Newspaper of Evening Star, May 24, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 24, 1855 Page 2
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hVEXING STAR. WASHlWOTpy CITY: nmu AJISJdT-O* May 84 FOR THE ?TAE Tbe following persons arc authorized to contract for the publication ofeadver tisements in the Stmr: Phila<ielph;a?V. B. Palmkh, N. W. oorner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York? S. M. Pettin?iill A: Co., Nassau street. Boston?V. B. Palmkb, ScoUaya Building.' XT' Anv?RTiSKittirT8 should be handed in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may cot appear until the next day. s?nrr cr tbz ps?7.s. The Onion argues that Know Nothingism violates the christian principle of charity, an I quotes a letter frrnn Oen. McKea. of Miss issippi. to which that jreatleroan gays that' Know Nothingism. in hi* opinion k utterly powerless ia Mississippi; and gives his reasons for entertaining that impression Tbe Im'rllig'Nfr, eommentins on the ener ergy and fi-mness di?playe<5 by Judj^o Camp bell of the U 8. Supreme Court, in the late trials for filibustering, at New Orleans, says: 44 It is always a source of pleasure to us to hare i* in our p^er to record an ins'anoe of tho upright ir dc - erdence of the judiciary. We ?'tver;sd briefly in a lata number of our paper to the eau*ec cf :he decline of flibua tiering in the Souh, attributing it in the mam. an'joeilT. t.? ;he the JecidsJ discoun tenanca ?nd inhibition of it on t: a part of the JExecu ive We mipht have added to this rea son. ad with equal justice, *he 5rurie?s and the fearless determination of tho ableJu-ige cf the Southern Circuit (Judgo Campbell) to maintain inviolate the laws of the United State.- relating ;?j our neutral obligations an i to our Intercourse with other B4tk>ni. 1! isoon i due: ? f ine jalge. Combined with the n.ovsurts more it*modia elv emanating fc^ai this Chief iliiiis,ratc ha3 pcrr^d doubt'e-s toohcck. st least, the la vie-* attempts which h-ivo been made 10 fit out hostile expeditions aguinsft Cuba Living, mi i; *e a, in the midst ot iho psaple afflon* whoa: ihe-e law.ess enterprises have found most f*vor Jud?c Campbell has shown a degree of hcLe't bcldnsi? in 0 rccer.t chirgn to tLj Grar.i Jtfry at New Orleans *hich en title him to -the gratitude of ercry oitiien who v'.loes iho-hunor of the oudtry more than taj tr?aiu.~ e rrbich the sacrifice of that honor cod i parches. While the oouutry id blw* A w-ih ?ucl> faithlol < ffieers to erforce the laws and punish ' ff. ndars ^e may trust in the stibiluy .f. our (Joremuieui, notwith standing ihe Claud* which f<uiatici*m cast over tho political horix >u Wo from the charge to which we have roferied ar. ex tract, which we ccm*nend to tie attentive pe rusal o2 our readers." i*ta!Hori r.2.1 .... Some dajfe>9go a malicious report wu published in ;ho parers hat Mrs. Harriet Jatcbei 8?*> wm wwp Ij -a ul'e l la Vir girir o,. :>eii.g burnt i?i Th^rearsn^t a few itu e hearted ? ciiOM, who, at the axnen e ot t:uth. are over ready tc snaiign Southern ers ai.d their d< mcstic institutions The ru mor to whish we have jur alfudo-J is a case in point. Lu; hoar Mri. stowo h 9. self: --Nothing occurred during our ?.;iy that was deemed anything br?t keliLdost ar i unst d:s ticgui;b?d h">fwalii.y. nnd I tru.-t all editors who have contrtb." -d tf? dh*c?nintte a filra imprejMon of toe chivalry of theCld Dcmia ion will i:.?e.; this rc-j'.iii.- uica. : ....There wore in lo64. in Mas ach'uett?, 2 3S2 lun itks anl 1 087 idiots in too State, of whom 625 *e.?s ot toreign birth. T i4 ex hibiti an in*T?--.-.; !.t 1 238 over :he wkv in itfoo. Itere crc, we dj c<^t wou-ler at the in sane jroceedinTS of the Ma'sach jsatt? Legi? laturc ....ia London, a yonn? man was recently rentenced ?o I ur mnnth's impiisontnen*. for uttering sorgci che kj L'cforo his term of conQDeiaeiit i? ont he will come into pofsessicn cf a fort una f $100 000, bv'- will neverthcl^^j he still Ii:Me to be'ric.d on ether charges. .... L?st r.e?k, Dr. D. S lieloate, of Flor oncc, ASabitni. was shot at through hij win dow o: an**sa-:-iu. and the pipes-en through whicli he w '3 smoking was rut off three inches from his mouth. Tnis remind* as uf an anec dote of Uen ttainos, as rela'ed to u.- by an ?ye witness. While in toe Florida war, a spent wullet Ft:u:k him in tho u?.uth Perfectly m!f possessed be pat his h '.d to that o.gan, ro&arkb^. with a smile. ?? ffh?, the ras<*?2s have k jocked cut one of my best teeth !*' .... K?t Theodore Parker delivered a lec ture, lact night, in Philadelphia, on the "con dition ch?rac..or. and profpeets cf the Ameri can people ' If hi' insane ravings should be gener. ily regarded, our 4<eondition" won d ho mt^oruole our - character'' debased, and our ?4proepoct ' dark, gloomy, and ^auguiaa^j?. .... Mayor Wood, of Ne? York, is said to I be a c:gir maker by trada, next t?came a ship cbaadler and then enter* 1 the - nipping buaicere, <*t which he amissci a becdsome fortune lie is a native of Phiiaielphis, and twelve years sjp >a? ? zr.tzal?ar of Congrecc Col Wm Ji. Poik. cf Tesna.MO, has ?wltbdriiv u '-is namo from the list ot ?spirants for a sea: in Congress, stating thai he would Bit intocfcra with tho harmony of the Demo cratic Convention, nor staal in 'he way of the succei- or its nominee. .... How A H. Stephenc, ht Georgia, it ii rcc- lie ed. latel> published a powerful letter c: cutu.n?tory of the Know Nothing organ!sa lion; a:-i it ii row s*id that Senator Toombs, cl he o^nte, ia {rcparing to follow bis cj.5. Ijtj caauple agreeing *i:h him sab stanu.i v is -entim&nt. Cnrscu Dtronr* ?Ttc New York Church mat: re:: mu endc a aeries uf rules and regula tions lo be ob .rvei in church One of the>? ^rules foi c-uroh decorcu is : 4- Av 1 i thi use of tne fa* in church, at all times I>u ii-g the heat of summer, it is, no ?roBt lns ij Put we ?e net, in (?cd's Holy Tom(!?, to thick of luxuries? xai i er oi eadursaco and sacrifice The prac tic ? ii in -t irreverent one When we go to l-?rtorn. 