Newspaper of Evening Star, June 13, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 13, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON PITY: WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON Jnn? 13. M. J. Burns, Crawford street, Ports mouth, Ya., is the Star's agent for that place and Norfolk City. S7IF.1T 07 THE K0B3LN9 HOI The Uni&n argues that Massachusetts is as practically cut of the Union through her la's constitution?repudiating legislation' as North Carnlisa and Rhode Island were shortly after the ratification of the constitution by their sister States?they refusing for some time to tlo likewise We find also in the Union an able and in teresting letter from lie well Cobb, ofGa.,upen the political topics of the day, wherein that di?tingui-ihed salesman exposes the hideous ufeiof KnowNothingism. Upon the senseless villifications of Jno. W. Forney which now and thor Gils the c lumna of the Richmond Examiner, the U.uoti (m Air. FA abeance) rajs: 4 A trtr. who if morally depraved himself, end ihe efore prone t: attribuie moral deprav. i:y to others, espttiolly others to whoai he :a hostile, wonid be apt to see it this letter th.* evidence of a wicked conspiracy between Mr. i orrest and Colonel Forney to extract frcm Mr Jamie* n ti n admissions io be used in eject ing the object wbtch Mr Forrert had so much at heart. Such a ore would ha-dly be con scious of the naturo cf the effecce involved in au attempt to pervert tbe true mearing of a letter by the tr?.e of italics.. Tut ia the view of an i?: pn jadiood mind, looking at the c ircurnstance* ks they exi:;:ei, no such conega tion i- juftiflnblo Th.e icest that eoold be properly ?aid cf Colonel F*rrey's act would he that it wuindiscrent in hiia to undertake such an a^enoy. liioac who know the wurm-bearted impulses which control Colonel Forney, the open handed gererosity with which ho carves his friends, ar.d the unbounded confidence whioh h? ref-oecs in tho-;e he loves, will at oace .-ee that be yieidel tj the su Jktir.n of Mr. If orrest under the tallest eanvionon that be was an injared hns! and, and that Jr.a e Kon hid robbed him of hi-" domestic happiness He suppcseJ that Hoberta could procure from mm the proof of hia guilt, which would ena ble Forrt*t to obtain a separation from bit* wife. Viewed iu tnis light?and we are sure it is the trm rew of the case?tbe agency oi Col F 'trey indicate? no immorality of pur po?o or depravity c-f heart, bat an ill-judged and iadis reet not of tiien&bip ia ander taking devaiop the truth through the means resorted to That th:* ia tho conclusion ar rived a: by honorable ar.d impariil nurds we have tfte strongest proof in the fact that Col. Forney was elected Clerk of the Houje of l;ep re??otativM. although bis enemies spared no cffjr's to make the Forrest letter subservient to his dof'^a' To the viuperafion of the Kxatriner *f have no reply to make; it is but toe second-hand abase with which the Now i'ork Her ild has oLen teemed, and it now fiads a worthy place in tho columns of the Examiner I' ra? harmless in the columns of the former; it is not less so in the latter." Th*Intelligencer, discussing the ' Federal I nion ? i. e., it* dissolution?says: "This is a sc'rjact of such solemn import that the very idea of its becoming necessary at any tici" or under any circumstances to say a word aboc it fi'!s r? with repugnance The dippancy v ith which the pcssibiliy ol the disio'ution ( f the l-nion has come to be epo ken of ifi m.iny qu .rters is enough to make the bore? of tb? de?d fathers cf mr (Icvern nacnt '-burst thiir csreaients." To us it is so appa'.licg that we dare hardly tru^* ourjhlvrs t? contemplate it. And jet to renain alto gether silent while the -Jire event ?s nj?<u#'C?l in leading jiurnala' f tl o countrv, and held to be not only po^ibie, Lut desirable, wuu.d be. *a fear, to iicregird uor duty aj aoxio'is defender? of cur Constitution. We have no vain hope that our feeble voice can do ranch to arres: tbe progress of that balcfel spirit which hna tweomo so rife?a spirit which bad :ta birth in ambition, was nourished by the Mexican war, ai l putcn its toga viril.i at the pasj.go of the Nebraska bill. But, thank Heaven, the-e are still pre?ses evcrvwbore. able asd true, last dare uph< id the power oi' the Loloa Uj maintaio iuelf againtt cither 2iorthcru or Sy taern fxnatia;, u^d it wus to introduce the foMowirg articlo fr< in OT:e of them that r-e have v^otcrod npon a subject which we consider almost tao sacrod to be touched " I'l 8MG.T1! . .... Hon. I) Bright, President of the U S S?nj.te, arrived ia 'hU city yep?e:d iy. .... Col Jcf-raon Dr.vis, Secretary rf War, on reaching Jarkson, Mississippi, E*t -Fith an enthbsias'io receptioo, a :d. by invit-tli.-.n. ad dressed the Democratic Convention, which you at that licue iu :e&<.ion. .... A c'iiid burnt to death in Levant, Ma . B a willow basket ia the field around which tLey buili a lire tc> ke-ip tli tho mos quitoes .... lienarai La mar c. whoee namu will Lo Camihur to j enir. . iar offienra aa tLe colonel cf engineers w ;o cm ducted the defento of Bad* j x, tn uuu h' FuntainUeau (Fr.?roe } ..t tha age ot 83 F* wh* cc? of the most eminent cogiroaring olhceri in France. .... The gentltiaan in Baltimore who won the silver eoblet at a publin place cf airu?c tcen?, for brit:gin)? the greatest number of la p??r with Liaj, >eiy modestly trou^hi only Jor:y-thioe! ....A v.idow in L*cnbarton, N. 11., aUcmpt ed to o *akide, on the 2d instant, ihe j)-OTidtd a \(::tl fur cttchsa^ ifce blood, and wi'hakr:i;e <sdea7or<>d to tcvtr tha wi^d pij-e Iter curate failed h^r a'ter letting out ?mall 1,; _d ehr> eritd fcrhelp Ko seri cua ia m.. _i.dr uowover, that h?r recovery 0 doabtfu. tr.8 hai three children, ia north 1 eme p cj silj-. and i> a w>man of aair-h re : pee tat i cy. As a raas^n for tho, it ij ra xnercd that a man whr m fhc daes not love has *?atorel t proa "e of m irria^e from bar, v>hich sho d wiah to fulfil. KtorEjrrr*T i!i High Lifr ?An el foment, wf.. :li has ere t i <ju;te ai. exciteuicnt in cer t in ci:c'e/, c^iao iff iast i.i^ht. The gay Lothario is t >ou>g man of lino uttaioments, NM|kl c nation cf c:cuuvt ?r oa the Fer.rry!