Newspaper of Evening Star, June 16, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 16, 1855 Page 3
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K VEN INT G STAR. Local Intolligtaca, MarmcroLtTAV Mtcsunoa' Imnrrv* ? din* t"> the reoord of tfcft leeond eihlbi tlou of this Insiita e, he saobtr of adtltt member? for the year ending D'Osmber 14. 1854. wa< four hundred and tlx y tt>, aid that of junior membe*s, on" bun Jred and eighty one ; or ao aggregate of six hundred and forty* three Tbe volutr.e likewise ou'ains a ee'alogie of artiole* depo*i>d for competition and pre nrutn at the second ar.rcai exhibition, in the months of Februay and March laat. end the reports of the commit tee* on th* several cla-ats and the award* to tb? puc?e-pful competitor* ; among * bom article* of v% ne eo ting >581 87. rare distributed, including s:X y-tcur silver and bronse medals Tha opening addr-M of Joseph A. Bradley, Esq , aod the closing ona of Professor llecrj, are embodied in tha printed " Record " Tha exhibition committee in the oocclusion of their report, congratulate tha Board,''that towete- unset sfwetory tba pecuoiaryr&sul's of the exhibition may have been, of one thing tboy hare been satisfied: that the City of Washington, the great centre of the wide spreading and glori->u8 republic is the place where inventors and manufacturers if timely notified, will always crowd an exhibition ; her* they know are congregated eitiaena from the east, north, south, and weat; and from bere reilates to all p.trt??.f the country, in 1 rmation conceruin; any thing usefol, or which tends to awaken an interest in the grea inventive genius of the couutry. And ?s the In-titute ha- determined to hold an exhibition in April and M?y, 1856, the board of manage m nt snould be active, and withou delay take tae initiatory steps for such an exhibition, aa it is from abroad we shall be sustained, (Judg ing -o from the lit'le interest takes in the late exhibition by ou- c to oitiieos ) the Board should open a correspondence with the various part* of the country, for the purpose of obtain lag information on the subject of axhl'iiiions. and by ao Joiog spread about the fact that an exhibition will be held in this city at tbe time anointed. Prporr les and regulations ahould be corcocted, by which the judges. acd oommittee on awards should be governed. Every thing that ran b? done, ooght to l>e done, before the time of the exhibition T<>e judges ooght t be se'ected, and it a5ce;tained if tbey would serve; so that the oommittee of judgss would te full, aod present at tbe time or tim?s appointed ; so with the committee <;n ?wards Medals might or ought to *e struck, aod diplomas prepare I, prior to the awards being made. ia order tbut the pu'ce*sfut com peti'ors -h ml i be able to take with them, at tae close of tbe exhibition, tha reward of their iogemity or labor, the simple eugravmg a medal, or Jl'tiug up ? diploma requiring little | delay Tbe committee would suggest, also, that a different rystem would be devised for the reception of gods a* also he practice of giving depositors free tickets tor all small and trifling articles; bu tbe o mmittee are aware tha tne board has seen thoee delects exising. and it ie only necessary to oall them up to have tbe prrper remedy applied, Ihe com mi'tee feel as-ured th it if a proper Iccali'y and suitable building be obtained, bj pr? per at ten ion prior to tbe time of holding, tba. i-, having alt things rekdy, the coming exhibi tion wilt be one long to be remembered " By the report' ot the financial secretary and treasurer the following has been the result of the exhibition : Extendi u. ed, as per detailed report.$6,626 03 Receipt from admission tickets {5,870 99 Received from Mr Weaver for the privilege of sale of retreshmssts 350 00 Makirg a totsl of 6.220 99 Leaving an amount expended over and *->o\e fbe 'teeip's cf 406 94 To whi.'h wiM h*ve to be added tor printing circulars, har dbill*, cata logues. exhibition report, Ao .... 600 001 Making the exbibi ict a loss to the lcstMu ion of....?...?...$l 00o 9*4 I'm >y be added th- *e were some teven bun dred depoai.-;ra more than a- the first exhibi tion Aqcatic Sports.?L?it nigV., early, seve ral nuLd ed persons ?ere ooogregved near the eo ner of >eventh street acd Louisiana Av enue for the greater part boys ? to witness tba workit-g of tbeengine of the Perseverance Fire Compaey- the inner machine havii g be oome clogged with mud, and tne optta ions were with a view of removiLg that hindmirg substance The throw,ngof ihe ws erugn'st the Avenue House aff <rd?-d mu:h amus^me'it to the javeo>les who eirressei their fee:mgs by load busaas, and repeutad ejaoulatious of wild delight. Tbe fir<>engine is certainly the idol of the male portion of ihe risiag generation, and the squirting of water eaui mg, and happiness in spi ing In coLsidei ation of this facr, we have tbotubt i; m.ght be expedient for tbe eity fathers to procure a machine with which the juveniles may amuse themselves it wnald save the wear and tear of tbe better acd effec tive engines Sciscbiptio* CoHcaar ?M I'e de Bo e'i oeneert has been umvoidably postponed until Friday, tbe 2'id inst Ibis, we are informed, was occasioned by the impossibility ot Prof. Abreod's attendance on Monday night?and. rtther hao deprive the pnolic of hearing so eminent an artist u the Professor, M ile de Boye deoUed to postpone her concert until the evening above named, wbeu we are assured it will j jsi ively take place Lovers ol the really fine music offered in her very select programme, will cot be idle in making prepar ations to aittn i this rare musical treat. C?tb> Mark?t ?The prices, thia mern ing were as high, if not higher, than on the preoeding marker day; acd. as a specimen, it may be stated ;otato?s, Bermuda, were selling at one dollar, and of natire growth at seventy five cents a peck, green peas, thirty-se>ren. and siring beans, torty cents a peck; cymlins, twenty cents a dos?n; strawberries, inferior ones, twenty cents a quart; and eggs, twenty five een's a dor*n. Lvery othar artiole of do mestic c >nsutnp'.on in proportion. An over abundanee of tbe g od things of life. Fxtal Accingnr ?Yesterday evening, a oolored man a band on board of a vessel, was by some means swept overboard, in the Poto mac river, between the Long Bridge and iVeorg^ewn. The Captain, directly he -eard ot' the