Newspaper of Evening Star, May 7, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 7, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. (roB tn ?tab. WILL YOU GO. LOTS. A-MAYIJfO * ?T B. CLAY PRBUS8. >'ow the warm Sprin# to breathing o'er sky, earth, an J sea. Will you ?o, I,ove, a-mnyir.e?will yon go, Love, with Be ? Here if jov>nn the earth, for the Winter id past, And the chain* of the tyrant are broken at last : I he young bud* axe waking, unchi I'd by hia breath, Like a soul bloominx out front the shadows of death! The wild mountain sUeara, fioin their ice chain* ?ct free, Are Himatine tn triumph on their march to th< pea! The glad birds are warbling from green shady bow ers, While the " tfoft South" m telling iu love to the flowers; Oh' the warm Spring in brnathins o'er sky, earth and sea? Will you go, Love, a maying?wi!l you go, Love, wi'Jt me ' Do yon mind, Love, the grove "neath the old maple 'n-. Where long, long ago, you went may ing with me ? Ah! t!?e '?times have since changed from the old to the new," And we scarcity know now where the old maple grew: Our hearts, too, have changed ?in.?e the days of lane We are not now as happy as then?lady mine ! Again t.V Spring bloom?, but its promise ha* fled ! And each flower tells o! a hope that is dead ! Hut oh ! there are region? undermined by a shade, Where the sun always shines, and the flow'rs nevtr fade; There the fields that wc roam over verdant shall be? And yonll ??, Love, a-mayin*?voutl go, Love, with me! Wasbuctsr, D. C. Whiskers.?The editress of the Lan caster Literary Gazette says she would as soon nestle her nose in a rat's nest of swingle tow, as allow a man with whis kers to kiss her. We don't believe a word of it! The objections which some ladies pretend to have to whiskers all arise from envy. They don't have any. They would if they could, but the fact is. the continual motion of the lower jaw is fatal to their growth. The ladies?God bless them!? adopt our fashion as fast as they can. Look at the depredations the dear crea tures have committed on our wardrobe the last lew years. They have appropri ated our shirt bosoms, gold studs and all. They have encircled their soft bewitch ing necks in our standing collar and cra vats?driving us men to flatties and turn downs. Their innocent little hearts have been palpitating in the inside of our waistcoats, instead of thumping cn the outside as naturally intended. They have thrust their pretty feet and ankles through our unmentionables? umvhis perables?nnthinkaboutables?in short, as Micavrber would say, breeches. And they are skipping along the streets in our bigh-hoeied boots Did you hear, gentlemen' we say boots. A Deaf Man and his Doctor.?A deal wan is invited by h .3 doctor to at tend the performance of one of Sponti ni's operas. It is pretty well known that the orchestra of this celebrated composer was notorious for thunder and lightning crashes. At the lirst act the doctor en quired of the sick man. Do you hear? No! After the second act. Do you hear? No! But in the third act the thunder ings of the orchestra were tcrrific. Sud denly the doaf man cried cut I hear ! I hear His words were drowned by the noise of the music; -but the doctor saw iht; expression of joy depicted on his countcnance, and asked him. Do you hear? The deaf man made a sign in the affirm?tive. Bah! replied the doctor, how can that be when the orchestra is not playing? The patient was complete ly cured but the doctor had become as deaf as a post.?V Echo du Pacific. ? XT5* The young lady who was " buried in grief," is now alive and doing well. It was only a case of premature inter ment. f RPTYALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS, ^rtlontl i!n?l?i. ?. w;lla*? T R Hick--, Va J 3 King, M.i J R *7i d'* J B fitzguard, do H Murphy, ps J T Dane, Ma?s? J C Johnson, do G E Hill \ ladr, do C D Hill, Md J Core, La F M Hall, da Miss Marshall, Va W C Monk fc lady, Can D Loper, SC Mast Monk, lo N H Dickens, NY W W Berry, Md J W Myers, do J W Sayford, do J Ashhaho k lady, do J Weiton, Mo J E Wright, do W A Lourt, III T E Water*, Can J L O'Neal, Pa G W Hill, do H ChapiiiM, do K W New on, Mass W j? Price M ladr, do J Ktnwrlor & lady TWaUh, NY ' Rruwii1 Hotel?t. p. it ?. eaown. A II Dencis, DC S M Arndell, Teaxi W Dtlwor.h, Pa T A Miiier fc lady, Va A W Di! worth, do A M Hunt, do J H Rart'/n, do W S Atkinson, do 3 V C*M>per, Ala P Hanger, Ark C VI SalaJre, O W F Pope, do C B Atrorido, TeJ J M Danloy, do W E Helm-ley, NY W H Caaatdy, Va A P Purvis, do E Moore, do W H Woe*, Md E Hartlett, do C E MeLane, do E T Ashley, do E i Armstrong, Va A t'arter, DC J II t.'arr, do Mr HiMhetdL NY W B Greene and ladies, N iJ OffuU, Md P.I C E McLane, do J #Jrawford, Scotland II C McLaughiiag, Md Mr Newman, Va T Wood, do J Worrmll, Pa H Sunipku, V& C Bett:?at*5 4i lady, NY fe.ii2c~rood ilowcc?J. B. St A. KI&&W00D. S Thoapson. II! R 3 Haitian, Pa A K H nan, io W Caeeorroil, NY Mi-.- L Ragan, do P B Newton W O Lcfflpcd, Tenn Mr Ourtis W Loaded, do Dr A H Bsyliss, La 2 Mi-.a W aloou, Pa F Imngan, DC Mw ConutU. do r U Wright, Md Dr Gibson, Va Dr Frur, 111 2 P Sanders Si ladies, d:> J VV Williams, Va W H Krng< I, Md J Reach, do Mr? J T Readou. Cuba G O Mercer A Hi'udoa, do Capt W H Owen, Cal B Lararjo, do OR M >rau, NM M E-treda, do M Lorrence, Md Wllludl' IIOt?!?H- a. & j. c. wiLuit. k' J Joachemsen, NY C Ellis, Mass F is Campoloro, France Dr II Richardson, do Dr A Evan?, Ky Mi-s E Richardson, do J V Snider. Pa MP O'Hern, Md li Ten Bfo*ek,La W Portei, do E b Bigrlow, Mm* V P Cu:nmingB and lady, A M Pennmk, USN Ala C Brown, Va Mitw Cummlngs, do E A Blanche, Tex J Cuouuings, do G R Turnbull, Md I'mUd States IXot?l?k. c. backhit. H Burr, Ma.** D Wheeler, NY R Wright, NY N S Dorman, do J Slier iff. Md J Baton, R1 T Jacobs, do r Smith, nc ^ J H Vai. Horn, Ve W Cullcn, do T Spear, do Dr J Crewy, Vu 1) Kennedy, Pa J II Scott, Md Dr A H Baylen, La Col Sun fort, do W E Clack, NY D A Harrucn, DC BltBilon Ho?h, A'cxandria. Va. a. waaioe, rRopRitiua. A L Myer*, NY L Powell, Va It H Ayre*, Md D Brown. DC J S French, DC C. Wtiarton, NC W Lenox, do C A Swanu, Va Ur Walton, Vu V R Brent, do A V t udd, do J V CuJd, do S M< red!lit, <io K M r inWing, do D N Morange, NY B Shumate, do D Stewart, Md J C Bellman, Md J I. 0'Neil,lady a narac. J V Chew, Mi Pa J W Boteler. DC S French. DC M Mayo, Md S P Howard, do Mm J W Ale.mndvr >i%J J Hmwn d> ?on, NY i r J I. Cabell and hdy, T Smith, Dr Va 3 WM?od. d? . W Alexander, jr NY w BOOTS, fJppES AND TRUNKS. ?T to*??