-.i.i 11 m'read Ui-t bride ie .dso of Tesiertn-!" f and recides In tho vioitpi:y .">t i.t. L.oe ty 'la'> pr.rents of tbe latter wer* op|.? ?? ' (o ibe matub. but ?ho and her loves wt t dctt.wined to live together 44 tor ld!t?r lo.- w. ;*e," A" througu iixe io ca jeblerda vening tae lett houa for the J pur;ose. ae *i.? eupp -ed by her frierdf. of visi'ing a neighbor This wos true to far a* it went; s' e repaired to a friend's in the vicinity, bv ? ere lo: ^ & lumber of baggte* were dritt. up lo tha dt-jr, in olo of which fho w.,3 imxealatcly reated a: u conveyed to tbi? eity w er? a weii krjewn clergyman e.:on nci;ei tba hu py pair in marr.atre. ho. a al ter wcich tb?y leti t ,r parsj ?fit:~bur^k Chi on tile, J*j*e y I A on the Stauk ?Susan and Kate Deain were play:ng lUmea and Jnliet at the Troy (N. V .) Mnjfum. a lew evenings aince. when romo cf their enom^as bc^an :o hiss kfcte it ere was groat excitemet.i, aad angry exhibiticas re re mad a leiwe?n the parti* ma at.d ?; f j tn.e :f ihe aolreaej, when Ka:e, who w.i ;Ia^:r^ Juliet, burs: into taura l'ais turnai :L i tide in her faror At ti.i< juco tare bu-?ao <'?i:.e spoa tho sta,;e, and placing her arm i. .out her Filler'* waist, tu:ced to tho auaieoae ?aa cxciatmeil? " \Yh?: has iay siaUr i: ?ae ? Vi'Lo can i&y arything agu;^t uy sister? (A vole;?lKo bcoy') Tts:.t rs no. Say wha'.ever you in regard t. m?. hut do not ab_-e my tistrr. Don'ioiy. kuiy?go on with jour patt. No b-riy ha auj thing to say against you " lhis harp.) taelo drai&aiie aucanda was greeted vita m timtJ thres,"' and '.Tith . jcrer.t K?te inbdn d btr emotions and ^o&iuiuti ii*.r ;vrtwtmauce. i WASHINGTON NEWX AMD COJiSIP. Gratuitou* and Unfounded Abuse?It seemt to us that one h?lf the capital ?a whi:h more or lesa papers trade, is abuse of the l*e?t Office Department. A break down in their pre?*-rooms, a complaint of a subscriber, or the lois of a dollar vlltgcd to have bean mailed to them, is enough to start them on this favorite key. according to their philosophy. The department is at least everybody's dog, to the extent of being obliged not only to serve everybody at very low rates indeed, but alio to the point of perpetually standing ready to be kicked when anything imaginable disturbs the equanimity of anybody. Had it baen the Post Office Department whose arrangements between this and New Orleans prove! so slow aa to have been, say seven days, in bringing the account of the refusal of the grand jury at tho latter city to bring in bills of indictment against Messrs. Blair and Whitman, as noticed by us a day or two, instead of the tele graph line, halt the newspapers of the country would have republished the fuel as evidence of the utter inefficiency of our present postal arrangements between the seat of Government and the southern commercial emporium. Folks have a foolish habit of comparing the apparent working of the English postal systom and ours; taking the former? ope*ating over a small territory, thickly populated, whore labor is cheap, with the lattor operating over an surfs-* o of space, covered with a very sparce population, where labor is much dearer. Now, if they w;:uld but like sensible souls, form their comparison of the service? rendered for the monoy paid for those servi ces, upon the number of miles actually traveled, tho weight of mail matter curried, and the difference in the meats of mail trans portation incident to the real condition of the traveling facilities in a.l parts of the two countries, they would have sound and reliable data on which to arrive at sensible business like conclusions with retorenco to the manner in which the Post Office Department's affairs are conducted >a this country. It may startle fo!k9 who do not closely scan all the elements of the rapid industral pro gress of our country, to loam that the basines? of cur Post Office Department is a: this mo meat immensely l&rger-by perhaps a third? than on tho 4th of March, 1So3 In no other point has American progress ever so developed itself aj in the demands on the capabilities oi t..o j ustal branch oi this Government in the la?t thirty muuthj. Never before lowing to the extraordinary great cost cf living now ruling throughout the country) were the em ployees of the Dspartment. necessarily, so meagerly compensated, cr thing like to hard worked. Its mails may make fire thou.% and trips to schedule time, but if the nex? be an hour behind time, through fire, flood, or boiler-Lursting some where on a line a thous ana miles Jong, half the newspapers cote the fact as evidence of the inefficiency of tho De partment. If ten dollars are stolen from the mails, for a million gning safely, as per address on them, a:I post cffico employees ara pla carded by a large portion of thepres', as pick pockets are posted at railroad depola. Veri'y we are an unreasonable pecple. John Buii him.'elf, though cols itutionally and prover bially a grumbling old fool fjr at l33?t two centuries back, is already fairly outuono in that lino by hid prom "dog son Jonathan Whenever one cays io him?" Post Office De partment, the blood tun. j i:i his vein- then fair'y shows iiaelf?father Dull sticking cut all ^xfce Fourth Ward Foils ?Previous io^Wn ing the