Newspaper of Evening Star, June 5, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 5, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Local Intelligence. Tn Klbctioh, yesterday, ptssed off m or deriy u any or* of those bold In previoui years; and this it * gratifying fsct t > reeo-<i To bo sure, there were no' a few unmi-takabk evidences of the earnestness and warmth o feeling which animaed many hearts but the* did aot result in serious personal rencontres The following are the votes rot city orri<*u9. r | * Rcoistvr 'Coilsct r. Survetos. I I I e ^ 2 Wa*d, m , ? I i - ?? 1 X 3 *? 5 I ? ! s I a , a rir^t 1 320 3l>2 346 4*9 e c w s o second. ? ! 48? , 366 Tntrd 3;f> :?a Fourth 5IH , 533 Fifth Sixth bevcnift... 310 301 315 518 304 j 2 ? I ? S < 974 36? 393 I Z * 348 4.7 I 232 254 . 471 261 465 31ft 538 j 469 .106 | 30 J 4'5 i 243 470 3H4 i ?4 38i 4-3 542 311 418 47! 254 *377 2611 2448 : 8781 i 2465 I 9756 VOTES ron MEMBERS OF CITY COINCILS. FIKST WARD Know Nothing. Anti-Know Nothings Alderman John 5i. Craig, 288 | W B Magrnder, 32* Common Council. 6am 1 A. 8torrow, 287 James Kelley, 2S8 Wm. 4 Newman, 290 Chat Abort, 32* E. U Fuller, 324 John B. Turton, 327 8BCOSD WARD. Alderman Boahrod W. Reed, 382 | Dr. fhos Miller, 457 Common Council. Geo H. Plant, 375 Cbaa I CanSeld, 376 J. P Dickinson, 381 William Or ire 456 F d Jefferson, 4<Jf> Tho?. J Fieher 469 As^69^or J.B Williamson, 381 | W H. Clampctt, 459 THIRD WARD. Alderman. John Trailer, 39V | A Y. P. Qarnett, 305 Common Council. J. T Wslker, 403 J H Q McCntchen 383 James Towlea. 389 T. B EotwMe, 310 ? M Chapin, 310 R H. Laakey, 811 FOURTH WARD. Alderman. M <3- Emery, 559 | Jacob Qideon, 494 Common Council. A. McD. Davis, 540 i J. A Kennedy, 502 J. T Clementa, 535 Dr N Young, 501 John Ball, 549 I J. L. Clnbb, 501 As?eesor. W? Douglas 543 | K B Owens, 504 FIFTH WARD. Alderman. Dr. 8 C Busey, 312 | J. C Fitspatrick. 29; Common Council. A Baldwin, 320 . T. Hutohingson. 30.1 John Bohlayer, 309 j J W Mead, 3n? J. H Peters, 314 ' W H Thompson. 283 SIXTH WARD. Aldermin Robert Clark, 421 | A W MUler 244 Common Council. G. R Raff, 422 Jno Bajne, 421 Josiah L Venable, 417 John Coatigan, 239 Lemuel Qaddis 244 John D. Brandt, 245 Assessor. Israel Wasien, 423 | Valentine Connor, 243 SEVENTH WARD Alderman John L. Smith, 458 | D B Johnson, 26b Common Council T. E. Lloyd, 471 j S. Pnmpbrey, 255 J. Pumj hrey. 465 8 S Taylor, 252 8 Yorke AtLee, 470 | 11 A. Clarke, 249 Centre Market ?A year ha? elapsed since Mr. Renlett prepared a plan for a new Centre Market, which waa approved by the proper municipal authorities; but that gentleman being professionally engaged in California, ths estimated were not submitted; and, there fore nothing further could be done in the premises But as he is now in Washington we presume that they will soon be foi thcom ing. if they have no: already been prepared, and deposited with the Mayor Tho sem of fire hundred dollars was rffered as a premium for the be?t plan, und Mr Ken lett was the successful contestant. According to our recollection, the structure designed is to cover the enire ground now made ase of for market pu> pores at a cost of a hundred thousard dollar*. Fr<*m what we can learn there will be litre or no difficulty in raising the money, by issuing stcek or by per mitting a private company to build the houce and draw the rent for a fpecifled number of Tears to reimburse them for the raonev thus Invested But it will be the duty of the next City Councils to devi?e the ways and means lor consummating the plan, if thsy shall con fer the subject wor'hy of their deliberate consideration. We trust that the erection of a new centre market will nr be delayed, owing to a differ ease of vsewj as to whether the present site ihall be retained, or a new one proeured. We *cow that in a certain western town the erec tion of a school house was delayed for twelve fears, because the people could not agree ?.-n a .ocation for it. bach f>lly ehoold no, chart? ter ie our ci'izers. Th* older part of ths Centre Market, to ward Seventh street, was built more than fifty ago, and its " time honored walls" bear evidence of thai fact. The roof is mo*sy 2T?en; in fact, every featnre of ths bnlding !Qcws that it is a tot e nog remnant of the fast, to be reepectad on account of its good old age, and certainly cot for its architectural beauty and its new ?oat of white wash. The Centre market.houee is nndoub'edly tueful, set ornamental ; but aomethiog in ac cordance with the spirit of the times and the ?anti of tbe community is required. 3o long ka* a new one teen urged and demanlel, without avail, that it seems almost a waste of minutes to devote even a paragraph to the ?abject Wktn we obtain a new market house ws nail probably have a city dock to tell us the jjje; or. at all events, a time that shall regarded us uniform, for, ander present tireumstacees. the hands of no two watches ???? to point in precisely the same directions. Dctt well Dohb.?As far as we conld per ?***? the varkas police officers ohtrged yes with the duty of preserving order and P****at the polls, discharged their du'y with ry ecmsaendsble fidelity, decision, and good ?per. thus contributing greatly to tbe really ?ea?rkab!e harmony of the day. The con ?*\?f officer Bo?s, of the beccnd Ward, came frticalarly ande.' oar noMce, and won de r?ed praise from all of all parties who were *?ond the polls. w^,S4lLT? LastNicht?Several yuung men '??nested this morning for last night as U?5 ^BI ^r- Tucker, a re ??*ably quiet man, and much respected ly 4T"ll0*r*acqiaintcd with him. ehiil ,mult grew oat out of politiofl, and h and Mr Tcckcr was severely injured w " oa. tbe fa?e, struck with a slang shot thu What will be the reealt of ?*nno1o?til tbe parties are Uia .l**U?a*,T ~Th*J ?bo boilt benires in i * ^Igbt, are reqacted by the ?u. ? r*moT* the smouldering remains; A iHf !a D0J ^ing ?> burnt reet! A luf north wind might blow the flames ^?nst somebody a house Property holders ? ... therefore, fill their fir. buckeu, to be for snah an emergency. Mastillas ?Maxwell A Brother, Ko 328. ?D&sjttania avenue, have again made addi I00'}? their stock of Mantillas; and, what is imporunt to the ladies, they are selling at reduced pricea It is seldom that the ; u ??x hAve an opportunity to eelee --ts from such a variety of pretty styles Roach, who was oharged with ? ?a3 ? lot of tools, appeared befce Jtuticc ?j 1 ,fl<1 dismissed after giving a saris irtwf eiPj*cstion of his possession of tha >.lr ?e cams by them hone.tlv, and the e-a therefore wlthdrawo Old PonfT.