oocurreaoe, stopped the progress of his eraft, and oausei every effort to be m*de for the rescue of tbe uafortuuate maa. but the h??dy was not recovered until lite was extinct. A coroner's inquest was held this morning, and a verdict rendered of ? accidental drown leg ?? La 3D Warrants ?On the day before yes terday we St.. t- d on what proves to have been mi-taken informa ion, that Cbubb Brothers ' were not paying (1 10 per acre for land war rants, as erroneously quoted in tbe Star' of tbe 13 h. We learn f'om Mr Chubb that the quotations on the I3tb were strictly correct ani not erroneous, (with tha exception of a *7P?grapbieal error id the selling piioe of 84 acre warrant', which should have been quoted at $b9. instead of as we printed it;) and that they did pay on that day, and several days previous and since, $1 10 per acre for warrants Cosvbmvl&tbd Fibbme*('s Tbip.?The Franklin Fire Company have already com menced their preparations for a trip to Rich mond. Va , oa the i?th of October next the anniversary ?>! tbe battle of Yorktown About sixty-four members win accompany the ex cursion. The oompany have improved their uniform by the ad >p ion cf the New York pattern The Akhtal Examinations of the Public Schools commenced yesterday, beginning with the first Primary under the cha-ge ot Mrs Killy. This lady being aooot to retire from the service, made a particular request for % thorough examination of her school. Not a trrvitea vfeu yrtstut 'At tk? ' rumination. This is Know Nothing faiiiou of doing business Rev. "Wit II ifl.tJkcsT ~For a few ad ditional particulars relative >o this aistin gui hed know Nothing ' certifier?to whom we alluded yesterday?we refer to the Alexan d ia letter whish appears ia our columns of leday Land Wabbabtb.?Chubb Brothers are to dav buying end selling land warrant! at the following ra?M, fiat Buying. Belliif. 16? acres-... ..1T4 oents per acre $176 each ] to sires.... ..ISO " ?? ?? 133 " #0 acres...*** 87 " ? ? 89 ? 41 aere<< U " ? H 46 a Tit Btoblakdbbs, aedovpanfed by a band of ?cu*ie, w?reont on parade, this morning. !n fell c >stume. (wbioh. by.the by.!? too winter ich for this warm weather,) makine a beauti fnl appearance. A target, carried by a boy, and a splendid silver enp surmoun'ing it, suf flcienMy explained the object of the '-turn ont," and, therefore, rendered special inquiry in rela'ion to the parade unnecessary. Rev. Mr Carotbirs* Cbubcb ?During the ab?en<*e of the pastor, for a few week*, owinir to the feoMe state ofbis health, and ia aoo' rdanoe with the recommendation of bis er>ngr????rton, Her Ifathew Smyth, of lolra. will rffiriate as the minister; a gentleman, it ia said, of learning and eloquence. Tbe Mario* Rirlbs advertise a pie nio and m^nlicV excursion on Tuesday next, proceed ing to the White Hou-*e. Fine mnMo. good ar rangrementa and pleasant company, form an attraction of which the lovers of innooent plea sdra will avail themselves. Lot Sales ? James C. McGulre. a nation eer, so d jes'erday sab No 5. in sqnare No 231, 'o 8 J Mas-?ey for 27 cents Sabs 6 and 7 in i*me sqnare to M 8 Fort for 22 cents The aoove are situated at the corner of Thirteenth 9treet west, and M. streets north. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Gbobbetowb, June 16. 1856 Both Boards ef our City Council was in ses sion last evening, when the following business was considered and disposed of: A message was reoeived from the Mayor in relation to repair and improvement of streets, suggesting that all appropriations for such purposes be made as early as practicable, eo that all suoh work may be done while the we tther is suitable for it; referred Also, one relative to a well which has bees co i menced on Prospect street; referred Mr Bangs ? ffered a resolution directing the clerk to have printed, by the 20th of July oo suin*. the luwsof tha corp ration for 1854; passed Mr Myers reported a bill appropriating $44 for the benefit of W H Godev W. H Tennv, and A. II Piokrell, and $8.75 for the berefit of John Bootb; passed. Mr Ban<s proposed a message to the Board of Aldermet, setting forth that the contract for the public printing was about to expire, and proposing the appointment of a joint com mittee to oonsider the best method of having it done in 'he future. Messrs Bangs, Welch, aod Osbo'n were appointed on said committee on the part of the B >ard of Crmmon Council The Board of Aldermen laid the tns sage on the takle Mr Myers, from the oommitteo of oonfe ecce. upon the disagreement in relation to the salary of the messenger to the two Boards, reported th it said coaami'tee bad had several meetings but were unable to c^me to any un derstanding. and asked that the emm ttea be di9char*f-d from the further Oonsidera'iun of the subject; which was granted This disa greement vir'ually defeats the bill providing : f it the payment < f the salaries of the corp<> ration officers, aod will prevent one and all of them from recovering tbe first dollar of tneir earnings until it is settled unless paid without any sanction of law, which is not likely to be done by t ur venerable corporation clerk and treasurer. The same subject was under c<?n | piier.iiion before the Board of Aldermen and ! th? committee <f conference discha-ged The time a'.W-wed in 'he tax bi 1 for d'scounts ' for prompt pivment extends to the 20;b of 1 Ju'T Tao G st quarterly meeting for the cv far I rnce jear, c?ui tutrices a: tbe Dumb&r on street| | Me'h ?dis s'reer to morrow Tbe presiding eider 1 he Ilev John Lanahan, officiates mora, and even'ng ? I Tbe ofle ingr of beef cat'Ie at D'overs Re?t this we- k. ta< V een fully equnl to the d^mmd. | Sales a $4 a |5 on tbe hoof equ 1 to SB a $10 not. These prices show ? decline in lite price [ < f t>*f article for the last month or six weeks ! or $4 to 25 per hundred We should be ex j ceedinx ?*1 <d to ?ee a similar decline in the pri*? ? f fl B' p*r barrel. Lambs scored sell ing a $1 25 i $3 per head, old shoep $2 50 a $5 |>er bead. | The fljur market, this morning, is rather ; dull and drooping; but owing te the very small rtoek on hand, holders appear unwil . lii g to give nay I> is held at $10 75 This ! p ica shippers ar < unab'e to pay; consequent ) 1 y, tbe <a>e* am gererallv rmall. and confined to h me t--ade Bales. yesterday at $10 62J. ' No grain a'r<ving We h-ve be-n authorised to state to all who may desire to go n tbe ezcurtion to the Great Falls tu morrow that thero will be no disap poi n ment Rain or shine, tbe boat (Congress) i will be certain to go. Spectator. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. I _ Alhxasdria. June 16, 1855. The students of tbe Alexandria High School C S Hallowell principal, made a geological excursion to the vicinity of Fort Washington yesterday The fine little boat Thomas Coll vrr oonveyed the party to 'heir destination, and the whole of ibe geological formations in the neighborhood were examined, aod some fins spemmoL.* obtained The female free sehool examination toek plsse at It o'clock and was attended by a small number of 'hose interested The pupils exhibited considerable proficiency in tbe studies upon whioh they were examined, and did oredit to their teacher. At 6 o'olook, tbe secend trial of the new Sun engine took place. A large number assem bled to witness the throwing; a fine stream was lifted over tbe Mansion House and water thrown upon a level 212 feet Little Chief and Big Six. where are you 7 S T Mcl'oriniek sold at tbe Mayor's office the square of ground bounded by Washington, Columbus Jefferson and Green streets, two acres, for $1 769. to Wm W. MoVeigh. Tbe Wm H Tbornbury who was not dis charged from tbu Gosport Navy Yard, wis, it seem*, discharged from another of the Govern ment *orka, vig: the District penitentiary, lite Sen'inol, this morning, gives from the minutes of the Circuit Court of Alexandria, for the November term. 1841, a short history o t_e trial, finding guilty, and sentenoicg to the penitentiary for two years, of a certain Wm. U Thombury. Thornbury served out his term was discnarged from his confinement, and sometime after eame to Alexandla again, when tbe Mayor, L B Taylor, Esq , sent him to jail for distributing incendiary publications Ihe weather is pleasant and bright, and business qui to~b risk Ami EST Tbe executive committee of tbe Ameri can Baptist Missionary Union have made a statement of their finanoia affairs to the Bap tists of the oountry, which is said to be any th eg but encouraging. Tbe gross income for tbe yeir has fallen $33 000 below the expendi tures. and tbe Union is embarrassed with a debt of $60,000 ?Button Pott A Bio Go* ?The "Raajpoor of the East Indies,1' is declared to be tbe biggest gun in the world Its weight is f>rt> tons?eighty thousand pounds' It is said to be oapable of holding fire persons seated, without much crowii;.g. It was once fired eff as a salute, and though only half the quantity of powder was put in which the chamber would hold, the oo cuision shook houses, domes, and tew ers, to their foundations, and the terrified in habitants ushed out, expecting t> be over whelmed by the falling buildings, survivors of former shocks AtTERDIJIO CHCBCH 0RDER DlFTtCPLTIES. The Caledonian Mercury says that a lady eonnectel with one of the nrinsipal ohurches in New Town. Edinburgh, having become en fee bled in health and unable to leave her bed, felt her Inability to join in the exercises of devoMon one of her greatest deprivations An IngonLus friend suggested that sbo thouid take a house adj dning the eherch asd have one of these gutta peroha tfonduotors actually led itto her bed The saggestion was oarried into effect, aod now in the solitude cf her siok chamber, she listens to the public ministrations of her spiritual adviser n-y?00? luwcnws.?1? ?? ATI U MB CHBKBY PECTORAL ud O&THAKTIO FILLS hav* ten* nor* to promote lk? piMIc kMltb than ?#7 other <*??} 'HmfI an b? bo qoMtinB thai tt?# Oh#rry Pwtorml tm by 1U U>o?Miid <m tho?tan4 wwi of OM, Oon?t??, katb tafllieOSe,1lrT?b1tta. Ac,. yry mwt ISdac*? tke pinwltiii of daaUia from cwnnunpUtad I??*?*? tn this ewuntry. Th? Pills ars u food aa tU? Pectoral, and wtl ^?*C^1?" s?<1? ??rs or las* parjtar Psjfs ** Mood fro? M lmporuies. PargS th* !{? ?boto visceral ?;?!?? fro? obscnictloaa. . P?fp?_ f * ilnMm which fuuo on the tcxJf. to work Ibr llMMee WashouH df? "KIM ?d Sg. e*r!y and thrntt It from Che system. befof* It H f?too "ijw'i Vnu'do thrust oat not ?Bl'0wh.<1* I? via, bat when It baa taken a *tron? hold. B**d the a* fmndlnf statements of th.>se who have been CtjrH *T J"f? from dreadful tcrofAU. Drnj?*y, deer*, 8kl? dUaa**s. Bhetl mxtlaro Neuralgia. Dyapepala, Intern*! Pains, Billon* Com* pUtnU. Headache. Heartburn, Onut, and many leaa dange roua but itlll tlireatenliiK allmaoU, aach ?? pimp'ee on the face, Worma, Nervon* Irritability, Lo*s of apvetlte, Irregu larities. Dlxxltiee* Id the head, CVIda, Fever*. Dysentery, and Indeed every variety of complaints for which a Pargallve Remedy la required. TImm are no random statements, bat are a&theutlcatad by yoor own neighbor* and yoar own physician*. Try them once and yon will never be without them. Price * cent* per box?5 boxea for $1. Prepared by f>B. J. 0. ATRK, Lowell, Ban., ? And sold bp - . . . Z. D. Q1LMAM, WaahingknO. 0. X. LINTHICm, Georgetown. JAB. COOK * CO., Fredertckabarg, and by all lr?t|M) everywhere. may S? r-7?8TlENOTHIN THE STOMACH ?The fraud deelder at am ?f promoting health at thla season of the year la to relieve the stomach of all Impurities, to Invigorate, to aroaae the liver from torpidity, and to e*r*' from the bowele ?la all unhealthy lecretloni. Thla should be done by eome gentle medicine that, lu Ita action. will not debli'tate the system. Impair the nerves or becloud the natural aplrlta, for which pnrpnee we know of no remedy ever yet Invented that can begin to approach In efflcaey the celebrated PRKU 1CM H1TTKRS, manufactured from I urely vegetable substances, by Klljah Baker, of Richmond city, and sold throughout the country by apothecaries renerally. These Bitters are pecu liar to t^e summer and fall dl?eaaes of a aontliern climate, and, when taken according to directions, are a anre cure for Dyspepala, Diarrlioaa, Dysentery, Cramp Chollc, Cholera Morbus, Ague and Kever, Sour Stomach, Nervous Headache, and almoat every othe affection arlalngfrouc Impurity of the blnad or disordered it imach. To thoae who have not yet t'sted the anperlnrlty of Baker's Premium Bittera, aa a fam ily medicine, over all other* known to the clvllued world, wo any loae no time In doiug ao, aa they will afford almoat lnatant relief. Try them by all mean*. Price K centa per beule To be had of CHAR1.K* 9TOTT * OO.. Waahlugtnn, 1>. C., CANBT * HATCH, aud SBTH 8. HANCK, Baltimore, aud by Drugglata everywhere. sort rr?