Newspaper of Evening Star, June 11, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 11, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR.I WA -HT^ftTOK CTTT: "MONDAY AITSlUrOOM..%. Jqm U X27* ADYi&mp^MKTS should be handed . by 12 o'clrck, M., otherwise they may i >t apper^ until the next day. ACBMT* FOR THK r-TAB The following persons are authorized to contract for the publication of adrer ' lscments in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmer, N. W. comer of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. PrrniKHLL & Co , Nassau street. Boston ? V. B. Palms*. Scollay's Huilding. M. J. Bchns, Crawford street, Ports mouth, Va . if? the Star''$ agent for that place and Norfolk City. S?lHI 07 THS MORSITO PltjfS? The InulUgen&r, difcus?ing the Perry question with the Union, sayi: ?* A* it respects the dismissal of Mr. Perry, we mast say. in ell sincerity, that we thick it occurred at an u^.'or:aca?? time?admitting that it should have occurred at all. Weaie willing to grant that h<* committed an indis cretion in addressing his letter to the Presi dent (if it wrre even proper to address the President directly at all) tbrou h the columns of a pnblio journal; bat it was nothing more than an indi cretion, and. taking into consid eration tbe fact that *>e bad so well fulfilled the order.-' of the Execute ar-d just to a peaco ful clos? all the oieetiocs in dispute wi h the Gove ".ear which he was accredited a* Charga d*Affair**, we think that e*en a tndtooruru in cfBcial etiquette th in tha* which he committed might h?ve been Overlooked or that it would have been suffi ciently puni.vhed by an official rebuke Hi* dismissal, taking pUoe a? it did, aluus; at the same m >c-ea* its the reception ot Mr Soule's letter, wore the appearance of having bten inducc-i by that letter; and &o i' has been n.ituiaity construed by tbe publio press? the Whig press, a; lent?even thoae or th;m which nave shown themselves most dis. rosed to i 4 A------?-5? * ? ? 0 - ?? 4.wu?i?iigitau%JkA AID'JIJ, We can op' j repeat, therefore, that the dis missal-f Mr Perrj took pi ice at an unfrrtu natr. mou.ect?under any hypothecs of it? 1 notice? *ud U'.der circumstances necessarily e^d.n^ to various suppositious aato the mo tive We arc personally un urquainted with Mr. Perr7 a-ir? kc^w him cniy rroia the result of bis oGi-*ia! labors, which have certainly beeu high I > boron ble to him. We regre' thai any Jt.iiig should bave occurred to make it necese <.ry ia the Prtaidents opinion to re m ive him, as we shou'd do in a similar oe of any other faithful and efficient c fflcer. As it hu taken place, however, it is gratifying '0 learn by tfc. annexed paragraph, which we fic i >n'be Providence Journal, a source en tirely to le oonfided in, that tho P.esi.ont ha* f ;r the su oess^r to Mr Porrj wado choice of a gentleman every way so worthy and iL teNigsnt.'' The Union, diacu^ing the interminable Northern tati' of villifjing md misrtprescni log the S-joth aaya: " The Eo-t !uperfici*l t-teerver wea that the state of opinion at the Nor'h is fluctuating, unstable, revolutionary, in a wjrd on nil nub jecta. Nothing pe^ms fixed in religion, in morals or ir? toiiu;.<; bu' is all *he*e atd thing* tbo wildost and the : tlseet delu tio s a~o eoctisntily ariei-g there one after *nott,#r aid .-"*"e?p;pg *11 before them vrph the tuJ Jen-ies*, the evanescence, aud tre mere destxcsttvene.-a of a v hirlaind '? In religion it i: at ibo North the mbcLiev ens foliar ? f C cJ.rat.iytn. Milleriam. and Mo> noma b*** 'heir growth and development. "In politic* it is a the North thst ar.ti Mp sciiry, ao'.i slaver?. or a >me other absurd ex. aggera.ion of a tiogie idea, maintaira a eorotiie arartfcy t.f opinion which definecalru l?ti>5 in pr.h'i: affairs, renders refilta a que* tion ol h?p bnard and wru'd 1<rgsinte have brought on revolution and civil ?*ar but for the counteraction ol the conservative political elenjes:= . f'he South. Of this we have an example in the co; t;aat now presented by the two great Slates ol Virginia and Massachusetts, the tenner proudly breasting the storm ?f ^ao'Jr-n and lanaticisr, and the litter bowing down in tiic dud 0 *or?hip the strange idols of ign .-anef big try, and treason whish she ha* set up for herself?a sp ctable of admoni tion to the ejt of the Union 'Tnjucrala it ia yet worse Here we ee*, in New York, (or iuctance. a yearly g&theriogcf aeT called brtevolont societies am ng which the an'i slavery s>-iety ia prominent, with ita denunciation a of the ante of society at the tiou'b. obtruding ita officious intermeddling up jd the other iscates, while around it as the declara'ions and acta of tfce other societies prove, it .9 at the North that crime and vice are especially rampant, showing that the North rhonld begin by plucking the beam of intemperance, of prcati.ution. of pauperism, and of crime out of its own eye before it un dertakec in ita Pharisaical assumption of self righte->u?ne*a to pluck the mote of negro la bor out of the eye of the South " The Vnton also denies the eilly rumor that Hod. Cha 1.9 J. F-in^kner owes his majority to the rotes of pera-ns who came over from Maryland into Virginia and voted il egally; ar.d a!i.e. viplaiu that the ex-(iovernor Brown, of Tennessee who ia figuring in the Philadel phia Know Nothing National Convention, ia Neil E. Brown, and not A V Brcwn. Tan Spictatoh L? the name of a new candi date for public favor, edited and published in thia city by Aug S. Harvey & Co It ia to be ia?ue 1 ev*ry Saturday mo- ning at $2 a year The number betore us is not ot ly large and handsomely piinted, but filled with intereat itg original and selected matter; altogether evincing much taate, talent, and taet; three requisites to sueceis in the publication of a newspaper .... 