-It wfll be perceived in our ad vert sing columns that this watering place J. IT* f" "? vS?? aeaaer, nave you ever been there? If ?n I can do has been omitted by theth. 411 their ZV:~l ard ea,l>ellishmenta being of a permanent character, as they are new pro Jnd bn?M?l T.?an ,Mje5a al1 thB K"ondi wd building there, not occupied by the gov " JO" k.V. bi.? ?hm, reader, you can have no idea of the luzarj of a sea aide icjiurn until you visit Old Point Comfort I>9 so superior advantages arise fr m m> re 'ban ods cir:umstance It is im meiiately on oce of the noblest luiand seas in the world, yet almost within Hght of tr.c ocean lis climate is liko ihat of Italy ; w ile us oreeses equal thoso of the coast Texas iJki j"" mn,i i05:hi"S iPfluenee It* tisa of ?>1 JiiodB?bug 11 n. softerabs, drum.sheephesd' ?ro, 9r spots Ao , Ac ?and its summer duck and a rnul.i ude of oiher seasonable wild' fowl and game, re i nequallei at this season a?t any other resort for those who know bow to appreciate ?uch living Nothing like its flih and game are to be found elsewhere in 5?"?* *t? bathing arrangements and fa. etiitiee, and its opportunities for those who love sailing anj beaoh riding oome this year quite up to anything ever dreamed of at Na oant, tape May, or LoDg Branch As for its S?1*1* i" *h're oongrerate there nearly al the Southern families of wealth and good fns'.e who piopose resorting to the seashore this season, as well as a hos; of diiti. guished pi bit*i men from all quarters of the country with their families, that will embrace ail that accomplished and refined persons oan detire. Chbsapeaee asd Obio Canal ?A meetin* 8t??hholders of this company was held at the City Hall yesterday afternoon. The an nual report was read The State of Marj land, which is the largest stockholder, waa repre sented by her four commissioners of public works, all of whom were presect Two full tickets were regularly nominated, the follow ing by Messrs Stewart and Chamberlane, of that board, via: For President?Samuel Hambletcn, of Tal bot county, Md. For Directors?Samuel P Smith, of Alle ghany county ; Alexander B. Hanson, of Fr.d erick county ; John J. Stone, of Washitgton County; Richard I Bowie, of Montgomery James A. Magroder, of the District of Colum i bia; George H Smoot, o: Alexandria The fallowing ticket waa nominated b* .dessrs Falls and Nelson, the other members of the board, via : For President?William D Mcrrick, of Charles county. For Directors?Oe >rge Schley, of Washing ton county; William J. Ross, of Frederick county; Charles M Thurston, of Alleghany ciun'y . Coleman Tellor, of Baltimore ; f hos * itowie, of Prince George's county ; William Beaton, of Washington On voting, the commis ioners of public works were eanally divided, and there waa therefore, no election. The treasuer of the State of Maryland, under the law. has the cisiing vote, by reason of its extensive own ?rioip la too stock of tho company. [COMMUNICATEO. MR. Editor ; Will you please to bring to tue particular notice cf the Mayor and our police au'horities the enforcement of the law relative to dog? ? If persons who keep them were fined or obliged to pay the tax. there would be fewer of them running at large. Our city ha? got to be a second Constantinople and eve y street, lane and alley is filled with the canine race Although deprecating the carryiag of deadly weapons, yet your subscri ber 13 obliged to d > so at night to proteot him self against the attacks of, not men, but dogg. T Cxstrk Market?Plenty of good thing? this roorr ing ; the vegetables, including lux' urie*, looking, in consequence of the recent rain?, in Tar better condition th: n those exposed for -ale last week The prices continue abaut the same as heretofore. In aome few articles there is a slight reduction, but this is owing to their perishable nature Dismissed?James Ryan, who was charged i with an assault upon Robert Davis, appeared before Justice Clark, who dismissed the cue after hearing the testimony. Alodin ?To morrow night will positively be tho only occasion on which this brilliant spectacle ?-an be presented in this city, as the company play a^iu in Baltimore on Thursday night. Fha?klin Boildisq Association ?At the meeting, l?: night, the money was sold to jfepa.a-e bidders at an aye'age of fifty six j cents premium C? arlits Absrt, Esg ?Wo have received a paper for publication from this gentleman, which we will publish to morrow. Watch Returns.?There were Corporation , cases for trial in the guard house this morn I ?sg Tbr Portland Ljqcor Riot ?In the Star of yesterday we published a brief account of the riot in Portland (Me ) on Saturday night; einee which time additional dispatches, dated tho 4ih instant, give particulars It appears that the attack on the building where the city corporation bad stored its liquor was begun chiefly by boys, who threw stones, Ac , when Mayor Dow appeared on the ground flourish ing a sword at the bead of two military compa nie?, whom he had ordered out. The appear* ance of the Mayor and the military exaspera ted the orowd who received them with groan* aL,d hisses, 'the Mayor <hen ordered the In fantry to fire but tnecapUia refused to obey saying that the cir-umstancea did not oall for such ? measure The Rifla Guard seoa after waru approached when the mob having burst cpen the door of the liquor rooms, a section cf the oompmy. by order of the Mayor, fired. Jae person was killed, and six or seven i?er syns were wounded. A committee of citizens has been appointed to investigate the affairs; and another to wait on the Mayor and request him to resign. I he funeral of Robbins, the man who was shot by the military, took place yesterday af. ternoon, and was fallowed to the grave by an immense prooesaion. A large number of speoial police were on duty last night An Entire WnoDiae Partv Poisoned xhe Petersburg Express contains a letter which states that