi-eutaiy, 11 ,1 bieal evn y Var ?:tjr of couiylaiuta fur Wl.iirb a PLfsiti\* Ui-nr ly i* required 't :utn- lie iu rauilooi slnfDiei't*, but are sntheutlrat. d bjr roar i>?k b?;ij;tiU*ra am. your own pltyaiiiiiu*. Try tLeiu one* ud ytu will never be without iLebJ. Price U ce il* nor bo??A l?-?n for Prepared by UK. J. C. AY P.H, Ltrwcll, Slali., ?Au(l iold IT Z. D- OII.UAK, Waahtncico. U. M. LINTMICt U, Oear?-town JAM. COOK a CO., Pradcrh-tubars, and by ?11 Drt.?j^?t? iT?ry w here. iciy 3 -wJm U*vi tu.'.u<r'> the lyatci'.i, I i k lit of t oiler'* SpaiiUli ltlkt?.i*. aud tit* it *f i r'li!{ to iiir- t'i 11 di?? mil ?at? ?* wril a; :vcotmvaia 1 bill. If aeUsr a few di-ee* r >u d i ii : tti:<i y iar lie? t! an t b^autr re^iviu);. jour i>te|i itaat'..' ?nd n u? and i'.ie wh.tlr ?y?t*ni re'inliel ami L*l<or?ird ilk* a Sprint, xorati s. I any ux ck ?* jn b< |.e ?..J all l ? valual le rc.'lid ?:??* we po>K*at, ].>r HB(kt. It !? tl.e sr*lt '* puriUer of th* bh??l known i* ?-ife? tly ba: mien*, ?nd at the * me t'Iu* j?.?erfu.l> eflic* i?I. ailvrrti^ueut. r-T?K??AH WALXK8 a CO., *1*1 ble Hall CJot!iln< Em!* lite, ui:der llrowr.*' UdUI, rifnIimr>ci.flt Lat U-?!r S\i\ lay of Mprlng ai l Haurntr Cli>:M?( I* now eady for la*i*ctl<'U, eotuprlatng a i acaortiueLt of Coat* >'esta and PaataloaD* of th* uiwetl and rUiieat defies' If Baterta1, trl-enilii] and woiknanahip. To g*-(leine-i w'uo tudy **cell*nce with aeonomy fi ftahloaabt* artier of lr?<* an opp >rtun!ty for aa'ai tlnK i$ offered from on* of the arg?*t and a>o*t attra< tl?e ibx k of pr>od? ever offered Iu hi* c'.Xj at ? very reduced acale of prkes. ap 17 r>I C.lED TO THE LADIKS.-QOOD NBW8 POK TPS HICK. DU. D1 POKCO H SOLnXH kfONTHI.T PILLS, U* liaetand nioit Infalllbl* rema-ly ever diarnverwl for re levin .- an4 curl ok all pMlofUl. <i:?lre**l>ix. and dlftirult men trnaliou, and rtiuovii.g all periodiral r ba'rurtloua. ?l-1 ir ecularit.e* ar atn( frcai whatever raoaa. Theac Piila are a olllylHV _ TBtt'MPU IK MBDICAL PCIKKCK They are prep*i?4 by a (trocca* whl. h concentrates the n*rei1!e?ii*luto a amall balk, thu? r-rdailng ?t nnr. -o?a*aiy t?r le'ie ?te lemale* Uk* large ?!??*?? of oauaeoiM drrij*. ?r. I?n*>iirfi'? r'lla ara th? reio't of aver TUIUI'T VEAita' ..XI'tUIENGK in Ilia treatiueut of the d'-eaaeaof female*.? tUcy kava beau ad>* iWed for a little over ou? ja*r, yet HKVKKAn THOl'SaKD UOXKS lave already?e*u .old, and the demand far them rapidly fn :icaeca wliarever Uiey beootn* known. Tliey b.ive bevti horongi:!jf u-.ed ia Waaiimgloo, and fouad to act lik? a :h *rns Sold l?y all DruggiaU lu Waaliluct'jB. Oa-jntatown and XI saadrla, Va. mar l?aoiiu* ?Witm 3H:t.u*jTot( raoelver all tbe otw Pookf Ud Kawe tapar* aa faat aa puk.lahad. He l* agent for Harper a and a.' ?? ?ta^ B? ?*? !.*a, amd aor r?adar* will al<*aya Bad a 'Vtr"4 KMfd aaArua.m of klaak buka and Stationary at Us Beaki Wr\ HeU&af, SOf r%. arnw a?il ik ? a haiku. On tlic 1st instant. I>v R*?v. U L. Dat-liie'd, Mr.! RICHARD II. BROWN* to Mi* NANCY KEY3 sf Lnore', Maryland. On th?t 1st ln?rant, by the Rev. Mr. Phelps, VVM. II GREENS, E'q..of nrotiUlyn, New York, to Miss IIAVTIE a. LOVEJOY, of tbts citv. On the 1st ifi"t ?nt, l?v R*v F. I?rnfl, RBORGF. 1. STREAKS to ELIZABETH R. FOWLER, of | iiis city. DIED. In Georgetown, nn th? 2 I instant, of bilious ccn restion. Mia. MARY ANN, cin*ort-of Mr. George Wr. Varnell, in the 41st year of her ape, I airing a arce family of Interesting children, r daa inj hus band, and numerous friends to mourn with them hi- bereavement, which nli must deplore. Funeral at 3V4 o'clock this (Thursday) afternoon, roas the late residence on Market, n^.v Bridge st., o which the friends of the family, w.t'iout fdrthor totiec, are herewith invited. * l>? aame place, i:n th?* Mill nltimo, EDWARD MARION, infat t son of George W. aud .Mary Ann Varnell Thu*, in one ahort wrek, has ti e mother been ?allad Irr.m h^'last of earth"toem brace thcs<intcd n'ant that had passed to heavenly bliss. ? This niornin*. the 3d instant, i;> tbe 40th year of Iter age, MARY A , consort of Edward J. E:li?. The relative* and friends ot the family n*e re ?r?ectfn'ly invited to attend her fu-.eral on 1o mor ow afternoon, nt2 o'cloej.frnm hnr late rrsMeiien. Eighth st.,between O an 1 II streets, without further totice. On ttie 23th ultimo, after a long and painful iB ie?". whic i be t?ore with chri-tian fortitude, Mr. 1031AS CLEMENTS, ag*d 50 year?, leaving a wife wd ?!