Newspaper of Evening Star, June 2, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 2, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Local Inf lllganca. r.C.'.*C"T CoCkT-ItfPO?TA*T TO VOTnt ? lath* Circuit Court, tbli morning, (inthe Preeenoe of a Urge auditory.) a cate of mnch importance, affecting tba voting privilege of naturalised persons of foreign birth, was pre dated; the issue having referenoe to tha mu nicipal election, which is to take place on Monday next. The oonrt especi ally eat to day. to hear and determine the question Mr. Lawrence (acting with Mr Carlisle) 2Et!tb? tv 'by rT#Edin*to ST./fc ?0f Tiomu J <>"??. setting forth r 4 whit* ***? citi?? of tbe United 6tatee, is over the age of twenty ona year?, and has resided in the city of Waah h?Z lL?XJZ%ri D#Xt Prec?d'ng lhe date b a resident of the Fourth ard, that on the 31st day of Deoember last 2T whf? mile oitiaen of this city, and that at that time he was subi-set tM *>' that year, and was ready ? id willing to pay suoh tax, but throogh acci dent or ma irertance his name has not been returned as auhjjct to suoh school tax for the Jj**1 y*' *D(i has not been entered on the lists aeeording to tha terms cf an ordinance of the corporation cf Wasbington, paseed the 80th day of May, 18411, and of an ordinate of s?id corporation, passed the 17th of October. 1850 The relator shows that he has applied to the city register :o inscribe his name on the said Itets and returns as subject ;o s.hool tax ss aforesaid, and hath tendered the amount cf ?aid tax to the Corporation, but the said re*. l!ar,r !? ,n80rib? his name on the said lists and returns, whereby he (the relator) unless the Court shall declare the law to be u h" P?*'1?^* right of ?oting and tha. through no fault, neglect, or disqualification of his own. He therefore miVk& ,?le m%y i?a?d oa William J. *~Lormick, the register, to show cause why a 11 not ig;u*' landing him to insonbe the name of the relator on the lists* and certify the sam j to the commissioners ot election, that he may be entitled to vote Mr Bradley (associated with Robert E Scott) on the part of the defendant, admitting the facts set forth in the pstition, proceeded . caa.fl* why the mandamus praved should not issue He said, in the coursJ of '"?????***** ?f e,eotion oould w \ ^ * h* 1,?t furai?bed under the char ter, and in accordance with the law of the corporation; andj unless they shall find the n y ar* not bound 10 re cord the vote. He likewise read various ^roxn 5 eta tut as bearing on the sub i , 'tff*UoB ?n<1 ?oting, and from the enaiter of the city that part which declares that eyry free white male citiaen of tbe United butes of lawful age, who shall hare resided in the city of Wa^hiogt-n for ens year next pre oeding the day of election, and shall be a resi dent of the ward in wbich he shall offer to ?ote and who shall have been assessed on the on the b>oks cf the Corporation for the year ending on the 31s* day of Deoember next pre ceding the day cf election, and who shall h*vs paid all taxes legally assessed and due on personal prop-rty when legally required to pay the same, and no otJer person, shall be entitled to rote at any eloet on for members ol the two Beards." If a man, whether an alien or a native, wai a fixed resident on the 31st of December last, W41 'inject to the oapitation or property ***? The alien is just u much subject to the payment of taxes as the native citiien; but tnts does not nec??? .rily give him the right tc ?ote. The clause of 'the charter which h< had read, he contended, required the person claiming to vote to have resided here, "<a a citizen oj the United States," ?* one yeai next preceding the day of election." He ii net to go to tba pjila direct'y fr,m the oonrt houaa, lu: mu=t have resided here as acitliJE fir one jear The court has no power to oi<lti the register to put the name ot the relator ot the lkt of vote. s. ? Mr. Lawrence, in reply, said this wss a tim pie case ol construction of a law pacsed bj American Congress, to be executed by Ameri' can officers. It was not a oase in which ar American native born oitisen and a ta'u rallied were placed in hostility to each other (the one asking what he had a right to ask and the other refusing what ho had the right to refuse;) but the question was?what hai Congress declared in the law whioh it hai passed, torching the qualifications cf natu rained foreigners to vote, here or elsewhere! It was simply a question of a naturaliiec eitisen of tbe United States, who has been i resident of this city for one year before th< time of election, and who was, on the 31st ol December last subjict to the school tax Th? act of 1848 alone presented the queatior whether, under that act, a man who was a resident one year prior to the annual eleetion would or would not be a legally qualified ?oier at such eleetion, it at the time tbe elec tion took place, he was that which is deeoribed ia the law itself, namely, a eitisen of the United States. It was said by his friend, Mr. Bradley, that the naturalised oitiaen must not only be a eit 'Ha at the time be shall offer to vote, but mur have been a cttnen of the United States a year preceding the election. To this con struction Mr Laurence aod bis oolleague de murred it is in violation of the plain lan guage of tbe statute itself There is no rea son for it ia public pilijy, and would require a large interpolation in tbe statute to arrive at such a conclusion The other qualification in tbe act shows that it was altogether a per sonai and rot a political residence?just as much as a qialifica.i_.n respecting age was a personal anu net a political qualification Mr. Carliaie (for the relator) said that there was not, in the charter rf 1848. any distine t. jd be- ween a riativeoi*is?n and a naturalised citizen None The charter of 1848 is older than 6am, (laughter,) snd he trusted would much longer Sarvire It was a new notion ; it was a sheer delusion He auked the gen tlemen on the other tide of the question to point him to the Constitution or the law of tbe laad which authorised them to make a dn tine ion between a man who has drawn no breath out of the land and the man who, this day, under the law and the Constitution, be eame a citiien. In 1843, there was nc existing reason governing Congress, so as to provide that a eitisen should not be a eitisen for one year after becoming suoh The natife who arrive* at age after the 31st of December is not entitled to vote, becau.