Newspaper of Evening Star, May 22, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 22, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Local Intelligence. City ComciLi ?The Board of Aldermen met yesterday afternoon, at the usual hour, Mr Prerident Hill in tbe chair. The Chair laid before the Board the Mayor's veto of the bill for the ralicf of Isaac Ten Eyck ?re taming the said bill unsigned?fo indem nifj him for losses growing oat of hit contract for numbering the bou*es in this city. Oa motion of Mr. Borrows, the said bill waa laid on the table temporarily. A communication was laid before tbe Board fr>m the Washington Atherteam. (a Washing ton city literary society.) through A Loyd, tf W. Woodward, and John II. Tucker, commit tee, asking for the use of the chamber of the Board one evening in eaoh week; referred to the police committee. A bill from the lower Board appropriating $300 for the improvement of Third street in the Fourth Ward, and one appropriating $400 for the oarual repairs of streets, avenue*. Ac , li the First Ward, were referred to the im provements committee Mr Beed reported from the fire department committee a bill appropriating $00 to pay tor rehanging the bell of tht Perseverance Fixe Company; passed. Mr. Pepper reported back from the improve ments committee a bill from tbe lower Board appropriating $700 to trim and gravel N street north, where the footway has been laid or had been provided to be laid; passed. Also, a bill from this Board appropriating $600 to grade and gravel Fourth street wes: from New Ycrk avenue to O street north. After a short conversation between Mr Pepper for, and Mr Borrows against it, this amendment was concurred in. Mr Johnson introdaoed a bill appropriating $600 for taking up and relaying the pavement on Maryland avenue, between Eleventh and Thirteenth and-a half streets west Mr Johnson explained that the rograding of this street had left the pavement from six to eight feet too high at present, and further explained the necessity for at on-e making the proposed appropriation. Tbe bill wa* then paswd. Mr. ReeJ presented the petition of W Ho gsn, with a bill, lor the return of $80 paid by him into the corporation treasury for a let purchased by him at a tax sale, the said lot being erroneously sold; referred to the finance oommittee. Mr Pepper reported from the improvement? eommitte* a bill wptropriaticg $5G0 to arade and gravel Twentieth street from I to P street. On motion of Mr. Dove this bill was laid on the table. Mr. Borrows reported from the improve ments committee a bill appropriating $2 000 for grading and graveling M street north from Sixth street west to New York avenue ; passed Mr. Peatson reported ba?k from the claims committee a petition of Wm. II. Clements, for the remission of a fine with an unfavorable recommendation ; petition laid on the table. Mr Pepper reported back, ironi the im provements committee, a bill to revive an appropriation fo? tha improvement of Third etreet in the Fourth Ward. This li 1 was debated between-Messrs. Houston at.d Pepper, tbe latter explaining that tbe rea'on why ibis appropriation proposed to be made in this bill was because the fund of the Fourth Ward in bank bad beon used for the purposes of other wards. And then the said bill was passed. Mr Pepper reported back, from the im provements eommittee, the bill appreciating $40 for the casual repairs of streets, avenues, As., in tbe First Ward Mr Dove opposed this bill on the ground that > e did not know where the expenditu; e of this money was required in the First Wa;d, as proposed Mr Magruder ala* oppoed this bill cn simi lar grounds; bill ujr'ed. Mr Ciark reported back, with an unfavor able recommendation, the petition cf Thomas Liwson, offering to sell bia house in the First Ward to the corporation for common school purposes ; committee discharged Also, a bill for the purchase of a sxall houte and lot of the Western Presbyterian ehurch, for common school purposes After conversational debate upon this bill, in which Messrs Hcuston, Clark, and Fits patrick participated, cn motion of Mr Dove, it was smended by adding a provision direct ing that the money ($y00) be taken from the unexpended balance formerly appropriated for ccmrccn school purposes in the Jtirst School District. The said bill was then paesed. On motion of Mr. Borrows, the bill returned vetoed by tbe Mayor for the relief of Isaac Ten Eyck, was taken up. Mr Borrow** addressed the Board against passing this bill over the veto of the Mayor. Mr Bayly replied to the remarks cf Bor rows explaining that Mr Ten Eyck had laid out 60.000 lets in this city ou which be made nothing from the sale of the numbers, there b*ing no houses on them, and bad rendered extra servioe in that way/or which he should b? fairly paid by the Corporation Mr Pepper urged similar views ooncerning this bill. Mr Hill coincided with the views of the lest speaker Mr. Borrows tben signified bis willirgness to pass the bill over the veto; passed over the veto?ye s 8, nays 4 ? as follows : Yeas?Messrs Uayly, Borrows, Dove, John son Marks, Pearson, Pepper and Reed Najt?Messrs litII, (President;) Clark, Fits patrick and Ileus on Tbe Chair laid before the Board a commu nication from tbe public school trustee*, ask ing tbat tbe ward physicians rhall examine into the sal^brty of tbe several public school houses oi this city; referred. Mr. Pearson oalled up the bill for the relief of Geo. Qercus; passed. Mr. Pepper reports I back from the improve ments eommitte? a bill for tbe grading and graveling tbe alley in square 72*, and moved it be laid on tko table on account of its in formality. Mr Houston opposed that motion, and Mr. Dove advxca'.ed it. | Thia motion was farther debated by Messrs Fitspatrick, Borrows, Magruder, and ilill. Mr. Houston (Mr l'epper withdrawing bis motion to leoommit) moved an amendment di recting the alley in question to be filled up to the established grad?? end paved. Mr Keed al'O opposed ibis bill. Mr Fitspatrick and Mr. Houston again ad vocated this bill, on the ground of its necessity for tbe abatement of a nuisance And then, after agreeing to the amendment, thia bill was pasjed. After tbe transaction