Newspaper of Evening Star, May 16, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 16, 1855 Page 3
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KVKNJENG ST\R. Looal Inte111gooot. Tri Ball last Nio?t, given by th? Frank lin lath* National lb* at re. wai a glorious en tart ain men t. The Hall?the rage and entire pa-qu-t floored over?wax arranged with in. compatible tarte; tha artis-ia deoorations be ing tha hand)craft of tha accomplished artist. Lamb. Iba new sueion ot tha Franklin Com pany was pieced in tha b?- i ground, and mannad by an nniforaei eo?| ofminature fire men tba oldest, perhaps fifteen years of age, wboee picturesque a'titudes with a little miss for thagoddeaa, perched on tha very pin acta of tjc machine, addad greatly to the effect of the brilliant soene whan tha curtain rose at tha opening of tha ball There were, ?f coarse, a large number of beantiful and fay young ladies present, while tha surrounding boxes were graced by tha prasenoe of elder friends of the Company of both sexes, w o, though da* cliniag the marry danoe, giaced the oooasrn with their preeeaoe Nearly all the volunteer companies were rapresented by o(hears and mea in uniform, as well as all tba fire oooips nies and club* ol theDia riet. Among the lat ter we saw on tha floor, of the? Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Company? ?J. T Safer, R Payee. J. i. Chancy, Q. J. Sntar, 8. Spencer S. Mills Gcraaan Yagers?August ook Arlington Club?E. C. Ecklefif, A. Eokloff, H C Kleib-r Ban Franklin Target Company?Capt. A. Tait, W H Be-trdsley. J W Fulton. U K Schibler. ?? Lehman J Heath J Heift. A Jackson, R. G. Eckloff, J. Kay, K. F Alexan der Marirn Rifles?Geo B Bell, Join Lang void. William Dowden, Chas M Murphey Good Will Clab?H Dubant, 11 C Hatch, ins, J. W ailing, G. DuHant. L. Mason, Wm. Moore J MadJox. H Eilwood, W Davis Union Club?W E Mu'en, John Streaks, Joe Sparrow. Wm White, John Powers Hen. ry Martin, James Mnrray, Daniel Spilman, 8 Dennerson, Lovelejv Western B'M, No 1?J R. Spalding, J. T. Modaok. D Brown. Wm Delaware, T. Dewd ney. H. Popkins, E Moran, A. M >ran. Wm. Tenant, G Dove, J Qreen, P Bares. G Ed wards. J. Parris G. Cosen, J. Davis, J. Waters Vigilant. Georgetown?G W. Ofl'att, J. J. Roles, T Brown. J Heard, J Plamer. J. L tng. H Addison. H. Newton, G. Tanmer, A. Williams, J Sewell. Northern Liberties?E G. Evans. S. P Robarson, J Columbus, J Moran, G Taylor, W Hiiliary, C C Parker, C McBee, S. W. Taylor, M T Kahoe National Guards?J R Gill. J. Indennauer, J M Belt, J. Tacker, M Richardaon, B. J. Graham. The dancing was kept ap until nearly day* light by <he delighted company. The band, during one of the dances, sang in chorus to their musi: with charming effect, indeed The Franklin >nay wall be proud of their success last night. ?? Accbptaxcbof Nomixatioxs.?Messrs R. J. Rocba. Wm. J. MoCormiok, aad 8 T Abert, have severally accepted their no ml n v. tiona by the eity anti-Know Nothing conven tion, for the effiaes, respectively, ot Collector, Register and Surveyor The following are the letters from Mr. McCormick and Mr. Abert on the subject; Washington, May 10th. 18ja. Gentlemen : 1 have received yours of yes terday informing me that 1 waa unanimously nominated by the anti Know Nothings as a candidate for the office of Register of this city. In accepting the nomination thus tendered to me, permit me. gentlemen, through ton. to return my sincere thanks for the very flatter ing manner in which it was made, a d also to thank my fellow citiaens for the many proofs heretofore given of the ooofidence teposcd in me. 1 remain, gantlemau. year ob't servant, Wm. J so McComsick. To Messrs Wm B. Magruder, N Call an. C. P. WannaH. Wm Jones, J L. Wirt. A W. Miller, icd 8. Pumphrey, committee. Washihgtoj, D. C , May 10th, I860. Gentlemen :?Your letter requesting my ac ceptance of tha nomination for the tflhi of Surveyor, In opposi'ion to the nominations of tba Know Nothing Society, has been duly re ceived 1 cheerfully aocept the nomination cf a party whose principled I so eccdialiy ap prove 1 regard all secret combinations for effect ing joli ical purposes ae ful* cf dangerous tendencies It is establishing a precedent which ean have no other than an evil influ> once on our future prosperity Even if the primary object were unexceptionable, men who have combined, successfully, for one ob ject, will unite for others of more questionable character Power once attained will be need for purposes not first eoLtemplatad by itsmild est adherens But t ie most objectioLable fea ure in this '-Latter dty" party is the at tempt to make religious opinion a civil disa bility. I eannot sympathise with those who weald eatrsssisa the individuals who rmbrace one of the several forms of Christianity. I remain, very respectfully, Your obedient servant, 8 Thateh Abxht. To W. B Magruder N. Callan, C R Wan cell. W. Jonas. J L Wirt, A W. Miller, 8. I'umphrey, committee. Lsctcbr ?Mr J F. Polk delivered a lec tare, last Light at Temperance Hall, on the subject of the settlement of Maryland There were not over eighty persons, both ladies and gen'lemen. present to hear him He took the gTcund that the Catholios who established a colony in Maryland did not flee from England on account cf religion* perse cation, nor to enj*y ?'tho liberty of eon seience ?this being denied to the adherents of the Chareh of Rome; bat that lucre was the mala object of the settlemeat. He referred to various books and papers in support of this position Farther, that so far from Lord Bal timore s colony at St. Mary's being the first in Maryland. Kent Island was occupied by one hundred and fifty Pro'.astaats, (who bad a set tled minister, Rev Richard Jame?,) five years before Lord Baltimore came to that State He said that he had not received a tela graph!: dispatch, giving him the points in the speech of the Hon J. R. Chandler, (delivered yesterday,) bat took it lor gran ed that the gentleman had repeated the sta'ements which have been *tereoty(ed for the last fifty years, claiming that the Catholics made the first settlement, and established religious tolera tion. On this assumption: he replied to Mr. Chaad;er, speaking tor