-e in addition to b:s being a eitisen be must be llaole to taxation at that time, the 31st of De cember, and being a minor be oannot be sub jeet to taxation, while the adult alien ia liable to the tax, whether naturalised or not. In conclusion, he said that the argument on the other side was, in effeot, an attempt by impli cation to repeal an act of Congreas and im pose a new obligation on the voter, and to make a distinction which they never before heard. Mr Scott, for the defendant, was addraning the eturt when our reporter at two o'clock left the room ? re8r#t that the case at that time was ti . v10 occu^y court for several addl onal hours, tba< preventing us from announ ' f,t? r*aders. this afternoon, the judicial neuu or tbe important question at issue. ou^Lkl ?Yesterday, and through delightful* aiming, we have bad *2* ? 01 *P**king and patterleg homanitvTnrt?e**k,,re' ?ao11 t0 "alight of f?r as tha earrsY b*n#flt of vegetation. So iD^."im0^.1u^cferned-lt aar im^bef ih9 ** *! *' physical and braiec in?t Qnd;' froin human mouth the old ipout ia lh* #tr*? trrm ?greu wasVa^f ifV , ^ck yard' impetuous of ?nootinc?-f^r-h t'f^k n* the K7r%lioM of tbe afforded direct Li ?#p,to1 fountAin' bat it tical zood i.T aJ5%lp,ubl? ??idence that prae ?? good was being bestowed to bleu man thludTeV rgjff 'P?i1- lh* promenade of this afteraMB J of th* ooncert Bn: What of that* v*t P^dent's grounds tam, and! " J? days wiU won re niles like k?? ? ? nM* ?ialts and Java ,?. ? 0 d4y> attending to the ?off*. T yjsa^LKmjs,'' i . Th* Editob or m Tatrr* Wa km brliS f?m th. Ml.. It *oWtoo?, BB* WJttld publUh fara all if t/T" h# !*>">??> WTto in, ions an or hi* persecutor* In Washinrton I riDf tS .-N' ?*k b* MjfcrflTii thorn all Uu2!K?BJ^PrV,?*4 10 for8,T* 'ham I ai i t&e wronn dona him up to this dato. Like ??i 'Ji'w!*?*' bM b**? tri#d? ul baa main ly,11?- ?teg,ritT' fDd tbat from bii birth he oZa hiL uQDj ,J lDJ?r#d *?7 eroatnra that bod kit heavenly father baa oreatod, and that ha hu * ought to do good aod not aril to th* whole rac* of mankind. Siccaitt *oa Coca*.?Thi* morn in* a I StVamied J"b3 B*fk#l WM *rro*t*d by offl eer Fanning, and takan bafora Justice Clark ? eh W ,l?d#C6Qt exP?,nre The local aJtl J oocnrrad i* rather unfortu ?'*? *u "Bt to pri*on six months [?t\ ,w h P*rpetratad at tb* um* agaiast Backer, which wm no SLSfL? that Mr R^k?D^ P*11-' aw "Winded n^L- ?i5IC^#rd A*ama hrB b??8ht out avenn* uSf? ' r*,Uurant- on Pennsylvania maT B^rlT drr* We5t.,0f ?'?T*Bth St Thej ! 3r ???? lber# cn Monday nut and cool the hi ,?*-w*t*r. '?monade, Ac. Adams, by the by hoop* a crack house. being always [ eanTsHah'fpr?Veib -y> Witb eT#ry lbin* one I Jind h for 10 a capital establishment of the Mr* iSSE"?"? ?tcd 0" the proposition of Mr Hoiuton to admit two anti-KnoiTNothing Trn^e?K*"?Wuen ballots ware countad. We trust that the citisens of tho Second Ward (?rg#t th?.voto given by Mr. Reed on thu fair propDaition. We expected better k ?w ^ Preram? be is now con rolled by the Know Kothing lodges, to whom he now looks alone for re-eleotion o Ji?* ^AITvha? oome in niek ot time. Uwing to the late dry spell of weather the grass began to wilt and presented a scorched appearance?a sad sight for the farmer: but now the refreshing outpouring of the clouds nee gladdened their hearts, and given assur ance that tney will be able to make an aver fo^the?pr eocntf' b*dde *ffordiag 8^>d grating Political Mebtihgs.?The Union men of the Seventh Ward, and those of the Third, are to hold meetings to night?one at Potomac IIall, and the other at Potomac Hall. Asa good spirit prevails among our friends, we anticipate a Urge and enthusiastic assemblage I at each of those places. Washimotok Sbeibart Alumni?Tuesday afternoon, at five o'clock, is the time set apart l?T tb? frin' ?J ,b# 0,d for???r pupils of the ^ aahiDgton Sam nary, with a view to the (formation of* Society of the Alumni. We respectfully urge the attendance of all who are interested, as the re-union oannot fail to be of advantage to the graduate* of that pop ular institution of learning. Thb Mimbisota ?The workmen employed ?*v1ui V Y.ard are progressing rapidly with this splendid steamer which will doubt less be considered by all judges of mechanical skill, a fair specimen of what skilJful work men can accomplish Even now the mechan ics begin to look with pride upon their crea ture. It is expected that she will be ready ; ior launching about September Dext. The Meetiso Last Night of the Union aviation was densely crowded by deeply in terested citiaens. Speeches were delivered by Judge Johnson, W. D- Wallaoh, Mr. Craw ford of Pennsylvania, Hon. Fayette McMul Icnof V irginia, and o'bers whose nam*s we did not leirn, which were all received with m;st enthusustic applause. Dstaije? Letters ?The whole number of letters detained for want of pre payment of postage at the Washington City Post Office lor the month of May, 1855, is one hundred aod sixty-five, being an average of 5* letters eacn day. _____ ?I r z^0"188105 T0 t*e Baa.?This morning the , joliowing named gentlemen were admitted at ? orPey'J5nd c?nn??llorsof the Cireuit Court ? Robert E Scott, George S Bacon, and N C. :l Semes* ? prMiui?g ,.J" Election RETUKHa.