cf other business the Beard adj arned. Common Council ?Th* Board met at the usual hour. The President laid before the Board a com munication from the Mayor transmitting a let ter from Charles Wilkes in relation to tbe obaogmg of tbe grade of certain streets on Capitol Hi 1; referred. Mr. Walker presented tbe petition of Thcs J. Parker and others, asking than a pump be placed on the oorner of SLd Fourteenth streets north. Mr. Durcanson presen'ed the petition of E. C. Eckloff for the remission cf a fine; re* ferred Mr D., from thectmmit eeoa claims, Eoaid of Aldermen's bill with an amendment for the relief of Mrs. Billing; rejected Mr Barr, from tbe committee on ways and means, a j tint r isolation in rtlation to tbe payment of tiue reward offered by the late Mayer for the irrest of ccrtain incendiaries, pasaed The bill from the Board of Aldermen in re lation to horse racks and other obstructions was referred Mr Smott presented the petition of Daniel Liakins a?king fc> be paid the amount of cer tain certificate cf stock, which was referred. The bill from thali,ard of Aldermen for taking-r p and relaying the pavement cn Mary laud avenue between Eleventh and Hmteentn and-a half street, was rej;e*?:d The btll from the same Board for oh&Bging an alley in rquare No 877 was referred. The bill from same Board for the relief if B F Moxley was rejected. The bill from a me Board aathoris'ng the grading and gravel ng L street north between Seventh street and New York avenue was re ferred The till from sameB>srJ for the relief of Oeorge M Miller and tht till to refund to B. I. Stewart the amount of in unsxptrsd lletcM for keeping billiard table* were referred. The bill from him Board authorising curb stones to be set and the footway pared on the north front of square No. 824 was referred. The bill from same Board for the relief of the Per everanse Fire Company waa referred. The bill from a?mi Board for the setting of carb and paring the footway in rqaarea 485 and 466 waa referred. The bill from the aame Board fer the relie. of Isaao Ten Eyck, which had been returned to that Board with the Mayor's refuaal to ap prove of the aame, waa fat upon ite passage notwithstanding the Mayor's objeotiont, and waa rejeoted. The Preaident laid before the Board a com munication from the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Public Schools in relation to locality of certain school-houaes; whioh was referred. Mr. Kelly, from the committee on the fire department, introduced a bill authorisin?the delegation of tha Sesond Ward te purchase a lot for the use of the Franklin Fire Company; which was laid over for oonaideration. Mr, Euncanson moved to take up the bill for the relief of Mrs. B. H Chever; which was l05t. And then the Board adjourned. Scjdat School Celebratiok.?Early yes ^f;e?loon--tb* weather bright and ex ceedingly beautiful?very many girls and toya were aeen in every direction, gaily moving on their way to the reapeotive placet of moBting ef the various Sabbath Schools c imposing ' the Union." fonr tnd fire e'oloek, aohool after ? Wi . *PProPri*te banners, and under tee maishalship c f their teachers, severally rreoeeded to the Smithsonian Institution; the ecture room of which building had generous ly boon granted for the oonvocation of the happy juveniles. But, unfo tunately, snJ evidently to the disappointment of the last arrivals, all of them could not enter the ball; it baring been previously crowded by upward of twenty five hmn ?/Jimor? f(jrtuna,? predecessors? >he fl.or, the gallery, and even theside room?; so, more than a thousand litUe ones were un avoidaUy excluded from a participation in the in enor in* creating exercises, and had to amuse themselves, as best they could, on the beautiful grounds ' 'lhe ball presented a rich, bright and lovelv spectacle. Iha denso crowd of girls and boys; tuo former nearly all dreaped in white?the emh'ern of runty-and adorned with flowera and ribands of various colors; and the boys neatly apparelled in white pantaloons and b.aak j ?okets, for the greater part, and all. apparently, bearing in their hands bcqneta of Floras choicest beauties; together wlh the youthful throng, contributed a scene doubtless &s delightful to the juveniles as to the adult witnes es of the iuipo?ing asseinbltga. The president of the day was Thomas U. al .er, Esq ; and on the platform were the mimstersof the churches to wh oh the schools !h.*l!Sn aCJ attachcd. together with the officers of the Sunday School Union. The as:embly having been called to order, the merry iajgh'er and the whisperings of the Cra!i vf? cnce huehed, when the Rev J. Q Butler rs' the St. Paul's English Lutheran Cnuroh, delivered an invocation appropriate to the ocoasion. The entire company joined in singing the hymn coxacncicg "Come, let our voices j>in, in one glad song of p aise," and concluding with the vcrise iu reference to the Sabbalh Svhool: ??Lord, let this work of love eriiKn^ii with treat aucc?S5: May tht u>aii(iti ye. u?bjni Thia Institution bl?->s : Tha? glial! the praiae rrsouitd to thee, Now, and through ail eb-rnity " After a prayer by Pev. A. L Dashiel. an ct. er hymn, '-Come let us sing of Jesus, while lartSwC<* accects blend," was sung with fine tftect, Mr. T. J. Magruder condu3ting this de partment cf the exercises. The annual report was now read by the sec retary, Mr. 0. C. Wight, from which docu ment it appears that there are, belonging to the Lnion, 4 Baptist. 2 Pro tee'ant Episcopal, 1 Lutheran, 9 Methodist, and 8 Presbyterian schools, and sevoral connected with mi-alone. M <le teachers, 202; female, 32ft. Male scholars, 1,824; female, 2 052 ?total tenchera, 588; scholars, 3,786. Volumes in libraries. 