polls of the Fourth Ward in the lX eie:tim, it was formally ajreei biboiit thr three Know Nothing Commissioners there, that ?he ballots of tLe naturalized voters thoy intended to refuse to place in tha main bor, should be placed in a hat to be counted tepa rately and duly accounted for, and a good hat to contain them wns asked for and ootiined But a letter of three paragraphs wm after warn handed to the commissioners, wirch :2u~j.d th^m to abandon th-it design and :c iuse to receive such votes altogether. Nuw, the public are entitled to foe that communication If it was an unofficial per son who U:\ib took the liberty of givir ; iu a'ructions or through which hi* tallow citizens were deprived of their rights, the public should know his name If from some oco claiming tho right to diotato tha perpotra tion of wrong? and illegal acts nnd?r the shield of official position, surely the public h*se tho right to know what he did in the premises. V. e knew that it was pre-arrar.g?d iu tuo Icdgos to carry tho roe at election in this city by the perpetration of every possible fraud, and intend th:t tho history of the plot and a!! its details shall bo known to our fellow citi. Z-U3, and call for the production of tho lotfer to which v;a refer above, as forming a iick io the chain of evidence that o .nnot be kejt from tho knowledge of the citixaas of Wash ing.oa, Ly those sworn to choy me obhests of tho lodges at tho encase of the, constitution, the law, and ecmnuu honesty Ifco Platform ?Judging from the 1'midut iho'-piatform" being erected by the li. N builders in Philadelphia is to embrace a plank or be. m running straight out in lino with southern views on the slavery question, and another plank or beam running precisoly ur a:loi with accepted northern notions on tha slavery question, which aro huown to ^11 to be at right angles to e%ch othor, it strkei us that if they but add a "drop," throuj-h which they cand^dgo tho difference of sontijoent ex isting between tha Whig and Democratic ele ments of their party upon the question of in ternal improvements, they will have made to hand juat what best suits thtrn aj u party? a gallowi. Interesting Xaval Itrms.?Wo banr that the Secretary c. tha Nuvy has determin- 1 to >.rnr.ifor the erew of tho San Jacinto (war steamer) to the frignto Potomac, now fitting out a.. Norfolk, to join tho home squadron, aa the remaining ptriod of their sorvico is tuo ehor: to justify ordering them on a cruise. Thus transferred, they will make up the re mainder of tha lull ooffiplemont of mon ne ce#?ary for the frigate (raieej Constitution, about to sail for the Mediterranean, asd tho Potcaac a3 explained nbovo. The SanJi einto will be prepared, we apprehend, ss to?,n as possible, to join the Chinese Saa ' ^ast India) Squadron, Commodore Arinstr iig going out in her. L?tkto r^ur iighia!?A rcipootablo citi ?/ ^hiatU?n, on Friday last, took ooca ?ic to look over the aieetio. returns for the ward in which he voted, and found that his' uaiu? had no: been returned amon? ,he list tf 1 he voters on that occasion. He msd6 rn afiiaviutf the uct that ho voted tho anti Know-Nothing ticket. and the matter is to un dergo due legal investigation. Wo trust tha< ?very ami Know Nothing voter will taketim* to make a similar investigation, bp it is import ant that it should be ascertained precise!} how many eitisena have beon defrauded fc bring about the pretended results of the re cent election. Neither the name of tho votei above referred to, nor hia vote was accounted for in the return mtde. The Frauds of Kno# Nothingism.?It ha; been ascertained that at one of the polls in the recent election, votes of Know Nothings were received who were known to Know Nothing commissioners there officiating to be illegal votes; and also that at another poll, a Know Nothing commissioner put in the box two bal lots from one Know Nothing voter. The par ticulars of these cases will be brought out by due course of law. We mention them now, by way of showing the many fraudulent expe dients resorted to in order to bring about the pretended results of the election. The New Detroit Marina Hospital ?The proposals for tho construction of this building were to hove been opened to day, por adver* tiseiront. But no offers were made, eo the let ting has been postponed by the Secretary of tho Treasury until the 30th inst., when it is presumed that more than one proposal will be font in. ? Clerical Appointments, &c?i>*Tid Ba&>ett promoted to a second class clerkship in the Sixth Auditor's Office, r.t $1,400 per annum. F W Singleton appointed to a flrat-class clerkship in the sumo office, vico Mr. Bassett, promoted, at $1,200 por annum. Tho Six Ei-Dtjo Lights in New York Bay.? The deeds to tho cites of important aids to the navigator having been approved by the Attorney General of the U. S., the previ ously prepared pl-na will be executed during tho present season. Lilt of Patents issued from the United Stat- 3 Patent '?dice, for the week ending June 12, 1855?ctch bearing that date : Thomas C. Clarka, ox Camden, N. J.?For filter Thomas C Clarke, of Camden, N. J.?For hydrant filter. Chas M. Day, of New York, N. Y.?For f'iftd motion for s\w mills, eto. George L Dulany, of Mount Jaokson, Va.? For improvement in mill bushes Fluh.i Fitzgeral. of New York. N. Y ?For improvement in buoy? 1 %r raising sunken ves seln. Calvin Fletcher, of Cincinnati, Ohio.?Fcr improvement in suppiying furnccea with hot air Win S. Ford, of New Yor'-t. N. Y.?For im provement in window ga?lies ^ Win. D. Grcenlepf. of Wsshirgtnn. N II ? For improvement in fastening scythrs to snaths. Florian Ilesi, of Cincinnati, Ohio.?For im provoment in bedsteads. M J. Kennedy, of Fallston, Pa?For