more than an hour, and concluded by saying that, in view of all the historical ei'Cfhmstanoes, ha considered the celebra'ion at St. Mary's, yesterday, a hombug. ? Coxx 19sioiebs or Elsctiok.?As a matter el importance, we republish the list of Com missioners to oonduct tha municipal election on the first Monday in June namely : First Ward ?James Carroll, Jamee M Dor ?ett, J. W Deliway Second Ward ?John M Donn, William P Shed J. Josiah Melvin Third WarJ.?Faja Orabb, Eleaur Brown, J. H G McCulo en Fourth Ward ?Thomas C Donn, J. P. Mc Eaan, J. H Ross Fifth Ward ?William P. Fergmon James A Browo Edmund Barry. Sixth Ward ?Samuel 8. Briggs, Xlmrod Garretieon, Henry N Ober. Seventh Ward ?Charles C. Martin, Jackson Patnphrey. Edward 8 Allen. Ma Cbaxdlbb's Address ?The National Intelligencer this morning, publishes the ora tion cf the Huu Joseph R. Chandler, deliv ered yesterday, on the occasion of the cele bration of the landing of the Pilgrims ot Maryland at the site of St Mary's eity, for a eopy *f which the Intelligenoar acknowledges its 1 V>btednea? to lis friends of the Baltimore American, who, doubtles*, were supplied with a transcript in advance of the delivery of the era', ion ? Pbovbbtt Salb. ? Yes'erday afternoon, MoGuire, anctl >neer, sold the house and let on the northwest oorner of Eighth and D streets, at pablic auction, to Mr w. B. Kibbey, for the so in of $3 0&0 ASVmtD TO TXB B H ? ftlJu&Td B. blj aTd E'q., cf Delaware, was admitted to prec u.a before the Conrts of the District of Colom bia on I'lllast, on motion of J If Peters, AqcidiTOT ?The following is will ?I ^ bjddw for the work on th? ?!!???1Vt5*lu?t?.lbr ?r?d In. w? * **lit D??n, John Flood, J. H Iher p ^ t?W2*> "J8 /chn Walker, ? t> D * ?*!??. Thomos MoOub bin, P Opowloy, Wm Smith David Lemmon, IarMl Robinson, Jam** Werrell, Thomas J Strong, N. H Deoker; Hltsboo k, Sbumen and Offutt; H Flannery, tr , J W Hiokox. Phil, nod Thos. Collins, Danoit Kennedy, Robert Pioken, Solomon MoCullogh, Jimu J. Dull. Michael Burke, J*me.-< Burnt. (bid for whole work.) P *0 Keefe, Charles Collins, Myrsa C Barr. and 7aoei M McC.'oskey. The result, lowest bids, on culverts aod graduation, in portionscorresponding with the houses: 66 and 127. and culverts 2 and 4? N B. Decker, $12 904; D. Lemmon. $13 779: P. 0 Keefe, $14,276; C. Collins, $14,544; I?i. Rob inson. $14,933 127 aau 196. and culverts i end 10?N H Decker, $7,848; P Keefe. $9,343; Ch Collins, $8 476; Id. Robinson, $9 482; D Lemmon, fV.789 -212 and 246. and culverts 11 and 13?N. H. Deoker. $14,222; F. Duffln, $16,365; D. Lem mon, $17,330; Isl Robinson, $17 553; P. 0. Keefe, $18 339; MoCnllogb, $18436 ' he above awarded to N H Deeker 270 nod 314, and culvert* 14 and 17. P. Duf fln $6,697; N. n. Deoker $7,016 ; P. O Keefe, $3 130 ; Ch Collins, $8 345; W. Smith $8 571; 1st R-?bioron, $8 711; D L*mman. $3 988 8 and 53 and oulvertt 18 and 19 N H. Deoter, $9 869 : F D ffin, $10183; D. Lem man, 12 20-1; P O Keete, $12 480; Ch. Col lins $12 591; Isl Robinson $12 599 53 aod 106 culverts 20 and 26 F Duffln, $14 520; N. El Deoker, $14 6 **4; D Leintnon, $16 954; Isl. Robinson *17.801: P. O. K*efe. $18 587; Ch Collins. $15 630. Ill and 123. culverts 27 and 28 F Duffln *5 764; N It Dacker, 6 611; D. Lemman, $7 364; P. O Keefe, $7 716; Ch. Collins, $7 84S; Isl. Robinson, $8,106 The above awarded to F. Duffln. Award to N. H Daoker. from 86 to 24o In elusive F. Deffleldtrooj 170 to 314. on the Great Falls division and from 8 to 123 on the Georgetown division. Decker $34,974; Duffln, 36,750?total 71,724. Sdsday School Cblbbbatio* ?Next Men day afternoon there will be a large collection < f Sunday Sohool children, at the Smithsonian Institution It is calculated that upwards of twenty-ive hundred of them will there con Zrt gate. A meeting or a Committee of ten from the several Sabbath Schools was t eld yesterday afternoon to make arrangements for the cele bration. T. C Walter. ?sq , wag selected to preside over the assemblage, and T B MoJgah altercate, in case Mr. Waitfcr shall not accept the appoint mint. ^adretees will be delivered by the Rev Messrs Cummings and Sunderland, anl the sinking oonducted by Mr T J Magruder. The body of the main hall is appropriated tv the aocommodition of the toholars and their teachers Interesting eervioei and a beauliful living st eetacle may be anticipated lirnnaxTt opt or Obdeb ?The hydran a on 14'h s reet near the avenue, are in a fhook mg condition, indeed, making the gutters running streams at all times of late. Thos6 on 12th street, also near Pennsylvania aven ue, are in no better condition They give f nh any quantiiy of water when it may not be wcnted, and are chary of their fl jw, ex cesdingly chary, when folks essay to fill buck ets from them It is high time thst these nuisance? were attended to We took occasion a month ago to 3all the attention of the Second Ward commissioner to them, and hope that we may not be again forced to remind him of hia shortcomings in this particular. Thb I'biob Association op Wasbiwqtow Citt ?The Association met last night at th? usual hour, and was called to Cider by the President. The Secretary being absent, Wm. Cooper Was appointed Secretary yro tern There being no busin ss cf either a general or speoial character, the was pasted in hearing several excellent addresses by Messrs Wallaoh. Rodsrers. Col Clark of New York, Mr. Crawford of Pennsylvania, Mr. Ealiday atd Mr. Cunningham Several persons added their names to the list cf signers to the constitution in the coursc of the evening. The Association then adjourned to meet on Tueeday evening next. Th? Cohmissiobbbs ?Those conversant with cur city affairs on inspecting the list of commissionjrs to superintend the munlopal election, to take place in June next, will per oeive that the dominant party in the Councils have allowed to their opponent* one oommis s.oner in three of the seven wards of Washing ton?in the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Wards All three of the commissioners in each of the other foar wards are members of the Know Nothing order, or persons notoriously avmna tbising with that order Sbllibq wtthcct Licebsb ?The license laws of