1 he Know Nothings of Kentueky find a powerful opponentcf their doctrinea in the H>n Thorn?? F Marshall, who baa taken the (tump against them ....Iheilun Sidney Breese has been elec ted Judge cf the St. Clair Cirouit, Illinois, by a majority of several thousand votes, and Judge Canton haa been elected to the Supreme Court. ....It is stated in the newapapera that Sid ney Webster, E*q . priva e Secreta-y to Presi dent Pierce. Hon J W Forney, Clerk of the Hoaeeof Representative*, J I). Hoover. Mar shall ot the District of Columbia, Mr Higga, cf the firm of Rijrgj A Cvmpar y. Washington city, and Hon E B Hart, ex-M. C. from New York, lef< Detroit on the evening of the 2d inat , for lake Superior. . ...Tae Portland Transcript say a that in Durham, a town about 25 miles north of that eity. there lives a lady named Parker, who ia one hundred and ten year< old aod ia yat ac tive g ing to bod and ruing without help, and taking care of herself generally well. .... Me-ara. Cooliuge and Hand of the Cam bridge observatory, have goce to England, wi h over fifty chronometers, to find out the difforenee of longitude between Oreenwich, Keg . and Cambridge, Ma?a. ... .On Tuesday next 'he "Jewett Family" wQI have a mea icg at Rowley, in Easex co , Ma<a , at whieh 1' ia expeu ed that four or five hundred of the name will be preaent. An oration will be delivered by Prof. 0. 0. Jew eu, of thia oity. Leoal Flaws ?The Boston At>as learns ? hat the Hon Rufud Choaii and Sidney Bart lett, R?q , are preparing ofin'one> which will show that the liquor law at Massachusetts is fatally defeetive m mau) pax.iuulars, aad its Am-^utiob lupjeeiMe WISSIMTOJ JEW* GOSSIP. The action of I hi Clrouit Court in tha Croaen Cut ?We find on further inquiry itfcat we were wrong on Saturday in oansuring the Clerk of the Conrt for failing to lend oat the oopiee of the opinion delivered bj Mr Justioa Dunlop in this oase, in whl.h hi* colleague, Mr. Justice Morsell, coincided, generally, as announced by him from the bench, after say lng that the lists having pas?ed from the handiof the register of tha Corporation, Ue Court bad no power to grant the writ of man iamofc prayed* An opinion of the J adges being extra judical, cannot be certified with the seal of the Court aa a distinct, paper So the clerk W<ia right la leaving it to find its way to the oommiasionera of tha eleotion without hia seal. We therefore mike the amende honorable to him, for attributing to hia Enow Nothing sen. timents hia action in the premises. Those who were struggling to prevent the commissioners from l-eing formally ruled to carry out the Court's opinion of the law, refused to agree that the question as to the righta of the re jected votera ahould be formally raised, by consent; so aa to prevent an order for the re ception of the votes above referred to from being served on the oommisaionera. It was evidently rhns intended to enable the commis sioners to allege the excuse of ignorance of tho view* of tha Court upon the law, in palliation of their act in refusing voles wbioh the Circuit Court held to bo legal. These views wera as follows: "1- That a foreigner naturalised ainoe the 31st December last, who possesses the other quali^cations required by tho charter, is en titled to vote at tbe present election. u 2. That an alien who was a resident of the city of Washington previous to the 31 at of December, 1S54, wis entitled to be eurolled od tba fch >ol tax li.t " 3 That the tax lists having passed oat of tbe hands of the register, be has no du'y in regard to them to perform; that the tax lists nre now in the hands of the oommiiiioners of election, whose right and duty it is to receive the vo'.es of person* within the foregoing de icription,. and having the other qualification required by the charter The mandamus is refused." The instant this opinion wag given by the court 1!3 cubatanoe went like wi Id-fire over the city, and wv kr.cwn in an hour to aver; porsni around tho poll? in the least interests I in it i h?idca that the Know Nothing commission era, alone of all the thousand e? deeply inter ??ted in it aa aettling the moat important quej tion in isaue in their action, were ignorant of it, ia aimply prepoateroua, and proves the truth of the adage that none are bo deaf aa those who wi'I not hear The three anti-Know No. thing commissioner*;, in the Filth. Sixth and Seventh Wardu, having oo behests of an oath bound, eooret, prosoriptiTe, political society to carry out, were not of the deaf class; aud accor dingly they heard of this opinion of the Cir caitCourt very shortly after it was delivered Ihey knew that the Court were final arbiters of thejaw here, and that in pur*u?nrte of their oaths aa Commis*ioners of the Election, t*eir du'y was to accord to all who offered votes their legal rights; fnd that our highest ccurt *ras tb* tribunal whose views of tbcae rigbii* should rightfully be carried .jut by all who had accepted their posHona for tho honest a-d feithfai protection and accordince of the rights of all citiiens of Wcrbington rather, than a? instruments to accomplish the scheme of an oath-bound, secret, political society to deprive legil voteio of their legal righta. b^ cau~e they wi.u'd not vote ab the said sooie v wished. No am worthy to be trusted with even tha temporary adjadicaiioa of hi* neigh bor a righta would allsge a pretenoo ?