1 e; so emn devotiocs to <iod, wc are not tu -re way to ?e'f indulgence. It is a pro( oe fpa.iiiarit) in^he presence rf Ili^a who ? is j;r :atly to be feared in the assembly of llis (uioti ' ? it wo aid bo m re becoming to avoid fin atk iZi than tho -*nse of the fan ' CoM -TITL'TtOSAL Amesdmkstu t* Massa* nt satr?* ? lbo vote cn tho amendments to tho Cvmitiiutioa is very light, but tha returns in dtCa-tethat all ba.o been adopted The amend ments pr>p^#^4 establish the plurality sys tern. ctJ'se tfc9 jay .f the State election in the Presidential yea??; protide for the election <f coui rillors in district* b*- the people; the ?'cc'.ion cf all State ifiicei* by tho poc-ple and prchibi'-S appTopnatiors of the public mo ney to support sectarian schoola taaiLY Accounted roa ?A Dutlin <Uo aad paper, speaking of the state entrance ufj the HjiI of Carlisle into that city, says, 4 The! xeeeption w?? not rery warm, nor were the aire*lined *' Tho more f 1 ?t of the streets of not beisg "lintd ' cn a oleak April dty will at once a-count ioi tho absence id ' wtirm'.h"' h. :her?cepUon. A Capital Idea ?a now clock baj been u^Lutactured down east, to be used in those Males in wfetch the Maine Law has been pas. ed ( pen the dial, the figures indicating ?/. iiand four o'clock, are uinit'ed^ and ibu- 'no Loppy pos?e.*>or cf xhc tiniepiecs, lailn g tu be remindo-J <.4 the accustomed hoars t r* Lmen* forgets that ho is dry. . WKniSCTOX NEWS AXD GO'SIP. | ? Orator Gwin ?It strikes us that there ean bo iitMe doubt of the legality of the election of Mr- 9win to the Senate of the United States (rooi California. The constitution of that State contains a provision expressly providing tijat all elective cffioes there shell be filled by a plurality vote, if a jnsjority vote is not obtained by either Candida'e. In this owe Dr. Gwin has received the plurality vote on repeated trials, but refrained from claiming his right under the clause of his State consti tution, to which wb refer above. In the hope that by so doing he mi'ht heal the breach in his party in the California Legislature As that result proves to be hopeless, it is said that he intends to avail himself of his right under the law explained above. It will be a sa l daj for the future of California when *9e fails to have the sarvices of Mr. Gwin in the United States Senate, lie is proverbially, by long odds, the most effective member of the body where interests legitimately in his charge are concerned, being able t<"> accom plish aa muoh for hia S'ate as a doien new men could accomplish, even if all of them were enti led to votes in the Senate chamber. There never was a more glaring exposition of the nfTschief which small men may do to their country by their interference ia public sffaits, than is embraced in the possible rosult--tho defeat of Dr. Gwin?of the labor? of the swarm of aspting little fellows?intoileotually and in the matter of experience?who have been yelpicg for some time at the great California Senator's heels. ? Few on the Atlantic side who arc well in formed in public affairs can be made to real ize that there is the slightest danger tha* Cal ifornia will be so blind to her own interest? co iusanc?as to dream of failing to avail herself of the services of Dr Gwin in the S-na'e. if they cun be obtained. Keverthe' less, it seem3 lot? by no means impr-Hible that the efforts of Tom; Dick and Harry, to w.irk themselves into prominence before the puMic, may so dement the California Legisla ture as tha: they will entirely saorifice their State's interest to gratify ihe ambition of such persons. Land Warrant!?Important Error Correct, ei ?Tho following very erroneously conceived article is travelling the round of the newspa pers of the country, creating no little alarm amongst those who deal in Military Bounty Land Warrants, and we deem it a duty to put tv rest the erroneous opinions entertained on the subject. The following is the articl^ al luded to : 0 ? Lasn Wabrakts ?Many cf our readers a*e interested in the la// respiting she sala of land warran's, ai:d we believe it has been gen erally understood that the l<*w authorizing tne sal-? of land warrant enabled the holder t?j dispose of them by a tran ter ia blank, tendering them thereby negotiable, so that the purchaser, whoever he might be, cou'd irssrt h's name in the blank space, and then use ihe warrant in entering lands in bis own u o. In this way they have bsen bought and sold for yeaia. We have just eaen a cor.y of a latter from the Commissioner of Pensions at Washington placing ft new obstacle ir. the way of thoso entitled to land warrants from obtaining eny "hing like their value, should they prefer dis pojicg of their warrants to cn.ei'Dg lands. The following is the ciau-e : 4* You are nertby required t> prodarc evi dftneo within threo months frcm this ilate, sh->wirg that the a?signmcnt in your favor was executed by the soldior in good faith on the Jay and date thereof. This i3 the &3uo. nid tha only oca that can be decide.1 in this rffi.'S. and unless that fiat ia furnished, the loca'ioii made wi?h said warrants mast b3 can celled " ? No person, therefore, can purchase land warrants with safety herealter. unless thoy can prove tho no v and ever varying require menu of the powers that be, in Washington Police Gaz'tir. Now the facts are, that the Commissioner of Pensions doea EOt taka ognizanrorf military warrant alignment?, that ma4tcr beirg on tiroly under the jurisdiction cf the Ccirmi> Bioner cf the General Land Office, except ia one or two special