on the 22d ult., H. S Kane a lawyer cf Scott county. Virgiiia, and Miss bar ah, a daughter of Col. Andersm, of the came ccunty, were married. On the next day ? party was given at the residenoe of the bridegroom, at wh.ob a large number of citi- I tans were in attetdance. Ecerything pasaed 1 ol with unalloyed pleasure until a late hour i of the evening, when, after eating a lot of cut- 1 tard, tw> or three complained cf sicknes" *' then s-ae twenty-five or thirty became ill! and in a short time between forty and fifty were sick, complaining of nausea, Ao. Two physiciana were sovn in attendance, and pro. nounced all hands poisoned, among them the bride, who, with twenty five others, it was feared could not recover. At least so says the correspondent of the Expreas, whose whole letter (dated at Emory and Ilenry College) looks a little suspicious. He adds that the custard waa analysed and found to eontaiu arseuic, and that no one is suspeeted, as the servants partook of it and were also taken ill. A woman named Mauer, a performer in a Franch travelling circus, waa lately tried by the Tribunal of Correctional Police of Paris, for an iogeniens species of robbery. 5-he used to go to grooers and other tradesmen acd tffcr to give more than the value for cer ''in eiiver coins or sous of tbe effigy of Louii AV cr Louis XVI. They generally turned cut their money on tbe eounter, and proceeded I u. scarab for the pieces required The woman i ln this operation, and In so doing eon i nved to causa a number of the pieees to ad j rr> i0BD* ?-cky substance with whioh she I the palm of her hand. In this ! to Bffso: robberies of as j mauy as fifteen or twenty pieeee at ? time, I the greater part oftea in silver. The tn buaal i ^eoieiieed ber to a year s imprisonaest. cr BAXKR'I PRIHIUM Mr Editor?To* | ?onId h* astoolsned, thongt. true, to my travel through VlrftSte ? short time atoee, to hear at tbe fallh aad rtcom mentation ihitlirt'tn to BAKER'S PBEHlDi RITTfRS. Severel ladles and gentlemen Mid they had had the fryspep ata Par maar years, bat nsver had Snaud anything to make * cur* of tt but Baker's Premium RttSera, aa4 aome would say tt had oared Uian entirely of the nervous headache, and that* woald say If It bad not been ft?r thaM Bitter* they would have dlad with the cholera So we say, saoaees to BAKtR afld hl? PHKUICM BITTERS ?^?ry family shoold keep a few bctttaa oa hand. rv?J?OOOD M EDICTfKS.-lt Is estimated that A ? ? B ' 8 ^ CHIKRT PECTORAL aad CATHARTIC PILLS bare loot son v> promote tbe public health than any other one] taste. There can 'ue no question that tbe Cherry Pectoral baa by IU thouaand on thousand cares of OoUs, toughs, A sth ma. Oroop, Inflaenta, Bronchitis, Ac., very much rtJsiM th* proportion of deaths from consumptive disease* In thla coantry. Tbe Pill* are aa gwd aa the Pastoral, and wll care mure cuiupialnU Everybody nee<l* mure or leee pnrgtug t'orf* tbe Mood fr?iu Ita iinparltlea. Puree the Bowel*, live*, aud th* whole visceral system from obstructions. Purgs not tlie diseases which fasten on the body, to work Ita decay. Bnt fbr dlseaaee we ehonld die only of o'd age Take antidote* early and lb mat it from the system, before It 1* yet too strong to field. A y*f* Ptlla do thrnst ont disease, not only while It la we.ik. but when It ba* taken a strong hold. Rend tbe a* touiidlOg (tatement* of thoee who have been cured by them from dreadful Scrofhla, Dropsy, Ulcere, Skin diseases, Rheu matism, Nenraigia, Dyspepsia. Internal Pain*, Billon* 0?m pl tint*. Headache, Heartburn, Goat, and many lea* dange rous bat still threatening ailment*, such a* pimp'.es on tbe face, Worm*, Nervous Irritability, Lc?s of apnetlte, Irregn larltle*. Dlizlne** Vu the liead, Oolda, Fevers, Dyses.tery, and In tee 1 every var'ety of complaint* for which a Purgative Remedy 1* required. Theee are n? random *tatement*, bnt are authenticated by your own neighbor* and yonr own physlctain. Try then one* and yoa will never be wlthont them. Price K cent* per bus?G b"*es for tl Prepared by DR. J. C. AYEB, Lowell, Maw.,-iiw! fold by X. D. OILXAV, WaeMntrton. Q. H. LINTHIOCII, Georgetown. JA9 COOK A CO., Prederlcksbnr/, aad by all Druggist* everywhere. may 8?eoim ?T7>A 8BCRKT POR THR LaDIKS?HOW TO PRESERVE ?f~-' Beauty.?Don't u*e Chalk, Lily White, or any of tbe so-called coemetlce, to conceal a faded or aallow complexion. If yon would have the roaes brought bark to your cheek, a clear, healthy and transparent akin, and life and vigor 1a fnaed through the *y*tem, get a bottle of Corter's flpanlsh Mixture, and take It accorJIng to direction*. It doee not taste quite aa well aa sweetmeat* ; but. If aster a few duses yun do not find yonr health aud beauty reviving, your step elastic and vigoroas, and the whole eystem refreshed aud Invigorated like a Spring morning, then your case 1* hope leas. and all the valuable certificate* we possess, go for naught. It I* tbe greatest purifier of the blood knowu, 1* perfectly harmless, and at the sane time powerfully sfBca does. ?.'See advertisement. fTT?SOAH WALKER k CO., Marble Hall nothing Enr.po rlurn, under Brown*' Hotel, respectfully announce that their dlsplsy of Spring and Summer Clothing Is now ready for Inspection, comprising an aaaortunent of Coats, Teat* aad Pantaloon* of the neweet and richest deelgns In material, trimming and workmauship. To geutlemeu who study excellence with economy lu fashionable articles of dr??s an opportunity for selecting Is offered from oueofMie largest and most attractive stock of good* ever offered 1n tbl* city at a very reduced acale of pricue. ap 1? fT-* PREMIUMS AT THE PAIRS?WHITEHURSrS J still In the ascendance?The Juries of each of the late fairs at Baltimore, Richmond, and Nsw York awarded their hUhsat premiuma to J. H. W. for their superiority of Pho tographs, Stereoscopes and Daguerreotypes exhibited. Mr. W. also received two Medal* at the World's Fair, Lon don, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Also, tbe first awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Wkltehursf * Gallery In this city 1* on Pa. avenna, bet-w. ?H and 6th streets. fob 17 r]T?DR. HOOFLAND'S CELEBRATED GERMAN BIT TKBH. There are few things which afford us greater pleasure than sitting down to write a notice of the celebrated Hoof land German Bitters, because we are fully conscious we are conferring a public benefit, and onr heart tells us that by our notlcee many have been lrduced to take these Blttera, and been raacued from death by dysrepsls, liver complaint, Mr., for the cure of which It is certain It Is preoared and eold only by Dr. C. M. JACKMtN. at the German Medicine 8V>re, No. 130 Arch street, Philadelphia. Bee advertisement. tnar i?am " " ? [V~^Z D. GILMAK, Druggist, has removed to S?8 Seventh street, opooslte to the Patriotic Rank, and 1s now pre pared to fill all orders for Med1d "es, Paints. Otlft, and Glass on accommodating terms. 