*r'?o for awpectiOB, tt D jjL? A 14,-8 Hoot, Shoe and Trunk Em 4 ponum, ? isrp-, varied and well select edBMfe 8Wck ?' BOOTS, phoep^ ?nd TRUNKS, amon? which aro? L*rliep' rnnrooco, ki.l sad ting Waiter* , wots, Sappers, Tie* und fia?kins Misses' do do CTrtldreri's Shorn tn great variety | G- nt'fmunV patent leather and caJf sfctn Boots and Shoes, Corigre*.-; Gaiters, Pumps, iic. Boys' and youths* do With ail (he moot approved arid fashionable stylca of Shoe? manufactured, all of which will be soM at exceedingly low price*. In a<ldition to the above an extensive as-ortmtnt of Trunks, Carpet Bay Valines, and Satchels, very cheap. ! A call is solicited irom all who are in want of gTeat bargains, as 1 am determined to sell as cheap as the cheapest. n. R. WALL, No. 34 opposite Centre Market, ap2&?eo3w "ft ween 7th and Btli sts LOW-PRIUBD OARPETJNGS. I I U3T RECEIVED and for sale 0% bales, 26 pieces, I^iSrlfl -t!i*S?rd hf>nvy TafKMlr7 Brussels CAR IE I which were purchased at late auctions ' J1*1 W,U ** *?w M ?* 19K per yard, worth *1.0. It only remains for persons to see and handle these goods to appreciate ilu ir finality anl extreme choapne*. Now fc. the tfme for economi cal housekeepers to make their purcliaaes, as the mannf.icturers abroad and in this countiy are ceas ing to make foods, in -onsequence of the ruinous rata? at which they have had to sacrifice them. , AL80? Rich Tapestry *4 two p!y at 87% cents, worth $1 Rich double ingrain all wool at G21{ cts, worth SIX j:0 <Jo do at 50 cent", worth 75 Uo d0 woo! and worsted warp, 37k and 31 cents, worth IK) ?? heavy genteel Carpeting at 25 cents. Still remaining on hand a few pieces elegant Vel vet Royal Milton Carpeting*, which will be sold as old and super annuated goods bou?ht at auction to | this city last week?fresq,new, and superb patterns and colore. CLAGETT> DCDSON & CO. ap 30?eod2w SODA WATKR. I HE undersigned having purchased Swan's Pat ,f> ?ii>Apparatus for the preparation of SODA ATLE, from Super-Carbonae of Soda, respect lully informs the public that the fountain is now in full and successful operation. This method of pre paring roda Water is warmly recommended by the Medical Facultiea in the Northern and Western cities, not only as producing a pleasant, innocent, and healthy beverage for all persons, but one highly beneficial in all disorders of the stomach. PirupS of all flavors, including those of Brandy, Wine, and '.hamp gne, freshly manufactured, of the very best materials, on the premise*, always on hand -rt _ C. GAUTIER, ap o0-eo3w No. 252 Pa. avenue. NOTICE OF CO-PARTNERSHIP. L' H. Si !1 fi RITTER have this lGili daytf v April entered mto a co-partnership for the purpose of carrying on the WooJ and Grocery bu-i ues*. I'he subscribers Wood Yard and Store is situate J j on the Canal, w?-st of and near to the market, wher.; persons in want ol Wood or Groceries of superior quality, and upon the most pleading terms, can st all times find a full supply. . W. H. &. H. G. RirTER. All persons indebted to W. H. Ritter previous to the commencement of this firm are requested to | call and settle th?ir accounts. 23?eo2w REV. JOHN LANAIIAN, PASTOR OF THtf EXETEK STREET, M. E. CHURCH?\ e*oag to benefit taa afflicted induces lilra thu.; to cenity. We chal' eng. any other medicino to present such a mass of testimony from gentlemen ac<j ladies of high standing of our own we.'i hnwii citizens, who testify of cures of COUGH, BKON | OHITIS, RHEUMATISM, DYSPEPSIA, &c. .. ? ? Baltimore, January 24th, ld55. Me+m. Mortimer % MovJray: I take pleasure in saving to you that I have used y: ur "Hampton's Tincture" with very great profit. ?:oni a serious throat affection, my general health had become very much impaired, when I con mencei to use ?? Hampton's Tincture." I found I n e..ects upon my general health most salutary My nervous system and digestive onrans soon right ed up iiiider i:s use. I have several times recommended it to my Inend*, and ir. every ca*e, as lar aj I have been in formed, they !'?" ve use it with success. Yours trvly, John Lanahak,Pastor -1 Exeter tt., M. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING OP TIIE LUNGS. N* C ' Feb 1653? sfr^rrs. Myrtimer AiotoZ/raj: I do hereby certify that about twelve months aso I was taken with a severe hemorrhage ol the Lunt-f, and had tour attaelts of it I was advised to try Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture I procured one bottle, and after taking which, I was satisfied th* t I was mush belter; and ihat, alter taking the four.h bottle, I was entirely well, and now F eujoy as co< d health as ever I did to my life. I car... and do, with out the least hesitation, recomrrcnd the Tincture to all personj afflictcd in my way. Yours, Geo. W. We ablet, CURE FITS?HEAD! Morttothe Sick than Gold.?From one of the n o*t w-pe<nable Druggists in South Carolina. ? ? Coarlestom, S. C. Sept. 21,1851'. JflfHMrs. Mortimer it Mowbray The sale : Four Hampton's Vegetable Tir.ctnre is increa^inc ev!*ry day, a:?.d every bottle sold recommends this valut'.le medicine to the afflicted. Several of our planters have tried it in different cases with astou wliing success, and are getting it by half dozens. It has bees found to be the greatest remedy for rheu matic affections, and a wonderful cure ha; been performed on a negro bov, suffering from Fits. I [ will furnish you with a number of certificates if you wirfi them 7 ? I fspt'emen. yours, W. G. Trott. [ asd get pamphlets graus, and see cure* of f^iugb, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys ;t;p.ia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As a terr.ale medicine or for delicate children we b?li?ve i? unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, 140 Balti more street, Baltimore, and 304 Broadway, N. York Chas. Stott & Co., J. B. Moore, D. B. Ct arke, ?