<t" a ju? tifioation for 59Uing at naught the opinien ? f ?ha highest law oourt, on tho ground that a lawyer or lawyers, tuernbera ot an oath-bound secret, proscriptive, political society had given an opinion of the law at varianoe with that of the court The setting up of any such pretense in itself embraces proof that he who alleges it, ac cepted the sacred trust of a oommissionr.r ot r'ae election only for iho p re-deter mined pu pose of defrauding ae many as posi'ible of hi- fellow oitisena who differed from him of their rights, in flagrant disregard of the obligation of his oath to decide the ques tion*. coming before him without fear or favor, according to law. This whole case involves many grave feaiures. and proves that under tha discipline of this oath bonnd, aeeret, political society in our midst, men who have heretofore held up their heads among u* as persons entitled to the respect and conli denee of their fellow citiiens, pay not the slightest regard to their oaths when that course m?y bo neoesnry to enable them to de prive their fello*-citiaena of their rights un der the law in obedience to the behest of tho a ciety of which tho never-to-be forgotten Lowell witne?e was a mtmber. These are grave matter* indeed, for the reflection of those citisens of Washington who hold that our law Court is the judge of the law, whoso opinions should bo respected by those called on temporarily to adjudicate the righti of this community, and who have miod, character experience and patriotism suffloior.t to compre hend the vital importance of having our affaiis administered according to law, rather than aooording to the diotation of bigots, fanctics, ignorant men, and rowdies, who assume tha right to conspire in socret against their neigh bora The new President ?So the Know Nothing National Council on the sixth ballot for a President of 'the order" for the ensuing year, threw Barker overboard?body and hreeohea Darker was supported by the South with al most entire unanimity, his 5J votes coming almost entirely from the slaveholding mem bers of tba convention Dr. Bartlett, of Ken tuoky, who was elected in Barker s stead was the candidate of Wilson A Co ?that is, of the anti-slavery wing of the order We presume be joined Kenneth Raynor *who aspires to their nomination for the Vice Presidency next year) in advocating in the convention a reso lution pledging the Order for the repeal of the Nebraska-Kanaas bill, and perhaps of the fn gitive slavejiw; at the advosates in the con vention for the repeal of both these bills com posed bis entire majority force there. A fine eotertLinment this, for the people of the South Had Virginia eleoied Fiournoy it ia probable that " the order" would not so aoon have hoisted abolition colors, and put itself en tirely underiho dcution of Senator Wilson, of Massachusetts. But Flournoy's defeat means, plainly, that " the order" may not hope to laceaed at the South. So it electa at once tc spread its net so as to play boldly for popular favor in anti?slavery regions. 4. n Koneat Upiiion?In our ainnieipai e'ec -on of iwO the Commissioner! cpplitd to the Corporation oounsel ft.- iafurmatior as to who were and who were net entitled ?o vol* in Wa>hiqgion. We have procured a eopy of that functionary s opinion, tendered on that occasion, which admit* oitliens naturalised on the day of the election to exercise the right of auffrage here if they have the other requi site qualification* Under thia opinion an a guide, no qaeation being then made before the higher and binding authority of the Circuit Court, all oititana ever twenty-one years of age preoeding Slit of December, naturalised at any time previoua to offaring their votes, were permitted to exerciae their righta with out queation, if they had the other requiaite qualification of a twelvemonth reaidenoo in Washington Neither the Corporation coun sel nor Commissioners dreamed of questioning ih&t right up to so reoently. The -'opinion" we publish below provea that, to qaeation it, was an afterthought oaly, arising out of no change in the law, but from the growth of se cret assoeiationa in our midst, sworn to make war on the oanstitntional guarantee of re ligious and ciril equality among all citisens of the United States It will also be per:eived that this opinion affirms that a oitisen does not lose his right to vote because the aasessor fails to return him as subject to the school tax, whi.-h annuncia tion of the law was so shamelessly and fla grantly set at defiance in the late Washington eleo:ion in the First Ward. It will further be perceived, that in the two particulars above referred to, this 11 opinion" is in exact ooinoidence with the subsequent ruling of the Circuit Court in the C. S Wal. Inch and Grouen cares. It will still further be perceivod from these facts, that any opinions which may coDiliot with these aottled rulings of the law, amount simply to a straining of wits to shield, aid, and abet the agents of tbe oath-bound, secret, pro scriptive, politioal society, in carrying out its orders to give oer ifioatei of election to its nominees, by defrauding their iellow citisens of their rights, as the judges of the Circuit Court declare them to be. Gehtlbkbh: Before t ie charter of 1848 every oitixon of Washington (who had :he other qualifications) and who was assessed with real estate, on the hooks of the corpora tion, on the 31st day of December preceding a day of election wa$ entitled to vote. Also everv su.-.h ?iti?i?n am hi/I ur'.'percy assessed as atoreaaid and bad paid f.ho tax Tbe charter of 1848 extends the qualifica tion to all such as ?? shall have been returned on the books of the corporation, daring the year ending the 31st of December, preceding he day of election, as subject to a school tax for that yoar, and who shall have paid the school tuxes, and all t.ixes on personal prop erty " So that there may bo throe qualifica tions? let Real property assessed 31st December last. 2d. Personal property assessed do , and tax paid (although not returned as subjeot to a school tax, in either of these cases ) 3i. School tax for those wh> were '? re turned'' ' during" the last year, and have paid the school tax and personal tax, if any. These and none others can vote Jos H Bradley1, Attorney for Corporation. Jnne 8, 1850. Messrs D Saunders and others, Judges Ac. The Fffort to Indict Messrs Blair and Whitman ? It will be recollected that in the course of the trial for commitment of ex-Post master Kendall at New Orleans it came out in evilenco that Mctsrs. Blair *nd Whitman, tbe detecive agen*3 of the Post Offi^o