8tri>'t attention will be paid to physician's prescriptions at all hours t.f the day and night. Tbe night bell Is on the right of the store door. ap 14?lm n-~T?A PHENOMBNA IN MEDICINE.?Bronchltl*, Dough, Dytpersia Liver r'oaoplainte, Scrofula, Ac.?For all diseases of tbe Female System It stands preeminent. A Glergyman Just Informs us it has cured h'm of Bronchitis of a despe'ate ch?racter?nartlcnlars hereafter. HAMPTON 8 VEGETAHLE TINCTURE?By it* mild ac tios on the stomach, liver and kidneys, will cure Dyspep sia, <\>ngb, Asthma, Bronchial and Lang Affections Pain* In -be Back, Side and Brea?t. Consumption. Scrofula, Rhen matlsm. Goat, Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel Complaints, Piles, Worma, and Nervons Debilities?with all din ease* arising from Impure blood, and Is the greatest feuiale medicine ev er kuown. This invaluable medicine Is working wondera upon the human frame. See advertisement to-day. mar 7 ff^?LUN<?S?LUNGS.?We refer our r?aders to an adver l*-' tlsement In another column, for full particulars con cerning the HYGEANA of Dr. Curtis. It Is said to be one of the most remarkable curee for all description of dia?aa?? of the lungs ever discovered. Its virtue* have been testified to by hundreds, who have obtaiued their kuowledg* by the b**t of all teachers?experience. CAUTION.?Dr. CURIIS'S HHQFANA 1* the orlglnsl and only genuine article. may i?? lm VTJei SHlLLiaeTOR r<<e1 ves all the new Rooks and New* r* er* as fast as publlrhe-l. Ke is agent fur Harper'n and all jj other Mazarines, and o;r reudnrs will always find a If-ge and gocd r-isortmeut of Blank l?.ook* and Stationary at h * R vokatore. Odeon Rnlldlmr. cor Pn avnnne and 4Wi at aAUHlkit/. In Norfolk, Va.. on the 31rt May. by Rev. Mr. O'Kvlr. FRANCIS A Mr).KR, of Washington, to Mis# VIRGINIA FRANCKS. HUcsl daughter ot Lr. E. 1". Ro^intMtn, o! Nnfolk. Va On the 30th May, in < barlfs county, Md , by the Rrp. Jno. M. Trcd l>r. ASHTON MILE8, of Hit U. rf. Navy, to Mias MAR t' JANE STUART, bctb of Baliimore, Md. U!KU. 1 On the 5th iretanf, M ARY K ATE, serond dauzh te- of James *r,d Catharine Su ten, ag^d 3 mcntho and 23 (<ayt?. She di^d in beauty?like the ro*e Snapped fmm ita parent st^ta ; f?he shines in glory?as a pcatl Set in tome diaditn. She died in beauty- like night'* ?tar? Encircling the ailvir moon, 8be lives in g'Ory, a-* tl e vun, Aaiidet tbe blue of June The friends of the fauiiiy are respectfully invited to attend the funeral frem th? residence of her pa rent", No. 459 Teu;h "treet, on VVedr.CMiay aftir oo'iii, at 3 o'clock, without further notice. Want?. W'ANTED?A YOUTH, TO LEARN THE an of music ? ngraving nnd printing N'-ii' r? t-d apply unle??-able 1.1 product* Hti'ixf .ctory r?*f? reuce a? to indu<triou-< habit* and honesty Enquire at HILHUS fc IIITZ'SMu.ic Depot, Siar Hutldiug-, cor. Pa. avenue and ilih et. |e 5?if w ANTED ?A PARTNER TO WORK A Stone Quarry ar.'i contract for sale of Stone to rr.inent and ctii-r", tbere being now great de mand for atone. Th.a Uuarry t?- immediaiely oppo site (>eorget wn. I.argn ahanty, hlacksmiih shop, aik<i every iinpletuenl on the ?p<>t. Tl is quarry fur r.ishea tl)r; beat and lancet truck Sioue, k.c. A chance is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD fit CO, Fifteenth street, oppo. the Treasury. may 3?It WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT they can get a lot 34 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of $75?payable $3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office, ?Ji it., above Odd Fellows' Hall. ap 2b?3m JOHN FOX, Sec. Boarding. BOAHDIBIO.?Pleasant rooms lor Summer, with boarding for a gcutleinan and hia wife, and 'or ??-v^ral aiu^le gentlemen can be nad by ear ly application at KING'S, 3l>3 North O, between 3<! ai.d 4% streeia. Trie bouse is delightfully situ ated, and baa Just been thoroughly renovated aad re furnished. jo ??lw* MKS. M. C. GRKKK'8 Boarding House, on Pennsylvania avenue first house west tl the Capitol gate. Fine rooms at various prices, and every po*?lMe attention and comfort bestowed on Indies and gentlemen gue? s. may 26?3w* [VO T I V B.?FOR RENT-PARLORS AND 1^ Chambers, with board. Also, table and tran sient board, with a bathing room an<l shower baths and every attention to render it most agreeable to her boarders. Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Comer Pennsylvania avenue and at. ap33?3m BOARD, Ae.-MRS. BATES, on the south west corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with room*, with or without board. Every effort will be made to ren der those comfortcble who may favnr her with tbeir palronaze. ap 8? tf papeb hangings * wincow shabes Srrentk it, ruat to Odd Fellow?' Hall. rpiIE subscriber would respectfully inform the I public that be has on hand a good assortment < f Papers suitable tor balls, parlors, k.c. Fireboard Prints. Paper Curtains, Velvet and common B rder, Papers in imitation of Oak, M:i|4e, Saun and Rose wood. Window Siiades of every description on