* cliiiilren -o mourn tii-t liss On the 1st instant, Mrs. PATIF.VCE GOR|>ON HISCIIIN, a itative of Philadelphia, and frr more ban fifty y?*ar? a resident of thi* city In Alexani.ia, on th-21 instant. Mrs. M\RfIA-| #ET ROCK, relict ot Richard Rock, in the 67th >ear of li'-r ace. On the :,0th ultimo, a* Fort Plain, Montgomery oun-v. New York, JOSEPH F. MOFFETTjof tlii* :ity, 32 var* of ape. ~ Wants. WANTED ?A PARTNER TO YTORK A Stone Quarry and contract for sa'?* of Sione o Government and oth?r*, there Iwine now great de wand tor stone. Tlrs Quarry i* immediately nppo ite Geortet wn. Larg.- shanty, blacksmith elmp, in 1 every implement on the sp >t. Tt is quarry fur lUhes the best and largest truck 8'one, fcc. A ?bance is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD St CO, F ftecnth street, oppo. the Treasury. nny 3?:f A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUA tion a- a chambermaid, or to take care of .,hil ir-Mi. Has no objection to trawl. Address "Julia,' it this office. may 2 -2i* A SITUATION WANTED BY AN INTELLI* g?*nt young man, bavin? a thorough knowledge it' 'he French, English. and German Inngmwra nn'' o>k keeping. Best ief;reuc?s given Mease n l iiess "J O," St*r office. mav 2-2t* SERVANT WANTED.?THE AD* ERTISER ^ Willie- to eni'ge the service!- of a joung colored Han, wli:i cail_ drive nn l make l.ims>-lf generally iseful. A slave" pi< ferred. Address '9" at the St:tr >ffioe. mav2-3t* \lr A n't IB D-ON A FA KM, WITHIN 2?< 'f miles oi Wa-niict .n, a man and wifc, with >ut fami'y He is wanted t? understand Horses, ['lowing, &c. AdJress '-J S," ai this office. m;iy 2 -3t* ANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT ? V they ean gpt a lot 94 f**et front by 13<J fe^i lerp, for the law price of .%75?payable ,?3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office. Mi st., abovu Odd Fellows' Hall. ap 28-3"i JOHN FOX, Sec. WANTED? V COMPLETE"FILE OF THE WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR since ts publication up to the present ?!ate, for which a iberal price will be paid if sjntto this office. at> 3?tf Boarding. rHE ADVERTISER HAS JUST ARRIVED from New York ami tli ironghlv renovaied, ile-'nsej, and put in fi*st rate order to make it drsi ?nb!e, th?* we'l known house of the late Urs. Qal n , betwetii ?d and 4,'< nn if, has a few warders and would like to have a ft w more as the o-ms are l*rge nn.l very pli asan*?the i.euhbor lood bei ig ope of the best in th** ci;v. Th^ propti ?tor has nothing to do hat attend t<> his business and will have everything about htin right. Lay boarders can be a':comn;oJated. Call and >xamine for your?eIves. may 1?3,? Boarding.?permanent or transient Boarders ean b^ aeeomm >dat>"l on reasonable, erms, at FITZGERALD'S, No 414 Pa avenue, lext door to tite United State* Hotel. ap 27- 7t* V OTfoEFOR- R i:\T- PARLORS AND ChHin'frs. with l?o ird. Also, table and tran lienl board, with a bathin-T room an I slower hatha nut ? very uitenlioii to render tt mwt unable it> .er bourdeis Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4\A st. sp 23- .'tin BO All l?7fer ?MRS. RATES, on TmT south weft corner of i'a. avenue and 9th street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen w :th rooms, witk ?r without board. Every effort will be m%de to re? ier tho* comforu bie who may favor her with their >&.rr:n*ge. ap 6?tf POTATOES?POTATOES. ON board Marrirtta Burr, bow nwarly doe, 5G0 buslie!n White Merctr. of superior quality and <ize, which will be bold to ariive. ALIO? f 0 bti-hiU whi.e Maioe M?reer i00 Do 1 lue .Vi rcr r, or Pea-h Blow, very larje. Ail of which will b-1 fold in lou to ?uii the pur :ha>? r, on reas'>nab:e terms. Ckl< and t?ce tuein, at N. U. HARTLEY'S, 111 Wat T street, may 1?Iw Georgetown. SPL7.NDID PAPER HANGINGS. IT is with pirat-ore that JOHN DAVIS annouaces to hi-* old friends n:id the public that In: 1ms re 'umpd hi<- o'd and familiar occupation of PAPER HANGING, liavingOj'cned a n*-w store in the^Star itnildings, near the corner of Eiev-n h stree t and Pa. kveime, where h^ will h- tountl ail the time himself nid K''i p on hand a w?ll oeleeted n-?ortineiit o! t*A"Elt HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES liLINDS, 2ic. All work entru-te?l to him in hi^ lin? of inisioess ' i.i he prorop'ly and f.iithiully ute.d to tne en ire ?aii4lacliMi ol those lor whom the work tuay be lone He respectfully Invites all his f jrm'r fiiend* and customers, and tiie public geneially to give him a rail at his n w store and see i* he has not some lung in hi* line to ruil tbeir taste- and wants. may 1?12w JolIN D^VIS. UAltPiCH'S MAOAZ'MIT. for M?y io ceived at Hill ISLINGTON'S. Lea ie's Ladie^' Gnzette of Fashion lor May, con taining all th. late Pari.