-larke fc Bowling, W. Elliot, and H. MrPnsR son, \\ ashington ; also, by R. S. F. Ci sel, Gefir?e town ; and C. C. liippr, Al?-xandria. and by Drui gists everywhere. feb 2\?tr AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. LET THE SICK HEAR THE TROTH. Captain Bzxjamin.? Wherever known his ieg>l mony will be conclusive. But lest those who ?'io not know the Captain should be sceptical, Dr. Daw* son 5* Bro., with otlierj of the bsst known and most highly respectable citizens of Eiston, endorse hw wonderful cure by HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTURE. U >r ^ . Easton, Oct. 4,1B54. Mcwsrt. Mortimer 9f Mowbray : Gentlemen?I feel it my duty to you and the nub he to cerufy to the effects of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture. I was for more than five years laborins under a oi^ase or Chronic Rheumatism, and the great part of that time i was so helpless that I had to be helped from my bed and dreescd to my clothe* I became reduced to a m?re skeleton. All the med Kines ? took done me no s^wd, and I continued to gn>w worse. I heard of Ilampion's Tincture and j thought I would give it a trial. At this ttoie I did not expect to live one day after another. I it J IKx take it (the Tincture) for the Rheumatism, imt in a short time I was well ..f that disease. From tK effects of your 1 mcture and the help of God 1 tun now getting in good health. 1 wish ail the afflicted to try Hampton s Vegetab.e Tincture, as I have d'jne, with the same effect taat 1 it bai on Yoar obedient servant, Isaac Een.'aMin, V\ e are acquainted with I*aac Benianuii; foIc '* 11 Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, and be aeve the above statement correct. From our knowledge of Captain B^ jam to we?are confide t that the aliove statement is true and un exagerated. j. A. f. ? ?. , ., I'haius Rjbinsoh. I ? I^phlet'? aruls, and see eures oi uough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neur;ihu?, Dy? pep?a, ffervousness and General Weakness. Asa female medicine or for delicate childien we believe i' unequalled. Sold by MOHY1MER 9t MOWBRAY, 140 Balu more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadway, N. York Chas. Stott h. Co., J. B. Moore, D. B. Clarxe larke h Bowlino, W. Elliot, and H. McPher , son, \V ashington; Cso. by R. S. F. Cissel, Goorge town, and C. C. Beret, Alexandria, and By Drue gits '.van where. jan 8?tr THX MUTUAL FIBB IHSUSAHCR COMPA ?Y OF THE USTEICT OF C0LU31EIA, /""1HAKTERED by Corigress, offers to th<. property V Q'vers of the District safer and cheaper means of iusurance than any other Company. CLYSiSErt WARD, President. CHAS. WILSON, Secretary. MATIIEvV G. EMERY, Treasurer. ?anaoere. Ulysees Ward John Van Riswiak Tlionaa Blagden P. W. Browning P. Howard, Mathew G. Emery. J. C. McKelden, Office, Columbia Place, corner Louisiana avenue and 7th street. Office hour.* from 3 to (f o'clock p. m. ft b 26?eotf BANKING H0U8X OF FA ISO ft I70UBSK, Untied Slate* Ttmmtry. ONUS, SUjck^ and other tucanlw purchased and sold. Inierest at the rate of six per r?at mt aauum al ?owed on d. poniu when left for M i&y or loader. Jan I r ^ JaAO' N P Willte J renrbarh'*i Esseice of Christianity < u jimiaf'i. Firmly preyeM. 9 vols aP>JV FRAN OK TAYLOR. For sale?a very fine saddle and Ban? HORSE. The horse in young, ( f-Rtle and sound, and of fine stock ; would m make either a very fine carriage horse, or a* ? ?ery pleasant riding norse. Also, tor Kile aa excellent work horse, perfectly sound. Apply to No. 43 Dunbarton st, Gcontet'n. mar 1?lawtf 8 Publio Sale of United State* Property at the Wary-Yard, Memphis, Tennessee, by order of the Bureau of Yards and Doeke. ON the 1st day of June, 1855, the following arti cles will be sold to the Highest bidder, at pub lie auction, at the navy-yard, Memphis, Tennessee: Building Material, <fc. 113,900 hard brick ; 153,311 feet various timber and lumber 1,944 feet coping; 606 feet stone belt course 47 feet dimension stone; 89 leet stone curbing, ( undressed) 25 porches rubWe atone; 8,900 lbs. cut nails, (assorted) 1,152 lbs iron spikes; '250 lbs wrought nails 3,064 Welch slate; 9^5 feet ridge tiles 164 tiles, (50 feet long;) 115 window sill?, stone 1,050 bushels sand ; 1,675 lbs sheet lead 7G bbls cement; lot of lime 140 bushels charejal; 6 boxes tin 31 baies window glass, 57 lbs sash cord 1,888 lbs sash weights; 110 hkiges, (assorted) 5 keg* white lead, 38 gallons linseed oil 549 lb* putty; 10 gallons spirits turpentine 1 lb sugar of lead; 910 feet tin guttering 20 lbs scrap copper; 160 gallons sperm oil 1,060 Ib3 old iron; 1,322 lbs new iron, (assorted) 32 lbs horseshoe iron; 12 bbls scrap iron 16 Ibi horM'shoe nails 10 lbs solder 330 lbs blister steel; 18,000 lbs cast iron bell line hangers 10 lbs emory; 44 window frames 5 door frames; 97 shutters 30 pairs sash, (glazed;) 3 pairs sash 200 pieces white oak timber ; 3 lbs Russia isin glass 3 li>s Russia glu?; 150 lbs tallow 250 lb* hard soap; 1 lot of old castings 1 lot of tree nails; 1 lot of band leather 1 lot of lace leather 1 lot of oil cans ; 1 lot of jugs, barrels, hick ory log*, assorted wire, steel, nails, station ery, Slc., and " 4 lbs India rubber packing Machinery, Tools, 4rc., of Various Descriptions. 5 rams; 3 hoisting cranes; 2 derricks ?1 setting fids; 109 cart felloes, 2 cart shafts, 10 cart hubs, and 214 spokes 8 old raihoad cars; 15 axletrees 16 a.<5sorted blocks; 4 spring bolts 1 scrubbing brush, 48 fire buckets 105 lbs chain cable; 8 elating knives 39 lock*, (assorted;) 5 tin lanters 1 set wine measures; 12 .ca?h pulleys 30 mason's h?