11 >80. Deaths the past year, 25. Conversions, 140 bo?? number ot Protestant white in the ci'y 36 schools; teacher?, 694; scholars, 4 586 Vol umes in libraries, 14,500. Iha report exhibita a gratifying condition of the cause of Sabbath schools throughout the city * Rev. Dr. Cummins addressed the assembly in a brief but apposite fpeech, and waa fol lowed by Bev. Mr. Sunderland, whose re marks occasioned much merriment, and as well afforded matter for serious reflection. Lverjbody seemed to be delighted with the oratorical entertainment, which commanded marked and earnest attention on the part of the liatenera. Another hymn and prayer, and the doxel opy, concluded the servioes, when the assem blage withdrew, the children returning, in aJu-irabie order, to their various school h'jusfca. where they were regularly dismissed. Altogether, there waa never before, per haps, au?h a fine Sabbath school celebration in this city. It reflects the highest credit on a?i the persons therein concerned, while it speaks well in behalf the good morala of the metropolu of the republic. The Ball.?The regimental ball last night was the mcs: magnificent one we ever attended in V\ asbirgton. the scene being more gorgeous and exciting than one can imagine who was not present The open act of the eveninjr presented a tableau that struck all with sur pri3e and admiration As the ourtaia slowly rose, three tents were seen in the ba:k ground surrounded with volunteers in brilliant uni forms laving around them with arms in their hands, the great tent of General Washington forming the centre of the pioture The pro cess! n was then immediately formed, and beadeJ by the whole staff of the regiment with the venerable George Washington Park Custia, suf ported on either aide by Col. Uickey and Lieut Col Riley, marched around the hall; the ataff ateppitg for a time in the Wash ington tent as though holding a eouncil vf war. Hundreds of our young and gallant volunteers each with a beautiful gi,l 0n his arm, joined in thia proceasion, the ladies ad iing even more than the flashing uniformi in making up the sum total of tho brilliancy ct the scene Shortly afterwards the loung ing volunteers aro.e. ttruck the tents, and laid aside their arms, and the dancing commenced ani was kept np until daylight. Weber's and Pros peri's bands formed the huge and accomplished orchestra. The hall and boiea were crowded, fioujands being present, and every body was delighted There wero per haps five hundred present in uniform, and as mauy gentlemen in oiritens dress, while quite a thousand of the fair rex of Wushinj'ton graccd tbii delightful occasion Psof. Man ner assisted by our enterprising fellon-citiien, Mr. John T. Lvans, of iho Moun'td (Juardsj managed affairs on the floor, where every thing went . ft meat happily. We have no space in which to mention tho name* of tha diatioguisked ladib.1* and gentlemen who were present, who formed a legicn in themselves. May we aoon have such another ball in Wash ington to be thus chronicled. Thb Exccrsiow a?D Pic IIic of the Alter lcua Club, which took plaoe yesterdty after noon, waa one of the beat arranged and best conduc ed paitiea ever gotten up, in which the club tally sust<t'ned their well-earned reputa tion. 1 he j ?yi'ul party, composed of nearly two hundred of the beiles and beaua cf the city left Washington about half-past two o'clock, in the steamer George Washington, and soon, to ths exoellent music of Scott'a cotillon band " tripped it on the light fantastic toe," which was kept op until their arrival at the White llooee. lhe saloon of the Pavilion was tben filled by thoae who partioipatcd in the dancing, while others roamed around the ahoro to wit neea the fhhermen in their labor of capturing the finny tribe; and thus the afternoon wa* pleasantly passed until the annoanoement of ?upper, which, I y the way, was famished in Columbua's beat style. After thia the dancing, in which the participants appeared fully to enjoy themselves, wai renewed and continued until the hour of departure. Between twelve and one o'oloek, the steamer arrived at her u 1unIthi? city, landing a party delighted with their excursion aad tio ?io with the Americas Club. Tm* Strmr to 11 Otrr o*r ?Th? &??? eminent water.plpea, already laid for thf par tial supply of the public buildings in Wash ingtou, were, long fince, tapped at various points bj individuals to obtain water for prl. ?aie use. the eonaent of the proper authorities having been first obtained. It now happens, however, that the quantity required to be used in tbe construction of the various buildings now in progress in Washington is so great as t9 make the application of all the water to be tbua commanded necessary to that end. Bo the Commissioner of tbe Publie Buildings has applied to the Secretary of the Interior for permission to shut off all the braneb pipes of individuals, hotel keepers, and others, and has been authorized to do so. after girirg those interested sufficient notice to enable them to make arrangement! for obtaining a supply elsewhere. ?? Moonlight Exccbsios?To morrow after noon, the Boone Rifle oorps, accompanied bj such of our oitisens ?? are fond of each enter tainmenti and who intend availing them selves of this oocasion, will leave this oity, on board the steamer George Washington, for a grand military and civic moonlight ezoursien, proceeding as far down tbe ritar as the White House. The advertisement in another oolumn furnishes the particulars. The oommlttee have made the most extensive arrangements to ren der this excursion one of the meat pleasant of the season, and we doubt not they will fully redeem their pledge. Firs.?Between 1 and 2 o'clock this morn ing, two frame houses, one of them unoccupied, located on Eighth street, in the Seventh Ward, were destroyed ?? Strawbkkriks, tbe better kind, were sell ing in the Centre market, at fifty cents a quart; and green pea* sixty-two and a half cents a peck. ? A ppoi*tmext?Mr Samuel Tresss has been appointei superintendent of the carpenters' work on the Pest Office extension buildiDgs. CITY BATIBLEN. Turns is nothing witnin the whole history of humau equipage which can compete with the dig , nified position which the Ha'. ha9 always occupicd T;i* rc may be much show and t fleet in the ease ai d grace which characterize the symmetrical coat, cr g?udy and bespangled vest, but they are s rfii when compared to that Article which enthrones the teat of ail that is (rest, grand and magnificent in the composition of man. It has been observed that the Hat and its manner of adju?tmcnt, are illustrative of the stamina of the wearer. It this be the case, g eat care should be taken in its selection