Depart ment, had opened and examined letters ad dressed to "Marshall Hanson," the fictitious n^med \ erson who committed the robberies, and who is charged to be cx Postmaster K - whecapon an effort was made to get the grand jury to indiot them for taking that m-j.'ins of ferreting out the robber. We have * letter from New Orleans, bearing date 4th in"t.. announcing that the grand jury ignored tfce charges, refusing to bring in bills of indict ment against them. A few moments after the receipt of this letter by mail, a telegraphic dis p itch arrived from New Orleans giving similar i' formation, sent from thence on the seme day the letter left in the mail. There is something wrong in that telegraph lii.e south of this city, or messages would not bo actually longer in ofining over it than by mail. Really, this is too bad to be borne Shaking in their Shoes ?Our talented, amiable, courteous, entertaining, ingenuous, modest, truthful, and knowing neighbor is in a terrible way about the suits of the voters who were defrauded on Monday last by the Know Nothing Commissioners of the election (hy pre-arrangement in the lodges,) against the a^en.s of the lodges to commit the fraud?.. Oar bashfal neighbor has examined the tecords, and has fouud no evidence thero bearing out our statement of the faot of the commencement of the suits in question Our so universally beloved aud respected neighbor thereupon goes into ecstacies, and tells those whom it has in part induce ! to do as they had sworn not to do, under the law, but to do, in the lodges?that they may be of good heart, as those defrauded by them will probably quiet ly put up with the wrongs done them under our neighbor's silly cry of "barratry ! barra try !! barratry!!'" Our neighbor always tells the truth about things in the futnre, as is amply proved in the exactitude of itsanti Virginia election prognostications; and in this o ise it knows, past peradventare, that no pro ceedings at law are commenced?are being prepared?because they have not yet reaohed the Conrtl Our neighbor always tells the truth, bat it strikes us it woald be somewhat wiser on this subject, if it had a peep into the offices of quite a dosen attorneys at law prac tising before the Washington bar. A Probable Mistake ?It is possible that tbe felicitations of the National Intrlligenctr at the settlement of all our difficulties with Spain by Mr. Perry, and particularly the El Dorado and !hompscn affairs, may, after all, be with out just cause. A friend of ours a day or two sinoe congratulated the Secretary of State rn 'he adjustment of tbe oases alluded to, and! e replied that he hoped Mr. Perry had sue oeeded in doing what was ascribed to him but that be was not aware that anything he had done in relation to those matters had at all changed the aspect given to them by tbe correspondence between himself and the Span ish representative here, and that Mr. Lnznri aga had only repeated to Mr. Perry what had been previously said by Mr. Cuete on tbe sub ject. Light House Keepers Appointed ?At Fax. allones. Cal , Norva N Wines, keeper, vioe James Powers, who did not qualify?salary $1,000 per annum ; John W. Wines, first as sistant keeper, salary $050 per annum. Darios Tiekett, assistant keeper at the Petit Menan Island light, vioe J. W. B Richardson, rem oved?salary $240 per annum The Lost Buoys Recovered.?The iron buoys r.nd their appendages on board of the schoonor Cuiypso, wrecked near Annapolis, Md , last week, have been reoovered aud shipped to Baltimore by the sobeoncf Northumberland. A Clerical Promotion ?Merit Jordan has been promoted to be a second class clerk, In the office of the First Auditor, Tie* R. H. Rid* diek, resigned. The Cnrrtot Operation! of the Treasury Department.?On Saturday, the 9th of June, ther: were of Treaeurv Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $8,722 13 For the Treasury Department.... 557 31 For the Interior Department 98,963 35 For the Customs 109 297 19 War warrants received and en tered 74,801 25 War repay warrants reoaived and entered .r.. 8,705 20 Interior repay warrants received and entered... 703 21 Covered into the Treasury frem Customs 129,605 97 BT In a telegraphic dispatch from Balti more, published in the Star on Saturday af ternoon, a brief aooount was given of a fear, ul rencontre between two women, named, re spectively, Eliia Simpson and Margaret Ham ilton, the keepers of rival establishments The former drew a pistol and discharged it* contents into the face of the latter, whose life is thus plaoe-i in imminent danger. Eiisa Simpson has been released on bail, in the sum of $2,000. The Cask op Arbisob. or IxrBBHAi. Ma chihb Notobibtt ? On Thursday the District Court, in ees-ion in in Cincinnati, granted a new trial to William H. Arrison. of infernal machine notoriety, convicted of murder, on the ground of misdirection i? Judge Flynn's charge to the jary. The oouft has remanded his case to the court of Common Pleas for a new trial It is supposed that an aot of the Legislature transferring the business of a criminal oourt to the Court of Common Pleas is so defective as to be null and void, and that Arrison oannot therefore be tried by that court; and the District Court having adpurned to September next, the order cannot be amend ed. Should the act referred to be void, Arri son will probably be discharged on a writ of habeas corpus, and thus escape punishment. Canadian Riflemkf bocnd fob tbb Chi mba?The train from Suspension Bridge, wbieh arrived here at a late hour on Monday night, brought a company of Canadian volun teor riflemen, armed and equipped, bound for the Crimea They left yesterday morning, via Western Railroad, for Boston, where they will w ua) auip on uoara a pacKet lor Uonetanti nople The company numbers aome sixty mem ber.;? joud?. athletic, hardy ?on? of Canada? who state that 41 thej will not oome back until they lick the Russians!" In view of the some what arduous task which they have under taken. it is probable that they may not return for son e time yet "When they lick the] Russians" ii somewhat indefinite.? Albany] Argiis, ft 4b int. Liter reeH Mexico?An arrival from] Corpui Christi at New Orleans, Jane 8, brings intelligence of an outbreak at Lanpapas in I consequence of the arrival of an emissary of Santa Anna with orders to arrest and shoot some of the lnadirg citizens Lanpapas and Monterey had been forced to Etirrender and the lives of the citisens had been spared, bat the whole oountry was in arms and an attempt h*s been made to take Monterey. Governor ] Neula soon fled. Matamoras dates to the 12 h bring informa tion of the pronnncinmento at San Loais Po- j tosi, and the troops were preparing to leave