this Corporations have been so long set at defiance by many persons in business in this city, that the p lice offioers are taking the mutter in hand and are tealoutly. \ esterday. Mrs Catharine SulliTan was taken oefore Justice Bates by offlcer Simonds for violating the law. She w&? fined $20 and co*ta, and being unable to pay, ste was s?ni to the workhouee for ninety days ; but the fine was superceded and the pri? released this morning She has always austained an excellent character with her neighbors. Runaway Slaves ?iieccntly several fugi tives slaves, from the adj>ining States have t>eeu arrested in this city. Yeaterday, one was taken in centra market space, and retained subject to his master's order This was. a few years since, a profitable business to the con stables; but *e think that there are few al aves who desire to leave the service of th/air mas ters at this time, for harder servitude under the driving of impostera. Si.vqi'lab Removal ? There was a small frame hou^e on I street south, near the brick bridge, known as the E?g!e Hotel. It was occupied by a small family, and the owner, wishing to ereot a larger haute on that lot, sold the hotel, and the family not obtaining another dwelling the hotel, fixture*, furni ture, and family were removed to another lo cation ye??erday The performance not being advertised, there waa a slim attendance of epeoiators. ?? Tbs Amebicus Club are making extensive arrangements for their grand plo nic, which comcs off on Monday next, at the White House, the party being conveyed thither by the steamer George Washington In addition to the other attractions, we learn that the ? Lai? i la Instrumental Club" have volunteer ed their services, and will enliven the oom. pany with tome choice musio. The Delay or tbe 1 raib tbis"Morbus.? Two miles on tbe other side of Bladensburg aod old negro man was struck by a oar of the train, and tbe oondu^tor stopped it to endea vor to save his life Two hoara were lost thus. The cegro, who was the property of Jamea Scaggt, waa brought by the train to the in* fi unary in this ci;y, and we presume it dead by this time - Fibe ?Between ele en and twelve o'elook th.t morning, an alarm of fire was sounded. Cause; tbe burning of a small stable on Capi tol Hill. By the time-the down town engines reached half way to the soene, the property wiu deitrtyed. At 'here was no occasion for their servioes, the miohinee were hauled baok and housed Robbbby ?Last night a gentleman stopping at Mr Hewitt's on bixth street, was robbed cf over thirty dollars after he bad retired to bed. The thief entered hit room and searched his clothing, and found the money in hit vest pockets. No arrett has been Bade. Beatimo a Feualb ?George Lea, a power ful oolored man, well known to our polioe cffioeri, wet arretted last night by ofioer Wol lard. f*r beating a colored woman and tearing her oloihet. He wat taken to tha guard house where he wa* held for a hearing thii morning. Lbavieu.?Tbia mornteg qtfte a crowd of hands from the fishing there* ou the Potomac rested through this city on their way home. Thev w?ro ftrorglooking men, and the aobrie* iv of tbe gang spoke luodly In their favor, /here wat sot a drunken man among them. | PT>+OOD NBDICIWW.?It 1* MHIMM that ATll'l y CRIBBY PBCTOBAL ud C?THABTIC NtL9 have 4>ae ??rs lo promote the poUlc health M-n tar otfcar omI MM*. Thar* MD be an questkta that the ObarrT ractoral tba propornoa oCdeath* froa *on<aa*ptivt fluasm to \ ??ontry. ft* Will VI M food M Sta ractoral, Hid wn bow ooa*plalnw. ^ U? blood ?W" '* Importttaa. Tnrgs the Bowel*, Lira-, and th* Yl*C*rV '?fw nbstmctlnu* Purg* oat tbc ?l'th? ^ to work Ita doc**. But ^ disease* we should die only of o'd ag?. Take antdotes "d '*r'ut 41 *b? system, baton It la rot too ttroog 1-. yield. thrnat oat dlteaae, not only while It la waa*. but when It lia? tsken a stroug hold. Bead t?f> as tounding statement* of thoaa who have been curat by them from dreadful Bcrofula, Dropsy, I'leer a. Skin dls"?s*?, Bhea mstism, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Interns! Palrn, Btlloaa Com plaint*, Headache, Heartburn, Ooot, and many l*a* dauge r?i* bnt (till threatening allmanta. such aa pimp e* on tha Worm?, Warron* Irritability, Ln?e of ar etlte. Irrecu laritie*. Dizziness In tha bead, Oolds, Farers. Dysnntery, aud a^ery variety of complstnte fnc which a Purgative Based? la raqnlred. Tbeaa are no random staiettienta, bnt are aaihrnUoatefl by yonr own neighbors and yonr own phyalrlana. Try them onoe aud yon will never ba without them. Prloa tt cull par box?6 boxes for It. b^raparad hy DB. J. 0. ATCB, Lowell, Kim., -And aold X. &. OILMAN, Waahlngtoa. ?. M. LINTHIul'M, G**rf(?town. JAB. COOK A CO., Fredericksburg, and by all Druggists ?T^rwbar#. tn.y , 0-;*??*D TO TH1 LADIE4.-OOOD K*W8 FOB THI' SICl. I DB. Dt'rONOO*9 OOLPKN MONTHLY PILI.8, JbaWtfand moat Infallible remedy ever dlscoverad for ra 1 laving and caring all palnfol, distressing, and dlfflcnlt men Mr nation, and removing all periodical i bstrurtlons, and tr regularltiea arlalng from whatever causa. These rills are a CHjLQJ lots 1 TBICMPH IN MEDICAL 8CIRXCK. Thay are prepared by a prorea* which concentrate* the ItifrwIlMiUlDlo a small bulk, thus r?r?dsrinc H BDnocwiarj fer delicate females to take large doaaa of nauseous drugs. Dr. Daponco'a Plila are U:e reanlt of over THIRTY YEARS' BXrBBIBNOB In tba treatment of the dl?a???? of frm*l>-e.? Tbay have bean adve-tlaad for a little over one year, yet SEVERAL THOl'SAND BOXKH have already been aold, aud tha demaud for them rapidly In crease* wherever they become known. They have baaa thoroughly tried In Washington, and foand to act like a charm. ?"*** ?11 nmjgleta In Washington, Georgetown and Al aaudrla, >a. mar 1?eoSni* Q-7?A PHENOMENA IN M EDICIA2.?Bronchi tie, Oongh, , Dy?para!a Liver (N>n-plalnU, Scrofula Ac.-For all dlaaaaaa of tlie Fama'e 8y?tem It atand* preem'neut. A Clergyman jnat Informa as It hs* cared b'm of BrotichSlla ?f a deape-ate character?nartlc tra hereafter. HAMPTON 8 VRQETABI.E TINCTCRR-By Ita mild ac tion on tha stomach, ll?ar ar.(i k'df***, will c*?re Dyapop "?? Oongh, Asthma, Bronchial and l,nne A [factions Kalas | la tha Back, Side and ltrea-t, Oonsjmpti.