^T>n. HOOPLAND'S CKLKBRATKT> ORRMAW BIT l*"-' TRR8.?Weak, nervoua, depreaaed In aplrlta. and a prey to Innumerable mental, aa well aa physical evlla, the victim -o dvspepela, la Indeed an object of comnalaaeratlon. Yet It la abanrd for him W> deapalr. We care not how weak low, nervoua, and Irritable he mav be, the cordial proper tlee of HOOPLAND'S GKRMAN BITTERS, prep?ra'* by Dr. O. M. Jackaon, Phlladelt hla. ara stronger thau the many headed monster which if preying nr>on hi* body and mind ; and If ha chooaaa to try them, we ?III hisore a speedy cure. See advertisement. Je7??m V*7=?A SECRET FOR THE LADIKS? HOW TO PRESERVE k' Beauty.?Don't use Clialk, Lily White, or any of the ao-oalled coametlcs, to conceal a facl-d or sallow complexion. If yon wonld have the roaea brought back to your cheek, a rlea- healthy and transparent akin, and life and vigor In fuse ? through the ayatem. get a bofle of Oorter'a Spanish Mixture, and take It accurllrig t? directions. I*. doee not taste qu!M aa wall as* ; bnt. If a^ter a few dotes yoc do not find your hea'th and beauty reviving, your step elastic and vlgorona, and the whole ayatem refrea';ed end !nvtgi'raied Mka a Bprlng morning, then your c??e Is hop? leaa, aud all tl.e valuable certificates we jwisaesa, go fcr naaght. It Is lue gteUeat jsarlHer of the blood kMirn, Is perfectly harmless, and at the same time powerfnliy efhea ataaa. a,*8ea advertlaament. "f?>X D. OILMAN, Dragglat, has removed to 8M Seventh street, opposite to the Patr'otlc Ba'ik, aud Is now pre pared toBU all orders for Medlelnee, Palnta, Olla, and Olaaa on accommodating terms. Strict attention will be paid to physlclan'a praacrlotlona at all hours uf the day aud night. The night bell la ou the right of the stora door. ap 14?lm rr"7?A PHENOMENA IN MEDICINE ? Rronchltla, Cough * Dyapeoala Liver Complaints, Scrofula 4c.?For al dlreaae* tf the Pamale System it stands pre eminent. Oi?rgyt:ac Juat Informs us 1t h*e cured h'm of Bfon^hltSs of a deape-ate ch?ract?r?oartlcn'a's hereafter. HAMPTON S VEGETABLE TINCTURE?By Ha mild ao tion on the stomach iirar and kidneys, will cure Dyapep ?la, Cough, Asthma, Bronchial and Lang Affections Pains i In tha Back, 8lda and Brea*t, Conaumptlon, Scrofula, Rliau matism, Oont, Neara'gla, Fistula, Bowe! Complaints. Pliea. Worms, and Nervous Debilltiea? with all dl?ea*?* arising from Impure bl >od, and Is the graataat female medicine av er known. THis invaluable medicine Is working wonders mpon tha human frame See ad vertiaament to-day. marl ry?pm PREMIUMS AT THE FAIRS.-WHITEHl RST*8 gtill In the aecendanee ?Tha Juries of each of tha late fbtnat Beltlm.ia, Richmond, and New Tork awarded their bighaet premium* to J. H. W. for their superiority of Pho torripbs, Sterer,scopes and Paguerreotypes exhlblUd. Mr. W. also racat vad two Madala at tlie World'* Pair, Lon don and a premium at Crystal P?la-~?, New York. Alao, tha first awards of tho Mary Ian 1 Institute for three yearft put. Wbltehcrafa Oallery In this rtty 1* cn Pa. avenne^*tw. i% and 6th street*. 17 (v~pj()AH WALKER k CO., Marble II <11 Clothing Smpo '-L-e rlum nnder Browns' Hotel, rc?(<ectfully ai.uounca that their display of Spring and Summer Clothing isnow ready for Inspection, comprising an assortment of Coats, Veets ar.d Pantaloons of th-ceweat and richest designs in material, trimming and worki>a'tahlp. To gentlemen who study excellence with economy l? faahlonable article* of , dre?* an ..pportnnity for se'ectlng 1? oTored from one of t-Le j largest and moet attractive stock of got^la everoCVied ln ; | thla city at a very redaced scale of pr!c??. ap I. r^-5s.j,PNT*?LUNOS.?We r? fer onr reader* to an adver ( tlsemeut iu another column, for full particular* con j earning the HVGRANA of Dr. Curtis. It i* said to be one 1 of the moat remarkable cures for all description of dlaeMnes j of the lung* ever discovered Its virtue, have h-en testified J to by hundreds, who have obtained their knowledge by the . best of ail teacher*?experience. I CACTION ?Dr. Cl'KTIB'S UHOE ^N A is the original *nd only genuine article. ^ may Jg?lni ?rjox elv-iti ? !l the new Boon ??1 f ew* pa-cr* aa fa?t a* publlshet! :ie I- agar.t for Harper s an"! nil tie oth-r M?.razlce?, and our raadera will always find a l?fae and kikhj u90tUL?ni oT Blfc-k Books aud 3Un"nsry a, b'. B,~.k?t..?e f>den?. Rnlld'nx ~?v Pa aw? ?H ?? dahkhcu At Annap lis, MJ., Jnn?'l4ih CI! AS. H C-L'S I M Pfia-ed Mid-hipman, U- H N. to Mis? NaX NITZ STEWART, of Amiawli*. Wants WANTED-A COMPETENT HHUG CLEUK. Also, a Dnig 8ton* for <ale Apulw ri Corner Sixtlt and O rU Je 16__3t* "VTUR^E WANTED - AN EX 'EHIENCBH , J^| woman, wtio under^tan?la the car^ of children | is w tnied in a small family None net-d app'v with i oui the b??t recominendatioria. Apply at 518 L ?tr et. between Ninth and Tenth utreeta. je Itf?It j} ANTED?2,500 FOR ONE OR TWO YEARS, ? .? secured by r< al estate in this city, wonh thr? e liiD^ 'hf antoont, for which ;i liberal reward will j be ps'd Aildres-'' B<>* '55 " je 11? av ANTED?A PARTNER TO VTf)KK A W Stone Quarry and contract for oale of Stone to Government and others, there beine now greatde itiand for stone. Thia Quarry i? nainedia^ely oppn Lite Georget wn. Lar^ ^han'v, blacksmith *hop, and ev-/y unpleioent on tip- ejM-t. Tl.ia quarry tur j iii-'hen the l?eii and largest truck Stone, &c. A chancfi is dow offered. Call or write to LLOYD U. CO, Fifteenth street, uppo. the Treasury, may 3?tf Wr ANTED? EVERYBfiDY TO KNOW THAT they can pet a lot 24 feet front by 130 fe*t deep, for the low price of ^7.'?payable .^3 a month without iniere>-t. Apply at Hie Union Land Office, 7ib St., abov? Odd FiMlowa' Uall. ap 28?3ru JOHN FOX, tVc. Boarding. BOAKDINU-?P'Cxant rooms for summer, with boarding fw families or finale person* can be had by eaily applicattnri at KING'S, 393 north f] street, between 3d ?nil 4^. The house is de Iigh fully situated, aud has ;ur-t been thoroughly ren ovated and refurnished. M?-als furnished to fami lies and day boar<lers acc uuu'?daud no r ascnable t> rm<. _ M ; h"* MHS. M C.OKKKK'S Roar.iinf Uouh-, on Pennsylvania avenue first house west < f I the Capitol unte. Fiue rooms at variou prices, aud every po.asibie attention and coaifort bestowed on Indies and feiitlemen gue<.is, may 28?3*'* TIC 1C.?FOR RENT?PARLORS AND i . - Jliain*>ers, with b?iard. Also, table and tran sient board, with a bathing room and shower baths and every attention to render it most ajreeabio to I t?er boarders- .Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4J^ sl ap 23?3m BOARD, *c.? MRS. RATES, on the south west corner of Pu. avenue and 9th street is pre j jKtred to accommodat-* gt iiUeuien wilh ro<)m<, with or without board. Every effort will be made to ren | der tho-e coutforu blc who may favor her with their I paimnare 6?tf \o' CI VIRGINIA PAY AND MUSTER ROLLS OF Militia entitled to Land Kounty under the act of Conjtrrss, ^ept. 23,1850 Beverley'a History of Virginia Rufln's Agricultural Essjiys i Tiansacuons of the Virginia Plate Agricultural So ciaiy, vol 1 Rurke on the Virginia Spring* Mooorman on do Fletcher's Siudy on Slavery Flavel's Works, 1 vol Cumming's Minor Works, 3d series i-tcbmiix's Manual of Ancient History Uww ilt's History of Priestcraft Le Cure Maique, or Social and Religious custonis in France Woman in the Nineteenth Century, by Margaret - Fuller Oasoii. FRANCK TAYLOR. 11?tf I)1C NIC BASKETS?Just onenel a variety of X Pic Nic, Traveling, Card, Office, Work, School and Toy Basket*. ?AUo, a lot of Fresh Perfumery, front Apoll o, St Harrison and Jules Hanel, Philadelphia. Comb*, ; Brushes, Fans. Playing and Visiting Cards, Card I C.ISM, Forte Monnaies, Jtt Goo s, Pocket Cmlary, Caaes, Musis, Musical Iuktrument*. Stationery, fcc JO IN F. ELLIS, 300 Pa. av., btt 9ib and lVth its. Je 8~tf 'iiWO PIANOS that have been In use for a 1 few months for pale utKjn very cheap and rea M>iiable t?*niis JOHN F. ELLIS, 300 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and lOih sis. ja S?tf For Bale and font. For ren r?a handsome new brick Houae. Moated in the moa: bendy prm of the City, on the corner of Matsacbaaetts av#*mia an4 10th containing t*n mnni, with eeilar a*d a go??d pump or w.tar In th? yard. The rem wWI be bom r?'? Apply on L atrw-ubetwern 9th and lOUi ? ?.No 804. QEO T LANtfLEY. Jo 16-31* UOR RENT?A FINE THREE-STORY ANft r auk: Brick Hou?e, No. SOtt C meet, between 4?f and ?ib, with every convenience ?? airable for a private residence. A puiup of excellent water in flie yard Apply at JIAVENNER'S Bakery, Je 16?eofiw C, ? et* een and <Ih au. A RAKE CHAN E FOR TRANSIENT V.'FIT ERS ? For rent un:il the 1st Attgust, n two story briCH Cotthge, in the npp* r part oi the cit\, e l>w steps rr>iQ Penna avenue, ai.d near Lafiyette Square, with the use of the furniture, kc , inclnd i i( the servicej of a good cook, and a b<>y 10 J*arc old; at ?40 per month Apply to HOOE BROS h. CO , or at the 8lar nfflre. je 15 3t* For rent or sale on reasonable Terms?A three Hoty Frame, with basement on Nt w York avenfle,fcefwtCu Fourth and Fifth streets west Also, a thsee story Frame, with back bmldfcij, en I street north, between Fourth and Fifth st* west Apply to James \V B*rker, residence on H street north, between 12th and 13th street* w*?t. DICK80N h. KING, ap 5?Thtf Georgetown. FOR RF.NT - THE THREE STORY STORE and Dwelling, No 8? Bridge stre? t, Ueorge t<>wn, so long oceopt^d as Emmert's Confectionery. Apply to ARNY, next doof m*v 26?eoff FOR KENT?THE STORE NOW OCCUPIED by Jo^ pb Hag-on*. Jeweler, No. Ml# I' avanue. E. OWEN ? HON. Je W?eo2w F<?R KENT TWO NEW THREE STORV BRICK HOUSES, located on Vermont venue near north N street, in the yard of eac h house f? an exce'lent pump if wat?-r For particulars as to re t fcc., enqui e at No. 4510 norih M sireet, or to B. FRbAL, at C L Coltman'a Brick Yard, je 14?eolw* I?OR SALE OR RENT?A NEW TWO STO r ry and attic bri<k house, with a twoaiory tiaek building, containing a large ha I and ten good rnon.p. T.? a cart ful tenant t-.e rent will be very moderate. For further particulars enquire of Mr. PHILIP MACKEY, coruec Fourth and I street Je 15? 1m 4 URGE A*D ELIGIBLY flTlJATF.U cvn. r i\ L"t. co.i?ain ng 14,000 ?quare feet fronting the Capitni farfc for sale on accommodating terms if immediate application b * made to HTLBUS % HIT7. Corner Pa nventie and 1 ltli ft. Being fo rear the Capito' and but aft* m'nntc ' walk from the Car Depot, makes it mostadvaniagi - otisly situated for a large public House. Je S?if For rent?in ai.exandria, va, that large three t-tory Bru k House, well known as the best stand in the city lor a hotel and restauraM, on Cameron street. opp?*ite the Market Hou-e an.l now occupied by Mr. McGonegal. Possseusion kiv en on the first of July. Address LLOYD 8i CO , Claim Agent, 15th st, opp. the Treasury, Wa hing ton, D. C. miv ?f Rents reduced to suit thl time* $150 a year will be received for the rent ol those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood ?h- d and other conveniences attached. Pumps ot pu>e water are n -ar the door, and commumcat ou it. had Willi Georgetown by way of H and Seventh fctreets and Pern. Avenue, morning and afUruoou, at the u?ual fure, for the accommodation of clcrks in the departments. To secure the advantage of tbla great redaction of rent immediate appiiration mutt be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the k< ys may be had ami the houses inspe ted n? nny tim<. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal teran. WM STICKXEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rems paid qoarterly in advance. apr 9, 1A5S?U 1~^OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME TAU birs and Chambers, with board. AJxo, T ?!:(?' and*n*n?iert board. Inquire at Mrj SMITH'S. 333 F street ap9 H0MFS FOR ALL.?Beautiftiliy and healthily lo -ated lluildinc Lot?. 24 fett lYont by 130 feet deep, on ?r> i!eJ streets, can, until pring, he bo?ivht at the exceeding low pnee of $75, payable P'? montii Tiilt indisputable. Union I.and Office, 7th st., s.bove '>dd Frilows' HaJt. ?nn ?'?ftm iOHN FOX. Seen rarv tSTEAMBOATS CONNECTING each train of Car? arriv i g in Washington or Alexis* dna. i lit- .