Matamoras to quell ths insurrection there I Chihuahua waj also reported to be on the eve| of revolution. HOOrLAND'8 CELEBRATED GKKMAN FIT I ' TE8S.?Wnk, n?r?on?, depressed !n spirit*. and a prey to Innanifcrable mental, a* well a* physical * vita. the | ?lctlm to dyspepsia, la in leed an object of comreieseratlon. Yet It la *b?nrd for him ta rtespalr. Wa '?are not how weak ] low, nerv-ms, and Irrittble he ma* be, the cordial proper tie* of HOOF LASH'S OEKMAN BITTKRS, prepared by Pr. 1 C. U. Jackron, Philadelphia. are stronger than tha n.any haaded raon tei which Is praying npon bin body and mlrd; and If he choose* to try them, we will insure a speedy cure. See advertisement. )? 7?ioj T"7=?A SECRET KOR THE I.ADIES?J?OW TO PRESERVE I ^ Beauty.?Don't uae Chalk, Uly White, or any <.f the KKallad cosmetics, to concoal a fad?d or aallow complexion. I If yon would have the roses brought bark to your cheek, a clt>ar, healthy and transparent skin, and life and vfgi.r <11 fnse-l through the *yet?ra, get a bottle ?.f Carter's S;,aL:*l. Mixture, and Uke It according to directions. It d..ea not 1 taate quite an well aa sweetmeats ; bnt. If aster a few dose* | you do not And your health and beauty reviving, your *t?*p ?laatlc and vigorous, and the whole system refreehed ai.d | Invigorated 'Ike a Spring morning, then your caae ia hc;.c lee*. and all the valuable certificate* we possess, go for I naught. It la the greateat putter of the blood known la perfectly harmless, and at the aacie time powerfully rtBr+ dou. ??*8ee advertisement. fr-?>NOAH WALKER A CO.. Marble Hall Clothing Empo-I ' rlnrn, under Browns' Hotel, reapectftilly announce j that their display of Spriug and Summer Clothing Is n-iw ready for Inspection, comprising an aaaortmeut of OoaU, I Veau and Pantaloon* of the neweat and ri'hest dealgna In I mateilal, trimming and workmanahlp. To gentlemen Whr. I atndy excellence with economy In faahlonable article* af I dre?n an opportunity for selecting Is (Tered from one oM^y, [ largest and most attractive stock of good* ever o(tared la | this city at a very redn-ed scale of price*. up 17 fPREMIUMS AT THE PAIRS?WHITEHl'BST'S I still In tha ascendance.?The Jarlea of each of the late fair* at Biltlai :*, Richmond, and Now York awarded tteir hlgkeat premiums to J. H. W. fbr their superiority of Pho tograph*, Stereoscope* and Daguerreotype* exhibited. Mr. W. al*o received two Medal* at the World'* Fair, Lon- I Sou, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Also, thv Brut award* of the Maiyianl Institute for three | years past. WhlUhurst's Oallery la this city t* on Pa. avenue, betw. I AM *od Sth streets. fob 17 D. OILMAN, Dru*g1?t, ha* removed to tig Seventh ] l>?' street, opposite to the Patriotic Bank, and 1* now pre pared toflll all orders for Medlclue*, Paints, OH*, and (llass , on accommodating terms. Strict attention will be paid to physician's preacrlptlons at all hours of the day and night. The night bell la on the right of the store door. ap 14?lm |Y-J? BAKER'S PREMIUM BITTEBS.?Mr Editor?You I would he a>tonl*:ied, though true. In my travel thraun-h | Vlrginta a short time since, to hear of tha faith and rec-m meudatlon that Is given to BAKEB'S PUKMIl'M BITTKKS. Several ladies and gentlemen said they had had the Dyspep- I sla for many year*, hut never had foaud anythlug to make a I cure of it but Baker's Premium Bitters, an4 some would a?y It had cured tlieui entirely of the nervou* headache, and others would *ay If It had not been for these Bitters they I would have died with the cholera. Bo wa aay, succeaa to | BAKER and his PREMIUM BITTEBS. Every iatnlly should keep a few bettlea on hand. Price frC cents per bottle To be had ofCH 4RI.ES STOTT A CO.. Waahlngtou, D. C., I CAN BY A HATCH, aud sLTll S. H ANCS, Baltimore, and by | Druggists everywhere. eoJt rry*L PHENOMENA IN MEDICINE.?RronchlUa, Cough, { ?-' Dyspenala. Liver Complaints, scrofula, Ac. ?For all dlaeaaaa of the Female System It stands preeminent. A Qlergyuau Just Inform* us It has cured blm of Broncbltla | Of a desperate ohnracter?nartlculara hereafter. HAMPTON'S VEOKTABLE TINCTURE? By It* mild ao- I Uon on tha stomach, liver and kldneya, will car* Dyspep sla, Oough, Asthma, Bronchial and Lung Affections Pain* | In tb* Back, Side and Breast, Oonaumptlon, Scrofula, Klieu matlam, Oout, Neuralgia, Pistol*, Bowel Oomplatnta, Piles, I Worms, and Nervous Deblim**?with all dleaaaa* art*lug | from Impum blood, and la the greatest famal* medicine ev er known. This Invaluable medlolna 1* working wonder*] upon the hnman frame. See advertlaemant to-day. mar 7 nT?LCN1B-LrNQS.