-a Mr.-ofnla, Bhen matlsm, Oont, Nearalrla, Flstnli., Bowel Oomplaluta, Piles, , worms, and Nervooa Delillit'ea?with all diseases arising from Impure blod, aud Is tha greatest 'emale med!c<ne ev ar knowu. Tbla lc?alaabla med'clna la working wonders cpoa UienainAc fruas SaaailTorllsercentto-day. Inar7 [T7" '***'rM8 at THE FAIRS.?WHITEHUKisrS still In the aae?ndaac?.?The Juries of each of the lat? ?W ?* Baltlna .ia, Blchmoud, aud New Tork awarded their hlghaet premiums to J. a. W. for ihair aupertorlty of Pbo tographa, Stereok.-opaa and Dagnerreotypea exhibited. Mr. W. also racai vad two Medal* at the ^oHd's Fair, Lon-1 don. And a premium at Crystal Palace, new Tork. Alan, th^ Srlt awarda of tha Marylaud Institute to r three 7a^r s past. Walteharsf ? Oallery la tbla city 1? on Fa. aveaue. brtw ? H and dtb atraata. 7^ 17 [J-T?D?. HOOFLAND'8 CBLEBBATED OEBMAN BIT LK-^ TEB8 Tbara are fbw thtefs *h1ch afford cs gi?.ur pleasure Ui?j alttlug down to write a notlca of tba celebrated Hoof- I laud German Blttera, beeanae we are fully conaclous we are conferring a public banaSt, and our heart tails ua that by onr notloaa many have hean Irducad to uke tbaaa Blttera, and baao rescued from death by dyspepsia, liver complaint, Ac., for the enre of which It Is certain It la prepared and aold only by Dr. 0. U. JACKSON, at tba Oarman Medicine 8t<>ra, No. 1M Arch street, Philadelphia. Mae advertisement. marl?km ff^A SECRET FOB THE LA DIRS? HOW TO PBEPEUVR I ?+S Beauty.?Don't aea Ch?lk. Li!* WMta, cr any of the ?o-oalled ooametlca, to conoaal a faded or aaliow complexion. if you would have the roaes brought back to yonr cheek, a clear, baalthy and transpareut akin, and life and vigor iu fusad through tha system, get a bottle of Carter's Spanish Mlxtnra, and teke It ae?or ling to directions. It d?-es not | Uste quite as wall as sweetmeats : but. If aster a few dos?e yoa do not And your haa'th and taauty reviving, your at?p ?.l.aue and vigoroua, and tha whole system refraalied and I Invigorated 'ike a Snrlnf mornlag. than your case la hope la**. and all tha valoaale certift.-atea we p<?*^es. go for nanght. It la tba greateat purifier of tha blood known. Is perfectly bamleaa. aud at the aauia time powerftillv efflca dons. ?.?Sea advartlseiuent |V D. OILMAN, Drnggl?t, barramorad to Seventh u-' street, opposite to the Patriotic Bank, and Is uow ore pared toflll all ordera ibr Modlcl ea. Paints, Ofla, and Olaa* on aooommoda'.lng terms. Strict aner.tlon will be paid to phyaiciau'a prescription* at all houra of the day an4 ulirkt. Th* night ball la on tha right of the store door. ap 14?In* ?"Jai Sailxtat>T3> receive* all theu*w Book*and News I riper* aa fast aa pcblUhad. He Is agent fcr Harper's and all the other Magazines, and enr readers will always find a large and good aaaortment of Blank Book* aud Stationery at hla Bookstore. Odaoa Rclldlug, cor Pa. av??g? and at HARHIEP. At Rallimora, on th?i 14;ii li^taut. b'v Re*. Dr. Backus, NATHANIEL l'Oi'E t^AUSIN, of ibis city, lo ELIZA MAC 1'IEU, daujhter of A*r. Daniel Warfield, of Baltiniore. Ill x. it At BHIevti*. Gpore^own Heighta, on ihe 14th In'taut HAMUEL W1IITAI.L, in lii*8lfl year. On tha 15 h instant, at Hount H?*nry, near this ciiy. in the 73d year of i is ?2?, HENRY YOUNG NAYLOR, Eaq On the Utli .instant 'ALIOS VIKGINI \, t?r oi I)r. VV A. and VViile Groves ac* d 3 years ? Wants WANTED.?A RUM.DISG LOT, ABOUT 25 by H'O feet, in the neiebborhcod of Vermont avenue or I4ih. south of M itre?aa Addrtej, staling price, fcc , box 133 City Post Ollice. miy 16?41 WANTEM?A GOOD STEAMY WOMAN, TO tali?' charge oi a child two years old The best rccomnjrndatioiib required. Apply on Cetreet, 3d door from the comer of Third, south Mde. may Id- 2l* WAXTED.?A PORTER in our utore. Refer* ehce requited. Apply to HOWELL & MOR9ELL. No. 323 C ctreei, brtween Cih arid 7th. Brushes, Linaced Oil, White Lead, Zinc White, White Varni?h, 8te., for sale as above, in any qurln '1'V may 13-Rt* WANTED.?An active and intelligent BOY; one who is willing to make himself geri'-rully uaeful can find a good eituation by calling ai No 150 Bridge str^?t, <*eorg?town. may 15 2t \Jk' ANTED?A Hitua ion by a cood Farm hand, ? f as ploughman or to drive a team, or any kind of work onaTarta. Addre?* " P P,? at the Star office^ may 15 3^ WANTED ?IN A RETAIL DRY GOODS Htore, a Youth, who has had nrnte experi ence in the retail trado Address Box 103 P. O. may IS?St* \VANTED-A YOUNG MAN, OR LAD, TO " drive a milk wago.i. One that can ria l arid write, well acquainted with th?* ciiv, understands Ibc c ue and management of a horne uud^wagon, so. ber, horifet, careful, and industrious, and ean be well r? eointnended may apply at Locust Hill Farm 7tli slrert road, near the first toll zate. may 14?3i? \\! ANTS A SITUATION ?AN ENGLISH *o ?? man, who can give the best references and testimonial* a* h-Ufekeeper, nurse or travallin? ati siatance lor children. Ad.lrcsa, "C S," at this of fice, or at Mrs. Earby'a near the Navy Yard, may 14?3t* WANTED.?TWO HANDS, white or Wack, and a man and his wife, by the year, to work on a (arm near the District. Also, would hire orpnrchate asecond hand Cansl Boat. Call between V> r.nd 3 o'clock, daily, at the office ol LLOYD h. CO , opposite the Treasury, may 8?tf 15th >tr*et. WANTED?A PARTNER TO WORK A Stone Quarry nnd contract for sale of Stone to Government and others, there being now great de mand ior stout:. This Quarry i* immediately oppo site Georget wn. Large shanty, blacksmith shop, and evrry implement on the spot. Tt u quarry fur nishes the beat and largest truck S;ont, kc. A chance is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD k CO, FiAeenth street, oppo. Uie Treasury. may 3?tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of 975?payable $3 a month without intereet. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7th st . abov? Odd Fellows' IlaH. ap 29?3m JOHN FOX, Sec. SODA WATER?SAR?APARILLA MEAD 1"MIE subscriber would announce to hU numerous customers, th t his Soda Apparatus has been thoroughly overhauled and repaired, and he is now ready to serve every one witii a beverage superior to any ever before off-red He wnuid mention thai he ha<< not varied in the slightest from bis manner of preparation, which is the proper way. H<5 would also call th?* attention of all who like a delicious* drink to the MEAD, which is one of the most refreshing a nd wholesomx drinks made. W. B. BUTT, Druggist, may 14?eo3t Corner 12th st., and Pa. av. WILL ARD 'S HOTEL, Old Point Comfort, Va> rflfl SPLENDID SEA-SHORE HOUSE IS NOW OPEN. Board per day 42 00 Board by the week, per day 1 50 Board by the month, per day 1 25 Baths tree (or the gaests may 10?lm C. C. WlLLARl' Ik BRO

