Newspaper of Evening Star, May 11, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 11, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Local Intelligence. Arti Krow Notbiso Ward Meetings? Third Ward ?The anti-Know Nothing! of the Third Wa d assembled in lurce Bumbere, la?t night, in the new Franklin Hall, corner of D and Ninth streets, Mr. Joseph Bryan In the chair, and Mr. R. Coylo acting ai sec re Urj. A report was made from the delegation of tlM ward in the recent city nominating eonven tion, giving an account of the action of that body; whieh was unanimously ratified. The following gentlemen were then unani mously nominated as oundldatee to be sup* ported by the friends of the meeting : For Alderirea?Dr. A Y. P. Qarnett. For Common Counoilmen?E M Chapin, Thoe B Entwisle, and Richard H Laskey. After next appointing a committee of vigil, ance oonsis;ing of fifty citisens, they ad journed. Fourth Wmrd.?According to arrangement nt their meeting, a week ago, the Anti Know Nothings of the Fourth Want met in Parker's Building, Pennsylvania avenu>, opposite Brown's Hotel, last evening. Dr. Wm Jones in the chair, and Mr. F. A Klopfer, secretary Dr. Jones reported frem the delegation of the ward the aetion at the recent City Con vention to nominate Anti Know Nothing can didates for Collector. Register, and City Sur veyor; whieh was unanimously ratified A report was made from th? committee to notify the candidates for city officers to be elected by the ward, nominated at the last previous meeting; all of whom accepted. Mr. James A. Kennedy, who wsa present, on being called out, thanked the meeting in appropriate terms for the honor oonferred on him, and addreesed them in opposition to ^e principles and alms of Know Nothingism. The meeting, before adjourning, weru alto addressed by M*. G McNelr and ethers. Tun Mat Ball axd Festival, given by Prof. Munder. at the National Theatre, last night?a repetition, in all particulars, of bis former entertainment?was largely attended, principally by those who were prevented by the rain from being present on the first occa ?ion. The various dances by the scholars, the crowning of the Uueea, Ac . passed off as de lightfully and satisfactorily as before, and then thoee who had been mere spectators of thcbrilliant and exciting scenes availed them ?elves of the privilege to ocoupy the floor and amuse themselves in the dance. Graceful and beautiful ladies, and gallant gentlemen?it is sot for us speak of the letter's good look?? kept up the diversion until an early hour this morning. There were not a few juveniles present, beyond their usual bed hours, kept wide awake by the mujie, and the rich and brilliant spectacle. The professor is deserving of unstinted praise for the admirable arrange ments which, in a high degree, afforded so de lightful a means of individual enjoyment. CtucriT Court.?There is now pending in this oourt the ca?e of Jacob ilines vs. Fits hugh and Gordon; issue sent from the Orphans' Court to try the validity of a will executed by Mrs Einee, the mother, by a former husband, of the defend ~n is' wives Bradley and Bradley for the will, and Car lisle and Maory for the caveators, The question involved was as to the right of Mrs. Hines ithe busoand being alive) to will certain property?five slaves?under the pe culiar circumstances The oourt were divided in their opinion on a point which was raised respecting the sub ;ect; Judge Morsell agreeing with his col eague. Judge Dunlop. or general principles, )ut making an exception la this case, exprees ng himself to the effect that where a husband laa voluntarily abandoned hia wife, and neg lected to provide for her, the wife may dis pose of any property she may have subte- i quently acquired in sueh manner as she mey pleaee. Tae case is not yet decided. Iwcbbpiaris*?Last night, about eleven o'clock, a large stable in the rear of the Union printing establishment was set on fire, and but lor the timely discovery of the flames by the watchman of that office and the watohman of the theatre, an extensive conflagration might have resulted, and pe haps sericus injury caused to the large assembly enjoying them selves at the May ball in the theatre; for, when an alarm is caused by fire, every one in Bueh crowds joins in the general rash, and eti quette is lost in the general desire to escape We have been Informed that thi? stable is the rendetvous for boys, and that whisky drink ing and eard playing are among their farorite amusements It is time the haun; was broken np, both for the cause of good morals and with n view to the protection of property. Tbr Highlander9 ?At a meeting of this eorps last aight, Mr Z II%rrover was eleoted first lieutenant, which office he accepted, ac knowledging the compliment in a few choice nnd appropriate remarks At the close of the meeting the members were invited to Reyn old's El Dorado house, where an excellent oellation had been prepared for them by order of the new lieutenant. Songs, speeches, Ae.. contributed to while away the time until a late hour. The Highlanders we perceive, are improv ing their uniform, and as the first step to it they have Uid as de the flat Scotch cap and substituted the bonnet. MiacRirvous Jctbrilbs.?A resident of the Northern Liberties complains that gangs of rude and and noisy boys are in the habit of nightly congregating in the neighborhood cf Ninth and H streets te the constant annoy ance of peaceable dwellers in that part of the city. But the 44 skylarking" and discordant voealism of the juveniles are not the only ob jectionable and disgraceful proceedings On dark nights, they put out the gaslights, and on dear nights they light the gfta; thus re versing the proper order of affairs. The at tention of the city authorities ii respectfully Invited to the subject. The Mciical Cohvrrtioh had a rehearsal, last night, at the Smithsonian institution. There was a large attendance of ladies and gentlemen, who, evidently, were delighted with the exercises. Some of the pieces which were practised elicited spontaneous expressions of applause. We doubt not that the Conven tion will beprolific of good results among the singers of Washington. Beef.?in New York 15c per pound is now asked for good beef. This is the highest price ever paid In that market, and just about