case?, arising under appli cations for iarues of duplioate warrants in the possession cf assignees. But ths case above alluded to ia one of an entirely different char acter, arid no rule has been adopted by the Ctmxrisiioner o: the General Land Office such aa the one mentioned, with regard to a^y warrants, except those caveated. Then the proef referred to in the third paragraph cf the article quoted is called for. A case like this one and those of a like nature would require such evidence as. that mentioned A lard war rant issues to A, wlich he never receivci He files in the General Land Office a cavcat against the warrant to arrest the issue cf a patont thereon. In process of time, the war rant of A camc up to the Land Office for a pstent, located In the name U B a3 the as bigr ee. Thr Commissioner of the Land Office then advises both parties of the facts In the case, and B as the assignee, under a supposed fraudulent transfer, that he must furnish such testimony as that mentioned. This is the whole a.atcar. aid tho erroneous impressions ur'-rs tie subject, whioh have gained sucb widespread ascendancy, fc the result of an entire misapprehension cf a case in which a certain firm in New Orleans were interested It is hoped that the explanation above will be satisfactory to the public upon this important subject Anahar letter from Col Kinney ?Thi. gentleman has written a lotter to a friend in Texas which iIuoIcmj the purjose of usurp ing the control of the government of Nicragua ?cf revolu. ionising that State, which clearly places his last Ceutral American enterprise in the category of unlawful forayj againat tho peace and integrity of a neighborly and friend ly country, as will be perceived on reading it, as fvllows: (Tom thr Bownsvitle (Tcxo) American Flag] Th* Kibhkv Expkditio.v ?As so much has t?eea said with regard to the movements of this gentleman, we Lave thought the following ie:ter wwuld not be uninteresting to a portion of oar readers. It is written toone of our citi xets, aid d~ted Metropolitan Hotel, New York, April 6th, 1855: DcarN : I received ^>ur favor, dated Brownsville, Narch 7. You ask what you on the Kio Grando havo done that you should be precluded from engaging with me in the Central American enterprise. You are not precluded from joining me; on the oontra?. I kn-:w of no men I would sooner heve with me thau yourself and my Rio Grande friends and I hope you will join me there at the ear liest tin-eycu can mnke it convenient. 1 look upon the Central American expedi tion as full of promise It requires but a few hundred Americans,and particularly ofTexars, to uko the contr 1 of all that country?a country which ie destined to command the ccn.meioe of the wor! i. I have grants of land, ?* r*b maka ?stsrt up?d *^7 ?nd t0 mak? ? suitable govern ment tnd the rest will follow. Many of my Cut' and u'or? ate going-all of th<? right stamp for tuoh an ox pedxion 1 expect to be able to l?ve in a few dajs The p^jple ot Ureytown (San Juan del None, have requited me it take oontr ,1 of their plaCe, and to establish mjself ibor ? fir<t. i hoy are anxiously looking for me 1 This will be the point trom which I ahall ?tart, and where I hope to see my Rio Grande frienda. As to the natueof the eountry, it i? produc tive and beautiful beyond description, and very salubrious. The correFpondent of tho New York Herald says that <? in soil, climate, vegetable and mineral preducts. geographical and geological formation, nature never d;d more for any country." My policy will be to make liberal grants or lsnds to all who assist me in my undertaking, and that according to tt* means, ability and u^fulness of the individuals. And my request is, that every ono should equip and provide himself in the beat possible manner. In a oonntry like that, ana >.nder a new stato of things, there wi}l be, of Qourse, many opportu nities for a man to improve his position and cireamstanoes I hope to have you with us Believe me yours, truly, il. L. Kinbtbt. The Frigate Constitution ?This vessel, the fl jg-ship of Commodore Mayo's African ooast squadron, (according to a letter from an offi oer on board her,) left Porto Praya in March on her way home, leaving the Marion there. On the afternoon of the 31st of March she took her final departure from Porte Qrande Ibr the United States On the 23d of April ultimo, when within three hundred miles of Portsmouth, N. II., to whioh place she had been ordered by the Department to return, she was met by a merchant vessel, tho Isaac Joanes, of and from Philadelphia, and ob tained newspapers, through which the late critical condition of our relations with Spain and the fact that Commodore Mayo had been ordered down to. the Gulf in haste, were made known to Com. Mayo. Com M immediately pat his ship about, and made for tbe coast of Cubi tench to tho chagrin of some of those with hiin who were disappointed by tho idea ot lulling to get home when within two days' siil of the United States after two years' cruising on the insalubrious coast cf Africa. Com Mayo took tha ro?ponsibi ity of alter i"g hi? ship's course, in the belief that the oondition of oar affairs might be critical, and that, if so, the proscnce of his 6hip there would be most apropos for the interests cf his country. The Constitution will possibly arrive in the Uoi ed States about the first of June, after this siwr! and unexpected cruise. The letter from which wo obtain our information says nothing of the condition of tho health of those on board the Constitution, from which wo infer that all on board at the date of the letter (the 2.hh ult.) were well /.Srionllnral Science ?Wo learn that Town tor.d Olovsr, Esq , leaves this city in a few d^y?, on a visit to the Southern States to ob la: a f >r tho I'Eteut Office