>ds; 55 shovels 4 axes, (Collin's;) 2 cylinders and caps * 3 white-wash brushes; 2 dozen ?.ust brushes 3<> augers, (assorted;) 3 framed saws 2 foot arise*; 1 whip saw; 2 scythes 2 hand barrows; 2 timber hooks 30 mortar boards; 40 wheelbarrows 2 mortar beds, 26 trestles 5 pair platform scales; 2 pair sizing scales; 1 French horse 1 wiring machine; 1 large thick edge 1 grooving tool; 1 hatch stake 1 |?eak irna; 1 large burring machine 1 set north tools; 1 pair soldering irons I puir hand shear*; 1 large cast-iron stake 1 soldering furnace; li work bmches 16 water buckets; 1 sand screen 2 lime sitters; 9 moitar noes 2 pair ploughplanes, with bits; 5 tongue and groove planes, i assorted) 3 sash planes; 3 finishing do.; 4 do. (assorted) 1 grind stone 1 pair 36 incn bellows; 2 do. 40 inches 4 anvils; 4 vices; 3 sledge-hammers 4 cross cut sav%3; 1 staving block 4 sets tongs; 15 punches 2(i hammers, various sizss and kinds 20 bolt tools; 14 screw wren lies 1 set shoeing tools ; 1 set blacksmith's tools in ropewalk ibrge shop 15 crowbars; 7 picks; 4 stone buggies 13 wedges; 1 paint stone; 1 painter's knife 3 sets chisels; 6 globe lantern.1 5 hand; 8 squares; 1 set turner's gouger 2 broad axes; 2 hatchets, 1 sawset 5 callipcrs; 0 screw drivers 2 drawing knaves; 6 nippers 20 dozer, files; 6 gimlets. Pittsburg Coal. 119 tons best quality. Material from Ropewalk. 4,645 lbs hemp tow yams; 17 do. old tarred do 8,500 lbs tow; 52 bbls best quality Wilmington tar Carts, Wagon, Gearing, tfe. I wazon; 10 caru; 2 pair umber wheels 1 straw-cutter; 1 pitch-fork 2 drays, together with a large lot of hamcsj. Household and Office Furniture. C bureaus 11 b-dsteads; 10 washstands 1 wardrobe; 4 pitchers; 6 tumblers U water iars; 3 ssfas; 20 mahogany chairs 8 11 12 dozen office and house chairs 1 mahogany table) 1 centre tabic 2 seis duiing tables; 2 ironing tables 15 office tables; 8 sets shovels, tongs, and pokers 533>? yards carpeting; 17 yards stair do ?I hearth rug?; 97 yards oilcloth 1 hali lamp; 1 hatrack;2 sideboards 2 parlor mirrors; 1 looking glass for toilet 1 secretary; 4 cabinets; 1 iron safe 3 office stools; 1 drawing board, with movable frame 2 chests of drawers, 1 book case 11 writing desks; 1 copper lw>iler for kitchen 1 pair fire irons; 6 stoves; 1 eight day clock Saluting battery, consisting of 15 32 psunder carronades, with their equipments com plete Small kndge, weighing 50 pounds. The terms of sale will be cash, in specie, to be paid before the articles are removed from the yard, which must be within five days from and after tha ? day of sale. If the terms of sale are not complied with, the property will be resold, on one week's public notice, at the risk and cost of the delinquent purchaser. ap26-law4w [No. 534.] Notice of the establishment of an additional land district in the State of California. WI1KKKA8 under the provisions of the act of Congress, apprised Maroh 3, 1853, entitled, "An act to provide for the survey of the public land in California," 4c., the President of the United Stages is authorised, at such time or times a? in his judgment the public interest may so imperatively require, * ? ? to divide the Stat# of California Into two or three separate land districts, two of which districts were established uc? der sild act by public notice, dated 21at March, 1863; and whereas the surveys and settlements have est?nd?d in California so far that the conve nience of the settlurs and the public interest require the establishment of the three districts authorised by the act cf the 3d March, 1853, afort%*d? Now, therefore, be it known, that under, and by authority of the said aot of Congress of 3d March, 1853 the President cf the United ctates has directed that the State of Califbrnia shall be divided into three separate land districts, the boundaries of which ar? as fol ows, vis : All that part of the State, commencing on the Pa cific ooast, lying north of the line between town ships seven and eight (7 and 8) north of Mount Di able base line, thence running east on said line to the meridian, thence south on the meridian line to the line dividing townships three and four (3 and 4) north of said base llr<e, thenoe east on said line be tween townships three and four to the eastern boundary of the State, will form the "Upper Dis trict," the laud office for which has been established at Marysville. All tbat part of the State lying south of the above described limits and north or the line dividing town| ships twenty and twenty-one, south, (or fifth stand ard south) will firm the "Middle District," the of 1W for which is at Benida; and all that part of the State lying soutc of the firth standard parallel the "Lowke District." as heretofore organise 1, the office for which is ea abliohed at Lot Angelas; and in view of the said direction of the President of the United States, under the act of Congress aforesaid, tha boundaries abeve mentioned rhall in luture be regarded ar the limits of the Bald laud districts re spectively. Qivon under my band at the olty of Washington, this ninth day of April, A. D. 1866. By order of the President .* JOHN WILSON, Commissioner General Land Office, ap 13?lawlSw FRESH BEIF AID VEGETABLES FOB THE HAVY. NAVY AGENT'S OFFICE. Washington, April 28,1855. SEALED PROPOSALS will be receiv-d at this office until Monday, the 21st day of May, 1855, at noon, for the supply of such quantities of Fresh Beef and Vegetables as may be required on the Washington station, during the fiscal year com mencing on the 1st day of July next, and ending on the 30tii June, 1*56. * The Beef and Vegetables must be of good quality and the best the market affords j and each article uiuirt be offered for by the pound Boad with approved security will be required in one half the estimated amount of the contract, and ten per centum in addition will be withheld from the amount of each payment to b? made, as collate ral security for the due performance of the contract, which will on no account be paid until it is fully complied with. Every offer made must be accompanied (as direct ed in the act ot' Congress making appropriation for the naval service for 1846 7, approved 10th August, 1846) by a written guaraniy, signed by one or more re?j>OBeible persons, to the effect that he or they un dertake that the bidder or bidders will, if bis or their bid be accepted, enter into an obligation, within five days, with good and sufficient sureties, to fur ni?h the articles proposed. No bid will be considered unless accompanied by such guaranty. ALBERT GREENLEAF, ap ?u-1 awlw Navy Ageut. 'In of Teeth