hand or made to order. Tbe undersigned having been awarded ths pre mium for design and workmanship at tbe late fair of tbe Mechanics' Inslitue, will endeavor, by pnnctu ality and superior workmanshipf to merit an increase of the liberal patronage heretofore received, and for which he returns his warm acknowledgements, jea?3f JOHN MARK R11'ER. TO TUE LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND VIcrNITY. AMEI.IA PRIBRAM fc SISTER,0^^ WfcjllNo. )i7T Pennsylvania f.venue, be-JfcRl) ^^?'tween 10th and ll<h streets, return^n^ their regards for tbe kind patron ge heretofore be stowed upon tbeir effort*, and tak- ibe liberty of in lons'ng their many friends tnat tbey Intend open ing their Spring, and Fancy BONNETS, which consta of M0 pieces, beaidee a rich as*on meot af iTRAW BO\NET4, ko. They are able to serve all slana who are In want of a lashlor.afele aad cheap Bonnet. Caii and examine beforo purchaHr.g eisswhere. ?ay In* for Sala ma p?nt 2?T8R frame Louisiana avenu*, Wa?hinft?r. ?*?"*the ??* wu> ** po? ?????on ?!*?? oq tba 90th June. *Qd Lot No 97 ?re?t Georgetown. Terms liberal. Apply t? __ E. K. LUNDY, No. 198 Rrfdg: ii.f Georgetown. ^ 4 5t ?r No. *00 E street, Washington. AP,^l?'4kP8rYATE PAMfLV, having nwe 1 occupy at present, would be P?T5 . "commodate two or three gentleman with *h* re the comfort* r,f a home mav b ha1. als at mechanics'hcnrs Location on 12tb ?ireet, near Pennsylvania avenue For further nar ucoiar^nqaire at the office cf ?ha 3rar. H?S? Fi)R RE*T AND furniture for u~* nPW "Tei-?tnry Frame House, cos 'wnmze'ght room-, with cellar un4er the kich.n, situited on N. York avenne (No. 168) near New Th? ':Pn0"^" rented low to a good tenant. The nwiitr, desirou* o" breaking up housekeep Ing, would^e o'hts Furniture, whirh in nearly new, on moderate trr?r>?. Enquire at the Graeetv Store of MOORE fc C/SSELL, 7th street near l", I or on the premises. (Org in) je n 3t A ,^?GE A*D EL|fI?BLY SITUATED corn, r ,iy,14,^'00?quare feet and fronting the t apitol Park for *ii? on accommodating terms h immediate application b? made to HILBU8 & HITZ, Comer Pa avenue and 11th st. Being to near the Capitol and but a few minutes' walk from the Car Depot, inake> it inwta -i vantage ously ntuated for a large public House. J?> 5?tf FOR SALE?THAT VALUABLE HOUSE and Lot at the corner of Fifth and Washington -ts . No. 378, in Square No. 518, being a central j?nd healthy location. Title p^f.-ct Apply to the un dersigned, on t?ie promises, without delay. A man is wante i to work on a small tarm in Fair fax county, Virginia. A married man would he pre le7ed _ B M1LBURN. 4?'h ^TORE FOR RENT?ONE OF THE Mi.^T 0 desirable business grands in the city, with tno! ern front, plate glnss windows, &c., located on Pennsylvania avenue, nort'i side, between 9th and 10th streets, and now in possession of Mrs. Morley. as Miltinerv and Fancy Store. Possession given in July. Enquire in the store je 4_3t FfOR HE\T?T *VO NEATLY FURNISHED rooms on H, between !?;h and 10th street-. No 47*. The m ighborhood ii respectable, and the location In afthy and p'eassut. je2? 3<* j WO ROOMS ON THE SECOND OK THIRD 1 floor in a new three story bri k building, will be p-nt*d, furnished or unfurnished, and with or without board, or breakfast and tea only. It id very eligibly situated near the elevated part of Massachu setts avenue, and will be found in every respect ac ceptable. Apply at tne Star office. je 2?3t* FOR SALE OR RENT-THAT LARGE three story House on Missouri avenue, three doois east of 4.5* street. This house i? large and has ju?t been thoroughly repaired, and gas introduced, and is one of the best locations io the citv fo<- a private residence or boarding house, or school Pos*e?mon givt n ab- ut th7th june. For terms, which will be liberal, anply to T. PURSELL, 341 Pa avenue, oppoMte Browns' Hotel. Je 1?6t? For rent-in Alexandria, va., tiTTt large three story Bnck Home, well known as the best stand in the city for a hotel and restaurant, on Cameron street, opposite the Market llou?e, and now occupied by Mr. McGonegal. Posssession niv en on the first of July. Address LLOYD \ CO CJaim Agent, 15th st, opp. the Treasury, Waiting' ton? ?? m^v 30?tf 1jK)R RENT-THE THREE STORY STORE and Dwelling, No. 86 Bridge stre. t, George town, so lone occupied a* Emmcrt's Confectionery. Apply to AKVY, next door m?v 25 eotf T*0 RENT?A TWO STORY MODERN BUILT * Brick House, in gooJ repair, with a bas<mei.t and att;c, on the upper side of n.irth M street, three doors from Tenth street. 'I he situa'ion is me of tne healthiest and finest iu Washington. From t':e upper windows there i-i an extensive view of trie fity and river- R^iit .'JSOO per ani.u s ?paid monthlv. Inquire at No 51^ M strret, next door hut one to the pren:-,s. may 31-eo3 * VALUABLE LOTS FOR SALE?LOT No. 1, square 2J8, corner of north I and 14th street', and fronts also on Franklin Square. Lot No 15, same square, fronts north on K street, between 14 ti nnd 15th Mr*Ptn. Lot No 3, squire 250, fronts oh II ami the public space between 13th . nd 14th str?ets. There is a paved alley 30 f et wide m the rear of this lot. and a sewer immediately adjoining. It i- prohablv one of .he moat desirable lots in the Second Ward now on sale. Inquire at No. 3 76 H street north, between 13ih and 14th. may '<9?eo4t T^OR RLNT-A FINE THKHE ?T(iliV and a,tic Buck House, No 356 U street, between 4 ,, and O h, with every conven>ence de irahi" for a priv ate re.i ience. A pump of first ra e water in th ; yard. APP'y?- . HAVENNER S RaV. ry, _ Jc_??' C, between 4^ and 6th M*. |^ORRF.NT-ACOMFORTABLY ?UKNlSHEi? I House, situated o.i the most desirable part of (yapitol Hill. There Is an abundance of excellent fruit on the premises. To a responsible person Ills rent will be very low. Enquire at this office. Je 2?eo3t I^OR SALE OR RENT?The om ner of a hotel, i m'W encaged in another b jainess, would like to sell his entire stock and Fixtut- s, nn.1 if demand ed, the house situated on Pennsylvaniaavenur wnh a gooJ run of custom, on liberr-l' terms. Particulars at CHARLES WALTER'S Agency and Intelligence Offler, 58'4 Seventh st., opp. Cenire Market inay 30? lw* For sale or new i vvo sr?.av unJ attic Brick House, with a two stoiy back buildihg, centring a large Hall and ten po^id rooms. 1 o a cartful tenant the rent will he very m< ? ? rate. For further particulars enquire of Mr. PHILIP MACKEY, corner Fourth and I streets. may 30 ?lw* S KfcNTS REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIM^I ^150 a year will be received for the. ret.t ol Uiouc new and canvenient cottages at Kendall Lrepn, w:th two acrea of ground, stable, *ht d and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pure water are near the door, and commumcat on i* had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets and Pern. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the | usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction , of rent immediate application must be made to the und-rsigr.ed, either by letter, or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the k< yt may b? had and the houses inspe ted at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal W.M. stickney, No 4, Kendall Green. V K.?Rents paid quanerlv in advance. apr 9, 1K55?tf For rent?several handsome par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S. ?33 F street ap9 UOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, *4 fett front by 130 feat deeu, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought 8t the exceeding low price of $757payable S3 d? i iuoiilit. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' UaJl. jan P?6m JOHN FOX. Senn-iary. M JOHBt B. KLVAH8. WILLIAM THOMPgoS. ELVAX8 * TH MP*OA, DEAIiKRS III HARDWARE, COACH TRIMINGS, &c. No 396 Pinniylvanla avouci between Ninth and Tenth street*, \Vu?kington, D. C. HOUSE furnishing HARDWARE. Britannia, German Silver, Albata and Silver Plated Tea, Table and Deaert Spoons Carvers and Forka, Steels, Knives with and with out Forks Brass, Mritannia, Block Tin and Plate ? Candlestick?; Shovel and Tongs, Waffle Irona, 8 .d Irons Maslin and Bell Meul Kettles, Furnaces, Gridirons Oveus, fcc. ' BUILDING materials. Rural Cottage. Cloae', Cupboard, Cheat, Till, Pad and Trunk Locka Shuttle, Door, and Blind Hinge*, Screws, Cut and Wrought Nails, Bolts Brad's Shutter Screws and Ptubba, Door Springa, Handrail 8erewa, Door Knoba Rell Pulla, Door Sheaves and Rail, ac. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Cloth, Curled Hair, Moss, Gimps, Sofa an: Chair Spnnas Venitian Blind Hooks, Rack Pulleys, Roller Ends, Brackets, Furniture Nails Glue,' offiti Handles and Screws, Diamond Screw Plates, Ate CARPENTERS' GOODS. Plane*, Saws, Drawing Knivet*. ^pokenhaves, Chis els and Gouges Plane Irons Augers, Braces and Bitts, Boring Machines, Ham mers, Hatchets, Devels Bevils, Squares, Guages, Axes, kc. BLACKSMITH AND COACH MAKERS GOODS. Black and Bright Spring,, Axle., Feiloca, 8tK>kes, Hubs, Bows. Shafts, Poles gJOgh Runners, Silvered and Bra^s Bands Stump Joints, Stump Collars. Top Props Curtain Framas. Lamps, inside Linings, Lining bilks. Damask, S^ming Cords Tufts, Ta?selBf Ruttona, Tacks. Fringta, L-.oos, and Plain and Enamailed Canvass Ruseia Dock, Soimrllad Lavther. Dash Leather, be m BLVANS Ii thompson, J* i Ooi 390 Pa. aveuue. Auction Bale*. M9" For ~1mt*on SaU$ ft flnt pare By JAB. O. McOUIRKt AMlUatw, KURT EE'S SALE OP VALUABLE HOUSE 1 _ and Lot on tbe corner of F street -outh and Sd ureal wm. - By virtue of a deed h> trust from Jno P 1'nUnn and wife the subscriber will aril,at pub lie sale, on THURSDAY, the 88th day of June, 1855, at 6J4 "'cloak p. tn , on the premises, parts of Lots No-. *4 and 95, In Square No 139 fn-nting *"> feet o<i F street south, by 6f> feet 6 Inchea on SJ at. west, with the buil ftnga and improvements, which consist of a well fculll twoatory fr.:aie hoove, with brick bakery attached. The n ovr property ie eligitly on the Hand, an<1 offers a favorable opportunity t1? ?e?Jo?s de?lriag a residence m tn make an investment Th* term* nf *ale will be on*-third cash, and the balance in S, IS and 1R m >nibs, for notes b< aring n terest from the day of f-sLc, aecured by a deed of trust on the prop riy If the terms of sa'e are no* complied wiih In s'x days after ihe sale, tbe property will be resold at the risk and exp; nse of the purchaser. All conveyancing at exp; r^e -?f purchi-er. CiiAS. S. VV ALLACII. Trustee JAS. C. McGUIRE, ie 5 eokus Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIKK. A net lor sera. VERY VALUABLE BUILIMNG LOT ON 7th sreet at public sale O i FRIDAY flcrnoon, June 8th, ai 6 o'clock, oh the premis- s, I shall sell, the south par: of Lot N ?. II, to Square 426, front ing 2a feet 7 inches on Seventh stre? t wi s', between north K and L stre* L., ru nine back 1W) feet. The Lot id handsomely situated i>< one ar the best business struts in tbeeity, t.utn short distance from the Northern Market, and affords an excellent op portuiiity for a safe inv ?:meat. Title pcrfect. Terms . One sixth eaah ; the re.?idu? in 6, 18, 13 24, and 30 mon: s, with intereet, secured by a deed i f uu-t en the premier? JA8. C. McOUIHE, la 4?d Auctioneer. Uy J. C. NrGUIRE. A nc*toxicar. FIR-<T CLASS RESIDENCE NEAR TRINITY liiarcli, at Public Sale.?<>ii MONDAY alter n^n, June Ilth, at fl o'clock, on the premises, I slia'l sell >h*i new and desirable dwelling h<>u?e, with the lot attached, numbered 415. ;itu it?nl r u t e south sid." of noitr. f street, bnwecn rirjt and Sec ond streets wrrt Tbe house is of bflelr, lotir stirj.-- hish. with good i^ry cellar beneath; siae nf ^ui.'dinc "M by 40, an . contains large sal-.on parlor IS '?/ 38, handroBiely tii i l>' <;, with wni'iur trimniiiiis, fix large ami a ry chambers, (lining room and kitchen. T? is house i? I ailt of choice matcii its, and in tbe an wt substantial manner, wit ? all ihe modern- im provmonts, cook ng range, furrace, puie water throughout the house fioni a well in the cellar, hot, cold, and shower Lath fixtures, betfa jn all the rooms, Sc Each of the three first Ftories hare large and handsome porches at the back. To per sons desiring a fine resilience this sale offer* a fine ? pportunity to ?i cure one. T^mos : One-fourth casSj the residue in 6, 19, 18 and 24 months, wi"h ictcre*t, secsred by a deed of tru?t on the pr< niijea ?AB. C. McGUIRE, ie 4?d Auctioneer. r?y GRKES A SCOTT. Auctioneers. I ARGE AND COMMODIOUS BRICK HOUSE j and Lot on f'apitol Hill at Auction.?On PRI day, the 1st day of June, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p in., on lb" premi?*?, the larg*' and well-bnrt three-story brick Hou?e, ?*?e|y occupied by the Hon lu?!re ('ranch, situated on Delaware avenue, ii' xt tc the corner ot north B street, n'ar the north Capitol gate. Th" hou?e contains thirteen er.nve niently arrarg'-d rooms, and wide pa-sase -.hroogb the bouse, ai d bunt with thick walls, and a cellar wndfr the whole building, and the lot ben g half of Lot No. 6, in square No. 6^. having a front of thirty feet six incites, running 195 feet sev?