authentic information at to ;. uthern agricultural products, to the eci that suggested improvements may be placed in the next cgricultural report. His engraved plates, accompanying his notes on tbe Hcsri tn fly, (Ccctdomyia dettruetor,) and Ly vtoma Hordia, or joi-t worm, and those i f the cotton catterpillar, called by Professor Wt ilo?. of Mississippi, deyresszria goisy-1 jtioides, and of other insects, are quite inter esting; and we do cot doubt that his investi gations will ho eminently bstitfioial He narpoeei visiting Florida to investigate the character of iho insect that has caused so much inj iry to the orange trtes of that State. Mr. J; vcr ii a gentlcccan of fine attainments a&d excellent character. Applicant* for Bounty Land?frequently son i their applications to the Department of tbe Interior, instead of tho Pension Office, and w!:oa they subeequenMy discover their mis take address the Department, anxiously in quiring whether their papers were received, and requesting them to be forwarded to the proper office. Such persons, we learn, are in form*! that all applications for bounty land, forwarded to the Secretary's effice, are immo dia'ely referred to the CotririsaioDer of Pen Biors, to whom thay should be sent diroct in ordor to avoid the Uelay which necessarily oc cn~ in opening and iciLaPing them for the pri.pcr bureau. Tx-Senators in Waahirgton ? Ihe Now York Jl'rald, of the day befora yesterday, c'ic'.iir.s a long rigmarole let'er, d&rei in this city, but probsbly written in the Herald o{five, purporting to give a hiolcry of the Ne. braika bill; Ac., and slandering the Prerident, Judge Douglas, and other<; and stated to be d-. ved from an ex Senator in tbij city. We lean, that all tho ex-Senators in the city, ex cel t Col. Benton, repudiate the ridiculous trosL and stuff stated io that letter In W. thicgion ?Isa-.c N. Fjwler, Ejq., Postmaster of New York ci?y, is here. So, also, are John MoKeon, Esq , U. S District Attorney for the Southern Distriot of New York, and Jos. L. White, Esq , of Nicaraguan Transit Company iamo. The quidnuncs, of course, connect this virit of these two gentle men last named with the proposed Kincey exj edition. A Contract A wardi d ?Tbe contract for the construction oft e new custom-house at l'rovi dance, 11 I., was yestorday awarded to Albert Curry, of Ncwburyport, Mass., at $151,600, that being the lowest bid. The structure is to be thrte stories high, thoroughly fireproof and to be so constructed as to embrace am^le accommodations for the Custom-house, Post Offi:e, and United States courts. The Engineer Board ?We learn that there lire some twenty-five or six candidates for ad mission into the Engineer service of the U. S Navy, and twenty ono candidates for promo tion in ail, to be examined by the Naval Ea ginocr Loard now in iofaion in this city. Cannot Locate Land Warrants of 1850 in California ?As there are no lands in Cali fornia subject to private entry, warrants issued under the bounty-land la* of I860 cannot be located there Tii- Carrect Operr.tioc* of the Treasury : c; ij-'ucrt.?Jj yesterday, tne 23d of May, no: i '"J-reof 'injury Warrants entered on the beefciuf the Department? i'c: the redemption of stock...... f 11,538 06 For the Treasury Department.... 2 135 53 For the Interior Department 32,142 02 For the Customs.... 89,071 60 War warrants received and en tered 267,444 36 War repay warrants reoeived and e 9 018 53 Interior repay warrants received and entered 6,78'J 04 For repaying on account of the Navy 51.627 93 For covering into the Treasury fiCm miscellaneous sources.... 414 07 Plan to Abolish War ?Elihu Burrett is engaged in a very innocent advertising enter* priro, 'he object of whioh is to abolish wars, ilu pUn is t j publish an advertisement in all the periodicals of Earope a hrief homily of all tbe evils ef war ; and the benevolent peo ple fthij country are requested to contribute their u.oaej to acocmpli^h this object The t Maciremith has grei.t faith in prcitob-1 ing I ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. s. Alexandria, May 24,1855. For the past week all other questions and Interests have been he'd In abeyance and all mioor subjects absorbed in the excitement c.f tho election eontest. After some mores and counter moves by the friends of tho various candidates for the General Assembly. Messrs. Lewis MoKemie, Law B Taj lor, and W W ilerbsrt are before the ] eopie ihe affinities of all these gentlemen have heretofore been with the Whig party Mr Mcjtentie has re cently withdrawn from the Know Nothing or ganiiation. Mr Taylor is tha Know Nothing nominee, and Mr. Herbert a Wise Whig. The Sun Fire Company are highlv pleased with their new engine; she throws 19ft feet on a plain, and lifts a fine stream cf wator to the town clock steeple, 117 feet This pieoe of apparatus makes the assortment in Alexandria complete We beliere no city in the Union is so well provided with firemen and Are en gines, as Alexandria. On the night of the reception, a social reunion of the gentlemen and ladies who have assistecLAe Sun by fair*, A? . was held at the hall of ibe company. All Eas-ed eff most pleasantly, and at a seasonable our the guests departed, much pleaded with the evonts of the evening. The Circuit Court has been in seaion during the entire week. Its business thus far has boen confined to arranging the routine of cases and granung naturalisation papers. On Mon day the grand jury found a true bill against Ge ;'ge W. Crump, eharged with the murder of J-ii-eph Bloxern; his trial is set for Wed nes ay. The second trial of Win. Arlington, fur the murder if Michael Kiggins, is set for Monday. This is the first time in the history of our city that two trials for murder have come on at the same torm. There were very large nnd enthusiastic meetings of both parties held here last night? the Know Nothings in their hall in the old theatre, and the other side at Lyceum hall. I do n it know who aid-e.-sed the Know Noth ings in the houie. wbhh they left at sn early hour to oall on Ex Governor Smith at the Marshall House, whither they proceeded in a body. That gentleman addteesad them in an animated and earnest speech from the portico of the hotel, and was repeatedly interrupted with deafening cheers lleally, it seem? hard to tell whether "Ext. a' loves the Know Nothing more than they love him, their mutual billing and cooingboing the "greatest thlLi? out" last n ght, by long edds. ILe anti-Know Nothings woro addre?sed by Messrs Daniel RatclifFe. W D. Wallacb, G.