-We refer our reader* to an advar-1 tlseraent In another oolumu, for fall particular* con cerning the HTOEANA of Dr. Curtis It 1* said to b* one I of the inost remarkable cure* for all description of diseases or tb* lnng* ever dl*cov*red. It* virtues have been testlfled to by hundreds, who have obtained their knowledge by the best of all teacher*?experience. CAPTION.?Dr. CVBTIS'S HBOBASA U the original aud | ?uly genuine article. may M?lm SWJoa SBiLUB^Toa reoalva* all the new Book* and Haws paper* aa faat aa publlahad. He 1* agent for Harper** and all the other Uag**?ne*, and eur reader* will alway* Hl I r. large and good assortment of Blank Book* and Stationery at hi* Bookntoia. Odeon DdIIJIdc. cor Pa. avonce aod 4'n *t ^GRAi:E UHUKlMI FE8T1VAL.?A| the requ-!'t of many friends of Grace Church, the l,adie*' Ffsiival of Strawberries and Cream will br cnntinmid a few evenings longer, in the new | Concert Hull, adjoining the Hur buildingii. Jell-3t (Intel h. Union) MONTGOMERY GUARDS, ATTENTION. A m -eiing of ihe Corps will be held^t Harmo ny Hall, on WEDNESDAY NIGHT, the 13th instant, at 7^ o'clock. By ? rder of Capt. KEY : Je n-3t WM. O'BULLIVAN, Sec. ATTENTION, PRESIDENT'S MOUNT flL ed Guard You are hereby notified to at /pNU t^nd an adjourned meeting on TUEHD Y I EVENING, June 19, at 7J^o'eIock, at the new armory, Varnum'a Buildinga, Louisiana ave nue, between 6th and 7th au. Each n ember ie requested to attend thia meeting, aa biisinesa of importance will be laid betore tRe Company. ?B,ri?r%!! J* H G- McCUTOHEN. Je II?8t v. SCOTT GUARDS, ATTENTION.?YOU | lare.1r'e.^,ord-r?;dl0 M your armory f "n weDN?SD\Y MORNING, June 13th, at J e>^ o'clock, in full summer uniform, for pa w!" ^ * mcPtir,l the Company tomor row (Tuenday) evening at 8 o'clock. The rule will be stringently enforced against all abaenteea either from th? meeting or parade. B. A. JAMISON, Captain. i0?? Orderly Seigeant. Je 11?4h* ,S I RAW BERRY FESTIVAL FOR THE ?'7-f?t benefit of 8t Vincent'? Orphan Aaylnm, will be held in Franklin Hall, eorner of Oih Brut rf ?r?H?., n TTMDAY EVENING i,eai. 'I ip- <n- tide of the orphans ate InvKed toan?ud. j? 7?fit ^THE UNDER81GNED GROCERY MEN chants, In order in give time for rwrr? aiir o to the clerks in tbeir employ, <lnilnf the wsrnith ol ?he Simmer month*, hereby agree to clou? tb? ir r?* apeetive store* at eisht o'clock p. m, (fcitu'daj evetiirifi excepted.) from thin date until the fir I day if 3ept?in*er next . GEO k THOS PARK PR k CO , SAMI'EL ?MCON k CO.. MURH \Y k SRMMK8, HAMILTON k I.EACH. B. P MORSELL, BARBOUR k SEMME8, E. E. WmITE k CO, ED HALL, 8HEKELL BROTHER8, BERRY k BOWIE, MIDDLETON k BEALL, JESSE B WILSON. Washington. Jane 11, 1855. Fl'tiST OR AND MILITARY AND CIVIC EXCURSION or THE UNION GUARDS. THE member* of the above Com |puny moat respectfully announce to .!?? iiiteiiH oi Washington, Georretown, and Al?-x ai.dria that they will rive an Excursion to the White House Taviliou on THURIDAY, June 14th 1855 The firs' boat leaving Geo'getown at 8 oVIeck, Washington at 9; Navy Yard at 9V; Alexandria at 10 o'clock The second boat will leave the it'im boat wharf, Washington, at 1 o'clock, touching ai Alexindria. R< turning, leaves the White Hou?e at 6 o'clock in the evening, giving persons an opportunity of re tQMiini early; the last b>*t Waving at 11 o'clock :.t night, making it a Gmnd P.c Sic and Moonlight Ex cursion. Dinner will be furnished by Wo. Coke. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?to be bad of any of tl??~ members, or at the host. jell?3t OST?ON FRIDAY, A BROWN LEATHER Portemonnaie, with a steel nm to it containing between $80 and $90 In gold, ai ong th<-m a gol i dollar piece wrapped in white paper. A vtrv liberal reward wi I be given if left at Taylor k Maurj *a Bookstore, or Willards' Hotel. je 11? It* j^TRATVD AWAY on the 6th instant, from L ML off the lands of the Park Hotel, 7th ot ,i alight red horned COW, on the brink of j calving, with a white line along the hack" and tail, a Fp-ckled face, and blr-d in the left e.e. Anv person gi'-ing irformatlon to the owner. GEO BECCEKT, of the above place, ao as to And her. will be suit-Wy rewarded. Jell ?St* JOHN H. BUTHMANN, IMPORTER AND DEALER IN WINK. BRANDT. Ac, Has received direct from Schiedam two pipes of extra superior GIN. je 11?Jt SUBSCRIPTION CONCERtT" Mils W. ov. BOTE will pre a Grand Subscription Concert of Classic Music at Ca rusi's Saloon, MONDAY EVENING, June lt-th, on n ?? v ?i?\?n en*, *? i'i wt acraiciMj uj iHt UlV^l CIU" inent talent. and the choicest sfclectioos of BEtTHOVEN. MENDELSSOHN. C. M. WEBER, fcc. Be performed. Tickets 50 cents. For particulars see programme, which, together with subscription lists, can be lound at all the prin cipal hotrls, music and Bookstores. je 11 ?3t SAM'L V. NOYBS, Agent. A CARd7~ FORD k BROTHER experience pleasure in an nouncing to their friends, and the publi? gen erally, that they have entered inio co partnership in the DRUG AND APOTHECARY BUSINESS, at the comer of 11th street ard Perna. avrnue, where : hey intend keeping on sale an assortment of Pure Drugs and Medicines, together with a vanity of P?r luinery, Fancy Articles, fcc. The public may rsly on being served with that de lirious and most wholesome berare. SODA WATER, made from pure su;>er carb. of So.Ja, for which the establishment has heretofore been so celebrated. Or?- Prescriptions carefully dispensed at all hours of the day and night. je 11?3t MOSAICS! MOSAICS!! II. x KISKBR, Jeweller, No 330 Pa* avenue, HA3 received this day, direct, the largest assort ment of magnificent Roman and Florentine M' ?SAIO JEWELRY, which has ever been offered iu this city. The patterns are of the very latest njles. The lot, beme rather large for the advanced sea son, will bt: sold at extremely low prices. Magnificent set? of Pin^ and Ear Bings from $<J up to $50. Admirers of this style of Jewelry are in vited to examine this assortment. Je 11 MAGNOLIA HAMS. WE have just ieceived, we teiieve, the only lot ever sent to this city, and are certainly the "neplas u'tra" of all hams ever introduced here, be ing all selected and cured hy C. Huffman, of Mary laud, from the old Horn stea.l receipt, we are sors that on any lable they will afford a delightful source of conversation Also, a imall lot of tender Sirok"d Beef, racclta rined aad spiced by new receipts, delightful for pic nic< ai.d Excursionists, with a general assortment of all kinds of Crackers and Sweetmeats at KING'8 Family Grocery, corner Vermont avenue and I st., A few steps northeast Jackson Statue. Je 11?wtr NOTICE TO THE CREDITORS OF HALL k BROTHER. \RU('H HALL, surviving partn<r of Isaac 11*11, having, on the 98ih day of February. 