-iau styles of Spiing and Summer Fnsh <m* iodeyV Lady's liook l'.jr Ma/ 2rahaiii's Magasiae do futnam'a do do Kuiiiia H irper's Story Book, do (enncih, by Mi-s Youn^, author of Ileaiuea^c rtnd tbe Heir of ReclifTe Jlackwood's Magatine for Apiil I .rdshipa of an Heiress, by M s Cora I'emptat on, by tlo* uihor or" ^Uiinie Grey, G.t.. |loirar-,Hr.d S antn Id Hail J ace Lee, bv Julia Knvanau^ii. author of Nathalie tanker'- Da li.M'r, by Re\nolus All tiie ne?v B?toks publishfit received immeiiiatu y alte ward.s. Lvirytlai g in ihe ?ta:i. n. rv Li :e at SIllLLlNGTONv, Hooks lhr, Odco.. Budding, c r Pa. av. uud 41^ st. ?ay 1- 3t MLOrKS W.VIC'KH AND JEWELRY. t j 11nine : this day, fury different tyle- ni C rn-k* ?cod' i locls il 23 Fine Gold Watches, y-ti; warranted Jewelry cheap.*r lt-n ever. Cuil and see for yourat lves a' J ROBINSON'S, No. 340 op;?o.-iie Browns' II itel. mrvy 1?dim .ILlCr SCE00L FOR GI*LS AND BOYS Six'h >t;ti t, bituem D eji l E; m t siJtr. PARENTS or Guardians desirmo to ente.r their ehil.lren c.ui see the Propri' tor at the Scho<?i n t en the houiu of B/v and o'clock, cotn tier.cioc M:iy 1-t. np23-5i* H ARPERS' MAGAZINE FOR MAY? Emm , tifji k ^ iia-'prrs' S' ry Books. Just received by TAYLOR &. MAUitY, may 1 Bookstore, ne.irti.h at. SUPERIOR SODA VVATHit. 5 HE subscriber wonid n?'?t re?p?-ctfully inform ? his former patrons, an-i the lovers of superior <o?!h Water generally, flut his Iwnnts are a a n in iperation and m or. er to he.p up his w eli varn?'d epil ation of keeiiing t!ie be^t SODA WATER and n ?>t ?!rli ious ^^RlJ^'Sin the c;i , is detc; mined il possible) to have it stilt belter than heretofore. O. BOS WELL, D;ug?i?t, Corner Mai jl and uv , akd 7iii St., Island, ap 20 1 hi Washington. BONNETS, FLATS AN,> RiBDONS 11J L have now on hand a very larjje and general TT assortment of Ladi>n> and Misses' lONNEfS, Children's FLATS. Boy,' and Hen's II ATS. A'so, a h 'nlfomc a scrtm?nt of Bonnet i?d Cap Ribbons, Flowers, Wreaths, Tarltons, Mar elline Fluranocs, Kuslu?, lie., to be sold it our isui'ty low prices. W. EGAN li SON, 343 t. side Ta. avenuu, n? tr 7th ?treet. ap3J-9?v a??a?mmmmmmmrnmesaam^mammmm*? For Salo and Pent. * For rent-two p*rlors connected with Bed rocnu, and one fing'e large room, all hands onely furnished and very convenient, are for rent Pa. avenue. opjxisite Wiilardu* lloti I, 913. Terms are low. Apply to the premises. may 3-eo.lj* Til FRIF.RUS. A LARUE FRAME IIOU3E, W ITH BRICK back building and lot adjoining, on the corner of 14th and D streets, in Square 553. part Lot No 5 trill be offered at private sale, until May 15'.*. and if not sold will be sold at pobiic unction. An^'y lo AMJIIFW J. JOYCE, may 9?tf No. 47 7 Fourteenth ft. IOR RENT?TWO HANDSOMELY MR ni^h^d Rooms, at No. 360 Nineteenth street, I e*we?n H street and Pa- avenue. may S-.l* F< ?j\OR RENT.?SEVERAL VERY PLEASANT r apartments. in anite* or w pirait ly, furnsh.Nl or uu'urnishtd The locotion is mott desirable, lw ing in the immediate vicinity of top ?tat?- D>-p<?riuietit. For reference apply at No. 310 Pa. avi nue. may I?3.* K?lJlhyr"A FINn UK,CK "OUSE, C(?N. I. lairunj ten rooms with o liar. Hire ?torlcs ?n 1 attic high, wjth a rood pump o' water in the va-,' ? situated on .he ccner of M^saehu^t* 5vcp. J Enqiflre nToEO' R L vo- ?04 jj>R'?PEKTV IN FRANKLIN KOW FOR SALE C -Tltefieeoni hnn~>fr<>m iy.?, >liPt, w.lh H , rS2-Sf V'in'1 Cf ,lar' 12 r< om? P!ape-? '?fJuding kt'riien. brick carnage ?~.?7Ur ,T. T"h ??>.-?.#. Manx; fron.inf on K 1 'a I;1'1 11 ??,! running h ,ck 140 te*t to a pav<-1 alley ontninin* over eleven thou-and fquare fe?^t of ground. 1 h* liause can be viewed from 1-2 ? /3C J,a"d U:rux* ????? known by the occupant. ap 30-4>t* FOR RENT OR SALE?THREE MEDIUM siaethn e-story Brick House* on the corner of -uu at.* N streets. The corner one is su table lor a grocery or ar.y ether kind ot a More. The houses are new, .mving been finished thi-i airing. Fur fur Uer P^rti^ul.Tru enquire at the corner of 1*2M? and L ?ti,Ni). jsa, at?:??iw pOR RENT-THF. SMALI, FKAMi; tw.^r..ry i II u*e, No. 47 0 Thirteenth street, west side, r: r!TUlh ?! avenue. I; ii neat and com !!?"