*n inches t'? a thirty feet alloy The aboTe-descr^ed prop erty is certainly of th?* handsomest locations and most bt-auiiful sites in Washing'on, presenting lite most commanding view. There is also a pump of ??xeellert *-vat?*r n?*ar the d<>or. Tirmr: One fourth cash; bala'ire in one, two, thr: e, ar.d too- yea's, the purchaser to give n?tes for tt-.p dtlVrred payments, bearing interest from day of sele A d?*ed giv-^n and a deed of trust taken. Title i??<iisputab!e. All conveyance at the cost of the purchnwr. GREEN & SCOTT, mty 95?d Auctioneers. ?iT The *bov* tale fa postponed In consequence of the rain, until FRIDAY, the 8th msUnt, at 5 o'clock p. m GREEN St. SCOTT, Jr -?d Auctioneer. Ky J. C. McOUlRX, Auctioneer. T7"ALU BLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT f Public Sale?On FRIDAY aitemoon, June 1, at 5J4 (t'clock, on th?' premi-?-, I shail sell, by or der of tte Orphans' Court, that valuable piece ol property situated at the corner of 10th and E stre? t, and gen- raliy known as the Medical College. The lotfronH 61 f< et 1 inch on E street by 58 feet on 10th ?ti?'i t, eoniaining 3^43 square fret. The building coasts of a substantial and well built thre?* riory briek ButMing, which is admirably adapt>.1 fur a warehouse, for manufacturing oi school purposes Portions of this building ar? now under very satisfactory rent. Title perfect Terms: One third cnah; the, residue in 6, 12,18 nnd 24 months, with interest, secured by adeedvl trust cn the premises. ?.11 NOf'RSE, Administratrix, By \VM. NOURSE, Attorney, JAS. C. McGUIRE. ni?y S?eoSid^ Auctioneer. 'I he above sale ts poatpon-d In coi.s? nu-nee of the r^iu until WEDNESDAY after noon, June 0th, same hour and place. JAS. C. M GUIRE, Jc 2?<1 Auctioneer. Civ (iREBK 4 SCOT Aucttonecra r? 'RUSTLE'S SALE OF FRAME HOUSE AN! 1 Lot at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the 1st day o June, I shall sell, at G'-A o'clock p. m., in front o the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust, duly re cordeJ in one ot the lan.l records fir Waabinatoi county, in the Dtetmt of Columbit, Lo* No 49, i; Cab< it's subdivision rf Square No. 677. The lo has a front on north H street of 25 f? et, betweei Xo.tb * a pi i ol ami 1st utr^et* ea.t, running b?ck 8" feet 9 inches, with the impiovement^, whic:: is : good and nearly new frame house. This prop* rt; || is near the tron bridge. Terms: One-half cash; the residue in 6 an?1 1' months, for notes bearing interest'rom the day o the sal# All conveyancing at co*t ol" purchaser. A deed g<ven and a deed of trun taken. S. V. N THROOP. Tru.-tee. GREEN k SCOTT, may 29?d A uctioneera. {jj- The rbove sale !? poatpon*d tx consequence of the rain until TUESDAY, the 5tl instant, at!ho ?atne bour GREEN k SCOTT, je 2 d Auctioneers. By GHKICK * SCOTT, Auctioneers <a RUST EE'S SALE OF A VALUABLE BUILD I iiig Lot, situated on lllb street west, near Ma r>lan.l avenue, at Auction?On WEDNESDAV 13m June, I shall sell, In front of the pretni^-s at I o'clock p. m , by virtue of a rh ed of trust bearim date the 25ih uay of Aueust. 1853. and duly record ed in one >f the fan?i records for Wa*bin<!to!i count] in the Disti let of Columbia, part of Lot No five 5,' in Square No. three b-m 'red and fifty-three, (353, having a front of ? leet on llth street west, botw south ;*and E streets, and running back 99 fee 10\ tncbes, with the improvement, w hich is a frami tenement, and considered one of the most < lifthU building lots on the Island. T? rins: Or.e-third cash ; the balance id 6 and IS montiis, tbe purchaser to give notes for the deferret payments, bearing interest from ?av of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyanciog at cost of purchaser. LAMREKT I REE. Trustee. GREEN k SCOTT, tnay 81?eokds Auctioneers. By J. C. McOUIRKt Auctioneer. VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT IN Till First Ward at Auction ?On TUESDAY af ternoon, June 5th, at 6 o'clock, < n the premises, I shall sell Lot No 20, in 8quarc 101, having a fron of 35 feet on north I, between 20th and 21st streets, tunning back >49 feet 3 inches, to a 20 feet alley there i-< also a ten feet alley running the full depll of the lot on the east side. This lot is handsomely situated, fronting an im proved public reservation on Penns>lvania avenue is a very dvsirable location for a private resi dence. Title perfect. Term*: One-fourth cash ; the residue in six twelve and eighteen months, satis'ae.orily aecured bearing interest. JAS. C. M:GUIRE, may 25?eokds Auctioneer. By JAS. C. MtGUIRK, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL I Est ae ?By virtue of a deed of trutt from Fian rid Selden, bearing date on the fir.>t day of Decern ber 1846, and recorded in Liber W. B , No. 130, fo lios 931, 232, and 233, the subscriber will sell a public sale, on MONDAY, the 18tb day of June i8.)5, at 6 o'clock p. m., on the premises, the wesi half of Lot No 2, in Square 247, fronting 99 teat oi north L rtreet, between 13th ar.d 14th streets west running ta'k 190 feet, with the buildings and im provem nts thereon, which consul of two well buil frame dwelling houses. Tbe above property is well located in a rapid!] improving {tart of ibe city. The teims of the sale will be one-half cash, an< the balance in 6, 19, and 18 months, for notes bear lng interest from day ot sale, secured by a deed o trust on the property If the t?rms of sale are not complied wjth In sl3 days after the sale, the property will be reedd ? the risk and expense ot the purchaser. All conveyancing at .'net of purchaser. WALTER LENOX.Truelea. JAS. V. MpGUIRE, ja ?- cokds Auctioneer, TELEGRAPHIC. Later from California Nnw Jan* 4 ?By an arrival here we hare later California dates. Active preparations are being made for tba State eleoticn The Wblgf will probably rtto with the Know Nothings, tod the Democrat art bopeleesly divide* Bacon A Co 's pa par it tall lag for ifty cents ia the dollar. Several important failure? have followed In tba waktf of that of Page, Bacon ft Oo them is of a*well, Caspasi 4 Co., for *100, 000 Rich silrer mines have beaa diaoovered ia enora, Tba alleged matineers of tba sbip Jaba Sand bare been discharged. SANDWICH ISLANDS. Judge Lae, minister from tba Unitad Btated hap do pcwer to treat for aaaexatiaa. Democratic B'joleinga Eastok, Pa.. June & ?The Democratic meet ing. last evening, in honor of the Democratic victcry in Virginia, was wall attended. Job a M Huichica. n, Esq , read the reaolatioea, and lion J M Portar atd O. H. Myers, fiaq , m<id? eloquent and appropriate speeches. ? bind ofnmusio lent its charms to tba oeeasioa, and a cannon fired the baarta ai tbaaa preeeat with a pafiotio feeling. 