double the auotations current two years ago. In the markets of Washington the prioe is Mill higher, namely : from 19a&c. per pound Militabt Dbill?Last night, the Wash ington Yagers, Capt Schwaraman, parading about fifty rifles, were out in full uniform for drill and inspection I hey have received from Philadelphia their new style of cap, the appearance of which contrasts strongly with their former hats, and is far more appropriate and becoming Corporatior Wobb ?We seldom mention what occurs among our oititsns when they ars brought before District police justice# to an swer for small otfen as; but so many cases have occurred lately that It has kept our officers al most constantly employed in serving writs, and have had but li tie time to perform other du tiec A Coroner s Inqcest was held at the jail within the list two or three days, ever the body of a eolored woman, long an inmate of that Institution, and of insane mind. The ver dict was that the deceased died of the visita tion of God. Larceny ahl> Profasitv ? Fraaces Penny, neolored girl, recently from the penitentiary, was arrested by officer Wise for stealing and carried before Justice Bates, where she gave security to appear at the C;lminal Court. The justice also made her pay a fine for using pro fane Rnd Indecent language in the street Bbllimb Liqcob or Scbdat ?Mr W. U CtemensoQ was brought before Justice Bates npon this charge Tne offence was oommittea 1b the Fourth Ward, but the case was brought before the above justice, who erierol M*. Clemenson to pay $20 fine and costs. Selling Witboct License ?A case of this deecnpti'.n occurred yesrerday, in the 5th District it was dismissed *?? Co*?". by the Musical Con UZ**^atf*t8n* *?*>?* ?n, Institution, prom **? to be a rieh and brilliant affair. The pieces f?*?* **ovulated to pletoe different tastes; 15 ? !LT0C *>*#n ????oted to ex A;.*1"' Propwnme, published in our advertising Mlumns. furnishes some of the par Honlara. It addition, the Venue Bend will * l> ?tteodeace, to aerist in the chorus... Altogether, we anticipate a crowded leotare rootn, end one of the beet mniical entertain ments ever afforded to the lovers of vocal and instrumental melodj in this metropolu. BtrHK? Hill ?Otir little felks should bear in mind that the beautiful dramatio Diorama of the battle of the Bunker Hill is to be exhibited to-morrow afternoon for their aooommodation. The Diorama has proved [ eminently successful in thie oitj, and haa re ceived the patronage of old and young It uTat'end7 **" ta"morrow night; don't fail Rioixo ow thi Pavimkht ?Officer Wiae yesterday arrested P D Campolvs whUe Hd i-f.i 52?! iS? ^ wa,k lbe seised the bridle and led the horae to the mae ia?06' w56re th* offender was made pay J4.16 floe and costs for the fun. Accidbbt?We learn that Howard, a ?on of Mr. B 8. Kensey, aged about nine years, while returning from a pie nio on Wed w k fro? the top of an omnibus, and broke hi* arm -? Tub Jacob Scum mentioned in thb Zh * r*t?n" 7*?f?rday is not the Jaoob P Liber fee b"ckU**r' liTip8 iBth# Northern vL*ncaater, colored, was arretted last night by officer Simonds for f<" ??? b> Wares RaTTRHS -Wm Bru<*. profanity ? fine and Mats John Simms, colored, out after hours j dismissed. Lloyd Calvert, out after hours; fine and eosts. Bill Frfsby, do., do. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE aw>*MTowjr, May U, 1866. A scene of oonffcsion and uproar occurred last night, about 10 o'clock, in and about For rest HaH, which is, ao fkf as Our knowledge extenda, without a parallel In the hiatory of Georgetown It appear, thai a party of col lZLPXT^nh^J9Dtbd (tbrou?h ? white agent) the hall for the purpoee of baring a ball, for which a permit haa been obtained from the proper authorities. A magnificent supper for the occasion bad been pMpared. and the guests, in great bumbers, assembled; but to their gteat horror and diamay, just as they were about to enter into the festivities of the occa sion, a ory was heard, the "Philistines be upon thee, and lo! some two to three hundred white pencils, mostly youths and boys, from different parts of the town, entered the build ing, demolished the crockery, glass, Ac., de stroyed all the viands, and caused the fright ened guests to flee in every direction. Suoh disturbances are certainly very disreputable, and the sure>st way to prevent a recurrence of tbem in the future will be to refuse permits for any more. They are certainly calculated to engender a state of feeling, and stir up an ex citement which might result In much more se rious mischief than was done last night. Where the blaaie for thia disturbance prop eny rests, we are not prepared to say. but we feel[satisfied that every good cititen will agree with us that the renting of the hall, and the granting of the permit for such a purpose was. !u ^o "first place, decidedly wrong, and that tha failure on the pa t of the Corporation offi cers to make some efforts to prevent the dis turbance, or restore order after it had been commenced, waa equally wrong, if not more so. laere, is one person, however, who has been blamed about the matter, and who would piobabjy hive aoffered seme serious violence at the hands of the incensed parties, had they caught b m last night, who is in no sense whatever at fault, as the following note, dated May <ih, oyer the signature of the owner of the hall, will show: - 'J J RrIL*T: Sir?Your resignation of the agency of the hall is accepted. Should any person desire the use of the ooncert room, please direct tbem to me." So great was the nproar for an hoar or more that several persons living in the immediate neighborhood, especially timid and delicate females became ao terrified and alarmed as to be made quite nek. For the sake of morality and good order we sincerely hope that the proper authorities will, in future, take a de c;ded stand to prevent all such exhibitions by refus ng all permits, let them come from what ?curce they may or be recommended by wha* pevty soever The dullness of the times and unprecedented high price of all sorts of pr ^visions. both for man and beast, have become the subject of ganeral complaint a-uong all classes of our people Sorely if provisions have not reached their highest point, they have at least very nearly reached the starving point to some The flour