?,e:v'-'"'??"tottir- AMJM P * (I C*OR RB?T?THE TWO STORY BRICK I Dwelling on Potomac ?rrt t, one door south o| St. Johns Lin-copal Church, Ge< rgetown Annlv WATRK^'* S !1A N K. on l{ itge street, or UEORGL W A7 KRS. on iVatrr stre?t. ap2.i tf (in ciVOrgan) [^OR KK\ P.?Twohaii isomelyfornwiicd Hou-** containing 15 room in one, a -d 9 in theoth r' in a desirable l-vat oa fronting on t ab'ic >q-iar?-,one square from Lafay.tte Squa.e, or, ?. coru, r of II and Eighteenth streets, with bath rooms 4i>- will ?^?!*d on reasonable terms to g<x?d t uanta.' ? ap 13?lm* I^bu KENT-TUE STtiilETlOUSE NuVV 0<' 1. rupied by Rnrn-s & Mitchell, or. Pa. Rvr-nue ?v^rn a"d 9ih Pos-iesMnn given on IS.h ^f.iy im'xi, on whi' h tioie fh?* iirrs''i!t ft a^e n ?VT''*- Apply to JAVJi:s D?\(?V, E-q , ofc!t? ur the sutk^o.iber, "CotUje." M ntg m-rv . omny' T""3 i-oNN-ru.v."' P*U liENT?81:VERAL II \Nl)SOME PAR 4 lors and Chintbers with !?<> srd ^!Saw?Va";,ri pou RENT?THREE NEW FRAME HOfSRS siee^?b!^?n^?.BiX n>:,"v-- 'uch "??-iled <-n r.eree street, between L and Vi street-, m irg hut our "!,l!len^" Dl k'U 1{a, r":i,J would make THOMA mi morale Apply t? CHARLES I A, oil the opposite giue ot tlie street, ap 4?lm* F?" ?SiT-Ty11 NF'U' niKEE STOIiY . I'W?-:nng Houses on yth rtr?et we-t. l.e !wi f1 h south, opposite to the Giace Church, finished in good st>|e, an.i containing -a ewV^wiih ?.?M ,ib.< W rf>0"' and kfrhrn each, with ?talle and an.p'e yard?, and will be ready for ocej,pat-on bv th- 15th June. To punctu al and earefu. t^nant< the rent will be very low Apply to CHAS. 8. WALUCII ' ?p95-??w0,:i,C lf,e Wwt W?8ufC?y full. T^>l ILIHNGLOTS FOR SALE.?A VARII TY 1 Jol Uuilding Lou in the v.einty ?.f tUe Cry IUU ' Also, in all other pins of ihe citv, on accounts j? ing terms. Enqwir.- at Mr?. ADAMS' Bo:irdini House, opposite to Browns' Hotel, i,-, S( ,.r, rrn|lt ISiZXtf l" M ''? A ,i0- n" "J'l'eM througu toe I i^t Office will receive attention. mar 5 > o2ni IiAViD MVRRLE. FOR RE\T ?Fttl'R NEW AND CONVENf ent Brick lloU?. s, brown ma-t ck front#, f o t idinuiK parlors with marble mantels, dining room kitchen, servant s room, tf.;d five c?. <<>:!>. .s eaci. and situatea on Thirteenth Ktrt. t, Uland, near public ground*, convenient l?? l';?. avenuu .:,id u.? " fy l"?dtru?- Al'pSy at R. M. CLARKE S i nice, corner of .Sixth *.rM.t a EouisMna avenue, or at I?. B. CLARKE'at Drug Store, mu NMb tintH, MM. mat 9~*ott TTALUABLE TRACTS OP" LAND NEAR ite i < R^'vate Sale.?For si:i? ibur v? "-v <e . suable and eligibly -i uaie.l tracu of cnntai> ing "b(,.|t fiiiy acres each, pirt^y in M'<nfs?iin? rv county, hut pnucipsilly in \\v;;s!iifi5?tr?n eountv IM* oppose the farm of Josi ph || Bradley, Esq.; 'about* 4^ miles fiorn U a-h-ngton, c< inmunicating with it t?y a New and commodious road now under con. structian TIic soil Is excellent, and w?-li adapt, d to corn and wheat I he a,tu ition is ptomment an.i heal:h>, and lue land wtli watered. Ther^ are thrt-e ten*'Dirnts on ihe [ireoii~ea. Tim propcty js p-culia ly suited to gentlemen having business in the city for beautiful country res tuene'ea. ' the sScMf.,er pr0pertjr ca" be 6Cen " tl'e office of John P..rker, E?q., livin; adjoining, will show the property to any who may wnh to *er it. v ion t . E"W- SWANS. ? ?vV? o Louisiana avenue, City Hall, ap eoain ?^<?R RENT OR SALE ON REASONABLE * v ?f ~A ,hre" ,l"rv Frame, nitli fasten ent S^TsWweVt>r BTe,,ue? between Fou.U. and Fif.h' I ,u^'t n<tMheCK,.?fy with back liiilding, on i I b**t*Ari ;? to'iirtli and Fifth srs v.eM Aop!> to J;ii.i?>m W Bsiker, residi nee on II i irtci north, between 12th anil 13rh stre^t^ west Rp 5?Th'f DICKSON & KING, ' Georgetown. J' BeaitJifuliv and h< aliiiiiy iocntcd Buildiug Lots, z\ i tt Rep, oil graded bti. ets, cr;r:, u, ul -prinj, b? Is-uglit at the ezccehog low price o, ^75, pav^ble &o u.-r month Till* indisputable. . w-w ?<> P?r Uniou Ot&ce, 7ih Hn ti r above Odd Fellow.' Tlall. Jan B?filH John K)x. S.-.?? I. ury. fk E?iTi r!:i>eced to si;it the timk-? 1\j SloO a >var w.ll b?: rect ived f< r th?- r^u' of hose new uurt coitajHJ at K.ndJl V J acr?>* oi Rfound. ftable, wor d tJi d and other c..avenieucei attached. Pumr.s of nu,r ^ in 'n*' l!C.a* ",e > *"d comniuiupat on i- ha.J r! I> M ty WhyI0f 11 )lr"1 BcWith -tlCLt. n ,li 7 AveiiU", morn11.2 a d the . f"';? fur liie acconiaiodaii ;n ot clerks ta ti e dep;;rt!i.eutg. c tjie adva: ta2e of this gr-at ruJnrli .n nn^r i 171"'.e "1U ,l L ' "??ide M ihe und^n-.^iii d, enhtr i.y !.-tt?