Todd &. Co , have for a long time had the reputation of ushering into being most of the attractive features that have rendered Hats popular in the District, and I a recent visit by us to their splendid store, where we took occasion to examine their choice selection of white beavers, felts, fcc., has sucrt.edcd in confirm ing our belief, that they are det< rmined to continue what they have b-ccn, mmely, the Cenins of Wash, ington. Their store is on Penniylvania avenue, No. 3i6. Precis-' arrangement in every branch of the culi nerv department indicates the existence of a hou>e keeper perfectly conversant with domestic coo>fort. To be br'ef, every lady having the lean desie to ex cel in this very useful and necessary department, upon which the proper arrangement ofiood and the character of all delicacies depend, should, without procras ination, have a conversation with Mr. Jas. Hkibvino, corner of 11th street and Penns. avenue, with a view to the immediate posse sion of the many contrivances constantly to be found at his well filled YVaterooflcs. lie deals in every article connected at all with housekeeping, and from his extemive variety of this clasr of good* can readily suit all tastes and circumstances. He has Hath Tubs of a b-autiful pattern, and cf the most approved designs. Also, ornamental Water Coolers, Refrigerators, and the iike, which he offers at very reduced prices. Act, act in the living present. Citizens who are contemplating the erection of cozy houses, and their complete and systematic arrangement, should piy irumt diate attention to these new and improved Cooking Kanges which Mr. J. F. Hodoson, Seventh street, three doors north of II, Is now bringing into use. Mr. H. has the exclusive right to the District of Columbia, and is prepared to errct them, of any size and price, wherever they may be desired. They consume less fuel, hake more completely, and per form a greater variety of purposes than any other range now in practice. He also has them of a port able character calculated to accomplish the same results as those of a more extended and costlier na ture. They are veirilated by a process which to tally precludes from the olfactories all noxicus va pors that are dir-seminaied by other articles of the kind. He keeps in store always a fine assortment of Japanned Ware, Albata and Block Ware, Char coal Turnacea, h.z. f????A 8SCBKT FOB TfTK LADIES?HOW TO PRK9EKVK B-santy.?Don't us<? Chalk, Lily White, or any or the fo called coeaielics, to conceal a faded or sallow complexion. If you would have the r'<*es brought bark to yonr cheek, ? clear, healthy an J transparent akin, anil life and vigor lu fesed through tbe *y*tein, get a bottle of Garter'* Spanish Muture, and take It according to direction*. It doe* not taste quite as well as sweetmeats ; bat, ir aster a few dose* yon do uottlnd yonr health and beanty reviving, your step elaatlc and vigorous, and the whole system refreshed and Invigorated !lke a Spring morning, tt en your case la tiopo le**, and all the valuable certificate* we posses*, go for naught. It I* the greatest purifier of the blood known, 1* perfectly bartu'.eas, and at the tame Urn* powerfsliy effica cious. ?,*8ee advertisement. rryVOAa WALKER a CO., Marble Hall Clottitn* Kmpo ' rluin, under Browns' Hotel, respectfully announce that their display of Spring and Summer Clothing Is now r.-ady for inspection, comprising an assortment of Coats, Vests and Pantaloons of the ueweet and richest design* In material, trimming and workmanship. To gentlemen who atudy excellence with economy in fashionable article* of dress an opportunity for selecting i* offered from one of Wie largest and most attractive stock of goods ever offered In this city at a very reduced scale of prices. ap 17 VTJ? PEIMICM8 AT THE FAIRS.?WHITKHI RSTS htili in the ascendance?'The jurle* of each of the late fair* at ttaltlm .ie, Richmond, and New York awarded their highest premiums to i. H. W. for their superiority of Pho tographs. Stereoscopes and Daguerreotypes exhibited. Mr. W. also received two Medal* at the World'* fair, Lon don. and a premium at Oryital Palace, New York. Also, the first award* of tbe Maryland Institute tar three years past. WblUhurst's Oallsry In this cltj Is on Pa. avenue, betw. and 6th str*eU. fob IT nT*T>R. H GOTLAND'S oklkbbatkd okuman bit v-/ tubs. Tbere are few things which afford u* greatsr pleasure than *!ltlng down to write a notice of the celebrated Hoof land German Bitter*, becauas w* are fully couaciou* we are conferring a public benefit, and our heart tell* us that by onr notice* manx have been Induced to take these Bitter*, and been rescued from death by dyspepsia, liver complaint, ac., for Uie enre of which It Is certain It i* prepared an l sold only by Dr. C. M. JACKSON, at the Uerinan Medicine SU>re, No. lie Arch atreet, Philadelphia. hee advertisement. mar 3?Im VJoi Shtli isiitoi receive* sit the new Books and News tapers as fast as publlalied. Hs Is ageut for Harper's and ail the other Magazines, and enr reader* will always Cud a large and goo t aasortment of Blank Book* aud Stationery at hi* Bookstore. Odenn Bnlidlng. cor Pa. aveuo* and 4% *t BAKK1KD. On the 17ih instant, by Rev. A G. Marlatt J AS.1 BAMKER.ol lla!;imore,io Miss ANNIE VIUGINIA YEN ABLE, of this city. ? (Bait Sun please copy.) At Eche Glen Cottage, Prince George co., Md , en the 16th instant, by the lUv. Win Piockney, Mr. JAVIES II HECK, of Richmond, Va., to Miss LOUISA V. I1IGGINS, of the former place. UIKU. In Lexington, Mo., of the cholera, in the 17ih year ot her age, Miss EMILY W. PKRKIE, daugh ter of the late Dr. John Perrie, of Montgomery c?., Maryland Boarding. BOARD AN!) KOOU 8.?'Two or three] newly furniahed and very deMrable rooms for rent, with board, at 40 J F tt., Union Row. mat 82 lw* BOA'tUIXG.?Tntee well-.'uniUhed Rooms, wilh boa'ting, can be obtained at No. 4)11 Eleventh a'.reet, west side, between U aud 11. may 21?tf MKS. W M. K: ABBOTT informs those prisons who have been applying to her for board, that sh<" has no * two chambers vacant. No. 100 We*t street, Georgetown. may 18? it* VO TIC K.?FOR RENT? PARLORS AND I* Cham'ers, with board. Also, table and tran sient board, with a bathing room an 1 shower baths and every attention to render it most agreeable to her boarder* Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4% si. ap 93?Sin BO AUD, dfco.?MRS. BATES, on the south west corner of Pa. avenue and ?th street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to ren der thoee coiuforu hie who may favor her with their paironaje, ap fr? U Went?. WANTED?A COMPETENT NUR9E. None need apply who cannot brim good reference a# to character and capabilities, from her last place. Apply at S7A II street, one door below 18.h. may 92 -It* WANTED-TO HI III* A COLORED BOY (a slave preferred) from 14 to 18 vears old. to wait on the table and do other housework. Apply at 41* Ninth street, northeast comer of H. nay 89?It* Seamstress wanted immediately? To one who understands cutting, fitting ai d