market, this morning, is firm and j mat *?for iUnd*rd brands Wheat JKl #P i9?2 5? for 12 50a a ft Jo K ;n ,ln2e 0Ur last r?P?rt of 4 000 bushels. Corn is at f 1 0<5. Spictatqb. v A CARD Without the slightest premonition I was, on Wednesday last, dismissed from my desk in the Treasury Department. As my dismissal as well as my original appointment, emanated from a like source, via: a Dtmoeratie admin titration, solicitude for my politioal "good remarks lrUBt> ?X0Ui* * "w valediotory I waa appointed clerk in the office of the SuS /.a !h? Tr#AiUrJ Mr Walker in 1B43. at tho instance of the Congressional Del egation from Michigan, where I had resided for the preceding nine years. As to my po litical rectitude duriLg that period, and up to the present time I refer to the Hon Lowii Case and Hon Cbas E Stuart, of the Senate as well as to every other Democratic Senator or Representative ever aent from that State n'/?.!"7 o?cial fidelity, I refer to Hou. K. T Uo?- D?ntol Graham, Hon Allen A Hall, Hon. Nathan Sargent, and Hon Pin ley Bigger, the present head of that bureau, as well as to Michael Nourse, Esq . so Ions ohief olerk therein. For the past two years and up to the moment of my dismissal, I was employed in the office of the Auditor for the Post Office Department': and the " time list" kept in that bureau, to' gether with the oondition of my relinquished books, will attest to the satisfaction, 1 think, of any interested investigator my diligenoe and punctnality. During my official connection with the Gen oral Government, I have invariably opposed the indiscriminate removal of competent and ?ai hful clerks on acoount of mere partisan opinions. I cannot see how any man of gen nine American feelings can reside here, in the midst of national discussions, without becom ing interested in publio affairs, and I have, therefore, always respeoted the convictions of a candid adversary, while I exercised the Mn ..national right of promulgating my own. Ot the grounds on whioh I have been so summarily dismissed, I am ignorant; but the telegraph and common rumor allege " suspi cion of Know Nethingism" as the oatue. I have only to say, wi hoot any mental reserva tion or evasion, that I never have been, nor am I now, r member of that organisation. I cannot believe that the late injiutioo to wards me was instigated by maliee in the head of the Tieasury Department, but I at tribute it altogether to the arts of designing men abusing his confidence to my detriment. But for reorimination I have no taste, and r ersonal ?? griefs" are never with me a theme for private despondency or public Mmpleint. My sole purpose in this communication is to vindicate my political coniiatenoy and official Integrity; and unless provocation be given, under some responsible name, I shall never again willingly allude to the subject SamraL York AtLkb. Vrasbingtoa, May 6,1855 ?It. Slavb Tbadb u a Small War.?It is re ported that certain whalemen of New Bedford ?which la a distinguished abolition oity? have been in the habit, during their voyages, of touching at negro settlements and impres sing Into their service numbers of the natives whom they compel to do the drudgery of ship board, until the ctrgo is made up. Having made ready for home, the unfortunate black? ?r? Mhoreanywhere end anyhow, peani less often, and withcat the means oYsubsistencc. rbe matter Is to be inquire! into.?Boston Courier. [T^ V ?LrAIM -WHiTrauwre ?2**f ^uwa.-Th* lartas of aach of the let* Ms at Balttasra, Blchmond, and New York awarded their am* *? J- H. W. (br their superiority of rho Md ?af?r*ao?rpes exhibited, f. W. ilHrmltil two Modal* at the World'* Fair, Lon *!l ?? Crystal Pal*ca, Haw Tort. aUo. the flrat awarda of tha Maryland Institute tor three fHri pMt. I ?FMXXS** ,n 0,11 ?"* '? oa Fa. aveuue^Wtw. [ Q^^P^)t?oorLi.HD'a cblbbbatkd gibman bit . There are fWw things which afford aa greater pleasure than alttlng down to wriu a notice of the celebrated Hoof land Qeiwan Bitters, bacaoaa waara fully conscious wa ara coawerlag a pahllc benefit, and onr haart telle us that by omr aotlcs* many have bean Induced to take tliaa* Bitters, V1" Vsk?i rescued from death by dyspepsia, Itrsf rotfplalnt, ?e., for the care of which It la certain It W prepared and Mid oaly by Dr. C. M. JACKSON, at the German Medicine Store, *o. 1M Arch street, Philadelphia. See advertisement. mar I?Sa [T^A OABD TO THB LADIES.?OOOD NRWS FOR TUB HICK. OIL DrPOlfDO'9 OOLDBN MONTHLY PILLS, Wis beat and moat infallible remedy ever discovered for re lieving and caring all painful, distressing, and difflcult men ?traatlon, and removing all periodical obstructions, and lr> I regularise* artalng from whatever canae. Theae Fill* are a complete TBICMFH IN MBDICAL SOTBNCB. Tliey are prepared by a proceee wbloh concentrate* the fcigredientslnto a amalJ bulk, thaa rendering It unneceseary fir delicate femalae to take large doeee of naueeoua druge. Dr. Onponco'f Fill* are tbe reenlt of over THIBTT TBAKS' EXPRHIKNGB In the treatment of the dleeaeee of females.? They have been advertiied for a little over ene year, yet 8BVKKAL THOUSAND BOXES bare already keen aold, and the demand for them rapidly la creaee* wherever they become known. They hare been thoroughly triad In Washington, and found to act like a [ charm. Sold by all Druggist* In Washington, Georgetown and AJ Baudrla, Va. . mar l-eo*ffl* I ft/" EVIDENCE ?We bsvejast be^n Informed by a gentlemen from the ??untry with a larfte faally that he has had a great many attack* of Hummer Complaint, bnt not in one Initance haa he fSalTed In making a perfect rure in lees than M hours, with BAKBB'8 PREMIUM HITTERS ? I "I believe* alao, that $60 would not have paid hla doctor's bill wltbont the Bitters. He aaya be never lntenda to do without It In hla family. Hla name will be uaed if required, bnt not wlahtng It publlsbad. Prloe ic centa per bottle To be had of CHARLBS HTQlT * AO.. WsSMrgtofl, D. C.. CANBT A HATCH, and V HANCB, Baltimore, and by Drngglata everywhere. nay 7?eoJt iT~7*OOOD MKDICTNKS ?It I* eeMmated that A T R B ' 8 CHBRBT PBCTORAL aad CATHARTIC PILLS have 4 >o* more to promote the public health than any other onel eanae. There can be no queetioii that the Cherry Pectoral haa by It* thouaand on thousand cure* of tylda, Coughs, Asth ma. Croop, InOnenxa, Bronchltla, ic., very much reduced the proportion of death* from oon*umptlve dlaeaaea In thla I country. The Pill* are aa good aa the Pectoral, and wll cure more complalnta. Everybody need* more or lea* purging. Purge th* blood from it* Impurltlea. Purge the Bowel*, Liver, and tha whol* vlaceral ayatem from obatructiona. Purge ont the diaeaaea which faaien on the body, to work It* decay. But for dUaaaee wa ahoald die only of old age. Take antidotea early and throat It from the ayatem, before It la yet too atrong to yield. AVer's Pill* do thruat oat dieeaae, not only while It la weak, but when It baa taken a strong hold. Read the aa I toundlng statements of thoae who have been cured by '.hem from dreadful Scrofula, Dropey, I'lcers. 