-r. or i:i^ ftouse at Kfiula . Crvcn, utlrr oficu hi*ur?f v/lif-re ti:t k vt n.ay b.' hail and the hou*>? inype ted at any tim?*. Several of tiitse resiJtne.u wi l !?* h ,d liiH Jal terms. \VVI SIJCKNi:V, m n n,. . ?. Greei;. B - Rf nts :>.-uil quarterly in advance. npr tt 1.-55-tf NkW JliWBI.R V, WATLlir.S, MIL\ EUWARE. &c. M. W. GAI.T k illiO are re*eivi::g daily latsi; ?'diti ns to th? ir Meek of new ?'?(! cb-yant JEW ELRY, \v.\t?;iii:s,.-^ilvch vars,&c. Puieha^eri lia\e Hi.* advav.t: g<; of a sr|e!ccjor. firm a complete kwrtment of the lati ft STy!e?, of the best quality, and at the lowest rates M. \V. GALT .t BRO, 321 Penn avenue, between Jidi and lUth^is. cpr - Ci MRS. ETaiXbU, 3t ?l /'i. ctcruu;, let' ccn Xin'h J and TciJk *lr*cU,scvtK i'Jt, /pw'WiH op n ..n Saturday, 7tii insinnf, a iuo t extenuve ar.d beautiful assortmt nt ?>f Spiinp VI 11, L I N E R Y , consisting of Ciup?. Silk, Laee, Spotted Oihj>?* and Cra-s Lir.un HATS, ineliidnq Straws of every description. Also, Misses' Drew Bate an I FlaU, ?ic. L. ALLEN, ap 4? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 778 a 0. FLABAHRE, corner of Tenth and C stt , who s is a practical maunfactuier in metal, has an assortment nf Silvei plated NUMBEHS of var'ou? patteriif He will make i:u:nbeis for house#, hotels pews hi Churclis, and for h-icks, to suit all Mst' a and is confident at tbe low price they w?il t o raide Una it will rant the purchax r. ap Hi?lm UAIRWORK. ORN AMENTS ol'H^lr, smh as Bracelets, TKat elains, Chains, BieaL'tptns, Earrincs, Fingoi Rings, made to order, of any desired design. All orders ftuhfu-ly alien le I to. Specimens may be teen at my store. H. SEMKFN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9th and lUih ets. Mar 30 ^ Clocks, clucks, cuhki!-iiyou want a good Clock, warranted to keep time, eall at the store of j. ROBINSON, 3 40 Pa. ave., oppo. Uruwng" [me Bj> 7-HilJU Auction Bales. By J. C. PltGl'lKftC, Anttlnntrr. PFRF.MPTORY PALE OF THE STEAMF.R UNION ? Ou FRIDAY afternoon, June 1st, at 5 o'cloc k, at Put1! VVtari, at the foot of 9eventh str^l, I Ffil, w'lhoiit rffrrrr, the nearly n? w steamer called tb?: M'nion,"' at present running an a frrry boat 'etw^n Una citv and Alexandria. This ste?mer was built <11 Washington ntv in th? year 18^2; in 1<?2 !"? et in It nyth. I rtadthof beam 24 ieet 6 inc en rhc measures 411 40-PS t- n* custom hoti>e ni"B.<urctncnt, at per enrollment. Her en g.n* ii a first cl iss seventy five horse p wer engine t mil bv Smith and Pe kii.s, Alexandria, Va. She r.;n.? either end fon most, and is very convenient for loading and unloading fieig'it. Teim?: One halt e-ash, the rcidnc in 6 months, wiiii iuUrcrt, NiU'ficU'rilT ?ecurcrf. JAS. C. MrGI'lRE, may 3?cokda AaetJBfft. Uy J. C. MrOlIKB, Autt onict. C1ATALOG1JE SALE OF LONDON AND Aunr j ican lliu'lu.? I *hall wii on WEDNESDAY eve nine May '2d at 7 o'clock, a1 my Auction store, n i?.K>d l?t ??f htandard Pooks, among which aie .j.iiiir of the lest poets, 8!?ak?peare, Byron. Moore, Bums Pope, Scott, Milton, C-iwper, Mrs. Hetuans, M it ford, fcc ; also Irving'* C-?oper'a Scott's, Mr1. Opie's, and other t-tandard Novels, in library, calf, tt il an bin 'icps. Ai-n, London li??oS>n, illntntri, nch a? I a- oi.V Works, Liven or the Ct-a-icel oft an l Live- of the Out*- ns ??.' England, History i.t Ireland, t'lioV.'i V<'tai'?, Nelson's Lr^i, r , Jones's View - r.f Noblemen** Seat-1, Miusions, and C i>tlc* ; 'H e Peop'e'g Sc.ipt!i;e Gale-vol Engraving?; Buckle)'* llut-iry oi thi; Council of Trent, National Gallery ??f En: ravings |y the great masters. London A-t lournal, Lamb's Work*, Amu worth's Works. Broug ham'? Men of Letter?, fcc. Tl>e Bookc will lie arranged and cat.i'ogues rea.*y nn VVfeduesJay morning. Terni* cash. J AS. C McGIIRE, ap 30 ?d Auctioneer. *^Th? abnvaitlcwlllbtcontinued litis evening at 7J^ o'clock may 3 By J. C. BcOl'I&Bi Auetlon??r> TTU'ERGREENS, fcc. at Auction.?On FRID\V \ aft.-!inr.o?, May 4ih, at 4 o'clock, at the Auc tion roc.ui->, I -hall sell a choice asan.tment ot Ever Erven?, computing k>'orw?y Si nice, Pine, Arbor Vi t e. sc., fnun a celebrated nursery in Bo.-tiu. 1 t ruis ca?lt. J A3. C. McGl'lRE, may 3? d Auctioneer. Uy Clt-iCM.;* 4t, kCOTTi Auctioneer*. CJEVEN VALUABLE WILDING LOTS AT ^ Auctirn. <*n VVFHNEiDAY, the 18-h instant, we s ail sell, nt 0 oViock p m , 34,937 feet ot ground, having a front on C -trecf south 148 feet 5 mi he*, and 9th atrewt east 283 feet 16 incle*. The ii hove described property irkainhnmi ty loca ted, distant from tlie Navy Yard hat a few minute-' walk. Pernio; One half ca h ; balance in ore snd two years, the purchaser to give ne.t.?