miking dresses good wages will bo given. Apnty at No. 414 Ninth atreet, N. E corner or H. ir ay 83? It* WANT ED-TO BORKOVV FOR ONE OR two years, Ftlfen Hundred Dollars, for the u?e of which 819 50 will be paid monthly, equivalent to ten per cent interest Secured by a lien on real estate, worth $9000. Address "O X," Star Olfise. may SI?3t* WANTED-A YOUNG HEALTHv WOMAN with a child eleven months <>|<i, wulms a sit uation as a Wet Nurse. Ap; It 301 Eleventh at may 21?2t* 'ANTED?A MENTOR FOR A VBKY COM W fort aide (12 rooms) brick house, on one of the mc? desirable und airy locationa in the city. The furniture will also be aold or r nted, and possession given immediately after the 1st of June. For terms, ?c, apply to J.M.WILSON, may 19-3t* 300 II street WANTED.-EMPLO YMEN TFORT\ COl7 ored man, who has been accustomed to drive a cart. Apply ut this office. may 17?eo3l A8itdatTon~WanTed by a fully COM potent Gardener, one who understands all the bianchea appertaining to the business, and can pro duce unquestionable reference. Address "Garre n?r," through the office of the Star, Mating where an interview can be had, wlil meet with prompt at tention. may 17-eo3t* ANTED?A PARTNERTd~WOKK * Stone Quarry and contract for sale of Stone to Govern:;trsit and others, there being now great de mand for stone. This Quarry is immediately oppo site Georget wn. Large shanty, blacksmith shop, and every imolement on the sp<>t. quarry fur nishC3 the best and largest truck Stone, kc. A chance is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD 8c. CO, F;ftcenth street, eppo. the Treasury, mny 3?tf WANTED?EVERYRODY TO KNOW THAT they can get a Sot 34 feet front by 130 fe?t deep, for the low price of ?payable $3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7 It st., abovw Odd Fellows' Hall. ap 28?3m JOHN FOX, Sec. For Bale and Hent, I^OR SALE OR RENT?A NEW TWO-STORY end attic Brick House, with a two storv bark building, containing a large Hail and ten good roams. To a careful tenant the rent will he very moderate For fnriher particulars enquire of Mr. PHILIP MACKEY, corner Fourth and I streets. ntay 22? I w* FOR SALE?A LOT of GROUND IV TilF. most thriving part of the city, improved in pa t and is under rent at two hundred d.' liars a year Is is situated on Nintli nrar N fin et, and Ins a fr-tit or?6feei on Ninth street, by 73 f?-et G inch-s The above property will be sold at a bxrea.r. for cash or on tiim, as the purchaser may desire, by paying one-fourth cash. For particulars enquire of JAMES O. WHITNEY, on C, betw. 12th and I3:h it'eef. ma* 2'?2w rjv> LET?THE DESIRABLE RESIDENCE OF I M rs. French, on Bridge s'rect, Georgetown. The Home is large and convenient, and has the advant age of fine grounds around it. To a good and punctual tenant the 'erms will be made easy. Possession wil! be given about the 1st of June next. Apply to M. APLER, Agent, may 19?3i X^ORS\LE A QUANTITY O*' BRICK YAKD . Tools, ut-ed but a short time. Al.-o. one of Smith's machines, 'or brick making, (for strain or horse pnw? r,) has only been used a few days on ac count of the clay App'y to Stephen Castar, comer of L street south and New Jt rsey avenue, or to tlie mb-criber at his c-ffioe, Smithsonian Grounds. may 17- 1 >v* GILBERT A. CAMEUON. FOR RENT?THE TWO NEW HOUSES ON Pierce street, between L and M streets, con taining six rooms each, with btuement and a lar^e yard attached. To punctual tenants the low rent of eizht dollars will be changed monthly. Enquire of tlie ownrrr, opposite the premises. mav 15?2w? CHA3.THOM K. A MAGNIFICENT RESIDENCE F.'.R SALE or Rent.? I will either sell my Farm on the Georgetown and Rockvile Turnpike, 2 m.les atovi Georgetown, adjoining Tc-nnallytown, or I will r?*nt to a good tenant, the house anil gaiden, (including furniture, if desired) cows, &.c., for the summer ? fall on tbe subscriber, at Mrs LYLES'S, adjoin i;tj. THOS. MARSHALL, msy 15- lOt Rents rkduced to suit the times. $150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acrea of ground, stable, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pure water are near the door, and coinmumcat on is had with Georgetown by way of II and Seventh ktreet* and Pei n. Avenue, morning and afurnoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses inspe ted at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal term:;. WM. SI ICKXEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid quarterly in wlraiue. apr 9, 1853?tf "\7WLUABLE TRACTS OF LAND NEAR th Y City, at Private Sale.?For sale, four very de sirable and eligibly tiluated tracts of Land, contain ing aitout fitly acres each, partly in Montgomery county, but principally in Washington county, I) C. opposite the farm of Jo-eph II Bra'lev, Esq., about 4Jtf miles from Wash'iigtou, communicating with it by a new and commodious road now under con struction The soil is excellent, and well acapted to corn and wheat The situation is prominent an i healthy, and the land well watered. There are three tenements tin the premises. This propeity is peculiarly suited to gentlemen having business in the city for bi autitul country res idences. A plat of the property can be fern at the office of the subscriber. John Parker, E?q., living adjoining, will show the property to any who may wish to see it. EDW. SWANN. No. ISO Louisiana avenue, near City Hall, ap 20 - eo2in I^OR SALE?A TWO STORY Brick