J B THOMP'Olf, MERCHANT TAILOR, Hi* re^-OTPd to hid old Hand, Moffit's Biilldi ig, 4>? rtreet,.oredix>roof|h of r-'hillincion'a Bookatote. uwre he wftuM be ^ieaaeit 10 serve his fdetuls and the public. may 4? 2w For Bale and refit. F B' 01 RENT?A NEW THREE-STOKY FRAME HOUSB, containing eight rooms, very plen^ antly sttoa'ed. on Naw York avsou J, near tho hitar secti<>fc of Nfcw Jersey areiaa and Third *<reet ft bu a fide lot for a tfar'rn. and a .on.! erl'v en ] r the kitchen. To a punctual tenant thb rant will b* ?915 per mo >tb. P<xM:att<nn glvn <n th? 1st ?une. Fnqeire of WILLIAM PO V\ LLL, one door nbovs. No 169 nm lft? 6fn KICK YARD, BRICKS FQuThe of Ground, _ J Horaes, Carta, Parma. fcc , at Private Ra|?. The ?ub#criber will sell at ?.?rivMe sale, on very rea s maid'? terms, Square No 050, which contains at; in?-?hna?lible ouantitv of g"od bi*iek clav, with a b irk ran) now In ae'uAl ? peration thereon. and a?.nut 400,0(k) b-irnl and u burnt ready ma #? brieka It lias on it at* Inexhaustible cistern well or ?T.t?r, and a flur room and sbedg sufficiently large for eight or ten gangs. Al-io. f?m? two ?f which are fine brood mar?*, with young colta, fotir C ?r*s and Harney. , A'so, one Parm, King in Montgomery count},' Maryland, about fight or ten milt's from Washing ton, cn the Adelpbi M|i| toad, immediately in th vicinity of Pisgah Me?tinc-house, and about three miles from the railroad, c< ntainina 180 acres of fire land, a part of which is heavilt timbered; and a peach and apple orchard of 1.500 tree?, in foil bear ng, with a variety of other fruit tree*. Ti e farm is w H watered, and the land in a hish state of cul tivation. Also, a Parm eontaiolng 80 or 00 acres, lying be twwen two and three miles from the Capitol/with good improvements Inquire of the subscriber on C, between Second and Third street?, Wastai -gton may 16?eo#w 9AMLT5L C. WR'>E F?OR RENT?THE TWO NEW HOUSES ON Pierre strict between L and M str?*e:s, con taining six rooms each, with hwinmt and a large va>d attached T-? punctual tenant* the low rent of eiffil dollar* will be charged inonth'y. Enquire of the owner, opposite the premises. may 15-2 *? ('HAS. THOMA. For sale ok rent-a new prxme House, situated on Washington street, George town The ^ouse is cnmfortab'v arranged, contain - two fine parlors, right bed ctnmb-rs ai d an exc< I lent kitchen, and ia Mtunted in one of the most healthy and quiet pars of Oi orgetown. Enquire ot the owner, JOHN J PREY, next door, may 13?MB A MAONIFICF.VT RESIDENCE POR SALE /\. or Rent.?I will either swil ???y Parm on the Georgetown and Rockviile Turnpike, 2 miles above Georgetown, adjoining Tcnnallytown. or I will rent to a good tenant, the house and garden, (including , furniture, if desired) cows, &c-, for the summer ? Call on *'ic subscriber, at Mrs LYI.ES'S, aiijoin ing. TH08. MARSHALL. may 15- HU A PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, NEWI.Y f\ and handsomely furnished, for rent, from 1st June to November, and longer il desired. Ii ia oen tral, and being nenr the departments always com mands any number of boarders Eight or ten are now in !t who w* f Ik? permanent if desired. I he lady wishing to go in the country will rent or t!)? most reasonable terms. Addreea "A X," City Po t Oitce. may 14 -3t* }OR RENT?A COM PORTABLE TWO STO _ ry House on tttii street, ?eiween M and N ?ts. P. sseoaion given immediately. Apply to the sub scribers, at their Lumber Yard, corner of 36th and D streets. H. N. & J. \V. EASBY. may 10? J?OR SALE?A FLOURISHING DRUG STORE C with a complete assorted stock of h s? drj??, kc , in one of th* bwt locations in Washngton, D. C The present owner being on the pxint of leav ing will se I at a very reasonable price Any ons who has a thorough knowledge of the bu-ine ? and the neceaaary qualifications of the bu-iness wi'l find it a rare chance. Addicts "H S," Box 106, W a*h ington city may ?? 1 w* I?OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR lors and Chambers, with bo<*rd. Also, T;tb!e and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 333 P street * an a HOMES FOR ALL.?Reautiftilly and healthily loeat^d Pwilding Lots, 24 fett tiont by 1-tO fe.rt deep, on graded streets, c?n, until miring, be bought at th** exceeding low price ot $75, payable ,er month. Title indisnuiable. Union Land Officc, 7th n., above Odd Fellows' Hall. Jan 9?6m JOHN FOX. Peeretar, F F OR SALE?A TttO-STORY FRAME Dwell ing House o i Ma^saehusetls avenne, between 4th and 5th streets. The house has lour exetllent rooms and a kitchen, and portico in front, with an excellent \ ard attached to the premises, and run ning through the entire Kqnnre, and is fituated iia as healthy re pectable viciitiiy as thT* can be found In this ci v, and !s only two squaresea?t of N >rthrrn Market House. Possession given immediately. N. CALL AN, may 11? eo3t Vo 313 P?t. VALUABLE AND ELIGIBLY SITUATED Hnilding Lot at Ttivate Sale.?The -ub.cnher Wili seii. at private sale. Lot No 8 in Square No. 414,1 ronting 99 feet 4 inch on H street gouto, by 91 feet 6 inch i'R Eighth street weat The Lot will be sold in whole or in pans, to suit purchasers. Terms accommodating CII AS. 8. WALLACH, Attorney, ap 30??