-j for the rleterred IMtymenm, hinting iptvreM troin the i4ay of sale. A de.11 g:ven a*ul n d ??-;! ct tru-t tuk>-n. nbTr tg nottpoRed tin tii VYKDNESDAY, the 5?r> h insi. >unie ho.T. tiuEEN 6t FCtlTT, ap Ji-?-eokja Auetioi.cers. &/-Tl?- abnve aale l> f>rlher |H?t |HMie?| iiiitil Tlll'RSIiAY Uie 3 !cf Uey,-aue hour, w!i? n it will pM-itively take p-aeu GREEN & i?COTT, ap?7-d Aiu-ti<??m. Ity W. BiTKI.KM, tuclMatM, INTENSIVE BALE <>r CITY PltOpLHTY at J Auot on ?On FUll'AY, May 13th, coinmen - tn{ at 12 uMuck lu , 1 *h\!l sell ra my .?iore, t^e loilowing iiafi"-'! csty property, v;r: J|| H'7?, Lots Nos 1. 2, 3, 13, 14.1.%, 1:',, 17 and " <i*-4, " No 3. containin* 6,80S *q. f>. 117, 44 Nng. ?.'B uiid 'JS, er?;h cenftia 7,C40 .t. " 3T.1I. ?? No?. 41, 4i and 4^, each do 1 F-jd ?? " SI4, " No ??, do 5.u6*'4" " 535, " Noll, do i!.<C044 " 541, 44 No i?, do :t.7N>14 ?4 541, 44 Nop ;iand 4, ea'ti do 6 4^6 44 4' ?> 14, 44 No 5. da b,4*id ?? " '>41 " Non-27 aad 28, cach do 4.7C' J4i 44 tilfi, 44 No 14 do tfjOi'O" 44 6"?o, a N.-s 6, 7, and 8. eg.'h ?io H .r.S^b 44 ?4 44 N > 4, d ? 7 Xs 44 " LjC, 44 No rj, do V'5?M " '?i5, '4 N? j, i'ii 13 25H44 ? S .8, 44 No 1. do 7 3:844 " 51 J, 44 No 13, imr-n-ved by two two story 11ante lions s " 543, 44 \'o 1'J, ianprnvrd by four t*o storj (ran e hotir?j " 553, part o. Lot No 25, i tiprov>l by '?jthv ki>nv 1rjiise hou-es " 543, Lot? No* 17,39, 21 ,'?->> 2.1 me 24 14 1 4. -i No 111,certiutifi!!g Mil si] ft. ?s 154, " \'? 11, do 111 Ks) do 44 2.i8, >f No 11, do 4.'tio 44 728, *4 No 18, do tt,t><5 do 4i 1112, " Nns 7,8 anl 9 44 629, 44 No \ UO 4 ?13 d ? 44 1~1 tha wiioie ??5inre *? n'i, i.o? Nos29*i.d 30 44 ii of 650, Lot V?i 1 41 &tV p-.rt of Lot No 7 44 755, luInIivuioii ol I- t- i M-d ?"?. T. i-?;s, contoin tng tioui 2.U00 to 2 7o0 ?' 755, fiitt oflvit No I, c ntaimn* 3,(H>0 tWt " 755, LO I, 3 b-is. riintH'i i: k from 1 - 8vtt to 2 mK) it 44 i" do ?'o 4, coiiiaiuiii|i 6. 00 ft 4t so do 8, do 8 200 do '? do d* 7, h<'joining do, 3J ft. front on Secon.! strret i: 1ij1i'm|U ?re. cin racing Lots Nos 1,2,3, 13, 14, 15, 1G, *7 and 18, contau.uig 57, COJ feet 4; 6 1 ^?rt of t,e,t 7, containing 6 000 ft 44 7yJ; Lot* 6, 7 ami 6, do 21.120 C j, d."Ii'.t 8, do 2.7i0do 6-'-?i, do 5. do iJ.eiii do G H), do :t, <to S^U do Ci.til, (1' II, r.O 2 281 do 07i, val'tibie corner fa'Mi;)* RaiirJad Dt ;>ot con taimn* 4,3 .?0 it 1 i7, Lot No 8, containing7 OH ft 412. Lots No- tj an.! 10 cicii containing 3 115 ft 64i, tlio tvbdle m;uirn do ?8 75011 3i3, part ol Lot N ? 5 and the whole ot' Lot 6. e?ontaiuui( 7 (il3 tt 4i 10J, Lot27, itaproving with two two glory Inme honst a ?' Mi, Lot V, mi proving with onn two-story frame In. use 44 511, tv-t part of Lo: 9, ccntainiag 1.403 rt 4< 6IA, lot Noll c:o 90)'Jila 44 1.09, Lot.' Nit* 10 and 3) 44 JJ^O. the whole square do Kl,652 d ? 4; l(-9:i, Lt t No 13 do 4.:.:i.o 44 lnU3, do 14 d? 4,UP do 41 1010, LoU No* 1. ?, 16. 17 bi d 18, io&l~iait ? fr m ",427 to ll,4i>J feet 44 N. of i02U, Lot No I. com unit g 12,231 ft 4< 721 tio 19, i!o e.lvi to 44 10.'.2 ii-i 2, do 2i.0ou a i li 1110, Lots 5,6, 7. 8 9. 10, 11,12. 13 tni 14 con t&imrg 4 '-50 to 6 415 ft " 1C33, Lot'3 4,5,6, 7,8, ?, 10, and 11, contain in*' Tom 4J00 lo 4 ii 6 ft 44 151, Let-) 3, 4, anl 2 4: 77!l, Lot N ? 11, containing 5.M) ft 44 9r?6, Hi:- \\Li !e -ijuaru Co t>l 'ill io 44 iiMkrt, Lot N'o i 3 do i 8?tl tto 4- 1007. Lot No 14, do 6 756 do 44 437, puji of J.,;i ll iiaprovia^ by l^ui tv. outcry Ir.Dii! 1io:ih:s '1 criii.-1 literal and nnue kno? u at ^tt'e. o-uvi des<.ripi:ve c.l icvility, front an.I ^cpth ?f e**ch lot, *c , will be ready lor distribution oil lie udt day ot May. C. VV. lil^TELER, may I?-ci l*r Am t?in'* r It*' J. O UcCriUk , fl uclloicer. tSUrTLE^a SALE OF IMIlloVEH PKtJl I'.K tj :?Oil MONDAY aJi. ri?CMiii, Apri! 21. at 5 >VIrtik,on the pretuinn, by vtrti.e two ?-s-'l' Li 'irt 1 ? liie sub. ,*?ibi r, one ii .t?r*! May 1;J 184<, and r-cc,..|ed i ? lib r VV 2! , No. 134, f-li 1G!I, &c , iWe ? Ij<" dated Ju -e 10. IS47, and receded in libei \Y. I?.. K ?? i:<5,loli?. 170, 4c (uo ii tii! J:n d t. c.ims lor W'.i-l. n.'ton cunty. in t:;e I?: ilct <f<\4auibia. I iliali il l , on the preini-t-, lot- numbered 10, 11. 