ma chine for planing stsv?s. M J. Kennedy, of Fullcton, Pa ?For ma chine for jointing staves John C. Kline, of Pittsburgh, Pa.?For im provement in door lroks ^ James J. McComb. of New Orleans, La ? For improvement in arrangement of bumpers for self acting bar brr.ko?. Fred'k. Newbury, of Albany, N. Y.?For improvement in revclvirg fire arrcs. Iaaic M. Newcomb. of Lien, Yt.?For sew ing machino. Jos H Penny and Thomas B ltcgers, of N*w York, N. Y ?For :mp.rov3iaent in pro pellers. Patented in Eag! and June 14 ]fc53 John Flumbe, of San Francijco. Cal.?For ioDr-rcvemerit in suttitg clay into bricks. Edgar A. Bobbins, of Rochester, N. Y.?For ia?fhod of tuning nceonleors Geo II. Swan, of Bridgeport, Ct.?For ctave mschine Orson W Stow, of Piantsvide, Ct.?For im provement in sheet metal folding macatnes. \ Ec? w:ird A. f-terry, cf Norwich Town, Ct.? For fnucet Ilenry W Fmi'h of Boston, Mass ?For im proved coupling for organs and melodenas Christopher Sharps and Ge->rge ? Adriunce, of Hector. N Y ?For tenoning m rehire. Jcs C Silroy. of New Orleans, La.?For im provement in door locks. Ilosea 1) ttearle?. o? liock'or J, I!!.?For im provement in guard rails of railroads, to fc? us&d with pronged cow catohera Sf-moel Taylor, cf Pe crfham. Mas* ? For innro7oment in plank roofs for buildinga Win. It Thompsm. of Cleveland.Ohio ?For improvements in heating wrought iron wheels for forging. Nathaniel Waterrem, cf Boston, Mia?.?For portable fba'ing filter Sholdon Warner, of Erficld, Mass ?For csrviiinoar saving machine Min. I) Beaumont. of Mobile, Ala ?For improvement in artiflofoi fee' Win (lee. of New York N. Y ? For im provement in soda wjiter generators Aug. M Glover, of Watorborou?h S. O ~ For improvement in the buckets "of padulc whoela Jon Grout, of Hocking CPy Ohio.?For im proved self-actingootton press. Geo. King, of Farwville, Va.?For improve aornt in nre=sing tobucoo in plugs Jcs Manlgomery, of Lar.castcr. Pa., and Jib Montgcmory, of Baltimore, Aid.?For improvement in *beat fun*. I Joan Pie-ro Molliere. of Lyons, France.? For improved machine fo^ cutting the edges of boot and hIioo solea. Patented in France Jiruary 5, 1854. T J VV Robertson, of Now York, N. Y ? For improvement in sewing machines. Isaac M Singer. of New York, N. Y.?For improvement ir sewing machine;; Charles it Webb of Philadelphia. Pa ?For improver ?nt in wind m;ll. Charles De Saxe, cf New fork, \ Y., ae fcl^uor to Tl.omas U Bate, of sau.u J lace?For improved corpeotine spinner lo oatch flah. Jool G Northrop, of Svraouse, N. as signor to James D. Mather, of aame place ? For improvomant in printing; prestos ^ Orson C. Phelps, of licston, aaiignor to Orson Phelps and John IloPon, of same place ? vor improvement ;a metaJiia medium for fil teriog. Joshua Turner, jr , of Charleston, Mass , as signor to Aan Bennett, of Boston. Mass , and Warren Covell, of Dedham, Mat3 ?For ma chine for ruling leather. Caleb of Lynn, M?.jb.. acaignor to Caleb II. Griffin and Gcorgo W. 0:i?. of same pla'je ?For improvement in machine for cut ting out boot and shoe sol*8 John M Wimley, of Philadelphia. Pa . as signor to J. A B. Shaw, of same place ?For improvement in attaching gutta rorcha soles t) boots and shoes. The Csuia^t Cperatisaa of tbo Tr?asury Dtpai'.meiit.?On yeaterdsy. the lithof June, there wsro of Treasury Warrants entered on ths books of the Department? For the Trea3nry Department.... $11,211 10 For tha Interior Depaitment C7 923 30 For the Customs 65,634 07 War warrants received and en tered 264,184 62 Fot covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous ponrcep.,.,. 254 29 Dr&wn on accouut of tho Navy.... 14,662 59 R/^Charles Orlando Scctt. a native of Vew York, between three and four years old, has taken the first prite st Hartum sbaby show. The Evening Post says he is a beautilul child, with dark lustrous eyes which are large and expressive; regular feature', remarkable for the soft harmony of their outline, and a form the very perfection cf infantile graco. His hair, which is of a lii^iit color, cuiis naturally over a broad and veil developed forehead The naothor, ? lady of r'mirkably fine appearance, and muob personal beauty, ?tands beside her child, acd the group is regarded with interest and admiration by the thousand* of visitors. NEW YORK. CORRESPONDENCE. The Brr/>y Shorn?Long Island Ah'ad?Fat Qxrlx?lmm*'.ise Crovd?ll%gh Price of fered for Admission?U*autlf t riumphant ?A Councilman t Ckoit*?Shnkspeart Duel ?Medical Vongrets?Tke Times? Literature?Fanny Fern, ifC , 4"e N>w York, Job* 11,1856. To write of Few York at this time without mentioning the Baby Shrw, would be like writing the history of California without point iug at gold, or tho United States omitting the Revolution. Baby Shows are, unquestionably, the topio of the day ; and'from the manner in which the public has patronised this one, it is 3afe to predict, that, they will heneeforth be of frequent occurrence. They might be turned to good account; much harm cajanot spring out of ihtux. ? On the 5th inst.. the first day of the exhibi tion, the doots were scarcely thrown open when there was such a ru?h that the building was filled in almost ro time It was announced that one hundred babies would be exhibited ; but that number has not appeared at any time time since the exhibition opened. None were allowed to compete who were over five years of age. Many of tho children were regular volunteers, but eoaie wore undoubtedly hired by Barnum to remiin present during the fair, l'he firet day was by far the pleasai.test; the room* were crowded, but endurable Ike second, they wero obliged to discontinue sell ing cards of admission at one o'clock. The third, at tho same hour, there was not com fortable standing room in the Museum. Hun dreds were denied adrai'sion, and it became ntccs.ary to station police at too doors to keep off the crowd. 