1(455, assigned to the undersigned all the stock in trade and debts ot the firm of Hall k. Brother, to be applied to the full satisfaction of certain debts, lia bilities, and engagements of the aaiil firm of Hall fc Brother, and the surplus to pay and distribute rate ably among such of the remaining crecitors of aaid firm as flrdl within six months from said 98th day of February, 1855, execute and deliver to said Ha i uch Hall, full and absolute releases of all indebted ness to them respectively by said Baruch Hail, cur viting partner a? aforesaid. Notice is therefore hereby given to such creditors of said firm of Hall k Brother, or said Baruch Hall, surviving parrner, as may desire to participate iu the benefit < f said assignment to execute anu deliv er to said Baruch Hall, full and absolute relrrues as afo-e.said, within the period of six motthn fiom said 28th day of February. 1855 RICHARD WALLACE, Trustee. Jc 11?eotAug98th VIRGINIA PAY AND MUSTER ROLLS OF Msiitia entitled to Land Kounty under the act of Congress, Pept. 98,1850 Beverley's History of Virginia Nuiliu's Agricultural Essays Tiansactions of the Virginia Stale Agricultural So ciety, vol 1 Burke on the Virginia Springs Mooonnan on do Fletcher's Study on Slavery Flavel's Works, 1 v?| Cumining's Minor Works, 3d series Schauta's Manual of Ancient History Uwwitt's History of Priestcraft Le Cure Manque, or Social and Religious customs in France Woman in the Nineteenth Century, by Margaret Fuller Oseoii. FRANCK TAYLOR. Je 11?tf B PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. War Pkpartkrkt, Washington. Jane 0 1866. PROPOSALS will be received at this d partxaent until 3 o'olcck oa Saturday, the SO .b of June instant, ;or supplying tie stationery described in the ?ohe>lale below. The Stationery must be of the beet quality. Sam ples must a-ccmaany the bi s. The snreesstul bidder will be required to give bond, with approrsd sureties, f r the fa thful tul fitlmert ef his oontract, and the department wiB re nerve tb? right to rrder the articles at sueb tiia?, and In suoh quantities a* It may de*m proper, and to li creare or ditrinisn the quantities below stated fhprr$ nuide linen stack. 9 reams folio post, ruled, machine made, weigh ing 17 pounds, per ream 20 teams single cap, ruled, machine made, weigL| int 19 pound', per ream 190 reams quarto poet, ruled, mact iae made, weigh ing 8V pounds per ream 90 reams quarto post, ruled, hand msde; weigh ing 8% ponds per ream __ 90 reams note pap^irperTesift 5 p ams copying piper, per ream 6 reams bio ting paper, per ream 10 reams Crane's machine made boff-enveltpe pa; er. per ream 30000 envelopes. (70 weighing one pound,) per 1,000 20 doaen cards Perry'a pens, p?r doaen cards 100 doaen cards o her metallic yens, per doaen cards 2000 quills, No. 80. per 1,000 CO doaen Coatee's or Faber's lead pencils, per doaen 9 doaen ivory folders, plais, p r doaen 9 dozen erasers, ivcry bandies, per di sen 1 dossn ivory wafer stamps, per doaen 1 dos-n ooooa sand boxes, p*r doaen 8 doaen 4-bladed knives, Roogurs ? ??n ?. dOB^D 3 dos n inkst*nd, 2 irchcu- glut,PJ ^,*n 10 do ten Cooper * Phillip's, Prinee's. or ? her hueki k, fr quarto, per do?-n 15 doaen French earmlne ink, in ounce vial a, p? d?seo 1 doaen oopying ink, per doaea 9,0 wafers, large, or d?p? rtment seal, per 1,000 CO rounds wa'ers, common ?iae, per pourd 60 | a-nd* sealing wax, tesrlet, per pound 10 pounds India rubber, prepared in pieeas, per pound 6 ounces pumice, par o^ince . 2 p?aks blacks.nd, par peak 90 doaea taste, saner led, pas doaan luO doaen red tap*, a sorted staes, par <kaeai ja U?UwtwMWf^e LIME, WOOD AND COAL. IQRfl BUSIIKLS LIME. now landinf ICNM t from the kilns. (vol ' urr.r and of rior quality,) the be^ *?( th* ?c%s<?a. imtat'U 1* plasterers. hnrktavwr*, ?*<*??? mn?on?, Ac Al! ih?a? in want of ih? article wi I p!. cull on ticnfe. ?est, ?x.?l examine for theiaseiv. ** the ^iee M the bc>uw wiH ne b??er??d f> it ? tin??s Alan, Hickory, Oak m<l Piu*- W?K)|i,cOAL,|( on hand. Ail of which will be aol?i |?? "* WM IV AM HER, Cor and C sts . near tlir Canal, Nt> 54ft. lef-3t C*gatj LOST?This morning, b<*w?-*;n Mr*. Can?7 ou north A street, Capuil il II. alone the >wui side of Pa avpnuf. and the Xaional uuii l, a Urn Q<?LO BREASTPIN. of oval shape, contain,^ hair The finder will be suitably reward by leas ing tb? same et Mra Carter's Ibwrclnic H"0?e,rw ttol Hill. je t-k? I?OR 8ALB?A GOOD FAMLY H??RHEa?d r Camas* F.nqur* at the Stab:?? ot M' tog. ERT F.AfcL, in the First ?Vmd. )? I Ir IF YOU WANT THE Terr fine,t sHk n m> |o?kin HAT go to AK, THONY'8, on 7th ?tre?t, trmnd door north of Pa. avmne, where you can j^t the eery beat far 5 0* He aella for cash only. H? ?<>*? (or a small proftt and yick reiurn? A dollar sared taa dollar ir.a<ia. PKRSON8 RARI *0 PHKSOTl will And at LAMMOXD H, 464 Heverthrt a great variety of Fancy N<*ioiu. iui.ab> Sr *;J acet and tastes, and at price* that cannot fail w pi ^ase. Je %?3( IJ5CAPMD in F stree', between 13 h and 14th j street*. a spotted CAN ARY BIRD, : >r tbs re turn of which, if found, a suitable r?*w:ird wrtl be liven. Apply at this o<B~c. je 9? s TRA YKD on the 2?ih of May, from Ban* Rough, on L strret, between 13?h and 14th, a large Mark milch Tow, large tuni?d : p, aUut 8y?arsold. Ar will l?e pi m to any peracn on her return Je9 3t PIC NIC BASKETS?Jum openerl mnmnr Pic Nic, Traveling, Card, Ofllce, Work, School and Toy Basket* Al-o. a lot ol Fresh Perfumery, from Apoll. s, p( Harrison and Jules Hanel. Philadelphia. Comb* Brushes. Fan-". Playing and Visiting Cards, Cari Cases, Port** Mounaies, Jet Gooca, Pocket ('mien. Cage?, Mumc, Musical Instruments, 8 at onerv, kc JO IN F. ELLl!