HOUSE . on the coiner of Prospect and Frederick street* Georgetown, now occupied by Mr. John W. Bro naugh. For information apply to Mr. J \ VIES MIL Lfc'K. Maiket st, betw. 4 h and 5th, Georgetown. ap25 ? law5w* IjtOR RENT?FOUR NEW AND CONVENI 1 ent Brick Houses, brown fronts, con taining parlors with maride mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant's room, and five chain hi rs ?ach, and situ^tej on Thirteenth street, Island, near the Sublic grounds, convenient to I'a. uvaniue and the lepartuients. Rent very moderate. Apply at U. H. CLARKE'S office, comer of Sixth sireet aid Eouisiaua avenue, or at D. B. CLARKE'S liruj Store, Eleventh Mieet, Island. mar 6?wil T.IOR SALE?FOUR NEW TW0-ST?)R Y frame P Houses, with bask buildings, containing six rooms t a h, situ .ted on Ea-?t Capitol street, b? lw. 4th and oth streets, which w ill be sold low aud on lib* ral credit. Apply to O. A. DAILY, DentLt. may 19?eo3t ccmcr 1Kb st and Pa. ave. ~lLLA~FOR SALE?THE SUBSCRIBER~1 feis at private sale the villa in which she at Eresent resides, '.vi>li eight acres of land, siluattrd at liaville, on the Waohington aud Bultim' re Turn pike Road. The lr u<e is new, willi all the modern improvements, and the situation has manv advant ages lor persoi s engagetl in business in \\ a>hington as it is within five minutes' walk of the liladensburg Depot on the Railioad, and there is also an omnihtp , running twice a c5ay between Washington and Ella ville. Application to be made to the subscriber, living on tlie premises. MARY S. VASS. mar27->-2awt! For rentor sale on reasonable Terms?A three story Frame, with basement on New York aveuue, between Fouith and Fifth streets west Also, a three story Frame, with back building, on I street north, between Fourth and Fifth sts. west Apply to James VV. Barker, residence on II fctreet north, betweeu 12th aud 13th streets west. DICKSON fc KING, ap 5?Thtf Georgetown. ]}OR RENT-A COM FORT\BLB TWO STO * ry House on 9th street, between M and N sts. Possession given immediately. Apply to the sub scribers, at their Lumber Yard, comer of 2fith aud D streets. H. N. k J. W. EASBY* may 10? F^OR^i^NT? SEVERAL. HANDSw.ttt. rAtt lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S. 833 F street ?p9_ M0MES FOR ALL.?Beauufully and healthily located Building Lots, 14 feet front by K*Q feet , on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per month Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above t idd Fellows' Hail. Jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. V' Auction BalM. By QftKKi 4k. SCOTT. Auatloncar*. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS FRONTING on north K. between IPih and ?7:h sts. wr*i at A union ? On MONDAY, the S?th instant, w? sl.a'l sell, Rt 6 o'clock p ni . in froot of the pr? mi ses, Lota N?s. 4 and 5, in 8qu,re 184, fr?*ttni on the north ride of north K, lulr^n lS-h an,j i7t|, Ktteets, 53 feet three inche*, ai:d 4,"i feet ten niche, running back an average depth of 146 feci to a iLir' tv feet alley. The above described property Is handsomely lo cated, being the sec nd square north of Lafayette Square P i?mi wishing to make a good invest ment will do well to attend the tale. Title indisputable. Twut?: One-third cath ; the residue in 6, 1?, and 18]*, for notes bearing interest 'romt-e day ? f tke m'.. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN fc SCOTT, niay 22 -d A uctioneers. By OKKEX A 8COTT? Auctioneers. Household and kitohen furniture at Auction. On WEDNESDAY, the 231 in bta. t, we *ha'l sell, at tO oVtook a. rn-, at the resi dence.if Mr. Ball, No. 434 Fourteenth street, betw. a good assortment of Household and Kitchen Furnitur* wis: *iah >gany Piano *nd Mantel Clock t ? me sent and other Chairs Cherry and outer Tsbles Mahogany Bureau, Writing De*k and Wsahstand ? arpets. Straw Mattin*, Oilcloths and Burs Hair and shuck Mattresses Window Cur.'ains Feather Beds, Be.'ding, and Bedsteads China, Glaas and Rartttenware Cooking and oth-r Stoves A large assortment of Kitchen Requisites VVith many other articles which we deem unne cessary to enumerate. Terms: 325 and under cash; ove* that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes atuAwionly en dorsed, bearing interest. GREEN A SCOTT, may 21?d Auo . ioneera By GEKKK 4k SCOTT, Auctioneers. Paper hangings easy chaips, loun ges, Ac., at Auction. - On THURSDAY, the ?J4-h in-tant, at 10 o'clock, a m., we shall se'l, at the store rl Mr. Ceerge Buih* nne, on Seventh street opposite the P:oent Office, his entire stock of Paper Hangings for hulls, rooms, fcc., Lounges, Easy Chairs, Screens, Cols, Ac Terms c-u-h. GREEN A Si.'OTT, may 21?<1 Auctioneer. By ORKLS 4b ICOTT, Auctioneers. f J'VVO FRAME HOUSES AND I.OTS AT AUC l'<>n?THURSDAY, the 24th instant, at 6 o c ock p. m , we shall sell in front of the prrinis s part of Lot No 2, i-? Sqnare 437, with the improve ineuts, which art two frame Houses, one contain ins three an I the oth-r nine roons; each house fronting twelve f?r< on south G,between 7Ut attd Hth rrt-rts west, with a five f?et alley between tL?* two, making the whole front 29 fee t, running back M6 fe?-t 7 i.'iehes. Terms: One fourth e*sh; balance in six. iwelve, eighteen, and twenty four months, on notes bearing iniereet. A de?J given and a deed of tiu-t taken. Title iuuisputable. GREEN A SCOTT, may ______ Auctioneers. By OREkiS 4k SCOTT. Auctioneers T-RUSTEL'S SALE OP VALUABLE PEAL t Estate ?By virtue of a decree of ihe Orphans' Court of the Di-tr.ct of Columbia! for the county i f JVusliingr-n, approval hy -he Circii t Court of said l?i.-rriet, sitting in Cnancery, parsed in the matter of tii?; petition of An-i M. Cross, ginrdian of the in tant children and h;irs-at law of Washington ?'ru--, deceased, I will, on T(IDR>DAY, the lOili Uay of May, 1S65, at 5|o'clock p. in , in front ot'the prem ises, proceed to ?-?-!! Lots i Umbel erf??, 38,29, 3J, 31 and 3-J, ?" Squire numbered 1043, situa-e iu the citv of tYa-lnnz:on and District aforesaid Tiie above describe d property i. situa'ed at :h? corner cf Fnutt?etith street east and E st soinh. Perms of sale: One-tbir<l can!.; the r?