WiJH'!l8T0?, 8T8TB MUMWiemr, 8. K. comer <\f pa. aw. and Eleventh Ore*, "arming aid Ventilating Apparatus n < * CO.?8 (of Costorl) Union DwWe-Oycn Cooking Range, . J. L. MOTT'S (of New Vnrk\ INVINCIBLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. 1 wi^E: T^ P. ^TriPd, ,lron HOLLOW | in pcS'varim Planuhed 8,1(1 Ja**nnod WARE r-Tf-i' ?7** WUI ** *?w,*t t*10 lowest possible ESS? 1S? """ "" E^" An examination of my stock is earnestly solicited. 5? 13~"3m JA8."BKIHVI\g. DENTISTRY. R R.DONALDSON, Dentist. late of tile firm of ? H?t a Donaldson, continue* to m&nafectare and insert those be&atifuli porcelain teeth, with or without gums, for specimens of which (matte ami de pomed by the late firm) was awarded the first haniC8'lMtitt,tc F4i,'reCenUy These teeth are carved and shaded to enit each particular case, and their resemblance to thenetu Usede*"* " 30 perfect M to deceive the most prac I Part&olar attention also paid to filling and ore | serving the natural teeth. " Charge* moderate and all operations warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh andD sfs?en tice On D. marSliem ? * , DENTISTRY. DR. MUN80N respectfully calls pablio attention I"" "ew, patent, and GREATLY . nT'ilv 0 method of setting Artificial] Teeth, with Continuous Gum?the verv PEBFECriON OF THE ART. , nas the following advantages over all other' viz ? P^T^nf^SSSrmJ1*. .CLEANLINKS3, COM r^iST.' ? BEAUTY, viemg with Nature in the* respects, and in some others excelling. Public in opecuon is respectfully solicited. Please call and see specimens. CAUnON.-No other Dentist in the District of Columbia has a right to make this style of Teeth N. B?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plu?ed and warranted for life. ?""?* u Office and bouse at No. 998 E street, near the corner of Pennsylvania aveuue a id 14th street. ap 24?tf TO THE LADIES. MISS S J. THOMPSON ?? |ih n-'.w prepared to show our largtJBi& atld well selected stock >f MillinerylHr wbi?h she has Just opened, oftlie la ?n8.l wy wr ar<i at ?he lowest prices, nnd we cordially invite the ladies to call early an. have the first selections. y ?LW?nld,^? T^PectfWly call their attention u? Vo J?X an!1.1h;ln,1 handsome stock of Fancy Gcxki SS k'ovrs, Hosiery, fcc,. which we can sell at unusually low prices. innvniNaoN k munro, No. 31Q Pennsylvania avenue, of"* door we9t * Wal,'!r "arper & Co.'s. mar 28 ? FuFmN^St^angijage k drawing. / lUMPLET^. and thorough in?lruclion in the \j above branches will be given on moderate Ifa Fjeneh Gentleman, a graduate of the Polytechnic School, of Paris. The advertiser is teachin highest testimonials of success m Apply to or address "Prencb Teacher," No 408 Thirteenth street, between G and H op 27?dim flic. ?33.] Notice of Withdrawal of certain Lands tn __ Wisconsin. TX7"IIEIiEA8, in punuaDo* of a joint resolution ? V of Congress, enrtlei "A resolution ?aplana i !fZ ** * * August third, eighteen hun dred and fifty four," approved March 8,1866, reUt I ^ ^ Wlsconirn river grant, the el wet pf which u to enlarge ssld gra->t from three tc j fiva sections In width, the l*rtnderd of the United Bates has, by his ordsr bearing .lata the nlnlh day ?i? . Q^^n10' directed that certain townships ?, tte ^ATB ?* Wi3C0S8ii?, on ea;h ?ido of tb- Porlege canal and the Fox river and the l?kes through which it pvpf*, (including the lands herr tofore withdrswn and withheld for faid grant,) sba 1 ! De withdrawn from rAle or tntry ft?r any purr?^' whatever until further orders. Norici is therefort* hereby given that sUd lanfij " 38 ^relnafter described have this day beea withdrawn from sale or *ntry ?ocordlagly, to wit ? In the district of lands sutjeotto sale at Mmael-a | Worth of the bate line and east qfthc fourth princi pal meridian. Township 12, on the left bank of tbe Wisconsin river, and townabipg 13 and 14, tf rnnge 9 Township# 12, 13 and 14, of range 10 Townsnip 14, of range 11 Townships 14,16, ifi, 17. aad 18, of range 12 Townships 16,16,17 and 18, of range 13 Townships 17,18 asd 19, of range 14 Tcwn?h'pj 17,18, 19, nnl 29, of range 16 16 Mhip916'16'17'lw'19'20 and ai' of nae* TewnsuJps 16, 1C, 17,18, 19, 20, 21, ani 22, of rang? 17, Townships 16,1C, 17,19, 20, 21 and 22 ef ranse 18 Townships 16, 17, 19,19, 20, 21, 22, and 23, oi | rana;e 19 Townships 21,22, 23 and 24, of range 20 Townships *2, 23 and 24, ranee 21 In the district o/'aadd subjeo* to sale at Mianu.1 Point : North of the bate line and cast of the four Ih princi pal meridian. xownships 12, 13 atd 14, cn the left bank of thr Wisconsin river, of range 3 In the district of lands subject to sale at Stkvkis' Poiirt: North of the hase line and east of the fovrth principal meridian. Townships 16 and 16, of range 8 Townships 16 and 16, of range 9 Townships 15 and 19, of range 10 Townships 16,16 and 17, of range 11 Given uuder my hand, at the Central Land Office, at the dty of Washington, thi* third day of April, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fl'tv five. ' By order of the President: JOHN WILSON, Commteloner of General Land Offios. &p 6?2aw6w United States Patent Ofllce^ i~ 0? it_ WAsaisaTO*. April 23, 1865. / ? the petition of Hiram Diliawat, of Sand wich, Mass., praying for the extension of a patent granted to him on the 21st of August, 184t, for an improvement in the construction of moulds for pressing glass, for seven years from the expi ration of said patent, which takes place on the 21st day of August, 1866: It is ordered, that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office an Monday, the tfth day of August next, at 12 o'clock, m.; and all persons are notified to appear and show cause, if any they have. wh? said petition ought not to be grunted. t Persons opposing the extension are required to fila in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth In writing, at least twenty days before the day of bearing; all testimony filed by either party to be ?eed at the said hearing must be taken and tran? mltted in accordance with the rules of this Offlo& which will be furnished on application. ??Tu e ,tTt,imony iD the CHM *111 he closed on the ^.Otb of July; depositions and other papers relied up on as testimony mu*t be filed in the office on or be fore the morning of that day; the arguments, u any within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the Umon, Inteiligenoer and Evening Star, Washington, R^Pnh ?