*, 396 Pa. ?7., bet. ~ J?5 8 ? tf 1. 8th LFUMfcR' FANCY GOODS. PERI AT HUTCHINSON k MUNRO'S can betosad n g- eat variety of Fancy Goods, soch as Cabas Work Box?s. Caaea, Fan*, Porte Moa nates, Card Caws, Writing Desks, Gold Pens aad Pencil*, Pocket Knivwi, S< i*sors, Raztrs, SKstinj Canea, Shavnf Creun, Comb* and Brua*ie? it. gnu varictv, perfumes, LnMn'a, Pivera, Harmon's,and oiher choice extracts, all warranted genuine Po ina>i? s, Lvo.>'a Kathairon, Barry^ Tncr.pero?s. ke. Alao, Gloves, H"sier>. Handkerchiefa, Laces, Embroideries, Hibbons, French Fli?wera. Boaneto, and Milliner* Goods generally, to ? h?eh the attea tion o* the ladies it i?arti< ulariv ihvik d. HUTCHINs?ON k MUNRO, ? 310 Pa. avcane, bet. ihh and 10>h at*. ]? S?Ot rI^WO PI AMOS that have bvn in use for a | few months for aale ui>on very cheaa and raa aoitabl? terms JOHN F ELMA, 306 Pa. avenue, bet 9<h and 10th fts Je 8?tf SCHUTTKR * KAHLERT. ARTISTS, Freico, D-corati?*, ani every demption of ORNAMKRTAL PAINTING Onlers left with Baldwin and Nenmng, Archi tecis; will be promptly attended to. je 8- dim* IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BRKAK INO UP HOUSEKEEPING. EJERBON8 remorin* fr<?m ihe city, t^d wish;nj to dispose of thf-t? Furniture and II ??e%f?p. ing Utenaila. kc , withou? the irr.nbli of t-Dding th?-m to public auction, can do no by caiiint o?t at at our Store, 317 Pa avenue. corr "r of Ninth ? , afc w1.' are prepared to bay all such g^< d? a.- may be offered. Housekeepers and o?h?"ra will do w 11 braKiif on us, as we will par the highest c?-h rric? f"r all anchg ods. WALL, MIVAIO k CO. j< 7?2m 317 Fa. avenne. LAND WARRANTS. JOHN D CLARK, Ac?*nt lor l.!mirs( No 587 Twelflh street, will give ?hs Li,'h-st niitrket price in jtold for Land Wnrrarts je 7?lit" PATK^T ICS CRRAH rHIfct ERS. Ice Cream M oulds, Jelly Mi l< n Moulds. Rice Mould*, i'uddm* Mou" Pnddinc Pans, Cake Pans, Patty Pan?, i'ake r*utt?*n., at the Hou?ekeep< r's Furnishing Store, 400 ?th je 6 G. Ff A Nt IB. LADIRA' VIOHK B4-.KRT8.~CtM Ba?kct4, Trav< line Baskets, K?v Bnskrrs, Kntfe Backet*, Cigar Ba?ktU?, Market * \sk*ts, L"oihcs Baskets, a large variety, very '.dw. at the Uouaekceper'a Faraishtng Store, 4 90 S'venih iireet. G. "f'KAXCiJ. je 6? Furniture sale?the artic .es re mainiuc unsold at the recent sale of Furniture ind Houa?:ke??piiig Goods at th^ store of J R. Mc Gregor, 395 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4^ inJ 6th aueeto, anuth side, will be sold ?.IT nt greatly reduced prices during the next ten day? as ih- tub ?criber will pos tivtly cloae up his business wi lim ibat ume. Term*: $15 : nd under, ca.h ; over that atim a :redit of 30 and CO <taya, for apptoved ecdoraed iictn, bearing interest. Deal era are roquealed to call and examine ibe stock. J. R McGREGOR. je 4?lw OLD POINT COMFORT. THE HOTEL at ibu favorit* watering place ? now open for the reception of gucht^. 1 be en tire establishment lias been put in fine order, ard fn-ater facilities have been made for landing pas senger*. A small steamer haa been chartered to act a* tra der upon the lancer mail boats,and alao to uinke *4 tnp^ to Norfolk and Portamonth, uuluomc two trlpa on Sunday to and from those cities thereby affording an opportunity of a pleasant ei' u'sioi. and enjoy the sea bathing The boat will make kshir.g excursions three days in each week. Communications U.ould be addi eased to C C. WILLARD k BRO., Propmtnra. Je 4?Sw Ol I'oint Comfort, Va. PROSPECTTTS For publishing a mo?tkly Musical Work tn th$ city of Washington, THB under?ignrd, at the solicitation of man* of their esteemed customers, propose pubiishiai a liionthlv Musical Work, entitled The Natiooal Monthly Musical Xiguiw The Magaaine will contain from !our to an paf? of Music, aelected from the beat European anc >? tive Composers In addition to the Music an extra iheet will be added, containing the latest Musical News, Musical Notices, kc. The Magazine ?i > be printed on the best quality Music paper,and will be printed from engravtd plates, in the neatest ?an nor. The first number of the Magaaine will be really about the 1st of July, 1*55. Mr. 8 V. Notes, the Agent for the Work, will solicit subscription from the citixen* of tba District of Columbia aad show a specimen number. Jawm H. Brans, No. ISO Bridge street, la Utf agent for Georgetown. niLBUs k Hrrz, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av., lltb and D sts, Star Buildings, VYaafcington, D. C June 4?tf Leslie's ladies' oukttk op Paris, London and New York Fashion* for Ju?* Is received and for sale at SHILLINOTONTB Bookstore. Tlie Watchman, a companion to the popular sto ry of the Lamplichter Tales for the Marines, by the author of Los Glin fos Harper's Magaaine for June commences a new volume The Misaing Bride, by Mra. South worth The Two Guardiana, by ths suthor of Heartsease All the Magazines for Jnne All the New Books and every thug in the Sia r?gnISLINGTON'S Dooh.'or., Odecn Building, car. 4% St., and Ta. a* je 4? tr aTOTIC9??Our customers are respectfully ? formed that on and after tliis date, until Sep ember, we bhall close our store #?v rv estmng at X o'clock. niLBUS k HITZ, je5 Mu?ii.' ^ep01^ lEADY^MADK SUMMER CL'THING. J f AVING within the last lew days ma..e g-eat i 1 additions to our former stock of Ready nnds 71<ahing, we are now prepared to r.flW jrei?*i?*i??? ?> very inducement in pri -o and quality to visit our xtensive falesroims before makingtbfir selecuona. Our assortment ol White and col re<i Sbi'ts Jaure, merl- o, silk and cotton Undercuts .inen ani Cotton Drawers Summer stocks, Cravats, Scarfs,Ties Tollani. Glovi s, Hosiery, kc , Is vety large and complete, cisVig ?ur preser. itock one of the most desirab.e to seiec' irom ?n :csBsd qua'itv to be foun?i thi< side ef New York. WAI L k STEPHENS, 319 Pa. ave.. next &o<n to .ron Bai* )* 4?tf (Hews) \lr A9H1MOTQM CORF W grw?. k lu sah b? OORPOItATlO* 6 moot *