-o4w* opposite west wing City Hall. A LARGE AND"PLEAV?NVROOM ON THE ?ci;ond floor, for a gentleman and wife. A'so, vacancies for ?ingle ventiemen tcay be e?h tained by applying at No 4T3 Sixth st , between D and E n>ay 14- ee>3t* 17IURNIS ED ROOMS? SEVE IAL handsome Jr Parlo-a and Chamb rs recently occupied by the P u?sian Minister, and they will be rented to a f <m ilv or several aingle gentlemen. Willi or wnh ot ly'.ard. Inqoire^tJ P CRUTCHET'S, No. 477, corn r 6?h and D streets. may 14?en3t* (Intol) Rents reduced to suit the times. $150 a year will be received ft* the rent of those new and convenient cottages at KendaJl Green, with two itcjea of ground, staMe, wood *h> d and other conveniences attached. Pu?np* ot pu-e water ar" near the door, and commumcat 011 is had with Georgetown by v.ay of H and Seventh .treets and Pei n. Avenue, morning and afltrnoon,M the usual fare, for the. acconunodation of. clerks iu the departments. To secure the advantage of this great redaction of rent immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kendall Oreen, a!\er office hours, where the k ys may be had and the houses inspe ted at any time. Several r.f these residences will b?- sold on littoral tcmn. WM 9TICKVEY, No 4, Kendall Gieen. N. B ?Renti paid quartirly M aJoanzc. apr 9, 1855?tr Boarding. BOARDING.?One fine large front room, with an adjoining chamber, handsomely furnished, suitable for a family or aevural young men. Also, Chambers larger than are generally appropriated to single g>allem<'n, with board, on reasonable terms The situation i* high and hem thy, and ia the imme diate neirhborhood of the Patent Office, Post Office, and Indian Bur au. Transient and table boarders can be also accommodated by application to No. 3 Union Row, F street, between fltii and 7th st?. may 14 Iw* ? BOAKOINO.-MRS. M O. GREER respect fully announces that she has tak< 11 the large and commodious new brick house, No 5 60 l'enn. avenue, near 21 street, witbing one minute's walk of the Capitol, a short distance iroui the railroad de pel, and ?he U now prepared tp receive boarders by tlie day or week upon the most reasonable ti rms. Also, has a number of fine Rooms furnishnd or unfurnished, with or without board. Application as above. may H?lw (VO TIC B.?FOR RENT-PARLORS AND 1 Chambers, with hoard. Also, table and tran sient board, with a bathing room and shower baths and every attention to render it most agreeable to hqr boarders Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4^ st. apfl3? 3m BOARD, Ac.-MRS. BATES, on the south weot corner of Pa. aveirue and 9th street ia pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with room*, with or without board. Every effort ?ill be made to ren der those comfortrbie who may favor har with their paironagH. ap 6?tf PROPOSALS FOR FUEL. QuAarkRMAftTKa a Orrtcc Ma rise Corps,'! YVa-hington, 10th May, 1H55. ) SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this office until Friday, the 25th of May lust., at 10 o'tlock a. m , for supp >ing to the Marines ?t.itioeed in Washington city from 1st July, 1855, o 30th ol June, 1856, suck quantitiea of YVood and C -al as may be required upon the Uuarlerly requisitions ol Co maudiOK Officers The wood to be best cak sapling, ..nd theco -l best anthracite, free from dust, broken and screened, both to be delivered at sue 1 points within the h: r rat k wails, as may be desifi.aied, free ot expense to the Uniied States. may 11?3<a-M35th ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fine Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair. They are from the manufactory of HENRY ERBEN of New York. For terms, k?., apply lo Prof. SCHEEL. on 14tb gtreet, north of F. HENRY ERBEN. teb 26? eotf CiLocKi, Watchios and jewelry, j Opepe i this day. forty different styles ot C ocks Good Clocks 91 H Fine Gold Watches, jflfe warrcntej. Jctvalry cheaper "nan sTor. Call and see tor yourselves at J ROBINSON'S, No. 349 opposite Rxo'.? n?' hotel. may 1?dlut Auction flalam. By K? l? WKIOHT, Aae'ioateri OSORGBTOWV. PORTO SfCO 8UQA1 AT AUCTION ?Ob MONDAY rett, tb* 91* isst . at 19 o'clock, on P ft A. II. DoJge's whan", th* mho th?- Sri? Fidcili, :rofd Mayagnee, consisting of 118 bhds. choice and prime Sngar*. E e. WEIGHT, may Ifr^du _ Atrtloorf. Br WlLL7B\RtAHD * CO AUCT8 I7XTEN*IVI SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FUR ^ni urn id ?On 1 Ht'ttrt MAY morning, Msv 17; at 9 o'clock, w?? *hill In front of our Auction Rootts, a large a sortiuent of Furniture, ftc , %ix: Mub"gaay hair spring Sof?, Rccker Marble-top FJ. r rail'**, Vas?*s, l?rc sing Bureaus Ti'O complete seu ('ottifR Furniture, nearly new On? pair mahogany h iir Divans (lain I'u.faua T> n Be srtads, hair and husk Mattressw Walnut l-af Tables, cherry Tables and w ood sea: Cliinr, Rockirs F?ather Beds if?d B.t ding Together with %large lot or Helt. Glass, <iookery Ware, with several other arnc!e* In the turn- e'teep in* inc. Al->o, two cd work !or-e?tud Furnilure Wag^n Terms made k- own at sale WALL, HARVARD ft CO, may '6?It Auctioneer*. By OH BSC lb 4 ? COTT, .Wetioicari. TJALUABL!! BUILDING LOT AT CORNRR Y of Thirteenth street a d north L at A?ictio , ? On WEDNESDAY, the 18-h ImUi', we f ball sell, in front nf the premises, at oV ock p m . part >1 i ot No. 1, in square No 247, having a front on the we" s de of 13th street w?e?t, next to the c.vner of north L street, running buck IWfeet It will he di vided in four building lot*, which will be *old oi*e wiih tbe privilege The ab >v* described property Is handsomely lo cated, jftvlng an ??a*t front perfectly gr ided and pn-?-l Persona to purchase a handsome holding lot will d>* well to aitehd ihe *ale. This pr p rty is in the neighborhood of" Franklin Row Terms: One-quarter cash; balance in rt 12, and 18 m"tiih>!, for notes 'jcarin? interest from Ute day cf CBlf A deed given and a de.*4 of trust taken. OR PEN ft SCOTT, {*?WFfMTiiVV Auctioneer?. Br OIIKEN * ?COTT, Aurtlueeri SIX VALUABLE BUILDING LOT3 AT AUC tion ?On THURSDAY, the 17th m-tant, we shall sell, at 6 o"c??>ek p. m , on loe premises, six Tumble buil !tw Lois, situate 1 ut the corner of C and 9th streets east. being L Is Nos 1,2 3.20.21, and '22, in Square No 923, having a front of 234 f:. 5 ir.ciies on 9;h street, an 1 144 fett 2 inches on C !?l? A*t. The above described property is handsomely lo c.ated, but a few minuted walk fioin tlie Navy Yorv. T' rois: One-ha'.f cash; bi'ar.ce In one and tvo years the ; ureiia.