*Bi Baltimore; Peansylvanian Philadelphia, Pa., Scientific American, New York: and the Post, Boston, Mass., once a week fcr throe successive weeks previous to the 6th of Auinst next, the day of hearing. S. T. 8HUGBBT, Acting Commissioner of Patents. P. 8.?Editorsof (fee above papers will please cop* and send their billsTo the Patent Office, with a per containing this notice. apr 21 law3ir Unled States Patent Oflies. t OWashihgtow, April 24, lPCft. ] N the petition of Liwis G Stbrbbvabt, cf Ala bama praying for the extension of a patent grented to him on the 234 of July, 1841, for an im provement in "the manner of constructing gins for ginning ootton," for seven years from the expira tion of said patent, which takes place on the 284 day of July, eighteen hundred and fifty five ? It is ordered, that the Raid petition be heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 9th day of Juiv next, at 12 o'clock, m.,ana all persons are notified to appearand show cause, if any they have, whv said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to file ?n twft?ntOffice their objections, speciftllvset forth In writing, at least twenty davs before the dav of ^nKi1&H1Lte^,n0ny fil^y ?ither Pwty to be us?i at the said hearing must be taken and transmitted wlth the rules of thisOflice, which w5l be furnished on applieation. u The testimony in the case will be cl<ie?<i m. *\>. 2?th ef June; deposition.", and other papers relied on as testimony, must be filed in tbe office'^ ? Ufore loan, New York; onci. week tor . ? ^ 8 T. SHUGKRT, P F<mn?A*v?&?lini8*ionerof Patents. "" P,t"' ^ DOCTOR HOOFLAMD'S C ELBBRATKD ?crman Bitters, rurAiat it DB. C. M, 7ACK80V, Fhilnd'a., 1*., Tat HTrgeTT7iI.LT ctm UTEB COMPLAINT, DY&PRPSIA, JATOIC1, M ? tf T\ _1 -M 'a - ^ -? Chromic or Norvowt Debility, D*mm of <*e ? Mi'f /rm ? <Ke fujiMVf cmd o liesr or i 8uoh as Constipation, In ward Pile#, Fullness. or Blood to the Head, Acidity of tb? Sloraarh, Nau sea, licaribnrn, Disgust for food, Fullnees or weight ia the Stomach, fikhir Eructations, fak ing or Flauerwf at the Pit of the Stomach, 8*un mine of the H<*id, Harried snd difficult Breathing, PI uttering at the Heart, Choking or 8uffocatinp St*i??fttions when in a lying Posture, Dimness ot Visii.a, Dots of Webs before the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Pcnif>iration, Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chert, Limbs, Ac., Sudden Flushes of Heat Burning inthe Flesh, Conrtant fmagin ings*of Eril, ana great depression of Spirits. I^HE propr:.?or. In calling the attention of the . pub!la to this preparation, does so with a feel ing of the utraopt confidence in it* virtues and adap tation to the diseases fbr which it is recommended. It Is no new and untried.nrtiele, but one that ha* stoed the test of a ten jean' trial before the Ameri ccn people, and Its reputation and sale is unrivalled by airy similar Vrepartitions extant. The testimony in iti favor given by the most prominent and welt known Physicians and individuals, in all part*- of the country is immense. The following from North Carolina is respectfully snba-itfc-d, referring any ?who may stE! doubt, to my "Memorabilia "or Prac tical Receipt Book., for Fanners and Families, to be L'had gratis, of all the Agents tor the German Bitters. Principal Office and Manufc .tcry, 140 Arch st, Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLH.'A. CortiJicaU of Dr. W. Smith, of Pine Hill, Rich mond County N. C. Pikt Kim., March 4th, 1854. Dr. C. K. Jackson. Philad*'Iphia? Dear Sir: I have been a snbjeel of Dyspepsia, in its worst form, for the last Hve years. Such was my condition for twelve months that the puysieians and all who saw me said I must die. While in tills condition. I was carried to the watering places in Virginia, Tennes 5ae auid North Carolina, but wa? not l?e.nefiied by any water to which I was taken. While on my way home, I stopped a week at Rutherford ton, a *mall village in North Carolina, to try the effect of some Chalybeate water in that place. About the ia*t of the week, 1 went into a "drug store to get ?some medicine for my child and myself. There were several of tjje village physician? lu the More, and one of them seemed to take fame interest in my ease, end, after asking me sotne que.-tions.8aiJ he had been a dyspeptic, and had been greatly bene fitted by the use ct "JDr. Hoofl -nd's German Bit ters," prepared bv y-u, ar.3 he insisted that I would try the Buturs He also called the next day at my room. oi:d insisted so much that I would try them that I a-ked him to get me one bottle. He did it, and I commenced taking it as directed* and ( do say I was more benefitted by it than all th? water and medicine 1 had ever taken. After reaching one of my neighbors came to lue for a prescription and medicine, (be a dyspep tic,) and i gave him nearly all the L'iUers I had len, which effected much ?oo<! in bis case. FTe has often .oiled on me for more of the sninc k nd of medi "iue. saying he was more benefitted by it than any ?oicr he had taken, but I have not been able to get ?..y more fir him or myself ,_J, tbere Airr, pt? a.'e ship me a ddfccn or nj<we as soon aspo> <b!e. Respectfully y are, W. SMITH. D. H. HOOKER, Roger'*Store, Wake Co., N. C., ?! -t-jlier 44.1H53, says?* flavins experienced very great benefit from the us<? of " HoolVnd's Geonan Hitters,in Chronic Dysentery ami fur.ctiomd de rangement of the Liver, and its ceueomitani evils, I am desirous of obtaining i quumhy of it tor tl?e benefit of my community. You will. therefore, pleat* feud a lot, &c., fcc. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. AT WOOD. Hohtsvilh, Yadku Co , N. C ,Nov. 1st, ItiSli. Dt- C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex press to you my "sincere tliauks for y<?ur discovery of a medicine which, to -ay the least of it, ha? ef fected a cure tb?t ail other medicines, tliut I bav<* mken, hive entirely failed to do. <<Hoofiand's Ger man Bitters" have ?urod me of th? ranfl tubhmn and aggravated caw of the tltat,, ever fell to the lot of man. My case is no* a stranger in tr.ia community, as I em well knowr in this and the -unwinding counties, and crai truly ur that my re covery has astounded all my friends and relations, as 1 had tried everything reuommended, and nothing did me any good until I was prevailed upon to try the Bitters. Yon are at Iiberty to rtake any use ol this communication, for the benefit of the afflicted, you may think proper. Truly youre, WX. j. AT WOOD. These blttors ate entirely vogtiahle, they iavigorat* and strenfthea the system, ncv::r proptrate it, and can be used for infants as w^rll as adults. For sale by respectable dealers everywhere, and by Z. D. OILMAN, Washington; J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown; and J. R. PIERPONT, Alexandria, mar 1?lv CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Xh? Great PmrlHer of tb? Blood I Hot a Particle cf Mercury In It An T?" M rum RjUIKL'T iCT SOTOfllla, KicjS Rvl% lUiei lantisca, ObstinaU) Cutanecue Eruptions, Plmplte or Pustules on tie faoe, Blctohee, boils. Obronio Sot* Kyef, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald ilead, Enlargement and Pain of the Bones and .fointa, Stubborn D':*rs, Syphilitic Disorder*, Lumbago, Srina'. Complaints, and all the diss*.-* trisiug from ?n injudicious use of &ercur7, Lm prerf -n ^e In Lift, or Imp urity of the Blood. THTS Vfluabl* Medicine, which has become oele> br?t?d for the c ember of axtra -rdinary cores. KTSrted through its agency, hae inducal the propri etors, at the urgt nt r?qu<?t of their taenia, to offrr i. to the public which they do with tb? ctaost coo S-lenci in its vtatow and wonderful curatlrs prop ?rti s The following certificates, (elected from a large number, are, however, stronger testimony than the mere word of tbe proprietors; and am au Tram gentlemen w*Il known in th'lr localities, and of the highest rsepectabiMty, many of them residing in the city of Richmond. Va. . I. BOYDEX, H<~q? of tha Exchange HotaL Rich mond, k sown everywhere says he has seen the idn? called Caktes h SrAKisH Misms, adroinistered in over a hundred casee, in nearly all the Hlessee for wbloh it Is recommended, with the most aston ishingly good rnsults He says It is the m?st ax traerdlnarr medicine he has *ver m?b. AGUE AND FEVEA?GU11AT CURE.-1 h-reby certify that for tiiree years I had Ague and Fever of the mof-t vk'lett dcKription. I had wveral Pbv ?.Idane, took Urge iu*ot<rie<? of Quinine, Mereury, ?_nd I believe all the Tv>nic- adveitired, but all with out perr?i*nent rellrf. At last I tried Carter's rpanlsh Mixture, two boiti?s of vrhich effectus'Ij sural me. and I am happy to u.y 1 hr. i neithar ihliis or fevers since. I consider it tLe bert Tcoic ?n this world, and the only medicine that tver reached my case. JOHN LONQDMN. Bxavxr Ditch, near Richmond. Va. 0. B. LUCK, Keq., now in the city of Richmond and fbr many years in the Post Offioe, har cuch oonfidsnoe in the astonishing efficacy of O&rterV Spanish llixtcra, thit bs has bought upwards of 6S botUea, which he Las given away to the afflicted.? Mr. Look says he has never known it to fall when taken according to directions. Dr. MINGS, a practising Physician, and formerly of the Oity Hotel, in the city of Richmond, says he has witnessed iu a number of instances ths effoots of barter's Spanish Mixture, which were most truly surprising. He says tn a case of Oonsumption, de t?endent on the Liver, ths good effects were won Isrful indeed 8AMUKL U. DRINKER of the fins of Drinker A Morris, Richmond, was oured eared of Liver Cera Elaint of three 7 ears standing, by the use of twe ottlsa of Carter's 8pani~h Mixture. GRMAT CURS Ot 8CR0i*ULA -The Editors of the Riohmond itepubiican h?d a servant employed in their press room, cured of violent Scrofula, com bined with Rhsumadsm, which entirely disabled him from work. Two bottlss cf Carter's Spanish Mixture made a perfect cure of him, and the Edi tors in a public notice, say thsy "cheerfully rec* m mend it to all who are afflicted with any disease of the blood." STILL ANOTHER CUR1 Of SCROFULA.?1 had a very valuable boy curod cf Srrofula by Carter's Spanish Mixture. I consider it truly a valuable medieine. JAMES M. TAYLOR, Conductor cn the R. F. and P. R. R. Co.. Richmond, Va. BALI RHEUM OF TWENTY YEARS STANDING CURB) Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, residing in the city of Riohmond, was cured by three bottles of Cartor'i Spanish Mixture, of bait iiheum, which he lor nearly tveoty years, end which all the physicians of the ttSf seuld not ours. Mr. Thompson is a well kuov? ifeMbant in the oity of Richmond? and hie is msat nnarkable. WM. A.M ATTHMWS, of Richmond had a servant cured ef SvphilLi, in ths worst form, by Carter's Spanish Mixture. He says he choerful.y reuom mends it, and considers it a very invaluable nodi ctns. EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the revenue, ?ays he has seen the good effects of Carter's tpanb-h Mixture In a number of Syphilitic oast s, and says it Is a perfect eure fcr that horrible disease. WM. Q. HARWOOD, ef Richmond, cured of old Bores aai Uloere, which disabled him frem walking. Took a fcw bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and was ? uuliled to walk without a crutch, in a short "mo permanently cured. Principal Depots at M WARD, CLOSE A Co.. No. 88 Maiden Lane, New York T. W. DYOTf * PONS, No. 183 North Second sL, Ptuledelnhia. iSWTT k BEERS, No. 126 Main street, Rfch Va. And fbr sale by OHARLM 8T0TT, Washington, D. C; HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, and by Druggists everywhere. Prio* $1 per bottle, or six bottles for |B( nrv 21 ?ir EMOlRtS liP THE COUNTESS OF BLE8 ?ington, by'R. R Madden, M. R. 1. A., two FRANCE TAYLOR. M TRAVELERS WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. Q CHANGE OF roues. N and -vArr Monday, the 23d i?n?U tke trains Ue5? Wasktnfton ? 6 and f*M a. na^ a?d 3 and 4M pn . ... 5 SSffiS! ?\T?T-1* ? -, ? ??* ?? u ^ Mott Bedell'a Lin*. M HEW TOR K JteXAXDRJJ jrJSBJXOTOM CITY, AND DISTRICT OP COLUMBIA P Ji CKET8. THIS LINE OF PACKETS SAILS WEEKLY I from pl<r 14 East River, New Tor*, aad MM if Meesmry, and arc composed of the fwlowiag ft"* elBM wasocls: hew achr. A. V. BMeil, Bedell, aeaMec. New Hchr. MoU Bedell, A. V. Tredweil Schr. Ann D., Wm. Oliver. maairr. Schr. Volant, L. A. Smith, rna*tiT. Sclir. CbuMaiv i?