L. Gordon, and S. F. Gover, keep-leg their meeting up until a very late h<>ur, and mani festing more enthusiasm th?n I over before saw their party exhibit here. Both parties seem to be ranguino cf the result to-day The Koo^ Nothings claim from 750 to 800 majority in this city and county, while thoir opponents seem sure that it will not go over 500. We ?hall have the mo*t exciting day here ever witnessed in this auoient to vn. Ami. Emma Snod<}ra99.?Oar readers will remem ber a girl who passed under the name of Em ma Snodgrasa, and who created some sensa tion in Boston a year or two /ince by her ap pearing in public in male attiro. Hor real name is Emma Soow. She bus turned up in Buffalo, N. ? , wh^re a magistrate made an effort to save her, and failed. lie wrote to hor father, and received in re ply so strong an appeal to rescue the girl from ruin, thai the trial was made. She was sent to the workhouse, and in the meantime wa? visited by the ju?tice, at the rtquest of the father, and repeated obtained thar she would certainly reform. Her penitential appearance, her tears, an 1 tho desire she evinced of onco more returning to hor home, induccd her friend to boliove he hai aocom pli=hed someth ng. She was to call at b s office at the expira tion cf the period fur which she fca6 commit ted, and receive some inouey for the proper re plenishment of her wardrobe. She did so, and stated to the justice that she had found a re spectable family who wero willing to take her in, and to whom she was to offer her services as drc.-smaker for a abort period until she could gee ready to go h?me. Furnished with a pait of tho means ?cnt by her parents, rhe left the office, and a policeman wm uirociod to follow her. The gi:l t?ok the thorte-it route to one of the foulest, sinks of iniquity in the city, and in ten minutes was amid a cowd of the most aban* doncd of her sex. In less than three days after she was again arrested fur swearing and disorderly conduct in tho highway, and once more committed?her conduct and conversa tion proved her to be a perfect and oomplete moral wreck. . he is not yet seventeen years old, and will probably never see her home RgEin. The result of this last effort to save the girl will be communicated to her lather, and his money returned to hitn Narrow Escapb or tdb Baksr Family rROM I>koWnjno ?The Biker vocalists, while crossing the Wisconsin river in a ferry-boat, at ilerrimac, on their way to thi3 plnce, nar rowly eoaped from losing three of their com pany by drowning, vis : Mr. J. C. Baxer, hia wire, and Mr. George E. Baker. It appears hat after they had got a short distance fnm shoro, into a very swift current, where the water is from seventeen to twenty feet deep, one of their wheel horees took lrtgbt, rushed forward and crowded the lead ing span over tho front end of the boat, nt the ?ame time precipitating Mr. G. E Baker int) the current. He being a good swimmer, after great exertion reached a snag some dis tance below, whence after a rest of about ten minute-, he with difficulty succceded in swim ming ashore Mrs. J. C. Baker, who was getting oat of the carriage when the horse took fright, was vio lently thrown over the side of the boat by the wheel, and was rapHIy drifted down stream, when her husband saw a portioa of her shawl floating on the surfaco of the water, and not seeing her on board, immediately plunged in, seised tho shawl, and o~gan the work of saving the lives of Lim?elf and wire. He, much im peded by a heavy overcoat, drew Mr3. Baker all the while under ? ater, with one hand, and swam with tho other some dia tance, when, knowing that 6he must soon breathe or perish, he ciught hold of her arm and raised her above the water a moment, but was compelled to letter again sink, while he exerted his fa?t exbauj'ing strength to reneh the there. which ho accomplished with the I last effort of his f iint energies. With great difficulty the horses were saved by the other members of the troupe, and we are hnppy to Btate that the company sustained the loss neither of Ii:'e nor property. No blame la at tached to the lorry men, who bohaved nobly and rendered invaluable aid.?tiaraboo lie? public. An Impartial Statbmbnt ?Mr. E. A. Vose, at the Meeting at Faneuil llal!, Mon day night, stated that he was a member of* a committee of Roads and Bridges of tha Legis lature,?that the committeo had travelled largely over the State ?that on oae occasion they were attended with supernumeraries,? that the entire party numbered fifteen.?that he ordered some spirits,?that of the fifteen, thirteen drank bountifully, and of the thirteen ?welve vo'td i"ur the New Liquor Law !! Thfs is the f-tatenn nt oi an eye witness, and it is undoul.teiJy_t.ue This reminds usof another pieoe of by purify A member of the Boston delegation who voted for the liquor law, ex cused himself to a constituent by aaying: "I voted for the bill whioh makes jurora judges of tho law as well as facts in oriminal cases." boston Mail. Ths Infant Esau in Town.?Madame Clo fullia, the