0:.e woman, who came, a* she said, all tho way from Ohio, to see the Baby Show, off.'red twenty dollars for an admission! It whs refused! Arothrr, who happened to be very handsome. pleaJod f^r an hour at tho tioket office. She was admitted, but w.13 given distinctly to understand that she was indebted to her beauty ulona for the favor. Tho prites were awarded principally to boys. Thoso to whom the premiums rero given were children of superior physical appe ir^nce; mind did not appear to be tf any value It is true that the well nude, clear *kitied. rell featured ohildren appeared to have well formed but if they had h^en intellec tual prodigies, and lacked physical beauty, it would have availed them ce'bing. It may so happen that to: 10 little fellow who wan, at the time muling, and pushing in his mothers arms, will ye* be award>vl ,ue p.emium of fame and immortality, wntn competitors at Barsum's are forgotten. iLe m:?joritj of these who to< k the prises came from Long Island The air of this place may be favorable to puch things, several baohel-rs have already signified their intention of going there to live, as soon a? they get mated, laud on the Island will probably beaciu to 4 look up " On the last day many discretionary pre miums were awarded Teins and triplets were the favorite?. Kach tv<>up of triplets were adjudged a prise in those instances the ! premium?should,i:? justice, have be?n awarded to the mothers. There were two girls on ex hibition a^ed twelve and fourteen, one of whom weighed three hundred and forty, the other two hundred and ninety-seven pounds. Their countenances wore the loast intellec tual imaginable, ard in the intense heat they perspired to profur.ely, that s pcr-u n could al most see theiu melt away like a piece of ice A councilman of some notoriety?the 6amo who bid up the first choice of a seat at the Orifi and Mario opera against Miss^outts; and tried to perpctrsto a duel with a brother councilman last autumn?ehose a girl of eleven years. to whem he awarded a prizo cut of hia own pocket. Beir;g a m.?r ufacturer and seller of candy, be may have thus hoped to secure the whole baby patronage. The entire turn ber of ptiza bah ta is CO of whom 41 are boys, and 19 g:rls. Query? will the fact of having receivod a pritc a0 the Jine:t bnby atimnlate the man or woman to noli!er actions Barnum will clear about $10 000 by the ."peculation ; he rurposcs to have it continued for four weeks longer. Two faatyourg men have, r.f late, been pu rifying their honors by each o'hera blood. I They belorged to the Shskfpearo Club One insulted tho other for which he received a slsp of ft glove (wiiliout ?ho hird in it) in the j l'aco. A c';al'on^o erisucd. aid near thoclas-1 sic banliB of the Niagara on 'heCsnada sida, they healed their wounded honors by wound ing cnoh other in tho kgs The n tines ?f the parties are Leavenworth and Broc-renridge The Medicil Oorsgrefs under the cuperin- ] tend of Dr. II K. Root ij in ression The Chinese phy.-ician is lomewbat of a cu?iority ' Dressed in the cos'un-.e of his native country, J he fcits amon^ the other d ecors as silent., and j dignified a3 the bird of wisdom Whatever | li^ht be can show upon tho =cicnoe of medicine remains vet to be seen *. it hough of tbo same cast of features a? all ethers oi hi- country man that have visited u , he is, never'heie;?, an intellectual looking person. His forehead, onlr, it modelled after the Circassian race. The New iork Y?eht Oinb had * verw in teresting regatra in which fourteen veWls, ranging from twenty to sixty tuns competed. They were divided into rhicc cl >sees. and the prize wis $125 f '< r the winner of eajh ci^ss The sloop ".lulia was winner cf the Grst class: sloop < lUy." the econd: 6!oop4 Alpha," the third. The firsf cl; ss we> composed of h-mt8 over fifty tut:'.; the class under fif'y and over twenty tve; third class, all un der twenty-fivo. If the sale of railroad and other stock: might bo taken a.? a ori'erion, the times aro improving; but it affords the ni".n who labors that he may livo. little satisfaction to know that ' Erie" ia improving, and "5fi?higsn Sootuern at ;< r. wbeo the dreadful fa-*t stares him in ibe lino that labor is not more platitilul, nor bread moro easiiy obiair.eJ Tn? poor are always tho first ta feel hard times, but the last to from it- effcota ihe repeated fr.ilur<> ??i* the Aiiies before Sebastopol has m ?dc j; igian l at^xioL's to B9 euro peace, and honed the/o ia more security felt by thoce v.ho oontrot the money market Several uoveiiius are pronnsni iu the litera ry way, by our publishers, to appesr between this time and l'"au fanny Fern is writing s story for ?? weekly papor in this city under the title of " Fanny For i." for which iho pub li.iLor Lor one hundred dollar? per col umn. bom6 doubt having been exprrased relative to tho priee, tho proprietor of the paper airore to it, publishud hia oath and thereby put the matter beyord dispute Preparations are being made fjr summer 'excursions ; and departures for places of aum B<er resort and fashionable di^ai^alioD aro be ooming frequont. The hard times has had the effeot of ti<*hteuini; the purse string* of a great many; honee there trill, probably, be loss travel thig season than lLore has been for | many years. Tbcchsxji. ThsCitv of Myhtk&ikh.?Roohoitor, New York, is now known a a the "City of Myster ies " It was here that many yeara ego the pluBS were matured for the sygterious disap pearance ?f William Morgan, whese fate to this day baa never been aatisfaotorily ascer tained Out of thia