8k1n dlaeaaea, Rhen ! m*ti*ra. Neuralgia, Dyapepela, Internal Paine, Bliloua Com plalnta, Headache, Heartburn, Gout, and many lbea dange I roue but atlll threatening allmenta. auch aa plmplee on the t-c*. Worm*, Nervoua Irritability, Loaa of appetite, Irregu larltlea. Dlazltieaa In the head, Oolda, Fevera, Dyaectery, and I indeed every variety of complaint* for which a Purgative Reu:edy la required. Tbeee are no random atatemeiita, but are authenticated by your own neighbor* and your own pbyalrlaua. Try them once and yon will never be without tham. Frir* 14 cent* per box?t boxea for )1. ^Piwpared hp DR. J. C. AYKR. 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It la th* gr?">teat purifier of the blood known, la J perfectly harmleaa, and at the aame time powerfully efla-.a | Cioua. ?,*9ee adrertiaemant. | r^=?NOAH WALKRR k CO., Marble Hall Oothlng Kmpo rium, under Brown*' Hotel, reapectfully auuounce that their dlaplay or Spring and Summer Clothing la now ready for lnapectlon, comprlalng an aaaortment of CoaU, Taata and Pantalooua of the neweat and riclieat doalgna In materia), trimming and workmeuahlp. To gentlemen wbo atudy excellence with economy In fashionable article* of dreaa an opportunity for selecting la r ffered from one of the largest and moat attractive atock of good* ever offered In thla city at a very reduced ec?le of price*. *p n WJai SaiLLiaaTON reoelvee all the new Book* and N*wa | papera aa faat a* publlah*d. He I* agent for Uarp?r'* aud all the other Magaslnea, and our reader* will alwaya And a large and good aaaortment or Blank Book* and stationery at hla Bookatore. Odeon Bnildl&g, cor Pa. avenu* and at n a mn k d. On Ihe 10th invtant, At 8t. iiominick'n Church, by the Rev. G. A.J. VV.Iaon, JEROME CALLI HAVtoMARY MARGAI ET DUDLY, all of this I city. ? Philadelphia paper.' please ropy. OI1C U. On the 10th instant, MARY E., daughter of Mrs. H. A. and the late Gen. T. T. Wheeler, in the lBih | year of her n*e. Her funeral will take place on 8aturday morning, thu 12th instant, at 10 o'clock, from the residence | of her mother, Prospect street, Georgetown. [Intel] ? On the 10th ;nstant, DAVID McCOMB, infant I aon ot Thomag and Martha E. Thoraley, 8 months | and 11 days old. Tha funaral will take place to morrow, the 12th I instant, at 3U o'clock p m, from the ?Varden'i apirtments, at the U. 8 Penitentiary. Want*. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG married couple, in one house together. The I woman would lake charge ot children and do plain aewing; the man would drive a carriage and attend to hor??s, or work in a garden. They are both ?trictly temperate. Enqoi/e personally at No. 96 Bridge ctreet, Georgetown, or by letter add'ess McK," Georgetown, D. C., stating where an inter view can be had may 11?2i* WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Woman, a situation to do general housework. Address "M F,? Star oflko. may II?It* AYOUNO GBNTLEMAN WISHES TO OB tain a well iurnished room and board in a pri vate family, located between 6th an?l 13th street*, and H street and Pa avenue, whose dining boor is between 1 and '2 o'clock. Reference given and re I quired. Addreaa 4iB Y." City Post Office. may 11?3i? W'ANTED?BY A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN a situation as Wet Nurse. Apply on P bet. | ?d and 3d sts., to JOHN HOLLAND, may 11?It* WANTED?BY THE ADVERTISER A 8IT uation as Chambermaid aad do plain aewing. I Address "A C," at the office of tbe Star, may 11?It* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A RESPECTA ble whit* woman, to come well recommend I ad, to do genaral housework Apply at 15 T P st. west, near l&b^ may 10-2t* WANTED?TWO HANDS, white or black, and a man and his wife, by the year, to work | on a farm near the District. Alao, would hire oru'irchsse a second hand Canal Boat. Call between 8 and 3 o'clock, daily, at tbe | office ot LLOYD k CO , opposite tbe Treasury, may 8?tf 15th street. WANTED?A PARTNER TO WORK A Stone Quarry and contract for sale of Stone to Government and others, there being now great de mand for stone. This Quarry is immediately oppo site Georget wn. Large shanty, blacksmith shop, and every implement on the spot. T1 is quarry fur nishes the best and largest truck Stone, fcc. A chance Is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD fc CO, Fifteenth street, oppo. the Treasury. may 3?tf WANTED?EVERVBODY TO KNOW THAT they can get a lot 84 feet front by 130 feet | deep, for the low price of $75?payable $3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office. [ 7th st., abov? Odd Fellows' Hall. ap9$?3m JOHN FOX, Sec. Boarding. BOARDING.?MRS. M C. GREER respect fully announces that she ha* taken the large and commodious new brick house, No. 5 AO Pens, ?venue, near kiJ street, withing one minute's walk of tbe Capitol, a short distance from the railroad de pot, and she is now prepared to receive boarders by tbe day or week upon the most reasonable terms. Aleo, has a number of flne Rooms furnished oi unfurnished, with or without board. Application ai above. may 11?lw Boakdino .?One flne large front room, with an adjoining chamber, handsomely furtii*hed, suitable for a family or sevsral young tuen. Also, Chambers larger than are generally appropriated ui single g'-ntlemen, with board, on reasonable terms The situation is high and heaithy, and in tbe imme diate neirhborhood of the Patent Office, Post Office, and Indian Bur au. Transient and table boarder* csn be alao accommodated by application to No. i Union Row, F street, between 6:h and 7th su. may 7?lw* [\0 TIC B.