*idue in two equal payments at 6 and 12 n on h- w,!h interest o:i deferre.l payments. The deferred payment* to be secured hy the notes of the purchaser or ear chafers, satisfactorily ? n ?tr*4. Upon the full payment of the purchase money an<2 intere-t, and the rnifi-ati-n of the fait* hy th? Court, tiie trustee wi.| convey to pur.baser cr pur chasers, at his or their cost an.I ex;^n?e, a I the rifht, title, ifitrn- t and < state in ?nd to said I. ts ?.f grouid, of which the Mi l Washing:*-. Cro-s cied J- ANN M CROS^, Trustee. GREEN &. SCOTT, ap 25-27Si M l,8,9i 10 Auctioneers. Lots 27. 23. 31. and 3-2 hiving been sold, the sal** ot Loti^ Nin. 29 and SO is i<o^tp?<tied until THIJJiSDAY, tiie '?4;h in tant,ontli? promises, at 6 O'ckck, When they will be sold to the highest bid der, on the above ttrn.? ANN M CROSS. Trustee. GREEN & SCO'tT, may ltv?d Auctioneers. By ?'A8. C. McGCIB E, Aucflonser. \^ERY VALUABLE BUIL' ING LOT GN F, betvvf en 13ih and 14:h streets at Auction.?On TUESDAY after.oen. May 23J, at 5\4 o'clock, r.n on the pr*inis<->4, I shall eel ths west half of Lot 22, in Square No. 254, buying a front of 3) ft. 2% inch es on P st, between 13'th and 14th, runnixis back 100 lectio a 3a feet all. y. This is one of the most desirable Lets for f-ale in ihit section of the Sty. Tt riiis : One third ca*h ; the rtsidue in 6 and 12 m-mUis, with interest, sccured by a deed cf trust on the pteinises. J AS. C. MtGUIKE, may 15?d Auctioneer. By C W. BOTKLRH. Auctioneer. Sale OF FOL'R BUILDING LOTS at Auc tion - On TUESDAY afierr.oon, May 22, at 6 o'clock, I slnli s*'l. on the pr'arses, pnns of lot- 29 and "0,in Square 552. fronting each 6J leet ti incl.e on P street, between Swo' d ai d Tbud streets, an I lot? 10 and 11, in Squire 553, fron'ing ^a>-h 57 f?^?t on O street, between New Jersey avenue an-1 3d street Terms: One fourth cash ; balanca in C, 12 and 18 months, with iuttte&t, secured bv dee<t on property. C. W. BOTELEtt, may 15?io Auctioneer. S500 REvVARD. Five HUNDRED DOLLARS will be given fr* the app-ent nsion and ? onv-ctio* oi' the person or persoi.-! who murdered William Osbonte (I v\"ash ineton county. District ot C>, on or about the 8tn day of F* bniarv last, oti hu way f-< ui the t'o luraih'a Mills, to his humo. near the old Race Ground Course. JONAH D. UOO\ 1?R, Marshal of the Duuict of Coiuii.bii. mav 13?lw SSLVitN T11 WARD.?UNION TICKET. _ Fur Alderman?DEAR BORN R_ JOHNSON. F irCrnim<.n Council?SAMUEL PUVIi HREY, SAMUEL S. TAYLOR, HENRY A. CLARKE, may 4?te IflLLARD'S IIOTEL, Old I'oitit Comfort. Vs. This splendid sea shore house is NOW OPEN. Board p.rday... Jpl 00 Board by the week, p> r day 1 .1$ Board by Ihe month, per day ! 25 Baths free lor the g'lesis may 10-1m C. C. VV1LLAUW &. BKO MORE REFRIGERATORS. JUST receivrd ar other lot of ?\ ateriu jn's Patent Yenul tied REFRIGERATORS, ol ait tiie \..ri ous sizes and kinds. Horizcnt <1 and Upn^iit lor durab l.ty, economy and convenience tbe bebt ar ticle ever tnanuiailurtd. A'so, nnother l-t of I'hildreus' GIG-', fiam Bush n-;ll it Tuil, of I'hilbdt Iphia. We res pec fully invite a call fr.?m tl.ose in want of fucIi articles, feel in? assured we can make it to their interest lo Luy of us. JOHNSON, GUY t TO, P t. avenue, between 10th and 11th sis. may 14?lw TO THE LADILS OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY. AMELIA PRIBRAM U SISTfcR, jtru ^iNo. 377 Pentisvlvania : venue, be-^BMl tvveen 10th and 11.b str. ets, n turn f| w their regards for the kind patron ge heretofore be stowed upon tin ir efforts, and t:.k-- ?lse lib) rty of in f< rrn'ng their many frit nds that they intend open ins their Spring, SumiLer and Fancy BONNEI'rt, which consist of 250 pieces, besides a rich u?ort mentol STRAW LONNETS, Ac. Tbey are able to serve all i-izes wbo are to waat cf a lasbionable and cheap Bonnet, Cail and examine before purcba-ing elsewhere. may 12?lm* NOTICE. THE Undersigned can accommodate pan es wi;h COACHES for pleasure *h}>s. p. Also, to make trips to U?ats a.nung after niglu Ow tbe \Vh:te i!i>>i?e.,*j;*-',k*'v? For terms apply to Mr. JOHN IIOLBROOK, at tbs State Stand at the Capiiul, or orders left at G. A T. Parker as. Co.'8 Store. WM. WIIALBY. may 16?lm* . GLOVES, HOSIERY, RIBBONS, &c, JOHN H. SMOOT, south side of Bridge *t., near Ht-V, Georgetown, has just received uom Ntw York an a dilional supoly of?. Taffata Silk nn I Lisle Turead Gloves Short and long Uaek twisted Silk Mitts Open-wotked and plain Cotton Hosiety, every va riety Misses'and Boys' white, mixed aod fkney CoUon Hosiery Cents )% do do Worked Swiss Collars and RufBei Lace and French worked irimme.l Collars Real Maltese and Imitation Lace*. With mtny other desirable Goods, to which ihe at; ention of ca&h or piompt custo ner^ In invit> d. way 15J-, ^ J, H SMOOT. m TELEGRAPHIC. RBTOETED FOE TU DAILY EVEWnra BTmm. 7b? Pereoaal-Liberty Bill Vetoed, fce. Bostos, May 21 ?Ooreroor Gardner hw vetoed the personal-liberty bill. The jury in the evi of Dr. Brown n the New Haven Railroad Company, bava retarded ? vet diet for the plaintiff ssssssinf the dia* **es In $16 000. Dr Brown wu lrjared at Norwalk, and sued for $20,000. The veto of the Governor was sanctioned by a o ^mmnnication appended trom the Atteraej General pronouncing the bill anoonstltatioael. Tie Senate has fattuned the bill o-er the t^o?yew 32, ?Jl2; and the 11 o use by a tj'8 of three to one So the bill Is a law. Cargo of lee Aground. NewOrleaes, May 21?The ship CetpUfi, of Bath Me , frem Boston to this part with a o i'g-> of ice, weot ashore at Gir g?rfcraad Uround, Bohamas, oo the 10.h last. She will probably be a total loss. Anti-Liquor Law Oathorisg. Bostos, May 22.?The groat and liquor law gathering took pltoo at Faaeail 11 all last n:ght Fu'ly 6.000 peraona were preoent, aad ttrong denunciatory resolutions were adopted. Foreign Moimon 1b migration New Yoaa, May 22.?The ship Carllag, from Liverpool, arrived here this morning The Corliog bringa S93 Mormons from En ropean countries Ihey are on their way to jjia their brethren at St. Lake City. s Hew Orleans Market. New Obleahs. May 21.?The eotton mar kst is unsettled; sales 1 &00 bales middling at 10} a 10J Flcur is dull; aales at $9 60. Com ia active; sales of western yellow at $1.05. The Southern telegraph lino is down sooth of Columbia. Baltimore Market*. Baltimore, May 22 ?Flour isleoi firm than on yearerday ; aales of 800 bb's at $10 87. Wb?at is unchanged ; sales of red at $2 &Oa $2 69, and white $J 0fla$2 70 Rye?