-Wa *i;all keep the 5kar cfflio open on Monday night nut for 1 fVlt r?ception and announcement of returns i from tae various Wards, having made provi sion to obtain them the instant they may be oounted out. J W*. Cajouck, Jr., ha* boon appointed a constable in and for the oounty of Washington, by the Circuit Court. 8 ! Watch RaTcavs ?This morning, no eases for trial at the guard house, and but two lodgers, who departed at an early hour. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Geoboetowh, Jane 2,1855. The City Councils were in session last night, ? nd transacted business of maoh Interest to ourcitiiens. [Owing to the erowded state of our oolumns wo are unaMo to publish the proceedings until Monday ] On Sunday the services a| Trinity (Catho lie) church will bo of a very imposing and in terestmg character. Grand bi^h mass will be said, accompanied by excellent mueio, (Uay den s, >o 3,) with orchestral accompani m?is under the dir^tion of F'ofessor Dau !? "? R? B. il.gaU., PrMid.nt of ColUge. will pr?Mh on Lh. o?o> From present indications the Paoket Boat Congress wil! be crowded with excursionists to the ire At Falls to-morrow morniog The offerings of beef jattle at Drover'* Rest for the weak fa** beea very small. Sales at on the hoof, equal to $10a$12 net. Old sheep and Iambi $2t$3 per head Bon f. The ladies fair and festival at Forrest Hall elosas this evening We would advise all thoso who Wish to sp:nd a few hours in the m?,t agreeable manner imaginable, to go. The Flour an#Grain market remain* Arm at our prioee of Thursday. The cargo of 1,700 bushels Iowa wheat brought $2 30 Spbctatob ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Albxabobia, Jane S, 1855. The fine rain of the laat few days is poou larly gratifying to tho farmers in this yioinity. Yeiterday, the Cirouit Court decided, after considerable argument, tba case of Alexandria Corporation vs. 8. 8 Master* k Son. The objaet of the suit wa* to enjoin the aefandant* from proceeding with the extension of a cer tain wharf. The court decided not to issue the injunction prayed for. To morrow, the most Rev. F P. Kendrick, Archbishop of Baltimore, administers the saorament of confirmation at St. Mary's eharoh. There are about one hundred and fifty candidates. On Monday Bight, the Democrats celebrate, by a toreh.light procession andmaas meeting tho recent triumph of Demooracy in Virginia! Tr> Ahi. F?HNO>AL. ? Among the visitors in Washington are the Hon. R. M McLane, U. S. Minister to China, and Hon. Messrs. Preston King and J Bowen, N. Y , and Hon. Fayette McMullen, of Virginia. ? ???A farmer in Caroline oounty, Vs., ex presses the belief that he will have a portion of hi* wheat crop in market by tho 15 of June ? ???Three American oompanies have sold their patents for sewing machine* In France for vary lar-e prices. ' ' *; ? Dr. Stephen Beale, the Philadelphia ?!?i?l,i'-,*Id,to^# W"* *erioo*ly ill at the fbat hV,^"/3 Py'^*'pWa, and it is feared .annot survive hi* term of imprlson .... It is positively stated that Madame ill contemplation to obtain her aid for a charH table Institution. 3 ....Two hundred reernita for the naral Mrrioe wore .hipped at the United State* Haval Eendeefoui, in PhiladelpbU, daring the month of May. This ii the largest nam? i'r, fif1! for one month, daring the last ten yean. ' V' J**?'th# cnt hie throat re vlind'Oh!o- Tbere!? In J hi> reC0Ter7 from the wotln/, so the hangman is likely to be oheated. The Steamer Star of the W?st arrived at New York last evening with San Franoisoo the ?'h alt> (?i?ht dayi later) and ?ii5 000 'P*?1* in She alio brings 300 passengers. The United States sloop-of-war 8t. Mary's was lying in the harbor of San Jaan del Sad on the 2Jd, all well. The failure of Messrs Page, Baooi * Co proves to be a hopeless one. Trade has undergone no important change There hare been large exportation of flour and grain. '^? United States mint resumed coinage on the 8th of May, and the amount of gold dust "J06 d*y WM 18'000 oanoes, and 6,000 ounoes of silver. vTJ? M adjourned tin* die. Nothing of importance has transpired. The extensive excitement in Whalers' bills created mnoh excitement in Honolulu. The United States steamer Massachusetts arrived on the oth froth Call so. Markets ?At San Franoisoo trade is dell. M*?! 113o)?r b^fBl1 chi,i ,,lok flour' * i vff1^0!?.20 t0 500 Par ; Mess pork, $15 50a|10 per barrel; butter, 32a82io per pound. The papers furnish nothing of interest. Frahk Lbslib's L^niBs'Gazbttb of Paris, London, and New York fashions, for June, has been laid on our table by Col. 6hillington? who promptly supplies us with this, to the lsdies, valuable publication. It is embel< lisbed with fashion plates and prints. JuBitawT.?The opponents of Knothingism in New York and Philadelphia have been re jjiciog over the result of the Virginia election ?holding immense jubilee meetings, firing cannons and making other joyful demonstra tions. lyThe Charleston News says that we should "fight the devil with fire." Certainlj not. It woald be wiser to fight him with some thing he is less used to. Sister Rose, in stven chapters, by Charles Dickens, a new work, just issued, has been sent to us by the publisher, T. B. Peterson, Philadelphia. nsuuiKi). At McKendree Chapel parsonage, on Thursday n.o ning. the 31st of May, at 10 o'clock, by the Rrv. Georjr* Hildt. JOHN F,. LEWIS, of Una city to M'ryiand ICt* t,8HER' of ???Bt|omcrjr county, Oa the 31st May, by the R?v P. D. Durlev D 1) finv W RKED 10 ?"?? AN.VE l! WIL both of ihif* city. iniiVu-?3,.f -L 5?ay' by t,,e Rev- w r- Steel, SSUXSSSUSSSSSJSS M"" EL,Z EL L, all ot this city. DKKP. ,Bt 'nstant, after a Ion? and painful iiinew, THOMAS BEWELL, th< ti'Dfml will take place to-morrow (Sunday) \o V e'"ck? tnm hpr parent* residence. 24 fr spect street. The fount!