-?n sieers THOMAS CO LL Y E K or GEtiRGC WASHINGTON wili make the above t nnections, leaving Washington at C a. m for tl? Orange and Atexnndria ears, and connect with' .i same train on their amval. Meals turrushed on tlie bests. The floats connect with all the trains from Bal timore. SA.?1!L GEDNEY, Capt. may 17?d ALL STRASOkRS visiting the City ahould see Hunt* r*sCatalofm of the Curiosities of the Patent Office. Also, his Llescrip i"n of Powell's Great Picture. HUNTER is to be seen at 450 Ninth Ptreet iiihv HI? 3rn* FISCHERS BAND FULL? ORGAN % IZED. HAVING now completed all my frrangemenu for a lira i tale BriAdS and COTILLON BAND. 1 am again at the service of the public to attend Excursion Parties Exhibit or.s, Parades, Pic Nics, Halls, and Serenades. All those in favor of a citizen's bi<nd are respectfully invited to enoernge our ea erpritte, here in Wa?bingt n City P FISCU LB, Leader. P S.?Tbi* Band, under my direction, is regolarly uniformed, and Irom a practice over tweuty years I can give satisfaction to every one. Residence, Pa. avenue, north side, bet. 9th at d 10'h streets first do? r welt of Iron Hall. Orders left with Messrs HilbU* & II iz punctually attended t->. may 14?2in* SCnCTTtRlb KAHLERT," ARTISTS,, D corative, and every de cription of ORSAOIEMAL f A 1 M T I .WO Orders left with Baldwin and Nenning, Aichi tects; will be pn>mptly attended to. je*8- dim* IMPORTANT TO PEPS0NS BR^\K 1NG UP HOUSEKEEPING PERSONS removing from the city, ard wishing to dispose of their Furniture and Housekeep ing Utentils. Jkc , w thout the trouble of sending them to public auction, can do so by calling on us at oar Store, 31Y Pa av :nue, corner of Ninth st, a? w." are prepared to buy ail such good? a- may be offered Housekeepers and others will do well by calling on us, an we will pav the highest caeli prices for all auch g ods. W^LL, BARNARD & CO. j? 7?9n 317 Pa avenue. the protestant chfrchm a n, E OI 1 KD BY TH( REV. STEPHEN H. LYNG. D. D.. REV. 11 AV TIION. D D, REV. E H CAN FIELD IS a large weekly religious newspaper, published at #2 .r>0 a year, in advance. The a'M>ve named clergymen have recently be co-iie editors of the "Protestant Clergyman," and, with the aid of many distinguished writers of the Protestant Episcopal Chuich, will cms* thi? period ical to take a first plac* in the rank of lteijgit us Newspapers From, the Pro-pectui "We fully believe that, with our wtll known church principles, our b-arless maintenance ol ihoMi principles, we may appea to Evangelical Church men with baldness for support in this our opening address " Subscription received by the Agents, GRAY BALLANTVNE, jc l'J?6t 8 Seventh street. MOSAICS! MOSAICS!! 11. feKMKlcai, Jeweller, IVo 330 Pa> avinat, HAS received this day, direct, the largest assort ment of magnificent Roman and Florentine M ?SAIC JEWELRY, which has ever been offered in this city. The patterns are of the very latest ?t>les. The lot, bfing rather large for the acvanced *ea son. will be sold at extremely low prices. Magnificent set> of Pins and Ear Rings, from $6 up to $5U- Admirers ot this style of Jewelry are in vited to examine this assortment. je 11 STEWART'S SKYLIGHT D \GUERREAN GALLERY ?We are making splendid pictures lor lower prices than any oilier Ga ler) in the city. They are per fectly life-like, and satisfaction is alwavs given. Gallery directly over M. W. Gait's jewelry Store. Pa. avenue Je 1? lna PkKDONI WITH DKFKCVIVE vision are invited to examine my extensive ?tockof all kinds ol SPECTA-j CLE? and BYE-CLASSES. Gil of any kind, sueh es Cataract, Panboia, ?? Periscop e, Double Concave, Doable Convex, and Colored Glatsea, put in at short nodce, with great care, and persons in want of glawea'may be sure to get those *.vhick benefit the eye. J#- Circulars "Defective Vision," graiiaat II. SEMKF.N'S. 330 Fa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th sis. max jo Auction Bale* ArJiHim Sale* *t fintpagt By J. C MaVUIRB. A wet ; CLO INS BALE OP DRY ?OODB at taction On MONDAY, Jane 19 h, cotnmanetng m '9 o'clock, at iba Stora lately occupied bv Rail k Bro the*, 7th street, consisting of rich B*va e ii ks, piaM Silk", plain ai'ks, Bet egos, Silk Tisstr s, Ba rege D? Lolnes, best qaalttv all w* a f.ench Mou? teTiae Delaine*, Lawn*. black laee Pafla, Mark aHk Lac- a. State Bba wis, Bsfge Shawlt, Tarttoti Mm Itns, black Kid Gfotes, Silk green Batee, large and small Cords and Tns^els to go with Cor tains. Oilcloth*, to b? sold In quantitiea tn rait par CllAAMV JAS C McGLTl RE, )e If?3t* Auctioneer. 1 11? J C BIcUt'IKK, Aartlonccr HVO NEW TWO-STORY FRAME PWEL ?_ ling Houses at Pub'ia Sal-.?On WEHNES DAY afterr ooo. June 20th. at 6* o'clock, -n the premises, I shal? *11 part of Lot No H In Square No 847, with the iw?p?oveineuis, consisitng of two tiavT fr#i;c dwelling bouse*, ao> taming four rooms each ? These houses are b tweefl 23th 2h<l 14th streets we t. and north L s'reet nod Vai^?aciaa^U?avenue, in the lmmediate vicimtv <?f Franklin How, atf- 41* neatly ftm?hed ml p-tnted, inside ai>d out. Terms: Oi e third ensh ; the balance in 6 and IS month-, satisfactorily secured, hearing interest. J Art. C. Mr6 UI RE, je 16 -d Auctioneer. By J, C. NrGUIHE, <inc>lan??rt I'RUSTEE'R SALE OP STOPK OP FANCY Good*, Gc.ld and Silver Watche*, Jewelry, Traveling Trunks, Harne>?, Show Cases, In n 8a?? ikC.~-On THURSDAY morning Juae 2<at, af 10 o'clock, a>. Store No 428. on the wort I. side of Fa. avenue, between 41$ an i 6:li streets, the subscriber will sell, by virtue of a deed of trust duly made an<l record, d. all the valuable Stock and Fixtures, ronst-iing in pan cf? Fine O lii and Silver 'A*.itches t.old I Shairo ana L'Ck? t* G.dd Breastpin*. Earring-. Htuds, Finger Rings Gold and Silver Pencil Ca**s Splendid lot of Fort i.r.nn ires, leveling Caba? l uiwi, he. of everv description Large assy 'itnenl of ? -iul>< Hair, <'loihes,Too?b and Nail Bru*he<, Mtie very ftne Silver plated Spoons ai d Forks, Cnilc^ Papier mac he and iro i front L 'orks, Waitcfs Perfumery, fan y Soap*. 1'nxors and Straff French China Vases, C'b cnlate t ups tientletneti's Undcishirts, Cravats, Ntck Ties Accordeons, Spirit Levels, Rules Fancy Work Boxes, locke: ,\iirror-> ? aO uperior sole-leu.Uer and oUier traveling Trunks Valises. t'arpet Satch? ls Six rets single HMrriest> Eneli h Rrml- l.eaiheu Together witli a ^o%d nr.ny artictes of Fancy foods not iiecewary to < '?umerat^ Also, Foar ezceRrni C .unter t5liow Cases One Miperior Iron ^al'e, He. Terms: $.r)0 and under cash; over 450 a credit of Fixiy and iiinety days, for notes aiUMacti rily en dorsed, bearing intero-t. TWOS J. FISHEK, Trustee. JAR. ?. .Mc6(JIKE, ie 16?d Auctioiteer. By GR1C1C* * kCUTT, A net losecra UANnSOMB NEW TUREE STORV MtAMK II >us<* and I .or on Mi^achu^e'te :,venve, at Auction t*n FRfOAY, tin: 22d instant, we eha I sell, at C o'clock p. rn , rn Iron: of the premises, i ?ri of Lots Nos. 9 and !n, in square sou h of Square X ? 563, front ins on M-i?<acbu eu? avenue, between 0J an'I 31 streets wes?, running !>ack to north If *tre?