-FOR RENT-PARLORS ANI 11 Chambers, with board. Also, table and tran sient board, with a bathing room and shower batin and every attention to render it most agreeable U her boarders. Mrs. P. O MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avsnue and 4U ct. apflS?3ro BOAftCDi Ac.?MRS. BATES, oa the south west corner of Pa. avciHie nnd Uth street is pre perrd to f ccfnnmodnte gentiemsn with roomi, wltl or vithorn kovd. Ever? effort will be mndt; io ren der those conitoiu Lie who hi iy lavoi h-.r with tbei pali on age. tp 0?u For Bala and Font. FOl SALE?A TWO-STORY FRAME DweU ing House on Massachusetts avenne, between 4th and 3th Mntto. The house has four excellent ? - ? . . .. ? m - aw?i wav* iront room* and a kitctan, and portico in front, -srliii an excellent yard attached to the premises, nod run ning through the entire square, and is situated in a* healthy respectable vicinity as then can be found I In this city, and Is only two squares east of N wthcra Market Hoilse. Possession given immediately. N. CALLAN, may 11?eo3t . No. ?18 F n. F~~OR RENT?A COMFORTABLE TWO 8TO ry House on 9th street, l etween M an<l N sts F >sse.?ion given immediately. Apply to the sub ?cribers, at their Lumber Yard, comer of 26th and D streets. H. N. A J. W. EASBY. may 10? Brick dwelling for sale?with ample grounds attached, (Lots No. 31,23 aad 33, in Square 380, 10,000 feet of ground,) containinc l six robms, kitchen, dry cellar, pump of excellent | water in the yard, stables, fee, situated on F and 10th streets south. (Island.) There being sufficient grounds, all of whieh are improved bv fine fruit a:.d sha 'e trees, the Dwelling will be sola separately, or with the adding lots. For farther particulars ln quira of CHAS. 8. WALLACH, Attorney at Law. Louisiana avenue, may 6 [Intel] F OR SALE?A FLOURISHING DRUG STORE j J? with a complete assorted stock of b**t drags, Ac . in one of the best locations in Washington, D. C. The present owner being on tbe p*lnt of leav ing will sell at a very reasonable price Any one who has a thorough knowledge of the btHnecs and the necessary qualifications of the business will find it a rare chance. Address "H 8,*' Bot 106, Wash ington city may 9?tw4 FOR RENT?THE SMALL FR\ME two-story House, No. 479 Thirteenth street, west side. | two doors south of Pa. avenue. It is neat and com fo>table. Possession given immediately. Apply at |!te Star Offi;e. may 8 - tf FOR SAL E-SEVERAL ELIGIBLY LOCA ted and conveniently constructed frame Houe^s cin be bought cheip and on p'easing terras, on ap plying, by letter or in person, to WM R WOODWARD, may T?lw* No. 910 Sixth street we*t. IfOK RENT- A NEW THREE STORY FRAME House, with brick basement, cmitxining bIm rooms, with nuinp of excellent water in the yard, situated on 23d street, First Ward, near intersection of K street with Pa. avenue. To a good tenant the terms will be moderate. Apply on the premises, or ti R. A. WATERS, at his Printing Office, D, betw. 9th and 10th sts. may 5 -1 w* FOR R ENT.?Two handsomely furnished Houses, containing 15 rooms in one, and 9 in theoth r, in a desirable location fronting on public square, one square from Lafayette Square, on II, corner of H and Eighteenth streets, with bath rooms, Ac-, will be tented on reasonable terms to good tenants, ap 13?lm* F F OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR lors and Chambers, with board. an<1 ""ansient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 833 F street ap9 ?OR RENT.- THAT HANDSOME THREE -m. story.brick House, with three porches on one side, and two porches in front, and flower garden in frtmLnow ia the occupancy of Mr. R. B. Hughes, on 12th street, (Island.) between Band C meets. Rent moderate to a careful, ptompt tenant. The house can'aina 10 lO'ius. JOHN L. SMITH, Attorney at Law, may 7-eo3t? 8u, Ptre'et. URNldHED ROOMS-MRS. G. ANDERSON - has several furnished Rooms which she wishes to rent: situated over the Music and Hiatinnery Store, second door from the Kirkwood House Pa. ap 11?eolm FOR SALE-A TWO STORY Brick HOUSE on tnp coiner of Prospect and Frederick afreet? Georgetown, now occupied by Mr. John IV. Bro naugh. Fotinforuiation apply to Mr. JAMES MIL LER, Mr.iket st , betw. 4ih and 5th, Georgetown, ap 25?law5w* Villa for sale.?the subscriber^? tsrs at private sale the villa in which she at present resides, with eight acres of land, situated at fcJlaville, on the Washington and Baltimore Turn pike Koad. The house is new, with all the modem improvements, and the situation has many advant age tor pernors engaged in business in Washington as it is within five minutes' walk of the Bladenshurc Depot on the Railroad, and there is also an omnibu? running twice a day between Washington and Elia-1 ville. Application to be made to the subscriber, living on the premises. MARY S. VASS. mar 27?2awt! VALUABLE AND ELIGIBLY SlTt'ATED Building Lot at Private Sale ?The ?ub?criber will sell, at private sale, Lot No. 3 in Square No. ' rfJnt,n8 99 ,ecl 4 inch on II street south, by 91 feet 6 inch on Eighth street west. The Lot will be sold in whole or in parts, to suit I purchasers. Terms accommodating. CHAS. 8. WALLACH, Attorney, ap 30 eo4w* opposite west wing City Hall. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOiTsTleZ The block of buildings known tu the "Union Buildings." and now occup ed by the Union news paper establishment. They are situated o:i E street bit weep 13;h and 14th streets, and fronting directly oni i'ennsylvahta avenue. The lot is 70 feet front l.y I 159 feet deep. The property is suscepiible or divis ion and re arrangement, and its poMti n such as must rank it among the best business stands on the avenue, and is yearly increasing in value. The time ot the present lessee expires on tho In Septem ber next, on which day possession may be had. Also, that large three-story Brick House on 17th street west, (opposite the War Office aad three doors south of G stfe t.) Also, that three-story House on 17th street west, next door to the Government Building, at the corner of F ami 17th streets. Should the ab .ve property not be sold at private sale prior to the 15th of May, it will be sold on that dav at public auction. Terms will be made favorable lm tha pnrchaser. App yto CH. H WINDER, Corner of Seventeenth and G streets, mar 19?2awtViayl5 CMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily loeatcd Building Lots, 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per month Title indisputable. Union I.and Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall. jan 9?6m JOHN FOX. Secretary. ENTS REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIMES., _i $150 a year will be received for the rent ol those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood sh*d i and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pure water are near the door, and commumcat on is had with Georgetown by way of H and Several .treets I and Penn. Avenue, morning and afltrnoon, at the 1 usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction , of rent tmmediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his hous? at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the k^ys may be bad and the bouses inspe- ted at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal terms. WM. STICKNEY, No. 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid quarterly in advance. apr #, 1R55?tf Clocks, watches and jewelry. Opened this day, forty different styles el C ocka Good Clocks $1 25. Fine Gold Watches, $22; warranted. Jewelry cheaper ihan ever. Call and see for yourselves at J. ROBINSON'S. . No. 349 opposite Browns' Ilotel. may 1?dim BONNETS, FLATS ANW RIBBONS. WE have now on hand a very large an l general assortment of Ladies' and Misses'/ BONNETS, Children's FLATS, Boys' aaril Men's HATS. \ Also, a hanlsome assortment of Bonnet and Cap Ribbons, Flowers, Wreaths, Tarltone, Mar celline Florances, Ruahas, Ac., to be sold at our usually low prices. W. BGAN A SON, 398 f. side Pa. avenue, near 7th street. ap30?Bw ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fine Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now on exhibition at tbe Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair. They are ftom the manufactory of HENRY ERBEN of New York. For terms, kc., apply to Prof. SCHEEL, on 14th ?treet, north of F. HENRY KKBEN. tub R?eotf DENTISTRY. RB. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the Arm ot ? Hunt fc Donaldson, continues to, manufacture and insert those beautiful/ porcelain teeth, with or without gums, for specimens of which (made and de posited by the late firm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair^jecenUy held in this city. These teeth are carved and shaded to suit each particular case, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs is so perfect as to deceive the most prac ticed eye. Particular attention also paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. Charges moderate and all operations warranted. Office southwest comer Seventh and D rs.?en trance on D. mar 91?6m HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of Hair, such as Bracelet*, Ckat slains, Chains, Breastpins, Earrings, Finger Knurs, made to order, of any de?ired design. All orders faithfully auendei to. Specimens may be teen at my store. H. SEMKEN, N<\ 330 Pa. a?., between 9th aiul 10th stf. Mai 30 R Auction Sales. \ By JAI. C. HeOClRB, A?etloM.?r. Gold watches, chains and jewkl ry at Auction.?I shall sell, on SATURDAY | eveninr, at 8 o'clock, at the Auction Store, a f.-w fin" UotU Lever Watches and Chains, to pay ad van be*, among which arc two seo nd-hand English, >8 pure Watches and Chain*, good time keepers. Also, a avail lot of Jewelry. Terms cash. JAB. C. McGUIRE, way II? Auctioneer. By JAI. C, ?eOHKK, Anctlonter. VERY DESIR \RLE BUILDING LOT at Auc tion.?On TUESDAY afternoon, June 12 h,..? 6 o'clock, on the premise*, the subscriber tlN sell, by vtr.ue of a deed of trust frcm Basil Lancaster, dated September 22J. 1848, and duly recorded in Li b r J. A. S., No 1, folios 3W). Itc. one of the land records lor Washingtm county, all that piece or parcel of ground and premises designated upon the ground plan of said city as l.ot No 88, in Square 197, having a front of49 feet trine inches ur I5lh at. west, between north L and M streets, ruimug back 197 feet to a 30 feet alley, with a 15 feet alley run Ding the full depth '>f the lot on the aide. This lot is situated in a tapidly improving part ol the First Ward, and is very desirat>i> located Terms: #450 to cash, ti e rr?i.!ue in 6 and 19 months with interest, secured by a d?eJ of trust on the premise*. AU conveyancing at cost of purchaser. JAS. II. COLLIN.-*, Trust a. JA3. C. McGUIRE. niay 11?9aw&da Aucuoneer. By J C. HcSOIEKf Aactlons?r. BOOKS T AU 'TION.- On FRIDAY erenins. May 11th, at 1% o'clock, I shall sell a choice c<iil?Ktion of Loudon and American Standard Bock* c-tfU. JAMES C. McOUIRE, may 10? Auctioneer. BY J C MfOCIHE, Auetloneef. TALUABLE BUILDING LOT on Fouroenth / street nt PttWfc Auction.?On MONDAY after noon. May 15th, at 5 n'cto'k, on the prefix*, I ' shall sell part of Lot No 5, in square No 9.-7, hav ing a front ot seventeen leet on Fourteenth s'reet west, between north C and D street*, running back seventy five feet, with an outlet of three feet in the rear to 0 street. Title perfect. The !ot is situated in a rapidly improving par* of the city, wiihto t? ehort di?tance of the avenue, and 18 very desirable as a building lot. Terms: One-third cash; residue ht ?ix and twelve months, for notes secured by deed of in?t nnd bear ing interest JAMES C McGUIRE, may 10?d Auctioneer By Gil KEN ?. SCOTT, Auction**?. TEAS AT AUCTION.?We have just received A the North, ai d wi'l sell at 10 o'clock, a. in., on 3ATURD \Y next. the 19th instant, in front of ouf store, a large lot of? Gunpowder, Imperial, Yciung Hyson, and Black Teas, in packages varying from 8 to 18 Itw. each. The attention of the trade is invited to this sale ; the goods being of approved quality, and, from the size of the package*, believed to I e well ada .ted to i this market. , Samples can be had at any time previous to the sale at our store. GREEN & SCtiTT, ' ma-. 