13,14, 1.' , and 16 in pguare No 3*5,ir >i ti jrtilitb ?tti'ri tve t, l-.itwt'i n F and Gstteet-i south,with tt e improveni*, e? i:s i-ting of an excell< at tv?osu-iy brick dwell nr hi n?e. Terir.n I'lif third ci'h ; the rH 'u> in six, twelve and eijjhiei n month*, with ini-wt, to he securvd U? tl.e - :-iltaction oi the iru-tee. NICHOLAS t; \LLAN. Trustee. J AS. L\ McGl'l BE, in ;r* -to Auctioneer. frj1- Tltt' above tile Ii )i)ilpoii?tl uu lii THoKsDAY alti inoon, May .tt, same hour ;ju1 ?tacit. N. CALLAKiTitttMi JAMES 0 McGL'IRE, np 3?lav. fc.ds Auctii ttecr 1 NOTICE TO TRAVELLERS BKTH'VEX ir.lSIIISGTOX v H.1LTIU011E rn -^PIML. Alter thn? date, the Pa-?ei ^ r Train from Wa*liingtuti et 6 a ?. lor bain nore, and the Train from Halti'ti re at ? 15 p. m for Wasl ii-gtoo, ox Si sdat WILL BE IftSCONTINUEO. The onlv Tram, thtref-.r, oi? Snndo i, froui Washington, will In- that leaving at I 3) r. m , and from 11 i-u wore at 4 15 a m The Train nan VVaslii igton coni'ecu r.t the VVrishitigton Junction with the Express Train Iea? ng Baltimore at 5 Id p u. for Wncteling and the West. JOHN II DONE, in 1 - -lot M ster Trump nation I) 5 O. Ill [Uaion, Georgetown Ailvocat-*, at.d Ahxandria 9ent?iidl copy ] MAY BALLS. WL havp ju.-t received, for th-1 May Bill'?, thu I truest and ci wt vaiied assortment cf Fans, linque. Holders, Ga-kets, Fine Pertitmeries, fcc, lOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Ta avenue, het. 9.h ana 10th ?u. ap?t?tf E H. Bates. POLICE MAGISTRATE, FIRST ST, fiEJR PENS A. JirEXCE. Douveyancii ? aud Bounty Latu Cl&iiu* ait- ndtd to UI8) S?]Ut telegraphic;. rOKTCD roa TBI DAILY EVENING- STAR Later From Cab* ?Arrival Of tka Black. Warrior. Nik York. May S?Tha Black Warrior bat juit arrived from Havana, bringing data? of the 28th. The San Jacinto wai ?till in port. The Princeton aniled for Key Woat on lia morning of tb?2S b. Toe island was quiet, and no new amita had been repotteJ. Capt. McCaulay and thn c iptiins of tha (?o war fteaaert bad been hanlaomaly entertainad bj the Captain Get er?l ?ugar oontineed active, and pilot* war* tending upward. Exchange was dull. 6tcrl* icg bed an upward tendency. Distress in Brituh ii* erica, 4a. Bosto*, Hay 3.?Iba link fax papara tU'n that a frightful diatrraa azifta along tha A'lan tic coaat, between Marcmichi and Shippagan. The AitJian Fiench are rnfering direful [?rivatloa for want of tha nccraaariea of life. Such la their situation that no aeai whatetar twa been aown this a; ring, and their vary ax iitsLce dej-anda npon foreign aympathy. The Nova Sootian Parliament haa baan dis solve i I y tha proclamation ol Iba Governor. A new election haa been called, to git on tbn 221 oi May. Icdiuiapriia Lie:lion. Ac. Ciicivhati, May 2i?Tha municipal elec tion of tL'uoity, resuliad in the defeat of it* Know Nothing* aofar aa the city olhaara va t concerned. by two hundred majority; but th? party aucoeedai in electing a majority of tha coanoiimen. We are having a very fine rain her* to day, nothing could bare been more op per tun ate or 3cccp:*tile. ?? Th* Philadslphia Election Philadelphia, May 3.?Morton's majority as officially reported la 424 voiea. Be ii ooc i qu*nMy elected City Treasury. Hill (American) haa been elected Commit* ?ioner by 1K7 mrj Tit7. Ealtimora M&rketa. Baltimore. May 3.?Flour ia more actira and lower; *ales of 1 500 bbl*. at f 10 W beat haa declined and con:Jnu*s duil; sales of rad t $2 80?$2 49; white $<2 *i>af2.50 ? a decline T 10c per b-jshel. Corn-Sale* of white at Hs., yellow 9&>a$l. Tie market ia quiet. Flour closed heuvy Few Tork Markets New Yoik May 2 ?Cotbn la upward and 5-m. Floar hn* 'loelined 12i cen'a Goo4 ?aio r7i?ii0 2i. Southern iaataady Cera vis adv-iLcrd Sales cf western mix<-d $1 13. i'ork is a trfl* fow-r ; (.Id rreaa. $ 1C 37a$l6 i0; iew tnsss. $17 25.<$I7.31. ia upward and :rm Lard ia dull abd downward Whlaky? >hio 37i cent*. New Tork Stock Market. NswYona M*v3?Stocka amdull. Money * urschnnfced. Svea at the Crst beard of ?rlea at 5ft; GleveUt-d an i Toledo Railroad. "7; New York Cen'ral )ta;lr>ad, W3f; Canton ^umpany, 27; Virginia A'a. V7 rllH HIMI.IVi; CF THE NATIONS. DY Cll LINTON. With an lu :Wucu<?n and \p?i*'ii'iix,liy X. p. T?;;tna<ige Pub.bhM by the ?ocicy tor the >! if* ton of H.iintu<1 Kww'Mdge, w Ink. 1 ia c ? ?etavo volume. t>r <e ?1 50 Fo.- tale at TAYLOR fit MAL'itY'd llookttor*. i?ar 9.h htfe. |. my $ TilTsTery, gloves. &cT \IJ E I v?? iust r< c? 4v< d a v?*ry "' rmrtiout f f ol Ladit-81 v\ !ui<\ brown, slate, black, bruwu vt'in d? r?*(l .iiiil op- n w?trk?'d lio>?