-t, with the improvements, wliicS art? a new three Moiy Frame House, con tain it"? seven conveniently ana?ged iOf>nii<. Titl. indisputable. Terms: One fourth cash ? balance in 6,12 and 18 Totalis, for notes beirhrg mterest trom the day of tbc A deed giTvn and a deed of trust taken. OULEN k St:i?TT, je IC?d Aue ii-??eerB. ?iy GRSK.1 A SCOTT. Aaet'onssrt. HANDSOME SUU ARE OF GROUND at An - lion ?On FRIDAY, the Sid ins'ant, we stiu'l sell, i.ii the premier*, at lislf past 6 o'cl<>ck p. m , u le-auti'ul r^uir" m fr tntd, contatnine over 10 000 sr,a^re feel, botin-l^l hy \>w J?*rsev arei?ije,3d and 4itt and ie rts <f ft'eeis, ji ht-ii-g square 522. Th-^ .ibove il ?c ibe.ii prcperty u betuim't^ly loca t-d on an elevated position, ai d in a rapidly u>;p:ov ine part of the city Terih!: Ooe th>rd C'ish; balance in 6,12, and months, <"?>r notes bt aring imeresi from the day of thv snle. A 0' r J j{i?eji ?Ji l adi.' ul of tni-?t taken. CKELN k SCOTT, |t: 16?d Aaetioneer. By J C BIcUUIRK, 4?f?l#nter. 1 TRUSTEE'S S \LE OF VALUABLE IVPROV ed Prop txy in t c Firrt \V?-J ?On MONDAY afiern >oii, Juii*. 25th, a: o'clock, iii front of premises, by virtue oi a deea o trust, duly record* ?|. ai c., ihe stibscrib r wi I -oil ?rmt ?aluaM.'" of prop, r y fituit d at the corn r of Pent a> Iran.a avenue and 19 h streets The iuiprovemetits ci n sist of a large and commooi us three-at ry brt' k dwelling house, with coach bouse, and o her out baildlng'. Terms cs?h. W. A. MIX, Truitee. IAS. C. McGUIRK, je 10?d Auctioneer. By J C. HcOCJlRK* Aaetloneor /CHOICE OOLLSCTION OF P*RE AND VAL uable Oil DaintinirM at Public Auction?On iru HAY aftern on, June 12rh, at o'clock, at th?' Saloon over Fariilia-iiV K?v?kstore, ?"a**r o: 11 tli street an ! Ta. -.venne, f fhall nell a cJ'eorJcn of rare and valuable Oil Pa<nrings. s?leeiedwi h I threat care by H. v. Ba-low, F. q , from variou gaJ J leries on the Continent Amongst them will b found speeirnen* ol D itreniehino," VelH^quex, Hir Godfrey Kneller, A. Van Wiliies, John WHwin, Gain boro', Muriila, Vcrnet, Poiiesin, Shayer, jr., and i the-r. The Salo.>n will be open ami tba Pictures on free exhibition until the sale. Catalogues may b-: obtained at the saloon or att"e aiiution moms Terms: $100 and under cash ; over tha* sum a credit of sixty and ninety da\s, for notes aalisf.c'.ori ly endorsed, beariLg interest JAS. C. McGCIRE, Je6? d Auctioneer. ijij- Th? sbuvt ?*ls la poatpon- d until TUESDAY afternoon, Jun?- 19, same n-dir. JAS. C. McGUlRE. june If?d Aucuoueer. By OKEEN 4k ICOTT, Aac**on?ar?. \rAI.UABLE BUILDING LOT NE\R THE Long Bridge at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, he 2)th instant, I shall sell, at 7 o'cI' Ck p rn . > ast half of Lot No. 11, in Square 257, fronunjf 24 feet on south D street, between 1J^ and 14th sts. west, running back 92 feet to a SO feet alley The abov?< described property is handsomely lo ca'ed n. ar the Long Bridge. Title indisputable. Terms: $!<u cash, balance in six and twelve months, lor notes bearing interest from the day of I Ihe sale ' A dei d given and a doe.t triwt taken GRKbN a SCOTT, Jell? d Auctioneers U ill be sdilrd to the above sale, at the ,-ame time and place, >0 000 or 16 0ut> focd Brteks, and a lot of Lumlicr. Terms cask. GREEN Jt BfOTT, je l.V-d Auction, era. By J. C. MeGUI11?) Auctioneer* (RUSTEE'S S ' LE OF VALUABLE AND EL igibly situated Real Estate < n the island - By virtue of a deed of trutt, he.tring d :te on the 6th day of une, 16C5, and recorded in Li er J A. S., N ?. 5tj, iolios 13C, kc . the #ii scribe r will sell, at pub lie ?!tle, jh THURSDAY, the 21st day of June, 1855, at bx/t o'clock p. m., on the premises, the north half of Lot No 12 and the whole of Lot 13 in Squa e 543, the whole fronting 70 tcetO inches on 4>? street w st, between K and L etreets south, and riinning back 100 feet to an alley, with the builrinps a d im provements, which are two two story and ? ne cot- I tsge built Frame Dwelling Houses, well and sub- 1 s antiallv built, or so much tbereol as may be neces sary to satisfy said deed of trust. The above property is situated in a rapidW Im proving f art of the *"icy, and offers a favorable op nortunity f. persons desirroa of obiainmg a residence or liivrotti g. The tt?tins rf sale will be one fourth cash ; re; idue j in 6, 12, and 18 moi.Uis, for notes bearing interest from i ay of sale, secured by a deed of trust U|ion the propert.. If tiie terms ol" sale are not corn plied with in six days after the sale, the property will be reaold at the ri*k and expose of the p-jrebaser. All conveyancing at oost ot purchaser. CHAS. 8 WALL <?Ctl. Trustee JAS. C. M CuIRR, Ja 10?d Auctioneer. By ORBBI 4 SCOTT. Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY NEAR the Navy Yard at A action- On THURSDAY the 21st instant, we shall fell, in front of the prem ises, part o( L t No. 3, and all of Lo' 4, in square No. fc*l, it being the pro^rty belonging t? Mr Siim iiel T Little, situated ou -o'uth L, between tth and "ill sireeti east, and near th? Navy Y ird Market.? On lo: No. ? iu a g<? d, substantial, and conveniently arranged Brick Dwelling House. Lot No 4 has a front on L street, of 53 feet, and will be subdivided to su:t purchasers, on a part of which is a good briek store lioaae or office. We de a It nnneeessaiy to say anything relative to the dadrable location ol the above describe property, as It is wtlt known. Title Indisputable - Terms: Oile-rfxtb o?,b ; b&lanea in 6. It, IS, ???. "0, and 26 months, the purchaser to give net**? fcr the deferred payments, bearing interest from d?v of sale. A deed given and a dee.t o"' trust taken GREEN * RCWTT je If?d AactioTiaar*. TELEGRAPHIC. Naework EitahUakment Barat?Lo?a off Lift W?w Tou. June 16 ? The irewwk iepoi kt No 10 Maiden Lad*, >u barat. One man ?? killed and another tu hedly te|ared by in explosion 1"4T** ?The building vm ooeapted by P.obbim A Duneac, dealers lo flrewetfca and rancy goodi, and Sali man * Co., j?welert Philip Denmerth. a nephew of Sattsaai, while trying to elo?e the uf? oontalairg the ewelry of the e tsbliabment wni ?uff?ceted. rbe lot* of Robhina 4 Duncan ia aaaimated at (60 000. upon which aa Inenntaeeef Ho, >00 Salisman A Co's lots $40 000?in*ored f>r $10,000. The adjoining bai'diogf, oooo pied by Brahman, tire a k Co . military and rancj goods dealer*, O Q. Davidson lar x>rter of watches and others, wart much data iged Tha Hew Orleati Mark t. It Xiw OaLBAiis, June 15.?The Southern wlegriph line is dcwa aorth of Columbia. La'b Carolina Cotton ha* declined to ; aaJea of 31.000 ?alea middling 11* a 12e. Rec*ip'a lea" than ut year for use period 165 ?OH bales Stock >n hand 46.9v0 balea Flour ?s a trMe W?wer HI ess pork ia ac.ive; sale* at $14.25. Coffee? ales a; Ho forfait tailing of Oeeac 8 tee won New York. June 10 ?The reamer Wash ngton, for Southampton and Bremen. s%iie<* o day with 104 partecgerf ati $125 6CPlo peoie. iho steamer Ericsson tailed also, direct Tor la*re. Tiiis ia her first trip. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore June 10? Flour I* dill. Ho >ales of Howard -tree? City MMie $'0 31#. Jem and wheat are dell, and unchtcgai. 5ew York M&rkeu. New York, June lf>?Cotton The market s uose tied. Flour ia easier, but do: quotable ower ; g od Ohio it S9 50a9 81; -Htarhern |11 i$ll 27 When* ia unchanged with a limit** j?i8ine?s at previous rates Cora u unohangail Pork ia firm, with an upward tendeaey. Baef .3 fitta Whisky 35i a 35|. Hew York Stock Harkat. Saw York. June 10?Stocks are quiet, Monev continues easy Sales at the first borrt of Erie Railroad at 48$; Cleveland and Toledo Hail road 89; Cleveland and Pittsburg Rail o?d >0, Cumberland Coal Company, 292; Reading Railroad, 904; New York Central 96i; Pern pylvania Coal Company 112d; Missouri 0'a V0|; Tenne?eee 0'a 98 uy ?ifi aa.\ * stofT, Aactieaesra. 11WO HANDSOME KU LDING LOTS ai Aac X ti ??-?On THURSDAY, the 91st instant, we ?hall sell on ih premiss, at 6 o'clock p m. No. It, Hi 8*utr? Ko 724, having a fr?at en north beiw.*.,, 1st and lj street* ea.t run. i''tig '^nck to h .10 fe. t alley ' A|-^ immediately alter he sale of ihe above, at 7 j> clock, wc ?h?il sell on the premise* part of L*?t 1' *52> f??ntieg 60 frtrt at., i&-t by 100 f*-et on O st. north Botli the iib'iTe drrcnb?4 tots arc handsomely ait iaM iillll ?livatnl. ~ " T- rnj?: Ooeiomth ca?h ; balance in 0, 12 and 18 months, tor notest b am?g interest fiom the day of sale * Ti le mdioput bto. A deed given and a derrt GtiEEN a iiO(?TT A.ictUU. m? J.c McOiiRg. AusUeassi. \rERV WEaiHABLE BUILDING LOTS AT .C!i!,Uc Au.tion.-On TtTE?T>\V afternoon, Jim* lThn. at 6 ? on the premium, I shall nell, sa^Jinsions 45, 5?, .V7, iH an t 59. of ekjuare No. 4-1 '-a^h fronting ^4 jv^t on gfi, gjr-et w? at, betw. n.'.rtlf V! nnd .V etr-i-t*, running back 105 r>et Tt"* iom are auua ?-d in a rapidly imp avirq rnrr^f ibt; city and ate very ueairabie, be?r;s traded ami p ?eJ in Iroat. Terms: Out- bird c asb ; the residue ia 6 and 19 months, with iute;eet, secured by a deed ot trust on the premise?. JA8 C. McGUIRE, J? 13?d Ai<cttn?eer. ?r 9HEKH * MCOTT, Aectloasera. \VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON *1Ad*A > Iiu.->?U-avenue at Auctixt ?On WEDVErt DA V, the 9>th instant w shall sell, in front of the at 6 o'clock p in, a beautiful Building LO'., Fituaied on Maa-a' liMHett? avenue, brtwirn 4th ami Stii 8tn:et? wc?t, it beinj Lot No i", tn {"q. 517, hav nc a !>ont on the avenue oi 67 fe?:c 4 in , running Lack to a ?i?e alley. Terms. One-third ca?ti; balance in 6, 19 and 18 uionU}?, tor n.iies b-.aruig interest from uie day of tne sale A iit ed givou and a deed of trust taceu. GE?K> a 6t,OTT, je 14?d Auctioneers. NEW POLKA. THE CHEVY CIMFK POLK*, cmp-wed for anil de feated t Mj*h ttallv D Bradley, by J. D. Saun ter*. b?tq.. ol this city, ivho?e cou.p aiuons haveaiktay* utei wiihauch great public favor The nn-nt- oi the piccr ar?j such t~* sril! introduce it ainoRK all lovent ol music. P ict 25 ^nia. JUsi pahlished and for gale by HILBUH a HfTZ. The President's Mourned Gua^d Quickstep, rom a?cil by t^e accampiidierl Pianist, Mr h .h^rt Hel ler, will appear in a <ew dav* mav 19 LAND WARRANTS^ JOHN D CLARK, A*ent lor ( Intm*. No SWT Twelfth street, will kivs th^ bi^lo-at maraet price in gold fo Land Warrants Je 7?\m# PT- -T ?<"? CHKAO PMLsl ER8 Ice Cream Moulds, Jelly Would*. Me: m Moulds, Rue Mould , Pudding Moulds. Pudding Pans, Cake PaB?, Patty Pans, Cake Cutlers, at be Housekeeper's Furnishing Store, 400 7th s*r?et. je 6 C. PRANt I#?. LADIK ' WO"K Caru liaskeM, T'.'veling Caskets, K y Basfct-w, Knife Biu>k< ts, Itaskeu, Market Baskets, Clothe? Baskets, a large variety, *>rv low, at ihe Housekeeper's Purni^liiug Store, ?90 Kevei th street. G. FRANCIS je 6?_ FOR THE ORANGE & ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP iiMcaOAUS THE Subscriber's Coaches w Hcall lor Passenger* wi -hit g to connect?ith the above m ^ ^11 *' Railroa is. My > Heches connect ??it? MtBHBBRL the S"-Mmerk Tuos Colltkr or Gaoaos a asbiks Toi, which leave Washington at 6 a m. Me..Is furnished on the boat>. Persons a idling the Coaches lo call fot tbem can leave their name and residence with Mr. Jobn T. Tillman, near th* Capitol gate; Mr. Butt's drug store, corner ?'ennsylvania aveaue and 19U> street; or at Geo. & Thos Parker a Co V store. Coaches can l?e bad for Pleasure Trips may9K-2.n_ WILLIAM WH*LRY. PROSPERl'S CORNET BANd7~ "I^HlS Band is suitable t??r an/and all po'poaea, I and is warranted to give satisfaction to all thoae wlio may be pleastd to engage tbem, r?tber as a Brass, Reed, or Cotillon Band. Any number of musicians to be bad at tbtt ehorV est notice by applying to FREDERIC PROSPERI, Leader, at Ta!tavult*B Store, oppoaite the Marine Bartack*. N. B.?Orders left at Hilbus a Una's Music De pot, will be promptly attended to. may 25?4m ?OR HALF?A Pair of BAY MARES, 7 ttare >ld next spring, well-bred^oun??,stylish, jK -. gentle, spirited and capiul goers. Theyare^^V * ell-broken and perfectly I're^ from tricks, ano wni particularly suit any gentleman who is load of diiving. The owner parts with them only beeause his purpose is to ruirencb his expenses. They eaa b-: seen at Southron's (late Birch's) Stabis, on 14th -:reet, s<uth of Pa. avenue. For troM, or an op (?ortunity u> try them, enquire at the counter of the Star office. Tliey wili be sold a ba.gain. ap .1?tf F DR. THEOD. HANSMAN lis off 50fl may W?I' Kef ps .lis offi v hours from eight an t*n o<eioek am. No 005 9*vtnlh tL, Off Odd fOUwt H*ll. FRENCH VISITING CAhDS, extra tain, and of the finest finish. J*l-i imopri<*d iri.m Vans di rect, Iw FrTNCK TAYLOR. ?r*v 15 WBEATON'S ELEMENTS OF INTERNA t onal Law, Brw edition Adams' Eo<ntv. eew Hhuon, with Aiutricei- ??>tr jeS FEANCK TAYLOR.

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