Morgan i ffair, a political excitement waa evolved tbat swept like a hur ricane all Western New York, and prostrated the Domooratio party of the State. Here also waa first printed the Book of Mormon, by the prophet Joe Smith, who pretended to have dug the golden plates from & sand bill near Pal myra The result of this wonderful imposture ia new seen in the straoge developements in Utah It was in Rochester that the Fox girls brought out the mysterious sounds kn^wn as the ''Rochester Knocking* " From this germ sprung the modern spiritual syitem, number ing Judgo Edmonds Senator Talmadge, and I ether eminent men among its votaries. The most rocent Roches er iovBtery was the ?trange disappearance of Mifs Emma Moore in No vember last, and whose body was found, some time after, in a mill race, under circumstances which tend to deepen the mystery. Curiosities or the Gallows ?Jas Clark was exeouted at Clevol&nd. Ohio, for murder, Friday last Just to fh?;w its sympathy, the crowd, before the fttal hour arrived took up a contribution f r the benefit of Clark's fami ly, and forty four dollars were raised in a few momenta On seeing 'he money, Mr Clark exhibited much emotion, and thanked the company in a teat speech. A man recently executed in Texas, at Qonrales, attributed &l his misfortunes to pu~ental example, and pi tohed into his progenitors with much free dom. ,MfcTROPOLITAN MECHANH'8' IN ?titute.?A re^u'sr momhlv meeting c the abiye Institute will be held THIS (WedwwJa EVENING, at the Institnie rooms, over G. aad 7 Parker's gtore, Pa avenrce, at 8 o'clock. The men'ben an- r?sp<?ctfu'!y and earnestly R quested to bo in attendm?. P. M. PEARSON. Je 13?It ^ Rff. Sec. fc-^5?THE FOURTH WNCAI, RMFTOK1 eal Exhibition of the Junior? la-* of it < Union Aczri wv will t&Ve plsr?? in the Arn<'?rv Hall on WEDNESDAY EVENING, June 13- t. a 8 o'clock. The Middle Ch? on the 20t:i of J ,ne and the Senior Ciasj on the 27th, Hill also give a: Exbi'-ilitm. All friends and the pub!ic are invited to attend. Z RICHARDS, je 19?2t Principal. undersigned grocery mer chants, in oider t" cive time forre< reate i to the clerks in their employ, during the warmth o the Summer months, hereby aeree to close their re spective stores at eight o'clock p. m., (Satutda; cveninfi excepted,) trom this date until the fin day of September next GEO. It THOS. PARKER k CO, 8AMDEI. BACON & CO., MURRAY fc SfiMMES, HAMILTON & LEACH, B. F MOR8BLL. RARBOUR 8l SEMMES, E. L. W ' ITE ft. CO, ED HALL, SHEKEI.LBROTHERS, BF.R??Y k BOWIE. MIDDLETONfc REALL, JESSE B WILSON. Washington, June 11,1855?2w n^^Tckace riTCROH FKSTIVAL.?*t'lr b,request of many friends of Grace Chut eh. ihe Ladies' Festival of Strnwherties nn.l Cream w:ll be continued a few evening- longer. in the new Concert Hn^l, adjoining the Star buildings. jell?3t (Irtel&Union) MONTGOMERY. GUARDS, ATTENTION, ft A A meettof of 'he Hflrp* will be bcM at nam" F '*ny II Jl. on WEDNESDAY NIGHT, the 13th II It infant, at 7'.$ oVSoi k. By < rdcrofCapt. KEY : jn 11-31 WM. O'SULLIVAN, Sec I7IJI1ATCBI.?Inthecatdof May 2*, of Cnt j Ro^ohe, of FranKfort, Ky, "he name was mis printed Bostae, which is hereby corrected CARL ROSCHE, jo 13 - It* Of Frr.nee. JUUK MKH.E?Theft is a man calling bun j self a ^enile;i;:.i, making rrany apologies to the rutin of Mr. Miiiu^h efiate, by claiming marriage t Mrs. .MinuL'ii orid cla nting the child. There is km other individual who t-Uirus half of his fold for f,i o?n su ?;tort ? xcns*? of mtrriafe wi?h one of h;^ firls it is rouble to young ."olk? that w i-h to shitr *ith linn. Mr. ttiaui wi lies to ye riffL*- d je 13?it* ANDREW J. MINI/GH. QX KKWA R !>.?Strayed fmm the subscribe * on thefith ins'art, 3 black Horse He lias on' white him; f^ot, a white Si no', on his l.a< k, taui-t. bytle sadd'e, and a white tp.itiii his for# he d. An' ouc returning the said h' rse to F. S. BUTLEH> Wrod Yard, corner 7th and t< sts , on the i'noal o> givinf* information so that Icrr.i g*-t I11111 will rerHve the above reward je Lt? 3?* SI'ttA V&0I3? Fro^i the common mrronnriice the Wi ?l.inxton Monument, about 1 .\o weeks mil-e, a ret spotted COW, \v?tii white back and hi II), two white and red lV?.i, while face and -Irirp horns. A luimti*1 re-.vr r ? will b<- p id it' retuineil i.? 11??; uwner, < ii tiie sou'.ii tid" cf E .-tr;:et, t'.ircc dcois ca t ??, xl!? street. No. 4 03 je 13 3i* "I .^Oii lT?nlnp ih? ( I'o _V nif'de. h'fhly p- rf".m?d fid p.-ep?.r. i| eipr<s-ly f t be.iiitiijisg tin hair, tail Lc had at 4*4 Si wtli ami. LAMMOND. je 13?3t NEtV GOODS. I will open to-morrow, th : l.h instant a f<'i? Ijo.ids. uhich are ileiira^le in my line, such as tiding Flats for Ladies iui*'dFla s, plain <ap >li tan B"imetd, white ati I cdir d Sit?!?'in?, Rnd a va riety of other ariic'eg. ' F. F. MVFR, Afrnt No 13 oppo-ite the Centre Market. je 13?".t - PHILADELPHIA LAGER BEEB DEPOL 381 Pa. avenue, l^'irien "iii Wi it* \JS' E have at r'u tiine* the beat PHILAHEt.PHIA W L \i.EK f-Lc.K on Iiaini and offer it no;v u? taie lor .^j p::r kcg; and in quart iM.ttie.-? for >1 f.O per dor.en We wnd the beer free of c ?t to all psrts of the city M:ny ]?!?' -i'-ia^s h n>ron-ni?ri! d ii'i? . i>e? r 1- one oi'ihe Lest remedies for w? aa siouiacbr. | :e l??ll? GliAXD HOOSLI&E : EX*;CeSI0? AJ.D PIC .iic (.F Tin MARIO* 11; FLES, AT TIIK WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, Oct TllbAuAi 1 June 19:!i, 18^9. - AiC" ^ mPir,7 ?reat pleas - " to tbeir en mere us fnemlt: ird me put>:>c 2?-iierall\ ib?i ?h1" h ive chartereJ the S;,jitn-i GrloltuE V\'AsIIING TON, and ivil! a catid I.xcur.