10?d Auctioneer*. Df ??A8. C. MrOl'IRF, Anetlontt* CORPORATION STOCK AT AUCTION?ON FRIDAY afternoon, May 11th, at 5 o'cioek, at the Auction Rooms, I shall srll? SI.fCM) corporation of Washington Stoek 9^00 (o Georgetown do Term* ca*h. in current fun Is. JAP. C. M:GUIRE, may 9 ? Auctioneer. Hy J C. RleGIJIRK, ^LOSINGOUT SALE OP HALL & BROTH J er's Sto. ii ot Dry Goods.?On MONDAY morn ing, Vay 14th, commencing at 10 o'clock, on sec ond floor of Jail & Bro's >-'tore, on Seventh street I shall sell a quantity of Good?, l-ft on hand by fa-lure of purchasers to comply with the terms of sale, amounting in va.'ne to abort ?5,000, and dm prising? Dress Silks of various pattern* White Crape. Cashmere, and Bay State Shawls Embroidered Muslins, Bereges, Lawns Delaines, Iloniery, Mantill-is Curtain Mti-iins, Shirtings Cassimercs, Vesting*, Cloihs Velvet, Brussels, three-ply and ingrain Carpets Canton Maying, Rug?, in The above will be fold in lots to suit. Terms: $100 and under cash ; over that sum a credit of 2, 4, a : d <" months, for notes satisfactorily endorsed bearing interest _ J AS. C. McOUIRE, may 9?d Auctioneer. By GRfc.KN Sl POOTT, Auctioneer*. "TTALCABLE BUILDING LOT ON CAFITOL y Hill at Auction?On TUESDAY, the !5ta in stant, we shall sell, id front of tne premises, at 5 o'clock p m, we-t hslf of Lot No. 25, in Sjuare No 728, having a front on north A y/eet '23 feet 111. inches, r?n ting back to a thirtv feet al ey 137 feet -)? inch, s, bet wee- First and Second streets ea?t. 1'he above described property is handsomely lo cated near the Capitol. Terms: Onc-ihird cash ; the balance in 6 and 19 months, for notes bearing interest from the day of the sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN & SCOTT, may v??] Auctioneer*. - By J. O. RVeGDHtK, Aw?tlnn?*r? VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT Public Sale?On TUESDAY, May 15th, at 6 o'clock p. m., I shall re!!, in front of the premise?, the I arse, substantial, well-built and commanding Property, at the southwest corner of 8th and E st* 'or refectory and hotel purposes, and for wh ich it was originally designed and is now occupied, it i:as no superior in point of position in the city. Its situation in (he immediate vicinity of the Pest Office Department, Patent Office, and Department of the Inter or, must alwayj secure to it groat per maner.t value. The building is three-stories, with a fine bi>e ment, vaults under the ndewnlk, granite founda tion, and the wh- lo edifice of the most solid mason ry It is now in complete repair, and htld under a short lease by the present occupant. Terms of sale - One fourth cash; balance in 6,19 18, and 24 months, lor notes bearing interest from the day of sale, secured by a deed of trust on the property. Conveyancing at com of pure haser. JA8. C. McGUIRE, maT 7?d Auctioneer. By J. C. HrOl'IRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT ne;r the Navy Yard?On FRIDAY afternoon, May 4th, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, the subscri bers will sell by vinue of a deed of trust, .tated the 26th March, 1852. and duly recorded in Lib'r J A. 8., No. 40, folios 319, kc., one of the land records Pir Washington county, Lot No. 1 in Square fl06, situated at the corner of G street south and 9th st. east, under a ground rent of $90 per annum for the period of ninety-nine years, from September 18th, 1851, with the improvements, consisting ef a two story frame Dwelling with back building. Terms at sale. C' 1 JNO. W. McKIM, )_ RICH H. CLARKE. 5 Tnw,ee# . JAMES C. McGUIRE, mar 24?law&ds Auctioneer. til FRIDAY afternoon, May 18. same hour. JNO W. McKIM, RICH. H. CLARKE, JAS. C. McGUIRE, may 4?d Auctioneer. T By <1. C. HeOCIRE, Auctioneer. rVRUSTEE'S SALE OF DWELLING HOUSE J. and Lot on Massachusetts avenue?By virtue of a deed in trust the subscriber will sell, at public auction, on the premises, on MONDAY afternoon, May 21st, at 6 o'clock, part of Lot numbered nine, (9) in Square numbered four hundred and fifty-two (459,) filming twenty (90) feet on Massachusetts avenue, between 6th and 7th ?tr eta west, running back one hundred and twenty-nine (129) feet, with the improvements, consisting of an excellent frame dwelling house. Terms cash. NICHOLAS CALLAN, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap 20 - 2awkds Auctioneer. By J. C. HcQVIRK, Amt'oiur. RIJSTEE'S SALE OF C I T Y LOT 8 ?On MONDAY afternoon, May 91st, at 5 o'clock, at the Auction rooms of James C. Magulre, the sub scriber, by virtue of a deed of trust dated April 26, 1854, and recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No 76. folios 189, lie. one of the land records for Washington county, in the District of Columbia, will sell the fol lowing Lots, viz: Lots Nos. 76, 26, 97, and 98, in Souare No. 50. Terms : One-half cash ; the residue in 6 and 19 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust en the premises. If the terms of sale are not complied with within five days the trustee reserves the right to resell, at the risk m d espense of the defaulting purchaser. 11. C. SPALDINU, Trustee. JAS. C McGUIRE, may 7?eofcds Auctioneer. By GRBKN A fcCOTT, Auctioneer* VALUABLE BUILDING LOT AT CORNER of Thirteenth street and north L at Auction ? On WEDNESDAY, the 16th instan', we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 5}^ o'c'ock p m . part o: Lot No. 1, in square No 247, having a front on th< west s de of 13th street west, next to the co-ner oi north L street, running back 100 feet It will be di vided in four building lou, which will be eoid oat with tbe privilege. The ubovs described property is handsomely lo CHted, Uaving an eaat front perfectly graded am Cved. Persons wishing to purchase a handsnmi Uding lot will do well to attend tb* tale. Thi pr'p rt> is in the neighborhood of Franklin Bow Term-: One-quarter cash ; balance in 6. 