*. f??nt'e vvi.ite, brown and mned (i??e end halt Miai il b >>?? while, brown, slite, black, fa? y >trip!-d :??(! ciprra worked and li?lt How> Liuici' hi J, siik a..d Cultou li.ovw &nd black ?Uk citu and C y-?" ai:d r- !nr?-i3 Mlk, kid, an<l iir* a.i C:?ivs an i Llick ft.}* Mi.U ^I^ntV kid, silk ar.J thread G1 ives \V< wo td invite special wttnii<* to our larre iimI weli a-?Arteit et.^ k of Laiti.-*' and Children*? !i>ri??ry and '?levrp, t.. ii g (!;?? Iaij?i nt a^titmeDl iu Sua ciiv, a:id will be Kd.t .it v?-ry l< w pri<-e? IV E?;.\N K H?>v, No 34 3 ehaoy tide Pa. averne, Ix-tw. ap 3J tf?v 6th and 7ui ftr?- w MORE NEW GOODS! 1X7"E liave juM n ceivd ff 50 piec?*!* t rvuch 1-av. n^anJ iironcu, very beauti-'ul and ?ntlr? ly new p*t t? rr.s, to be *old ;it v'5c p? r yard I mse Port in- utb Larwmat pieee* iscii I guicd ??rk'airit>- Mn-lino l.'i d'?* very br*t quality Pa?i? Lawns i? l)rtM Pi'tii'rn-', nch fif'd U*-n?ea {? piece!" plain Reraj.-K. k.hhI qutu ty, at 31 h> 5 do vry be t ?|?i .1 ty pi tin B? ra^e, at 'SI% a ! en*es .\lerrinui<-k Prints. 12Vc do Scotch Riii 'ham -, IJ Sc A'S'i? i)S HAND I lia?i<!jo*ne rsaArfneut of Tw isted Biik, Perafe J??nKand Muliu liuBE-*, *bicb wc will very ch* ap. 81' UK E R S1LK8. tVe wn.ld it-vitf !?{H*r;al aUentioa :?tour latge aad ivell d rock of Silks Lidien sl? >uld nut fad o ei liaiii'* our a>=-?.tni?t;l b< :-** pur baahif, a? we 4?i eertaii/y s- II l?? it> r ba^i.ii^ in tliu clau of [uodi than s*uy oih?*r b'tiM in tsw ct:y. MAMILlAS. *u t r. crivd. H black Silk Maniillae of tha new >t ^t.ap??li mi d liHitd*>iiiHy L-iimued, to be sold a* ?ur u uailj l?w rnres ? LAGfc.Tr, NEWTON, MAY k CO. ap 27 ?Ot PLFASUltS TRIPS TO THE WIIITK HOUSE PAVILION, ? , ??T^- .s Iba Kteate'a GEO WASH INQTOH cr TUOo. VOLLVElt .;a? be cha t- -e l fiw p><M:c < r w'.e?? JiUfHW to v?it lim Ubit- H. ti e Pr.vili'O, iiloum V r??i, Foil W a-l.ii.jtnn, i r other ? !rtCc- ww ibu ??*??'. I be IVl?:te Hon--e Fbv?I -a Ls now open tiu vi#i Lo.s It ii< a h:*autif\il |iljte for |i!<ifuit utpii; it 'ia- r fiuc Uj!I and ln:iinn roooi, ai?<, a new Tea Piu Alley Oc/- For pai:,i uiars npp'y to th Pre.U?l of U.n L'ainpirv. or th^ Captai n .?t the lloau. Mr U ILLI ?4. VJ COKE it f:trnii<viii>^ ff'reshmeau -;i 'he I <?3tn, oiid ii pr- pared iu furnish parti??ou J?e l?ea t. nn^ ap - 8o> IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAK ING UP IIOCSRKKEPINCi 11 nui; the city, ur.d Ui?h :t? to i1:spiM: ii! t"i jr Fuiuiiiir*' a*id U 'u?ekp?ptnz L. t -n-ils, bt i , vvi.h ui U;.- tr< >tble <M ii> iidiu; iheiu l?> public auction, can do ?<> bv c JJmg <m u-< at our store, ?: 17 1'enu*)l\an>a avenue, cnnicr uf Ninth ?tr. et, a- wo are prepared to buy alt eucb sooaj nj atav be Offered llou*ekeep?Tit a:tl othimwiQ do well by ailtn* jn us, a> w-; ? .U |.-<s' the h>pheti ea^h pncei? tor aU ;uoh WAI.L, UAiLNAUU te CO. ap*26?lua ai7 P?uns>lvania avenni;. J1 A CARD. fib Economy u the rmad to Grtat Sedation in Ihn rrica of Eata ft C?ja I'HE underlined, h .v.ii' made a ran^aicuta with a New York Hat ? '"inpuny to tx* oou? K;:t.i;y supftlie 1 with ths v? i> best 'Mole?kin ?i* lJLi:t*P< HA'IP, pot up in the IstMt tlyl-, Ltieni at tho UM|?rece?t.'nte I low price of %3Jo worth frmi (< u?- in five d>i!arvj Mevwd quality f?* VWiii !ru8iS-IS0|m|l; ai j % very fm>.| u ah!.' Hat at w nth from f3 to All*", He-be i CoV Nat#, at a uiu,b |r*a advane-B than th< y have been ta*-re t^.t r? sold .n thw citv FiiVt rate beav. r li?t> .?3 j ?. All ki:id< of UATri aii-t CAP3 v ry low. In t'futr to si II at Um ab >ve low prlC'M Uie cm2> ry?*.eni inu--| te tdopt**d ; consequently thn*( ?*h*? [tureb'iae w.ll not bi- cliai;^ frmi Cueeu to tweiily 5ve per cent aj an >ffPet for bad i>< Six. ANT-ONF, (for ttuny years in th" enu?i<?y ?rf T ^il ?(jo.) No. 3 <;i luiiil.? p!ace, 7Ui at., ap i3-tf 2.1 do<H nor** ot Petin. arenun. lkibti &CH.00L, Pliafant Gr ?vp. S< v? nth ^t/' ei Ro^d, 1^ miles frotn the Ci*y rf ?"? ki'^lou. THE iTuiieaoftlii* J*eli'?ol will romnience HON Ii \ y, the 30;b of April. ? the number Of pu pil.< will be limited, those * Iin wi.-h to avail them ?.-l vex of iu adv :n*ajo? &h< ulj uia_e hi earl) an ap plication a* po?ible. The cr.U'^ot ttiFlruction wrll b* thnmafb and com. Iete,and wiil er b?ace all the EnfliKh Lrencbw u?ual:y tau?bt in the bast school*, tofetber wttfc Mu>ic", French and Latin Tenns mode known on application to the Priaci* pal. ap?4?2%?

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