* of the family are rtapecUuliy invited to attend. ' On the 1st instant, Mrs. M ARTH A E , in the 18ili >ear of her age, wife of Mr. Jav N. W. havla Wants. A WOMAN THAT CAME LATELY FROM me North applies for i situation a* a cook or KPepffj an<f/ aPlb,e 'in* alt sort* of hou-e les.andUie b-t reference will b- given re-juir- d Apply at Fourth street, between Mas sachusetts avenue an i 1 street, \o. *73 je 2?It* BVLE"v W^EO-ONE WHO understand, rastry and Confectionery. maj'sfcHiw WILLARD'8 HOTEL. W AJ* T ED ? A~PARfNER TO WORK A .*rL ne an?l contract for sale of Stone v rnment and others, there being now greatde f T3,:" Quarry ? Lnniedia'ely oppo sue Georget wn. Larg? ,|lanty, blacksmith shSp, n? h? ,Ky ,on fP"t- Tl U quarry fur nuhes the be?t and largest truck Stone, flic. A chance Is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD k CO, m ? ??cnth street, oppo. the Treasury. \A7ANTEU? EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT hLT f .7 ,can S? ? ,ot 94 fee' front by 130 f?H deep, for the low price of 575-payable $3 a n..?nth without 'ntereM Apply at the Union Land Office 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall. "uice, ap 28~3in JOHN FOX, Sec. Boarding. BOARD ASO ROOMS?Two or three newly furuit-h^d and very denrable rooms for -4?"d'tl 403 F st How ** C. OHKsiU'j Boarding Hou*. , n Pennsylvania avenue first house west tf ine capitol gate. Fine rooms at v*riou< prices, and ^ attention and comfort bestowed on nicies and gent'eme'i gue*?s. may 36 3w* 1>i;RSO.\'8 WISHING A HANDSOMELY FUR nished Parlor and Chamber in a private family ^ nf.fCC0n,r,,Odated by ?PP,Jrin* at 111, south of "1* ?w?nue, opposite Willard*' Hotel, may ay?eo2w l\ V * ?KNT-PARLORS AND .. Cbamhers with board. Also, table and trai, tient Soard, with a bathing room an 1 tiho#er baths and ever)' attenuon to render it m<?st agreeable to her boardera. Mrs. P. G MURRAY, a?23_3^jrner aveaue and 4^ st. BOARU, A-c.-MRS. BATES, on thel^h" west ct?rner of Pa. avenue and 8th street is pre pare*. to accommodate geiillemeu with rooru-j. witlj or without board. Every effort will be made to rrn der those comfortrblc who may favor her with their ap 6-if TKBTI1 LOST.?Lost a few days since, two magnificent Teeib, set on a gold plate. The finder will be suitably rewarded on applying st (he Star office counter. '* J 1?3t EXCURSION TO THE AND W AT E K WO It KS. 'rbt* Canal Packet Boat C O N H^B5HE?~BC R E S 8, Captain Charles Merrill, make on Excursion tm SUNDAY, the 3d June at 7 o clock a. in, to afford persona an opportunitv of visiting th ? Great Ealls of the Potomac, and es amining the Washington Aqu? luct. At the sojicitttion of mnny citisens the proprietors have been inductd to make the above excursion ami will put the round trip at 50 cents ; agentiemau I and lady for the round trip. 75 cents. Refreshment* can be had on board. The boat will leave the Wharf of W. H. * H. G. Hitter, near the Market House, Goorgetowu. at 7 o'clock a. ru. A boat will be in waiting at the Fall* to accom modate thuae who may wiah to cro?s the river, may 31? LOST?On Tuesday, el'her on board the steam Loit George Washington, or at the Wharl in tnu ciiy or Alexandria, a Memorandum Book, con taining aonie fish account* of no use to any one but n.vsel? A suitable reward will be given if left at th?s office, or no ice sent to me so that I can eet it may 31?3t* ' A L>L< 8TRAIOKR9 1visiting the City should *?e Hunter's Catalogue < fthe <,urKHitie* of the Patent Office. Also, hie ** F"well's Great Picture. HUNTER is to be seen at 456 Ninth street. may 31?3m? TO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON and VICINITY. ?^wA,i?IJAnPR,BRAM k SISTER,f~T jJSLl|No. *Tf Pemwylvania ?venue, be-^El, II wtween 10th and llih street*, return^nSr thwr regards for the kind patron ge heretofore be ?lowed upon their effort*, and tak-< the Uberty of in formula their wauy friend* that they intend open in^ their Spring, Summer and Fancy BONNETS which constat of 250 pieces besides a rich assort ment of STRAW BO!$NETt3, kc. They are able Ln^'hL ^eiwb0 in want a lashionaMe and cheap Bonnet. Cail and examine before purchasing elsewhere, ?ay u-isi F For Bale and Bent. OR RENT?TWO NEATLY FURNISHED _ rooms on H, between #th and 10th streets, No. 414. Tbe neighborhood is respectable, and the location healthy and plaasant- jeg >? T?OR RENT?A FINE THREE STORY AND 17 attic Brick Hoom, No. C street, betwten 4V^ and 6h, with every conven-ence de trable for a private re.-idence. A pump of first ra e water In tbe '"Apply at HAVENNERS Bakery, je 3?eoSt* C, between 4t/$and gib >U. FOR RENT?ACOMEORTABLY FUBNI*HEi? Hou?e, situated o:i tbe m?st d? sirable part of Capitol IIill. There 13 an abundance of excellent Iruli on the premise#. To a responsible person th? rent will be very low. Enquire at this office, je 2-eo3t i<^ T WO ROOMS ON THE SECOND OU THIRD I floor in a new three atory bri k building, will be rmted, famished or Bnfurnished, and with or withont board, or breakfast and tea only. It is very eligibly situated near the elevated part ofMassaciiu set:* avenue, and will he found in every respect ac ceptaMe Apply at the Star office. Je 2?3t* FOR SALE OR RENT?THAT LARGE three story Hotlae on Missouri avenue, three doors east of4tf street. This home is lar** and has just been thoroughly repaired, and gas introduced, and is one of the beft locations fn the city for a private residence or boarding house, or school. Possession given about the 7th June. For terms, which will be liberal, apply to T. PURSELL, 341 Pa. avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel, jp 1?6t? AT PRIVATE SALE ?Several two-*iory irame ! Houses, with Lots from 80 to 105 fee deep The above property is located on the north side ol Massachus us avenue and the south sideol' I sueet, being the sable square, between 4*.h and 5:h streets. Bei' g a he iltby and vert thriving part of the citv. Also a three-story Frame, fronting on the fame avenue, containing ten rooms, all private, the hou-e nearly new, and lias a flower garden attached to it. Any of the above property will be sold say, f-ne third ea?h, and the balance on a credit of 6, 12,18, an1 34 months PtTaons desirous of obtaining a plea?nnt residence on easy terms Will do well to call at No 504 Mas sachusetts avenue. Title to the above indisputable. One small house lor rent. je t?