-:on nnd Pic Nit on the 19 h Jnne, lf5r?. The t'ompany al-o pledge th-mselves t.:at 11 p'ins, expense, or ! ?b ir shail be -p^r-d < ?i tlnir part to give ga:;bfacti<m to thoar r/bo <> ay h nor ibem wiih ilrlr eo?i:?3ny The veiy b st Cotillo.i Mu?ic has Leen treated fir the ? ecasHiu. Refreshment ar? suppi-r will be furnished by an exnerienced cater* r. Oiiinibu-es wi'l ba et the. Wharf on Hie tr rival ot ihe lawn, to cot rey passergera to the nivi Yard and Ge reetown for cents; to other ports of .tie c:ty 12,4 eenls. Tickets ONE '>OLL\U? ahiiitrnf n gentleman and ladies; to be h^d of an meniber if the Tom pa i!V and at t'je wharf on the day ol the excursion. The boat writ leave Georgetown at I; Washing ton at 2: Navy Yard at 2^, and Alexandria at 3 o'clock p m. t'or .v ittrr of J!rran?,c*ne*U. Hgi J L Foxwell, Lt > Kvma, Priv Ben| lioward, Priv H Ke?fer, Thos Huker, l|> Mr H Morgan, S it Spencer, Priv <;???? Bell, VV D Turner, Thos Thompson, je 13-d SELLING OFF. WE have concluded to quit the f:<ncv &i:k trade, j and in orter to r^.Juce rur larje nock we shall com . ence to lay selling off our entire stock of Fa' cy Brocade, Plaid and Striped, Coi'd i'Uk:- a: COST, and many fur leas. Also, all Printed Barege*, and thin Dress Coed, at 25 |?er cent le; j than form* r prices. La lies and purchasers generally are invited to t i.inline our at-soilmeii! !?; i <?e :i: their ? let lion-, ta we are ?l?nerusined to ..uv-r h??-.h rr.rgains. COLLI; If it dears, No. 533 Sov< nt'i -t, 3 doors north Fa av. je 13- eo2w I?:NE FAMU Y HOErE .'ND CARRIAGE fir . SaU.?The h-a-.' U iror. gray, 8 years old, and wair 'n?ed a j-oi ?i family horse ? I I he Carriage has a r lidii.g top, an?l can be uki! as 1 a bujscy hy sliair." ti;e top forwai.l, and as a family Caru??e v. i? 11 two s? uts by ^lidnis it back. Enquire at HAZTL'S Siubles,;iunbaii.u. -u, Georgetown. je 13?e 3 * _____ Du. L. B. WRIGHT'S UNFAILING " SCROFULOUS AFTIDOTT,". Jfor the PsriiuinC't Cure f CO.V.'il'Af PrfOA' uriU | all otherfsruu of SCROFULOUS DlijEsiSKS 1^HI? Medicine ir prepared bv an eminent ph>?i cian of eighteen ycats practice in New York city, during wiueh tune he has constantly urtd it wiih ihe mo.jt unbounded suceeas, and create-' for it a reputation in private practice, unequaliec in the history of medicine. It acta immediately upon tha b ood, cUanMiig it from all scrofulous haio?rs or im-! purities, reno uingand. bv its magic powers, IN-\ VIGORAT1NG I HE WHOLE SYnTEM, in pro,^j of w iich, liunuretis of respectable witness's iVtut the doctor's private practice have given in the?r tes timony, nnd entreat ttio>e nuff ring from anv scrotu lous uBectifin, to call upon ttutn a d satiny your 1 elvei. A Treatise on Scrofulous disease* can be had gratis at PRINCIPAL IiLPOT 409 liroacw&y. and at D ug St?rvs eer.erally. OHAKLE < STOTT & CO., Agents for Washington. DR. L n WrjGllT'S TASTELFSS "LTQIPD CATHARTIC," OH, FAMILY PHYSIC. THIS is the RE~T CHEAPEST,and MOST EF FlrlENT CATHARTIC EVFit OFFLRKD TO THE PITBLIO. It is TASTELESS, (therehv avoiding the nau^ea tin? effect of Pills, Oil, Mm ate..) ar. p oJuc-ng no griping or other painful effect^. Ui-lite -II otli er purgaiives, it carehes to the tottom of the d 1 - ea?e, tho oughlv clear^es th* ??tomach, and leavn Ihe bowels entirely free from co^oivencss NO F'MII.v SIIOCLn BS WITHOUT IT. Children drink it readily and wi'hout forcint, a? -1 NO MRIHCINE LS MORE HIGHLY UECOtt MENDED by the medical FACI'LTY Give it a trinl and ui: n jud?:? f'?t voun- Ivca lt can be had nbolesa'.e aud letail at E. H. 8TA BLER fc ro'S. Baltimore, or cuarles STOTT 8t CO., Wra?bln?tnn, 1) C. DR WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 400 Broadway, where the doctor 1 an be cor.-ultod daily on diseases gem-rally, Iroiu 13 to 2 p. m.. without charge. jel3?611 HEATON'S ELEMENTS OF INTERNA tional Law, new edition 1 Auama' Equity, new edition, with American note I je 5 F&AMCK TAYLOH. | W Thf. high Err rates will be pyunV^. LAND WARRANT* by rArD ** C En t MAS?EY, Also, a line Hone for sale very'low""1* ****? jr 18?3i* ' THE PROTESTANT CHURCHMAN" Kr.tTSb ST Tg| ? ?BV. ffTBPFRW H LYNG. D. n.. RPV H a* THON.I) I), REV. E H CAN Pi ELD. **' wwkl> .rHlfi"^ new.pap r, puU.W n at $2 50 a >ear, ui advance. The aSove naned (lerpvmn r*e*ntlv k. come etiiior* of the "Prat ?iant Clnrcvman '? lh(< wuh tb?- a-ji nr many cii-u.iju^hrj writan of ib.' Protestant Episcopal Church, will ctu?^ th'? ru t ,wT iSL'illn * ** ***" iBtb< r%"k ? ??. , . ^rom rrrtui rh?2.V, f.M7 .hHieve thai, with our will know, ?5SS"ar-oi,r f"rw,< ?* ?vv^ 'P?* to f>"?ngHlcal t hurrh iBf* - ***** for rapport " p,,,^ 8ub criptioa reee.v.d by th, j,GMr 1 V?i,Ji1Z?5'. 48 R Seventh ?t-act. SUBSCRIPTION CONCERT inent talent, ard the choicest sejecuc&e of BBLTHOYEN. MENDELSSOHN. ? _ C M. WEBER ft* B<-performed. Tickets 50 cuts. ' e' For i^vrticilTn see programme. which. tocMh? with subscription list*, ran bf tonr.d a- .11 tiJ l,* cipal hotels, music and It.x.ast. n??. Je 11 ? 31 HAML V KOYRS, Ac nt. Fl*8T ahaxd MILITARY AND CIVIC EXCURSION or mr UNION GUARDS. pr _?il w TUE member* of the r hr*. r<;?. tiS?=^5L >""/n,oef respeetfblly ai nottne# to i" UkZ.' i!s <?! Wifhihgtori, Georrf-'own, and Ai.*. attdiia that they mil give an Ejrgr.wt to the W hit# H.utfo Pavilion oa Tlili.fcU^f j?Be lix^ Tbeflrnt boat Waving Geo'getnwa at g oVlocfc Washington m ft; Kavy Yard .it 9>; Alexandria at 10 o'clock. The second boat wdl leave the sVjb. hiat wharf. Warhi'igton, at 1 o'clock, lou lliUd J, Alexandria. ? Returning, leave- th* White H':u?e at 6 o'clock n t?i- evening, eivmz person* an op|H>nunt? nf re tirnai - early ; the ia?t boat leaving at 11 o'cIock at night, making it a Grand P.c Sic and ?? 