$1 66a $1 63 Corn?White. $1 U5 ?$l 07 ; yellow, ft 07. $1 03 Oats?63a66o for Maryland and Virginia, and 66o. for Ohio. 27ew Tork Markets. New Your, Mav 22 ?Cotton is (inn and un charged Flour hs.s advanced 122 to 18J cts. Gvod Ohio. $10 0C;?$:0.3l ; S.)Uthe'n ts firm d uncharged Wheat is a trifl* lower; White Michtgtn 52 50 Corn is a trifle higher; Western niixe-i $1 15c$l.lM Pork is a trifle higher; repacked Cb:cago Me?s $15a$l5 50. L*rd is higher; in barrels lOialOi eta. par p ULd Whiikfy 33L New Tork Stock Market. New Yore, May 22?Stocks are better Von y is easy Sal^s at the firet board of Erie ? it 4?|, Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, 81; Cnmbetlard Coal Coirpuy, 2^; Reading Unilroad, 87|; Pennsylvania Coal Company, lfi6; New Yorlr Central, 92i; Mis.ouri 6'a 91i; Yirgioia 6'a. 96j SOSLErilIRO U >r>EP. TBZ SVff. CHARLES WF.RNER, Pettnrjlvunia mvtnme, opy*ite J*r<xnw' Haiti U AS fitted up the c.iki:i'h1iOu.- hall over his Ree txurant as a fim clav i.AGtR BFER 8 \ LOON*, bavin* pro u.ed a supply every luxury .I'wt c< ailort* found in first r!iw estabiiahaienu of ti.e kind in the Nflrilxfn citie*. H.s RHINE WINES aud Frcnrh White Wmea, .14 well a? bis Clireu, ^t-rar*. Lager Beer, German. LaJian, and Sw-iurr CHEESES, and indeed ? f ev ery other appropriate luxury in such an ertablish mrat, in iinFurp.wd in thin country. lie solicits a call trow lib friends and the public, ?ay 12?tf STRAY CD AWAl on Fndsy, the 4th of 16hy, troui Gc< rgwown, a small eoli?re<i lloy, stiout ricvni year* of a$e. Had on when he left, a p i>r <?1 snuff-colored pants an<l a straw bat. An siotj to (lie r.r Jake Any one emu* infor mation H MONTEZUMA DAGGS, 43 Seventh st, Georgetown, will receive the inanks of the fnm ly and a reward if desired may 18?lw* TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT. 1MICA?0PJICIAKI WISHES to call the attertion io all that ?uffet Willi ?lefe?-t4ve Mght, caused by *fe, sicbnesa antl particularly f o n cl injudietou^iy selected, to his M!-erior SPK*TTACLE8 and GL ASSES cam fully ^ronnd l-y bmipe'f tn a fup .pii^ix-ai accuracy, and brilliant trancpan ncy, sui ed wcieely and be? elici -lly to tb? wearer according the concavity o? I of th?f tye. Very numerous ar* th? ill ?f? trvi." caus?'d to the precious ore*n of sight from the c .uimer?-?ia-ut of uurg g:an?H>- in not b<'inf pre c ?ely suited, hy the u.-e of an Optatnefer; snd llie pr?ctic?- of a any year*, enabl e him to m?a>-nr>- the focal riMtai.ce of the cjee, and n h ulas*es that aro a'<nolut?-ly nquired will be furnished with preciMotv and sati^taction J. T acknowteagps tlie very liberal er ^aurajrw irent already obtained, -ud further eolijtu t^e pa tronas* oftlio-e tbat have uci yet avaucJ dmaealvaa of iiis aid. Pi-rso(i6 that cannot conveniently call, by t-en-ltae I' c ^ia^aes in u<e, and status how ntany utcbea tl-ev can read thu ptiut vitb l^.e>r apectaclee, onu be supplied witli eucli ibn will improve their ochi. Hbnuierat Ic teH>Mionials to be ?*en; and r?-fnr - enres Riven to nnny who have derived uie (reat?M> ease and coiutort Croni lii? tla^en. Circulars ti be had pratis, at hi* r (fiee. No S19 Sf-vemh street, three d?>ors from Odd Fellows' Halt, up sta rs. XncroLE. Fe tejnber 7,18S4. Sir? Tlio Fpef tach-s jou nnde for me muu v?*y well, and rem to have improved my sijbl mor? than aay other 1 have lat* Iv tned I.ITT. W. TiZIWtll. I have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr Tobias, and fin I them of *r^ ti M^u<itance to tuy s>aht, an i corre?poadir|! with bis ?'ekcription ?if ib? focus. I iccummead him hs a ektlitul opiit i?n. IUxk A. Wu*,, Mr. J. Toriii: Sir?The pnir of Spectacles you funr mr yesterday are particularly ^a<i?fa -toty to_ Tbey are very decided)' ibe best I pos>e?'i | aiw owuer of ri?bt or nine paiir, tar .-fuiiy sriectvii ta ('iff. rent places a>i I fr un o;.t?ci ^ ri-t-.tKimended to ine on account of iheir prof-^Wi*al ?i^n.l:ns in Eng land, Fiance, and the United S ate* I invr he?-a alsop!<a-ed with yo-jc r* n ark4 rind directions on the treatment of the *yes, f >r the pui|KMe uf pr?? terving and il< the si^nt. Reapectful'y jours, <"nn PiiDwut, tn fesscr of M. C., l.oui?vi!|?, Ky. I.TKrnarctt. Nov. ie, 1S&4. Mr John Tobias having fVirai^ked me with <;ia? a?s, by which I have bo*n greatly ai<l?-d, (my naiaa having Kiiffen d prettily fmin readmit at iiixht in ni|r earlier life) 1; atford* tne h" hi^lioft |4easiKe to My that I conMder h'.iu a skilllul practical optician, said well prepared lu iid U*os? who ?uv need Iim proU* aisnal aerviccs. W's. b. Kooua, Elder of Me&adist Confervnee. WfMtKOTOX, *. C., Jan. 97, IB64. Mr. I. Tobias: Dear Sir?I am happy to wr that the 8pectael?w which I obtairied from ycu laM week are entirely saiiafact' ry. From au inequality in Ut<- visual r?n{? of nv eyea, I have h-ret ?fore found rreai diffi .'uUy in ceUing a'a^Msoftbe prtpcr focal dis^ancea. It afl' -rilsme plea; ure to staie, thai by the aid of your optometer this difficult) ha* b.-en happily <?bv?at?d. so that the Clares you furnished di? are decidedly tlie bent adapted to my rye* of any I have ever yJi uitd. Very re*pectfuily voais, K. H. Deaub, ReMor of St. lime*' Parish. Department of Interior. May 7, JdS&. From ra ural defflcua d the uaeqiial range of my xr? for i eves. I have been compelled !'-? use glai Ml year*. 1 hire tned d-tTereift opto ians without obt-inins elates p* rfectl> fitted to niy eyee F?>?ir mouths Mr. Tot'.^s iua?le two puirg ewpeciaily for me, wi ich I b?ve foun l to ??i v* me perfectly. By the u.-e l?.? opt nr;t>? r he is enabled to adap: Q a>ses lontuioJy ?o the eye I mo#t cheerfully rec omincnd Mr. Tohias ts all having neea?ton to u?; g'.a-s? ?, and bear my testimony ?s to his skitt as an opticiay. !'khry E Baldwin, Assistant Sect'y to sira Laud Warraats. may Ift-tf TBR l'5ll>RR>ieJiED are now workM* the Stone Quarry formerly occupied by Major Wm B. Scott, and are prepared to furnlab iTU>E at the usual market r*tes HUMPHREYS k WILLIAMS* Georgetown, Maj li-iiu'