*?t* TO RENT?FROM 1st JUNE TILL MIDDLE of October, two pleasant Chamber*, near the Departments Address "Amy," Wash-ngton. may 31? 3t FOR RENT?IN ALEXANDRIA, VA., THAT large three story Brick House, well known a* the best ?tand in the city lor a hotel and restaurant, on Cameron street, opp-?*ite the Market Hou*?- and now occupied by Mr. MeGonegal. Poeneasion giv en on the first of July. Address LLOYD k CO , Claim Agent, 15th st, opp. the Treasury, Washing tnn.D. C. m <v ?tf ~\r ALU00LE TRACTS OF LAND NEAR th \ City, at Private Sale.?For sale, four very de sirable and eligibly situated tracts of Land, contain ing about filty acres each. p*rt'y in Montgomery county, but principally in Washington county. D C. opposite the farm of Joseph H Bra Hey, Esq., about 4 !< miles from Washington, communicating with it by a new and commodious road row under con struction The soil is excellent, and well adapted to corn and wheat The situation Is prominent an ! healthy, and the land well watered. There are three tenements on the premises. This propeity is p?culia?ly suited to gentlemen having business in the city for beauuful country res idences. A plat of the property can be seen at the office of the subscriber. John Parker, E?q., living adjoining, will show the property to any who may wish to see it. EDW. SWANN. No. 1J#6 Louisiana avenue, near City Hall, ap 20 - eo2m ? I>OR RENT OR SALE ON REASONABLE ' Terms.?A three story Frame, with base n ? nt on New York aveii'ie, between Fourth and Fifth streets west Al*o. a three story Frame, with back building, on I street north, between Fourth and Fifth sts. we t Apply to James W. Barker, residence on H street north, between 12th and 13th streets west. DICKSON & KING, ap 5?Th'f Georgetown. For rent the three story store and Dnflling, No. PO Bridg?; sttfe? t, Cltorge town, so long occupicd as Emmert'a Confectionery. Appl.. to ARVY, next doer may 25??otf TO RENT?A TWO STOItY MOHFRN BUILT Brick Hous-, in gool repair, with a basement and attic, <m the upper side ofnnrth >1 str<tt, three doora from Tenth street. 'I he Mtua'ion i* "ne of the healthiest and finest in Wa-hing'on. From tl.e upper windows there is an extensive view r.f the ci'y and river. R?-nt .?300 p^r am u > ?pa.d monthly. Inquire at No 519 M street, next door hut one to the prrntifVs. mav 31?oo3 ? TrALUABLE LOTS FOR SALE.?LOT No. 1, Y -quare 218, corner of north I and 14th streets, and fronts also on Franklin Square. Lot No. 15, same square, fronts north on K street, between 14 h and 15th strrets. Lot No 3, square 250. fronts on north H and the public space between 13th ?-nd 14th *treets. There is a paved alley 30 fret wide in the rear of tins lot, and a sewer immediately adjoining. It i? probably one of the most desirable lots in the 8e:ond Ward now on sale. inquire at No. 3TO H street north, between 13 h and 14:h. may ?,9-eo4t I^OR SALE OR RENT-?The owner of a hotel, . n' W engaged in another basiness, would like to sell his entire stock an 1 Fixtures, and if demand ed, the house situated on Pennsylvania avenue with a gool mn of custom, on liberal terms. Particular at Charles Walter's Agency and Intelligence Office, 553 Seventh st., opp. Centre Market may 30 - 1 w* JJOR SALE OR RENT?A NEW TWO STORY ant attic brick House, with a two story back buildii.g, conning a large Ha'l and ten jjood rooms To a ciafcful trnai t the rent will he verv moderate. For further particulars enquire of Mr. PHILIP MACKEV, corner Fourth and I strfeets. niayJO-lw* A RARE CHANCE FOR ONE OF THE BEST J\ Grocery Stands in Washington City.?The un | dersigned will s. II at private s?.le his Grocery ?V are house, xituated on the coiner of B and 12th streets, and wnliin a short distance of the bridge crossing the Canal. The building in Mze is 5:8 feet trout by 5? deep, and was erected about six years ago; the foundation is r.f stone, three feet deep, averaging 30 iucnes thick to the top of ground ; the wall iif first story is 14 iitc'iei thick; the second 9 inches, all ol hard brick ; the floor is grouied wi h gravel and brick, leaving no space tor rats to burrow ; the roof is of tin, and all the materials throughout are of the very best quality and executed by the bcBt workmen The recent closing ol the Grscery bu-ine?s was in cons* quence of not being able to obtain capital t<* keep up with the great increase of trade, which had nearly douMed every year since it first went into operation. Any person h. ving means to enter into til** wholesale, with the retail, also to deal in wood and coal, and particularly horse feed, floar and bacou, can do a very'extensive and profitable busi ness, having when cloned a large city, country ar.d boat custom. For lurther particularr- apply to C. P. SENGSTACK, D street, between 12th and 13th. N. B.?A lot of ground on the east end of the building, U5 by 75 feet, wdl be sold with or wnbeut | tbe house. \ may 29 ? FOR SALE?A LOT OF GROUND IN THE moat thriving part of the city, improved in pa-t and is under rent at two hundred dullasa * year It ia situated on Ninth near N street, and has a front of 70 feet on Ninth street, by 73 feet 6 inch** deep. The above property will be sold at a barc&O for cash or on tim?, as the purchaser may desire, by paying one-fourth cash. For particulars enquire of JAMES O. WHITNEY, on C, betw. 12th and 13th atreets. may 9'?2w RENTS REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIMES. $150 a year will be received for the rent ol those new and convenient cottager at Kendali I Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps ot pure water arc near the door, and communi^at on is bad with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh xtreets and Penn. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the department*. To secure toe advantage of thia great "reduction of rent immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either hy letter, or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keya may be had and the houses inspected a? any time. Several of these residences will b? sold on liberal terms. WM. STICKNEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rent* paid quarterly in advance. apr 9, 1855?tt F~ OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAIU | lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S. ?33 F street *P9 HOMES for ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 fiett front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low pnee of $75, payable $3 per month. Title indisputable. Unioa l and Office, 7th at., above Odd Fellow*' Hafl. jan 9?6m JOHN FOX. Secretary. RESTAURANT?" HAVING bought out the establish m?mt ofHorrce | Rit'er, on Ptnr.Sjlvania avnua, between 11th and lUth streets, which !< have completely it novated, I can ac commodate u>y Irieuds with real TUB TLE SOUP, OVhTERS in every style, and tl.e best ot LIQUORS, CIGARS, tic. All luxuries and Oalicaciee in season. may 31-lw RICHARD ADAMS. Auction Bales. Mfr-For Balm au *r?t pmr* By ORBKR Sl VCOTT, Aa?tlo?MN? Valuable building lot on ninth st. between I street aid New York avenue, si Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the ??h in?tart, we shall *11. in t>or( cf the pr? mtaee, at OH o'clock p. m . a beautiful Building Lot. being Lot 6 in Equate No 403, bavinf a front <* ? f"?"t ?> ?**? ? <? of itnft wnl, between nonh I street end New York avenue. . The above described property ia hawdsomefy aaa eligibly situated, and presents rare inducements to per on* wishing to make a good invetftin -nt, having * pump of excellent water but a few ??-p? ttom the pr- misep. and a public sawer 19 lee; dtep lmmcdi ately in front. Title indi.-putnble Termi: One thir l c?'h: th? balanc in 6 and 19 months, f.r mt?s elating interest from the day of j ?fie alie A u?ctl liven ami ad ?4 of trial taken GREEN Sl SCOTT, je 2 d Auctioneer*. Hy JAS C. JHcGUIflK, AnCllonttr. 'rBUSTCE'^ SALE OF VALUABLE REAL I E-titc ? By vtftnft of a d^cd ?t" tr* t Aom F. ?i cis Selden, beanrg date on Ihe *r t day oi P*cem ber 1816, and recorJ<*d in Liber W. J? , Wo iSfl, f?> lios 23!, 232. and 233, the i-ubsrrihrr WITT crH at oub'ic sale, on MONDAY, the lHh day of June, 1855. *t6o'cl ck p m , on the premises, the we?1 half of Lot No 9. in Square 247. fronting 29 ten on north L street, between I3th ard I4:h streets wwt, running t a k 190 feel, with the buildings and im priVen nts therein. which consi.-t of two w?ll built frain^ dwi I ing r. The above progeny Is well located in a mpidly improving part of ihe city. The term* of the rale will be one-hrff cash, and the balaocc Jn *, 12. and 18 months, fur note* bear ing interest from day of sale, secured by a de?d of trurt on the property. If ihe terms of sale are not complied wtth in aii daya after the sale, the property will be rePO'd at the risk and expense ot the purchaser. All conveyancing it cost of purrhsser. WALTER LI NOX, Trustee. JA8. C. McGUIRE, Je 2?eokds Auctioneer. Sy QKKiCft * SCOTT. Ancttoneera. Large and commodiou* brick house and Lot on L'apitol Mill at Auction.?On PRl day, the 1st day of June, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p in., on the premises, the large and well bui t three-story biics House, lately occupied by the Hon :udee (.'ranch, situated on Delaware avenue, next to the corner of north B stree!, " ear the north Capitol caie. The house contains thirteen c-enve niently arraegeo rooms, and wide p8-?&ge through the bou*?, and built wltii Jhick walla, and a cellar under the whole building, and iu? l?l being half of Lot No. 6, in square No. <**>, having a front ot thirty feet fix inches, running 19e> feet ???v.'U inches to a thirty feet alley. The above-de?erM)^a ?rop erty is certainly one of the handsomest loca*loi?? and moat beautiful sites in Washington, presenting t^he mo-t commanding view. There is also a pump of excellent water near the door. Teriu?: One fourth c tali; naiance in one, two, three, and tour yea'*, the purchaser to give n?tes> for the deterred payment*, bearing interest from day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. All conveyance at the cost of the purchaser. GKEEN & SCOTT, may 25? d Auctionccra. The tbovt ial? la po?tpon?d In consequence of the rain, until FRIDAY, the 8;h instant, at 5 o'clock p. m k GREEN & SCOTT, je 9?d Auctioneer. tfy J. C. NcGUIRK, Anctloncer. Tf.^LU BLE IMPROVED TUOPERTV AT Y Fuhlic Bale?On FRIDAY aft*moon, June 1, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, I slim I sell, t.y or ii? r of the Orphans' Court, that valuable piee<i of property si'uated at the corner of 10th 3nd E street, and ueH'-ral y known as Ihe Me.lica: College. The lot friu is 61 f-et 1 inch on E street by 58 feet on 10th street, containing :?,543 squate feet. The building coasi-ts of a eubstrntial and well built three *tory bri.'k Buil ling, which is admirably adapp-d for a warehouse, for roanufactiiring or sch'Nkl purpo. es Portions of this building aru now under very satisfactory rent Title perfect T? rms : One-third a ih; the tesidue in 6, 12,18, and 24 months, with interest, secured by a deed if ] l,;tston the premises. 