19, ?n 18 mc'itl.s, fcr notes bosrlug interest from the day c tVe. A r>e* given and n deci o'tnut taken. GREEN fc SCOTT, ui*> VYfitti'uVY Auctioneers, TELEGRAPHIC. utobtsb roe1 DAILY BVBHrnfO BTA*. Later from BtTau-Tbl Yellow Ftwr. CaanLesron, Mny 9.?The aokoooer H?J* ward with Havana dates of the 5th, hoc jafl arrived. Everything was then qniet The yellow fever had made its The San Jacinto and other Tinli ef bare quitted Havana in order to preeervi health of their erewa. Fxpnlaion ef Wx. Hies Boston, May 11.?The Room oontlaaed la fusion ceren hours after dark. At 2 o'elock t ii morning a reeololloa wae paeeed hy yeaa 137 nays 15, expelling Hias From Xansaa?The Cholera, ft* St Lons, May 9 ? Aocording to appoint ment, on Thursday la?t. a large aamher of the eititent of Kansas. and Platte and Clay eountie*, in Missouri. assembled at Leaves* worth Much excitement was manifested la regard to the murder of Clark, and a strong disposition was manifested to haag MeCrea; but the commander of Fort Leaveawertk ra> fused to give bim up, end nothing was dee a A letter from the western part ef the terri tory, dated on the evening of the Sd, that the cholera had appeared there in a' malignant form, and thai thirteen deaths had oceurrcd in twenty-four hours It ia alee represented as bad or rather worse in Fiim ci'y. IiiDBFBJDCacB, May 9 ?Letters reeeived from Leavenworth announce the arrival ef the Silt Lake mall. The Sioux Indians bad driven, from the mail station at Devil's Gate, all the melee, and e her animals belonging to the traders. The people on Sweet Water had quitted their eet tlements for safety All is quiet on this side of Fort Leavenworth, but the Indians are ma king threats. The mail party travelled only in the night, and were not molested The oatward April and May mails wore fallen In witlk, and the parties were in good eondition. Charleston Cotton Markets, fee. Charleston, May 10 --Cotton sales for the week 13.000 bales at 72el04; the market h*8 recovered from the previous deeline. Re ceipts Tor the week about 9,500 bales. Stock oti hatid 34,003 bales. llice is unchanged, with a limited demand at previous rates Freights are drooping. Baltimore Mirketa. Bai/mfoBX, May 11 ?Flour is va.y firm this morning Howard street at $10 75 8 ilea of 2 500 barrel! of Howard street and City Mills. There was no wheat in the market C rn has adranead; salt* of white at 106el96; yellow, lOdallO. New Tork Markets - New York May 11 ?Cotton is firm and unchanged Flour has declined lit otr.; good Ohio, filO 50?$10 75; Southern is heavy at $10 S7a$ll .37. Wheat is unchanged and lim ited in demand Corn Is a trifle higher? Western mixed 117. Pork has advanoed sin cents. Beef is unchanged Lard is drooping. Whisky is firmer?fales of Ohio at 39 centa New Tork Etock Market. Nnw Yore, May 11 ?Stocks are stoadyaad money is abucdant. Sales at the first board cf Erie's at 46}; Cleveland and Toledo Rail road, 79; Cleveland Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad. 104; Cumberland Coal Company, 273; Reading Railroad 86# slOd; New York Central EUilroad, 911; Virginia ?'s 97* ; Mis souri A s 92. Bjr J.O KeOCiRC, ieetloaear. ra RUBTEE'S 8ALL OF A VERY VALUABLE I Bu:ldiig Lot in tt*e First Ward.?Oa TUES DAY afternoon, May aid, at 5Jf o'clock, on the premises, ihe -ulwiber, by virtue of a deed of trust rtat^ii May 6 1654. and d ly recorded in Liber J A B , Nn. 79, frlios 963, fcc , one of the land re cords ior Wa?bir.g:un eouniy District of Columbia, will eHI that valuable buil.tinf Lot known at Let No 16, m equate No. 102, fronting 50 feet 11 innh en f n n<rth H. betwef n 20 Ji and Slat sts., running bark 140 feet 10 inches T'rnitf of ?aie : One-half ci?sh ; the residue in ?u a*il twelve month*, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. If ih lettnfi ol sale are not complied with wiihla five i ays iheie?:ter, the Trustee reeenres the right t'i resell at the risk and evpen?e of the defaulting purchaser. All conveyaooes at cost of purchaser. H. C SPALt'lNG. Trustee. J Ad. C. McGUiae, may 7?eod Auctioneer. u. S MARINE BAND. 1'HE undersigned would respectfully inform the Military, Firemen, Clubs, and tbe public gene rally that by aj pi.ins to him at the Marine Barracks, or at his reeidehce, on E. between 9th and I (Kb su. east, or by note at Hi'bus k Hita'a Mosic Deooi. they can obtain the i-emcee of the Marine Band, or a portion of it either as a bras*, reed or notfltoB, which will embrace Louis Weber's unrivalled paity. 8CALA. Conductor and Leader of Marine Band, ap 30?1 m* . NOTICE TO TRAVELLERS BETH'EES W'JiSHISGTOS If BALTIMORE, I After this date, the Passenger 'Train fruos Waahinxten ax 6 a M?llor Mainmort-, and the Train fVom BalucD' re at 5 15 r- w- for Washington, on BrnDaT WILL BF DISCONTINUED Tbe onlv Train, tberrfor, on Sunday, from Washington, will be that leaving at 4.30 r. m , and from Baltimore at 4.15 a a The Train :rom Washingten oonnecu at tbe Washington Junction with the 1*"" in, Balumore at 3 10 r - for and tbe Wwt. JOHN U. DONE, m 1?lOt Master Transportation B kO.ilL [Union, Georgetown Advocate, and Alenaadita BenuneI copy-1 HOSIERY, GLOVES, Ac. WE bhve just received a very large assortment of Ladies' white, brown, slate, black, brown embroidered and open worked haee. Gent's white, browa and mixed Hoee and ball Ho##* Misses and boys' white, brown, aisle, black, fcn cy striped and opera worked Ho* and half Haas Ladies' kii, silk and Cotton Glovea and black silk Misses and Boys' white and colored silk, kuL, and thread Gloves and black silk Mitts Gent's kid, *ilk and thread Gloves We would Invite special atteotion to oar lana and well assorted stock of Ladies' and I biidren** Hosiery and Gleves, bein| the largest aaaortmeat la this city, and will be sold at very low prteee. 7} W. EGAN a SON, No 393 shady side Pa. avenue, betw. ap 30 2w 6th and <ih stre^tt SPLENDID PAPER HANGINGS IT Is with pleasure that JOHN DAVI9 annouaoes U> his old friends and the publie that be bas ?? sumed his old and familiar occupation of PAPER H ANGING, having opened a new store in the"Bt*r Buildings, near the corner of Eleventh street and fa. avenue, where be will be found all tbe Ume him?>f and keep on hand a wtll selected aaMHtmoaltof PAPER II A N G I N G 8, WINDOW SHADES, BLINDB, kc. . . All work entrusted to him in bis line of buatnsss v i!! bt promptly and faithfully eae ated to the e*^ tire satisfaction ot those tor whom tbe work may be done . j He respectfully invites all his former fnerxjs im customers, and tba publie generally to give ume call at bis new store and see if be res not some thing in hU line to suit their i?** may 1?d2w JOHN DATI*- _ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. ft 9. ft FLABARRE, comer of Tenth and C * . is a practical racturer aliment of Silve. plated NUMBERS of vyV Dstterns He will make numbers tor bouaes. neama pews U. Cburcbe, and for hacks,jo sou al^ and is ceefident at the low p4ee they will m* UtU it will suit tbe purchaser. ap ie AL-Li bTRAISk R? ^ visiting tbe City should see Hunter's vaaa Inrue of the Cdriosaties of ths Patent Oflloe. Also hl? De^cnpti&n < f Powell's tsteat Ptetnte. sebitf?Iftn*

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