< r to ttivc note-, for ibc defer, ?d ^ayim-nts, ber.rmg intercut frcm the day of A de< d given ainl a deed of trust tak? n GREEN ft SCOTT. ?My 12?4 Aucti'itii t-rr1. By E. 8* WRIOBT) ticBr^ctomB ORPHAN S COURT SALE.?On THURSDAY .Morning uexi, the 17?n instant, at 9 o'clock, 1 (th^11 sell, by order of tiie Orphan's C urt, in fr-?ni o the auction rojms, n varieiy of we!! kept Furni Mre, v s: Mahngmy Chiurw, Sofas, 8?-cre?ary anl B<K?X-case P.iir of Card Table.'* , Marble t -p i'ier Table * p??r D nitit Tables. .Miliogans Bur?^us llu!i hi id Frth'-fe ed?t. ads, Stoves, TSnv-pieee Astral and S<?lar Lamp?, Crockery an.i Gle?-s Ware M n:le Gi:is-", War.lmii- . F> itd?r and Anuirctu Hi; it sonic I treeing Bureau, liundfl Be-t qw-ility Ha i Matuw*.*, ftc-, ftc. Terms ca>h. tmv 14-2t EDW. S. WRIGHT, Auct'r. ?y J C. ScOUlRKi Assctlouc?r AbMINISl'RATOB'S SALR OF HANDSOME and Valuable Stallion. By w?tuc of an ord- r of the Orphans' Court, the Mib cnber will U at p'lbitc -ale, on THURSDAY, .he 17:h nay of Alaj I?kv5, at o'clock p m., in front ol the auction un.rt* of J;innes V. M Gui*e, ?n Um* corner of Pemi ejlvan:a t-winie and T> n'h strei t wegj, the vaiua I:le s!a!!ifin li"r>e "Moscow," bt-losrinj; to the estate of the la'c W 8sewart. Mo-cow is of the Morgan stock, very frisl Jw barney or Utid *r the saddle, of fin- gait and carriage, Snl (!?mrab!e fore road horse or for standing. Terms : One half cash, and the balance in 30 .".nd "'I d'vs, foi ro*?< satisfactorily end> r?ed, bearing intetw?. CD AS S WALLAOH, Aaminstiaior. JAMES C. MciiUlRE. may 13?--"ts Auctioneer. Jfy J. C. JfeOl'IRS. Ancl?n?er DESIRABLE BRICK DWELLING HOUSE hi d Lot near the Capitol at A" *li<?n. On FRIDAV afternoon. May IS h at 5 o'clo. k, on the Srctsii-eii, I < hall part f Lot No. 50, is* Square fo 12? frontinr 13 feet on n'?rth A -'reef, between 1st ana 21 ttreets ?:ast. ai.d lur.nin; h?c. 27 feet to a thirty fe? t alley, with h nearly n- w and substa* - tially boilt f ur-st- ty brick dwelling h??u-e, contain ing .ight r-oius. The bcu.-e is built on ?*? 18 in* b stone wall, an < is fimsiieu in lii? very be t maaner th'ougb<*ut. Title InitisputsUe Terms: i$l 000 ca?h ; residue in '2 mot tlis, wi h ictetei-t. secured by a deed oS tru?t n th* pie:uis*? J AS C. M G' 'IKE, m^v 12? Auctioneer. ?>y i.itUUN dt sC" ' T, Auctions:**! IMPROVED AND U^IMPROVED PR<>PERTY at Auction ?On FRIDAV, the I8'h ins art, we shall s* II, in front *>f rh or'-nitse-. at 6 o'clock p in. a grind two story frame H-use and Lot, situaiPd on the west side of 10th street, between New \ ?>rk av enue and K street, being i nrt of Lot No 7, in square 343, liavn g a front of 22 fee;, running back to an alley.- The house contain" six good rooms. And immediately a<W the sale of the above, we shnll Fell, in front of the premi-ijs. part of Lot N<* 8 ] in Square No 427. having a 'roiit on the public spaco of 31 (eet. hetw* en 7th and 8th sis , immedi s ely south t f the Northe n Libe.-tics' Market, with a depth of 100 leet. Title indisrutaMe Terms : One third cash : bal <nce in one and two | years, for notes hearing intercut from the day of the sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN ft SCOTT, may 15?d Auctioneer. By WALL, B4RNAHO dt CO , Auvtl. Mahogany, walnut, veneering. ?c , at Auc<i<m. On FRIDAY Hflernoou,the 18ih i sunt, nt 2 o'clock, wc shall sell, in from of our Auction Robins A large lot of mahogany, walnut and maple Ye ueers Mahogany and walnut Woods, shaded an curled The attention of cabinetmakers is inviu *1 Terms: $90 and under cash; ove' that sum a credit of 30 and 60 days, far notes satisfactorily en dorsed, bearing interesr. WALL, BARNARD ft CO., may 1.5?dt? Auctioneers. By -IAS. C. MeGUIKK, Anctlonssr VERY VALUABLE HCILDING LOT in the First Ward at PuUic Sate -On MONDAY ar ternoon. Mu> 91^t, at 5\4 o'clock, on the premises, I -hall sell Sot No. 4, in Square 102, fronting 51 feet 1%' inches on north G, between 20th and 21>tsts., runnia; back 183 feet, with an outlet from the tear to 20:h street. This lot is delightfully situated in one of the most f-shii nablc parts of ih* Pirst Ward, numerous fine houses being in progress of election in tbe immedi ate vicinity. Title perfect. Terms: One-third cash ; the residue in 6, 12, and 18 months, with interest, secured by a deed of tru-t on the premises. J AS. C. McGUIRE, may 15?d Auctioueer. By JAS C BfcGUItlBi Auettom ?r. VERY VALUABLE BUIL ING LOT ON F, between 13th and 14th s'reetsat Auction.?On TUESDAY afternoon, Mav 23 I, at 5^ o'clock, on on the premises. I shall eel the west half of l?ot 98, in Square No. 254, having a front of 30 ft. 9% inch es on F si, between I3tli and 14t'i, running back 100 feet to a 30 feet alley. ? This is probably one of the most de-irable Lots for sale in that section of the ^ity. Teims ; One third cash ; the residue in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed <>f trust oB the premises. JAB. C. McGUIRE, may 15?d Auctioneer. FIRST PREMIUM PIANOS. JUST received, several Pan<>s fn.m the c lor at ? d fectory of St- inway ft Sons, New York; oi e n Loui* XVIII style Tlnse P anos are in e ? ry re spect the best now m?"le in the U i ed States; ih?y eceived at the late Metroisilitan Medi iuck' Fsir the first pieunu n (a ?ilver medal) for each of their Pianos exh bised. Every pen-on ad *>ire? the volus c of tone, 's<well as the wurkni <nshipot th< ir |n?tru mints. These, in addition to my other stoik of Pianos, fsrms the tiest and largest collection south of Ma?on'a Mid Dixon's lir<e. The p iblic are respectfully invited to call and ex amine before they purchase elsewhere, they will find moderate prices and reasonable trims PIANOS to rent always on hand, and aee*>ad nand Pianos taken in pert payment for nsw ones, at my Piano Wareroom, No. 408 Eleventh st, above Pa. avenue. PR, C. REICH EN BACH. ?>yW HAIR WORK. ^vRNAMENTS of H .Ir, such as BraeeletB, CbM> U eiains, Chain*, Breastpins, Earrings, flafBI RJncs. made t*> order, of any de?txed defl^i All orders faltbfuiiy atien^s * to. fpeolmens may he seen at aar stor^. H. SEMK1N, No. 330 Pn. .t*., be;w<?en 9ih and 10?b sts. Mar 90 TELEGRAPHIC. DAILY EVHWUfO 8TA?. Arrival of the northern Light S?