8. il NO' BSE, Administratrix, By WM. NOUKSE, Attorney, Ma. C. McGUIRE, may iJ?coSids Aticuoneer. jrj* The utoove lalt ta poa?p^n-d In co!i^eqr;-rc" ofrhe r^ln until WEDNESDAY after- j noon June bL':.a&tnc itum and place JA3, C. M:GUIRE, j* 2 d Auctioneer. By <x SCOTT. Anctlon?er?. 1 ^rRUSTEE'S SALE OF FRAME HOUdE ANH I Lot at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the 1st day of June, 1 shall sell, at 6U o'clock p. m.. in front of the premised, by virtue of a deWl of trust, duly re enrded in one ot the land records or Wa-ihmeton county, in the Diabictof Col am Ira, Lot No 49, in Cabutt's subdivision cf Square No. 677. The lot lias a front on north II st'eet of 25 f< ?t, between '..'apitol aud 1st streets ea-t, lur.ning bnck 87 feet 0 inches, with the improvements, which is a good and nea'ly tiew fra;ne hou.?e. This pr< perty is near the iron bridge. Terms: One-half ca.h; the residue in 6 and 12 months, for nates bcanng interest'rom the day ci the na'e. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. J. V. N THKOOP, Trustee. GltEEN h. SCOTT, may 29?d Auctioneer*. (07- Th? abort ?al? fa pnstpoa?d In coiiM-quence ol the rain until TUESDAY, the 5th instant, at the same haur GREEN & SCOTT, je 2 -d Auctioneers. By UHER!f A ?COTT, Aucflonaara. ANIJSU.ME COTTAGE RUILDIN9 LOI S at II Auction.?On TllCRdDAY, tiie 31st instant, we shall s< II, on th;- preni ???, at 6 o'clock p. in., several handsome budding iota, having an entire front on Massachusetts avenue of 72 feet II inchcs, and a front on 31 street tast of 155 feet, furtnini; the corner of Mas^achusette avenue and 3d street eiu-t on an elevated and neahhv position on Capitol Hill, near the mpitol, and a pump of excellent wa;er at ths corner. Alao, two lets on E street north, in s^me square, it being square No. 75). The lou will ba so! J ia siars t? suit parchatftrj Title perfect. TVtma: Ona-founh cash; balance in 6 12, and 18 months, for bearing interest from the day of th* sale. A deed given and ader d of trust taken. GREEN *. B< OTT, may 9G?d Auctioneer. (py- The tbove aalc la poalponadun til FRIDAY, the rth imtant, ?a ne hour. GREEN & SCOTT, J ; 2?d Aucuoiwiera. My OKKKS Jt SCOTT, Aacttoaeiri. VALUAFLR RUILDING LOTti at Auction.? On WEDNESDAY, the 13th day of June, we shall sell, on the premises, at 6 o'clock p. in.. Lots N'os, 3, 4, and 3, in Square No. 543. fronting 30 eet each north E stieet, between l?t and 9J directs west, tunning back 100 feet to a 20 feet alley. T1 e above m< ntioned pro. erty is handsomely lo cated a little northwest of the railroa . depot. Terms: On*--third cash ; balance a credit of six and twelve mont'-s, for notes bearing int rest from the day of sale. A i!e? d given and a deed of trust taken to aecure defe n d payments. GREEN k SCOTT, may 31?eofcris Auctioneers. By OKKEM A SCOTT, Auctionccra* f a TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A VALUABLE Bt'lLD X >ng Lot, situated on 11th street west, near Ma ryland avenue, at Auction?On WEDNESDAY, l'Uh June, I snail sell, in front of the premises, at ? o'clock p. m , by virtue of a deed of trust bearing due the *5th nay of August, 1851. and duly record ed in cne of the land records lor Washinirton county in tf.e I list i ict of Columbia, part of Lot No five, <5,) in Square No. three h'in Jred and filiy-lbtee, (&J,) having a front of ? feet on llth street west, lietw. south t and E streets, and running back 99 feet 10# :nches. with the improvement, which is a frame tenement, and considered one of the most?ligible building lots on the Island. T> rras: Ore-third cash ; the balance in 6 and 19 months, the purchaser to give notes for the deleired payments, bearing interest from dav of sale. A deed ?iven and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing at cost of purchsser. LAMREHT I REE.Truetec. U KEEN k SCOTT, tnay 31?aokds Auctioneers. Bv J. C. HcOUlHKi Ascfio<*??r. VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT IN THE First Ward at Auction .?On TUESDAY af ternoon, June 5th, at 6 w'clock, < n the premises, I shall sell Lot No 20, in S luarn 101, having a front of 35 feet on north 1, between 20th ai d 21st street*, running back 149 feet 3 inches, to a 20 feet alley ; there is also a ten ftet alley ruaning the full der ih of the Int on the eat-l ide This lot is h&ndsomtly situated, fronting an Im proved public reservation on Pennsylvania aveaue, and is a vtiy dkairable localiou lor a private resi dence. Title perfect. Terms: One-fourth cash ; the residue lu six, twelve ?nd eighteen months, saus ac oruy secured, bearing Luereet. JAB. C. M.GUIRE, my 26?aoJt,is AucQooaer. SCPICHlOll TABLE AND POCKKT Cutlery, Razors, Scjksors, sic ^ A large a?wl ineut, lower than at any other pla^eln the city. For good articles and low prices always call at tha Housekeeper's Furnishteg Store, 490 Seventh at. may SO Q. FRANCIS. TELEGRAPHIC DAILT HVMHItO ST Later frja Cube?Antral cf the Hiw Tou, Jam I ?The Blaek Warrior, with Havana dates to the I>th bu arrtrad. The who!* Island wu la astale of qoM Baa loess 1* Improving. The Fulton tu at Hirua vhn the Rnk Warrior loft The Prineeton aad Oyaae vara cruiaiag off San Antoala. The Baa Jaatata ?u at MataMae, and tba JibmUwi aft Key Weat. Baltimore Marketa, 4a. Baltimore, Jana 2 ?Grata?there H bat little doiug t hi a morning aDd reoaiptg avw light; hut the market is steady at ye'terday'e prices JIoward street flour 1a held at fll aad City Mille at 910 75 The rain atlll continues with ae preepaata af ita clearing up at present. Hew York Markets Saw ToM, Jo no 3 ?Cotton to Arm aad aa changed. Floof ll easier hat not guotahly lower Good Ohio $10 11*916,17# Soothera is stead?; saloe of 1,700 bble. Wheat to aa changed aad nominal. Pork is a trifle lowea Beef it uncharged Lard ii nashaagri, ? Whiakj is dull and lower; Ohio Mftalfle. New York Stock Market Haw Yoaa, JuneJ?Sarks ore dall iM heavy M< ney is plenty Sales this morula* Of Erie's at 43ft; Cleveland and Toledo Ral.? road 80ft; 90 d; Cumberlsad Coal Compaay, 8-j; Ca-> ?Jr 24|; Pennsylvania Coal Company 110 b AO d; Now Toik Central 13}; Ohio f's? i03i; Reading Railroad, 83ft. GR^AT BARGAINS AN be had in Jie following nam<*l goods, a* we V.