bearded lady, has again come to town; and her full length portrait is ouoe more among the gratuitous attractions of Bar num'3 Museum. At tho present time, howev er, aha comes attended by her hi rani te son, the "infant Esau '* as he is called in the bills. This young m*n, whose tender age?not two yean?does not permit him to resign his pet tior ati, has such a luxuriance of beard, that not consent with covering the entire face, with the exception of the nose and upper lip it settles all over its neck, back and a^rns Whut is singular is that the beard la flixen, while the down on the other parts of the child's person is jet black. The growth on the top of the head is l.?r,g and of a light brown o.dor, and, -ft7it>g the whiskers, the child is a very pretty ' * p ah.'icu^h ita bounty is by no mean* thut <<>. t which ? draw- us by a single hair" iV. Y. hxe Post. Tm Cypriaws -?We noticed in yesterday 's Sup that on Monday Bight a Urge nnm'^r of this class of female* were arretted a*i l^.g<-d in ?ho station houses. In the Fifth >> ard twenty one were arrested. and in the Six'h Ward pbont forty. Many of those were oom mWtod for flve'days to the Ci'y Prison. o:ho ? were hold for examination ar.d a few wero di-cba'ged Ona of those take* into th*. F.r h Ward station house gave her name as Hariiet O'Re ley3 and protes;ed her, saying she wag a respectable g'ri. Several private private citiiens, however, as weil as the po lioe, rooognised her an a disorderly char aster, and she was detained She had not fceen 'osg |in the station hon*e before she attempted to ooiitnit suicide by taking laudanum, and had to be taken to t%e hospital. She has since ro covered Would it not be well for the police, bow that their bAnd Is in, to look after the male street walkers, ai well as the female The necessity for it will be seen by the following, wbieh is of frequent occurrence: " A young and Terr handsome eoBBtry girl eame to the offioe of the Chief of Police last night, and informed Sergeant Owens that she hid just arrived from Albany, and was cross ing the Psrk, en her way to a boarding house, when she was Lccosted by a well-dressed scamp, who offered to accompany her home. She declined accepting his company, bnt he continued to follow her until she was com piled to take refuge in the Chief s tllse Officer Matthews was sent in pursuit of the fallow, and succeeded in arresting him; but a* the girl refused to mske a charge he was allowed logo. This is but one of the many cases that nightly occur Poor working girls, on their way home after dark, dare not oross tbe Park for fear of being grossly insulted " Last evening, the work of arresting tho ni^ht.walkers was proseoated wi.h much rigor. The orders to take none of those walking a^ietly along 'nade the number fewer than on tne ovening previous, although Anthony, Leo nnrd Rnd Church streets were as much fre quented by tbem as usual. In the Sixth Ward tcjre were 20 arrests mads, the majority of were Irish, ranging from seventeen te fo-ty years of age. found cruising in the Park. There were only four arrest* each in the Fifth and Eighth Wards, and none in the Third and Tenth Wards ? X Y Sun. Tea Wild Horsb Captured ?The wild horse which has been running at largo for two years pa?t on the meadows back of Pro* virodtown. Cape Cod, and which baa hitherto bafllsd all attempta made to take him, was re cently caught after a protractcd ehase, by a company of twenty or thirty men, who en gaged in the pursuit for the excitement it ? ffirded. Thoy were mounted on horses, and af er surrounding the animal in the vioinity of a barn, they induced him to enter it in conpany with their own horses, who were turned loose for the purpose of enticing him TLe horse has occasioned no little sport to the people on the Capo, who havo had m*ny a go *1 tim: in cha'ing him up and d<wn the moadows, but has always been too fleet for th)ir nags. He would not now have been taken in a fair race, and only yielded to s'rat. egy. lie has passed two winters on the Cape in a wild state, and the sag-toityof the animal has been noted in severe cold weather, when he would go down to the ponds regularly every night, and break open the ice with his boif that it should not become hardened, and th'iscut off his supply of water. The horse wag originally brought from Cape Sable, in company with s>s<y others, but escaped white being landed ?Boston Journal. PRESIDEVT'3 MOUNTED GUAKD, Attention.?You are hereby notified to ci -rt at vour armory on MOXDAY, May 28:li, 1S55, at 9 o'clock a in., in full uni for.n, with arms, accoulremsnts, and horse trap in complete order, for Regimental Parade and Inflection. ly order of Capt J. Peck : W. II HAYWARD, ?i'?y 24-31* Fiist Serf :t. I GST?On F street, between 13 h and 14th, last j evening, a black bombazine CAI'E, trimmed 1 uhh trape. The 'inder will confer a gn at favor by I! -.ving the ?me at Col. J. G BEP.KET'S, 448 Tlrrieenth street rmy 24- It* IOST?On Sunday tvening last, a gvld CHAIN, j with a locket and chips attached Uiit, mi Mary land avenue, between ?2'h ?treet and Grace Church, Island. The finder will receive thanks from the owner by returning tlinrla this may 24?It* O \ It KW A D.?Lest, last right, r.n the 7tli O' J street plank road, a port monnaie, containing i papers, which can be of no use to any one but i tiie owner. There was a'so about twenty dollar* in money, Corporation notes. G. T. MASSEY, may 24?3t* 49S Thirteenth street. I? it W A It D.?Strayed from the neighbcr tiP ?' hr.od of Seeley's Lime Kiln on Satur ii;:> night, the 19tli instant, a light GREV MABC, ten or 11 .rears old, slim butt, is sound in evr ry part. TI:e abive reward will be paid at II. McCAfFREY'd Grocery Store, corncr ot 2d a - d D atrt ete, Island. may 24?3t* ?