* Tots M^y 19 -Til Nortfetn Light arrivel here r 11 i m tc?day. bringing 261 passer-gars, and $278 063 lo rpeoie; Ik* latter prinC'p-UU consigned u follows ; Wells. For go A Co.. $83,000 ; D Hoedly, |6<i 000; Dreiel A Co . |51 000; R * P -ticoner, $2l.fr00; New boase A Sprat. $16,000 ; Leligman A Co , fit, 000. 0 *log to a general distras* of baakiag hcu;M, tbo passengers have bre^ht with tbena a largo amount of specie. Par-T liatcb report! tbot ia tbo interior of N'i :ar*gua do further fighting bad taken pi too Ibo G verncett party, finding Morroo loo rtr>n?r, bad retreated from Leon to Grenada iod were fortifying4hot eity. [This oonfilete iri?b the New Orleans dicpa ob ] The California papers preeeat oearooly * feature additional to what baa boon tote ; fioa New Orleans Tbo Nlearagaa expedition under Walker wac to hare left San about the time the it tamer tailed. It consisted of seventy fire to ono band rod men. Including Achillea Kewen, Captain iiorcsby, and other well known individuals. Tbe brig Veeta waa chartered to eonvey boa dowu ki emigrants. fbe steamer Cortes arrived up on the Sid ultimo. Macxauilla, a new Mexican port, ia hereof ter to be the coaling depot, Ac , of the Nlea ia;nan steamers in their passages to and from San FrarcUeo. Tie recently discover?! gMd mines at Sand ? ill ht9 spirted to be yielding an average of fcjj per d^y each man. It ia stated that tbe numberjof acre* planted wi'h wheat aud other serials ia mush larger this than on any previous year, in the agricul tural diatriota; and this, toi, when Calf jrnia Cior ia only six dollars per barrel. Acoor ing to tbe Ddta of Sacramento, oa - dcr a strict construction of tbe law io rolat<oo to election;, ap; ears to doubt that Owia is on ti l?Ji to a stat in ice Senate. The Ciastltu ti n declares tliat a plurality of the votes given at any election, aball eoLstitute o oheioe, w lore net otherwise direct d ia the constitu ? tiuo. Dr Uwin reoeived a plurality ot seven votes over Edwards on the first ballet in joint convention, it is contended that he woo ^mtitutionally elected. Vigorous efforts are still being made to got u j another trial to elect in O 6 Senator, hat the chances are thought to be very alia. Two hut.drei end sixty-fcur ejoctaaent raits h>?ve commerced in San Fraacia:o in view of tie expiration of tbe statute of limitations. The markets cio ed extremely dull, aod pri:es bad j downward tendency. Haxall fi jut $14; Sugar, N. 0. VI ; rise ?ndc ffee 111; anthracite c^allS; new butter 35a37t; me o pork 16; adamantine candles 24. JxteDtivo Tannery Burnt Ltica, .N Y , May 16 ?Tbe extensive tea nery of Ucnry Sa^ford, at Ourbamville, OaeU js County, to< k fire this morning and waa totally destroyed, together with the adjoining boardu g houeo and outbuildings. The loas is about $3o 000, witn an insaranoe of $13 009 upon it. A part of tbe ttook waa saved ia a imaged condition. reath of a FhiKuciphii Merchant l'siLADBKraia. May 16?Thomas Sparks, a respected merchant of ibis city, died today, in tbe 70th year of his age. He was a sbet manuficturer ? Arrival of the Isabel at Charleston. CnauLKarux. Ma) 16 ?Tbo Isabel arrived today She left Havana on tbe 10 b eenee quently her dates have been anticipated by tbo rtraneda. ? ? Kendall Bailed New ORLtass, May 15 ?Kendall, tbe lata post master at New Orlean, baa boon held to bail before the U 6 Distr ct Court. New Orleans Market. New Obliass. May 15 ?Cotton is an changed; limited business at prev ous rates; the market is firm; light ?tnck Floor $19. Co n?Western yellow. $1 02a|l 03; white oora i- very scarce; rales at $1 20 $1 25 per bushel. Starling Wi a 10i Cotton freights to Liver pool 3 16. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore May 16?Hour ia dull; sales of350 bt>lo at $10 87 Buyers were only offer, ing $10 75 at the el ae Wheat is unchanged; soles of red at $2 60a$2 7o wbi e at $2 70a $2 7ft. Corn?cffrrii cs of 35 000 bushels ; sales of wbite at $1.03 i$l 06, yellow at $1.07 a? I S. New York Markets. New Yo&k. May 16 ? Cotton is firm with an upward tendency. Flour has declined 12fo. Southern fl >ur is steady Wheat is firm. Southern red at $2 50 Corn is dall with a declining tendency. Western mixed $1' 14. Pork is firm and unchanged. Beef is firm. Lard is firm. Whisky is steady. New York Stock Market New York, May 16 ?Stocks are dall aad lower Money ia uncharged At the first board salea of Erie's at 48|; Cleveland aad Toledo railroad, 81 ; Cumberland Coal Com pany. 26i; Reading Railroad, b7f; Canton Company, 25i AN0 HER ARRIVAL OF FARIS MAS TIL LAS AT NEW YO&K FtuCES. OKEMONA, LEONORA, LAVIN1A. LILY. DE 8TAEL, CAMILLA, DE ?V DROP ? LIMENE. Also, a few verj pretty MOCRNING MANTIL LAri. Atl th<? a'?ove styles just received aud tbU day ar ranged for iuspecuon u our Manuila Bo-ai. rncnad atory. MAXWELL k BROTHEt, >98 Pa. avf., bet 9Ui and 10,b M/ecU. aaey 11?~<?3t CUARLas H\?K XS, Architect. (Pa. aceutr, UlH^er. 7W* and EUv?*ik rfraafij waaBiHOToii, n. c. SIT ILL cor.tiace to funu*b Plana, detail workiae vv l^awinfa and aperltlcatiooa o< iHiildiafs m every de^cnpii'in. aad aioo io aupeneund ib?r ? ree tww?. H Wn SUPERIOR SODA WATKR. I 1IE aubacribt-r would imwt respectfully infursa hit foriutT patron*, and tb< lonra at aepenos ?Ooa Water n*-n**raily, tbat bia founts ere e?a a la OfH-raliftu, and in or er to ke^p up bia wrti rimed re|iutau<>n <4? keepins th?? Uwt 80UA WATER end iixMt dcliciou* SIRIIKrt III ine ea ,i* dcierasined (if ponible) to bavr txrttrr than hrrrtrrforc. O. BOH VV ELL, inugftrt, C??rrer Man land av., and 7tb "r, ??tend, ap 30 lm W*phn U. S MARINE BAND. THE undersigned would re?pe? tluiiy ir.ft Military, Pirenea, Ouba.and Ihe pwb'i rally that by applying bin at th? Manae B< or at Ins re*nlHice, on E. beiweeti Rib and Oib aa ea*t, or by note at Hi bu? a Hita's M.?a*c Depot, they can obtain tbe services of the Marina Bund, or a portion of it either ea e bras , rr?l or eodllea band, w'bicb ail embrace Louis Weber's mi drafted poity. F. BCALA, i 'ondoctor and Leader of Martae 9mL ap >0?1 w* The healino of the nations, it CffAS LINTON Witb an lairodacdoa aod Appendix by N P. PwbiViwd by tfe* Bociery tor the 4ffVbdoa of tptrttual Knowtedfe New \ ork. 1 lSrfc octavo vruumf, nr ee ?\A0 For tale ai TAYLOR \'fiTH B-eSsai* ueitr 9tt, -Ue<i. my R