^/ have full jr detennlacd to ckh;* oat the reiran itt-r of. ur ?pring and ?amraer g?odJ Willi as Muo delay a* p ; and m the quickest and i"na way ? f accomplishing that object is to off< t foo<ia ate great's ?criflce, we hare concluded to ad"t?t *ba: very plsn in order to dtapoee o( our largo auxh of? pi*it, strpe and plain BUka, black Bilks Ricrt tigured ller< gee IIr rage Rob*s, Jaccaet Robee Organdy Mu-dins. r'ranch Lawns Rriage dc Lames, Chalky de Lainee Fi: r? ii Chaileys, Gikghsms, Ch?a sea F'f iich Jaconet*, plain Rerag'^, Wick 1- ? ? ?? lila?( Grenadine*, b ack and colored Bilk Maatltte Lace VJ.'Oll' ?, Lace Points and Shawls Reiape Shaw.'" Iln'' Crape Shawls, Pa"?*4"* Lar^? lot French Worn* Corded and worked Ski-ts Rochet Hdkfs, Gloves, Lace Mits ll.elerv of ?H kinds Men and hoys' wear Ganxe Plaraet Ladies and r?*n icemen's Gauze Meriao Vest* Ladies chopping for any of the above aimed r?oda may r- ly upon getting great burg ins by cailint *,ar ly, as the e? ire s'ock mu*t be sold before the 1st cs Ju y CLAGETT, NEWTON, HAT k CO. may 31?6t __ _ _ THE LAST CHEAT AMERICAN NOVEL.-Tbe Mining Bride; or, Miriam, the Avenger, by Mrs Km ma I) E. N. Soutliworth, author of tka L'??t H? ireas, the Wife's Victory. Curve of CliAea, the Di^cirded Daughter, Retriboiin, fce. i o'lipictc in one volume ot 635 pages, bound ta cloth, lor one ddllar and twenty five c?U| or la two vo1iijb*s, paper cover, for one dollar. Ju?t received and for sale by JAB H. Bt'lWS, it Ins Cheap Buoktore, No. 1BO Bridge oveet, Georgetown. AI-", Ager.t fora'l the weekly newspapers, wbtek w.l< b ? pervrrt at the dwellings of the suhaenbara. Hend m your patn may?-lw I^Oa tllB K?An excellent male COOK, aot i ore,! Address "L M," Box No U, Georgct*a. may 30?4t* ^irA?<niaioTofi lorpokatioi ? V T per cent. Stock for sale by n.nv *9-2* RIQQ3 k CO. LAND WARRANTS WANTED. rpUE aii'4?"fi?ntd Mill pay the bigneet pnee fcr j Lund Warranto. Stock>- bought and sold on Commission. IIAMI TON G. KANT, No 43* Pa avenue, Wachuigtos# mav 28?lm (lnt? Union) ? ll? MISSING BKIDE, by E. D. B. N. Boutb I worh, 8 vols, pi ice #12 ILirp-r'" Magsfne forJuae * MarperV Btorv B*>k No. 7. \lrgiaia *? P iu-v Mi^t ne for June ? Godt> . LalyV Rook do ? Graham's wagetine do ? A!I the Nrv Bo<^s, Msgsxinea, Cheap Pab'loa (ios - ard We klv Papers received as soon as p?b 1Lhtd a:id lor sale bv E. K LCNDY, No. 1*8 Bridge straet, Ge >fg?toww. may 31?tr MORE NtW MANTILLA3. W7 E ?.p'in 'his morning? \Y 30 :i ore n,' those beautiful Blaek Bilk aad Lace Mantillas 25 Black L h iwls S. arfs and Points at reduced prieee AI-mi, h arj?' sio.'k of neb figured and pliia Frei.cli Lawns, Organdy MuiJios Rich Baroje Robe- very cheap Dt.tHfl an I plain Swiss Muslins Ail of whub will he sold at murk lam than I er prices Purchasers are cordially invited to call and r xam* inc our assortment for themselves may 9:?t 8t CULI.EY k BEAR!. M 0 R E B A R G A I N S . JOHN H. SHOOT, Br>Ai' itrett. soutk nit near Higk, G+or[*io*on, HAS 1 n?t received a lurther supply of aeasouahio, amongat which will be found 50 pieces g<?od shI^s fa*t colored Law ns at lS)f 10 do platii black and white and blaek do. 30 do ru*h plaid Ginjhamf and Gingham Lawoe ."<0 do tlott'd and rich emb'd Mu&lins 50 do p'sin Swiss and Nainsook do 40 do Jaconet and Cambric do :-0 do p'aid and striped do 26 Grass Cloih Bkirts 30c">rded and da:i;a*k do White ?r?d colored Watered Moreons 50 pieces light pretty styles Calicos 10 do Ra- ge de Lalnes at lS>4e 2 do Buff ?hade Lines With sn assortment ofseaaonaWs styles of G'ovea, llo-iery, and many oiher very demrahie Goods, ta which ih>' ait* n'l-n of ??h or prompt customers Jo invited, as we are constantly receiving new gooda, and an ^clliti? them at prices to suit tba times. cisy23?if ^ BMOOT. PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND. THIS Band ts suitable for sn? and ail po'poaee, and i? warrant* d to give satisfaction to all those who may he j.-!ea*ed to enga^a them, wther as a Brass, Reed, or Cotillon Band. Anv number of mu?it:ians to be had at the short est notice by to FKEHEBIC PBOSPEBI, Leader, at T?ltavult*s Store, opposite the Mariue Barracks. N. B.- Orders left at Hilbus a Hitx's Musis Oa pot, will be promptly attended to. may 25?4m THE POTOMAC RIVER STEAiliiOAT COMPANY'S STEAMER ALICE G. PRICE, CAPT. SAMUFL BAKER, _|t ? ^ Will oommanee bar regular J^SdBfitripa on TUB8DAY HORnlffO. 2UU1 iiifiaxit, touching at the different Landing* on the river. , Lea. e Washington at 6 end Alexandria at 7 o'tlk on Tue?i<la. eni Frid ly mornings Brturning, wtl leave Cone kiver at 4 o'clock, on Waduasday aad Saturday mornings, until further notica. may 95?d TO THE LADIES. NKW ?1LLIJ9KBY ?Miss THOMPBO* u now opening another invoice of tbosai handrome Leghorns, Neapolitans, Engtisl Split Straws, Lace, Crape, Bilk, and otbe Hsu. at our salesroom No. 310 Penn. a venae Ladioa will aleo find at our store a rich lot of Em> broideries, Mantles, Lace Shawls, kc., which we are selling at very moderate prices. HUTCH I a BON a MCNIO, may 98?fit Peri umery and Fancy Dcalaai [lot 6t eod.j FOR THE ORANGE t ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP RAILROADS THE Subscriber's Coaches will call for wishing to connect with the above , Railroads. My Ccacbes connect withj the SieamervTnoa Con-Tsa or Geeaoa ?*an?a to*, which leave Washii:gtoa at 6 a m. rn- Meats furuishad on the boats. Person* wishing lb* C?**cbes to cill for UM ^ leave their name and residence wnn Mr. John T. Tillman, near th? Capitol g?'? i Mr..Ban* drwg store, corner fennsylvaaia avaana and ltoh Maei or st Geo. a Thos Parker a Co *s a4ore. Coacbea can be had for Pleasure Tnea. mav 8*-am WILLIAM W?AL?T. STEWARTS SEYLIGHT DAGUE&BEAN GALLERY?Wo are making apt end id pictures lor lower priaee than any other Ga lery in tba city. Tbey are pm fsetly life-like, and satisfacucn ts always glvaa. Gallery directly om N W. Gait's Javmrr haa Pa. aveaue flm

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