1'biladelphia, June 5 ?Another dispatch save that tha affair passed off wall, considering the immense Dumber of boys praaant?fbat the meeting ormprised bat 260 men?'.bat *rben cheers we-e proposed for tba ?' Old Do minion," tha proposal met with tba negative rc^cnrc ol hearty cheers for " Sam.'* National K If Convention Philadelphia, June 5?It is sot knows among the uciniti ted, at what particular spot the National Convention mat to day. It waa supposed that Sanson street Hall was to ba the place, as that had baan engaged far a grand dinner party on Thursday, bat it bat bsen aiaertained that the Convention will not meet there Nona but tha ragularly appoint ed delegates will be admitted whenever it may be held. SECOMD DISPATCH Philadelphia, June 5, 1# p. m.?It baa bean ascertained that tha Convention baa or ^anisoi at the Assembly Buildings. Liquor Question in Chicago Chicaoo, June &?Five wards ia this aity gave a majority of 600 against tha liquor, aad a large majority for Caton as Judga of 8a preme Court. Effect of Mayor Wood's Zxaaple. Philadelphia, Juno Mb ? Last night tba police of this eity made a descent apon tba street walkers, and twenty one ware arrested. Mortality in New Orleans. New Orleans, June 4t h?The number of deahs last week were 500, including 27i by oholera. Baltimore Markets, As. Baltimore, Juae 5?Flcur is anahaaged; sales ibis uiomiog of 500 bble Howard street at $10 87; 250 bbls. City Mills at $10.13. Wheat has undergone no particular change; falew of prime red at $2 55 $2 56; good white at $2 62 Corn is unchanged; yellow $1 07a $1.09; white $1.09a$l 10. New York Markets New York. June 5 ?Cotton is firm and bih changed. Flour has declined 12 ots ; Good Ohio $!0 00-110.26 ; Southern is uoehangad; sales at $11 37a$ll.56. Wheat is a trifle lowar; Ohio $2 60 ?Michigan $2 50 Corn is stiffer, but not quotablj higher Pork is dall. with a declining toedency. Beef is firm. Lard is lirm. Whisky?Ohio 55s. New York Stock Market Nbw York, June 5 ?Stocks arc better ?his itorning Money continues easy Salea at the first toard of Erie's at 48): Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, 80]: Cleveland and P.ttsbnrj:, 35; Cumberland Coal Company, 2-J; He.a:ng Railroad, 91); Ptarsylvanla Coal Company, 109!; Canton Compauy, 20); New Yotk Ccutra* Railroad, 94 Louisiana 6's, 01; VirgiuiaO's, 9Vi; North Carolina 6 s, 99 By GREER 4b SCOTT, Aaettomeei \TALUABI.E BUILDING LOT ON NINTH AT. between I strict a d New York avenue, at Aattien. Oa WEDNESDAY, the 6th instant, wc shall * in front ?f the premises, at 6 K o'clock p. (.2 . a beautiful Building Lot. being Lot 6 in Square Nr. 403, having a frotit ??* 20 feet on the east side of Ni'tiii uirt^ t west, between north 1 street and New York avenue. The above described prnp? rty in handsomely aad eligibly hitu*(e.f, an<l mmciiu rare inducements to per ons wi-hing to make a good invesiin nt, having a p<imp of cxtelient water but a few steps from the pr nuae*, hiim a public sewer 12 leet deep lmnedi alely in front Title indisputable Teuns: One third cash: tbs balaac* ia 6 aad IS mr nth?>, for n<>ies bearing mteiest from itic day of the sale A d? ed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN k SCOTT, jc 3?d Auctioneer*. By OUKKS * SCOTT, Aaatleassrs. Handsome cottage ruilding lots at 4ucti?n.?On THURSDAY, the 31st instant, we shall s* II, on th ? prem sea, at 6 o'clock p. m., several hanrf ome building lota, having an entire front on Masvarhu*ett* avenue of 78 feet 11 inches, auil a front ?n 31 otreet ra*t of 155 feat, forming the corner of Massachusetts avenue end 3d street east, on an e'evated and bealthy position on Capitol HUJ, the Capitol, and a pump of excellent water at the corner. Also, two I on E street north, in same square, it being wjuare No. 755. The lots will be told la sizes t? suit purchasers Title perfect Terms: One-fourth cash; balance in 6, 12, and 18 months, for note* bearing interest from the day of th? sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN a 8COTT, may 26?d Auctioneer. &?- The sbovs sale la psetpeasd un til FRIDAY, thettb inftant, same hour GREEN fc SCOTT, j.? 3?d Aucuonaars. By UKICICBI db SCOTT, Aurtlom VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS at Aocuoa^? On WEDNESDAY, the 13th day of June, we t-hall sell, on th*; premises, at 6 o'clock p. m . Lott Nos, 3, 4, and 3, in Square No. 569, fronting 30 'eat each on north E sueet, between 1st and 2d streets wed, tunning back 100 feet to a 20 fuet alley. The above mentioned property is bandaoasely Uv cated a liule northwest of the railroau depot. Terms : One third caab ; balance a credit of six an 1 twelve monies, for noies bearing interest the day of aale. A de't-d given and a deed of trust Ukca te deferred payments. GREEN k SCOTT, may 31?eofcds Aucbon< FOR TUK ORANGE k ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP RAILROADS. THE Subscriber's Coaches wJI call far wishing to connect with the above Railroads. My Coaches connect witb^ the Steamers Tuos Colltcb or Gaoaoa ^ asi ro.t, which leave Washington at 6 a m. to- Me?ls furnished on the boau. Persons wishing the Coacbes to call for tbsai can leave their name and residence with Mr. Joan T. Tillman, near th# Capitol gate; Mr. Rants drw store, corner Pennsylvania aveaee and 12th or at Geo. a Tbos- Parker kCo.V store. C< niches can be bad for Pie aim re Tnna. may 26~*n WILLIAM WHALMY. "restaurant. HA V1XG bought out the establiaAmcat of Rit er, on Pennsylvania avenue, | between 11th and 12th streets, which If" have completely renovated, I can ae oorrmolste my frie?<-ls with real TUR . TLE POUP, OYSTERS In every style, lbA lb ! bem at LIQUORS, CIGARS, be. All luxuries and .vrtcaci?? tn aaaaoo 1 liuy 31?Iw M11*HAIU> ADAHi^