'Criion. I irtoer will he fun Uhed b? VVm. Ci.k* 1 ick^tK ONE IKil.LAR?adn;itting a G?ntlciiita and Ladie*? to b? had oi any of the mtinber*. or ai the boat. Ccnim'tt'c of wfrran^enien/t. Vli liov, F'wiin Walirsl*, Lievtensnt Rrijcs, Servant L.rkry, Uwt?'er Doaneile je ii?3t ^rn^litDAWAT or the 6ih inntanf. frnai V ^ <11 tt.?? lands ?>f th* Park Hotel. 7th ?t. a I'kht led bornert COW, on ?hf brlr,k ofHSW calvinc. with a w hite lin?* ol<?r thf backfiU^ ar.'l tail, a ^p rkled 'ae?v, and Mi d in tlie l*n Hc^r.ppT nr\','* I"f,,,n,!,Uon t" -iwnrr. GEO. t EFT. oTthf above ^ace, so a? to find Im. *ill l.e Milt b.jr reuarduil. j?*l! Jk? 1 JOnN H. BUTUMANN, MPOUTER AND DF.ALEf! IN ? . . w". BiAm.ii, Has ft reived direct fraa8cbierfaai two p. pes of exiM piinenor GIN. je A CARD. FORD fc *R n HER ?ip* rn n^e pita.ure in ta in unci' s fi tlifir fr. n.lp, and the public fea era'ly, ?hai ihry have ??nter?*d inn> co irrtiicrsbtti in i!te DRf O AMI APOTHECARY BUSINESS, at th^ of 11th ?trect a; d Peena. awnae, where they intend keepir.g or. Kale an a^sortaier.t of Pure l?. ujf- at.l Medici'i^s. tog?thrr with a vari ty of Per funi'ty, Taney Articles, lie. Tlie public mr.y rely on bfii-g served w;th that de Ihi'-ut and ir.o-t wlio!et<onie b^eerase. SODA WATER, maJ'' f oti pure ^u;>ercarb. of Soda, for wl.i^h the erti!)';sh?ent has heretofore been ao calibrated. &7- i'T'-seriptionc carefully di.~pen&ed at all bonrt oi Utc day an?t night. je 11?3t MOSAICS ! MOSAICS!! rt. -JKHKKtV, Jcircller, No 330 Pa. trtnat, I T '.?= ?* 'reived t!:is day, direc t, th. large* a<vort II ?><" '? .curie* r.t Pruian and Fl? rer.uac I M( !E?V EL.R^', which J:a.- ever been offered in this city. i'fce p-itteras arp of the *. rv late?t fet>les. 11'.c .ot, b-1itij r.i'li'-r large for the ajvcjictd sea sor*. wi:| b.' r-.?id ;*t ei'remely low prices Marr ifi- ent ?i- of Pirs and Ear Rinr=, fr-m |0 up to isiO. Admirers ot this Ktyle of Jewelry ar?- in vl1'I" erai'iine ibis as^ortaient. jr il \^lt.C'IM A l' \\ \ N l? W I '8-ri;K H< <L^S O> Al.l.t.a entitle.l to I.and Hnuct* Hder the act at Congreas, - ? pt 2^, 1650 Beverley's Distary of Virgir.'a liuffin's Agricu turr.l !*>.??;>s Tian^ncuons id"the V;:giaia State Agricultural bc Ciery, to; 1 '?n she Virtnr.ii Kpringa ^ioo'trman on <lo Tie.- lu r'f S uon slavery risv. l'i Works, 1 v? I Cumn.ingV Mir.<?r Works, 3.1 reriaa ?^chmiraV Va itial of Ancient History UvwittV Hi-t .ry of Priestcraft l.e Cure >*i q-ie, or doci^. and Rilcisu caeiota# in r Woman in the Nineteenth Centur-. bv Ma?art! Fuller Ot?.ii. FRANCK TAYLOR. it 11?it F?- '1A?<RTS?Ju;?t 0|?ei.e-i avaru-tyot* Pic Nic, Tr ivr'iujr Cari, Offi^., Work. Sciiocl an-! P.iy ila-fce?< Al-o. h lot ol Fresh Pcrfum- rv, from Apoll-s, Ft. Harn-on and Jul'i HanH, I'hilu.i*!-Via. Coi ?, Hr' Fhps, Playing and \ isitme t'arda. an '. Moi iiaw s. J t 8m rrocket< MumCj Mih'ciI ln>truun-nt', j-..t oi ery, kc JO IN F El.I IS, 3'J? Ta. a.., b?t 3th aad lCtb st?. j?g|f FANCY GOODS. PFRFUMFKY, Ac. 4 ' HI Ti IIINSON &. ML'NKC?'S can be fonrd ? g'eat Voif-ty of Fan<-y Go sqeli n- l'ibu Work Hoi.i!, Tiavelirc F"n'. l'o"t?- ,V">n naieSjCnrd Ca^, Writing D. k>. G.^<f P'i.? i .1 I'enr:!.-. p. ckei Kiiivct., Semor*. i a i -. Si:r.v.j^ Case*, Shavieg Crerai, Cr-nib* and V ^v.; .i, ricat vanctv. Perfumes, Lublny Piv.r*, ll- .r.; .a-, r.nd other choice extra, ts, all wairantx' g? t uir Po m^te?, I vonV Kaihairoa(BarryM i jki. ?. ft:. ALo, Glows, llo^ery, Ilacilkeicb;t-f?, Lice', j tr . |b*>UBS, French I"|.?w s. Hcc. - i", ar.d Miilim rv Good* cn^rtiPy, to v Inch U?c ui'.u tioii o the !aJ'.<,; is parti -ulariv t^vit'-d. HUTC!IINS? ?N fc MCNRO, 310 Pa. svcr.u:-, bet. Dili ai.d lo t. su. je 8- Gt ?j^V?t> I'lANO.^ tkftt H - . rft a. few months for ?:d<: uj on vcrv r.i?a-i and ita Jon-We teri.w JOHN F. ELLIS, 3U6 Pa. avenue, bet. U.h und 10th sts. _Je 8?if SCIIUTTtE i K.UILF.RT K T X S T S , Freico, D ?eorutirr, cud every dr rrit-tion <tf ORSAMiSi AL 1'AIATING. Orders le.ft with Bcidwiti au.l Nraaiaa. Arcbi tects; will be pr-oii^ tly attended to. je M?dim* IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BRKAK 'XG up HOUSEKEEPING. . .'Hi.?S r? moving irom the city, ar.d lo dispose of tiiei' Fnir.itare and ir ?-cke?p i?t Metuila, he., w tbout the trouble of s< ndin| th'^rj to fubiic aiictiLii, can do so by cal ingonu* at ou.* Mure. 3 1 9 Pa aienue, corner oi Ninth ?t, aa w ? ir< prepared to buy ail such go< d?> a*> may btfrlf.l llo:i ?''ki tpcre and otjj ra will da well by railing on u -,a.-. we will pav tlie bisect cash nric^s for all fcuchu o,U WALL, BARNARD ft CO. jc7?Saa 3IT Pa avenue. LAND WARRANTS. JOHN D CLARK, Ajeut lor<, No. 587 Twelfth ;-tre.n, *iil kive the highest market c in gold fo' Land Warranu je 7?lin* Pl'h..\T M l- CMfc.A rn Khl V X ERS lee Cream Moulds. Jrlly Moulds, Melon Moulds. Rjos Mi til.l-, PiKtdina Mould', r'uddiai Pans, Cake Paus. Patrv Pans, Oke Oi;;t?-rs, at tbt Hoo-ekeeper's Fum>iiiiig Store, 400 "tb Mn ec. ie 6 G. FRANCIS. IADIK*' WOKK 1?A-RKTI.. CfJ j Baskets, Travrlmc, K-y B*?kef, Knif?* Ba?k? U, Cig'.r Pa-kets, Market Bat-k?-t?, t'loif.' s Ha-kets, a large variety, a'erv low, at the ISous< keeper's Flushing Store, 480 Se venth ???? G. FRANCIS, jeb? A LI- SVK A "*0?rRw /V visiting City should -re Hunter's Catalogue '?rtLe t.uriosities of the Patent Oftiee. Also, hi* ?i P'i?* ?f Swell's Great Piemre. llt'.NTEU is to be secu at 450 Ninth atrect. may SI-3m* .STEAMBOATS CONNECTING ? , each fain of Car* arnr g in W^ihiLgton or Alezft*< dna?Tar ir.amer> THOMAS COLLY ER* GEoRtiE WASHINGTON will make the ab--" connections, leaving Washington at 6 a. m fot i> Or?r-te ai.d Alexius.iria rars, and connect with' i snm- ?rato on tb?r:r ai rival. ^I^al I'nmshtrd on (be beats. The H .11 ? aa?net aith all tlie tiaias frora B*1, ***** dAM'L CCDNBY, Uia^ 17; 4

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