\T Y CIIIKAYAKl wl!l be for sale Saturday iW_ morning, by the boys, as a toothing d~re after th?- electim. It will be grin-atic. Eoje wanted to atII it?price 3 cents. ALFRED HUNTER, r:av 21?2'.* next to Adams' Express. SlOLiiX.?A cow, with a white brad and crumpled horns, the white eitending under her throat and belly. Hind legs from tin hock down, white, sides ar.d back of a bri lit red, tail red, v? ith white end. She has a sht in : aoh car, upper side ; also on the lower side of the rinlit car a round piece cut out. $20 will be giv en for tho recovery of ti e Cow and coariction ot the t':ii< f, ur .$5 for informaiion on which the cow is re cov?red. Appiy at residence on square south square No 173'corner C and Seventeenth sH. may 44 -3i* m $50 REWARD. SERVANT girl Sarali leti the Marshall House, in Alexandria, Va , on Monday, the 14th instant, and has not since teen heard of. I will pay tiie ab< ve reward if taxen up out of the State of Vrrgin U, or $20 if taken up in the State and lodged in jad so thai i can get her again. Sheisofache-tnnt col. or, .-ibjut live feet high, stout built, and has a pleas ant countenance when spoken to, snd is about 20 years old. I purchased b<.r inCiiarlotte?vnle, V?^ in (October last. FELIX RICHARDS b ay 24?eotf ICE CREAM. AT the old stand, comer of F and tfih street, can be had lite be ; quality of ICE CREAM,V& WATER ICES and CONFlfiCTIO.VERY clT7 all kind-. Y All orders prm?ptly attended to. I bare opene<> my Salmon for tiie seasons, wli< ie nothing but the best qualky >1*3*11 be kept. Ail wirb ing a food article would do woll to call. may 24~12j THOS ECKAEDT. MANSION FARM ICE CREAM. THE subscriber wishes to notify the citizens that lie is in constant receipt of the above eel VA vbrated ICE CREAM from lia'timore daily It v7 is made of pure Cream, and will be sold at $2 a Y gallon, delivered at any hour during the day, in any part of the city.". The smallest quantity sold mil be half a gallon. He constantly receives Pennsylvania and Dela v?aie PRINT BUTTER, wh eb c*n be procured at the Centre Market House, i.?ar the Engine House, du itig market house, at which place orders can be lett tor Ice Cream. Any one "rderint must either pay at the lime or upon its delivery, as it is a cath artiele. LEWIS PAGE. may 24?lw* ICE CREAM AND SODA WATER. CI REAMS of all flavoi*, such as Vanilla, Cboco^ J late. Lemon, Strawberry, Pine Apple aud, Or ange. Also, German Creams, Water Icea, BUnce Moiig', CharlotU), Jellies, &c. Ills Sod^i is of the best in the city, on th* t lu principle of manufacture with Pfire Fruit Syrups without the usual drug mix tures. CAKES and CONFECTIONERY of all kinds sent to any pan of the city. Creams g2 per gallon?62^ cants per qt. N.1L?Ladies Saloon up stairs Parties supplied. J. G. WEAVER. Ta. av., No. 347 opp. Browns' Hotel. may 24? 2w* CHEAP BONNETS. LADIES who desire cheap BONNETS, FLATS, kc., will do well to call at F. F. MY-^^ EKS, Agent, who has a large assortment offlpB thn latest styles, which will be offered atHWT very low prices. Also, a fiae assortment of FANS of every descrip tion. Do not forget the place. F. F. MYERS, Agent, No. 13, opposite the Centre Market may 24?co3t - '1 TRUNKS, VALISES, CARPET BAGS, HAT 1 Boxes, flic.?We havo just received a !a>ge va liety of every description of Travelling and Packing Trunks, ladies'dress Trunks, Hat Boxes, V^lisrs, i arpet Itags, Satchel*, fc.c., winch we will dispose of at the lowest price?, and deliver in any pa:tof the city free of ccst. uiay^J4?3l WALL k. STEPHEN*. 33/1 Ta. avenu", lie*! lo Iron Hall election notices. ?J tRIU" WAPn-UMn^i TICKET. For C.iHrctor RORERT J. ROC IB For Rrgj.ter?WII.LMM J toeffORMlCK. For Surveyor?3 T. ABERP For Aldermar?T)r A Y. P. GARNETT. F.?r Cnmtrou C uaol-TIIOS. ? DITWMI.K, PRA3TITS M. CII VP1JT, RICHARD H. LASK1 V. may 23?f* I^irTH W \HD nOTH> -A? Elect. .a will be b?Id on M-inifjr, the 4.h day ol Jjn? n xi, ai the btiiUir g known ml the Old Capitol, for Fegiitcr, Co'lretor, and Su?vey?rcf the City; Hm fi>r one rn<'mt>?r cf the foard of Aldtnmim. and three mefrher? of ihc Beard of Commou Council to r present raid Ward. WM. P FERGUSON, F. P.ARRV, J AS. A. PRO WW, C<.niin..?ijaer* of Dection for Trtb f?d. icar 23?.to SltVfc-KTH WARP.-UVION TICKET. For Alderman?DEARBORN R. JOHNSON. F-trnmmnii Council?SAMUEL rUMPHREY, SAMUEL S. TAYLOR, HENRY A. CLARKE. may 4?te ODD FELLOWS' HALL, NA VY YAKD. THE RENOWNED DRAMATIC (*OT * FATXTIKO) OF THE BATTLE OF RUNKER HILL, AND DESTRUCTION OF CHjULLESTOW'W, Will l?e exhit it? d al OJd Frllnwi' Hall, Navy Yard, f?r two.xi<;hts oklt, viz: THURSDAY and FRI DAY. May 24 and 25. Also, on FRIDAY AFTEU Nc>ON, at 3 o'clock. may ?" VBWOAl3H? At private sale, a FIANO.of very fine i->ne *nd louch, made hy Chickering at Mackay. Apply to POLLARD WERB. Office on I'a. avenue, 7 iio ?r? east of National Hotel, msy 23?3t* ' DR. THEOD. HANSMAN Keep? ms hours frum eigiit ?o ten o'clock a.m. No 505 Seventh tt, opf Oddfeliow Hall 23?In)* j HE PATENT HAT: d? J~n"d to promote the 1 growth of certa>u bemp. f r the u?e ol mankind in general, and t* arrantcd to fit all wtoo it according to direction!*. Our Countrym-n: w brief memoirs of 'mineiit Americans. By Bootun J. Ltssirg; with 1OT portraits. Woodwork's American Mi*cdlany Of enurtaicinf kMWtede ?? GRAY * BALLANTYNE, rni.y 23?3t Booksellers, 498 Setei th rt. I MNS PERFUMERY, TOILET ARTICLES, Jt Kc., H.C.? vA'c bar* now in stere a large vari eiy of fine and common Fans, Harii ou's rnd Lu be's celebrated Peifumenr, Brushes, I rmbs, Footh Powdrrs, playing and visiting Carrfs, fine Porrmon raLs, Cigar Cases. Card Cases, Baskets, Canes, kc, sc., all of which we arc wiling out at low priMK to suit the tanes at i|?e Piano. Munc. H'A uonery, Perfumery, and Farcy Goods Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 300 Pa avenue, bet. 9.b and 10th sts. uny23?tf _ HOUSEKEEPING HARDWARE. ?~f MSE fUbscribcr begs leave to inform the public X tlutt he has opened a stire at 400 Seventh at. between D and E streets, where he has a genera! a.ortnten- of Iiottss-fecping Hardware, Cutlerjr, Silver Plated Brirtannta, Japanned and plain Tin War?', Wooden, Willow aid Cedar Ware, Clocks, Br! Cas s, Ftather I)u-trrs, Brushes. Brooms, baskets, Maw. Also, fine Pocket Cutlery, Raxora, Sc.#>ors, Ccmbs, kc. *l!ij good? are entirely n? w, and were selected from the laHst and most approved fctylen They were bought for ca^h, and wi I be told at the lowest p>?s:lile prices. 1 efson-1 wishicg to purr ha?e are invited to e* amins bis ftock and r*nee?, as he is confident l?e can offer them sre.-.ter inducement* than they will meet with elsewhere in the city. imp23 tf GEO. FRANCIS. SILK AND LACE MANTILlAS. CH.AGETT, NEWTON, MAY k. CO, respect ' ftil'y soinouncc to the Ladies that they have ;u?t received? 21 Black Silk Mantilla?, !a:cet stylea 27 Black Lace do 21 do Points 10 do Shaw!s a!l of which will l?e sold at a very small advance on the cost We have on hand a larpe frt of colored SILK MANTILLES, and, the ?*-a on is advancing, we WiP offer thejn at ciact!> what tliey coat 1.1 24 very richly cmtroid:red Muslin Mantillas, to be fold very cheap. Wc are selling the gr alert kind of bargains in Sunmer Silks, Lawns, II regce, and Ben g' P.obcs. Ladim shopping for Dre^g (;ood< should not tail to call ;:a i l?K?k through our 'argx stock, as we feel err ft lent that we can suit tlitm In stvlc^and prices* i.iay -22 3i C. K. M k CO. SOUTHERN QUARTERLY REVIEW for April O 105>. Contents? Benton's Thiriy Years in tlio Senate Louis th- Fourteenth Chief Justices of the U. 8. Hut-kin's Architectural Works IIuss-i Turki-h Campaigns Principles of Art Ruth Hall American Education t >n the History of Virginia Applications of Chf nustry Criiicol Notices. Pcb eription price $5 per annnm. 22 FR.ANCK TAYLOR. S1TIAY SCO from the sub-criber on Sunday evening, May 20th, .wo HORDES. One *'33 a dark hor3-,wiih a long main,and the' other Ki? a daik runt Mare. A suitsble te-4 wdrd will be given if ttlurned to the owner, ntu B!a den's Wharf JOHN BulCKLEY. mai 22?3t* I Aokxcv or Far*rn Spoliatio* Claims. > Washin?:ion, May 22d, 1S55 > N* an-wer to many inquiries l?y claimants against the Cnite.l State*, on account of spo'iations by tLe French prior to 1000, as to the course of pro ceeding prop? r to now ^irMi.' toward< obtaining r? i!rt?s, 1 deem it mort expedient Ui?- pnb icly to in form all those concerned. It:at, after counting competent advisers, it ha* been concluded &s um.-t advisable?not to vjluuiaiiljr sutuuit their claima to the Clsim*; ('rurt, as they would be ntiied up with tho<Mand? of oth^r claims and not decided for many y.-ars (to specify no other objection..?but to submit them to Congress in the usual manner at the op* n ing of the ensuinc fies*iou ; in tbe expectation that direct relief may be provided for tii<-ui and tl:n ugh a special Court or Board ; or, if the Claims Court he resolved on ss the only tiiuunal Congress will eratit. that reference to it may Le made Ly a uirect legislative act. It fs v< ry certain that these claims would fully and comuntlv occupy r. Board of the highest class for three years, and justice emphatically pointa to such a Board as rigbMnd proper in the case may 22- 4t JAtlES II. CAUfcTEN. ? ? ? ^ For ?alk An English Carriage A I imihle Wagon 2 tall Carnage Horaeg 2 Buggy ana saddle Horses Inquire ironi the Coa^hinun of the French Minn# ter at Schwartz's Livery Stable, on I, tn iween lbiU and 17th streets. ~ * may 19?1 w* rpRFBLE PATENT IMPROVED EYELET MA 1 CHINE. Firs' patent?combined on one stock Second patent?self feeding with eyelet Tliird patent?patent improved fastener, riveting both sides All |tarlies ir. want of a good Eyelet Machine, are Riroiiffljr reeommehded to use none but LIPMAN'S PATENT IMPROVED, which is decidedly the best ever brought before the public, possessing numerous ^vantage*, viz: It is strong, durable and not liable to get cut of or der. It punches the hole well, and to fit the Ejelet, and in one operation clinchcs the Eyelet on hoih sides. It saves time, as the papers ike.. nee4 not be reversed or turned over to?lineh the E?lct a se cotid^iime, Bs l? the case with all other M?ehioes. It is useful to the Merchant in filing away papers, as weR as to the attorney or Conveyancer, the M?oe maker, Tailor. Milliner, and numerons others, and is a very labor savins Machine Sold by all the principal Stationers and Fancy Goods Dealers throughout the United States. Agents for Wa?hington. TAYLOR A MAURY, may 21?tf Bookstore, near Vih at* MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS^ SELECTED WITH GREAT CARE.?Every *r tide in tbe above line may be obtained ten per cent eh i; er than in'any store m| Uie city. Milliners will find it to their ad vantage to call. Straw Bonue's, Hats and Flats Lace, i rape, Blonde, Silk and Lawn Bonncl? al ways on hand Frames, Seamless Crowns, Uice do. Blonde Lace Edginrs Foo-mg, lie. WILT.IAM P. SHEDD, Fancy Goods and Millinvry, 50SA llih at. may 21?lw NOTICE. r| HE UndeiMgni d can accom>nodaie<iart'.cs with 1 COACHES for pleasure nips. Also, to make trip* to boau amvipg#'?Pjfttt^lH^ alter ni^h from tbe White House.*"*1?**^" For term*. apjJy to Mr. JOHN llOLBROOK, at (he Sta.e S:and at the Caphul,?r order* left stG. k f. PAik. r KC-.'s Store. WM. WHALEY. may lb ?lm* rfAHE HEALING v OF THE NATIONS. BY 1 CUAS. LINTON. With au Introduction and Appendix by N. P. Tallmad^e. i sn.isl.ej b> tbe Sot*uiy tbr the d /Tsukbi of Sftritu?l Knowledae, New Vutk 1 laiiK octavo volume, pr cf $1 50 Fo. ale at l AYLOR * MAURY'S B^iokstore, near Vib auett. my y