- Ckxef, Wogtum, UfW Schr. Green*ray, Wil?m, master. These vt**els aro all faet nailers, aad the m?' n men of experience in the trade, and the ooljr rcgu lar line of Washington City packets. MUTT BEDELL. _ _ . Wall Arret. M. f. 8. S. MASTERS fc SONS, Alexandria, Vk. THOMAS RILEY, fab 1?Cm Waging** aad D. C. OKAFOK AMD ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. On and after Tuesday, Nov. THE Cars Ve*ve Alexandria daliy for Gordon* Till? MKl IctennaflMo i?i ? at 7M o'clock, a m, or- the arr.ral of tLe boat from Wa*hingtca, riving ample time ft* break faM on board. C<?> ?attag at Manawac Juiicii?n with a traia fwftna burg. at Warrenton J?' ction with a train tw Wt* ronton, anl at Gordo^sTille with the trains cn tho Virginia Oentra.i Railroad for Richmond, Chnrlotten rill*, and Staunton. __ The oar- leave Gordo*ev!lle delly tr lMIMMl ecu intermediate flUtfea* kL 'ibtfcn 1*. ob the arrival of the trains of the Virginia Contral ra&* road frcin Kijhmond, C^Rrlott- n Ul*, aad BianaML TMWOTJOH TTCXHTB. frcra Alerai; lria to Warrant** t* Ck m ** Gcrrfoturrille? ? t 10 u m Ofcas-? ct tee rills 4 Si a m Biaanton I HI 44 44 BIfASLQIf ???MM ? ? M t 10 u ? Lynchburg 4 Tl u * Wlncbecter - 8 M u u Lcrny...................... 4 81 *4 ** New Market ? 6 Oi m m Middleburg 8 81 for LyuskburR, ecnn?ctlnf with the stages ?A ? HariottMVlLe, oe kionda)?, Wednesdays, and Pri 4mm fcr I uray and Eew Llarket, eranMllBK with tha s ??6S at Culr-e??*, cn T* ?alayp, Thuradayr, and Pa^ *cjt WlB(hf<6r dally, ctintctlns with the fta?a? at Piednont Per ISIMlabntR daSlj, nnwtinf wllh ths ? at the Plaine. Frt or irr: W. B. BBOCIUTil, Aprt *CCT T?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON Oh TUK5I? A i S as<i PllIDAYr;. _^_^Fsrs round trip tl; tx+m Alai ei? Wa Tfi "-nts ?The 5H0MA3 OOLLTE* >?t?s WafMnjUn at 0 and ALinclria at o?elt<>. ; oachss leave the C%?ivol for the beat d\L ?-'oaoh ?:??? ^0 esnU. Persona riahlng the Coaches wC! leare tV-ir rtat danr# trlth Otoi Thoe Parkri Eer ??Fhmerti on the boat. 03t ?3?I1 tf 8A>t*L qEDNlY, _ 'FBirilKW V'JUH A I.ITKRPOOI. UNITED STATES "MAIL STEAMERS. THJ5 ^El?c? GOU iXISINQ T?Tf LTN ? h*. TH?? ATLANTIC, Cant. Wert PACIFIC. Cart. Nye, BALTIC Capt. CV??*^tCK--. ADRIATIC, C?f Oram' These ahipe hare Wn l>ni'.t y j ccntract 'ipre< ly for Oorerament eerrine; txrrt oar* m b^et taken In th<*lr conftrj'jtion, ae tie Rngir?* t< innnra strength as i ^p??-d. a-d the'.t acromnod* tiou for ^^a^cgera are unequalled ur and oomfert. Prire of paas*!?'" fro* "r* Yrrk tc 1 i^apr- '? >v flrat cabin.................. ? ...... .? ^^a.. ? ^ 3eec?d Cabin TC Sx-'.nsiTe nee o!e-.tra c:?e etate rc?n*.c 3^ Prom Liverpool u !?ew Tork ?-P> ard ?20. An exf-eriearj1 sarirr-ii altaaLed ea*' 'Lip. No berth can be eeccroi until pr.'.d Icr For a-eight or pacsagt c?h to i5wari> k. ooLLrifs a co., W5 Wall strert Ne? Tcrk. ESCWN, ?HIPU1* A OO . Urerpool. S. 0. ROBKRIt? A 00^ 19 ;iiag> Arse Yard, London. JOiiN MC9R0B A 00. 29 Ru* Notre T^mc Je.? Ti tot res, Pari* GEO. A. DRAPER, llama. Tt? owner* of theee Fhipa wUl not be aaaoontabls for ^cld, fiirer. bullion, epecie, jewelry, preriou* ?tonee cr metals, unleae bills af lading are sifnad therefcr. ard thr raine thereof therein expraased. mr.w la?dlT Private Medical Treaties OK TBI 1 rilYSIOLOQICAL VIEW Of MARR1AGR, BT H B. LA CaOIZ. H. Djj ALBAirr.N r. HO Paget and 180 Fire Plain and Colored Litho grapLa and Plates. m9" Prist oaly M Casta. ^1 ^fret free of postmreto ail parte of the Unlon^i CIIRAPEPT BOOK ITO PUBL1?I1 KD, and oontainiag nearly double the quantity of ; matter In tkat of the CENTS OR DOLLAR PUBLICATIONS. ft tr?t? on the PHYBIOLO i OY OF MARRIAGE, and the seuTst iaflrmltaeeac^ disorder cf youth and maturity, ra enlting from axoeMra, which desu-oy the physical and men tal powers, with obeerratioM on marriage It3 duties and disqualifications, and thfir reai?di?; ^itb lhkcswphr, lUustraung ths anatomy and ptyraol-<jy, and dleaasse of the repro ductive r rcans of both s*i?a, their structure, usee . and functl^na. A popular and ocmvrehensive trsa tee on the duties and ?asuai*lab v f tingle and mar ried life?happy and fruitful aJ?i*a-ss- ciole cf se curing them ?tnfeHatouc -.od icfrrtiie ones?their abviation and ren*ovsl?'JCP'- rUnt hints to those rcnternpiating ii?trtairny, that will overeome ob jections to It; noie, tewever. should take this im portant step without trait ooawnlUng if P???e? acmmentariee on the oiseacee and uadinal treatment of fctaalM from truancy to old aire, each ease graph ically lllustraied Ly beautiful lithographic plates? narrc&s debility, ite oauaes and cure, br a pr*ceaa at once so simple, :aft and effectual, that iailure tf tapoaaible?rules for dally management?*n ssaay 9n bponnatorrhcea with practical obsarvtUona on a tafar. and more t jcceseful mode of ".jeatiject?pra oanticnary hiata on the evils restating front ac,p:r. o&l ^rMCtioa?an essay oa all diseases arieing fron i': discretion, with plain and eiBipls rules by which all pcrjona can cure themselves without mercury? remedies for those self inflicted miseries and disap pointed hopes so unfctr.nately prevalent In the Kg. 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SMALL BULLDLNtt L0T8 of 10 feet armor . ? various parts of the City, aad Georgetown, * lew prices, and terns to suit. LLOYL A 00 BUILDINO ITOIK) for sale, deliverable at the Canal, or Wharr? ? Washington, Georgetown, or Alaxaadrii . LLOYD * 0? 16th street, opp. Treasnry Depart?*! t? 8a?It ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and ? fine Rosewood PARL< >R ORGAN, b??tb on exhibitiun at the Metropolitan Mediank-s' [*?>*< They are from the manufactory uf HENRY ERBEW of New York. , Jtfc For lerma, ko., apply to Prof. 8CHEEL, on 14? aueet, north of F. HENRY EKBEN. < teb W Mjf " CCAMPBELL'S DICTIONARY ofMiW Jf' J ence; Cavalrv, itf History and Tactic* bv t^ap tain Nolan on the Training of C^va'ry H^'5. "ff" nlationefor Yermenry Cavalry. ap *, i'RANCK TAYL0B: